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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Guajardo, Orfelio8 Aug 192519 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Guard, Gertrude5 Nov 1905Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Guard, Herbert14 Jul 1900Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Gudakunst, Dorothy20 Sep 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Gudakunst, Ervin L27 Oct 19155 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Gudakunst, Patricia A10 Jul 194527 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Gudakunst, Ranie1 Nov 19215 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Gudakunst, Zachary H20 Dec 198010 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Gudelsky, Hilliard G14 Dec 191520 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Anna23 Nov 1894Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Caroline1 Apr 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Edward27 Aug 1894May 1969Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Lucille26 Jun 1909Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Mary8 Aug 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Gudeman, Mary Ellen17 Jan 19253 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Guebard, Margaret2 Aug 1878Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Guebard, Sally B27 Sep 193014 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Guebard, Virgil R8 Dec 192128 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Guehl, Elise16 Nov 1892Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Guenin, Claston E24 Jan 189925 Oct 1991Monroeville
Guenin, Columbia18 May 1894Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Guenin, Lucy18 Nov 1900Aug 1987Monroeville
Guenin, Mary J28 Feb 192525 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Guenin, Maurice26 Mar 1901Jan 1981Monroeville, Fort Wayne
Guenin, Vera J29 Jan 193013 Apr 1993Monroeville
Guenin, W E15 Dec 192011 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Guenther, Carl6 Feb 1921Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Guenther, Celesta17 Sep 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Guenther, David O15 Dec 190711 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Guenther, Donna B5 Jan 19101 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Guenther, Edward18 May 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Guenther, Hazel1 Mar 1892Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Guenther, Henry25 Feb 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Guenther, Hilbert W27 Feb 191112 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Guenther, Lafe8 Jan 1911Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Guenther, Lenora1 Mar 19122 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Guenther, Lewis A2 Oct 19144 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Guenther, Linus P14 Dec 190030 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Guenther, Margaret7 Aug 1915Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Guenther, Maurice E31 May 191320 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Guenther, Raymond6 Mar 1914Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Guerin, Alice J3 Jun 192614 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Guerin, Emma17 Oct 1897Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Guerin, Glenn4 Aug 1911Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Guerin, Theodore18 Dec 1879Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Guerra, J18 Jul 194815 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Guerrero, Amando12 Sep 1902Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Guerrero, Ida20 Nov 1902Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Guerrero, Sofia15 May 19054 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Guertin, Armand R9 Nov 192625 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Guertin, Mary A15 Apr 19175 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Guest, Willard R23 Jul 19395 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Guethe, Bernice6 Feb 1899Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Guethe, Joseph24 Nov 1886Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Guethe, Willard21 May 1916Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Guethler, Betty J30 Dec 193820 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Guethler, Richard E13 Mar 192926 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Guettner, Emma2 Nov 1897Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Guettner, Otto10 May 1890Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Guevara, Andrew S30 Nov 19315 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Guevara, Candelari2 Feb 1910May 1973Fort Wayne
Guevara, Daniel A13 Sep 196624 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Guevara, Fred15 Aug 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Guevara, J S20 Mar 193615 May 1987Fort Wayne
Guevara, Josephine22 Sep 191019 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Guevara, Leroy R7 Jul 19573 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Guevara, Rodrigo18 Jan 193617 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Guffey, James26 Jan 1918May 1981Fort Wayne
Guffey, Kenny R14 Aug 194930 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Gugel, Gerhardt25 Jul 191313 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Gugel, Herman28 May 1887Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gugel, Neola W4 Sep 191023 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Gugelman, Ralph A25 Sep 190911 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Gugelman, Wilma M12 Feb 19156 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Guhl, Ida18 Jun 1882Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Guhn, Bertha18 Feb 1902Nov 1976New Haven
Guhn, Darrold L14 Jul 19315 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Guhn, Ernest12 May 1897Jan 1973New Haven
Guhse, Donald E18 Nov 192031 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Guickery, Louis12 Mar 1892May 1972Fort Wayne
Guiff, Bernice L11 Oct 190211 Sep 1989Churubusco
Guiff, Donald J6 Apr 196315 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Guiff, Donald L10 Sep 194418 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Guiff, Emmett11 Oct 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Guiff, Fred A24 Mar 189824 Aug 1998Churubusco
Guiff, Harry L20 Jan 192021 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Guiff, Hilda30 Oct 1909May 1982Fort Wayne
Guiff, Jacob29 Sep 1906Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Guiff, John12 Sep 1878Dec 1971New Haven
Guiff, Julian J17 Aug 187415 Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Guiff, Mable28 Sep 1892Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Guiff, Richard E28 Oct 192527 Sep 2009Churubusco
Guild, Grace E12 Dec 19066 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Guild, Walter6 Sep 1909Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Guilford, Freida N9 Aug 190714 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Guillaume, Alma3 Jun 1885Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Guillaume, Cleona1 Aug 1888May 1984Fort Wayne
