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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Grab, Josef11 Mar 1881Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Grabach, Charles G22 Feb 19309 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Grabach, Elizabeth L14 Jan 19607 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Grabach, Everett L28 Jul 19292 Feb 1997New Haven
Grabach, Harold L24 Aug 19214 Jun 1996New Haven
Grabemeyer, Edgar F21 Oct 192424 May 1999Fort Wayne
Grabemeyer, Frieda30 Jul 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Grabemeyer, Helen Ruth7 Sep 192612 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Grabemeyer, Marjorie12 Feb 1925Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Graber, Alvin30 Jan 193921 Dec 2004Grabill
Graber, Amos A1 Nov 19164 Aug 2001Grabill
Graber, Anna3 Jul 1900Apr 1980Leo
Graber, Barbara1 May 191920 Aug 2001Grabill
Graber, Barbara17 Apr 19142 Jul 1999Grabill
Graber, Ben20 May 1895Apr 1982Leo
Graber, C2 Sep 1913Sep 1993Grabill
Graber, Carolyn S20 Jun 193831 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Graber, E24 May 193015 Nov 1989Grabill
Graber, Elmer30 Jan 1924Dec 1985New Haven
Graber, Emanuel4 Feb 194813 Nov 2009Grabill
Graber, Emanuel J3 May 192915 Mar 2003New Haven
Graber, Frances2 Feb 1906Nov 1974Spencerville
Graber, Harvey25 Feb 1913Sep 1980Grabill
Graber, Iona M15 Dec 191710 Apr 2005Grabill
Graber, Jesse11 Nov 19164 Feb 1998New Haven
Graber, Joseph L19 Dec 192326 May 2002Grabill
Graber, Marie17 Jun 19199 Jan 1999Leo
Graber, Mary M25 Dec 191714 Jan 2004New Haven
Graber, Menno6 Feb 1883Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Graber, Milo6 Nov 191319 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Graber, Noah4 May 19121 Dec 1997Grabill
Graber, Richard L28 Dec 19775 Nov 1998Grabill
Graber, Roy15 Dec 1914Oct 1985Grabill
Graber, Sarah26 Feb 19233 Jun 2008Grabill
Graber, Verda17 Mar 1910Feb 1976Spencerville
Grabill, Clifford L16 May 19067 Sep 1995Leo
Grabill, Idella18 Jan 1882Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Grable, Dennis D10 Oct 195114 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Grable, John9 Jul 1890Sep 1974Churubusco
Grable, Karen A28 Jul 194317 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Grable, Millard1 Oct 1897Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Grable, Rachel7 Sep 1893Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Grabner, Amos20 Apr 1889Jan 1967Grabill
Grabner, Bert20 Nov 1886Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Grabner, Charles R30 Nov 192321 Aug 2009Roanoke
Grabner, Clem14 May 1900Sep 1975New Haven
Grabner, Clement M7 Jan 19197 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Grabner, Daniel2 Mar 1911Jul 1987Woodburn
Grabner, Harry S20 Sep 19098 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Grabner, Jack L8 Aug 193630 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Grabner, Joshua12 Oct 1905May 1985Fort Wayne
Grabner, Lavonna I6 Mar 19272 Feb 2006Monroeville
Grabner, Marie3 May 1899Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Grabner, Mary15 Sep 1913Nov 1984Woodburn
Grabner, Norma L22 Dec 192211 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Grabner, Robert L26 Mar 193621 Jul 2001Woodburn
Grabner, Walter6 Mar 1906Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Grabner, William9 Dec 1897Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Grabowski, Donald W17 Jun 193225 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Grabowski, Glenola19 Dec 1911Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Grabowski, Jan4 Apr 1913Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Grace, Benjamin F19 Aug 193529 Jul 1997Churubusco
Grace, Charlotte M12 Dec 19069 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Grace, John O6 Sep 192620 May 2003Fort Wayne
Grace, Larry J13 Sep 1939Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Grace, Ralph15 Jun 1902Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Grace, Rose M2 Jan 196414 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Grace, Roy18 May 1910Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Grace, Ruby L19 Jan 19134 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Grace, Virginia M9 May 192429 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Gracey, Nellie12 Oct 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Gradel, Helen29 Mar 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Gradel, John22 Dec 190720 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Gradel, Linda S3 Jul 194815 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Gradeless, Martha E31 Jul 19082 May 1998Fort Wayne
Gradl, Erna M8 Dec 192129 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Gradless, Velma12 Oct 1896Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Grady, Addie20 Mar 1893Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Grady, Esther M7 Jul 19153 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Grady, Estus G24 Aug 191727 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Grady, Helen C18 Mar 191930 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Grady, Martha14 Sep 1902Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Grady, William F21 Jul 19246 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Graebner, Otis J29 Mar 191921 Apr 2005New Haven
Graef, Dorothy E7 Apr 191811 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Graef, Forrest22 Feb 1882Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Graef, Gordon Benton28 Jan 19176 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Graef, Mary C21 Mar 19095 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Graef, Richard28 Oct 1905Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Graeff, Marie19 Aug 190619 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Graeff, William18 Aug 1883May 1969Fort Wayne
Graefnitz, William H30 Sep 188215 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Graf, Charles22 Oct 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Graf, Joseph G18 Nov 194625 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Graf, Margaret T20 Sep 19071 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Graf, Robert A8 Dec 193319 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Graf, Robert F3 May 192012 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Graf, Virginia C5 Feb 192830 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Graff, Albert R9 Mar 190516 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Graff, Anna28 Jan 1892Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Graff, Edward A18 Jan 19581 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Graff, Jerry27 Dec 193918 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Graff, Katharine C12 Oct 190631 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Graff, Roger B27 Jan 193521 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Graffam, Lillian A31 Mar 19158 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Graffam, M Grant19 Mar 19181 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Graffe, Emma J26 Jan 187815 May 1966Fort Wayne
Graffe, Florence O23 Dec 189516 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Graffis, Chester L3 May 190611 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Graft, Audrey D7 Nov 190923 May 1995Fort Wayne
Graft, Catherine M16 Jun 19096 May 2002Fort Wayne
Graft, Charles6 Apr 1889Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Graft, Charles L26 Dec 192219 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Graft, Della M15 Feb 19217 Jan 2001New Haven
Graft, Donald17 Aug 19252 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Graft, Donald26 Feb 1932Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Graft, Erma1 Dec 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Graft, Gaynel C14 Sep 19269 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Graft, Gerald W30 Jun 192829 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Graft, Henry4 Apr 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Graft, John T1 Aug 193016 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Graft, Lois D27 Jun 1930Feb 1994Hoagland
Graft, Lucille19 Jul 191226 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Graft, Maine14 Apr 1898Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Graft, Marie7 Aug 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Graft, Mary14 Oct 1893Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Graft, Max19 May 1896Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Graft, May8 Feb 192612 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Graft, Mildred I6 Jan 191913 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Graft, Minnie9 Sep 1888Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Graft, Otto4 Jun 1889Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Graft, Paul16 Aug 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Graft, Ralph C2 Jul 192016 May 2008New Haven
Graft, Rosemary C16 Oct 194014 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Graft, Thurman J26 Feb 191316 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Graft, William30 Jun 1913May 1987Fort Wayne
Grafton, Violet F4 Jun 192114 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Grage, Alma E19 Apr 190516 May 1998Fort Wayne
Grage, Edna15 Jun 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Grage, Hubert29 May 1895Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Gragg, Diana Lynn17 Jan 19578 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gragg, Katherine23 Jul 1927May 1986Fort Wayne
Gragg, Larry A13 Mar 195014 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Graham, Billie Mack9 Sep 193021 May 2008New Haven
Graham, Candy30 Apr 193316 May 2007Fort Wayne
Graham, Carolyn S5 Nov 194715 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Graham, Catherine A1 Feb 194024 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Graham, Cayla K10 Dec 19979 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Graham, Celesta19 Aug 1884Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Graham, Darrell3 Apr 1917Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Graham, Donald31 Jul 1900Feb 1967New Haven
Graham, Dorothy26 Feb 1936Oct 1986New Haven
Graham, Dorothy L14 Aug 190525 May 1989Fort Wayne
Graham, Edna L18 Mar 1917Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Graham, Elizabeth17 Sep 1900Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Graham, Elouise L15 Apr 192215 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Graham, Geraldine M27 Sep 191630 May 2008Fort Wayne
Graham, Gertrude27 Sep 1897Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Graham, Gordon26 Aug 1907May 1973Fort Wayne
Graham, Grace21 Mar 1885Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Graham, Harley L2 Oct 193224 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Graham, Helen29 Mar 1913Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Graham, Helen B13 Sep 19136 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Graham, Idell11 Dec 191811 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Graham, James27 Nov 1887Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Graham, James A2 Jan 19241 Mar 1998Roanoke
