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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Kibbat, Helen C13 Oct 19135 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Kibbat, Otto12 Nov 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Kibbey, Merle M15 Apr 19135 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kibble, Ethel M27 Mar 189511 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kibellus, Amanda28 May 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Kibellus, Lieselotte14 Mar 192014 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Edwin17 Jul 1900May 1973Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Elizabeth3 Aug 1897Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Ida21 Jan 1877Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Louis6 Jan 1902Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Oscar25 May 1916Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Phyllis A27 Jul 19399 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Ruth7 Jul 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Kibiger, Vera8 Sep 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kibler, William27 Jun 1885Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Kichler, Ila17 Jul 1882Sep 1984Churubusco
Kidd, Jimmie O12 May 193322 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kidd, Joe D6 Feb 19264 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Kidd, Willie J9 Sep 194920 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kidder, Helen F18 Feb 191918 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Kidder, Inez V2 Sep 190522 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kidder, Orva2 Apr 1901Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Kidder, Ronnie18 Sep 1937Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kidner, Margaret27 Sep 1917Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kidner, Robert C11 Nov 192415 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Kidwell, John D23 Jul 194315 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kiebel, F A10 Jan 193015 Apr 1987New Haven
Kiefer, Adolph6 Mar 1894Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Augusta30 Mar 1893Jan 1969Churubusco
Kiefer, Elmer21 Apr 1915Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Elsie5 May 19236 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Emil M19 Jun 193317 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Erwin W10 Sep 19199 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Gilbert G7 Apr 192427 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Ilene B2 Oct 1927Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Irma C4 Dec 192127 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Louise10 Nov 1893Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Marilyn R17 Dec 19275 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Martha L29 Mar 19198 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Norma4 Oct 1933Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Normen R15 Apr 193023 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Sophia12 Oct 1879Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Sophia1 May 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Virginia M17 Feb 19211 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Waunita B24 Dec 192730 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Kiefer, Wilbert O7 Apr 192410 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Kiefer, William J13 Jan 192414 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Kiefert, Grace E31 Jan 19387 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Kieffer, Cloris19 Mar 1890May 1973Fort Wayne
Kiel, Dorothy M16 Jul 191225 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Kiel, Etta13 Apr 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Kiel, Frederick29 Sep 1922Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Kiel, Georgia M9 Jun 195320 May 2003Fort Wayne
Kiel, Harold19 May 1908Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Kiel, Louise20 Apr 1881Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Kiel, Walther3 Mar 1892Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Kieler, Alfred30 Nov 1913Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kieler, Rutherford15 Jun 1900Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Kien, Fred14 Jun 1896Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Kien, Vera17 Dec 1902May 1977Fort Wayne
Kienlen, Kenneth F17 Mar 191017 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Kienlen, Stephen K16 Sep 19418 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kienzle, Amber J15 Nov 19182 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kienzle, Carl9 Jun 1916Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Kienzle, James R18 Apr 195027 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kienzle, John22 May 1923Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Kienzle, Robert8 May 1891Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Kiep, Alphia D1 Feb 192512 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Kiep, Donald B16 May 192419 May 2009Fort Wayne
Kiermaier, Lena5 Oct 190624 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kiermaier, Michael31 Mar 1904Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Kiersey, Herman F3 Oct 19285 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Kierspe, Carl12 Jun 1895Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Kierspe, George28 Mar 1897May 1973Fort Wayne
Kierspe, Mildred31 Jul 1903Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Kierspe, Raymond L25 Mar 190424 May 1999New Haven
Kierstead, Amelia M6 Jun 190915 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kierstead, Florence E3 Aug 193417 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kierzkowski, Anthony28 Dec 1902Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Kies, Mae8 Feb 1889Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Kieser, Floyd14 Apr 1905May 1987Fort Wayne
