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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
La Dow, Betty10 May 192212 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
La Follette, Ivan25 Nov 1905Jul 1978Fort Wayne
La Follette, James A24 Apr 195216 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
La Master, Henry G30 Oct 19256 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
La Rowe, Ruth Maxine4 Aug 192517 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Laba, Charles18 May 1894May 1973Fort Wayne
Laba, Florence15 Jul 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Laba, Harry25 Oct 1902Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Laba, Rose18 May 1878Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Labar, Robert H16 Jun 191525 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Labarbera, Lucile M8 Dec 190625 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Labaw, Francis29 Jan 1901Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Labbe, Beatrice22 Feb 1908Jul 1987New Haven
Labbe, Sylvia13 Mar 1894Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Labelle, Jason J19 Jul 197527 Aug 2003New Haven
Labov, Albert28 Sep 1921Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Labov, Betty7 Feb 1924Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Labrash, Harold25 May 1901Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Labrash, John H6 Apr 193230 May 2001Fort Wayne
Labrash, Voleta R23 Dec 19005 May 1992Fort Wayne
Labrenz, Mary D31 Jul 191525 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Labrosse, James H1 Feb 193024 May 2005Fort Wayne
Labrosse, Victoria A23 Dec 193327 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lacey, Agnes24 Dec 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Lacey, Charles9 Dec 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lacey, Charles Edward13 Dec 195217 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lacey, Korsheka M20 Dec 198113 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Lacey, Mary20 Jun 1912Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Lach, Adolf29 Dec 1897Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Lach, Magdalene R2 Sep 1900Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Lache, Dorothy6 Oct 192226 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Lackens, Dor9 Dec 1885Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Lackey, Cleo27 Oct 1893Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Lackey, Ermil13 Dec 1897Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Lackey, Geneva L21 Jan 193530 Apr 2004Roanoke
Lacoax, H Leon12 Dec 192923 Aug 1991Yoder
Lacosse, Dale E12 Aug 193211 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lacross, Dennis R25 Dec 195216 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Lacy, Flossie21 Jul 1884Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lacy, Harry10 Aug 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Lacy, Leo3 Apr 1895Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Lacy, Ruth31 Mar 1930Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Lacy, Thelma F27 Feb 1909May 1992Fort Wayne
Ladd, Alma I3 Jul 190724 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Ladd, Ethel R2 Feb 19065 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Ladd, Gloria J9 Sep 194515 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Ladd, James W3 Mar 193530 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Ladd, Richard J10 Jan 19349 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Lade, Emma1 Jul 1888Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lade, Mary29 Sep 1882Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Ladenberger, Eric P23 Jun 191417 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Ladig, Catherine M20 May 191715 Nov 1998New Haven
Ladig, Clara21 Dec 1915Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Ladig, Clarence17 Jan 1921Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Ladig, Claude21 Jun 1882Oct 1967New Haven
Ladig, Donald J18 Feb 192018 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Ladig, Donald S19 Jun 191411 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Ladig, Emma26 May 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Ladig, Francis20 May 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Ladig, Gordon H12 Jul 191723 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Ladig, Gusta5 Dec 1893Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Ladig, Helen20 Jun 1902Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Ladig, Jennie B28 Sep 19172 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Ladig, John J19 Apr 191222 Feb 1999New Haven
Ladig, Milo20 Jan 1911Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Ladig, Pauline G6 May 192219 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Ladig, Robert Dorlene25 Apr 192921 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Ladwig, Naomi Ruth13 Jan 19188 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Laesch, Peggy L24 Feb 19446 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lafavor, Philip23 Feb 1891Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Lafavor, Viola25 Nov 1895Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lafever, Barbara27 Jul 1901Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lafever, Donald J2 Oct 19073 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Lafever, Frances K23 Mar 19099 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lafever, Leonard13 May 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Lafever, Paul5 Dec 1931Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lafever, Russell L17 Dec 192715 Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Lafevor, Laura L31 Mar 191624 May 1996Fort Wayne
Lafevor, Louis28 Feb 1911Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Lafevor, Margaret14 May 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Lafferty, Martin7 Apr 1885Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Lafferty, Mary23 Aug 1893Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Laffin, Opal M7 Feb 190925 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Laffin, Phillip10 Jul 1926Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Laflash, Alfred E26 Jul 194330 Apr 1996New Haven
Lafollette, Leon C15 Apr 190311 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lafollette, Virginia19 Oct 19065 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Lafontaine, Donald16 May 1919Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lafontaine, Gertrude9 Feb 1897Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lafontaine, Joseph C14 Mar 19219 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Lafontaine, Mary13 Mar 1891Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Lafontaine, Sylvester25 Oct 1895Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Clarence19 Dec 1909Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Elmer25 Jun 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Floyd17 Jan 1908Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Jerry W15 Nov 194214 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Marilyn25 Jan 19305 May 2003Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Ralph11 Mar 1898Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Lagemann, Thelma27 Oct 1905Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lagle, Susan Jane9 Jul 194729 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Lagrand, Florence M21 Oct 19164 May 2007Fort Wayne
Lagrand, Helen2 Aug 1898Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Lagrand, Warren C9 Jun 191815 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lagrand, William L18 Jun 19377 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lagrone, Ellis11 Apr 194325 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Lagrone, Minnie15 Nov 1923Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lagrone, Ray25 Dec 1916Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Laguna, Francisco21 Feb 1907Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Laguna, Julia E16 Apr 19168 May 2002Fort Wayne
Laguna, Ralph J5 May 190921 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Laguna, Raul E1 May 195520 May 2007Fort Wayne
Lahey, George D13 Jan 19305 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Lahey, John P29 Dec 193130 May 1995Fort Wayne
Lahm, Shirley18 Jan 1940May 1987Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Arnold3 Jan 1901Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Caroline27 Dec 1881Sep 1967New Haven
Lahmeyer, Doris7 Oct 1908Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Dorothy V17 Mar 1907Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Edgar18 Jun 1912Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Eleanor3 Dec 1898Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Helen19 Apr 1909Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Jeanette T16 Jan 191618 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Josephine N29 Jan 19064 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, Myrtle M27 Jun 189015 Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, William14 Oct 1883Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Lahmeyer, William23 Feb 1901Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Lahmon, Ethel5 Sep 1892Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lahmon, James S1 Oct 192915 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Lahmon, Paul5 Apr 1905Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Lahmon, Virginia L3 Sep 193023 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Lahr, Alvin O26 Feb 19133 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Lahr, Ethel Faye21 Sep 19175 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Lahr, Florence29 Nov 1916Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Lahr, Hubert19 Nov 1919Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lahr, Juanita28 Aug 19231 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Lahr, Maridith J7 Feb 19358 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Lahr, Nolan D18 May 194330 Mar 2007Roanoke
