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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Ha, Nhu T20 Apr 192012 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Haag, Charles20 Aug 1883Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Haag, Charles S8 Jul 194812 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Haag, Earl15 Nov 1906Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Haag, Gertrude15 Feb 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Haag, Herman7 Jul 1895Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Haag, Homer E9 Mar 193031 May 2001Fort Wayne
Haag, Leona25 Jul 1894Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Haag, Lorene10 Jun 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Haag, Mabel11 Oct 1885Apr 1964Fort Wayne
Haag, Richard3 Jan 1933Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Haar, L L24 Aug 193719 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Haas, Alfred3 Sep 1886Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Haas, Anna M18 Jan 19371 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Haas, Frances26 May 1882Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Haas, Frederick A26 May 191724 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Haas, Glennis31 Oct 1924Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Haas, Hazel23 Oct 1888Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Haas, Jerome24 Oct 1910Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Haas, Lillian B3 Nov 191629 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Haas, Merlin10 Jul 1913May 1985Fort Wayne
Haas, Pius26 Sep 1891May 1978Fort Wayne
Haas, Samuel A17 Feb 19337 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Haas, Violet M12 May 191317 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Haase, Louis26 Jun 1896Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Haase, Vernon F2 Sep 194517 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Haase, Vernon H31 Mar 191816 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Habasque, Adrien7 Apr 1898Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Habecker, Donald I28 Feb 194629 May 1993New Haven
Habecker, Irene24 Oct 19172 May 1995Fort Wayne
Habecker, John23 Jan 1908Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Habecker, Kenneth26 May 1896Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Habecker, Mildred I3 Jul 190930 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Habecker, Paul K12 May 191820 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Habecker, Rachel B29 Nov 191731 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Habeger, William P18 Feb 19308 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Habegger, Ella C15 Jun 195020 Dec 1999New Haven
Habegger, Elvira M12 May 192118 Sep 2007Grabill
Habegger, Esther11 Mar 1919Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Habegger, Evelyn9 Oct 1906Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Habegger, Fern7 Mar 1921Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Habegger, Glenn B28 Jul 19225 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Habegger, Harriet A23 May 19201 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Habegger, Harve C5 Jun 191821 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Habegger, Lester G12 Dec 191713 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Habegger, Max14 Dec 1920Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Habegger, Milo1 Jul 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Habegger, Milton John7 Dec 193024 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Habel, Harry A26 Jul 191324 May 2000Fort Wayne
Haber, Carleen D24 Jul 191719 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Haber, Dorothy V31 Mar 191420 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Haber, George3 May 1892Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Haber, Norman F25 Mar 191625 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Haberkorn, Bernice7 Oct 1890Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Haberkorn, Emma22 Nov 1888Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Haberkorn, Harrison6 Nov 1888Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Haberkorn, Ray L26 Aug 19165 May 1997Fort Wayne
Haberkorn, Theodore25 May 1893Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Haberly, H P26 Mar 190923 May 2005Fort Wayne
Haberly, Margaret L21 Jul 191423 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Haberman, Charles13 Aug 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
Habig Jr, Howard W25 Jul 19432 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Habig, Bertha14 Jan 1893Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Habig, Carl24 Oct 1894Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Habig, Claudine5 Nov 1907Sep 1968Churubusco
Habig, Freada7 Oct 1889Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Habig, Herman22 Jan 1883Nov 1970Grabill
Habig, Howard W16 Jun 191318 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Habig, Mary C30 Sep 191717 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Habig, Robert C14 Jan 19323 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Habig, William27 Jun 1884Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hablitzel, Charlene R27 Jul 192926 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hablitzel, Forrest P27 Jul 192618 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hacha, Marilyn J14 May 193316 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hachmeier, Arthur16 Feb 1898Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hachmeier, Arthur20 Sep 1926Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hachmeyer, Carl19 Dec 1892Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hachmeyer, Pearl A24 Sep 191130 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hack, Sophie21 May 192312 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hack, Vera B4 Sep 191614 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Hackbarth, Harry6 Jun 1900Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Hackbush, Harold F16 Jul 19172 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hackenberry, Tina19 May 190015 Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hacker, Daniel W8 Jul 19279 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Hacker, Deborah K15 Apr 195313 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hacker, George F11 May 190324 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Hacker, Kathryn6 Feb 1905Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Hacker, Paul T17 Oct 19163 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hackett, Alverta1 Oct 1903Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hackett, Gladys M4 Apr 19193 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hackett, Nellie2 Feb 19083 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hackett, Paul14 Nov 1891Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hackett, Walter27 Jun 1899Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Hackett, Walter G26 Nov 192615 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hackley, Hilda J17 Jul 192731 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hackman, Ernest4 Feb 1890Apr 1964Fort Wayne
Hackman, Florence M26 Apr 189117 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hackmeyer, Ernest25 Apr 1891Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Hackner, Haywood22 Jan 1925Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hackner, Louis A2 Mar 19225 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hackner, Walter E7 May 19239 May 1992Fort Wayne
Hackworth, Dona24 Dec 195929 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Haddix, Alonzo30 Mar 193415 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Haddix, Glenn21 Apr 1898Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Haddix, Hige30 Jun 1894Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Haddix, Monica M25 Jul 191418 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Haddock, Esther G21 Feb 1913Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hade, Florence22 Jan 1894Jan 1975Grabill
Hade, Janice M29 Apr 19284 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hade, Leland28 Apr 1896Dec 1972Grabill
Hadesh, Frank G1 Apr 19144 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hadley, Blanch8 Aug 1883Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Hadley, Charlotte I17 Jul 19013 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hadley, Ermal22 Apr 1893Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hadley, George5 Nov 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hadley, George M5 Aug 19302 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hadley, Kenneth Wade7 Mar 196423 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hadley, Mary A12 Aug 193816 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hadley, Michael Philip Joseph1 Jun 19439 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hadley, Ray30 Jan 1896Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hadley, Roger William11 Jul 192530 Jan 2010Woodburn
Hadley, Ronald2 Aug 1934Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hadley, Wellard18 Feb 1901May 1983Fort Wayne
Hadley, Wellard A31 Oct 19329 Apr 2002Leo
Haefling, Mary27 Jan 19115 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Haeger, Betty30 Jul 1926Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Haeger, Ruth7 Jan 1900Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hafey, John Collins1 Jan 19432 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Haffner, Betty L22 Apr 192616 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Haffner, Carroll10 Dec 1913Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Haffner, Helen A7 Jun 19247 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Haffner, Herman19 Nov 1902Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Haffner, Katherine2 Feb 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Haffner, Kathryn18 Jan 1890Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Haffner, Kenneth V25 Jun 19257 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Haffner, Milton E13 Nov 19111 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Haffner, Paul22 May 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Haffner, Steven18 Sep 1956Oct 1979Monroeville
Hafft, Floyd W23 Nov 191618 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hafft, Raymond E22 Nov 19187 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Haflich, Marjorie M18 Jul 19228 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Haflich, Mary J9 Jan 189028 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Haflich, Nettie7 Apr 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Haflich, Ross9 Jun 1894Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Haflich, Wendell D15 Feb 19228 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Haflich, Zola1 Jun 1896Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hafner, Elmer19 May 1912May 1981Fort Wayne
Haft, Charles W26 Jan 193022 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hagadorn, Edward21 Aug 1903Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hagadorn, Jacqueline A21 Jun 192510 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hagadorn, Mary12 Sep 1914Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hagadorn, Stella24 Apr 1909Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hagan, Blanche E8 Oct 192320 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hagan, Charles R25 Jun 192514 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hagan, Chinester5 Jun 193017 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Hagan, Cornelius F9 Dec 192828 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hagan, Donna K4 Aug 19666 Jan 1995New Haven
Hagan, Edward17 Oct 1887Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Hagan, Joan C16 Jun 19406 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hagan, John15 Dec 1891Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hagan, Kate13 Jul 1912May 1980Fort Wayne
Hagan, Mary E14 Feb 192223 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hagan, Samuel E4 Dec 192229 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hagan, Shirley M4 Dec 192510 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hagan, Thelma7 May 1923May 1974Fort Wayne
Hagan, Velva15 Feb 1895Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hagans, Selma3 Sep 1892Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Hagar, David R17 Oct 193712 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hagar, Florence28 Jan 1909Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hagar, Thomas28 Nov 19275 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hagedorn, Casper E30 Sep 191719 Dec 2005New Haven
Hageman, Albert8 Feb 1884Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hageman, Herbert15 Jun 1891Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Hageman, Lydia19 Nov 1895May 1980Fort Wayne
Hageman, Ralph C13 Jun 189911 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Hageman, Ralph G22 May 192129 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hageman, Richard J10 Feb 192423 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Hageman, Wilda20 Sep 1905May 1983Fort Wayne
Hagemann, Nettie26 Mar 1891Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hagen, John8 Nov 189122 May 1990Fort Wayne
Hagen, Richard L7 May 192618 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hagen, Zelda12 Apr 1900Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hagenbuch, Mary21 Sep 1919Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hagendorfer, Charles F23 Sep 194224 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hager, Daniel20 Oct 190913 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hager, Edith18 Aug 1891Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hager, G Edw6 Apr 191823 Jan 1993Grabill
Hager, Harold8 Mar 192419 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hager, Irene L5 Apr 191812 Mar 2000Leo
Hager, Lois J27 Jun 19329 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Albert3 Sep 1887Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Dorothy May8 Apr 191221 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Elmer21 Mar 1896Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Esther26 Jul 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
Hagerman, George24 Mar 1899Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Gertrude E25 Sep 191527 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Hagerman, Theodore F13 Apr 190815 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hagerty, Carrie1 Jan 188815 Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Hagerty, Emma L12 Jun 189415 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Hagerty, Helen M9 Aug 192829 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hagerty, Sally A13 Nov 192415 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Hagerty, Virgil W17 Jul 190529 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Haggard, Harold21 Jun 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Haggard, John13 Sep 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Haggard, Nola5 Nov 1891Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Haggenjos, Dorothy Jean18 Mar 19407 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Haggenjos, George23 Apr 1909Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Haggenjos, John O2 Feb 191529 May 2003Fort Wayne
Haggenjos, Josephine22 Jan 1902Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Haggenjos, Martha F10 Nov 191314 May 1996Fort Wayne
Haggin, Dorothy19 Oct 1907May 1996Fort Wayne
Haggin, Ralph22 Feb 1900Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hagler, Endia3 May 1936Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hagler, Fred23 Jun 1914Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hagler, Glen M24 Oct 19272 Jul 1998Yoder
Hagler, John27 Dec 1927Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hagler, Lydia10 May 1910Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hagler, Willie8 May 1936Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Haglund, Edna E16 Mar 1920Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Haglund, S29 Mar 1903Jul 1977Spencerville
Hagman, Babette18 Oct 1902Mar 1990Leo
Hagopian, Arshag19 May 1923Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Hagstrom, Meredith Ann9 Apr 194131 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hague, Francis B31 May 192612 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hague, Mary J21 Apr 1917Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hague, William23 Sep 1917Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Hagy, Alva A4 Feb 189714 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hagy, Marie10 Oct 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hagy, Virgil I31 Mar 193225 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hahn, Ada E20 Sep 19166 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Hahn, Catherine9 Jan 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hahn, Doris M26 Jul 191210 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hahn, Elmer W16 Mar 191513 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hahn, Elmer W16 Apr 19496 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Hahn, George G4 Apr 190730 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hahn, George H22 Feb 19114 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hahn, Gladys16 Mar 1915Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hahn, Goldie11 Oct 1895Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hahn, Henry25 Oct 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hahn, Herbert D10 Oct 191819 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Hahn, Ila M27 May 19081 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hahn, Irene16 May 1909Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hahn, Irene N5 Oct 191111 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hahn, Joseph H30 Jan 191329 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hahn, Katheryn J28 Nov 192025 May 2003New Haven
Hahn, Lela10 Apr 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Hahn, Lester W13 Feb 193017 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hahn, Lulu29 Sep 1882Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Hahn, Rudolph28 Jun 1906Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hahn, Thomas F8 Jan 19192 Apr 1994Huntertown
Hahn, Walter A14 May 19109 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hahnert, Inez L9 Sep 190619 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hahnert, Reuben16 Oct 1895Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Haiber, Hilda14 May 1896Jun 1986New Haven
Haiber, Viola15 Sep 1900Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Haifley, Eileen R16 Aug 19266 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Haifley, Florence17 Sep 1906Oct 1987Huntertown
Haifley, Lillie O3 Mar 188711 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Haifley, Marion14 Aug 1903Nov 1985Grabill
Haifley, Mary A7 Aug 19211 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Haifley, Pauline30 Dec 1912Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Haifley, Rebekah S24 Feb 193524 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Haifley, Roger L10 Oct 192120 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Haiflich, Betty L27 Feb 192931 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Haiflich, Jay28 Feb 1953Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Haiflich, Mary17 Sep 1909Sep 1982Yoder
Haiflich, Richard D2 Jul 19261 Apr 1999Roanoke
Haiflich, Sadie F16 Jul 19085 Mar 1993Yoder
Haiflick, Daisy5 Jul 1893Apr 1980Roanoke
Haines, Angeline M3 Mar 191124 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Haines, Effie4 Aug 1879Dec 1967New Haven
Haines, Ellen I6 Feb 19113 Oct 1992Churubusco
Haines, Elwood23 Nov 1919Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Haines, Esther1 Oct 1914Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Haines, Ethel6 Feb 1900May 1992Grabill
Haines, Eugene G13 Apr 192627 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Haines, Floyd M13 May 191013 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Haines, Garth E25 Sep 190722 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Haines, Geraldine M17 Mar 191915 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Haines, Hulda15 Aug 193316 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Haines, Jesse E27 Aug 19172 Jan 2007Leo
Haines, Kenneth J29 Mar 192222 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Haines, Lois V31 Dec 192917 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Haines, Lucille L9 Oct 192722 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Haines, Pauline13 Jun 19133 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Haines, Ralph B8 Aug 192119 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Haines, Robert D13 Jun 19201 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Haines, William E20 Aug 194628 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Haintz, Katharina5 May 19264 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hair, August W1 Aug 192725 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hair, Linda5 Dec 1939Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hair, Loren D20 Dec 197115 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hair, Ola2 Apr 1881Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Haire, Bonnie M1 Sep 192225 Sep 2000Churubusco
Haire, Cleta P5 Apr 192613 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Haire, Diana K10 Apr 19475 May 2005Huntertown
Haire, Donald14 Aug 1914May 1980Fort Wayne
Haire, Elizabeth24 Sep 1924Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Haire, Gladys11 Mar 1919Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Haire, Grace15 Nov 1890Oct 1966Churubusco
Haire, Wayne S8 Oct 191523 Jun 2000Churubusco
