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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Keahey, Marcelyn J19 May 19288 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Keairnes, Clyde V13 Mar 191130 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Keairnes, Ronald C19 Apr 193814 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Keane, Esther6 Jan 1900Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Keane, Joyce L21 Jan 19264 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Keane, Robert21 Sep 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Keane, William13 Oct 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Keaney, Lawrence J30 Aug 193624 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Kearnes, Carl8 Feb 1918Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Kearney, John D11 Apr 192327 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Kearney, Robert E11 Nov 192015 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kearneychilders, Joan C29 Apr 192820 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kearns, Bernard T14 Nov 19078 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Kearse, Edward J1 Feb 19747 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Keating, Carrie1 Jun 1902Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Keating, James28 Jun 1900Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Keating, Joyce Y26 May 192922 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Keck, Anita25 Jul 1912Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Keck, Betty J6 Jun 191925 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Keck, Betty Joann2 Apr 192614 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Keck, Donald L13 Oct 191129 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Keck, Elizabeth18 Jun 1897Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Keck, Floyd F21 Mar 191725 May 1994Fort Wayne
Keck, Frances H27 May 192528 Aug 2007Monroeville
Keck, Franklin26 Aug 1898Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Keck, Glenn16 Oct 1893Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Keck, Glenn21 Feb 1919Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Keck, John W13 Jun 192022 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Keck, Kathrin20 May 1897Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Keck, Kay L30 Apr 19452 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Keck, Mary M17 May 19211 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Keck, Minnie6 Dec 1886Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Keck, Paul14 Mar 1921Mar 1981New Haven
Keck, Tess3 Nov 1891Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Keckler, Letha M11 Dec 192314 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Keckley, C19 Mar 1900Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Keckley, Irene E4 Sep 189929 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Kedik, Margaret M27 Mar 19048 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Kedzierski, Stanley A27 Jan 191828 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Kee, Donald B2 Jun 191726 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Keebler, Bobby A24 Jan 19308 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Keefe, Donald E22 Jan 19167 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Keefe, Helen4 Jan 1898Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Keefe, Virginia M28 May 191424 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Keefer Sr, Mark1 Sep 1896Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Keefer, Andrew J4 Mar 191925 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Keefer, Carolyn V11 Oct 19376 May 2009Fort Wayne
Keefer, Charles23 Sep 1909Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Keefer, Charles E22 Nov 192315 May 1997Roanoke
Keefer, Cornelius25 Apr 1921Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Keefer, Dollie28 Sep 1899Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Keefer, Evelyn M30 Mar 192611 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Keefer, Forest6 Jun 1893May 1985Fort Wayne
Keefer, Franklin D12 Jul 191411 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Keefer, Fred18 Mar 1897Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Keefer, Gladys12 Sep 1901Mar 1971Roanoke
Keefer, Helen M25 Sep 191622 May 2005Fort Wayne
Keefer, James M16 Apr 19234 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Keefer, Jane17 Jan 1913Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Keefer, Jane H16 Feb 1913Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Keefer, Lester Lee26 Sep 19331 Apr 2009Roanoke
Keefer, Marie2 Mar 1896Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Keefer, Mary H12 Jun 190415 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Keefer, Maximillia16 Jul 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Keefer, Opal13 Nov 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Keefer, Patricia12 Apr 1923Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Keefer, Richard J3 Jan 193027 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Keefer, Richard M11 May 19394 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Keefer, Virginia W E6 Nov 191913 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Keefer, Wayne15 Oct 1925Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Keehn, Albert F26 Apr 191818 Mar 1998Roanoke
Keeker, Robert16 Jan 1933Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Keel, William Robert20 Nov 194224 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Keelan, Frank Alden14 Apr 192118 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Keeler, Alice M24 Oct 190921 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Keeler, Christine21 Nov 19152 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Keeler, Clara16 Aug 1893Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Keeler, Donald W21 Feb 192312 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Keeler, Dorothy28 Jan 1907Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Keeler, Geraldine M30 Oct 192215 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Keeler, Herbert15 Sep 1907Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Keeler, Joseph W8 Jul 19174 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Keeler, Leonard B7 Aug 19037 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Keeling, Leotho E7 Feb 191614 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Keeling, Roberta A25 Mar 19299 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Keen, Dorothy2 Feb 1922Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Keen, Lelah24 Oct 1893Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Keen, Royal13 Jan 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Keen, Ruth21 Sep 1892Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Keen, William24 Dec 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Keenan, Hubert J15 Sep 192421 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Keenan, James11 Oct 1891Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Keenan, Levon3 Apr 1897Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Keenan, Mary6 Aug 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Keenan, Victorine12 Sep 1887Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Keene, Archie14 Oct 1894Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Keene, Edith28 Jun 1892Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Keene, Nettie3 Mar 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Keene, Robert2 Feb 192117 May 1992Fort Wayne
Keener, Burl A21 Sep 193623 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Keener, Delwin P4 Aug 190610 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Keener, Ethel13 Sep 1919Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Keener, George F4 Dec 191410 May 1996Fort Wayne
