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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Hubart, Nellie10 Mar 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hubartt, Bernard26 Sep 19237 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hubartt, Esther A1 Jun 191113 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hubartt, Lawrence H13 Apr 191126 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Hubartt, Leonard G23 Apr 19259 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hubartt, Lester A20 May 19052 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hubbard, A J4 Feb 193915 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Alexander Jr18 Jan 193530 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Alice M31 Aug 192927 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Carl R3 Mar 192123 Nov 1996Churubusco
Hubbard, Charles21 Nov 19318 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Charles21 Apr 1912Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Clara9 Apr 1913Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Helen D24 Feb 193815 Nov 1993Woodburn
Hubbard, Hilda1 Jun 1900Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Hubbard, James23 Feb 1898Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Hubbard, James5 Mar 192618 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Kirk A22 Jun 195819 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Laura21 Jun 1882May 1974Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Lawrence2 May 1907Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Lawrence27 Dec 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Nola3 Oct 1917Aug 1987New Haven
Hubbard, Samuel29 Dec 1919Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Shelly27 Jan 1899Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Suzanne G21 Nov 192022 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Hubbard, Thelma17 Aug 19193 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hubbell, Thomas J27 Apr 191419 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hubble, Sarah B27 Apr 19071 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Huber, Arthur24 Sep 1896Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Huber, Carl30 Jan 1901Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Huber, Fred20 Apr 1883Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Huber, Fred A23 Aug 192022 May 1998Fort Wayne
Huber, Garnet12 Nov 1914Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Huber, Jennie M27 Apr 192125 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Huber, Jule27 Mar 1887Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Huber, Kenneth L4 Apr 19211 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Huber, Lawrence24 Dec 1900Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Huber, Leslie L1 Apr 197228 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Huber, Margaret K9 Sep 191313 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Huber, Marjorie A2 Oct 192131 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Huber, Martin25 Aug 1892Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Huber, Maybelle10 Jan 1904Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Huber, Rhetta25 Aug 1894Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Huber, Richard J13 Jan 193729 May 2006New Haven
Huber, Russell19 Aug 1889Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Huber, William B1 Feb 190321 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hubers, Cleophas B7 Dec 19138 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hubers, Martin E18 Nov 19099 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Hubert, Andrew4 Mar 1882Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Hubert, August L2 Jan 19213 May 1993Fort Wayne
Hubert, Harold H6 Oct 193212 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hubert, Laura9 Jun 1898Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Hubert, Marjorie J5 Sep 192112 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Hubertz, Bernice Catherine4 Jan 191611 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hubertz, Carl E3 Aug 191726 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Hubler, Donald24 Apr 1915Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Hubler, Helen3 Aug 1920Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Hubler, Icadore20 Oct 19202 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hubler, Kenneth P18 Mar 192324 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hubler, Lucinda31 Oct 1893Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hubler, Ralph L27 Oct 191722 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hubley, Viola C14 Aug 191716 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hubner, Marjorie H24 Oct 192628 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hubner, Steven B20 Nov 195623 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Hubner, Zoe26 Sep 1894Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Huckabee, Nancy3 Oct 191719 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Huckleberry, Benny Lee23 Nov 195222 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Hudda, Asgarali R14 Jun 193125 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Arthur29 Aug 1908Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Bessie16 Jan 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Dawn R6 Feb 196615 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Ethel6 Jul 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Florence M20 Feb 190726 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Huddleston, George17 Jun 1901Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Huddleston, Jerrold10 Dec 1921Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hudecki, Carla31 Mar 1936Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Hudgens, Gerda C4 May 192028 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Hudler, Mary19 Aug 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hudleson, Mary H6 Jan 192616 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Hudnall, Mary L20 Oct 192428 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Hudson, Bernice24 Sep 1888Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hudson, Catherine L28 Oct 195628 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Hudson, Charlotte L6 Sep 192218 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Hudson, Dessa13 Nov 1896Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Hudson, Earl N3 Aug 192511 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hudson, Edgar27 Mar 1912Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Hudson, Edna7 Aug 1896Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hudson, Eleanor L11 May 191329 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hudson, Elizabeth29 Dec 1896Jul 1978Monroeville