Hairston, Curtis A5 May 196615 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hairston, Helen G6 Jan 194919 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hairston, Irvin E19 May 19382 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hairston, Zelda Y24 Oct 195910 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Hajmasy, Louis M13 Aug 193215 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hake, Andrew18 Nov 1891Oct 1967New Haven
Hake, Anna G10 Apr 191424 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hake, Betty L15 Jan 19326 May 2006New Haven
Hake, Charles12 Oct 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hake, Elva V26 Jun 191417 Mar 2000Hoagland
Hake, Esther F23 Feb 19208 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hake, Gisela28 Sep 19393 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hake, Herman16 Feb 1912Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Hake, James C29 Dec 193631 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Hake, Linda16 Dec 1940Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Hake, Marie A13 May 193618 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hake, Mary22 Mar 1902Apr 1984Monroeville
Hake, Nile W3 Oct 190925 Mar 2000Yoder
Hake, Richard J1 May 192710 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hake, Robert S22 Jun 19259 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hake, Ruth R29 May 191826 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hake, Sebastian8 Feb 18991 May 1967Monroeville
Hake, Twylla20 Oct 1912Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hake, Virginia30 Mar 1918Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hakel, Roy J14 Sep 194224 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hakes, Georgia19 May 1901Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Hakes, Gloria J21 Jan 19259 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hakes, Ronald E5 Jan 193912 Oct 2009New Haven
Hakey, Jessie25 Sep 1905Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Halaby, Assad S5 May 190511 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Halaby, Foutounie23 Dec 1912Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Halberg, Ella4 Oct 1896Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Halbert, John H5 Nov 192410 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Halbrook, Edna27 Oct 1912Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Haldeman, Earl26 Jan 192816 May 1998Fort Wayne
Halderman, Florence6 May 190628 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hale, Barbara J27 Jun 194914 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hale, Beulah M6 May 190610 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hale, Casto16 Feb 19288 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hale, Chancey G23 Nov 191123 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hale, Eddie L26 Mar 193810 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hale, Elizabeth28 Dec 19216 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hale, Helen H10 Dec 1913May 1996Fort Wayne
Hale, John15 Jul 1904Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hale, Kenneth W23 Apr 190613 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hale, Marguerit16 Aug 191214 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Hale, Mary L14 Jan 19183 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hale, Michael A1 Aug 194715 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hale, Mildred E9 Jul 19309 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hale, Mona29 Oct 1884Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hale, Nancy11 Mar 1923Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hale, Paul L6 Mar 196522 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Haley, Delores J18 Oct 191924 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Haley, H James18 Mar 192514 May 1993Fort Wayne
Haley, Harriet21 Mar 1887Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Haley, Harry3 Nov 1886Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Haley, John W7 Aug 189911 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Haley, Mary8 Jul 1934Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Haley, Nylah R13 Feb 192612 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Haley, Patricia M18 Feb 19431 May 1999Fort Wayne
Haley, R10 Dec 1905Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Haley, Roscoe W24 Sep 19154 May 1993New Haven
Haley, Thomas L26 Dec 190426 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Haley, William22 Jun 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Halfacre, C W Sr8 Oct 195115 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Halfmann, Cecile4 Apr 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Halfmann, Margaret11 Mar 1903Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Halfor, R12 May 1940Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Hall, Adeline O30 Oct 18977 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hall, Agnes J17 Oct 192917 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hall, Alice12 May 1873Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Hall, Allen20 Apr 193925 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hall, Alma9 Jan 1910Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Alonzo7 Jan 1893Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Alta26 Jun 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hall, Alva C21 Jun 191813 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hall, Anna L3 Jun 190523 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hall, Anthony17 Jan 1896Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Hall, Arthur R26 Apr 19362 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hall, Barbara8 Oct 1898Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Hall, Basil17 Jan 1896Mar 1981Roanoke
Hall, Beatrice30 Mar 1920Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Bernard B12 Apr 191230 Mar 2000New Haven
Hall, Bertha7 Aug 1900Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Bertha L31 Jul 19005 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hall, Betty J17 Jan 192812 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Bobbie J30 Apr 19308 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hall, Brenda J15 Sep 19461 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hall, Byron C23 Apr 190615 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Carol M15 Aug 194231 Oct 2008Woodburn
Hall, Catherine2 Jun 1906Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Cecil23 Nov 192920 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hall, Charles9 Oct 1894May 1970Fort Wayne
Hall, Curtis19 Dec 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hall, Cyril E30 Jan 192424 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hall, Donald E29 May 193414 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Doris25 Aug 1928Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hall, Dorothy C1 Mar 190815 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hall, Dorothy R28 Sep 191415 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Dottie29 Mar 1891Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Edgar2 Sep 1897Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hall, Edward10 Apr 1906Nov 1969Harlan
Hall, Edward J27 May 190728 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Elizabeth3 Sep 1922Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Hall, Elizabeth22 May 191119 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Hall, Ernest9 May 1899Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hall, Ethel4 Mar 192226 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hall, Ethel14 Dec 1898Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hall, Eugene10 Nov 1919Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Evelyn Faye12 Oct 193231 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hall, F2 Jul 1896Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Hall, Fannie M29 Jul 191111 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hall, Flave C7 Feb 192110 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Ford13 Jul 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Forice M30 May 190726 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hall, Frank11 Nov 1898Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hall, Frank31 Jul 1915May 1980Fort Wayne
Hall, Frank M10 Apr 190824 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hall, Freda K12 Mar 193819 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Genevieve O9 Apr 191813 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Hall, Gertrude28 Jan 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Hall, Gladys3 Jan 1898Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hall, Glenn11 May 1920May 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Grace M3 Mar 19041 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Guy31 Mar 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Guy T4 Jun 193328 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hall, Harlan9 Sep 19119 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hall, Harold3 Mar 1900Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Hall, Harry2 Nov 1910May 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Harry A24 Aug 19143 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hall, Hazel25 May 1901Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Helen5 Mar 19218 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hall, Helen17 May 1913Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hall, Ida25 Apr 1882Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Hall, Irene M20 Jan 191024 Dec 2004New Haven
Hall, Irma27 Aug 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hall, J4 Apr 1944Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hall, Jack21 Apr 1913Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hall, James B10 Feb 195318 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, James E31 Dec 19214 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hall, James L22 Apr 194128 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, James L31 Jul 19182 May 1990Fort Wayne
Hall, Jerry L21 Aug 194426 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hall, Jerry W15 Aug 195111 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hall, Joe F7 Jul 191221 Sep 1994Leo
Hall, John4 Jul 19346 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, John30 Sep 190029 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hall, Joseph C20 May 19185 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hall, Kathryn E2 Jul 192521 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Hall, Kelly8 Jan 1961Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hall, Lenora14 Feb 187415 Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hall, Leonard10 Jan 1914Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hall, Leroy4 Sep 1897Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hall, Lewis21 May 1899Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Hall, Lillian21 Feb 1895Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hall, Lillian18 Aug 1907Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Lois20 Jun 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Lola C7 Oct 19157 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hall, Lou O7 Nov 190513 Oct 1994Woodburn
Hall, Margaret30 Mar 1938Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Hall, Marguerite E8 Jan 19394 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hall, Marjorie M4 May 19099 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Marlene B26 Jul 193710 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hall, Mary1 Dec 1887Sep 1975Roanoke
Hall, May10 Nov 1906Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Hall, Mildred2 Sep 1904Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Miriam22 Jan 191229 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Ormond W5 Oct 191921 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hall, Orville26 Nov 1908Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hall, Perry L25 Oct 195312 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hall, Phyllis R22 Jan 191724 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Ralph4 Dec 1905Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hall, Raymond27 Feb 193716 May 2007New Haven
Hall, Raymond23 Feb 1887Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Hall, Reda11 Aug 1901Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hall, Richard L23 May 191725 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hall, Robert8 Aug 1882May 1965Fort Wayne
Hall, Robert17 Oct 1933Apr 1977Huntertown
Hall, Robert C19 Mar 193412 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hall, Robert H2 Nov 192319 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Hall, Roscoe W28 Sep 19149 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hall, Rowena16 Dec 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Hall, Ruby J26 Jun 191718 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Russell C12 May 191930 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Russell D30 Jul 19264 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hall, Ruth5 Apr 1925Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hall, Ruth5 Feb 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hall, Ruth I4 Jun 191828 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hall, Sophia L24 Oct 19176 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hall, Stella13 Nov 1899Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hall, Thomas9 Sep 1900Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hall, Tommy L27 Dec 195212 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hall, Treva M10 Oct 19206 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hall, Velma J1 Apr 190516 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hall, Vera M28 Nov 190919 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hall, Victor D21 Dec 192617 Sep 2008New Haven
Hall, Virginia L31 Aug 191521 Feb 2000Leo
Hall, Willaim A11 May 192222 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Hall, William12 Jun 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Hall, William28 Jun 1890Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hall, William C2 Oct 193423 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hall, William J15 Sep 192621 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hall, William R25 Mar 19201 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hallback, Doris E12 Dec 190327 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hallberg, Elmer19 Dec 1892Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hallberg, Gerald W22 Jul 19227 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hallberg, Vendla14 Nov 1894Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Haller, Allen Shull25 Dec 192618 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Haller, Betty G14 Jan 19208 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Haller, Edward1 Jan 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Haller, Harry1 May 1897Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Haller, Ira12 Feb 1898May 1977Fort Wayne
Haller, Irma28 Nov 1898Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Haller, June F4 Oct 193115 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Haller, Louise E2 Nov 1896Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Haller, Mark M8 Feb 195229 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Haller, Mary17 May 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Haller, Mary J9 May 192122 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Haller, Mildred22 May 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Haller, Milton W2 Feb 192315 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Haller, Richard C12 Jul 192230 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Halley, Helen L28 Jun 191111 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Halley, Herbert A8 May 191223 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Halley, Irene M24 May 19234 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Halley, Joseph H16 Feb 1918Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Halley, Thomas15 Jul 1910Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hallfeldt, Edward21 Feb 1900Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hallfeldt, Hilda16 Aug 1898Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hallford, Elizabeth24 Nov 1924Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hallgren, Glenn13 Jul 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hallgren, Helen13 Oct 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Hallien, Charles31 Oct 1903Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hallien, Florence C14 Sep 1906Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hallien, Harold12 Apr 1908Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hallien, Helen M25 Oct 19215 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Hallien, John14 Jan 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Hallien, Lawrence15 Aug 191812 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hallien, Theodore H13 Dec 190914 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hallinan, John4 Feb 1903Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Hallinan, Maxine R4 Sep 19171 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hallman, Louise B3 Sep 191720 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Halloran, Agnes M25 Apr 189610 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Halpin, John G4 Oct 192912 Dec 1994New Haven
Halquist, Harry R10 Apr 192226 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Halsey, Alberta20 Jul 1900Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Halsey, Bertha17 May 190215 Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Halsey, Donald M19 May 19276 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Halsey, Ellen26 Sep 1923Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Halsey, John17 Oct 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Halsey, Mary J4 Aug 194929 Nov 1996New Haven
Halsey, Roger D19 Mar 193512 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Halstein, Gerald2 Oct 1894Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Halstein, Lillian14 Jun 1901Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Halstein, Suzanne16 Dec 1922May 1979Fort Wayne
Halte, Elma P3 Jul 193010 May 2006Fort Wayne
Halte, George F17 Nov 192217 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Halte, Georgiana M28 Feb 191823 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Halte, Wanda J21 Jun 19281 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Halter, Charles5 Mar 1896Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Halter, Dale P20 Jul 191812 May 1999Leo
Halter, Ernest18 Jan 1887Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Halter, Evelyn20 Nov 1898Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Halter, Frank17 May 1921Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Halter, Iris E7 May 190223 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Halter, Teresa E2 Apr 1928Jul 1990Leo
Halter, Vernon18 Jun 191225 Jul 1992Leo
Halter, Wana28 Jun 1922Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Halterman, Joseph2 Sep 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Halterman, Marjorie4 Jun 1905Feb 1983Woodburn
Halterman, Pluma A28 Jun 193422 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Halverstadt, Flora I22 Jun 189610 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Haman, Harry28 Jan 1921Apr 1982Spencerville
Haman, Larry E11 Jan 19499 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hamblin, Margrett22 Aug 191712 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hambright, Jessie L27 Jan 19337 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hambright, Lucy15 Jan 1907Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hambright, Napoleon4 Jan 198030 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hambright, Sandra D21 Nov 194420 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hambright, Willie Ed22 Mar 195414 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Albert18 Mar 1899Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Carl24 May 1894Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Dora22 Jun 1921Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Dorothy E22 Aug 190920 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Earl27 Feb 1907Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Elmer23 Dec 1910Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Elsa26 Nov 1895Jan 1982New Haven
Hambrock, Frederic18 Sep 1905Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Helen19 May 1920Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Helen J5 Apr 190713 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Joan R19 Mar 19299 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Joseph13 Jun 1903Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Lawrence W15 Aug 19151 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Lillian4 Jul 1897May 1983Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Lillie V15 Oct 192114 Jan 1995New Haven
Hambrock, Marcele K7 Jan 192129 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Marjorie J22 Apr 192911 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Mark S29 Aug 195717 Oct 2002Huntertown
Hambrock, Mary R25 Dec 19183 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Michael J16 Mar 194710 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Mona10 May 1927Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Richard21 Nov 1923Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Robert H9 Jun 19241 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Rose M16 Aug 192628 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hambrock, Thomas A19 May 195225 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hamby, Martha28 Apr 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Hamdin, Elizabeth7 Jun 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Hamdin, Ollie15 Jul 1892Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Alberta26 Jan 1893May 1985Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Alfred L16 Feb 192114 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Andrew25 Mar 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Anita L15 Apr 192327 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Bernice1 Jun 1903Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Cecil11 Jan 1919Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Charles16 Nov 1912Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Clem2 Dec 191023 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Clyde18 Sep 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hamilton, D C16 Mar 195628 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Dale B16 Aug 191912 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Dale E6 Nov 193928 May 2003Fort Wayne
