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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Mc Clish, Claude27 Aug 1888Apr 1977Huntertown
Mc Cormick, Leta22 Nov 1894May 1985Fort Wayne
Mc Coy, Jon J11 Jan 194323 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mc Crea, Marcia L25 Aug 193710 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mc Daniel, Mary C4 Aug 192324 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mc Dowell, Ray Woodson27 Aug 194918 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mc Kee, Chester23 Oct 1893Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Mc Kee, Ruth V16 May 189510 May 1983Fort Wayne
Mc Kinley, Delta23 Jun 1890Jul 1975Spencerville
Mc Kinney, Martha A14 Nov 191915 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Mc Pherson, Lawrence31 Jan 191821 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mcabee, Cora10 Oct 1891Jan 1970New Haven
Mcabee, Harold23 Jul 1917Jun 1977New Haven
Mcabee, Lawrence L28 May 193913 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mcabee, Leroy W12 Jul 191511 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Mcabee, Phyllis L24 Mar 192217 May 2002New Haven
Mcabee, Ross L14 Apr 192010 Feb 1999New Haven
Mcadams, Elza8 Jan 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Mcadams, Essie M16 Aug 19047 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mcadams, Mary23 Feb 1911Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Bruce M13 May 191328 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Charles R22 Dec 19087 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Clare A16 Apr 190912 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Donald8 Oct 1907Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Donald15 Sep 1911Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Gerald S1 Feb 19672 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Helen P22 Feb 1905Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Herman2 Jul 190219 May 1990Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Hiram17 May 1881Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Ilo21 Sep 1901Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Inez S10 May 1906Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Jeanette2 Oct 193122 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Loretta20 Jun 1921Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Mary16 Apr 1886Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Richard E23 Apr 192823 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Ruth F23 Dec 19267 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Samuel9 Nov 1889Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mcafee, Vanessa L14 Sep 195821 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mcaleavey, Constance M11 Nov 192017 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Mcaleavey, Joseph L11 Mar 191724 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Mcaleece, Donald J26 May 191818 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mcaleece, Kathryn25 Aug 1895Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Mcalexander, Addie V17 Dec 19246 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mcalexander, Joyce6 May 1927Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mcalhaney, Betty11 Oct 1918Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Mcalister, Dalton C9 Aug 19214 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mcalister, Ethel M3 Apr 18976 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Mcalister, Virginia D8 Aug 192112 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mcallister, John9 Jun 1909Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Mcallister, Sylvia A24 Nov 192615 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mcalpin, Mary E22 Sep 192427 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mcalpin, Paul M19 Dec 192024 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mcanelly, Ruby5 May 1904Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Billie L26 May 192221 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Clara L22 Jan 191424 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Dorothea J16 Oct 19165 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Henrietta30 Sep 1887Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Mcardle, James F4 Jun 193828 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Mcardle, John L20 Dec 19129 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Mcardle, John Lawrence7 Apr 193131 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Madeline7 Apr 1921Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Mary16 Mar 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Nancy9 Mar 1915Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mcardle, Vernon D21 Aug 19177 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mcarthur, Margaret H1 Aug 191627 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Mcarthur, Robert D20 Feb 19315 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Charles E19 Dec 19251 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Gertrude A20 Jul 192512 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Gladys M3 May 192419 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Henry D19 Aug 192328 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Mary E9 Aug 192314 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mcatee, Thomas L31 Aug 19248 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mcbee, Cauline J26 Jul 19295 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mcbee, John28 Oct 1907Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcbee, William L9 Oct 192423 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Ada C22 Dec 19061 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Adelaide20 Dec 1896Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Anne8 Jan 1923May 1979Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Bernard3 May 1885Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Bryan6 Dec 1897Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Carl8 Jun 1956Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Carolyn D10 Mar 192428 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Charles17 Feb 1896May 1967Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Charles E26 Sep 195819 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Charlotte26 Apr 1903Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Countless15 Oct 1902Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Donald E22 Apr 192810 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Donald M11 Jun 193021 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Edgar C22 Dec 192416 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Edmond2 May 1899Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Eleanor8 Aug 1936May 1980Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Elmer11 Aug 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Evelyn10 Jul 1897May 1978Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Evelyn L1 Aug 190918 Jan 2004Churubusco