Keener, Golda G19 Mar 189921 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Keener, John E26 Dec 196517 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Keener, Lillian9 Nov 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Keener, Marceil H8 Nov 191720 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Keener, Naomi K24 Oct 19299 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Keener, Nellie14 Feb 1919Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Keener, Norma1 Dec 1919Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Keener, Phyllis28 Jul 1929Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Keener, Sherman18 Aug 1885Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Keener, Sherman D17 Feb 191716 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Keener, Sherman D26 Aug 195529 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Keener, Teddy G19 Dec 194330 Jan 2002Churubusco
Keeney, Denver26 Mar 192812 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Keeney, Eldora26 Jan 1878Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Keep, Gertrude13 Aug 1894Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Keeping, Eleanor1 Feb 1911Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Keeping, Everett30 Aug 1909Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Keeran, Edith14 Jul 1893Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Keeran, Russell E26 Jun 19278 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Kees, Emma6 Nov 1899May 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kees, Fern E17 May 191612 Jan 2008Leo
Kees, Goldie26 Jul 1903Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Kees, Harvey4 Jun 1899Jul 1986Woodburn
Kees, Mary I14 Jun 190210 Aug 1998New Haven
Kees, William12 Aug 1901Feb 1975New Haven
Keesbery, Ruth E3 Aug 190029 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Keesey, Dolores G5 Nov 191322 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Keesler, Bernice18 Feb 1912May 1982Fort Wayne
Keesler, Gladys1 Aug 191722 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Keesler, Jerry L13 Dec 19363 Mar 2005New Haven
Keesler, John5 Jul 1932Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Keesler, Jonas4 Oct 1912May 1981Fort Wayne
Keesler, Judith L28 Jan 191724 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Keesler, Karen L9 Jan 19528 May 2002Fort Wayne
Keesler, Margaret L1 Apr 193518 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Keesler, Marion24 Oct 1908Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Keesler, Mary M10 Feb 192227 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Keesler, Merl E29 Apr 192213 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Keesler, Michael L14 Jul 19599 Jan 2008New Haven
Keesler, Nantha27 Aug 19442 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Keesler, Rex17 Jun 1937Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Keesler, Vernon18 Aug 1910Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Keesler, Vica16 Apr 190518 Dec 1999Huntertown
Keesler, William R3 Aug 193125 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Keesling, Madonna P10 Jul 190914 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Keesling, Robert D5 Mar 193316 Aug 2005Yoder
Keeton, Billie17 Sep 1931Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Keever, Bernice E17 Jul 1900Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Keever, Frank27 Sep 1916Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Keever, Jack D9 Dec 191617 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Keever, John16 Dec 1901Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Keever, Minerva H1 Apr 19225 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Kegerreis, Amos24 Feb 1895Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Kegg, Bertha28 Jun 1906Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Kehler, Daphne9 Feb 1886Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Kehoe, Marie E30 Mar 19142 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Kehoe, William J10 Jul 193019 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kehr, Henry A15 Aug 19217 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Kehr, Jesse H17 Sep 19073 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Kehr, Mary E3 May 191212 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Kehres, Clara10 Aug 1890Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Keifer, William21 May 1888Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Keim, David Young15 Apr 191429 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Keim, Helen E27 Nov 19133 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Keim, Linnie24 Nov 1895May 1976Fort Wayne
Keim, Margaret V26 Mar 191619 Dec 1998Yoder
Keim, Robert D23 Oct 19243 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Keinath, Clara13 Apr 1891Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Keintz, Marie17 Aug 1901Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Keipper, Floyd26 May 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Keirns, Elmer D26 Aug 191729 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Keirns, Robert20 Sep 1921Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Keirns, Winifred R17 Sep 19178 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Keiser, Dale Leroy23 Jun 19242 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Keiser, Victor C14 Mar 190622 Dec 1998New Haven
Keisler, Paul C24 Mar 191818 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Keister, Betty E25 Apr 192522 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Keith, Agnes31 Mar 1884Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Keith, Carl J22 May 19369 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Keith, Clarence27 Jun 1907Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Keith, Curtis13 Jul 1892Jul 1973Spencerville
Keith, Haskel11 May 1927Dec 1978New Haven
Keith, Lois M18 May 192119 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Keith, Ruth16 Dec 1915Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Kelble, Daniel N8 Apr 195529 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Kelder, Betty24 Mar 1923Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Kelder, Otto27 Feb 1894Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Kelder, Robert7 Jun 1923Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Kelker, Edward G19 Oct 191417 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Kelker, Eleanor E23 Mar 19293 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kelker, Geraldine E12 Nov 19172 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kelker, Gloria L18 May 194126 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kelker, Maxine16 Feb 1915Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Kelker, Stephen E25 Dec 191512 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Kelker, William21 Sep 1883Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Kell, Edward J23 Sep 191712 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Kell, Elsie1 Dec 1903May 1987Huntertown
Kell, Gertrude21 Feb 1870May 1967Huntertown
Kell, Ivon21 Dec 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Kell, Jacob16 Mar 190411 Jul 2003Huntertown
Kell, Jessie25 Nov 1874Nov 1968Huntertown
Kell, K Richard23 Jun 1915Nov 1981Huntertown
Kell, Mary21 Nov 1884Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Kell, Mary E7 Apr 192020 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Kell, Shanon2 Oct 1965Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Kell, Walter24 Mar 1889Dec 1973Huntertown
