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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Knaack, Lieselotte28 Jul 1913Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Knack, J7 Dec 1978Oct 1992Roanoke
Knafel, Anna26 May 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Knafel, Bernadine28 Jun 19211 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Knafel, Nila J16 Aug 194710 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Knafel, Paul R29 Oct 191027 Jul 1999Churubusco
Knape, Dale R14 Dec 195019 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Knape, Victor H21 Jul 191918 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Knapke, James B4 Jul 193327 Feb 2009Hoagland
Knapke, Katherine C7 Apr 1910Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Knapke, Ruth A7 Nov 19376 Jan 2006Hoagland
Knapp, Alice E23 Apr 192423 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Knapp, Anna Belle19 Jul 192831 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Knapp, Annabell S12 Jul 18936 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Knapp, Barry W12 Sep 19524 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Knapp, Clara27 Jun 1897Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Knapp, Delmar H22 Nov 19219 May 2004Fort Wayne
Knapp, Donald E14 Oct 191717 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Knapp, Estella3 Feb 1906Dec 1981New Haven
Knapp, Fred4 Apr 1901May 1969Fort Wayne
Knapp, Hadley C20 May 19244 Feb 1998Grabill
Knapp, Irma10 Sep 1909Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Knapp, John E14 Apr 191710 May 2001Fort Wayne
Knapp, Leander28 Jun 1896Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Knapp, Mary L26 Apr 19142 May 1993Harlan
Knapp, Muriel24 Aug 1901May 1983Fort Wayne
Knapp, Paul9 Aug 1904Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Knapp, Prudence E23 Nov 19077 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Knapp, R15 Jun 1897Sep 1984Grabill
Knapp, Raymond9 Aug 1915Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Knapp, Robert E8 Feb 19194 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Knapp, Rose18 Aug 19087 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Knapp, Ruth27 Feb 1902Jan 1986Grabill
Knaus, Lillian21 Mar 1901Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Knaus, Richard13 Jun 1904Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Knecht, Emmy24 Feb 19082 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Knecht, Luba L16 Jul 192826 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Knecht, Martha14 Jul 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Knechtel, Della15 Sep 1889Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Knechtel, Patricia A22 Feb 193316 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Knefelkamp, Celia M7 Aug 1907Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Knefelkamp, Edward E10 Jan 193115 Feb 1996Hoagland
Knefelkamp, Ernest18 Jun 190514 Mar 1992Monroeville
Knefelkamp, Helen11 Dec 1914May 1987Monroeville
Knefelkamp, Henry27 Nov 1898Sep 1975Monroeville
Knefelkamp, Neal8 Feb 193824 Dec 1999Monroeville
Knelanger, Barbara6 Apr 1927Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Knelanger, Clarabell I30 Apr 193111 Jan 2001Huntertown
Knelanger, Louis E19 Feb 192730 Mar 2002Huntertown
Knelanger, Scott A20 Dec 19616 Jul 1996Huntertown
Knelanger, William J8 Feb 192319 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Knelleken, Joseph8 Dec 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Kneller, Edward H24 Dec 19226 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Kneller, Harold J10 Jul 192331 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kneller, Robert10 Dec 1923Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Knepler, Monty D10 Jun 194530 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Knepp, Frances15 Feb 1902Jun 1984Monroeville
Knepp, Harold R1 Apr 191015 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Knepper, Barbara L29 Apr 19457 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Knepper, Carl24 Sep 1910Feb 1975Churubusco
Knepper, Clifford7 Oct 1909Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Knepper, Darwin F22 Jul 192214 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Knepper, David27 Sep 193815 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Knepper, Donald26 Mar 192113 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Knepper, Elizabeth9 Nov 1880Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Knepper, Evelyn22 Aug 190414 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Knepper, Frank D30 Jan 193721 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Knepper, Gloria J4 Apr 19291 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Knepper, Ivan12 Jan 1906Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Knepper, Kathryn21 Oct 192521 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Knepper, Peggy D14 Nov 195114 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Knepper, Ronald C9 Dec 193224 May 2007Fort Wayne
Knepper, Waneta8 Jul 1912Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Knepper, William F9 Jul 193623 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Knepple, Gladys24 May 1892Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Knettle, Earl T26 Aug 19012 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Knettle, Mary24 Dec 1875Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Kneubuhler, Gertrude I9 Jan 192323 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Kneubuhler, Lola29 Sep 1890Mar 1980Woodburn
Kneubuhler, Merlin J23 Jun 19204 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Dale F29 Oct 193517 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Freeda K23 May 191525 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Jennie L6 Jun 192910 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Joel26 Apr 19339 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Nettie21 Jan 1932Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Paul9 Feb 1908Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Kniffen, Robert7 Jul 1911Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Knigge, Estella A20 May 190913 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Knigge, Marvey11 Oct 1909May 1980Fort Wayne
