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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Kobe, Fred29 Jul 1881Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Kobel, Inda S10 Nov 191428 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Kobi, Harwood V20 Jun 19209 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Kobierecki, John5 Aug 19111 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Kobil, Walter3 Mar 19263 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Koble, Paul E3 May 193415 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Koble, Ray12 Apr 1912Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Koble, Ruby4 Jan 1896May 1979Spencerville
Koble, Thelma1 May 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Koch, Beatrice S23 Jun 191824 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Koch, Blanche29 Jul 1924Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Koch, Catherine E2 Oct 192325 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Koch, Charles11 Aug 1887Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Koch, Clara30 Aug 1892May 1977Fort Wayne
Koch, Clarence W28 Aug 190316 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Koch, Dorothy B10 Dec 19075 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Koch, Duane E27 Jul 192727 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Koch, Edith19 Aug 1886Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Koch, Edna5 Apr 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Koch, Edwin15 Jul 1897Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Koch, Elmer8 Jun 1909Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Koch, Emelia31 Jul 1883Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Koch, Emma14 Jun 1889Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Koch, Estelle31 Dec 1896Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Koch, Esther16 Aug 1896Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Koch, Eva23 Feb 1900Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Koch, Florence M24 Jun 1910Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Koch, Frances6 Jan 1916Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Koch, Fred6 Mar 1882Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Koch, Frederick P6 Jan 191230 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Koch, George L10 Apr 191712 Apr 1993Harlan
Koch, Geraldine23 Apr 1919Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Koch, Gladys20 Jun 1915Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Koch, Glenna E17 Jun 192311 Aug 1992New Haven
Koch, Harold F5 Sep 191729 Jun 1998Fort Wayne, New Haven
Koch, Harry W9 Aug 19303 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Koch, Helen22 Dec 19109 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Koch, Henrietta20 Dec 1878May 1976Fort Wayne
Koch, Herbert O28 Apr 192422 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Koch, James A13 Jul 195615 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Koch, Janet18 Jan 1907Feb 1977Grabill
Koch, Justus A25 Oct 19311 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Koch, Kenneth12 Dec 1907Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Koch, Kenneth E23 Dec 19181 May 1995Fort Wayne
Koch, Kenneth W2 Nov 193112 Jul 2004Harlan
Koch, Leona D4 Aug 191414 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Koch, Marie I13 Jun 190426 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Koch, Maurice6 Aug 1921Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Koch, Melvin23 Jan 1912Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Koch, Norman M19 Apr 19137 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Koch, Pansy L4 Nov 190322 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Koch, Patricia3 Feb 1928Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Koch, Phyllis J15 Aug 192412 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Koch, Portia M3 Jul 191224 Jul 1992Monroeville
Koch, Robert7 Dec 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
Koch, Rosanna J11 Jan 192528 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Koch, Rudolph1 Jan 1885Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Koch, Stanley4 Mar 1898May 1969Fort Wayne
Koch, Thomas E24 Nov 194622 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Koch, Treva L10 Dec 191319 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Koch, Virgil18 Jan 1905Sep 1972Spencerville
Koch, Wayne3 Jun 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Koch, William4 Feb 1888Dec 1968Woodburn
Koch, William9 Jan 1880Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Koch, William F23 Aug 191312 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Koch, Zela D12 Feb 190925 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kochanski, Walter V28 Apr 19194 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kochel, Clara27 Jan 1889Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kocher, Flora9 Dec 1874Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Kocher, Francis6 Aug 1935Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Kocher, Walter C15 Jul 1902Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kochersperge, Pearl14 Mar 1884May 1966Fort Wayne
Kochert, Henry6 Oct 1900May 1971Fort Wayne
Kochert, John F4 Dec 192712 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Kocks, Anna26 Aug 1878Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Kocks, Charles H1 Nov 193026 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kocks, Edward12 Dec 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Kocks, Elizabeth J15 Oct 19215 Aug 2004New Haven
Kocks, Elsie M7 Sep 190315 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Kocks, Gertrude7 Mar 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Kocks, Herbert L16 Aug 193217 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kocks, James6 Mar 1924Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Kocks, Marie21 Dec 1895Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Kocks, Marie12 May 1904Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Kocks, Robert30 May 1921Dec 1987New Haven
Koczor, Alex22 Oct 1911May 1977Fort Wayne
