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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Heacox, Carl R13 Dec 193613 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Head Jr, Johnnie3 Jan 193810 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Head, Fleura Irene13 Jan 194816 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Head, Harry20 Apr 1903Nov 1974Churubusco
Head, Helen3 Dec 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Head, James9 Jun 1926May 1985Fort Wayne
Head, Ruth14 Nov 1904Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Head, Stuart18 Jun 1905Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Headford, Daisy L24 Apr 193517 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Headford, Ralph23 Jan 1894Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Headford, Selma7 Feb 19019 Oct 1993New Haven
Headings, Lois E21 Jul 192129 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Headings, Philip15 Oct 1922Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Headlee, Jeanette R27 May 192711 Jul 1994New Haven
Headrick, Bertha11 Apr 187815 Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Headrick, James A8 Oct 19195 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Headrick, Lorine25 Mar 19252 Oct 1994New Haven
Headrick, Margaret22 Mar 1880Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Headrick, Nada22 Feb 1925Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Heady, Shirley M31 May 191325 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Heal, Mary14 Feb 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Healea, Myron20 Jan 1889Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Healy, Mildred L7 Sep 191714 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Healy, Paul E16 Mar 19242 May 1992Fort Wayne
Healy, Veva14 Jun 1907Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Heany, Giles18 Mar 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Heard, Gladys6 Dec 1897May 1982Fort Wayne
Heard, Minnie B3 Dec 19066 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Heard, Will12 Jul 1913Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Heard, Willie C7 Jul 193427 Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Heare, Darlene R16 Oct 193526 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Heare, Frances E15 Oct 191521 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Hearn, Ethel M4 Oct 191111 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hearn, Evelyn Ruth29 May 19302 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hearn, Lacey23 Mar 1881Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hearn, Loren R24 Apr 192327 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hearn, William20 Jun 1896Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hearns, Jessie1 Jan 191027 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Heasley, Christina J16 Jan 19166 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Heaston, Darrell M5 Feb 19228 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Heaston, Donald D22 May 193925 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Heaston, Dorald4 Mar 1908May 1966Fort Wayne
Heaston, Emma6 Apr 1901Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Heaston, Fern23 Jun 1886Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Heaston, Fred J29 May 190515 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Heaston, Nellie6 Jan 1894Sep 1975Roanoke
Heaston, Olga7 Dec 1893May 1972Fort Wayne
Heaston, Raymond10 May 1894Jun 1966Roanoke
Heaston, Sylbert29 Nov 1893Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Heater, Charles18 May 1904May 1979Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Heater, Eleanor4 Mar 1903Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Heater, Esther12 Nov 1899Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Heater, Johnny3 Feb 1909Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Heater, Richard D17 Feb 19271 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Heath, Anna21 Mar 1908Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Heath, David W11 Jan 195821 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Heath, Edward R7 Feb 191417 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Heath, Elton M19 Aug 192411 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Heath, Florence R6 Mar 19432 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Heath, Glen S31 Oct 190715 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Heath, Helen B8 May 19118 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Heath, John R17 Mar 191825 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Heath, Kathryn25 Nov 1921Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Heath, Linda G18 Sep 194024 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Heath, Lloyd1 Jul 1921Mar 1980Monroeville
Heath, Martha H2 Dec 190920 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Heath, Mary E25 Aug 19239 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Heath, Michael T22 Feb 194524 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Heath, Orville13 Feb 1905Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Heath, Ralph4 Nov 19335 Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Heath, Richard K3 Jul 19348 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Heath, Robert E1 Jan 192731 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Heath, Roy16 May 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Heath, Willard16 Jun 1922Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Heathman, Bernadette M1 Aug 190619 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Heathman, Charles12 Sep 1906Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Heathman, Elizabeth R2 Oct 19202 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Heaton, David R26 Jul 190815 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Heaton, Elizabeth20 Mar 191914 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Heaton, Jesse8 May 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Heaton, Marie7 Apr 1901Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Heaton, Miranda26 Jan 1879Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Heaver, Elizabeth25 Apr 1902Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Heavner, Mary27 Mar 1892Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Hebb, Elizabeth E6 Oct 190012 Jan 2001Leo
Hebermehl, Clara15 Mar 1895May 1975Fort Wayne
Heche, Roland23 Aug 1892Dec 1970Yoder
Hechler, John F12 May 190810 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hechler, Kathleen23 Jan 19151 Jul 2003Huntertown
Hechler, Mable23 Oct 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hechler, Velma M4 Feb 190714 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hechler, Walter J7 Mar 191113 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hecht, Erna29 Jun 19247 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hecht, Lorraine D1 Oct 19183 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Hecht, Maude14 Feb 1919Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hecht, Raymond1 Jan 1915Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hecht, Willard7 Apr 1915Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hecht, William15 Feb 1878Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Hechtman, Ann25 Jan 1907Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Heck, Bernice11 Feb 1919Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Heck, Betty Mae31 May 1921Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Heck, Carrie24 Nov 1887Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Heck, Charles14 Aug 192029 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Heck, Clarence28 Oct 1914Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Heck, Donald J5 Feb 193531 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Heck, Edith1 Nov 1889Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Heck, Edward14 Jul 1918Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Heck, Elizabeth A19 Jun 19235 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Heck, Esther29 Nov 1895Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Heck, Francis W9 Mar 191917 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Heck, George12 Jun 1909Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Heck, Glenna3 Jul 1919Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Heck, Granville23 Mar 1892Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Heck, Henriette17 Sep 190721 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Heck, John15 Oct 1893Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Heck, John25 Mar 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Heck, Joseph1 Sep 1906Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Heck, Liela H1 May 19273 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Heck, Marseille A29 Jun 192016 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Heck, Marshall T23 Mar 19179 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Heck, Michael A21 Jul 19543 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Heck, Mildred J19 Sep 1911Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Heck, Myra24 Jan 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Heck, Ray27 Apr 1919Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Heck, Ronald G6 Jul 194330 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Heck, Ted L17 Feb 194113 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Heck, Teresa1 May 191427 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Heck, Thomas E6 Mar 19483 May 1999Fort Wayne
Heck, Wilbert11 Aug 1895Jul 1969Roanoke
Heckaman, Elma9 Jul 1903Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Heckaman, Welcome9 Sep 1902Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Heckber, Albert21 Dec 1902Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Heckber, Albert L28 Oct 192719 May 2008Fort Wayne
Heckber, Dorothy A27 May 193110 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Heckber, Mary C16 Jun 19072 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Heckber, Velma R22 Jun 192513 Feb 2008Yoder
Hecke, Edith24 Sep 1884Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hecke, John29 Oct 1878Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Hecke, Mark W14 Aug 195714 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hecke, Viola G2 Oct 192525 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Heckel, Gertrude22 Aug 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Heckenkamp, Carrie11 Sep 1884Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Hecker, Olga4 Nov 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Heckler, Dale26 Oct 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Heckler, Don F20 Jul 19344 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Heckler, Dotta I18 Nov 190820 Jul 1999Monroeville
Heckler, Henry29 Feb 1908Oct 1982Monroeville
Heckler, Luella12 Aug 1908Jun 1982New Haven
Heckler, Mildred E6 Apr 191324 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Heckler, Viola M25 May 190718 May 2003Fort Wayne
Heckley, Wendell M19 Aug 191814 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Heckman, Alberta28 Jul 1921Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Heckman, Alma31 Aug 1895Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Heckman, Barbara J15 Jun 193023 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Heckman, Carl W11 Aug 190227 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Heckman, Edna10 May 1905Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Heckman, Elsie19 Sep 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Heckman, Enoch27 Jan 1889Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Heckman, Eugene27 May 1920Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Heckman, Gladys23 Feb 1923Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Heckman, Henry29 Aug 1897Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Heckman, Joseph12 Apr 1903Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Heckman, Kenneth W26 Nov 192322 Aug 2002New Haven
