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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Le, Lien1 Feb 1929Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Lea, Florence13 Apr 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Lea, George20 Jun 1907Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Leach, Alice M3 Oct 193317 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Leach, Carol A18 Aug 191913 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Leach, Donald1 Mar 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Leach, Donald F3 Jan 19115 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Leach, Donald W11 Dec 191928 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Leach, Fred J3 Jan 19311 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Leach, Helen I8 Nov 19155 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Leach, Leo E28 Jul 192614 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Leach, Myrtle16 Apr 1889Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Leach, Richard D21 Nov 193919 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Leach, Stella14 Feb 1894Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Leadbetter, Bess13 Oct 1916Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Leadingham, Maynie28 Feb 190623 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Leadingham, Philip16 Dec 19492 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Leady, Floyd22 Mar 1883Mar 1967Fort Wayne
League, Eileen L23 Jun 193015 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Leahy, Anna11 Jan 1907Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Leahy, Helen Jane30 Dec 192028 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Leahy, Joseph20 Apr 1923Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Leahy, Margaret E11 Mar 188329 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Leahy, Patrick H14 Sep 19058 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Leahy, Thomas9 Mar 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Leak, L A27 Jun 191410 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Leakey, Albert O20 Jun 19262 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Leakey, Carol A19 Jan 194719 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Leakey, Clarence11 Apr 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Leakey, Elizabeth J26 Sep 1904Jan 1994Fort Wayne, Yoder
Leakey, Eugene C18 Nov 19274 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Leakey, Marilyn20 Feb 193017 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Leakey, Ruth L10 Jan 1904Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Leakey, Victor6 Jan 1908Sep 1985Yoder
Leaman, Alva22 Jan 1902Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Leaman, Evelyn F12 Jul 190816 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Leaman, Paul31 Mar 1902May 1977Fort Wayne
Leaming, Alma20 Aug 1891Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Leaming, George19 Sep 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Leaming, Louise25 Oct 1896Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Leaming, Stella6 Oct 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Leamon, Carolyn J12 Jul 19262 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Leamon, Donald C15 Jun 192514 May 1994New Haven
Leamon, Joyce Ann15 Jan 19476 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Leamon, Martin31 Dec 196115 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Leamon, Walter9 Jan 1902Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Leamon, Walter T16 Jan 192430 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Lear, Katie9 Jun 1900Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Learman, Simon6 Oct 1897Feb 1979Monroeville
Learn, Everett17 May 1921Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Leas, Blaine22 Oct 1919Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Leas, Esthel25 Jan 1916Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Leas, Fay15 May 1897Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Leas, Leola12 Nov 1885Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Leas, Robert21 Mar 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Lease, Lillian I9 Nov 191727 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Leason, John6 May 1881Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Leason, Martin J4 Dec 190725 May 1992Fort Wayne
Leason, Mary C24 Feb 191121 May 2003Fort Wayne
Leasure, Nellie29 Apr 1893Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Leath, John M3 Feb 19203 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Leatherman, Harry24 Oct 1893Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Leatherman, Homer3 Mar 1903Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Leatherman, Kenneth O9 Aug 19274 Feb 2008New Haven
Leatherman, Perry L31 Aug 191431 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Leatherman, Verna16 Jan 1894Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Leathers, Anna16 Apr 19252 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Leathers, Moses A10 Jan 193026 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Leatherwood, Cora14 Nov 1889Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Leavel, Helen M16 Sep 191030 Jan 2001New Haven
Leavell, Della31 Dec 1922Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Leavell, Leyoda M21 Jun 191823 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Leavell, Minnie26 Feb 1888Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Leavitt, John H16 Dec 192123 May 2006New Haven
Leazenby, Kenneth W7 Jul 195823 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Leazier, Arthur L24 Mar 191516 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Leazier, C19 Apr 193715 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Leazier, Donald Sr19 Jan 1904Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Leazier, Ethel J16 Apr 19215 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Leazier, Georgiana21 Jan 1921May 1985Fort Wayne
Leazier, Goldie19 Jul 1905Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Leazier, Harold P24 Sep 192724 Oct 2006Churubusco
Leazier, Lester19 Apr 1891Jun 1967Churubusco
Leazier, Marjorie J12 Jul 192024 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Leazier, Maxine J30 Jul 191210 May 1993Fort Wayne
Leazier, Mildred E1 Apr 190615 Apr 2001Churubusco
Leazier, Perry J17 Aug 193425 Jun 2006Churubusco
Leazier, Vern D24 Dec 19292 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Leazotte, Marie5 May 1918Nov 1979New Haven
Lebamoff, Argire25 Nov 1892Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Lebamoff, Helen25 Aug 1897Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Lebamoff, Ivan A20 Jul 193218 May 2006Fort Wayne
Lebamoff, Jim1 Mar 1896Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Lebamoff, Katherine S3 Mar 193118 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lebeau, Brunette J21 Jun 190818 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lebeau, Evelyn L24 Oct 191523 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lebeau, Gertrude27 Nov 1890Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Lebeau, James L25 Jan 194130 Dec 2007Huntertown
Lebeau, Mary2 May 1902Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Lebeau, Russell29 Mar 1906Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lebeau, Willard D17 Nov 194323 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Leber, Francis M28 Mar 192216 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Leblanc, Lillian D28 Dec 19214 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Lebold, Mae3 Dec 1895Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Charles R1 Sep 190916 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Evelyn M9 Nov 192230 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Frank J25 Jan 19238 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Gertrude G7 Mar 191414 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Joseph1 Oct 1914Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Martha A21 Sep 191528 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Lebrato, Veronica21 Nov 19146 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lebrato, William J25 Feb 191318 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lebrecht, Franklin W21 Aug 191411 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Lebrecht, Hildegarde R24 Jul 1912Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lebsack, Reuben D23 Jun 19067 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Lecher, Gerhardt26 Jun 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lecher, Janell3 Aug 192624 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Lechleitner, Gilbert R16 Jan 191721 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Lechleitner, Madge22 Nov 1912Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lechleitner, Maryellen20 Jul 1915Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lechot, Dwight3 Jun 1894Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Lecky, Hazel16 Oct 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Leclaire, Howard12 Aug 1899Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Leclaire, Ileane L17 Oct 191329 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Leclear, Edgar R11 Feb 1928Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Leclear, Irene I3 Feb 192129 Dec 2005Roanoke
