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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Maassel, Ruth I30 Jan 192414 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Mabee, Clarence W24 Jul 193319 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mabee, Hazel28 Nov 1899Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Mabee, Louis Franklin17 Oct 19413 Jul 2009New Haven
Mabee, Robert I25 Oct 192013 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mabee, Steven A11 Aug 195417 Feb 2005Monroeville
Mabis, Michael29 Jul 1941Sep 1977Woodburn
Mabis, Roy J3 Apr 191223 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mable, Dorothy M27 Oct 191617 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mable, Eugene16 Sep 1906Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Mable, Lola14 Nov 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Mabry, Doris W4 Aug 193016 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Macalpine, Orpha L14 Jul 191610 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Macarthur, Catherine20 Apr 190525 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Macbeth, Cecilie W22 Sep 190821 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Macbeth, Emma9 Jan 1890Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Macbeth, Harold9 Dec 1900Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Macbeth, Robert7 Feb 1893Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Maccrea, James8 Jun 1906Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Macdermid, Blair W2 Oct 192016 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Alice17 Mar 1893May 1981Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Elmer24 Mar 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Emma A14 Jun 191119 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Macdonald, George A5 Dec 191913 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Harry G14 Dec 191925 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Helen10 Dec 1889Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Martha C27 Nov 1922Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Mary M19 Dec 1918Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Mildred E27 Jan 188911 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Nell6 Jun 1901Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Macdonald, Steve D15 Nov 191426 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Macdowall, Margaret11 Aug 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Macdowall, Roy26 Feb 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Mace, Dianne2 Apr 1956Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Mace, Esther14 Feb 1921Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Mace, Frank23 May 192216 May 2000Fort Wayne
Mace, Kenneth R9 Feb 191813 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Mace, Otto M20 Jul 190314 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Mace, Ralph1 Mar 1913Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Mace, Richard D16 Jun 19401 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mace, Robert5 Sep 1910Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mace, Ruth27 Oct 191013 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Macey, Alice1 Oct 1926Apr 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Macginnitie, Jay H11 Jan 191412 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Macgregor, James23 Dec 1908Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Machamer, Charles21 Apr 1921Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Machamer, Dorothy10 Apr 1921Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Machamer, Jeffrey5 Nov 1960Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Machlan, Louis K2 Apr 192630 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Machlan, Theresa M17 Sep 19308 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Machmut, Sam17 Jan 191228 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Machon, Colin16 Aug 19141 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Machon, Donald A10 Jun 191816 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Maciejack, Sue Ella22 Feb 19552 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Maciejewski, Ann8 Jun 191615 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Maciejewski, Betty M7 Jun 193724 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Maciejewski, Nikodem8 Sep 1886Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Maciejewski, Stanley T1 Oct 192314 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Maciejko, Anastasia2 Sep 1896Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mack, Bernard12 Nov 1889Apr 1983New Haven
Mack, Dolores C30 Apr 19272 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mack, Evelyn8 Mar 19268 May 2006Fort Wayne
Mack, Leo V9 Jul 191911 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mack, Nelle K21 Nov 191710 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mack, Paul B28 Dec 19215 Nov 2001Huntertown
Mack, Vena28 Dec 1886Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mack, Virginia L30 Jun 191213 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Mackabee, Mamie6 Aug 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Mackay, Charles19 Sep 1889Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Mackay, Evangeline T5 Apr 1900Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Mackay, Helen H27 Nov 192621 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Mackay, Maclyn E13 Nov 196421 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Mackay, Violet Bertha1 Jan 191015 Mar 2009Spencerville
Macke, August19 Mar 1897Nov 1978Hoagland
Macke, Christ3 Apr 1894Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Macke, Delores28 Jul 1895Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Macke, Edna2 May 1899Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Macke, Herman C7 Sep 190129 May 1996Fort Wayne
Macke, Karl28 Dec 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Macke, Lucille19 Jan 1906Apr 1984Hoagland
Macke, Marie19 Sep 1905Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Macke, Martin21 Oct 1898Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Macke, Robert W7 Dec 192718 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mackel, Alfrieda H16 May 191929 Mar 2007Huntertown
Mackel, Fleeta1 Apr 1893May 1985Fort Wayne
Mackenzie, Mary A28 Jul 191226 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Mackey, Harry W19 Jun 191524 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Mackey, Ida9 Aug 19157 May 2000Fort Wayne
Mackin, Howard1 Sep 1907Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Mackin, Mary L27 Mar 193414 Nov 2003New Haven
Mackin, Reta A15 Feb 196020 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Macklin, Simon A26 Feb 188015 Apr 1966Roanoke
Mackres, Mina10 Sep 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mackwitz, Dorothy E2 Jul 19108 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mackwitz, Olga24 May 1886Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mackwitz, Roland22 Feb 1906Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Maclennan, Jessie M18 Feb 191123 May 2003Fort Wayne
Macleod, Marion23 Apr 1904Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Macleod, Patricia A19 Mar 193230 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Macmillan, Lenore G6 Feb 189625 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Macmillian, Margaret25 Sep 1876Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Macnamara, Paul26 Sep 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Macnamara, Ruth E5 Nov 1899Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Macomber, William A9 Jun 19326 May 2002Fort Wayne
Macon, Judith D19 Jan 193811 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Macon, Marva L14 Sep 193521 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Macon, Rickey22 Sep 1955Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Macon, Sam17 Aug 1944Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Macon, Tom16 Oct 192128 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Macon, William1 Mar 1934Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Macoy, Eugene W18 Apr 19085 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Macpherson, Alice A22 Jun 19132 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Macpherson, April27 Nov 19735 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Macpherson, Barbara J12 Jun 19367 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Macpherson, Debra27 Mar 1955May 1981Fort Wayne
Macpherson, Gladys26 Jun 1904Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Macpherson, Steven W5 Dec 19732 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Macpherson, W13 Jun 1903Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Macquire, Harry7 Jul 1926Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Macquire, James J21 Jul 192415 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Macquire, Mattie L31 Oct 192723 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Macy, Bruce E8 Jan 19328 May 1997Fort Wayne
Macy, Charles11 Mar 1917Jul 1987Churubusco
Macy, Lulu14 Dec 1881Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Macy, Mary J15 Aug 19126 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Macy, Modjeska8 Mar 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Macy, Oral12 Jul 1922Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Macy, Patricia L6 Oct 19311 Aug 2001Churubusco
Macy, Robert E26 May 19255 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Macy, Samuel A17 Sep 191417 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Macy, Viola12 Oct 1913Jun 1977Churubusco
Madacsi, Mary6 Nov 1905Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Madaris, Ella25 Oct 1899Sep 1980New Haven
Maddalone, Elena4 Sep 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Maddalone, Joseph F8 Feb 19192 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Madden, Bernice16 Dec 190715 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Madden, Catherine14 Oct 1886Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Madden, Cecelia15 Jun 1908Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Madden, Evelyn D15 Aug 19163 May 2000Fort Wayne
Madden, Harry27 Jun 1894Apr 1969Churubusco
Madden, James J16 Oct 190016 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Madden, Jeanette14 Sep 191720 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Madden, Joye E21 Sep 19189 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Madden, Leo10 Oct 1902May 1967Fort Wayne
Madden, Lois M9 Nov 19216 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Madden, Lorraine J14 Aug 191019 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Madden, Lynn28 Jan 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Madden, M12 Jun 1958May 1990Fort Wayne
Madden, Mary2 May 1894Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Madden, Mary17 Nov 1936May 1987Roanoke
Madden, Richard16 Mar 1912Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Madden, Thomas16 Jan 1897Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Madden, Vivian J30 Mar 192623 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Madden, Wayne D9 Jul 191528 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Madden, Wilda5 May 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Madden, William26 Oct 1903Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Maddex, Raymond R12 Feb 19269 Nov 1991Grabill
Maddex, Robert B16 Sep 191614 Sep 2003Grabill
Maddox, Carolyn I11 Dec 192917 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Maddox, Erma G28 Feb 191021 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Maddox, Lafait5 Feb 1895Feb 1968Monroeville
Maddox, Mary1 Aug 1898Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Maddox, Maude14 Feb 1888Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Maddox, Wayne L1 Dec 1955Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Maddux, Dorothy D17 Sep 19227 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Maddux, Vernon D17 Jun 19212 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mader, Alberta M2 Jun 191615 May 1998Grabill
Mader, Charles2 Feb 1914Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Mader, Dessie10 Jan 1887Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mader, Herbert L21 Sep 194221 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Mader, John H28 Nov 19195 May 2009Fort Wayne
Madigan, Scott Thomas4 Oct 195112 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Madison, Annie13 Feb 190327 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Madison, B R28 Dec 18973 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Madison, Harrison16 Mar 1910Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Madison, Joann11 Mar 193928 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Madison, Juanita L23 Jul 194016 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Madison, Lucille20 Jul 1916May 1981Fort Wayne
Madison, Mildred W24 Jan 191730 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Madsen, Chris B13 May 190713 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Maecker, Gerhard O15 Aug 192420 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Maede, Lydia23 Dec 1915Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Magaw, Dorothy M22 Oct 19126 Dec 1988New Haven
Magaw, Ernest23 Mar 1920Oct 1983New Haven
Magdich, Ruth M13 Jun 191713 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Magee, Mack21 May 19326 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Magee, Robert C29 Apr 19368 May 1994Fort Wayne
Magee, William23 Feb 1877Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mager, Emily F10 Dec 190221 May 1995Fort Wayne
Magerkurth, Jean L11 Jun 193928 Feb 2007New Haven
Magers, Eleen C13 Sep 191118 Jul 1997Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Magers, Francis J3 May 19172 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Magers, Ursula7 Dec 1877Oct 1968Churubusco
Maggard, Rozada23 Dec 191114 May 1991Fort Wayne
Maggart, Elva14 May 1889Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Maggert, Orlie E9 Apr 192330 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Maggos, Athina Mangos10 Mar 191317 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Magill, I27 May 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Maginity, Dixie10 Oct 1910May 1979Fort Wayne
Maginn, R J12 Aug 191429 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Magley, Carl A20 Apr 19294 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Magley, Gertrude F15 Feb 191911 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Magley, Mary15 Sep 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Magley, Richard10 Nov 1931Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Magnan, Ursula28 Jan 1889Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Magner, Arthur29 Apr 1911Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Magner, Clement16 Jun 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Magner, Eva23 Jun 1883Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Magner, Irene18 Feb 1923Nov 1983Churubusco
Magner, Jasper11 Aug 1891Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Magner, John24 Sep 1913Jun 1984Monroeville