Mcbride, Forest19 Jun 1901Nov 1981Churubusco
Mcbride, Francis25 May 1908Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Fred29 Nov 1890Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Gastle25 Dec 19182 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Gladys28 May 1900Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Grover15 May 1890Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Hazel E15 Jun 189819 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Helen T9 Feb 191914 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Jacqulin J15 Jul 19283 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Mcbride, John P17 Mar 19296 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Kenneth L9 May 193313 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Larry D18 Dec 194110 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Lowell A24 Nov 19484 Dec 2008Hoagland
Mcbride, Maola8 May 1891Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Margaret A10 Apr 192326 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Margaret E20 Aug 192430 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Mary6 Jul 1926May 1984Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Mary20 May 1923Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Myrtle17 Feb 1905Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Nannie15 Sep 1874Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Orval27 May 1913Jan 1987Churubusco
Mcbride, Paul E24 Nov 193724 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Ralph4 Feb 1909Dec 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Mcbride, Ralph L15 Jul 191417 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Ralph R31 May 191813 Nov 1992Churubusco
Mcbride, Raymond A21 Jan 192325 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Richard16 Jun 19187 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Roy29 Aug 1907Nov 1975Churubusco
Mcbride, Ruby G19 Sep 191313 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Ruth E2 May 192524 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Ruth R19 Aug 191718 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Thomas C26 Dec 196226 May 2005Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Veaster N18 Mar 197728 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Mcbride, Violet20 Jun 191528 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mccabe, Esther17 Feb 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mccabe, Harold E1 Apr 191720 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mccabe, Mary6 Aug 1922Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Mccafferty, Catherine8 Jan 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Mccaffery, Gertrude23 Sep 1883Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Mccaffery, Helen21 Sep 1910Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mccaffery, Ralph W25 May 192827 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mccaffrey, Guyla Patricia30 Oct 19176 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mccagg, Earl M12 Dec 191914 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Mccague, Edwin E6 Feb 193115 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mccague, Floyd10 May 1885May 1971Fort Wayne
Mccague, Harriet28 Mar 1892Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Mccague, Kenneth F24 Dec 190318 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Mccague, Lewis R10 Jun 19158 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mccague, Marjorie R8 Feb 191710 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mccague, Philip A9 Sep 191613 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Mccague, Sadie19 Aug 1884Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Mccaig, Douglas24 Feb 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mccain, Verta L1 Jan 193426 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mccalester, Helen K24 Sep 191615 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Mccalister, William27 Nov 1911Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Mccall, Charles4 Apr 1890May 1968Fort Wayne
Mccall, Charles22 Sep 1902Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Mccall, Larry23 Feb 1925Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Mccall, Lester22 Dec 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mccall, Mandell27 May 191512 May 1997Fort Wayne
Mccall, Ray10 Mar 1899Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Mccall, Stephanie M27 Oct 191230 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mccall, Thelma22 Feb 1909Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mccallister, Charley9 Jun 1889Mar 1966Roanoke
Mccallister, Claude A6 Nov 191217 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Mccallister, Isabel27 Oct 1892Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Mccallister, Marian K26 Jan 19171 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Mccallister, William T27 Sep 18926 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Mccallum, Pearl1 Oct 1897Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mccammon, Frances30 Sep 191328 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Mccammon, Mahlon10 Jun 1911Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Mccampbell, Beverly A6 Feb 192229 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mccampbell, Robert H8 Aug 192213 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mccandles, Belle19 Jan 1892Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Mccandles, James20 May 1900Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Mccandlish, Cleo5 Jun 1898Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Mccann, Dialene G11 Apr 194325 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Mccann, Glenn D6 Jan 19188 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mccann, Jeanetta L19 Nov 192821 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mccann, Raymond19 Mar 1920Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mccann, Thomas12 Mar 1951May 1983Churubusco
