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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Hoag, Frank L2 Dec 192015 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hoagburg, Ola22 May 1915Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hoagland, Alice B8 May 189215 Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Hoagland, Barbara I13 Feb 192913 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hoagland, James E1 Apr 192922 Sep 2002New Haven
Hoagland, John W18 Oct 191915 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hoagland, Nellie6 Jan 1895Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hoagland, Sarah A31 Jan 191719 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hoagland, Thelma A13 May 192019 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hoard, Glenn11 Jul 190323 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hoban, John P5 Jun 191525 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Hoban, Louise21 Sep 1891Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hoban, Ruby J14 Nov 19269 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Hobaugh, Lucille E4 Nov 190114 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Anna L8 Mar 192424 Jan 2007Yoder
Hobbs, Anna M5 Nov 191125 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Ardythe G1 Aug 193320 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Arvilla28 Sep 1904Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Carolyn2 May 194623 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Cheryl24 Sep 1952Jun 1980Roanoke
Hobbs, Daffel28 Jun 1892Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Devonna J21 Jun 192623 May 2003Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Earley M23 Mar 19183 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Fenton23 Dec 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Florence10 Oct 1899Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Floyd16 Oct 1901Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Helen M30 Jan 190829 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Ilene M2 Nov 191924 Mar 2009Yoder
Hobbs, Jessie M24 Jun 191527 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Marion28 Feb 1891Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Ralph20 Aug 1915Jan 1975Hoagland
Hobbs, Robert D17 Apr 192912 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Ross T3 Sep 192526 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Thomas D26 Jan 191721 Nov 1996Yoder
Hobbs, Vera14 Apr 190020 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hobbs, Walter20 Aug 1924Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hobe, George5 Aug 1882Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hobeck, Maurine L4 May 191224 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Hoben, Edward28 Jun 1896Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hoblet, Betty Lou15 Feb 192719 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hoblet, Lowell E21 May 192619 Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Barbara Ann7 Oct 19286 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Dolores30 Jul 192923 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Frieda18 Dec 1907May 1986Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Kenneth C15 Jan 19333 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Louise24 Aug 1904Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Paul1 Jun 1901Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Hobrock, Theodore20 Jan 1916Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hobrook, John11 Oct 1898Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Hobson, Bertha M25 Dec 191419 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hobson, Charlotte R24 Dec 19154 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hobson, Cleo I25 Mar 19041 Mar 1994Spencerville
Hobson, Donald E12 Dec 192724 Feb 2004Leo
Hobson, Eli6 May 1886Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Hobson, Frances I21 May 191515 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hobson, Robert E20 Nov 193027 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hobson, Thurman N21 Oct 191415 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hobson, Victoria20 Nov 192928 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hoch, Clara16 Oct 1900Feb 1985New Haven
Hoch, Edward W30 Dec 19205 May 1997Fort Wayne
Hoch, Howard8 May 1956Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hoch, Robert14 Jan 1895Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hochstetler, Catherine G2 Dec 190929 Aug 1999Grabill
Hochstetler, Daniel29 Oct 1955Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hochstetler, Edna9 Apr 193315 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hochstetler, Harvey7 Jul 192124 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Hock, Roberta A20 Feb 19363 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Agnes5 Apr 19036 Nov 1997New Haven
Hockemeyer, Amy L14 Nov 196728 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Clara6 Sep 1890Aug 1977Monroeville
Hockemeyer, Clarence22 Jul 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Della M2 Dec 192022 Jun 2007Churubusco
Hockemeyer, Edna D6 Aug 189927 Jan 2001New Haven
Hockemeyer, Emily7 Jun 1888Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Emma24 Jul 1888Jan 1967New Haven
Hockemeyer, Erwin5 Jul 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Fonda E23 Dec 192325 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Hannah16 Dec 1905Nov 1977Woodburn
Hockemeyer, Harold F2 Jul 192512 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Henry12 Nov 1888Oct 1966Hoagland
Hockemeyer, Hilda18 Dec 1901Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Karl W1 Nov 193221 Jul 2005New Haven
Hockemeyer, Kenneth W4 Mar 19391 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Luella W7 Apr 19033 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Martin F26 Oct 189713 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Melvin H21 Mar 19282 Jun 1997New Haven
Hockemeyer, Otto10 Jan 1900Apr 1987Hoagland
Hockemeyer, Raymond F17 Feb 192322 Jan 2009Monroeville
Hockemeyer, Richard A19 Dec 19253 Jan 2009New Haven
Hockemeyer, Ross F31 May 19166 Jan 2001New Haven
Hockemeyer, Ruth G28 Mar 191124 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Velma M21 Feb 191818 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hockemeyer, Vernon11 Jan 19268 Oct 2002Hoagland
Hockemeyer, William12 Feb 1897Feb 1970Grabill
Hockenberry, Richard J5 Oct 1931Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hockensmith, Blanche17 May 1929Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hockensmith, Hazel27 Jul 1898Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hockensmith, Herman20 May 1905Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hockensmith, Robert R7 Jun 192815 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hockman, Beulah8 Dec 1896Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Hockman, Homer19 Sep 1893Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hockmeyer, Arnold14 May 1902Jun 1979New Haven
Hoczyk, John J24 Mar 192126 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Hodde, Gertrude26 Jul 19197 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hodde, Harry E2 Aug 19309 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hodde, Joan G14 Oct 19338 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hodde, William G15 Jun 192617 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Hoddick, Weston B16 Dec 192817 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hodge, Catherine21 Oct 1928May 1987Fort Wayne
Hodge, Catherine2 Sep 1922May 1981Fort Wayne
Hodge, Charles L8 Jul 19164 May 1997Huntertown
Hodge, Charlie25 Dec 1900Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Hodge, James17 Sep 1911Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Hodge, Mary E11 Oct 191521 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Hodge, Rosemary31 Dec 194721 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hodge, Sada M12 Jul 190121 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hodge, William R20 Aug 19138 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Hodgers, Ellen L18 Jul 192118 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hodges, Colleen22 Aug 19729 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hodges, Dorothy20 Jan 1911Jun 1983Spencerville
Hodges, Dorothy I23 Aug 19085 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hodges, Erma D1 Jun 187815 Mar 1966Grabill
Hodges, Forest3 May 1939Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hodges, Forrest12 Jun 1903Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hodges, Leroy23 May 1887Sep 1966Churubusco
Hodges, Ralph9 Jun 1905Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hodges, Shirley A21 Jan 19419 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hodges, Wilda M25 Dec 1908Jun 1992Churubusco
Hodges, Willie L26 Jul 192027 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hodgin, Ida24 Jul 1911Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hodgins, Clara15 Feb 1890Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hodson, Anna11 Oct 1910Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hodson, William J18 Nov 192213 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hoefelmeyer, Edwin5 Feb 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hoefelmeyer, Evelyn P8 Oct 19141 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hoeffel, Ethel C5 Jul 190719 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hoeffel, James29 Sep 192622 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hoeffel, Jean J4 Apr 19355 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hoeh, Clara18 Sep 1905Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Hoehne, Audrey L18 May 192713 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hoekstra, Cyrus20 Jul 1909Sep 1983Monroeville
Hoekstra, Eldine M21 Dec 19114 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hoekstra, Leona19 Nov 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Elizabeth R29 Dec 191721 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Irma M18 May 19015 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Jacob8 Feb 1894Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Jane L7 Jan 192312 May 2007Churubusco
Hoelle, John31 Oct 1895Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Lucille E16 Mar 192013 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Marie10 Jun 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Marie3 Nov 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Ray5 May 1901Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Richard W16 Feb 19271 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hoelle, Walter20 Nov 1911Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hoelle, William11 Jul 1901Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hoellrich, Edith L22 Jan 191511 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hoeltje, Della22 Jan 1890Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hoeltje, Hilda E23 Mar 19032 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Hoeltje, Lawrence31 Dec 1894Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hoelzer, Carrie30 Nov 19149 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hoemig, Charles10 Aug 1909Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hoemig, Glenn29 Jan 191119 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Hoemig, Mary22 Nov 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Hoemig, Mary L8 Oct 193520 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hoemig, Melva I15 Jul 191111 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hoenig, Lillian20 Sep 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hoeppner, Alice15 Oct 1925Jan 1988Woodburn
Hoeppner, Dorothy F31 Jul 191814 Mar 2007Woodburn
Hoeppner, Esther M12 Aug 190815 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hoeppner, Fred2 Sep 1894Jan 1967Huntertown
Hoeppner, Gerald F5 Sep 192125 Apr 2005Woodburn
Hoeppner, Gilbert C24 Sep 19229 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hoeppner, Gladys I25 Dec 192819 Aug 1995Woodburn
Hoeppner, Hilda22 Oct 1901Sep 1976Woodburn
Hoeppner, Lula21 Jun 189929 Jul 1992Huntertown
Hoeppner, Paul J12 Aug 19116 May 1992Woodburn
Hoeppner, Robert16 Nov 1887May 1970Fort Wayne
Hoeppner, Shirley F3 Mar 194031 Dec 2003Woodburn
Hoeppner, Walter10 Oct 1906Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hoeppner, Wilbert18 Mar 1913Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hoerger, Marie12 Nov 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hoerger, William5 Jul 1905Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hoerner, Clara14 Feb 1886Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hoerner, Erwin F16 Nov 191525 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Hoerner, John24 Jan 1885Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Hoerner, Otto25 Feb 1893Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hoetzer, Eldore4 Feb 1914Feb 1980New Haven
Hoevel, Alfred30 May 1910Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Andrew11 Oct 190819 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Ben8 Dec 1888Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Erma4 Jul 1894Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Henry J7 May 19139 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Ida12 Apr 1908Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Joseph6 Sep 1885Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Lorene Elizabeth5 May 192530 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Loretta1 Feb 1887Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Malinda12 Nov 1897Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Rita E17 Nov 192020 May 1992Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Robert J2 Feb 19165 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hoevel, Virginia A23 Dec 192417 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hoewischer, Mildred22 Aug 1910Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Hoewischer, Wilbur8 Aug 1903Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Hoey, Robert6 Mar 1899Jun 1968New Haven