Heckman, Mabel21 Aug 1901Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Heckman, Martin26 Feb 1891Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Heckman, Marybelle E13 Mar 190914 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Heckman, Melvin H13 Nov 191110 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Heckman, Pauline5 Apr 1906Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Heckman, Ralph E14 Nov 19065 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Heckman, Reinhart14 Jun 1889Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Heckman, Rex27 Aug 1916Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Heckman, Sarah L15 Jul 192611 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Heckman, Wilbur H1 May 190712 Jan 1994Spencerville
Heckman, Wilma A17 Jun 191818 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Heckmann, Rudolph C23 Jul 18872 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Heckters, William C25 Sep 192918 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Hedeen, Byron J1 Sep 192914 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Hedgcock, Jessamine14 Nov 1892Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hedge, Paul19 Apr 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Hedges, Anna M23 Sep 191725 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hedges, Charles Alfred19 Sep 192413 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hedges, Charles F16 Nov 191620 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hedges, Georgia L2 Oct 193010 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hedges, Glen F9 Jun 190110 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hedges, Harry3 Apr 1885Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hedges, Herman5 Feb 1890Jan 1977Churubusco
Hedges, Ivy L13 Jun 191815 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hedges, Kathleen E24 Dec 192117 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hedges, Lela2 Feb 1881Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hedges, Lisa17 Feb 1955Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hedges, Lois L16 Mar 192620 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hedges, Louis E7 Jun 192226 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hedges, Melody A28 May 19622 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Hedges, Nedra M24 Mar 191718 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hedges, Nona M11 Aug 189912 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hedges, Park14 Jun 1914Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hedges, Robert5 Jul 1897Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Hedges, Robert L26 Apr 19196 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Hedges, William H25 Aug 189915 May 1967Fort Wayne
Hedglin, Harry14 Jan 1917Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hedglin, Karleen O21 Mar 192027 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hedlof, Sandra L3 Dec 194719 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hedrick, Mildred L31 Jan 19101 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hedrick, Raymond C29 Jul 190728 Apr 1996Roanoke
Hedrick, Roma G11 Oct 191820 Jul 2004Huntertown
Hedrick, Ruby L3 Jul 19112 Jun 1999Fort Wayne, Roanoke
Hedstrom, Charles V4 Apr 19214 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Heeg, Justy A1 Mar 19166 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Heeger, Hazel C4 Sep 1903Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Heeger, Louis5 Sep 1888Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Heemsoth, Arnold24 Feb 1907Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Heemsoth, Carl H9 Sep 19076 May 1995New Haven
Heemsoth, Clarabelle12 Mar 19095 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Heemsoth, Elmer28 Jul 1905Jan 1984New Haven
Heemsoth, Hazel P10 Nov 191531 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Heemsoth, Robert27 Aug 1917Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Heemsoth, Wayne S2 Sep 193210 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Heer, Florence18 Jun 1884Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Heer, Lester14 Dec 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Heer, Pauline21 Sep 1913May 1996Fort Wayne
Heeren, Shirley A3 Apr 193924 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Heersche, Bethel2 Dec 1901Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Heersche, Catherine21 Jan 191729 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Heersche, Dale7 May 1921Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Heersche, Kenneth24 May 1919Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Heersche, Leo7 Aug 1899Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Heeter, Albert27 Mar 1900Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Heeter, Arnold27 Dec 1888Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Heeter, Iris J10 Jun 191025 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Heeter, Kenneth27 Jan 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Heeter, Mary24 Feb 1904Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Heeter, Susan F15 Mar 19523 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Heffelfinger, Dorothy M22 Sep 19203 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Heffelfinger, Helen A22 Oct 191013 Jul 1991Huntertown
Heffelfinger, Lucille18 Jun 1910May 1984Churubusco
Heffelfinger, Taft15 Dec 1908Jun 1985Huntertown
Heffley, Florence4 Dec 1889Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Heffley, Kim4 Aug 195612 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Heffley, Norma L16 Mar 19254 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Heffley, Russell H7 Oct 192211 May 2008Fort Wayne
Heffner, Dortha M1 Jun 191211 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Heffner, Edna M18 Aug 190616 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Heffner, Eugene28 Jun 1907Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Heffner, Janice G27 Dec 192519 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Heffner, Marguerite28 Jan 1933Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Heffner, Mildred26 Nov 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Heffner, Paul E21 May 192411 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Heffner, Russell M1 Jan 193130 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hefti, Fern O13 Jan 19131 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hefty, William B15 Oct 193412 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hegan, Marie J6 Jan 19308 May 2001New Haven
Hegbli, Anna16 Mar 1903Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hegbli, Cecelia M14 Oct 1923Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hegbli, Emil22 Oct 1922Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hegbli, Nicholas15 Mar 1890Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hege, Betty L4 Nov 191830 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hege, Carl27 Apr 1908Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hege, Clara18 Aug 1884Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hege, Eleanor E6 Sep 1910May 1989Fort Wayne
Hege, Evelyn M28 Sep 192410 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hege, Lawrence W2 Mar 192618 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hege, Roy22 Jul 1910Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hege, Vida V21 Oct 191228 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hege, Wayne F9 May 191931 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hegel, Evelyn13 Aug 1908Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Agnes18 Jul 1926Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Anna31 Aug 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Edwin11 Aug 1899Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Edwin E6 May 193616 Nov 2008Roanoke
Hegerfeld, Erven19 Dec 1890Aug 1965Roanoke
Hegerfeld, Fred9 May 1887Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Hulda12 Jul 1908Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Irma A3 Jun 190826 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Lillian R30 Mar 1920Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Marie19 Aug 1890Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Martin F Sr28 Jun 18981 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Norbert H23 Apr 191815 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Otto31 Jul 1889Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Pennie L27 Nov 194422 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Robert25 Jul 1914May 1982Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Ruth E23 Apr 19266 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, Velma G25 Feb 190617 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hegerfeld, William27 Aug 1889Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Heglas, Maryann19 Jul 1939Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Heglas, Stephen R2 Aug 193017 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hegler, Nettie15 Feb 1889Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Heglin, Roy24 Jan 1923Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hehr, Charles20 Sep 1883Apr 1968Spencerville
Heidbrink, Clarence27 Apr 191810 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Heidbrink, Lealah L10 Aug 190524 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Heidbrink, Ruth21 Nov 1904Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Heidelberg, Ronald30 Oct 194515 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Heideman, Lawrence15 Jun 1905Jan 1972Roanoke
Heideman, Lawrence D1 Nov 193230 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Agnes M2 Nov 190424 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Cynthia L6 Nov 195230 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Donald E18 Jan 193118 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Edward J14 Feb 194229 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Irma C24 May 190927 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Joseph1 Sep 1904May 1978Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Mary A19 Nov 192225 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Phyllis J14 Jul 19332 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Robert G24 Feb 193627 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Sharon L10 Sep 194713 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Stella K9 Mar 190822 May 1999Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Wilfred G6 Aug 19089 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Heidenreich, Wilmer27 Jul 1909Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Heider, Edwin H19 Apr 190428 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Heider, Ervin H8 Jan 190924 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Heider, Helen L17 Sep 191020 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Heider, Velma26 May 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Heidrick, Mable P20 Jun 190619 May 2000Spencerville
Heidt, Delbert20 Jul 1906May 1977Fort Wayne
Heifner, Nellie26 Jan 1885Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Heikowsky, Edgar W27 Mar 191012 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Heikowsky, Marie E23 Jul 1909Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Heikowsky, Maxine A4 Jul 1918May 1994Fort Wayne
Heikowsky, Minnie19 Jul 1888Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Heikowsky, Robert C15 Nov 19136 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Heil, Alfred G18 Oct 192017 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Heil, Elnora15 Aug 191729 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Heim, Elmer3 Nov 192630 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Heim, George26 Oct 1925May 1985Spencerville
