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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Hiatt, Erma C27 Feb 191820 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Hiatt, Harold31 Aug 1915Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hiatt, John R17 Sep 192220 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hiatt, Mabelle6 Mar 1894Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hiatt, Merrill15 Feb 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hiatt, Phillip L6 May 193020 Feb 1999Churubusco
Hiatt, Ruth E5 Aug 19305 Mar 2005Churubusco
Hibbard, David1 May 1940Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hibben, David A9 Oct 192428 Sep 2005New Haven
Hibbins, George20 Mar 1890Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Hibbs, Bernus E10 Jun 19408 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hibbs, Maye9 Feb 1890Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hibbs, Robert W6 Aug 196223 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hibler Sr, Michael A16 May 194823 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hibler, Forest2 May 1896Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hibler, Homer31 Jan 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Hibler, James P18 Sep 195420 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hibler, John F9 Feb 191918 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hibler, Mary Ann9 Jul 1923Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hibler, Monnabelle18 Sep 192912 Oct 1995Hoagland
Hibler, Susan D4 Feb 194919 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hickernell, Lewis14 Feb 1898Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hickey, Darlene A13 Jun 195828 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hickey, Donna J6 May 193310 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hickey, Esther C2 Jul 190922 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hickey, Hetty S4 Mar 19064 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hickey, Lawrence7 Jun 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hickey, Lawrence P5 Jul 19286 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hickey, Leta O31 Dec 191127 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hickey, S24 Jan 1991Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hickey, Sally A5 Oct 193322 May 2000Fort Wayne
Hickle, Marilyn S30 Dec 193630 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Hickle, Robert17 Sep 1927Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hickle, Robert W24 Oct 193530 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hickman, Arthur2 May 1890Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hickman, Benjamin20 Mar 1890Dec 1978New Haven
Hickman, Bess R27 Aug 190530 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Hickman, Charlotte Ann17 Oct 19486 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hickman, Donald F28 Sep 19192 May 1992Fort Wayne
Hickman, Donald M5 Aug 192420 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hickman, Dorothy K6 Jul 193114 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hickman, Frank19 Jan 1888Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Hickman, Fredrick M26 Jan 193822 May 2003Fort Wayne
Hickman, Harry28 Dec 1899Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hickman, Helen23 Nov 1911Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Hickman, Hilda1 Dec 1892May 1980Fort Wayne
Hickman, Hilda8 Jul 1898Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Hickman, Howard10 Sep 1895Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hickman, James12 May 1918Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Hickman, Judith L26 Jan 1921May 1994Fort Wayne
Hickman, Marjorie22 Apr 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Hickman, Richard A19 Oct 19179 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hickman, Robert H2 Nov 19145 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hickman, Victor F4 Jun 191818 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hickox, Martha12 Aug 1905Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hicks, Albert13 May 1903May 1971Fort Wayne
Hicks, Austin E6 Jan 192016 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hicks, Betty I6 Jan 192524 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hicks, Beve15 Apr 1917Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Hicks, Clarence29 Sep 1921Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Hicks, Dale W6 Jul 192526 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hicks, Dorothy L21 Aug 193220 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hicks, Earl H11 Aug 193018 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hicks, G T4 Mar 192615 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hicks, George E29 May 190514 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hicks, Gerald Anderson18 Oct 194217 Jul 2008Leo
Hicks, Glenn14 Aug 1910Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hicks, Harold16 Jun 1918Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hicks, Helene13 Nov 1896Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hicks, Henry J25 Oct 192512 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hicks, Herbert D13 Sep 190822 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hicks, Herbert L21 Dec 1972May 1992Fort Wayne
Hicks, Irene6 Jun 1910Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Hicks, Juanita17 Jun 1908Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hicks, Lelah29 Oct 1908Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Hicks, Leon5 Mar 195128 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hicks, Lora M1 Mar 188215 Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hicks, Louise25 Dec 191124 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Hicks, M M2 Jul 1912Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hicks, Marvin6 Jul 193714 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Hicks, Mcarthur20 Jan 194321 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hicks, Myrtle30 Mar 1886May 1967Fort Wayne
Hicks, Nyla K22 Oct 19495 May 2002New Haven
Hicks, Ocie C3 Oct 191615 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Hicks, Opal L4 Apr 19226 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hicks, Ralph29 May 1918Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Hicks, Ralph8 Nov 1914Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hicks, Sherman L20 Jul 195419 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hicks, William26 Dec 1939Jun 1983Fort Wayne, Leo
