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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Luangphakdy, Souvanh1 Jan 192420 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Luarde, Adeline A15 Oct 190514 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Luarde, Joseph A8 Apr 190718 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Luark, Tanya L4 Sep 19184 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Lubbes, Courtney C20 Aug 192128 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Lubkeman, August4 Jul 1899Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Lubkeman, Mina25 May 189430 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Lubomirski, Edward P16 Dec 19125 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Lubomirski, Harry B10 May 191525 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Lubomirski, Isabelle10 Nov 1918Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Lubomirski, Rose P22 Nov 191419 May 2000Fort Wayne
Lubomirski, Vincent J19 Jul 191731 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Lucas, Alberta10 Jul 1901Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Lucas, Ashley Jean6 May 198523 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Lucas, Bessie9 Aug 1898Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Lucas, Carrie12 Oct 1904Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Lucas, Charles E15 Sep 190911 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Lucas, Clara E14 Aug 19147 Aug 1997Roanoke
Lucas, Dale8 Jun 1912Sep 1983Roanoke
Lucas, David30 Dec 1946Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Lucas, David E24 Feb 19569 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Lucas, Deloris R10 Jun 191329 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Lucas, Donald W27 Nov 192414 May 2005Fort Wayne
Lucas, Ercie12 Jan 1888Mar 1982Roanoke
Lucas, Erma E5 Dec 1901Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Lucas, Fancy Lee9 Apr 193217 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lucas, Helena4 Apr 19194 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Lucas, Jack16 Nov 1925Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Lucas, James27 Jun 1910Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Lucas, James R4 Feb 194430 May 2009Fort Wayne
Lucas, John T2 Mar 193812 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Lucas, Leslie J7 Feb 191411 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Lucas, Marietta16 Sep 1907Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Lucas, Parley14 Jun 1907Apr 1987Roanoke
Lucas, Ruth B28 Oct 190517 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Lucas, Wesley3 May 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Lucas, Wilma V11 Aug 190910 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Luce, Darren L22 May 196912 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Luce, Esther24 Nov 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Luce, Frank1 Sep 1898May 1979Fort Wayne
Luce, Hilda12 Feb 190729 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Luce, R E28 May 192915 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Luchnenko, Lydia30 Dec 19225 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Luchnenko, Wolodymyr2 May 191319 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Luckadoo, Patton14 Oct 1913Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Luckenbill, Betty J26 Jan 192326 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Luckey, Estelle21 Jun 1904Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Luckey, Mary22 Aug 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Luckey, Nina15 Jan 1893Dec 1973Leo
Luckey, Sandra M8 Jun 193424 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Ludden, Mary31 Jan 1923May 1982Fort Wayne
Luddy, Margaret U1 Oct 191627 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Luddy, Stephen V19 Jul 190916 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Ludlow, Jessie6 Dec 1909Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Ludlum, Jane A27 Jun 19436 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Ludtke, Albert2 Apr 1907Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Ludwick, James21 Jan 1915May 1974Fort Wayne
Ludwick, Rachel24 Mar 1912Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Ludwick, Sophia18 Sep 1888Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Charles M2 Oct 191821 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Charles R10 Apr 192222 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Chester12 Mar 1906Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Dale E4 Mar 19382 May 1997Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Edgar16 Jan 1890Feb 1972Roanoke
Ludwig, Gertrude9 Sep 1892Jan 1982New Haven
Ludwig, Herman14 Jun 1894May 1967Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Hilda H20 Jul 1897Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Lena4 Aug 1885Aug 1970Yoder
Ludwig, Margaret12 Jan 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Marie21 Feb 1899Oct 1979Roanoke
Ludwig, Paul W28 Dec 189820 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Thekla4 Nov 1904Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ludwig, Wayne N8 May 19241 Sep 1992Harlan