Heim, Herald25 Jul 1899Nov 1982Spencerville
Heim, Herbert C22 Nov 192815 Nov 1994Spencerville
Heim, Herman8 Sep 1886May 1975Fort Wayne
Heim, Lela G15 Oct 19025 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Heim, Lucinda I22 Apr 190421 May 1997Fort Wayne
Heim, Marjorie5 Jan 1922May 1986Fort Wayne
Heim, Mary L4 Sep 19295 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Heim, William9 Feb 1893Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Heiman, Helen24 Jan 191618 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Heiman, Lorena E5 Jun 191129 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Heimel, Pauline F6 Aug 190610 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Hein, Allen J24 Feb 195021 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hein, Clela M21 Jan 19182 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hein, Doris J6 Jun 19277 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hein, Elizabeth J3 Oct 191823 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hein, Kurtis11 Feb 1982Dec 1982Leo
Hein, Malinda C18 May 191216 Jul 2001New Haven
Hein, W J19 Sep 192021 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Hein, William D18 Sep 191025 Nov 2007New Haven
Heindselman, Alice H29 Dec 189916 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Heine, Alvin18 Nov 1913Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Heine, Alvina26 Aug 1891Nov 1976New Haven
Heine, Augusta31 Jul 1875Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Heine, Bernice10 Oct 1896Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Heine, Carl11 Apr 1895Jan 1986New Haven
Heine, Carl24 Jul 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Heine, Elwood1 Aug 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Heine, Esther L26 Aug 19049 Apr 1993New Haven
Heine, Evelyn4 Jun 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Heine, Frederick19 Sep 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Heine, Harold29 Nov 1903Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Heine, Hedwig9 Nov 1897Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Heine, Herman1 Aug 1899Aug 1982New Haven
Heine, James W10 Oct 193130 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Heine, Louise9 Apr 1885Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Heine, Lydia14 Aug 1895Jul 1973New Haven
Heine, Martha15 May 1883Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Heine, Mary26 Mar 1913May 1979Fort Wayne
Heine, Mary10 Mar 1891Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Heine, Minnie1 Oct 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Heine, Norman22 May 190815 May 1995Fort Wayne
Heine, Pearl11 Apr 1895Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Heine, Rita M2 Nov 191524 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Heine, Russell J19 Jun 192420 May 2007Fort Wayne
Heine, Ruth S7 May 190325 May 2002Fort Wayne
Heine, Ruth V4 Sep 1916Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Heine, Sara V3 Jul 191328 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Heine, Shirley Ann10 Mar 193114 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Heine, Theodore17 Feb 1899Oct 1978New Haven
Heine, Theodore18 Apr 1887Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Heine, Virginia B10 Jan 19193 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Heine, Wilbert J14 May 19154 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Heineman, Marianne T8 Apr 19227 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Heinen, George A12 Jun 194718 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Heiner, Martha18 May 1895Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Heiney, Bertha21 Jun 1889Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Heiney, Doyle E23 Jun 192511 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Heiney, Eileen11 Aug 192125 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Heiney, Ruby9 Jun 1925Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Heiney, Theodore F19 Sep 192330 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Heingartner, Mabel6 Nov 189415 Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Heingartner, Ralph26 Nov 1904Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Heingartner, Robert18 Mar 1929Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Heinig, Albert E28 Jul 190529 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Heinig, Alice M14 Jul 191613 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Heiniger, Albert9 Feb 1907Feb 1974Yoder
Heiniger, Frances W14 May 190518 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Heiniger, Ruth E16 Nov 19166 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Heinkel, Edgar25 Jun 1901Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Heinkel, Jennie7 Sep 1892Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Heinkel, John4 Feb 1934Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Heinkel, John15 Jul 1877Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Heinkel, Jude J15 Nov 193124 May 2006Fort Wayne
Heinkel, Mildred4 Apr 1921Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Heinkel, Valda I12 May 192325 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Heinlen, Mary17 May 1899May 1987Fort Wayne
Heinold, Bradley W14 Jul 195627 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Heinold, Harry18 Oct 1917Jan 1979Woodburn
Heinrich, Alice S5 Sep 192016 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Heinrich, Carl28 Aug 1885Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Heinrich, Delores8 Aug 1924Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Heinrich, Eugene P10 Nov 19116 May 1998Fort Wayne
Heinrich, Paul R30 Jul 191624 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Heinrich, Virginia M9 Nov 19257 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Heintze, Paul N2 Apr 19365 May 2004Churubusco
Heintzelman, Carl16 Jul 1900Mar 1969Churubusco
Heintzelman, Esther27 Jul 1931Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, Fern19 Jan 190219 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, George E18 Dec 193324 Nov 1997New Haven
Heintzelman, Harry29 Aug 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, Harry26 Aug 1911Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, Max F15 Sep 192510 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, Myrtle19 Jan 1908Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Heintzelman, Oscar H8 Jun 193427 Oct 2008Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Heiny, Helen I27 Oct 189911 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Heiny, John1 Sep 1889Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Heiny, John E28 Apr 192110 May 2005Fort Wayne
Heiny, Joseph L15 Oct 191521 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Heiny, Margaret Ann23 Sep 192325 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Heiny, Marilyn Z8 Nov 192113 May 1997Fort Wayne
Heiny, Roseanne M29 Nov 192524 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Heiny, Stella18 May 1890Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Heinze, Alfred26 Apr 1909Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Heinze, Mabel19 Nov 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Heinzelman, Karl17 Aug 1901Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Heinzelman, Margaret7 Mar 1928Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Heinzelmann, Emma21 Sep 1897Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Heinzman, Lois I2 Oct 193310 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Heironimus, Joanna R23 Sep 19226 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Heiser, Albert F28 Dec 19203 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Heiser, Alta10 May 1908Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Heiser, George9 Mar 1906Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Heiser, Helen C23 Oct 191715 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Heiser, Kenneth R15 Jun 19204 Sep 2006Churubusco
Heiser, Pansy11 Oct 1907Apr 1976Hoagland
Heiser, Ray22 May 1898Sep 1968Hoagland
Heiser, Roy11 Nov 1900Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Heisler, Edward27 Feb 1882Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Heisler, Lloyd16 Oct 1892Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Heisler, Lydia K12 Apr 189326 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Heit, Florence11 May 1886Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Heit, Margaret L8 Jun 191126 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Heit, May7 May 1893Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Heitger, Earl M22 Oct 191111 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Heitger, Icy27 Apr 1881Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Heitger, William14 Mar 1915Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Helberg, Arlene M1 Sep 19211 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Helberg, Henry J17 Nov 192229 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Helblig, Catherine13 Sep 1915Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Helblig, Francis10 Mar 1917Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Helblig, Kenneth E8 Jul 192018 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Held, Elizabeth3 Oct 1900Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Held, Mamie I2 Mar 190218 Feb 2003Leo
Held, Michael21 Sep 19065 Sep 2001Leo
Held, Ruth E27 Jul 19201 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Held, Walter C7 Oct 192110 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Helfrich, Donald L11 Oct 191722 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Helfrich, Duane C2 Jul 195822 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Helfrich, E Marie18 Jan 192328 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Helfrich, Elaine E15 Sep 192011 May 2002Fort Wayne
Helfrick, Jeane J7 Jan 192121 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Helge, Ed Lester15 Mar 191423 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Helge, Janet C3 May 19177 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Helgesen, Kerry10 Jan 1959Apr 1979Churubusco
Helgesen, Mildred14 Jul 19109 Nov 2003Churubusco
Helgeson, Arthur13 Feb 1902May 1977Churubusco
Heliotes, George24 Jan 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Heliotes, James21 Nov 1880Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Heliotes, John19 Mar 1905Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Heliotes, Violet31 May 1908Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Helire, Lassette Renee18 Feb 19669 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Helire, Thomas J1 Dec 1932Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Helland, Theresa E23 Jan 19131 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hellen, David17 Mar 1909Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Hellen, Edna M5 Jul 190724 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Heller, Ada A13 Mar 191215 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Heller, Arthur W10 Jan 191823 May 2005Fort Wayne
Heller, Bert L27 Apr 19097 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Heller, Bertha2 Mar 1883Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Heller, Dessie16 Jul 1881Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Heller, Donald L15 Sep 192713 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Heller, Edna R9 Nov 190722 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Heller, Elsie A13 Jun 1920Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Heller, Ervin R12 Aug 19032 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Heller, Eugene21 Jun 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Heller, Evva29 Apr 1878Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Heller, Grace A6 Jul 192922 Jun 1998Monroeville
Heller, Gregg A31 Oct 195415 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Heller, Herman23 Sep 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne, Grabill
