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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Goad, Roxie3 Dec 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Goatley, James A30 Nov 192111 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Goatley, Lillian M7 Mar 19197 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Goba, Ada28 Mar 1889Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Goba, Mollie1 May 1893Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Goble, Donald18 May 1932Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Goble, E E22 Nov 191010 May 1999Fort Wayne
Goble, Forrest R14 Sep 196430 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Goble, Ona13 Jan 1896Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Goble, Ruth12 Mar 1896Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Goble, Sandra4 Jul 1953Apr 1983Hoagland, Fort Wayne
Goble, Von W25 Dec 190724 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gochenour, Dean11 Feb 1925Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Gochenour, Margaret E10 Feb 1898Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Gochenour, Ray6 Mar 1896Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Gocke, Bernadine20 May 189616 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Gocke, Billy H13 Feb 192931 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Gocke, J L5 Feb 190113 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Gocke, Madeline22 Feb 1899Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Gocke, Madelon L9 Feb 193216 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Gocke, Maurice19 Aug 1908Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Gocke, Rowell1 May 1908Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Goddard, Edna10 Jan 1888May 1980Fort Wayne
Goddard, Orville14 Jun 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Agnes J26 Feb 190114 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Aldrous L13 Feb 191810 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Alene4 Mar 1902Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Crescence E31 May 191414 May 1998Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Fred J20 Aug 190630 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Lawrence A10 Sep 1967Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Lucile29 Mar 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Marjorie Irene12 Mar 192016 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Godfrey, Ruth A1 Oct 19138 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Godfroy, Gabriel28 Oct 1888Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Godley, Dorothea P4 Dec 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Godschalk, Imogene11 Jan 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Godschalk, James L2 Jun 191113 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Godsey, R H13 Sep 194215 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Goebal, Carl4 May 1892Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Goebel, Evelyn9 Dec 1908Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Goebel, Frances23 Oct 1881Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Goebel, Harold J12 Nov 192513 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Goebel, Vera P9 Dec 191319 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Goebel, Virginia A18 May 192221 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Goebelt, Anna21 Oct 1896Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Allma19 May 1921Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Arthur C25 Nov 191222 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Bertha14 Nov 1894Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Carrie17 Nov 1888Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Ella1 May 1895Nov 1976New Haven
Goeglein, Etta M1 Mar 191015 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Eugene H21 Feb 192011 Sep 2008New Haven
Goeglein, Freda10 Feb 1901Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Frederick4 Jul 1892Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Goeglein, George2 Oct 1894Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Goeglein, George19 Mar 1905Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Gloria J13 Jan 19311 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Harold15 Feb 1902Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Harold4 May 1930Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Helen6 May 1897Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Helen24 Dec 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Henry1 Mar 1897Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Herbert C20 Feb 191226 May 2002Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Herman24 Jul 1880Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Jean C30 Nov 193127 May 2006Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Lucile29 Jun 191327 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Luella18 Sep 191312 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Marvin23 Dec 1900Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Mildred9 Dec 1906Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Nellie L25 Aug 190425 Aug 2002Grabill, New Haven
Goeglein, Otto19 Jul 1892Apr 1977New Haven
Goeglein, Ray7 May 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Richard22 Mar 1923Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Richard M7 Apr 192115 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Theodore19 Jan 1882Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Theodore J F25 Nov 191421 May 2000Woodburn
Goeglein, Viola H15 Jul 190721 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Goeglein, Virginia M21 Apr 192410 Nov 2007New Haven
Goehringer, John8 Sep 1914Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Goelein, Edward25 Jul 1882Jun 1975New Haven
Goeltzenleuc, Marita L2 Jun 190813 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Goeltzenleuc, Nettie28 Jun 1903Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Goeltzenleuc, Raymond5 Jun 1904Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Goelz, Alma31 Mar 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Goelz, John19 Nov 192216 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Goelz, Robert19 May 192422 Sep 2002Monroeville
Goepfert, Ethel30 Jan 1920Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Goepfert, William25 Sep 1903Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Goering, Mary M18 Jan 190913 May 1997Fort Wayne