Hamilton, David A4 Jun 1954Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Dennis L26 Jul 19464 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Donald13 Feb 1926Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Earl24 Dec 192316 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Earmis20 Jan 194426 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Earmis5 Dec 191823 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Edward7 Mar 1904Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Effie M29 Aug 192126 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Elmer3 Jul 1894Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Elsie1 Jan 1902May 1980Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Elsie23 Oct 1890Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Emily E20 Nov 191924 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Emory D21 Jan 19145 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Ethel L20 Oct 193110 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Gerald29 Feb 1924Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Gloria I21 Feb 194717 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Goldie15 Nov 1900Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Grove6 Sep 1930May 1982Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Harold29 Mar 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Harold20 Nov 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Hazel M31 May 19107 Nov 1996New Haven
Hamilton, Helen30 Sep 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Herbert F14 Oct 191925 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hamilton, James M10 Apr 191813 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Jessie12 Apr 1899Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Joe11 Feb 1905Dec 1968New Haven
Hamilton, John A10 Sep 194710 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hamilton, June10 Jun 1926Dec 1985Monroeville
Hamilton, Katherine6 Oct 1918Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Kathryn R17 Sep 1926Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Kenneth D4 Jul 19322 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Lafern C28 Jan 1909Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Laura22 Aug 1885Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Lena M17 Oct 192030 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Leo Lloyd29 Apr 19629 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Lillian R1 Jun 192017 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Lola L16 Feb 190920 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Lora E3 Nov 189817 Jul 1992New Haven
Hamilton, Lulu A21 Oct 189027 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Mabel Arlene12 Aug 191625 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Margaret10 Sep 1877Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Margaret W13 Mar 19016 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Martha14 Sep 1891Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Marvin E16 Jul 19217 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Mary C15 Sep 19144 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Michael8 Jan 1896May 1966Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Michael J2 Dec 196115 Apr 1996Woodburn
Hamilton, Mildred J2 May 191731 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Ray22 Dec 1893Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Raymond16 Jan 1900Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Regina D10 Jan 192727 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Richard M16 May 19211 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Richard W5 Apr 192230 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Robert22 Sep 1959Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Robert E7 May 193013 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Ryan E21 Mar 197528 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Thomas M16 Dec 191623 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Tineshau N2 Sep 20026 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Treray J19 Jun 198510 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hamilton, Vernon11 Dec 1914Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hamlet, Jackson R12 Mar 19382 Oct 1992Spencerville
Hamlett, Iona12 Dec 1901Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hamm, John F3 Jan 192227 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hamm, Katharina26 Oct 1896Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Hamm, Retrevea4 Feb 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hamm, Ross15 Jun 1925Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Hamm, Ruth M1 Jul 19204 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hamm, Vernon30 Mar 1917Apr 1979Woodburn
Hamm, Wallace W28 Jun 191822 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hammack, Ethel2 Jul 1915Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hamman, Carl R30 Jun 19336 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hamman, Carol J22 Feb 193021 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hamman, Cleo3 May 1901Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Hamman, Cleo R24 Aug 192412 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hamman, Dorothy D8 Sep 190917 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hamman, Florence16 Apr 1894Jan 1974New Haven
Hamman, Irene12 Jun 190516 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Hamman, Leo26 Mar 1905Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hamman, Lyle J R31 May 192710 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hamman, Rose28 Jun 1890Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hamman, Ruth15 Jun 1923Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hamman, Samuel20 Apr 1888Apr 1967New Haven
Hamman, Verna26 Jul 1895Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hammen, Alma18 Mar 1898Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hammer, Anna10 Oct 1884Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hammer, Arthur W1 Feb 191524 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hammer, Bernard6 Jan 1917Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hammer, Corda19 Feb 1903Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hammer, Judith A9 Aug 19492 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hammer, Velma T7 Apr 192314 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Hammer, Walter H20 Dec 191119 Oct 2003Roanoke
Hammer, William19 Jul 1901Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Hammerle, Mary15 Jul 1885May 1970Fort Wayne
Hammerle, Therese B10 Feb 190427 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Hammerstein, Hazel V24 Apr 191124 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hammerstein, Paul23 Jun 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hammerstein, Sadie19 Sep 1883Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hammock, Shirley A1 Aug 193217 Nov 2005Roanoke
Hammon, Roger Jacob25 Jul 191622 Apr 2009Harlan
Hammond, Delsie M3 Sep 19016 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Hammond, Doris Ida21 Sep 192831 Jan 2008Woodburn
Hammond, Dorothy L15 May 191921 Apr 2008New Haven
Hammond, Floyd D7 Jun 19388 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Hammond, Frank10 Mar 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hammond, Gordon15 Nov 1894Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Hammond, Iona A1 Jun 192416 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hammond, J L Ace28 Oct 192220 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hammond, Jarrod M5 Jul 19721 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hammond, Jessie7 Mar 1896Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hammond, Johanna22 Mar 1895Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Hammond, John15 Feb 1914Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hammond, Lila8 Mar 1919Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hammond, Mary10 Feb 1904Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hammond, Mary L19 May 192328 Jul 2001New Haven
Hammond, Philena8 Nov 1912Sep 1981New Haven
Hammond, Robert11 May 1929Dec 1983Woodburn
Hammond, Sara J24 Mar 192417 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Hammond, Susan J2 Aug 194821 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hammond, Virginia F3 Nov 19215 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hammonds, Elsie16 Nov 1893Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hammons, Byron17 Sep 1909Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hammons, David A20 Jun 195616 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hammons, Dorothy1 Oct 1911Jan 1986Grabill
Hammons, Eliza7 Oct 1888Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Hammons, Leona F12 Sep 19286 Oct 1999New Haven
Hammons, Mary6 Feb 1911Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Hammons, Walter19 Mar 1926Dec 1985New Haven
Hamon, Mildred1 Nov 1896Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Hamon, Zola19 Dec 1899Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Hampel, Loretta23 Feb 1886Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Crystal D16 Sep 198220 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Donna K1 Jan 195521 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Edna1 Nov 1894Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Kenneth E14 Jul 195716 Aug 1995Churubusco
Hampshire, Lucile7 May 1898Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Richard L17 Sep 19591 Sep 1973Churubusco
Hampshire, Robert31 Aug 1903Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Ruth22 Mar 1903Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hampshire, Walter C15 Aug 192812 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hampson, Russell David22 Sep 195710 Apr 2009Huntertown
Hampton, Daniel10 Feb 1891Jun 1975Churubusco
Hampton, Juanita B26 Apr 192421 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hampton, Louise22 Nov 19266 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hampton, Mildred29 Dec 1898Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hampton, Randall9 Jan 1888Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hampton, Robert L1 Jun 191417 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hampton, Ronald12 Sep 195724 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hampton, Rosa E9 May 1894May 1993Fort Wayne
Hamric, Betty D27 Oct 19284 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hamric, Minerva8 Dec 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Bessie28 Jul 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Earl T18 Nov 19182 Aug 1997Hoagland
Hamrick, Harold E26 Feb 19257 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hamrick, James L19 Jan 192629 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Jeannine A28 Apr 195430 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Martha J21 Feb 192821 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Olive B24 Sep 191923 Jan 2005Hoagland
Hamrick, Sallie F18 May 190629 May 1988Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Thomas22 Jan 1924Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Hamrick, Virsel20 Sep 1910Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Hanaman, Lilli M30 Mar 195215 Nov 2005Roanoke
Hanan, Flora E14 Mar 190825 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Dalton Paul1 Mar 192527 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Earl W6 Nov 192321 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Grace23 Mar 1893Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Harper E22 Dec 191613 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Marjorie L15 Oct 191310 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Olga29 Apr 1888May 1981Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Stella M12 Sep 192616 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hanauer, Walter27 Mar 1892Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hanchar, Anthony W2 Aug 194422 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hanchar, Brenda9 Sep 194918 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hanchar, Joseph F25 Jun 191411 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hanchar, Mary29 Jul 1891May 1974Fort Wayne
Hanchar, Mary Beth26 Jul 194531 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hancher, Laura M23 Jul 19153 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hancock, Drusilla6 Jun 1890Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Hancock, Esther12 Oct 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hancock, Harold22 Apr 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Hancock, Klee18 Jan 1904Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hancock, Martin L15 Jan 19522 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hancock, William16 Dec 1889May 1967Fort Wayne
Hand, Agnes21 Jan 1905Sep 1982Monroeville
Hand, Bessie A13 Nov 190622 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hand, Enoch30 May 1901Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hand, John12 Sep 1895May 1977Fort Wayne
Hand, Kenneth E31 Mar 191422 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hand, Steven C13 Feb 19396 Jun 2008Leo
Hand, Zelpha15 Feb 1893Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Handerson, Fay5 Aug 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Handley, Clarence17 Feb 1919Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Handlin, Andrew P15 Jul 191323 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Handlin, Arthur J26 Sep 19142 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Handlin, Catherine C7 Jun 191524 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Handlin, George17 Nov 190810 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Handlin, Virginia5 Jul 1905Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hands, Beulah J11 Mar 192713 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Handwork, Roger A14 May 193512 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Handy, Delbert4 Dec 1893Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Handy, Dorothy M21 Nov 192519 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hanefeld, Amanda F20 Jan 1910Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Hanefeld, Clarence A16 Jan 191521 Jul 2006New Haven
Hanefeld, Edith12 Feb 19131 Jul 1996New Haven
Hanefeld, Norbert W13 Jan 190911 Apr 1999New Haven
Hanefeld, Oscar Charles11 Jul 19248 Sep 2009Woodburn
Hanefeld, Ronald C22 Aug 194727 Mar 1999Woodburn
Hanefeld, Ruth C25 Apr 192014 Aug 1992New Haven
Hanefeld, Ruth M18 Oct 191713 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Haneline, Betty L24 Sep 192824 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Haneline, Evelyn A5 Sep 191815 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Haneline, Herbert O16 Jun 19299 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Haneline, Jack H6 Apr 192620 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Haneline, Louise20 Aug 193715 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Haneline, Richard27 Dec 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Haneline, Viola M30 Mar 191726 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hanes, Alvon9 Jul 1896Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hanes, Arthur29 Jan 1916Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Hanes, Lenora O19 Jan 190719 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hanes, Loyola20 Jul 1914Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Haney, Ama3 Apr 1903Nov 1986New Haven
Haney, Boyd7 Oct 1898Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Haney, Clifton10 Mar 19527 May 2005Fort Wayne
Haney, Donald1 Jul 1925Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Haney, George23 Jan 1911Jan 1986New Haven
Haney, Georgia I20 Jan 190622 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Haney, Leon21 Oct 1918Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Haney, Maude2 Jan 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Haney, Ronald H23 Jun 19627 Apr 2001New Haven
Haney, Tommy L28 May 195031 May 1994Fort Wayne
Haney, William H12 Feb 193923 Feb 2001New Haven
Hanft, Brett H12 Oct 196227 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hang, Arthur29 Sep 1881Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hang, Lillian14 Aug 1884Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hanic, Bonita2 May 19245 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hanic, Steve J2 Nov 191716 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hanifan, Fonda M21 Feb 19101 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hanifan, Kenneth A17 Sep 190921 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hanifan, Mary F20 Mar 192417 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hanke, Clara26 Jun 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hanke, Esther25 Apr 1895Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hanke, Marie26 Aug 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hanke, William15 Aug 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Hanke, William6 Feb 1891Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Hankee, Angela19 Jan 191010 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hankee, James15 Jan 1910Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hankel, Carl9 Jan 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hankel, Marie23 Jan 1898Jan 1982New Haven
Hankel, Melvin C2 Feb 192810 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hankey, David30 Sep 195127 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Hankey, Francis H8 Mar 19102 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hankey, Lauren E3 Mar 193226 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Hankey, Pamela10 Jan 190618 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Hankins, Joe F28 Feb 19261 Apr 1996Monroeville
Hankins, Merl D20 Jul 192928 Dec 2007Monroeville
Hankins, Pansy6 Mar 19045 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hankins, Susan15 Oct 1960Aug 1980Churubusco
Hanks, Jasper18 Oct 194219 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hanks, Joan29 Oct 194319 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hanks, Rebecca21 Apr 1900Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Hanley, B J13 Aug 193015 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hanley, Carrie9 Jan 1889Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hanley, Catherine15 Aug 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hanley, Helen M3 Aug 19048 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hanley, John4 Mar 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hanley, John C11 Oct 193115 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hanley, Leon B15 Jun 19221 Sep 1997Monroeville
Hanley, Leon C15 Sep 19359 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hanley, Linda L16 Jan 193618 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hanley, Mary I26 Jul 191314 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hanley, Micheal D17 Dec 195313 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hanley, Rex D19 Apr 19141 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hanley, Thelma25 Mar 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hanlin, Gary L3 Apr 193522 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hanlin, Gladys D22 Dec 193013 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hanlon, Perry8 Dec 1923Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Hann, Hubert E10 Jul 19328 Feb 2010New Haven
Hann, John C22 Aug 19374 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hanna, Barbara B1 Feb 191425 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hanna, Frances K9 Feb 19153 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Hanna, Gertrude B14 Jan 19111 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hanna, Gloria J24 Nov 19337 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hanna, Harold20 Dec 1916Oct 1979Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Hanna, Heber15 Dec 1912Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Hanna, Jean C20 Jul 192113 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Hanna, John28 Oct 1879Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Hanna, John17 Jun 1897Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hanna, Olabelle26 Jul 19144 Oct 2009New Haven
Hanna, Ray12 Mar 1886Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Hanna, Ruth7 Mar 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hannaford, Maurice E2 Oct 191618 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hannah, Len L27 Mar 192119 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hannan, Fred B17 Apr 193116 May 2000Fort Wayne
Hannan, Frederick B27 Apr 195412 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hannan, Joyce A30 Oct 193122 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hanni, Wilbert H25 Apr 192328 Nov 2007Roanoke
