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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Liaromatis, Dorothy M17 Oct 192718 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Liaromatis, Nicholas L14 Dec 192413 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Libbey, John W22 Dec 192515 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Libbing, Adrian1 Feb 1914Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Libbing, Helen16 Apr 1913Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Libbing, Maurice11 Aug 1904Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Libbing, Stephen V17 Nov 193225 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Libby, Frederick J2 Feb 192814 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Libey, Beatrice21 Nov 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Libey, Duane B10 Nov 191213 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Libey, John D14 Jun 192825 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Libka, Jacqueline J9 Nov 192828 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Liburd, Benjamin8 Apr 1884Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Liburd, Sarah17 Jun 1887Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Liby, Dorothy J7 Apr 191610 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Liby, Neva J12 Jun 1924Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lichtenberg, Hortense28 Sep 1887Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Lichtenberge, Jonathan L3 Apr 198110 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Lichtenstige, Richard D29 Mar 192527 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Bernice19 Feb 19109 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Clara13 Feb 1896Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Geraldine E29 Mar 191913 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Jack24 Jun 1918Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Leroy F15 Aug 191513 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Lois M3 Nov 192513 Aug 1996Spencerville
Lichtsinn, Mary E5 Mar 192519 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Mary Jane6 Aug 191925 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Mildred A10 May 191225 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Robert Cha R10 Nov 19248 Apr 2002Spencerville
Lichtsinn, Walter30 Jan 1914Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, William12 Apr 1899Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, William Henry9 Aug 19171 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, William T22 Aug 190410 Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Lichtsinn, Winford E3 Dec 19168 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lickert, John J8 Feb 192324 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Lickert, Marian6 Jun 1920Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Lickey, Richard H16 May 192724 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Licking, Richard E23 Feb 194727 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Liddle, Bertha19 Apr 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Liddy Sr, Paul27 Sep 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Liddy, Ellen3 Jun 1899Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Liddy, John12 Oct 1883Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Liddy, Loyal L5 Jan 190016 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Liddy, William R3 Mar 192222 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Liebenguth, Anna25 Dec 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Liebenguth, Paul19 Sep 1893Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Lieber, Helen7 Jun 1904Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Lieber, Ray27 Aug 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lieberenz, Dewey12 Jan 1898Sep 1974Huntertown
Lieberenz, Mabel27 Feb 1903Jul 1981Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Lieberman, Elizabeth2 Jul 189815 Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Lieberman, Shirley28 Jan 1925Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Liebert, Helen M1 Apr 19216 Oct 2007Monroeville
Liebert, Lyle L12 Sep 191415 Jun 1997Monroeville
Liebert, Miriam20 Jul 1907Jan 1986Monroeville
Lieberum, Donald3 Jul 1918Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Lieberum, Margaret J28 Feb 191810 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Liebing, Eloise19 Jun 1914May 1983Fort Wayne
Liebing, Paul23 Jul 1901May 1980Fort Wayne
Liebman, Anna1 Nov 1884Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Liebmann, Carolyn M1 May 193015 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Liebmann, Dorothy M5 Nov 1912Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Liebmann, Paul17 Oct 1905Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Liebmann, Valette A10 May 19132 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Liechty, Addie15 Nov 190315 Dec 1987Leo
Liechty, Catherine11 Dec 191112 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Liechty, Earl17 Jan 191524 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Liechty, Grace20 Nov 1891May 1986Fort Wayne
Liechty, Harold3 May 1918Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Liechty, Helen18 May 192127 Jul 1993Leo
Liechty, Irene B12 Jan 192922 Jan 2004Grabill
Liechty, Jill6 Jan 1952Sep 1977Grabill, Spencerville
Liechty, Jonas23 Jan 1897Jun 1984Leo
Liechty, Lisa A1 May 19628 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Liechty, Mary Lou16 Oct 1939Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Liechty, Milton12 Oct 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Liechty, Morris J15 Jul 192826 Nov 2001Leo
Liechty, Omer5 Mar 1923Apr 1982Spencerville
Liechty, Sarah3 Apr 1889Dec 1967Spencerville
Liechty, Simon9 Mar 1921Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Liechty, Susanna23 Jun 1888Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Liedtke, Clara M24 Oct 190714 Oct 2001Spencerville
