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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Jaap, George J6 Aug 191723 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Jaap, Gwendolyn2 Oct 1912Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Jaap, Rink3 Jul 1889Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Jablonski, Jane Ann9 May 19241 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Jablonsky, Nellie12 May 1897Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Jacan, Elizabeth22 Apr 1879Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Jachim, Esther R6 Feb 191028 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Jacikas, Kazimiera12 Dec 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Jack, Harrison22 Mar 1881Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Jackemeyer, Christ8 Jan 1878Aug 1966New Haven
Jackemeyer, Clarence13 May 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Jackemeyer, Edgar27 May 1937Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Jackemeyer, Edward27 Jun 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Jackemeyer, Margaret27 Jan 1907Mar 1977New Haven
Jackemeyer, Norman15 Jan 1922Jul 1986Yoder
Jackemeyer, Paul C9 May 19117 Feb 2004New Haven
Jackemeyer, Pauline29 Jun 1921May 1983Yoder
Jackemeyer, Ralph Edward7 Oct 19249 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Jackman, Howard10 Jan 1907Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Jackman, Jennie14 Mar 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Jackso, H14 Sep 1927May 1990New Haven
Jackson, Ada5 Oct 1882Oct 1977Churubusco
Jackson, Alma15 Oct 193518 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Alma A20 Aug 191323 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Jackson, Alta F27 Jul 191327 May 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Andrew21 Nov 1954Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Jackson, Andrew J17 Aug 19575 May 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Anna11 Jan 1895Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Jackson, Anna7 Aug 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Jackson, Anna M13 May 191829 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Jackson, Annie B15 Nov 191015 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Anthony20 Dec 1983Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Arthur19 Apr 1903Feb 1970Roanoke
Jackson, Beatrice8 Feb 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Benjamin J11 Sep 194822 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Jackson, Bertha23 Jun 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Jackson, Besse1 Apr 1887Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Jackson, Bessie17 Jan 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Jackson, Betty15 Feb 1945Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Betty J29 Oct 19228 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, Betty L28 Mar 19256 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Betty S22 Jun 19211 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Billy26 Jul 1928Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Boyd20 Sep 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Brice5 Sep 1919May 1979Roanoke
Jackson, Byron C25 Sep 19249 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Catherine17 Apr 1915Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Cecil M25 Feb 192110 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Charity29 May 1891Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Jackson, Charles3 Jan 1898Apr 1969Roanoke
Jackson, Charles D12 Apr 197025 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Charles E26 Aug 192722 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Charles M15 Mar 191713 Feb 1995Woodburn
Jackson, Charles R5 Aug 192625 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Jackson, Chester23 Jul 1893Jun 1968Harlan
Jackson, Clara10 Aug 1895Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Clarence30 Sep 1892Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Jackson, Clarence5 May 1923Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Jackson, Clarence Aaron16 Feb 19312 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Claude Jr19 May 193618 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Claude W17 Oct 192212 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Jackson, Clinton28 Jan 1884Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Jackson, Connie L25 Jan 193817 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Jackson, Crawford W1 Apr 192225 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Jackson, David23 Sep 1903Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Deloris V11 Dec 192815 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Dennis19 Oct 1916Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Jackson, Dennis L17 Dec 19467 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Dessie3 Nov 1891Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Jackson, Donald E5 Oct 19762 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Jackson, Dora Mac7 Aug 19294 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Dorotha M26 May 191416 Mar 2009Monroeville
Jackson, Earl E25 Nov 19278 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Jackson, Edna27 Jul 1907Sep 1982Roanoke
Jackson, Edris4 Aug 1908Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Jackson, Edward24 Oct 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Jackson, Elga4 Feb 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Eric D18 Sep 197312 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Erna E12 Feb 191620 Dec 1996Churubusco
Jackson, Estelle7 Apr 1903May 1973Fort Wayne
Jackson, Evelyn12 Aug 1900Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Jackson, Evelyn L15 Aug 192411 Jul 1999Woodburn, New Haven
Jackson, Everett27 Aug 1895Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Jackson, Exoler19 Mar 192517 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Florence11 Jul 1892Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Florence17 Apr 1894Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Jackson, Floyd30 Jan 192612 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Francis24 Jul 1917Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Jackson, Frank8 Mar 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Jackson, Frank29 May 191615 Apr 1996Huntertown
Jackson, Gaylord L28 Mar 192711 Sep 1991Churubusco
Jackson, Gaylord M19 May 192927 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Gene Franklin18 Apr 192915 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Jackson, George1 Aug 1900May 1974Fort Wayne