Hudson, Elvira M25 Feb 19181 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hudson, Estel S16 Sep 190518 Apr 1993New Haven
Hudson, Ethel25 Feb 1913Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hudson, Fannie B19 Jul 191919 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hudson, Harold H12 Jun 192130 Oct 1992Spencerville
Hudson, Hazel13 May 1901Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Hudson, Henry15 Jan 1893May 1978Monroeville
Hudson, Henry W17 Apr 191730 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hudson, Jean5 Apr 193312 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Hudson, Jerome29 Jul 1940Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Hudson, John30 Aug 1929Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Hudson, Leota10 Sep 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Hudson, Lillian3 Oct 1912Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Hudson, Mamie Lue30 Mar 191822 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hudson, Margaret L26 Feb 19244 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Hudson, Mary10 Aug 1908Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Hudson, Myra2 Mar 1927Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hudson, Odell25 Feb 1916Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hudson, Phillip B22 Oct 191521 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Hudson, Phillip Leon13 Aug 19352 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hudson, Shelia A14 Feb 195020 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hudson, Theodore8 Feb 19488 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hudson, Thomas W29 Feb 194415 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Hudson, Velma3 Oct 1907Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Hudson, William15 Oct 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hudson, Zelma G3 May 19046 Oct 2002New Haven
Hueber, Edith31 Dec 1891Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hueber, Marie28 Apr 1899Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Huebert, Edward F24 Oct 19228 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Huebner, Idell7 Oct 1905Dec 1986Monroeville
Huebner, Luella17 Feb 1896Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Huebner, Otto25 Aug 1899Sep 1973Monroeville
Huebschman, Elmer30 Jan 1897Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Huempfner, Louise A10 Apr 191618 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Huenemann, Jean S14 Apr 19283 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Huepenbecker, Herbert W7 Oct 193217 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Huesman, Henry A26 Oct 19479 Sep 2004Spencerville
Huesner, Dorothy A13 Apr 192423 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Huesner, Maryleon25 May 1917Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Huesner, Winfred8 Jun 1920Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Huett, Fred10 Sep 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Huey, Clara C2 Apr 1905Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Huey, Clarence D6 Dec 192530 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Huey, Don L2 May 19046 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Huey, Harry20 Jun 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Huey, Marilyn R27 Apr 19301 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Huey, Mary V17 Jan 191515 May 2008Fort Wayne
Hufendick, Gladys27 Jul 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Huff, Alda J12 Jul 192921 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Huff, Arlen L13 Nov 193516 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Huff, Caroline I4 Aug 19176 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Huff, Constance E16 Nov 192517 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Huff, Dora E21 Jan 1901May 1994Fort Wayne
Huff, Dorothy I25 Nov 193414 May 2009Fort Wayne
Huff, Esther20 Jan 1900Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Huff, Genevieve E7 Jun 191422 Jan 2005Woodburn
Huff, Helen M20 Apr 191618 Dec 1998Woodburn
Huff, Helen R17 Aug 191215 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Huff, Henry27 Oct 1901Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Huff, Philip27 Jan 1955Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Huff, Radford L13 Aug 193525 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Huff, Robert9 Oct 1906Jul 1973Woodburn
Huff, Ronald J20 Oct 192630 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Huff, Susie N27 Aug 193817 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Huff, Waneta13 Nov 1929Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Huffaker, Milton28 Feb 191023 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Huffaker, Thelma M14 Jul 1910Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Huffer, Mary R8 Aug 191319 Jan 2002New Haven
Huffer, Morris18 Feb 1909Jul 1987New Haven
Huffer, Ruby G17 May 191815 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Huffine, Byron16 Jun 1907Dec 1986New Haven
Huffine, Helen E27 Feb 1912Aug 1992New Haven
Huffine, Norman11 Jun 19252 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Huffine, Virginia K21 Jul 1925Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Huffman, Alberta P30 Jul 191428 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Huffman, Anna P15 Aug 189824 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Huffman, Arlene14 Jun 1932Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Huffman, Arthur4 Feb 1898May 1981Fort Wayne
Huffman, Barbara A11 Apr 19329 May 2002New Haven
Huffman, Beatrice L17 May 191129 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Huffman, Bernice E30 Jan 191621 Nov 1997Grabill
Huffman, Bill L9 Dec 192222 Nov 2004Hoagland
Huffman, C E4 Sep 19083 Oct 1997New Haven
Huffman, Carole M9 May 191815 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Huffman, Clarence1 Jan 1896Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Huffman, Cynthia C12 Sep 193419 May 2009Fort Wayne
Huffman, Dana Lynn11 Aug 19216 May 1995New Haven
Huffman, Diann Kay14 Sep 195824 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Huffman, Don21 Jul 1900Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Huffman, Dorothy1 Mar 1905Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Huffman, Doyle14 Nov 1911Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Huffman, Edna17 Jun 1900Sep 1979Hoagland, Fort Wayne
Huffman, Edward17 Jun 192213 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Huffman, Ernest20 Apr 1910Jun 1981Roanoke
Huffman, Esther M18 Mar 190929 Jan 1998New Haven