Liehr, Robert18 Aug 1887Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Lienerth, Dora L8 Feb 193525 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lienhart, Melba A7 Sep 190316 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Liepins, August21 Aug 1878Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Liepins, Milda29 Dec 1891Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Life, David S18 May 194816 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Life, Nixola V16 Aug 190723 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Lifsey, Mattie G17 Jan 191516 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Liggett, Betty J2 Feb 192828 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Liggett, Dorothy13 Aug 1914Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Liggett, Earl10 May 1900Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Liggett, Emmett14 Sep 192527 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Liggett, Everett14 Sep 192528 Dec 2005Churubusco
Liggett, Forest28 Jan 1900Jul 1983Churubusco
Liggett, Geraldine19 Nov 1909Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Liggett, Gwendolin E18 Jan 192616 Jul 2006Churubusco
Liggett, Kenneth L20 Jun 192318 Oct 2004Churubusco
Liggett, Mary10 Apr 1887Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Liggett, Virgil24 Feb 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Liggett, Walter12 Sep 1910Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Liggett, William L5 Aug 194426 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Light, Carl D3 Sep 190319 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Light, Ethel14 May 1894Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Light, Francis20 Jan 1896Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Light, Harold G22 Apr 19623 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Light, Harold G28 Feb 191827 Jun 1995New Haven
Light, Ida24 Feb 1901Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Light, Marguerite8 Aug 1897May 1975Fort Wayne
Light, Maxine R5 Apr 19269 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Light, Neva B24 Oct 190312 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Light, Nora9 Aug 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Light, Ralph6 Nov 1894Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Light, Ralph L28 Sep 192328 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Light, Ruth I2 Jan 192315 Jun 1998New Haven
Light, William17 Mar 1898Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Lightbody, Margaret V22 Apr 192019 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Lightcap, Donald V13 Jul 191329 Sep 1999Woodburn
Lightfoot, Joy D18 Mar 194617 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lightfoot, Nora30 Mar 1887Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Lighthall, Ruth4 Jul 1893Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Lighting, Nellie J23 Jun 192619 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lightle, Agnes S6 Oct 19153 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Lightle, Raymond P28 Feb 19129 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Lightning, Lawrence H19 Mar 192714 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Lightning, Shirley Ann4 Mar 193219 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Likens, Donald G26 Nov 195222 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Likens, Sarah10 Aug 1895Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Lill, Joan M7 Mar 192927 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lill, Loretta3 Feb 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Lill, Thomas B20 Feb 193511 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Lillard, Annie M12 May 192128 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lilley, Marjorie26 May 1927Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Lillich, Arthur22 Apr 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Lillich, Lucille E10 Apr 1909Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Lillo, Anthony D20 Nov 192517 Dec 2005New Haven
Lilly, Carlos1 Apr 1909Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Lilly, Georgiann11 Apr 19074 Nov 1989Woodburn
Lilly, Howard J13 Mar 192224 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Lilly, Lloyd D26 May 19315 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lilly, Macie H8 Aug 191318 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Lilly, Marvin A24 Jun 194526 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Limbach, Laura4 Feb 1893Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Limbach, Matilda22 Sep 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Limbeck, Harley7 May 1911Dec 1974Churubusco
Limburg, Daniel4 Mar 1919Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Limburg, Wilhelmina8 May 192616 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Limecooly, Clara20 Jun 1908Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Limecooly, George24 Nov 1893Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Limecooly, Helen16 Apr 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Limer, Clydia3 Jul 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Limer, Marvin30 Jul 191922 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Liming, Henry A15 Jun 19181 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Limmer, Marjorie G18 Oct 191222 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Limpach, Hilda30 Dec 1904Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Limpach, Richard28 Sep 1926Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Limpf, Lauretta H9 Mar 189616 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Albert8 Apr 1893Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Catherine1 Oct 1905Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Clifford26 Feb 1929Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Delta11 Dec 1884May 1974Churubusco
Lincoln, Dorrence15 Sep 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Esther M29 Jun 191528 Sep 2009Churubusco
Lincoln, Everett R17 May 191026 Jan 1999Churubusco
Lincoln, George30 Jan 1881Apr 1971Churubusco
Lincoln, George29 Jan 191412 Nov 2006Churubusco
Lincoln, Harriett3 Jul 1891Feb 1976Churubusco
Lincoln, Homer20 Dec 1882Nov 1969Churubusco
Lincoln, Lucile M30 May 191518 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Robert9 Jun 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Lincoln, Velma22 Mar 19134 Oct 1998Churubusco