Heller, Josephine17 Sep 1903Dec 1978Roanoke
Heller, Laura2 Jun 1900Nov 1976New Haven
Heller, Ludean A5 Mar 19244 Apr 1999Monroeville
Heller, Margaret2 Aug 1897Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Heller, Mary E2 Jun 192426 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Heller, Merland15 Oct 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Heller, Meta7 Nov 1877Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Heller, Milo11 Apr 1903Jan 1975Roanoke
Heller, Norma25 Aug 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Heller, Oscar23 Sep 19046 May 2003Fort Wayne
Heller, Perry W14 Jul 191216 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Heller, Sharon L19 Oct 1932Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Heller, Sylvester3 Sep 1908Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hellinger, David1 Aug 1945Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Hellinger, Robert Har M28 Jan 191819 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Hellman, Edgar M13 Jul 19311 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hellwege, Robert O15 Nov 19333 Jan 2007New Haven
Hellwig, Alfonso22 Apr 1895Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Hellwig, Leora V16 Oct 190311 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Helm, Dorothy12 Feb 1882Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Helm, Joy C25 Jul 192410 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Helm, Nellie22 Oct 1907Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Helm, Sarah28 Dec 1895Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Helm, William25 Jun 1893Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Helman, Agatha28 Sep 190515 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Helman, Donald L10 Dec 19331 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Helman, Peter D16 Oct 195611 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Helmeczi, Francis K26 Aug 193613 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Helmick, Charles27 May 1887Apr 1968New Haven
Helmig, Carl E10 Apr 193928 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Helmkamp, Joseph J27 Dec 190231 May 1994Fort Wayne
Helmkamp, Josephine8 Jul 1880Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Helmkamp, Norbert G22 Feb 19167 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Helmke, Barbara J18 Sep 19304 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Helmke, Brenda M5 Jul 195411 Dec 1998New Haven
Helmke, Clara12 Jun 1893Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Helmke, Eilert E23 Apr 19222 Feb 1996Woodburn
Helmke, Frank25 Nov 1897May 1968Woodburn
Helmke, Harold H20 Dec 192520 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Helmke, Henry4 Oct 1895Feb 1985Woodburn
Helmke, Hubert H26 Sep 192414 May 2006Woodburn
Helmke, Millie19 Jan 1891Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Helmke, Richard3 Sep 191526 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Helmke, Roland W14 Sep 192625 Mar 2007Woodburn
Helmke, Walter17 Dec 1901Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Helmke, Wilma L20 Dec 190110 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Helmke, Zetta V14 Feb 192820 Jul 2002Woodburn
Helmrich, Arellia B5 Dec 191531 Mar 2003Monroeville
Helmrich, Ted P10 Jul 19429 Sep 2005Monroeville
Helms, Beatrice G9 Jun 19036 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Helms, Christina M27 Jan 190821 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Helms, Clyde19 Jul 1907May 1981Fort Wayne
Helms, Ralph5 Feb 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Helms, Vaughn J2 Oct 19216 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Helmsing, Anna27 Jul 1920Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Helmsing, Clarence J2 Dec 192023 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Helmsing, Elsie22 Jul 1895Mar 1972New Haven
Helmsing, Gerald F12 Jun 192522 Jun 1997New Haven
Helmsing, Joanne I14 Mar 19302 Dec 1999New Haven
Helmsing, Raymond27 Nov 1922Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Helmsing, Raymond M22 May 19599 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Helmsing, Rita D20 Nov 192230 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Helmuth, Audrey22 Jun 1899Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Helmuth, Harold31 Oct 1897Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Helmuth, Joseph N28 Sep 192323 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Helmuth, June E3 Jun 19258 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Helmuth, Konnie J17 Dec 195224 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Helsel, Steven22 Jan 1962Apr 1980Churubusco
Helser, Harry29 Apr 1896Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Helser, Iva16 Apr 1891Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Helser, Kenneth D14 May 192015 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Helstrom, Warren R12 Sep 192224 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Helton, Alice8 Feb 1893Dec 1983New Haven
Helton, Dorothy22 Nov 1940Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Helton, George5 May 193726 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Helton, Isabelle1 Nov 19139 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Helton, Kathleen A30 Oct 193214 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Helton, Lena R30 Aug 192824 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Helton, Vernon12 Feb 1907May 1979Fort Wayne
Heltz, Harold E15 Jun 191623 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Helvey, Wayne L21 Jul 192519 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Helvie, John E24 Oct 19233 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Helvie, Lois I14 Jun 191026 May 1994Hoagland
Helvie, Phyllis B6 Oct 192718 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Helwig, Era H21 Apr 193529 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hembdt, Ruth10 Oct 1876Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hembree, Clara U2 Apr 192827 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hembree, John21 Dec 1923Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hembree, Mary Elizabeth1 Jun 19325 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hembree, Robert19 Jul 1922Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Hemeon, Zoe R13 Jul 192030 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Heminger, David C12 Mar 195326 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Heminger, Thomas R27 Oct 19326 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hemlinger, Claud16 Dec 191421 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hemlinger, Genevieve22 Aug 191526 Sep 2004Leo
Hemmelgarn, Ida22 Jan 1883Nov 1968Churubusco
Hemmelgarn, Russell4 Aug 1915Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hemmelgarn, Ruth A14 Oct 191521 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hemmig, Mary E30 Jun 19212 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hemmig, Melvin P30 Apr 190531 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hemminger, Albert W19 Jul 193510 Feb 2002Spencerville
Hemmings, G L31 Oct 192512 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hemphill, Charles9 Jan 1889Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Hemphill, Margaret L18 Nov 192321 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hemphill, Martha25 Jul 1904Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hemphill, Tommie Lee10 Sep 194627 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hemrick, Clara20 Aug 1889May 1985Fort Wayne
Hemrick, Fannie10 Oct 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Hemrick, Frank25 Apr 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hemrick, Irma25 May 1892Jan 1979New Haven
Hemsey, Louise M26 Jan 190922 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, Alma4 Sep 1915Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, Carl J11 Jan 191817 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, Clara R8 Dec 192429 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, Dorothy I7 May 19233 Oct 2000New Haven
Hemsoth, Gerhard F17 Dec 191913 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, John5 Sep 1886Jul 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Hemsoth, Phyllis6 Sep 192111 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, Roy A12 Apr 192120 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hemsoth, William J12 Aug 191918 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hendeles, Harry10 Sep 19097 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hendeles, Mabel5 Apr 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hender, B6 Nov 1938May 1993Fort Wayne
Henderson, Chaney18 Sep 1933Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Henderson, Charles J5 Apr 190517 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Henderson, Creston21 Dec 1901Oct 1966Grabill
Henderson, Demaris E26 Jun 19209 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Henderson, Dick25 Mar 1955Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Henderson, Donte J2 Dec 197815 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Henderson, Doris26 Oct 1923Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Henderson, Edna B13 Mar 191311 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Henderson, Edna L30 Apr 190621 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Henderson, Edward E19 Dec 192110 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Henderson, Essie20 Mar 192024 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Henderson, Eugene30 Mar 19278 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Henderson, Eugene6 May 19292 Apr 2002Grabill
Henderson, Evelyn14 Oct 1914Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Henderson, Flora12 Nov 1879May 1975Fort Wayne
Henderson, General6 Jun 1894Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Henderson, George17 Oct 1904Sep 1967Woodburn
Henderson, George W21 Mar 192012 May 2003Fort Wayne
Henderson, Georgia8 Jul 1906Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Henderson, Geraldine28 Dec 1921May 1985Fort Wayne
Henderson, Glenn17 Nov 1878Jun 1980Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Henderson, Harold W3 Jun 191725 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Henderson, Henry26 Aug 1932Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Henderson, Isabel B12 Aug 191030 Jan 1998Spencerville
Henderson, Jimmie2 Feb 1959Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Henderson, Keith A13 Aug 197923 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Henderson, Lillian28 Feb 19352 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Henderson, Lillian J1 Jul 190410 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Henderson, Mabel G14 Feb 1903Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Henderson, Manurva30 May 1879Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Henderson, Mary25 Sep 1892Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Henderson, Mary23 Nov 1896Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Henderson, Michael R30 Nov 195120 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Henderson, Myrna L1 Mar 194031 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Henderson, Myron17 Jul 1909Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Henderson, Nolan3 Jul 1885Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Henderson, Paul D7 Feb 19425 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Henderson, Pervis6 Dec 1901Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Henderson, Richard4 May 1912Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Henderson, Roy M17 Dec 19197 Feb 2009Leo
Henderson, Savannah D4 Jun 192420 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Henderson, Tracy Anne13 Mar 197030 May 2009Fort Wayne
