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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Krabach, George9 Jan 1887Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Krabach, Henry18 May 1896Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Krabach, Marie7 May 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Krabach, Norbert H21 Jul 193024 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Krach, F G10 Jun 19072 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Krach, Marie R2 Mar 19088 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Krach, Ralph10 Feb 1896May 1977Fort Wayne
Krach, Verna5 Feb 1898Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Kracium, Elnore26 Oct 1923Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Kracker, Audrey E16 Jul 190917 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Kraemer, Kenneth L2 Jan 192223 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Krafft, Harold18 Nov 1895Jun 1969Spencerville
Krafft, Ina L18 Mar 187115 May 1966Spencerville
Krafft, Randall L26 May 196227 Feb 2007Spencerville
Kraft, Anna E21 Jul 189928 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kraft, Doris I1 Sep 19256 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Kraft, Elizabeth23 Jun 1889Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Kraft, Fred20 Oct 1903Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Kraft, Fred29 May 1900Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Kraft, George10 Nov 1886Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Kraft, Gerold27 Feb 192713 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Kraft, Helene12 Mar 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kraft, Joseph28 Jun 1896Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Kraft, Lawrence21 Feb 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Kraft, Lewis J11 Dec 192230 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kraft, Mary14 Jun 1908Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Kraft, Opal3 Oct 1895Sep 1981Hoagland
Kraft, Robert5 Jul 1895Jun 1969Hoagland
Krager, Norma E30 Jun 191928 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Krahn, Harry9 Feb 1896Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Krahn, Stanford J29 May 193311 May 2009Fort Wayne
Krahn, Violet19 Sep 1900Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Kraick, Peter16 May 191612 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Kraick, Robert R22 Sep 19249 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Krainess, Carole L22 Jun 193212 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Krainess, Cathy Loren4 Sep 195830 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Krainess, Edward27 Apr 19288 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Krajewski, Alex28 Mar 1917Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Krajewski, Nicholas J15 Sep 192123 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Krakower, Esther16 Oct 1914Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Krakowski, Edmund9 Aug 1910Jan 1967New Haven
Krall, Norma5 Feb 1911Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Krall, Stella29 Nov 1902Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Kramer, Agnes14 Aug 1896Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Kramer, Albert D24 Jun 190217 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Kramer, Alfred26 Oct 1895Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Kramer, Amanda S16 Jul 191726 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kramer, Arnold S1 May 191420 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Kramer, Arthur W29 Nov 19035 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Kramer, Beatrice A10 May 190113 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kramer, Carl10 Sep 1906Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Kramer, Carl24 Aug 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Kramer, Charles25 Sep 1892Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Kramer, Charles6 Dec 1883Jan 1976Roanoke
Kramer, Christian3 Aug 1895Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Kramer, Cleo21 Dec 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Kramer, Edgar12 Dec 1909Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kramer, Edgar1 Oct 1912Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kramer, Edward C30 Aug 19015 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Kramer, Edward C24 Nov 191719 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Kramer, Elizabeth9 Sep 1903Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Kramer, Etheldrea31 Dec 190314 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Kramer, Florence K22 Mar 191012 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Kramer, Frederic J30 Dec 19197 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kramer, Gerald C14 Mar 191319 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Kramer, Gladys9 Jan 1905Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Kramer, Goldie1 Aug 1909Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Kramer, Gottlieb11 Nov 1878Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Kramer, Helen23 Oct 19104 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Kramer, Helen E14 Mar 192512 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Kramer, Hilda3 Jan 19091 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Kramer, Howard25 Mar 1901Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Kramer, Irene8 Mar 1892Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Kramer, Jack E1 Jun 19256 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kramer, Joan C4 Dec 192520 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Kramer, John28 Oct 1928Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Kramer, Joseph9 May 1891Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Kramer, Joseph E26 Apr 191715 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kramer, Laura29 Apr 1891Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Kramer, Lillian3 May 1892Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Kramer, Louise23 Mar 1894Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Kramer, Margaret G17 Jun 1924Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Kramer, Marie3 Oct 1904Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kramer, Marion R9 Aug 19264 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Kramer, Martha L28 Nov 191519 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Kramer, Mary J18 Jun 19004 May 1993Fort Wayne