Lind, Etta8 Mar 1886Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Lindberg, Lindy1 Jun 192727 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Lindberg, Mary24 Jan 1927Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Lindblom, Carl5 Jul 1889Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Lindblom, Eda21 Jul 1888Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lindblom, Jessie M3 Dec 189311 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lindblom, Ruth Ethel12 Jun 19167 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Lindeke, Anna25 Oct 1884Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Lindelien, Shirley M16 Sep 19384 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Dorothy25 May 1902Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Elizabeth A16 Aug 192928 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Everett17 Sep 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Joan24 Dec 1924Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Keith A9 Oct 193517 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Leota L17 Jun 19074 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Mildred D26 Mar 192310 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Thomas6 Jun 1897Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Velma16 Mar 1911Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Lindeman, Wilbur14 Nov 1909Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Adolph14 Aug 1904Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Anna14 Sep 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Bertha24 Apr 1884Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Charles J1 Aug 193028 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Dora22 Jan 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Doretta4 Nov 1884Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Ester M17 Nov 192627 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Henry7 Jun 1901Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Lindemann, Norma1 Feb 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Alta24 Jan 1890Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Audrey C12 Feb 19234 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Bertha18 Sep 1895Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Charles13 Jan 1918Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Charles29 Jan 1886Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Daisy19 Apr 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Ernest23 Mar 1883May 1967Woodburn
Lindemuth, George17 Oct 1894Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Harley11 Apr 1898Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Herschel28 Dec 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Loretta3 Jul 1899Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Marcella J20 Aug 19203 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Marion5 May 1920Nov 1976Churubusco
Lindemuth, Maurice15 Nov 1899Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Lindemuth, Ralph21 Jul 19126 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Linden, Herman22 May 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Echo7 Jul 1887May 1978Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Ernest18 Sep 1944May 1980Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Ernest C11 Jan 19156 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Evelyn29 Jul 1909Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Fannie20 Feb 1913Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Guyla A17 Nov 190822 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Herbert15 Oct 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Howard11 Nov 1909May 1982Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Lawrence C1 Apr 190027 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Marie10 Jul 1906Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Mary E6 Aug 19185 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Otto26 May 1886Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Lindenberg, Viola28 Apr 1907Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Linder, Herman J9 Nov 191912 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Linder, Jack30 Oct 1924Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Linder, Kent A23 Sep 195125 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Linder, Mae8 Sep 189623 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Linder, Marjorie M28 Oct 192331 Aug 2008Monroeville
Linder, Pernetta J23 May 189624 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Linder, Ruth1 Jul 1893Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Linder, William21 Jan 1896Nov 1984Monroeville
Lindhorst, Jeanethlan16 Mar 1909Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Lindlag, James10 Feb 1918Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Lindley, Beatrice Sue6 Aug 19356 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lindley, Elma24 Feb 1916Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Lindley, Genevieve28 Jun 192110 May 2000Fort Wayne
Lindley, Jeannette L15 Oct 19104 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lindly, Richard M29 Nov 19155 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Lindquist, Dorothy C7 Jun 192021 Mar 2009Churubusco
Lindquist, Eric28 May 192031 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Lindquist, Genevieve W26 May 191219 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Lindquist, Leon W4 Mar 191314 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Lindquist, Raymond7 Dec 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lindsay, Anna14 Dec 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Lindsay, Edna24 Feb 1916Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Lindsay, Elizabeth21 Aug 1873Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Lindsay, Frank L9 Feb 193622 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Lindsay, George C24 Jun 19127 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Lindsay, Hazel D13 Feb 191610 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lindsay, John28 Feb 1891Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Albert L6 Dec 193821 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Delmar10 Mar 1924Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Dennis G21 Mar 19395 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Emma12 Oct 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Irvin11 Mar 1889Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Irvin E1 May 193424 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Lindsey, James11 Jun 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Joe5 Jul 1917Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Lindsey, John27 Aug 1922Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Martha L27 Oct 191510 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Richard D8 Feb 194013 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Lindsey, Robert19 Sep 1909Apr 1987New Haven