Kellams, Robert31 Oct 1932Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Kellams, Violet28 Mar 1907Nov 1983Harlan
Kellaris, Imogene15 Oct 191019 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Kelleher, Stephen14 Sep 1908Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Keller, Alice C2 Jan 191222 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Keller, Alice L12 Apr 191817 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Keller, Andrew24 Jan 1877Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Keller, Arthur R26 Feb 19181 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Keller, Arthur R23 Apr 191011 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Keller, Audrey L4 Jan 192121 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Keller, Barbara J27 Mar 192531 May 1997Fort Wayne
Keller, Betty J18 May 19167 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Keller, Carl E7 Nov 190914 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Keller, Chalcie11 Jan 1897Apr 1974Yoder
Keller, Charles26 Apr 1916May 1972Fort Wayne
Keller, Clarence R25 Jul 191712 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Keller, Clayton D8 Jan 19262 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Keller, Cleophus12 Feb 1914Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Keller, Don J2 Jan 190224 Nov 1988Spencerville
Keller, Edith8 Dec 1890Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Keller, Edith Louise8 Sep 191810 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Keller, Edward E18 Feb 192229 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Keller, Elmer D26 Jul 191522 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Keller, Ernest W2 Mar 191512 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Keller, Esther D13 Dec 19177 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Keller, Ethel E13 Mar 19142 May 2004Fort Wayne
Keller, Eva M27 Oct 18987 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Keller, Fern12 Jul 1907Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Keller, Florence Marie16 Nov 19208 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Keller, Floyd L13 Dec 191430 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Keller, Foster30 Apr 1892Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Keller, Francis25 Dec 1892Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Keller, Frank13 Dec 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Keller, Frank1 Sep 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Keller, Fred22 Jan 1882Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Keller, Fred R16 Sep 192629 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Keller, Gene B2 Jul 195915 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Keller, Geraldine12 Mar 1912Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Keller, Golda22 Jan 1888Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Keller, Harold E27 Oct 191127 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Keller, Helen L9 Feb 192019 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Keller, Helen L13 Dec 190325 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Keller, Herbert T7 Sep 192725 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Keller, Howard13 Jan 1888Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Keller, Howard C9 Nov 191813 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Keller, Ida13 Apr 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Keller, Jacob24 Aug 1916Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Keller, James1 May 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Keller, Janice25 Feb 193111 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Keller, Jessie17 Sep 1891Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Keller, Jessie L8 May 191115 May 2004Fort Wayne
Keller, John R24 Sep 19143 May 1993Fort Wayne
Keller, Joseph W4 Jan 19153 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Keller, Kenneth19 Feb 1908Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Keller, Laura L31 Aug 196421 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Keller, Leah M16 Oct 190415 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Keller, Leo E24 Aug 19221 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Keller, Lillian J2 Mar 193528 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Keller, Loretta17 Nov 1904Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Keller, Lucy18 Nov 1900Jan 1988New Haven
Keller, Lucy I12 Dec 190930 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Keller, Lula30 Apr 190312 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Keller, M E16 May 191111 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Keller, Margie24 Aug 192718 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Keller, Marilyn L7 Sep 192620 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Keller, Mary L10 Apr 192821 May 2004Fort Wayne
Keller, Minnie20 May 1875Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Keller, Nellie24 Jul 1893Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Keller, Norman12 Apr 1907Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Keller, Norman Edward28 Mar 19382 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Keller, Paul E6 Jan 191124 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Keller, Phyllis12 Oct 1908Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Keller, Ralph12 Jul 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Keller, Ralph A30 Jul 193524 Jan 2003New Haven
Keller, Ralph E23 Jul 191315 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Keller, Raymond R26 Dec 19227 May 1992Fort Wayne
Keller, Robert A8 Feb 194716 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Keller, Robert L19 Jul 192931 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Keller, Russell10 Jan 1893Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Keller, Russell D4 May 193131 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Keller, Ruth5 Jul 1897Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Keller, Ruth E20 Jul 19251 Nov 2009Roanoke
Keller, Ruth M21 Nov 19224 May 2004Fort Wayne
Keller, S25 Mar 1951Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Keller, Thomas F12 Dec 193118 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Keller, Velma2 Oct 1910Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Keller, Walter Eugene27 Nov 193628 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kellerby, Evelyn29 Aug 192820 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Kellerman, Andrew J26 Oct 190820 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kellerman, Katherine E18 Feb 19143 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kellerman, Martha1 Jun 1903Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kellermann, Lillian8 Jun 1884Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Kellermeier, Harry27 Nov 1884May 1980Fort Wayne
Kellermeier, Herbert10 Jan 1901May 1978Fort Wayne
Kellermeier, Lillian L6 Dec 190524 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Kellermeier, Vivian C7 Jul 1904Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Kellermeier, William4 Mar 1893Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Kelley, Allen T8 Aug 196815 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Kelley, Carol22 Mar 19567 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kelley, Charles L26 Feb 191314 Feb 2008Yoder
Kelley, Crystal L10 Jan 19612 May 2007Fort Wayne
Kelley, David28 Oct 1900May 1971Fort Wayne
Kelley, Edith B1 Oct 192326 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Kelley, Eleanor V8 Mar 192427 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Kelley, Eloise C23 Apr 192321 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Kelley, Ernest M31 May 191922 Aug 2004Woodburn