Koczor, Mildred29 May 19178 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Koebcke, Fern14 Apr 1896Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Koebcke, Fred14 Apr 1895Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Koeble, Loretta11 Nov 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Koeble, Richard C19 Feb 192318 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Koedam, Frank12 Nov 1901Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Koedam, June21 Jul 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Koegel, George H10 Dec 191427 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Koegel, Pearl22 Jun 1880Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Koegler, Bernice25 Aug 1904Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Koehl, Alberta J13 Jul 19161 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Koehl, Arthur C8 Oct 191218 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Koehl, Donald A27 Aug 194928 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Koehl, Emily Suzanne3 Oct 197716 May 2009Fort Wayne
Koehl, Emma10 Apr 1886Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Koehl, Frances A17 Apr 191423 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Koehl, Fronia1 Nov 1889Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Koehl, Helen G19 Dec 19128 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Koehl, Herbert E18 Feb 19178 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Koehl, Howard13 Sep 1909Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Koehl, Josephine M7 Jan 1914Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Koehl, Laurine26 May 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Koehl, Loretta2 Oct 1890Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Koehl, Mildred E10 Sep 191228 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Koehl, Patricia A14 May 1932Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Koehl, Paul P17 Mar 192214 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Koehl, Pauline E15 Dec 190619 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Koehler, Anna22 Nov 1887Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Koehler, Betty M1 Sep 19271 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Koehler, James O20 Jul 192327 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Koehler, Karl H12 Mar 190411 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Koehler, Lena W14 Apr 191031 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Koehler, Margret P1 Nov 191212 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Koehler, Mary E28 Aug 191217 Jul 2002New Haven
Koehler, Melvin6 Jan 1911Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Koehler, Mildred A18 Apr 193111 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Koehler, Richard L10 Dec 19275 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Koehlinger J, Lewis F23 Apr 195212 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Anna30 Nov 1889Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Arthur24 Jul 1910Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Arthur C14 Nov 190320 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Betty A20 May 192016 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Dorothy L7 Nov 19018 Oct 1992New Haven
Koehlinger, Ertis14 Dec 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Erwin W13 Nov 19149 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Esther R13 Jul 19188 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Frances28 Dec 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Gertrude22 Jan 1899Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Gladys M15 Mar 192526 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Harold11 Jan 1899Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Helen A10 Dec 191222 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Kimberly K1 Nov 197026 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Leroy L5 Dec 190410 Jan 1998Monroeville
Koehlinger, Lucille8 Dec 1904Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Luella4 Jun 1906Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Lynn A18 Apr 192310 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Marcella8 Jan 1908Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Marjorie E22 Sep 192431 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Minnie29 Nov 1895Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Oscar25 Nov 1901Dec 1985New Haven
Koehlinger, Paul G27 Feb 191227 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Raymond14 Apr 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Russell L3 Nov 191827 Sep 2001New Haven
Koehlinger, Stamford W29 Aug 191526 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Violet R9 Nov 19034 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Koehlinger, Walter27 Feb 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Koehn, Louise17 Jul 1877Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Koehn, Marcella19 Dec 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Koehnlein, Carl28 Jan 1899Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Koehnlein, Edith C23 Dec 18956 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Koehr, Myrle D1 Aug 190210 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Koeing, Evelyn Mary13 Apr 191928 May 2009Fort Wayne
Koelker, M17 Dec 1876Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Koeller, Margine12 Mar 192218 Jun 2004New Haven
Koeller, Rosemary C7 Jul 193231 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Koenecke, Gladys29 Jun 1902Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Alvin L27 Mar 19174 Nov 1996New Haven
Koeneman, Clarence20 Oct 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Edwin H7 Nov 19083 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Emma16 Feb 19065 May 1995New Haven
Koeneman, Erwin6 Jul 1896Aug 1973Hoagland
Koeneman, Esther M27 Jun 191716 May 1996New Haven
Koeneman, Herman10 Jul 1886Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Minnie29 May 1900May 1972Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Oscar W18 Jun 19127 Jul 1993Monroeville
Koeneman, Robert W21 Aug 19236 May 2005Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Ruth E24 Jun 192126 May 2009Fort Wayne
Koeneman, Sophia7 Aug 1880Dec 1968Monroeville