Kramer, Mary M16 Jul 193025 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Kramer, Matilda10 Sep 1887Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kramer, Neoma E22 Sep 19268 Feb 2010Leo
Kramer, Norman E19 Dec 192422 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Kramer, Pansy J28 Mar 1906Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Kramer, Paul20 Jul 1916Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Kramer, Robert7 Mar 1888Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Kramer, Robert25 Nov 1919Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Kramer, Robert F13 Sep 192222 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Kramer, Robert G14 Sep 193118 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kramer, Ruth E19 Sep 192513 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Kramer, William L13 Dec 192323 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Krandell, Frank J20 Apr 19128 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Krandell, Lois G24 Mar 191230 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Kraner, Anna5 Nov 190811 May 1997New Haven
Kraner, Charles14 Oct 1907Aug 1980New Haven
Kraner, Elizabeth2 Sep 191126 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Kraner, Madonna29 Aug 19112 Feb 1996Monroeville
Krantz, Anthony H14 Apr 190828 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Krantz, Charlene F26 Jul 192019 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Krantz, Marcella10 Nov 1927Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Krantz, Martha6 Feb 191123 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Krantz, Richard20 Nov 1920Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Krantz, Richard F20 Jul 195515 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kranz, Geraldine T11 Feb 191610 May 2003Fort Wayne
Kranz, Henry21 Sep 1899May 1968Fort Wayne
Kranz, Lois J9 Sep 192323 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kranz, Mildred13 Nov 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Kratz, Elsie24 Apr 1891Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kratzat, Harold L17 Apr 191822 May 1995Fort Wayne
Kratzer, Edward7 Jul 1891Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Kratzsch, Berniece24 Sep 1903Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kraughs, Mary24 Aug 1932Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Krauhs, Hilda22 Feb 19195 May 2004Fort Wayne
Krauhs, Stanley21 Jul 19206 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kraus, Bertha27 Mar 1904Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Kraus, Betty L4 Dec 192412 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Kraus, Dorothy22 Jan 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Kraus, Estella K14 Aug 1914Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Kraus, George10 Aug 1901Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Kraus, Gretchen13 Aug 1911Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kraus, Iva J3 May 1908Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Kraus, Joseph16 Feb 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Kraus, Mary6 Oct 1903Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Kraus, Paul18 Jul 1889Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Kraus, Suzann2 Feb 1893Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Krause, Catherine14 Jan 1905Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Krause, Edward25 Feb 1899Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Krause, Gregory31 May 196415 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Krause, Hattie23 May 1883Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Krause, Ida25 Mar 1903Nov 1984New Haven
Krause, Joyce I9 Dec 192722 Apr 1999Leo
Krause, Ralph E25 Jul 193010 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Krause, Reinhold19 Jul 1880Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Krause, Robert A18 Oct 19649 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Krause, Vaneta M22 Mar 193231 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Krause, Wavalee E23 Sep 192815 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Krausk, B2 Apr 1946Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Bernice B30 Jul 19249 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Bertha16 Oct 1897Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Caroline A30 Jun 191722 Oct 2006New Haven
Krauskopf, Clara14 Mar 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Edna1 Aug 1920May 1975Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Fred10 Dec 190824 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Frieda28 Jan 1893Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Gerhard H22 Jan 190516 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Harold7 Mar 1920Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Helen R24 Jul 19221 Mar 2001New Haven