Leclear, Joan M6 Jan 194415 May 2000Fort Wayne
Leclerc, Loretha M7 Jan 19235 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Leclerc, Norman T30 Dec 19173 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Lecoque, Iva27 Nov 1894Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lecoque, John J10 May 19016 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Lecoque, Louis J11 May 19248 May 1991Fort Wayne
Lecoque, Paul A9 Dec 19211 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Lecount, Clara A31 Jul 19389 Feb 2008New Haven
Lecraw, Charlotte25 Mar 1890May 1979Fort Wayne
Lecraw, Robert19 Jun 1888Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Ledbetter, Carl4 Dec 1900Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Ledbetter, Grace13 Sep 1900Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Ledbetter, Mabel L15 Jul 190924 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lederman, Alpheus30 Nov 1904Aug 1978Grabill
Lederman, Edgar10 Jun 191512 May 1993Leo
Lederman, Edna7 Jul 1915Dec 1981Spencerville
Lederman, Edythe A19 Feb 190716 Oct 1998Leo
Lederman, Glenn1 Apr 191318 Dec 1999Grabill
Lederman, Kathryn9 Feb 193415 Dec 1996Spencerville
Lederman, L Cornell17 Jun 192925 Jun 2009Spencerville
Lederman, Richard A19 Aug 193230 Dec 2003Leo
Lederman, Vera4 Feb 191815 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Ledford, Glenda G21 Jul 19527 May 2009Fort Wayne
Ledford, Teesha18 Oct 1974Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Ledger, Paul2 Dec 19184 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Ledo, Iraida Fernandez23 Jul 192620 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Ledo, Pedro29 Jan 1909Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Ledue, Flick2 Nov 1889Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Lee, A L3 May 194215 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Lee, Abbie23 Feb 1890Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Lee, Ada4 Apr 1886Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Lee, Addie20 Mar 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Lee, Agnes27 Sep 1912Jun 1985Churubusco
Lee, Agnes29 Aug 1909Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Lee, Amy B22 Jan 190430 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Andrew22 May 1895Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Lee, Anna M31 Mar 192215 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lee, Arnold27 Jul 1892Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Lee, Arthur E1 Apr 19166 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Lee, Arthur W10 Dec 19011 Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Lee, Audra23 Aug 1913May 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Barbara4 Aug 1945Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Lee, Bernice10 Jun 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Lee, Blanch A24 Oct 191517 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Lee, C W21 Mar 192615 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Carey W10 Apr 195812 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Lee, Carl1 Jan 190618 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Carlton E4 Jul 192014 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Charles5 Dec 1902Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Lee, Charles29 Dec 1884Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Lee, Charles19 Jan 1884Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Lee, Charles M29 Jul 191326 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Chester K11 Jun 193931 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Lee, Chloey M22 Jun 190514 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Lee, Claude11 Apr 1907Jan 1975New Haven
Lee, Cleo V29 Aug 1908Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Clyde7 Sep 1917Jun 1980New Haven
Lee, Colleen R5 Jun 192830 May 2003Fort Wayne
Lee, Cora25 Feb 1883Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Lee, David31 Oct 1956Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Lee, Diann R28 May 193827 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lee, Donald9 Mar 1922Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Lee, Donald W14 Jan 196121 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Lee, Doris O26 Nov 192519 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Dorothy9 Jun 1918Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Lee, Dorothy M17 Dec 193328 May 2002Fort Wayne
Lee, Dorsey22 Dec 1921Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Lee, Elihw17 May 1905Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Ethel3 May 1914Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Lee, Eugene L27 Apr 19284 May 1996New Haven
Lee, Eugene M2 May 1930Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Lee, Evelyn A1 Sep 1909Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Lee, F James11 Apr 19219 May 2006Fort Wayne
Lee, Fe10 Feb 1918Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Lee, Ferman28 Jul 193015 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Lee, Finel7 Jan 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lee, Florence15 Mar 1889Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Lee, Fred10 Jun 1903Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Lee, Garnet13 Oct 1897Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Lee, Glenivere A15 Mar 191622 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Lee, Harold4 Mar 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Lee, Harry25 Oct 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Lee, Harry C28 Aug 193412 Oct 2006Roanoke
Lee, Helen M13 Mar 1915Nov 1988New Haven
Lee, Henry26 Feb 1903Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lee, Henry B4 Apr 192818 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Henry E26 Apr 193213 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lee, Herbert16 Apr 1888Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Lee, Herman7 Jun 1905Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Lee, Herman B18 Aug 19281 Jul 2006New Haven
Lee, Hiram22 Feb 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Lee, Horace J5 May 193212 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Lee, Howard F19 Feb 191623 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lee, Ilia18 Sep 1892Jul 1980New Haven, Fort Wayne
Lee, Inez H23 Nov 19072 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lee, Irene29 Sep 1902Mar 1972New Haven
Lee, Irven2 Jun 1910Sep 1981Spencerville, Fort Wayne
Lee, James11 Dec 1894Dec 1973Churubusco
Lee, James E4 Jul 193617 Feb 2002Monroeville
Lee, James E5 Nov 19252 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Jeanne M26 Dec 192125 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Lee, Jimmie15 Jun 194014 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Lee, Joe18 Feb 192410 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Lee, John16 Jan 1891Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Lee, John30 Jul 1926Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Lee, John31 Jan 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Lee, John4 Mar 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Lee, Joni C30 Mar 193013 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lee, K12 Mar 1941Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Lee, Kathryn D18 Apr 190820 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Lee, Kristine L30 Jan 194828 Dec 2004Roanoke
Lee, Laurel28 Dec 1904Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lee, Laverne8 Jul 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Lee, Lennis T19 Jun 192416 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Leslie19 Jan 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lee, Lillian11 Sep 1906Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lee, Lois19 Sep 1922Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Louis13 Oct 19313 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lee, Lucy1 May 1892May 1972Fort Wayne
Lee, Luella A6 Nov 190625 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Lee, Manford24 Sep 1885Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Lee, Margaret27 Sep 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Lee, Margaret18 Sep 19016 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Lee, Marjorie E12 Apr 191819 Jul 2004Monroeville
Lee, Marlo G7 May 19259 Jul 1995Monroeville
Lee, Martha9 Jun 1900Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lee, Martha E14 Aug 190624 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Lee, Martha J6 Sep 1915Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Lee, Marvin23 Jan 1902Jul 1971New Haven
Lee, Mary11 May 1924Jan 1987New Haven
Lee, Mary25 Dec 1908Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Lee, Mary E11 Feb 19206 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lee, Maxine L17 Sep 191515 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Meryl M15 Sep 192213 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Lee, Michael18 Aug 1951Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lee, Mildred16 Feb 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Lee, Mildred M1 Nov 191714 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Lee, Minnie J11 Jan 193015 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Lee, Nell30 Apr 1915Jun 1985Woodburn