Magner, John5 Oct 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Magner, Lillian1 Apr 18886 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Magner, Mary21 Oct 1917Apr 1981Monroeville
Magner, Mildred1 Nov 1903Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Magner, Oakla7 Nov 189915 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Magner, Raymond15 Feb 1895Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Magner, Ricahrd E29 Nov 19403 May 2001Fort Wayne
Magner, Ruth L10 Sep 19221 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Magner, Virgie7 Dec 192315 May 2000Fort Wayne
Magnuson, Bonnie S22 May 194524 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Magnuson, Genevieve18 Jun 1906Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Magnuson, Henry10 Feb 1887Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Magnuson, Mildred1 Apr 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Magnuson, Paul16 Sep 1924Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Magsam, Eva H20 Jul 190811 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Magsam, Gahrrett21 Dec 1905Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Magsamen, Christine11 Jan 1905Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Magsamen, Lawrence W15 Jun 193111 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Magwood, Hattie3 Nov 192019 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mahan, Jean8 Mar 1892Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mahaney, William N27 Oct 195227 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mahathy, Donald B20 Jun 19472 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mahathy, Earline6 Nov 1924Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mahathy, William20 Jun 1913Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Mahathy, William G11 Jan 19497 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Maher, Margaret31 Mar 1892Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Maher, Thomas S11 Apr 19214 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Donald R19 Mar 192712 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Emma1 Jul 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Faynelle26 Apr 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Fred16 Apr 1908Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Jack R5 Apr 192925 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mahlan, Stella1 Apr 1907Dec 1983Hoagland
Mahlan, William19 Sep 1900May 1967Fort Wayne
Mahler, Hermas O9 Dec 190720 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mahler, Jimmie2 Dec 1914Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Mahler, Nellie V27 Feb 191030 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Mahler, Sarah30 Jan 1882Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mahon, Arthur21 Nov 192417 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mahon, Marie J23 Jan 19231 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Mahon, Steven A30 Dec 196027 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Betty J15 Dec 192015 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Cecilia M26 Jun 1920May 1992Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Dennis R28 Jan 19512 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Donald W13 Aug 193911 May 2007Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Harrison J22 Dec 1914Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Howard P11 Feb 192030 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mahoney, John A29 Sep 192015 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Mary E20 Jan 190817 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Maud29 Jul 1882Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Nancy S1 Aug 193216 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Norma Jean1 Jan 19444 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Tennis18 Jun 1907Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mahoney, Walter8 Nov 1899Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Mahoney, William R26 Jun 191830 May 2002Fort Wayne
Mahony, Joseph F14 Nov 19262 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mahrt, Andrew12 Oct 1907Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Mahrt, Elmer17 Apr 1910Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Mahrt, Viola17 Feb 1908May 1982Fort Wayne
Mahuren, Juanita30 May 1894Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Mahuren, Wayne16 Feb 1893Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Maidment, Calvert Thorne29 Jul 19238 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Maidment, Janette19 Jun 19271 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Maier, Adele W17 Nov 18963 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Maier, Alois8 Dec 193028 Feb 2009Grabill
Maier, Bernice6 Jun 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Maier, Dorothy4 Sep 1901Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Maier, Hulda27 Dec 1890Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Maier, James W30 May 195410 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Maier, Louis2 Aug 1902Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Maier, Velma J3 Oct 19314 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mailana, Stella23 Oct 1902Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Mailand, Hebert9 May 1905Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mailand, Margaret5 Oct 19081 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Mailand, Wilmer H6 Apr 192914 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Maile, Carlton A29 Sep 19379 Sep 2008New Haven
Maile, Pauline E10 Jan 19095 Jan 2002New Haven
Main, James B25 Oct 19263 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Main, John15 Aug 1907Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Main, John15 Jun 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Main, John C29 Nov 193110 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Main, Mary11 May 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Main, Vereda9 Jul 1903Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Maines, Elsie15 Oct 1882Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Maines, Margaret L2 May 191222 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Maines, William20 Apr 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mainord, Wayne28 Apr 192124 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Mains, Gwendolyn M11 Feb 191018 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Mains, Lloyd20 Sep 1905Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Maio, Teresa5 Apr 191316 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Maisonneuve, Roger R26 Feb 19338 May 2001Fort Wayne
Maitlen, Gary7 May 1944Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Maitlen, Harry28 Jul 1888Aug 1974Yoder
Maitlen, Lillian24 Apr 1925Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Maitlen, William4 Oct 1912Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Majocchi, June G6 Aug 1927Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Majocchi, Richard P31 Aug 191929 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Major, Eva23 Dec 1882Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Major, James E11 Apr 191915 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Major, Luevern1 Sep 192022 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Major, Pearl20 Nov 1879Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Majorki, Luke15 Oct 1900Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Majorki, Sophia A12 Mar 1905Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Majors, Ella Mae19 Aug 193126 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Majors, Eva29 Jun 1883Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Majors, Gwendolyn22 Jul 1901Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Makarenko, Anatolij24 Nov 1925Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Makemson, E P9 Apr 190831 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Makemson, Willodean L10 Dec 190924 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Makey, Daisy23 Oct 1893May 1979Fort Wayne
Makey, Herman1 Apr 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Maki, Gertrude E14 Jul 191425 May 1997Fort Wayne
Maki, Martin W4 Oct 19151 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Makin, Herbert D26 Nov 189810 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Makin, Queentine6 Sep 1902Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Makreas, Alex14 Feb 1892Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Maksl, Joseph W31 Dec 191125 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Malas, John26 Jul 194310 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Malay, John V20 Oct 19134 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Malchow, Albert26 Sep 1901Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Alvin Wayne28 Aug 196212 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Bernice L10 Aug 19157 Apr 2001Huntertown
Malcolm, Donald E5 Mar 19359 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Malcolm, George V6 May 192515 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Helen L11 Mar 191816 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Ida M22 Mar 189714 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Malcolm, James24 Oct 1892Mar 1970Huntertown
Malcolm, John H3 Dec 191923 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Leanora11 Dec 1882Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Malcolm, Phyllis7 Sep 1923Sep 1983Churubusco
Malcom, Corine13 Jun 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Malcuit, Agnes C13 May 190922 May 1998Fort Wayne
Malcuit, Clyde A23 Oct 190024 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Claude M29 Jun 192014 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Edward8 May 1911Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Elmer L7 Aug 19147 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Francis11 Jun 1908Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Helen11 Nov 1915Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Joseph25 Sep 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Katherine25 Sep 1902Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Ladonna M9 Feb 192724 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Letha I26 Jul 1922Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Lillian31 Jan 1914Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Lucille M4 May 192210 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Paul M12 Apr 192629 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Maldeney, Stella A28 Feb 19164 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Maldonado, Cleofas15 Apr 1898Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Maldonado, Luis G12 Mar 19343 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Maley, Goldie13 Aug 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Maley, Irene27 Oct 1897May 1979Fort Wayne
Maley, Roy1 Jun 1915Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Malfait, Joseph27 Aug 1925Oct 1984Woodburn
Malfait, Marie23 Jul 1890Jun 1971Woodburn
Malich, Herman I10 Oct 191810 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Malich, Mary V2 Sep 191122 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Malich, Paul1 Nov 1911Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Maliszewski, Ilene M15 Jan 19244 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Maliszewski, Robert R T31 Mar 19232 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Maliszewski, Walter12 Nov 1900Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Maljak, Steve5 Oct 191729 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Mallers, Edna N8 Apr 190231 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mallers, George P28 Apr 1928Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mallers, Helen P15 Aug 190526 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mallers, Peter15 Sep 1894Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mallett, Harriet A11 Sep 191218 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mallett, Mary Belle29 Jun 19194 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Mallo, Elva A27 Jan 19157 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Mallo, Lillian L17 Mar 191111 Dec 2001Roanoke
Mallo, Ralph8 Mar 19036 Sep 1995Roanoke
Mallon, James M8 Apr 191315 Jun 2000Huntertown
Mallonee, Donald E21 Jan 194224 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mallory, Alberta3 Jul 1917Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mallory, Clara M10 May 191717 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Mallory, George28 Jan 1906Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Mallory, George B22 Sep 195424 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mallory, Harvey27 Jan 1914Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Mallory, Lorenzo20 Aug 19286 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mallough, Ella17 Oct 1884May 1972Fort Wayne
Malloy, Robert J2 Aug 19274 Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Malmquist, Mildred29 Oct 1891Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Malmstrom, Rudolf18 Aug 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Malnor, Matt5 Apr 193012 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Maloley, Alice D7 Dec 190726 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Maloley, Amelia16 Aug 1913Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Maloley, Colleen Ellen2 Oct 192517 May 2009Fort Wayne
Maloley, Dabe15 Aug 1914Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Maloley, Geneva1 Sep 190820 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Maloley, James P4 Mar 19139 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Maloley, Julia A4 May 191325 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Maloley, Michael7 Oct 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Maloley, Nevo5 Aug 1918Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Maloley, Sadie7 Jan 1897Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Maloley, Virginia R8 Sep 1923Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Maloley, William E9 Sep 19224 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Malon, Laura G13 Jul 192030 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Malone, Emma13 Nov 190228 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Malone, Harriett L21 Jun 192415 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Malone, Irene H11 Dec 19155 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Malone, John3 Nov 1918Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Malone, John W26 May 194513 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Malone, Lee29 May 1904Apr 1983Harlan
Malone, Loydell17 May 19238 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Malone, Lula9 Oct 1919Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Malone, Margaret16 Feb 1945Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Malone, Marie G25 Nov 191715 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Malone, Phillip17 Oct 1946Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Malone, Rena24 Dec 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Malone, Ronald M3 Jan 19349 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Malone, William K9 Oct 19219 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Maloney, Francis24 Aug 1913May 1977Fort Wayne
