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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Klaben, Dorothy13 Feb 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Arthur10 Apr 1889Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Doris M31 Jan 191923 May 2006Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Dorothy E12 Apr 19132 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Edward28 May 1911Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Florence22 May 1900Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Jeanette M27 Sep 1920Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Lillian15 Feb 1886Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Lucille24 Sep 1899Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Ruth E24 Aug 191714 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Klaehn, Wm7 Jan 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Klages, David P7 Feb 194021 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Klages, Iona31 Jul 1903Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Klages, Norman11 Dec 1901Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Klapheke, Helen G11 Aug 193618 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Klaren, Dolores G7 Mar 191620 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Klaren, Donald T17 Jul 19173 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Klaren, Edna B3 Mar 190915 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Klaren, Leona G16 Sep 191112 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Klaren, Marcella G28 May 191324 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Klaren, Ralph M1 Oct 19021 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Klarowski, Frances23 Nov 1900Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Klaus, Lula5 Jul 1895Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Klausing, Edmund A6 Jun 191024 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Klausing, Herbert F24 Nov 19359 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Klausing, Mary M24 Nov 19145 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Klaveren, Gladys17 Feb 1900Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Klaveren, Richard14 Sep 1902Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Klaviter, Carolyn B28 Aug 192828 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Kleber, Alvin J25 Mar 19203 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Kleber, Cornelius E16 Oct 191612 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Kleber, Emma23 Apr 1882Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Kleber, Ena1 Jul 1910Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Kleber, Ervin J10 Apr 193228 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kleber, Gertrude7 Jan 1890Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kleber, Irene M28 Jun 192716 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kleber, Judith Marie16 Jul 19603 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Kleber, Mary A12 Jun 192927 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kleber, Mary G24 Mar 19305 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kleber, Raymond C20 Dec 19179 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Kleber, Violet8 Aug 1916Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Kleckner, Carolyn4 Apr 1909Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Kleeberg, Emily5 Mar 1901Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kleeberg, Michael D22 Jun 19539 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Kleeburg, Walter2 Dec 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Kleemeier, John26 Aug 1881Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Kleer, Genevieve G1 Apr 19069 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kleifgen, Helen H8 Dec 191517 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Kleifgen, William3 Dec 1916Dec 1982Roanoke
Klein, Anna12 Nov 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Klein, Betty J20 Sep 191920 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Klein, Carolyn7 Feb 1899Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Klein, Edna M13 Oct 191521 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Klein, Edward G20 Oct 192221 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Klein, Elmer28 Aug 1901May 1971Fort Wayne
Klein, Emma8 Aug 1893Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Klein, Evelyn3 Nov 1907Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Klein, Ginger M8 Feb 196314 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Klein, James P30 Jun 192121 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Klein, Joe8 Dec 1890Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Klein, Joseph F20 Nov 191710 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Klein, Kemp26 Jun 193920 May 2006Fort Wayne
Klein, Kenneth8 May 1918Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Klein, Margaret I7 Jul 189524 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Klein, Marian J18 Feb 192318 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Klein, Phyllis M18 Dec 193313 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Klein, Robert J10 Sep 19344 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Klein, Sevilla I1 Aug 190624 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Kleine, Erwin4 Aug 192515 Jul 1996Hoagland
Kleine, Freese6 Jun 1911Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kleine, Gustav17 Sep 1897Jun 1979Hoagland
Kleine, Nellie A29 Jun 190927 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kleine, William1 Aug 1896Oct 1971Hoagland
Kleiner, Margarita5 Mar 19018 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kleiner, Wasyl28 Dec 189614 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Kleinhans, Jean E28 Jun 191329 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Kleinknight, Geneva N8 Nov 191519 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Kleinman, Catherine H11 Jul 19131 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Kleinman, John R11 Nov 190822 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Alfred8 Oct 1896Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Alphonse8 May 1892Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Arnold17 May 1895Jul 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kleinrichert, Carl6 Jan 1907Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Eunice5 Jul 1901Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Evelyn30 Dec 1908May 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kleinrichert, Genevieve M7 Jun 190813 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Isadore10 Dec 1899Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Marcelline3 Oct 190322 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Margaret L2 Apr 190924 May 1998Fort Wayne