Huffman, George18 Sep 1918Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Huffman, Georgia25 Apr 1902Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Huffman, Glen18 Mar 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Huffman, Harold24 Dec 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Huffman, Herschel C29 Jan 190815 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Huffman, Irene7 Mar 1898Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Huffman, Joann11 Dec 192813 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Huffman, Lawrence24 Jun 191328 Jan 2001Grabill
Huffman, Lloyd9 Sep 1903Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Huffman, Lorenzo22 May 1883Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Huffman, Madalene21 Aug 1901Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Huffman, Marjorie F8 Oct 19135 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Huffman, Marla22 Jun 1953May 1978Fort Wayne
Huffman, Mary20 Oct 1907Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Huffman, Mary17 Oct 19136 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Huffman, Nellie C15 Oct 191518 Apr 2002New Haven
Huffman, Norman J7 Apr 193912 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Huffman, Opal2 Dec 1910Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Huffman, Patricia E8 May 193010 Jul 2007Leo
Huffman, Robert23 Jul 1925May 1972Fort Wayne
Huffman, Robert21 May 1916Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Huffman, Robert E1 May 192620 May 2000Fort Wayne
Huffman, Russell22 Nov 1895Feb 1969Hoagland
Huffman, Russell L27 May 192124 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Huffman, Thomas3 Aug 19311 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Huffman, Vernon24 Feb 1919Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Huffman, Walter27 May 1899Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Huffman, Zera1 Jun 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Hug, Joseph P2 Jan 19389 Jul 2004Huntertown
Huge, Dorathea M6 Dec 191431 May 2008Fort Wayne
Huge, Dorothy13 Oct 1911Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Huggins, James C18 Mar 192326 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Huggins, Leean12 Jan 191120 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Huggins, Ruth6 Dec 192522 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Huggins, Ruth22 Jul 1927Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hughes, Agnes L16 Jun 190424 Oct 2008New Haven
Hughes, Arlene C4 Mar 192626 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hughes, Arthur26 Apr 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hughes, Bennie Mitchell13 Apr 19252 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hughes, Byronna5 May 1916Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Hughes, Charles7 Aug 19385 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hughes, Charles24 Feb 1896Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Hughes, Charles5 Jun 1882Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Hughes, Curtis9 Jun 1882Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Hughes, Darrell B8 Apr 191725 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Hughes, Darwin13 Aug 1929Jul 1986Churubusco
Hughes, David E25 Nov 187015 May 1966Fort Wayne
Hughes, Delmus O19 Apr 193429 May 1995Fort Wayne
Hughes, Dolores Ma Y17 Sep 191614 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Hughes, Dorothy M20 May 19186 Nov 2007Leo
Hughes, Dorothy M10 May 190825 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Hughes, Douglas R3 May 193315 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hughes, Douglas S13 Mar 193530 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hughes, Edward6 Feb 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Hughes, Edward C21 Sep 192310 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hughes, Elizabeth23 Dec 19161 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Hughes, Eloise A29 Oct 192721 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Hughes, Elsie L30 Aug 19064 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hughes, Ermel28 Jan 1902Dec 1982Monroeville
Hughes, Ethel31 Mar 1892Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Hughes, Eva23 Oct 1895Nov 1979Roanoke
Hughes, Evelyn B28 May 191612 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hughes, Evelyn P9 Dec 19132 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hughes, Frankie25 Sep 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Hughes, Frederick9 May 1929Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Hughes, Gala12 Dec 190618 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hughes, Gayle17 Mar 1899Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hughes, Geraldine L13 Apr 192220 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hughes, Helen28 May 1919Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Hughes, Helen M1 Nov 191510 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hughes, James30 Sep 1915Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hughes, James C10 Jul 192522 Mar 1996New Haven
Hughes, Jean L15 Mar 1926Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Hughes, John26 Nov 1918May 1986Fort Wayne
Hughes, John R18 Jun 19326 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Hughes, Lawrence L18 Jun 192416 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hughes, Leland24 Mar 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Hughes, Louise19 May 1923Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hughes, Ludmilla S9 Mar 19024 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hughes, Marguerite M9 Jan 191815 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hughes, Marie6 May 1906May 1981Fort Wayne
Hughes, Mark12 Sep 1980Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hughes, Martha Louise7 Nov 193910 Feb 2009New Haven
Hughes, Mary P2 Aug 192128 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hughes, Mildred14 Jun 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Hughes, Mollie11 Nov 1888Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hughes, Myra17 Dec 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Hughes, Nancy L3 Apr 191323 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Hughes, Norman28 Feb 1905Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hughes, Ola A29 Dec 19124 Nov 1997Roanoke
Hughes, Patricia Susan10 Jun 194720 Dec 2008Spencerville
Hughes, Paul26 Aug 1903Jul 1984New Haven
Hughes, Pearl2 Dec 1926Jun 1983Roanoke