Lahr, Patricia30 Jul 1925Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Lahr, Rose2 Jun 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Lahr, S Dale29 Jan 1916Jun 1983Roanoke
Lahr, Sarah J26 Jul 192720 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Lahr, Shaler19 Feb 1898Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Alfred J24 Oct 193221 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Alva L24 Mar 19311 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Catharine1 Jan 1883Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Clarence F26 Mar 192627 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Clifford G11 Sep 191425 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Erah L5 Sep 1909May 1996New Haven
Lahrman, Frieda11 Jul 1896May 1987Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Hilda4 Oct 1908Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Ida28 Aug 1902Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Jeanette16 Dec 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Lloyd C21 Aug 191815 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Olga29 Oct 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Orpha19 Nov 1893May 1981Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Tom L5 Jan 194417 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Una J19 Jul 193119 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Verlin J29 Feb 19246 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lahrman, Virginia18 Jun 1915Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Lahue, Helen24 Aug 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Lahurreau, Viola3 May 1913Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Laible, Mary23 Oct 1892Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Laier, Edith18 Nov 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Laier, Elizabeth S12 Mar 19218 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Laier, Frank10 Aug 1899Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lair, Estella26 Jun 1890Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Laird, Ewing C22 Jul 191521 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Laird, George25 Nov 1951Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Laird, George29 Jan 1921Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Laird, Ray28 Jan 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Laisure, Carrie22 Jun 1896Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Laisure, Claude18 Sep 1895Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Laisure, Connie R22 Jan 19237 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Laisure, James11 Nov 1897May 1975Hoagland
Laisure, James E Sr12 Jun 19204 Apr 1998Churubusco
Laisure, Jeanette I26 Aug 192613 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Laisure, Joan J10 Jun 192822 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Laisure, Joseph1 Apr 1894Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Laisure, Ralph L30 Apr 192913 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Laisure, Robert18 Jun 1917Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Laisure, Ronald17 Feb 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Laisure, Wayne L19 Jun 19251 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Lake, Anthony A4 Dec 195925 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lake, Ben26 Jun 1893Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Lake, Blanche16 Jul 1884Jan 1974New Haven
Lake, Byron6 May 1883Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Lake, Clara16 Jan 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Lake, Curtis C13 Nov 192426 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Lake, Donald22 Feb 194419 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lake, Earl28 Oct 1907Oct 1973Yoder
Lake, Elizabeth23 Aug 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Lake, Francis18 Apr 1919Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lake, Glen16 Apr 190826 Dec 1992New Haven
Lake, Glenn24 May 1903Jan 1969Grabill
Lake, Hazel27 Jan 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lake, Irma14 Apr 1907Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Lake, Joanne C27 Dec 19386 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Lake, Lewis23 Feb 1909Apr 1975New Haven
Lake, Lillian E22 Nov 19257 Aug 1998Harlan
Lake, Lydia28 Jun 1881Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Lake, Marjorie H18 Sep 191617 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Lake, Mildred E5 Nov 191518 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lake, Orin22 Jun 1879Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lake, Orin H18 May 192726 Aug 1991Harlan
Lake, Ralph14 Mar 1896Apr 1967New Haven
Lake, Robert L27 Feb 192519 Mar 2002Harlan
Lake, Ruth19 Sep 1910May 1985Yoder
Lake, Ruth19 Apr 1910May 1980Fort Wayne
Lake, Virgil4 Sep 1915Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Laker, Margaret E2 Jun 190612 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Lakey, Jacob4 Feb 1915Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Lakey, Martha J19 Jul 191614 May 1997Fort Wayne
Lakin, Marguerite6 May 1892Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lallak, Francis2 Nov 1902Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Lallak, Julia27 Oct 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Lallo, Rose11 May 1922Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Lallow, Paul D9 Jan 193129 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lalonde, Mary F24 Dec 191431 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Lalone, Doris5 Sep 192122 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Lalone, FlorenceMar 1902Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lalone, Robert J11 Feb 192320 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Lalyer, Mary Lou16 Mar 193929 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Laman, Susan C30 Jan 193329 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Lamar, Adam A10 Aug 19126 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Lamar, Clara C30 Aug 1939May 1992Fort Wayne
Lamar, Ethel H7 Jul 192320 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Lamar, Lillie6 Dec 190314 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lamar, Richard R4 Apr 192116 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Lamaster, Bernadine C2 Nov 18973 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Lamaster, Dorothy A22 Aug 192912 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Lamaster, Elaine26 Nov 1924Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Lamaster, Harold F8 Mar 192418 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Lamay, Fred26 Feb 1883Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Lamb, Alfred18 May 1919Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lamb, Charles J22 Jan 19254 Jun 2005Harlan
Lamb, Cheryl L14 Nov 195520 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lamb, Chester9 Jan 1902Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Lamb, Deloris22 Feb 193428 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lamb, Doris J30 Jun 19258 Sep 1992Harlan
Lamb, Ellis4 Aug 192627 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lamb, Elmer13 Apr 1916Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Lamb, Eugenia1 Jun 195521 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lamb, Fern J31 May 19193 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Lamb, Franklin16 Aug 1904Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lamb, Grace Kay1 Nov 192424 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Lamb, Helen29 Jul 192017 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Lamb, Henrietta6 Mar 1884Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Lamb, Howard8 Sep 1879Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Lamb, James16 Mar 1924Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lamb, Mattie17 May 191725 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Lamb, Nellie21 Aug 1885Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lamb, Norma H22 Jun 192320 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lamb, Pauline J30 Apr 19153 May 1996Fort Wayne
