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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Iaccavento, Giuseppi15 Apr 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Iacovitti, Joseph31 Jul 192029 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Iammarino, Joseph9 Dec 1900Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Iammarino, Laverne E20 Aug 191129 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Iammarino, Peter N4 Jun 190812 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Iannetti, Robert L10 Oct 194523 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Iannucilli, Angelo14 Oct 1891Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Iannucilli, Louis M2 Apr 191911 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Ianucilli, Frank J4 Oct 19221 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Ianucilli, Mary Maxin E2 Feb 192618 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Iberg, Dorothy L17 Oct 191021 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Ice, Cora7 Mar 1896Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Ice, Faye E22 Sep 191024 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Ice, Howard29 Sep 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Ice, John W6 Jan 19204 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Ice, Mary23 Jul 1909Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Ice, Oral14 Apr 1906Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Iddles, Alice Marie19 Aug 192412 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Ide, Howard14 Dec 1900Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Idele, George31 May 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Iden, Deloss L25 Jan 19279 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Iden, Mary Lou14 Jul 19308 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Idrogojr, Candido16 Mar 193812 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Iehl, Louis N24 Feb 191720 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Iehl, Margaret J8 Jun 19209 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Iehl, Theresa6 Nov 1885Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Iemma, Janet M29 Dec 193922 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Iglesias, Jose29 Apr 1903Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Ignace, Barbara A16 Sep 194917 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Igney, Asal10 Mar 1897Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Igney, Asal G12 Dec 192131 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Igney, Dale20 Dec 1898Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Igney, Elizabeth12 Jul 190825 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Igney, Francis G3 Jul 19183 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Igney, Jacqueline17 Dec 1928Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Igney, Mildred6 May 1915Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Igney, Paul6 Aug 1906Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Igney, Thelma M8 Jan 1922Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Igoe, Mary12 Aug 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Iholts, Everett E8 Mar 192716 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Ihrie, Charles A12 Sep 19074 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Ihrie, Leona M19 Nov 191017 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Ihssen, William J26 Jul 191014 May 1998Fort Wayne
Iler, Mary C24 Mar 187215 Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Iler, Pearl16 Apr 1885Mar 1980New Haven
Imata, M3 Mar 1889Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Imboden, Irvin29 Jun 1913Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Imbody, Carl27 Oct 1907Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Imbody, Clare20 Mar 1914Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Imbody, Cyrus D15 Aug 193325 Mar 2005Churubusco
Imbody, D A29 Apr 193115 Apr 1987New Haven
Imbody, Emma11 Feb 1891Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Imbody, Geraldine G7 May 19125 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Imbody, James A23 Apr 193411 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Imbody, William9 Sep 1897Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Imel Jr, Donald W4 Sep 196621 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Imel, Donald W18 Sep 193217 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Imel, Edna M9 Apr 192516 May 2005Fort Wayne
Imel, Gerald F12 Nov 192016 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Imel, John6 Jul 1910Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Imel, Lee N4 Jan 195916 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Imel, Regena D2 Jul 1911Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Imel, Ruth A3 Jun 193520 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Imel, Steven R5 Oct 19732 May 2005Fort Wayne
Imhausen, Cathy Anne3 Nov 195328 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Imler, Anna1 Sep 1884Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Imler, Glen25 Jul 1924Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Imler, John6 Aug 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Imler, Marian C14 Jan 1917Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Imler, Pauline E10 Feb 192828 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Imler, Robert E20 Aug 191922 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Imler, Ruth11 Oct 1902Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Imler, Samuel13 Sep 1915Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Imler, Sue5 Jan 1890Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Imler, William2 Jan 1893Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Imler, William B11 Oct 191617 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Immel, Fred21 Dec 190929 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Immel, Maud22 Mar 1884Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Immel, Robert D15 Jun 191916 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Impellizzeri, Josephine27 Sep 19123 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Inchauteguiz, Frank15 Jul 19344 May 2002Fort Wayne