Mccann, William L8 Nov 19293 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Mccard, Betty A27 Dec 192428 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mccard, Henry5 Aug 1908Nov 1976New Haven
Mccard, Henry J22 Apr 194810 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Mccarel, Sallie16 Jul 1880Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Mccarren, Ilene M25 May 192126 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Mccarroll, Helene A14 Jan 190325 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Mccarroll, Joseph21 Jun 1931Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mccarron, James25 May 1920Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mccarron, Phyllis F13 Jul 191712 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mccart, James9 Sep 1914Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Mccarter, Alice28 Jan 1887Oct 1985New Haven
Mccarter, Susie28 Sep 193023 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Agnes18 Sep 1892Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Chloe13 Apr 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Cyril3 Sep 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Donald O21 Feb 193323 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Esther21 Jul 1895Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Frank1 Dec 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Golden26 Apr 1895May 1971Roanoke
Mccarthy, Grace30 May 1880Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, James P11 Jul 188715 Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Marcella Marie8 Apr 190825 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Margaret E30 Mar 191629 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, Nancy G1 Feb 19395 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mccarthy, William24 Feb 1906Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Mccartin, Juanita B3 Apr 191520 May 1989Fort Wayne
Mccartney, Charles Earl3 May 19158 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mccartney, Edith6 Jul 1908Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mccartney, Harry7 May 1894Sep 1977Spencerville
Mccartney, Jack1 May 1917Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Mccartney, Mary M6 Jan 187815 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Mccartney, Opal21 May 1887Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Beatrice I30 Sep 19082 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Charles E29 Oct 193712 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Colubus23 Mar 1900Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Geraldine19 Jun 192820 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Hobert10 Oct 1897Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Mccarty, John10 Nov 1905Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Nicholas8 Oct 192713 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mccarty, Ruth23 Dec 192114 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mccarver, Anna16 Jul 1886Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mccarver, Benton12 Dec 1884Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Mccary, Marguerite1 Jan 1913Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Mccaskey, Hazel11 Sep 1885Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mccaul, Grace2 Feb 1887Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mccauley, Thomas H6 Aug 19054 Dec 2003Harlan
Mccave, Chester5 Jan 1904Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Mccave, Marjorie5 Nov 1920Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Mccay, Helen14 Aug 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Benjamin5 Oct 1889Jan 1973Churubusco
Mcclain, Byna J31 Oct 1925Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Clifford O3 Apr 19056 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Dale24 Jun 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Dorothy I27 Feb 192122 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Edward2 Aug 1888Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Esther G19 Jan 19124 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Ethel L9 Nov 19183 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Frances C11 Dec 194621 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Mcclain, G7 Jan 1933Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Gerald G17 Jul 19245 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Gerald M23 Oct 19181 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Harold R25 Jul 190214 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Jeffries15 Jun 1892Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Jennie23 Dec 1889Apr 1973Churubusco
Mcclain, John Henry12 Feb 191916 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Joseph13 Dec 1909Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Martha25 Nov 1909Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Nelda M5 May 192518 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Ralph7 Apr 191214 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Russell29 May 1906May 1973Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Ruth17 Feb 1916Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Mcclain, Shane24 Jul 197726 Sep 1997Roanoke
Mcclaren, Helen25 Mar 1913Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mcclaren, Henry18 Jul 1881Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Mcclarence, Henrietta8 Mar 1893Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Mcclead, Forrest11 Mar 1909Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Mccleary, Elizabeth28 Feb 1914Jan 1979New Haven