Henderson, Wilber L16 May 19377 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Henderson, William1 May 19262 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Henderson, Willie J4 May 193810 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hendley, Joseph28 May 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hendorf, Harry2 Dec 1890Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hendren, Evelyn B31 Jan 191723 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Hendren, John26 Jul 1886Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Hendrick, Harriet D8 Mar 190816 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Adrienne F6 Jun 19073 Sep 1998Spencerville
Hendricks, Beverly R12 Jun 192631 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Clyde O28 Nov 192017 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Eugene E5 Sep 192327 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Georgiana K17 Jan 19138 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Gladys M1 Apr 191916 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Helen Catherine6 Mar 191914 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Jesse13 Nov 1903Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Lewis10 May 1915Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Ora16 Aug 1895Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Robert N21 May 19256 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Hendricks, Verna13 May 1906Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hendricksen, Donald H19 Dec 192819 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Arlene2 Feb 1916Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Arthur13 Jan 1891Aug 1977Churubusco
Hendrickson, Carl6 Apr 1884Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Carl W19 Feb 191812 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Clarence30 Nov 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Clayborn3 Apr 1921Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Delocia31 Jan 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Estella10 Jan 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Esther L5 Jul 191628 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Ethel12 Oct 1899Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Eva31 Jan 1887Apr 1979Hoagland
Hendrickson, Geraldine M1 Oct 192711 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Henry25 Nov 1901Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hendrickson, Loveda I28 Apr 193116 Feb 1994Hoagland
Hendrickson, Lulu F28 Jan 189025 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hendrix, Willie Mae19 May 19279 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hendryx, Mabel27 Feb 1894Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Henebry, Bryson22 Aug 1902Apr 1984Woodburn
Henebry, Philip26 Feb 1901Nov 1967Woodburn
Henemyer, Ivena25 Jun 1901Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Henemyer, Leonard23 Dec 192419 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Henemyer, Melvin24 Feb 1904Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Hengst, Gunter W14 May 193715 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hengsteler, Martin5 Jun 1896Jun 1985Monroeville
Hengsteler, Olga24 Dec 1900Apr 1981Monroeville
Henisa, Joan W30 Jun 19318 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Heniser, Deloris R16 Dec 19156 Feb 2000Yoder
Heniser, Victor L22 Apr 195627 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Heniser, Wehman L8 Jun 191429 Jan 2000Yoder
Henk, Florena F20 May 190723 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Henk, Walter14 Oct 1906May 1984Fort Wayne
Henke, Marian E14 Nov 192722 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Henkel, Kurt R7 Jan 190526 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Henkel, Luther14 Oct 1911Sep 1982Roanoke
Henkenius, Charles16 Dec 1889Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Henkle, Billy T14 Sep 192020 May 1997Fort Wayne
Henkle, H M10 Dec 19223 May 2009Fort Wayne
Henley Sr, Rodney17 Mar 1924Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Henley, Abigail16 Oct 1886Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Henley, Calvin L21 Apr 19321 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Henley, Caswell15 Mar 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Henley, Chas9 Oct 1885Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Henley, Lula23 Feb 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Henline, Arthur26 Jul 1910Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Henline, Betty Louise21 May 192419 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Henline, Beverly L12 Aug 193622 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Henline, Carl2 Jul 1927May 1980Fort Wayne
Henline, Dale20 Aug 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Henline, Evelyn5 Jun 1913Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Henline, Florence12 Jul 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Henline, Hazel25 Mar 1894Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Henline, Herbert25 Jun 1896Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Henline, Ioda31 Aug 1882Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Henline, Marjorie C30 Oct 192426 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Henline, Mayme24 Jun 1903Jul 1971Roanoke
Henline, Richard22 Jun 1921May 1978Fort Wayne
Henline, Robert9 Jan 1924Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Henline, Robert E11 Feb 193413 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Henline, Virginia E6 Aug 191522 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Henline, William P17 May 192030 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Henn, Anne11 May 1914Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Henneman, Charles F28 Jan 19064 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Henneman, Madeline M14 Aug 191212 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hennen, Marion28 Feb 1904Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hennes, Joseph J24 Dec 189815 Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Hennessey, Harry23 Oct 1897Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Henney, Dayton E11 Jun 191914 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Henney, Donald27 Apr 190628 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Henney, Harry H14 Mar 19138 Feb 2007Woodburn
Henney, Isadore J16 Aug 191215 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Henney, Robert15 Aug 1910May 1980Fort Wayne
Hennig, Albert L8 Nov 19211 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hennig, Earl24 Oct 1920Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Hennig, Lawrence3 Feb 1917Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hennigh, Mark11 Mar 1901Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hennin, James D30 Nov 193715 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Henning, Albert H19 Dec 190313 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Henning, Charlene L8 Jul 19328 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Henning, Harold L26 Jan 19303 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Henning, Howard17 Feb 1901Jan 1967Churubusco
Henning, Jane H30 Aug 190430 May 1993Churubusco
Henning, Jerald G15 Oct 194416 Jul 2008New Haven
Henning, Jo Anne31 Oct 193225 May 2005Churubusco
Henning, Ophia J15 Apr 190730 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Henning, Ronald R16 Nov 193327 Jan 2003Churubusco
Henning, Sandra L19 Nov 193822 Dec 1997Churubusco
Henning, Susan M27 May 194920 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Henning, William15 Nov 1896Jul 1971Churubusco
Henninger, Catherine1 May 1888Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Henninger, Keith A18 May 194214 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Henninger, Mary M16 Nov 1906Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Henninger, Robert E16 Apr 19361 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Henninger, Sue25 Mar 193615 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Henninger, W18 Jul 1905Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Hennings, Ethel24 Feb 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hennings, Oscar26 Oct 1896May 1976Fort Wayne
Henrichs, George15 Aug 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Henrichs, Hattie W22 Aug 18943 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Henricks, D9 Jun 1906Feb 1970Roanoke
Henricks, Henrietta23 Oct 19073 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Henricks, Junia9 Jun 1927Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Henricks, Paul E25 Nov 19287 Sep 1997Yoder
Henriksen, Carolyn L12 Jan 193428 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Henrikson, Rosemary12 Jun 193021 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Henry, Bernard7 Mar 1897Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Henry, Berniece23 May 190228 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Henry, Bertha30 Sep 1883Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Henry, Bessie15 Sep 1897Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Henry, Camilla G1 Sep 190510 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Henry, Clement3 Sep 1901Aug 1978New Haven
Henry, Dennis9 Aug 1949Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Henry, Donna J25 Oct 192222 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Henry, Eli T26 Feb 1922Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Henry, Ella B17 Feb 19058 Jul 1995New Haven
Henry, Elsie24 Sep 1930Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Henry, Emma A18 Jun 191812 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Henry, Ethel25 Oct 1894Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Henry, Eva10 Mar 1890Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Henry, Fannie13 Mar 1913Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Henry, Felicien13 Apr 1895May 1978Fort Wayne
Henry, Florence25 Aug 1904Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Henry, Freda8 Jan 1895Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Henry, Genevieve25 Nov 1901Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Henry, George16 Jan 1896Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Henry, Grace S17 Mar 19085 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Henry, Harmon25 Oct 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Henry, Harry2 Oct 1900Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Henry, Herman14 Jul 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Henry, J8 Aug 1925Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Henry, Jacqueline19 Feb 195714 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Henry, James M19 Oct 192122 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Henry, Jay9 May 1889Jul 1974Churubusco
Henry, Jerome F19 Jan 192623 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Henry, Joe6 Jan 1895Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Henry, John15 Oct 1878Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Henry, Joseph L2 Apr 193524 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Henry, Kathryn L7 Dec 194918 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Henry, Lela30 Jul 1888May 1981Fort Wayne
Henry, Lillian E28 Aug 18995 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Henry, Margaret6 Aug 1939May 1985Fort Wayne
Henry, Marie14 Nov 192316 Feb 2005Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Henry, Mary11 Jan 1903Sep 1974Leo
Henry, Mary E28 Oct 190220 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Henry, Nina P17 Mar 190615 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Henry, Ona19 Dec 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Henry, Patricia E22 Dec 19407 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Henry, Paul E29 Apr 193915 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Henry, Raymond W18 Jan 19351 May 2007Fort Wayne
