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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Kaade, Bertha27 Jul 1879Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Kaade, John21 Sep 1903May 1973Fort Wayne
Kaade, Oma12 Dec 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Kabisch, Arthur2 Jan 1896Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Kabisch, Clarence13 Apr 1906Aug 1984New Haven
Kabisch, Eliza14 Sep 1894Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Kabisch, Fred M27 Nov 19174 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Kabisch, Irene23 May 1896Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kable, Carl3 Jan 1906Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kable, Dillon16 Sep 1906Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Kable, Dorothy W18 Jul 19059 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Kable, Larry31 Mar 1952Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Kable, Lillian S31 Dec 190627 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kable, Luther P8 Nov 192215 May 1974Fort Wayne
Kable, Peter26 Dec 1881Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Kacala, Mary18 Sep 1925Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kacala, Mike14 Aug 1921Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kachiamenis, John6 Apr 1896Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Kachmann, Auguste F26 Mar 190928 May 2006Fort Wayne
Kachmann, Rudolf15 Mar 190722 May 1995Fort Wayne
Kacines, Stella A21 Jun 191219 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kacsor, Darlene M12 Aug 193424 Feb 2002New Haven
Kaczmarczyk, William J24 Jun 194926 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kaczmarek, Darlene M15 Feb 193023 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Kaczmarek, Raymond P23 Aug 193325 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Kaczor, Steve C24 Dec 19396 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kadai, Heino O20 Aug 19313 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kady, Vera B6 Jan 191810 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kaeck, Kenneth S3 Sep 191130 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kaeck, Mae L24 Jun 19122 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kaehr, Harry3 Sep 1904Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kaehr, Juanita C4 Mar 193216 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Kaeppel, Rosella A23 Nov 191318 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kaesel, Janet Sue23 Jun 195623 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Kaeser, Anthony W14 Oct 194620 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Kage, Marita28 May 1891Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Kage, Olga C11 Apr 190627 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Kage, Omar14 Mar 1905Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kahl, Fritz21 May 1891Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Clara E19 Dec 190727 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Ernest28 Jul 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Franklin3 May 1907Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Howard30 Jul 1905Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Mary14 May 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Kahlenbeck, Mildred12 Jul 19044 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Kahler, Mildred A1 Jul 191131 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kahn, Carolyn R2 Nov 193524 May 2003Fort Wayne
Kahn, Charles8 Jul 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Kahn, Dora12 Sep 1895Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Kahn, Frank C2 Jul 19174 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Kahn, Isabella2 Oct 1889Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kahn, Lester D9 Apr 193223 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Kahn, Verla Jane24 Nov 192018 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kahoe, Louisa8 Sep 1890Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kahrl, Orville H19 Jul 191115 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Kail, Walter17 Apr 1925Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Kain, Bernard S9 Jul 191621 Sep 1991New Haven
Kain, Doris11 Oct 1910Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kain, Emma C17 Jul 19037 May 1997New Haven
Kain, Hilbert L7 Oct 190322 Sep 1998New Haven
Kain, Lileth2 Nov 1902Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Kain, Mable18 May 1894Mar 1969New Haven
Kain, Opal M19 Oct 191829 May 2005New Haven
Kain, Orval3 Mar 1903Feb 1973New Haven
Kain, Robert E2 Aug 192413 Nov 2002New Haven
Kain, Sandra S11 Apr 19485 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Alma1 Jan 1893Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Anna14 Apr 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Arthur C8 Sep 192213 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Kaiser, August7 Aug 1926Nov 1985Monroeville
Kaiser, Augusta20 May 1883Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Benjamin15 Jan 1890Nov 1966Monroeville
Kaiser, Cornelius4 Mar 1912Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Donald29 Jun 1918May 1983Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Edith27 Jul 1888Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Edwin24 Jul 1895Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Ervin6 Jul 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Erwin2 Oct 1902Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Frances14 Oct 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Frank28 Feb 1892Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Frieda21 Aug 1895Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Frieda C19 May 189618 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Kaiser, George27 Apr 1913Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Godfred4 Jun 1887Mar 1967Monroeville
Kaiser, Hazel C1 Aug 19119 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Helen5 Oct 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Helen M15 Mar 19222 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Henry10 Jul 1891Apr 1971Hoagland