Maloney, Gerald14 Oct 1909Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Maloney, James R23 Apr 19138 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Maloney, John9 Nov 1929Jul 1987New Haven
Maloney, Joseph3 Oct 1881May 1966Fort Wayne
Maloney, Lawrence29 Mar 1880Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Maloney, Lena10 Sep 1887Aug 1973Churubusco
Maloney, Louis10 Sep 1891Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Maloney, Margaret I9 Oct 191819 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Maloney, Richard L1 Aug 19271 Jun 2006Churubusco
Maloney, Sandra E11 Mar 19388 Jun 1997New Haven
Maloney, V M22 Mar 190918 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Malott Sr, Garry R5 Aug 194630 Jan 2004New Haven
Malott Sr, Lawrence22 Feb 1913Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Malott, Alice23 Mar 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Malott, Aline L4 Jul 193519 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Malott, Aura E10 Nov 192525 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Malott, Catherine29 Apr 1920Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Malott, Elizabeth21 Sep 19112 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Malott, Eva G15 Mar 19149 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Malott, Frank7 Nov 1885Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Malott, Gilbert P22 May 191110 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Malott, Jacob9 Jul 1883Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Malott, John R23 Sep 191525 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Malott, Kenneth W7 Sep 194419 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Malott, Mary A16 Aug 194915 May 1993Fort Wayne
Malott, Nellie M6 Dec 190116 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Malott, Pauline7 Sep 1897Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Malott, Philip A11 May 194625 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Malott, Ray E26 Oct 19178 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Malott, Richard A8 Dec 192512 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Malott, Thomas E21 May 1917Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Malott, Verda M13 Feb 192626 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Malott, William4 Jan 1912Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Malott, Winifred M4 Jan 192917 May 1993Fort Wayne
Maloy, Cecilia8 Oct 1905May 1977Fort Wayne
Maloy, Dorothy M15 Nov 19065 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Maloy, Edna T1 Mar 190218 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Maloy, Harry9 Mar 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Maloy, Maurice18 Nov 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Malson, Bertha11 Mar 19254 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Malte, Eric9 Jan 1904Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Malyj, Anna22 Jun 1906Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mamer, Gary Stanton16 Sep 194214 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mammoser, H15 Mar 1901Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Mamon, Jimmie L16 Mar 194329 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Manatt, Clara5 Apr 1880Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Mance, Charles T1 Mar 19141 Sep 2004Huntertown
Mance, Tanya M3 May 19575 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mancha, Adda15 Aug 1891Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Manchester, Lester9 Nov 1911Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Manck, David W15 Nov 191725 May 2003Fort Wayne
Manck, Sadie17 May 1880Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Manco, Donald J4 Mar 193121 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Manco, Martha F16 Aug 19328 May 1997Fort Wayne
Mandra, Anthony13 Apr 1913Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Manella, Kathleen A29 Dec 195524 Apr 2005Spencerville
Manes, Bessie30 Mar 1901Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Manes, Charles E28 Feb 19075 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Manes, Edward L22 Feb 19306 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Manes, Josef29 Jan 1900Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Manes, Kenneth15 Aug 1913Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Manest, Alice10 Sep 1889May 1972Fort Wayne
Manest, Margaret C22 Sep 1903Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Manfroy, Mildred6 Feb 191126 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mangan, Florence12 Apr 1913Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Mangan, John T24 Feb 19131 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Manganiello, Ralph M8 Aug 19568 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Mangels, Emilie9 Jan 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Mangels, Gustav20 Oct 1889Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Manges, Frieda2 Feb 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Manges, George29 Mar 1902Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Manges, Mary E7 Jul 19115 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Manges, Matthew L16 Oct 197523 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Manges, Ward E9 Aug 190926 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Mangold, Clara31 Mar 1897Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Mangold, Ervin W24 Nov 190115 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Mangold, Harley J29 Jun 191823 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Mangold, Laurel E5 Jan 192429 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mangona, Anna18 Jan 19092 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mangona, Anthony19 Jun 1919Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Mangona, Frank Carmen1 Mar 19217 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mangona, Helen L13 Apr 192321 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mangos, Argyrios8 Jul 19139 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Mangus, Helen M9 Oct 189813 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Manhart, Ray23 Aug 1910Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Manheim, Werner17 Feb 191521 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Maniego, Simplicio C22 Jan 194123 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Manier, Earl19 Nov 1892Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Manier, Howard27 May 1900Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Manier, Mary12 Mar 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Manier, Pearl11 Sep 1885Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Manier, Ralph6 May 1901Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Manier, Ruth19 Mar 1909Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Manifold, Mary M31 May 191026 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Manijak, William4 Jul 191313 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Maning, Joe15 Mar 1890Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Manion, Emma20 May 1882Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Manley, Blanche31 Jul 1888Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Manley, Donald28 Oct 1928Mar 1983Churubusco
Manley, Furman6 Sep 195219 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Manley, Furman29 Jun 191931 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Manley, Lizzie24 Nov 19248 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Manley, Veronica10 Apr 1898Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Manlove, Cora22 Mar 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Manlove, Jacqueline17 Nov 1939May 1984Fort Wayne
Mann, Alfred28 Apr 191721 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mann, Charles2 Jun 192121 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mann, Frank4 Nov 1882Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mann, George9 Jan 189515 Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Mann, Howard24 Jul 1909Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Mann, Iris26 Jul 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mann, John28 Apr 1923Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Mann, Joseph M17 Mar 193320 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Mann, Kenneth P12 Oct 191917 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mann, Leona M29 Dec 1910Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Mann, Leroy16 Sep 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mann, Lila4 Feb 1898Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Mann, Margaret19 May 1908Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mann, Margaret14 Aug 1910Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Mann, Marjorie D19 Mar 19034 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Mann, Nelson I25 Dec 19404 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mann, Patricia29 Aug 1930Sep 1984Spencerville
Mann, Phillip30 Nov 1890Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Mann, Robe L12 Dec 19343 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Mann, Robert29 Mar 1908Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mann, Roberta5 May 19486 Dec 2007Woodburn
Mann, Veon26 Jun 1916Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mann, Violet M10 Sep 19246 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Manning, Alta F15 Aug 19146 May 2000Fort Wayne
Manning, Arinetta E29 Feb 190812 May 1994Fort Wayne
Manning, Blanche L6 Jun 18941 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Manning, Carolyn E29 Dec 19333 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Manning, Catherine M2 Sep 1906Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Manning, David J14 May 193225 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Manning, Etta M30 Jun 192522 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Manning, Flora Belle2 Jun 19331 May 2008Fort Wayne
Manning, Frank J13 May 190611 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Manning, George C31 Jul 192014 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Manning, Georgiana15 Apr 192711 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Manning, Harrison B26 Sep 191429 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Manning, Preston18 May 1922Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Manning, Shirley A20 Apr 193325 May 2009Hoagland
Manning, Shirly M26 Jan 193424 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mannix, Ethel29 May 1891Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Mannix, Margaret M11 Jul 192024 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Mannix, Mary12 Jan 1892Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Manns, George F5 Feb 192630 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Manny, Ralph8 Sep 1892Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Manochio, Edith20 Dec 1886Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Manochio, Mildred29 Jul 1912Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Manon, Evelyn29 Jan 1901Feb 1978New Haven
Manor, Evelyn M7 Apr 190816 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Manor, Forrest23 Nov 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Manos, Emma18 Aug 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Manoski, Stanley L14 Aug 191214 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mansbach, Ethel J1 Jan 190412 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Mansbach, Geraldine21 Nov 192615 May 1993Fort Wayne
Mansberry, Paul B7 Mar 19424 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mansdorfer, Margaret9 Apr 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mansdorfer, Raymond23 Aug 1902Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Barbara J1 Dec 194211 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Dorothy4 Oct 19045 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Gail J15 May 19446 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Grace8 Feb 1892May 1972Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Jack30 Apr 1922Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Joan16 Apr 1930Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Langdon5 Apr 191825 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Lessie H13 Mar 190617 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Myrtle16 Mar 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Robina F14 Sep 191825 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mansfield, Samuel9 Apr 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Manske, Walter E4 May 192022 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Manson, Harriet Elizabeth26 Aug 191415 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Manter, Bertha12 Jun 1880Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Manter, Herbert7 Oct 1913Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Manter, Josie G23 Feb 190818 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Manter, Mary E19 Apr 192715 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Manter, Patty S4 May 193322 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Manth, Cornelia16 Dec 1888Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Manth, Herbert9 Dec 1911Dec 1983Churubusco
Manth, Loretta B3 Mar 19072 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Manth, Morris L4 Aug 193921 Sep 2006Churubusco
Manth, Robert L15 Dec 190723 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mantle, Arlean A25 Dec 19342 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Manuel, Calvin11 Dec 1909Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Manuel, Elizabeth4 May 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Manuel, Eugene10 Aug 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Manuel, Lenna23 Oct 1890Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Manuel, Norma E23 Oct 191328 May 2005Fort Wayne
Manuel, Sally21 Jan 1912Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Manuilow, Pete1 Jan 19144 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Manus, Jesse B19 Nov 192823 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Manweiler, Cleveland12 Jul 1885Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Manyan, Edna4 Feb 192718 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Maounis, William26 Dec 1890Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Mapel, Edna18 Jun 1886Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Mapel, Estelle8 Jan 1897Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Mapel, John1 Feb 1902Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Mapes, Ronald H20 Nov 193610 May 2007Churubusco
Maple, Elizabeth A20 Jul 1904Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Maple, Elizabeth J7 Aug 193629 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Maple, H Waneta27 Jul 192713 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Maple, Helen M16 Oct 190526 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Maple, Hollis5 Jul 1910Oct 1979Churubusco
Maple, Mildred L3 Nov 1914Oct 1996Churubusco
Maple, Thomas L8 Dec 19324 May 1996Fort Wayne