Kelley, Ethel18 Dec 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Kelley, Eugene E19 Nov 192318 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Kelley, Ever7 Jun 191825 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Kelley, Guy W10 Jul 193029 May 1992Fort Wayne
Kelley, Harold8 Nov 1915Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Kelley, Harry2 Sep 1903Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Kelley, Irene M7 Jun 192018 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kelley, Irene M7 Jun 192018 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kelley, James E3 Jun 191816 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Kelley, Jayne E26 Jan 192111 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kelley, John P25 Mar 196114 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kelley, Juliette20 Dec 1913Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Kelley, Kim A29 Jul 195521 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Kelley, Larry J1 Oct 194812 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Kelley, Leona7 May 1887May 1972Fort Wayne
Kelley, Lillie N1 Nov 189315 May 1966Fort Wayne
Kelley, Linwood25 Jun 1892Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Kelley, Lucile30 Apr 1912Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Kelley, M C29 Aug 19079 May 1995Fort Wayne
Kelley, Margaret18 Dec 1902Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Kelley, Margaret A30 Aug 190415 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Kelley, Marie C2 Apr 19037 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Kelley, Marie E6 Nov 191828 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Kelley, Mary31 Jul 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Kelley, Mary L21 Nov 19203 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Kelley, Minerva21 Mar 1891Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Kelley, Rachel D9 Jan 19184 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kelley, Richard18 Jul 1950Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Kelley, Rita K24 Oct 192225 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kelley, Robert L2 Oct 192510 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Kelley, Roy26 Aug 1899Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Kelley, Thomas N1 Feb 192911 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Kelley, Virgil L13 Oct 19044 May 1989Fort Wayne
Kelley, Walter C23 Oct 190230 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Kelley, William28 Jul 1893Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Kelley, William23 Jan 1922Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Kellog, Lillian M4 Jul 189913 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Kellogg, Elizabeth N29 Nov 192113 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kellogg, Garnet3 Apr 1901May 1973Fort Wayne
Kellogg, James21 Feb 1915Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kellogg, Joseph E30 Apr 192322 May 1999Monroeville
Kellsaw, Mary26 Oct 191317 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kellstrom, Elsie I27 Jan 191426 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kelly, Alice J10 Dec 19308 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Kelly, Alice V8 Nov 190915 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Kelly, Ann E11 Sep 19123 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Kelly, Anthony P25 Nov 194231 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Kelly, Aron8 Jan 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Kelly, August J28 Feb 191717 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Kelly, Brenda21 Mar 193911 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kelly, Cara16 Aug 1910Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Kelly, Carl22 Oct 1918May 1986Fort Wayne
Kelly, Catherine17 Nov 1915Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Kelly, Catherine25 Sep 1897Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kelly, Daniel L1 Feb 192618 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kelly, Edmo A6 Jun 19119 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Kelly, Ernest W7 Dec 191828 May 1998Monroeville
Kelly, Eugene26 Sep 1911Aug 1982Roanoke
Kelly, Eugene30 Sep 1918Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Kelly, Evelyn2 Apr 1899Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Kelly, Floyd28 Mar 1912Jun 1978Churubusco
Kelly, Glenn6 Mar 1916Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kelly, Harry16 Oct 1892Jun 1975Monroeville
Kelly, Irene30 Jan 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kelly, Jather23 Dec 191627 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Kelly, Jean C27 Aug 19224 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kelly, Jim16 Mar 1910Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Kelly, Joan T15 Oct 192421 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kelly, Johnnie Mae3 May 193719 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Kelly, Josephine24 Feb 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Kelly, Josie26 Feb 188715 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Kelly, Kathleen29 Jan 1907Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Kelly, Leroy27 Nov 1906Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kelly, Leroy A31 Jul 193111 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Kelly, Loranna28 Apr 1896Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Kelly, Lucille V30 Sep 19139 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kelly, Luella P26 Jan 190026 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Kelly, Margaret25 Dec 1895Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kelly, Marita M6 Sep 192621 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kelly, Maxine M28 Dec 191915 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kelly, May5 May 1895Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kelly, May F13 Dec 190527 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kelly, Milo18 Oct 1910Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Kelly, N J13 Dec 192715 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Kelly, Nellie J18 Oct 189515 Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Kelly, Pearl11 Nov 1912Dec 1977Churubusco
Kelly, Phyllis C8 Oct 192213 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kelly, Richard1 Apr 1897Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Kelly, Robert17 Jan 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kelly, Robert T9 Jun 19357 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kelly, Sean7 Sep 1950Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Kelly, Shannon T16 Oct 194823 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Kelly, Sylvia20 Dec 1889Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Kelly, Thomas J10 Feb 192315 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kelpin, Helen K10 Sep 189911 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Kelpin, Louis13 Sep 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Kelpin, Marie E5 Oct 192211 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Kelpin, Virgil16 Nov 19194 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kelsaw Jr, Effric31 Dec 194825 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kelsaw Sr, Lore19 Nov 193616 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Kelsaw, Effric21 Dec 19271 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kelsaw, Gloria M25 Feb 1953Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Kelsaw, Jacqueline E4 Dec 196815 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Kelsaw, Martha2 Mar 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Kelsaw, Martha J19 Mar 196015 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kelsey, A L6 Aug 190924 Dec 1991Roanoke