Ludwiski, Marjorie D25 Jan 19288 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Ludy, Eleanor L14 Aug 191130 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Ludy, Raymond L18 Nov 193410 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Luebke, Daniel H15 Dec 191223 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Luebke, Thusnelda30 May 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Luebke, Winfred1 May 1904Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Luebke, Winfred O5 Feb 193419 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Luecke, Clara L2 Jun 191121 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Luecke, Emil8 Sep 1886Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Luecke, James H18 Apr 19157 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Luecke, Lillian L18 Oct 19171 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Luecke, Louise1 Nov 19031 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Luecke, Lydia A16 Aug 191519 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Luecke, Paul1 Oct 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Luedeke, Florence H27 Dec 19031 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Luedeman, Dorothy15 Dec 1907Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Luedeman, George28 May 1901Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Luedeman, Hillis E28 Mar 191530 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Luedeman, Oscar H4 Sep 191025 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Lueders, Alfred17 May 1910Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Luedke, Alitza15 Feb 1909Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Luekens, Clarence W21 May 190420 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Luekens, Gertrude K18 Jan 19081 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Luepke, Dorothy E3 Dec 191329 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Luepke, Herbert O18 Oct 191230 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Luessenhop, Arthur20 Mar 1904Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Lugar, Beulah22 Jan 19287 Jan 2008New Haven
Lugbill, Harvey28 Oct 1898May 1973Huntertown
Luginbill, Carl3 May 1896Aug 1970New Haven
Luginbill, Clarence6 Jul 1899Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Cora E13 Feb 189815 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Dewey28 Aug 1918Apr 1985New Haven
Luginbill, Edna9 Sep 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Joseph31 Aug 1886Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Lynn10 Apr 1960Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Ruth Mary1 Jun 192813 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Luginbill, Wilma10 Aug 1899Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Luhman, Elmer19 Jul 1896Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Luke, David A9 Feb 195226 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Luker, George22 Feb 1914Jan 1981Leo, Spencerville
Lukins, John P19 May 191230 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Lukins, Melinda Leah12 Sep 195214 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Luley, Amelia4 Feb 1898Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Luley, Dorothy A1 Jul 19369 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Luley, Harold L27 Aug 192321 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Luley, James E25 Feb 193410 May 1997Fort Wayne
Luley, Joan M26 Feb 19318 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Luley, Joseph17 Feb 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Luley, Raymond25 May 1901Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Luley, William22 Jan 1894Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Lulfs, Sophie24 Oct 1889Jan 1970Woodburn
Lulos, Alberta C29 Jan 193311 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Lumaree, Phoebe26 Mar 1895Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Lumbomirski, Casimir F23 Jul 191127 May 1990Fort Wayne
Lumm, Chester12 Dec 1898Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Lumm, Chrystal P25 Jun 19063 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Lumpp, Beatrice G22 Oct 192718 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Lumpp, Donald G25 Mar 192910 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Luna, Deborah A20 Feb 19526 Jul 2005New Haven
Luna, Felicano4 Apr 19268 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Luna, Jose5 Mar 1910Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Luna, Juana24 Jun 1906Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Lunde, Conrad O14 Dec 190528 Nov 1998New Haven
Lunde, Mary J17 Jun 191116 Dec 2006New Haven
Lundeen, Dorothy M14 Oct 19076 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Lundell, Elizabeth J27 Jan 19075 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lundgren, Gustav20 Dec 1899Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Lundquist, Constance M26 May 191825 May 2008Fort Wayne
Lundquist, Walter A26 Apr 191814 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Lung, Bessie2 Dec 1901Nov 1972Huntertown
Lung, Carl D8 Oct 19063 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lung, Mildred M24 Dec 19251 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Lung, Pauline L9 Oct 19084 May 1989Fort Wayne
Lung, Roscoe11 Mar 1899Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Lungi, Andrew R27 Dec 19909 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Lungi, Jacques N30 Oct 196210 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Lunn, Pearl27 Apr 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Lunney, Thomas B20 Aug 19173 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Lunsey, Otha L16 Feb 190915 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Lunz, Albert23 Aug 191822 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Lunz, Arthur T13 Jul 190030 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Lunz, Donald H11 May 192822 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Lunz, Ella13 Nov 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Lunz, Gertrude C31 Oct 190125 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Lunz, Robert G27 Jul 19062 May 2001Fort Wayne