Mccleary, Frances L13 May 190624 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Mccleary, George11 Sep 1905Feb 1985New Haven
Mcclellan, Ouida Mae31 Mar 191614 Apr 2008New Haven
Mcclelland, Albert B6 Oct 19158 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mcclelland, Alice28 May 1913Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Mcclelland, Emma J18 Mar 192715 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mcclelland, June21 Jun 1894Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclellen, Lenora24 May 1879Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mcclenahan, Lois E27 Jul 191231 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclendon, Bessie11 Mar 1896Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Mcclendon, Katherine24 Mar 192224 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mcclendon, Lenita4 Sep 1986Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mcclendon, Leroy Donell15 Dec 19716 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mcclendon, William28 Dec 1921Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Mcclintic, Donald9 May 1902Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Mcclintic, Mabelle6 Jul 1911Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, Dorothy M20 Mar 192413 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, Emma12 Aug 1898Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, Helen C26 Jan 19164 May 1991Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, Lillian Louise18 Mar 19143 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, Millard8 Jun 1906Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Mcclintock, William11 May 1897Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclish, Clara17 Jul 1894Jan 1978Churubusco
Mcclish, Edna14 Jan 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mcclish, Vera27 Jun 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Mcclory, Mary W3 Mar 19032 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclory, William11 Apr 1902Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Mccloskey, Elizabeth J19 Jan 192010 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mccloskey, Maxine A13 Dec 191816 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Mccloskey, Terrence29 Nov 1936Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mccloud, Barbara J31 Mar 194526 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mccloud, Mattie17 Jun 193826 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mccloud, William F17 Aug 193917 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mcclue, Ellen25 Apr 1920Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Alden19 Feb 1925Mar 1981Churubusco
Mcclure, Alden Ray5 Dec 195518 Jan 2008Churubusco
Mcclure, Anna L17 Sep 190213 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Beatrice19 Feb 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Bob7 Jul 1915Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Calvin R16 Oct 191116 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Caroline E25 Jan 191920 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Charles2 Jul 1889Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Clyde17 Jan 1905Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Mcclure, David8 Nov 1890Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Dolores B4 Oct 190715 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Earl R4 Jun 191415 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Eloise S18 Mar 1926Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Forest24 Aug 1893Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Gertrude7 May 18975 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Helen M31 Jul 191430 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Idyle F8 Dec 189223 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Jacob14 Apr 1899Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mcclure, James F14 Mar 19233 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mcclure, John22 Dec 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclure, John T9 Sep 19262 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Loyd16 Mar 1904Apr 1980Roanoke
Mcclure, Margaret Anna27 Nov 193428 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Marlene C9 May 196515 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclure, O Juanita27 Oct 1915Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Patricia14 Feb 1959Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Phoebe A24 Oct 189326 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Richard B20 Jul 191915 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Robert14 Sep 1881Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Robert E24 Mar 196431 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Rose17 Apr 1893Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclure, Velma16 Jul 1905May 1981Roanoke
Mcclure, Vera16 Jan 1892May 1965Fort Wayne
Mcclurg, Frances23 Feb 1906Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcclurg, Ira Robert20 Jun 190929 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mcclurg, James19 Nov 1904Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclurg, Nelson21 Jan 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Mcclurg, Ora K24 Oct 192019 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mcclusky, Harrison14 Oct 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mcclymonds, Frank22 Nov 1898Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Mcclymonds, Gladys27 Dec 1898Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Mcclymonds, Helen23 Jan 1904Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Mccollister, Donald R3 Mar 192030 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Mccollister, Edna19 Jul 1911Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mccollister, Mary6 Oct 1919Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Mccollister, Petra M1 Jan 1921Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Mccollom, Charles L21 Jul 192216 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Mccollough, Helen M6 Mar 192431 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Barbara7 Nov 1938Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Carol A28 Jan 193918 Apr 1990New Haven