Hughes, R L27 Sep 194615 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Hughes, Ray4 Nov 19232 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Hughes, Raymond1 Sep 1904Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Hughes, Richard F26 Sep 19072 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Hughes, Riley2 Nov 1879Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Hughes, Robert12 Jul 1905Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hughes, Robert28 May 1885Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hughes, Robert F13 Jan 1913Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hughes, Robert J27 May 191623 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Hughes, Sarah H16 Jun 1905Nov 1990Monroeville
Hughes, Sharon L11 Feb 193726 Sep 1996New Haven
Hughes, Truman8 May 1882Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Hughes, V T26 Oct 191211 Sep 2000Roanoke
Hughes, Victor G20 Jan 19169 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hughes, Virgil3 Jul 1900Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hughes, Virgil19 Sep 1898Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Hughes, Wendell B2 Mar 19169 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hughes, Wilbert12 Jan 1906Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Hughes, Willard14 Jul 1902May 1971Fort Wayne
Hughes, William28 Nov 1896Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hughes, William M12 Oct 19092 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hughes, Willie30 Oct 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Hughes, Willie16 Mar 1916Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Hughes, Willis12 Feb 1931Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Hughett, Willard2 Jun 1908May 1971Fort Wayne
Hughley, Lola18 Sep 1910Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Hughson, Betty K19 Nov 19226 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Hughson, George J28 Nov 191710 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Hugo, Louise22 Nov 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Hugo, Victor7 Oct 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Clarence6 May 1899Dec 1977New Haven
Huguenard, Eugene L20 Apr 19077 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Eva F17 Dec 1913May 1996Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Francis J29 Oct 192830 Sep 1996New Haven
Huguenard, Geraldine L30 Apr 19252 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Gregory D27 Jan 195629 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Irene17 May 1903Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Huguenard, James30 Aug 1906Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Jerry R11 Nov 194225 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Martha C14 Sep 19067 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Norbert7 Mar 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Olive26 Sep 187015 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Huguenard, Ralph J27 Jan 191229 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Huhn, Edith12 Apr 1887Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Huhn, Edward28 Dec 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Huhn, Edward14 Jan 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Huhn, Helen C11 Aug 1905May 1993Fort Wayne
Huhn, Lillian28 Dec 1888Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Huhn, Lorraine M10 Sep 192627 Apr 2005Leo
Huhn, Mary Ann5 Mar 193815 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Huhn, Pauline M29 Dec 191530 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Huhn, Robert8 Dec 1908Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Huhn, Ruth8 Nov 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Huhn, Wilbert4 Jan 1906May 1978Fort Wayne
Huizing, Anne J16 Sep 192323 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Huizing, Thomas E18 Sep 19391 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Hulbert, John J17 Aug 192922 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Hulen, Francis28 Jan 1912Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Hulen, Ruth23 Feb 1922May 1992Fort Wayne
Hulen, William5 Nov 1908Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Hulfeld, Mary22 Apr 1881Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hull, Anna26 Apr 1893Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hull, Charles26 May 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Hull, Dale W9 May 193325 May 2004Churubusco
Hull, Donald F17 Aug 193016 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hull, Dvuille10 Aug 1899Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Hull, Elsie M5 Jul 190911 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hull, Elva23 Jun 1890Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Hull, Eugene21 May 1928Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hull, Evelyn L9 Dec 192014 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Hull, Felizitas F20 May 193226 May 2006Fort Wayne
Hull, George6 Jan 191214 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Hull, Irvin W13 Aug 193318 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Hull, Jessie15 Jun 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Hull, Joseph28 Dec 1916Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Hull, Lola28 Aug 1880Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hull, Lorain C16 Oct 19216 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hull, Marie5 Aug 1908Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hull, Mary L13 Nov 191925 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hull, Minnie31 May 1907Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Hull, Paul A30 Nov 191425 Feb 1996Huntertown
Hull, Pearl15 May 1905Nov 1987New Haven
Hull, Ross29 Jun 1908Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Hull, Samuel13 Dec 1880Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hull, Sharon R15 Sep 19409 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hull, Willard B9 Mar 19267 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Augusta C25 Jan 189013 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Donald F30 Apr 192829 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Dorothy8 Aug 1929Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Eli7 May 1925Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Elma5 Mar 1883Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Esther11 Feb 19254 Nov 2004Grabill
Hullinger, Frank15 May 1875Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Gale16 Mar 1895Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Guy3 Feb 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Henry H12 Nov 191811 Oct 1991Grabill