Henry, Richard R21 Jun 19289 Nov 1997Harlan
Henry, Robert S3 Oct 191716 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Henry, Robert T13 Jul 191113 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Henry, Samuel E14 Feb 190214 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Henry, Tennie1 Jun 1872Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Henry, Thomas E6 Apr 192617 Nov 2004Grabill
Henry, Timothy22 Oct 1953Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Henry, Tom L13 Aug 193210 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Henry, Tony30 Nov 1886Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Henry, Urban S13 Jun 19002 Jul 1994Roanoke
Henry, Violette O24 Mar 190815 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Henry, Virginia L15 Oct 191511 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Henry, Willard7 Aug 1909Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Henry, Willard17 Dec 1906Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Henry, William26 May 1903Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Henry, Willie Mae23 Dec 192716 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hensch, Clarence6 Aug 1904Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hensch, Edward19 Mar 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hensch, Martha30 Sep 1882Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Hensch, Robert1 Apr 1916Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Henschen, Carl22 Feb 1910Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Henschen, Carrie24 Oct 1875Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Henschen, Chalmer V22 Feb 19067 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Henschen, Charles20 Nov 1879Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Henschen, Clara24 Feb 1883Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Henschen, Clarence12 Mar 1913Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Henschen, Donald H31 Oct 192429 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Henschen, Dorothy S15 Oct 192010 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Henschen, Douglas8 Jun 1946Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Henschen, Elmer7 Jul 1906Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Henschen, Ernest28 Mar 1880Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Henschen, Gertrude4 Oct 1903Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Henschen, Hazel6 Mar 1899Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Henschen, Herbert11 Jul 1885Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Henschen, Irene M22 May 190931 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Henschen, Isabella24 May 1896Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Henschen, Marceil E5 Jun 193213 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Henschen, Marie14 Jul 1903Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Henschen, Otto Sr6 Jul 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Henschen, Ralph18 Sep 1912Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Henschen, Robert3 Apr 1921Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Henschen, Robert H14 Oct 19191 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Henschen, Sara27 May 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hensel, Carole A20 Jan 19437 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hensel, Earl27 Apr 1899Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hensick, Arnold C13 Jan 190925 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hensick, Dorothea M28 Jul 190927 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hensinger, Daniel J19 Feb 19279 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hensinger, Etta19 Oct 1879Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hensinger, Evelyn4 Apr 1892Jan 1974Grabill
Hensinger, Roberta1 Aug 193727 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hensinger, Seferina T6 Aug 193125 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Henslee, Patricia D18 Mar 19528 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hensler, Dorotha5 May 1911Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hensler, Dorothy E21 Dec 192212 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hensler, Eva18 Jun 1898Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hensler, Frank J19 Mar 19356 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hensler, John Sr11 Aug 1894Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Hensler, Richard D4 Dec 192311 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hensler, Robert John15 Jan 19259 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hensley, Buford23 Sep 1903Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hensley, Harmon O3 Jun 19213 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hensley, John28 Dec 1907Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hensley, Juanita3 Nov 1923Jul 1982Huntertown
Hensley, Lovie17 Aug 190517 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hensley, Lucy D18 Nov 19274 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Hensley, Lulu4 Apr 1921Jan 1987Spencerville
Hensley, Raymond J28 Jun 193019 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hensley, Roy18 Jun 1898Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Henson, Dollie4 Oct 190710 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Henson, Ernest7 Sep 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Henson, Gertrude M2 Feb 190731 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Henson, Peachie M28 May 190511 Oct 2000Harlan
Henson, Robert17 Apr 1907Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Henson, Walter20 Apr 1899Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Henthorn, Bessie8 Aug 192115 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hentze, J23 Dec 1904May 1982Roanoke
Hentze, Virginia B9 Apr 1907Aug 1995Roanoke
Hentzler, Irene A19 Aug 1901Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hentzler, John3 Feb 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Hepker, Kathryn M10 Aug 19003 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hepler Jr, Thomas L17 Aug 19355 Jan 2003Leo
Hepler, Edith K25 Feb 190919 Nov 1997Spencerville
Heppner, Edwin8 Dec 1899Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hepworth, Iver21 May 192722 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Herald, Alfred2 Mar 1918Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Herald, Kathryn18 Dec 1906Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Herb, Donald P28 Feb 19253 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Herb, Margaret14 Dec 1891Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Herber, Al J8 Aug 19139 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Herber, Anna31 Jan 1893Apr 1973Roanoke
Herber, Arthur2 Mar 1903Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Herber, Bertha11 Apr 1898Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Herber, Blanche10 Nov 1895Feb 1981Monroeville
Herber, Carolyn E3 Jul 194415 Dec 1995New Haven
Herber, Clara A17 Aug 191720 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Herber, Dorothy M1 Apr 191331 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Herber, Elaine M8 Aug 194624 May 2009Fort Wayne
Herber, Emil A14 Sep 19154 May 1997Fort Wayne
Herber, Florence A2 Jul 1902Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Herber, Frank31 Jan 1890May 1967Fort Wayne
Herber, Fred13 Mar 1891Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Herber, Genevieve8 Jan 190818 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Herber, Gerald W26 Oct 193727 Aug 1994New Haven
Herber, Leo17 Feb 1897Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Herber, Leo11 Dec 1896Jul 1984New Haven
Herber, Leona8 Apr 1911Feb 1975Grabill
Herber, Lucille3 Mar 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Herber, Marie R21 Dec 193021 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Herber, Norbert H29 Jan 192114 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Herber, Penny L13 Sep 19515 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Herber, Rheinhart28 Jun 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Herber, Robert C19 Jan 194728 Jun 2008New Haven
Herber, Robert J28 Oct 190913 Nov 2003Grabill
Herber, Robert M1 Oct 189816 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Herber, Stanley28 Sep 1924Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Herber, Violet26 Feb 1904Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Herber, Walter F22 Nov 190518 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Herberger, Betty J14 Aug 192524 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Herberger, Dale16 May 1918May 1987Fort Wayne
Herberger, James3 Aug 1919Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Herberger, Lewis16 Aug 1881Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Herberger, Phyllis J4 Aug 192426 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Herberger, Robert9 Jul 1926May 1983Fort Wayne
Herbers, Bernard H20 Mar 19143 May 1994Fort Wayne
Herbert, Dorothy23 Apr 1913May 1979Fort Wayne
Herbert, Lucille8 Nov 191721 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Herbert, Rose21 Feb 1883Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Herbst, August19 Jul 1889Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Herbst, David11 Jun 1910Sep 1980New Haven
Herbst, Edna12 Feb 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Herbst, Freddie A25 May 193926 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Herbst, Herman11 Jul 1887Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Herbst, Hugo28 Nov 1890Mar 1969Yoder
Herbst, Lavola27 Mar 1908Apr 1975New Haven
Herbst, Mabel S17 Jun 191117 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Herbst, Myrtle25 Mar 1889Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Herbst, Ruby I16 Nov 19143 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Herbst, Sharon L16 Aug 194215 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Herbst, Vernon L6 Jan 192829 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Herbst, Virginia2 May 1920May 1973Fort Wayne
Herderhorst, Edwin J7 Mar 191421 May 1988Monroeville
Herderhorst, Hilda16 Apr 1903Jun 1987Monroeville
Herderhorst, Marguerite4 May 1909May 1984Fort Wayne
Herdman, Blanche24 Sep 1903Mar 1969Huntertown
Herdman, Virgil L7 Nov 192218 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Herdrich, Betty R9 Oct 192819 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Herdrich, Francis W6 Apr 191825 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Herdrick, George22 Oct 1885Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Heredia, Barbara M4 Dec 19278 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Heredia, Catarino25 Nov 1907Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Heredia, Deborah S26 May 195024 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Heredia, Federico18 Jul 1929Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Heredia, Francisco9 Mar 1897Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Heredia, Hilaria5 Nov 1899Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Heredia, John M28 Feb 194812 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Heredia, Jose22 Apr 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Heredia, Julia9 Jan 192918 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Heredia, Margarito22 Apr 1921Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Heredia, Mary12 Jan 1922Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Heredia, Richard C3 Dec 19499 May 2003Fort Wayne
Heredia, Vincent G5 Apr 192416 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Clyde14 Nov 1901Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Edna B2 Dec 191614 Nov 2002Churubusco
Herendeen, Elcie E14 Aug 193710 Dec 1993Churubusco