Goers, William16 Nov 1886Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Goerss, William G19 Aug 192721 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Goes, Betty A20 Sep 191928 May 2008Fort Wayne
Goetschius, Eunice M8 May 192125 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Goette, Beulah25 Nov 1901Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Goette, Edward19 Feb 1891Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Goette, Ernest30 Mar 1901Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Goette, Florence9 Feb 1901Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Goette, Fred H8 Aug 189828 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Goetz, Frank18 Dec 1889Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Goetz, Helen R2 Nov 190521 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Goetz, Lawrence W17 Nov 19069 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Goetz, Richard J17 Jan 192621 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Goetz, Shirley A8 May 193512 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Goetzman, Lawrence4 Oct 1893Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Goetzman, Lucile5 Sep 1894Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Goff, Betty A8 Dec 192825 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Goff, Betty E17 Oct 19383 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Goff, Carol M23 Dec 190910 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Goff, Charley31 Aug 1899Feb 1985Churubusco
Goff, Edna3 Mar 1908Dec 1981Churubusco
Goff, Elbert F16 Jan 193420 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Goff, Fenton3 Jan 1895Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Goff, Gene E18 Feb 19294 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Goff, Judith K28 Jun 194414 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Goff, Lucile14 Oct 1900Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Goff, Marian11 May 1899May 1971Fort Wayne
Goff, Marion E16 Jun 19111 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Goff, Ora24 Apr 1896May 1971Fort Wayne
Goff, Ra D5 Oct 193422 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Goff, Robert E9 Mar 19259 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Goff, Vera10 Sep 1902Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Goforth, James22 May 1911Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Goggans, Carnage16 Sep 1917Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Goggans, Ruby10 Jun 1920Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Goggin, Ida Belle1 May 1913Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Goheen, Dorothy M9 Jul 19112 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Goheen, Rollin1 Feb 1909Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Gohlke, Marjorie L15 Jul 19242 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Goin, Ruth V14 Feb 192131 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Goings, Amber Loretta3 Aug 193114 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Goings, Dennis D20 Jul 19305 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Goings, George19 May 1896May 1980Fort Wayne
Goings, Hershel4 Apr 1932Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Goings, Marilyn J1 Dec 19289 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Goings, Mary I9 Jan 1906Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Goings, Minnie16 Aug 1897Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Goins, Bertha28 Oct 1888Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Goins, Esther19 Jan 1910Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Goins, James26 Apr 1906Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Goins, Thelma L9 Apr 192517 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Gold Armstea, Mary V25 Sep 193727 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Gold, Dorothy B12 Jul 190229 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Gold, Sidney18 May 1900Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Goldberger, Rose4 Jan 1898Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Golden, Betty4 Nov 191620 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Golden, Betty J1 Feb 192226 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Golden, Charles E19 Aug 19096 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Golden, Clarence21 Jun 1902Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Golden, Claude6 Sep 1903Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Golden, Edward14 Aug 1882Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Golden, Edward J23 Aug 19149 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Golden, Elsie M26 Jun 191222 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Golden, Eunice6 Sep 193824 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Golden, Fred24 Mar 1912Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Golden, George17 Dec 1918Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Golden, Gerald W27 Feb 194131 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Golden, Grover25 May 1919Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Golden, Hazel M8 Jun 19074 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Golden, Irene11 Sep 1924Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Golden, Jacob17 Nov 1907Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Golden, James27 Sep 194811 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Golden, Julia6 Jun 197131 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Golden, Lurana17 Mar 1915Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Golden, Maurice3 Jul 1898Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Golden, Richard24 Apr 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Golden, Robert Lee4 Feb 19422 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Golden, William16 Dec 191128 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Golden, Zelma28 Apr 1910Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Goldenetz, Donald6 Dec 1903Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Goldfarb, Klara I1 Jan 19108 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Goldhardt, Evelyn6 Aug 1912Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Goldman, A Rosemary5 Apr 1916Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Goldman, H F8 Aug 1909Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Goldman, William E23 Apr 193930 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Goldner, Bertha27 May 1882Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Goldner, Emma M25 Feb 187715 Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Goldner, Lydia C13 Apr 188518 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Goldsberry, David Henness21 Apr 19308 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Goldsberry, Doris M21 Jul 19297 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Goldsby, Frank15 Aug 1916Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Goldsby, Mildred26 Feb 193228 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Goldsby, Norwood E17 Aug 191815 May 1996Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Anna B15 Feb 191421 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Emma15 Feb 1891Dec 1981Grabill