Lee, Nina M19 Aug 191024 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Norma J12 Mar 193730 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Lee, Ora L12 Dec 192226 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lee, P L11 May 19392 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lee, Paul24 May 1914Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Lee, Ralph21 Dec 1921Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Lee, Richard D14 Jul 192723 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lee, Robert7 Jul 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Lee, Robert4 Aug 1897Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Lee, Robert6 Nov 1908Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Lee, Robert5 Jun 1900Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Lee, Robert22 Oct 1883Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Lee, Roland E5 Mar 1931May 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Rose M5 Feb 193624 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lee, Russel T14 May 191723 May 1992Fort Wayne
Lee, Russell29 Jun 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Ruth22 Jun 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Lee, Ruth E29 Jan 19072 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lee, Ruth P9 May 190723 May 2007Fort Wayne
Lee, Salina16 Apr 1892Aug 1966New Haven
Lee, Sondra K24 Jan 194013 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lee, Stanley H13 Dec 191611 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Lee, Susie9 Jan 1908May 1971Fort Wayne
Lee, Susie25 Mar 190527 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Lee, Terence M30 Apr 19463 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lee, Thelma3 Mar 191913 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lee, Theresa22 Jul 190611 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Lee, Timothy E23 May 194731 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lee, Trella B3 Dec 19109 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Lee, Vera10 Apr 1920Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Lee, Vesta D22 Jan 19317 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lee, Virginia13 Nov 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Lee, Virginia31 Aug 191719 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Lee, Vivian V15 May 19175 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lee, W A24 Apr 192715 Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lee, Walter25 Aug 1881Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lee, Walter E29 Nov 194411 Feb 2004New Haven
Lee, Wanda25 Dec 190430 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Lee, William3 Sep 1893Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Lee, William2 Jul 1914Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Lee, William J12 Sep 191323 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lee, Willie22 Apr 1941May 1986Fort Wayne
Lee, Willie25 Mar 19228 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Leech, Carrie2 Jul 1888Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Leech, Norma19 Nov 1915May 1982Fort Wayne
Leech, Robert E10 Jun 19107 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Leed, Peggy29 Dec 1958Oct 1977New Haven
Leedy, John19 Apr 1917Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Leedy, Joseph31 Jul 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Leedy, William R30 Jan 190523 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Leeka, Tom D19 Mar 19461 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Leep, Margaret B10 Jun 1922May 1996Fort Wayne
Leep, Ray14 Apr 192313 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Leeper, Alice Kathryn4 May 19178 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Leeper, Forrest18 May 1905Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Leeper, Harry10 May 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Leeper, Stella25 Feb 1891Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Leeper, Velma K5 Dec 194227 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Leer, Ethel3 Sep 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Lees, Elizabeth20 Dec 1912Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Lees, Patty R9 Jan 19309 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Lees, Thurman E26 May 192917 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Leeson, Thomas G19 May 192912 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Leeson, Virginia11 May 1913Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Leeth, Betty L11 Jan 192227 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Leeth, Byron23 Mar 1920Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Leeuw, Alba E28 Jun 19175 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Leeuw, Beulah R18 Nov 19189 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Leeuw, Richard J23 Nov 192619 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Leewu, Madonna C21 Oct 19078 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Lefavour, Jennie E14 Feb 1902Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Lefavour, Violet L12 Mar 193031 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lefebvre, Sharon K10 Jun 193510 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lefever, Arthur26 Oct 1905Aug 1981Churubusco
Lefever, Dale J30 Mar 19274 Sep 2009Churubusco
Lefever, Edna E29 Sep 1907Jul 1994Churubusco
Lefever, Geneva7 Sep 1921Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lefever, Imogene C4 May 193030 Dec 1992Churubusco
Lefever, John A12 Aug 193419 Jul 2003Churubusco
Lefever, Laversa A30 Oct 192019 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Lefever, Marveen A30 Jul 192925 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lefever, Mary18 Dec 1905Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lefever, Minard15 Oct 1876Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Lefever, Ralph7 Jul 1913Jan 1976Churubusco
Lefever, Robert D13 Nov 192228 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Lefever, Russell9 Nov 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Lefever, Russell J28 Nov 19253 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Lefevra, Ilo L22 Mar 192715 May 1999Fort Wayne
Lefevra, Robert R16 Aug 192123 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Lefevra, William A15 Feb 196815 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Lefevre, Fred21 Sep 1896Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Lefevre, Helen26 Sep 1895Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Lefevre, Lillian6 Mar 1916Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Lefevre, Mary E19 Jun 192530 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Leffers, Ann L21 Dec 193727 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Leffers, Beatrice1 Jan 1895Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Leffers, Dorothy M4 Aug 192621 Oct 2006Grabill
Leffers, Elizabeth M27 Mar 189118 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Leffers, John L14 Feb 192328 Aug 2001Leo
Leffers, Robert E18 Mar 19254 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Leffler, Daisy16 Aug 1911Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Leffler, Garnet E29 Aug 191626 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Leffler, Helen J17 Aug 19199 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Leffler, Mary J14 Jan 192018 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Leffler, Paul D30 Jun 192624 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Leffler, Roy J7 Sep 18984 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Lefforge, Dale1 Jul 1895Jul 1964Fort Wayne
Lefler, Harry B30 Mar 191129 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Lefler, June L29 Jun 19139 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Legendre, Edith16 Jan 1908Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Legendre, Floyd J12 Sep 190928 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Legg, Billie Jean28 Aug 192716 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Leggett, Dorothy E4 Mar 19119 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Leggett, Obie25 May 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Leggett, William26 Aug 190118 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Legras, Eva1 Apr 1895Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Leh, John15 Nov 1886Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Lehman, Aldina10 Jul 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lehman, Alice P15 Dec 190719 May 2003Fort Wayne
Lehman, Alma10 Sep 1914Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Lehman, Amelia C4 Dec 191322 Sep 1992Monroeville
Lehman, Ann D2 Jul 19128 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Lehman, Anna6 Aug 1922Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Lehman, Arthur15 Aug 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Lehman, Beatrice L30 Dec 190114 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Lehman, Bernice29 Mar 19104 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lehman, Betty9 Mar 191317 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Lehman, Blanche L31 Oct 18891 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Lehman, Carl17 Oct 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lehman, Carl16 Oct 1894Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Lehman, Charles14 Oct 1886Aug 1966Yoder