Lamb, Robert L1 May 191629 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Lambdin, James B24 Feb 194516 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Lambdin, Ruby17 Sep 1918Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lambert, Alice11 Mar 1916Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lambert, Alice S7 Feb 190614 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Lambert, Anna20 Nov 1918Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Lambert, Anna M16 Apr 19266 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Lambert, Augusta6 Apr 1890Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lambert, Bertha M9 Jul 190827 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Lambert, Boyce18 Jul 1900Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Lambert, Boyce M12 Apr 192616 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lambert, Delbert J1 Sep 191014 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Lambert, Donna B7 Feb 19217 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Lambert, Earl L3 Dec 192630 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Lambert, Elizabeth M19 Aug 191925 Feb 2009Roanoke
Lambert, Fern27 Oct 1893Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Lambert, George D13 Jul 19352 Nov 2006New Haven
Lambert, Grace7 Aug 1902Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Lambert, Harry5 Jul 1923Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Lambert, Inus J6 Oct 191812 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Lambert, Iverne11 May 192713 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lambert, Jack L4 Apr 192611 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Lambert, Julius L14 Sep 192010 Jan 1994Spencerville
Lambert, Karen A20 May 194321 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Lambert, Kenneth29 Aug 189815 Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Lambert, Kenneth M26 Dec 195831 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lambert, Leo5 Aug 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lambert, Lester I6 Jan 191815 May 1992Fort Wayne
Lambert, Marilyn J18 Jul 1927Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Lambert, Marion9 Nov 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Lambert, Mary E31 Jan 191920 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Lambert, Moine26 Jun 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Lambert, Nellie6 Aug 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Lambert, Nolan18 Sep 1914Oct 1976Roanoke
Lambert, Samuel E11 Aug 193831 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Lambert, Terry30 Jun 1946May 1981Fort Wayne
Lambert, Wilson B30 Jul 191215 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Lambick, Henrietta Irene13 May 192230 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Lambick, James23 Jan 192213 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lamblin, August12 Apr 1882Apr 1971Monroeville
Lamboley, Harold J3 Aug 192214 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lamboley, Harry7 Apr 1898Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Lamboley, Katherine1 Sep 192021 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lamboley, Marian M8 Sep 192327 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lambright, Verlin28 Dec 1948Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Lambroff, Dorothy R1 Nov 1929Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lambroff, George21 Nov 192210 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Lamle, Alice V17 Nov 191624 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lamle, Anna3 Jul 1921Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Lamle, Barbara A11 Jan 193319 Jan 2002Monroeville
Lamle, Clarence29 Jul 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lamle, Dale E2 Dec 193010 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Lamle, Donald15 Jul 1911Jul 1971Churubusco
Lamle, Elva14 Aug 1908Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Lamle, Hilda E7 Nov 19119 Mar 1994Churubusco
Lamle, Irene23 Dec 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Lamle, Lois M28 Jun 1922May 1994Churubusco
Lamle, Lucille21 Feb 19095 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Lamle, Mary A28 Nov 191315 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Lamle, Nellie16 Aug 1885May 1977Fort Wayne
Lamle, Perry4 Nov 1896Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Lamley Jr, William26 Sep 1926Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Lamley, Barbara J5 Apr 193014 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lamley, Donald E28 Jan 192412 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lamley, Dorothy E9 May 191418 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Lamley, Elmer E6 Jul 190821 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Lamley, John K6 Apr 19567 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lamm, Opal Marie17 Jan 19236 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Lamm, Rex Albert2 Aug 192831 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lammiman, Charles22 Mar 1904Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lamons, Anna L3 Apr 190113 May 1981Fort Wayne
Lamons, Homer12 Aug 1900Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lamont, Doris A3 Apr 1924Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Lamont, Ruth24 Mar 1906Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Lamont, Winfield16 Nov 1885May 1968Fort Wayne
Lamontagne, Robert H18 Sep 193014 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lamott, Charles E22 Jun 192430 Sep 1999Monroeville
Lamott, Robert N11 Nov 191721 May 1998Fort Wayne
Lamousin, Lilly5 Jun 193720 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Lampe, Arnold30 Aug 1908Oct 1984New Haven
Lampe, Carl F26 Nov 19167 Nov 2001New Haven
Lampe, Carolyn S7 Aug 19352 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lampe, Clara26 Mar 1903May 1982Woodburn
Lampe, Edwin17 Mar 1897Dec 1976Grabill
Lampe, Elwin24 Jun 1905Mar 1979Woodburn
Lampe, Eva M31 Mar 19106 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Lampe, Frieda15 Apr 189915 Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Lampe, Jackie L23 Jul 19356 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Lampe, Leona27 Feb 19142 May 2002New Haven
Lampe, Marilyn L1 Sep 19341 Jan 2007New Haven
Lampe, Marvin C22 May 191124 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lampe, Minnie19 Oct 1886Jun 1974New Haven
Lampe, Ronald G29 May 193824 Feb 2004Woodburn
Lampe, Sophia L5 Mar 19159 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Lampe, Waldemar E9 Jan 193230 Nov 2008New Haven
Lampel, Charles17 Aug 1903Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Lampel, Eleanor31 Mar 191131 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Lampke, Charles L6 Apr 191526 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lampke, Donald L30 Nov 19297 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Lampke, Helen13 Aug 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lampke, Ilene L17 May 19239 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Lampke, Jeanne8 Apr 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lampke, Lucile M25 Oct 19166 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lampkin, Anna14 Feb 1886Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lampman, Darlene Y29 Dec 193311 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lampman, Mary16 Jul 1922Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lamprecht, Elma26 Sep 192112 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Lamprecht, Richard11 Apr 1919Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Lamson, Charles10 Jul 1908Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Lamson, Doris4 Jul 1908May 1982Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Carl E29 Dec 192925 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Donnel24 Mar 1923Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Dorcas1 Apr 1900Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Gerald19 Sep 1925Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lancaster, James W1 Oct 191118 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Mary E1 Jul 19258 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Mary M10 May 192817 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Lancaster, Rose T18 Mar 19357 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Landers, Grace S30 Nov 19222 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Landes, Harold19 May 1901Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Landes, Helen6 Aug 1890Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Landess, James12 Feb 1940Aug 1986New Haven
Landgraf, Lois23 Aug 190610 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Landgraf, Ruth A28 Aug 194027 May 1993Fort Wayne
Landin, Bernadette6 Aug 1889Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Landin, Catherine8 Apr 1886Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Landin, Edward28 Mar 1889Dec 1979New Haven
Landin, Joseph A4 Nov 19145 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Landin, Marsha Sue19 Jan 194715 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Landin, Marvin20 Aug 1919Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Landin, Nellie14 Dec 1914Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Landin, William24 Dec 1882Mar 1968New Haven