Kaiser, Hideko I1 Jul 19287 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Johanetta20 Mar 1896Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kaiser, John C7 Dec 194029 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Laura14 Jun 1915Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Lizzie14 Jun 1891May 1980Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Lois G3 Jul 193013 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Louise16 Oct 1881Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Marguerite E4 Aug 19313 Mar 2009Spencerville
Kaiser, Marie K20 Mar 190522 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Mark20 Feb 1958Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Mildred16 Jun 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Mildred F28 Aug 191728 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Olga E24 Dec 189815 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Oliver22 Oct 192620 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Raymond23 Jun 1917Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Richard R27 Jul 19276 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Robert30 Mar 1894Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kaiser, Vida13 Jan 1898Nov 1972Monroeville
Kaiser, William26 Aug 1894Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Kalashnikov, Vitaliy I30 Jan 194519 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Kalb, Ernest G1 Jun 193814 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Kalb, Ernest G14 Oct 190510 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Kalb, Thiel M17 Apr 1910Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Kalberer, Lillian24 Sep 1900May 1970Fort Wayne
Kale, Ruby3 Apr 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kaletha, Judith2 Apr 1944Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kaletta, Carl C10 Dec 19549 May 2005Fort Wayne
Kaliker, Alvin5 Dec 1899Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Kaliker, Edmund3 Jun 1902Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Kaliker, H Marie M13 Aug 19087 Feb 2002Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Kaliker, Margaret20 Aug 1903Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kaliker, Marguerite M13 May 19067 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Kaliker, Norbert17 Mar 1904Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kalinowski, Walter23 May 191522 Feb 2005New Haven
Kaliszewski, Letitia17 May 1895Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kalko, Frances I26 Jun 19306 Feb 2002New Haven
Kallenback, Artina19 Jun 1897Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Kallenback, Cleo27 Oct 1894Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kallenback, Edward J13 Jun 192612 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kallmyer, Bertha22 May 1883Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Kallmyer, Catherine13 Aug 1889Dec 1974New Haven
Kallmyer, Georgia E31 Aug 19061 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Kallmyer, Paul10 Apr 1906Feb 1976New Haven
Kallmyer, Raymond L20 Feb 192826 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Kalt, Benjamin9 Sep 1880Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Kaltner, Andrew14 Feb 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Kaltner, Apolonia29 Jan 190117 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kaltwasser, A O14 Sep 190625 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Kaltwasser, Helene C21 Sep 191314 May 2005Fort Wayne
Kaluczky, Helen8 Aug 19167 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Kaluza, Mary I2 Feb 19223 May 2004New Haven
Kalvelage, Shirley19 Dec 1913Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kamholz, Caroline5 Oct 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Kamile, Beatrice M2 Jul 191530 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Andrew T14 Jan 192226 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Antoinette28 May 1885Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Catherine I21 Aug 1919Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Daniel S6 Aug 194015 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Helen17 Aug 1908Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Matalyne R23 Dec 1924Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kaminski, Velva30 Oct 1915Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kammeier, Adolph8 Mar 1906Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Kammeier, Albert18 Nov 1901Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Kammeier, Hilda24 Jul 191524 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Kammeier, Martha H29 Jul 19042 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kammeier, Oscar22 Feb 1906Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kammer, David25 Dec 1955Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Kammer, Ernest31 Oct 1898Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Kammer, Georgia10 Jan 1893Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kammer, Henry5 Mar 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Kammer, Jack B6 Apr 191526 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Kammer, Lottie9 Apr 1893Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Kammer, Steven L18 Apr 194631 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kammerer, Dorothy M20 May 191911 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kammerer, Rosalie A19 Jan 19419 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, Anna14 Apr 1917May 1983Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, Dorothy E13 Jun 19267 Oct 2001Woodburn
Kammeyer, Edwin2 Oct 1901Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, Edwin24 Apr 19238 Jan 2006Woodburn
Kammeyer, Ernest30 Apr 1887May 1969Woodburn
Kammeyer, Fred9 Jul 1898Jun 1985Woodburn
Kammeyer, Joann M29 Aug 1927Aug 1995Leo
Kammeyer, Louise21 Mar 1895Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, Melvin A1 Aug 19235 May 2008Woodburn
Kammeyer, Sophia E2 Jan 1905Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, Walter6 Jun 19043 Jan 1994Woodburn
Kammeyer, Walter19 Mar 1912Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Kammeyer, William5 May 1894Feb 1970Woodburn