Hicov, John28 Jun 192124 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hicov, Marjorie23 Feb 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hiday, Jack2 Jul 1893May 1968Fort Wayne
Hiddle, Madeline30 Aug 1914Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hides, Arthur16 Oct 1927Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hides, Pearlie10 Jan 19318 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hieber, Arthur H14 Aug 191819 May 1994Fort Wayne
Hieber, Christian23 Jul 1895Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Hieber, Elsie4 Nov 1915Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hieber, Jennie L22 Mar 189628 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hieber, John13 Apr 1906Jul 1983Woodburn
Hieber, Lillian A22 Dec 190727 Apr 1994Woodburn
Hieber, William S27 Jun 192022 Sep 2009New Haven
Hieber, Wilma D7 Jun 1920Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hiester, Florence28 Feb 1899Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Higbie, Catherine25 Aug 1912Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Higdon, Ruby19 Sep 1927Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Higgens, Clifford4 Nov 1924Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Higgens, John5 May 1888Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Higgens, John G24 May 191924 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Higgens, Joseph C12 Jul 192017 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Higginbotham, Catherine Rose7 Dec 19179 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Higginbotham, Helen F9 Feb 19327 Jul 2008New Haven
Higginbotham, Larry D5 Jun 19489 Aug 1997New Haven
Higginbotham, Naomi E1 Sep 193226 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Higgins, Agnes M8 May 19389 May 2008Fort Wayne
Higgins, Estelle C19 Mar 192919 Mar 2008Woodburn
Higgins, Ethel L11 Dec 191315 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Higgins, Fred27 Jan 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Higgins, Garnett M4 Jan 191425 May 1997Grabill
Higgins, Harold1 Jan 1911Apr 1984Grabill
Higgins, Lance9 Apr 196331 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Higgins, Leland21 Nov 1899Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Higgins, Lillian20 Mar 1914Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Higgins, Loretta29 Mar 1891Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Higgins, Monte G17 Sep 193718 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Higgins, Nettie10 Oct 1884Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Higgins, Ronald J12 Nov 193123 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Higgins, Wilma25 Mar 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Higgs, Dorothy9 Jun 1900Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Higgs, Elizabeth8 Apr 1888Jan 1967Fort Wayne
High, Allen K4 Oct 192428 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
High, Bernice M15 Apr 19304 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
High, Ed C29 Mar 1922Jun 1996Fort Wayne
High, Ernest18 Apr 1893May 1987Monroeville
High, Hobart D30 Apr 192620 Dec 2002Churubusco
High, Howard S31 Mar 19188 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
High, Kenneth E13 Jul 192717 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
High, Max E15 Jul 192214 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
High, Robert21 Nov 1920Mar 1983Fort Wayne
High, Rowene L9 Mar 193515 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
High, Tressie13 May 1889Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Highland, Frieda M18 Aug 1897Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Highland, Kenneth7 Nov 1900Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Highland, Leona M25 May 192120 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Highlands, Grace28 Jun 1890Oct 1981Roanoke
Highlands, Nathan8 Apr 1878Feb 1967Roanoke
Highlen, Alice8 Nov 1930Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Highlen, Carolyn7 Feb 1939Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Highlen, Darwin E21 Nov 191917 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Highlen, J L29 Dec 195115 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Highlen, James H23 Jul 19325 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Highlen, Merle25 Mar 1895Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Highlen, Robert W11 Oct 19287 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Highlen, Ruthann3 Jan 1923Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hightire, Willie L10 Apr 194020 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hightower, James H31 Oct 19412 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Higi, Edith O14 Jun 190522 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Higle, John F5 Aug 19459 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Hike, Harold24 Dec 1900Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Hike, Neil L14 Jun 193228 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hike, William19 Sep 191624 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hilbish, Robert W17 May 19136 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hilbun, Hilda P2 Feb 190011 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hild, Emily19 Feb 1878Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hildebrand, Catherine10 Aug 1912Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Hildebrand, Dot18 Mar 1892Dec 1976New Haven
Hildebrand, Edward A11 Jul 191620 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hildebrand, Elsie5 Nov 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hildebrand, Emma6 Jul 1884Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hildebrand, Gabriele E3 Jan 192326 Oct 2008New Haven
