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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Jeanty, Aileen20 Feb 1925May 1985Fort Wayne
Jebram, Elizabeth23 Jan 191615 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Jebram, Emma L18 Sep 190120 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Jedda, Violet C1 Jul 19113 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Jedinak, Donna M15 Jul 193427 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Jedlikowski, Chester J9 Sep 19252 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Jedlikowski, Lilly2 May 19268 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Jefferies, Helen13 Oct 1911Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Jefferies, John L7 Dec 19236 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Jefferies, Nettie B5 Aug 19103 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Jefferies, Richard15 Feb 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Jefferies, Robert3 Jun 1936Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Jefferies, William29 Sep 1884Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Jeffers, Eartha27 Mar 1907May 1973Fort Wayne
Jeffers, Frances O10 Jul 19304 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Jeffers, Lucille14 Jul 1904Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Jeffers, Richard L4 Aug 19276 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Clara M25 Dec 194223 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Clifton18 Sep 192231 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Cora12 Oct 1902Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Doris A11 Mar 19583 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Earnest23 Dec 19197 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Ernest Jr30 Nov 194815 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Jefferson, J V25 Oct 19033 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Shirley8 Aug 1959Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Jefferson, Z M12 Dec 190610 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Jeffery, Gale24 Apr 1912Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Jeffery, Homer L10 Aug 193918 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Jeffery, Jeanette P1 Aug 191812 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Jeffery, Marie Elizabeth20 Feb 191816 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Jeffords, Thomas S22 Jul 196626 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Jeffords, William15 Aug 1931Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Jeffrey, Donald6 Jul 1901Jun 1973Hoagland
Jeffrey, Dorothy27 Dec 1913Dec 1986Roanoke
Jeffrey, E P1 Aug 193715 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Jeffrey, Jean15 Sep 1928May 1982Fort Wayne
Jeffrey, Larreatha12 Apr 1936Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Jeffrey, Robert R9 Dec 193029 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Betty J23 Mar 192210 Jan 2006New Haven
Jeffries, Janet E29 Sep 195211 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Jeanne J29 Aug 1916Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Jeannette21 Feb 19025 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Jesse W15 Dec 19208 Apr 2007New Haven
Jeffries, Letha M24 Feb 192313 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Mary30 Jul 1945Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Mary G8 May 192118 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Perry W16 Jul 191023 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Jeffries, Russell29 May 1893Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Jeffries, William H18 Sep 19246 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Jehl, Anthony15 Apr 1899Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Jehl, Clement R1 Apr 194324 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Jehl, Edward J15 Jul 196122 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Jehl, Eleanor17 Dec 1900Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Jehl, Elizabeth15 Dec 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Jehl, Herbert C25 Aug 192312 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Jehl, James E17 Jan 193430 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Jehl, Jeanne M4 Sep 1927Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Jehl, Jerome C19 Dec 19231 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Jehl, Joseph H24 Aug 192225 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Jehl, Leo3 Feb 1894Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Jehl, Paul6 May 1920Sep 1978New Haven
Jehl, Richard16 May 192115 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Jehl, Ruth E19 Jul 192915 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Jehl, Thomas P13 Mar 193012 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Jekel, Clara6 Jan 1908Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Jekel, Fred8 Jun 1906Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Jelinek, Alice9 Aug 1915May 1977Fort Wayne
Jelinek, Otto26 May 1910May 1977Fort Wayne
Jellison, Charles16 Jul 1922Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Jellison, Charles H12 Jan 191013 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Jellison, Everett T13 Jul 19104 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Jellison, Fernmae E16 Feb 19131 Dec 2007Leo
Jellison, Floyd8 Mar 1907Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Jellison, Ione C14 Jul 191114 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Jellison, Jessie11 Feb 1908Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Jellison, Mary A10 Jul 191616 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Jellison, Paul M12 Jun 190626 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Jemison, J D17 Aug 194715 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Jemison, Lorenzo Anthony30 Aug 195715 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Jemueller, Christoff5 Apr 1908Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Jencks, Calvin D17 Aug 195117 Feb 2004Roanoke
