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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Loach, Mildred31 Jul 1893Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Loar, William29 Mar 1901Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Loar, Winifred23 Apr 1892Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lobbley, Lillian N28 Feb 19967 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Lobbley, Willie7 May 195114 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Lobbley, Willie J11 Apr 198915 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Lobdell, Edwin1 Jul 1924Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Lobdell, John7 Jul 1925Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Lobely, Robert Edwin22 Mar 192011 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Lobert, Fred27 Apr 1884Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Lobrillo, Frank D11 Aug 192529 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Lobrillo, Madeline19 Mar 1924Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Lobrillo, Mary12 Nov 1895Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Lobsiger, Jerold W15 Sep 193315 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Locastro, Arnold7 Oct 193427 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lochner, Bernita E21 Dec 191211 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Lochner, Betty M12 Jul 19228 May 2000Fort Wayne
Lochner, Carl10 Nov 1907Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Lochner, David5 Oct 1869Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Lochner, Edith6 Jan 1884Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Lochner, Ellis P5 Nov 191719 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Lochner, Elsworth P29 May 19038 May 2002Fort Wayne
Lochner, Floriede H19 Sep 1920Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Lochner, Golda L9 Aug 1914Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Lochner, Irwin7 May 1930Dec 1982Leo
Lochner, Jeannette22 Nov 190819 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Lochner, Margaret30 Jan 1898Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Lochner, Ralph4 Jul 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lochner, Robert M7 Oct 190924 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Lochner, Thomas C30 Mar 19172 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lock, Arthur A21 Apr 19345 Feb 2004Churubusco
Lock, Dorothy J8 Dec 191422 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lock, Frances L8 Mar 190714 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Lock, Golda20 Jun 1899Mar 1968Churubusco
Lock, Grace Irene4 Sep 192320 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Lock, Larry G27 Dec 194018 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Lock, Warren17 Feb 1903Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Lockard, Betty18 Jun 1922Jun 1984Churubusco
Lockard, Boone18 Jan 1895Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Locke, Emily19 Jun 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Locke, Malcolm F11 Jul 19131 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Locke, Marguerite B4 Sep 19146 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Locke, Mary19 Aug 1901Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Locke, Rosemary S15 Sep 1918Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Locker, David A8 Jan 192917 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Locker, Gladys15 Aug 1893Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Lockhart, Lola27 Apr 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lockhart, Maurice9 Dec 1907Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Lockhart, Paul12 Sep 1899Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Lockhart, Robert N8 Nov 191923 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Lockridge, Ralph D28 Mar 197118 Mar 1993New Haven
Lockridge, Shockley27 Sep 1904Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Alice4 Jul 1906Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Barbara E12 Feb 19261 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Carroll F22 Feb 19333 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Dean7 Aug 1911May 1987Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Earl F25 Sep 189829 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Ethel5 Aug 1897Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Ethel B13 Mar 189928 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Gladys8 Jun 1896May 1982Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Harry29 Jun 1894Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Lockwood, Jeanette1 Jun 1920Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Loder-sisk, Nancy A30 Jun 19509 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Loe, Ada17 Sep 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Loe, Beulah S27 Sep 190424 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Loe, Franklin D9 Feb 19343 Dec 1999Roanoke
Loe, Lillian22 Apr 19042 May 1998Fort Wayne
Loeb, Harry2 Jul 1894Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Loebert, Marcella A11 Nov 191723 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Loechner, Carlton W5 Oct 19215 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Loechner, Ida M10 Dec 191917 Oct 2005Harlan
Loechner, Irene P14 Nov 189715 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Loechner, Louis31 Aug 1890Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Loechner, Richard C27 Oct 19539 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Loechner, Robert F10 Feb 192322 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Loechner, Walter14 Nov 1892Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Loeffler, Arthur F20 Jun 191119 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Loeffler, Hans24 May 1912Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Loeffler, John23 Jul 1886Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Loeffler, Kittie M15 Oct 1910Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Loercher, Edna M23 Mar 19137 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Loesch, Carl5 Dec 1897Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Loesch, Marie9 Jun 1895Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Loesch, Mathias Connor3 Feb 193910 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Loescher, Elizabeth30 Apr 1886Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Loeschner, Henry23 Jan 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Loeschner, Mary1 Jan 191630 May 2008Churubusco