Kelsey, Clifford7 Dec 1900Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Earle25 Oct 1908Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Florence2 Jan 1899Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Floyd19 Apr 1888Aug 1974Roanoke
Kelsey, Floyd B23 Oct 19178 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Gayle4 Nov 1900Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Harold L12 Sep 19034 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Hilda5 Jul 1890Jul 1977Roanoke
Kelsey, Klea28 Nov 1888Jul 1977Roanoke
Kelsey, Laurel30 Jun 1893Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Lola17 Mar 1900Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Kelsey, M L19 Sep 190321 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Mabel25 Jan 1894May 1978Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Marcella E29 Sep 190010 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Margaret3 Jan 1910Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Marjorie H7 Nov 19108 Feb 1999Roanoke
Kelsey, Monte13 Jul 1887Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Kelsey, Robert26 Apr 1912Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Kelso, Aaron31 May 1891Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Kelso, Alice22 Jun 19154 May 1989Fort Wayne
Kelso, Aron25 Dec 19123 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kelso, Fay17 Sep 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Kelso, John H20 Dec 191629 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Kelso, Lucinda12 Feb 1901Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Kelso, Margaret A11 Dec 193613 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kelso, Rosie1 May 1888Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Kelsoe, Ernestine30 Apr 193314 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Keltsch, Betty16 Nov 1926Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Keltsch, Carl1 Apr 1896Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Keltsch, Donald R18 Jul 19241 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Keltsch, Elmer J2 Oct 191611 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Keltsch, Emma H22 Apr 191815 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kelty, Alice P31 Mar 1914Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Kelty, Charlotte27 Jul 1881May 1973Fort Wayne
Kelty, Frank J26 Apr 191328 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Kelzer, Minnie27 Mar 1886Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Kem, Gerald R23 Jul 191318 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kem, Mary S6 Aug 1912Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Kem, Sharon E3 Jun 19405 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kem, Wilfred12 Jun 1910Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kemejuk, Jack22 Apr 1914Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Kemerley, Arthur7 Mar 1913Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Kemery, Ursula8 May 192322 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Kemler, Alta23 Jul 1891Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Kemnitz, Hubert H24 Sep 19324 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Kemp, Betty J29 Nov 192624 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Kemp, Clell14 Jan 1887Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Kemp, David10 May 189515 Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Kemp, David Allan22 Jan 194128 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kemp, Doris L6 Dec 191113 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Kemp, Effie D23 Sep 191717 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Kemp, Emma19 Nov 1897Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Kemp, Floyd24 May 1911Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kemp, Gertrude21 May 1890Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Kemp, Glenna27 Sep 1883Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Kemp, Gratia C23 Jun 192619 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kemp, Howard20 Feb 1921Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Kemp, Jack7 Oct 1924Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kemp, James Reichard21 Dec 193810 Feb 2009Churubusco
Kemp, Jeanice10 Jan 1922Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Kemp, Jimmie H29 Mar 19275 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Kemp, John11 Dec 1919Oct 1985Churubusco
Kemp, John W29 Feb 191619 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Kemp, Loney20 Jan 1886May 1970Fort Wayne
Kemp, Myrtle18 Aug 1881Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Kemp, Oliver7 Feb 1915Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Kemp, Rose7 Feb 1893Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kemp, Sally L10 Dec 19335 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kemp, Steven R2 May 194515 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Kemp, Thomas C15 Sep 19187 May 2003Fort Wayne
Kemp, Wilda12 Jul 1924Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kemp, Willie M2 Sep 192019 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kempainen, Ruth S24 Mar 19107 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Kempe, Kurt16 Sep 1895Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Kempe, Paula14 Aug 1898Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Kempel, Esther9 Feb 189614 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Kempel, Fred29 Jul 1899May 1965Fort Wayne
Kemper, Edith E7 Feb 190315 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Kemper, Elizabeth19 Jun 1905Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Kemper, Lucille26 Aug 191222 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Kempf, Arthur26 May 1890Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Kempf, Dean E1 May 19254 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Kempf, Dorothy M7 Nov 1915Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Kempf, Esther B9 Aug 191210 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Kempf, Frieda14 Nov 1894Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Kempf, George26 Oct 1893Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Kempf, Leona11 Jan 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kempf, Paul22 Feb 1912Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Kempf, Sandra L21 Feb 194811 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Kempf, Stella27 Nov 1898Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Kempf, Wayne17 Mar 1910Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Kempf, William D21 Mar 193028 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Kempler, Bernice19 Feb 190816 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Kempner, Sr M17 Mar 1892Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kempton, Robert4 Apr 1924Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Kempton, Shirley R9 May 192621 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Kenagy, Neva17 Jun 1887Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Kenagy, William P28 Mar 195310 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Kendall, Grace29 Jan 1882Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Kendall, Paul24 May 1930Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Kendall, Richard N5 Feb 191827 Jul 2002Monroeville