Jenkin, Nancy2 Jun 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Albert N2 Feb 191530 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Alberta S20 Apr 190725 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Alice R5 Nov 19177 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Anna17 Feb 1915Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Bernice L9 Oct 190920 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Carl6 Apr 1905Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Carlton E26 Jan 191113 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Charles A3 Mar 192824 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Daniel3 May 1913Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Daniel R19 Sep 193711 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Jenkins, David1 Mar 1914Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Della M20 Jun 19184 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Earl L19 Jul 192315 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Erritt14 Jun 192130 May 2004Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Evan18 Aug 1884Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Evelyn D12 Aug 192412 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Fennie3 Jan 1905Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Frances Eloise28 Sep 191314 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Fred2 Apr 1887Nov 1968Roanoke
Jenkins, Frederick31 Jan 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Geneva14 Oct 1907Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Geraldine M21 Jun 193230 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Gertrude H3 Mar 191920 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Gladys C11 Dec 19256 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Helen17 Mar 190421 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Jean L24 Jun 192521 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Jerry30 May 19441 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Jenkins, John2 May 1889Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Jenkins, John27 May 1915Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Julia A4 Feb 193515 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Julius S12 Aug 18986 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Karen Kay4 Sep 195012 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Jenkins, L11 Dec 1915Jan 1981New Haven
Jenkins, Lawrence31 Dec 1923Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Lee1 Jun 190920 May 1997Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Lillie28 Sep 1920Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Lulu13 Sep 1895Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Mabel24 Oct 1894Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Mary B13 Aug 1918Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Mary F8 Aug 194325 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Max E5 Jun 19511 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Max E25 Aug 192316 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Michael15 Jan 198131 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Orlando8 Nov 1898Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Owen E24 Sep 19219 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Phe D6 Jun 18991 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Russell15 Oct 1895Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Sam4 Oct 192319 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Sarah M16 Nov 19323 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Theartry13 Feb 19403 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Thomas24 Jul 1945Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Vernon L15 Aug 193828 May 2002Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Vicki28 May 196118 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Walter25 Oct 1901Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Wanda M8 Apr 1921Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Jenkins, Willie S3 Aug 192215 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Jenks, Gloria M4 Jan 193123 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Jenne, Arthur16 Nov 1899Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Jenne, Lola4 Feb 1903Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Jenne, Marie30 Jul 1897Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Jenney, Ardith15 Aug 1909Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Jenney, Dorothy A26 Jul 19172 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Jenney, Fred1 Jun 1900Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Jennings, Albert18 May 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Jennings, Asa7 Jun 1894Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Jennings, Ballard J17 May 190728 May 1993Fort Wayne
Jennings, Billy R12 Jun 196310 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Jennings, Cecil15 Nov 1925Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Jennings, Charles3 Sep 1902Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Jennings, Dorithea27 Oct 1920Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Jennings, Elizabeth2 Jun 1895Sep 1981Roanoke
Jennings, Elizabeth18 Mar 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Jennings, Elwood H30 May 19207 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Jennings, Etta M25 Oct 191830 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Jennings, Evelyn A11 Apr 191928 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Jennings, Garl3 Nov 1889Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Jennings, Homer4 Jul 1894Apr 1972Roanoke
Jennings, Howard N28 Aug 194719 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Jennings, Iva30 Sep 1886Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Jennings, J W21 Sep 19125 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Jennings, John H27 Sep 191818 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Jennings, Josephine2 May 193317 Sep 2004New Haven
Jennings, Joyce L10 Dec 193330 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Jennings, Katherine9 Feb 1960Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Jennings, Leola5 Oct 1898Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Jennings, Lovie T10 Aug 192214 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Jennings, Marc27 Jun 1892May 1968Fort Wayne
Jennings, Maxine L22 Nov 192226 May 2003Fort Wayne
Jennings, Mittie22 Mar 1882Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Jennings, Robert17 May 1901Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Jennings, Robert8 Sep 1919Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Jennings, Robert L Sr7 Sep 19194 May 2002Grabill