Krauskopf, Laura17 Oct 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Marie23 Jan 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Marie C7 Aug 190715 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Minnie1 Feb 1894Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Nord26 Jan 1922Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Otto16 Nov 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Paul30 Dec 1912Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Robert28 Aug 1911Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Rosemary L28 Jul 192624 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Theodora L22 Sep 192031 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, Velma H24 Oct 19077 Jan 1999New Haven, Fort Wayne
Krauskopf, William27 May 1894May 1977Fort Wayne
Krauss, Amanda9 Sep 1894Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Krauss, Beatrice V7 Apr 191430 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Krauss, Edith8 May 189729 Jun 1997New Haven
Krauss, Jessie29 Jul 1898May 1972Fort Wayne
Krauss, Laverne L28 Jul 19155 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Krauss, Lloyd E18 Apr 19031 Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Krauss, Mary10 May 1889Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Krauss, Olive M16 Feb 19015 May 1996Fort Wayne
Krauss, Otto11 Jul 1895Aug 1968Hoagland
Krauss, Paul16 Nov 1890Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Krauss, Thelma M2 Dec 19145 May 2000Fort Wayne
Krauss, William3 Apr 1897Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Krauter, Carrie E4 Oct 18988 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Krauter, Erma9 May 1898Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Krauter, Fred11 Feb 1899May 1986Fort Wayne
Krauter, Judy21 May 1939Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Krauter, Margaret7 Nov 1892Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Krauter, Vora5 Jun 1896Oct 1987New Haven
Krauter, William9 Dec 1895Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Krayer, James14 Aug 1909Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Krayer, Mary21 Nov 1913Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Kraynak, Edward S29 Sep 193126 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Kreager, Albert8 Jan 1896Jun 1980Spencerville
Kreager, Ardis M16 Aug 19261 Oct 2008New Haven
Kreager, Emma26 Feb 1898Oct 1993Spencerville
Kreager, Frances16 Sep 1883May 1972Monroeville
Kreager, Herbert C4 Oct 192312 Feb 2008New Haven
Kreager, Lavonne E15 Oct 191919 Jun 2007Hoagland
Kreager, Opal21 Aug 1890Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Kreager, Travers5 May 1898Jan 1977New Haven
Kreamelmeyer, Donald M18 Aug 19257 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Kreamelmeyer, Marie4 Nov 1899Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kreamer, Amy E15 Jan 19127 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Kreamer, Harvey8 Aug 1889Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Kreamer, Mary21 May 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Krebs, Hattie28 Aug 1888Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Krebs, J Paul29 Jun 19126 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Krebs, Jane27 Aug 1908Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Krebs, Otis A16 Aug 191613 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Krebs, Russell E4 Jan 192623 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Kreckman, Robert22 Jun 1908Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Kreft, John F13 Jun 192910 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Kregear, Richard E5 Jun 192118 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Kreger, Emma L25 Aug 189818 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Kreger, Kenneth25 Jan 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Kreger, Neil Francis25 Nov 193515 Oct 2009Churubusco
Kreger, Rita M30 Sep 193715 Jun 1994Huntertown
Kreibaum, Fred18 Aug 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Kreibaum, Mahala13 Oct 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Kreicker, Roberta A28 Oct 193415 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Kreider, Jaclynn Lee5 Mar 193410 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Kreider, Jean E20 Jun 19187 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Kreider, Marie4 Sep 1891Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Kreider, Pauline M29 Jan 19192 Feb 2000Harlan
Kreidt, Andrew24 Oct 1879Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Kreidt, Arlene J23 May 19204 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Kreidt, Charles A24 Nov 194713 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Kreienbrink, Edward10 Oct 1907Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Kreienbrink, Emma19 Jul 1901Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Kreienbrink, Mabel L19 Feb 190918 Feb 2005Roanoke
Kreigh, Calvin8 May 1914Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Lester22 Oct 191120 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Lester18 Dec 1910Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Nellie17 May 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Nilah17 Oct 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Ralph2 Oct 1901Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Ruth E30 Mar 191913 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Samuel A3 Feb 191819 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Kreigh, Virginia R2 Jun 192117 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Kreilach, Peggy20 Aug 1909Dec 1994Leo