Hullinger, Leonard24 Feb 1911May 1974Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Mary28 May 1914Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Myrtle1 Jan 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Ruth28 Jan 19245 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Stephen11 Oct 1907May 1979Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Verena3 Jun 1917Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hullinger, Wilson M17 Oct 19062 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hultquist, Leslie E20 Feb 19195 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Hults, Morris G15 Oct 192312 Jan 2003Churubusco
Hults, Paul13 Dec 1910Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Hulvey, Carl20 Mar 1892Mar 1968Yoder
Humbarger, Irene24 Jun 191315 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Humbarger, Lucille1 Feb 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Humbert, Chester19 Feb 1891Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Humbert, Jesse21 Jul 1887Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Humbert, Richard14 Jul 1926Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Humbert, Robert R17 Jan 19289 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Humbert, Viola G26 Dec 1905Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Humbrecht, Fred30 Jan 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Humbrecht, Harry29 Oct 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Humbrecht, Joseph11 Feb 1884Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Humbrecht, Marjorie C29 Jan 191321 May 1993Fort Wayne
Humbrecht, Ruth14 Feb 1902Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Humcke, Harvey16 Jan 1917Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Humcke, Mary K10 Aug 19216 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Humcke, William3 Nov 1884Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hume, Helen7 May 1920Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Humes, Emma Lee21 Nov 192015 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Humke, Rena17 Jan 1893Jun 1986Roanoke
Humke, Vera L9 Jan 19162 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Humke, Walter28 Jun 1890Mar 1984Roanoke
Huml, Dorothy15 Jun 19115 Jun 2007New Haven
Hummel, Kenneth9 Nov 1914Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hummel, Kenneth P26 May 19447 Jun 1988Huntertown
Hummel, Leroy19 Mar 192127 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hummer, Cecil G3 Jan 189823 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Hummer, John F16 Feb 192026 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Hummer, Mary E9 May 19231 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Hummer, Merle22 Jul 1896Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Hummons, Blaine4 Jul 1883Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Carole B22 Oct 193923 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Cassie6 Jan 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Clark O15 Mar 194130 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Clifton C31 Oct 19174 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Edith19 Feb 1880May 1980Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Frederick E28 Mar 192910 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Lee24 Oct 1909Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Lillian29 May 1889Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Mary K21 Oct 19194 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Maurice9 Oct 1915Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Humphrey, Teresa A24 Aug 192023 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Humphreys, Robert17 Jul 1924May 1983Fort Wayne
Humphries, Ethel L4 Oct 19194 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Humphries, Sadie C27 Apr 190525 Dec 1999Roanoke
Humphries, Walter8 Sep 194327 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Humrickhouse, Vennis26 Jun 1896Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hundley, Lowell David13 Jun 193527 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Huneck, John P26 Dec 192823 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Huneck, Robert L18 Feb 19345 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Hungerford, Corless L22 Oct 191911 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Hungerford, Fred11 Aug 1912Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Hunkler, Louis T15 Jun 191411 May 2002Fort Wayne
Hunkler, Mildred L14 Jul 19132 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hunley, Genittie8 Sep 19275 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hunnefeld, Fred J5 Dec 192524 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Carl L1 Aug 190920 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Clyde20 Dec 1889Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Douglas W13 Nov 195419 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Frances I28 Dec 1921Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Jessie23 Jan 1891Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Norman11 Feb 190910 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Hunnicutt, Virginia I27 Dec 192122 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Hunnings, Keith21 Jan 191826 Aug 1999New Haven
Hunnings, Lyndall F19 Dec 192112 Sep 2007New Haven
Hunsaker, Edward25 Jan 1914Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hunsaker, Luella30 Jun 1914Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Hunsberger, Frank19 Dec 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Hunsberger, Maude E5 Jul 187915 Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Hunsberger, Pauline J28 Jun 193513 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Hunsberger, Virginia L30 Aug 193219 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hunsche, Henry11 Apr 1922Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Hunsdorfer, Robert7 Dec 1899Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Hunsicker, Gottlieb28 Nov 1892Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Hunt, Audrey16 Feb 1891Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Hunt, Bessie M25 May 191414 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Hunt, Bonnie J19 Jul 19233 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hunt, David L3 Jan 195226 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hunt, Dorothy G18 Mar 192230 Dec 2001Roanoke
Hunt, Earl H11 Nov 190729 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Hunt, Eddie17 May 1918Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Hunt, Emberson29 Mar 1898Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Hunt, Emery28 Jul 1912Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Hunt, Ernest2 Aug 1890Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Hunt, Frank21 Oct 1882Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Hunt, Glen2 Nov 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Hunt, Grace10 Aug 1901May 1982Fort Wayne
Hunt, Guy3 Feb 1897May 1972Fort Wayne