Hoeye, Gerald D18 Feb 194331 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hofacker, Cynthia M23 Aug 190329 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hofacker, Friedrich19 Aug 1900Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hofacker, Justina T23 Dec 190529 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hofacker, Karl11 Oct 1904Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Hofer, Adolf23 Oct 1888Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hofer, Arthur T24 Jan 191014 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Hofer, Carl A18 Aug 192217 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Hofer, Catherine M19 Oct 191225 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hofer, Daniel J21 Sep 195325 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hofer, Dorothy M18 Dec 191914 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hofer, Helen L18 Jun 19113 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Hofer, Michael26 Jul 1886Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Hofer, Ottmar12 Aug 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hofer, Robert J14 Apr 191231 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hofer, Suzan Irene8 Feb 19669 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hoff, Betty J23 Oct 191912 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hoff, Charles R30 Apr 191310 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hoff, Esther15 Jan 1910Jun 1982Roanoke
Hoff, Flossie11 Jun 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Hoff, Frances B27 Aug 191616 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Hoff, Jarld19 Dec 1911Jun 1983Roanoke
Hoffelder, Anna15 May 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Hoffelder, Peter15 Jul 1887Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hoffer, Emma17 Oct 1921Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Hoffer, Louis21 Feb 1893Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hoffer, Velmore A19 Dec 191723 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Hofferberth, David6 Sep 1932Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hofferberth, Lois E5 May 192925 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hofferman, George7 May 1906Dec 1978Huntertown
Hofferman, Susie21 Jul 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hoffert, Charles28 Aug 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Hoffert, Edna21 Dec 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hoffert, Marjorie J10 Jan 192414 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Al2 Dec 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Albert7 Apr 1907May 1979Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Albert E5 Aug 191427 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Aldine23 Jul 192018 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Alfreda19 Jan 191617 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Alice B4 May 191627 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Alvina25 Sep 189327 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Alvina C18 Aug 190215 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Arthur J10 Feb 191126 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Arthur W7 Jul 192017 Oct 1996Monroeville
Hoffman, August12 Sep 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Benedict1 May 1898May 1977Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Carey23 Sep 1889Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Charles25 Nov 1892May 1982Hoagland
Hoffman, Daniel A30 Sep 192317 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Dee W14 Jun 192430 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Dorothy M9 May 19111 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edith31 Jul 1923Aug 1983Hoagland
Hoffman, Edna18 Oct 1887Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edna L18 Feb 191522 Dec 2003Monroeville
Hoffman, Edward15 Jul 1905Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edward14 Feb 1902Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edward3 Apr 1891May 1976Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edward D5 Aug 19453 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Edwin7 Jul 1903Jan 1982Monroeville
Hoffman, Eli5 Nov 1889Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Elizabeth2 Mar 1884Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Esther29 May 1901Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Floyd21 Jul 1897Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Fred7 Aug 1881Jan 1977Monroeville
Hoffman, Fred30 Nov 1907May 1980Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Frederick H4 Oct 192621 Jun 1994Monroeville
Hoffman, Frederick J29 May 192622 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Frederick L22 Apr 19427 Feb 2010Monroeville
Hoffman, Gertrude9 Sep 1875Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Glenn E11 Feb 191623 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Harold18 May 1926Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Harold15 Mar 1915Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Harry E21 Jul 19252 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Helen L15 May 19127 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Helen M2 May 19177 Mar 2000Monroeville
Hoffman, Helen R31 Jul 1917Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Henry8 Feb 1880Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Henry22 Apr 1877Mar 1969Monroeville
Hoffman, Howard26 Apr 1906Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Jack D18 Apr 192731 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Jane C15 Jun 1920Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Jessie26 Jul 1883Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Joe J18 Mar 190912 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Hoffman, John5 Jul 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hoffman, John C30 Mar 19145 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hoffman, John E9 Aug 191512 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Katherine23 Dec 187315 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Katherine25 Nov 1885Mar 1977Monroeville
Hoffman, Kathleen E16 Dec 1906Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Laura5 Nov 1885Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Lavada D12 Aug 191225 Sep 2007Roanoke
Hoffman, Lawrence16 Sep 1903May 1985Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Lawrence A28 Mar 194226 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Leona A6 Mar 1920Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Lewis16 Dec 1884Mar 1969Monroeville
Hoffman, Lorene M16 Jun 19317 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Lucille A3 Jan 1910Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Luella6 Dec 1901Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Marguerite2 Aug 1912Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Marguerite27 Dec 1898Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Maria D14 Sep 19331 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Marie26 Mar 1897Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Marie A26 Jun 19111 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Mark A23 Jun 194915 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Martin30 Mar 1891Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Mary14 Jul 1898May 1974Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Mary J30 Sep 191511 May 2000Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Mildred21 Sep 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Mildred F25 Mar 19148 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Minnie24 Aug 1888Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Nellie M28 Mar 19274 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Nicholas L23 May 190514 Jan 1995Monroeville
Hoffman, Ora2 Nov 1885Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Oscar15 May 1901Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Oswald16 Nov 1900Jan 1969Monroeville
Hoffman, Otto E9 Dec 190616 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Paul E20 Jun 191221 May 1998New Haven
Hoffman, Paul F17 Sep 19235 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Pauline M24 Oct 190520 Sep 1999Hoagland
Hoffman, Pearl13 Oct 1888Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Phyllis A21 Sep 193231 May 2005Hoagland
Hoffman, Ralph28 Oct 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Raymond L10 Aug 193419 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Rita M27 Jun 193026 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Robert12 Feb 1911Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Robert9 Jan 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Roland B11 Oct 193127 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Ronald2 Dec 1909Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Rosella6 Jan 1895Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Roxie H4 Feb 19091 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Ruth12 May 1912Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Ruth A9 Sep 193820 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Sebastian8 May 1885Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Sharon J22 Sep 194818 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Stanley29 Mar 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Todd M10 Aug 19552 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Velma M31 May 19053 Nov 1994Huntertown
Hoffman, Vera M23 Jun 192324 Aug 1997Monroeville
Hoffman, Vesta T30 Oct 192822 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Virginia M5 Oct 192120 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Walter30 Oct 1900Oct 1982Hoagland
Hoffman, Walter22 Dec 19241 Jan 2009Hoagland
Hoffman, Walter23 Jan 1920May 1977Fort Wayne
Hoffman, William21 Oct 1883Jun 1966New Haven
Hoffman, William H22 Mar 192529 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Wilma29 Mar 1908Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Wilmer29 Mar 1926Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hoffman, Zalia12 Mar 1893May 1968Fort Wayne
Hoffmann, Gertrude J28 Feb 19119 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hoffmann, Leo A18 Oct 190928 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hoffmann, Mae I1 May 19137 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Hoffmeier, Ernest28 Mar 1889Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Hoffmeier, Martha26 Apr 1887Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Hoffschneider, Dale W19 Dec 19322 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hofherr, Blanche11 Feb 192411 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hofherr, Max H11 Jul 19196 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hofman, Arthur6 Dec 1891Aug 1969New Haven
Hofman, Mary3 Sep 1890Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Arnold8 Jul 1932Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Arnold7 Oct 1910Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Ernest23 Jan 1906Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Herbert H9 Jul 192226 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Herta7 Apr 1909Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Lulu B26 Aug 189713 Jun 1992Churubusco
Hofmann, Marie F20 Jul 1901Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Reinhold R2 Mar 19121 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hofmann, Ruth24 Nov 19384 Dec 2005Yoder
Hofmann, Ruth E30 Aug 19179 Sep 1994Monroeville
Hofmann, William10 Oct 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hofrichter, Bernard E30 Oct 192626 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hofrichter, Richard J9 Jun 192023 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hofstetter, David11 Mar 1898Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Hogan, Arthur5 Nov 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hogan, Birdie11 Apr 191015 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hogan, Daniel24 Mar 1911Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hogan, Emmitt3 May 1902Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Hogan, Esther E9 Feb 19127 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Hogan, Harry4 May 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Hogan, John E30 Jan 19256 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hogan, John E26 Jun 192813 Mar 2006Leo
Hogan, Kathryn3 Dec 1907Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hogan, Kenneth L15 Sep 19574 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Hogan, Laura16 Jul 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hogan, Lester E3 Sep 19183 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hogan, Madeline J9 Jan 19254 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hogan, Nicholas J13 Aug 19289 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hogan, Peter M16 Dec 193917 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hogan, Rose12 Mar 1920Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hogan, Rose7 Jun 1896Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hogan, Sarah27 Dec 1914Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Hogan, Shirley A16 Dec 19406 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hogan, Thomas E16 Jul 192721 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hogan, Thomas P31 Jan 193315 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hogan, Virginia21 Feb 1892Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hogarth, Ralph29 Oct 19395 Dec 2008New Haven