Herendeen, Evelyn L28 Apr 191628 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Geneva3 Jul 1907Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Kenneth E26 Apr 191519 May 2005Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Lawrence C27 Jan 191919 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Louis25 Oct 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Max Leroy12 Feb 193317 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Merl3 Oct 1899May 1981Churubusco
Herendeen, Otto27 Aug 1909Nov 1973Churubusco
Herendeen, Patricia E27 Dec 192227 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Rachel3 Mar 1909May 1976Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Sharon A26 Oct 194624 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Willis23 Jul 1900Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Herendeen, Wilma2 Jan 1923Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Herget, Georgeanna C8 Apr 19168 May 2008Fort Wayne
Heriford, Halla25 Sep 1879Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hering, Vernon8 Sep 192720 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Herman, Adrian4 Mar 1904May 1967Monroeville
Herman, Arthur20 Sep 1912Jan 1985New Haven
Herman, Carol L19 May 194312 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Herman, Clara M10 Oct 188015 Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Herman, Donald N9 Dec 19275 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Herman, Frances9 Jan 1919Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Herman, Gervase P18 Oct 192916 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Herman, Helen11 Nov 193017 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Herman, Norbert12 Oct 19095 May 1997New Haven
Herman, Robert C25 Sep 192325 Apr 1994Harlan
Herman, Selma8 May 1911Jul 1987New Haven
Herman, Sylvia5 Oct 1896Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Herman, Vera9 Jan 1915Jan 1983New Haven
Hermann, Alvin J16 Nov 190618 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Hermann, Ellis2 Feb 1898Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hermann, Esther L8 Jun 190913 Jan 2000New Haven, Fort Wayne
Hermann, Kenneth G23 Sep 193315 Sep 1994New Haven
Hermann, Marjorie H17 Nov 19238 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Hermans, Inez18 Dec 1889Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hermeler, Dorothy8 Sep 1907Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Hermeler, Edna16 Aug 1914Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Hermes, John30 Apr 1890Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Hermes, William E21 Mar 19288 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Anselmo11 Sep 192529 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Concepsion28 Apr 1903Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Estela30 Jul 192123 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Gloria1 Oct 1941Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Ofelia19 Feb 191725 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Pedro4 Feb 19346 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Pedro29 Jun 1901Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Ralph H4 Aug 193523 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Ralph J6 Apr 196330 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Ronaldo11 Dec 193022 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Susana M28 Sep 19624 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hernandez, Vicente17 Feb 1898Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Herndon, Donald S1 Jun 192931 Dec 2000Woodburn
Herndon, Hazel12 Dec 1890Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Herndon, Mabel W26 May 191826 May 2004Roanoke
Herndon, Michael J9 Aug 196524 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Herndon, Virgil15 Mar 1915Jan 1982Roanoke
Herney, Edna18 Jun 1912Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Herney, John6 Apr 1899Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Herod, Michael A14 May 197317 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Herport, Fred4 Aug 1903Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Herr, Charles25 May 1896Jul 1985Churubusco
Herr, Eleanor21 Sep 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Herr, Henry12 Feb 1894Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Herr, Joseph5 Apr 1909Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Herr, Malcolm J25 Nov 19228 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Herr, Manson L22 Mar 191631 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Herr, Marie9 Sep 1888Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Herr, Marie18 Nov 1896Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Herr, N Joy6 Jun 192023 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Herr, Pearl G16 Feb 190428 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Herran, Carl21 Apr 1902Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Herrero, Luis A30 Aug 192029 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Herres, Catherine13 Sep 1914Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Herric, J18 Jan 1935Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Herrick, Anna27 Oct 1892May 1986Fort Wayne
Herrick, Clayton L27 Aug 191626 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Herrick, David L12 Aug 194712 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Herrick, Frieda L10 Apr 1921Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Herrick, Helen R15 Aug 19173 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Herrick, John E27 Feb 191815 Apr 2007Roanoke
Herrick, Josephine14 Aug 1884Jun 1986Grabill
Herrick, June A15 Apr 19181 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Herrick, June F21 Jun 192129 Jan 2005Grabill
Herrick, Kenneth12 Sep 1909Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Herrick, Ned M14 Sep 192114 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Herrick, Patricia M21 Aug 193512 Sep 2008Roanoke
Herriman, Nell27 Feb 1900Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Herring, David W18 May 192430 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Herring, Helen S20 Mar 19306 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Herring, Hilda25 Jul 1900Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Herring, Jennie7 May 189415 Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Herring, Pamela L24 Jun 19558 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Herring, Paul27 Jan 1898Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Herring, Sylvia18 Jan 190123 Dec 1998Leo
Herriott, Joseph D31 Oct 19169 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Herriott, Laura A29 Feb 192029 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Herrman, Eleanor F10 Jun 192617 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Herrman, Grace16 May 1903May 1980Churubusco
Herrmann, Adria L5 Oct 192129 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Emil24 Aug 1889Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Ilene13 Apr 1894Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Jacqueline H19 Mar 19205 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Herrmann, John18 Jan 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Joseph M25 Apr 192021 May 2005Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Luella V13 Mar 189915 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Matilda E30 Apr 191614 Mar 2007Hoagland
Herrmann, Paul R22 Jan 192121 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Ruth E16 Jun 192031 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Herrmann, Waldo J14 Apr 191611 Oct 2000Hoagland
Herron, Bessie2 Mar 1899Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Herron, Emily2 Apr 1906Jan 1979Churubusco
Herron, Estella9 Aug 19123 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Herron, Harry30 Jul 1905Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Herron, Hazel9 Sep 1890Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Herron, Joyce4 Aug 1924Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Herron, Juanita F24 Mar 192428 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Herron, Kenneth7 Apr 1911Dec 1982Churubusco
Herron, Mary L7 Nov 19544 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Herron, Paul A10 Jun 192215 Oct 1997Churubusco
Herron, Robert2 Feb 193413 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Herron, Thomas20 Apr 1919Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Herron, Velma22 Jan 1897Dec 1986Churubusco
Herschberger, Ethel P6 Mar 191721 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hersey, Fred29 Jul 1920Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Hersh, Isadore6 Aug 192130 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hersha, Kathryn L12 Feb 194012 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hersha, Robert R22 Aug 191427 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Audrey J3 Jun 192914 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Dorothy J19 Aug 193519 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Esther25 Oct 1885Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hershberger, James T14 Oct 194710 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Johanna G8 Apr 189718 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hershberger, John28 Feb 1878Jul 1964Grabill
Hershberger, Lelia2 Apr 1886Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Merritt26 Oct 1904Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Merritt R22 Jul 19256 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Otho3 Apr 1916Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Philip24 Sep 192212 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Ralph P18 Jan 19297 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Robert27 Dec 1898Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Robert24 Feb 1929Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hershberger, Virginia B12 Sep 19078 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hershey, Belva B27 Dec 191925 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hershey, Ernest1 Jan 1887Jan 1969Churubusco
Hershman, Robert D21 Apr 19428 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hertel, Alfred L12 Aug 192111 Mar 1992Roanoke
Hertel, Doris W24 Sep 192012 Dec 1996Roanoke
Hertel, Lenora29 Jun 1917Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hertig, Betty J29 Jan 192918 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Hertig, Charles3 Dec 19093 Jan 2000Harlan
Hertig, Garfield3 Jan 19188 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hertig, Geraldine J30 Mar 19167 Oct 2005Harlan
Hertling, Frances9 Mar 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hertling, Max22 Jul 1888Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hertwig, Emmy C2 Aug 191528 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hertwig, Gladys22 Apr 1910Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hertwig, Oswald J26 Apr 191023 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hertz, Carl26 Mar 1885Dec 1983Hoagland
Hertzman, Lilly28 Dec 1884Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hertzman, Pearl8 Feb 1908Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hertzog, Ruth L24 Mar 192119 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Herzbruch, Fern30 Aug 1904Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Herzog, Albert25 Mar 1884Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Herzog, Anna24 Mar 1877Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Herzog, Arthur2 Nov 1934Mar 1978Grabill