Kreimendahl, Gladys H15 Feb 19018 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Kreischer, Helen A4 Jan 191818 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Kreischer, Leo13 Sep 1918Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Kreiselmeyer, Frederick C3 Aug 19175 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Kreiselmeyer, Louise12 Mar 1888Jan 1975New Haven
Kreiselmeyer, Richard11 Oct 1886Mar 1974New Haven
Kreiselmeyer, Thelma M8 Jul 191719 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kremelmeyer, Fred21 Jul 18956 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Kremer, Charles F6 Jun 192231 May 2001New Haven
Kremer, Marjory C6 Sep 192613 Jan 1996New Haven
Krenklis, Erika5 Jun 191212 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Kreshman, Melvin M13 Dec 192010 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Kreshman, Opal8 Apr 192028 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kreshman, Ruth G1 May 1920May 1996Fort Wayne
Kresl, Frances4 Oct 1897Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kress, Bernice4 Jul 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Kress, Edward Eugene9 Aug 192410 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Kressley, Mary31 Aug 1888Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Kressley, Mary J20 Jul 19277 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kretzinger, Pearl18 Jan 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Kretzinger, Thelma2 May 191115 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kreutz, Karl26 Dec 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Krewson, Clarence14 Jul 1904Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Krewson, Donald1 Dec 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Krewson, Elizabeth I5 Feb 191213 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Krewson, Esther23 Jul 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Krewson, Jennie F17 Jun 190817 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Krick, Agnes6 Jan 19047 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Krick, Alice12 Sep 191529 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Krick, Edward12 Oct 1896May 1967Fort Wayne
Krick, Elijah L16 Nov 190415 Jan 1994Monroeville
Krick, Emma M22 Feb 190613 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Krick, Ethel1 Nov 1884Nov 1983Monroeville
Krick, Floyd15 Oct 1898Apr 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Krick, Frank J26 May 192026 May 1996Fort Wayne
Krick, Harold E28 Apr 190321 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Krick, J C8 Feb 190715 May 1988Fort Wayne
Krick, Marilyn J14 May 192530 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Krick, Sally A5 Feb 193510 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Krick, Treva27 Aug 1901Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Krick, Verl10 May 1898Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Krick, Vivian6 Jan 191531 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Krider, Ada L19 Mar 1913Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Krider, Alma18 Jun 1911Apr 1973New Haven
Krider, Arlene13 Nov 191124 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Krider, C J22 Sep 19171 May 1997Churubusco
Krider, C L14 Mar 193615 Mar 1987Churubusco
Krider, Charles F25 Mar 19236 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Krider, Cynthia L14 Apr 196220 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Krider, Edna V12 Mar 193915 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Krider, Eleanor L17 Jul 192017 Oct 1995Churubusco
Krider, Florence W7 Sep 1905Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Krider, Grace F9 Feb 19069 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Krider, Helen M28 Sep 191313 Jul 1997Churubusco
Krider, Jerome28 Jul 1910Jul 1983Churubusco
Krider, Judith Arlene28 Apr 194012 May 2008Fort Wayne
Krider, Kenneth11 Jun 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Krider, Kenneth R2 Nov 19211 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Krider, Robert L30 Nov 193610 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Krider, Truman14 Sep 1905Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Krider, Wendell9 Aug 1911Nov 1978New Haven
Krieg, Dohr R21 Jan 191623 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Krieg, Gladys10 Mar 1893Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Krieg, James A26 Feb 193016 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Krieg, Josephine12 Jul 1889Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Krieg, Katheryn I22 Oct 191217 Nov 1995Spencerville
Krieg, Leona J10 Dec 1913Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Krieg, Mary S15 Sep 19041 May 1994Fort Wayne
Krieg, Robert2 Sep 1906Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Krieg, Russell25 Feb 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Krieg, Walter27 May 1895Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Kriegbaum, Edith M2 May 189728 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Kriegbaum, Josephine H1 Jan 191022 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Kriegbaum, Paul23 Jul 1900Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Kriegbaum, Rosmarie4 Jun 192722 May 2004Fort Wayne
Krieger, Anna1 Mar 1899Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Krieger, Cloyd29 Dec 1890Jun 1974Churubusco
Krieger, Elaine A25 Mar 192521 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Krieger, Hazel24 Dec 1898Jan 1985Churubusco
Krieger, John A23 Apr 193524 Dec 2003Churubusco