Hunt, James22 Jan 1927Jun 1980New Haven
Hunt, James E19 Sep 191524 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hunt, Jane Ann12 Jun 19207 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Hunt, Joseph8 Sep 1905Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hunt, Joyce E27 Feb 19291 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hunt, K Gail26 Jun 191526 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hunt, Kenneth26 May 19061 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Hunt, Leigh28 Jun 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hunt, Leon1 Dec 1919Apr 1980New Haven
Hunt, Lois28 Feb 1887Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hunt, Lois17 Mar 1918May 1980Fort Wayne
Hunt, Madge K28 Jul 19213 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Hunt, Maggie L26 Jul 19545 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Hunt, Marcy L25 Aug 192931 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Hunt, Margaret16 Jan 1914Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Hunt, Mary A19 Nov 187115 Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Hunt, Raymond21 Sep 1906Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hunt, Richard A4 Apr 19315 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Hunt, Richard W3 Dec 191615 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Hunt, Robert F11 Jun 191226 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hunt, Roger D27 Jul 19297 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Hunt, Ruth23 Jun 1901Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hunt, Selma28 Aug 1914Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Hunt, Shirley Ann Brown7 Jul 19567 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hunt, William18 Feb 1916Oct 1978Churubusco
Hunt, William R6 Aug 191912 May 1998Roanoke
Hunte, Dave22 Mar 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Hunter Morri, Mordie B5 Jul 193215 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Hunter, Abraham23 Dec 193315 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Hunter, Alf24 Dec 192822 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hunter, Alice19 Oct 1889Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hunter, Alice K26 Oct 192526 Jul 2002New Haven
Hunter, Anna17 Oct 1881Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Hunter, Barbara A6 Jun 193730 Nov 2004New Haven
Hunter, Bertha26 Feb 19042 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Hunter, Blanche27 Jan 1895Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hunter, Charles R30 Apr 192917 Jun 2002New Haven
Hunter, Chester L22 Jun 192828 Jan 1994Monroeville
Hunter, David A8 Jun 192430 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Hunter, Dora13 Aug 190822 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hunter, Earl W1 Dec 192226 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hunter, Eddie3 May 1929Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Hunter, Edna16 Feb 1895Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Hunter, Ernest22 Oct 1894Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Hunter, Esther L5 Jul 192112 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Hunter, Evelyn M5 May 192727 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hunter, Fred16 May 19345 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hunter, Fredrick R7 Oct 192623 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hunter, Genevieve9 Aug 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Hunter, George T12 Apr 189515 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Hunter, Geraldine A5 Dec 193020 Jan 2010New Haven
Hunter, Grace L6 Jan 191211 Jul 1996New Haven
Hunter, Henry14 May 1908Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Hunter, James25 Sep 1891Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Hunter, John C19 Dec 191015 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Hunter, Laura14 Apr 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Hunter, Lesia D16 Nov 196931 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hunter, Marie M23 Feb 19227 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hunter, Martha E1 Jan 19121 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Hunter, Mary C19 May 191827 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Hunter, Mary E27 May 19266 Jan 1992Grabill
Hunter, Nancy19 Sep 1899Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Hunter, Otto R25 Aug 191017 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hunter, Phyllis J23 Apr 192520 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Hunter, Robert N25 Feb 193123 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hunter, Roger W7 Dec 19304 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hunter, Roycedean19 Oct 191713 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Hunter, Sam30 Sep 1909Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Hunter, Sam J31 Aug 193011 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hunter, Susie T1 Sep 189912 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Hunter, Willease15 Sep 19142 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Hunter, Willie A2 Feb 190914 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Hunter, Zoe12 May 1910Dec 1982Roanoke
Huntin, V26 Mar 1928Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Huntine, James3 Aug 1900Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Huntine, James Michael31 Jan 193513 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Huntine, Joseph30 Aug 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Huntine, Mary T28 Apr 192021 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Huntine, William T13 Jul 19207 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Hunting, Mathilda E28 Feb 1906Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Huntington, Alva Chauncey9 Dec 19232 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Huntington, Glen Eugene16 Aug 191928 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Huntington, Steven J25 Feb 195216 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Huntley, Clifford E22 Mar 190512 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Huntley, Marlene M4 Jul 193825 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Hunyadfi, Magda M27 Apr 19157 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Hupalo, Demyd16 Aug 1887Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Hupp, Raymond11 Mar 1905Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Huppert, Evelyn28 Jan 190712 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Huppmann, Anna20 Dec 1899Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hurd, Adrian10 Dec 1925Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Hurd, Anne B20 Jan 193729 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Hurd, Betty1 Apr 19305 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Hurd, Cecil8 Nov 1902Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hurd, Elizabeth10 Mar 187715 Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Hurd, Esther F3 Mar 19129 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Hurd, Marjorie Jean8 May 191528 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Hurley, Ann E16 Aug 194111 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Hurley, Edgar James11 Jul 193113 Aug 2009Roanoke