Kamp, Bernard J15 Feb 192227 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kamp, Ellen B14 Apr 18978 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kamp, Harvey12 Apr 19188 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Kampe, Catherine26 Oct 1894Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Kampe, Clara14 Dec 1883Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Kampe, Frieda C31 Jul 188827 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Kampen, Alfred17 Jul 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Kampen, Anna C10 Jun 1903Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Kampenga, Constance J28 Jun 192615 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Harold P6 Oct 192718 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Julius1 Jul 1881Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Kenneth23 Apr 1911Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Laurence8 May 1890Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Opal V10 Aug 192316 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Kamphues, Walter J18 Feb 191623 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kamprath, Esther B28 Apr 191525 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kamprath, Martha14 Jan 1891Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Kamprath, Oscar23 Feb 1892Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Kampschmidt, Bernard A11 Sep 191622 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Kanary, John13 Mar 1906Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Kanczuzewski, Casimer12 Apr 1909Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Kanczuzewski, Evelyn M19 May 191920 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kandel, Herbert A17 Nov 192314 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kane, Edward26 Nov 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kane, Frances M21 Feb 191227 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kane, George W29 Sep 194811 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Kane, James4 Sep 188215 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Kane, James14 Aug 1909Oct 1971New Haven
Kane, Jeffery A4 May 195311 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kane, Joan L16 Mar 192726 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kane, Marie20 Aug 1890Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Kane, Mary Marga R14 Oct 19143 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Kane, Philip J6 Jan 192820 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kane, Virginia A22 Apr 191511 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kanis, William20 Mar 1927Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Kannapel, Charles D31 Aug 19085 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kannapel, Inez L25 May 191316 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Kanning, Carrie5 Oct 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Kanning, Charles14 Jan 1895Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Kanning, Edwin15 Nov 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kanning, Eileen4 Nov 19234 Mar 1987New Haven
Kanning, Eleanor M26 Feb 19092 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Kanning, Henry20 May 1892Aug 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kanning, Herbert31 Jul 1906Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Kanning, Leroy H13 Jun 191216 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Kanning, Velma M6 Feb 190720 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Kanouse, Selma7 Jan 1898Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Kantz, M Dean25 Sep 192521 Aug 2003New Haven
Kantzer, Glen G5 Feb 192213 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kaough, Ethel6 Jul 1890Feb 1981Roanoke
Kaough, Helen L12 Aug 19078 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Kaough, Julian21 Aug 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Kaough, Lillian B2 Oct 19267 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Kaough, Vida5 Jun 1886Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kapelka, Esther G20 Sep 19128 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Kapherr, Herman W22 Apr 190020 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Kapherr, Lucille15 Apr 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Kaplan, Abraham21 Jul 1908Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kapocius, Dolores E15 Aug 19295 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kapp, Arthur19 Apr 1910Jul 1985Roanoke
Kapp, Bernard30 May 1917Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kapp, Bernard L10 Aug 191826 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Kapp, George20 Aug 1890Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Kapp, Hilda E29 Jun 18949 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Kapp, Lawrence F12 Sep 19182 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Kapp, May17 Feb 1898Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Kapp, Ruth B7 Aug 190927 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Kapp, Ruth L22 Nov 19202 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Kappel, Herman G31 Dec 189724 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kappel, Lorena23 Nov 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Kappel, Luella20 Jan 1916Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Kappel, Mary Jane28 Sep 192023 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Kappus, Justina Henrietta8 May 191710 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Kaprowicz, Blanch8 Oct 1894May 1979Fort Wayne
Kaprowitz, George3 Feb 193413 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Kaprowitz, Wanda J21 Mar 192827 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Karanovich J, Nick A23 Feb 193811 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Karanutsos, Beatrice29 Dec 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Karanutsos, John6 May 1930Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Karanutsos, Lena29 Aug 19264 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Karapantos, Afrula1 Nov 19432 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Karapantos, Harry10 Feb 1909Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Karapantos, Thomai25 Jun 191131 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Karas, Betty L14 Jul 192721 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Karasiewicz, Stanley26 Apr 1886Oct 1971Churubusco
Karbach, Bonnie13 Jan 192228 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Karbach, Louis5 Apr 1918Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Karbach, Mabel26 Jan 1891Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Karbach, Ralph C16 Oct 193025 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Karbach, Ruth5 Aug 1897Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Karbach, William11 Jan 1892Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Kardatzke, Kenneth D3 Aug 193015 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Karels, Florian28 Apr 1919Jan 1982Leo