Kleinrichert, Paul1 Jan 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Ervin F20 Feb 19252 May 2005Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Fred8 Feb 1900Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Gustav22 Mar 1904Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Herman9 Jun 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Ruth M11 May 1906Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Kleinschmidt, Ward J26 Aug 192422 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Kleint, Clara L8 Apr 18962 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Kleint, Willard E16 Oct 192328 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Klejnot, Chester J11 Jul 192814 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Klejnot, Hedwig15 May 1902Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Klejnot, John10 Mar 1920Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Klejnot, Leo6 Apr 1915Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Klejnot, Marcelle A31 Dec 191918 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Klejnot, Mary14 Aug 1920Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Klemann, James Lee12 Sep 196029 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Klembek, Bernice25 Oct 1906Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Klembek, John20 Mar 1892Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Klemke, Robert W4 Jan 19262 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Klemm, Arnold2 Aug 1930Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Klemm, Karl16 Jul 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Klemm, Lora2 Jan 1884Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Klemm, Mabel7 Mar 1891Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Klemm, Nareda19 Jun 1921Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Klemm, Robert7 Apr 1911May 1982Fort Wayne
Klemm, William25 Jul 1890Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Klenha, Harold J11 Mar 19459 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Klenk, Arthur24 Sep 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Klenk, Minnie26 Oct 1898Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Klenk, Viola24 Feb 1900Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Klenk, William9 Jan 1898Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Klenke, Florence31 Dec 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Klenke, Kay M6 Aug 19335 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Klenke, William17 Feb 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Klenzak, Frank P8 Jun 19166 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Klenzak, Rose A30 Nov 192129 May 2007Fort Wayne
Klepfer, E E8 Oct 19174 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Klepfer, Eugene W28 May 191215 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Klepfer, Mary Lou L25 Apr 19499 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Klepper, Alice24 May 1912Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Klepper, Cecilia8 Feb 1888May 1979Fort Wayne
Klepper, Charles28 Mar 1909Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Klepper, Clara16 Jul 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Klepper, Clayton M14 Dec 192018 Mar 1995Grabill
Klepper, Dayton14 Dec 1920Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Klepper, Edward6 Jan 1905Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Klepper, Edwin8 Jan 1907Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Klepper, Ernest14 Mar 1890Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Klepper, Evelyn B14 Apr 19251 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Klepper, Evelyn R30 Apr 192717 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Klepper, Isabell6 May 1907Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Klepper, William8 Aug 1886Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Klepper, William19 Dec 1899Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Klepper, William B2 Feb 19284 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Klerner, Eleanor C10 Apr 193429 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Klerner, Frank17 Feb 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Klerner, Kenneth11 Mar 1932Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Klerner, Nancy C15 May 195627 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Klett, Matilda14 Mar 1876Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Klidy, Robert31 Oct 1919Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Klima, Irene E28 Jun 19156 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Klimkofski, Mary M24 May 192526 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Klimkofski, Michael29 Sep 1920Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kline, Amos F3 Jun 191413 Sep 2006New Haven
Kline, Bert28 Aug 1882Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Kline, Doris18 Jun 1900Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kline, Frances24 Jul 1881Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Kline, Frances18 Mar 1906Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kline, George12 Dec 1885Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Kline, Glenn24 Jan 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kline, Helen28 Oct 1901Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Kline, Helena23 Jun 1898Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kline, Henry8 Aug 1887Jan 1972New Haven
Kline, Ida L22 Feb 192315 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kline, Jacob24 Sep 1884Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Kline, Jacqueline J29 Apr 192318 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kline, James F2 Aug 193624 Jul 2008New Haven
Kline, John23 Mar 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Kline, Joseph N6 Sep 19228 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Kline, Julian E2 Apr 191225 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Kline, Kenneth J28 Jun 195428 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kline, La Vera3 Mar 1917Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Kline, Lela25 Sep 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Kline, Leota E22 Nov 191625 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Kline, Marcella21 Oct 19204 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kline, Margaret A24 Feb 19313 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kline, Martha J19 May 195623 Jan 2008Grabill