Hildebrandt, Edna R13 Sep 19157 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hildebrandt, Lester L9 Mar 193426 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hildebrandt, Villa M11 May 190920 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hildenbrand, Clarence S14 Oct 191610 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hildenbrand, Iva B10 Dec 191816 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Hildinger, William29 Jul 1914Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hildinger, William7 Mar 1883Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Hildner, Ludwig O11 Sep 189914 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hildner, Luella25 Dec 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Hile Jr, Leo E18 Dec 195421 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hile, Donald10 Apr 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hile, Dorothy E15 Oct 19092 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hile, Fredrick9 Dec 1928Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hile, Harvey Joseph30 Jun 191425 May 2008Churubusco
Hile, Homer5 Sep 1905Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hile, Margaret M31 Mar 190126 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hile, Wilbert L1 Feb 195516 Jun 2006Roanoke
Hile, William19 Apr 1910Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hile, Winifred F9 Jan 19046 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hileman, David L6 Mar 19302 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hileman, Donna I16 Feb 19356 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hileman, Lloyd S31 Jul 192218 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hileman, Richard E16 Oct 193122 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hiler, Harry19 Jun 1873Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Hiles, Harold2 Mar 1903Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hiles, Joseph H2 Aug 192627 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hilfiker, Agnes C14 May 190624 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hilfiker, Fred A9 Oct 190028 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hilgeman, Evelyn9 Aug 1900Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hilgeman, Everett14 Apr 1905Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hilgeman, Lucile25 Jun 19189 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hilgeman, Luella26 Mar 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Edith L11 Dec 1898Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Harry7 Feb 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, James22 Dec 1916Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Luella9 Jun 1893Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Mable23 Jun 1891Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Minnie29 Apr 1884Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Raymond20 Feb 1915May 1974Fort Wayne
Hilgemann, Victor4 Jan 1886Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hilgendorf, Ben30 Aug 1900Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Hilger, Bernard E16 Jan 191918 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hilger, F M26 Oct 19103 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Hilger, Henry6 Jul 190910 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Hilker Sr, John25 Apr 1889Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Hilker, Adeline27 May 1896Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hilker, Carl7 Jul 1906May 1969Spencerville
Hilker, Dorothy17 Mar 1891Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hilker, Edward7 Sep 1899Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hilker, Edward9 Nov 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hilker, Edward C19 Aug 19366 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hilker, Eleanor E13 Nov 19151 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hilker, Elgin F25 Mar 190727 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hilker, Ella22 Jul 1890Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hilker, Esther L15 Mar 191918 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hilker, Esther M23 May 190425 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hilker, George29 Dec 1886Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hilker, Henry11 Mar 1902Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hilker, Herman H24 Sep 19171 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Hilker, Ida14 Nov 1909Sep 1972Spencerville
Hilker, Ola27 Dec 1890Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Hilker, Richard M16 Nov 192528 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hilker, Robert9 Aug 1910Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hilker, Rosella5 Dec 1907May 1983Fort Wayne
Hilker, William26 Mar 1902May 1976Fort Wayne
Hilker, William F5 Dec 19249 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hilkey Jr, Ferman C5 Mar 192729 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Hill Jr, George L23 Apr 19354 Sep 2001Roanoke
Hill, Alberta2 Feb 1923Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hill, Alfred N9 Mar 191315 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Alice19 Sep 1922Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hill, Alice A21 Jan 191828 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, Allen L29 Nov 19282 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hill, Ann18 Jan 1895Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hill, Ann L1 Sep 192628 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, Arnola20 Sep 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hill, Arthur21 May 190820 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hill, Benjamin15 Sep 1887Sep 1970Roanoke
Hill, Bobby9 Feb 1932Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hill, Bonn B12 Mar 191529 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hill, C F20 Jun 191511 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Hill, Carlos24 Sep 1957Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Hill, Catherine7 Jan 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hill, Charles A13 May 193010 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Hill, Charles L5 Nov 192919 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hill, Chauncey21 Jan 1914May 1987Fort Wayne
Hill, Chester22 May 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hill, Christine3 Jan 195315 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hill, Consuella J11 Aug 1934May 1990Fort Wayne
Hill, Cornelius J21 May 193721 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hill, Crilla26 Nov 1920May 1974Fort Wayne