Jackson, George N8 Jul 192211 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Gladys13 Aug 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Gloria12 Jul 1922Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Jackson, Guy16 Jul 1911Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Jackson, Harold3 Jul 1927May 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Harold13 Sep 1912Dec 1986New Haven
Jackson, Harry25 Dec 1913Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Jackson, Harry17 Apr 192325 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Helen24 Mar 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Jackson, Helen26 Jul 1899Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Jackson, Helen V1 May 192510 May 1996Fort Wayne
Jackson, Henry26 Nov 1939Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Jackson, I Helen24 Aug 191324 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Jackson, Irene3 Mar 195114 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Irene E27 Jul 192921 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Jackson, Jacob15 Mar 19149 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, James A17 Nov 19182 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, James A24 Dec 190529 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, James M11 Oct 194824 Oct 2005Yoder
Jackson, James S27 Oct 19267 Jul 1989New Haven
Jackson, James W30 Nov 191824 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Jackson, Jeanie31 Mar 190322 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Jackson, Jesse R10 Nov 191620 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Joanna8 Jan 192016 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Jackson, Joanne M6 Jul 193111 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Jackson, Johanna D16 Jul 19232 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Jackson, John29 Nov 1913Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Jackson, John7 May 1911May 1984Fort Wayne
Jackson, Joseph E29 Nov 193922 May 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Juanita13 May 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Judith E24 Oct 19453 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Julia E14 Oct 190423 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Jackson, Katherine E16 Oct 190129 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Jackson, Kathryn E10 Dec 19228 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Kenneth W29 Jan 191211 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lacy P31 May 193914 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Jackson, Laura E25 Apr 193818 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Laura J23 Aug 196022 Oct 2008Huntertown
Jackson, Lela M19 May 189727 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lena P30 Aug 190516 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lewis3 Sep 1900Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Jackson, Loretta Je30 Jul 1932Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lovell7 Jan 193731 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lowell W23 Dec 19179 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Jackson, Lurena M2 Aug 192422 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Jackson, Luther25 Dec 1903Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Jackson, Luther M15 Feb 190926 Dec 1996Churubusco
Jackson, Lyle E28 Sep 19245 Sep 1996New Haven
Jackson, M8 Jun 1903Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Jackson, Maggie3 May 190928 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Major29 Aug 1897Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mammie6 Feb 1928Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Jackson, Manson1 Dec 1887Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Jackson, Margaret9 Jul 190718 Mar 1992Leo
Jackson, Margaret17 Oct 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Jackson, Margarete28 Apr 1923May 1986New Haven
Jackson, Marian25 Dec 19439 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Jackson, Marie B19 Nov 190526 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Marie D25 Nov 191919 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Marion J16 Jul 1925Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary12 Oct 1945Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary Ann6 Aug 1948Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary B19 Aug 192711 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary E9 Oct 190919 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary E16 Sep 193227 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mary L20 Jan 192311 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Jackson, Matthew6 Mar 192120 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mattie13 Feb 1923May 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Meredith25 Dec 19364 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Jackson, Merle14 May 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Merle H29 May 193026 May 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Mildred L28 Jan 19209 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Noel E25 Dec 19322 Jan 2009Churubusco
Jackson, Nora30 Nov 1919Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ocie2 May 1916Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ola Jean10 May 195112 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ora12 Jul 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Jackson, Orville30 Dec 1887May 1975Fort Wayne
Jackson, Oscar21 Dec 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Jackson, Paris24 Sep 1899Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Jackson, Paul17 May 1910Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Jackson, Paul23 Jun 1906Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Jackson, Pearle Mae7 Jul 19376 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Phil18 Mar 1926Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Jackson, Queen Esth10 Aug 1918Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Jackson, Rachael31 Jul 1903Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Jackson, Rachel11 Jun 1948Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Jackson, Radene30 Sep 194022 May 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ray9 Sep 1906Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Jackson, Richard14 Jan 193226 May 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Richard W8 Sep 194624 May 2006Huntertown
Jackson, Rickey K16 Nov 195010 Feb 1982New Haven