Krieter, Margaret2 Feb 1894Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Krill, Charles14 Nov 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Krill, Geneva Jea N30 Dec 19209 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Krill, Henry W26 Apr 192713 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Krill, Jill E20 Jul 19601 May 2001Fort Wayne
Krill, Maurice L3 Jan 19218 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Krill, Robert15 Sep 1906Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Krill, Robert E19 Oct 191716 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Krill, Robert L27 Feb 192316 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Krill, Stella16 Feb 1921Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Krill, Tahoma J16 Aug 194023 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Krillenberge, John6 Oct 1950Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Krimmel, Dorothy8 Feb 1903Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Kriner, Roger D6 Oct 194014 Oct 1999Huntertown
Kring, Arthur1 Oct 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kring, Gail8 Jul 19224 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kring, Louise M6 Apr 18974 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Kring, Lucille3 Apr 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kring, Margaret22 Oct 192529 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Krinn, Alice20 Aug 1918Sep 1979Woodburn
Krinn, Donald16 Sep 1904May 1987Roanoke
Krinn, Eva L18 Jul 190628 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Krinn, Irene I2 Dec 191211 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Krinn, Jeanette18 Jun 1911Aug 1989Roanoke
Krinn, Leonard4 May 1906Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Krinn, Mary L2 Apr 193414 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Krinn, William R14 Oct 1911Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Krippner, Maude5 Feb 1894Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Krisko, John3 Jul 19061 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Kristy, Linda23 Jun 194529 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Kritzman, Beatrice19 Dec 1905Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Kritzman, Walter19 Aug 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Kriz, Raymond28 Aug 1918Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Kriz, Richard J19 Aug 19218 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Krizan, Katherine C3 Nov 191114 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Krock, Erma3 Jul 1900Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Krock, Florence6 Feb 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Krock, Josephine23 Jul 1875Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Krock, Mary J19 Mar 19213 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Krock, Ronald B22 Feb 19458 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Krock, Rose23 May 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Krock, Rose M29 Oct 19367 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Krock, Viola B25 Sep 191719 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Krocker, Donald E29 Jul 19301 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Kroeger, Fred31 Jul 1896Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Kroeger, Fred15 Oct 1877Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Kroeger, Minnie9 Jun 1896May 1983Fort Wayne
Kroehl, Herman5 Feb 1882Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Kroehl, Paul28 Dec 1912Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Agnes C14 Nov 1896Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Alfred14 Jun 1901Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Arthur2 Jul 1923May 1985Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Carl29 Sep 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Clara1 Sep 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Edward19 May 1890Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Edward29 Dec 1928Mar 1985New Haven
Kroemer, Ethel28 Sep 1892Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Helen26 Feb 1924Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Helen25 Oct 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Herman C13 Sep 189616 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Jean15 Feb 1904Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Kroemer, John25 Jul 1892Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Keith R15 Feb 19383 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Lois A21 Jun 192114 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Louise22 May 1902Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Oscar18 Oct 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Patricia4 Apr 193029 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Ralph31 May 1901May 1975Fort Wayne
Kroemer, Ulrich14 Dec 1894Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Kroener, James E10 Jul 1928Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Kroener, Walter11 Mar 1901Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Krohne, Cleo29 Mar 1903Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Kroll, Beulah E29 Mar 191619 Aug 2004Spencerville
Krom, Florence A3 Aug 190018 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Krom, Florence E21 Jan 192518 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Krom, Norma Anna18 Sep 193310 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Kromer, Rolland F7 Jan 191726 May 2002Fort Wayne
Krominaker, Alfred15 Mar 1920Mar 1986New Haven