Hurley, Edward28 May 1893Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hurley, Kathryn24 May 19232 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Hurley, Margaret12 May 190528 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Hurlow, Donna J12 Mar 192716 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Hurni, Dolores R17 Nov 191328 May 2005Fort Wayne
Hurraw, Guy Edmond30 Jan 192724 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Hursey, Anna5 Feb 1887Jan 1981Spencerville
Hursey, Ruth B9 Aug 191018 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Hursh, Anna21 Jan 1888Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Hursh, Bert6 Mar 1886Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hursh, Bessie P17 Nov 19053 Nov 1993Spencerville
Hursh, E Woodrow21 Feb 19193 Apr 1996Spencerville
Hursh, Ernest27 Jan 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Hursh, Harriet25 May 1890Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Hursh, Jay6 Jul 1907May 1972Fort Wayne
Hursh, John C7 Jul 191010 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Hursh, Louise7 Aug 1894Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Hursh, Luella11 May 1884Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hursh, Martha J28 Feb 192523 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Hursh, Mary15 Apr 1878Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Hursh, Mary G18 Jul 189831 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Hursh, Opal3 Mar 1922Jul 1984Leo
Hursh, Pauline2 Dec 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Hursh, Pauline29 Jun 1904Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Hursh, Thelma21 Sep 1912Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Hursh, Verlin N11 Jan 192521 May 2009Fort Wayne
Hursh, Winford10 Jun 1889Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Hurst, Anthony26 Jun 1918Oct 1973New Haven
Hurst, Arthur J30 Sep 19283 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Hurst, Charles14 Nov 1877Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Hurst, Doris M16 Jan 195321 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Hurst, Floyd23 Dec 1891Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Hurst, Harry21 Dec 1907Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hurst, Ivan E23 Jan 191710 Sep 1995Churubusco
Hurst, Laura A15 Apr 191227 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Hurst, Mattie L30 Dec 191114 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Hurst, Paul10 Dec 1909Jan 1967Spencerville
Hurst, Toy19 Sep 1938Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Hurst, Walter R4 Oct 190624 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Hurston, Lena V23 Sep 19185 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Hurt, Doretha14 Nov 192827 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hurt, Ernest D11 Apr 192911 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Hurt, Nora E15 Jan 194115 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Hurt, Steven12 Jan 1953Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Hurter, Edith D11 Dec 191327 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Hurtt, Donald R29 Jun 19303 May 1999Fort Wayne
Hurtt, Donna G7 Jun 190825 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Husarik, James9 Sep 194218 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Husband, Bessie23 May 1886Jun 1969Roanoke
Husband, Clarence15 Nov 1906Jun 1973Roanoke
Husband, Robert D11 Aug 19254 Jun 2006Roanoke
Husband, Russell G30 May 191013 May 1994Roanoke
Husband, Wanah A23 Jul 191630 Dec 2000Roanoke
Huser, Clara1 Apr 1887Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Huser, Dorothy G27 Sep 19132 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Huser, Estella14 Oct 1886Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Huser, Homer H15 Nov 19134 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Huser, Mildred10 Mar 1913May 1982Fort Wayne
Huser, Rhonda Jo27 Nov 19577 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Huser, Roy1 Jan 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Huser, Ruth M17 Mar 19196 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Huskey, Geraldine3 Jul 1922Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Husow, Dimitrij27 May 1894Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Huss, Anthony15 Sep 1887Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Huss, Harold D7 Dec 194415 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Huss, Isabel6 Jun 1907Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Huss, Ralph1 Sep 1903Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Husted Sr, John D21 Jun 192931 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Husted, Charles A29 Sep 194826 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Husted, Eric A29 Mar 197223 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Husted, Evelyn3 May 1909Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Husted, Jeannette4 Nov 191515 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Husted, Juanita C19 Mar 192423 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Husted, Lucille16 Apr 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Husted, Merle4 May 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Husted, Paul17 Jul 1904Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Husted, Phillip E21 Jan 195616 May 2007Fort Wayne
Husted, Sophia23 Feb 1891Oct 1973Harlan
Husted, Thomas27 Sep 1921Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Huston, Datha V11 Sep 19301 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Huston, Elbert E5 Mar 19107 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Huston, Gertrude25 Aug 1879Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Huston, Helen F5 Jul 192024 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Huston, J L14 Jan 19295 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Huston, Jennien L20 Jun 19337 Feb 2005Monroeville
Huston, Kenneth19 Aug 1914Dec 1986Churubusco
Huston, Lorraine R20 Dec 191814 Mar 2009Leo