Landis Jr, James R31 Mar 19306 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Landis, Arnold28 Apr 1906Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Landis, Boyce14 Sep 193813 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Landis, Doris I28 Feb 19261 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Landis, Elmer6 Jul 1880Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Landis, Esther M30 Mar 191122 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Landis, Eva10 Nov 1926Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Landis, Frances L12 Apr 19246 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Landis, Fred27 Sep 1911Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Landis, Glenn J11 Mar 193730 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Landis, Jacob20 Feb 1870Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Landis, James16 Jun 1894Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Landis, Jesse10 Aug 1892Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Landis, Louise2 Feb 1890Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Landis, Mertie24 Jun 1897Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Landis, Mona7 May 1952Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Landis, Ralph5 Mar 1900May 1978Fort Wayne
Landis, Ralph26 Nov 1897Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Landis, Roberta C15 Aug 193925 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Landis, Roy15 May 1896Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Landis, Ruth19 Jan 1905Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Landis, Ruth9 Feb 1906Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Landis, Steven7 Feb 1952Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Landolfi, Nellie1 May 1887Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Landon, Hershel22 Sep 1904Mar 1969New Haven
Landon, Paul19 Apr 1884May 1968Fort Wayne
Landram, Richard C31 Mar 192210 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Landree, Arletta M8 Mar 192015 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Landreth, Flora G24 Dec 192029 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Landreth, Thomas4 Dec 1922Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Landrum, Carol Jo8 Feb 194020 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Landrum, Clay26 Aug 19304 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Landrum, Deborah L16 Sep 195923 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Landrum, Esther E27 Oct 19171 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Landrum, Floyd11 Feb 1911Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Landrum, Floyd J7 Aug 193827 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Landrum, Nellie23 Sep 191219 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Landry, Alma3 Mar 1902Aug 1984Churubusco
Landry, Anne15 Feb 191028 May 2001Fort Wayne
Landry, Cecil23 May 1923Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Landry, Harvey28 Apr 1900Nov 1972Churubusco
Landsaw, Opal26 Feb 192716 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Landsaw, Raleigh3 Jun 1920Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Landstoffer, Anna M19 Oct 19113 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Landstoffer, Donna L15 Jul 190830 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Landstoffer, Frank A15 May 19062 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Landstoffer, Mary16 Nov 1900Jan 1974Roanoke
Landstoffer, Oliver22 Mar 1893Jan 1983Roanoke
Landua, Josephine A2 Dec 191313 Jan 1999Huntertown
Landy, Harry29 Aug 1903May 1976Fort Wayne
Lane Jr, Clifford H13 May 194217 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Lane, Ada3 Nov 1918Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Lane, Alfonzo26 Feb 19306 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Lane, Alma T19 Jul 19165 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lane, Bonnie Jean13 Oct 192616 Sep 2009Monroeville
Lane, Calvin J2 Aug 19112 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Lane, Claribel M18 May 192019 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Lane, Clifford1 Jul 191225 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lane, Doris M22 Nov 190018 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lane, Elizabeth2 Apr 1903Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Lane, Florence15 Nov 1911Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lane, Frederick C9 Mar 191323 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lane, Gilbert18 Feb 1899Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lane, Glen J16 Dec 19212 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Lane, Glenda P11 Jan 195715 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lane, Goldie K3 Aug 19181 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lane, Henry21 Oct 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Lane, Herbert25 Jan 1913Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Lane, J8 Jan 1939Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Lane, James21 Nov 1896May 1980Fort Wayne
Lane, Louise B4 Oct 191416 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Lane, Lucille26 Jan 1878Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Lane, Mary Lou30 Apr 192527 May 1988Fort Wayne
Lane, Rosemary17 Jul 1933Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lane, Ruth12 Apr 1909May 1977Fort Wayne
Lane, Ruth L22 May 191714 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Lane, Vivian E2 Mar 192325 Dec 1999Huntertown
Lane, Wilbur28 Feb 1901Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Lane, William H17 Mar 193426 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lang, Clara M25 Feb 19171 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Lang, Frank15 May 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Lang, Frank9 Feb 1884Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Lang, Howard R12 Aug 192730 Sep 2006Roanoke
Lang, Jeanette F1 Sep 19147 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Lang, Julia C6 Jul 1902Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lang, Leslie E28 Aug 193713 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lang, Marie5 Jan 1895Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Lang, Mary23 Sep 1907Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lang, Ona28 Mar 1903Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Lang, Paul G8 Jul 19134 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Lang, Ursula21 Jul 1878Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Lang, William24 Aug 1903Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Langard, Louis16 Jan 1876Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Langard, Sophie12 Jan 1887Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Langas, Carl W24 Jul 191619 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Langas, John5 Oct 1920Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Langas, Kirk E10 Aug 19536 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Langas, Nedra A17 May 191524 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Langas, Sarah J27 Jan 19229 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Langbeen, Helen26 Mar 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Langdon, Cora18 Nov 1924Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Langdon, Fawn10 Feb 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Langdon, Herbert6 Apr 1891Dec 1975New Haven
Langdon, Marguerit E7 Dec 190922 Apr 2001Spencerville
Langdon, Martin12 Aug 1881Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Langdon, Millard23 Mar 1896Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lange, Arthur31 Oct 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Lange, Augusta28 Oct 1878Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Lange, Barbara A16 Feb 19327 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Lange, Edward24 Aug 1887Mar 1969Monroeville
Lange, Hans28 Nov 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Lange, Ima23 Aug 1924Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Lange, Mary31 Jul 1884Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Lange, Mildred E8 Nov 19057 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Lange, Paul8 Oct 1902Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Lange, Raymond A26 Dec 192812 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Lange, Ruth22 Mar 1892Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Lange, Stella1 Jun 1898Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Lange, Wilbur13 Sep 1921Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Lange, William29 Aug 1884Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Lange, William31 Mar 1883Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Langels, Phoebe14 Sep 1913May 1975Fort Wayne
Langenberg, George11 Oct 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Langenberg, Irene2 Aug 1905May 1980Fort Wayne
Langer, Marie31 Mar 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Langer, Opal L14 Jul 19255 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Langfeldt, Helen29 Sep 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Langfeldt, Mildred6 Sep 191012 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Langford, Beulah29 Sep 1896May 1974Fort Wayne