Koeneman, Theodor8 Apr 1896Mar 1982New Haven
Koeneman, Vera23 Dec 1899Jun 1974Hoagland
Koenemann, Aimee Ruth18 Aug 191927 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Edgar12 Jan 19281 Jul 2005New Haven
Koenemann, Erna M9 Mar 1924Nov 1994Woodburn
Koenemann, Erra19 Feb 1889Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Erwin29 Dec 1908Oct 1986Monroeville
Koenemann, Esther23 Oct 19153 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Fred31 Aug 1890Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Lester3 Dec 19261 Mar 2004Woodburn
Koenemann, Louis C5 Sep 192130 Jun 2003Woodburn
Koenemann, Margaret E20 Feb 19143 Apr 1997Hoagland
Koenemann, Mary O14 Nov 190620 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Nettie29 Aug 1890Dec 1983Hoagland
Koenemann, Norbert8 Dec 1905Dec 1981Hoagland
Koenemann, Paul G20 Aug 190821 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Rosalyn M21 Jun 193217 May 2008New Haven
Koenemann, Rudolph6 Oct 19024 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Koenemann, Wilhelmina19 Nov 1892Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Koenemann, William16 Dec 1875Mar 1970Hoagland
Koenes, Caterina G25 Nov 193720 Apr 2005Harlan
Koenig, Alberta12 May 1917Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Koenig, Alfred12 Apr 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Koenig, Alma8 Jan 1895Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Koenig, Arthur25 Sep 1893Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Koenig, Betty J6 May 19241 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Koenig, Carolyn K6 Nov 194310 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Koenig, Clarence F18 Aug 190817 May 1996Fort Wayne
Koenig, Dora9 Aug 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Koenig, Doris7 Jul 191127 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Koenig, Edna M31 Jan 1906Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Koenig, Edward27 May 1891Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Koenig, Elizabeth J11 Jun 19352 Feb 2005Churubusco
Koenig, Elsie11 Oct 1914Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Koenig, Fredrick4 Feb 193011 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Koenig, Harold C5 Jul 192018 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Koenig, Harry25 Sep 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Koenig, Helen A4 Feb 1906Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Koenig, Helen M12 Apr 190023 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Koenig, Herbert16 Jun 1901Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Koenig, Herbert11 Sep 1894Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Koenig, Herman3 Aug 1889Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Koenig, Herman W18 Oct 192913 Jun 2006Monroeville
Koenig, James L23 Oct 193125 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Koenig, Lois12 Mar 1932Sep 1984Monroeville
Koenig, Lynn P26 Jul 194616 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Koenig, Marion J23 Nov 191626 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Koenig, Norbert H22 Jul 192412 Apr 1993New Haven
Koenig, Otto24 Apr 1887Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Koenig, Patricia M14 Jun 193528 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Koenig, Paul6 Jul 1904Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Koenig, Paul1 Jul 1891Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Koenig, Richard F19 Nov 19191 Aug 1999New Haven
Koenig, Ronald A7 Aug 192526 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Koenig, Ruth E14 Mar 1899Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Koenig, Selma8 Nov 1894Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Koenig, Theodore C19 Jan 191317 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Koenig, Vera S24 Jun 19061 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Koenig, Walter7 Apr 1896Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Koenig, Walter7 Feb 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Koenig, Wilfred G29 Apr 190514 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Koenn, Hazel3 Sep 1890Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Koepke, Mildred26 Dec 19181 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Koerber, Greta A30 Nov 190927 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Koerber, Robert J1 Jul 193529 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Koerner, Ernest C16 Jun 190917 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Koers, Eugene A9 Aug 192425 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Koester, Carl3 Oct 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Koester, Clara18 Dec 1886Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Koester, Edna25 Aug 1910Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Koester, Florence27 Nov 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Koester, Fred27 Aug 1886Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Koester, Frederick14 May 1914Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Koester, Luella19 Aug 1895Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Koester, Marie K9 Aug 19083 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Koester, Marjorie15 Nov 1913Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Koester, Mary10 Sep 1883Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Koester, Melvin E3 May 192014 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Koester, Mildred27 Jul 1897Dec 1974New Haven
Koester, Mildred15 Mar 1917Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Koester, Paul10 Dec 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Koester, William M16 Nov 192116 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Koethe, Alfred O24 Feb 190818 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Koethe, Luella7 Aug 1909Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Koevets, Judy K30 Nov 194819 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Koger, Hermine F13 Sep 191429 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kogin, Denver P17 Nov 191229 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Kogin, Lura C24 Jun 191829 Aug 1997Huntertown