Kieser, Lovella A26 Dec 1903Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kiess, Emilie25 Mar 1887Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kiess, Gertrude M15 Sep 19188 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Kiess, Henry23 Oct 1887Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Kiess, Marie22 Nov 191427 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kiess, Mary10 Jun 1889Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Kiessling, Herbert G22 Jun 190315 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Kiessling, Janet L20 Jun 194523 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kiessling, Mary17 May 192123 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kiessling, Melvin30 Mar 1918Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kiester, Clara24 Nov 1899Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Kiester, Dewitt19 Nov 190328 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Kiester, Esther L22 May 19168 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Kiester, Herb7 Aug 1890Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kiester, Ralph E9 Aug 192719 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Kigar, Charles14 Feb 1893Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kigar, Ella15 Nov 1875Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kigar, Robert C26 Aug 191517 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Kiger, Anna J29 Dec 194221 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kiger, Clarence L8 Aug 193119 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kiger, Hazel5 Nov 1895Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Kiger, James18 Jun 1915Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Kiger, Jeannette G8 Jun 1909Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Kiger, Jeannette M13 Sep 191510 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kiger, Paul R4 Jun 19354 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Kiggins, Louis20 Jun 192730 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kikly, Grace13 Feb 1891Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kilbourne, Mary R2 Mar 1904Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Kilcoin, Frank B4 Apr 192125 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Kile, Mildred17 May 19097 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Kile, Roscoe24 Aug 1902Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Kiles, Eva P18 Aug 190612 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kilfoy, Alma17 Aug 1879Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Kilfoy, Lois M6 Jan 192513 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Kilgore, Howard L16 Nov 191111 Jul 1999Woodburn
Kilgore, Joseph21 Mar 1885Aug 1973Woodburn
Kilgore, Loretta V21 Dec 195319 Apr 2003Churubusco
Kilkelly, Mary5 Apr 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Killian, Bertha16 Dec 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Killian, Ernestine20 Aug 1927Jan 1984Churubusco
Killian, Robert24 Apr 1911Dec 1985Woodburn
Killinger, Elva2 May 1894May 1973Fort Wayne
Killinger, Joseph6 Apr 1905Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Killion, David F26 Mar 193815 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Killmer, Donald L27 Apr 19336 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Killworth, Earl19 Jun 1909Apr 1984Churubusco
Killworth, Edna11 Dec 191116 Jun 2000Churubusco
Killworth, Flossie19 Apr 1890Dec 1977Churubusco
Killworth, Myrna J21 Jan 193118 Aug 1997Churubusco
Kilmer, Walter R7 Apr 19339 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Ada C25 Nov 188422 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Beulah E11 Nov 191618 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Carol30 Mar 1939Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Clyde22 May 1888Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Fannie4 Nov 1894Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Jason R6 Apr 197115 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Joseph10 Jul 1903Jan 1981New Haven
Kilpatrick, Leonard M9 Dec 192516 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Lois Ruth30 Mar 192627 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Mary8 Mar 1924Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Mary15 Jan 1911Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Kiltie, Dean A24 Apr 193027 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kiltie, Gladys7 Nov 190612 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kiltie, Margaret M25 Mar 19273 Sep 2003Woodburn
Kiltie, Ordean17 Oct 190518 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Kilty, Betty29 Oct 192327 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Kilty, Cora27 Oct 1880Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Kilty, Eugene L5 Jan 192222 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kimball, Florence9 Jan 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Kimball, Naomi6 Dec 1904Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kimball, Oliver14 Nov 1899Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kimball, Ruby L9 Oct 193319 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Kimball, Ruth A15 Jan 191015 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Kimball, Winifred21 Jun 190115 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kimbel, James R29 Jan 192122 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kimbel, Lenore O31 Mar 192010 Oct 2006Leo
Kimber, Bertrin T8 Nov 197321 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Kimber, Lucille25 Aug 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Kimberlin, Amanda14 Oct 1901Nov 1967Monroeville