Langford, Cecil1 Nov 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Langford, Gerald J4 Dec 19182 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Langhals, Elizabeth18 Oct 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Langhinrichs, Richard15 May 1921Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Langhorst, Edna J12 Jul 18864 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Langhorst, Frank J23 Sep 19128 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Langhorst, Ruth E28 Jul 19132 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Langley, Chester11 Sep 1892Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Langley, Laura5 Jul 1888Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Langley, Thomas19 Apr 1910Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Langley, William8 Feb 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Langmeyer, Donald H30 Nov 192011 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Langmeyer, Fannie10 Jan 1895Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Langmeyer, Patricia J21 Jan 192715 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Langmeyer, Warren M4 Feb 192320 May 1998Fort Wayne
Langohr, Calvin18 Jan 1900Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Langohr, Orville11 Aug 1907Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Langohr, Sharon10 Mar 1957Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Langschied, Alice C1 Jan 19277 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Langsdale, Troy L28 May 196719 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Langsdale, Virginia L26 Mar 192215 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Langstaff, Charles17 May 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Langstaff, Mary B27 Feb 1910Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Langston, Anna B26 Aug 189815 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Langston, Arthur F22 Feb 192615 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Langston, Carrie10 Jul 1890Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Langston, Charles C6 Jun 18945 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Langston, Earl L14 Jul 193223 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Langston, Eileen L21 Jun 193011 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Langston, Ellnora9 Mar 1888Jun 1968Roanoke
Langston, George M27 Feb 191619 Nov 1994Roanoke
Langston, Joseph6 Feb 1901Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Langston, Laura M23 Jul 191925 Apr 2007Roanoke
Langston, Lois D1 Jul 19239 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Langston, Margaret26 Mar 1900Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Langston, Ralph D21 May 194218 Apr 1997New Haven
Langston, Roscoe19 Aug 1898Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Langston, Roscoe H30 Mar 192120 Feb 2001Churubusco
Langston, Virgil1 Sep 191211 Apr 1996Roanoke
Languell, Helen22 Aug 1917Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Languell, Helen22 Jul 1907Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Languell, Mary A29 Jun 194124 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Languell, Ray Sr11 Oct 1893Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Lanie, Clara19 Dec 1892Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lanie, Richard E28 Feb 19238 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Lanier, Barbara17 Nov 194425 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Betty11 Jan 1905Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Doris N1 Jan 1920Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Elmer E27 May 19147 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Lucille9 Aug 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Marie15 Sep 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lankenau, Walter E15 Nov 190419 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Lannen, Delta R18 Nov 191418 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Lannen, James3 Oct 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Lanning, Bette J2 Sep 193427 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Lanning, Keith A13 Jun 195319 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Lanning, Oliver W2 Aug 1914Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lanning, Paul S21 Aug 193313 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lanning, Ruth17 Jun 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Lanning, Selma11 May 192529 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lano, Lillian J19 Jan 193028 Sep 1997New Haven
Lansaw, Rodney14 Jan 192218 Feb 2008Churubusco
Lansaw, Taylor1 Feb 1901Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lansdown, Edith1 Apr 1887Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Lansdowne, Marshall15 May 1909Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Lanternier, Clement12 Nov 1883Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Lantow, Gertrude8 Nov 1908Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Lantz, Abner19 Aug 1891Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Lantz, Arthur13 Jun 1913Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lantz, Astella A10 Apr 1927May 1996Grabill
Lantz, Clarence27 Apr 1893Feb 1977New Haven
Lantz, David15 Dec 1898Jun 1971Grabill
Lantz, Dora10 Jun 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Lantz, Elizabeth S8 Dec 191729 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Lantz, Elsa31 May 190228 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Lantz, Esther9 Aug 1893Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Lantz, Frank4 May 1897Oct 1972Grabill
Lantz, Frank Junior19 Sep 192422 Nov 2009New Haven
Lantz, Fred19 Oct 1905Sep 1982Leo
Lantz, George C14 Jun 191912 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Lantz, Goldie13 Mar 1905Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Lantz, Henry22 Jul 1917Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lantz, Henry E10 Sep 190311 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Lantz, Herbert24 Dec 1909Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Lantz, Iola M20 Apr 192230 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Lantz, Ira22 Sep 1921Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lantz, Jessie P21 Mar 190919 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lantz, John L10 Apr 193026 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lantz, Josephine29 Dec 190412 Sep 2000Leo
Lantz, Lou Ella28 Jul 1918Nov 1987Roanoke
Lantz, Lowell A4 Apr 194019 Mar 1995Leo
Lantz, M Jane24 Jul 19163 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Lantz, Margaret E7 Sep 19201 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Lantz, Marie M24 Dec 19118 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Lantz, Mary E30 Aug 190430 Nov 2005Grabill
Lantz, Matilda9 May 1893May 1970Fort Wayne
Lantz, Maurice23 Sep 1905Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Lantz, Michael W28 Aug 194226 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Lantz, Minnie22 Dec 1901Jan 1985Leo
Lantz, Richard D31 Aug 19224 Feb 2008New Haven
Lantz, Richard W24 Jan 192528 Apr 2008Grabill
Lantz, Robert E9 Jul 192120 Oct 1994New Haven
Lantz, Stella26 Oct 1899Nov 1972Grabill
Lantz, Viola26 Dec 1899Dec 1986Leo
Lantz, William7 Jul 1895May 1966Leo
Lantz, Willis13 Sep 1905Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Lanz, Mildred E17 Apr 190825 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Lanzer, Alfred9 Nov 1892May 1970Woodburn
Lanzer, Anna6 Feb 1895Oct 1983Woodburn
Lanzer, Delmar A25 Jan 192024 Jul 2005Woodburn
Lanzer, Maxine24 Apr 192015 Nov 1986Woodburn
Lapadat, Anna3 Oct 1890Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lapadot, Dorothy21 Oct 1910Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lapadot, Lillian M9 Nov 192416 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lapadot, Marie15 Jun 1914Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Lapadot, Mildred23 Jan 1917Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lapham, Catherine5 Oct 1915Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Lapham, Charles F7 Sep 195615 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Lapham, Florence C13 Sep 188515 Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Lapham, Francis O27 Apr 19197 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Laplante, Margaret E13 Jul 19319 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lapoint, Madeline19 Feb 1903Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Lapointe, Donald D5 Sep 19228 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Lapointe, Edward26 Sep 1900Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Lapointe, Erma M12 Oct 1915Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lapointe, Lucille A5 Aug 190226 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Lapointe, William8 Jul 1914Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Laporte, Susie G3 Jul 195215 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lapp, Eldon R17 May 19202 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Lapp, Evelyn M23 Nov 191914 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Lapp, Robert L16 Jun 192625 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Lapp, Ronald20 Jun 1906Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Lapp, Ruby8 Nov 1908Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Lapp, Virginia A15 May 19089 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Lappe, Carl S31 Dec 19185 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lapradd, Harry11 Jun 1899Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lapradd, Ruth C3 Jul 190727 May 2000Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Creamo20 Apr 19393 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Gary L10 May 196915 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lapsley, John3 Mar 1886Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Lapsley, John1 Oct 194630 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Lucy20 Jan 1889Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Offie L19 May 193619 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Paulette A14 May 194923 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lapsley, Shelia Ann26 Dec 195120 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Lapunka, Anna3 Feb 1928Jun 1983Roanoke