Goldsmith, Esther24 Sep 1892Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Harold J1 Jul 191425 Jan 2004Spencerville
Goldsmith, Irma17 May 1909Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Isabel10 Mar 191028 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, John30 Mar 1890Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Lizzie13 Nov 1880Aug 1975Spencerville
Goldsmith, Maxine W24 Nov 191810 Apr 2008Spencerville
Goldsmith, Noah30 Jan 1892Aug 1969Grabill
Goldsmith, Oliver19 Feb 1913Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Paul H10 Apr 191321 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Goldsmith, Stella25 Nov 1884Feb 1980Spencerville
Goldstine, Robert I9 Mar 191620 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Goldstine, Sam16 Nov 1891May 1975Fort Wayne
Goldthwaite, Eleanor29 Aug 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Goldthwaite, Jack11 Jan 1916Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Goldwyn, Mary C19 Feb 194818 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Goleeke, Clara26 Jan 1905Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Goleeke, John13 May 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Golembiewski, Carol J13 May 192424 May 1998Fort Wayne
Golembiewski, Frank F14 Jun 19181 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Golik, Nadzieja17 Oct 1894Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Goll, Dora3 Nov 1886Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Goll, Eleanore K19 Nov 191725 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Goll, Theodore2 Jul 1912Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Goller, Andreas29 Mar 1884Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Goller, Anna11 Mar 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Goller, Gerald9 Jul 1915Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Goller, Irene9 Nov 1927Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Goller, Irvin2 Oct 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Goller, Louella A10 Nov 190422 Oct 2004Leo
Goller, Mary E6 Aug 191530 Mar 1999Leo
Goller, Russell21 Jul 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Golliher, Cathy J10 Nov 195916 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Golliher, Ted I29 Apr 193624 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Golling, Dale U5 Oct 19162 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Golling, Nora I22 Jan 191926 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Golliver, Charles W7 Sep 19139 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Golliver, Evelyn I15 Jun 190717 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Golliver, Frank12 Oct 1903Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Golliver, John16 May 1903Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Golliver, Marie20 May 1893Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Golliver, Mildred L22 Jan 191525 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Golliver, Stephen R27 Nov 194513 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Gollmer, Henry2 Aug 1889Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Gollmer, Henry P26 Jan 19095 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Gollmer, Mathilda10 Feb 1884Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Gollnick, Ernest7 Apr 1893Sep 1974New Haven
Gollnick, Norene7 Aug 1896Dec 1973New Haven
Golm, Grace E4 Jan 19225 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Goltz, Sheldon3 Jun 1923Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Golubski, Mark8 May 1960Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Gombert, Christian15 Nov 1888May 1967Fort Wayne
Gombert, Louise13 Jun 1887Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Gomen, Elizabeth A13 Aug 19249 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gomez, Barbara4 Dec 192112 May 2001Fort Wayne
Gomez, Esteban Antonio9 May 197929 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Gomez, Eusebia25 Apr 1889Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Gomez, Jesse8 Jun 1922Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Gomez, Jose2 Aug 1894May 1974Fort Wayne
Gomez, Melquiadez6 Dec 191611 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Gomez, Teresa15 Oct 191927 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gommesen, Dorothea S25 Nov 190716 Mar 1999Leo
Gomoll, Albert18 Sep 1910Oct 1986New Haven
Gondek, Edna W1 Oct 19165 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Gondek, Frank S20 Jul 191716 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Gondos, Lenita E10 Jul 192118 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Goneau, Theda R26 Aug 190111 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Fred G23 Oct 19288 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Herman8 Apr 1926Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gongaware, John Ralph27 Nov 192518 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Lutillis11 Jan 1891Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Ruth L7 Jan 191526 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Sarah V2 Aug 191627 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Gongaware, Stanley10 Mar 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Gongwer, Franklin11 Dec 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gongwer, Marcelle23 Jan 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Gongwer, Maxine L11 Sep 1923May 1993Fort Wayne
Gonser, Dorothy E9 Jul 192023 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Gonser, Irene20 Aug 1906Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Gonser, Jacob6 Jan 1901May 1979Fort Wayne, Harlan