Graham, James D26 Jan 192329 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Graham, James E22 Jun 191815 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Graham, James L11 Apr 19382 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Graham, Joan L18 Oct 193423 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Graham, John24 Nov 19076 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Graham, John27 Nov 1911Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Graham, Joseph7 Feb 1907Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Graham, Leroy2 Mar 19414 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Graham, Linda Lou31 Oct 194929 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Graham, Lois30 Apr 1896Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Graham, Louis29 Sep 1906Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Graham, Lucille3 May 1913Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Graham, Margaret12 Dec 1931Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Graham, Marjorie F19 Mar 1926Feb 1995Roanoke
Graham, Mary22 Apr 1881Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Graham, Mary12 Jun 19313 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Graham, Mary E21 Apr 193812 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Graham, Mary E5 May 192811 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Graham, Mozell15 Oct 1905Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Graham, Nina17 Nov 1880Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Graham, Olga C12 Dec 191020 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Graham, Raymond1 Nov 1907Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Graham, Raymond D9 Apr 193611 May 1999Fort Wayne
Graham, Richard29 Nov 19295 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Graham, Ronnie L30 Nov 19426 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Graham, Sarah25 May 1960Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Graham, Tom10 Mar 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Graham, Virginia23 Apr 19071 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Graham, Wallace29 Mar 1880Apr 1977Churubusco
Grahovac, John14 Feb 1911Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Grainger, Canute B5 Aug 19078 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Grainger, Wilma A19 Sep 190419 May 1993Fort Wayne
Gram, Nick L4 Jun 191930 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Gram, Theresa M16 Aug 192025 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Grames, Betty M12 May 193325 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Grames, Wilma21 Oct 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Gramling, Hazel I25 Sep 192413 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Gramm, Ruth M18 Aug 1926Mar 1994Leo
Grammer, Maragaret M20 Mar 191023 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Gran, Arnold23 May 1904Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Gran, P2 Apr 192411 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gran, Vera M23 Jan 192513 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Granat, Carl18 Jul 1894Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Granat, Helga4 Apr 1897May 1978Fort Wayne
Granato, Karen L14 Nov 196218 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Grandahl, Lillie22 Sep 1895Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Grandberry, Brenda Jean30 Jul 19685 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Grandberry, Mose22 Jun 19237 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Grandberry, Wilma Marie27 Feb 194715 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Grandchamp, Gabrielle29 Jun 19118 May 1997Fort Wayne
Grandi, Celia8 Jun 1889Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Grandlienard, Leonard P14 Dec 19146 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Grandstaff, Gerald Joseph24 Aug 193511 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Grandstaff, Joseph L19 Nov 192312 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Grandstaff, Marilyn R12 Jun 19361 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Grandstaff, Ruth I23 Feb 19168 Mar 2008Woodburn
Grandy, John C4 Mar 19189 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Graney, Helen30 Jan 1896Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Graney, Joseph17 May 1895May 1966Fort Wayne
Graney, Ruth E22 Aug 192111 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Grannan, John A3 Aug 192114 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Grant Jr, Fred L11 Jul 194019 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Grant, Albertina30 Jun 1911May 1978Fort Wayne
Grant, Callie B29 May 193424 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Grant, Elsie M2 Apr 193316 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Grant, Eugenia B2 Sep 19165 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Grant, Harry J27 Mar 192919 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Grant, James31 Aug 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Grant, James14 Jul 1898Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Grant, James D26 Jan 191427 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Grant, Joe19 Aug 190427 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Grant, Lawrence L23 Aug 192424 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Grant, Lillie13 Mar 1890Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Grant, Lizzie2 Mar 190315 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Grant, Martha25 Sep 1916Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Grant, Mary26 Nov 1889Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Grant, Mary C19 Jan 19155 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Grant, Myria R26 Sep 196020 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Grant, Ray S19 Nov 19153 Jun 1989Monroeville
Grant, Rita M17 Oct 192412 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Grant, Roger4 Mar 193026 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Grant, Roger H21 Feb 191324 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Grant, Ronald18 Oct 1937Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Grant, Rosetta24 May 1889Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Grant, Sylvia3 Jul 195221 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Grant, Virgle23 Dec 1911Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Grant, Zeno10 Oct 1897Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Grantham, Azita D21 Feb 19153 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Grantham, John Shane11 Jan 19351 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Grantham, Lindsey S Jr30 Jan 195013 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Graper, Minnie15 Jan 1889Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Grashoff, Bertha12 Jun 1901Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Graske, Viola4 Mar 190717 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Grason, George25 Jan 1948Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Grass, Anna L13 Oct 191425 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Grass, Jasper W15 Feb 189015 Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Grasso, Sue E2 Oct 193927 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Grate, Inez6 Oct 1902Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Gratts, Helen L1 Oct 191531 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Gratts, Hurschel8 Apr 1892Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Gratz, Albert4 Jul 1915Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Gratz, Anna10 Feb 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Gratz, Buleah B17 Jul 191431 May 2004Fort Wayne
Gratz, Russell28 Oct 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Gratz, Walter14 Jul 1917Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Graue, Bernadine A20 Sep 192115 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Graue, Walter A24 Jun 19219 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Grauer, Alta9 Sep 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gravely, Myrtle9 Mar 1909Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Graves, Carl E27 May 191726 Oct 2005New Haven
Graves, Charles F4 Dec 194527 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Graves, Cora M8 Nov 192518 Sep 2000Grabill
Graves, Dale K29 Feb 19326 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Graves, David Lee16 Aug 195615 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Graves, Donald J13 Nov 193011 Jun 2000Spencerville
Graves, Duane31 Jul 1958Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Graves, Emmett7 Aug 19377 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Graves, Frank1 Aug 1915Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Graves, Harvey19 Dec 1893Sep 1978Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Graves, James L8 Feb 192312 Apr 1992New Haven
Graves, Jo A30 May 192212 Feb 2006New Haven
Graves, Justin22 Jul 198219 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Graves, Laura I14 Jul 196122 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Graves, Lee G10 Aug 19162 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Graves, Leonard S13 Nov 195822 May 2006Fort Wayne
Graves, Louis29 Feb 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Graves, Luther J30 Oct 19231 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Graves, Marcella L22 Feb 192126 May 2006Fort Wayne
Graves, Rollie R22 Oct 192512 Jan 1992Grabill
Graves, Rose M12 Dec 19376 Jun 2000Grabill
Graves, Violet M18 May 192127 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Grawcock, James L8 Mar 19536 Nov 1981Churubusco
Grawcock, Leslie14 Apr 1898Jun 1969Churubusco
Grawcock, Ruth E13 Jul 191422 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Grawcock, Theron14 Mar 1904Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Gray, Alice27 Nov 1882Aug 1966Roanoke
Gray, Alice E16 Oct 191715 Aug 2006Monroeville
Gray, Arthur29 Apr 1893Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Gray, Carrie13 Aug 1891Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gray, Charles28 Oct 1931Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Gray, Clara M26 Jul 192016 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Gray, Donald3 Jul 1901Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Gray, Earl E23 Mar 195415 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Gray, Elizabeth30 Oct 1920Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Gray, Ethel25 Aug 1904Jul 1980Churubusco
Gray, Ethel Paul I17 Dec 192015 Apr 2007Monroeville, Woodburn
Gray, Eva30 Jun 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Gray, Evelyn M7 Sep 193030 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Gray, Everett L17 May 193714 May 2008Churubusco
Gray, Forrest22 Jun 1892Oct 1973Huntertown
Gray, Francella A29 May 192317 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Gray, Gaynel Max6 Jun 192510 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Gray, George12 Jan 1913Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Gray, Harvey27 Jun 1912Dec 1975Churubusco