Loew, Arthur W7 Aug 191716 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Loew, Jeanette C12 Jan 191919 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Loffi, Anna18 Dec 1890Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Loffi, Darrell25 Jun 1921May 1987Fort Wayne
Loffi, Mary A28 Nov 192229 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Loffi, Olive23 Jul 1898Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Lofland, Ruth B1 Jan 191624 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lofton, Alvena3 Oct 1895May 1980Fort Wayne
Lofton, Charlotte30 May 1894May 1968Fort Wayne
Lofton, Percy24 Dec 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Loftus, Alice M13 Mar 19231 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Loftus, Franklin J2 Sep 19263 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Loftus, Thomas J20 Sep 19291 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Logan, Agnes8 Jul 1877Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Logan, Alberta E12 Jul 191716 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Logan, Betty29 Dec 1918Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Logan, Crystal F22 Nov 191317 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Logan, Donald10 Jun 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Logan, Edith P27 Nov 192418 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Logan, Edna17 Nov 1892Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Logan, Eleanor14 Feb 1884Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Logan, Esther13 Jul 1900Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Logan, Esther20 Jul 1896Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Logan, Eubert20 Jun 1912Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Logan, F13 Jul 1900Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Logan, John20 Nov 1911Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Logan, Joseph L21 Aug 199327 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Logan, Josephine12 Sep 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Logan, Kristina D13 May 19724 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Logan, Larue L6 May 191224 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Logan, Leslie15 Jun 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Logan, Lorraine M16 May 192331 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Logan, Lucile M4 Oct 1906Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Logan, Marvin C11 Apr 19036 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Logan, Mary4 Jul 1920Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Logan, May6 Aug 1883Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Logan, P19 Aug 1956Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Logan, Reed12 Mar 1908Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Logan, Richard S4 Aug 19183 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Logan, Sadie M11 May 19338 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Logan, Sandra17 Apr 1956Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Logan, William16 Apr 1896Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Logar, John M2 Aug 191322 Jul 1994Huntertown
Logar, Louise F26 Sep 19142 Jun 2001Huntertown
Loggins, James R14 Oct 192312 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Loggins, Winifred L6 Jun 192422 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Logsdon, Elmer P22 Dec 19081 Apr 1992New Haven
Logsdon, Lottie10 Nov 191318 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Logsdon, Ruby C7 Jan 191220 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Logue, Hollis19 Sep 1893Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Logue, John R11 Sep 191830 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Logue, Rosemary A23 May 192128 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Logue, William2 Dec 1942Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Lohm, Duane R11 May 196720 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Lohman, Bernice13 Sep 1891May 1982Fort Wayne
Lohman, Ida B11 Jun 190228 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Lohman, Richard W18 Sep 192129 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Lohman, Robert M30 Apr 19175 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Lohmeyer, Helen M28 Jan 1905Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Lohmeyer, Violet M22 Dec 192630 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lohr, Caroline H10 Mar 191613 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Lohr, Keith D29 Aug 192318 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Lohr, Mae24 Apr 1897Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Lohrbach, Dorothy9 Sep 1918Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Lohrei, Bert21 Aug 191117 Jan 1996Churubusco
Lohrig, Mary L26 Nov 192328 Mar 2006Roanoke
Lohrig, Robert2 Oct 1955Sep 1979Roanoke
Lohrig, William30 Sep 1921Dec 1986Roanoke
Lohse, Constance W12 Apr 19162 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lohse, Norman R26 Jan 190926 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lohse, Paul A23 Dec 19168 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Loins, Larry S20 Oct 19457 Mar 2009Roanoke