Gonser, Joyce M6 Jul 194624 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Gonser, Orville L14 Aug 191016 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Gonser, Virgil30 Mar 1898Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Gonterman, Edward27 Nov 1923Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gonya, Catherine B21 Aug 191326 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Gonya, Mildred J6 Oct 191721 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Gonyea, Daniel L24 Aug 196031 May 2007Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Antonio8 Feb 1950Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Deborah L1 May 195719 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Felipe15 Aug 19252 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Jesus M9 Dec 192020 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Joe7 May 192915 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Manuel5 Dec 1928Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Marion J4 Feb 192320 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Pedro H24 Jun 19288 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Gonzales, Stella D16 Sep 195320 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Gonzalez De, Materesa26 Mar 194125 May 2006Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Agustin21 May 196620 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Ana E26 Dec 192922 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, J R19 Jun 196915 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Jane10 Jul 19372 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Jose2 Mar 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Jose20 Apr 1924Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Jovita30 Sep 193017 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Rafael28 Mar 1898Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Rose25 Feb 1928Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Santos10 Feb 1906Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Gonzalez, Tomas28 Nov 1913Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Good, Beulah M12 Nov 188915 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Good, Celesta B12 Dec 19156 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Good, Clarissa31 Oct 1891Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Good, Darrell N4 Jan 191623 May 1993Fort Wayne
Good, Marilyn E19 Nov 192624 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Good, Mildred31 Jul 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Good, Patricia J22 Aug 192128 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Good, William A27 Nov 190318 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Goodall, Marguerite12 May 1893Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Goodbar, Lorena5 Oct 1900Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Goodchilds, Louis22 Aug 1912Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Goode, Dorothy A2 Aug 19209 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Goode, Emily L6 Mar 192727 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Goode, Leonard E24 Mar 19269 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Goode, Sidney R22 Mar 190722 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Goodell, Elaine M11 Sep 191531 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Gooden, Agnes13 May 1912Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Gooden, Catharine S11 Nov 191020 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Gooden, Staci L8 Aug 197326 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Goodin, Elmer3 Mar 1884Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Goodin, Emery E21 Jun 192427 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Goodin, James17 Jul 19245 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Goodin, Janice A5 Jul 19376 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Goodin, John H16 Jun 193123 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Goodin, John H12 May 194921 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Goodin, Linda K20 Apr 19511 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Goodin, Mary Katherine11 Apr 192621 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Gooding, Paula26 Sep 1898Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Goodkind, Bessie20 Jun 1888Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Goodman, Antoinette D4 Sep 1899Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Goodman, Bonnie23 Aug 1934Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Goodman, Constance J11 Apr 19349 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Goodman, Donald E13 Dec 19328 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Goodman, Gustave19 Oct 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Goodman, Harry31 Mar 1887Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Goodman, Helen27 Dec 1899May 1977Fort Wayne
Goodman, I S13 Apr 191911 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Goodman, Jack23 Mar 1904Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Goodman, Jerry29 Jun 1940May 1984Fort Wayne
Goodman, Joan M18 Feb 193217 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Goodman, John J7 Apr 193013 May 2001Fort Wayne
Goodman, Joseph15 Jan 1896Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Goodman, Lillian Ingrid17 Feb 19294 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Goodman, Maynita B8 Jan 19173 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Goodman, Mollie7 Apr 1893Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Goodman, Patricia M18 Aug 19368 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Goodman, Robert J30 Jan 19205 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Goodman, Rosella13 Mar 1910Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Goodman, Sylvia1 Mar 192011 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Goodman, Thomas A4 Feb 192013 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Goodmiller, Betty J7 Oct 192717 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Goodmiller, Pearl17 Feb 1900Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Goodpa, T23 Jan 1964Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Goodpaster, James19 Jun 1917Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Goodpaster, Worthy H22 May 19307 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Alton6 Jan 1910Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Fern A26 May 19141 May 2001Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Ford C31 Mar 190230 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Jessie6 Jul 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Marie A22 Aug 193629 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Mary Alice14 Nov 192126 Nov 2008Roanoke