Herzog, Kurt28 Dec 1895Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Herzog, Margarete17 Jul 1904Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Herzog, Opal R8 Nov 19152 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Heselmeyer, Fred H18 Jan 190827 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Heselmeyer, Helen A21 Jan 191310 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hesemeyer, Bertha7 Oct 1888Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hesemeyer, George15 Jun 1891Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hesemeyer, Louise C4 Aug 188420 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Hesemeyer, Martha16 Oct 1915Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hesher, Anna24 Jun 1890Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hesley, Cathernine T29 Oct 192411 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hesley, John2 Nov 1883May 1972Fort Wayne
Heslund, Herman14 Dec 1894Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Heslund, Lillian22 Jun 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Hess, Carl E16 Aug 192615 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hess, Charlotte10 Aug 1897Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hess, Clara8 Sep 1901Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hess, Clare27 Jan 1889Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hess, Donald H9 Feb 192710 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hess, Edith29 Dec 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hess, Emma4 Jan 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hess, Emma4 Mar 1907Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Hess, Ethel13 Dec 1901May 1977Fort Wayne
Hess, Evelyn7 Oct 1905Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hess, Florence1 Mar 1890Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hess, Frances28 Sep 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hess, Fred30 May 1910Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hess, George27 May 1895Sep 1976Huntertown
Hess, George R22 Nov 192112 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hess, Harold F25 Mar 191026 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hess, Henrietta17 Aug 1890May 1973Fort Wayne
Hess, Howard M11 May 192831 Mar 2003Huntertown
Hess, Jane28 Dec 1914Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hess, Joann22 Apr 1929Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Hess, Kurt27 May 1899Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hess, Larry L2 Apr 19412 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Hess, Lawrence21 Nov 1901Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Hess, Lenor4 May 1897Apr 1978Huntertown
Hess, Lorna13 Jul 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hess, Lucy9 Nov 1878Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hess, Madeline11 Mar 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hess, Madonna27 Sep 1916Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hess, Mary Irene26 Oct 19154 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hess, Maude10 Feb 1884Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Hess, Merlyn E22 May 193110 Feb 2009Huntertown
Hess, Mildred D21 Jun 192026 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hess, Orrell2 Dec 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hess, Paul E15 May 19057 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Hess, Paula J27 Dec 19317 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hess, Ralph29 Jan 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Hess, Richard C4 Mar 19422 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hess, Richard D14 Feb 19221 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hess, Robert E7 Jul 192321 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hess, Robert H1 Dec 19375 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hess, Ruth M13 Aug 190428 May 1992Fort Wayne
Hess, Scott A31 Oct 19695 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hess, Wilma L16 Jul 19254 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hesse, Cora15 Jun 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hesse, Fred J10 May 192728 Feb 1997New Haven
Hesse, Josephine S23 Nov 18988 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Hesse, Louis20 Feb 1890Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hessert, Chester W2 Jun 19083 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hessert, Dorothea H20 Mar 191226 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hessert, Edith10 Feb 1889Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hessert, Geraldine M7 Jan 192220 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Hessert, Helen B20 May 191117 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hessert, Robert10 Apr 1911Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hessert, William F16 Mar 191813 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hessian, Robert B24 Mar 19184 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hession, Edward I8 Sep 191514 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hession, Joseph A24 Oct 189915 Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hessler, Josephine5 Apr 190921 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hessler, Mable V24 Apr 1908Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hessling, Mary17 Apr 191518 May 2000Fort Wayne
Hesson, Kenneth2 Aug 1917Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hester, Anna26 May 1885Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Hester, Bernice G19 Feb 190625 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hester, Helen A5 Nov 190416 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hester, Martha E1 Jan 192418 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hestermann, Clara M17 May 192026 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Heston, Curtis7 Dec 1903Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Heston, Douglas22 Aug 195927 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Heston, Helen Elizabeth17 Feb 191227 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Heston, John M11 Sep 191112 May 1997Fort Wayne
Heston, Leslie L2 Jun 19503 May 2002Fort Wayne
Heston, Ruth3 Jun 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hetfield, Charles C22 Nov 191720 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Bill E27 Nov 192924 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Blanche24 Jun 1895Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Clarence L9 Jun 191620 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Donald R17 Jun 191818 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Faye G17 Nov 190816 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hetrick, G14 Nov 195415 Dec 1996Yoder
Hetrick, Hazel B17 Jun 19083 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Ida A7 Apr 19075 Nov 1993Grabill
Hetrick, John G13 Dec 19252 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Juanita A23 Oct 192320 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Madge E7 Jul 19184 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Margaret Alyce19 Dec 193420 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Richard3 Sep 1922Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hetrick, Roberta G9 Sep 1927Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Alvin26 Feb 194429 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Donald L30 Jan 193118 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Donna M26 Nov 19379 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Doris L3 Apr 193121 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Florine3 Jun 191426 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hettinger, John12 Feb 1889Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Julia12 Feb 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Leroy F22 Apr 19326 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Lois J16 Oct 193314 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Nina E11 Jun 19121 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Otto11 Feb 1907Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Richard16 May 1929Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hettinger, Ruth E15 May 19137 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hettinger, William30 Mar 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hettinger, William J7 Jun 19282 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hettler, Anna5 Jun 1906Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hettler, Barbara D16 Dec 19325 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hettler, Maxine P2 Dec 191813 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Hettler, William5 Jul 1903Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hettmansperg, Carl16 Apr 1889Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Hettmansperg, Rose29 Aug 1889Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hetzel, Earl L13 Feb 192119 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hetzel, Julia A22 Oct 192412 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hetzler, Leona B20 Mar 19206 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hetzner, Cornelius N17 Jan 192124 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hetzner, Garland13 Dec 1904Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hetzner, Robert22 Mar 19313 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Heuer, Donald J28 Apr 192629 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Heuer, Edna S19 Nov 19048 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Heuer, Elsie19 Jan 1908Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Heuer, Herbert W5 Apr 190423 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Heuer, Herman20 May 1917Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Heuer, Lena12 May 1889Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Heuer, Luella B6 Jun 191127 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Heuer, Ronald J28 Apr 192618 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Heurich, Robert G6 Jun 195815 May 2003Fort Wayne
Heuvelman, Marcella17 Nov 1897Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hewes, Earl17 Aug 1899Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Hewes, Harvey16 Feb 1927Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Carl H18 Nov 19282 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Dale D16 Mar 193922 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Delta B29 Mar 191718 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Louise L24 Feb 191726 May 2003Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Nolan C2 Jan 191414 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Paula25 Feb 1946Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Randal L11 Feb 195229 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Richard E30 Nov 19284 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hewitt, Roger A12 Sep 193724 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hexter, Rhoda16 Jan 1916Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Hey, Beatrice9 May 1905Dec 1980New Haven, Fort Wayne
Hey, Edith M24 Jul 189514 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Hey, Karl D12 May 191915 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hey, Minnie4 Jul 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hey, Robert9 Sep 1933Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hey, Truman23 Jan 1897Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Hey, Violet L26 Sep 19117 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Heyerly, Elmer16 Apr 1909Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Heyerly, Emma1 Dec 1881Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Heyman, Robert J16 Nov 192324 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Heyn, Carol E21 Jan 192522 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Heyn, Celeste7 Jan 1926Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Heyn, Priscilla30 May 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Heyn, Robert E24 Dec 193230 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Heyn, Walter W24 Nov 192620 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Heyn, Wella18 Mar 1898Aug 1980Fort Wayne

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