Lehman, Chester13 Jun 1895Jun 1974Monroeville
Lehman, Donald25 Feb 1915Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Lehman, Donna J14 Feb 194026 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Lehman, Doris E4 Jan 192423 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Lehman, Edwin3 Apr 1917Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Lehman, Effie M8 Mar 194013 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lehman, Elnora1 Sep 1889Jun 1978Yoder
Lehman, Evelyn4 Jul 1914Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Lehman, Faye G26 Nov 191213 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Lehman, Florence1 Apr 1924Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Lehman, Fred C23 Dec 191024 May 2003Fort Wayne
Lehman, Freda13 Dec 1904May 1971Fort Wayne
Lehman, Frieda2 May 1901Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Lehman, Gifford31 Aug 1890Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Lehman, Guy24 Dec 1896Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lehman, Harold24 Aug 1919Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Lehman, Harold11 Dec 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Lehman, Harry E16 Jul 190628 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Lehman, Henry21 Oct 1911Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lehman, James W28 Feb 19136 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Lehman, Jasper5 Dec 1906Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Lehman, John30 Jul 1958Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Lehman, John14 Sep 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lehman, John28 Jan 1913Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Lehman, John E22 Mar 195830 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lehman, Kate22 Jun 1889Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Lehman, Lennard L15 Mar 190424 May 1990Fort Wayne
Lehman, Leo E29 Sep 189014 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Lehman, Leona28 Jul 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Lehman, Leonard9 Apr 1883Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Lehman, Lois R3 Jun 19328 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Lehman, Lulu1 Nov 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Lehman, M Joan30 Oct 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lehman, Margaret20 Dec 1916Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lehman, Martin L3 Nov 19003 Oct 1994Monroeville
Lehman, Mary B21 Jun 19127 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Lehman, Maurice F29 Sep 19218 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lehman, Milo C30 Sep 191214 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Lehman, Norman20 Dec 1896Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Lehman, Olen I6 Oct 19174 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Lehman, Orvill21 Feb 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lehman, Ralph A17 Nov 193925 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lehman, Richard A6 Jan 19364 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lehman, Ronald Lee21 Mar 193824 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lehman, Rosella26 Apr 1884Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Lehman, Roy D29 Sep 192810 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Lehman, Ruby G17 Apr 19155 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lehman, Ruth11 Apr 1898Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Lehman, Shirley A19 Nov 193724 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lehman, Tilman15 Mar 1900Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Lehman, William J11 Feb 195219 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Lehmann, George D18 Aug 191818 May 1993Fort Wayne
Lehmbeck, Harold12 Jul 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Lehneke, Maivis N29 Jan 190727 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lehner, Charles C21 Mar 19022 Oct 1993New Haven
Lehner, Donald R9 Jul 192319 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lehner, Emma19 Oct 1897Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Lehner, Harold R7 Jun 191326 May 1997Fort Wayne
Lehner, Lawrence8 Oct 1897Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Lehner, Nellie6 Jun 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Lehner, Olga22 Mar 191220 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Lehnhoff, Ruth J10 May 19152 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Lehrman, Gladys29 Jun 19093 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Lehrman, Helen5 Apr 1901May 1987Fort Wayne
Lehrman, Henry E3 Sep 193516 Jul 2007Monroeville
Lehrman, Herbert25 Apr 19097 Oct 1994Hoagland
Lehrman, John27 Dec 1894Feb 1967Monroeville
Lehrman, Julia3 Sep 1918Feb 1981Monroeville
Lehrman, Lola6 Aug 1921May 1981Monroeville
Lehrman, Mabel23 Mar 1905Oct 1985Monroeville
Lehrman, Oscar19 Apr 1900Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Leichner, William21 Nov 1906Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Leicht, Emma3 Jan 1878Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Leichty, Alma7 Aug 1896Nov 1978Spencerville
Leichty, Amelia23 Mar 193115 Jan 2008Grabill
Leichty, Amos28 Sep 1900Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Leichty, Anna13 Mar 19043 Jan 1996Grabill
Leichty, Herman14 Jul 19126 Apr 1996Grabill
Leichty, Martha M31 Dec 192030 Jun 2004Grabill
Leichty, Noah12 Jun 1903Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Leichty, Raymond29 Nov 19147 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Leichty, Ruby E19 Aug 191210 Mar 2008Leo
Leider, Cecelia I20 Aug 189824 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Leidigh, Ella A18 Feb 1895Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Leidigh, Elmer27 Dec 1894Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Leidolf, Clara20 Mar 1879Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Leiendecker, John Paul3 Nov 19223 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Leiendecker, Marion23 Jun 1898Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Leifer, Bert5 Jan 1899Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Leigh, Dorothy R17 May 191015 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Leigh, Stanley W22 Feb 19073 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Leightner, Robert23 Nov 1924Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Leighton, Evalyn13 Mar 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Leiman, Ellen15 Jul 1921Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Leiman, Robert Wade19 Apr 19214 Jun 2008Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Leimer, Golda R1 Dec 1907Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Leimer, Henry18 Aug 1903Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Leinhos, Audrey L22 May 192617 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Leininger, Adolph15 Aug 1877Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Leininger, Clara6 Aug 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Leininger, Clyde B16 Aug 191725 Oct 1996Yoder
Leininger, Edwin14 Aug 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Leininger, Gladys I12 Mar 190930 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Leininger, Glennis2 May 191710 May 2005Monroeville
Leininger, Hazel5 Aug 1892Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Leininger, Jacquelyn M11 Nov 193115 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Leininger, Katherine J6 May 19308 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Leininger, Lucille10 Jan 1904Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Leininger, Martin19 Feb 1884Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Leininger, Martin L20 Jul 191616 Jun 2003Monroeville
Leininger, Naomi8 Oct 1905Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Leininger, Naomi R23 Feb 192628 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Leininger, Ray E26 Jan 19198 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Leininger, Robert P25 Sep 19299 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Leininger, Ted L31 Mar 192614 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Leininger, Victor4 Jul 1904Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Leinker, Frederick13 Dec 1921Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Leinker, Helen9 Mar 1891Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Leinker, Josephine M16 Dec 191917 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Leins, Ezra J12 Aug 191126 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Leipold, Rosa28 Oct 1886Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Leis, Albert13 Nov 1917Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Leis, Lillie7 Oct 1894May 1975Fort Wayne
Leis, Peter7 Nov 1890Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Leiser, Joseph C14 Aug 19377 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Leisman, William F21 Oct 194312 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Leist, Bennie F31 Aug 19087 Jun 1999Roanoke
Leist, Cecelia13 Jul 1903Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Leist, Pearl M6 May 191517 Oct 2002Roanoke
Leist, Wilma31 Jul 1920May 1986Fort Wayne