Hannie, Esther L26 Jan 191230 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hannie, Harry12 Jul 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hannin, Alice C29 Jan 193510 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Hanning, Richard Alan16 Aug 19441 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hannum, Earl9 May 1879Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hannum, Elizabeth1 Aug 1895Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hannum, Morris18 Dec 1917Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hannum, Patsy R24 Aug 19359 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hans, Albert W4 Oct 19143 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hans, Bertha31 Oct 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hans, Caroline31 Mar 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hans, Dorothy13 Jan 1914Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hans, Erwin23 Jun 1909Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hans, Erwin3 Nov 1900Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hans, Erwin19 Jun 1888Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hans, Evelyn1 Sep 1906Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hans, Harry A20 Sep 19129 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hans, Magdalene M26 Dec 189916 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hans, Margaret30 Mar 1921Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hans, Mildred E7 Oct 191326 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hans, Norbert H9 Sep 191010 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hans, Otto1 Feb 1909Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hans, Rose18 Feb 1918Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Hans, Roy R8 Aug 19253 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Hans, Selma B8 Feb 192429 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hansberry, Lossallena6 Sep 1889Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hansel, Elizabeth13 Sep 1890May 1984Fort Wayne
Hansel, Richard L25 Feb 193130 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hanselman, Ruth29 Mar 1903Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hansen Hannigan, Jo7 Jun 193614 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hansen, Amelia M19 Jun 194427 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hansen, Celia M28 May 191524 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hansen, Edward20 Mar 1889Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Hansen, Eileen18 Apr 1925Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hansen, Elmer3 Mar 1910Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Hansen, Elsie26 Oct 1889Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hansen, Florence W9 Feb 189828 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hansen, Geraldine5 Mar 1920May 1984Fort Wayne
Hansen, Harold P15 May 191624 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Hansen, Harriet29 Nov 1917May 1981Fort Wayne
Hansen, Helen2 May 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Hansen, Joseph25 Mar 1916Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hansen, Joseph22 Jan 1881Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hansen, Josephine L4 Aug 19242 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hansen, Leona23 Apr 1899Jun 1987Huntertown
Hansen, Margaret6 Mar 1890Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hansen, Marion A8 Feb 191429 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hansen, Mark27 Oct 1953Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hansen, Mary Jane6 Jun 192518 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hansen, Melvin C24 Nov 191415 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Hansen, Niels R20 Feb 194516 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Hansen, Niels S1 Jul 191422 May 1997Fort Wayne
Hansen, Richard V23 Jan 193331 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hansen, Shirley A15 Jun 19506 Mar 2005Woodburn
Hanshew, Everett9 Mar 1906Feb 1977Woodburn
Hanshew, Kathy J18 Mar 194926 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hanshew, Laura N9 Jan 190914 May 1992Fort Wayne
Hanshew, Mary Kathe R9 Dec 191716 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Hanson, Albert2 Jul 1910Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hanson, Anna1 Dec 1884Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Hanson, Carlisle D19 Dec 192022 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hanson, Clarence E12 Jun 192618 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hanson, Clyde28 Nov 1902May 1981Fort Wayne
Hanson, Dawn I8 Jan 192314 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hanson, Edith M13 Jul 189415 Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Hanson, Erma M29 Aug 19182 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hanson, Ethel7 Feb 1881Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Hanson, George W12 Sep 192021 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hanson, Lester21 Sep 190015 May 1970Fort Wayne
Hanson, Mary M16 Jun 192113 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Hanson, Medaia17 Jan 1929Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hanson, Revilla P11 Aug 189718 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Hanson, William24 Apr 1922Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hantelman, James A19 Jul 192927 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hanthorne, Lavonia R23 Feb 190923 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Hanthorne, Thomas19 Mar 1908Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Hapner, Albert L21 Jan 194210 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hapner, Bruce25 Sep 1930Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hapner, Edith M31 Dec 191420 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hapner, Lily J22 Jun 192521 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Hapner, Orville L6 Mar 192113 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hapner, Paul7 Feb 1906Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hapner, Ruth A10 Jan 193029 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Happ, Gladys22 Nov 1904Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Happel, Arthur10 Jan 1893Apr 1981Churubusco
Happel, David4 Oct 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Happel, John2 Feb 1886Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Happel, Stella26 Apr 1899Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Harader, Laverne M11 May 191216 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Harb, Mary9 Aug 1892Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Harbarth, Gerhard25 Dec 1906Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Harbaugh, Nancy26 Jun 1912May 1981Fort Wayne
Harber, Agnes C12 Nov 191116 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Harber, Agnes E11 Jan 192222 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Harber, Al28 Jun 1909Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Harber, Anna29 May 1899Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Harber, Bernard10 Feb 1914May 1978Fort Wayne
Harber, Berneice E26 Dec 191023 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Harber, Carl19 Feb 1901Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Harber, Charles14 Aug 1912Mar 1979Churubusco
Harber, Clarence20 Aug 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Harber, Clifford H28 Apr 19061 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Harber, Eleanor V22 Aug 191316 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Harber, Fern I31 Mar 19191 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Harber, Gerald1 Nov 1902Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Harber, Irene22 Jan 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Harber, Isabelle8 Dec 1906Oct 1982Yoder
Harber, Jacob15 Feb 1898Sep 1975Yoder
Harber, John30 Aug 1911Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Harber, Joshua6 Apr 1983Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Harber, Kenneth J24 Aug 192813 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Harber, Louis22 Mar 1924May 1985Fort Wayne
Harber, Louis11 Jul 1897Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Harber, M12 Apr 1900Mar 1978Yoder
Harber, Marie12 Jan 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Harber, Mary A11 Jun 191619 Aug 1998Churubusco
Harber, Mary G9 Mar 192214 Sep 2008Yoder
Harber, Maurice I3 Apr 19092 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Harber, Oscar9 Nov 1894Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Harber, Paul14 Nov 1907Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Harber, Selena9 Apr 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Harber, Teresa27 Apr 1897Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Harber, Thomas17 Nov 1898Mar 1973Yoder
Harber, Thomas G29 Dec 192123 May 2002Yoder
Harber, Valeria23 Jul 190918 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Harber, Willard28 Nov 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Harber, William C8 Mar 192823 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Harbin, Clyde N15 Apr 19152 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Harbin, Waneta4 Jan 1917Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Harbison, Betty L20 Apr 192530 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Harchelrode, Edith10 Mar 1892Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Harchelrode, Ervin4 Nov 1911Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hardee, Milton15 Nov 1926Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Hardee, Phyllis A30 Jun 19328 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hardell, Carrie19 Jul 1891Jul 1969New Haven
Hardell, Roy B9 Nov 191518 Aug 2008Spencerville
Hardell, Vera23 Jan 1911Nov 1985New Haven
Harden, Dannie E9 Oct 19288 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Harden, Dorcas18 May 1919Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Harden, Maude12 May 1898Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Harden, Mildred R8 Aug 193520 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Harden, Nancy31 Oct 1888Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Harden, Odessa23 Sep 1919Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Harden, Ora17 Nov 1937Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Harden, Patricia A10 Apr 193928 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Harden, Phyllis J22 Dec 19372 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Harden, R O16 Aug 192715 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Harden, Shirl A22 Feb 193528 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Harden, Theodore E31 Jan 193529 Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Harden, Tony G16 Aug 196218 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hardendorf, Helen24 Mar 1889Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Hardendorf, James22 Dec 1895Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hardendorf, Marguerite25 Sep 1899May 1968Fort Wayne
Harder, Albert28 Feb 1894Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Harder, Esther M4 Dec 19213 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Annette J5 Sep 1902Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Betty Jane16 Nov 19286 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Charles M17 Jun 19224 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Dorothy G2 Apr 191516 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Edith9 Apr 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Edwin8 Sep 1913Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Erma A16 Feb 188315 Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Hazel G5 Aug 189523 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Homer29 Jul 1893Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Hardesty, John20 Dec 1896Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Richard T16 Feb 196422 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Russell L21 Feb 193710 Dec 2006Churubusco
Hardesty, Thomas24 Nov 1924Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hardesty, Walter E7 Nov 192227 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hardiek, Alice L25 Mar 19182 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hardiek, Beryl2 Jun 1914Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hardiek, Eileen11 Oct 1910Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hardiek, Elsie2 Aug 1887Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hardiek, Otto15 Jul 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hardigree, Esther14 Mar 1894Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hardin, Blanche N10 Mar 19174 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hardin, Carl H1 Aug 191524 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hardin, Harvey10 Mar 194815 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hardin, Karen S10 Jan 194724 Feb 2004Churubusco
Hardin, Opal I7 Sep 19144 May 2006Roanoke
Hardin, William C26 May 19525 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hardin, Willie Mae9 Jul 193029 May 2009Fort Wayne
Harding, Adelene17 Apr 192011 Dec 2009Grabill
Harding, Donald J7 Dec 19301 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Harding, Elsie20 Dec 1885Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Harding, Erma2 Jan 1885May 1987Churubusco
Harding, Georgia17 Jul 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Harding, Helen11 Oct 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Harding, Hilda M20 Jan 19151 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Harding, James E17 Jun 192626 May 1999Fort Wayne
Harding, Jeanette R24 Jan 190929 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Harding, Joseph A12 Mar 19408 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Harding, Marjorie M8 Jul 19038 May 1997Monroeville
Harding, Ralph G9 Oct 190522 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Harding, Robert J20 Jul 19208 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Harding, Roy L4 Sep 19327 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Harding, Russell24 May 1901Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Harding, Thomas18 Feb 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Harding, Warren19 Sep 1921Feb 1985New Haven
Harding, William1 Dec 1956Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Harding, William7 Feb 1883Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Harding, William Boyd28 Mar 194227 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Harding, William J18 Jun 192127 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hardison, Larry Wayne6 Jul 19444 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hardison, Laurice2 Nov 1922Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hardison, Lydia10 Mar 1895Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Hardison, Susie22 Feb 1908Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hardisty, Edna G29 Oct 190311 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Hardisty, Ronald K23 Sep 193118 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hardisty, Willard N28 Nov 192514 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hardrix, Jesse Lee23 Dec 19415 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hardt, Carl T8 Nov 19218 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hardway, Jill D12 Jun 196128 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hardwick, Clifford L4 Aug 191819 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hardwick, Jessie G24 Apr 19156 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hardwick, Laura16 Oct 1895Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hardy, Addie S29 Dec 191229 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hardy, Azalee8 Mar 1924May 1981Fort Wayne
Hardy, Berteana24 Feb 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hardy, Burey L29 Jan 19179 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hardy, Charles2 Apr 1915Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Hardy, Daisy Cristal20 Oct 192827 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Hardy, Floyd R23 Dec 19187 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hardy, Frieda18 Mar 1904Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hardy, Helen26 Dec 1913Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hardy, Jesse27 Apr 191613 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hardy, Jimmy L21 Jan 193415 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hardy, Josie Ethel4 Jun 192012 Feb 2010New Haven
Hardy, Lillian L20 Nov 190919 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hardy, Lloyd W30 Mar 194313 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hardy, Margaret C29 Aug 19089 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hardy, Max E14 Sep 19381 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hardy, Myrle31 May 1908Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hardy, Russell21 Aug 1904Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Hardy, Ruth24 Aug 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hardy, Sharon L10 Feb 194113 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hardy, Thomas27 Oct 1904May 1980Fort Wayne
Hardy, Thomas E19 Feb 192819 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hardy, Viola12 Sep 1890Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hardy, Walter22 Dec 1909Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hardy, Walter27 Oct 1901Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hardy, Wayne28 Jul 1895Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hare, Barbara L22 Aug 193123 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hare, Fred31 Dec 1927Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hare, Kevin7 Oct 1956Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Harford, Frank5 Jun 1887Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Harford, Hallie29 Oct 1895Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Harford, Joan L7 Apr 191816 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Harford, June E17 Apr 191925 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Harford, Lynn W15 Jun 19143 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hargan, Lowell29 Mar 1915Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Harges, Arthur17 Jun 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Harges, Eleanor30 Sep 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Harges, Helene A9 Feb 19044 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Harges, Mary H6 Jun 19495 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Harges, Robert O26 Sep 192311 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Harges, Theodore2 May 1892Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Harges, Walter18 Mar 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Hargis, David L12 Mar 194712 Feb 1998Hoagland
Hargis, James W12 Apr 195215 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hargis, Juanita L28 Sep 192724 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hargis, Judd J14 May 191725 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hargis, Richard Paul24 Aug 196628 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hargrave, Marjorie17 Jun 1919Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hargrave, Velma18 Aug 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hargrest, Nancy8 May 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hargrove, Agnes M7 May 190728 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Hariston, Odell2 Feb 19292 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Alva19 Jan 1906Dec 1975New Haven
Harkenrider, Arthur T28 Jun 191829 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Donald4 Aug 1915Sep 1976Roanoke
Harkenrider, Donald S4 Dec 193215 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Eddie12 Mar 1896Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Edna2 Feb 1904Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Emmett18 Mar 1890Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Esther G7 May 18975 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Florence O1 Mar 19254 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Frank15 Jan 1892Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Harold R3 Nov 19087 Jun 1999New Haven
Harkenrider, Jack E21 Dec 192525 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, James E12 Sep 193025 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Larene C15 Jul 193611 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Lucille24 Sep 1915Mar 1973Roanoke
Harkenrider, Madelon M11 Oct 19141 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Marian A7 Jun 192512 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Richard M2 Dec 19324 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Robert7 Aug 1888May 1974Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Robert G22 Feb 19162 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Thelma J20 Nov 192926 Dec 2004Yoder, Roanoke
Harkenrider, Velma24 Apr 1899Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Harkenrider, Veronica M1 Aug 19152 Aug 1999New Haven
Harker, Bernice E12 Feb 192410 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Harker, George21 Oct 1898May 1972Fort Wayne
Harker, Lola M16 Jun 191328 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Harker, Mabel4 Jul 1903Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Harker, Mary A13 Dec 192218 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Harkins, Evelyn L21 Jul 192113 Oct 1996Woodburn
Harkins, George H22 May 19157 Apr 1992Woodburn
Harkins, M June18 Apr 19234 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Harkinson, Betty G16 Mar 191930 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Harkless, Albert F21 Feb 192726 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Harkless, David2 Sep 1918Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Harkless, Ellen30 Jan 1928Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Harkless, James8 Aug 1887Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Harkless, Loretta10 Apr 1892Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Harkless, Marcille J11 May 192415 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Harkless, Marguerite26 Apr 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Harkuschewsk, Wladislaw28 Jul 1907Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Harkuszewski, Donna J2 Feb 193624 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Harkuszewski, Weronika5 Oct 1907Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Harlan, Barbara Elaine21 Nov 193016 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Harlan, Essie24 Jun 1892Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Harlan, Jeffrey L16 May 195427 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Harlan, Lytle26 Oct 1896Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Harlan, Russell25 Apr 1892Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Harless, Joyce31 Jan 1915Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Harless, O Fred29 Jun 1918Mar 1987Monroeville