Jackson, Rita20 Oct 1910Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert26 Jun 1915May 1971Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert24 Dec 192431 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert25 Jan 1920Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert A28 Feb 19419 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert E7 May 19531 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert L31 Mar 193124 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert M9 Sep 19289 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Robert W25 Dec 19212 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Jackson, Roberta A9 Feb 194217 Aug 2005Churubusco
Jackson, Roy10 Sep 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ruby L29 Apr 1929Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Jackson, Russell20 Dec 1903Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Jackson, Russell19 Oct 1899Jan 1979Churubusco
Jackson, Ruth12 Aug 1913Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ruth1 May 1899May 1976Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ruth14 Jul 190523 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ruth E20 Jul 191928 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Ruth M13 Oct 191316 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Jackson, Sandra R29 Feb 196823 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Jackson, Simon9 Nov 191912 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Simon7 Apr 194816 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Jackson, Terry J25 Sep 195219 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Jackson, Therese M18 Aug 19163 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, Thomas Iii30 Apr 193124 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, Thomas E28 Feb 19354 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Jackson, Thomas L23 Nov 193120 Aug 1997New Haven
Jackson, Timothy J9 Oct 19481 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, Toni27 Jul 195313 May 2006Fort Wayne
Jackson, Vaughn L29 Apr 193011 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Jackson, Velma H25 Jun 190915 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Jackson, Walter18 Jun 1888May 1971Fort Wayne
Jackson, Walter A17 Jul 192613 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Jackson, Warren Gordon12 Mar 191314 Jan 2008Monroeville
Jackson, Warren W19 Sep 190018 Dec 1995Leo
Jackson, Wilbur25 Aug 1890Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Jackson, William30 Oct 1921Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Jackson, William30 Jan 1952Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Jackson, William C4 Oct 194613 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Jackson, William G9 Feb 191223 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, William H26 Mar 187215 Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Jackson, William H16 Jul 193115 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, William R31 Mar 19587 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Jackson, William R28 Nov 193026 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Jackson, William T2 May 193724 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Jackson, Willie6 Nov 19182 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Jackson, Willis15 Jul 1895Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Jackson, Willis O21 Apr 19229 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Jacob, Alma17 Aug 1893Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Jacob, Edwin5 Feb 1937Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Jacob, Edwin10 Feb 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Jacobi, Elizabeth13 Mar 195328 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Jacobs Cooley, Joni18 Sep 195322 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Agatha5 Jul 1911Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Allen R20 Jul 194023 Apr 2006Churubusco
Jacobs, Beth E18 Sep 192312 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Carl5 Oct 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Carrie M6 Dec 19224 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Charles P12 Sep 192025 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Clarence11 Apr 1920Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Darrel K18 Jan 191826 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Donna M12 Apr 193317 May 2001Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Emilie S2 Mar 193911 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Erma9 Jan 1908Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Estelle15 Oct 1891Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Fred10 Jan 1902Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Fred21 Sep 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Georgiana22 Oct 1918Dec 1982Monroeville
Jacobs, Gloria Sue14 May 194022 May 2009Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Harry A15 Mar 192018 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Harvy C3 Jan 191522 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Hazel L25 Dec 191127 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Helen L3 Aug 191616 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Herbert29 Nov 1894Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Howard C12 Mar 191523 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Iola M12 Jan 192224 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Irene M11 Sep 192219 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Jacobs, James E4 Feb 19184 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Jean R24 Feb 1919Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Jerry L19 Nov 19404 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Jacobs, John31 Oct 1913Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Jacobs, John4 Mar 1930Apr 1986Monroeville
Jacobs, Kandyce K26 Jul 194717 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Karen Lynn16 Oct 19416 May 2008Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Lavern13 Nov 1914Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Lillian M2 Sep 19264 Oct 2009Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Jacobs, Lillian M8 Jul 192611 Feb 1997New Haven
Jacobs, Madelene M19 Oct 191310 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Marguerite23 Jul 192027 Jul 2005Spencerville
Jacobs, Marguerite9 Mar 1912Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Maurice E4 Nov 191631 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Maxine G10 Nov 1907Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Melvin5 Mar 1925Oct 1981New Haven