Gray, Henry2 Jun 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Gray, J R22 Sep 192915 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Gray, James28 Apr 1924Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Gray, Jessie9 Jun 19181 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Gray, John8 May 1916Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gray, Joseph W9 Nov 192525 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gray, Letha P16 Feb 18979 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Gray, Lucinda4 Jul 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Gray, Luella29 Jun 19171 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Gray, Marvin E29 Mar 192131 Aug 1997Woodburn
Gray, Maxine E2 Sep 192127 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Gray, Mia10 Jan 196623 May 2007Fort Wayne
Gray, Michael L9 Sep 196120 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Gray, Milo21 Jan 1914Mar 1980Churubusco
Gray, Nellie11 Sep 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Gray, Orpha J4 Dec 187115 Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Gray, Otha L10 Dec 19446 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Gray, Paul28 Nov 1924Oct 1980Churubusco
Gray, Paul2 Jun 1891Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Gray, Ramon H25 Mar 193024 Jan 2010New Haven
Gray, Sandra K9 Aug 19512 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Gray, Sidney J9 Jul 189831 Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Gray, Thomas E26 May 19235 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Gray, Thomas J26 Mar 19426 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Gray, Velma29 Sep 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Gray, Virginia5 Jun 1898Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Gray, Virginia M25 Dec 190319 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Gray, Walter22 Feb 1888Feb 1966Churubusco
Gray, Walter T21 Oct 191619 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Gray, Wilda14 May 1893Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Grayer, Elizabeth1 May 19128 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Grayless, Byron1 Jul 1907Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Grayless, Byron R27 Aug 193029 Mar 2000Leo
Grayless, Dolores K8 Dec 193331 Dec 1994New Haven
Grayston, Alfred2 Feb 1900Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Graziosi, Joseph C17 Oct 195024 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Greable, Shirley27 Apr 1933Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Greaf, Madonna3 Jul 190816 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Grear, Betty J22 Apr 192415 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Grear, E Budd19 Jun 19262 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Grear, Ralston7 Jan 1888Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Greathouse, R6 May 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Greathouse, William7 Mar 1900Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Greber, Elmer18 Jan 1902Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Greber, Ida7 Apr 1898Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Greek, Flossie25 Aug 1894Aug 1979Yoder
Greek, Henry12 Dec 1890Jul 1967Yoder
Greek, Marie8 Jul 1895Jul 1976Yoder
Greek, Mildred E14 Apr 191022 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Greek, Walter B14 May 190812 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Alice E20 Mar 1902Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Green, Allen7 Jul 192311 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Green, Angelique M3 Apr 197320 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Bennie S22 Aug 19164 May 1992Churubusco
Green, Betty25 Feb 1946Jun 1983Churubusco
Green, Betty M20 Jun 191417 Aug 1993New Haven
Green, Carl A18 Jan 19313 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Green, Carrol E24 Nov 19256 May 1997Fort Wayne
Green, Cecil L28 Aug 192627 Jan 1999New Haven
Green, Cedric15 May 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Green, Charles19 Jun 1910Apr 1985Churubusco
Green, Charles30 Nov 1927Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Green, Charles L25 Nov 191111 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Green, Chester R8 Jul 191126 Jan 2004Churubusco
Green, Clifford12 Jan 1894Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Green, Davetta L13 Apr 196619 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Green, David D17 Aug 1921Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Green, Delmar C17 Mar 19038 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Green, Donna M22 May 193015 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Green, Dorothy E27 Jan 191111 Oct 1999Yoder
Green, Dortha17 Jan 1914Feb 1984Churubusco
Green, Dwight A6 Dec 18982 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Green, Edward5 Jun 1894Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Green, Edward9 Jul 1902Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Green, Edward L29 May 19123 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Green, Effie M27 Apr 19181 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Green, Eldon27 Jan 1889Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Green, Ernest8 Mar 1900May 1975Fort Wayne
Green, Ernestine L22 Dec 192212 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Green, Esther13 Sep 19024 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Green, Esther G31 Jul 19153 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Green, Etta28 Aug 190513 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Green, Eugene F4 Feb 189630 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Green, Fern1 Sep 1900Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Green, Fletcher22 Oct 1904Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Green, Frank4 Feb 1882Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Green, Frank29 Oct 1930Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Green, Freeda L19 Feb 1918Oct 1994Churubusco
Green, George21 Apr 1901Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Green, Georgia28 Jul 1915Apr 1979New Haven
Green, Georgia26 Jul 1897Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Green, Georgia I15 Sep 193330 May 2000Churubusco
Green, Gloria V27 Jul 192911 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Green, Gondoline G5 Jun 191015 May 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Gregory Allen29 Mar 194931 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Green, Harry24 Jul 1905Jun 1969New Haven
Green, Hazel28 Apr 1893Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Green, Helen1 Nov 1907Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Green, Helen H26 Jan 192321 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Green, Henry L23 Apr 19445 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Green, Herbert D11 Apr 19035 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Green, Howard3 Aug 1915Mar 1987Churubusco
Green, Jeffery Keith15 Dec 19565 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Green, Joe16 Aug 191718 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Green, Joe29 Feb 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Green, John22 Aug 1892Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Green, John C19 Jan 192713 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Green, Johnnie M31 Mar 19189 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Green, Judith D8 Jun 193827 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Green, Kennth29 Nov 1901May 1987Fort Wayne
Green, Lawrence H20 Apr 192110 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Green, Lelah15 Sep 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Green, Leslie21 Jul 1927Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Green, Lester H19 Jan 19306 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Green, Loraine J31 Jul 191427 Aug 1996Huntertown
Green, Loretta13 Jul 1925Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Green, Louis18 Dec 1913Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Green, Loyd J28 Dec 191314 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Lydia24 Dec 1892May 1984Fort Wayne
Green, Madonna J4 Oct 195116 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Green, Marie L10 Jul 189815 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Green, Martha19 Oct 19577 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Green, Martha J13 Apr 190615 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Green, Mary19 Jan 1903Apr 1979New Haven
Green, Mary9 Apr 1922Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Green, Mary E14 Sep 19166 May 2004Fort Wayne
Green, Marylou29 Jul 1927May 1978Fort Wayne
Green, Max E23 Aug 192023 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Green, Melvin L20 Jan 192312 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Green, Merrill18 Nov 193320 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Green, Monroe10 Oct 1884Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Green, Myrtle J27 Aug 1899Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Green, Myrtle J20 Nov 194224 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Green, Nancy K7 May 194814 Mar 2008Churubusco
Green, Ned8 Jan 1901May 1973Fort Wayne
Green, Noah5 Mar 1892Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Green, Opal13 Jun 1910Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Green, Patricia Irene26 Sep 19519 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Green, Paul23 Aug 1920Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Green, Paul11 Dec 1938Jun 1979Churubusco
Green, Paul W23 Jul 192716 May 2000Fort Wayne
Green, Paul W9 Apr 190625 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Green, Philip26 Jul 1886Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Green, Raymond9 Jul 1918Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Green, Richard6 Nov 190313 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Green, Richard E7 May 19395 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Green, Richard L22 Nov 193212 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Green, Robert Franklin25 Nov 193027 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Green, Robert R9 Apr 191417 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Green, Roderick15 Jan 1925Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Green, Roger12 Sep 1932Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Green, Roger B11 Oct 192423 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Green, Rosa M8 Feb 19289 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Green, Sam5 Jul 193527 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Green, Shirl Ann16 Sep 195725 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Green, Spurgeon20 Aug 192827 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Terri S8 Jul 194930 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Green, Theodore23 Sep 1887Aug 1968Churubusco
Green, Thomas8 Oct 1897Oct 1965Fort Wayne
Green, Thomas L24 Dec 190724 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Green, Timothy15 Sep 1900Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Green, Virginia D8 Nov 1917Oct 1994Churubusco
Green, Virginia L24 Jan 19215 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Green, Virginia L13 Jan 19338 May 1999Fort Wayne
Green, Wilbur T15 May 191317 Feb 2006Churubusco