Lindsey, Sadie29 Mar 1897May 1977Fort Wayne
Line, Alice4 Sep 1902Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Line, Jack E26 Aug 192227 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Line, Lela13 Jan 191127 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Line, Marshall11 Jan 192517 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Line, Marshall2 Apr 1900Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Line, Patricia J11 Jul 194427 Oct 2007Roanoke
Line, Stewart18 Jun 1897Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Line, Violet B7 Sep 1919Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Lineback, Donald H18 Jan 192812 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Lineback, William5 Apr 1910Apr 1976Grabill
Lineberry, Betty31 Jul 1924Nov 1979New Haven
Lineberry, Jack D26 Feb 192324 Jan 2000New Haven
Linebrink, Marian E25 Jan 190421 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Linehan, Dorothy M24 Oct 192910 Oct 2004New Haven
Lines, Byron E3 Oct 19347 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lines, Edward L8 Jan 193131 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Lines, Elise A18 Dec 19377 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Lines, Helen9 Feb 1897Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Lines, Kathryn16 May 1899Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Lines, Omer D19 Jan 188930 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Lines, Relna27 Feb 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lines, Roderick K2 Aug 195615 Apr 2000New Haven
Lines, Virgil23 May 1905Aug 1979New Haven
Lingle, Edward8 May 1885Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Linhardt, Minnie27 Oct 1874Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Liniger, Nellie E6 Mar 190424 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lininger, Ida E7 Aug 189425 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Link, Ann15 Oct 1887Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Link, Beatrice L13 Jan 19098 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Link, Carrie1 Sep 1886Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Link, Dessa16 Sep 1886Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Link, Earl7 Apr 1901May 1967Fort Wayne
Link, Fred12 Oct 1891Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Link, Gertrude8 Oct 1885Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Link, Glenn H19 Aug 190410 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Link, Grace30 Jun 1904Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Link, Harry31 Dec 1917Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Link, Helen29 Dec 1916Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Link, Hilda4 May 1908Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Link, John15 Apr 1921Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Link, Linus24 May 1904May 1978Fort Wayne
Link, Lois R17 Sep 192928 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Link, Mabel11 Aug 1924Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Link, Marion J11 Jan 191724 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Link, Marjorie A21 Jul 192620 Nov 2005New Haven
Link, Marjorie A10 Feb 190622 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Link, Mary D13 Jan 191714 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Link, Newton22 Nov 1876Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Link, Phoebe27 Feb 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Link, Robert W20 Mar 19203 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Link, Stanley29 Dec 1908Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Link, Wayne17 Nov 1909Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Link, William8 Mar 1883Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Link, William13 Nov 1916Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Linker, Andrew30 Oct 1885Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Linker, Earl L28 Jul 19128 May 1993New Haven
Linker, Edgar17 Jan 1909Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Linker, Frederick30 Nov 1899Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Linker, Frederick W23 Nov 19274 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Linker, Frieda13 May 1907Jul 1977New Haven
Linker, Kenneth W18 Feb 19402 May 2006Fort Wayne
Linker, Leila M12 Feb 192026 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Linker, Luella8 Dec 191921 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Linker, Mary12 Sep 1908Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Linkhart, Eugene22 Aug 1905Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Linkhart, Kathy L2 Jun 195825 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Linkhart, Margaret12 Sep 1906Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Linkhart, Ruth E23 Jan 19107 Aug 2002New Haven, Fort Wayne
Linkhart, Wayne J5 Dec 192115 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Linn, Carl D1 Mar 190822 Jul 1993New Haven
Linn, Clara23 Mar 1885Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Linn, Clark20 Oct 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Linn, Ernest21 May 1893May 1972Fort Wayne
Linn, Helen V13 Oct 192416 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Linn, Homer25 Feb 1890Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Linn, James20 Jun 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Linn, James F31 May 192228 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Linn, Lois20 Aug 1920Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Linn, Maude17 Nov 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Linn, Oliver10 Mar 1881Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Linn, Richard E24 Sep 193313 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Linn, Russell F9 Dec 19194 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Linn, Shirley V25 Nov 192716 Jan 2008Churubusco
Linn, Thirl9 Oct 1911Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Linn, Velva M29 Jun 191414 Jul 2006New Haven
Linn, Viola L27 Oct 1911Nov 1998New Haven