Maples, Flora18 Jul 1907Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Maples, Michelle L13 Jan 196722 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Maples, William E28 Jan 194121 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mapps, Claude17 Nov 1888Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Mapps, EdithOct 1900Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Marable, Elmer A28 Jun 191721 May 2005Fort Wayne
Marable, Neoma E4 Aug 191918 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Marahrens, Elizabeth6 Jul 1901Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Marahrens, Frederick23 Jul 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Marahrens, Otto3 Oct 1889Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Maraldo, Mike6 Aug 1896Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Marancik, Diane18 Jul 19497 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Marasovich, John13 Nov 1916Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Marasovich, Lillian29 Nov 191918 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Marbach, Verla31 Dec 1895Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Marbach, Viola7 Dec 1895Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Marbaugh, Anita11 Dec 1907Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Marbaugh, Verne D21 May 19168 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Marble, Delbert21 Sep 1924Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Marble, Wildes20 Oct 1895Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Marburger, Arthur2 Aug 1893Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Marburger, Betty25 Apr 191415 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Marburger, Zada26 Feb 1897May 1981Fort Wayne
March, Adolph23 Jan 1910Feb 1975Fort Wayne
March, Frank L2 Oct 190931 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
March, George15 Jul 1891Jan 1968Fort Wayne
March, Isabelle J11 Jun 191623 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
March, Marie10 Dec 1899Aug 1971Fort Wayne
March, Nettie10 Dec 1882Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Marchal, Elizabeth2 Sep 1916Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Marchal, George E22 Dec 191811 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Marchal, Jennie27 Aug 1880Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Marchant, Chester10 Jun 191217 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Marcher, Peter31 Jan 1888Jun 1969Roanoke
Marcher, Vincencia S17 May 189213 Nov 1988Roanoke
Marchese, Joan11 May 1927Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Marchol, Ruth20 Aug 1920Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Marciniak, Josephine E29 Jul 192424 May 2003Fort Wayne
Marciniak, Lorraine3 Sep 192419 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Marciniak, Ted20 Oct 1920Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Marckel, Paul G16 Sep 19383 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Marcom, Cecil L23 May 192117 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Marcom, Florence J30 Jan 194510 May 2005Fort Wayne
Marcotte, Helen L4 Aug 19174 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Marcotte, Joseph1 Jun 1912Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Marcotte, Louis H9 Mar 191917 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Marcotte, Marguerite30 Nov 1917Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Marcum, Betty J29 Apr 192113 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Marcum, Charlie16 Mar 193420 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Marcum, Geneva28 Aug 19228 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Marcum, James2 May 193930 May 2009New Haven
Marcum, June A24 Sep 194210 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Marcus, Charles20 Jul 1922Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Marcus, Wilda G24 Sep 19272 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Marden, Bob25 Apr 1927Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Marek, Dorothy M30 Mar 192624 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Marek, James4 Oct 1919Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Margison, Stella M19 Aug 193326 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Margolis, Ida1 Jun 1900May 1976Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Clara25 Mar 1902Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Frances E15 Aug 19156 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Frank6 Mar 1913Sep 1977Yoder, Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Frederick23 Jul 1919Dec 1978New Haven
Marhenke, Janet13 Dec 192413 Mar 2006New Haven
Marhenke, Joan L20 Jan 192527 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Lillian G28 Feb 1917Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Louis H11 Jan 192418 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Mildred5 Apr 1906Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Robert22 Jan 1909Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Marhenke, Robert C20 Feb 191628 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Marhoover, Catherine R13 Apr 191731 Aug 2004Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Marietta, Betty U4 Jul 191912 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Marine, Pearl24 Jan 1891Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Marini, Mario31 Jul 191623 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Marinkov, Chirs I27 Apr 192927 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Marino, Margaret M24 Apr 193021 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Marion, Gerald10 Jul 19346 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Marion, Sylvia F12 Aug 191625 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mariotte, Clara5 Aug 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mariotte, Ethel30 Jul 1889May 1975Fort Wayne
Mariotte, Phyllis M30 Mar 19185 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Mariotte, Wayne22 Jul 1899Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Mark, James28 Dec 1915Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Mark, Molly25 Feb 1914Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mark, Ruth C26 Jun 191627 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Marker, Betty R16 May 193410 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Marker, Carl E9 Mar 193922 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Marker, Deloris M29 Jul 191328 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Marker, Dennis14 Sep 1935Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Marker, Judith9 Sep 1941Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Marker, Jufdith8 Aug 1938Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Marker, Lester11 Aug 1905Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Marker, Lowell4 Apr 1926Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Marker, Marion25 May 1918Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Marker, Oliver6 Feb 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Marker, Winifred Z7 Aug 19056 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Markesich, Anna M15 Sep 191922 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Markey, Bertha M12 Jul 192731 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Markey, Evanell J14 Nov 19282 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Markey, Helen K18 Feb 19121 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Markey, Irene12 Jul 1894Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Markey, Leonard L3 Nov 192330 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Markey, Mary E14 Jun 19194 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Markey, Nelle24 Dec 1897Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Markey, Orin19 Dec 1892Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Markey, Otto16 Feb 1887Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Markey, Pat A16 Sep 19317 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Markey, Pearl26 May 190015 Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Markey, Ralph10 May 1892Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Markey, Ralph E28 Mar 193921 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Markey, Rosmae21 Mar 1919Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Markey, Selena S19 Jun 1910May 1993Fort Wayne
Markey, Warren O25 Jul 192111 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Markham, Betty Martha16 Jan 193229 Jul 2009Grabill
Markham, Kathryn23 Mar 1907Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Markin, Catherine F29 May 19158 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Markin, Jesse20 Mar 1913Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Markin, Prudie28 Apr 1915Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Markin, Raymond E14 Apr 191523 Aug 1995New Haven
Markland, Bonnie S5 May 19215 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Markle, Gaylon26 Sep 1902Nov 1980Spencerville
Markle, Henry E4 Feb 193619 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Markle, John29 Jan 1904Aug 1969Harlan
Markle, Kathleen9 Apr 1904Dec 1969Spencerville
Markle, Legora A14 Jun 193022 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Markle, Max L10 Mar 19224 Sep 2004Spencerville
Markley, Agnes27 Mar 1882Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Markley, Charles28 Dec 1898Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Markley, Ida10 Jul 1874Jul 1967Roanoke
Markoff, Amelia15 Sep 191519 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Markoff, Kalopa26 Oct 191515 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Markoff, Panaiot G15 Feb 191714 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Markovich, Steve Thomas28 Nov 192221 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Markovski, Dimitar26 Apr 194315 May 2009Fort Wayne
Markowski, Nicholas18 May 193723 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Markowski, Saweli26 Jan 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Marks, Adeline27 Jan 1905Jun 1966Roanoke
Marks, Alfred4 Feb 1914Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Marks, Alice W19 Dec 192516 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Marks, Betty L26 Dec 193516 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Marks, Blanche15 Jun 1915Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Marks, Calvin R22 Sep 192522 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Marks, Charles H7 Aug 191823 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Marks, David O6 Feb 192912 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Marks, George17 Mar 1897Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Marks, George W3 Nov 1924Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Marks, Hildegarde D28 Aug 191420 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Marks, Irene30 Sep 190218 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Marks, J T20 Sep 190613 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Marks, Janet F25 Feb 194510 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Marks, Louadda C9 May 191727 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Marks, Melvin10 May 1887Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Marks, Milton S16 Feb 191422 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Marks, Myron28 Jun 1918Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Marks, Oscar25 Jan 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Marks, Othal24 Oct 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Marks, Phyllis18 Jul 1908Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Marks, Richard G1 May 192813 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Marks, Rosie6 Sep 1912Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Marks, Roy14 Jan 1902Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Marks, Virginia F22 Jul 19268 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Markulis, David M21 Jul 194217 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Markwith, Dorsie26 Feb 1877Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Marlatt, Frank23 Oct 1886Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Marler, Ruth29 Jan 1892May 1969Fort Wayne
Marley, Sandra J7 Sep 194424 May 2008Leo
Marlin, Alice20 Jan 1882Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Marling, William G3 Aug 193510 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Marlock, Andrew L12 Nov 191815 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Marlock, Kathryn R9 Sep 191918 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Marlow, Ann21 Jan 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Marlowe, Earl23 May 193317 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Marmelstein, Maurice20 Mar 1914Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Marohn, Anna5 Jan 1892Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Maroney, Aurelia22 Sep 1909Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Maroney, Carolyn Y25 Jul 19354 Jul 2006New Haven
Maroney, Darlene23 Dec 193924 Jan 1994Monroeville
Maroney, Edward C1 Sep 190417 Dec 1998New Haven
Maroney, Geraldine22 Oct 1905Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Maroney, Gertrude T12 Feb 191116 Nov 1988Woodburn
Maroney, J E24 Oct 1903May 1991Fort Wayne
Maroney, James18 Aug 1898Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Maroney, John J17 Nov 193212 Feb 2007New Haven
Maroney, Margarete L24 Aug 1906Mar 1995New Haven
Maroney, Patrick J7 Feb 194429 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Maroney, Paul D8 Mar 193422 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Alton7 May 1910Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Anna M17 Dec 19152 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Arthur D6 Dec 19311 Jan 2000Monroeville
Marquardt, Bert26 Mar 1889Jul 1974Monroeville
Marquardt, Berton15 Jun 1912Mar 1982Monroeville
Marquardt, Bessie12 Aug 1898Dec 1969Monroeville
Marquardt, Bethann I18 Apr 195128 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Carl E27 Sep 190624 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Catherine G14 Jul 192023 Feb 1992Monroeville
Marquardt, Dallas V8 Oct 190431 May 1998Monroeville
Marquardt, Doris28 May 1906Oct 1977Hoagland
Marquardt, Dorothy20 Jun 1908Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Edna C30 Jul 191628 Dec 1999New Haven, Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Florence I26 Dec 190923 Dec 2004Monroeville
Marquardt, George30 Aug 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Hedwig22 Sep 190923 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Jacob21 Jun 1905Oct 1971Monroeville
Marquardt, James A2 Jan 192312 Nov 2003Monroeville
Marquardt, Jerry L24 Oct 194515 Apr 2007Monroeville
Marquardt, John17 Aug 1917Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Mable M19 Aug 191916 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Margaret23 Nov 1888Jul 1981Woodburn
Marquardt, Mary W18 Mar 19198 Jun 2006Monroeville
Marquardt, Merl24 Apr 1910Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Mildred19 Feb 191621 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Opal P5 Sep 19269 Nov 1999Monroeville
Marquardt, Paul25 Apr 1923Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Rex24 Oct 1928Sep 1981New Haven
Marquardt, Ronald24 Feb 1903Mar 1984Hoagland