Green, William6 Oct 191421 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Green, William10 Jun 1896Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Green, William J23 Dec 193011 May 2009Fort Wayne
Greenawalt, Donald H15 Jun 192215 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Greenawalt, Helen June26 Jul 19245 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Greenbush, Alberta18 Feb 1925Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Greenbush, Shirley22 Mar 195225 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Greene, Bessie12 Jan 1892Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Greene, Betty5 Aug 1933Jul 1978Huntertown
Greene, Bonnie M28 Jun 192910 Aug 1992Woodburn
Greene, Booker6 Apr 1913Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Greene, Carl E8 Jul 192222 May 1999Woodburn
Greene, Charles1 Feb 1960Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Greene, Claire30 May 1900Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Greene, Clayton9 Jul 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Greene, Don18 Oct 1899Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Greene, E B16 Jan 193115 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Greene, Edna18 Jun 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Greene, Elaine5 Oct 1919Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Greene, Esther22 Apr 190524 May 1998Fort Wayne
Greene, Florence29 Mar 1912Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Greene, Fred26 Jan 1909Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Greene, George19 Jul 1903Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Greene, Gladys19 Apr 1910May 1984Fort Wayne
Greene, James Ira13 Oct 193126 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Greene, James V9 Mar 194113 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Greene, Jean10 Sep 19249 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Greene, Kenneth5 Jun 1916Mar 1975Churubusco
Greene, Linda K8 Mar 194711 Nov 2009Hoagland
Greene, Louisa6 Jun 1899Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Greene, M A20 Nov 190825 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Greene, Marguerite4 Apr 192029 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Greene, Maxine J19 Nov 19284 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Greene, Mildred30 Jan 1908Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Greene, Pracilla A2 Nov 19647 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Greene, Roy7 Sep 1880Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Greene, Russell16 May 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Greene, Ruthie L4 Dec 19403 May 2003Fort Wayne
Greene, Samuel J26 Jan 192627 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Greene, Stanley M11 Jan 190519 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Greene, Terry L27 Oct 19433 Feb 2007Leo
Greene, Verdia M4 Jun 19273 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Greene, William H28 Jan 192821 May 1996Fort Wayne
Greener, Anna14 Mar 1899Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Greener, Bertha30 Nov 1897Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Greener, Della M17 Sep 192820 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Greener, Irvin21 Mar 1898Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Greener, Otto31 Jan 1893Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Greenfield, Elizabeth S22 May 191814 May 1998New Haven
Greengard, J H4 May 190829 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Greengard, Mary H23 Nov 191915 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Greenick, Blanche M16 Jun 18987 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Greenick, Charles14 Aug 1875Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Greenleaf, Mary16 Feb 1889Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Greenlee, Audrey E19 Jul 190424 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Greenlee, Earl L20 Jun 190322 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Greenlee, May22 Oct 1906Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Greenlee, Robert H8 Oct 193714 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Greenler, William3 Nov 1889Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Greeno, George20 Dec 1923Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Greeno, Harley24 Jul 1931Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Greeno, Max E30 Aug 19226 Aug 1997Spencerville
Greeno, Troas B7 Jan 192311 Jul 2001Spencerville
Greenwalt, Beatrice4 Jul 1886Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Greenwalt, Edress20 Mar 1902Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Greenwalt, Ruby16 Jan 1899Sep 1978Fort Wayne, Harlan
Greenwell, Bradie3 Jan 1898Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Greenwell, George7 Dec 1883Jan 1969Churubusco
Greenwell, James9 Apr 1896Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Greenwell, Mabel5 Oct 1918Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Greenwell, Orpha28 Apr 1890Aug 1979Churubusco
Greenwell, Ray23 Apr 1892Aug 1973Huntertown
Greenwood, Carmen E7 Apr 193520 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Greenwood, E L10 Feb 190427 May 1989Fort Wayne
Greenwood, Esther11 Nov 1897Jun 1987Leo
Greenwood, Harold3 Jul 1894Sep 1985Leo
Greenwood, James14 Jun 1925Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Greer, Clara15 Nov 1883Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Greer, Gladys M21 May 19277 Dec 2004Grabill
Greer, Kenneth16 Apr 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Greer, Nellie V18 Feb 19107 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Greer, Robert4 Mar 19485 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Greer, Ronald W30 Jun 196324 Sep 2007Leo
Greer, Woodrow25 Aug 1917Nov 1976Grabill
Gregg, Evelyn A6 Mar 191515 May 2006Fort Wayne
Gregg, Hobart M30 Sep 18962 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Gregg, Laura B21 Jan 190222 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Gregg, Lillian E12 Sep 19277 Feb 1997New Haven
Gregg, Maxine7 Feb 1915Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gregg, Tommy26 Aug 1929Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Gregg, Whitney26 Jul 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Gregg, William30 Apr 1899Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Gregory, Almetta26 Mar 1891Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Gregory, B J3 Feb 193120 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Gregory, Elizabeth15 Apr 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gregory, Estelle22 Nov 1914Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Gregory, Glenn A20 Mar 191924 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Gregory, Jack Dewey29 Nov 193111 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Gregory, Lucille M3 Sep 192323 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Gregory, Patsy4 Jul 1937Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Gregory, Samuel29 Jan 1896Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Gregory, Stanley E11 Apr 192618 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gregory, Wayne P28 Nov 195719 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Gregory, William R29 Oct 192625 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Greider, Ada11 Sep 1894Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Greider, Effie1 Feb 1892Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Greider, Gertrude4 Jun 1896Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Greider, Mary2 Oct 1898Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Greider, Melvin4 May 1908Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Greider, Ralph25 Sep 1905Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Greider, Samuel13 Apr 1898Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Greider, Stephen18 Dec 1946Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Greider, Theda21 Apr 1901Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Greim, Albert18 Dec 191325 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Greim, Arnold9 Aug 192116 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Greim, August22 Feb 1892Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Greim, John28 May 1889Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Greim, Martin11 Nov 1882Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Grein, Robert D28 Jul 192925 Nov 2003Churubusco
Grein, Valda M7 Jun 19309 Dec 1993Churubusco
Greiner, Carl12 Mar 1910Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Greiner, Charles18 Dec 1884Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Greiner, Frank L8 Feb 191923 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Greiner, Fred21 Feb 1899Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Greiner, Harold F7 Jul 190717 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Greiner, Ruby7 Jun 1910Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Greiser, Dora18 Apr 1888Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gremaux Spri, Sandra S11 Feb 19567 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Betty J6 Feb 192729 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Blanche8 Nov 1894Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Eleanor28 Sep 1892Apr 1974Monroeville
Gremaux, Gerald L12 Apr 19201 Jan 1998New Haven
Gremaux, Howard C5 Jan 192014 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Kenneth L6 Dec 191125 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Louise12 Jun 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Gremaux, Mary C18 Jul 192624 Jul 2001Monroeville
Gremaux, Wilmer M16 Feb 191018 Jul 2001New Haven
Gremel, Hilda16 Sep 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Gren, Jack E27 Dec 192326 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Grenier, Raymond13 Oct 19248 May 2009Fort Wayne
Grenier, William E3 Dec 19225 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Grennes, Barbara M30 Apr 194021 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Grenzenbach, Elmer9 Jul 1895Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Grenzenbach, Elmer C13 Oct 192127 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Grenzenbach, Emma W31 Jul 1899Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Grenzenbach, Erma2 Apr 1902Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Grenzenbach, Harold L1 Feb 192420 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Grepke, Donald E18 Sep 193215 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Grepke, Ernest19 Dec 1901Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Grepke, Glendora3 Jan 1913Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Grepke, Henry D28 Jul 19065 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Grepke, James F14 Sep 19525 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Grepke, Jessie R11 Jun 191819 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Grepke, John F12 Aug 192821 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Grepke, Juanita J28 Feb 193320 May 1999Fort Wayne
Grepke, Mary15 May 1894Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Grepke, Richard W8 Dec 192921 Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Grepke, Sarah10 Dec 1932Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Grepke, Thomas H23 Mar 193812 May 1994Fort Wayne