Lolcus, Lucille A25 Jan 190422 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Lolmaugh, Gail15 Sep 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Lolmaugh, Margaret A29 Jun 1922Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Lomax, Wilma V9 Sep 19112 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Lombard, Gertrude15 Sep 1908Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Lombard, John1 Nov 1906Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Lombard, Ruth15 Jan 1907Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Lombardo, Andrew3 Feb 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Lombardo, Dominic P30 Jun 192011 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Lombardo, John J19 Aug 19118 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lombardo, Matilda18 Mar 1919Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Lombardo, Rose M12 Oct 19144 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Carl25 Jun 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Carl W5 Nov 192328 Feb 2007New Haven
Lommatzsch, Donna16 May 1923Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Marjorie M27 May 191610 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Martha14 Jul 1894Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Pauline L25 Jun 192011 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Richard18 Sep 1921Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lommatzsch, Robert H18 Feb 19183 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Lomont, Allen C19 May 190716 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lomont, Clarence29 Aug 1889May 1969Fort Wayne
Lomont, Clement6 Oct 1883Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Lomont, Cletus E1 Oct 190521 Feb 1993Monroeville
Lomont, Dennis M10 Apr 195125 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Lomont, Eileen M15 Feb 192110 Aug 2009New Haven
Lomont, Erma13 Mar 1917Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Lomont, Etta27 Oct 1893Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Lomont, Frances8 Feb 1893Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Lomont, Gladys D7 Aug 190316 Dec 2002New Haven
Lomont, Gloria A19 Aug 19324 Oct 2009New Haven
Lomont, Joseph24 Sep 19096 Oct 1995New Haven
Lomont, Kathleen M9 Oct 19271 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Lomont, Marshall P22 Aug 19364 Oct 1997New Haven
Lomont, Norbert J2 Apr 191321 Nov 1995New Haven
Lomont, Theresa20 Nov 1957May 1978Fort Wayne
Lomont, Virginia C26 Nov 19187 Feb 2004New Haven
Lomont, Wayne Francis24 Aug 194610 Dec 2009Huntertown
Lomont, William8 Oct 1915Dec 1975Fort Wayne
London, Carol D5 May 193322 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
London, Sam16 Aug 192430 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
London, Solomon14 Sep 191925 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Lonergan, Charles12 Dec 1893Apr 1976New Haven
Lonergan, Fay24 Aug 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Lonergan, Grace16 Jun 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lonergan, Harry10 Jan 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Lonergan, Margaret16 Dec 1886Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Lonergan, Maxine M7 Mar 192710 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lonergan, William2 Jan 1897Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Lonetti, Joann13 Dec 191921 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Loney, Homer D17 Jun 191813 May 2004Fort Wayne
Loney, James7 Oct 1899Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Loney, James G25 Aug 19301 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Loney, Norman N10 Feb 19222 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Loney, Verona23 Feb 1881Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Long, Ada G27 Apr 190926 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Long, Annabel11 Jun 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Long, Betty19 Jul 1893Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Long, Betty L22 Nov 191821 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Long, Betty L10 Sep 19251 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Long, Carolyn A24 Oct 193110 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Long, Carrie27 Oct 1909Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Long, Carroll1 Dec 1908Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Long, Charles12 Sep 1903Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Long, Charles27 Dec 1908Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Long, Clarence E1 Jun 191022 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Long, Clifford6 Oct 1907Jun 1980Hoagland, Fort Wayne
Long, Daryl21 Jul 1904Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Long, David26 Aug 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Long, Dawn13 Mar 1962Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Long, Dian E29 Mar 19631 May 2002Fort Wayne
Long, Donald24 Feb 1898Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Long, Donald H29 Jan 194018 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Long, Donald L13 Sep 19382 May 2009Fort Wayne
Long, Doris8 Nov 191523 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Long, Dorothy18 Oct 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Long, Earl B2 Sep 19249 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Long, Eddie25 Nov 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Long, Edith16 Jul 1901Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Long, Edna5 Feb 1877Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Long, Ella3 Sep 1882Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Long, Esther27 Jan 1895Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Long, Everett9 Apr 1880Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Long, Frances27 Jul 1891Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Long, Fredrick15 Apr 1916Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Long, Frieda B20 Nov 191012 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Long, Gail22 Jul 1929Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Long, Gene R10 Sep 19133 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Long, George2 Aug 1894Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Long, George K17 Jul 191818 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Long, Gertrude H26 Jul 19113 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Long, Gladys6 Dec 1900Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Long, Gladys26 Sep 1909Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Long, Grace29 Oct 1885Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Long, Grover26 Jan 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Long, Harold21 Jun 1924Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Long, Hazel15 Aug 1897Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Long, Hazel L10 Oct 19028 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Long, Helen7 May 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Long, Henry27 Sep 1921Mar 1980New Haven