Knight, Albert Joseph20 Dec 19173 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Knight, Arlynn M4 Mar 191623 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Knight, Benjamin F24 Aug 192627 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Knight, Caroline E20 Nov 191612 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Knight, Carrie L6 Mar 191610 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Knight, Clarence9 Dec 1886Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Knight, Clifford L15 Jul 196415 Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Knight, Coleman10 Jun 19269 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Knight, D Stanley8 Jul 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Knight, Debbie I6 Oct 196115 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, Delors8 Jun 19571 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Knight, Donald P27 Jun 191021 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Knight, Dorothy L22 Feb 193717 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Knight, Douglas J21 Sep 194319 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, E20 Feb 1913Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Knight, Edna L27 Apr 191010 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Knight, Elinor W21 May 19319 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Knight, Evelyn M14 Oct 191417 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Knight, Francis11 Dec 1896Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Knight, Frank W3 May 192525 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Knight, Fred6 Aug 1916Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Knight, George S8 Jun 192119 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Knight, Georgia9 Jul 193315 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Knight, Gerald J2 Nov 192416 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Knight, Gertrude6 Apr 190721 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Knight, Gertrude6 Jul 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Knight, Greggory25 Sep 1954Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Knight, Helen26 Feb 1901Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Knight, Henry L23 Dec 195428 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Knight, Howard29 Jan 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Knight, James E4 Feb 19292 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Knight, Jerome8 Oct 195810 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Knight, Jesse F9 Jul 192722 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Knight, John27 May 1928May 1987Fort Wayne
Knight, John C8 Dec 19156 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, John C15 Sep 191816 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Knight, John Stanley2 Dec 194425 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Knight, Leland4 Mar 1901Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Knight, Lewis W19 Feb 192526 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Knight, Mabel28 Oct 1876Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Knight, Madge J24 Sep 193317 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, Mary L2 Jun 19346 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, Mary L20 Feb 19351 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Knight, Naomi R23 Oct 19244 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Knight, Paul14 Jan 1905Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Knight, Phyneal L17 Feb 19303 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Knight, Ralph E22 Jan 192624 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Knight, Raymond E1 Nov 193813 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Knight, Raymond Ivan22 Jun 19203 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Knight, Robert G22 Jan 191624 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Knight, Rosemary J23 Jun 192025 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Knight, Ruth19 Aug 1896Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Knight, Shirley L2 Dec 1926Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Knight, Vance W16 Jul 190519 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Knight, Viva17 Mar 1898Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Knight, Walter M9 May 194828 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Knight, Willard C10 Oct 191027 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Knight, Willis5 Aug 19334 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Knipp, Gilbert29 Sep 1913Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Knipp, Harriet C26 Jun 191431 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Knipp, Juanita12 Nov 19183 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Knipp, Kenneth25 Dec 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Knippenberg, Beatrice7 Nov 1902Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Knippenberg, Frank H25 Jan 192618 Sep 1997New Haven
Knippenberg, Mary26 Sep 1877Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Knippenberg, Sharon Lee21 Aug 193912 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Knipper, Robert H26 Jun 19217 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Knipper, Violet14 Jul 192229 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Knippstein, Laura28 Oct 190818 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Knipscheer, Charleen A29 Jul 193723 May 2002Fort Wayne
Knipscheer, Jan H12 Jun 19156 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Alvin6 Jan 1910Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Christ22 Jun 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Florence J8 Jun 1924Feb 1991Hoagland
Knipstein, Lee A11 Jul 19469 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Lena4 Oct 1875Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Lester F1 Dec 191627 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Louise E5 Dec 191416 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Margaret J4 Jun 19302 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Otto6 Oct 191217 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Viola5 Jun 1902Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Knipstein, Walter7 Jan 1925Apr 1979Hoagland