Harless, Susan S28 Mar 192318 Apr 2002Monroeville
Harlow, Areltta8 Jul 1881Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Harlow, Sandra8 Jun 196216 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Harman Taylo, Pamela S12 Oct 19517 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Harman, Anita J16 Feb 191420 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Harman, Everett V1 Dec 189822 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Harman, Gerald E13 Sep 19426 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Harman, Lewis28 Nov 1898Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Harman, Raymon L6 Mar 19248 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Harman, Richard L8 Sep 193926 Jun 2005Churubusco
Harman, Russell18 Dec 189521 Dec 1991Grabill
Harmes, Lewis W26 Aug 191516 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Harmes, Margaret F13 Sep 191330 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Harmes, Rosemarie11 Nov 1902Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Berniece A7 Jan 192228 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Betty J7 Aug 192123 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Caroline14 Oct 1921Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Edna K13 Mar 19247 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Ernie V6 Apr 19199 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Faith A7 Mar 20002 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Fred19 Jul 1916Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, George3 Jun 1919May 1987Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Gertrude30 Apr 1885Oct 1972Churubusco
Harmeyer, Helen A12 Nov 192231 Mar 2003Leo
Harmeyer, Hilda L21 Nov 191512 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Irene E5 Mar 1921Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, James Leroy10 Mar 19397 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, James R23 Jun 194914 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Julie A8 Dec 194710 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Junior13 Oct 192123 Apr 2006Leo
Harmeyer, Maria E5 Nov 194522 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Patricia I18 Sep 192318 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Robert18 Jun 1920Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Thomas20 Nov 1960Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Val E13 Mar 191716 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Harmeyer, Wilmer29 Nov 191517 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Harmon, Aubrey2 Jan 191318 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Harmon, Bernice5 Jun 1908Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Harmon, Donald J20 Dec 192521 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Harmon, Dorothy Lu18 Apr 1921May 1987Fort Wayne
Harmon, E H18 Jun 192230 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Harmon, Edgar18 Nov 1911Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Harmon, Elsie25 Oct 1907Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Harmon, Grace M2 Feb 19023 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Harmon, Janice D3 Jul 19379 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Harmon, Jesse1 Jun 1906Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Harmon, John H5 Sep 192822 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Harmon, John H22 Mar 192820 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Harmon, Junius14 Jun 1908Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Harmon, Kathryn M28 Oct 19251 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Harmon, M26 Feb 1925Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Harmon, Margaret12 Aug 1910Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Harmon, Phillip J31 May 192817 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Harmon, R A25 Dec 193215 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Harmon, Richard D5 Nov 193021 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Harmon, William G31 Dec 196011 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Harms, Arthur2 Dec 1893Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Harms, Phyllis B19 May 192222 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Harner, Forrest31 Oct 1900Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Harner, Fredda17 Jul 1891Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Harner, Hilda15 Aug 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Harner, Lloyd1 Apr 1900Jun 1964Fort Wayne
Harness, Ronald W27 May 19175 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Harney, Carol J1 Dec 192222 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Harney, Gladys12 Feb 1909Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Harney, William15 Jul 1905Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Harnischfege, Margaret25 Apr 191010 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Harnish, Clara30 Mar 1881May 1977Fort Wayne
Harnish, Cora A7 Mar 191918 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Harnish, Eugenia17 Apr 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Harnish, Gene2 Jul 1918Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Harnish, Kenneth4 Nov 1903Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Harnish, Leota14 Feb 1902Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Harnish, Nellie28 May 1892Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Harnish, Rita4 Aug 1919Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Harnish, Russell30 Aug 1912Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Harnishfeger, Glenn E14 Nov 191318 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Harnishfeger, Glenna I16 Dec 192231 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Harnishfeger, Joseph23 Nov 190928 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Harold, Carl4 Jun 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Harold, Celma12 May 1905Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Harold, Robert C18 Jan 19304 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Harouff, D Carl16 May 191312 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Harouff, Elsie M7 Sep 19097 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Harp, Franklin17 Aug 1921Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Harp, Helen28 Feb 1893Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Harp, James T10 Apr 19368 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Harp, Ruth14 Feb 1925Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Harpe, Della M8 Jul 192326 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Harpe, Elmer W20 May 191925 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Harpel, Carol A10 May 19439 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Harper, Alice L1 Feb 192315 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Harper, Anna M15 Aug 189719 Sep 1997New Haven
Harper, Bruce7 Jun 1913Nov 1983New Haven
Harper, Cecilia E16 Aug 190423 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Harper, Dale26 May 189015 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Harper, Donald K2 Jul 194517 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Harper, Dorothy16 Jul 1914Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Harper, Elizabeth2 May 187715 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Harper, Erna6 Jan 1924Jan 1987New Haven
Harper, Ernest R24 Jan 19166 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Harper, Ethel2 Feb 1909Sep 1981New Haven
Harper, Fannie27 Jun 1886Mar 1980New Haven
Harper, Geraldine M22 Feb 193228 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Harper, Helen16 Oct 1879Sep 1967New Haven
Harper, Helen Edith5 Jun 19157 Jan 2010New Haven
Harper, Homer7 Feb 19302 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Harper, Homer H11 Mar 19238 Dec 2006New Haven
Harper, Isabella26 Dec 194315 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Harper, James19 Dec 191515 May 2001Fort Wayne
Harper, Jason Wesley5 Jul 19757 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Harper, John17 Aug 1890May 1969New Haven
Harper, Joyce23 May 1933Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Harper, Mary5 Sep 191014 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Harper, Mary M17 Sep 1901Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Harper, Mary Y11 Mar 193524 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Harper, Melissa23 Apr 187515 Jun 1966New Haven
Harper, Norman D4 May 192418 Jan 2000New Haven
Harper, Oscar4 Sep 1896May 1983Fort Wayne
Harper, Robert E30 Dec 19276 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Harper, Robert G15 May 193631 May 2003Fort Wayne
Harper, Sammie M24 Apr 192122 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Harper, William16 Dec 19463 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Harpring, Mary H3 Oct 191922 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Harr, Ruth A27 Jan 19039 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Harrell, Mary20 Apr 19223 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Harrell, Thomas4 Apr 19246 Jul 2009New Haven
Harrell, Tige A6 Jun 19717 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Harrell, Wesley Franklin17 Oct 195624 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Harridon, Emma5 Aug 192127 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Harrier, Donald R28 Sep 19207 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Harries, Harry10 Mar 19127 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Harries, Victoria16 Nov 1889Mar 1978Monroeville
Harrigan, Aimee23 Oct 1906Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Harrigan, Grace20 Nov 1883Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Harrigan, Ruth C7 Dec 191625 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Harrigan, William N13 Nov 192026 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Harring, Borton E18 May 188215 May 1967Fort Wayne
Harrington, Bessie17 May 1897May 1976Fort Wayne
Harrington, Clarence5 Jan 1917Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Harrington, Dorothy5 Dec 1925Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Harrington, Elmer E28 Jul 191925 Jul 1993New Haven
Harrington, Harriet A23 Jun 19152 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Harrington, Helen L2 Aug 192122 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Harrington, Helen M1 Feb 19205 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Harrington, John10 Apr 1909Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Harrington, Judith A16 Nov 194717 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Harrington, Julie24 Aug 1915Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Harrington, Lew E25 Jul 1936Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Harrington, Marilyn L8 Nov 19331 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Harrington, Mary17 Aug 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Harrington, William H13 Jan 191025 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Harris Jr, John23 Sep 192124 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Harris, A K29 Mar 194715 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Harris, Albert21 Mar 193610 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Harris, Alger G3 Aug 193026 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Harris, Alma G14 Apr 193731 May 2009Fort Wayne
Harris, Alphonso23 Nov 191811 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Harris, Amie12 Aug 1885Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Harris, Arlene L7 May 19342 Jun 1992Yoder
Harris, Arthur E18 Aug 192211 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Arthur P12 Jun 193213 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Bert13 Mar 1893Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Harris, Betta R28 Jan 191714 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Harris, Betty M1 Jan 193322 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Harris, Burton17 Sep 1925Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Harris, Carl12 Jun 1935Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Harris, Carl22 Aug 1932Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Harris, Carl S9 Mar 193211 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Carol15 Dec 1898Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Harris, Carolyn J22 Sep 19334 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Carrie10 Nov 1903Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Harris, Carroll16 Apr 192111 Nov 2000Churubusco
Harris, Charles19 May 1904Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Harris, Charles26 Nov 1905Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Harris, Charles11 Jun 1898Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Harris, Charles H30 Sep 191427 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Harris, Charles M15 Apr 19299 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Charles R25 Sep 19326 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Harris, Clara E5 Mar 192223 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Harris, Clarence B25 Aug 192813 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Harris, Claude30 Apr 1904Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Harris, Clifford27 Oct 1917Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Harris, Daniel25 Jul 1879Sep 1973Churubusco
Harris, Dano17 Sep 1897Dec 1971New Haven
Harris, Dawna M13 Mar 194316 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Harris, Debra L28 Sep 195818 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Denise E7 Jun 19574 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Harris, Dewayne7 Dec 1971Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Harris, Donald D12 Jan 191627 Jul 2009New Haven
Harris, Earlene P2 Jan 191610 Aug 2007Grabill
Harris, Edgar L17 May 192510 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Edith2 Dec 1909Dec 1973Monroeville
Harris, Edward L4 Sep 19242 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Harris, Eldon26 Aug 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Harris, Eleanor T24 Jul 19225 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Elmer15 Aug 1898Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Essie18 Jan 1905Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Ethel6 Jan 1883Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Harris, Eugene8 May 19121 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Harris, Eugenia A31 Dec 19341 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Floyd19 Dec 1888Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Harris, Fordyce18 Apr 1891Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Harris, Frederick18 Aug 1913Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Gayle F8 Jun 191727 Feb 2001Harlan
Harris, Genevieve E11 Jul 191126 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Harris, George E9 Jul 19269 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Harris, Georgia7 Jul 1934Jun 1979Harlan
Harris, Glenn O29 Aug 19265 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Haney M2 Feb 193527 May 2004Fort Wayne
Harris, Harman24 Mar 1906May 1973Fort Wayne
Harris, Harry J21 Feb 191013 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Harris, Hattie J12 Jul 18966 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Harris, Helen E8 Oct 191824 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Harris, Hellen1 May 1908Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Ione G28 Jul 190631 May 1999Grabill
Harris, Isaac27 Jan 1885Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Harris, Jack R22 Jul 19287 Sep 2003Grabill
Harris, James19 Jan 1914May 1972New Haven
Harris, James R12 Dec 191420 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Harris, Jeff4 Nov 1903Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Harris, Jo Ann28 Nov 193630 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, John25 Jun 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Harris, John3 Jan 1911Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Katherine31 Jan 1905Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Harris, Larry Oneil27 Oct 195120 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Lavonne24 Apr 1932Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Harris, Lewis22 Mar 1890Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Harris, Lois E22 May 1905Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Harris, Lois Okema16 Feb 192629 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Louise1 Aug 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Harris, Lucy M25 Feb 19098 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Harris, Lueretta10 Jan 1910Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Harris, M J17 Apr 192615 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Harris, Margaret A12 Feb 191424 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Margaret D20 Nov 191231 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Harris, Margaretta17 Sep 1895Dec 1978Churubusco
Harris, Martha4 Apr 1912Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Harris, Martha S18 Mar 191017 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary24 Jul 1890Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary15 Sep 1915Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary E10 Aug 190324 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary G17 Feb 18931 May 1989Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary Jane19 Dec 19208 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Harris, Mary Lou2 Feb 192811 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Harris, Marylee7 Aug 191917 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Harris, Mattie21 Sep 193224 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Harris, Maxine E30 May 190715 May 1988Fort Wayne
Harris, Melvin13 Feb 1924Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Harris, Mildred29 Jan 1899Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Harris, Mildred M16 Dec 19148 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Harris, Minnie5 Apr 1906Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Minnie H30 Dec 19091 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Harris, Morton15 May 1916Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Harris, Myrtie7 Dec 1878Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Harris, Nelson1 Oct 1908Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Harris, Nina B24 Nov 191128 May 1997Fort Wayne
Harris, Nora14 Sep 19306 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Harris, Ordine14 Nov 1904Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Harris, Patricia A21 Jun 194120 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Harris, Paul F28 Nov 193715 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Harris, Raleigh27 Jun 194429 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Ralph1 Mar 193217 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Ralph S25 Mar 192218 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Ray6 Dec 1882Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Harris, Ray M14 Sep 18976 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Harris, Raymond L11 Feb 192025 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Harris, Reuel M17 Sep 189924 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Harris, Rhea L9 Apr 191324 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Harris, Richard R11 Jul 191627 Mar 1997Harlan
Harris, Robert25 Jul 1914Jan 1977New Haven
Harris, Robert14 Sep 1879Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Harris, Robert15 May 1901Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Harris, Rogers5 Dec 190523 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Harris, Rosie12 Aug 1901Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Harris, Rosie30 Aug 1910Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Harris, Russell7 Dec 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Harris, Ruth14 Sep 1906Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Harris, Saimie18 Jan 1915Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Harris, Sallie B6 Dec 191229 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Harris, Samuel8 Jan 192318 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Harris, Samuel G6 Feb 192431 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Harris, Sarah A16 Sep 194618 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Harris, Sarah E17 Jul 194719 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Harris, Shirley A26 Jan 19479 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Harris, Shontel6 Oct 19697 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Stanley10 Nov 1955Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Harris, Susie25 Mar 1895Jun 1972Huntertown
Harris, Thelma D15 Mar 19284 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Harris, Thomas1 Jan 191014 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Harris, William H25 Aug 189915 Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Harris, William O15 Aug 192224 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Harris, Willie14 Nov 191221 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Harris, Willie5 May 1886Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Harris, Willie B19 May 19171 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Harris, Willie L27 Feb 190915 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Harris, Willie Mae30 Nov 19171 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Harrison, Austin W12 May 192117 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Harrison, Bannie9 Jun 1896May 1975Fort Wayne