Krominaker, Francis13 Jan 1908Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Krominaker, Gladys C21 Jul 190726 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Krominaker, Viola M6 Feb 191411 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kromm, Ella19 Feb 1894Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kromm, Millie30 Mar 1889Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Krone, Edna27 Jul 1902Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Krone, Elvin W2 Apr 19107 Apr 1997New Haven
Krone, Jessie E14 Aug 19213 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Krone, Norman C1 Jun 191830 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Kronenberger, Russell24 Jul 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kronewitter, Frank E26 May 193731 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Kronk, Lottie C17 Apr 188315 Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Kronk, William15 Aug 1918Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Clarence19 Nov 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Ethelyn22 Apr 192013 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Eunice M18 Jun 19137 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Florence29 Jan 1894Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Howard14 Aug 1904Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Irvin J3 Apr 192619 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Mildred29 Mar 1917Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Pauline K10 Nov 19149 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Ralph13 May 1908Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Kronmiller, Velma5 Sep 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Kronstain, Mildred Marie27 Apr 19148 May 2009Fort Wayne
Kropp, Rosalia9 Apr 1896Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Kroskie, Francis31 Jul 1927Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Kroterfield, Ethel11 Mar 193913 Sep 2008New Haven
Kroterfield, William C4 Jun 194211 Sep 1991New Haven
Krotke, Paul22 Nov 1885Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Krotke, Ruth Catherine21 Feb 192128 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Krouse, Charles28 May 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Krouse, Clara11 Apr 1915Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Krouse, Clyde2 May 1913Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Krouse, Dianne M16 Jun 19495 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Krouse, Donald24 Oct 1954Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Krouse, Edgar E1 Jul 191118 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Krouse, Eleanor22 Mar 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Krouse, Ethel5 Jul 1904Dec 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Krouse, Eugene E3 Jul 192730 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Krouse, Flora28 Jun 1891Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Krouse, Gerald L19 Aug 193528 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Krouse, Henry19 Jul 1892Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Krouse, Iva11 Mar 1900Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Krouse, Marie E5 Feb 19207 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Krouse, Mary24 Jan 1889Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Krouse, Nancy13 Feb 1941Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Krouse, Thomas20 Jun 1909Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Krout, Edith8 Jan 1888Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Kruchten, Hulda Pauline9 Jul 191530 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Kruchten, William Edward17 Nov 19127 May 2008Fort Wayne
Kruck, Edward P7 Jan 191427 Sep 1994Huntertown
Kruck, Irene16 Apr 19154 Jul 1994Huntertown
Kruckeberg, David A23 Apr 193520 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Kruckeberg, Edward22 Sep 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Kruckeberg, George H15 Sep 191819 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kruckeberg, Ruth M5 Dec 192511 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Kruckenberg, Amanda11 Oct 1886Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Krudop, Clara26 Mar 1912Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Krudop, Edward26 Oct 1924Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Krudop, Frances19 Aug 1914Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Krudop, Henry24 Mar 1903Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Krudop, Karl W8 Dec 19076 May 2003Fort Wayne
Krudop, Lillian14 Jun 190221 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Krudop, Pauline26 Apr 1897Jul 1966New Haven
Krudop, Roy30 Aug 1922Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Krueck, Walter15 Nov 1890Oct 1966New Haven
Krueckeberg, Alfred W11 Jul 192412 May 2007Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Doris D4 Oct 19196 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Ferd H10 Dec 19063 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Laura4 Jun 1892Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Lydia2 Sep 1913Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Marilyn R10 Apr 1929May 1995Fort Wayne
Krueckeberg, Otto H24 Jan 19185 Oct 2009Roanoke
Krueckeberg, Ruth M12 Jun 190520 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Krueger, Carol L21 Dec 19386 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Krueger, Edwin11 May 1896May 1974Fort Wayne
Krueger, Frank E10 Jul 191317 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Krueger, Marguerite L13 Jan 19153 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Krueger, Ruth29 Sep 1896Dec 1975Churubusco
Krueger, Virginia3 Jun 191423 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Kruekeberg, Wilmer30 Jun 1908Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Krueper, Albert24 Mar 1882Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Kruetzman, Richard A16 Dec 19291 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Krug, Rose H20 Jun 19038 May 1996Fort Wayne