Marquardt, S3 Sep 1908May 1975Fort Wayne
Marquardt, Samuel12 Apr 1877Nov 1966Monroeville
Marquardt, Scott A20 May 196922 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Marquardt, William15 Apr 1896May 1972Fort Wayne
Marquart, Alta1 Jun 1908Feb 1977Monroeville
Marquart, Bessie20 Sep 1890Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Marquart, Clyde R17 Sep 191424 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Marquart, Elton10 Aug 1908Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Marquart, Esther B10 Jan 191422 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Marquart, Isaac B26 Sep 191012 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Marquart, Jean7 Sep 1910Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Marquart, Kurt E20 Jun 193419 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Marquart, Leslie21 Oct 1905Apr 1983Monroeville
Marquart, Lloyd3 Sep 1913May 1987Fort Wayne
Marquart, Margaret8 Apr 1906Mar 1987Roanoke
Marquart, Mervin12 Dec 1904Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Marquart, Oliver21 Dec 1882Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Marquart, Virgil V20 Dec 191113 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Marquart, Warren G13 Apr 192322 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Marqueling, Phyllis B1 Apr 19246 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Marquette, Clement25 Oct 1897Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Marquez, Alicia25 Jan 1899May 1986Fort Wayne
Marquis, Richard S10 Sep 191012 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Marquiss, Ford23 Apr 1903Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Marr, Naomi M23 Oct 192013 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Marr, Thurman30 Mar 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Marrs Jr, Wilson G24 Jun 194114 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Marrs, Beth M17 Sep 19243 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Marrs, Frank5 Mar 192427 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Marrs, Ruth15 Feb 189811 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Marsala, Veronica24 Dec 190630 Aug 1992Leo
Marschallek, Hilda F23 Jun 191422 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Marschallek, Walter30 Mar 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Marschand, Clara23 Feb 1911Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Marschand, Cleo30 Dec 1895Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Marschand, Dorothy16 Jan 19191 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Marschand, Harry24 May 1902May 1987Fort Wayne
Marschand, Homer7 Oct 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Marschand, Lillian D3 Nov 191729 May 2000Fort Wayne
Marschand, Myrtle M12 Jun 19173 Oct 2002Churubusco
Marschand, Nina10 Apr 1910May 1966New Haven
Marschand, Patricia A23 Oct 19393 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Marschand, Scott D21 Aug 19573 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Marschand, Warner13 Feb 1928Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Marschke, Luella19 Aug 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Marschke, Otto15 May 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Marschke, Ruth Alice9 Mar 193320 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Marschner, Emma22 Dec 1899Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Marschner, Osmar29 Sep 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Marsden, Francis J8 Jul 19221 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Marsee, Lillie J5 Sep 192213 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Marsee, William H14 Jan 191824 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Marsh, Clifford29 Jul 1917Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Marsh, Doris14 Jan 1912Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Marsh, Earl24 Jun 1906Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Marsh, Esther13 Nov 1897Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Marsh, Esther A15 Oct 191324 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Marsh, Forrest20 Sep 1904Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Marsh, Freida M8 Nov 191519 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Marsh, Gladys A30 Aug 191013 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Marsh, Glenda L15 Mar 193024 Sep 2009Yoder
Marsh, Harold5 Sep 1917Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Marsh, James16 Jun 1884Jun 1969Huntertown
Marsh, James B7 Apr 191616 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Marsh, Lillian11 Sep 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Marsh, Lydia4 Aug 1895Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Marsh, Mamie R30 Jul 190619 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Marsh, Mildred18 Feb 191611 May 2004Fort Wayne
Marsh, Myrle5 Feb 1907Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Marsh, Oliver20 Jul 1885Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Marsh, Stella21 Apr 1892Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Marsh, Steven A12 Mar 195125 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Marshall, Agnes28 Jun 1911Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Marshall, Boyce20 Sep 190126 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Marshall, Charles18 Dec 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Marshall, Claud12 Nov 1900Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Marshall, Donald M8 Oct 194414 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Marshall, Earl8 Aug 1897Dec 1978New Haven
Marshall, Emma31 Jul 1875Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Marshall, Garnet M14 Jul 191628 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Marshall, George18 Jul 1894Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Marshall, Helen20 Dec 1895Mar 1977New Haven
Marshall, James31 Aug 1886Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Marshall, Katie23 Jul 1918Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Marshall, Laura12 Mar 191420 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Marshall, Leo J11 Apr 193220 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Marshall, Mary30 Nov 192013 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Marshall, Mary15 Apr 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Marshall, Maurice A19 Mar 19154 May 2008Fort Wayne
Marshall, Mildred L16 Apr 19202 May 2007Fort Wayne
Marshall, Nancy S3 Feb 19391 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Marshall, Neil19 Jul 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Marshall, Oma23 Jun 1890Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Marshall, Orval21 Feb 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Marshall, Rita H17 Mar 191718 Sep 2007Yoder
Marshall, Robert20 Jan 1918Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Marshall, Robert R27 Jul 192025 Feb 2003New Haven
Marshall, Ruth A31 May 19067 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Marshall, Treva22 Jul 1897Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Marshall, William16 Dec 1889Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Marshand, Burnetta19 Jan 1918Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Marshand, Forest17 Jun 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Marsiglio, Albert S24 Jan 197618 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Mart, Vena B27 Jul 194821 Jan 2001Hoagland
Marten, Carl15 Sep 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Marten, Elizabeth M4 Sep 191730 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Martens, Evelyn29 Jun 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Martens, Victor W15 Nov 19177 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Marthin, Albert25 Feb 1905Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Marti, Betty J20 Aug 19194 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Marti, Edward E14 Dec 190621 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Marti, Kenneth G22 Sep 190211 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Marti, Vera22 May 1904Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Marti, Warren23 Mar 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Agnes C27 Apr 19122 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Alan9 Jun 1929Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Allen18 Nov 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Alta18 Aug 1882Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Ancel9 Aug 1921Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Martin, Angela I10 Jan 197318 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Anna23 Jun 1896Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Archie G21 Sep 193322 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Ardola M9 Apr 191214 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Arletta J30 Nov 192325 Sep 2005Fort Wayne, New Haven
Martin, Audrey M25 Mar 1899Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Martin, Aurelia21 Oct 1888Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Barbara8 Jul 1893Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Martin, Betty3 Aug 191913 May 2009Fort Wayne
Martin, Betty L3 May 193027 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Beulah11 Apr 1916Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Bobbie J19 Dec 193315 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Brice10 Jun 1906Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Martin, Bruce6 Mar 1910Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Callie26 Jun 1891Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Carl6 May 1901May 1966Fort Wayne
Martin, Carl A25 Dec 192130 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Martin, Carl B26 Nov 19344 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Carla Mae16 Mar 193817 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Martin, Charles17 May 1929Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Charles20 Sep 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Charles20 Oct 1880Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Martin, Charles20 Jan 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Charles S23 Sep 192128 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Martin, Christophe E26 Dec 196513 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Martin, Clara C23 May 19011 Oct 1995Monroeville
Martin, Clarence J6 Oct 191129 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Martin, Cleophas25 Aug 1899Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Martin, Corrine L26 Mar 191321 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Curtis17 Mar 1889Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Martin, Daniel B1 Feb 191711 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Martin, Darius23 Oct 1916Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Martin, Dave1 Mar 191310 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, David9 Jan 19657 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, Deborah S27 Oct 19519 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, Delphis20 Jan 1908Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Martin, Dennis R13 Aug 196115 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Diane J8 May 194820 Apr 2007Harlan
Martin, Diane L9 Jun 19497 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Don R13 Jan 19348 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Martin, Doris V31 Jul 190321 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Dorothy C15 Apr 191515 Jun 2008Leo
Martin, Dorothy Jane23 Mar 192325 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Martin, Dorothy M9 Aug 191726 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, Douglas B31 Jul 194921 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Edison16 Apr 1896Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Martin, Edith19 Dec 190111 Apr 2003New Haven
Martin, Edna7 Feb 1897Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Martin, Edna2 Oct 1912May 1990Fort Wayne
Martin, Edna E19 Nov 191519 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Edna I11 Dec 191213 Jan 2001Leo
Martin, Edward24 Apr 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Martin, Effie E28 Feb 1907Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Eli R1 Aug 19162 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, Ella D24 Feb 192924 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Elsa20 May 1894Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Martin, Emma22 Feb 1903Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Martin, Emma L14 Feb 1923Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Emma M16 Oct 1917Aug 1993Monroeville
Martin, Ernest21 Sep 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Esther M11 May 191323 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Ethel M17 Jun 191111 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Eugene7 Jul 1887Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Eugene24 Aug 1906May 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Eva C2 Feb 192410 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Martin, Fannie22 Jan 1908Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Martin, Florence9 Nov 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Martin, Frances E26 Sep 19267 Jan 2000New Haven
Martin, Frank1 Nov 1890Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Martin, Fred F5 Oct 192924 Jun 1994Roanoke
Martin, Freddie Le E27 May 19209 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Martin, Geneva E7 May 192128 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Martin, George17 Jun 1904Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, George2 Dec 1917Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Martin, Gerald E5 Apr 19135 Aug 1994Monroeville
Martin, Gerald E16 Aug 194422 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Martin, Gerald P13 Jul 194223 Mar 2007Monroeville
Martin, Gertrude B8 Mar 190615 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, Grace8 May 190331 Jul 1992Huntertown
Martin, Gran23 Jul 1931Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Martin, Harold19 Jun 1904Mar 1987Huntertown
Martin, Harrison1 Mar 19288 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Martin, Harry7 Dec 1909Mar 1985Huntertown
Martin, Helen15 Mar 1918Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Martin, Helen2 Dec 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Helen12 Mar 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Helen7 Jul 1910Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Helen3 May 1899Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Herbert D6 Feb 191116 Mar 2003Monroeville
Martin, Honora14 Jan 1894Nov 1968Monroeville