Harrison, Bessie M27 May 191426 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Harrison, Branca11 Feb 1894Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Harrison, Charlie D16 Aug 19313 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Harrison, Claude5 Aug 1900Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Harrison, Constance31 Oct 1929Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Harrison, Effie M3 Nov 19011 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Harrison, Elizabeth F28 Sep 190813 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Harrison, Esco29 Mar 1904Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Harrison, Frankie J9 Apr 196623 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Harrison, Hedwig9 Dec 1922Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Harrison, James15 Jul 1933Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Harrison, James D4 Dec 19143 May 1997Fort Wayne
Harrison, Lawrence23 Oct 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Harrison, Leota M21 Jan 19199 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Harrison, Lionel E1 Jul 192425 May 2001Fort Wayne
Harrison, Mable E15 Sep 193514 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Harrison, Madeline25 May 1897Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Harrison, Max29 Jun 1893Apr 1964Fort Wayne
Harrison, Mildred M18 Mar 19126 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Harrison, Rachel20 Jan 1906Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Harrison, Robert E22 Nov 192428 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Harrison, Roosevelt26 Sep 195622 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Harrison, Roy C27 Jul 191714 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Harrison, Russell18 Oct 1903Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Harrison, Susie10 Dec 1900Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Harrison, T M13 Jun 1906Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Harrison, Tommy22 Nov 1929Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Harrison, Willie J15 Aug 193520 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Harrison, Zelda Z28 Feb 193324 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Harriss, C R8 Feb 19269 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Harrod, Amy24 May 1893Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Harrod, Byrd18 Mar 1894Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Harrod, C M5 Apr 190727 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Harrod, Dallas L22 May 192022 Dec 1995Yoder
Harrod, Earl15 Jul 1887Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Harrod, Edward L19 Nov 19431 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Harrod, Hilda E27 Jun 191219 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Harrod, Ilah D30 Sep 190927 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Harrod, Lawrence R4 Apr 193025 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Harrod, Rose E27 Jul 193024 Mar 1990Churubusco
Harrod, Ruth2 Apr 1919Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Harrod, William R29 Apr 192330 May 2005Fort Wayne
Harroff, F A16 Apr 193015 Jan 1987Churubusco
Harrold, David O18 Jul 193421 May 2008Fort Wayne
Harrold, Dorothy E21 Feb 191431 May 1997Fort Wayne
Harrold, Francis6 Apr 1911Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Harrold, Helen11 Apr 1899Nov 1973Churubusco
Harrold, Jasper A2 Jul 188115 Sep 1966Churubusco
Harrold, Joe20 Jan 1922Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Harrold, Kathleen R1 May 192315 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Harrold, Larry D10 Mar 19433 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Harrold, Lois29 Nov 190310 Jun 1999Churubusco
Harrold, Mildred E3 Oct 191315 May 1996Fort Wayne
Harrold, Murray8 Aug 1900Apr 1983Churubusco
Harrold, Paul C10 Aug 193417 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Harrold, Sandra E9 Nov 19424 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Harrold, Walter16 Oct 1886Jan 1975Churubusco
Harrower, Ian K20 Jan 192510 Dec 2000New Haven
Harruff, Helen M28 Feb 190527 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Harry, Leonard W8 Mar 19119 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Harry, Marshall17 Jun 1905Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Harry, Martha E4 Oct 189024 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Harry, William1 Sep 1887Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Harsch, Juanita M9 Nov 19261 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Cecelia E4 May 1915Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Edythe12 Sep 1890Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Effie11 Sep 1892Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Ethel19 Sep 1900Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Forrest B14 Apr 191928 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Geroge M29 Jul 191221 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Gloria Ann18 Jun 194610 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Jeanette E17 Dec 191219 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Lee15 Oct 1898Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Lula13 Aug 1874Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Melba30 Nov 1928Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Harshbarger, Myrtle20 Jun 1903Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Harshberger, Olen14 Oct 1905Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Harshburger, Wilbur P3 Apr 191910 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Harshman, Elmer12 Jun 1902Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Harshman, Lois Jean15 Jan 193125 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Harshman, Velma B12 Oct 190629 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Harshman, Walter H1 Sep 18999 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Harshman, William2 Jan 1898Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Hart, Adelia4 Apr 1893Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Hart, Agnes A13 Feb 193214 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hart, Alex14 Dec 1912Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hart, Alice14 Jul 1915Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Hart, Anna12 Nov 1914Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hart, Arvis R26 Mar 192825 May 2007Monroeville
Hart, Barbara J4 Jun 194221 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Hart, Barbara Jane14 Mar 191411 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hart, Bertha31 Jul 1902Oct 1982Monroeville
Hart, Betty30 Jun 1925Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hart, Betty J16 Sep 192722 Nov 2009Churubusco
Hart, Blanche M28 May 191517 May 1993Fort Wayne
Hart, C28 Oct 1909Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hart, Carl16 Jun 1904Aug 1972New Haven
Hart, Carl31 Jul 1896Dec 1974Churubusco
Hart, Catherine E20 Feb 192022 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hart, Chalmer L23 Mar 19196 Nov 1999Monroeville
Hart, Charles L5 Sep 192724 Jul 1988Spencerville
Hart, Chester E4 Jun 19394 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hart, Clara M7 Apr 191113 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hart, Dale23 Apr 1909May 1986Fort Wayne
Hart, Delbert J27 Sep 192325 Sep 2006Monroeville
Hart, Donald5 Apr 1918Jul 1985Monroeville
Hart, Donald19 Feb 1905Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Hart, Dorothy M10 Oct 19087 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hart, Earl27 Jun 1899Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hart, Earl2 Oct 1906Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Hart, Earl J7 Dec 192415 Nov 1995Churubusco
Hart, Edna E11 Dec 19347 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hart, Edward16 Oct 1902Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hart, Elizabeth13 Oct 1888Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hart, Elmer22 May 1900Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hart, Elwood20 Mar 1908Feb 1986Harlan
Hart, Esther6 Oct 1911May 1986Fort Wayne
Hart, Ethel19 Dec 1919Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hart, Eva11 Mar 1911Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hart, Floyd30 Mar 1922Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hart, Francis E3 Nov 19197 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hart, Frank11 Feb 1881Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Hart, Franklin7 Oct 1927Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hart, G Yvonne28 Nov 192112 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hart, Garland10 Jun 192126 Mar 2007Churubusco
Hart, Gladys19 Jun 1936Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Hart, Glen E29 May 19271 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hart, Harold1 Feb 1903Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Hart, Harold2 Sep 1907Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hart, Harry A29 Jun 192124 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hart, Hattie J2 Jun 193715 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hart, Hazel Alice10 Jun 192313 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hart, Hazel I31 Mar 191330 Mar 1999Monroeville
Hart, Helen26 Nov 1920Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hart, Henry27 Dec 1911Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hart, Hilda L4 Jun 19008 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hart, Howard1 Jun 1938Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hart, Irma J23 Feb 191622 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hart, James E5 Aug 192814 Jan 1996Grabill
Hart, Jane A11 Oct 191325 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hart, Karl V8 Jun 190326 May 1998Spencerville
Hart, Kelley K18 Sep 196321 Nov 2001New Haven
Hart, Lawrence24 Nov 1907May 1976Fort Wayne
Hart, Louise H7 Dec 189921 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hart, Lyman31 Jul 1891May 1980Monroeville
Hart, Maebelle J9 Oct 192215 Sep 1996Monroeville
Hart, Margeurite H12 Oct 19249 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hart, Myrtle25 Jun 1922Jan 1986Churubusco
Hart, Naoma17 May 191327 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hart, Nellie M21 Jul 191615 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hart, Olga26 Mar 1890Mar 1981Monroeville
Hart, Pearl13 Dec 187815 Feb 1967Roanoke
Hart, Pearl31 Oct 1902Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hart, Robert19 Jun 192925 May 1992Woodburn
Hart, Robert10 Jun 1926Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hart, Robert8 Dec 1945Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hart, Robert B4 Dec 193030 Jun 2007Monroeville
Hart, Robert C18 Oct 19359 Mar 2002Monroeville
Hart, Robert J2 May 192410 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hart, Ronnie31 Oct 192027 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hart, Roy21 Apr 1904May 1977New Haven
Hart, Ruby2 Apr 1898Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hart, Ruth30 Mar 1913Jan 1982Monroeville
Hart, Ruth O3 Oct 190624 Oct 1992New Haven
Hart, Thalia27 Jun 1899Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Hart, Tyrone D16 Oct 197817 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hart, Vera M2 Feb 190318 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hart, Virginia3 Jul 1923Jun 1987New Haven
Hart, Virginia L27 Mar 1920Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hart, Walter21 Jan 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Hart, Walter E13 Oct 19159 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Hart, Warner J4 Jun 192631 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hart, Wayne A4 Dec 192626 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hart, Wilfred5 Dec 1900May 1983Monroeville
Hart, Willard12 Dec 1899May 1975Fort Wayne
Hart, William C17 Feb 191724 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hart, Zella M20 Dec 18912 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Harter, Amanda J25 Dec 190427 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Harter, Betty J7 Jan 19351 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Harter, Chester D6 Nov 191520 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Harter, Cleo L6 Aug 191414 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Harter, Dale C5 Dec 194827 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Harter, Edna P11 Aug 192928 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Harter, Elizabeth Ann9 Feb 192118 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Harter, Ellen24 Apr 1947Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Harter, Elvin G31 Mar 19365 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Harter, Emma C28 Apr 191729 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Harter, Esther19 Apr 1900Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Harter, Francis M2 Jun 190820 Mar 1996Churubusco
Harter, Franklin L20 Apr 193329 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Harter, Gene6 Oct 1927Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Harter, Geneva S3 Jun 191019 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Harter, George16 Dec 1893Feb 1981Harlan
Harter, Gloster24 Jun 1903Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Harter, Herbert19 Oct 1892Sep 1971Grabill
Harter, Ila21 Mar 1897Mar 1978Churubusco
Harter, Jessie M23 May 191115 Oct 1996Churubusco
Harter, Kenneth E30 May 19551 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Harter, Laura M26 Aug 196017 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Harter, Marlin O30 Aug 191815 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Harter, Minnie28 Apr 1882Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Harter, Opal21 Mar 1919Oct 1982Churubusco
Harter, Otto6 Apr 1907Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Harter, Patricia Ann22 Apr 19378 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Harter, Paul W6 Dec 191028 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Harter, Pauline22 Aug 19138 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Harter, Robert L13 Feb 191626 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Harter, Robin26 Nov 195815 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Harter, Rogers E7 Feb 193224 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Harter, Ross3 Jul 1917Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Harter, Sharon L4 Feb 193513 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Harter, Thelma11 Jan 1917Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Harter, Thelma J4 May 193721 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Harter, Thomas R15 Oct 191228 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Harter, Walter J31 Mar 19315 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Harter, William2 Jul 1937Aug 1981New Haven
Harter, William Randall18 Mar 19495 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hartfield, Carolyn15 Jun 1932Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Harth, Noel15 Jul 1949Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hartigan, Richard7 Jan 1902Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Harting, Karen20 Jul 1944May 1981Fort Wayne
Hartlein, Frances22 Sep 1898Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Hartlein, Raymond17 Mar 1899Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hartley, Albert25 Dec 1892Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hartley, Arthur13 Oct 1922Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hartley, Arthur28 Jul 1913May 1983Roanoke
Hartley, Arthur19 Apr 1884Jun 1972Churubusco
Hartley, Bonnie L5 Sep 1928Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hartley, Charles R18 Mar 191713 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hartley, Ethel6 Jun 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hartley, Gerald28 Jul 1919Nov 1981Roanoke
Hartley, Ida20 Jan 1916May 1987Roanoke
Hartley, Judith F17 Sep 193611 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hartley, Leslie E28 Jan 192613 Mar 1994Roanoke
Hartley, Lizzie13 Feb 1889May 1985Roanoke
Hartley, Loyd29 Sep 1913Aug 1979Roanoke
Hartley, Margaret I18 Sep 19155 Dec 2007Roanoke
Hartley, Neva P3 Jun 190028 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Hartley, Paul30 Jan 1902Jan 1982Roanoke
Hartley, Richard Martin30 Dec 19492 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Hartley, Velma1 Sep 1902Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hartley, Yolonde A31 Aug 19369 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hartman, Abbie15 Dec 1903Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hartman, Amanda S24 Apr 19182 Jan 2010New Haven
Hartman, Anna21 Mar 195113 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hartman, Arnold A17 Jun 193622 Apr 2006Monroeville
Hartman, Arnold F25 May 19277 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hartman, Arthur E21 Jan 191618 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hartman, Arthur W18 Jan 191812 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Hartman, August1 Nov 1880Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hartman, Avanelle J9 Feb 191331 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hartman, Benjamin5 Oct 1900Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hartman, Benjamin W23 Jun 192431 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hartman, Bernard Willard1 Dec 19617 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hartman, Carl18 Jun 1916Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hartman, Carl6 Jul 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hartman, Carl H28 Jan 191322 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hartman, Cecilia25 Mar 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hartman, Charles11 Mar 1898Oct 1978Monroeville
Hartman, Charlotte20 Jul 1884Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hartman, Christina10 Jun 1883Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hartman, Clarence19 Apr 1892May 1965Huntertown
Hartman, Clarence22 Feb 1901Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Hartman, Clarence13 Jun 1907Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hartman, Clarence H22 Aug 192012 Sep 2001Roanoke
Hartman, Cletus G8 Oct 190817 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hartman, David D25 Jul 193221 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hartman, Dessie24 Mar 1886Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Hartman, Dolores C29 Sep 191720 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Hartman, Edith28 Oct 1911Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hartman, Edith27 Jul 1892Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Hartman, Edward22 Jul 1909Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hartman, Eleanor M11 Feb 19343 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hartman, Elizabeth M28 Aug 191425 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hartman, Elmer A25 Feb 190919 Aug 2002Hoagland
Hartman, Emma7 Jan 190818 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hartman, Erma M15 Feb 19066 Jan 1994Monroeville
Hartman, Esther24 Sep 1895Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hartman, Ethel14 Mar 1902Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hartman, Eugene6 Jan 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Hartman, Evelyn3 May 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hartman, Frank9 Feb 191718 Jul 2008New Haven
Hartman, Frieda D18 Nov 19216 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hartman, George4 Oct 1889Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hartman, George6 Aug 1903Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gerald F13 Aug 194510 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gerald L15 Oct 192029 Aug 1995Leo
Hartman, Gertrude H1 Feb 189914 Apr 1999Monroeville
Hartman, Gertrude M24 Sep 19174 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gladys M10 Nov 1909Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gottlieb25 Oct 1883Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gretto4 Apr 1898Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hartman, Gwendoline24 Sep 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Hartman, Harold A10 Jul 191518 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hartman, Harold E4 Nov 19099 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hartman, Harry L2 Jul 195116 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hartman, Helen22 Jun 1897Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hartman, Helen A1 Jul 19097 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hartman, Helen D31 Dec 191926 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hartman, Helma2 Feb 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hartman, Henry R9 May 192529 Mar 2004Huntertown
Hartman, Hulda16 Apr 1899Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hartman, Ida30 Nov 1890Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hartman, Irma G5 Oct 190828 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hartman, John24 Feb 1891Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Hartman, John F24 Jan 19137 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hartman, Kenneth22 Feb 1908Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Hartman, Killian25 Jul 1891Dec 1969New Haven
Hartman, Leonard Deneal1 Sep 193025 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hartman, Lillie E23 Feb 18946 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hartman, Louis2 Mar 1913Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hartman, Marie6 Jul 1890Mar 1976Huntertown