Goodrich, Maude M23 Apr 189724 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Goodrich, Paul A8 May 193627 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Goodrick, Velma7 Apr 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Goodson, Ada B31 Aug 19173 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Goodson, Alana Sherise10 Mar 19867 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Goodson, George W20 Feb 192528 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Goodson, Gladys17 Jan 1909Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Goodson, Henry L28 Feb 193726 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Goodson, Laveryl T30 Aug 195414 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Goodson, Nettie10 Aug 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Goodson, Roy M19 Nov 190624 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Goodspeed, Clifford B19 Aug 191010 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Goodspeed, Faith Rosemary4 May 192524 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Goodspeed, Kenneth E18 Oct 192420 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Goodspeed, Robert Gerald1 Sep 192731 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Goodspeed, Rose17 Mar 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Carol25 Dec 1918Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Charles20 Feb 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Dale A28 Feb 192611 Jan 2003New Haven
Goodwin, Evelyn A6 Jan 191812 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Jett25 Sep 1903May 1982Grabill
Goodwin, Leon2 Aug 1893Jul 1986Grabill
Goodwin, Martha18 Jul 1895Nov 1973Grabill
Goodwin, Mary16 Dec 1930Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Millie9 Nov 19271 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Pearl M20 Apr 191829 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Raymond F5 Jul 19158 May 2002Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Sandra K26 Jun 193130 Oct 2007Huntertown
Goodwin, Stella M19 Sep 190310 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Goodwin, Victor14 Jun 1892Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Della22 Jan 1883Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Edith23 May 1896Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Edna E22 Feb 191830 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Francis18 May 1882Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Irene30 Nov 1895Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Goodyear, Leston27 Feb 1918May 1984Churubusco
Goodyear, Lois24 Dec 1922Apr 1977Churubusco
Goodyear, Lyman6 Jun 1890Oct 1981Churubusco
Gooley, Hazel15 Jan 1893Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Gooley, James28 Sep 1925Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Gooley, Jessie14 Mar 1896Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Goon, Dale E31 Jan 192412 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Go-on, Philip5 Jan 191231 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Goral, Albert2 Jun 1900Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Goral, Frank1 Mar 1906Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Goral, Lucile F25 Mar 19044 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Goral, Marie K22 Aug 18988 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Goral, Mary17 Feb 1886Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Gorb, Julia E28 Dec 191412 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gordineer, Marguerite Cordelia25 Dec 191717 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Gordon, Alma J22 Jun 19296 Sep 2009New Haven
Gordon, Andrew M28 Dec 191526 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Gordon, Ann Marie30 May 191714 Jun 2008New Haven
Gordon, Audrey5 Apr 1950Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Gordon, Barbara J30 Oct 193210 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Gordon, Bernard9 Aug 1927Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gordon, Bertha M6 Jul 1918Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gordon, Catherine Rose28 Jan 19139 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Gordon, Celia5 Dec 191024 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gordon, Cliford L19 Jan 192228 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Gordon, Daniel4 May 1903Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gordon, Darlene29 Nov 1949Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Gordon, Dorothy4 Jul 191623 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Gordon, Dorothy H27 Jun 192911 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Gordon, Edith4 Mar 1903Nov 1986Churubusco
Gordon, Edwin C25 Sep 191415 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Gordon, Edwin F14 Jan 191327 Dec 1992Woodburn
Gordon, Elizabeth5 Sep 1903Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Gordon, Ethel1 Jun 1907Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Gordon, Francis23 Sep 1910Dec 1977Churubusco
Gordon, Fred20 Sep 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Gordon, Gene E14 Oct 19291 Apr 1992Churubusco
Gordon, Geneva13 Feb 1917May 1987Fort Wayne
Gordon, George27 Dec 1919Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Gordon, George11 May 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gordon, Gerald W24 Sep 193920 May 2006Fort Wayne
Gordon, Gladys6 Apr 1901Apr 1977Churubusco
Gordon, Harold A31 Mar 192314 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gordon, Harry E9 Feb 192120 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Gordon, Helen27 Oct 1921May 1979Fort Wayne
Gordon, Helen C13 Jun 19136 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gordon, Herbert V14 Feb 191030 Nov 1992Churubusco
Gordon, Isobel E19 Nov 19327 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Gordon, Ivan6 Oct 1912Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Gordon, James E11 Apr 191912 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Gordon, James W1 Jan 189515 Feb 1975Churubusco
Gordon, John E19 Dec 19229 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Gordon, John G18 Apr 192524 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gordon, Joseph12 Oct 1915Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Gordon, Julian F3 Apr 192128 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Gordon, Kay A11 Apr 19389 Jun 2001Churubusco
Gordon, Kenneth W16 Jan 19217 May 2004Fort Wayne
Gordon, Lawrence17 Jul 1902May 1967Churubusco