Martin, Howard22 Feb 1902Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Martin, Hugh23 Jul 1890Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Martin, Hugh M24 Feb 192324 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Huston14 Apr 1930Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Ina V7 Feb 1904Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Martin, Inez10 Nov 1913Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Ivan30 Sep 1923Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, J B29 May 195815 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Jack1 Nov 1945Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, James17 Jan 1942Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Martin, James21 Mar 1940Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, James H19 Jul 19331 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, James L4 Apr 19133 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Jean M24 Jan 191222 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, Jessie2 Oct 1894Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Joan27 May 1922Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Joann7 Jun 193023 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, John8 Oct 1890Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Martin, John3 Sep 190925 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, John8 Oct 192220 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, John A4 Mar 190114 Sep 1997New Haven
Martin, John E4 Aug 193819 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Martin, John N13 Jul 1912Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Martin, Johnny P11 Mar 19425 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Martin, Josephine7 Jun 190026 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Julia13 Apr 1894Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Martin, Kaiser C23 Aug 191311 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Martin, Kenneth19 Sep 1895May 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, Kenneth E25 Nov 194629 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Martin, Kennith24 Sep 195925 Jan 2009New Haven
Martin, Kurt13 Sep 1900Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Martin, L27 Nov 1958Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Martin, Larry J6 Jun 195014 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Lawrence11 Oct 1923Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, Leah25 Oct 1883Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Leatha24 Aug 191727 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Martin, Leland19 Jun 1911Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Lena V8 Oct 190516 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Leonard J16 Aug 192412 Jul 2000Monroeville
Martin, Lillian29 Nov 1915Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Lois A29 Jul 195214 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Lois M4 Apr 194311 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Martin, Louis8 Oct 1882Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Martin, Louis8 Oct 1916Mar 1984New Haven
Martin, Louise M18 Jun 1913Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Lucille C8 Dec 190922 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Martin, Lula J12 Dec 194228 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, M M23 Jan 19361 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, M Sally29 Jan 192114 May 2008Fort Wayne
Martin, Mabel21 Oct 1891Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Martin, Macye L17 Feb 191911 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, Mae8 Sep 1900Jul 1984Grabill
Martin, Manford3 Sep 1917Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Marcel12 Nov 1894Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Marcella18 Oct 191118 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Marcella L10 Oct 19234 May 1988Fort Wayne
Martin, Margery15 May 192430 May 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Marie25 Aug 1895Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Marie A24 Mar 191513 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Marion G28 Dec 193019 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, Martha15 Mar 1911Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Martha A26 Sep 191227 May 1994Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary8 Apr 1922Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary18 May 19253 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary3 Feb 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary15 Oct 1882Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary A22 Apr 190910 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary B15 Feb 188315 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary Catherine15 Apr 19185 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Martin, Mary Jane27 Sep 191527 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Maud F5 Aug 1916Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Maudie22 Sep 1906Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Martin, Mayme1 Apr 1893May 1982Monroeville
Martin, Merlin1 Jan 1917Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Mildred3 Aug 1910Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Mildred K26 Jan 19216 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Neal30 Jun 1926Oct 1982New Haven
Martin, Nellie10 Mar 1903Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Martin, Netta23 May 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Nicholas20 Nov 1894Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Martin, Norbert P23 Nov 19229 Jan 1999New Haven
Martin, Norine14 Dec 1912Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Olive L30 May 191531 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Martin, Orville L19 Jun 190430 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, Oscar P6 Aug 1900Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Martin, Pamela F4 Oct 19583 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, Parish13 Jul 1900May 1973Fort Wayne
Martin, Patricia A8 Nov 19302 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Paul10 Jun 1899Mar 1975Monroeville
Martin, Paul11 Dec 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Peggy R27 Feb 193023 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Peter12 Jan 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Martin, Peter6 Feb 1886Mar 1974Monroeville
Martin, Peter J7 May 19328 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Phillip D25 Oct 195115 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Martin, R L23 Sep 194515 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Ralph13 Oct 1917May 1986Fort Wayne
Martin, Ralph6 Oct 1923Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Ralph2 Jul 1897Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, Richard A15 Mar 19387 Feb 2010New Haven
Martin, Richard C1 Nov 190819 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Martin, Richard E9 Jan 193712 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Richard J6 Sep 193211 Sep 2009Monroeville
Martin, Rita F8 Jun 191816 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Robert A23 Jul 19193 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, Robert B29 Mar 191230 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Robert B30 Nov 193320 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, Roscoe L18 Mar 191320 Jul 2008Leo
Martin, Ruben H24 Feb 19351 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruby24 May 1902Apr 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Martin, Rufus30 Jun 1919Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruth18 Jan 19056 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruth9 Mar 1892Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruth A23 Jul 191123 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruth A2 Feb 19231 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Martin, Ruth E3 Jan 191826 May 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Septimus26 Jun 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Martin, Shirley A1 Oct 1919Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Martin, Thelma11 Dec 1909Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Theresa J13 Mar 192812 Jun 2002Monroeville
Martin, Thomas25 May 1927Jan 1986Monroeville
Martin, Thomas E3 Apr 19371 May 2004New Haven
Martin, Thomas E15 Sep 19513 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Martin, Thomas J1 Aug 194315 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Martin, Thomas L15 Jul 194428 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Tillie5 Jan 1906May 1967Fort Wayne
Martin, Tom19 Jan 192228 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Martin, Ursula C9 Oct 190229 Dec 1994Monroeville
Martin, Valette7 Mar 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, Viola8 Mar 1891May 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, Viola5 Oct 1900Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Martin, Viola O6 Apr 19133 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Martin, Violet21 Jan 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Martin, Violet15 Sep 1903Nov 1971Grabill
Martin, Virgil1 Dec 1911Jan 1975Monroeville
Martin, Virginia A2 Jul 191920 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Martin, Wallace17 Oct 1911Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Martin, Wallace4 Dec 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Martin, Wallace12 Jul 1919Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Martin, Walter2 Mar 192818 Jun 2008New Haven
Martin, Walter4 May 1893Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, Walter James8 Jul 195030 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Martin, Will13 Jul 187915 Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, William10 Jul 1934Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Martin, William15 Sep 1914Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Martin, William15 Sep 1905Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Martin, William12 Apr 1904Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Martin, Willie9 Apr 192225 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Martin, Willie10 Jun 1906Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Martin, Willie20 Mar 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Martin, Willis24 Jul 1896Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Martin, Winifred9 Feb 1930Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Martincarter, Helen F18 Dec 193228 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Martindale, John D7 Sep 190919 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Martindale, Violet1 Nov 191515 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Martinez, Betty J10 Oct 192215 May 2002Fort Wayne
Martinez, David Jack12 Aug 193929 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Martinez, Enilda E8 Mar 19323 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Martinez, Esther G20 Apr 19259 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Martinez, Jaime G30 Sep 193817 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Martinez, John V15 Jul 1928Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Martinez, Joseph6 Jan 1898Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Martinez, Petronilo S10 Aug 194423 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Martinis, Mary P17 Dec 192026 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Martinkovic, Joseph I29 Feb 192419 May 1995Fort Wayne
Martinkovic, Martha A29 Sep 192910 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Martiny, Walter J4 Feb 189625 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Martone, Tony14 Jan 1894Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Martony, Germaine25 May 191411 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Martony, Joanne M12 Nov 193020 Sep 2003New Haven
Marty, Eugene A10 Apr 192218 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Marty, Katherine Eva22 Aug 19233 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Marty, Louise7 Oct 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Marty, Ruth J10 Mar 193115 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Martz, Betty B16 Feb 19229 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Martz, Clifton L29 Jun 19287 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Martz, Donald24 Oct 1902Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Martz, Ervin L6 May 19241 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Martz, Ferdinand16 Apr 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Martz, George E11 Oct 19138 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Martz, Irene2 Apr 1911Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Martz, James F4 Feb 190727 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Martz, John F5 Sep 190928 Jul 1993New Haven
Martz, Margaret L29 Dec 19148 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Martz, Marie12 Oct 1905Jul 1964Fort Wayne
Martz, Mary20 Mar 1899Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Martz, Mary Lu3 Mar 19294 Jun 2005Roanoke
Martz, Ralph E19 Feb 19274 Jun 2005Roanoke
Martz, Raymond7 Apr 1918Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Martz, Ronald K5 Jul 193815 Jan 1997Churubusco
Martz, Violet V5 Mar 190819 Mar 1994New Haven
Marus, Frances A23 Nov 195226 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Marvel, Alden9 Jun 1926Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Marvel, Barbara30 Jan 1924Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Marvel, Donald30 Jan 1924Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Marvel, Emma19 Mar 1887Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Marvel, Eva2 Oct 1924Mar 1984Churubusco
Marvel, John E7 Aug 191715 Jan 2004Churubusco
Marvel, Rachel E27 Jun 192821 Jan 1998Churubusco
Marvin, Ruth H12 Feb 19197 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Marvin, William H17 Feb 191321 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Marx, Katherine19 Aug 1906Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Marx, Leo R5 Jun 191920 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Marx, Virginia L27 Jan 19229 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Marzano, Marilyn J8 Dec 192520 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Masanz, Leo B20 May 19168 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Masanz, Mary18 Jan 1887Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Masanz, Wenzel9 Oct 1884Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Anna10 Jun 18994 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Edward L4 Sep 189015 Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Eugene J15 Sep 19137 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Leo14 Sep 1889Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Martha13 Dec 1913Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Masbaum, Mary14 Sep 1927Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Mascho, Barbara E20 Aug 194014 Mar 2008Churubusco
Mascho, Steven19 May 1974Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mascorro, Robin E5 May 195819 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mase, Joseph15 Aug 1915Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Mase, Laura10 Mar 1893Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Masel, Bertha16 Feb 1879Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Masel, Dorothy M30 Apr 191822 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Masel, Florence I25 Nov 191220 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Maser, Henry10 Feb 1905Aug 1980Woodburn