Jacobs, Nicholas R7 Feb 198030 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Olive5 Oct 1888Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Ray14 May 1904Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Roger E9 Mar 19304 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Rosie L27 Feb 19276 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Jacobs, S3 Nov 1903Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Victor3 Nov 1911Aug 1987Monroeville
Jacobs, Viola A3 Jan 19094 May 2001Fort Wayne
Jacobs, Walter E24 Dec 193030 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Jacobs, William2 Dec 1881Oct 1966Yoder
Jacobs, Zola5 Oct 1895Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Jacobson, Anna9 Apr 1923Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Jacobson, Arthur21 Apr 1927Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Jacobson, Charles20 Oct 191222 Aug 1996New Haven
Jacobson, Florence M1 Aug 191013 Sep 2006New Haven
Jacobson, Hilma14 Nov 1894Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Jacobson, Thora21 May 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Jacobus, Eileen E31 Mar 192327 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Jacoby, Everett12 Dec 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Jacot, Madge V1 Sep 1904Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Jacot, Ray C14 Oct 190318 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Agnes B8 Nov 1919Dec 1992New Haven
Jacquay, Allen W27 Jul 191723 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Bernetta29 Dec 1909Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Bernon6 Jun 1915Nov 1986New Haven
Jacquay, Catherine B27 Jun 189626 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Clara19 Mar 1888Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Clarence20 Sep 1886Jun 1974Monroeville
Jacquay, Dorothy15 Nov 1902Aug 1986New Haven
Jacquay, Dorothy M9 May 191517 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Helen M26 Aug 19166 Feb 2000Monroeville
Jacquay, Herschal30 Oct 1889Dec 1966Monroeville
Jacquay, Iris M10 Sep 1916Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Joyce E3 Jul 19338 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Keith M1 Feb 191417 May 2009Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Leonard27 Jul 192428 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Lester28 Aug 1884Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Mary R5 Mar 191718 Dec 2000New Haven
Jacquay, Norbert J4 Sep 19131 Jul 2000Monroeville
Jacquay, Ralph E9 Jul 191513 Mar 1993Monroeville
Jacquay, Robert C26 May 192621 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Jacquay, Vera E14 Jul 19192 Dec 2005New Haven
Jacquay, Walter18 Mar 190117 Apr 1995New Haven
Jaebker, Elizabeth K23 Oct 192129 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Jaebker, Emma R1 Aug 189129 May 1989Fort Wayne
Jaebker, Frederick27 Jan 1884Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Jaebker, Frederick14 Aug 1887Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Jaebker, Louis13 Sep 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Jaehn, Carl12 Jul 1888May 1977Fort Wayne
Jaehn, Max20 Jan 1913Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Jager, James17 Mar 19343 May 2007Fort Wayne
Jagger, Fred1 Mar 1900May 1979Churubusco
Jaggers, Donald28 Nov 1929Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Jaggers, Fred12 May 1899Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Jahn, Anna31 Jul 1896Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Jahn, Austin10 Feb 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Jahn, Dale4 May 1921Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Jahn, Emma7 Sep 1891Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Jahn, Gerald3 Apr 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Jahn, Hazel A2 May 192018 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Jahn, Helen F21 Oct 191221 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Jahn, Louella17 Jul 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Jahn, Marie11 Jul 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Jahn, Roy8 Jan 1892Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Jahn, Vernon Dale14 May 191914 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Jahn, Wilbert27 Feb 1909Dec 1986Fort Wayne
James Jr, David L4 Apr 192217 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
James, Albert19 Dec 19358 May 2004Fort Wayne
James, Albert21 Dec 1914Oct 1981Woodburn
James, Anna14 Feb 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
James, Arthur A8 May 195715 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
James, Barbara3 Nov 1950Nov 1976Fort Wayne
James, Byron9 Sep 1893Sep 1985Fort Wayne
James, Carol A2 Feb 194031 Jan 2003New Haven
James, Claudette26 Jul 1962Sep 1984Fort Wayne
James, Cleo2 May 1904Oct 1972Fort Wayne
James, Cora16 Jan 1883Jul 1972Fort Wayne
James, Danita Shang15 Aug 19601 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
James, Earline27 Sep 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
James, Emmett27 Jul 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
James, Florence26 Jul 1889Aug 1979Harlan
James, Francis7 May 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
James, Garnett R26 Jun 191618 May 2002Harlan
James, George E3 Jan 192123 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
James, Gertrude C19 Oct 191330 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
James, Grace5 Oct 1883Oct 1976Woodburn
James, Irl9 Nov 1911Oct 1964Fort Wayne
James, Janet L10 Mar 194915 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
James, Jesse14 Jul 1897Oct 1976Fort Wayne
James, John F30 Apr 192530 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
James, Kenneth21 Mar 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
James, Kenneth W29 Jun 191319 Jul 2000Harlan
James, Lela15 Oct 1889Apr 1974Harlan
James, Lois E12 Jul 192319 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
James, Lucille M1 Jun 191714 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
James, Luethel12 Nov 191916 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
James, Martha8 Jul 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
James, Mary11 Feb 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
James, Mary J31 Dec 191228 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
James, Mildred6 Dec 1915Oct 1983Monroeville
James, Minnie9 Jul 1889May 1987Fort Wayne
James, Nila J15 May 192816 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
James, Orpha12 Aug 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