Hartman, Marjorie I15 Jun 19254 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hartman, Marty A16 Sep 198220 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mary E16 Feb 18963 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mary L20 Nov 191918 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mary M20 Apr 19161 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hartman, Maurice9 Feb 1904Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hartman, Maurice J19 Jul 19273 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hartman, Melitine M26 Jun 191610 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hartman, Merritt13 Jun 1898Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mildred I29 Jun 190923 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mildred L18 Aug 190625 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hartman, Mildred M27 Jun 192026 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hartman, Nancy J23 Jan 19225 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hartman, Nelson7 Jun 1910Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hartman, Norman H20 Aug 19198 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hartman, Olga E22 Jul 191016 Oct 1997New Haven
Hartman, Patricia L8 Dec 192814 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hartman, Paul W7 Feb 19119 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hartman, Raymond12 Jan 1912May 1965Fort Wayne
Hartman, Richard20 Jul 1941Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Hartman, Richard A7 May 192319 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Hartman, Richard H21 Jun 191415 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hartman, Robert J5 Mar 193612 Jun 2006Monroeville
Hartman, Roger Levi27 Aug 19463 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hartman, Russell23 Apr 1889Sep 1974New Haven
Hartman, Ruth E20 Dec 1904Nov 1992New Haven
Hartman, Stella24 Jul 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hartman, Tad R8 Mar 19614 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hartman, Thomas A17 Apr 194723 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hartman, Violet M2 Mar 190510 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hartman, W29 Dec 191415 Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hartman, Wayne L7 Jul 19376 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Hartman, Wilbur E3 Sep 192619 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hartman, Wilhelmin14 Nov 191131 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hartman, William16 Apr 1916Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Arnold17 Nov 19099 Aug 2003New Haven
Hartmann, Carleen25 Jul 1929Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Dorothy E8 Feb 191723 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Ferdinand8 Apr 1895Jan 1984New Haven
Hartmann, Harold A13 Sep 192420 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Joan M27 Aug 192727 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Mary M16 Nov 190030 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Mildred E23 Jun 192023 Apr 1999New Haven
Hartmann, Paul12 Dec 1900Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Hartmann, Walter W5 Mar 191618 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hartmann, William F3 Sep 187015 Dec 1970Roanoke
Hartnagel, Mary17 Feb 1889Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hartnett, Daniel M19 Oct 191829 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hartnett, Michael26 Dec 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Hartnett, Sherry A16 Jul 192720 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hartnett, William18 Oct 1915Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hartney, James F16 Dec 192915 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hartnup, George5 Aug 1895Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Harts, Silverene1 May 1898May 1984Fort Wayne
Harts, Velda24 Sep 1923Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hartsing, Margaret A30 Sep 19148 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hartsing, Simon H6 Jan 191522 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hartsough, James E1 Sep 188415 Nov 1967Roanoke
Hartstein, Agnes7 Nov 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hartstein, Walter23 Jul 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hartung, Ada18 Oct 1890Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Hartung, Daisy M20 Oct 19181 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hartung, Dorothy E31 Aug 191826 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hartung, Dorothy E13 Jul 19126 Dec 2002Huntertown
Hartung, Robert G20 Aug 191525 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hartung, Wilber6 Oct 1896Mar 1981Huntertown
Hartup, Leona27 Oct 1923Jan 1987Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Hartup, S9 Jan 1951Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Hartwell, Clifford W27 Oct 19209 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hartwig, Cora L19 Nov 192716 Mar 2004Yoder
Hartwig, Edith V10 Dec 190910 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hartwig, Gloria M24 Sep 193011 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hartwig, James F5 Apr 193216 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hartwig, John9 Jun 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hartwig, Juliet M17 Jul 19139 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hartwig, Mervin H2 Nov 190819 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hartwig, Richard A16 Jan 193015 Dec 2003Yoder
Hartwig, Rosemary L3 Jan 191614 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hartzell, Daisey2 Jul 1911Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hartzell, Ethel E20 Apr 19072 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hartzell, Ilo6 Feb 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hartzell, James E22 Aug 190428 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hartzell, John27 Aug 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hartzell, Robert E20 Jul 19248 Jul 2001Woodburn
Hartzog, Paul16 Mar 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hartzog, Richard S9 Jul 192418 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hartzog, Virginia13 Dec 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Harvell, Francine1 Jan 1961Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Harvey, Anna E16 Nov 191320 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Harvey, Bernice10 Sep 1921Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Harvey, Cleo17 Oct 1914Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Harvey, Cora24 Dec 1880Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Harvey, Della17 Sep 1947Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Harvey, Dorothy K25 Mar 19082 Oct 1990Churubusco
Harvey, Earl5 Oct 1897Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Harvey, Edward5 Jan 1899Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Harvey, Emerson18 Aug 1908Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Harvey, Everett17 Aug 1902Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Harvey, Everett A22 Jul 192125 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Harvey, Grace14 Nov 1896Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Harvey, Hazel5 Dec 19196 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Harvey, Leopold M11 Jul 191518 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Harvey, Lina30 Nov 1892Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Harvey, Lionel E19 Apr 191322 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Harvey, Lloyd13 Jan 19134 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Harvey, Marie H13 Sep 19236 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Harvey, Mary26 Feb 1879Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Harvey, Mary27 Nov 193026 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Harvey, Mary19 Sep 1918May 1980Fort Wayne
Harvey, Michael P20 Jan 194213 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Harvey, Morris19 Jul 1902Apr 1970New Haven
Harvey, Mose25 Nov 1910Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Harvey, Ollie C6 Oct 191415 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Harvey, Ophelia E16 Nov 191913 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Harvey, Robert27 Jun 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Harvey, Robert G19 May 193112 Jan 2000Roanoke
Harvey, Ruth V7 Jun 19101 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Harvey, T10 Nov 1947May 1989Fort Wayne
Harvuot, Katherine1 Feb 1875Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Harward, Carol J4 Feb 192230 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Harward, Robert S21 Nov 192216 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Harwell, Thomas8 Jul 1892Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Harwood, Dorothy1 Apr 1899Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Harwood, Ethyl L22 Jun 190620 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Harwood, Ralph24 Dec 1898Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Harwood, Ralph L3 May 19307 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Harwood, Ruthmary29 Apr 193030 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Harz, E M15 Oct 19126 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Harz, Kurt F18 Jan 191320 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hasberry, Annie M15 Apr 190831 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hasbrouck, Edward11 Aug 1872Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hasch, Rachel B19 Oct 192515 Jul 1999New Haven
Hasewinkle, August M11 Oct 191125 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Haskamp, Eugene E21 May 193013 Jan 2002New Haven
Haskamp, Evelyn M2 Oct 19302 Jan 1995New Haven
Haskell, Louis E16 Sep 193028 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Haskins, Clinton12 Oct 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Haskins, Edna15 Apr 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Haskins, Edward H22 Jul 192315 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Haskins, Heather J20 Oct 19542 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Haskins, James H20 Aug 192114 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Haskins, John18 May 1909May 1976Fort Wayne
Haskins, Margaret22 May 1905Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Haskins, Vergil M24 Oct 19124 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Haslacher, Morton3 Nov 1904Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Haslacher, Ruth G31 Oct 1904Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Hasler, J28 Oct 1911Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Haslett, Betty J26 Oct 1927Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Haslup, Lawrence8 Jul 1895Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Haslup, Lorena12 Jul 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Haslup, Mildred M7 Apr 191711 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Haslup, Phyllis M26 Apr 191831 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Haslup, Robert26 Aug 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hass, Gust29 Jan 1881Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hassan, Isidor18 Nov 1888Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hasse, Esther H20 Dec 19026 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hassell, Sudie B13 Jan 192615 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hassell, Willie O2 Nov 192825 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hassett, Zita4 Dec 1905Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hassig, Carl E28 Dec 191226 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hassig, Margaret D4 May 19103 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hassoun, Rabenu H27 Jul 192429 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hastings, Alva21 Feb 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hastings, Annette24 Feb 1893May 1981Fort Wayne
Hastings, Eloise2 Dec 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hastings, Grace L17 Jan 192128 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hastings, Irene14 Nov 191129 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hastings, Lewis J16 Jul 191730 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hastings, Lois H4 May 191121 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hastings, Marjorie H22 Oct 19201 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hastings, Warren C21 May 191411 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hastreiter, John F12 Nov 193515 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hasty, Della25 Mar 1876Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hasty, Doris M6 Feb 1929Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hasty, Mary J17 Apr 193217 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hasty, Nora20 Jul 1891Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hasty, Oscar20 Mar 1904Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hatala, Helen4 Jul 190825 Jul 2002New Haven
Hatala, Joseph18 Oct 1903Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Hatch, Belma B15 Jun 192424 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hatch, Bernice9 Mar 1903Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hatch, Donald8 Sep 1910Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hatch, Dossie28 Mar 1925Mar 1981Huntertown
Hatch, Early13 Apr 1910Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Hatch, Edward D22 Nov 195425 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hatch, Floyd A29 Aug 191118 Sep 1996Huntertown
Hatch, Frieda A29 Dec 19477 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hatch, George F25 Aug 191530 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hatch, George R30 Jun 192528 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hatch, Gladys19 Apr 1903Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hatch, Gregory5 Aug 1956Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Hatch, Henry1 Apr 1911Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hatch, Howard17 Nov 1896Mar 1974Huntertown
Hatch, Irene3 Aug 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hatch, Lee1 Mar 1926Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hatch, Lewis30 Jun 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hatch, Maria1 Mar 1917Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Hatch, Marie H25 Sep 192220 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hatch, Marjorie29 Apr 1883Mar 1967Roanoke
Hatch, Mary C10 May 19155 Jan 1999Huntertown
Hatch, Mary M15 Oct 190930 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hatch, Percis J27 Nov 191326 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hatch, Raymond25 May 1902Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hatch, Robert R14 Aug 19229 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Hatch, Rosellen L5 Jun 192313 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Hatch, Rub11 Aug 1921Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hatch, Thomas8 Feb 1898Mar 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Hatch, Velma27 Jul 1898May 1978New Haven
Hatch, Verne29 Apr 1888May 1968Huntertown
Hatch, Victor26 Jul 1957Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Hatch, Willie15 Mar 1917Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Alonzo27 Nov 1888Jan 1971Yoder
Hatcher, Clarence23 Nov 193721 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Gregory10 Dec 1955Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Helen29 Sep 19162 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Lillian25 Mar 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Robert11 Oct 192715 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Sam24 Jan 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Hatcher, Walter18 Jul 192327 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Alta F29 May 19156 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Anna L13 Feb 189722 Jan 1997New Haven
Hatfield, Bernard F10 Mar 192910 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Carol4 Apr 1947Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Chloe M5 Feb 190322 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Edward17 Apr 1893Jun 1973New Haven
Hatfield, Floyd7 Apr 1901Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Gerard29 Dec 1960Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hatfield, H21 Oct 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Herbert19 Apr 1927Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Herman10 Nov 1897Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Hope A16 Apr 189926 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hatfield, James31 May 1894Jan 1976Yoder
Hatfield, James W17 Sep 193426 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hatfield, John1 Jul 1909Jul 1983Huntertown
Hatfield, Kathryn9 Mar 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Mary8 May 1920Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Minnie17 Feb 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Nellie C22 Dec 190327 Jan 1998Roanoke
Hatfield, Paul J16 Aug 18972 Apr 1997Roanoke
Hatfield, Richard13 Jul 193716 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hatfield, Robert26 Jun 1928Feb 1986Grabill
Hatfield, Robert25 Nov 1904May 1965Fort Wayne
Hatfield-run, Alice M16 Aug 192910 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Alonzo5 Apr 1919May 1979Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Charles A8 Oct 194925 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Erma4 Dec 1898Jun 1984New Haven
Hathaway, Glen23 Oct 1930Nov 1982Huntertown
Hathaway, Grace24 Apr 1889Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Henrietta15 Oct 1887Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Jean M12 Apr 192328 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Kevin M17 Dec 196125 Jun 2001Huntertown
Hathaway, Leila20 Aug 1905Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Lester H3 Mar 19127 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Lillian29 Sep 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Marilyn8 Jul 1929Jun 1984New Haven
Hathaway, Martha27 Nov 1897Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Marylinn C24 Jun 192525 Jun 2009New Haven
Hathaway, Maxine15 Feb 1923May 1986Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Millie28 Jul 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Morton25 Apr 1899Feb 1977New Haven
Hathaway, Nellie A23 Sep 19048 Jan 1998New Haven
Hathaway, Paul W16 Jun 191312 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Pauline C17 May 191112 Aug 2005Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Richard C27 Jul 192016 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hathaway, Roy E11 Apr 19323 Jul 1992New Haven
Hatley, Monroe20 Jul 1903Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hatten, Leonard M2 May 19289 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hatten, Velma12 Dec 1908Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Anton23 Aug 1903Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Carl22 Jul 1901Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Elizabeth D8 Nov 190517 May 1997Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Fred28 Sep 1892Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Helen L23 Nov 191015 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Janice K6 Jan 193915 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, Velma28 Sep 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hattendorf, William A21 Oct 191217 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hattersley, Blair17 Jan 1917Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hattersley, Harry11 Aug 1882Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hattersley, Robert25 Apr 1894Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hattery, Jean12 Dec 1909Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hatton, Anna10 May 19184 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hatton, Anna15 Apr 1884Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hatton, John31 Jan 1916Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hatton, Miranda27 Mar 192915 Jul 2006Churubusco
Hatton, Thomas25 Jul 1889Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hatton, William23 Dec 1922Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hatz, Sara5 Sep 1889May 1979Fort Wayne
Hauck, Beatrice31 May 1916Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Haudenschild, Andrew F24 Mar 191226 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Haudenschild, Emil14 Mar 1893Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Haudenschild, Thelma G2 Nov 191215 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Haueisen, Allen8 Jan 1911Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Haueisen, Gertrude24 Nov 1878Feb 1969Churubusco
Haugen, Edward26 Sep 1911Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Haughan, James18 Dec 1926Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Haughan, Josephine30 Oct 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Haughan, Mary T25 Jan 19272 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Haughan, Patrick8 Oct 1897May 1971Fort Wayne
Haughey, Hugh26 May 1902Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Haugk, Charles A19 Nov 192112 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Haugk, Clara17 Sep 1874Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Haugk, Edna8 Jan 1911Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Haugk, Elmer12 Nov 1895Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Haugk, Erwin3 Nov 1903Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Haugk, Esther17 Aug 1917Feb 1983Hoagland