Grepke, William18 Apr 1886Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Grepke, William C16 Aug 191720 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Gres, Philip R4 Apr 190611 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Gresham, Edith19 Apr 1889Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gresham, Odest8 Jun 1928Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Gresham, Stephen M30 Dec 194722 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Gresley, Betty L18 Feb 19244 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Gresley, Elvera E23 Nov 191517 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Gresley, Emmet M9 Oct 191911 Nov 1994Monroeville
Gresley, Janet31 Mar 1876Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Gresley, John17 May 1875Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Gresley, John E9 Aug 195219 Nov 2007Monroeville
Gresley, June H30 May 19153 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Gresley, Leo J30 Nov 191215 Nov 1994Hoagland
Gresley, Paul W12 Jan 191313 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gresley, R P21 Feb 192123 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Gresley, Ruth M5 Oct 19108 Feb 2001Hoagland
Gresley, William9 Aug 1910May 1979Hoagland
Gress, Anthony S10 Jun 190717 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Gresser, Marguerite18 Dec 1902Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gresser, Ralph23 May 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Gressley, Larry E9 Feb 193015 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Gressley, Stanley R17 Feb 19501 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Greter, Marcella M30 Sep 191030 May 2004Fort Wayne
Greulach, Clifford16 Oct 1906Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Greulach, Helen31 Jul 191324 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Greulach, Irene21 Jan 1917Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Greulach, Maurice10 Dec 1910Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Greulach, Paul J4 Sep 191111 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Greulach, Richard27 Sep 1885Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Greulach, Selma30 Dec 1888May 1965Fort Wayne
Greulach, Thais30 May 1906Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Greve, Albert J23 Feb 19246 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Greve, Betty E1 Dec 19089 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Greve, Charles23 Jan 1897Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Greve, Susie I19 May 191911 Feb 2007Churubusco
Greven, Alice22 Jun 1886Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Greven, Dorothy29 Sep 1879Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Greven, Edward16 Aug 1923Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Greven, Martin E20 Jun 191613 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Greven, Mary E8 Aug 191610 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Grewe, Linda S28 Apr 19082 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Grewe, Paul14 Aug 1903Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Gribben, Helen13 Dec 1883Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Gribben, Joe8 May 1910Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Gribben, Martha W30 Oct 190924 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Gribler, Alice J27 Aug 1908Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Gribler, Barbara3 Feb 1932Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Gribler, Ervin31 Jan 1908Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Gribler, Marc C21 Nov 19509 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Gribot, Stephanie V14 Jan 191321 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Grice, Anna23 Apr 1882Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Grice, Lonie29 Apr 1900Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Grider, Charles4 Feb 1912Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Grider, Franklin18 Dec 1932Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Grider, Gary L30 Apr 19477 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Grider, Harold28 Sep 1921Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Grider, Lloyd V1 Nov 191218 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Grider, Ruby6 Feb 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Grider, William10 Oct 1885Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Grieb, Jeanette18 Mar 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Grieb, Marion2 Jul 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Griebel, Anna19 Mar 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Griebel, Betty L2 Apr 193011 May 1994Fort Wayne
Griebel, Clara5 Nov 1893Oct 1972Hoagland
Griebel, Edwin10 Mar 1884Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Griebel, Golda19 Jul 1890Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Griebel, Harold W10 Aug 192924 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Griebel, Herbert5 Jun 1917Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Griebel, Howard1 Oct 1927Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Griebel, John23 Nov 1891Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Griebel, Mart1 Dec 1896Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Griebel, Martin6 Jul 1885Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Griebel, Millie25 Aug 1886Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Griebel, Minnie14 Jan 1882Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Griebel, Robert20 Apr 1881Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Griebel, Robert H13 Dec 191327 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Griebel, Virginia D12 Sep 19312 May 2004Fort Wayne
Griebel, William W7 Jan 19308 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Grieger, Clarence30 Apr 1894Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Grieger, Esther8 Jan 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Grieger, Richard W20 Oct 192113 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Griem, Melvin R10 Jun 193216 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Grier, Bert10 Jun 1883Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Grier, Estel L26 Jan 191123 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Grier, Jeannette6 Nov 193813 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Grier, Lena14 Dec 1880Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Grier, Margaret L1 Aug 191213 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Grier, Mark E1 Dec 196528 Nov 2003New Haven
Grieser, Albert23 Oct 1883Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Grieser, Arlin E16 Mar 191917 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Grieser, Christian18 Dec 1889Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Grieser, Gilbert21 Dec 1915Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Grieser, Josephine10 Mar 1893Mar 1987New Haven
Grieser, Olive26 Feb 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Grieser, Phyllis I1 May 192519 Sep 1997Yoder
Griesinger, Charles28 Oct 1883Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Griewank, Leroy11 Apr 1908Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Griffin, Blanche Q19 Apr 191618 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Griffin, Bonnie B3 Jul 19249 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Griffin, Bruce S13 Nov 196027 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Griffin, Clarice18 Oct 1943Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Griffin, Cora H13 Apr 19008 Aug 1994New Haven
Griffin, Dawn R23 Jul 196729 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Griffin, Doris24 Feb 19247 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Griffin, Dorothy15 Dec 1919Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Griffin, Dorothy M14 Mar 19205 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Griffin, Elizabeth17 Mar 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Griffin, Ethel16 Aug 190515 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Griffin, Eugene E30 Oct 191912 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Griffin, Evaline23 May 1908Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Griffin, Gary W30 Jun 193715 May 2005Fort Wayne
Griffin, Herman28 Jul 193014 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Griffin, Herman26 Sep 19047 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Griffin, Iva F12 Jan 1901Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Griffin, John J6 Jan 194125 Jul 2009New Haven
Griffin, Joseph18 Sep 1920Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Griffin, Judy K21 Sep 19462 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Griffin, Keith11 Jan 1926Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Griffin, Kermit14 May 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Griffin, Lena E17 Mar 1925Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Griffin, Lloyd20 Jun 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Griffin, Lloyd31 Aug 19212 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Griffin, Marilyn Jean30 Mar 193810 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Griffin, Marion E28 Sep 193413 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Griffin, Mary A7 Mar 1909Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Griffin, Minnie24 Mar 19218 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Griffin, Pamela J28 Feb 195513 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Griffin, Paul W9 Dec 191825 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Griffin, Robert J26 Jul 19127 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Griffin, Robert Rex27 Oct 19198 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Griffin, Rosemary11 Nov 19251 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Griffin, Theodosia28 Mar 1881May 1968Fort Wayne
Griffin, Willie A10 Sep 192513 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Griffin, Willie Mae29 May 192417 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Griffith, Anna14 May 1900Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Griffith, Austin8 Aug 190921 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Griffith, Berniece1 May 1897Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Griffith, Burnette21 Mar 1893Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Griffith, Charles16 Feb 1913Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Griffith, Chester21 Aug 1888Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Griffith, Christine3 Feb 1891Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Griffith, Clarissa1 Dec 1902Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Griffith, Deloras19 Apr 1903Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Griffith, Edith25 Nov 1902Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Griffith, Edward7 Jun 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Griffith, Erma M4 Oct 19173 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Griffith, Ernest9 Oct 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Griffith, Florence7 Feb 1902Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Griffith, Florence22 May 1886Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Griffith, Gayle11 Nov 1900May 1977Fort Wayne