Masere, Habib1 Jul 1901Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Masere, Sarah15 Oct 19001 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Mashburn, Ronald E13 Jan 194430 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Masi, Jeroldine R30 Mar 195015 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Masi, Peggy11 Oct 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Masierak, Frances11 Jan 1909Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Masierak, Joyce A11 Mar 194217 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Masierak, Judith F26 Aug 194011 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Masierak, Richard R30 Jul 193815 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mask, Royce L14 Apr 19362 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Maske, Arthur3 Jul 1904Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Maske, Gertrude20 Dec 1900May 1976Fort Wayne
Maslen, Sally A8 May 191725 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Masloob, Evelyn11 Nov 19215 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Masloob, Samuel1 Aug 1914Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Masloob, Zarafat26 Nov 1891Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Mason, Agnes1 Feb 1874Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Mason, Amanda15 Nov 1909Jun 1983Yoder
Mason, Armen F18 Jul 191313 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Mason, Arsene J17 Mar 191212 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Mason, Audrey F25 Sep 191431 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mason, Booster T16 Nov 195311 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Mason, Carl W10 Aug 193110 Nov 2007Woodburn
Mason, Catherine9 Feb 19119 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mason, Clarence9 Mar 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mason, Darren29 Sep 1960Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mason, Dennis29 Mar 1961Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mason, Donald W27 Jan 192323 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Mason, Donnabelle22 Jul 192217 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Mason, Ellen1 May 1907Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Mason, Emma31 Jul 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Mason, Eva E15 Oct 190618 May 1993Fort Wayne
Mason, Georgia V24 May 191314 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mason, Gladys5 Feb 191725 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Mason, Harold6 Sep 1916Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mason, Hazel25 Dec 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mason, Helen F12 Apr 19251 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mason, Henry17 Nov 19569 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mason, Henry26 Jul 1904Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Mason, Henry H7 Jun 192423 May 1988Fort Wayne
Mason, Herman10 Mar 1910Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Mason, Hilda26 Dec 190418 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Mason, Ida M17 Apr 191926 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mason, Irby7 Sep 1929Jan 1986Roanoke
Mason, J8 Jan 1961Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Mason, J D14 Jun 192822 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Mason, James9 Oct 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mason, James C27 Jul 193518 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mason, Jane2 Feb 190111 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Mason, Jean19 Oct 1927May 1983Fort Wayne
Mason, Jeanette E16 Jan 1915May 1994Fort Wayne
Mason, Jerry P17 Mar 194413 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mason, Jessie I13 Jan 19295 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mason, John21 Oct 1912Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Mason, Joseph5 Aug 1887Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Mason, Judy E24 Mar 187515 Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Mason, Lucille12 Jul 1886Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Mason, Lucille A17 Jun 192819 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mason, M J10 Jun 196615 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Mason, Margaret10 Oct 1911Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mason, Marie A3 Aug 191722 Nov 2004Huntertown
Mason, Mary Ellen24 Feb 19269 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mason, Maude7 Jun 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Mason, Maxine M30 Jan 1921Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Mason, Mildred1 Jan 1893May 1966Harlan
Mason, Minnie20 Jun 1884Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Mason, Miracle R31 Dec 199715 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mason, Paul W23 May 195811 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mason, Raymond21 Dec 1938May 1979Fort Wayne
Mason, Richad12 Oct 1926Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Mason, Rosa22 May 1898Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Mason, Shirley A22 Jan 19354 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Mason, Suzanne J31 Jul 194015 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Mason, Thomas R28 Feb 19124 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Massa, Joseph J18 Dec 190915 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Massengill, Edwin D31 May 192520 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Massey, Ann24 May 1917Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Massey, Bernice31 Dec 1910Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Massey, Beulah M21 Jul 192015 May 1990Fort Wayne
Massey, Jo E3 Feb 195413 Feb 2010Leo
Masson, Luella27 Dec 1906Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Masson, Paul16 Sep 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Massonne, Alvera T20 Nov 19263 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mast, Daisy11 Mar 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Mast, Dennis15 Oct 1921Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Mast, Erwin9 Mar 1898May 1966Fort Wayne
Mast, Grace16 Jul 1891Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mast, M M17 Apr 193515 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mast, Marcile15 Oct 192319 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mast, Sarah27 Aug 1895Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Masters, Elladean27 Feb 193129 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Masters, Harry24 Mar 1900Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Masters, Jesse15 Jun 1884Aug 1966Grabill
Masters, Jessie B5 Oct 192527 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Masters, Mildred M5 Sep 190528 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Masters, Robert L12 Nov 192011 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Masterson, Barbara J15 Nov 193216 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Masterson, Wauhneta M13 Nov 192028 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Masteryanni, Florence27 Jun 1895Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mastrangelo, Marshall3 Aug 1957Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Mastromarco, Samuel26 Aug 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Masursky, Celia26 Mar 1885Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Masursky, Sarah22 Nov 1911Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Mata, David20 Apr 1960Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mataraza, Michael17 Jan 1917May 1986Fort Wayne
Matase, Mary22 Jul 1905Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Matase, Richard28 Sep 1909Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Matasky, Marian18 Jul 19076 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Matchett, Elbert3 Aug 1918Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Matchett, Evelyn M11 Oct 192022 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Matchett, Tommie V7 Jan 1934May 1993Fort Wayne
Matchette, Kenneth G18 Jan 190115 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Matchette, Melba M3 Nov 192413 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Matchette, Mildred17 Aug 1900Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Matera, Sean Vincent11 Jun 199721 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Matheny, Amber N24 Dec 198717 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Mather, George R1 Jun 193030 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mather, William18 Mar 194012 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Mathers, Rae W15 Apr 19198 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Mathes, Clarence W12 Feb 193325 Dec 2003Spencerville
Mathes, Florence H29 May 191430 Jul 2000Spencerville
Mathes, Mary A17 Jul 192231 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mathes, Virgil20 Jan 1915Jun 1987Spencerville
Mathews, Claude12 May 1897Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Mathews, Joseph30 Nov 1889Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Mathews, Moses10 Jul 19419 Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Mathews, Naoma7 Apr 1896May 1977Fort Wayne
Mathews, Nina24 Jul 19039 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Mathewson, Beth19 Sep 1893Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mathewson, Margaret7 Nov 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Mathewson, Paul27 Jul 1904Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Mathias, Dale16 Apr 1904Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mathias, Frank16 Oct 1883Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mathias, Frederick J29 Feb 192411 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mathias, Herman V24 Apr 19011 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Mathias, Homer27 Aug 1907Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Mathias, Lew David14 Dec 194723 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mathias, Mary28 Aug 1906Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Mathias, Robert W1 Feb 19167 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Mathie, Alice I6 Nov 192930 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mathie, Margaret16 Dec 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Mathie, R E12 Feb 19308 Nov 1990New Haven
Mathieson, Paul27 Jul 19307 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mathieu, Evelyn M19 May 191918 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Mathieu, Ralph C1 Apr 192027 Feb 1994Churubusco
Mathis, Albert P27 May 191626 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Mathis, Ernestine19 Aug 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Matlock, Alberta7 Feb 19137 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Matott, Else R27 Oct 192917 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Matott, Helen7 Aug 1911Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Matott, Kenneth10 Jan 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Matott, Lillian8 Aug 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Matott, Mary15 Dec 1891Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Matrau, Carolyn14 Jan 194011 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Matson, Alice J5 May 194716 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Matson, Dorothea21 Aug 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Matson, Ethel13 Aug 1908Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Matson, Eugene P23 Feb 194311 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Matson, Frances25 Jun 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Matson, Guy6 Oct 1899Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Matson, James E28 May 19457 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mattax, Lavone9 Apr 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Matter, Anna28 Jul 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Matter, Daniel W31 May 190913 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Matter, Daniel Warren28 May 193025 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Matter, Edward30 Jan 1919Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Matter, Helen M30 Apr 19337 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Matter, Ilo G29 Jun 192228 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Matter, Lee A11 Nov 191425 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Matter, Mary8 Oct 1881Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Matter, Richard8 Apr 1901Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Matter, William23 Mar 1930Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mattern, Gerald D17 Jul 193813 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Mattern, Ruth16 Dec 1903Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Matters, Loretta1 Feb 190028 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Mattes, Bernadine2 Nov 1895Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mattes, Bertha15 Oct 1902Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Mattes, Catherine29 Jun 1897May 1978Fort Wayne
Mattes, David Michael3 Aug 194318 Jan 2008New Haven
Mattes, Evelyn M22 Jun 19196 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Mattes, Gladys10 Jan 190924 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mattes, Helen S10 Aug 192417 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mattes, James J14 Jun 191810 Aug 2005Churubusco
Mattes, Joseph16 Apr 1887Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Mattes, Joseph9 Jul 1907Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Mattes, Ralph W5 Jul 193612 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Mattes, Raymond F18 Aug 19352 Oct 2005Yoder
Mattes, Stella J8 Aug 190514 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mattes, Susan M25 Apr 18956 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Matthew, Charlotte30 Sep 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Matthews, Arnold E21 Apr 191916 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Matthews, Betty J1 Jan 192621 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Matthews, Carl25 Oct 1921Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Matthews, Daniel F22 Jan 19545 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Matthews, Edith H27 Oct 192923 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Matthews, Edward9 Oct 1918Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Matthews, Edward W16 Jun 191417 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Matthews, Ethel F7 Oct 187815 Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Matthews, Frank6 Oct 1901May 1969Fort Wayne
Matthews, Frank E3 Apr 193023 Mar 2002New Haven
Matthews, Fred19 Dec 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Matthews, Goldie27 Oct 1905Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Matthews, Irene L11 Jul 191428 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Matthews, John E18 May 19296 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Matthews, John W22 Jul 191626 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Matthews, Lee10 Jun 1911Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Matthews, Louis Wayne7 Nov 193128 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Matthews, Mary J11 Nov 1930Apr 1995New Haven