Hogen, Maxine9 Jan 1926Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Hogg, David21 Aug 1885Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hogg, Eleanor E20 Feb 191421 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hogg, Grace20 Oct 1883Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hogg, Mildred10 Oct 190416 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hogg, Vera A23 Oct 191223 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hogg, Vivian19 May 1912Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hoggard, Ann M14 Dec 192022 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hoggard, Grady L11 Sep 191620 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hogge, Mary R29 Mar 19418 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hoghe, Albert C24 Mar 190923 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hoghe, I Marie2 Aug 191216 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hoghe, Mabel24 Nov 1892Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hoghe, Mary23 Jun 191212 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hogle, Helen P7 Jun 191810 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hogle, Wallace6 Jun 1918Sep 1984Churubusco
Hogle, Wendell27 Feb 1914Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hoglund, Esther M30 Mar 19049 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Hogue, Corrine V10 Nov 19278 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hogue, Madison G4 Jan 192119 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hogue, Magnolia Thomas17 Apr 192111 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hogue, R25 Jun 194330 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hoham, Elma27 May 1895Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Hohenbrink, Rita M5 Aug 191918 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hohenbrink, William A2 Feb 191412 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Ethel H3 Dec 1907Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Genevra N11 Jan 192717 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Martha L4 Mar 192615 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Michael A23 Sep 195430 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Paul6 May 1928Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hohenstein, Robert4 Oct 1902Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hohenthaner, Mildred13 Sep 1922May 1980Fort Wayne
Hohl, Mary29 Sep 1888Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hohman, Edward18 Jul 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hohman, Harold9 Mar 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Hohman, Henrietta22 Aug 189720 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hohman, Joseph1 May 1874Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Hohman, Marciel J11 Dec 191328 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hohman, Mary3 Oct 1905Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hohman, Norbert30 May 1907Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hohnhaus, Julia11 Sep 1897Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Hohnhaus, Weldon E7 Jan 193724 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hoke, Bessie6 Dec 1887Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Hoke, Clifford24 Dec 190819 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hoke, Elenore M14 May 191428 Jul 2003Leo
Hoke, Howard15 May 1886Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hoke, Lillie A28 Jan 190013 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hoke, Martha E16 Jan 19319 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hoke, Melvin D23 Jul 191310 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hoke, Orval Lero27 Sep 19256 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Hoke, Violet R29 Dec 191622 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Holbert, David D27 Jan 195028 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Holbrook, Angeline C26 Oct 191016 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Holbrook, Harold18 Oct 1913Jun 1980Spencerville
Holbrook, Michael E29 Jan 194025 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Holbrook, Ralph L31 Jan 1951Mar 1994New Haven
Holcomb, Clarence19 Aug 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Holcomb, Gertrude M30 Aug 191428 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Holcomb, William L5 Nov 193128 Jan 2009New Haven
Holden, Ada C24 May 192723 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Holden, Dorothy21 Jul 1903Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Holden, George W27 Apr 190715 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Holden, Sarah6 Feb 1883Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Holden, Violet3 Feb 1913Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Holder, Ella M9 Jul 193331 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Holder, Helen26 Sep 1901Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Holder, Lucy M14 Sep 190711 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Holderman, Ethel24 Sep 189615 Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Holderman, Hazel26 Mar 1895May 1973Fort Wayne
Holdgreve, Edna M18 Jun 191321 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Holdgreve, Gerald C10 May 190713 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hole, Beverly A26 Aug 19398 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Hole, Melvin A4 Sep 192113 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Holich, Dorothy M8 Nov 19211 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Holifield, Floyd15 May 19357 May 2002Fort Wayne
Holifield, Patricia Mae12 Jan 19405 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Holiness, Martha10 Mar 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Holl, David V25 Oct 194313 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hollabaugh, Jack3 Nov 1932Sep 1968Spencerville
Hollabaugh, M28 Dec 1909Jan 1988Spencerville
Holladay, C22 Dec 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Holladay, Virgil S16 Apr 19091 Aug 1992New Haven
Holland, Albert8 Apr 1875Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Holland, Dorothy C22 May 191514 Jun 2009New Haven
Holland, Edward2 Aug 1918Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Holland, Emma30 Jul 1904Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Holland, Florence9 Feb 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Holland, Holton N21 Nov 191424 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Holland, James L3 Jul 194214 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Holland, Katrena21 Nov 1937Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Holland, Mae12 Apr 1887May 1971Fort Wayne
Holland, Mina20 Aug 1947Oct 1982New Haven
Holland, Robert T27 Jul 192821 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Holland, Ruth6 May 1921Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hollar, Margaret I22 Jun 191127 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hollars, B J6 Jan 191218 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hollars, Ora E30 Sep 192015 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Holle, Dorathea E22 Jan 191318 Jan 2008Hoagland
Holle, Edna7 Sep 1898Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Holle, Hilbert22 Apr 1909Oct 1984Hoagland
Holle, Hilda H17 Apr 19163 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Holle, John12 May 1895Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Holle, Otto13 Mar 1886Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Holle, Robert26 Mar 1927Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hollen, Frank L10 Jul 192221 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hollen, Mary E6 Feb 19279 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hollen, Michael J15 Oct 195410 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hollenbacher, Helen A12 Sep 191212 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hollenbacher, Pearl3 Aug 1891Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hollenbaugh, Chester9 Feb 1887Jan 1968Roanoke
Hollenbeck, Isabelle27 Dec 1893May 1986Fort Wayne
Hollenbeck, James28 Nov 1911Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hollenbeck, Margaret27 May 1916Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Hollenbeck, Roy D1 Feb 189615 Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Hollenberg, Quinter E1 Dec 19031 Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Holler, Charles17 May 1935Apr 1987Churubusco
Holler, Daniel K8 Jan 19649 May 2007Fort Wayne
Holler, Ralph H20 Nov 19186 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Holley, Bertha J28 Jun 19228 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Holley, Beulah M10 Jun 19372 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Holley, Calvin Jay15 May 195327 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Holley, Curtis23 Sep 1919Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Holley, David L3 Oct 193027 Mar 1999Yoder
Holley, Harold26 Oct 1899Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Holley, Herbert11 Aug 1899Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Holley, Marion24 Feb 1907Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Holley, Nile30 Jul 1907Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Holley, R M27 Mar 19304 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Holley, Thelma U14 Apr 192122 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Holliday, Emil P12 Mar 192411 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Holliday, Gerald H8 Jul 190718 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Holliday, Herbert7 Dec 192815 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Holliday, May17 May 1910Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Holliday, Michael W24 Jun 195231 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hollidge, Alice10 Dec 1887Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Hollinger, Delbert O2 Oct 191721 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hollinger, Genevieve8 Jul 1912Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Hollinger, Minnie13 Jul 191722 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hollingswort, Catherine15 Mar 1901Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hollingswort, Julia B29 Jan 192618 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hollins, Aaron28 Oct 1955Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hollins, Annie23 Aug 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hollins, Grover19 Mar 193017 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hollins, Henry25 Aug 1921May 1983Fort Wayne
Hollins, Romona J4 May 193230 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hollins, Tharnell11 Oct 193930 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hollins, Verma Lee14 May 192312 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Hollis, Diannia11 Dec 195229 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Hollis, Helen30 Nov 1906Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hollis, Jacqueline Y7 May 192522 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Hollis, Marcia16 May 1902May 1986Fort Wayne
Hollis, Marjorie Alice13 Jun 191312 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hollis, Melville23 Jun 1902Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Hollis, Rose27 Jun 1919Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hollis, Sarah30 Mar 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Hollis, Walter W7 Feb 197929 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Hollister, Donald N30 Sep 191927 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Hollister, Lennie7 Mar 1890Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Hollister, Phyllis G10 Oct 192217 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hollister, Robert D4 Nov 191524 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Hollister, Russell22 Jan 1892May 1968Fort Wayne
Hollman, Alma7 Aug 1899Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Hollman, Alma3 Oct 1909Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hollman, Carl F10 Apr 191930 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hollman, Clara17 Nov 1913Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hollman, Donald W15 Apr 192514 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hollman, Earl2 Feb 1921Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Hollman, Harold F3 Jan 190921 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hollman, Susan M7 Sep 191315 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hollman, Terry15 Jul 1947Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hollmann, Louis12 Sep 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Hollmann, Paul20 Mar 1881Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Hollmann, Robert18 Dec 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hollobaugh, William D12 May 19213 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hollon, Nannie13 May 1883Dec 1973Roanoke
Hollopeter, Agnes C29 Jan 191723 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hollopeter, Ancel31 Mar 1883May 1966Churubusco