Guillaume, Eileen25 Feb 1918Sep 1986Grabill
Guillaume, Erma A11 Nov 191526 Sep 2003New Haven
Guillaume, Herman J26 Sep 19108 Jul 2001New Haven
Guillaume, Melvin E10 Dec 193228 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Guillaume, Melvin L31 Jan 19136 Apr 2003Grabill
Guillaume, Pauline13 Nov 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Guillaume, Verna4 Oct 1912Jun 1986New Haven
Guillaume, Virginia P22 Jan 192121 May 2007Fort Wayne
Guillot, Harold25 May 1905Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Guillot, Rosalie1 Oct 191521 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Guillow, Clara M15 Mar 1927Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Guillow, William R12 Mar 192427 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Guin, Johniva24 Apr 193016 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Guinane, Francis10 Feb 1907Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Guingrich, Berniece A15 May 191510 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Guinn, Roy17 Mar 1900Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Guinn, Russel23 Mar 19239 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Guinnup, Alberta26 Mar 1911Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Guinnup, Edna22 Sep 1915Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Guinnup, Mark5 Oct 1912Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Guions, Alberta18 Jan 1916Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Guisinger, Viola30 Jun 1917Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Guitard, Robert7 Feb 19313 May 2000Fort Wayne
Gulbin, Carl A23 Mar 191814 Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Gulbin, Elizabeth24 Dec 1884Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Guldice, Betty O18 Nov 192915 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Guldin, Wendell6 Sep 1909Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Gulick, Robert C6 Sep 195329 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Gulley, Geneveive G11 Feb 191114 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Gulley, Jacqueline Ann21 Feb 19349 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Gulley, Louis A20 Jan 190318 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Gulley, Marion7 Aug 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gulliksen, Ingolf17 Mar 189925 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gulyas, John28 Aug 1909Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Gulyas, Julia3 May 19115 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Gumawid, Brigida18 Mar 1909Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Albert11 Aug 1891Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Alfred F3 Jul 191926 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Daniel L26 Sep 193716 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Elmer M20 Aug 192422 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Emma1 Dec 1914Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Jerry M9 Mar 193626 Feb 2004New Haven
Gumbert, Louise M9 Jun 192923 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Paul H14 Feb 193617 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Gumbert, Pauline25 May 1908Nov 1986New Haven
Gumbert, Winona14 Jun 1925Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Gumm, Kathryn30 Jun 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Gumm, Kathryn M30 Apr 19163 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Gumm, Marion J12 Sep 191729 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Gumm, Thurman20 Jul 1919Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Gummo, Iris5 May 1915Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gump, Arlo7 Jul 1909Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Gump, Dorothy C13 Mar 19094 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gump, Elfrieda7 Feb 192922 Feb 2006Huntertown
Gump, Genevieve2 Sep 19131 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Gump, George H10 Nov 190020 Sep 2001Churubusco
Gump, Harry10 Apr 191016 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Gump, Hildreth4 Apr 1907Jul 1984Churubusco
Gump, Icy6 Jan 1879Oct 1968Huntertown
Gump, Kattie25 Sep 1881Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Gump, Marjorie G4 Jun 19152 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Gump, Mary E31 May 1908Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gump, Merl11 Mar 1891May 1979Churubusco
Gump, Minnie23 Dec 189328 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Gump, Robert Allen9 Jun 19457 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Gump, Russell6 Jul 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Gump, Vonell3 Oct 1900Aug 1974Huntertown
Gump, Walter14 Apr 1907Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Gumpp, Joann21 Dec 192916 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Gumpp, Walter L17 Aug 19237 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Gumpper, Lucile4 Jul 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gunckel, D E7 Oct 190517 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Gunckel, Juanita29 Jul 1930Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gunder, Bessie C26 Sep 190628 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Gunder, Charles8 Jul 1900Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Gunder, Edmund30 Jan 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Gunder, Effie14 Nov 1888Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Gunder, Faye15 Apr 1901Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Gunder, George9 Nov 1925May 1979Fort Wayne
Gunder, Janice R21 Jun 193429 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Gunderman, Helen A14 Dec 19216 Feb 1998Churubusco
Gunderson, Harold W28 Jun 192711 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Gundlach, Debra E23 Dec 195929 Aug 2005Roanoke
Gundy, Donald6 Sep 1917Feb 1987Woodburn
Gundy, G5 Nov 1906Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Daryst23 Jun 1910Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Elizabeth12 Mar 1875Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Jerome11 May 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Joneal S4 Dec 19254 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Jordan G18 Sep 191926 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Joseph G7 Aug 191520 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Margarita E11 Oct 190719 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Marie8 Feb 1904Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Marilyn J19 Nov 192310 May 2003Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Marvin J2 Jul 19345 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Richard O26 Sep 192416 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Gunkel, Wilbert12 Nov 1902Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gunkler, Carl A23 Jan 19207 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gunkler, Otto H29 Apr 19218 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gunn, Dave4 Jul 192118 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Gunn, Frank3 May 1928Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Gunn, Gladys E21 Aug 191611 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Gunn, Hariett5 