Mccollum, Fletcher19 Aug 1926Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Frances6 Jan 191919 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mccollum, James Andrew2 Nov 193726 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Johnnie5 Sep 1935Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Lonnie25 Aug 1917Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Marcella R18 Jun 19175 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Michael S12 Jan 196126 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mccollum, Samuel13 May 1895Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Mccollun, Henrietta21 Oct 1877Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Mccolly, Evan16 Jan 1929May 1980Fort Wayne
Mccolly, Mary27 Nov 1925Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mccomas, Emery D27 Aug 190513 Apr 1988Monroeville
Mccomas, Melinda25 Mar 1904Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mccomas, Robert7 Jan 1922Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Anna20 Jul 1879Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Cecile23 Jun 1892Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Clara10 Feb 1902Apr 1973Huntertown
Mccomb, Danford M21 Feb 192216 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Donna M5 Apr 195111 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Ella L17 Mar 19145 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Forest2 Oct 1896Aug 1978Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Glenn24 May 1904May 1967Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Harold L7 Jun 19217 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Jack C11 Nov 19307 Aug 2000Huntertown
Mccomb, James1 Apr 1923Apr 1986Huntertown
Mccomb, Joan L27 Mar 193020 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mccomb, L Elaine22 Mar 1926Mar 1989Huntertown
Mccomb, Leta2 Aug 1894Nov 1975Huntertown
Mccomb, Lois E24 May 192610 Aug 2005Huntertown
Mccomb, Madeliene6 Feb 1903Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Madge M17 Nov 19157 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Michael15 May 195727 Feb 2007Huntertown
Mccomb, Mildred M29 Sep 190826 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Richard S24 Aug 19196 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Mccomb, Stephen26 Apr 1952Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mccomb, William H31 Mar 19063 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Mccombs, Berdella B9 Apr 19112 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mccombs, Ernest27 Nov 1911Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Mccombs, Jane T17 Mar 191613 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Mccommons, Betty M12 Feb 19307 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mccommons, Dale28 Jul 192517 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mccon, Laray F15 Sep 191023 Apr 2002Huntertown
Mcconahay, Sally18 Aug 1907May 1975Fort Wayne
Mcconiga, Douglas S31 May 197013 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Mcconkey, Mildred L21 May 190316 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Mcconkey, Thomas8 Jul 1895Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, Albert Y13 Jan 190415 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, Bertha L9 Sep 191414 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, Donald19 Jun 1909Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, Luther C25 Jun 190718 May 1996Churubusco
Mcconnehey, Ottie R21 Apr 19107 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, Vera5 Nov 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mcconnehey, William25 Jan 1902Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Mcconnel, Mildred19 Sep 1900Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Edna21 Jul 1886Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Irene20 Apr 1911Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, James H23 Mar 191328 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Joyce June J15 May 192327 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Lois N27 Mar 192519 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, May20 Sep 1890Dec 1963Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Michael A1 Feb 196123 Nov 2008Woodburn
Mcconnell, Phyllis J17 Oct 192326 Dec 2003New Haven
Mcconnell, Robert30 Jan 1929Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Robert C25 Jun 192122 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Mcconnell, Velma21 Aug 193120 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mccord, Dean2 Dec 1923Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Mccord, Jerry W27 Sep 19406 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mccord, Michael E6 Sep 195720 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mccord, Raymond G25 Oct 19055 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Mccord, Ruth E4 Oct 19307 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Mccord, Sarah7 Apr 1893Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Mccorkle, Carol Ann28 Dec 19399 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mccorkle, Dean7 Nov 194710 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Mccorkle, John A28 Sep 192415 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Mccorkle, Kathryn19 Apr 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mccorkle, Mornie24 Jun 1888Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Mccormack, Donald R5 Apr 19308 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Mccormack, Eileen N11 Jul 1933Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Mccormack, Frances23 May 1900Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mccormack, William A12 Aug 19307 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Agnes M2 Oct 190826 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Alice2 Dec 1892Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Anna16 Jan 190717 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Arnold J5 Oct 192314 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Cecelia8 Nov 1895Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Clarence29 Mar 1894Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Doloris23 Nov 193520 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Edith7 Jul 1888May 1977Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Elenoar6 Dec 1907Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Elwood20 Apr 192514 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Glenn F13 Mar 191823 Jun 2003New Haven