Knipstein, Walter4 Aug 1907Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Knisely, Marjorie J9 May 192014 Nov 2007Grabill
Knisely, Oliver15 Dec 1884Jul 1979Grabill
Knisely, Thomas M1 Jun 19611 May 2008Fort Wayne
Knisely, Walter16 Jan 1890Mar 1970Grabill
Knisley, Rita F15 Dec 193329 Jul 2004Monroeville
Knispel, Arthur30 Apr 1902Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Knispel, Hilda S19 Jan 19075 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Knispel, Otto23 Mar 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Kniss, Arlis30 Oct 1882Mar 1965Churubusco
Kniss, Cleora2 Apr 1914Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Carl8 Oct 1888Oct 1985Woodburn
Knoblauch, Elise25 Jan 1885Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Emma21 Sep 1893Sep 1983Woodburn
Knoblauch, Ernst21 Jun 1880Mar 1970Woodburn
Knoblauch, Fredrick P28 Jun 192615 Jun 2007Woodburn
Knoblauch, Harold M7 Feb 191411 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Helen23 Jun 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Herman H30 Jun 191919 May 2006Woodburn
Knoblauch, Leona E16 Feb 190523 May 1999Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Lillie14 Jul 1884Aug 1984Woodburn
Knoblauch, Luzena D17 Jun 191629 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Knoblauch, Marcus1 Nov 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Knoche, Luella23 Mar 1899Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Knoche, Walter14 Jul 1893Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Knock, Bertha S8 Mar 190814 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Knock, Edward10 Aug 1901Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Knoefel, Dorothy22 Feb 1905Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Knoll, Arthur10 Oct 1889Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Knoll, George H21 Mar 191825 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Knoll, Margaret3 Oct 1916Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Knoll, Robert W6 Jan 191612 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Knoll, Velma17 Jul 1913Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Knoll, Virginia C21 Jan 191213 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Knop, Bessie19 May 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Knop, Cora H14 Apr 191124 May 1995Huntertown
Knop, Thelma19 Sep 1916Oct 1985Huntertown
Knopp, Clifford L25 Dec 192926 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Knopp, Elizabeth L28 Mar 19236 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Knoth, Edward P7 May 190714 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Knoth, Erma1 Oct 1925Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Knothe, Alma1 Feb 1891Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Knothe, Paul27 Aug 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Knott, Ervin J25 Jun 192218 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Knott, Frances22 Feb 1900Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Knott, James5 Feb 1893Jun 1969Churubusco
Knott, Morton G7 Oct 192616 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Knott, Ruth A10 Jun 193723 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Knotts, Clarence17 Dec 1883Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Knotts, Richard P26 Nov 19396 Mar 2008Harlan
Knowles, Gladys7 Jun 193225 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Knowles, Louis A15 Apr 192230 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Knowles, Verna3 Feb 190910 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Knowlton, Bertha17 Jan 1886Jun 1978Roanoke
Knowlton, Otis18 Jul 1885May 1979Roanoke
Knox, Charles N14 Sep 19248 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Knox, Dorothy22 Apr 1921Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Knox, E5 Jun 193115 May 1991Fort Wayne
Knox, Edith7 Dec 1904Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Knox, George10 Aug 1927Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Knox, Grace14 Mar 1895Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Knox, Harry28 Jan 1900Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Knox, Margaret E24 Dec 191425 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Knox, Margaret M14 Sep 193815 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Knox, Marjorie E2 Apr 193517 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Knox, Richard13 May 1907Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Knox, Robert1 Jan 1920Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Knox, William25 Jan 1918Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Knox, Willie3 Jun 1933Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Knox, Yvonne A5 Sep 19259 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Knuckles, James R21 Oct 19341 Mar 1997Roanoke
Knuckles, Pauline G18 Jan 19175 Oct 2007Harlan
Knueve, Bernard16 Jul 1928Oct 1974Monroeville
Knueve, Sylvester22 Mar 19174 Mar 1990Monroeville
Knuth, Adeline A5 Apr 191526 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Knuth, Anna22 Nov 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Knuth, Benjamin2 May 1916Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Knuth, Betty J19 Mar 19286 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Knuth, Charles R24 Jul 19248 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Knuth, Connie5 Sep 1952Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Knuth, Frederick G23 Mar 192613 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Knuth, Helen30 Oct 1912Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Knuth, John19 Apr 1896Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Knuth, Louise14 Feb 1895Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Knuth, Norman A22 Jun 191715 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Knuth, Russell E1 Oct 19227 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Knuth, Velma14 Sep 19163 Mar 2008New Haven
Knuth, W H18 May 192615 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Knutson, Jeffery N11 Oct 19538 Oct 2006Fort Wayne

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