Linn, Willard25 Jan 1905Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Linne, Sharon E22 Jul 194315 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Arnold D10 May 190930 May 1992Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Arthur15 Apr 1896Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Bernice G22 Feb 19168 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Bertha17 Sep 1893Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Edward14 Oct 1888Jan 1982New Haven
Linnemeier, Fred W31 Oct 191125 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Frieda13 May 190811 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Herbert11 May 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Jenell A11 Mar 192628 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Jessie D28 Jul 191419 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Judith N20 Dec 19424 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Louis A23 Oct 19248 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Martha23 Apr 190120 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Martin27 Mar 1914Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Mary E29 Dec 191130 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Mildred E18 Feb 190527 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Paul11 Dec 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Reba F10 Aug 19149 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Ronda Sue26 Mar 195813 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Sylvia16 Oct 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Thomas J13 Jun 193629 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Linnemeier, Walter3 Sep 19257 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Linnemeyer, Beverly Su E15 Aug 193924 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Linnemeyer, Erwin28 Feb 1905Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Linnemeyer, Kimberly22 Jan 1965Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Linnemeyer, Theresa J16 Mar 194220 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Linse, Arthur W29 Jun 191527 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Linse, Evelyn D7 May 191428 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Linse, Robert12 Oct 1912Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Linse, Roselle E16 Aug 191013 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Linsenmann, Richard Davis27 Mar 192317 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Linsky, Anna C6 Mar 19196 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Linsky, Geraldine L25 Aug 19216 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Linsky, Helen L30 Jan 191329 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Linsky, Robert18 Dec 1916Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Linsley, Donald Russell21 Mar 19289 Feb 2010Churubusco
Linsomphou, Chanthala11 Nov 195517 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Lint, Randolph S2 Mar 195330 May 2004Fort Wayne
Lintermuth, Delmer15 Apr 1914Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Lintermuth, Jeanette C19 Jul 191815 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Linthicum, Bertha J22 Feb 191220 Aug 1998Grabill
Linthicum, Carl28 Nov 1913Mar 1981Grabill
Linton, Alfred8 Apr 1889Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Linton, Alice R31 Jan 19052 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Linton, Anthony20 Aug 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Linton, Carl6 Nov 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Linton, Celeste28 Jun 1891Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Linton, Clifford12 Dec 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Linton, Dolores A17 Jul 19311 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Linton, Irene18 Jul 1912Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Linton, Laura M3 Mar 19128 May 2001Fort Wayne
Linton, Lovina14 Jun 1881Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Linton, Wanetta L28 Feb 1917Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lintz, Irene M8 Oct 192029 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Linville, George11 Aug 1908Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Linville, William A11 Mar 19305 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Lipes, Harold18 Apr 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Lipp, Abraham19 Sep 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Lipp, Carl20 Jan 1920Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Lipp, Carlton F11 Jun 191427 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Lipp, Carolyn8 May 1934Nov 1980New Haven
Lipp, Charles C29 Aug 19321 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Lipp, Clarice28 Oct 190525 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Lipp, Cora8 Mar 1885Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Lipp, Doris E4 Feb 192412 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Lipp, Edward28 May 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Lipp, Esther M14 Jul 191416 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Lipp, Fred25 May 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Lipp, Magdelena10 Jan 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Lipp, Rachel10 Jun 1910Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lipp, Rae8 Mar 191025 May 2002Fort Wayne
Lipp, Richard E10 Jul 19338 Jun 2009New Haven
Lipp, Wilbert4 Jul 1920Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Lipp, William M20 Mar 192415 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lippi, Anna4 Dec 1912Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Lippincott, Ada Marie15 Nov 192229 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Lippincott, Morgan18 Oct 1886Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, Alexander8 May 1913Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, Beulah14 May 1893Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, James14 May 1892May 1968Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, Lucy19 Nov 1893Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, Manuel12 Jan 1909Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Lipscomb, Peter8 Mar 1880Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Lipsett, Olive18 May 1898Jul 1983Woodburn
Lipsey, Gertrude15 Dec 1899Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Lisek, Theodore8 Apr 1911Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Lisius, Frances C3 Aug 189012 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Liska, Gilbert17 Apr 194515 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Liska, Josephine16 Nov 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Liss, Robert R14 Jun 19323 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