Leisure, Bernadean25 Apr 19266 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Leisz, Virginia A31 May 191826 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Leitch, Delbert6 Oct 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Leitch, Everett28 May 1917Oct 1985Churubusco
Leitch, Fanny10 Jul 1897Nov 1980Churubusco
Leitch, Kenneth P24 Mar 190228 Dec 1989Churubusco
Leitch, Leona28 Jul 1916Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Leitch, Max E29 Aug 192621 Sep 2003Churubusco
Leitch, Merl14 Nov 1895Feb 1984Churubusco
Leiter, Eathen9 Apr 1915May 1969Fort Wayne
Leiter, Glade A22 Aug 190914 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Leiter, Howard A16 Feb 19184 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Leiter, Marian M24 Feb 1921Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Leiter, Marjorie3 Jun 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Leiter, Mary J27 May 19207 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Leiter, Robert12 Oct 1918Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Leitz, Herman12 Apr 1880Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Leitz, Herman G6 Mar 19138 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Leitz, Janice3 May 1951Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Leitz, Paul17 Oct 1906Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lejeune, Arthur19 Aug 1908Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Lelja, Wayne H28 Jun 191812 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Lemaster, Marceena K28 Apr 19523 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Lemasters, Gerald E17 Apr 192720 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lemasters, Ruth5 Mar 1896Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Lemay, Charles26 Jul 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Lemay, Chester19 Jul 1898Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Lemay, Clara13 Feb 1892Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lemay, James25 Sep 1907Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lemay, Leona2 Mar 1897May 1971New Haven
Lemay, Mary10 Jun 1914Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Lemay, Wayne W23 Nov 193111 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lembach, Barbara12 Jan 1881May 1973Fort Wayne
Lembach, June2 Jun 1923Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Lembach, Thomas G11 Nov 194925 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lemberg, Bradley T17 Oct 19545 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Lemert, F29 May 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Lemert, Russell C25 Mar 19254 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Lemert, Ruth17 Jun 1898Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Leming, Clara5 Aug 1887May 1973Fort Wayne
Leming, Florence E6 Feb 191627 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Lemish, Albert J6 Sep 191613 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Lemish, Frank2 Mar 1904Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Lemish, Lucille B25 Sep 1907Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Lemish, Marguerit E25 Jun 191511 Jul 1990New Haven
Lemish, Peter P21 Jan 190823 Jun 1996New Haven
Lemish, Richard A13 Aug 193628 Mar 2002Churubusco
Lemke, Henry5 Jul 1893Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Lemke, Henry K29 Oct 192327 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lemke, Ida13 Aug 1889Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Lemke, Marie5 Oct 1889Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Lemke, William17 Jul 1895Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Lemler, Charles18 Dec 192124 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lemler, Desdemona27 Dec 1886Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Lemler, Edna25 Jul 1892Oct 1973Churubusco
Lemler, Mabel12 Oct 1889Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Lemler, Marylavon9 Aug 191429 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Lemley, Elizabeth20 May 188415 Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Lemley, Kenneth Leo5 Nov 193012 Feb 2010Churubusco
Lemmel, Herbert22 Jan 1903Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Lemmel, Roy7 Feb 1925Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Lemmel, Roy R19 Aug 189815 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Lemmel, Zeola2 Mar 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Lemmon, Catherine24 Aug 1886Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Lemmon, Connie L22 Aug 19338 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Lemmon, James D30 Jul 192319 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Lemmon, Tony E24 May 192919 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lemna, Douglas W1 May 192924 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lemoine, Joseph E28 Jul 19201 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lemon, James1 May 1900Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Lemon, Rosemarie B21 Apr 19323 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Lemons, Alonzo T12 Sep 19411 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Lemons, Carolyn S22 Dec 195217 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lemons, Edith I6 Nov 19258 Aug 2006Churubusco
Lemons, Marjorie12 Jul 1913Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Lemons, Paul David29 Jun 194220 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Lemons, Paul J17 Oct 19193 Jun 2002Churubusco
Lemons, William L15 Jan 191724 May 1997Fort Wayne
Lemonte, Allan U10 Jul 19367 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Lemper, Flawrence24 Jun 1904Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Lemper, Louise26 Mar 1904Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Lemper, Louise4 Jan 1894Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lenard, William M6 Jul 193012 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lengacher, Barbara V13 Apr 19219 Mar 2007Leo
Lengacher, Benjamin15 Jul 19252 Dec 1994Woodburn
Lengacher, Bertha1 Dec 1906Feb 1976Grabill
Lengacher, Bob11 Feb 194417 May 1997Grabill
Lengacher, Clarence5 Apr 1913May 1984New Haven
Lengacher, Don L20 Jan 194231 Mar 2006Grabill
Lengacher, Doris J27 Jul 193316 Apr 2000Leo
Lengacher, Enos J31 Mar 195511 Nov 2003Grabill
Lengacher, George3 Feb 19186 Jun 1996New Haven
Lengacher, Ila12 Mar 191710 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lengacher, Jacob22 Jan 1919Nov 1984New Haven
Lengacher, Jess25 Feb 1914Aug 1980Leo
Lengacher, Joseph L24 Jul 19244 Oct 1996New Haven
Lengacher, Lena19 Jan 1901Jan 1986Grabill
Lengacher, Leona D9 Apr 19211 Dec 1993Grabill
Lengacher, Louis L1 May 19288 Jun 2006Grabill
Lengacher, Lucy22 Oct 191013 Sep 2001New Haven
Lengacher, M4 Apr 194015 Aug 1994New Haven
Lengacher, M Leona28 Feb 192224 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Lengacher, Menno22 Jan 1903Feb 1985Woodburn
Lengacher, Mervin16 Jun 192416 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lengacher, Sarah24 Mar 1889May 1975Grabill
Lengacher, Sarah V25 Dec 190913 Apr 1995Leo
Lengacher, Stanley29 Oct 1957Apr 1977Harlan
Lengacher, Timothy R13 Aug 196016 Apr 2003Grabill
Lengacher, Victor10 Dec 1906Dec 1967Woodburn
Lengacher, William22 Nov 1903Oct 1983Grabill
Lengerich, Gerald T9 Jun 192221 Mar 1995Hoagland
Lengerich, M Eymardin E18 Oct 191429 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Lenhart, Estelle25 Mar 188915 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Lenhart, Lena4 Apr 1895Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Lenington, Cecil10 May 1902Jul 1983Monroeville
Lenington, Delmar16 Oct 1919Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Lenington, Elza R1 Jan 191214 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Lenington, June A19 Jun 193824 Feb 2006New Haven
Lenington, Lowell25 Sep 1937Jul 1986New Haven
Lenington, Mildred16 Mar 1908Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Lenington, Ralph13 Nov 1905Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lenk, George9 Sep 1907Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Lenkendofer, W9 Oct 1898May 1985Fort Wayne
Lenkendofer, Wilma26 Apr 1914Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lenning, Betty13 Jan 1895Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Lenning, Daniel1 Aug 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lennon, Irene10 Aug 1892Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Lennon, Lillian13 Mar 1890Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lennon, Sarah12 Jan 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Lennox, Rena20 Sep 1894Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Lents, Roland29 Feb 1924Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Lentz, Allen3 Nov 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lentz, Bonnie J2 Mar 191310 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lentz, Edwin12 Jan 1911Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Lentz, Jean7 Jun 1920Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Lentz, Jesse R24 Sep 191811 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Lentz, Lista E10 Sep 190913 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Lenwell, Ida M8 Apr 191614 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lenwell, James E23 Apr 192719 Feb 2005Roanoke