Kohart, Ida27 Mar 1921Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Kohart, Kenneth L25 Mar 192619 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Koher, Adrian4 Mar 1904Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Koher, Marie E20 Jan 19036 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kohl, Claire10 Mar 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Kohl, Earl2 Jan 1907Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Kohl, Jean24 Nov 1924Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kohl, Vernon S12 Jan 19232 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Kohlbacher, Edith5 Jan 1887May 1967Fort Wayne
Kohlbacher, Lucile A14 Jan 190817 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Kohlenberg, Elsie26 Jun 1903Apr 1976New Haven
Kohlenberg, Ernest25 Jul 1903Apr 1983New Haven
Kohlenberg, Mary8 Aug 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Kohlenberg, Olga4 Aug 1900Jan 1986New Haven
Kohlenberg, Olga S31 Jan 192316 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Kohlenberg, Robert1 May 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Kohler, Clyde11 Jul 1931Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Kohler, Herbert23 Dec 1921Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Kohler, Kenneth C2 Aug 193314 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Kohlhepp, Frances E25 Dec 191910 May 2001Fort Wayne
Kohlhepp, Reatha17 Sep 1889Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Kohlmeyer, Edna Helen7 Nov 19128 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Kohlmeyer, Irma L10 May 19201 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Kohlmeyer, Martha4 Sep 1876Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Kohlmeyer, Thomas25 Jun 1913Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Kohlmeyer, William22 May 1902Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Kohn, Eugene G3 Nov 19059 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Kohn, Frieda M21 Mar 191314 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Kohn, Margaret M27 Feb 19345 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Kohn, Orlo5 Jul 1906Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Kohne, Carl A10 Nov 19101 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Kohne, Eileen4 Nov 192615 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Kohne, Elmo J9 May 192125 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kohne, James G31 Jul 192424 Jan 2004Hoagland
Kohne, Joan B20 Jul 192920 Apr 1999Fort Wayne, New Haven
Kohne, Magdalen14 Nov 1914Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Kohne, Martha E29 Jun 192025 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Kohne, Rupert B3 Jul 19166 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Kohr, Barbara9 May 19085 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Kohr, Harley11 Sep 1882Apr 1970New Haven
Kohr, Herman10 Jan 191222 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Kohr, Joseph8 Aug 1910Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Bonnie L13 Jun 19316 May 2004Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Joseph22 Jan 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Leo C18 Mar 19382 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Lucile C30 Jun 190828 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Marie13 Dec 1896Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Mary M12 Dec 191630 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Robert21 Nov 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Roseann M14 Aug 193412 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Kohrman, Velma26 Aug 1908Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kohte, Moritz28 Aug 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Koithahn, Betty R11 Aug 192725 May 2006Fort Wayne
Koithahn, Ida8 Mar 1899Apr 1979Woodburn
Kokinakis, Andrew16 Dec 1884Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kokinakis, Liberty3 Nov 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Kokosa, Allie J5 Dec 19151 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Kokosa, Harry18 Feb 1913Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Kokosa, John5 May 19117 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kokosa, Lois A31 Oct 19364 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Kokosa, Marcella P7 Feb 19222 May 1993Fort Wayne
Kolanowski, Borys13 Sep 191413 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Kolanowski, Genevieve18 Dec 1908Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Kolash, Janie L25 Jul 191714 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kolb, Albert W17 Aug 192821 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Kolb, Henry22 Jun 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Kolb, Irene M9 Jun 191111 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kolb, Martha20 Aug 1931Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Kolb, William13 Jul 1896Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Kolberg, Joanna18 Jan 1894Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Kolbow, Hulda3 Jun 1890Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Kolbow, Norman C22 Nov 191414 Dec 1994New Haven
Kolch, Anne L11 Aug 192731 May 2007Fort Wayne
Kolde, Julie7 Jun 1968Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Koldewey, Gerhard6 Mar 1903Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Koldewey, Lydia31 Oct 1902Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Koldewey, Paul H8 Sep 19192 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Albert F29 Nov 190913 Jun 1998New Haven
Kolkman, Alda A26 Jul 190521 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Arthur D28 Jan 19262 Nov 1996New Haven
Kolkman, Audry16 Oct 1928Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Donald R20 Jul 19191 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Dorothy P14 Sep 19266 Feb 2000New Haven
Kolkman, Henry16 May 1914Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Judith H6 Apr 19407 Nov 2003New Haven