Kline, Mary A14 Dec 192325 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Kline, Max A6 Nov 191819 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Kline, Mollie H6 May 191820 Feb 1998Monroeville
Kline, Nansen26 Nov 1897Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Kline, Noel28 Feb 1931Oct 1979New Haven
Kline, Olive8 Sep 1879Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Kline, Opal F19 Oct 190724 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kline, Opal S16 Aug 190721 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Kline, Paul17 Aug 192712 Apr 2007New Haven
Kline, Rachel22 May 1886Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Kline, Ray A4 Apr 193324 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Kline, Robert5 Jun 1921Dec 1986Monroeville
Kline, Roy A4 Jul 19266 Jun 2003Harlan
Kline, Ruth29 Oct 1925Jan 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kline, Samuel C5 Apr 19097 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Kline, Sue E30 Jan 19364 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Kline, Terrie L2 Feb 196414 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kline, Virgil5 Jan 1907Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Kline, Walter20 May 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Kline, Walter26 Apr 192823 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Kling, Dewey6 Dec 1904Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Kling, Ivy21 Jul 1879Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Kling, Judy23 Oct 1941Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kling, Leona14 Mar 1907Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Klingel, Leo22 Jul 1897Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Klingel, Lillian7 Feb 1894Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Klingel, Robert19 Jan 1921Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Klingenberg, Albert14 Mar 1888Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Dale E9 Feb 19314 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Don L8 Nov 192910 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Earl C25 Apr 19177 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Eileen14 Aug 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Estella24 Apr 1899Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Florence18 Nov 1917Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Henry9 Mar 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, John J12 Jun 192829 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Joseph F13 Sep 192328 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Kristin12 Jul 1958Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Lawrence26 Oct 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Loretta12 Apr 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Marguerite L31 Jan 19141 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Norbert11 Mar 1908Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Patricia A11 Mar 193614 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Vera26 Jun 1913Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Klingenberge, Xavier F26 Mar 191818 May 1992Fort Wayne
Klingensmith, Alberta L23 May 190622 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Klingensmith, Katherine11 Mar 1898Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Klingensmith, Robert2 Apr 1906Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Klinger, A24 Jul 1905Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Klinger, Gladys L8 Feb 192414 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Klinger, James F3 Jun 193122 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Klinger, William15 Dec 1882May 1972Fort Wayne
Klingler, Alice10 Sep 1899Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Klingler, Beatrice5 Feb 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Klingler, Enos12 Oct 1883Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Klingler, George R14 Mar 192929 Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Klingler, Herman27 Nov 1900Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Klingler, Lula24 Jan 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Klingler, Ruth29 Dec 1903Oct 1970Huntertown
Klingler, Walter18 Feb 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Klingshirn, Violet22 Feb 1909Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Klink, Richard18 Feb 1910Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Klinkenberg, Cora V22 Aug 191115 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Klinkenberg, Nancy30 Jan 194724 May 2007Fort Wayne
Klinkenberg, Paul10 Aug 1894Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Klinkenberg, Robert C10 Apr 19136 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Klinker, Alice20 Feb 1914Mar 1984Woodburn
Klinker, Dorcas N31 Oct 192425 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Klinker, Ernest29 May 191011 Sep 1997Woodburn
Klinker, Esther6 Jun 1899Jun 1971Woodburn
Klinker, Hattie26 Aug 1875Jun 1969Monroeville
Klinker, Hazel L14 Jul 190419 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Klinker, Homer17 Jan 1902Jan 1984Woodburn
Klinker, Lena14 Mar 1914Oct 1987Monroeville
Klinker, Patricia A9 Jul 192717 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Klinker, Ralph28 Apr 19068 Dec 1995Monroeville
Klinker, Raymond28 Apr 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Klinker, Roger D20 Jul 192510 Feb 2008Woodburn
Klinski, Sandra L1 Sep 19403 Nov 2004Monroeville
Klint, Donald2 Jul 1914Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Klipfel, George22 Feb 1909Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Klippert, Albert30 Dec 1889Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Klippert, Ethel I20 Oct 1900Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Kljajic, Bogdan8 Jun 192620 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Klock, William3 May 1912Jun 1983New Haven