Hill, Curtis6 Feb 191625 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hill, D E12 Apr 19585 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, Daniel19 Oct 1890Apr 1967New Haven
Hill, Dannie9 Oct 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hill, Dorothy3 Jun 1937Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Earnest26 Feb 192214 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Hill, Elizabeth A8 Jan 19255 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hill, Elizabeth A23 Aug 191810 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hill, Elmer16 Aug 1915Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hill, Emma P12 Apr 192114 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hill, Etola M2 Sep 191412 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, Etta I1 Jun 19161 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hill, Eugene12 Mar 1939Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hill, Eva M19 Sep 191519 Jul 2002Fort Wayne, New Haven
Hill, Everett E27 Jul 19013 Mar 1995New Haven
Hill, F17 Apr 1934Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Hill, Ferrol14 Jun 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hill, Florence S16 Feb 189616 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, Floyd S24 May 19065 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hill, Frank20 Apr 1904Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hill, Frank23 Apr 1908May 1976Fort Wayne
Hill, Frankie31 Aug 1913Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hill, George29 Aug 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, George29 Oct 1923Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Hill, Gerald13 Mar 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Hill, Gertrude9 Jan 1904Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Hill, Gladys24 Jan 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hill, Granville19 Sep 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Hill, Helanine K28 Jul 1909Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hill, Homer27 Oct 1917Mar 1980Woodburn
Hill, Ilene M11 Jul 195515 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, Jack D28 Aug 19352 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, James17 Nov 1946Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hill, Jeffery A22 Sep 198316 May 2006Churubusco
Hill, Jennie2 May 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hill, Jessie4 Dec 1890Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Hill, Joanna S8 Feb 194129 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hill, John9 Dec 19236 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, John E26 May 19119 May 1989Fort Wayne
Hill, John R11 Sep 192115 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, Joseph M21 Nov 194119 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Judith16 Jun 194119 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hill, Julius A22 Feb 193717 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hill, June C20 Sep 192916 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hill, Kenneth1 May 194322 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hill, Kenneth DJan 192830 May 1977Fort Wayne
Hill, Laura E6 Mar 1917Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hill, Laurence7 Apr 1914May 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Lee M3 Dec 19052 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hill, Letha D25 Dec 193231 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hill, Lewis7 Jul 1899Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Hill, Linda K11 May 19454 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hill, Linda Kaye26 May 195223 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Hill, Lmarguerit5 Aug 192316 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hill, Lorenzo14 Mar 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Louis R7 Nov 19237 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hill, Louise18 Jul 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Lucile20 Jan 1904Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hill, Marian13 Nov 1914Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hill, Marie M25 Oct 192613 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hill, Marjorie23 Feb 1917Jan 1983New Haven
Hill, Mary20 Jul 1897Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hill, Mary B14 Nov 19143 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hill, Mary J8 Dec 193018 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Hill, Mary L12 Nov 191411 Dec 2003Leo
Hill, Mary Z19 Mar 192113 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hill, Mcjoe11 Feb 193127 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, Melvin W16 Apr 191729 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hill, Michael S26 Jul 194825 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hill, Mildred20 Aug 1915Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hill, Myrtle15 Jun 1903Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Hill, Myrtle31 Jan 1896Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hill, Neil W27 Feb 192425 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hill, Paul W13 Apr 19131 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hill, Philip A10 Dec 190918 Mar 1995Leo
Hill, Ralph15 Feb 1910Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hill, Ralph13 Dec 1901Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Hill, Ralph D5 Oct 192126 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Raymond22 Jan 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hill, Richard D26 Nov 19357 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hill, Rindy6 Mar 1906Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hill, Robert10 Feb 1897Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hill, Robert L31 Aug 194414 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Roger2 Nov 1928May 1977Fort Wayne
Hill, Rollie17 Feb 192216 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hill, Roselyn M11 Nov 193223 Nov 2001Churubusco