Long, Homer1 Apr 1914Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Long, J Bradford4 May 19495 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Long, Jacquelyn L8 Jun 1931Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Long, James13 Apr 1899Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Long, James A3 Mar 19078 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Long, James B15 Sep 19343 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Long, James W22 Aug 191830 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Long, John M11 May 196226 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Long, Jon P25 Jun 193626 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Long, Jossie L7 May 191726 Feb 2008Churubusco
Long, June7 Aug 192318 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Long, Laurance W4 Feb 19176 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Long, Lavonne F30 Apr 191628 May 2003Fort Wayne
Long, Leland C4 May 19111 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Long, Letta25 Oct 191826 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Long, Luella3 Mar 1881Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Long, Mae L30 Dec 190128 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Long, Margaret14 Jun 1901Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Long, Margaret E24 Sep 191730 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Long, Martin10 Jul 1892Dec 1973New Haven
Long, Mary11 Dec 1897Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Long, Mary4 Apr 1900Jan 1968Monroeville
Long, Mildred L28 Mar 19109 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Long, Milo6 Sep 1903Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Long, Minnie1 Feb 1874Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Long, Monny25 May 1885Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Long, Nannie25 May 1876Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Long, Nellie8 Sep 1888Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Long, Noah10 Jan 1899Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Long, Paul13 Aug 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Long, Raymond3 Sep 1906Apr 1974New Haven
Long, Richard G21 Oct 19115 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Long, Robert27 May 1900Oct 1967Monroeville
Long, Robert A27 Dec 192612 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Long, Robert F27 Aug 191717 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Long, Rollin H15 Nov 189530 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Long, Rollin R6 Feb 190418 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Long, Rosemary G12 Aug 192122 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Long, Ruth N9 Aug 190612 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Long, Wanda Jane28 Aug 19506 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Long, Wilbur22 Jul 1906Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Long, William20 Dec 1895May 1966Monroeville
Long, William15 Mar 1897Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Long, William D14 Feb 192129 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Long, Zina27 Oct 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Longardner, Anna J15 Jun 192017 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Longardner, Cornelius27 Feb 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Longardner, Cornelius J7 Jul 192520 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Longardner, Flora26 Sep 1896Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Longardner, Jerry31 Jan 1950Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Longardner, John K31 Oct 19137 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Longardner, Leona F9 Oct 191419 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Longardner, Martha A7 Dec 19272 Jun 1997Churubusco
Longardner, Mary29 Jun 1901Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Longardner, Russell W1 Nov 191729 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Longardner, Sadie V18 Jul 189815 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Longardner, Ursie G23 Sep 189916 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Longberry, Jack E25 Nov 192315 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Longberry, Ruth E22 Jul 19229 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Longbrake, Barbara Ellen8 Oct 192525 Jan 2008Spencerville
Longe, Ernest J2 Dec 190914 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Longe, Norrine M25 Jan 191427 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Longenberger, Elsie I3 Jul 190518 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Longenberger, Rolla7 Jan 1886Dec 1977Monroeville
Longenberger, S G6 Jan 190328 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Longenecker, Leora24 Jun 190611 Feb 2003Churubusco