Jennings, Sammie F7 Oct 1901Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Jennings, Sarah E7 Jun 19022 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Jensen, Bertha M16 Mar 19129 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Jensen, Clayton H27 Jul 192122 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Jensen, Dennis Christian26 May 195017 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Jensen, Dorothy A1 Dec 1895Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Jensen, Dorothy F26 Jul 19117 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Jensen, Ella25 Oct 1895Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Jensen, Elsie22 Jun 1903Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Jensen, Hans26 Aug 1892Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Jensen, Hertha7 Mar 1892Mar 1982Huntertown
Jensen, Hilda E20 Aug 1920Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Jensen, J14 Mar 1913May 1976Fort Wayne
Jensen, James A1 Oct 194310 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Jensen, Joseph25 Apr 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Jensen, Karl26 Jul 19222 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Jensen, Kay M16 Apr 194827 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Jensen, Nina J15 Sep 191524 Oct 1986Grabill
Jensen, Ruth30 Oct 1896Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Jensen, Santa A28 Mar 192222 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Jensen, Sophie16 Oct 1898Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Jensen, Viggo5 Nov 1894Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Jenson, Margaret9 Jul 1901Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Jentzch, Lawrence29 May 1904Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Jentzsch, Anna18 Aug 190122 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Jeppeson, Bernice T1 Oct 191827 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Jeppson, Burton28 Mar 1919Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Jereb, Joseph4 Dec 191023 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Jeremenko, Elizabeth21 Aug 190425 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Jerles, Lillian23 Apr 1899Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Jernigan, Melvin27 Dec 1920Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Jernigan, Rexie S10 Apr 19539 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Jernstrom, Charles6 Jul 1917Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Jernstrom, Phyllis R14 Nov 19244 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Jerome, Chalice M30 Jan 192221 May 2006Fort Wayne
Jerome, Jack W6 Feb 195615 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Jeromnes, Ruby L25 Sep 194015 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Jerrall, Vivian W21 Jul 194822 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Jerry, Mike6 Dec 1896Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Jesch, Mary M26 Jan 193626 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Jesch, Richard A13 Dec 193213 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Jess, Josephine29 Nov 1927Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Jesse, Anne M13 May 1911Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Jesse, Charles5 Jul 1910Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Jesse, Charles H27 Feb 19342 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Jesse, Edwin Lewi S24 Mar 192324 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Jesse, Frederick22 Jan 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Jesse, Martha M30 Apr 191522 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Jesse, Sophia22 Jul 1892Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Jesse, Thomas F7 Apr 19346 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Jessup, Arnold M25 Sep 191317 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Jessup, Claude31 Jul 1890Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Jessup, Delcie B8 Oct 190326 Apr 1999New Haven
Jessup, John3 Nov 1879Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Jessup, Kathleen20 Oct 1915Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Jessup, Leatha12 Sep 1890Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Jessup, Lloyd8 Jan 1920Jun 1985Spencerville
Jessup, Lyle13 Jan 1917Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Jessup, Ricca6 Feb 1876Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Jessup, Rick M14 Feb 195212 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Jester, Leitha18 Oct 19388 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Jester, Ralph28 Feb 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Jeter, Roy13 Feb 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Jetmore, Catherine L13 Jul 19212 Aug 1995Churubusco
Jetmore, David H9 Mar 192315 Jun 1998Huntertown
Jetmore, Harry21 Feb 1890Nov 1971Huntertown
Jetmore, John26 Nov 1899May 1964Fort Wayne
Jetmore, Robert14 Feb 1927Sep 1981Roanoke
Jetmore, Walter M4 Oct 191815 Nov 2002Churubusco
Jett, Andy M21 Mar 193319 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Jett, Bruce Richard10 Jun 193823 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Jett, Dotia H29 Nov 191311 Feb 1997Leo
Jett, James O14 Jul 192918 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Jett, Louie14 Oct 1923Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Jett, Maude19 Oct 1881Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Jett, Patricia L25 Feb 19318 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Jewel, Evelyn M13 Jul 191712 Apr 2003Spencerville
Jewell, Brent R22 Nov 196326 Aug 2005New Haven
Jewell, Eda26 Feb 1894Jul 1985Roanoke
Jewell, Edward E25 Aug 193711 Feb 1998New Haven
Jewell, Elizabeth A11 Nov 194016 May 2003Fort Wayne
Jewell, James D4 May 190721 May 1996Fort Wayne
Jewell, Lupus8 Jan 19376 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Jewell, Marion B25 Feb 1908Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Jewell, Ray2 Aug 1898Nov 1983Roanoke
Jewell, Richard C17 Apr 192317 Jan 1997New Haven
Jewell, Simone10 May 1910Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Jewell, Virginia L13 May 193810 Apr 1999New Haven
Jewell, Walden4 Feb 1926Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Jewett, Walter H17 Apr 193611 Dec 1998Leo
Jeziorski, Wladyslaw1 Dec 1895Feb 1972Fort Wayne

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