Hill, Roy19 Nov 1911Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Roy4 Jul 194412 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hill, Russell W9 Dec 192525 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hill, Ruth10 Apr 1908Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Solonie M27 Feb 19319 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hill, Thelma13 Feb 1919Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hill, Theresa21 Jan 1892Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hill, Thomas28 Jun 1888Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hill, Vanessa Ann3 Mar 19588 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hill, Velma18 Nov 1907Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Hill, Vera5 Jan 1919Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hill, Verna G10 Apr 19108 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hill, Vernon31 Dec 1915Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Hill, Victor R5 Feb 191830 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hill, Violet R30 Jul 19117 Mar 2006Huntertown
Hill, Virginia M11 Mar 192020 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Vivian20 May 190724 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hill, Walter1 Dec 1886Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Hill, Willie23 Feb 19318 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hill, Zilpah6 Oct 1906Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hillard, Leo E2 May 191626 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hillard, Rosa2 Nov 1889Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hillary, Patrick E15 May 191516 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Hille, Arthur8 Apr 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Hille, Arthur14 Sep 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Hille, Beatrice11 Oct 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hille, Connie V24 May 192414 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hille, Elva M17 May 190627 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hille, Esther J20 Aug 190822 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hille, Gladys31 Aug 1896Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Hille, Glenn B20 Aug 19241 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hille, Helen25 Oct 1901May 1982Fort Wayne
Hille, Lawrence5 Sep 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hille, Minnie8 Feb 1891Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hille, Preston6 Nov 191831 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hille, Roland D17 Oct 192127 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hille, William22 Oct 1898Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Hillegas, Palmer A6 Oct 19327 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hilleke, Joseph6 Oct 1889Feb 1953Fort Wayne
Hilliard, Mary12 Oct 1926Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hilliard, Nitchel T14 May 193019 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hilliard, Vardie L1 Feb 19122 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hilligas, Fred17 Jun 1908Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hilligas, Mae L31 Oct 190723 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hillock, Crescens28 Aug 1904Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Hills, Margaret L10 Oct 19148 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hills, Raymond5 Jan 1914Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Hillwig, Frank22 Apr 1918Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hillyard, Harry25 Sep 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Hillyard, Sharon Y20 Nov 193512 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Hillyer, Hubert R29 Nov 19331 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hillyer, Marcella24 Jan 1901May 1980Fort Wayne
Hilpert, Lucie28 Mar 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Hilsmier, Harold W12 Nov 190912 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hilsmier, Olga M23 Mar 191312 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hilsmier, Richard F19 Sep 192628 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hilsmier, Wendell S5 Jan 191620 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Hilsmier, Yvonne M19 Apr 192713 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hilt, Agnes28 Dec 1894Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hilt, Audrey E10 May 191029 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hilt, Martin27 Jan 1914Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hilt, Rosalee M25 Mar 192616 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hilton, Herman3 May 1909Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hilton, James E27 May 192412 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hilton, John14 Apr 1894Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Hilton, Kathleen29 Jun 1921Nov 1972Churubusco
Hilton, Ladonna I19 Oct 192223 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hilton, Lilien12 Aug 1893Jan 1968Churubusco
Hilton, Martha J31 May 194421 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hilton, Nancy L7 Jul 19398 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hilton, Robert Edward20 Oct 194011 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hilton, William M15 Mar 194113 Oct 1999New Haven
Hilty, Helen3 Jun 1920Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hilty, Mary A5 May 193222 Dec 2000Woodburn
Hilyard, Fay M30 Jun 190518 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Himbert, Marie17 May 1899Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Helen2 Dec 1906Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Herman15 Sep 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Leon B29 Jan 192519 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Max2 Jul 1900Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Phyllis A28 Feb 192816 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Himelstein, Rose22 Dec 1906Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Himes, Earl J20 Oct 191822 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Himes, Evelyn M6 Feb 19345 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Himes, James W5 Feb 191813 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Himes, Rosalie A23 Jun 19193 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Himmelein, Rose16 May 1901Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Himmelhaver, Samuel J4 Nov 19279 Nov 2004New Haven