Kolkman, Mary Jean14 Nov 19297 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Melvin H15 Jul 19161 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Neil3 May 1934Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Nellie L17 Jun 19232 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Ruby V7 Oct 19081 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Stella23 Aug 1913Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Kolkman, Viola M28 Sep 19203 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Kolkman, William5 Jul 1902Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kolkman, William Arthur3 Apr 192515 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Kolkmeyer, Germaine M4 Jul 191025 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Kollar, Marjorie B8 Sep 191730 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Kollar, Velma21 Feb 1898Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Kollman, Virginia Gertrude10 May 19184 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Kollmorgen, Ida G26 Jul 189115 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Kollmorgen, Martin13 Dec 1886Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Kolls, Charles18 May 19386 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Kolmerten, Emma21 Feb 1900Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Kolozsi, Nick A4 Jan 192018 Nov 2000Grabill
Kolter, Marie13 Feb 1912Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Koltinsky, Bernhardt21 Mar 1909Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Koltinsky, Esther M5 Sep 190920 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Kolyer, Madge23 Sep 1897Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Komanec, Caroline29 Jul 1897Jan 1972Leo
Komanec, Gloria Leila28 Jul 192422 Mar 2009Spencerville
Komanec, James E4 Mar 19266 Aug 2001Spencerville
Komarek, E23 Mar 1895Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Komarek, George25 May 1899Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Komisarow, Ethel21 Dec 1899Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Komisarow, Marvin L26 Feb 192711 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Komola, Aili A5 Feb 190930 May 1988Fort Wayne
Konarzewski, Frances4 Mar 1897Jan 1983Roanoke
Konecka, Edna26 Feb 1899Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Konger, Anna7 May 1900Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Konger, Barbara L29 Dec 193020 Jan 2002Churubusco
Konger, Dean T23 Apr 193724 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Konger, Donald F16 Dec 19295 Feb 2007Churubusco
Konger, James A22 Feb 192516 Dec 2001Churubusco
Konger, Leona M22 Aug 191120 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Konger, Thomas G16 Feb 190129 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Konkle, Jeffrey C24 Nov 19718 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Konkle, William16 Apr 1955Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Konow, Alvin1 Feb 1902Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Konow, Arnold22 Jun 1914Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Konow, Nancy L5 Oct 194316 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Konow, Walter9 Feb 1904Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Koogle, Lowella M26 Apr 192527 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Koogler, Beulah16 Sep 1897Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Koogler, Evelyn L26 Feb 192312 Jan 1996Huntertown
Koogler, Jack D12 Dec 19232 Feb 2002Churubusco
Koomjohn, Charles25 Jul 1888Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Koomjohn, Pearl17 Apr 190525 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Koomler, Amanda15 Aug 1875Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Koomler, Bertha11 Apr 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Koomler, John1 Oct 1894Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Koomler, Vernon L7 Mar 192827 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Koon, Retha M8 Dec 190720 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Koon, Virginia B11 Oct 1927Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Koons, Albert6 Aug 1889Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Koons, Arthur5 Jul 1892Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Koons, Charles O19 Apr 19011 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Koons, Grace19 Jun 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Koons, Harold8 Sep 1903Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Koons, Hildegard S26 Nov 190420 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Koons, Ida2 Jan 1881Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Koons, Maude W16 Nov 190427 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Koons, Ralph20 Jul 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Koons, Richard J18 Mar 19447 Feb 2009Spencerville
Koons, Virginia M15 Sep 191310 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Koontz, Anna L12 Jul 19299 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Koontz, Audrey M16 Mar 191927 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Koontz, Betty M7 Apr 1923Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Koontz, Charles H29 Jan 192610 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Koontz, Doris J4 Jan 192025 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Koontz, Dorothy25 Nov 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Koontz, Ethel M27 Dec 19012 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Koontz, Francis12 Apr 1907Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Koontz, Genevieve F27 May 191917 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Koontz, Gladys22 Nov 1893Mar 1974Roanoke
Koontz, Gladys22 May 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Koontz, Mary M5 Feb 1922Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Koontz, Olivia12 Feb 1902Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Koontz, Oscar7 Jul 1896Nov 1968Roanoke
Koontz, Robert M28 Jul 192528 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Koontz, Thelma2 May 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Koontz, Walter E12 Oct 191628 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Koontz, Walter W19 Oct 191031 Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Koontz, Wilma M12 Feb 1915Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Koonz, Fearn27 Feb 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Koonz, John1 Aug 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Koop, Anna16 Oct 1880Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Koop, John17 Oct 1890Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Koop, Mary E17 Jul 1929Oct 1993New Haven