Feb 1903Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gunn, Rubie M5 Jun 192212 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Gunn, Troy28 Aug 19122 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gunsett, Lillie E10 Nov 189823 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Gunter, John G28 Aug 19173 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Gunther, Lucille M22 May 1903Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Gunther, Phillip A19 Oct 19777 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Guntle, Marcella A25 Mar 195011 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Guntrum, Alberta A20 Nov 191027 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Guntrum, Suzanne29 Aug 194628 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Gunzenhauser, Clara23 Sep 1895Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Gunzenhauser, Jacqueline28 Mar 192720 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gunzenhauser, Robert24 Jan 1894Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Gurevsky, Leon3 Sep 19223 May 1994Fort Wayne
Gurevsky, Vesta16 Jul 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Gurien, Evelyn J24 Apr 192626 May 2009Fort Wayne
Gurney, Charles H27 Aug 190118 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Gurney, Martha27 Nov 191428 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Gurthet, Dorothy3 Nov 1914Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Gusching, Anna M19 Apr 191927 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Gusching, Lucy20 Nov 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Gusching, Walter J9 Dec 191229 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Gushwa, Betty J15 Jan 192221 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Gushwa, Beulah8 Jun 1901Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Gust, Francis5 Feb 1919Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gust, George A31 Dec 191925 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Gust, Philip24 Oct 1896Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gustafson, Clara G5 Nov 191414 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Gustafson, Edna R11 Sep 190330 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Gustafson, Harold4 Nov 191630 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Gustafson, Lehetta15 May 1907Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Gustin, Anna20 Mar 1912Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Gustin, Clay1 Mar 1891Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Gustin, Dorothy A20 Mar 19159 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Gustin, Gertrude7 Dec 1907May 1974Fort Wayne
Gustin, Goldie28 Sep 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Gustin, Jerry J23 Mar 193324 Jan 2008Grabill
Gustin, Leroy L28 May 194231 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Gustin, Norton D15 Feb 191119 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Gustin, Oscar9 Apr 1905May 1983Fort Wayne
Gustin, Robert L14 Apr 194411 Jan 2008New Haven
Gustin, Ronald E1 Sep 193813 Jun 2009Harlan
Gustin, Virgil27 Aug 1918May 1966Churubusco
Gustin, William L29 May 192829 Sep 1994Leo
Gutermuth, Clarence25 Apr 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Gutermuth, Helen2 Apr 1899Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Gutermuth, Louise11 Jul 1897Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Gutgsell, Sylvester4 Mar 19269 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Guth, Gerald R2 Feb 194330 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Guthier, Paul E15 May 191116 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Guthier, Walter21 Feb 1895Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Guthridge, Donald5 Jun 1927Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Guthrie, Allen28 Jun 1898Jun 1964Fort Wayne
Guthrie, Doris6 Dec 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Guthrie, Emma24 Jul 1906Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Guthrie, Janet S22 Apr 191515 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Guthrie, Lucile M9 Dec 19124 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gutierrez, Alona J3 Aug 194330 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Gutierrez, Gilbert R19 Oct 195815 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Gutman, Alfred28 Feb 1898Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Gutman, Beulah15 Jan 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Gutman, Elmer M3 Sep 191728 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Gutman, Evelyn1 Jan 19159 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Gutman, Genevieve18 Feb 19137 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Gutman, Herbert J6 Oct 191418 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Gutman, Hubert7 Aug 1900Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gutman, Ruth A10 Sep 192224 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Gutmann, Frieda L5 Aug 188923 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Gutmann, Rudolph8 Apr 1896Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Gutreuter, Amelia V17 Mar 190710 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Gutreuter, Frank4 Oct 19069 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Gutreuter, Robert L23 Jan 193510 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Guttmacher, Lottie10 Aug 1890Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Guttmacher, Stanley J18 Aug 192112 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Guy, Buster29 Feb 1912Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Guy, Charlotte A4 Oct 19351 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Guy, Clarence3 Apr 1923Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Guy, Clarence7 Sep 194925 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Guy, Gregory L6 Mar 19473 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Guy, Iris K21 Mar 191817 May 2003Fort Wayne
Guy, Luella3 Jan 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Guy, Marion2 Oct 1888Aug 1975Churubusco
Guy, Paul W7 Jun 192510 May 1999Fort Wayne
Guy, Richard17 Feb 1917Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Guy, Robert12 Nov 1912Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Guy, Robert D15 Jul 19259 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Guy, Robert L17 Jan 193220 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Guy, Ruby L19 Oct 192127 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Guy, Vester B12 Aug 192011 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Guy, Willie22 Jul 1945May 1987Fort Wayne
Guymon, Muzetta M20 May 19145 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Guynn, Frieda22 Jun 1887Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Guynn, Marcia A28 Oct 19524 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Guyot, Harold J31 Oct 191114 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Guzman, Isabel18 Nov 1917Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Guzman, Narciso9 Mar 192015 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Guzman, Odilia8 Nov 19223 Jun 2003Fort Wayne

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