Himstead, Benjamin22 Apr 1883Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Himstead, Frances5 Dec 1884Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hind, John E12 May 19156 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hind, Lucy A20 Mar 192625 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hindenlang, Richard I21 Oct 191816 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Everett R18 Nov 19141 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Howard20 Oct 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Jacob20 Feb 1890May 1967Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Jean17 Apr 1924Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Marie Rose R1 Feb 18935 Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Ruth10 Aug 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hinderer, Ruth N26 Dec 19207 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hindle, Allan M8 Mar 192731 Jan 2003Yoder
Hindle, James Edward24 May 19218 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hindle, Marie29 Dec 1891Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hindley, David R6 Oct 198020 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hindman, Cecile22 Nov 1885Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Hindman, Charlene27 Aug 190821 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Hindman, Charles30 May 1891Feb 1967Churubusco
Hindman, Lee27 Jul 1885Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Hindman, Leo30 May 1902Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hindman, Pauline15 Dec 1880Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Hindman, Pauline F26 Dec 189615 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hindman, Virgine M26 Mar 191722 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hinds, Dorothy1 Jan 1908Oct 1985New Haven
Hinds, Samuel26 Apr 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Hine, Elenora14 Mar 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Hine, Gertrude S26 Aug 190814 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Hine, Helen28 Nov 1878Jan 1974Churubusco
Hine, Larry A28 Apr 19422 Sep 1996Roanoke
Hine, Leo29 Jun 1898Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hine, Marion S23 Apr 19192 Sep 2006Roanoke
Hine, Myra10 Feb 1887Nov 1981Roanoke
Hine, Nora7 Aug 1882May 1975Fort Wayne
Hine, Ruby M7 Dec 191528 Aug 1999Roanoke
Hine, Russell19 Jun 1912Sep 1973Roanoke
Hine, Sheldon H25 Jan 19077 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hine, William B19 May 196014 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hinen, Dorothy L19 Nov 191311 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Hinen, Francis J28 Apr 193915 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hinen, Henry12 Oct 1899Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hinen, Irene21 Feb 1900Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hinen, Irene17 Mar 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hinen, Leo17 Dec 1901Jan 1971Roanoke
Hinen, Louis14 Oct 1891Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hinen, Ralph J2 Jul 192830 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hinen, Roy W20 Jun 193410 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hiner, Hillard27 Sep 1900Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hiner, Kevin16 Apr 1960May 1980Fort Wayne
Hines Sr, Robert L1 May 1947Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hines, Arthur J30 Mar 192917 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hines, Carolyn C6 Dec 19238 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hines, Clara V9 Nov 191015 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hines, Edward22 Apr 1891Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hines, Ellen A9 Dec 190624 Jul 1998Leo
Hines, Gilbert W16 Jun 191812 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hines, Harold27 Jun 1900Jul 1968Grabill
Hines, Harold R16 Jun 192627 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Hines, James L7 Jan 194819 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hines, John H12 Nov 191924 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hines, John H8 Jan 193514 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hines, Josephine A29 Dec 191419 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hines, Kathleen S31 Aug 192626 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hines, Laura B20 May 19178 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Hines, Leslie26 Feb 1910Oct 1979Hoagland
Hines, Mary Ellen24 Jul 19195 Dec 1992Roanoke
Hines, Mildred5 May 1911Dec 1979Hoagland, Fort Wayne
Hines, Myrtle13 Nov 1891May 1983Fort Wayne
Hines, Myrtle12 Feb 1897Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Hines, Timothy26 Feb 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hinesley, Ruth M26 Aug 19104 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hinga, Marilyn M23 Dec 192530 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Hinga, Mary31 Oct 1925Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hinga, William T2 Apr 19269 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hinkle Sr, Cleo18 Dec 1925Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hinkle, Denise6 Jul 1962Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hinkle, Ethel L2 Sep 19081 Dec 1999Grabill
Hinkson, Charles20 Nov 1886Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hinman, Harold D10 Jun 193222 Feb 2003Roanoke
Hinman, John29 Aug 1912Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hinman, Richard R4 Jan 19332 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, August17 Sep 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, Don W22 Sep 192910 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, Gregory S6 Sep 195418 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, James M15 Dec 19364 Apr 2006Churubusco
Hinrichs, Jean M23 Feb 192920 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, Mildred26 Dec 1912Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, Ronald G27 Oct 193228 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hinrichs, Walter10 Jul 1908Sep 1971Churubusco
Hinsch, Bonnie15 Nov 1921Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Hinsch, Ronald K28 May 19617 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hinsey, Doris T6 Aug 19299 May 2001Fort Wayne
Hinsey, Edward5 Apr 1907Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hinsey, L B20 Aug 192715 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hinshaw, Dollie18 Mar 1895Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hinshaw, Forrest6 Nov 1909May 1982New Haven