Kruge, Harry5 Mar 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Krull, Edmund12 Feb 1902Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Krull, Herbert25 Apr 1904Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Krull, M F2 Jul 190425 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Krull, Mary24 Jun 1896Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Krumel, Mildred L27 Mar 191831 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Krumlauf, Wava9 Apr 1893Jun 1986Huntertown
Krumma, Ervin11 Jun 1948Aug 1985New Haven
Krumwiede, Etta M16 Aug 192011 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Krumwiede, George A12 Oct 19119 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Krumwiede, James H26 May 195026 May 2006Fort Wayne
Krupp, Cora M23 Sep 191327 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Krupski, Otto F25 Dec 192524 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Kruse, Albert6 Feb 1889Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Kruse, Alma5 Oct 1892Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kruse, August3 Mar 1886Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Kruse, August29 Apr 19243 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Kruse, Bernard2 Apr 1877Apr 1966New Haven
Kruse, Bertha16 Jan 1888Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Kruse, Carlton E18 Oct 190925 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Kruse, Charles A2 Apr 191425 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Kruse, Clarence23 Nov 1891Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Kruse, Clarence G1 Nov 19157 Sep 1989New Haven
Kruse, Dorothy L25 Nov 19105 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Kruse, Edgar C15 Jun 191222 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Kruse, Edwin F19 Jul 191926 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Kruse, Esther1 Jan 1905Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kruse, Ethel12 Dec 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Kruse, Ethel E23 Sep 191214 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Kruse, Ferdinand29 Jul 1906Apr 1986New Haven
Kruse, Fredrick18 Jun 1897May 1972Fort Wayne
Kruse, Frieda7 Dec 1898Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Kruse, Gustave H10 Nov 190728 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Kruse, Harold11 Jun 1909May 1978Fort Wayne
Kruse, Harry F21 Jan 192816 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Kruse, Henry8 Mar 1911Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Kruse, Henry12 Feb 1878Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Kruse, Howard13 Jul 1898Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Kruse, Irma18 Sep 1897Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Kruse, James E18 Aug 19141 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Kruse, John3 Mar 1908Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Kruse, Katherine17 Apr 1913May 1978Fort Wayne
Kruse, Lena M30 Jun 189410 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Kruse, Leona A15 Feb 19149 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Kruse, Marie M8 Oct 19053 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Kruse, Martha13 Mar 1900Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Kruse, Milford6 Dec 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Kruse, Nancy L18 Mar 193615 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Kruse, Paul3 Oct 1916Jun 1985Leo
Kruse, Ralph28 Dec 1909Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Kruse, Ruth E23 Jun 19206 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Kruse, Ruthie20 Sep 1910Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Kruse, Thelma11 Feb 1921May 1995Fort Wayne
Kruse, Toni J22 Dec 19461 May 2002Fort Wayne
Kruse, Velma M15 Sep 191013 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Kruse, Velma M10 Apr 19113 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Kruse, Walter12 Dec 1892Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Kruse, Walter15 Oct 1895Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Kruse, Wayne William15 Aug 196014 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Kruse, William17 Mar 1891Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Kruspig, Eva24 Nov 1905Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Kruspig, Hans13 Sep 1903Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Kruspig, Theodore R16 Dec 193913 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Kryder, Frank2 Dec 1894Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Kryder, Fred17 Jun 192116 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Kryder, Howard D28 Feb 192420 Apr 2008Monroeville
Kryder, Jessie3 Apr 1879Jun 1967Grabill
Kryder, Marjorie L4 Oct 193326 Mar 1996Grabill
Kryder, Mary J21 Jul 195622 Dec 2004Yoder
Kryder, Nancy29 Nov 1894Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Kryder, Paul26 Aug 1902Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Kryder, Ralph7 Feb 1899Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Kryder, Russel7 Jan 1907Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Kryder, W Jeanne10 Sep 19215 Nov 2003Monroeville
Kryling, Lydia M15 Apr 19099 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Kryworuczko, Ivan3 Mar 1887Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Kryworuczko, Motrona8 Dec 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Kryzaniak, Casimer S17 Aug 191610 Nov 2005New Haven

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