Kendig, Ruth21 Jan 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Kendjerski, Leo30 Mar 1923Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Kendregan, Thomas19 Dec 193614 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kendrick, John17 Jan 1914Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Kendrick, Mary7 Mar 1906Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Kendrick, Robert W15 May 192629 May 2004Fort Wayne
Kendrix, Ruthie M30 Sep 193016 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Kendzierski, Frank10 Jan 1887Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Kengris, Dominick25 Oct 1891Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Kenline, Bertha E7 Oct 19114 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kenline, Fern D18 Jun 190417 May 1998Fort Wayne
Kenline, Paul8 Oct 1897Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Kennard, Catherine18 May 1913Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kennard, Harry14 Aug 1908Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Bruce22 Jan 1961Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Carl14 Jan 1894Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Cecilia15 Sep 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Charlie27 May 1927Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Daniel2 Jan 1914Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Doreene P15 May 194126 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Doris E3 Oct 192620 Nov 2008New Haven, Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Edward E29 Oct 19245 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Edward R25 Dec 191816 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Kennedy, G A20 Jun 193315 May 1988Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Geraldine E27 Apr 19211 Aug 2009New Haven
Kennedy, Gertrude30 May 1897Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Glen E28 Jun 19184 Jul 1995Grabill
Kennedy, Harriett20 Apr 1912Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Hattie C22 Feb 189911 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Howard G4 Oct 191620 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Irene E9 Dec 191719 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Kennedy, James R8 Jul 19216 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Janice A10 Apr 195222 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Julius22 Sep 1923Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Leona M11 Jan 192324 Apr 2007Harlan
Kennedy, Lestie26 Sep 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Maella I28 May 19248 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Marguerite E9 Feb 190219 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Mary C3 May 187715 Oct 1971Roanoke
Kennedy, Mary J4 Apr 19169 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Michael6 May 1960Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Mike2 Jan 1942Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Nancy M17 Oct 19401 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Naomi J30 Jul 193215 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Neldon A6 Jan 191320 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Paul F16 Apr 191223 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Renee S1 Apr 193112 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Robert A30 Dec 193220 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Robert P1 Jun 19379 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Robert T9 Oct 193528 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kennedy, S3 Mar 196115 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Scott S22 Jan 195328 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Sherren S20 Aug 19705 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Thelma L26 May 191010 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Vera B15 Apr 191120 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Kennedy, William17 Mar 1899Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Kennedy, William22 Feb 1915Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Kennedy, Winnie6 May 1901Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Kennel, Lulu9 Oct 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kennell, Betty3 Mar 192716 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kennell, Harry19 Jun 1888Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Kennell, J Charles15 Mar 192718 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kennell, Lola M26 Mar 191130 Jul 1995New Haven
Kennell, Phillip A7 May 193322 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kennell, Sarah18 Aug 190915 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Kenner, Cynthia E26 May 188511 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Kenner, Francis A6 Jan 191925 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kenner, Maggie29 Oct 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Kenner, Mary8 Feb 1887Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Kenner, Mary K15 Dec 19122 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kenner, Ralph29 Aug 1908Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Clarence29 Oct 1913Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Cornelius24 May 1902May 1966Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Donald E1 Mar 192828 Sep 1991Monroeville
Kennerk, Eileen R23 Jul 19181 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Glenola E4 Jan 191220 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Helen E17 Nov 191129 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Hugh13 Apr 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Margie J1 Apr 19334 Jan 2003Monroeville
Kennerk, Norah21 Jan 1876Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kennerk, Wayne5 Nov 1901Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Kenney, Agnes19 Apr 1876Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Kenney, Eva1 May 1927Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Kenney, Gus9 Apr 1923May 1980Fort Wayne
Kenney, Maria27 Aug 19154 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Kenney, Mary Joanne3 Jan 19206 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Kenney, Samuel4 Jul 191117 May 1997Fort Wayne
Kenny, Anne N8 Dec 192621 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Kenny, Deetta R11 Dec 190712 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Kenny, Dorothy3 Jan 1911Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Kenny, Louis28 Mar 1897Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kenny, William H3 Aug 192726 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kenny, William J9 Mar 19214 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Kensill, Anna E5 May 190813 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kensill, Marilyn5 Jan 1934Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kensill, Reese31 Jan 1890Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Kensill, Richard17 May 1936May 1987Fort Wayne
Kensill, Virginia E5 Aug 191316 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kent Sr, Dorothy C16 Apr 1920Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Kent Sr, Richard1 May 1917Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kent, Amelia14 Jan 1889Mar 1967Roanoke
Kent, John H23 Dec 19358 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Kent, Lillian14 Feb 1879Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Kent, Lillian M16 May 193119 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Kent, Marie28 Oct 1903Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kent, Richard N1 Jul 191118 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Kent, Shirley A25 Mar 193728 Nov 1996Churubusco