Gordon, Lewis E21 Aug 19309 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gordon, Lois L11 Jun 192819 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Gordon, Marjorie A25 Aug 191710 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Gordon, Martha16 Jan 1892Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Gordon, Mary8 Jan 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Gordon, Mary16 Jun 191626 May 1999Fort Wayne
Gordon, Maxine J17 Aug 19209 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gordon, Myrtle11 Mar 1920Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Gordon, Ralph3 Feb 1908Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Gordon, Robert7 Jan 1903May 1985Fort Wayne
Gordon, Robert A18 May 192415 Sep 1995Roanoke
Gordon, Ruth A19 Nov 1918Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Gordon, Sanford D30 Mar 192110 Mar 2002Churubusco
Gordon, Theo E23 Jul 191516 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Gordon, Thomas M11 Jun 195313 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Gordon, Tony Alando18 Jun 192820 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gordon, Vera M4 Apr 191317 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Gordon, Virgil12 Jan 192425 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Gordon, Virginia D23 Mar 190712 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Gordon, Vivian C14 Apr 191914 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gordon, Wanda E15 Apr 191419 Feb 2004Churubusco
Gordon, William18 Jun 1887Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Gordon, Zania1 Nov 1962Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gore, Edwin W17 Mar 190719 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Gore, Jo5 Jan 19296 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gore, Lillian F4 Jun 190810 May 1998Fort Wayne
Gore, Mildred10 Jan 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gore, Patricia J21 Aug 19306 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Gore, Vernon J24 Apr 192511 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Gore, William20 Nov 1898Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Goree, Heck24 Mar 19326 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Goree, Rochelle Arlene25 May 194230 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Gorham, Wilbur15 Feb 1899Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Gorlesky, Regina M6 Mar 192515 May 1999New Haven
Gorman, Bridget26 Jul 1879Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Gorman, Catherine T21 Jul 19161 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Gorman, Clare M27 Mar 192523 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Gorman, Clare Marie27 Mar 192523 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Gorman, David E9 Aug 194217 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gorman, James2 Jul 1912Dec 1983Roanoke
Gorman, James L27 Mar 19372 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Gorman, Jeannette L27 Aug 191828 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Gorman, Lee16 Jul 19255 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Gorman, Mary Lou21 Feb 191818 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Gormley, Catherine B29 Apr 192915 May 1989Fort Wayne
Gorny, Michael5 Sep 1885Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Gorom, Stanley R22 Mar 191622 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Aaron29 Jul 1883Jun 1971Woodburn
Gorrell, Bertha20 Feb 1908Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Charles J7 Apr 191827 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Charlotte L13 Apr 1909Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Daisy19 Jul 1905Mar 1978Grabill, Spencerville
Gorrell, Edna11 Jul 1887Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Georgiana L10 Sep 191526 Aug 2000Fort Wayne, Leo
Gorrell, Gladys J25 Jun 191323 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Granville22 Jun 1902Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Harry20 Feb 1905Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Harry25 Jan 189230 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Harry A17 Jan 192523 Jan 2002Harlan
Gorrell, Joseph24 Jun 1923Dec 1984Leo
Gorrell, Leonard L9 Oct 193011 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Marcelene12 Mar 191429 Oct 1999Grabill
Gorrell, Marilyn H25 Oct 19318 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Paul28 Oct 1896May 1979Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Paul22 Sep 1909Mar 1985Grabill
Gorrell, Ralph I15 Aug 19317 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Raymond19 Dec 1924Jun 1987Grabill
Gorrell, Robert15 Apr 1927Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Russell L27 Dec 191821 Jan 2000Harlan
Gorrell, Ted17 Jan 1901Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Gorrell, Thelma3 Dec 192823 May 1999Grabill
Gorrell, Viola15 Aug 1912Mar 1980Woodburn, Harlan
Gorrell, Virginia B26 Nov 191630 May 1999Fort Wayne
Gorsuch, Dean W31 Mar 19136 Feb 2003Churubusco
Gorsuch, Iva Marie15 Apr 191624 May 2008Churubusco
Gorsuch, Reginald12 Aug 1901May 1973Churubusco
Gosda, Willard20 Feb 1923Feb 1978Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Gosheff, Naum E28 May 191015 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Goshert, Florence D2 Apr 190329 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Goshert, Helen M15 Mar 191526 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Goshert, Joe L11 Sep 190927 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Goshert, Ruth M4 Dec 192716 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Goshor, R19 Aug 1946Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Clyde25 Jan 1888Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Garry19 Oct 1895Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Glenn E30 Jun 19125 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Mabel M13 Feb 1899Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Melba23 Nov 1917Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Goshorn, Norman R3 Mar 19243 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Goskowicz, Eugene H13 Sep 19346 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Goslee, Glenn P6 Jan 191317 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Goslee, Pamela S28 Jul 194715 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Gosnell, Dolores J15 Jul 192321 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Gosney, John7 Jul 1897Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Gosney, Lillie13 Aug 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Gospodareck, Rosella19 Dec 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Gospodareck, Walter21 Jan 1906Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Gospodarek, Charles J17 Sep 190916 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Gospodarek, Mildred A9 Nov 190910 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Gospodarik, Clara20 Dec 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Gospodarik, Martin27 Sep 1883Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Goss, Armella M29 Jul 1906Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Goss, Beverly29 Jan 1926Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Goss, Dorothy E16 Mar 19288 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Goss, Edna20 Feb 1898Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Goss, John W21 Sep 19336 May 2002Fort Wayne