Longerbone, W H15 Oct 19152 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Longfellow, Ellis30 Jul 1886Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Longfellow, Gladys26 Aug 1889Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Longley, Easter E28 Feb 192417 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Longley, Florence25 Oct 1893Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Longley, Milan5 Jun 1905Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Longshore, Ruby24 May 1891Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Longstreet, Harold13 May 192520 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Harold J13 Sep 190716 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Howard D3 Mar 190926 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Lisa Y19 Dec 195122 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Naomi M1 Dec 190822 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Nettie20 Jan 1889Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Ruth25 Apr 1902Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Ruth B29 Jul 191431 May 2004Fort Wayne
Longsworth, Walter Leon11 Feb 195222 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Longtine, Elizabeth25 Mar 1904Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Longtine, William19 Mar 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Longwell, Amanda W7 Aug 190018 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Lonsbury, Alvin28 Mar 1902Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Lonsbury, Clyde F16 Jun 193627 Sep 1999Huntertown
Lonsbury, Margaret24 Mar 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Lontz, Doris24 May 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Lontz, Helen E27 Mar 1916May 1994Fort Wayne
Lontz, Kenneth10 Sep 1901Oct 1976Churubusco
Lontz, Paul7 Nov 1905Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Loomis, Edward2 May 1894Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Loomis, Frances J10 Mar 192811 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Loomis, Gertrude E5 Aug 193029 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Loomis, Herbert21 Dec 1897Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Loomis, Max14 Oct 1887Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Loomis, Patricia E17 Mar 19165 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Loomis, Stanley H28 Sep 192729 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Loomis, Warren25 Mar 1912Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Loop W, Ethel27 Jan 190811 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Loop, Frank J28 Apr 193424 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Loop, Mike4 Jul 1893Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Looper, Frank H24 Jun 193114 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Looper, Golda M20 Oct 19323 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Looper, Harold18 Oct 194028 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Loos, Alydia9 Dec 1885Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Loos, Edna M30 Mar 190521 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Loos, Eleanor J13 Apr 19197 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Loos, Esther30 Jun 191917 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Loos, Gerald7 Apr 1900Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Loos, Gerald B9 Aug 1926Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Loos, Harold H16 Mar 189915 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Loos, Jack J18 Nov 191929 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Loos, Patricia20 May 1926Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Loos, Portia16 Jan 1896Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Loos, Robert J22 Aug 191023 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Loos, Ruth O2 Nov 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Loos, Virginia A23 Feb 190910 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Loose, Edna C30 Sep 18958 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Loose, Rudolf10 Sep 1894Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Loper, Scott6 Feb 1959Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Lopez, Adrian14 Nov 1876Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Lopez, Carlos A13 Jan 198418 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Lopez, Helen17 Nov 192522 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Lopez, Juan V23 Jun 192810 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Lopez, Pedro1 Mar 1918Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lopez, Ramon9 Mar 19235 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Lopez, Valeria20 Jun 188315 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Agnes3 Mar 1892Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Betty J5 Jun 192424 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Edward26 Nov 1901Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Lopshire, George3 Jan 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Lopshire, John25 Jun 1891Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Marie18 Dec 1906Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Mary9 May 1939Feb 1986Monroeville
Lopshire, Violet13 Oct 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Lopshire, Warren R30 Oct 191615 May 2008Churubusco
Lopshire, Wayne E4 Sep 19162 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Lopuszynski, Natalie18 May 192421 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Loraamm, Lherif L12 Mar 191410 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Loraamm, Mae K25 Dec 191313 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Loraine, Ann M15 Apr 193416 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Loraine, Floyd7 Jan 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Loraine, Martha E17 Oct 19075 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lord Jr, Roy9 Mar 1921Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Lord, Alan C28 Jun 191624 Jun 1998Grabill
Lord, Arnold26 May 1912Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Lord, Bertha F18 May 1924Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lord, Charles E21 Feb 195713 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lord, Elmer25 Feb 1900May 1976Fort Wayne