Mccormick, Hilda E27 Jun 19086 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mccormick, James A18 Apr 193318 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mccormick, James R3 May 192720 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Jane M26 Oct 19239 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Joan M2 Feb 192418 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mccormick, John E25 Apr 191818 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Katherine18 Jul 1890Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Margaret29 Sep 1907Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Marie28 Jun 1914Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Mary16 Jun 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Mary4 Jun 1919Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Mary E6 Aug 190919 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Milton F15 Nov 192618 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Myrtle26 Jun 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Nancy18 Nov 1954May 1986Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Pauline20 Aug 19097 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Rebecca J17 Mar 192121 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Richard P9 Feb 194230 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Ruby E18 Apr 19166 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Sonya J22 Dec 192826 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Thomas E25 Oct 192124 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Virgil P19 Apr 195416 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mccormick, Wilber3 Oct 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Mccormick, William H1 Jul 19036 May 1993Fort Wayne
Mccormick, William J31 Jul 189615 Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Mccormick, William R22 Jan 19446 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mccowan, George12 May 19256 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mccowan, Herbert J14 Nov 19286 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mccowan, Kenneth18 Oct 1911Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mccowan, Rosella3 May 19109 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mccowandavis, Jacqueline Merle13 Jan 19587 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Amelia17 Jul 1901Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Audrey A26 May 191611 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Audrey E3 Aug 19226 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Basil4 May 191029 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Blanche7 Apr 1888Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Bruce D22 Mar 19517 Dec 2008Spencerville
Mccoy, Catherine20 Jul 1904Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Cecil10 May 1898Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Charley H21 Feb 190328 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Daisy17 Jun 1880Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Daniel H22 Jun 192814 Mar 2007Monroeville
Mccoy, Earl1 Dec 1884Apr 1964Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Edna M18 Aug 19087 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Faye L10 Nov 19111 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Florida12 Jan 1886Nov 1970Churubusco
Mccoy, Frances20 Feb 192920 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Gladys M10 Oct 1910Feb 1989Churubusco
Mccoy, Gladys Myrtle Marie6 Feb 191229 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Guy R18 May 18987 Dec 2005Churubusco
Mccoy, Harold O28 Apr 191717 Jul 2003Churubusco
Mccoy, Helen A1 Nov 192515 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Henry22 Mar 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mccoy, James18 Feb 1905Sep 1976Monroeville
Mccoy, James25 Sep 1917May 1980Fort Wayne
Mccoy, James15 Jan 1921Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Jason T4 Apr 197710 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mccoy, John16 Mar 1909Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mccoy, John Lee7 Jul 1938Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Judith A7 May 19401 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Julian20 Nov 1942Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Kenneth I16 Aug 19088 Jun 2004Woodburn
Mccoy, Komer9 Dec 1958Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Laura L11 Apr 1914Aug 1990Churubusco
Mccoy, Leland20 Jan 1915Feb 1985Churubusco
Mccoy, Lois M11 Aug 191212 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Mabel F1 Jul 18962 Nov 1989Woodburn
Mccoy, Margaret9 Dec 1909Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Marshall L5 Jul 190230 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Mary13 Apr 192516 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Mary C10 Jul 19139 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Max1 Aug 1932Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Maxie6 Sep 1901Aug 1985Churubusco
Mccoy, Norman V3 Dec 19227 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Olive P19 Apr 190923 Jul 1997Woodburn
Mccoy, Orlo7 Dec 1896Jan 1985Churubusco
Mccoy, Otis10 Jun 1921Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Robert23 Feb 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Robert10 Oct 1920Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Robert3 Sep 1931Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Robert R12 Jan 193026 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Rose27 Dec 1889Oct 1978Roanoke
Mccoy, Roy22 Jan 1908Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Ruth10 Nov 1912Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Ruth H26 Aug 190928 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Sandra Voncille7 Sep 194614 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Sarah M14 Apr 189228 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Sylvelda L13 Apr 191821 Sep 1993Churubusco