Hinshaw, Gwendolyn28 Jan 1916Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hinshaw, Lemoine8 Feb 19226 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Hinshaw, Roy20 May 1890Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Hinshaw, Wanetta M19 Feb 192615 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hinton Jr, Walter H3 Oct 193030 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hinton, Alice R31 Mar 191111 Nov 1993Roanoke
Hinton, Audra25 Oct 196724 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hinton, Cecile20 Oct 1898Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hinton, Cora9 Feb 1887Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Hinton, Ernest30 Sep 1899Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Hinton, Evelyn14 Jun 18992 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hinton, Florence2 Jul 1897Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hinton, Georgianna R30 Aug 19208 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hinton, Glenn17 Jul 1888Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Hinton, Jeanette L22 Jan 19754 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Hinton, John29 Jan 1926Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hinton, Lloyd D13 Sep 190419 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hinton, Marvin L10 Mar 196522 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hinton, Muriel F16 Dec 19219 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Hinton, Rozella4 Aug 1896Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hinton, Walker15 May 1893Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hinton, Walter29 Oct 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hinton, Wilbur C29 Nov 19209 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hintz, Wilhelm A11 Nov 192619 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hinz, Gertraud1 Jun 192017 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hinz, Kurt13 Feb 1925Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hipkins, Evelyn28 Sep 1910Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hipkins, Ralph21 Jun 1885Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Hiple, Ralph3 Mar 1887May 1968Roanoke
Hipp, Clarence29 Oct 1891Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Hipp, Phyllis L14 Sep 19261 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hippenhamer, John3 Mar 1894Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Hippenhamer, Lavern21 May 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hippenhamer, Maurice25 Sep 1915May 1979Fort Wayne
Hipsher, Beatrice21 Mar 1902Jan 1981New Haven
Hipskind, Alphonsus23 Aug 1900Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Charlotte M4 May 191329 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Daniel Joseph25 May 193120 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Frances H31 Dec 18976 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Frieda14 Mar 1902Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Georganna23 Aug 19285 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hipskind, J31 Oct 1891Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hipskind, John10 Mar 1885Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Kenneth P8 Oct 191511 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Margaret29 Mar 1910Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Mary N30 Dec 192226 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Hipskind, Mary V27 Jul 189821 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hipskind, T4 Feb 1880Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Hire, Anna3 Aug 1891Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hire, Harry13 Jan 1902May 1968Fort Wayne
Hire, Mary E22 Aug 192522 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hire, Richard J31 Jan 192417 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hire, Robert19 Sep 1922Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hire, Robert L11 Jan 19383 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hire, Ruth19 Nov 1895Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hire, Tessa27 Apr 1897Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hire, Wilbur28 Oct 1912Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hirons, Donald E8 Feb 192012 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hirons, Raya R19 Sep 19232 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Hirsch, Emilie18 Nov 1904Mar 1977New Haven
Hirsch, Fred28 Jul 1890Jan 1976Woodburn
Hirsch, Richard L19 Sep 193120 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hirsch, Rudolph5 Oct 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hirsch, Virgil H30 Dec 192522 Apr 2002Woodburn
Hirschbiel, Charles29 Dec 1927Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hirschbiel, Edith23 Jun 1910Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hirschfelder, Anna12 Jan 1888May 1978Fort Wayne
Hirschfelder, Darreld3 May 1907Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hirschfelder, Jennie17 Feb 1893May 1979Fort Wayne
Hirschfelder, Leroy21 Mar 1900Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Hirschman, Debra13 Jan 1950Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hirschman, Eleanor L25 Oct 19198 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hirschman, Howard E27 Feb 19209 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hirschmann, Maria31 Dec 1896May 1981Yoder
Hirschmann, Robert18 Dec 1916Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hirschmann, Wilhelmin25 Feb 1885Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Anna25 Jul 1904May 1973Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Arman1 Apr 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hirschy, B L24 Feb 192515 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Clarence13 Jan 1897Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Ellis J23 Sep 19097 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Eula H11 Sep 1912Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Ezra5 Feb 19006 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Grace10 Jun 1904Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Harold H19 Feb 19126 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Herman5 Mar 1902Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Hilda11 Jan 1904Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hirschy, James19 Apr 1898May 1979Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Joseph8 Feb 1895Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Josephine19 Apr 1891Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hirschy, May12 Oct 1899Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Neva I1 Feb 193730 Aug 1993Woodburn