Goss, Kay11 Nov 1932Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Goss, Mary15 May 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Goss, Mary7 Nov 1902Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Goss, Roy8 Feb 1923Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Goss, Teshann D25 Jan 198811 May 2008Fort Wayne
Goss, Velma28 Jan 1896Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Goss, Wesley11 Jul 1903Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Goss, Wilfred29 Jul 1902Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Gossette, Hazen12 Apr 1893Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Gossman, Lew Z28 Oct 19053 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Gossman, Vivian26 Dec 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Gotch, Marcus A6 Apr 192025 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Gotch, Theodore5 Aug 1900Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Gotsch, Eugenia15 Aug 1882Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Gotsch, Lorraine M11 Apr 191621 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Gotsch, Otto27 Dec 1888Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Gotsch, Paul W3 Sep 191425 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Alice4 May 1931Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Ann E18 Mar 193223 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Katherine12 May 1901Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Loring6 Apr 1901Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Marie10 Sep 1897Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Myrl24 Mar 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gotschall, Richard L8 Jun 193016 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Gotta, Bernard11 Feb 1895Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Gotta, Colette A23 Jun 190726 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Gotta, Hubert31 Mar 1898Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Gottesmann, Hugo8 Apr 1896Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Gottesmann, Lia2 Oct 190010 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Gottfried, Alfons16 Jan 1920May 1986Fort Wayne
Gottfried, Ethel E10 May 190726 May 1994Fort Wayne
Gottfried, Margaret A19 Mar 192222 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Gottfried, William21 Jun 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Gottschalk, Beatrice21 Sep 191913 May 2003Monroeville
Gottschalk, Evelyn10 Dec 19139 Sep 1993Roanoke
Gottschalk, Harry14 Apr 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gottschalk, Mabel24 Oct 1898Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Gottschalk, Noah W19 Jan 191811 Oct 1995Roanoke
Goudey, Duane E6 Dec 193928 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Goudie, Anna1 May 1892Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Goudy, Edwin26 Oct 191715 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Gouker, Marvin24 Jun 1907Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Gouker, Mary E4 Oct 19116 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Goul, Michael W18 Nov 194910 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Gould, Beatrice2 Jun 1882Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Gould, Danny R23 Dec 19364 Dec 2008Hoagland
Gould, Doris26 Apr 191527 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Gould, Doroothea T24 Feb 191013 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Gould, Dorothy H16 Aug 19203 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Gould, Elna8 Aug 188115 Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Gould, Forest16 Feb 1901Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Gould, Janice C19 May 193728 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Gould, John C25 Jul 192513 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Gould, Kenneth M3 Sep 190610 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gould, Marion C21 Sep 1888Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Gould, Robert H9 Sep 193716 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Gould, Steven A4 May 19326 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Goulding, Harry9 May 1879Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Goulding, Sandra L18 May 194030 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Gouloff, Methodi5 Aug 192517 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Gouloff, Opal19 Aug 191720 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gouloff, Tanis N17 Jan 192923 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Gouty, Aletha I9 Oct 1900Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Gouty, Dorothy A8 Jan 190826 May 1990Fort Wayne
Gouty, Walter9 May 1906Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Gouty, William H19 Mar 191024 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Gouwens, Cornelia23 Jul 1897Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Govan, Romona15 Apr 19378 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Govan, Vincent E7 Dec 196423 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Govin, Allen E8 Jun 193410 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Govner, Grady H6 Jun 193331 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Gowan, Geraldine I3 Jul 192324 Jun 1998Roanoke
Gowen, Charles E24 Aug 19248 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Gowin, Mary D3 Sep 193223 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Goyer, Marcella9 Nov 1916Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Goyer, Richard28 Oct 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne

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