Hollopeter, Bertha26 Apr 1874Jul 1976Churubusco
Hollopeter, Bessie15 Dec 1899Oct 1969Woodburn
Hollopeter, Daisy28 Jan 189515 Jun 1967Grabill
Hollopeter, Kenneth W25 May 192211 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hollopeter, Maurice A7 Nov 19204 May 2000Churubusco
Hollopeter, Richard6 Mar 1918Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hollopeter, Ronald E23 Jul 19094 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Hollopeter, Steven L26 Jan 194219 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hollopeter, Vivian L9 Sep 192230 Jul 2000Churubusco
Hollopter, Lloyd B11 Feb 19223 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Holloway, Aspasia K2 Jun 192124 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Holloway, Charles8 Jun 1925Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Holloway, Delmar G6 Aug 19071 May 1988Fort Wayne
Holloway, John11 Feb 1911Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Holloway, John E4 Oct 192115 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Holloway, Lela M25 Jun 19156 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Holloway, Mabel3 Apr 1891Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Holloway, Mary A27 Jun 1914Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Holloway, Ruth7 Feb 1923Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Holloway, S J17 Mar 19463 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Holloway, Wiley23 Apr 1935Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Holloway, Willard L25 Mar 192927 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Holly, Helen25 Dec 1896Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Holly, Margaret R1 Feb 19467 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Holm, Brian Douglas16 Apr 194927 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Holm, Esther14 Apr 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Holman, Andrew7 Apr 1898Jun 1979Monroeville
Holman, Betty J14 Mar 193830 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Holman, Doris25 Apr 1925Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Holman, Eddie M5 Dec 191829 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Holman, Gertrude23 Apr 1907Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Holman, Harris D31 Jan 195323 Dec 1999Woodburn
Holman, Henry14 Nov 193425 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Holman, Hugh B22 Jan 191615 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Holman, Israel M25 Jan 193421 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Holman, Joe7 Nov 19169 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Holman, Joe27 Sep 1905Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Holman, Marvin17 Feb 1927Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Holman, Philip24 Apr 1893Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Holmes Jr, Rush13 Feb 194018 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Holmes Landi, Angela J24 Mar 19619 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Holmes, Albert S7 Nov 19217 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Holmes, Arthur13 Aug 1914Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Holmes, Bernice21 Jul 1896Sep 1981Leo
Holmes, Betty L23 Dec 19209 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Holmes, Carolyn25 Jul 191929 May 2004Woodburn
Holmes, Cecil23 Sep 1919Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Holmes, Charles14 Feb 1900Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Holmes, Clara O27 Aug 191513 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Holmes, Clark18 Dec 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Holmes, Claude15 Aug 1905Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Holmes, D19 Aug 1960Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Holmes, Dewey14 May 1897Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Holmes, Dorothy G18 Dec 193214 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Holmes, Edward17 Oct 1882Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Holmes, Ella Jane23 Jun 19307 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Holmes, Ernest25 Aug 1881Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Holmes, Fred29 Sep 19132 May 1991Fort Wayne
Holmes, Fred17 Oct 1920May 1980Fort Wayne
Holmes, Gene A27 Dec 19306 Feb 2010Hoagland
Holmes, Hazel22 Feb 1923Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Holmes, Helen17 Jan 1892Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Holmes, Herbert A2 Oct 188615 Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Holmes, Herman24 Apr 1894Jul 1978Grabill
Holmes, Howard E14 Oct 1920Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Holmes, Howard H28 May 190810 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Holmes, Jack21 Jul 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Holmes, Jack W11 Oct 189419 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Holmes, John D12 Sep 19589 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Holmes, Lardelia14 Sep 1904Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Holmes, Letha10 Feb 1899Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Holmes, Loretta31 May 1925Sep 1977Roanoke
Holmes, Mary E7 Mar 191428 May 1993Fort Wayne
Holmes, Morris13 Aug 1911Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Holmes, Nellie21 Jun 1906Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Holmes, Nettie24 May 1889Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Holmes, Norma J19 Nov 192624 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Holmes, Pauline C18 Feb 191021 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Holmes, Philip M4 May 193722 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Holmes, Ralph R20 Oct 191528 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Holmes, Raymond2 Dec 1893Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Holmes, Robert R16 Oct 190620 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Holmes, Samuel1 May 1906Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Holmes, Sylbert11 Feb 1904Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Holmes, Verna25 Sep 1903May 1968Fort Wayne
Holmes, Walter21 Aug 1899Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Holmgren, Eric25 Apr 1909Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Holocher, Anthony3 Aug 1903Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Holocher, Anthony T9 May 192926 Jan 2008New Haven
Holocher, Edmund26 Mar 1898Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Holocher, Zella15 Aug 1894Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Holodick, George7 Nov 1925Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Holom, Elizabeth R8 Dec 190813 Apr 1998New Haven
Holom, Philip18 Feb 1896Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Holp, Andrew A22 Jan 191210 Sep 2005New Haven
Holpp, Clara M15 May 192621 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Holpp, Lenore6 Jun 193416 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Holsaple, Wesley15 Mar 1917Nov 1971New Haven
Holsapple, Clara3 Jan 188615 Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Holsapple, Florence M9 Mar 190727 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Holsapple, Guy H19 Oct 19004 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Holsinger, Jeremiah W31 May 19114 Mar 1997Woodburn
Holsinger, Maxine16 Dec 191820 May 1998Fort Wayne
Holsinger, Susan8 Mar 1908Sep 1985Woodburn
Holsten, Louise C2 Jul 19247 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Holston, Judith A27 Jul 194110 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Carl11 Feb 1902Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Elizabeth9 Jan 1908Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Harry16 Jun 1895Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Holsworth, James23 Apr 1917Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Joyce C8 Dec 193111 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Richard19 Jun 1929Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Roy25 Feb 1899Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Holsworth, Virginia C23 Aug 191721 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Holt, Arven D3 Dec 19318 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Holt, Bessie19 Feb 191213 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Holt, Corene I3 Feb 190724 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Holt, Daisy13 Jun 192315 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Holt, Dora M21 Apr 19185 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Holt, Edith M11 Apr 189621 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Holt, Edward J10 Aug 192420 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Holt, Elmer J3 Feb 190024 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Holt, Elsie19 May 1901Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Holt, Ethel M10 Jan 190828 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Holt, Jack24 Feb 1929Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Holt, John A9 Jan 19215 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Holt, Landon8 Jul 1895Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Holt, Olive10 May 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Holt, Paul26 Sep 1897Sep 1979Churubusco
Holt, Ronald Devoe8 Feb 195211 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Holter, Rieta9 Mar 190521 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Holterman, Arthur5 May 1914Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Holterman, Emil19 Aug 1886Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Holterman, Hazel22 Jan 1907Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Holterman, Helen27 Nov 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Holterman, Hermine V20 Jul 192521 Jan 2008New Haven
Holterman, Louis7 Sep 1895Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Holthaus, George17 Aug 1892Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Holthaus, Gesina16 Aug 189831 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Holthaus, Helen M12 Sep 191812 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Holtmeyer, Frederick19 Apr 1894Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Holtmeyer, Lois E6 Feb 192325 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Holton, Elizabeth1 Jun 1897Aug 1979Huntertown
Holtrey, Delores1 Oct 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Holtrey, Lloyd7 May 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Holtzberg, Thelma I2 Apr 192127 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Holtzman, Edna21 Feb 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Holtzman, Leona F3 Mar 191020 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Holubiak, Stanley19 Jul 1915Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Holwick, Robert K9 Nov 193230 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Holy, Edward F7 Nov 192816 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Holycross, Carl21 Feb 1909Mar 1985Churubusco
Holycross, Donald G10 Sep 192710 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Holycross, Dora F8 Mar 192123 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Holycross, Dorothy M17 Apr 1918Mar 1995Churubusco
Holycross, Ruth D20 Mar 192116 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Holycross, William6 Jun 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Holzderber, Clyde16 Jul 1912Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Holzderber, Wilma W24 Jul 19125 May 1997Fort Wayne
Holzhausser, Anna5 Jan 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Holzinger, Hattie30 Mar 1884Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Holzinger, Mark E8 Feb 193612 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Holzinger, Richard L27 Aug 19221 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Holzman, Karl4 Mar 1905Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Holzman, Luise R13 Sep 1907Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Carl9 Aug 1895Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Esther N2 Aug 191126 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Helen14 Sep 1891Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Otis31 Aug 1912Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Ruth A27 Jan 191617 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Holzwarth, Virgil8 Jun 1905Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Holzworth, Eberhart F3 Aug 19069 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Holzworth, Jennie16 Dec 1892Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Holzworth, Oletha15 Jul 1903Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Hombroek, Mildred8 Jul 1924Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Homeleski, Thomas A4 May 19648 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Homer, Leslie1 Jul 1882Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Homeyer, Harry P17 Jun 19134 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Homeyer, Mary J27 Aug 191613 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Homrig, Claude N11 Dec 190520 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Homrig, Edna2 Dec 1902Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Homrig, Helen C17 Feb 191426 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Homrig, Judith C7 Nov 193327 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Homrighouse, Marie A21 Jun 190230 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Homsab, Chom10 May 192414 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Homsher, Burton F13 Jul 191128 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Homsher, Velma29 May 1908Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hon, Richard R10 May 192625 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Honan, Florence28 Aug 1904Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Honchell, Emma20 May 1886Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Honeck, Melvin3 Sep 1900Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Honeick, Dorothy20 Jun 1904Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Honeick, Eileen25 Sep 1945Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Honeick, Herbert4 Jan 1904Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Honeick, Mary12 May 1904Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Honeick, Opal26 Jan 1905Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Honeick, Walter26 Apr 1898Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Honeywell, Edgar5 Dec 1920Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Honeywell, Grace A13 Apr 191616 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Honeywell, Miriam Louise22 Mar 192414 Jan 2008Churubusco