Karkowski, Dennis19 Sep 196217 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Karl, Lina26 Feb 1893Apr 1981New Haven
Karlin, Renetta F30 Oct 193723 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Karloff, Konstantin5 Dec 1900Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Karn Harris, Ella M1 Dec 19539 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Karn, Betty L16 Apr 192428 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Karn, Camilla11 May 1889Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Karn, Curtis J24 Oct 195527 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Karn, Shirley M28 Apr 193123 May 2003Fort Wayne
Karnes, Cecil27 Jul 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Karnes, Virginia C7 Feb 192526 May 2009Fort Wayne
Karney, Letha28 Aug 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Karns, Arthur E14 Jul 19121 Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Karns, Barbara A28 Oct 19139 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Karns, Cleo16 Aug 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Karns, Glenn11 Sep 1897Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Karns, Lydia12 Mar 1886Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Karolewicz, George J2 Feb 191325 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Karolewski, Anna M28 Sep 191521 May 1996Fort Wayne
Karr, Irvin C21 May 19122 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Karr, Manton25 Sep 1906Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Karr, Marie19 Nov 1910Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Karr, Vincent8 Oct 1903Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Karraker, Lloyd23 Sep 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Karraker, Ruth M2 Mar 1917Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Karrer, Mary D24 Aug 191220 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Karsh, Goldie27 Jun 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Karst, Freda14 Sep 1895Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Karst, Penelope D17 Oct 19526 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Karsten, Hanna M25 Jan 190824 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kart, H Hamilton16 Feb 19216 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kartch, Margaret7 Apr 1893Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Esther23 Dec 1888Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Francis J18 Dec 191411 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Harriet E6 Jul 191728 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Kartholl, James H29 Jan 192717 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Mary Kathleen22 Jan 192627 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Miriam Eunice1 Feb 19241 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Nona J8 Jan 192923 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kartholl, Vickie A19 Apr 19476 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Kartje, Rita A19 Oct 19309 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kasbaum, Adelia20 Feb 1889Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Kasbaum, Charlotte27 Sep 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kasbaum, Julia13 Mar 1890Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Kase, Edward18 Jun 1884Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Kase, Jack9 Dec 1920Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Kase, Miriam M25 Nov 191523 Dec 2006Roanoke
Kase, Susan M23 Jan 19155 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Kashner, Charles D10 Nov 192225 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Kashner, Dorothy M24 Mar 191114 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Kashner, Raymond E18 Jun 191327 Sep 2005Woodburn
Kasimier, Mary E22 Nov 191212 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kasischke, Dolores R9 Aug 193419 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Kasischke, Robert C2 Aug 19344 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kasner, Eileen M1 May 192317 Mar 1995Grabill
Kasner, Ned G20 Nov 191819 Sep 1999Grabill
Kasper, Rita F31 Dec 19206 May 1998Roanoke
Kassen, Blanche R10 Mar 191329 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Kassen, Helen22 Aug 1909Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Kassen, Raymond J16 Apr 19077 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Kassen, William J22 Nov 19091 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kast, Catherine16 Feb 1894Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Kast, Harry J19 Nov 192515 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Kastilahn, Donald M2 Dec 193130 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kastilahn, Elsie15 Oct 1895Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Kastner, Leo R15 Feb 19145 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Katanich, Dan31 Aug 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Katanich, Julia9 Mar 1899Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Katras, Mary L16 Feb 192930 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Katras, Theodore E24 Feb 193013 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Katt, August21 May 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Katt, Dorothy J25 Aug 193014 May 2004Fort Wayne
Katt, Eugene A22 Sep 193011 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Katt, Loretta M3 Jun 190615 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Katt, Richard M14 May 192114 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kattas, Celeste M2 May 190123 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kattas, George K21 Feb 191629 May 1997Fort Wayne
Kattas, Hazel22 Jul 1924Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Kattas, Kattas25 Dec 1876Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kattas, Louise15 Apr 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kattas, Sadie E29 Oct 191612 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Katter, Ellen J4 Aug 19244 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Katzenberg, Bertha21 Feb 1873Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Katzenmaier, Arthur29 Nov 1918Jul 1978New Haven