List, Donald M26 Nov 19078 Dec 1996Churubusco
List, Helen B27 Nov 19061 Feb 2001Churubusco
List, Helen L13 Jan 193010 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
List, Jack20 Dec 1928Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Listenberger, Calvin24 Jul 1922Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Listenberger, Danny Kaye1 Apr 19465 Jul 2008Huntertown
Listenberger, Richard H6 Dec 194227 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Lister, Altie31 Mar 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lister, Helen9 Jun 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Lister, Mabel R7 Sep 191014 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Liston, Jerry3 Oct 1940Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Litch, Leslie20 Jan 1904May 1973Fort Wayne
Litchfield, Donald E19 Feb 193024 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Litchfield, Evert2 Oct 1892Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Litchfield, Julia2 Aug 1894May 1977Fort Wayne
Litchin, Ephradita15 Apr 190210 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Litchin, Vasil10 Mar 1895Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Litmer, Paul L6 Jun 19286 Nov 2008Woodburn
Litot, Gladys29 Jun 1895Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Litten, Billy W20 Sep 193611 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Litten, Eleanor27 Jul 1910Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Litten, Roberta M8 May 193919 May 2008Fort Wayne
Litten, Roy7 Oct 1906Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Litten, Shirl V6 Dec 193827 May 2007Fort Wayne
Little Jr, Peter16 Jul 194227 May 2008Fort Wayne
Little, Asa E23 May 19089 Oct 2000Grabill
Little, Charles D15 Feb 1911Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Little, Claude L20 Jul 192617 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Little, Donna E2 May 192612 May 1994Fort Wayne
Little, Edna V29 May 19189 Jul 2005Spencerville
Little, Edwin23 Aug 1907Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Little, Elizabeth G3 Jul 19052 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Little, Evelyn L23 Dec 191123 Jun 2000Grabill
Little, Fred M22 Mar 19346 Jul 2005Grabill
Little, Geneva C23 Dec 192820 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Little, Gladdy B14 Dec 1920Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Little, Gladys L18 Jan 1910Feb 1993Grabill
Little, Jewell4 Mar 1948May 1977Fort Wayne
Little, Louie9 Sep 1904Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Little, Otis Junior12 Apr 195615 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Little, R10 Jun 1931Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Little, Raymond Y20 Sep 19158 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Little, Rita26 Aug 1895Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Little, Ronald1 Aug 19492 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Little, Thelma24 Nov 1908Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Little, Thomas O20 Oct 19238 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Little, Willard2 Jan 19169 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Agnes13 Mar 1890Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Carl23 May 1887Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Charles14 Jul 1883Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Charlotte24 May 1888Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Dorothy G8 Aug 19176 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Harold7 Sep 1914Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Henry9 Oct 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Louise16 Mar 1895Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Littlefield, Marcella29 May 19023 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Charles4 Jan 1881Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Corene28 Jul 1910Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Donald C25 Dec 19341 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Elizabeth18 Jan 1914May 1984Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Fred E22 Jun 191319 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Fredrick29 Nov 1933Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Henry N2 Dec 19089 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, John19 Jul 1912Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Marion16 Apr 191516 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Nellie M27 Jul 19381 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Rufus9 Jun 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Thelma M8 Mar 19377 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Littlejohn, Victoria7 Aug 1912Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Littles-el, Edith V1 Aug 193412 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Littrell, Carl20 Nov 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Littrell, Jim20 Aug 1887Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Littrell, Lester16 Mar 1925Feb 1979Churubusco
Littrell, Myrtle8 Mar 191312 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Litwinko, Michael1 Sep 19135 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Litwinko, Sophia14 Nov 19191 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Litzenberg, Dorothy E18 Jul 190315 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Litzenberg, Emma31 Dec 1899Apr 1976Woodburn
Litzenberg, Gale6 Dec 1897Mar 1967Woodburn
Litzenberg, Harold O24 Feb 192328 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Litzenberg, Jesse2 Jul 1900Mar 1974Woodburn
Lively, Victor19 Feb 1929Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Livengood, David E12 Dec 19173 Jul 2009New Haven
Livengood, Douglas11 Apr 1918Mar 1979Churubusco
Livengood, Vera W5 Jul 191810 Sep 2009New Haven
Livensparger, Harold4 Mar 1906Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Livergood, Robert4 Sep 1914Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Livingston, Chester K9 Oct 191512 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Livingston, Clara M30 Jul 19226 Apr 2007Huntertown
Livingston, Katharine T10 Mar 190523 May 2003Fort Wayne

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