Lenwell, Marjorie E29 Jan 192013 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Lenwell, Mary1 Oct 1895Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Lenwell, Marzee Yvonne6 Sep 192820 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lenwell, Robert S31 Mar 19171 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Lenz, Anna22 Nov 1892Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Lenz, Arthur F20 Apr 189927 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Lenz, Clelia18 Nov 1900May 1984Fort Wayne
Lenz, Cletyce17 Feb 1901May 1975Fort Wayne
Lenz, E F16 Feb 19192 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lenz, Earl L19 Sep 1900Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lenz, Eugene E23 Sep 193012 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Lenz, Flora15 Oct 190821 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lenz, George26 Sep 1885May 1969Fort Wayne
Lenz, Janice P18 May 192525 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Lenz, Otto23 Jun 1887Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lenz, Verlyn11 Mar 1912Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lenzer, Frederick R6 Oct 192228 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Leon, Anthony12 Sep 1923Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Leon, Elizabeth A25 Aug 192910 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Leon, Patrick N23 May 19311 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Leonard, Adrian6 Mar 1907May 1983Fort Wayne
Leonard, Arvelle2 Jan 1901Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Leonard, Bertram16 May 1915Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Leonard, Cecilia E18 Oct 191528 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Leonard, Chester25 Apr 1902May 1975Fort Wayne
Leonard, Dorothy M13 Aug 191224 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Leonard, Frances20 Sep 1888Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Leonard, George24 Apr 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Leonard, Georgie9 Oct 1898Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Leonard, James1 Jan 1935Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Leonard, James21 Nov 1906Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Leonard, Jerry D8 Aug 19367 Dec 1995Harlan
Leonard, John19 Nov 1893Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Leonard, John13 Apr 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Leonard, Louis26 Jun 19217 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Leonard, Mary24 Sep 1887Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Leonard, Rosalie7 May 191017 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Leonard, Roy18 Jul 1887Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Leonard, Thelma Alice23 Feb 192422 May 2008Monroeville
Leonard, Thomas6 Aug 1911Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Leonard, Walter13 Nov 1890Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Leonard, William26 Jan 1921Jan 1987Monroeville
Leonard, William A28 Nov 189618 Mar 1989New Haven
Leonardy, Betty R27 Nov 191530 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Leonardy, Thomas4 Nov 1913Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Leonhard, Carl20 Jan 1885Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Leonhard, Gertrude30 May 1879May 1966Fort Wayne
Leonhart, Barbara K29 Mar 19323 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Leopold, Blanche29 Nov 1882Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Leopold, Chester M16 Jan 19086 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Lepine, Beverly M10 Aug 19335 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lepine, F5 Aug 1928Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Lepird, Joseph6 Jan 1898Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Lepird, Mary17 Sep 1902Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Lepley, Guy L13 Sep 191310 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Lepley, Katherine M2 Jan 19497 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lepper, Adele14 Jun 1896Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Lepper, Albert1 Nov 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Lepper, Alfred22 Apr 1902Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lepper, Alma M14 Oct 191324 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Lepper, Alvin C27 Apr 193015 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Lepper, Alvin H1 Jun 192730 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Lepper, Arthur7 Apr 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Lepper, Charles15 Mar 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Lepper, Christ8 Mar 1892May 1976Fort Wayne
Lepper, Clara16 Aug 1894Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Lepper, Dean R14 Dec 19372 Oct 1992Hoagland
Lepper, Della27 Sep 1899Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lepper, Delmar24 Jan 1914Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lepper, Drema S20 Jul 19358 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lepper, Edgar A28 Feb 192918 May 2002New Haven
Lepper, Elizabeth17 Mar 191017 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lepper, Elizabeth24 Feb 1928Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Lepper, Elliott21 May 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Lepper, Elmer4 Dec 1903Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lepper, Enno W19 Sep 190914 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lepper, Ernest24 Apr 1906Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Lepper, Ervin8 May 1908Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Lepper, Erwin7 Jul 1918Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Lepper, Esther E24 Jan 190410 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Lepper, Eugene12 Jul 1925Mar 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Lepper, Evelyn16 Nov 1916Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lepper, Evelyn M5 May 192216 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lepper, George20 Dec 1893Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Lepper, Harold28 Aug 191315 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lepper, Herbert20 Apr 1899Oct 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Lepper, Herman7 Mar 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Lepper, Herman19 Feb 1899Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Lepper, Ida15 Dec 1900Feb 1968Hoagland
Lepper, Ida29 Jun 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lepper, Irma I17 Sep 190326 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Lepper, Irma R26 Mar 192513 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lepper, James25 Jul 1917Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Lepper, Kate8 Nov 192915 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Lepper, L25 Sep 194115 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Lepper, Lawrence24 Jun 1898Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Lepper, Louis19 Dec 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Lepper, Louis J23 Apr 192511 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Lepper, Lucia14 Jul 1893Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lepper, Luella17 Jun 1920Jan 1986Hoagland
Lepper, Martha9 Feb 1902Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lepper, Martin9 Dec 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Lepper, Mary A25 Nov 192728 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Lepper, Mary K30 Sep 189230 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Lepper, Maud A1 Oct 191131 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Lepper, Mellie K17 Nov 191819 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Lepper, Orville H21 Jan 192312 Jan 1999Monroeville
Lepper, Oscar23 Nov 1921Apr 1977Hoagland
Lepper, Pauline28 Oct 1907Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Lepper, Ralph F10 Jun 192921 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lepper, Ralph H29 Oct 193420 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Lepper, Raymond C29 May 192410 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Lepper, Reinhold18 Nov 1912Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Lepper, Rudolph20 Sep 1900Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Lepper, Theodore H4 Dec 190722 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lepper, Velma24 Dec 191411 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Lepper, Vera24 Sep 1896Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Lepper, Virginia E4 Oct 191429 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Lepper, Walter10 Oct 1887May 1970Fort Wayne
Lepper, Willard15 Oct 1906Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Leprie, Adolph J16 May 190715 Mar 1989Hoagland
Leprie, James9 Aug 1904Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Lerch, Bernard7 Jan 1895Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Lerch, Edward24 Apr 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lerch, Evanette P22 Jul 190724 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Lerch, Frank16 Sep 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Lerch, Hilda9 Aug 1916Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Lerch, Iris17 Jan 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Lerch, Larry C9 Oct 193917 Mar 2007Huntertown