Honor, Alan M16 Oct 192827 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Honor, John13 Apr 1902May 1978Fort Wayne
Honor, John25 Nov 1924Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hontz, Joseph A26 Nov 192719 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hoobler, Pauline T1 Mar 191615 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hoobler, Raymond12 Sep 1919Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Hoock, Bertha M13 Aug 19033 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Hood, Bobby R2 Sep 195815 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hood, Clinton12 Nov 194621 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hood, D J21 Mar 193515 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Hood, Everlena1 Apr 1926May 1993Fort Wayne
Hood, Finley26 Feb 19516 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hood, Floyd N13 Oct 193013 May 1998Fort Wayne
Hood, George C4 Jul 191013 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Hood, Harriet E6 Jul 190224 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hood, Isiah12 Mar 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hood, James C7 Jan 192130 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Hood, Lula Mae2 Jul 191816 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hood, Mary L16 Nov 193719 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Hood, Odis V25 Jan 1915Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hood, Robert G28 Sep 194925 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Hoog, Florence24 Apr 1905Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hoog, Frances C29 Jul 188622 Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Hoog, Helen2 Oct 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Hoog, Joseph2 Dec 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hook, Charles14 Jan 1918Mar 1987Monroeville
Hook, Daisy V29 Nov 191213 May 1996Fort Wayne
Hook, Elizabeth Ann2 Jun 193428 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hook, George E14 Jan 19214 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hook, Jayne15 Mar 1954Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hook, Johanna15 Jul 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hook, Mary21 Sep 1925Sep 1987Monroeville
Hook, Nedrey L8 Sep 19227 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hook, Nellie15 Jul 1894Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Hook, Thomas E24 Apr 190327 Aug 1991Woodburn
Hook, Twila E7 Sep 192411 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hooker, Anna M26 Apr 190313 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hooker, Edgar6 Dec 1885Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hooker, Jessica M21 Apr 191511 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hooker, Josephine26 Apr 1893Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hooker, Mabel16 Jul 1889Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hooker, Mark E14 Jan 19561 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hooker, Ray C23 Feb 191317 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hooker, Sarah15 Jul 1896Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hooker, Thelma O28 Sep 191419 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Hooker, Versel D7 Mar 192627 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hookom, John19 Jan 19174 May 2004Fort Wayne
Hooks, Minnie24 Mar 1904Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hooley, Janet Kay21 Mar 19498 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hoon, Grace11 Apr 1901Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Hoop, Gladys L23 Jan 189616 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Augusta23 Jun 1893Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, David27 Jul 1891May 1967Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Hazel22 Aug 1909Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Mary6 Jun 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Velma17 May 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Victor H3 Dec 19339 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Hoopengardne, Violet21 May 1902Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hooper, Earl E1 Mar 19261 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hooper, Gertrude10 Feb 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hooper, James M6 Jun 193425 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hooper, John5 May 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Hooper, June W31 Mar 19281 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hooper, Lillian17 Jul 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Hooper, Mary11 Jan 1897Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Alma M14 Apr 19136 Mar 2006New Haven
Hoopingarner, Burwell22 Mar 1912Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Elsie3 Apr 1890Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Freda21 Mar 190628 Oct 1999New Haven
Hoopingarner, Gola27 Dec 1892Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Grace9 Mar 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Homer31 Aug 1886Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Irene18 Jul 1891Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Nellie14 Sep 1895May 1982Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Nettie20 May 188115 Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hoopingarner, Paul9 May 19046 May 1998New Haven
Hoops, Henrietta12 Jul 1910Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Hoot, Alla22 Jun 1896Sep 1974Huntertown
Hoot, Blake1 Dec 1894Dec 1967Huntertown
Hoot, Clara26 Jun 1895May 1986Fort Wayne
Hoot, Florence4 Nov 1892Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hoot, Rose M29 Jul 193712 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hoot, Wyonald E3 Feb 19186 Feb 2006Huntertown
Hooten, Burdette28 Jan 191721 Sep 1994Churubusco
Hoover Jr, Laurel E8 Feb 19508 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Hoover, Alice E22 May 191813 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hoover, Ambrose6 Apr 1883May 1967Fort Wayne
Hoover, Anna9 Jul 1896Jun 1982Roanoke
Hoover, Buryl5 Mar 1893Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Hoover, Carl M10 Dec 192116 Sep 2007Roanoke
Hoover, Charles21 Oct 1908May 1976Fort Wayne
Hoover, Christian16 Nov 1898Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hoover, Clarence13 Sep 1890Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Hoover, Claude3 Mar 1906Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Hoover, David H31 Dec 19352 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hoover, Donald Earl22 Sep 19535 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hoover, Edna22 Sep 1907Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hoover, Edwin J27 Mar 191921 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Hoover, Effie M3 Mar 188715 Feb 1972Churubusco
Hoover, Elva24 Nov 190516 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Hoover, Esther4 Dec 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Hoover, Eva29 Sep 1902Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Hoover, Fern A19 Nov 1916Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hoover, Gene E14 Apr 19188 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hoover, Geneva I11 Aug 192213 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Hoover, George3 Jul 1876May 1967Roanoke
Hoover, George13 Mar 1907Jul 1971Grabill
Hoover, Gladie31 Oct 1900Dec 1970Roanoke
Hoover, Grace9 Apr 1893Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Hoover, Harold31 Jan 1896Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Hoover, Harry11 Jan 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hoover, Hazel14 Aug 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hoover, Helen C31 Jul 191726 Jun 2003Churubusco
Hoover, Helen M28 Jan 19267 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Hoover, Herbert6 Apr 1930Mar 1975Spencerville
Hoover, Isabel L22 May 1929Feb 1996New Haven
Hoover, Jacob8 Apr 1882Mar 1969Harlan
Hoover, Joseph29 Apr 1920Aug 1977New Haven
Hoover, Joseph R17 Aug 19332 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hoover, Linda2 Apr 194828 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Hoover, Lloyd J9 Oct 192125 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hoover, Marie18 Jan 190424 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Hoover, Marie22 Oct 1898Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Hoover, Mark C17 Aug 192430 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Hoover, Michael16 Oct 1958Aug 1978New Haven
Hoover, Ralph L11 Aug 191020 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Hoover, Ray4 Feb 1901Nov 1966Spencerville
Hoover, Ray26 Oct 193330 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Hoover, Richard D2 Jun 193128 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hoover, Richard D14 Mar 192322 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hoover, Robert2 Oct 1891May 1966Fort Wayne
Hoover, Ruby30 Apr 1903Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hoover, Sarah E19 Oct 191711 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hoover, Stewart W10 Sep 191221 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hoover, Susan J3 Jun 195014 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hoover, Virgil10 Oct 1906Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Hoover, Virginia L7 Oct 19237 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hoover, Zella30 Oct 190929 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Hope, Caramine14 Jun 1913Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Hope, Frank J7 Jan 19176 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hope, Otis19 Aug 194115 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Beatrice31 Jan 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Edward20 Apr 19247 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Edyth S22 Sep 1898Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Enoch16 Apr 1903Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Esther M1 Jan 19025 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Gladys17 Aug 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Harvey3 Jul 1895May 1967Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Jessie18 Aug 1897Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Myrle10 Aug 192012 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Phyllis5 Feb 1929Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hopkins, Raymond1 Apr 191815 Nov 1988Huntertown
Hopkins, Rose A23 Sep 192928 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Hoppas, Augusta24 Apr 1895Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Hoppas, Ronald E13 Feb 193721 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hoppe, Amanda A19 Jul 190110 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hoppe, Leroy7 Feb 1912Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Hoppe, Louise25 Dec 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hoppe, Paul27 Sep 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Hoppel, Beth10 Apr 1864Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Hoppel, Betty J12 Jun 193023 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hoppel, Floyd20 Oct 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Hopper, Carrie8 Aug 1901Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hopper, Donald F25 Jan 194910 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hopper, Earl12 Jul 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Hopper, Eugenia L14 May 19303 Mar 2010New Haven
Hopper, Florence20 Feb 1913Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Hopper, Gladys3 Feb 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hopper, Glenn28 Dec 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Hopper, Harold H4 Aug 19202 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Hopper, Helen23 Oct 1902Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hopper, Louis27 May 1904Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Hopper, Virginia V25 Apr 192216 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hopson, Robert29 Mar 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hopson, Robert C13 Dec 194518 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Hopson, Robert F J19 Aug 195322 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hopstetter, Melvin13 May 1939Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Horacek, George P29 Aug 191722 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Horanburg, Esther V29 Jan 192317 May 2003Grabill