Lord, Geneva M30 Jun 18975 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Lord, Gwendolyn28 Aug 19367 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Lord, Helen23 Mar 1896Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Lord, Lawrence23 May 1896Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Lord, Miriam M5 Jul 191527 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Lord, Reathel5 Jun 190123 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Lord, Roy23 Jul 1888Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Lord, William J3 Feb 19249 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Lordier, Devon E19 Nov 193113 Jul 1996New Haven
Lordier, James18 Jan 1882Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Lordier, Modesta F12 Jan 191022 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Lorentz, Alice4 Mar 191213 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lorentz, Frank15 Sep 1911Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Lorentzen, Marie E6 Mar 194731 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Anna29 Apr 1889Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Arthur19 Oct 1901May 1985Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Bertha L7 Aug 1918Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Elsa22 Apr 1888Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Frieda M5 Feb 192418 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Harry P27 Jan 191830 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Helen28 Nov 1921Jun 1978Churubusco
Lorenz, Herman24 Dec 1881Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Joseph8 Sep 1891Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Leota16 Jul 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Phyllis B3 Apr 192117 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Ralph19 Jan 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Thelma M18 Feb 19086 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Lorenz, Walter H13 Jan 191710 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Lorenz, William C17 Mar 192220 May 2007Churubusco
Lorenzen, Lawrence18 Feb 1902Mar 1985Leo
Lorman, June M17 Feb 192224 Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Lornson, Mildred A21 Apr 194820 Sep 2003New Haven
Lortie, Dallas8 Jul 1924Dec 1981Churubusco
Lortie, Francis20 Jul 1891Aug 1967Monroeville
Lortie, John B29 Apr 191625 Mar 2007New Haven
Lorts, Alta12 Dec 1896Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Lose, Martha L27 Oct 19112 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Lose, Mildred29 Oct 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Loshe, Albert13 Dec 1902Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Loshe, Robert D19 Mar 192825 Mar 2006Roanoke
Losher, Richard22 Jun 1927Sep 1984New Haven
Losinski, David J7 Sep 192723 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Losinski, Nedra J20 Apr 192715 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Loson, Joseph14 Feb 192818 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Anna M8 Jan 19044 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Bernadette J23 Aug 190324 Aug 1989Grabill
Lothamer, Catherine H1 Feb 19103 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Dorothy T10 Dec 1923May 1996New Haven
Lothamer, Ernest29 Sep 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Esther22 Jan 1903Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Eugene L4 Aug 192913 Sep 2009Woodburn
Lothamer, Everett14 Feb 190423 Apr 1996New Haven
Lothamer, Gerald15 Jan 1933May 1983Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Harold1 Jun 1925Jan 1986Monroeville
Lothamer, Herman Joseph23 Sep 192715 Sep 2009Monroeville
Lothamer, Inez17 Dec 1906Nov 1974New Haven
Lothamer, Iona17 May 1907May 1979Monroeville
Lothamer, Joseph27 Aug 1916Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Joseph R7 Oct 192329 Jul 2005New Haven
Lothamer, Kathryn E8 Oct 190710 Jun 1997Monroeville
Lothamer, Lawrence1 Dec 193115 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Lester N6 Feb 19373 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Lewis27 Mar 1902Jul 1964Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Loretta M19 Jan 192317 May 2006Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Louis L27 Jul 192525 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Marguerite D1 Sep 190629 Jan 1996Monroeville
Lothamer, Michael E31 Aug 19419 Jun 2004Yoder
Lothamer, Nancy L19 Mar 194515 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Noah31 Oct 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Rose O23 Mar 191122 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Lothamer, Vincent W7 Sep 19673 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Lothamerr, Jesse8 Jan 1885Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Lotspeich, Winnie Pearl22 Jul 192211 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lott, Eldon20 Feb 1894Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Lott, Helen12 Jun 1894May 1979Fort Wayne
Lott, Loretta M3 Nov 1908Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Lott, Paul E16 Jan 190726 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Lott, Robert G4 May 193012 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Lotter, Esther E3 Nov 189511 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Lotter, Jerry W16 Dec 193911 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Lotter, Lewis7 Jan 1918May 1977Fort Wayne
Lotter, Richard17 Nov 1921Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Lotter, Samuel29 Dec 1886Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Lotti, Louise21 Oct 191215 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Lotz, Herman23 Sep 1898Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Lotz, Marguerite H14 Nov 19019 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Loucks, Delores N21 Apr 191831 May 1998Fort Wayne
Loucks, Judy Marie2 Apr 19424 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Loucks, Mable B26 Aug 190928 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Loucks, Nellie22 Oct 1891Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Loucks, Scudder L11 Mar 191631 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Louden, Berniece9 Jul 1920Oct 1978New Haven
Louden, Carl21 May 1914Aug 1983New Haven