Kimberlin, Rose23 May 1897Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Kimble, Arthur C18 Jun 192619 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kimble, Elizabeth24 Apr 1890Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kimble, Martin15 Aug 1890May 1975Fort Wayne
Kimble, Mary5 Jun 1892Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kimble, N S25 May 192031 May 1988Fort Wayne
Kimble, Robert G7 Apr 191513 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Kimble, Susan C7 Feb 19185 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Kimble, Verdonna C11 Mar 191914 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Kimbley, Luetta20 Jul 192015 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Kimbrough, Junette29 Nov 1888Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kimbrough, Robert F9 Nov 19199 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Kimbrough, Sarah Bertha12 Oct 191310 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Kime, Edwin26 Sep 1899Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kimes, Geneva E12 Apr 19118 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kimes, Minnie13 Aug 1903Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Kimes, Richard S3 Feb 195425 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Kimes, Viola5 Jan 1893Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kimlovits, Daisy M4 Jan 191624 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kimlovits, Simon29 Jul 1918Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Beatrice20 Mar 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Betty R29 May 192228 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Edith22 Dec 1906Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Edith26 Feb 1881Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Edwin27 Aug 1904Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Eileen R23 Jan 19304 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Elvin21 May 1894Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Fred1 Oct 1890Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Grant23 Jan 1893Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Helen M25 Feb 19033 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Helena13 Aug 1899Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Helene E17 Jun 19133 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Kimmel, John M23 Apr 191512 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Kenna L27 Dec 194712 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Kenneth31 Jan 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kimmel, L K27 Sep 190724 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Lewis I11 Feb 19208 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Lloyd7 Jun 1899Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Lois E13 Jul 19261 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Lynn J30 Jan 19486 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Merl U12 Jan 19253 Feb 2007New Haven
Kimmel, Norman W29 Oct 191315 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Pauline F21 Apr 190819 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Ralph30 Sep 1901Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Richard E10 Nov 19274 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Ruby8 Jun 1885Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kimmel, Ruby L26 Jun 190924 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Kimmell, Geneva Christenia7 Aug 19156 May 2009Fort Wayne
Kimmell, Hazel22 Jul 18962 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Kimmell, Helen16 Sep 1890Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Kimmell, Howard24 Oct 1898Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Kimpel, Donald K30 Aug 191623 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kimpel, Greta27 Feb 1901Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Kinann, Roy16 Aug 1900Mar 1964Fort Wayne
Kinas, Duane R11 Jun 191810 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Kinas, Eudell B18 Aug 191729 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Kincaid, Alice Rose28 Sep 192616 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Kinch, Charles9 May 1923May 1985Fort Wayne
Kinchen, Rhonda Renee21 Jul 19642 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kinchsular, Alice24 Aug 191724 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Kindel, Anna3 Jan 188913 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kindel, Guy21 Aug 192626 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Kinder, Beatrice6 Jun 1889Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Kinder, Earl F2 Sep 191619 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Kinder, Emma22 Jul 1900Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Kinder, George31 Aug 1900May 1977Fort Wayne
Kinder, Goldie6 Nov 1905Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kinder, Harry2 Apr 1892Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Kinder, Josephine I3 Nov 190816 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kinder, Mabel T22 Jul 191712 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kinder, Maxine J22 Oct 192227 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Kinder, Mildred M23 Dec 19012 May 1992Fort Wayne
Kinder, Ruth16 Oct 191126 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Kinder, William D20 Sep 192010 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Kindig, Fanny B21 Oct 189420 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Kindig, Raymond14 Jul 1888Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Kindig, Raymond C10 Jun 19448 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Kindler, John29 Apr 1886May 1966Fort Wayne
Kindler, Margaret L27 Apr 19073 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Kindler, Mary B6 Dec 190624 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Kindler, Timothy W13 Sep 197014 Mar 1999Huntertown