Hord, Agnes M27 Jun 19035 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Horiak, Elsa22 Dec 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Horiak, Erwin8 Dec 1901Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Horman, Clara4 Apr 1896Sep 1975Monroeville
Horman, Dorthea18 Nov 1900Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Horman, Enno W12 Dec 191717 Apr 2003New Haven
Horman, Fred23 Nov 1888Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Horman, Henry18 Apr 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Horman, Lona4 May 192624 May 2003New Haven
Horman, Louise26 Aug 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Hormann, Albert24 Dec 1888Oct 1972New Haven
Hormann, Alvin J10 Aug 191725 Jan 1999New Haven
Hormann, Anna9 Jul 1890Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hormann, Arnold L26 Jul 191715 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Hormann, Barbara J30 Dec 192811 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hormann, Barbara J10 Jan 192928 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Hormann, Christ E22 Sep 190915 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hormann, Clara M29 Jun 189924 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hormann, Clarence9 Sep 1922Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Hormann, Edward30 Sep 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hormann, Edward H12 Apr 192419 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hormann, Edwin28 Jul 1896Feb 1978New Haven
Hormann, Elsie13 Aug 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Hormann, Franklin D15 Feb 193419 Feb 2005Monroeville
Hormann, George A10 Jan 190711 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hormann, Henry25 Mar 1877Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hormann, Henry8 Aug 1901Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Hormann, Herman1 Dec 1899Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Hormann, Herman19 Mar 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Hormann, Irene A28 Sep 191711 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Hormann, Leona30 Mar 1906Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Hormann, Lula16 May 1898Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Hormann, Marian L1 Oct 192531 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hormann, Martha15 Apr 1900Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hormann, Mary I13 Apr 19103 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Hormann, Mathilda4 Nov 1904Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Hormann, Mildred13 Mar 1919Sep 1984New Haven
Hormann, Paul30 Apr 1902Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Hormann, Phillis J24 Jan 192420 Dec 1993New Haven
Hormann, Richard R26 Feb 19309 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hormann, Robert H8 Oct 19202 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Hormann, Teresa E21 Aug 195714 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hormann, William7 Apr 1886Jul 1976New Haven
Hormann, William23 Nov 1888Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Hormann, William30 Jan 1892Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Hormann, William F12 Nov 190523 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Horn, Bernard23 Mar 1900Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Horn, Bernard F13 Feb 192230 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Horn, Beth Hope24 Jul 192620 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Horn, Carl29 Jul 1904Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Horn, Carl S3 Jun 194815 Oct 1996Churubusco
Horn, Dorothy J20 Apr 19231 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Horn, Elizabeth14 Feb 1877Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Horn, Esco22 Jun 1897May 1967Fort Wayne
Horn, Esther11 Sep 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Horn, Helen E31 Jan 19243 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Horn, Horace24 Aug 1884Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Horn, Howard29 Jul 1900Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Horn, K C17 Nov 190726 Dec 1994Monroeville
Horn, Laura A12 Aug 1924Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Horn, Lawrence5 Jul 1896Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Horn, Lucille E12 Apr 191319 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Horn, Martha L15 Oct 192328 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Horn, Mary J24 Apr 194517 Jun 2002Harlan
Horn, Melvin E19 Aug 190216 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Horn, Myrtle M28 Oct 190520 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Horn, Naomi L14 Nov 191720 May 2005Monroeville
Horn, Paula29 Oct 1950May 1980Fort Wayne
Horn, Richard J24 Oct 191916 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Horn, Robert12 Aug 1924Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Horn, Ruth19 Oct 1894Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Horn, Sarah E15 Aug 186915 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Horn, Vernon25 Jun 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Horn, Vivian18 Oct 19131 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hornback, Edgar C21 Jan 192123 Mar 2005Spencerville
Hornback, Lucille10 Oct 1914Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hornbacker, Wallace V14 Aug 19176 Jul 1992Spencerville
Hornbeck, Vida11 Jun 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Hornberger, Betty J1 Nov 192210 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hornberger, Carl1 Jul 1897Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hornberger, Marilyn A25 Feb 192812 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hornberger, Myrtle7 Feb 1897Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hornby, Cora24 Jan 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Hornby, Reginald12 Jan 1897Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Horne, Annabelle5 Mar 192721 Jan 1995Churubusco, Roanoke
Horne, Bertha A22 Dec 191520 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Horne, Betty M11 Nov 19139 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Horne, Charles1 Jan 1927Jan 1979Roanoke
Horne, Ernestine A23 Apr 192022 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Horne, Fannie11 Feb 1889Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Horne, Karl16 Sep 1913Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Horne, Maude17 Dec 1892Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Horne, Reppard8 Nov 19197 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Horne, Richard8 Dec 1914Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Horne, Robert2 Sep 1919Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Horne, Wanda K2 Oct 192025 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Horner, Allen4 Aug 190220 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Horner, Bessie24 Mar 1921Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Horner, Clarence5 Apr 192515 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Horner, E30 Apr 1908Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Horner, Helen O28 Mar 190311 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Horner, Mary A16 Sep 194519 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Horner, Verta20 Oct 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Horning, Helen2 Oct 1900Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Horning, Ray1 Jul 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Horoch, George1 Jun 19214 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Horoch, Paraskewi12 Oct 192216 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Horrick, Myrtle6 Mar 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Horst, Constance G23 Sep 1917Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Horst, Mark17 Nov 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Horstman, Beatrice27 Feb 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Horstman, Carolyn M26 Jul 191422 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Horstman, Clara N18 Oct 1916Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Horstman, Edward26 Feb 1905Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Horstman, George23 Aug 1897Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Horstman, Gilbert10 May 191017 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Horstman, Gilbert H19 Feb 191319 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Horstman, Helen3 May 1904Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Horstman, Helen A24 Jul 190919 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Horstman, Joseph10 Mar 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Horstman, Joseph H27 Dec 19488 May 2000Fort Wayne
Horstman, Julian E10 Mar 19136 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Horstman, Leon A6 Dec 192826 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Horstman, Mary5 Nov 1885Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Horstman, Maurice20 Jan 1929Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Horstman, Paul10 Feb 1902Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Horstman, Raymond G4 Sep 191725 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Horstman, Rilla Ann15 Mar 195529 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Horstman, Ronald E22 Aug 193714 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Horstman, Rose21 Sep 1895Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Horstman, Teresia17 Apr 1900Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Horstmann, Frank F25 Dec 191930 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Charles20 Dec 1876Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Diana May5 Apr 1916Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Edith4 Jun 1887Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Evelyn26 Jun 1915Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Hilda K12 May 190110 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Paul11 Nov 1900Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Phil1 Jun 1959Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Horstmeyer, Robert W3 Oct 191524 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Horth, Dudley3 May 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Horton, Bernice M23 Aug 190610 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Horton, Lois F25 Aug 192513 Oct 1999New Haven
Horton, Thomas25 Jan 1901Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Horton, William22 May 1916Aug 1987New Haven
Horton, Wilma5 Dec 191310 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Horton, Y E15 Nov 19322 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Hortsman, Julian W22 Jan 1941Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Horvath, Dorothy Frances17 Sep 193027 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Horvath, Helen V27 May 190819 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Horvath, Joseph12 Jan 19161 Jan 1997Woodburn
Horwedel, Nellie M29 Oct 192310 Oct 2001Leo
Hosack, Ralph28 Oct 1918Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hosack, Robert28 Jan 1917Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Hosbrook, Luella Lucile6 Jan 191214 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hose, Josephine21 Aug 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Hosfield, Dorothy24 Jun 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Hoshaw, Ada B20 Jan 187915 Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Hoshaw, Mildred19 Sep 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Hosier, Clifton7 Jun 1905Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Hosier, Donald H7 Nov 19298 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Hosier, Lillian B6 Aug 1920Jun 1996New Haven
Hosier, Richard22 Sep 1924Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Hosier, Robert23 Dec 1917Dec 1982New Haven
Hoskin, Concetta M2 Dec 191326 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Hoskin, Jack G25 Jan 19002 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hoskins, Danny L31 Jul 195727 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hoskins, Joan M21 Oct 193116 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hoskins, Millard7 Jun 192830 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hoskins, Nancy A20 Aug 196219 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Hoskins, Rita Jeannine17 Dec 193119 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hosler, Anna3 Jun 1889Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Hosler, Berniece17 Sep 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hosler, Carl11 Aug 1896Jul 1971Churubusco
Hosler, Emma23 Dec 1904Aug 1982Churubusco
Hosler, Forest31 Dec 1897Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Hosler, Gladys L22 Oct 19131 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hosler, Herbert14 Nov 192430 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hosler, John M29 Dec 191816 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hosler, Marie F17 Aug 191611 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hosler, Mike18 Jun 1888Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hosler, Miriam R2 Sep 191317 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hosler, Nydia26 Jan 1897Oct 1973Grabill