Huston, Myrtle10 Oct 187615 Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Huston, Paul21 Oct 1926Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Huston, Violet J20 Apr 191417 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Hutchens, Callie9 Nov 1886Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Hutchens, Jesse10 Dec 1887Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Hutchens, Kathryn15 Sep 1888Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Hutchens, Lois G9 Sep 19244 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hutchens, Opal27 Nov 1895Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hutchens, William20 Oct 1921Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Hutchings, Eleanor L22 Nov 192111 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Hutchings, Reece11 Jan 19228 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Albert G1 Dec 19351 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Arthur Jr3 Nov 193620 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Doris M15 Oct 19198 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Dorothy T1 Mar 192112 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Kenneth A27 Jul 192414 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Ovetta13 Jun 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Hutchins, Vearline31 Aug 193812 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Audra11 May 1907Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Blake21 Apr 1909Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Grace8 Apr 1896Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Helen25 Mar 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Hugh17 Apr 1924Mar 1986Churubusco
Hutchinson, Kenneth L11 Jun 19287 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Mildred A30 Apr 190922 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Mina16 Apr 1890Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Hutchinson, Thomas G18 Apr 189220 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Bruce25 Apr 1912Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Edlen W24 Jul 192110 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Esther15 Sep 1898Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Frank W10 Apr 191618 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Geraldine8 Aug 1909Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Jaunetta H12 May 191317 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Letha L18 Sep 19067 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Madge3 Aug 1897Mar 1972New Haven
Hutchison, Maxwell13 Aug 1915Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Hutchison, Twylo F11 Feb 19214 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Hutchisson, Larry G4 Feb 19394 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Hutchisson, Lelah18 Aug 188715 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Hutfilz, Clarence M3 Jun 191412 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Hutfilz, Coralie11 Aug 19233 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Huth, Alice H14 Jul 191120 May 1994Woodburn
Huth, Donald A27 Feb 192021 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Huth, Erven25 Feb 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Huth, Ethel27 Apr 1894Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Huth, Herbert C10 Jul 190124 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Huth, James29 Jul 1917May 1979Fort Wayne
Huth, Juanita A10 Mar 191121 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Huth, Leonard C14 Dec 19236 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Huth, Margaret M28 Feb 19213 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Huth, Raymond5 Oct 1907Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Hutker, Glen E6 Jan 190115 Dec 1987Harlan
Hutker, Velma6 Jul 1902Mar 1987Harlan
Hutner, David2 Jun 1895Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Hutner, Dorothy29 Dec 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Hutner, Sidney30 Mar 1903Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Hutner, Viola R6 Apr 1905Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hutsell, Donald L15 May 19285 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Hutsell, Marilyn27 Nov 192925 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Hutsell, Mildred9 Mar 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Hutsell, Minnie2 Jan 1906Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hutson, Catherine T21 Oct 19107 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Hutson, Gladys M24 Sep 1910Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Hutson, Irene29 May 189814 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Hutson, Irma6 May 1898Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Hutson, Lester J11 Sep 191131 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Hutson, Martha E5 Oct 18995 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Hutson, Mary10 Aug 1908Jul 1974Huntertown
Huttinger, Charles24 Nov 1905Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Huttinger, Ethel3 May 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Huttinger, Maude A21 Sep 1900Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Hutto, Blanche1 Feb 1902Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Hutton, Alfred20 May 1921Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Hutton, Demaris I14 Feb 19285 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Hutton, James R24 Jan 192427 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Huttsell, Montgomery Sr6 Apr 1891Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Huttsell, Victor E4 May 192631 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Ellsworth13 Dec 1882Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Esther3 Nov 1892Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Irma C10 Jul 188428 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Joseph19 Jan 1878Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Mary22 Feb 1876Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Hutzell, Oscar13 Dec 1882Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Huxoll, Albert14 Sep 1907Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Huxoll, Bertha27 Feb 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Huxoll, Clarence19 Jan 1921Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Huxoll, Lois5 Apr 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Huyck, Norma13 Oct 1905Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Huyette, Hazel4 Jun 1900Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Huyghe, Emily2 Jun 1896Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Huyghe, Raymond29 May 1893Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Huynh, Hao A8 Apr 19653 Jun 2006Fort Wayne

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