James, Peggy18 Feb 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
James, R D1 Nov 196211 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
James, Rosella E13 Jan 192730 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
James, Rufus L11 Jul 195111 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
James, Russell W10 Jan 1916Mar 1988Fort Wayne
James, Ruthie M7 Jan 193418 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
James, Wayne E18 May 192514 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
James, Wilson19 Feb 1921Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Jameson, Beatrice17 Jun 1913Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Jameson, Myrtle C18 Apr 1895Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Jamieson, Inez9 May 1903Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Jamieson, Samuel6 Mar 1899Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Jamison, Alva8 Jul 1903Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Jamison, Cecil29 Jul 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Jamison, Clarence12 Jun 1911Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Jamison, Edna3 Apr 1895Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Jamison, Eva2 Nov 1912Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Jamison, Florence15 Feb 1900Jul 1987New Haven
Jamison, Leroy25 Jul 1889May 1970Fort Wayne
Janaki, Trichur R6 Jan 191627 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Jancose, John P6 Dec 195228 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Janda, Beatrice P23 Jan 19147 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Jandera, Marie9 Oct 1895Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Janes, Everett25 Sep 193111 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Janetzke, Edmund W28 Nov 19104 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Janeway, Charles8 Oct 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Janeway, Lauretta20 Mar 1910Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Janiga, John X6 Nov 193912 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Janke, Arthur27 Nov 1894May 1973Fort Wayne
Jankowski, Sophie L13 Apr 192229 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Jannings, Stephen E30 May 19635 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Janorschke, Florence14 Dec 1889Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Janorschke, Frank21 Jan 1888Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Janowick, Helen22 Jul 1902Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Jansen, Rudolf7 Sep 1904Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Jansma, Katherine L29 Oct 191618 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Jansma, Keith14 Jun 1911Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Janson, Arline M5 Jul 193515 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Janson, Joseph18 Dec 1889Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Janson, Ronald J4 Aug 193115 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Jantz, Albert11 Feb 191128 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Jantz, Herbert3 Jan 1890Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Jantz, John19 Oct 1914Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Jantz, Mary E16 Jan 191722 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Jaques, Eugene W4 May 192128 Jan 2003Hoagland
Jaques, Vevah6 May 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Jarboe, Daulee R30 Jan 19283 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Jaress, Deloris Eloise17 Sep 191922 Jun 2009Hoagland
Jarjour, Wilson7 Feb 1924Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Jarmus, Jean C28 Jan 192815 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Jarmus, Richard S4 Mar 192715 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Jaros, Rose19 Mar 1886Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Jarosz, Michael4 Jun 196214 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Jarrell, Nettie10 Feb 1931Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Jarrell, Norman13 Sep 192818 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Jarrett, Mary22 Sep 1902Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Jarrett, Richard M18 Aug 192015 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Jarrett, Robert C22 Oct 192515 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Jarrott, Freddie25 Jul 195828 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Jarvis, David L18 Jul 194429 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Jarvis, Elizabeth31 Dec 19113 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Jarvis, Jessie21 Apr 1927Apr 1980Roanoke
Jarvis, Olive R1 Feb 190730 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Jarvis, Willard3 Aug 1909Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Jasch, Herbert R12 May 192128 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Jasch, Laura9 Feb 1894May 1982Fort Wayne
Jasch, William7 Jul 1890Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Jasinski, Walter20 Jan 1914Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Jasper, Dorothy Jean14 Sep 193519 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Jastrzemski, Clara28 Jul 190626 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Jauch, Celia21 Sep 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Jauch, James A1 Sep 192719 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Jauch, Robert17 Jun 1897Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Jauregui, Juanita H7 Jun 193422 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Jauregui, Lupe J24 Nov 192218 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Jauregui, Robert10 Nov 1942Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Jautz, Eleanore31 May 1901Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Jautz, Fred23 Nov 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Jautz, Pauline11 Jul 1893Feb 1985New Haven
Jaworskyj, Petro6 Dec 19113 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Jaxtheimer, Margie30 Aug 1900Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Jaxtheimer, Ralph17 Dec 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Jay, Ernestine6 Jun 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Jay, Milton2 Aug 1900Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Jay, Sara4 Jul 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Jaycox, Ruby15 Jun 192912 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Jaynes, Mary F7 Feb 193025 Dec 2005Fort Wayne

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