Klodinska, Frank21 Apr 1894Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Kloepper, Carl30 Mar 1911Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Kloepper, Louise S5 Aug 191117 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Kloepper, Margaret19 Jan 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Kloer, Anna3 Dec 1889Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kloer, Frank1 Apr 1887Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Kloer, Herbert J12 Jun 191416 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Kloer, John E21 Apr 191521 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kloer, Joseph4 May 1884Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Kloer, Marian26 Jun 1916Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kloer, Mary E23 May 1917Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Kloha, William H13 May 193517 Dec 2008New Haven
Kloka, Angeline F15 Dec 191614 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Klomp, Agnes N29 Feb 1904Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Klomp, Clara13 May 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Klomp, Clarence30 May 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Klomp, Janet2 Apr 1897Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Aaron8 Mar 1898Nov 1977Grabill
Klopfenstein, Adam11 Dec 1890Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Amanda4 Dec 1867Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Anna6 Apr 1891Feb 1973Spencerville
Klopfenstein, Bertha13 Nov 1884Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Bess21 Aug 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Bronson18 Feb 1908Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Don W7 Feb 192117 Mar 2002Grabill
Klopfenstein, E17 Sep 190911 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, E Jeanne22 Jun 19303 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Edith7 Dec 1896Jan 1981Grabill
Klopfenstein, Ella1 Feb 1904Feb 1984Grabill
Klopfenstein, Estella23 Dec 189614 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Ethel P12 Dec 190421 May 2002Spencerville
Klopfenstein, Florence20 Dec 1902Jun 1975New Haven
Klopfenstein, Foster22 May 192023 Feb 2002Grabill
Klopfenstein, Francis12 Jan 1901Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, George14 Jan 1889Nov 1966Spencerville
Klopfenstein, Gerald19 Jul 1903Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Golda23 Dec 1893Apr 1976Grabill
Klopfenstein, Harry2 Dec 1887Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Howard16 Sep 1896Apr 1970Grabill
Klopfenstein, Howard11 Apr 1891May 1969Grabill
Klopfenstein, J G9 Apr 19211 Oct 2002Harlan
Klopfenstein, James G18 Nov 192825 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Jennie29 Apr 1888Dec 1979Leo
Klopfenstein, Jennie13 Jan 1891Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Joseph19 Jun 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Katie13 Dec 1902Sep 1994Grabill
Klopfenstein, Keith W20 May 191623 Jun 2001New Haven
Klopfenstein, Kenneth21 Apr 1917Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Lloyd7 Apr 190511 Aug 2000Grabill
Klopfenstein, Mable15 Dec 1913Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Mary2 Sep 1903May 1976Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Mildred L26 Jul 190119 Jan 1999Grabill
Klopfenstein, Moses R26 Sep 18861 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Ola M22 Jul 19086 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Olive5 Oct 1890Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Orpha25 Nov 1905Sep 1978Grabill
Klopfenstein, Patricia L22 Feb 194211 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Patricia L24 Aug 193430 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Pearl16 May 1899Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Pearl A6 Nov 19094 Jul 1998Grabill
Klopfenstein, Phyllis Y11 Jun 191813 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Rachel12 May 1879Jan 1970Woodburn
Klopfenstein, Reuben31 Jul 1898Apr 1971Grabill
Klopfenstein, Richard29 Dec 1925Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Robert D4 Oct 193130 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Robert H25 Feb 191813 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, Weldon19 Sep 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Klopfenstein, William B26 May 191920 Aug 1999Leo
Klopsch, Frieda30 Apr 19071 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Klopsch, John18 Jun 1904Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Klopsch, Olive H3 May 190324 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Klopsch, Otto8 Jul 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Klosterkempe, Elenor16 Nov 1902Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Klotz Sr, John C13 Aug 19141 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Klotz, Anthony16 Jun 1892Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Klotz, Daniel L22 Jul 19372 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Klotz, Fidelia3 Sep 1897Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Klotz, James19 May 1922Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Klotz, Joan E3 Sep 192525 Jun 2001New Haven
Klotz, John8 Jun 1886Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Klotz, Marjorie A1 Oct 191616 May 2001Fort Wayne
Klotz, Ray4 Mar 1899Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Klotz, Thomas17 Dec 1942Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Kluck, Robert B31 Aug 192321 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Klug, Barbara A25 Jun 193621 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Klug, Barbara L25 Nov 193411 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Klug, Bernice18 Aug 1882Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Klug, Betty20 Mar 1947Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Klug, Eugene F26 Nov 191719 May 2003Fort Wayne
Klug, Gregor23 May 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Klug, Herman P17 Mar 192017 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Klug, Marjorie2 May 192227 Jun 2008Churubusco
Klug, Mary M28 Jun 19202 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Klug, Pearl1 Jun 1898Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Klug, Raymond W18 Nov 192415 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Klug, Robert G15 Sep 195229 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Klug, Ruth E22 Mar 1918Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Klug, Stanley10 Sep 1955Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Klug, Virginia22 Jan 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Klug, William J29 Oct 191413 May 2006Fort Wayne
Klugh, Wilburn6 Sep 1902Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Klus, Jan L25 Aug 192223 Dec 2003Fort Wayne

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