Katzenmaier, Clare19 Nov 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Katzenmaier, Dorothy30 Dec 1920Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Katzenmaier, Evelyn A28 Jun 191915 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Katzenmaier, Irene19 Jul 1925Nov 1987New Haven
Katzenmaier, Nora29 Jan 1891Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kauder, Paul L21 Sep 19197 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Kauder, Rosa4 Aug 1887Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Christina30 Aug 1905Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Clyde10 Oct 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Helen31 Jul 1928Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Jacob4 Aug 1891May 1971Fort Wayne
Kauffman, John C18 Nov 19375 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Mack I8 Jan 192615 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Madeline J5 Sep 193024 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Olin S14 Jul 19223 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Patricia A13 Dec 193324 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Walter H18 Apr 190513 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Kauffman, William9 Apr 1898Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Kauffman, Wilna2 Aug 1895Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Albert26 Jul 1885May 1973Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Albert L6 Jun 191728 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Albert L11 Feb 194313 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Edna27 Jul 1927Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Edna L12 Feb 190028 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Elenora17 Jul 1893Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Harley13 Jun 1886May 1971Fort Wayne
Kaufman, John30 Aug 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Lavern21 Jul 1930Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Lela E2 May 1911Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Michael28 Feb 1897Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Michael R15 Jan 1951May 1990Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Nina6 Jul 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Orville3 May 1907Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Patsy A16 Aug 19352 Oct 2001New Haven
Kaufman, Robert V25 May 19317 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Rolene F5 Dec 191724 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Kaufman, Stephen24 Oct 1949Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kaufmann, Elvira29 Jun 1914Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kaufmann, Henry J19 Apr 190519 Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Kaur, Parminder18 Jul 19586 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Kaurich, Andrew18 Jun 1902Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Kautz, Dorothy E24 Oct 1925May 1996Fort Wayne
Kautz, E16 Nov 1929Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Kautz, William C7 Jan 192020 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Kavadas, Dorla J2 Jul 193112 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Kavanaugh, Catherine9 Jun 1889Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Kavanaugh, James29 Nov 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Kavanaugh, James N7 Mar 19209 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Kavanaugh, Stella4 Feb 1894Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Kaverman, Edith3 Oct 1894Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Kaverman, Honora6 Jun 1880Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Kawiecki, Joseph F1 Nov 19195 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Kay, Beatrice A20 Oct 19035 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Kay, Leland17 Jul 1900Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Kay, Mary5 Aug 1899Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Kaye, Sarah16 Mar 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Billy D6 Nov 193128 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Catherine24 Jun 1934Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Christine S24 Aug 19095 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Clara9 Apr 1913Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Donald E19 Mar 19301 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Dorothy E17 Apr 191419 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Ethel15 Nov 1900May 1975Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Glenn R26 Jun 191115 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Helen J12 Jul 19137 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Lillian12 Aug 1888Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Mildred P16 Jul 192817 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kaylor, Raymond16 Feb 1908Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Kayser, Albert28 Feb 1893Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Kayser, Alice11 Aug 19027 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Kayser, Alvin18 Jul 1894Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Kayser, Arthur18 Jul 1908Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kayser, Bertha20 Dec 1889Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Kayser, Carl F4 Aug 191415 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kayser, Doris14 May 1921Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kayser, Geraldine26 May 19171 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Kayser, James A18 Oct 192223 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Kayser, John25 Dec 1897Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Kayser, Mardell L27 Jul 191522 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Kayser, Margot J10 Sep 192516 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Kayser, Millicent5 Nov 190930 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Kayser, Minnie20 Aug 1890Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kayser, Nellie6 Dec 1929Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Kayser, Waldemar26 Feb 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kazee, Helen23 Dec 1903Feb 1970Fort Wayne

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