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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Hyatt, Cora E8 Jan 187515 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Hyatt, Freed18 Oct 1888Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Hyatt, Glenna4 Feb 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Hyatt, James27 Feb 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hyatt, Marilyn S15 Aug 193920 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Hyatt, Walter1 Oct 1894Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Hyde, Alice16 Oct 1903Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Hyde, Edward L6 Aug 192020 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hyde, Effie M20 Feb 18984 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Hyde, John J7 Oct 191825 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Hyde, Kathryn14 Aug 1925Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Hyde, Kelly R22 Dec 195530 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Hyde, Nelson S25 Apr 191816 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Hyde, Raymond7 Sep 1913Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Hyde, Stewart16 May 1893Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Hyers, Alberta11 Jun 1916Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Hyland, Betty E3 May 191930 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Hyman, Beatrice B14 Aug 190719 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Hyman, Cecil L23 Oct 193623 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Hyman, Dean9 Jan 1925Aug 1986Leo
Hyman, Esther E17 Jun 191116 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Hyman, Joseph18 Dec 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Hyman, Kathryn5 Oct 190728 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Hyman, Kenneth8 Dec 1904Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Hyman, Robert L3 Apr 193311 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Hymen, James E5 Dec 19178 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Hymon, Stanford16 Feb 1906Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Hyndman, Gladys31 Dec 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Hyndman, Hannah M4 Dec 1910Nov 1995Churubusco
Hyndman, Harold H31 Mar 19191 Mar 1992Churubusco
Hyndman, Harry P17 Nov 190011 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Hyndman, John19 Sep 1905Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Hyndman, Marion J22 Jul 19365 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Hyndman, Mary Hulda2 Feb 191612 May 2009Churubusco
Hyndman, Phillip L16 Dec 192923 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hyndman, Roger16 Jul 1937Dec 1984Churubusco
Hyndman, Roscoe F14 Jun 190211 Jun 1997Churubusco
Hyndman, Ruth A10 Apr 191729 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Hyre, Helen10 Jun 1897Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Hyre, Lela15 Jun 190820 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Hyre, Marcella D23 Dec 191021 Feb 1989Grabill
Hyre, Mayme30 May 1880Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Hyser, Anna13 Feb 1877Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Hyser, Clarence F17 Jun 192720 Nov 2006Yoder
Hyser, Daniel2 Apr 1906May 1985Fort Wayne
Hyser, Darlene M8 Apr 193214 Nov 2004Churubusco
Hyser, Ernest26 Jan 1905May 1977New Haven
Hyser, Evelyn1 Aug 1907Sep 1987New Haven
Hyser, Frances J11 May 19294 Jan 2000Yoder
Hyser, Ida26 Mar 1880Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Hyser, Lucious24 Aug 1880Mar 1967New Haven
Hyser, Mae28 Sep 1898Jun 1971Roanoke
Hyser, Marguerite13 Nov 1922Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Hyser, Robert6 Oct 1911Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Hyser, Rose S7 Apr 19058 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Hyser, Theresia M6 Aug 19248 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Hyser, Thomas J2 May 192913 Oct 1991Churubusco
Hyser, Wilbur A22 May 191920 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Hyser, Willard7 May 1901Mar 1980Roanoke
Hyslop, Georgianna P25 Aug 191922 May 2003Fort Wayne

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