Inches, John A5 Jul 19134 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Inches, Louise30 Aug 1912Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Incremona, Cheryl A7 Jun 196511 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Incremona, John9 Jan 193623 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Indrioff, Ben23 Mar 1924Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Ineman, Clifford C11 Aug 19349 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Inge, Winnie Barbara26 Nov 193910 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Ingebrand, Virginia B4 Aug 191318 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Ingham, Marian23 Dec 1892Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Ingham, Meribah8 Mar 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Ingle, Carl13 Feb 1892Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Ingle, Edward F2 Feb 19221 Dec 1997Roanoke
Ingle, Martha L11 Oct 192431 May 2006Fort Wayne
Ingle, Mary R29 Jul 19195 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Ingle, Mitsuko H29 Nov 19321 Dec 2002Roanoke
Ingol, Hattie M15 Jan 192821 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Ingraham, Warren29 Nov 1909Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Ingram, Emma Z7 Feb 19246 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Ingram, Leonard15 Dec 1901Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Ingram, Oscar26 Nov 192521 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Inks, Cloyd6 Jan 1891Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Inks, George R6 Aug 1921Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Inks, Woodrow W20 Mar 191323 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Inlow, Daniel O13 Jun 195612 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Inman, Alice1 Aug 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Inman, Alvina20 Dec 1894Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Inman, Arnold W26 Oct 192928 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Inman, Coet28 May 1924Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Inman, F D23 Jul 191131 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Inman, John19 Dec 1901Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Inman, Mary3 Mar 1917May 1985Fort Wayne
Inman, Virginia L14 Jun 19385 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Inman, Westie H7 Dec 19145 Jul 2006New Haven
Inskeep, Caroline21 Jun 1883Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Inskeep, Charles24 Jun 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Insley, Ruth10 Jul 1912Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Inwood, Herbert4 Sep 1919Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Ioannou, Gavril15 Apr 191816 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Ionni, Remo A29 Aug 193027 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Ioset, Annie18 Jul 1884Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Irby, Bernice22 Jan 1942Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Irby, Floyd20 Feb 1937Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Irby, James13 Oct 19324 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Irby, James I29 Nov 193924 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Irelan, Eva23 Apr 1880Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Irelan, Gwen F4 Mar 19148 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Ireland, Marvin30 Jul 1934Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Ireland, Sophie I23 Apr 1902Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Irey, Georgia D3 Mar 192419 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Irick, Elva22 Aug 1889Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Irick, Franklin D9 May 19191 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Irick, June A11 Jun 193317 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Irick, Mary27 Sep 1921Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Irick, William Thomas2 Mar 194418 Jun 2009New Haven
Irie, R J31 May 194923 May 2008Fort Wayne
Irish, Robert10 Sep 1919Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Alden5 Jan 1921May 1979Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Arthur4 Nov 1892Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Jane M25 Mar 192527 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Marjorie J19 Sep 192018 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Mary7 Jul 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Max Jr30 Sep 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Irmscher, Virginia C28 Sep 192122 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Irmscher, William12 Aug 1898Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Irons, Bertha30 Mar 1894Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Irons, Blanche14 Jul 1915Nov 1983Churubusco
Irons, Jeanne26 May 1916Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Irons, Meah N23 Sep 19743 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Irons, Robert21 Jan 1915Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Irven, Dorothy Ellen17 Apr 193125 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Irven, Erna15 Jan 1905Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Irven, Fred L1 May 190311 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Irven, Jack Edward25 Jul 192521 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Irven, Mary11 Mar 1926Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Irven, Russel F4 Mar 191219 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Irvin, Donald6 Nov 1930Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Irvin, Fannie31 Jul 1932Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Irvin, James25 Mar 1910Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Irvin, James Edward9 Sep 193321 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Irvin, Juanita G25 Nov 19206 Dec 2007Churubusco