Koop, Susanne C25 Jul 192816 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Koop, William31 May 1915May 1977Fort Wayne
Koopman, Fred14 Mar 1886Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Koopman, Loma4 Oct 1886Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kooreman, Florence3 Oct 1886Dec 1978Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Kooreman, Jean22 Oct 1921Apr 1986Roanoke
Koors, Herman4 Sep 1900Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Koors, Lucille8 May 1919Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Anthony7 Aug 1903Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Hilda22 Apr 1889Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Koorsen, James4 May 1926May 1986Fort Wayne
Koorsen, John30 Oct 1889Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Koorsen, John E7 Mar 191415 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Joseph5 Feb 1918Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Katherine19 Jan 1894Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Marilyn J11 Mar 19291 May 2008Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Marjorie M2 Feb 191515 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Mary L16 Aug 190522 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Koorsen, Violet1 Feb 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Koos, Dale21 Oct 1907Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Koos, Donald N9 Jun 193229 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Koos, Frank18 Sep 1898Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Koos, Isabelle E9 Oct 190827 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Koos, Kenneth G26 Jul 19101 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Koos, Laura29 Aug 190019 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Kope, Gaylord4 Feb 192421 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Kopecky, Rose6 Mar 1888Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Kopp, Bessie2 Apr 1898Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Kopp, Laverne R6 May 190615 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Kopp, Lucy27 Jun 1901Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Kopp, Martha20 Nov 1897Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Kopp, William12 Oct 1893May 1971Fort Wayne
Kopper, Dorothy Abigail4 Apr 19188 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Kopper, Paul31 Jul 1917Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Kopper, Robert16 Sep 1908Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Koppin, Delores Mae9 Oct 19287 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Koprowicz, Edward6 Feb 19192 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Kopson, John21 Jan 1908Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Kopson, Susan C28 May 191024 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Korb, Albert10 Mar 1905Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Korby, Kenneth F15 May 192411 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Korn, Alyce20 Apr 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Korn, Edith25 Sep 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Korn, Esther18 Jan 1894Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Korn, Gerald E11 Aug 191112 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Korn, Hazel16 Jul 1911Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Korn, Howard E11 Sep 190729 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Korn, I C29 Mar 191815 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Korn, Joan2 Aug 1930May 1978Fort Wayne
Korn, Louis1 Nov 1927Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Korn, Louis14 Nov 1895Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Korn, Maxine E B11 Dec 191923 May 1997Fort Wayne
Korn, Nora11 Aug 1887Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Korn, Norman F18 Mar 191425 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Korn, Wilbert10 May 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Kornelsen, Myrtle29 Aug 190324 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Korneluk, Stefan17 Sep 1889May 1972Fort Wayne
Korneluk, Ulana17 May 1889Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Koronceviciu, Borisas24 Oct 1904Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Koronceviciu, Uljana24 Feb 19165 Oct 1998Hoagland
Korst, Charles A21 Apr 192813 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Korst, Loretta M5 Aug 191618 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Korte, Alvina9 Jun 1907Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Korte, Arnold12 Jul 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Korte, Arthur18 Jul 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Korte, Barbara A30 Jan 19214 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Korte, Christina17 Nov 1886Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Korte, Elmer11 Oct 1913Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Korte, Erwin31 Aug 1905Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Korte, Florian20 Feb 1895Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Korte, Fred18 Aug 1891Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Korte, Herman R11 Aug 191217 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Korte, Jack E2 Jan 194216 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Korte, Jane23 Dec 1922May 1987Fort Wayne
Korte, Jeanette K3 Mar 191319 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Korte, John A12 Nov 192320 Nov 2004New Haven
Korte, Laura31 Jan 1917May 1978Woodburn
Korte, Lena24 Jun 1906Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Korte, Linda L3 Jun 194324 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Korte, Lorenz16 Feb 1917May 1986Grabill
Korte, Lucile18 Apr 1898May 1978Fort Wayne
Korte, Marcella M5 Nov 191120 May 1993Fort Wayne