Lerch, Marjorie I14 Oct 191625 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lerch, Paul5 Aug 1906May 1984Fort Wayne
Lerch, Raymond E10 May 191619 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lerdahl, Wanda J17 Jun 194229 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Lernor, Rose22 Jul 1898Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Lesage, George23 Mar 1901May 1977Fort Wayne
Lesh, Ada31 Jan 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Lesh, Albert18 Feb 1881Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Lesh, Alvin L27 Sep 19433 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Lesh, Clarence9 Jan 1923Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lesh, Gladys28 Apr 1893Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Lesh, Grover8 Jun 1888Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Lesh, Hazel E17 Aug 19125 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Lesh, Herschel22 Jan 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lesh, Jerrold David7 Apr 19341 Jun 2008Roanoke
Lesh, Maurice16 Apr 1910Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Lesh, Mildred26 Dec 1915Feb 1986Roanoke
Lesh, William7 Sep 1897Dec 1981Monroeville
Leshore, Elizabeth15 Feb 193419 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Leslie, Dean A8 Jul 196612 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Leslie, Donna J2 Apr 19383 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Leslie, Earl W16 Aug 192724 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Leslie, Esther17 Jul 1922Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Leslie, Garland S27 Jun 192129 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Leslie, Helen I23 Apr 191423 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Leslie, Jessie20 Sep 193515 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Leslie, John28 Feb 1900May 1965Fort Wayne
Leslie, Margaret13 Jul 1886Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Leslie, Margaret J3 Nov 193024 Oct 2006Yoder
Leslie, Minnie25 Feb 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Leslie, Norma6 Feb 1931Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Leslie, Robert8 May 1943May 1979Fort Wayne
Leslie, William21 Aug 1922Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Lesser, Thelma A23 Dec 191722 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Lester, Bill13 Jan 192616 May 1999Fort Wayne
Lester, Carl2 Dec 1886Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Lester, Christine K17 Oct 19421 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Lester, Diana K16 May 19638 Mar 2006New Haven
Lester, Dudley7 Aug 1896Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Lester, Elcie17 Dec 1905May 1966Fort Wayne
Lester, Emery14 Feb 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Lester, Gail30 May 1887Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Lester, George23 Sep 19133 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Lester, James Will I26 Nov 191920 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Lester, John P17 Jan 193627 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Lester, Martha Kay13 Jul 193826 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Lester, Oscar2 Oct 1900Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Lester, Robert12 Aug 1914Mar 1978New Haven
Lester, Robert F3 Aug 19223 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Lestina, Norman19 May 1927May 1986Fort Wayne
Lestrange, Shirley Catherine18 Jun 192917 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Lesure, Juanita20 Dec 1896Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Lethin, Catherine6 Jun 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Lethwaite, Leona I31 May 19065 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lethwaite, Stella M11 Nov 19156 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Lethwaite, William15 Jan 1906Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Letner, Walter12 Sep 1926Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Leto Jr, Samuel17 Nov 1936Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Leto, Maria A15 Aug 190015 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Letsinger, James3 Dec 1894Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Letts, Blanch16 May 1886Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Letts, Harold30 Aug 1906May 1969Fort Wayne
Letts, Helen I17 Mar 191114 May 2005Fort Wayne
Letz, Elizabeth15 Jan 1880Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Leuenberger, Alvina1 Apr 1889Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Leuenberger, Dorothy C28 Nov 191422 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Leuenberger, John24 Jan 1884Sep 1967Monroeville
Leuenberger, Rose12 Jan 1871Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Leuenberger, Walter A23 Aug 190827 Nov 1994Monroeville
Leutz, Albert16 May 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Levack, John19 Nov 1894Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Levack, Mary15 Jul 1899Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Levan, Dawn27 Aug 1897Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Levan, Margaret12 Dec 1894Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Levanavich, Annette M17 Nov 195925 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Levanavich, Barbara28 Nov 1935Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Levanavich, John16 Mar 192219 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Levandoski, Helen R21 Jun 1930Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Levandoski, John W26 Dec 192728 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Levaugh, Harry20 Feb 1894Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Level, Nancy4 Sep 1939Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Levelle, Tony G21 Aug 191814 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Leven, Thomas6 May 1948Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Levendoski, Jerome E13 Dec 19297 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Leverette, Rosie12 Jun 1929Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Leverton, Donald R27 Aug 191610 Mar 1996Woodburn
Leverton, Irmalee30 Jun 192524 Jun 2006Churubusco
Leverton, Joseph1 Mar 1887Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Levin, Madra D7 Oct 191524 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Levin, Norma25 Dec 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Levin, Sam20 Dec 1916Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Levine, Edna2 Nov 1909Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Levine, Joseph20 Jul 19077 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Levintoff, Donna L26 Jun 190626 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Levis, Raymond27 May 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Levon, Laurence22 Mar 1930Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Levon, Ruby3 Oct 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Levy, Alfred H24 Dec 191319 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Levy, Alpheus20 Apr 1901Oct 1986Leo
Levy, Anne M8 Aug 191621 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Levy, Archie L23 Apr 194416 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Levy, Cora21 Nov 1882Sep 1967Woodburn
Levy, Eileen M8 Jul 191614 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Levy, Emma21 Dec 191019 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Levy, George25 Feb 1895Jun 1969New Haven
Levy, Helen M4 Feb 191614 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Levy, Henrietta17 Aug 1900Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Levy, James13 Sep 19481 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Levy, Jean A20 Mar 191922 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Levy, Lawrence18 Apr 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Levy, Lillian E28 Nov 19047 Mar 2000New Haven
Levy, Paul27 Sep 1913Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Levy, Rose8 Feb 1902Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Levy, Ruth B21 Jan 190125 Jun 1998Leo
Levy, William16 Nov 1901Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Lew, Arnold19 Apr 1899Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Lew, Viola M7 Sep 1899Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Lewandowski, Irene26 Aug 192617 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Lewandowski, Mitchell22 Jan 191821 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Lewandowski, Stella9 Sep 1894Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Lewandowski, Thaddeus R31 Mar 192116 Dec 1997New Haven
Lewandowski, Victor A9 Feb 194424 Mar 2009New Haven
Lewark, Ica21 Aug 1895Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Lewark, Walter E5 Dec 192724 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Lewellen, Archie8 Feb 1897Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Lewellen, Grace26 May 1893Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Lewellen, Lily17 Jan 19011 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lewellen, Peggy3 Jun 1923Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lewellyn Goodwin, Kay3 Nov 193518 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Lewellyn, Eva M6 Apr 19142 Nov 1997Churubusco
Lewellyn, Exie5 Sep 1887Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Lewellyn, John9 Sep 1912Nov 1982Churubusco