Lunz, Vera26 Dec 1922Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Lunz, William C14 Mar 190319 Feb 1991Grabill
Luoma, Mary C5 Aug 190019 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Lupascu, Constantin4 Jun 192210 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Lupe, Anthony14 Apr 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Lupke, Alfred4 Dec 1905Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Lupke, Bertha27 Feb 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Lupke, Clara1 Oct 1900Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Lupke, G Frances25 Aug 192323 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Lupke, Lucy5 Aug 1897May 1986Fort Wayne
Lupke, Ruth E31 Jan 191312 May 1996Fort Wayne
Lupke, Walter18 Sep 1894Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Lupkin, Alyce11 Nov 1913Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Lurtsema, Robert4 Mar 1962Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Luse, Mildred E15 May 190520 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Luse, Orin15 Jan 1901Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Lusier, Lorenzo17 Sep 193221 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Lusk, Edward5 Aug 1942May 1983Fort Wayne
Lusk, Norma Jean9 Jan 19267 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Luster, Wayne19 Nov 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Luter, Melvin16 May 1938Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Lutes, Mabel11 Sep 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Luthe, Charles R1 May 193017 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Luthe, Lou A24 Aug 193219 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Luther, Clarencea R5 Jan 19153 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Luther, Frances K15 May 19104 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Luther, H Jayne25 Aug 191429 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Luther, Irma D3 Jan 190510 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Luther, Janet15 Sep 1918Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Luther, Lorraine S8 Jan 192728 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Luther, Millie M15 Apr 192213 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Luther, Ralph W15 May 190531 May 1993Fort Wayne
Luther, Richard21 Dec 1891Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Luther, Ruth13 Feb 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Luthi, Hellen3 Aug 1903Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Luthi, Noah1 Jun 1891Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Luttman, Clark23 Aug 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Luttman, Evelyn16 Jul 1895Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Luttman, Mabelle20 Dec 1888Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Luttman, Villa11 Jan 188115 Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Lutton, Albert V7 Jun 190521 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Lutton, Marguerite M13 May 191017 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Luttrell, Lester E2 Nov 192531 Dec 1995Harlan
Luttrell, Lois M12 Apr 192825 Jan 2004New Haven
Lutz, Ada L19 Jan 18914 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Lutz, Arthur18 Aug 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Lutz, Bertha E24 Jun 1901Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Lutz, Blanche L24 Jun 191312 May 1996Fort Wayne
Lutz, Charlotte12 Feb 1882Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Lutz, Clarence2 Nov 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Lutz, Earl29 Jun 1905Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Lutz, Edna14 Aug 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Lutz, Frank25 May 1897May 1972Fort Wayne
Lutz, George29 Sep 1897Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Lutz, Gladys19 May 1910Apr 1973Roanoke
Lutz, Goldia I26 Dec 190321 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Lutz, Halden A13 Jul 19068 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Lutz, Herbert D8 Nov 192913 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Lutz, Joella A2 Dec 19328 Apr 2008New Haven
Lutz, Josephine L23 Sep 190428 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Lutz, Laverne G15 Dec 194526 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lutz, Mary13 Dec 1887Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Lutz, Neva L17 Feb 19128 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Lutz, Paul P17 Feb 19265 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Lutz, Philip N1 Jun 193318 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Lutz, Raymond14 Sep 1890Dec 1980Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Lutz, Steven M28 Dec 195011 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Lutz, Thomas F5 Apr 190918 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Lutz, Vern23 Oct 1925Jul 1978Harlan
Luxem, John22 Oct 1908Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Luyben, Helen J3 Aug 191024 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Luyben, Joseph18 Mar 1916Sep 1986Fort Wayne

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