Griffith, Gene30 May 1922May 1977Fort Wayne
Griffith, Grace D13 Aug 192323 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Griffith, Helen M12 Oct 19144 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Griffith, Jack17 Feb 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Griffith, James R9 May 19454 Aug 2007Monroeville
Griffith, Jerry Lee3 Apr 192818 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Griffith, Jesse13 Dec 1887Sep 1977New Haven
Griffith, John Oneil10 May 19111 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Griffith, Juliana19 May 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Griffith, Laurel22 Aug 1904Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Griffith, Margaret A9 Nov 192516 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Griffith, Margaret L16 Jan 192015 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Griffith, Marie9 Sep 1894Mar 1973Monroeville
Griffith, Marjorie F26 Sep 191522 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Griffith, Mary A27 Nov 191226 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Griffith, Maurice27 Nov 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Griffith, Melville W8 Nov 192712 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Griffith, Mildred14 Jun 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Griffith, Mildred M30 May 191627 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Griffith, Nora26 Mar 1893Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Griffith, Opal E4 Aug 1902Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Griffith, Patricia A27 Feb 194321 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Griffith, Theresa9 Oct 1885Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Griffith, Thomas17 May 19213 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Griffith, Thomas A12 Mar 193129 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Griffith, Thomas C9 Nov 193012 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Griffith, Walter7 May 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Griffith, William B21 Jun 191615 May 1995Fort Wayne
Griffiths, Esther7 Aug 1902Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Griffiths, Esther C26 Feb 19207 Feb 2001Fort Wayne, Yoder
Griffiths, F22 Oct 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Griffiths, James L19 May 190310 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Griffiths, Maxine1 Dec 19094 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Griffiths, Robert23 Aug 1921Oct 1980Yoder
Griggs, Buddie6 Apr 192018 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Griggs, Deondra L28 Jun 19636 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Griggs, Dorothy Morrell20 Apr 19339 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Griggs, Essie R8 Jul 191815 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Griggs, George L31 Oct 191622 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Griggs, Goldie31 Jul 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Griggs, Grace20 Oct 1920Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Griggs, Jack12 May 1912Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Griggs, Lavette J18 Jun 194225 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Griggs, Lois K19 Feb 192216 Dec 2002New Haven
Griggs, Priscilla9 Jul 194419 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Griggs, Queen E1 Oct 193927 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Griggs, Rebecca15 Sep 192320 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Griggs, Shelia M11 Aug 194320 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Grile, Eloise E28 Dec 191430 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Grile, Gerald Wayne8 May 19296 Mar 2008Leo
Grile, Herbert C12 Jan 19093 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Grile, Lester L8 Oct 19171 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Grill, John24 Dec 1919Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Grill, Mary27 Dec 191629 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Grillo, Ursuline J5 Oct 191129 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Grim, Bernard6 Feb 192310 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Grim, Dorothy6 Jul 1905Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Grim, Edith E17 Jul 189330 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Grim, Fannie4 Mar 1878May 1971Fort Wayne
Grim, Floyd22 Aug 1898Nov 1976New Haven
Grim, Francis30 Jun 1903Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Grim, Harry22 May 1905Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Grim, Jacob26 Dec 1918Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Grim, Laura R31 Jul 192215 May 2005Huntertown
Grim, Lloyd8 Mar 1895Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Grim, M Patricia2 Aug 1927Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Grim, Maurice E30 Aug 19292 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Grim, Merle E14 Nov 19252 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Grim, Mildred C30 Nov 19143 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Grim, Mildred L4 Aug 190531 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Grim, Norman30 Aug 1924Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Grim, Rebecca12 Nov 1885Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Grim, Ruth22 Aug 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Grim, Ruth22 Aug 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Grim, Sharon K10 Jul 194219 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Grim, Viola24 Jul 190328 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Grim, Ward1 Nov 1893May 1972Fort Wayne
Grim, Warner12 Nov 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Grim, William1 Nov 190520 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Grime, Beatrice19 Nov 1892Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Grime, Lambert17 Apr 1889Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Grimes, Carrie5 Mar 1902Sep 1986Huntertown
Grimes, Don H17 Aug 19316 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Grimes, Everett15 Nov 1908Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Grimes, Fern G10 Sep 190413 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Grimes, Helen27 Dec 1908Jan 1993Huntertown
Grimes, Irene H13 Jun 190718 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Grimes, Kathleen20 Jun 1912Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Grimes, Lloyd6 Apr 1920Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Grimes, Neil1 May 1903Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Grimes, Nellie14 Dec 1886Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Grimes, Paul H31 May 191213 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Grimm, Alton H16 Oct 193726 Nov 2009Huntertown
Grimm, Bernadine11 Oct 190831 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Grimm, Doris1 Jan 1898Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Grimm, Howard5 Jun 191211 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Grimm, Howard S20 Apr 192721 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Grimm, Jesse20 Mar 1907May 1981Fort Wayne
Grimm, John C4 Sep 19015 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Grimm, Lula27 Jul 19103 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Grimm, M Joan23 Apr 192818 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Grimm, Malcolm E8 Mar 191719 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Grimm, Viola F13 Feb 1913Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Grimme, Jeanette7 Apr 1885Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Grimme, Joe E4 Oct 191424 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Grimme, Joseph17 Feb 1892Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Grimme, Marjorie27 May 1928Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Grimme, Mayme4 Jun 1892Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Grimme, Raymond1 Aug 1901Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Grimme, Robert L11 Mar 193022 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Grimme, Selma21 Oct 1924Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Grimmer, Charles31 Dec 1896Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Grimmer, Evelyn M21 Feb 192915 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Grimmer, Paul J19 Mar 1927Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Grimmett, Gwendolyn K8 Jul 195325 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Grimshaw, Ivan17 Apr 1900Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Grimshaw, Myrtle7 Oct 1905May 1979Fort Wayne
Grindahl, Gustav3 Feb 1904Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Grindstaff, J E18 May 191326 Jul 1997Huntertown
Griner, Albert27 Aug 1882Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Grinsfelder, Marion K1 Jun 19092 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Gripe, Frank T15 Sep 191425 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gripe, Helen M7 Apr 191630 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Grischke, Nick A20 Apr 194416 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Grischke, Pamela S15 Jul 196814 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Grischke, Paul5 Aug 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Grischke, Tural G20 Sep 190823 May 1997Fort Wayne
Grisell, Ivie2 Jan 1898Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Grisham, Florence1 Jan 1890Feb 1969New Haven
Grisham, Horace25 Dec 1895Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Grisham, Ivan22 Apr 1901Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Grist, James21 Mar 1932Jul 1985New Haven
Griswold, Cleo R22 Oct 191822 Sep 2000Leo
Griswold, Dorothy B29 Jul 192020 Nov 2009Roanoke
Griswold, Earl26 Oct 1893Sep 1968Grabill
Griswold, Elmor16 Dec 1916Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Griswold, Floyd E18 Apr 193211 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Griswold, Freida M6 Mar 191831 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Griswold, Harold1 May 1899Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Griswold, Helen M26 Nov 191911 May 1995Leo
Griswold, Rena B4 Nov 189825 Jul 1992Leo
Griswold, Richard A6 Jun 1941Apr 1985Spencerville
Griswold, Ruth11 Feb 1893Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Grivett, Ruth M22 Dec 191627 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Grizzle, George W23 Mar 192824 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Grizzle, Nathaniel9 Dec 1921Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Grobel, Henry11 Mar 1895Sep 1966Yoder
Grobert, Hazel31 Jul 1891Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Grodi, Gertrude19 Dec 1916Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Grodrian, B2 Feb 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Bercile A18 Apr 191329 Jun 2001Monroeville
Grodrian, Charles27 Aug 1878Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Clarence8 Jul 1892Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Darwin B26 Dec 190925 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Delores A2 May 19456 Jun 2003Monroeville