Lewellyn, John N29 Feb 19685 Apr 1998Churubusco
Lewerenz, Anna12 Jan 1887Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Lewicki, Joseph21 Dec 1886Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Lewinski, James22 Jul 1922Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Lewis Jr, Vollie R24 Mar 19482 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Lewis, Albert J7 Jan 19369 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Lewis, Alma R22 Aug 19243 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lewis, Amanda6 Feb 19088 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lewis, Anna M6 Jan 192624 Nov 2003Roanoke
Lewis, Annie9 Jan 18933 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Lewis, Audree S4 Dec 1902Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lewis, Augusta9 Feb 19094 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lewis, Barbara15 Oct 195413 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Lewis, Beatrice L29 May 187815 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Lewis, Bertha I14 Aug 191831 Dec 2007Churubusco
Lewis, Blanche8 Jan 1888Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Lewis, Brian S15 Feb 196530 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Lewis, C10 Nov 1982Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Lewis, Carolyn Jean18 Jul 19457 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Lewis, Charles7 Apr 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Lewis, Charles E17 Oct 195416 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Lewis, Charles R28 Nov 194015 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lewis, Charles Thomas20 Nov 19248 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Lewis, Charlie L26 Jun 19263 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Lewis, Claude N12 Dec 192027 May 2004Leo
Lewis, Curtis1 May 1877Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lewis, David Franklin10 Aug 194024 Apr 2008Leo
Lewis, Dema24 Jul 1894May 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Dorothy P31 May 190624 May 2004Fort Wayne
Lewis, E P2 Jul 190924 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lewis, Edward26 Jan 1914May 1977Fort Wayne
Lewis, Elmer27 Mar 1916Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Elmo10 Jun 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Lewis, Elsie L24 Aug 192516 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Lewis, Emil27 Feb 1898Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Lewis, Emmitt7 Jul 192315 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Lewis, Ernest13 Dec 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, Ethel M20 Mar 192324 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Lewis, Eugene3 Apr 1942May 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Florence7 Dec 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Lewis, Frank17 Sep 1934Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Lewis, Franklin Charles27 Sep 19148 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Lewis, Geneva R28 Jul 190925 May 2002Fort Wayne
Lewis, Gerald C5 Sep 192313 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Lewis, Geraldine P20 May 18998 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Lewis, Grace29 Jan 1927Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Lewis, Gustina9 Jun 1926Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Harold24 May 193524 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Lewis, Hazel R20 Jan 1901Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Lewis, Helen16 Sep 1905Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lewis, Helen5 Apr 191615 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lewis, Helen2 May 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Lewis, Henry19 Jan 1927Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Lewis, Hiram22 Jan 1898Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Lewis, Ida Murrell22 Sep 19239 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Lewis, Irene29 Dec 1887Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Lewis, Jack1 Jan 192425 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lewis, Jack L1 Aug 192830 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Lewis, James3 Jul 1915Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Lewis, James E8 Oct 192511 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Lewis, James L23 Jun 192517 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Lewis, James M22 Jun 193315 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Lewis, Jewel19 Oct 1902Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, John23 Sep 1908Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Lewis, John23 Jan 1890Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Lewis, Joseph29 Jul 1894Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Lewis, Josephine7 May 1908Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Lewis, Josephine15 Sep 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, Joyce12 Nov 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lewis, Julia30 Oct 1891Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Lewis, June M23 Mar 192519 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lewis, Kenneth5 Dec 1900Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Lewis, Kenneth1 May 1911Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, Kenneth W5 Oct 194027 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Lewis, Kevin26 Aug 1958Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Laura B11 Jul 191715 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lewis, Lawrence A4 Aug 1923Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Lewis, Lelia F11 Mar 19175 Jun 2002Leo
Lewis, Leon8 Nov 1905May 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Lilly26 Oct 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Lewis, Lucille8 Dec 1909Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Lewis, Manuel5 Mar 1955Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, Marie A1 Mar 190819 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lewis, Marquis D28 Dec 189515 Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mary7 Nov 1924Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mary11 Jul 1886Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mary K25 Oct 19232 May 1988Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mary L31 Jan 193430 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mattie B17 Nov 194325 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mattie Lee13 Apr 191617 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Lewis, Mildred12 Jan 1912Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Lewis, Naomi D31 Jul 194110 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Lewis, Olive20 Oct 1920Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lewis, Orin26 Oct 1916Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Lewis, Patricia A28 Oct 19416 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Lewis, Pauline B29 Sep 19077 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Lewis, Robert C3 Feb 19063 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Lewis, Rosa B10 Aug 191429 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lewis, Ruth L12 Sep 19197 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Lewis, Sandra21 Dec 194214 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lewis, Sylvia L19 Oct 192218 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Lewis, Tom4 May 1900Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Lewis, Violet E9 Aug 192421 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Lewis, Warren28 Oct 1957Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, William3 May 19479 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Lewis, William12 Jul 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
Lewis, William J16 Sep 193523 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Lewis, Willie4 Feb 19234 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lewis, Willie J30 Apr 194523 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Lewton, Geraldine J30 Dec 189418 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Lewton, Marguerite22 Sep 1925Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Ley, Arnold B6 Nov 192111 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Ley, Bernice M6 Nov 191227 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Ley, Clement20 Nov 1884Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Ley, Emma26 Mar 1884Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Ley, Gregory4 Dec 1912Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Ley, Hazel20 Oct 1893Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Ley, James25 Jul 1914May 1985Fort Wayne
Ley, Leona12 Mar 1888May 1976Fort Wayne
Ley, Mary15 Apr 1886Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Ley, Richard E29 Feb 191614 May 1994Fort Wayne
Ley, Rick A8 Jan 194818 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Ley, Urban A25 May 190210 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Leybma, O10 Aug 192826 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Leyden, Christopher M10 Jul 195023 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Leykauf, Malvin J21 Jun 19163 May 2008Fort Wayne
Leykauf, Ruth Elain E9 May 191513 Dec 2004Fort Wayne

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