Kindler, William8 Sep 1905Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Kindlesparge, Belle21 Mar 1901Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Kindlesparge, Delmar19 Mar 1901Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kindlesparger, Lloyd E14 May 192810 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kindley, Margaret28 Mar 1896Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Kindred, Earmie J27 Mar 193926 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kindschy, Armin H13 Mar 190329 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kindt, Clara30 Jan 1887Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Kinduell, Sonja S20 Jan 192814 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kindy, Jeannetta28 Jul 1924Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Kiner, George18 Oct 1906Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Edith Maxine19 Nov 19163 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Edward16 Sep 1879Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Edward W20 Aug 190825 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Gale28 Mar 1907Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Helen17 Jun 1914Dec 1984Yoder
Kinerk, Homer P9 Dec 19117 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Kinerk, Polly16 Aug 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
King, Alice M5 Aug 18992 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
King, Allie25 Oct 19428 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
King, Alta30 May 1887Jan 1969Fort Wayne
King, Ardella M3 Feb 192526 Mar 2002Grabill
King, Beatrice S6 Jun 192715 Nov 2005New Haven
King, Beryl12 Dec 1905May 1973Fort Wayne
King, Betty4 Apr 19163 May 2000Fort Wayne
King, Billy20 Sep 1933Jun 1981Woodburn
King, Carey B14 Oct 194311 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
King, Carl J14 Mar 192620 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
King, Carles V8 Oct 195122 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
King, Carrie7 Nov 192024 Nov 2003Roanoke
King, Catherine11 Feb 1917Aug 1987Fort Wayne
King, Charles1 Apr 1890Aug 1974Fort Wayne
King, Charles4 Aug 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
King, Charlotte T29 Nov 192615 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
King, Christoph1 Aug 1908Jan 1978Fort Wayne
King, Claudia9 Apr 1892Sep 1985Fort Wayne
King, Clestes13 Jan 19162 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
King, Corean11 Mar 1917Nov 1989Fort Wayne
King, Cornilus1 Apr 193725 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
King, Corrine B18 Jun 19063 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
King, David24 Sep 195028 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
King, Dawn I6 May 196113 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
King, Delbert13 Nov 19171 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
King, Della10 Oct 1881Jul 1973Fort Wayne
King, Dennis E16 May 195222 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
King, Diana S25 Aug 194321 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
King, Earsel1 Jun 1906Jun 1976Fort Wayne
King, Edith B8 Aug 190317 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
King, Edith M30 Oct 190621 Dec 2006New Haven
King, Edward E18 Jul 19266 May 1998Fort Wayne
King, Elmer20 Oct 1888Mar 1966Woodburn
King, Emory16 Jul 1919Oct 1980Fort Wayne
King, Ernest18 Sep 1893Jul 1985Fort Wayne
King, Esther4 Jun 1897Nov 1977Fort Wayne
King, Eva8 Mar 1898Jul 1976Fort Wayne
King, Evelyn15 Oct 1927May 1984Fort Wayne
King, Evelyn16 Apr 190713 Apr 2003New Haven
King, Evelyn19 Oct 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
King, Evelyn J22 May 192611 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
King, Evelyn Z30 Jun 19014 Dec 2003New Haven
King, Floyd26 Jun 1926Jan 1966Fort Wayne
King, Frank19 Aug 1914Dec 1984Fort Wayne
King, Frank E15 Oct 191412 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
King, Frank W26 Feb 19035 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
King, George2 Mar 1904Jul 1980Fort Wayne
King, Geraldine13 Nov 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
King, Gertrude9 Jul 1893Oct 1966Fort Wayne
King, Glenn4 Dec 1894Sep 1976Fort Wayne
King, Grace5 Jul 1892Feb 1977Fort Wayne
King, Grace7 Aug 1917May 1981Fort Wayne
King, Grace26 Jan 1893Nov 1979Fort Wayne
King, Grace10 Dec 1889Jul 1984Fort Wayne
King, Grady M9 Jul 19366 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
King, Gwendolyn L27 Mar 195419 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
King, H Ellis10 Aug 191923 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
King, Harold14 Apr 1923Nov 1986Roanoke
King, Harold A24 Feb 192915 Jun 2007Churubusco
King, Harold J11 Apr 192227 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
King, Harry8 Aug 1899Dec 1969Churubusco
King, Harvey1 Nov 1883Aug 1969Fort Wayne
King, Hazel17 Jun 1889Mar 1979Fort Wayne
King, Helen5 Dec 1901Jan 1975Churubusco
King, Helen1 Aug 1924Jan 1981Fort Wayne
King, Henry17 Dec 194119 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
King, Hilda L8 Mar 19104 May 2006New Haven
King, Homer Leonard4 Oct 194723 May 2009Fort Wayne
King, Howard3 Dec 1893Apr 1967Fort Wayne
King, Howard E13 Jul 192015 May 2009Fort Wayne
King, Ida28 Jan 1887Aug 1976Fort Wayne
King, Ira1 Aug 1941Apr 1977Fort Wayne
King, James4 Jul 1917Oct 1973Fort Wayne
King, James16 Jul 1900Jul 1978Fort Wayne
King, James R15 Nov 19362 Sep 2009Harlan
King, James W6 Dec 191510 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
King, Jean E4 Jun 19279 May 1995Fort Wayne
King, Jennie14 Mar 1896Feb 1969Fort Wayne
King, Jesse17 May 1899Oct 1964Fort Wayne
King, Jesse12 Apr 1921Oct 1985Churubusco
King, Jesse17 Mar 1893Nov 1965Fort Wayne
King, Jessie30 May 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
King, Jessie26 Apr 1903Nov 1985Fort Wayne
King, Johanna20 Jul 1891Oct 1984Fort Wayne
King, John9 Oct 1888Dec 1972Fort Wayne
King, John F16 Mar 19044 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