Grodrian, Eleanor4 Jan 1898Mar 1966Grabill
Grodrian, Elmer7 Jun 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Harold14 Jul 1905Aug 1986Monroeville
Grodrian, Homer D18 Jan 19036 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Houk24 Nov 1908Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Grodrian, John19 Aug 1885Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Leetta V26 Mar 19114 May 1988Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Mary A27 Feb 190725 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Grodrian, Maurice16 Nov 1890Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Grodrian, R17 Nov 1898Jan 1967Grabill
Grodrian, Sharon A15 Mar 19417 Sep 2004Monroeville
Grody, Grace10 Nov 1910Sep 1974Grabill
Groenert, Frederick28 Jul 1924Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Groeschelretelle, Kay V21 Nov 194721 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Groff Sr, Albert20 Jan 1932Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Groff, June E16 Jun 193010 May 1994Fort Wayne
Groganz, Anna6 May 190820 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Groganz, Josef8 Apr 1900Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Grogg, Darewood17 May 1906Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Grogg, Lillian30 May 1907Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Grogg, Lorabelle31 Jul 191227 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Grogg, Lucille C12 Jan 192710 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Grogg, Matilda6 May 1900Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Grogg, Otto R16 Jun 192730 May 1999Fort Wayne
Grogg, Paul8 Apr 1911Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Grogg, Velma26 Sep 192015 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Groh, Coleen D16 Sep 193527 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Groh, Lois B28 Oct 19186 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Grohrock, John8 Jul 1902Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Groleau, Monica8 Sep 19517 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Groll, Iona24 May 1891Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Groman, Eugene2 Dec 1921Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Groman, Victor2 Nov 1892Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Gromeaux, Arsulia B27 Jun 192113 Dec 2003Monroeville
Gromeaux, Charlotte14 Dec 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Gromeaux, Merlin11 Feb 190924 Jan 1994Monroeville
Gromeaux, Rosella E19 Apr 19057 Mar 1995Monroeville
Gronau, Clara1 Oct 1896Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gronau, Elmer3 May 1913Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Gronau, Juanita21 Dec 19201 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Gronau, Mildred E3 Jan 19158 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Gronau, Minnie20 Oct 1895May 1982Fort Wayne
Gronau, Ronald10 Mar 1926Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Gronauer, Julian19 Sep 1886Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Gronauer, Melvin J18 Jan 191815 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Gronemeier, Anna H12 Nov 190124 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Groninger, Arthur13 Mar 1894Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Groninger, Martha28 Jun 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Groom, Alva17 Jun 1886Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Groom, Dorothy10 Aug 1933Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Groom, Hazel5 Sep 1896Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Grooms, Edith29 Apr 1887Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Grooms, Madge J27 Apr 191413 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Groot, Helen V26 May 18984 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Groot, Robert26 Jul 1897Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Groover, Mina1 Oct 1887Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Grorud, Alton17 Mar 1910Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Grorud, Rolf P22 Jan 19412 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Groscop, Malinda1 Oct 1896Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Groscop, Virgie21 Dec 1890Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Grose, Haymond28 Aug 1900Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Grose, Jessie10 Jan 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Grose, Noel7 Aug 1917Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Grose, Steven L2 Jul 19642 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Groseclose, Edith J3 Oct 192018 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Groseclose, James W16 Jun 19172 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Grosenbacher, Harold E24 Jul 192117 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Grosh, Gerald7 May 1913Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Grosh, Laura26 Sep 1878Mar 1969Grabill
Grosh, Marion E2 Nov 19002 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Grosh, Ruth30 Mar 1907Sep 1972Grabill
Grosh, Vera14 Jan 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Groshon, Delpha E29 Feb 190413 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Agnes1 Jul 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Goldie L23 Apr 190313 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Imogene15 Jan 193820 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Jack J15 Aug 193723 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Grosjean, John A19 Feb 195020 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Julian2 Oct 1896Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Julian K9 Feb 192414 May 1991Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Mae11 Aug 1896Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Margaret24 Aug 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Grosjean, Olive24 May 1890Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Grosjean, William D13 Dec 193220 May 2005Fort Wayne
Gross, Agnes C7 Apr 19165 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Gross, Alfred24 Nov 192520 Sep 1991Churubusco
Gross, Alfred20 Jan 19031 Jul 1991Churubusco
Gross, Alma12 Apr 190919 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Gross, Anthony J20 Nov 196511 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gross, Berneice L14 Jun 191616 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Gross, Carol J5 Apr 192822 Dec 2003Churubusco
Gross, Clara28 Apr 1890Nov 1980Churubusco
Gross, Clarence E18 Aug 192128 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Gross, Cynthia K16 Feb 192518 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Gross, Donald E25 Aug 19329 Aug 2007Churubusco
Gross, Earl2 Oct 1912Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Gross, Elmer18 Apr 1883Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Gross, Ernest L14 Feb 19074 Jun 1994Churubusco
Gross, Esther13 Jan 1896Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Gross, Eudora3 Jun 1911Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Gross, Everette31 Jan 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Gross, Franklin9 Oct 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Gross, Gladys4 Jul 1891Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Gross, Goldie29 Apr 1887Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Gross, Harvey23 Sep 1922Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Gross, Hazel13 Mar 1901Mar 1985Churubusco
Gross, Herbert L20 Feb 191225 Apr 1998Churubusco
Gross, Icie15 Aug 19069 Dec 1999Churubusco
Gross, Iva22 Aug 1890Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Gross, Jennie20 Jan 1883Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Gross, John H19 Sep 19293 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gross, John L6 Oct 19359 Jun 2003New Haven
Gross, Laura12 Oct 1902Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Gross, Lenora16 Mar 1930May 1979Churubusco
Gross, Leona M18 Jul 191611 Feb 2008Churubusco
Gross, Lillian15 Nov 1902Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Gross, Mark A4 Aug 196023 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Gross, Max G12 Aug 19278 Nov 2008Churubusco
Gross, Mildred18 Jun 190931 Aug 1999Churubusco
Gross, Robert E27 Jun 19207 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Gross, Roger W4 Feb 19404 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Gross, Viola20 Oct 1924Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Gross, Virginia19 Aug 191610 Feb 2000Churubusco
Gross, Weldon21 Feb 1902Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Gross, Wilbur C6 Nov 191912 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gross, William1 May 1892Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Grossman, Agnes14 Nov 191414 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Grossman, Elizabeth L8 Jul 191823 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Grossman, Foster15 May 1897May 1983Fort Wayne
Grossman, Fred W14 Jan 190619 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Grossman, Henry31 Jul 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Grossman, Herbert5 Feb 1907Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Grossman, Joan Carol29 Aug 19538 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Grossman, Lona27 Feb 1896Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Grossman, Louise15 Nov 1895Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Grossman, Margaret26 Apr 1906Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Grossman, Maxine27 Sep 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Grossman, Paul5 Mar 1926Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Grossman, Richard8 Nov 19129 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Grossman, Robert T6 Jul 191028 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Grossman, Stella8 Dec 190313 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Grossman, Theodore16 May 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Grossman, Wilma14 Jun 1897Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Grossnickle, Vera30 May 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Grostefon, Dorothy M25 May 191510 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Grostefon, Richard L13 Mar 19115 May 2000Fort Wayne
Grosvenor, Flora21 Dec 1880Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Grosvenor, Herbert1 Nov 1901Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Grosvenor, Herbert27 Sep 1923Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Grosvenor, Marguerite S8 Sep 190512 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Grote, Arthur6 Sep 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Grote, Bertha F10 Jun 189815 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Grote, Dorothy L2 Dec 191314 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Grote, Edward F15 Mar 191117 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Grote, Ella13 Jan 1891Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Grote, Elmer20 Feb 1900Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Grote, George29 Jul 1897Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Grote, H5 Nov 1914Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Grote, Harry1 Aug 1902Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Grote, Helen M1 Aug 19157 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Grote, Hilma21 Sep 1899Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Grote, Loretta31 Oct 1900Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Grote, Norma24 Oct 1900Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Grote, Paul20 Sep 1896Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Grote, Paul F11 Sep 192919 Jun 2002New Haven