Louden, Fredrick V2 Apr 193527 Jun 2002New Haven
Louden, Harold W31 Aug 192127 Feb 2000New Haven
Louden, Kenneth21 Mar 1907Dec 1974Monroeville
Louden, Leo25 Jan 1903Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Louden, Marie P20 Aug 1917Jan 1995New Haven
Louden, Mark J19 Jun 19543 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Louden, Mary16 Apr 1939Feb 1979New Haven
Louden, Paul H16 Aug 191723 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Louden, Vivian24 Dec 1916Apr 1980Grabill, Fort Wayne
Louden, Vivian M4 Aug 192312 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Loudenslager, Charles10 Jan 1908Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Loudenslager, Leona29 May 1914Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Loudenslager, Mary25 Mar 1886Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Lough, Donald T1 Feb 19232 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Lough, Margaret28 Apr 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Lough, Norita W22 Apr 19359 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Lougheed, Cook P8 Apr 192223 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Loughran, Harold21 Oct 1901Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Louive, Helen A16 Jul 191424 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Louminhauser, Richard6 Aug 1884Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Louraine, Esther L11 May 19128 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Louraine, Florence C12 Dec 191418 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Louraine, Virgil L27 Aug 191210 Dec 2001New Haven
Louraine, Zelotis21 Nov 19108 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Loussarar, Mary D4 Apr 19124 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Louth, Bertha27 Mar 1916Apr 1986Woodburn
Louth, Patricia E22 Jul 19247 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Louthan, Gertrude15 Apr 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Louthan, Orville29 May 1900Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Louthan, William15 Oct 1904Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Lovan, Troy M4 Jul 19182 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Love, Ada25 Dec 1911Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Love, Ada29 Nov 1902Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Love, Anna Mae2 Nov 1923May 1985Grabill
Love, Arthur12 Mar 1879Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Love, Charley29 May 1893Apr 1966New Haven
Love, Edith23 Apr 1904Nov 1985Grabill
Love, Edna20 Dec 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Love, Emma22 Feb 1897Oct 1977New Haven
Love, Evelena16 Jul 1898Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Love, Florence L16 Aug 191919 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Love, Frank2 Sep 1901Feb 1985Grabill
Love, Grover H11 Feb 19268 Oct 1995Monroeville
Love, Ida14 Oct 1895Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Love, John28 Oct 1895Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Love, Kenneth T1 Jun 19221 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Love, Lillian21 Jan 1900Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Love, Marcile C28 Sep 192031 May 1996New Haven
Love, Noal13 Jul 1921Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Love, Olive M7 Aug 192419 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Love, Phillip H5 Jun 19111 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Love, Richard W21 Nov 193224 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Love, Robert E30 Jan 192820 Jun 2007New Haven
Love, Roger W27 Dec 19359 Jan 2009Monroeville
Love, Scott S20 Apr 197915 Mar 2002New Haven
Love, Sue K11 Sep 193711 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Love, Walter27 Jan 1918Apr 1980New Haven
Love, Walter17 Sep 1900Apr 1971Grabill
Love, Walter Wayne25 Apr 192726 Feb 2009New Haven
Love, William W8 Dec 192215 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Loveday, Danny L13 Jul 194823 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Loveday, John R20 Jan 192821 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lovejoy, Leo L21 Dec 193518 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Lovejoy, Paul4 Jun 1934Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lovelace, Edna2 May 1897Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Lovelady, James L2 Sep 192412 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Loveland, Robert9 Jan 1899Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Loveland, Robert22 Sep 1900Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Loveless, Charles13 Jun 1942Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Loveless, Dorothy26 Oct 1911Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Loveless, Gladys11 Apr 19216 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Loveless, Paul L8 Oct 192130 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Loveless, Ray27 Feb 1924Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Loveless, Ray28 Sep 1900Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Loveless, Roy26 Mar 1903Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Lovell, Alice L30 Jan 19334 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Lovell, Brenda J15 Mar 195817 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Lovell, Maurice22 Jul 1919Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Lovell, Maxine3 Jul 19196 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lovell, Richard C14 Jan 192514 Apr 1995Grabill
Lovell, Vera18 Feb 191215 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Lovellette, Melvin24 May 193716 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Lovely, Henry6 Jul 1903Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Lovely, Ralph L19 Aug 192326 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Loverde, Elnora18 Jul 1923Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Lovett, Delores6 Oct 19335 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Lovett, Kathryn F17 Jun 192916 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Lovette, Elizabeth17 May 1919Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Lovette, James P14 Nov 19122 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Lovette, Josephine L14 Mar 191310 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Lovin, Herbert8 Dec 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Lovin, Terrance5 Feb 194928 May 2002Fort Wayne