Hirschy, Oswin13 Feb 1896Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Rosalie29 Jul 1896Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hirschy, Shirley M26 Jul 19322 Apr 1997Woodburn
Hiscutt, Robert J26 Dec 193423 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Hiser Jr, Forest J22 Aug 191922 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hiser, David23 Oct 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Hiser, Irene8 Apr 190116 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hisle, Clara13 Jun 1930Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hisner, Gerald G14 Jun 192122 Oct 2007Hoagland
Hisner, Gordon28 Feb 1924May 1979Hoagland
Hissem, William19 Apr 1899Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hissong, Clarence3 Sep 1888Aug 1978Spencerville
Hissong, Cleo16 Jun 1908Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Hissong, Harriet A2 Oct 191620 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Hissong, Jane17 Sep 1890Apr 1978Spencerville
Hissong, Larry E25 Jul 194728 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hissong, Mary V13 Aug 193817 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hissong, Vera1 Dec 1912Jun 1987Spencerville
Hitchcock, Helyn3 Nov 1897Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Hitchcock, Ivan11 Dec 1893Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hitchcock, James29 May 1927Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hitchcock, Jean L27 Apr 192531 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hitchcock, Louis E19 Apr 192210 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hitchcock, William E8 Jul 193528 Aug 1993New Haven
Hitchens, W H10 May 190431 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Hitchins, Phyllis M24 Mar 19224 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hitchins, Walter A20 Apr 19143 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hite, Addie E12 Jan 18991 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hite, Bertha7 Mar 1893Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hite, Blanche6 Dec 1896Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hite, Charles3 Jan 1921Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hite, Elizabeth6 Oct 1894May 1985Fort Wayne
Hite, Guy29 Sep 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Hite, Harvey15 Nov 189716 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hite, Jesse L4 Mar 19173 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hite, John31 Jan 1919Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hite, Max18 Feb 1919Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hite, Nolan11 Apr 1889Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Hite, Raymond12 Aug 1942Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hite, Sherman9 Oct 1892Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hites, Clifford18 Jan 1911Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hites, Frederick J17 Jun 19547 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Hites, Louise L27 Jul 19079 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Hites, Sarah K24 Jun 1918Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hittie, Elisabeth C20 Jun 19064 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Bertha31 Aug 1911Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Donald F28 May 19212 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Evelyn11 Jan 1908Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Fred16 Nov 1881Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Hanna19 Apr 1890May 1969Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Harry23 May 1913Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Manford5 May 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Marie26 Jan 1895May 1983Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Paul10 Jun 1892Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Paul24 Apr 1911Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Paula12 Jul 1893Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Richard C10 Jun 192413 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Robert H1 Oct 191416 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, Ruth20 Jun 1916Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Hitzeman, William16 Oct 1910Jan 1982New Haven
Hitzeman, Wilma12 Feb 1911Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Hitzemann, Anna14 Nov 1876Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hitzemann, Carl31 May 1902Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hitzemann, Florence S13 Jan 192721 Mar 2009New Haven
Hitzemann, Glen21 Jun 1939Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hitzemann, Jerald29 Aug 1950Nov 1978New Haven
Hitzemann, John31 Mar 1910Mar 1985Roanoke
Hitzemann, Luella14 Feb 1904Feb 1986Churubusco
Hitzemann, Rudolph7 May 1905Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hitzemann, Wanita8 Dec 1913Nov 1980Roanoke
Hitzfield, Albert4 Sep 1902Dec 1968Roanoke
Hitzfield, Lila8 Apr 1941Feb 1983Roanoke
Hitzfield, Mardelle Mae7 Aug 193828 Apr 2009Roanoke
Hively, Anna25 Mar 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Hively, Eloise M21 Sep 1913Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hively, Fermen30 Apr 1904Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Hively, Marie15 Jan 1901Feb 1981New Haven
Hively, Michael J29 Sep 1942May 1992Fort Wayne
Hively, Ruth A7 Nov 193025 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hively, William Robert17 Sep 194617 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Hixon, Catharine M1 Apr 192422 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hixon, Hila23 May 1885Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Hixon, Rita M19 Jul 192322 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hixon, Robert F25 Jun 191824 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hixon, William F9 Oct 192011 Feb 1993Fort Wayne

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