Grote, Ray M26 Nov 19123 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Grote, Robert12 May 1914Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Groteluesche, Marie11 Sep 190617 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Groth Jr, Earl26 Aug 190920 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Groth, Dorothea O26 Mar 19259 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Groth, Lillie22 Jun 189223 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Edward H4 Jul 192422 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Florence24 Sep 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Herman24 May 1896Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Lillian26 Apr 1893Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Robert H24 Jul 191824 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Grothaus, William6 Apr 1894Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Grothaus, Wilma I28 Mar 19203 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Grother, Belle L10 May 187915 Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Grothouse, Constance8 Aug 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Grothouse, Florence30 Mar 1915Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Grothouse, Frank T22 Feb 190020 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Grothouse, Marie14 Sep 1900Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Grothouse, Victor22 Jul 1912Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Grotness, Betty I30 Jan 192923 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Bertha30 Jul 1897Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Bertha M12 Apr 190823 May 1997Hoagland
Grotrian, Clara M16 Feb 1904Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Elise18 Dec 1881Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Elmer W31 Aug 19041 Jun 1992Monroeville
Grotrian, Gertrude13 Mar 1900Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Grace V11 Feb 19043 Feb 1997New Haven
Grotrian, Herman11 Aug 1896Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Irma M3 Jan 191027 Mar 2006Monroeville
Grotrian, Joann M11 Mar 194721 Feb 1996Monroeville
Grotrian, Katherine5 Jan 1886Jun 1977Monroeville
Grotrian, Lloyd F29 Mar 190431 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Louise E10 Aug 190719 Sep 1995Monroeville
Grotrian, Lucille L23 May 19128 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Grotrian, O5 Mar 1903May 1979Fort Wayne
Grotrian, Velma L22 Oct 190623 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Grout, Ann M15 Jan 191418 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Grout, Anna23 Mar 1890Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Grout, Helen A21 Sep 19192 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Grove, Beryl2 May 1884Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Grove, Clark18 Jan 1913Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Grove, John3 Sep 1900Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Grove, Lucille24 Jan 190424 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Grove, M B10 Jan 191515 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Grove, Orval13 Jun 1902May 1979Fort Wayne
Grovemiller, Helen C20 Feb 191418 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Grover, Abnis15 Jan 1905Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Grover, Billie Lou13 Aug 192822 May 2008Fort Wayne
Grover, Darwin23 Jul 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Grover, David L6 Nov 194928 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Grover, Edmond12 Mar 1903Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Grover, Emma M28 Apr 190925 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Grover, Gertrude21 Mar 1923Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Grover, Mary28 Jan 1910Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Grover, Roscoe25 Jul 1896Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Grover, Sarah2 Apr 1897Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Grover, Wesley E5 May 193622 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Groves, Aletha Diane5 Nov 19461 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Groves, Cloyd22 Feb 1897Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Groves, Elizabeth J22 May 192010 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Groves, Frances M21 Jan 1925Oct 1994New Haven
Groves, Guy5 Feb 1881Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Groves, John22 Feb 1889Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Groves, Lawrence R1 Jun 1919Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Groves, Lewis8 Oct 1908Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Groves, Margaret1 Nov 1879Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Groves, Mary Louise27 Dec 191612 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Groves, Robert C13 Oct 191830 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Groves, Ruby29 Mar 1903Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Groves, Ruth M15 Apr 191627 Jul 2002Leo
Groves, S14 Sep 1879Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Groves, Wallace1 Mar 1898Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Growcock, Lucy30 Mar 1897Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Grubaugh, Hazel2 Feb 1901Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Grubb, Frank8 May 1900Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Grubb, George F15 Apr 190719 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Grubb, Leona29 Oct 1900Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Grubb, Mabel A31 Jan 19075 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Grubb, Mary E30 May 195022 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Grubb, Robert L9 Aug 193616 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Grubb, Vernon6 Apr 1898Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Grubb, Will13 Jun 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Grubbs, Alma L9 Sep 192517 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Grubbs, Lorene2 Sep 1901Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Grube, Freeman31 Oct 1909Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Gruber, Barbara30 Apr 1888Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Gruber, Bertha30 Jun 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Gruber, Edwin6 Jun 1894Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Gruber, Eldon W5 Mar 192426 Dec 2001Spencerville
Gruber, Fordyce31 Mar 1898Jul 1979Spencerville
Gruber, Fuyo6 Nov 1923Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Gruber, Gertrude10 Oct 1916Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Gruber, Ida18 Jan 1898Aug 1979Spencerville
Gruber, Joan10 Feb 193421 Apr 2009Harlan
Gruber, Keith1 Jan 1906Sep 1976Fort Wayne, New Haven
Gruber, Leonard A11 Jul 190827 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gruber, Leota3 Sep 1904Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Gruber, Luella19 Mar 1911Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gruber, Norman12 Oct 1890Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Gruber, Raymond3 Oct 1942Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Gruber, Robert L25 Jul 19311 Feb 1999Harlan
Gruber, Rosie28 Apr 1904Aug 1980Grabill
Gruber, Roy20 Sep 1877Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Gruber, Stephen16 Dec 190930 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Grudich, Frances16 Jul 1900Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Grudow, A4 Mar 1989Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Grueb, Agnes28 Sep 1895Jul 1972Harlan
Grueb, Augusta31 Oct 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Grueb, Carl14 Nov 1888Jul 1974Harlan
Grueb, Herbert C18 Jul 1899Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Grueb, Jean M20 Mar 193125 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Grueb, Richard H5 Feb 192725 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Grueb, Robert G27 Dec 191426 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Gruenert, Clarence31 Jan 1906Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Gruenert, Linden19 May 190215 Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Gruenfeldt, Benard M3 Jun 191414 Sep 1991Churubusco
Gruenhagen, Clarence31 Oct 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Gruesbeck, Josephine13 Aug 1914Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gruesbeck, Larry5 Jun 1923Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Gruettert, Agnes M31 May 189810 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Gruettert, Henry23 Nov 1893Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Grunawalt, Hazel4 Feb 1883Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Grunden, Gerald A7 Aug 192023 Feb 2003New Haven
Grunden, Paul11 Mar 1914Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Grunden, Vivian R19 Sep 192520 Sep 2003New Haven
Grunden, Walter18 Oct 1895Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Grundy, Alma16 May 1888Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Grundy, Ethel M18 Mar 191713 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Grundy, Johnnie R28 Feb 192816 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Grundy, Richard19 Jun 1921Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Grundy, Robert T16 Dec 19553 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Grundy, Sylvester R3 Dec 191519 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Grundy, Willard19 Jul 1917Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Grunewald, George22 Jun 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Grunewald, Gladys9 Jun 1897May 1979Fort Wayne
Grunwald, Eileen I20 Feb 19152 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Grunwald, Joseph14 Mar 191414 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Grupe, Maude21 Jan 1890May 1979Fort Wayne
Gruse, Elynore M28 Jan 192317 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Grush, Clarence N25 Jul 192113 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Grush, Cleo W24 Jun 19229 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Grush, Mildred22 Jun 1897Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Gruss, Cleopha1 Jan 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Gruss, Doreen May18 May 196516 Sep 2008New Haven
Grutzius, Viola A12 Jul 19032 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Gruver, Kathryn A13 Feb 191923 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gruwell, Robert H4 Feb 193430 Jun 2008Fort Wayne

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