Loving, Ruth D2 Aug 19202 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Loving, Vernell F7 Jan 1911Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Lovinger, Daniel3 May 19288 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Lovrich, Olga18 Jan 1906Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Lowden, Berdean M17 Jun 190715 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Lowden, Clinton5 Apr 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Lowden, Dorothy M9 Aug 19181 Jun 1998New Haven
Lowden, Mervil16 Oct 1918Feb 1982New Haven
Lowden, Ruth E30 Jul 191627 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lowden, Thelma R19 Jan 193612 May 2007Fort Wayne
Lowder, Radia18 Jan 191312 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Lowe, Anna M9 Sep 191729 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Lowe, Bennie6 Dec 190216 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Lowe, Bessie24 Sep 1884Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Lowe, Bruce1 Dec 1914Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Lowe, Carla J3 Dec 19286 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Lowe, Emma9 Apr 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Lowe, Finley M13 Aug 191924 May 1994Fort Wayne
Lowe, Gladys G1 Nov 190812 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Lowe, Grover S8 Apr 192529 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Lowe, Harry5 Nov 1886Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Lowe, Henry21 Aug 1904Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Lowe, Horace18 Sep 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Lowe, Johanna M13 Aug 1924Mar 1996New Haven
Lowe, Julia19 Jun 191116 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Lowe, Leonard D12 Nov 190630 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Lowe, Maggie L7 Sep 19129 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Lowe, Mary A27 Aug 19144 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Lowe, Myron J31 Oct 191321 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Lowe, Nello18 Apr 191514 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Lowe, Odee27 Jun 191015 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Lowe, Pearl G29 Jan 1901Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Lowe, Robert V19 May 194928 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Lowe, Ruth3 Jul 1911Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Lowe, Velsie C23 Mar 191522 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Lowe, William1 Dec 1884Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Lowen, Eugene8 Jun 1910Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Lowen, Leah I7 Jul 191421 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lowenhar, Herman9 Apr 1908Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Lowens, Ernest13 Oct 1910Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Lowens, Frances9 Jan 191314 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Lower, Dorothy M5 Feb 191428 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Lower, Elbert23 Nov 1918Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Lower, Fay A28 Feb 191113 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Lower, Ruth E29 May 191310 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lower, Sylvia16 Aug 1903May 1973Fort Wayne
Lowery, Burgain13 Oct 1906Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Lowery, Charles18 May 1926Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Lowery, Fannie L30 Jan 191131 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Lowery, Graham29 Oct 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Lowery, Harriet15 Jun 1887Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Lowery, James R8 Nov 193222 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Lowery, Joseph25 Dec 190613 May 1998Fort Wayne
Lowery, Leah P1 Jul 19233 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Lowery, Permeder20 Dec 1908Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Lowery, Thelma A1 Dec 192529 Aug 2003Leo
Lowery, Wayne M27 Jan 191820 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Lowery, Wayne R3 May 193810 Nov 2003Leo
Lowman, Mildred21 Mar 1909Aug 1978New Haven
Lowman, Orlando15 Mar 191319 May 2002New Haven
Lowry, Andrew13 Mar 1892Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Lowry, Elsie27 Oct 1900Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Lowry, Genevieve29 Jan 1892Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Lowry, Stella A29 Nov 19485 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Lowther, Richard16 Jul 1885May 1968Fort Wayne
Lowther, Robert R6 Aug 191624 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Loy, Delilah A30 Jul 192112 Jul 1995New Haven
Loy, Jay C19 Aug 19251 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Loy, John S7 Jun 19173 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Loy, Naomi M5 Aug 189721 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Loy, Vernon18 Jan 1895Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Loyall, Carolyn E3 Sep 194116 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Loyd, Willie B2 Apr 193122 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Loyer, George3 Jul 1925Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Lozano, Antonio6 Mar 19457 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Lozano, Maria25 Dec 191619 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Loznak, Matt23 Sep 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Loznak, Sophia M7 May 19116 Sep 1999Fort Wayne

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