Hosler, Ora19 Oct 1910Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Hosler, Paul3 Aug 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Hosler, Pauline9 May 1887Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hosler, Robert10 Apr 19174 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hosler, Rose E23 Feb 191529 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hosler, Ruth E1 Jun 191819 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Hosler, Vern2 May 1892Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Hosler, Wilb E10 Aug 190813 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hosler, William C4 Nov 1927Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hossier, Clarence Lee23 Mar 19268 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Cletus30 Sep 1901Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Dorothy A16 Jan 192912 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Fern23 Dec 1909Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Helen R28 Nov 191412 Nov 1999New Haven
Hostetler, Irene29 Jul 19002 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hostetler, John A8 Jul 191525 Oct 1996New Haven
Hostetler, Lester5 May 1905May 1980Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Maurine V2 Feb 191714 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Orva Sr4 Dec 1892Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Orva J1 Apr 192017 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hostetler, Ray2 Nov 1885Nov 1965Woodburn
Hostetler, Wilford28 Jul 191411 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Hostetter, Audrey G12 Apr 191910 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hostetter, David16 Oct 1898Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Hostetter, Edmund8 Nov 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Hostetter, Edna A8 Aug 19153 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hostetter, James D7 Nov 192928 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hostetter, Thelma C17 Nov 190019 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hostettler, Shirley1 Aug 1886Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Hostler, Helen E19 Aug 191510 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Hostman, Anna M8 Apr 190010 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hostman, Charles Sr19 Apr 1894Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Hotchkiss, Jessie S12 Oct 190620 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hotmire, Ralph9 Jan 1906Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Hott, Mary J24 Jun 19171 May 2007Fort Wayne
Hottinger, Herman28 Nov 1902Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hottman, Ross7 Jul 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Houck Sr, Dewey19 Sep 1898Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Houck, Betty Elaine21 Dec 192429 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Houck, Eileen M16 Feb 19272 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Houck, Gretta19 Jan 19264 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Houck, Melvin31 Aug 1887Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Houck, Melvin C15 Aug 192025 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hougendobler, Gary W10 May 19547 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hougendobler, Weldon Gene10 Oct 19349 Aug 2009New Haven
Hough, Bernice H28 Feb 190624 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Hough, Grace28 Apr 1886Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Hough, Marjorie12 May 1914Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Hough, Paul23 Feb 1912Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Houghton, Ethel9 Jun 1895Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Houghton, Nelle5 Dec 1893Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Houk, Anna23 Oct 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Houk, Donna E10 May 191027 Mar 1998Huntertown
Houk, Frances17 Nov 1890Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Houk, Grace3 Aug 1886May 1968Spencerville
Houk, John T21 Sep 191512 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Houk, Kenneth H9 Aug 190622 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Houk, Kristi7 Jun 1963Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Houk, Louise A2 Feb 191214 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Houk, Lucy2 Oct 1899May 1976Fort Wayne
Houk, Mabel25 Apr 1888Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Houk, Virginia L28 Feb 19158 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Houk, Willard B21 Dec 19129 Jan 2001New Haven
Houk, William16 Aug 1886Sep 1975Hoagland
Houk, William A19 May 191614 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Houlihan, Elma L3 Aug 19058 May 2007Fort Wayne
Houpt, Dale3 Mar 1928Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Houpt, Pearl I5 Apr 19261 Sep 2006Huntertown
House, Bertha4 Aug 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
House, Betty A4 Oct 19223 Nov 2002Monroeville
House, Dale E5 Jan 19184 May 2005Monroeville
House, Fred28 May 1896Aug 1967Fort Wayne
House, Grace1 Mar 1891Feb 1982Monroeville
House, Mary2 Dec 1903Oct 1973Fort Wayne
House, Ora M10 Aug 192115 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Householder, Allen10 Nov 190923 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Householder, Dolores V13 Dec 191529 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Householder, Earl W12 Jun 192121 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Householder, Ethel28 Jul 1902Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Householder, Florence14 Feb 1906May 1977Fort Wayne
Householder, Harold10 Dec 1910Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Householder, Louis H1 Jul 190519 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Householder, Lucile E18 Feb 191924 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Householder, Michael Allen13 Jan 195629 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Householder, William E24 Nov 192625 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Househoulder, Mary A20 Jun 19668 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Houser, Alice M19 Mar 191622 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Houser, Alice M10 Aug 19236 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Houser, Alma10 Nov 1888Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Houser, Carolyn R2 Feb 192228 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Houser, Charles7 Dec 1897Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Houser, Charles A11 Aug 192010 May 2002Fort Wayne
Houser, Clara12 Aug 1885Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Houser, Claudine M13 Aug 190817 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Houser, Donald28 Nov 1898May 1975Fort Wayne
Houser, Donald22 Aug 1911Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Houser, Donald C8 Jun 19228 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Houser, Dorothy23 Apr 1906Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Houser, Earl J9 Jan 191127 May 2003Fort Wayne
Houser, Eleanor B21 Jun 19147 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Houser, Elmer28 Feb 1908Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Houser, Esther8 Sep 1889May 1981Fort Wayne
Houser, Florence16 Jan 1905Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Houser, Floyd J8 Dec 19186 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Houser, Forrest21 Jan 192212 May 2007Fort Wayne
Houser, Frank27 Apr 1884May 1970Fort Wayne
Houser, Gale13 Mar 1914Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Houser, George F19 Dec 190124 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Houser, Gertrude A22 May 191221 Jun 1996Monroeville
Houser, Gordon G2 Aug 19165 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Houser, Harold11 Sep 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Houser, Helen6 Sep 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Houser, Helen J16 Nov 1911Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Houser, Helen J24 Jul 19315 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Houser, Howard W14 Jan 189625 Sep 1991Huntertown
Houser, Jack1 Jan 192328 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Houser, Jerome26 Nov 1927Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Houser, John24 Jul 1906Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Houser, Kenneth E24 Oct 192822 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Houser, Leo26 Mar 1908Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Houser, Lyda30 Mar 1908Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Houser, Mabel10 Jan 1899Dec 1985Huntertown
Houser, Mabel R8 Sep 189719 Mar 1999Roanoke
Houser, Marjorie26 Dec 1924Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Houser, Mark J5 Dec 19773 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Houser, Mary H18 Nov 191210 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Houser, Mary J26 Nov 191611 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Houser, Matilda4 Feb 1903Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Houser, Maxine L23 Aug 19189 Feb 1995Grabill
Houser, Norris W6 Sep 191411 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Houser, Opal V9 Jul 191516 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Houser, Ray16 Jul 1894Jun 1983Roanoke
Houser, Ray31 Jan 1912Feb 1986Monroeville
Houser, Reathel19 May 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Houser, Robert W2 Jan 192311 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Houser, Ronald L5 Jul 194630 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Houser, Ross E8 May 19251 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Houser, Sandra K14 Nov 19397 May 1996Fort Wayne
Houser, Sylvia M30 Mar 19218 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Houser, Theresa F7 Apr 192020 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Houser, Tina M8 Jul 19626 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Houser, Velma I22 Nov 191917 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Houser, William26 Jun 1922Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Houser, William C12 May 19151 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Houser, William E21 Jun 195615 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Houser, Zellma B5 Apr 190716 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Housholder, Helen V13 Oct 191019 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Housholder, Nancy L8 Dec 19232 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Housholder, Paul H10 Apr 19216 May 1997Fort Wayne
Housholder, William29 May 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Houshoulder, Albert4 Feb 1939Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Houshoulder, Gary L25 Jan 195211 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Housman, Sherman W5 Mar 191615 May 1992Fort Wayne
Houston, Almeta3 Apr 190617 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Houston, Donald R24 Dec 192831 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Houston, George19 Nov 1901Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Houston, Hazel F27 Nov 191128 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Houston, Luellen10 Jun 191522 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Houston, Mansifee25 Aug 192118 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Houston, Ruby27 Dec 1900Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Houston, Samuel F23 Feb 19293 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hout, Earl7 Mar 1886Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Hout, Mildred R7 Feb 192419 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Hout, W1 Aug 1923Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Houts, Ralph19 Apr 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Houtz, Frederick D18 Sep 191816 May 1992Fort Wayne
Houtz, Harold9 May 1908May 1982Yoder
Houtz, Pearl C23 May 192115 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hovarter, Cora E12 Nov 190424 Feb 2004Leo
Hovarter, Floyd4 Dec 1905Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hovarter, Gordon17 Mar 1916Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hovarter, Mildred L13 May 190522 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hoverstock, Mildred G10 Jan 190326 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Hovey, Hazel19 Apr 1895Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hovis, Zona22 Jan 190418 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hovorka, Cyril M2 Oct 193130 Mar 1999New Haven
Howard Jr, Charles9 Dec 1928Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Howard, A20 Mar 1910Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Howard, Agnes18 Apr 1911Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Howard, Alice8 Jan 1941Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Howard, Alice K15 Aug 193322 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Howard, Alice L22 Sep 191817 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Howard, Almeda L30 May 19211 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Howard, Arthur7 Aug 1924Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Howard, Arvella22 Oct 1926May 1977Fort Wayne
Howard, Bernice7 Mar 189727 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Howard, Bessie A14 Jan 19392 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Howard, Beth A2 Dec 19382 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Howard, Betty E16 Apr 19261 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Howard, Beulah20 Dec 1923Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Howard, Brenda J26 Aug 194019 Sep 2007Yoder