Haugk, Gerhard14 May 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Haugk, Helen10 Nov 1897Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Haugk, Honora A23 Jan 192417 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Haugk, Ruth31 Dec 1899Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hauk, Adriel W28 Sep 19051 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hauk, Dolly D12 Oct 1904Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hauk, Franklin1 Jul 1899Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hauk, Jefferson1 Jul 1876Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hauk, Robert Lee21 Feb 193225 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hauke, Arthur1 Sep 1899Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Hauke, Elmer30 Nov 1903Nov 1975Woodburn
Hauke, Ruth F11 Jun 190711 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hauke, William7 Feb 1900Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Haupert, Glenn11 Jan 1927Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Haupert, M Avis21 Mar 1914Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Haupert, Mary13 Feb 1930Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Haupert, Mary L7 Feb 189725 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Haupert, Ralph J11 Nov 191325 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Haupert, Richard N23 Mar 192422 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Haupert, Violet F5 Mar 191229 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Haupert, Willis F28 Sep 192716 Oct 1995Grabill
Haupt, Charles A9 Apr 192713 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Haupt, H2 Jul 1901Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Haupt, Marie E30 Jan 19319 May 2009Fort Wayne
Haupt, Simon C12 Nov 192422 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hauptmeyer, Carl W6 Nov 192318 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hauptmeyer, Dorothy M16 Sep 191411 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hausbach, Elizabeth E3 Jun 1915Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hausbach, Roy4 Oct 1883Jan 1970Churubusco
Hausbach, Willis R11 Oct 190912 Jul 1995Spencerville
Hauschild, Luella27 Nov 1901Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Hauschild, Richard A7 Jul 19323 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hauschild, Ronald G8 Jun 193023 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hause, Charley28 Aug 1886Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Hause, Ella7 Jul 1885Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Hause, Frank27 Aug 1904Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Hause, Grace L12 Jan 19154 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hause, Henry M29 Feb 195217 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hause, Loretta M25 Jan 191629 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hause, Nellie23 Sep 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Hause, Patricia1 Jan 19311 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hause, Raymond3 Oct 1931Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hauser, Chelsea D13 Feb 192330 Aug 2004Churubusco
Hauser, Esther6 Aug 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hauser, Jewell B11 Jun 19192 Jul 2006Leo
Hauser, Joseph16 May 189427 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Hauser, Marie27 Sep 1897Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hauser, Pauline21 Jan 1912Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hausman, Evelyn S10 Jul 192624 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hausman, William H12 May 19235 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hausmann, Joseph26 Jan 1901Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Hausmann, Julia16 Jun 1910Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hautch, Clarence F7 Mar 19147 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Havel, Florence12 Aug 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Havel, Willard16 Sep 1904Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Havener, Alta E11 Jun 192031 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Havener, Phyllis J8 Feb 193615 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Havens, Everett5 Jun 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Havens, Katherine2 Jul 1903Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Havens, Marie10 Apr 1910May 1980Fort Wayne
Havens, Robert12 Jul 1902Jan 1982Yoder
Havens, Russell E26 Jan 19037 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Haver, Clara M3 Jan 19019 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Haver, Orval16 Oct 1907Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Haver, Richard L23 Feb 19226 Jun 1997New Haven
Haver, Steven27 Mar 1947May 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Haver, Yvette M4 Feb 19222 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Haverfield, Robert26 Apr 1910Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Haverstick, Calvin17 Apr 1883Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Haverstick, George W12 Feb 193821 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Haverstick, Laotta8 Aug 19176 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Haverstock, Bertha30 Jun 1883Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Haviland, Betty J31 Dec 19224 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Haviland, Iris26 Jun 1904Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Haviland, Joe A18 Oct 19115 May 1992Fort Wayne
Haviland, Mildred11 Apr 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Haviland, Rex13 Jan 1896Jan 1988New Haven
Havrilla, Jerry D L31 Oct 191522 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hawfield, Diana6 Mar 1947Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hawk, Alta A9 Jul 19236 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hawk, Arlo15 Aug 1913Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Hawk, Bert27 May 1914Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hawk, Edward5 Feb 1901Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Hawk, Electia30 Dec 1876Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Hawk, Esther10 Jan 1904Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hawk, Esther14 Mar 1891Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hawk, Eugenia E2 Oct 191514 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hawk, Eva16 Oct 190015 Mar 1994Churubusco
Hawk, Garnet11 Jun 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Hawk, George E12 Aug 191820 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hawk, Grace I2 Jan 19165 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hawk, Helen8 Jun 1901Apr 1994New Haven
Hawk, Irene24 Nov 189921 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Hawk, J19 Nov 1894Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hawk, J C23 Jul 191717 Apr 2001Churubusco
Hawk, Joseph7 Jan 1904May 1972Fort Wayne
Hawk, Keith L22 Mar 19263 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hawk, Lila24 Nov 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Hawk, Madeline M23 Aug 191621 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hawk, Margaret11 Jul 1912Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Hawk, Mildred Louise4 Jan 193112 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hawk, Penny L11 Apr 194815 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hawk, Raymond15 Dec 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Hawk, Robert E20 Sep 192615 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hawk, Russell10 Mar 1912Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hawk, Selma7 Jul 1906May 1975Fort Wayne
Hawk, William E7 Feb 19178 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hawk, William F15 Nov 193415 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Adah1 Nov 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Alice Celestine16 Mar 19168 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Andy4 Mar 1885Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Anna10 Apr 1884May 1978Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Annie20 May 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Bernice M12 Jun 19118 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Birde G3 Sep 189923 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Byron4 Nov 1884Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Calvin11 Sep 1907Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Charles10 Nov 1892Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Charles E25 Jul 196512 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Dorothy M23 Dec 191321 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Edgar R10 Jul 19205 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Ernest3 Jan 1893Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Ethel J20 May 191931 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Gladys26 May 190628 Nov 2005New Haven
Hawkins, Harry26 Jul 1895Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Herbert R4 May 193513 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Howard C3 May 19452 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Iva F25 Aug 188015 Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hawkins, James H22 Dec 190916 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Hawkins, John L16 Aug 194125 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Lanell P7 May 193529 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Larry J19 Dec 19492 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Lloyd J14 Mar 191111 May 1995Huntertown
Hawkins, Marjorie A17 Dec 191613 Jul 2005Roanoke
Hawkins, Mary M27 Aug 1918Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Minnie23 Jul 1891Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Monema12 May 1893Jan 1981Monroeville
Hawkins, Muriel9 Dec 1885Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Nell13 Jul 1890Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Orval H22 Dec 191713 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Patricia J6 Feb 193021 Jan 2004New Haven
Hawkins, Raymond P25 May 191623 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Robert17 Oct 1900Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hawkins, Thaddeus J5 Nov 19331 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hawks, Edward8 Jun 1922Dec 1976New Haven
Hawks, Laura20 May 1895Oct 1981New Haven
Hawley, Verne A21 Nov 190529 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hawn, Arlo I8 Jan 191723 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Haworth, Lillian V6 Aug 190719 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Haworth, Thomas29 Aug 1901Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Hawrylenko, Feodosia23 May 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hawrylenko, Serhij11 Sep 1898Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hawthorne, James9 May 1909Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Hawthorne, Mary6 May 1922Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hawver, Helen19 Jun 1892Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Hawver, Raymond22 Mar 1891Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Haxby, Margaret T8 Dec 192224 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hay, Clarence12 Sep 1905Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hay, Hazel16 Feb 1897May 1967Churubusco
Hay, Jesse16 Mar 1911Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hay, Russell27 Oct 1906Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Haybarker, Dorland1 Jun 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Haycock, George28 Jan 1900Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Haycook, Helen M13 Aug 190719 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Haycook, Reginald A10 Jun 19041 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Haycox, Alice14 Oct 1906Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Haycox, Arthur21 Aug 1899Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Haycox, John7 Sep 1919Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Haycox, Lewis T1 Jul 191426 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Haycox, Mildred22 Sep 190216 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Haycox, Owen M11 Nov 19321 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hayden, Charles6 Sep 1913Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Hayden, Clara22 Mar 1897Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hayden, Dennis29 May 1937Jul 1983Leo
Hayden, Dorothy14 Oct 19225 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hayden, George1 May 1914Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hayden, Ida Elizabeth12 Jan 19115 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hayden, Joseph W16 Oct 192925 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Hayden, Margaret9 May 19207 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hayden, Mona J3 Apr 19272 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hayden, Nellie3 Nov 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Hayden, Ralph C21 Jul 19415 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hayden, Reva14 Dec 1920Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hayden, Ruth19 Nov 18969 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hayden, Vera M15 Oct 190926 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hayden, William F19 Feb 192026 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Haydenjones, Wendy A26 Dec 195929 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hayes, Alma J20 Jul 190312 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hayes, Ambrose28 Aug 1889Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Hayes, Anna27 Mar 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Hayes, Barbara20 Jan 1924Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hayes, Bertha L15 Mar 19214 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hayes, Bridget5 Jan 1893Jun 1974New Haven
Hayes, C25 Nov 1891Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hayes, Carl9 May 1916Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hayes, Catherine19 Dec 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Hayes, Celeste6 Jan 19081 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hayes, Clyde22 Oct 1901Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hayes, Della M1 Mar 19101 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hayes, Donald W13 Nov 195825 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hayes, Doris20 Jul 1925Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hayes, Elaine L6 Feb 1961Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Hayes, Esther21 Nov 1910May 1966Fort Wayne
Hayes, Frances17 Jul 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hayes, Frances De L19 Mar 19205 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hayes, George23 Jun 1901Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hayes, George L17 Mar 190516 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hayes, Gertrude A23 Jul 19128 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Hayes, Herbert H6 Nov 192815 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Hayes, J26 May 1911Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hayes, J Byron22 Oct 1920Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hayes, John14 Mar 1902Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Hayes, Johnnie30 Jan 192724 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hayes, Joseph8 Oct 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hayes, Joseph24 Sep 1889Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Hayes, Kathleen27 Feb 1905May 1985Fort Wayne
Hayes, Kenneth18 Apr 1922Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hayes, Loretta14 Jul 1889Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Hayes, Margaret4 Mar 1883Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hayes, Marirose16 Jul 19331 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hayes, Marybelle8 Dec 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hayes, Matthew R6 Mar 192210 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hayes, Ralph Ehrlich7 Mar 192721 Jul 2009Roanoke
Hayes, Richard P17 Mar 19398 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hayes, Robert6 Feb 1904Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Hayes, Robert E26 Jul 192721 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hayes, Rose8 Nov 1888Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hayes, Ruby7 Jul 1883Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Hayes, Ruth19 Oct 1907Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hayes, Stanton G16 Jul 191810 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hayes, Susie L18 Jan 190321 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hayes, Sylvia25 Mar 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hayes, Telford29 Jun 19075 May 1989New Haven
Hayes, Wanda J14 Jan 19392 May 1997Fort Wayne
Hayhurst, Adrian20 Feb 1898Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hayhurst, Ruby29 Dec 1901Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Haymaker, George1 Nov 1903Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Hayner, John3 Nov 1904Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Haynes, Clarence3 Oct 1921Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Haynes, Cora K2 Jun 189627 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Haynes, Esther14 Dec 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Haynes, G8 Sep 193915 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Haynes, Geraldine22 May 191216 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Haynes, Guyla N1 Jan 193931 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Haynes, Harry A1 Sep 19183 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Haynes, Herma D4 Sep 191611 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Haynes, Joe L22 Jun 191924 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Haynes, Larry L6 Nov 193523 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Haynes, Leva22 May 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Haynes, Mabel14 May 1903Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Haynes, Margaret L24 Jan 19185 Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Haynes, Ollie17 Sep 1892Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Haynes, Raymond E6 Jun 191928 May 2009Fort Wayne
Haynes, Rex A29 Dec 195526 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Haynes, Thirmon A1 Apr 190530 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Haynes, Victor28 Sep 1912Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Haynia, Helen17 Jan 1914Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Haynie, Mary Ann23 Feb 191815 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hays, J10 Feb 1970Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Hays, Mark E6 Dec 194712 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hays, Melvin D28 Sep 192816 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hays, Ronald18 Sep 1901Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Hayward, Brooke P7 Sep 194713 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Hayward, Johnny27 Jul 19324 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Haywood, Betty11 May 19171 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Haywood, Brooksnell31 Oct 19316 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Haywood, Christine17 Nov 1947Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Haywood, Julia M13 Mar 19459 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Haywood, Mary L3 May 192219 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Haywood, Moses12 Jul 192218 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Haywood, William11 Oct 1937Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hayworth, Herbert19 Oct 1885Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Hayworth, Wilbur25 Aug 1901Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Hazelet, Errol4 Jun 1902Oct 1966New Haven
Hazelet, Gerald L5 Mar 193328 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hazelet, Gertrude8 Nov 1911Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hazelet, Mabel3 Jul 1899Jul 1980New Haven
Hazelet, Olive E2 Mar 189812 Jan 1996New Haven
Hazelet, Paul16 Jun 1911Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hazelet, Rebecca J28 Apr 19175 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Alma12 Aug 1888Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Edward16 Oct 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Elmer E20 Apr 191130 Dec 1994Harlan
Hazelett, Ervin H26 Sep 19131 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Joseph24 Jul 1920Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Justina12 Dec 1883Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Lynna E10 Mar 191620 May 2004Grabill, Harlan
Hazelett, Phyllis M18 Jan 191921 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Rachel21 Aug 1919Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Robert W13 May 19394 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Rosemary T29 Jun 19382 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hazelett, Russell20 Feb 1911Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hazelett, William18 Sep 1884May 1978Fort Wayne
Hazelton, P J12 Aug 19453 Dec 2000New Haven
Hazelton, William J8 Oct 19207 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hazelwood, Brenda25 Jan 1950Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hazelwood, Cecil J25 Jan 195324 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Hazelwood, Joseph T4 Apr 192130 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hazelwood, Virginia L23 Sep 19214 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hazen, Chalmers M3 Jul 190916 Apr 1993Churubusco
Hazen, Hiram30 Oct 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hazen, John26 Jun 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Hazlett, Robert6 Nov 1927Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hazlewood, Arthur16 Jul 1917Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hazlewood, Hilda K9 Jan 192118 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hazzard, Bertha M17 Apr 19079 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hazzard, Helen18 Dec 1892Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Hazzard, M H11 Mar 190710 Sep 1995Fort Wayne

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