Kentnich, Evelyn G16 Feb 191614 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Kenworthy, Adah21 Jun 1896Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Kenworthy, Joyce G24 Mar 19164 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Kenyon, Beulah21 Sep 1888Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Kenyon, Charles3 Jan 1887Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Kenyon, Erma13 Jul 1908Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Kenyon, John W25 Apr 19271 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Keokuk, Calvin J13 Feb 19136 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Keokuk, Emmalena24 Jun 191215 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Kepfer, Earle22 Jan 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Kepfer, Goldie M5 Feb 190721 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Kepler, Elnor24 Nov 1916Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Kepler, Gladys3 Mar 1905May 1982Woodburn
Kepler, Wayne9 Aug 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Keplinger, Albert31 Aug 1882Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Keplinger, Carol J2 Sep 19324 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Keplinger, James5 Jul 1918Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Keplinger, Lorinda16 Dec 19089 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Keplinger, Shirley A6 Oct 19339 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Keppel, Betty A22 Sep 19196 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Keppel, Donald L18 Oct 19395 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Keppel, Lewis G8 Aug 19157 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Keppeler, Donald G16 Sep 192616 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Keppeler, Ernest15 Jul 1895Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Keppler, Virgidell21 Dec 1919Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Kerby, Dorothy6 Jan 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Kerby, Homer A3 Aug 190327 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kerch, Clela30 Sep 1897Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kerch, Edward10 Apr 1897Sep 1976Roanoke
Kerch, Ervin6 Oct 1894Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Kerch, Mary L17 Jun 19272 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Kerch, Mildred P13 Sep 190426 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kerekes, Lenke18 Jan 191122 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Kerley, Mildred F9 Nov 191225 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Kerlin, Wilma9 Aug 19069 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Kern, Allan R21 Aug 19376 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Kern, Andrew21 Dec 1906Jun 1974New Haven
Kern, Anthony8 Jan 1887Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Kern, D T23 Jan 195015 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Kern, Donald E28 May 1909Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kern, Dora L1 Jan 190915 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Kern, Dorthy16 Apr 1919May 1977Fort Wayne
Kern, E26 Oct 1902Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Kern, Elizabeth9 May 1931Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Kern, Gertrude5 Feb 1895Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Kern, Harold28 Mar 1930Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kern, Herman L5 Jun 191014 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kern, Ivah10 Feb 1909Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Kern, Jeanne G30 Nov 19231 May 2007Fort Wayne
Kern, Louis9 May 1912Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Kern, Louis H10 Oct 191618 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kern, Margaret M18 Sep 191630 Oct 2006New Haven
Kern, Mary K18 Feb 19186 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kern, Mildred A6 Nov 1906Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kern, Pauline21 Mar 190419 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Kern, Robert A26 Oct 19145 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kern, Royal W23 Dec 19069 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Kern, Victor27 Apr 1908Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kern, Victoria22 Jul 1910Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kern, William E6 Aug 19311 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Kernen, Charles19 Mar 1889Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Kernen, Delphia G5 Apr 18941 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kernen, Emil1 Jul 1892Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Kernes, Emma3 Oct 1893Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kernes, Lewis6 Nov 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Kernohan, Betty7 Nov 1914Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kerns, Della3 Oct 1888Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Kerns, Franklin24 Feb 1912Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kerns, Gertrude3 Dec 1902Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kerns, Hazel12 Feb 1893Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Kerr, Charles2 Jun 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Kerr, Charles W10 May 19203 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Kerr, Donald G6 Nov 192910 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Kerr, Dorothy15 Dec 193730 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kerr, Frieda18 Oct 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kerr, Gertrude14 Feb 1893May 1979Fort Wayne
Kerr, Grace1 Oct 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kerr, Hazel L13 Apr 19092 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Kerr, Helen C24 Sep 191911 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Kerr, James W16 Dec 19135 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Kerr, Jean11 Feb 1920Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Kerr, John C4 Dec 19066 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Kerr, John F31 Aug 19163 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Kerr, Leola M10 Aug 190628 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Kerr, Lillie22 Sep 1876Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Kerr, Mary M19 Aug 1926Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Kerr, Mildred15 Jul 1916Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Kerr, Phyllis A19 Mar 194923 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kerr, Robert6 Oct 1933Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kerr, Sharon J10 Nov 193111 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Kerr, T W30 Apr 193015 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Kerr, Viven30 Mar 1905Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Kerr, William18 Jun 1903Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kerrigan, Thomas J4 Aug 193810 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Kerry, Alice T13 Jan 190926 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Kerry, Sumner L1 Mar 191117 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kersey, Cuba26 Jul 1895Mar 1983Churubusco
Kershaw, Jacquelin13 Sep 1917Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Kershner, Hazel22 May 1889Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Kershner, John8 Mar 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Kersjes, Robert J26 Jul 193225 Jul 2001New Haven
Kersten, Henry O13 Mar 191823 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Kertel, Anna16 Jul 192319 Jan 2010New Haven
Kerwin, Thomas Edward30 Jul 193431 May 2009Fort Wayne
Kerwood, Helen E11 Nov 191427 Apr 2000Fort Wayne, Yoder
Kerwood, John11 Apr 191212 Apr 1992Yoder