Howard, Charles29 Oct 1908Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Howard, Charles17 Dec 1892Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Howard, Charlie L20 Dec 19185 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Howard, Claude10 Nov 1896Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Howard, Clayton22 Mar 1909Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Howard, Cornelius J24 Jun 195515 May 1994Fort Wayne
Howard, Dale C27 Dec 191828 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Howard, Davi S6 Sep 19455 Feb 1999Harlan
Howard, David C6 Sep 19533 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Howard, Dean C22 Apr 192930 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Howard, Donald F3 Nov 193011 May 1998Fort Wayne
Howard, Dorothy15 Oct 1898Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Howard, Dorothy M29 Jun 19324 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Howard, Edith31 Jul 1896Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Howard, Edith V13 Aug 192716 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Howard, Elizabeth H1 Jul 190010 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Howard, Fannie A14 Feb 19331 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Howard, Ferdie A4 Feb 192930 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Howard, Gary16 Aug 1951Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Howard, Hayden18 May 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Howard, Helen5 Jul 19009 May 1997Fort Wayne
Howard, Howard17 Sep 191530 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Howard, Iona6 Sep 1893Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Howard, Janice K9 Aug 193916 Oct 2008Huntertown
Howard, John E3 Mar 19344 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Howard, John W19 Jun 192524 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Howard, Joseph4 Jun 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Howard, Joyce A18 Oct 195415 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Howard, Katherine T8 Feb 190921 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Howard, Kernie15 Dec 19322 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Howard, L Maxine23 Mar 191619 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Howard, Leonard N21 Apr 194624 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Howard, Louise31 Oct 191715 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Howard, Mabel4 Feb 1889Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Howard, Mary17 Aug 19125 May 2001New Haven
Howard, Mary M23 Oct 19087 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Howard, Mattie W6 Jan 189810 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Howard, Merritt9 Sep 1896Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Howard, Mitchell S15 Jul 196011 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Howard, Norma H8 Feb 19278 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Howard, Norma L20 Oct 193117 May 1992Fort Wayne
Howard, Norman9 May 1901Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Howard, Phyllis12 Nov 1923Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Howard, Reva1 Oct 1895Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Howard, Robert10 May 1899Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Howard, Robert J30 Jun 194115 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Howard, Roderick M22 Sep 19277 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Howard, Roxie5 Jun 189815 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Howard, Ruth E8 Dec 190114 Jan 1996Leo
Howard, Sally M12 Feb 195717 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Howard, Sara S10 Jul 194612 May 2001Fort Wayne
Howard, Theresa L12 Sep 19528 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Howard, Tracy Lynn17 Mar 196821 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Howard, Velva M10 Feb 190921 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Howard, Wanda12 Sep 1908Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Howard, Warren8 Nov 1889Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Howard, Wiladean R20 Oct 193017 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Howard, Will23 Jun 1935Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Howarth, Marie8 Aug 1901Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Howat, Corinne29 Jul 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Howdyshell, Dale E6 Aug 19233 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Howe, Charles25 Jan 1884Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Howe, Clarence F13 Jan 192230 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Howe, Clayton20 Aug 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Howe, Clyde Everett8 Aug 192510 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Howe, Daisy E5 Apr 189222 Jul 1997Huntertown
Howe, Don R4 Oct 192918 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Howe, Donna M25 Oct 194612 Sep 2004New Haven
Howe, Estes13 Mar 1935Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Howe, Eva8 Nov 1918Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Howe, Fordyce1 Mar 1920Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Howe, George10 May 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Howe, Irene22 Dec 1905Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Howe, Lore K15 May 19181 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Howe, Marie W1 Jan 1908Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Howe, Mary J1 Oct 192212 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Howe, Nadine G11 Jul 191417 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Howe, Sigvald2 Sep 1913Feb 1987New Haven
Howe, Sybil M30 Mar 192729 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Howell, Anna G11 Aug 192529 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Howell, Billy N9 Aug 192526 Dec 2003Harlan
Howell, Carrol30 Apr 1910Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Howell, Curtis26 Sep 1901Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Howell, Daniel28 May 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Howell, Deborah Sue18 Mar 195230 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Howell, Denzle16 Apr 1911Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Howell, Donnie Leo2 Dec 19546 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Howell, Dorothy C12 Feb 19074 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Howell, Dorothy M7 Aug 191919 Nov 1994New Haven, Fort Wayne
Howell, Edythe8 Jun 1892Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Howell, Elgie25 Aug 1883Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Howell, Elmira31 Dec 19335 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Howell, Eula21 Jun 1895Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Howell, Fern B29 Dec 191019 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Howell, Fred E7 Jul 195913 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Howell, Freda L28 Dec 190514 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Howell, Gladys15 Oct 1911Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Howell, Gladys L15 Aug 192528 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Howell, Harold4 Aug 1916Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Howell, Harry8 Jan 1910Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Howell, Harry J8 Jan 190820 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Howell, Helen M16 Jul 19105 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Howell, Herman27 Jul 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Howell, Howard13 Oct 1916Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Howell, J C9 Feb 19304 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Howell, James A16 Feb 192019 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Howell, Jimmy B24 Sep 193614 Apr 2004New Haven
Howell, Joann M20 Nov 193026 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Howell, Johnnie A10 Dec 19097 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Howell, Kara L25 Apr 195313 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Howell, Lorene B19 Sep 192615 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Howell, Magnolia20 Mar 192831 May 2009Fort Wayne
Howell, Malcolm6 Nov 194915 May 2006Fort Wayne
Howell, Margaret19 Jan 1885Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Howell, Margaret2 Sep 1902Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Howell, Marjorie24 Aug 191023 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Howell, Mary19 Oct 1874Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Howell, Mary L3 Apr 192625 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Howell, Mildred A15 Jan 1903Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Howell, Norton J29 Oct 19378 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Howell, Phoice4 Dec 192529 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Howell, Robert L23 Oct 192728 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Howell, Romer13 Dec 1887Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Howell, Roy12 Feb 1890Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Howell, Ruth30 Apr 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Howell, Sharon E19 Apr 194728 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Howell, Terry L6 Jul 194711 May 2005New Haven
Howell, Thirman6 Oct 1902Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Howell, Thurston27 May 190819 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Howell, Venessia1 Dec 1912Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Howell, Vicki L31 May 195611 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Howell, Virgil6 Apr 1905Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Howell, Warren24 Feb 1918Jul 1980New Haven
Howell, Weldon10 Nov 1914Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Howell, Willie24 Mar 192119 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Howell, Winnifred Lillian29 Feb 19204 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Howell, Zella24 Dec 191915 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Howells, Leah E14 Oct 190915 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Ansel12 Feb 1900May 1974Roanoke
Howenstine, Betty J4 Mar 19235 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Goldie M30 Aug 189014 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Harry10 Jan 1914Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Hugh L17 Sep 19073 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Howenstine, James R20 Feb 19182 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Mabel V18 Jan 191613 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Marjorie L5 Jan 192613 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Howenstine, Orah E1 Dec 190916 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Hower, Alfred2 Oct 1894Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hower, Beatrice15 May 1902Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hower, Betty Jo1 Aug 192215 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hower, Carl12 Aug 1898Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Hower, Dessa26 Feb 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hower, Donald D21 Jan 19237 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hower, Florence A16 Mar 192314 May 1993Fort Wayne
Hower, Fredrick Eugene2 Jun 192220 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hower, Jenean22 Oct 19488 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hower, Marie L10 Jul 193025 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Howes, Catherine M14 Jul 1922Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Howes, Elizabeth M15 Dec 188815 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Howes, Franklin J7 Feb 192128 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Howes, Gloria A23 Dec 193111 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Howes, Warren V18 Sep 19218 Aug 1996Monroeville
Howey, Beverly J1 Jan 1932Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Howey, David10 Jan 1921May 1972Spencerville
Howey, Dorothy M15 Nov 191818 Aug 1995Roanoke
Howey, Howard11 May 1893Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Howey, James R24 Feb 192510 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Howey, Madge14 Aug 19225 Aug 1998Spencerville
Howey, Mina15 Aug 1907Mar 1980Spencerville
Howey, Richard F25 Feb 191922 Nov 1994Spencerville
Howey, Vera R26 Dec 192928 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Howey, Walter F26 Aug 191721 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Howey, William21 Jun 1907Jan 1987Roanoke
Howland, Florence31 Oct 1889Mar 1972Grabill
Howley, Agnes M17 Mar 187715 Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Howley, James B16 Nov 193617 May 2001Fort Wayne
Howze, Ronnie20 May 1905Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Hoxie, Theodore9 Sep 1898Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Hoy, Albert R24 May 191710 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hoy, Amelia14 Jun 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Hoy, E Darlene14 Feb 192416 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Hoy, Nancy J17 Jan 196326 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hoy, Paul R7 Mar 19314 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Hoyer, Raymond18 Jan 1890May 1982Fort Wayne
Hoyle, Ervin P12 Sep 192126 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hoyle, Fred14 May 19293 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hoylman, Joseph26 Mar 1923Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hoyng, Daniel L27 Aug 193919 Mar 2003Fort Wayne

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