King, Jon25 Nov 1949Jul 1975Fort Wayne
King, Joseph23 Apr 1892Aug 1970Fort Wayne
King, Joseph Lee22 Jul 195426 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
King, Josephine H22 Feb 19015 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
King, Joy A23 Jun 19445 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
King, Joyce Marie3 Jun 195715 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
King, Kay A16 Mar 194016 Jan 2002New Haven
King, Kenneth R17 Sep 193020 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
King, Kevin Tyrone5 Oct 195921 May 2009Fort Wayne
King, Larry L2 Jun 193024 Oct 2007New Haven
King, Larry L4 Dec 19402 May 1995Roanoke
King, Lauren21 Feb 1903Nov 1973Fort Wayne
King, Laverne22 Oct 191720 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
King, Lavon E31 Mar 191421 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
King, Lenwood30 Oct 193429 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
King, Lewis10 Oct 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
King, Lewis Leroy24 Apr 194929 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
King, Lillie10 Oct 1896Oct 1983Fort Wayne
King, Longe4 Jul 1906Jan 1990Fort Wayne
King, Lonnie A16 Nov 197412 Jun 2008Churubusco
King, Lottie M17 Jun 19414 May 2004Fort Wayne
King, Louis A26 Jan 19271 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
King, Louise26 Dec 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
King, Louise2 Nov 1934Oct 1978Fort Wayne
King, Lucile28 Apr 1919Jul 1980Fort Wayne
King, Luella C25 Jan 190025 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
King, Luella D13 Apr 1914Sep 1990Fort Wayne
King, Lula L11 Feb 19214 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
King, Lulu22 Aug 1893Jan 1980Yoder, Fort Wayne
King, Lynn12 Jul 1949Jan 1977Fort Wayne
King, Maggie24 Jul 1881Jan 1968Fort Wayne
King, Margaret Louise4 Apr 195218 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
King, Marjorie3 Jan 194117 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
King, Martha26 Jan 1915Mar 1986Fort Wayne
King, Martha E29 Dec 19187 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
King, Mary22 Jul 191623 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
King, Mary J24 Jan 194720 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
King, Mary M24 Nov 193421 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
King, Maurice J21 Mar 19291 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
King, Maxine15 Apr 1926Jul 1982Churubusco
King, Maxine24 Feb 192227 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
King, Michael E3 Feb 194612 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
King, Nelle8 Feb 190712 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
King, Ollie4 Sep 192611 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
King, Pauline H11 Jul 19136 May 1994Fort Wayne
King, Paulus27 Nov 1925Mar 1983New Haven
King, Penda4 Jul 1945Dec 1987Spencerville
King, Penelppe J4 Sep 19583 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
King, Peter5 Oct 1985Jan 1986Fort Wayne
King, Peter5 Feb 1905Mar 1985Fort Wayne
King, Ralph H26 Feb 191323 Oct 2001Hoagland
King, Randy R30 Jan 19286 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
King, Raymond27 Jun 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
King, Raymond2 Sep 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
King, Raymond30 Dec 1923Aug 1980Fort Wayne
King, Rebecca10 Mar 1910May 1989Fort Wayne
King, Robert6 Aug 1918Feb 1987Fort Wayne
King, Robert F16 Sep 193124 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
King, Robert H8 Mar 19291 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
King, Robert L23 Nov 193814 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
King, Robert W16 Nov 191211 May 1999Fort Wayne
King, Robert W7 Feb 19146 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
King, Roger D22 Jul 19228 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
King, Rosa28 Jun 1893Apr 1983New Haven
King, Rosanna P18 Oct 19247 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
King, Roy9 Jul 1912Sep 1981Fort Wayne
King, Roy L20 Apr 19512 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
King, Roy T25 Jan 193918 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
King, Ruby14 Nov 1923Jan 1981Fort Wayne
King, Ruby14 Apr 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
King, Ruth L18 Dec 19197 May 1993Fort Wayne
King, Sally Dianne11 May 19429 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
King, Shirley10 Mar 1935Nov 1977Fort Wayne
King, Theron B5 Oct 191729 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
King, Verlin M11 Jun 191311 May 1988Fort Wayne
King, Walter25 Apr 1916Aug 1978Fort Wayne
King, Wanda R28 Sep 192014 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
King, Wilburn4 Jan 1908May 1973Churubusco
King, William7 Apr 1880Jun 1970Fort Wayne
King, William E23 Oct 191627 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
King, William H16 Sep 190528 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
King, Winnie S2 Apr 1906Sep 1995Fort Wayne
King, Zabelle25 May 190013 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Kingrey, Eugenia R14 Feb 191429 Nov 2002Leo