Lara, Fidel12 Feb 193328 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Laramore, Earl E10 Apr 193413 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Laramore, Leona4 May 1916Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Laramore, Wallace5 Oct 1897Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Larck, Easter M26 Mar 193225 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Lardell, Anna M22 Nov 192814 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lardizabal, Raymundo10 Mar 1889Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lare, Clara20 Feb 1882Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Lare, Fran N26 Dec 19388 Sep 2007Hoagland
Lare, Patricia16 Nov 1900Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Large, Fanchion29 Feb 1904Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Large, James25 Jun 1888Aug 1973New Haven
Larimer, Milton16 Jan 1878Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Larimer, Peter E20 Oct 190622 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Larimer, Robert W14 Feb 191828 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Larimore, Agnes7 Aug 19009 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Larimore, Beatrice J1 Mar 192322 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Larimore, Bernice I2 Jul 190831 May 1998Fort Wayne
Larimore, Byron10 Oct 1909Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Larimore, Elizabeth25 Jun 192911 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Larimore, Enza22 Mar 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Larimore, Marie15 Mar 1888Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Larimore, Ralph30 Nov 1890Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Larimore, Richard A22 May 192330 May 2005Fort Wayne
Larimore, Robert P30 Nov 192322 May 2007Fort Wayne
Larimore, William C18 May 191925 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Lark, Corrine9 Aug 1917Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Larkin, Jessie14 May 1898Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Larkin, Josephine5 Nov 193616 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Larko, Christophe30 May 195819 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Larko, Joseph19 Oct 1903Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Larko, Judith18 Jun 1906Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Larko, Roberta L30 Oct 192622 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Larmore, Joseph F21 Sep 190829 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Larmore, Nellie27 Mar 1878Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Larocque, Arthur22 Mar 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Larocque, Edward A16 Mar 192513 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Larocque, Maxine M25 Mar 191315 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Larrance, Leo16 May 1920Dec 1987New Haven
Larrick, James27 Aug 192319 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Larry, Madison26 Jun 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Larry, Madison12 May 1893Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Larsen, Laura J31 May 190624 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Larson, Bernice30 Nov 19153 Apr 2002New Haven
Larson, Charlotte A21 May 19198 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Larson, Fred16 Jul 1893Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Larson, Fred J8 Dec 191523 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Larson, Harry13 Oct 1890Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Larson, Helen21 Oct 1893Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Larson, Kermit L17 Nov 191426 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Larson, Lena22 Sep 1896Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Larson, Oliver D11 Jul 189816 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Larson, Ray7 Aug 1913Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Larson, Vernon S22 Aug 19188 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Larue, Bernadine14 Mar 191924 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Larue, George27 Feb 1890Nov 1972Churubusco
Larue, Herman E14 Dec 191924 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Larue, Norman R7 Nov 193124 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Larue, Regina T26 Oct 191516 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Larum, Sanford11 Feb 1892Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Lasalle, Dortha15 May 1913Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Lasch Jr, Robert J21 Aug 193010 Dec 2002Monroeville
Lasch, Bernhard4 Dec 1875May 1971Fort Wayne
Lasch, Nora J12 Aug 190820 Jan 1990Monroeville
Lasch, Robert10 Mar 190323 Dec 1993Monroeville
Lash, Christine4 Sep 1909Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Lash, Clara L3 Mar 191418 May 1995New Haven
Lash, Dora2 Oct 1906Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Lash, John J25 Jul 19291 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Lash, Loyd19 Aug 1906Sep 1979Roanoke
Lash, Utokah M26 May 1922Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lashaway, Alma28 Jul 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Lasher, Alice28 Jun 1914Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Lasher, Edgar13 Jun 1911Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lashley, Alberta26 Oct 19408 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Lashure, Gladys M10 Oct 191213 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Lashure, William H6 Aug 195225 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lasley, Bertha Evelyn8 Sep 192623 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Lasley, Dealus28 Feb 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Lasley, Dorothy M5 Aug 19374 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Lasley, Jack31 Jan 193216 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Lasley, Nancy3 Apr 1883Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Lassen, Erwin M22 Feb 192130 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lassen, Harold C4 Jul 192421 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lassiter, Everett23 May 1890Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lassus, August22 Dec 1905Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Lassus, Catherine C24 Sep 1914Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Lassus, Elmer F4 Aug 190711 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lassus, Madeline M30 May 19109 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Lassus, William F18 Feb 190927 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Lasswell, Daught29 Sep 1915Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Laster, George10 May 1889Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Laster, Josephine16 Jan 19359 May 2008Fort Wayne
Laster, Mirth15 Dec 1895Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Laster, Nancy B9 Jul 191020 May 1991Fort Wayne
Laster, Phillip7 Jan 19464 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Laster, Raymond6 Jan 190130 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Laster, Rodney D6 Jan 1975Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Lasuer, Mary L20 Jan 192330 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lateef, Mustafa22 Mar 19539 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Latham, Clara M26 May 19143 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Latham, Hazel18 Jul 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Latham, Howard J2 Jun 19195 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Latham, Iris14 Aug 1925May 1981Fort Wayne
Latham, Lilburn26 Jan 19181 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Latham, Loexess8 Feb 1916Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Latham, Margaret15 Feb 194116 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Latham, Mary L24 Nov 1917Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Latham, Pecolia15 Nov 1916Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Latham, Ralph30 Jan 1916Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Latham, Ralph30 May 1892May 1971Fort Wayne
Latham, Sally J21 Feb 195818 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Lathouse, Charles27 Aug 1875Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Latker, Abe17 Jun 190426 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Latker, Annette31 Mar 192015 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Latker, Rose9 Oct 1885Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Latourette, Charles28 Feb 1932Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Latourette, Irene20 Mar 1914Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Latourette, James A23 Sep 190129 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Latourrette, Charles24 Aug 1904Mar 1975Roanoke