Irvin, Ora L10 Feb 191023 May 2005Fort Wayne
Irvine, Vaughn C9 Jul 192214 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Irving, Adeline2 Dec 189917 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Irving, Grace H9 Sep 189827 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Irving, John18 Feb 1895Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Irving, Margaret H2 Sep 191730 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Irving, Rosella8 Dec 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Irvington, Beulah D6 Aug 190410 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Irwin, Alberta P14 Feb 19275 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Irwin, Charles T12 Jun 191429 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Irwin, John17 Aug 1891Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Irwin, Kathryn21 Jan 1907Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Irwin, Kathryn K8 Mar 19166 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Irwin, Mary6 Jun 1907Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Irwin, Merritt8 Jul 1895Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Irwin, Michael14 Aug 1944Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Irwin, Orval H16 Nov 19133 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Irwin, Raymond J28 Aug 190915 Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Irwin, Robert C8 Sep 192412 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Irwin, Romayne M9 May 19234 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Irwin, Thomas D22 Oct 193113 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Isaac, Ray D24 Feb 195023 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Isaacs, John6 Jul 1927Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Isaacs, Ray4 Sep 1899Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Isaacs, Robert S5 Sep 192715 May 2007Fort Wayne
Isaacs, Wilma K5 Mar 193323 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Isaacson, Everett A30 Jan 192513 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Isakson, Dorothy9 Sep 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Isay, Julius10 May 1899Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Isay, Mina21 Jun 1906Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Isbell, James D14 Feb 19165 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Isbell, Paul19 Nov 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Isbell, Vita M8 Oct 192121 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Isch, Richard E5 Jul 193431 Jan 2004New Haven
Iseler, Donald E7 Nov 193217 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Isenbarger, Charlotte19 Aug 1897Apr 1979New Haven
Isenbarger, Donald F9 Feb 192931 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Isenbarger, Faye11 Mar 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Isenbarger, Kenneth Joseph22 May 192616 Jun 2008New Haven
Isenbarger, Lee F25 Dec 192326 Dec 1988New Haven
Isenbarger, Mildred A12 Mar 19258 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Isenbarger, Thomas L15 Aug 193317 Jan 2008New Haven
Isenberg, Anna6 Jul 1889Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Isenberg, Robert C28 Sep 191521 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Isenberg, Thelma A23 Mar 191523 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Isenhour, Lucille D20 Nov 19043 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Isenhour, Margaret12 Mar 1924Jan 1985Churubusco
Isle, Ruth5 Jun 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Isnogle, Blanche M19 Aug 19096 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Isnogle, Clellah24 Apr 1891Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Isom, Louise H29 Aug 19314 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Isom, Roy W13 Jul 1928Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Israel, Ruth13 Jul 1901Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Itskovich, Mikhail1 Jan 193515 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Itt, Charles L28 Oct 19208 May 1995Fort Wayne
Ittenbach, Bonnie26 Jun 1891Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ivanovic, Nicholas P29 Jun 191524 May 2004Fort Wayne
Iverson, Louise4 Sep 1910Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Iverson, Max22 Nov 1898Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Iverson, Opal L27 Oct 190612 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ives, Marie19 Sep 1913Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Ives, Nora L29 Dec 191222 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Ives, William12 Sep 1910Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Ivey, Juanita14 Jan 19194 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Ivey, Mary E26 Sep 19207 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Ivins, Grace G13 Nov 189218 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Ivins, John R9 Dec 193714 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Ivory, Beulah8 Dec 1913Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Ivory, Marion G9 Feb 19253 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Ivory, Wilhelmin15 Nov 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Ivy, Ella3 Aug 1898Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Ivy, Hyrle12 May 1896May 1976Fort Wayne
Ivy, Ira8 Oct 1892Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Ivy, Terrence M6 Nov 195526 May 1993Fort Wayne
Ivy, Willie V25 Sep 194818 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Izdepski, Richard9 Feb 195621 Dec 2003Fort Wayne

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