Kingsbury, Earl M9 Sep 190318 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Kingsbury, Frank Butler1 Aug 19351 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kingsbury, James Lamar8 Oct 193119 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Kingsbury, Maxine O27 Sep 190912 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kingsbury, Virginia M10 Sep 192026 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kingsbury, Willa G5 Nov 19146 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Kingsley, Charles F19 May 191725 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Kinkade, George13 Apr 1903Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Kinkade, Helen11 Jul 1919Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kinkade, Rhea25 Jul 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Kinker, Iva S7 Feb 189830 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Kinkley, A C18 Jun 190510 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Kinley, Arnold18 Oct 1905Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Kinley, Edna L22 May 19185 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Kinley, Jimmy J6 Feb 19245 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kinley, Laura3 Feb 1895Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Kinley, Wayne16 Oct 1900Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kinnaley, Audree9 Aug 1906Jan 1971Monroeville
Kinnaley, Eileen L2 Dec 192422 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Kinnaman, Cecil6 Feb 1895May 1976Fort Wayne
Kinnaman, Russell28 Dec 1902Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Kinne, George H2 Jun 19212 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Kinney, Arthur H18 Dec 191131 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Kinney, Charles28 Dec 1920Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Kinney, Edwin15 Jul 1901May 1979New Haven
Kinney, Elmer28 Jun 1884Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Kinney, Evelyn M19 Jan 192616 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kinney, Sherry L4 Jan 19492 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Kinnie, William E27 Apr 19292 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Kinnison, Charles Me M26 Oct 192229 Mar 1989Churubusco
Kinnison, Larry21 Sep 194417 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Kinsella, John3 Jul 1905Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Adeline L25 Jan 190712 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Chad M23 Jun 19745 Dec 1993Woodburn
Kinsey, Charles C19 Mar 191116 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Dale25 Feb 1901Aug 1975Grabill
Kinsey, Frances5 Apr 193119 May 2007Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Gerald R5 Dec 191415 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Jean E24 Jul 193221 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Juaneita M8 Aug 192414 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Lawrence H21 Apr 190314 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Lydia N19 Nov 190330 Jul 1991Grabill
Kinsey, Virda30 Dec 1907Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Virginia E9 Mar 190827 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Kinsey, Wallace28 Jun 1884Aug 1981Fort Wayne, Harlan
Kinsey, Wilbur G26 Sep 19248 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Kinslow, Elam9 Aug 193429 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kinslow, Margery Gay4 Jul 193912 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kinstle, Jean20 Aug 1907Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kintanar, Ancito17 Apr 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Kintner, Ethel C15 Jul 19117 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Kintner, Lamoyle I9 Mar 192315 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Kintner, Lowell30 Aug 1912Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Kintz, Anna C8 Dec 19083 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Kintz, Clarence1 Mar 1903Dec 1974New Haven
Kintz, Dinah M7 Feb 193330 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Kintz, Donald28 Jun 1931Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Kintz, Emma23 Oct 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Kintz, Enoch10 Nov 1884Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Kintz, Frank2 Aug 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Kintz, Gerald E18 Jun 19305 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kintz, Gladys A5 Nov 190114 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Kintz, Grace P5 Jan 192918 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kintz, Hazel1 Jan 1898Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kintz, Hubert22 Nov 1899Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Kintz, John13 Dec 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kintz, M D19 Apr 190629 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kintz, Marcella M13 Sep 190424 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Kintz, Martha31 Aug 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Kintz, Mary M23 May 192114 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kintz, Walter4 Jul 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Kintz, William E18 Feb 192812 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Kinzer, Betty29 Aug 19184 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Kinzer, John A9 Dec 1921Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Kinzie, Cecil9 Oct 1904Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Kinzie, Vernon L11 Sep 19373 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Kipfer, Albert14 Apr 1903Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Kipfer, Harold A2 Nov 192327 Nov 1994Monroeville
Kipfer, Myrl E13 Apr 192422 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Kipfer, Robert M26 Apr 192228 Jun 1996Grabill
Kipfer, Rosemary V27 Nov 192625 Oct 1994Monroeville
Kipfer, Walter3 Jul 1925Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kipling, J19 Aug 1895Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Kiplinger, Ida9 Oct 1885Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Kiproff, George A5 Dec 192514 May 1999Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Archie29 Dec 1897Aug 1974Monroeville
Kiracofe, Cleo5 Feb 1911Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Donald W18 Feb 192411 Jan 1998Monroeville
Kiracofe, Geary W13 Sep 195211 Dec 2007New Haven