Latourrette, Dorothy29 Mar 1918Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Latta, Harriet23 Feb 1881Jun 1967Roanoke
Latta, Joan6 Apr 1908May 1981Fort Wayne
Latta, Theodore5 Feb 1896Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Lattimore, Carl4 Mar 1911Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Lattimore, Helene25 Jun 1903Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Lattimore, Joseph17 Oct 1898Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lattimore, Marjorie E8 Jul 1921Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Lattimore, Mary14 Sep 1908Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Laturner, Curt R22 Jul 19205 Jul 1994Huntertown
Laturner, Mary27 Mar 1923Apr 1985Huntertown
Laturner, Ross28 Feb 1889Oct 1968Huntertown
Latz, G I12 Feb 192020 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Latz, Janet H23 Jun 192019 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Latz, William S7 Aug 19229 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Laub, Beulah30 Jun 1904Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Laub, Claude22 Feb 1891Oct 1967Spencerville
Laub, George18 May 1913Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Laub, Roger B1 Jul 19245 May 2009Fort Wayne
Laubscher, Christine M1 Sep 191310 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lauck, G21 Apr 1939Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Lauck, John E5 Feb 192321 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Laudadio, Pasquale23 May 1893Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Laudadio, Teresa17 Apr 1897Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Laudermilk, Morris10 Mar 1893Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Lauer Sr, Edward13 Mar 1884Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Lauer, Bernard11 Feb 1897Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lauer, Bernard J15 Sep 192117 Oct 1995Spencerville
Lauer, Bobette H8 May 191725 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Lauer, Catherine C20 Jul 191127 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Lauer, Celeste26 Feb 1894Apr 1985New Haven
Lauer, Charles A14 Sep 191720 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lauer, Charlotte Jeanne15 Mar 192518 May 2009Fort Wayne
Lauer, Clara12 Nov 1910Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Lauer, Clara A8 Sep 191620 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Lauer, Clarence7 Mar 1893Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Lauer, Clarence11 Feb 1907Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Lauer, Cynthia A27 Dec 196526 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Lauer, Donald J6 Dec 191927 May 2000Fort Wayne
Lauer, Doris6 Jan 1923Aug 1986New Haven, Fort Wayne
Lauer, Eda18 Aug 1897Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Lauer, Edna M25 Apr 191017 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lauer, Emma29 Jan 1876Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Lauer, Esther12 Dec 1915Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ethel29 May 1897Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Lauer, Frances21 Jun 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Lauer, George1 Jul 1905Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Lauer, George6 Feb 1927Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Lauer, Gladys13 Aug 1896Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Lauer, Henry J28 Jul 189615 Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Lauer, Hilda M25 Sep 189623 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ida18 Sep 1896May 1968Fort Wayne
Lauer, Jerome G7 Feb 19191 Apr 1992Roanoke
Lauer, John12 Feb 1908Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Lauer, Joseph17 May 1891Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Lauer, Joseph9 Aug 1910Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Lauer, Julia29 Mar 1911Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lauer, Lawrence9 May 1891Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Lauer, Lee Ann18 May 19137 Jul 1997Spencerville
Lauer, Leo24 Dec 1893Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Lauer, Lucile13 Oct 1914Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lauer, Margaret J20 Aug 19088 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lauer, Marie C14 Jan 1910Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Lauer, Martha C4 Jul 19171 Apr 2003Roanoke
Lauer, Mary21 Dec 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Lauer, Max24 Mar 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Lauer, Merle17 Jul 1900Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Lauer, Myrtle4 Oct 1908Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Lauer, Nancy M7 Jan 193122 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Lauer, Paul30 Dec 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Lauer, Paul J19 Oct 191019 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ray24 Jan 1895Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Lauer, Rebecca15 Oct 188015 Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Lauer, Richard18 Jan 1917Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Lauer, Richard A13 Oct 192325 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lauer, Robert24 Apr 1914Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ruth7 Mar 1898Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ruth A15 Mar 194319 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lauer, Ruth M14 Mar 191022 Oct 1998New Haven
Lauer, Sylvester6 Oct 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Lauer, Thomas C28 Jun 193914 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Lauer, Thomas E28 Apr 192819 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Alonzo26 Jun 1902Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Catherine16 Feb 1921Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Cletus M1 Feb 190619 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Earl26 May 1893Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Laughlin, J R8 Feb 19115 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Lawrence W30 Dec 19118 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Magdalena21 Oct 1893May 1977Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Margaret A13 Sep 190724 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Martin12 Aug 1899Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Mary20 Aug 1895Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Norma L22 May 191226 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Laughlin, Pauline S18 Nov 1898Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Laughman, Onan28 Feb 190721 May 1992Fort Wayne
Laughman, Opal D21 Aug 190810 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Laughner, Carl6 Aug 1892Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Laughner, Mary17 Sep 1897Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Laurent, Leonore28 Feb 1899Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Laurie, Carrie S10 May 191428 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Laurie, Curtis24 Mar 1916Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Laurie, Dorothy V8 May 194010 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Laurie, Nora15 Jan 1882Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Lauterberg, Albert10 Jun 1890Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Lauterberg, Ethel22 Oct 1903Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Lauterberg, Theodore21 Feb 1895Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Lauterberg, Theodore L1 Feb 192111 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Laux, Lucy M28 Dec 191927 Aug 1998New Haven
Lavallee, Francois A26 Jun 19417 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lavender, Floyd7 May 1922Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Lavengood, Donald7 Jul 1888May 1970Fort Wayne
Lavengood, Esther31 Jul 1895Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Lavengood, George E8 Dec 193017 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Laver, Alfred9 Aug 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Laver, Florence27 Aug 1890Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Laver, Frank J20 Nov 190725 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Laver, George12 Nov 1886Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Lavergne, Joseph26 Aug 1928Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lavergne, Paul8 Sep 1898Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lavigne, Betty J25 Aug 191929 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Lavine, Eva M2 Sep 1909Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Lavine, John10 May 1909Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Lavine, Monet D18 Apr 19176 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lavine, Susie28 Jun 1886Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Lavoncher, Carl T6 Jul 19358 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Lavorgna, Anthony21 Oct 1907Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Law, Elinore I21 Jul 191510 Jan 1993Roanoke