Matthews, Tony D21 Sep 195915 May 2003Fort Wayne
Matthews, Virginia L21 Aug 192225 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Matthias, Carl E11 May 19132 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Matthias, Cleo M26 Nov 191224 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Matthias, Elmer21 Jan 1905Aug 1986Roanoke
Matthias, Frieda M18 Jun 19042 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Matthias, Helen M9 Oct 1910Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Matthias, Howard30 Apr 1902Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Matthias, Lorwell H4 Sep 19159 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Matthias, Mary Louise12 Nov 191813 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Matthias, Mildred E7 Aug 191319 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Matthias, William16 Sep 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Mattice, Frank20 May 192225 Dec 2002New Haven
Mattice, Melster M11 May 192323 Apr 2007New Haven
Mattingly, Alma J23 Oct 193626 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mattingly, Bernard10 Feb 1912Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Mattingly, Gertrude17 Jan 1912Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Mattingly, Gus29 Oct 1880Jul 1969New Haven
Mattingly, Joseph20 Aug 1918Dec 1978New Haven
Mattingly, Lawrence J26 May 191516 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Mattingly, Mary Alice2 Sep 191519 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mattingly, Raymond6 May 1913Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mattis, John22 May 1919Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Mattis, Mary A12 Dec 1912Oct 1995New Haven, Fort Wayne
Mattison, Ora M11 Jul 189427 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Mattix, Earl14 Jan 1915May 1976Fort Wayne
Mattix, Gertrude25 Feb 1912Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Mattix, Goldie4 May 1922Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mattix, Ivan20 Jul 1889Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Mattix, Julia28 Mar 1909Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Mattix, Lloyd C26 Oct 190616 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mattox, Tomie25 Jun 189215 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Mattson, Edna E2 Apr 19129 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Matuska, Anna11 Dec 192421 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Matve, Amie F17 Apr 19259 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Matye, George A5 Jun 19123 May 1993Fort Wayne
Matye, Phyllis I15 Jan 1915Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Matz, Linda L20 Nov 19397 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Matz, Verna B15 Jan 190817 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Matzen, Emma12 Sep 1879Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Mauch, Anna22 Jan 1899Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mauch, John F26 Feb 19076 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Mauch, Mary B15 Dec 19031 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mauck, Edith29 Dec 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Mauk, Anna24 Jul 1910Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Mauk, Howard18 Feb 1906Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Maul, Doris H26 Aug 191618 Jun 1991New Haven
Maul, Lynda15 Aug 1895Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Maul, Matthew E19 Oct 196019 Feb 2004Roanoke
Mauldin, David12 Apr 1926Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mauldin, Marilyn6 May 1939Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mauller, Ralph26 Oct 193821 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mault, C11 Apr 1908Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Mault, Dorothy E4 Feb 190926 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Maung, Win5 Feb 192929 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Maurer, Albert7 May 1899Jan 1982New Haven
Maurer, Annette M5 Feb 192817 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Maurer, Charles25 Mar 1895Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Maurer, Ernest3 Jun 1900Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Maurer, Max19 Aug 19225 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Maurer, Roy12 Sep 1885Aug 1967Spencerville
Maurer, Walter1 Apr 1893Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Maurice, Corrine A6 Sep 191827 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Maurice, Phillip M26 Sep 19152 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Mauricio, Arnold9 Oct 193430 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Mauricio, Leon G17 Jul 19324 Mar 1996Roanoke
Maurin, Genevieve M8 May 19251 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mauritzen, Melvin29 Jan 1908Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Maurizi, Edward J24 Mar 195522 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Maus, Mary16 Oct 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mausness, Anthony12 Feb 1912Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Mawhorr, Marie F2 Nov 190826 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Mawhorr, Russell26 Jan 1911Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Max, Ben A2 Nov 191627 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Max, Helen M25 Nov 192127 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Max, Mildred H11 Jan 191611 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Max, Sally3 Jul 1885Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Maxey, Anna7 Sep 1905Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Maxey, Annie28 Sep 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Maxey, Howard30 Apr 1902Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Maxfield, Helen J30 Jun 192416 Jan 2004Leo
Maxfield, James18 Jan 1892Jan 1970Leo
Maxfield, Laura J24 Jun 192530 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Maxheimer, Leroy22 Nov 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Maxson, Beryl M15 Apr 192318 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Maxson, Hazel C5 Nov 191513 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Maxson, John F23 Jul 19202 May 1991Fort Wayne
Maxson, Maxine8 Dec 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Maxson, Ruth16 Dec 1921Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Beatrice15 Dec 1917Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Bernice29 Jun 1913Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Bruce K4 Jun 193328 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Dawn19 Dec 1884Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Edith7 Mar 1887Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Edward G1 Nov 193512 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Ella25 Jul 1883Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Eugene J16 Aug 192122 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Maxwell, F Garland15 Apr 19145 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Fanny5 Feb 1892Apr 1975Churubusco
Maxwell, George17 Jan 1878Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Hrisula M26 Aug 193318 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Janet M6 Jul 193519 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Joseph26 Dec 1917Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Lester R3 Mar 192822 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Marcella L3 Oct 19167 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Mayme1 Feb 1902May 1969Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Melba L11 Oct 1923Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Millie10 Sep 1905Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Nettie23 Jan 1902Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Norbert L6 May 192320 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Ozia B3 Feb 192412 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Phyllis Elaine16 Jan 193913 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Richard L8 Mar 19279 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Robert O5 Sep 191314 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Rowena4 Feb 1879May 1968Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Steven R14 Nov 19506 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Maxwell, Tad C25 Sep 198022 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
May, Alma3 Mar 1909Nov 1977Grabill
May, Andy5 Aug 1901Jul 1973Fort Wayne
May, Bernice13 Nov 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
May, Betty E17 Jan 19331 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
May, Bradley6 Jul 194315 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
May, Charles F8 Mar 193331 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
May, Cora M9 Nov 190620 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
May, D20 Jan 1905Jun 1978Fort Wayne
May, Donald15 Jul 1911Feb 1982Fort Wayne
May, Edgar8 Feb 1901Mar 1972Roanoke
May, Elizabeth T18 May 191727 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
May, Ella31 Aug 1885Aug 1975Fort Wayne
May, Ester M10 Jan 192322 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
May, Esther20 Aug 1912Apr 1995Fort Wayne
May, Geneva14 Sep 192412 Jan 1998Spencerville
May, Gerhart Charles18 Mar 193914 May 2008Fort Wayne
May, Harriett M17 Sep 19055 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
May, Isabelle30 Jun 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
May, James21 Feb 1933Aug 1982Fort Wayne
May, Johnson1 Sep 1878May 1972Fort Wayne
May, Joyce A26 Jun 194513 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
May, Lee E15 Jul 194712 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
May, Leon16 May 1913May 1984Fort Wayne
May, Lester24 Apr 1908May 1976Fort Wayne
May, Louise13 Dec 191211 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
May, Madonna6 Jun 1911Jan 1987Roanoke
May, Marjorie30 Nov 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
May, Nancy A21 Feb 194028 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
May, Patricia26 May 1935Apr 1980Woodburn
May, R29 Sep 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
May, Richard L26 Jul 193224 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
May, Rita18 Sep 191827 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
May, Ronald F3 Feb 19094 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
May, Roy10 Apr 1898Aug 1972Grabill
May, Russell29 Jun 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
May, Russell4 Feb 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
May, Vernice15 Feb 1926Apr 1996Fort Wayne
May, William R16 Jun 192621 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Maybee, Juanita3 May 19155 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Maybee, Robert W23 Nov 191618 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mayberry, Alta1 Apr 1905Oct 1975Churubusco
Mayberry, Ava18 Nov 1882Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Mayden, Eileen L4 Jan 1922Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Mayer, Andy22 Apr 1902May 1983Fort Wayne
Mayer, Arthur22 Jun 1906Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mayer, Beatrice17 Mar 1904Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Mayer, Earl23 Jul 1889Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mayer, Edward20 Dec 1901Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Mayer, George8 Aug 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Mayer, Roger11 Jan 1918Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mayer, William8 Dec 1896Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Mayer, William H14 Aug 19175 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mayers, Clement20 Mar 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Mayers, Estella V23 Jan 190821 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mayers, Irene7 Aug 1911Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Mayes, Charlie21 Dec 193410 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mayes, Emily26 Mar 1925Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Mayes, Esther8 Oct 1941Sep 1976New Haven
Mayes, Hubert25 Aug 193223 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mayes, Irene23 Jun 195315 Aug 1999New Haven
Mayes, Marie A23 Mar 193428 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mayes, Ronnie L17 Apr 19631 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Mayes, Ted19 Apr 1945Sep 1976New Haven
Mayfield, Clyde17 Mar 1890Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mayfield, Dorothy W8 Jul 192619 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Mayfield, Evelyn1 May 1925Jan 1976New Haven
Mayfield, Fay N20 Dec 191630 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Mayfield, Martha10 Apr 1891Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Mayhew, Edna9 Jul 191327 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mayhew, George M12 Feb 19209 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mayhew, Orie13 Oct 1914Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mayle, Albert8 Apr 1887Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Mayle, Alta22 Jun 1912May 1987Fort Wayne
Mayle, Grace20 May 1889Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Mayle, Margaret9 Nov 1887Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Maynard, Marjorie E7 Aug 1921Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Maynard, Raymond12 Dec 1917Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Mayo, Arvilla21 Mar 1878Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Mayo, Carolyn C31 Dec 19472 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mayo, Charles W8 Feb 19232 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Mayoak, Steven J11 Feb 190915 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Mays, Carnie29 Aug 1933May 1982Fort Wayne
Mays, Donald E14 May 19297 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mays, Edward30 Apr 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mays, Estella16 Jun 19101 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mays, Henry M15 Mar 190611 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Mays, Mary C15 Sep 191825 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mays, Melvin15 Oct 19093 May 1996Fort Wayne
Mazak, Stephan27 Jul 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Mazakes, Joseph A29 Sep 198626 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Mazakis, Henri19 Jun 19373 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mazakis, Kalma10 Sep 190930 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Maze, Mary14 Aug 1899Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Mazelin, Betty J6 Apr 193518 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mazock, Ernest18 Nov 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mazock, Isabel M26 Jun 190920 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mazock, Richard19 Jan 1938Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Mazure, Vanda23 Sep 191626 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mazziotti, Cataldo10 Jun 1895Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Mazzola, Josephine8 Dec 1908Apr 1996Fort Wayne

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