Kiracofe, Homer N23 Jul 19167 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Huber15 Dec 1903Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Mary16 Aug 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Rachel25 Nov 191619 Dec 2002New Haven
Kiracofe, Vera B11 Jan 190729 May 1997Fort Wayne
Kiracofe, Vinita23 Oct 1893Jun 1974Monroeville
Kiracofe, William20 Dec 1901Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kirbach, Carlton26 Sep 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Kirbach, Mildred L24 Jul 1901Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Kirby, Byron28 May 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Kirby, Estella19 Oct 1885Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Kirby, Eva22 Dec 1889Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kirby, George6 Oct 1888Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Kirby, George P27 Oct 19123 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Kirby, Gertrude A14 Feb 19172 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kirby, Harold6 Mar 1891Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kirby, John9 Dec 1875Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kirby, Laverne E15 Nov 191423 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Kirby, Marilyn J8 Nov 193821 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kirby, Virginia C14 Sep 191414 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Kircher, Margaret R18 Aug 19098 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kirchgassner, Anthony14 Nov 1899Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Kirchgassner, Opal27 Jun 192120 May 1999Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Doris A20 Oct 191820 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Floyd18 Aug 1904Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Homer13 Apr 1922Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Kirchner, John19 Dec 1898Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kirchner, John2 Apr 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Margaret H13 Apr 193726 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Olive M24 Mar 190713 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Oswald28 Feb 1897Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Otto D30 Jun 190915 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Ruth13 Sep 1909Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Kirchner, Susan Jo12 Feb 193821 Aug 2009Roanoke
Kirchner, Susan L10 Nov 194328 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kird, Hattie C19 May 190015 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Kirk, Ada1 Mar 1891Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Kirk, Ellen13 Aug 1885Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Kirk, Ellen O30 Mar 18965 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Kirk, Iva Lucinda11 Mar 191818 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Kirk, James N22 Jun 191514 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Kirk, Kenneth26 Feb 1912Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Kirk, Mary F17 May 19205 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Kirk, Richard D19 Sep 195621 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Kirk, Stanley H21 Nov 192014 Apr 2005Leo
Kirk, Telitha E31 Oct 19247 Mar 1993Leo
Kirk, Thomas J8 Oct 192016 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kirke, James H24 Mar 192427 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Kirkendoll, Elester13 Oct 19374 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Kirkhoff, Bernadette25 Aug 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Kirkhoff, ElizabethSep 1884May 1971Fort Wayne
Kirkhoff, Henry17 Nov 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kirkhoff, John L28 Apr 192912 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Bertha L7 Apr 188215 Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Donald26 Nov 1949Apr 1986Churubusco
Kirkpatrick, Flora K17 Mar 19172 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Jessie O27 Jun 191029 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, John B10 Jun 192014 Apr 1996Churubusco
Kirkpatrick, John W3 Jan 193030 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Kenneth8 May 1911Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Rudolph14 Mar 1907Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Ruth5 Aug 1899Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kirkpatrick, Willodean L11 Aug 192231 Jan 2000Churubusco
Kirkwood, Kathryn13 Mar 190730 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kirkwood, Maurice R25 Dec 192021 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Kirsch, Gilbert10 May 1903Mar 1987Woodburn
Kirsch, James2 Jun 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Kirsch, Lola M21 Jul 19155 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kirsch, Meta A31 May 19062 Sep 1998Woodburn
Kirtland, Myrtle13 Apr 191631 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Kirtley, James19 Oct 1915May 1984Churubusco
Kirtz, Dolly9 Dec 1926Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Leola4 Jun 192310 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Lonnie T9 Aug 191825 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Margaret2 Jan 1928Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Sealie20 Mar 1889Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Thomas S16 Mar 192323 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Kirtz, Walter E24 Jan 192621 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Kiser, Betty M3 Aug 19243 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kiser, Carl9 Dec 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Kiser, Dennis D17 Dec 194731 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Kiser, Eugene R24 Jul 192321 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Kiser, John23 Jul 1894Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Kiser, William24 Dec 1892Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Kish, Mary H30 Nov 192218 Jan 2002Churubusco