Law, Florence K7 Sep 192015 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Law, Hildreth E18 Sep 19139 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Law, Kenneth4 May 193617 Sep 2004New Haven
Law, Marion C23 Jul 19179 Aug 1995Roanoke
Law, Stanley E29 May 191127 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lawburgh, Ethel18 Feb 1885Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Lawburgh, Frances P8 Feb 19267 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Lawburgh, Robert H18 Sep 192010 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Lawler, Jeanne27 Mar 1927Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lawlor, Cyril7 Feb 1900Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lawlor, Hazel21 Apr 1903May 1980Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Cecil25 Nov 190718 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Celestia9 Jun 1886Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Charles26 Jun 1909Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Charles E4 Nov 191223 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Charles H8 Mar 193230 Aug 2008Grabill
Lawrence, Devota M16 Apr 191417 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Emma15 Jul 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Fannie25 Dec 1929Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Florence R31 Jul 192011 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Frances28 Jan 1876Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Frank8 May 1906May 1977Fort Wayne
Lawrence, G25 Jun 1915Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Harold L28 Jun 195420 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Harry2 Jun 1906Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Helen14 Nov 1908May 1968Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Ida Mae21 Feb 191929 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Lawrence, James17 Oct 1906Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Joan C11 Oct 19331 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Leandrew10 Feb 1891Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Lewis19 Nov 1917Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Lura26 Nov 1881Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Mack2 Jan 1922Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Margaret K23 Dec 19123 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Marguerite31 Aug 1911Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Maxine L29 Sep 193315 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Maybelle13 Sep 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Monroe25 Nov 1888Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Opal10 Jun 1897Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Pauline12 Dec 191818 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Richard24 Aug 1917May 1985Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Richard O25 Oct 192010 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Robert D4 Oct 194127 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Robert E28 Feb 193120 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Robert M16 Sep 194414 Jul 2004New Haven
Lawrence, Ruby25 Feb 1910Nov 1972Roanoke
Lawrence, Ruth A2 Aug 190928 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Todd M28 Dec 196114 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Walter19 Feb 1913Feb 1981New Haven
Lawrence, Willie22 Aug 1923Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lawrence, Zorpha29 Oct 1887Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Lawry, Ida8 Sep 1893Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Laws, Dorothy11 May 1902Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Laws, Dorothy6 Jan 19321 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Laws, George22 Apr 19059 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Laws, Helen E5 Jan 191727 May 2003Fort Wayne
Laws, Leslie S30 Dec 191427 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Laws, Luster4 May 194010 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Laws, Reba I26 Dec 190728 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Lawson, Annie M25 Oct 191224 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Lawson, Austin H24 Dec 19071 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lawson, Burrell T23 Mar 1910Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Lawson, Charles21 Oct 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lawson, Charles M4 Feb 195412 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dale L19 Jul 192226 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dennie B15 Jun 190315 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dora A10 Feb 19155 May 1998Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dorothy J20 Jul 19301 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dorothy L13 Aug 192718 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Lawson, Dwight L2 Apr 192720 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Lawson, Emma L25 Dec 191224 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lawson, Emmett21 Jun 1898Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lawson, Enid C18 Nov 193218 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Lawson, Ethel26 Sep 191920 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lawson, Eva M10 Jun 191223 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Lawson, Glenolia M28 Jan 190516 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Lawson, Ida6 Mar 1897Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Lawson, Irene2 Dec 192317 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lawson, Jess16 Mar 1890Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Lawson, Jessie O5 Apr 19031 May 1998Fort Wayne
Lawson, Margery6 Nov 1912Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Lawson, Nora30 Sep 1881Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Lawson, Ollie M1 May 188115 Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Lawson, Patricia A16 Mar 194716 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lawson, Ruth M6 Jan 191025 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lawson, Samuel J6 May 19331 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Lawson, Susan5 Nov 195820 Jun 2005Roanoke
Lawson, Willis16 May 1911Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Lawton, T17 Mar 1955Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Lawton, Wilhelmena M11 Dec 1944Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Lawyer, Anna J30 Jan 1920Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Lawyer, Ernest B13 Feb 190818 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Lawyer, Garold16 Jun 1912Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Lawyer, Margaret M20 Jan 190915 Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Lawyer, Threasa28 Feb 1912Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Lay Jr, Edward J22 Sep 193617 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Lay, Carl17 Oct 1939Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Lay, Donald6 Sep 1931Feb 1977New Haven
Lay, Henry23 Sep 1901Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Lay, Minnie27 Jan 1916Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Lay, S C15 May 193729 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Laybolt, Dermott14 Apr 1920Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Laybolt, Ivy M29 Oct 191924 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Laycock, Ruth5 Dec 1902May 1983Fort Wayne
Laycock, Wendell10 May 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Laycoff, Barbara L28 Aug 193012 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Laycoff, Lazar C24 Mar 190125 Apr 1992New Haven
Layman, Amanda M14 Apr 197619 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Layman, Earl L23 Dec 190724 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Layman, Hilda A28 Oct 19095 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Layman, Larry20 Oct 1933Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Laymon Sr, John31 Oct 1892Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Laymon, Estella13 Sep 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Laymon, Harry23 Jun 1879Mar 1976Grabill
Laymon, Lillian M27 Sep 190627 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Laymon, Ruth V22 Jul 19176 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Laymon, William M5 Oct 192412 May 2001Fort Wayne
Layne, Geneva B11 Jul 191810 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Layson, Azalia30 Jun 1899Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Layson, Roy23 Mar 1893Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Lazanowski, Boleslaw24 Dec 191226 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lazar, Clementina12 Aug 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Lazette, Georgia27 Oct 1892Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Lazoff, Blagoy15 Jan 1899Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Lazoff, Christina15 May 190821 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Lazoff, Elena P15 Mar 19028 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Lazoff, George R25 Jan 192424 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Lazoff, Luben28 Oct 19337 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lazzaro, Louise16 Nov 1902Jan 1975New Haven

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