Korte, Norma B12 May 191022 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Korte, Paul23 Dec 1908Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Korte, Roy C12 Oct 192230 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Korte, Ruth18 Dec 1895Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Korte, Verdona M17 Jun 19174 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Korte, William14 Jan 1893Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Korte, William L20 Sep 19194 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Korte, Willodean M26 Sep 19186 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Kortenber, Clara24 Sep 1885Jun 1975New Haven
Kortenber, Hazel16 Jan 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Kortenber, Mary6 Apr 1918Nov 1983New Haven
Kortenber, Thomas A31 Jul 193118 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Kortokrax, Beatrice7 Oct 1897Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Kortokrax, Madeline M3 Apr 192022 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Kortokrax, Robert L14 May 192026 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kortokrax, Roy6 Jan 1897Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Kortum, Edwin12 Mar 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Kortum, Helen9 Jan 1907Mar 1987New Haven
Kortum, Herman17 Feb 1891Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Kortum, Robert A1 Feb 192629 May 1998Fort Wayne
Kortz, Lillian R10 Oct 19103 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Kory, Jack I2 Dec 192115 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Kosche, Emma H23 Mar 191317 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Koshurin, Tania12 Feb 193121 Jun 2009Churubusco
Kosiarek, Richard A2 Jul 193510 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Kosiarek, Victoria15 Dec 1900Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Kosman, Sylvia S25 Aug 192120 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kosowski, Jeanette C10 Feb 191731 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Kost, Andrew3 Jan 1894Nov 1979New Haven
Kost, Mia25 Mar 1904Jul 1983New Haven
Kosteck, Joseph5 Mar 1911Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Kosteck, Paul J12 Jun 191527 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Kostecki, Sophia14 May 1892Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Kostenko, Stella11 Sep 1912Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Kostenko, Wasyl5 Aug 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Koster, Eva5 Sep 1896Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Koster, Glen W6 Nov 19051 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Koster, Grayce29 Nov 1886Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Koster, Leota N14 Aug 191130 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Kostoff, Constanti20 Apr 1908Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Kostoff, James9 Nov 1931Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Kostoff, Luba10 Oct 1910Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kostoff, Marie A21 Mar 191824 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Kostoff, Tanas5 Apr 1894Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Kouder, Lisette10 Oct 1891Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Kouder, Mildred L28 Dec 191321 May 1995Fort Wayne
Koughn, Clara F24 Sep 19258 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Koury, Gladys R18 Oct 191530 May 1998Fort Wayne
Koury, Taft3 Jul 1905Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Kouse, Kenneth20 Nov 1903Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Koutras, Arthur P19 Nov 192817 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Koutras, Mary18 Dec 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Kova, Mary3 Dec 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Kovas, Frank12 Apr 192329 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Kover, Helen14 Feb 1892Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Koverman, Frederick R25 Sep 19191 Aug 2008New Haven
Koverman, Marjorie17 Nov 19238 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Kowal, Florence J30 Oct 192221 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kowal, Frank J18 Jan 191414 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Kowal, Harry26 Nov 1884Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Kowal, Jean M7 Apr 19287 Jun 1998New Haven
Kowal, John30 May 1905Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kowal, Maria16 Dec 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kowalczuk, Zinowy30 Oct 1893Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Kowalczyk, Elizabeth R23 Feb 19149 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Kowalczyk, George22 Feb 19115 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Kowalczyk, Henry12 Feb 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Kowalczyk, Waclaw2 Jan 1879Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Kowalenko, John5 May 192011 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kowalenko, Karpo26 May 1895Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Kowalenko, Mykola5 May 191519 May 1996Fort Wayne
Kowalski, Edna17 Aug 1890Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kowalski, Martha M17 Nov 191522 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Kowalski, Richard C6 Nov 191927 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Kowalski, Vivian W11 Jan 1920Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Kozak, Jean19 May 1945Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Kozerski, Antoinette S29 Mar 192316 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Kozerski, Joseph A18 Feb 192928 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Kozicki, Helen A8 Aug 191611 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Kozicki, Henry J20 Mar 19241 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Kozinas, Eugenia10 May 19133 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kozma, Eva E3 Nov 192123 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Kozma, Mike15 Jan 1885Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Kozma, William M5 Jan 191624 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kozub, Patricia L24 Sep 19282 May 2000Leo

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