Kish, Paul19 Sep 1917Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Kish, Sadie I6 Dec 19169 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kisler, Joan D18 Mar 193019 May 2005Fort Wayne
Kissell, Edward29 Apr 1899May 1970Fort Wayne
Kissell, Fannie B24 May 190421 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Kissell, Frederick O24 Aug 192922 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kissell, Lura13 Jan 1908Feb 1977Grabill
Kissell, Virginia M4 Feb 1925Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kissick, John A31 Dec 192012 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Kissick, Ruth24 Oct 1920Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Alice6 Feb 1894Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Alton4 Mar 1891Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Arlo12 Dec 1913Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Bessie27 Jun 191431 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Charles5 Sep 1907Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Donald9 May 1921Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Doris K12 Mar 192120 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Kissinger, George C31 Jan 192225 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Laura26 Jun 1884Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Marcia23 Aug 1953Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Marie E28 Feb 1902Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Merl Lee7 Jun 193810 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Miles15 Feb 1894Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Muriel I9 Jun 18965 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Nola1 Dec 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Paul M1 Mar 191026 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Robert P10 Nov 191018 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Sophia E1 Sep 192823 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Kissinger, Troy J8 Mar 194030 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kissner, Caroline M8 Jun 191620 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Kissner, John16 Feb 1887Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Kissner, Mary21 Jan 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Kistler, Arthur3 Sep 1919Jul 1977Monroeville
Kistler, Virgil17 Jun 1906Nov 1968Churubusco
Kitch, Agnes16 Feb 1883Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Kitch, Thomas E15 Sep 19442 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Kitchen, Geneva27 Jul 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Kitchen, Lelta28 Nov 1898Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Kitchen, Nicholas24 Dec 1891Oct 1972Roanoke
Kitchen, Oral3 Feb 1887Feb 1981New Haven
Kitchen, Ray19 Sep 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Kitchen, Rebecca27 Oct 197214 Dec 2007Roanoke
Kitchen, Theron7 May 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Kite, Bertha7 Feb 1882Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Kite, Dennis R9 Jun 19543 May 2009Fort Wayne
Kite, Dorothy B21 Jul 191631 May 1998Fort Wayne
Kite, Eva12 Sep 1881Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Kite, Marjorie A22 Feb 192114 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kite, Richard D19 Jul 192026 May 1993Fort Wayne
Kite, Robert7 Oct 1923Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kite, Wiley28 Feb 190819 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Kitrush, Florence E2 Oct 192420 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Kitrush, Francis J7 Aug 192224 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kitson, Lloyd19 Mar 1923Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Kitson, Lois26 Jan 1926Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Kitson, Marie10 Jul 1893Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kitt, Eugene E23 Mar 19217 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Kittinger, Euell13 Jan 1906Jan 1979New Haven
Kittinger, Mona E17 May 191024 Apr 2005New Haven
Kittle, Clifford19 Jul 1918Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Doris E25 Aug 1922Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Gladys7 Aug 1900Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Harold D7 Mar 191926 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Jack V6 Feb 19188 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Jerry L18 Aug 194324 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Marvel7 Jun 1920Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, Minnie M4 Jul 189727 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, William23 Jan 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Kitzmiller, William D12 May 19246 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Kiwak, Walter31 Jan 19199 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kizer, Clark2 Aug 1892Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Kizer, Dolly J23 Jun 192130 Oct 2009Grabill
Kizer, Etta10 Mar 1901Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Kizer, Eva24 Nov 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Kizer, Jennings17 Feb 1897Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Kizer, Lillie21 Oct 1900Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Kizer, Lois G22 Sep 19284 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Kizer, Oral15 Oct 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kizer, Raymond8 Feb 1915Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Kizer, Roberta7 Jan 193020 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Kizer, Rutha M1 Oct 19056 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Kizer, Theodore13 Jul 1888Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Kizer, William16 Dec 1893Dec 1969Harlan

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