Kerzan, Winifred M28 Jan 191519 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Keshwani, Daularkhan21 Sep 192829 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Kesler, Anna L17 Jan 191411 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Kesler, Blanche30 Nov 1883Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Kesler, Florence M31 Jan 191212 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Kesler, Harry8 Aug 1898Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Kesler, Hugh4 Aug 1907Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Kesler, James8 Oct 1883Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Kesler, Lillian L15 Nov 19216 May 1997Fort Wayne
Kesler, Marvel11 Feb 1901Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Kesler, Minnie C22 Apr 1905Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Kesler, Robert George3 Nov 19227 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Keslik, Frank H12 Jan 189927 May 1994Fort Wayne
Keslik, Vlasta20 Dec 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Kespohl, Harriet18 May 1890Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Kespohl, Helene A12 Jan 190210 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Kespohl, Herman18 Feb 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Kespohl, William5 Feb 1918Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Kessen, Anna F15 Nov 191025 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Kessen, John2 Feb 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kessens, Ann E28 Feb 19089 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Kessens, Christian10 Nov 1876May 1966Fort Wayne
Kessens, Dorelyn E12 Apr 193320 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Kessens, Rosanne16 May 1940Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Kessens, Viola E31 Dec 190610 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kessie, Bill J14 Jul 193121 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Kessie, Ralph L9 Jun 19223 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Kessinger, Clarence6 Jun 1905Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kessinger, Violet B6 Aug 192720 Oct 2007Churubusco
Kessler, Barbara J24 Jul 19428 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Kessler, Barbara J21 Nov 192713 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kessler, Diana Lou20 Aug 194222 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Kessler, Dorwan J12 Sep 191625 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kessler, Edna13 Jul 1890Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Kessler, Frieda13 May 1916Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Kessler, Gilbert12 Dec 1892Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kessler, Harry31 Mar 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Kessler, Hope23 Jun 1895Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Kessler, James25 Feb 1877May 1973Fort Wayne
Kessler, Margaret A21 Jun 194112 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Kessler, Richard6 Jun 1885May 1971Fort Wayne
Kessler, Robert L16 Nov 192210 Aug 2002Churubusco
Kessler, Virginia10 Apr 19036 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Kessler, Willard B3 Feb 19264 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kessler, William22 Mar 19232 Feb 2008Churubusco
Kessmeier, Charles J30 Jun 19155 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kester, E Lewis5 Dec 191830 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Kester, Juanita13 Sep 1909Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Kester, Rex12 Apr 1931Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kesterke, Robert4 Jul 192413 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kesterson, Wayne N7 Nov 191026 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Kesterson, Yuvonne V24 Mar 191614 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Kestner, A4 Jul 1901Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Kestner, Florence18 Mar 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Kestner, Melvin12 Mar 1908Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Ketchum, Cecil A4 Aug 189815 Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Ketner, Anna18 May 1910Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Ketron, Lloyd9 Apr 19181 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Ketteman, Willadean L26 Apr 193411 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kettering, Beatrice9 Mar 1920Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Kettering, Howard29 Jul 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Kettering, Ila5 Apr 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Kettering, James C30 May 191426 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kettering, Ruth M23 Jan 190719 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Ketterman, Jackie L12 Aug 193521 Jul 2001New Haven
Ketterman, Marcella6 Jul 191321 Oct 1996Roanoke
Kettern, Mabel E21 Feb 190530 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kettern, Nicholas7 Aug 1901Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kettleboroug, Bernice J18 Nov 191131 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Kettleboroug, Garnold26 Jun 1910Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Kettler, Alfred4 Oct 1892Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Kettler, Janet S31 Aug 192016 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Kettler, Leo28 Jul 1906Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Kettler, Mary12 Jun 19236 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Kettler, Mary A22 Feb 1906May 1993Fort Wayne
Kettler, Walter20 Nov 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Ketzenberger, Darwin J18 Nov 191823 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Ketzler, Helen M10 Aug 191410 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Ketzler, Kurt21 Mar 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Keuneke, Elsie L2 Feb 19114 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Keuneke, Harry4 Dec 19201 Nov 2000Huntertown
Keuneke, Lois J24 May 193021 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Keuneke, Otto G24 Jun 192517 Apr 1992Huntertown
Keurzoneff, Ilia1 Aug 192722 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kever, Gustav12 Jul 1907Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Kever, Marium R5 Oct 191925 Feb 1995New Haven
Kever, Meinrad14 Sep 1920Jun 1986New Haven
Key, Barbara A31 Oct 193225 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Key, Eliza24 May 1904Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Key, Mary23 Nov 1906Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Key, Wilma E19 Jun 192012 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Keyes, Jean26 Oct 1926Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Keyes, Michael Danforth8 Mar 19439 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Keyes, Orton14 Feb 1895Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Keyes, Robert C25 Apr 19258 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Keyes, Zelma E26 Apr 191212 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Keyler, Sarah M9 Jul 19277 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Keys, James G25 Oct 193516 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Keys, Janice10 May 194312 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Keys, Martha E25 Jun 191626 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Keys, Paul2 Jun 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Keyser, Sterling K21 May 192419 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Keyser, Wilma24 Dec 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne

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