Mccoy, Thomas5 May 1922Jun 1968Roanoke
Mccoy, Velma29 Jun 1907Jul 1972Monroeville
Mccoy, Vera20 Aug 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Victor A29 Jan 191430 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Virginia M19 May 192321 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Viva25 Jun 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Mccoy, Walter28 Jan 1926Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Mccoy, William29 Oct 1916Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mccracken, Barbara J7 Sep 193028 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mccracken, David B1 Oct 193428 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Mccracken, David L20 Feb 194014 Aug 2006Woodburn
Mccracken, Harry L27 Sep 192119 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mccracken, Helen16 Dec 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mccracken, Mary J14 Jul 190727 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Mccracken, Robert E11 Sep 192031 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Mccrady, Betty E20 Nov 191227 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mccrady, Ethel2 Apr 1910Feb 1990Huntertown
Mccrady, H W11 Sep 189224 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Mccrady, James L15 Jul 195512 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mccrady, Jessie5 Oct 1901Oct 1977Huntertown
Mccrady, Margaret R17 Apr 191112 May 2002Fort Wayne
Mccrary, Syretha26 Aug 191631 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mccray, Audie W25 Apr 192716 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Mccray, Henry30 Jan 1895Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Mccray, Homer W19 Mar 19203 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mccray, Irene W24 May 191016 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mccray, J Katharin E14 Sep 192614 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mccray, Robert16 Apr 1917Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Mccray, Robert29 Mar 1936Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mccrea, Alice13 Jan 192729 Oct 2005New Haven
Mccrea, Asher18 Feb 1880Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Mccrea, James E15 Oct 191415 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Mccrea, Linda6 Oct 1946Aug 1980Monroeville
Mccreary, Fred J6 Jan 191229 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Geraldine W4 Jul 193220 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Irene E1 Sep 1905Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Kathaleen E20 Jul 19145 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Leslie29 Nov 1909Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Mary5 Sep 1892Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Orpha17 Oct 1905Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Robert23 Mar 1927Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Robert18 Aug 1898Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Mccreary, Robert T Sr10 Jun 19367 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mccree, George14 Dec 1889Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mccree, Lila27 Jan 1894Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mccreery, Lenora30 Dec 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mccrory, Beatrice F9 Jan 19224 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mccrory, George W27 Dec 191823 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mccrory, Geraldine11 Dec 1894Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mccrory, Helen23 Oct 1904Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Mccrory, Lamar E19 May 192121 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mccroskey, Louise M11 Mar 19148 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Mccroy, Felton9 Oct 193015 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mccue, Anna17 Jul 1897Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Mccue, Eugene D25 Aug 192021 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mccue, Frank26 Oct 1921Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mccue, James7 Nov 1919May 1986Fort Wayne
Mccue, Jeanet M6 Nov 192413 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mcculley, Bertha17 Jun 1922Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Carol L21 Nov 193322 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Clara A9 Nov 191722 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Dorothy C2 Sep 19115 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Elizabeth B28 Feb 190416 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Esther M21 May 191430 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Fridley F14 Jan 190711 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, George18 Jun 1900Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Josephus20 Nov 1909Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Mcculloch, Otis3 Dec 1897Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mccullor, Arlene V8 Dec 194216 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Betty R28 Jan 1919Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Cleotis E9 Oct 191818 Sep 2004New Haven
Mccullough, Dennis9 Nov 1953Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Francis12 Feb 193515 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mccullough, George W22 Jan 192315 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Gladys24 Feb 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Grace A12 Nov 193416 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Laura E15 Dec 190431 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Marian14 Dec 1893May 1986Churubusco
Mccullough, Nell P9 Dec 191011 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Paul8 Sep 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mccullough, Verla26 Aug 1903Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Mccully, Jill A31 Jul 19531 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mccune, Bernadine H22 Sep 189927 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Mccune, Christine E18 Nov 190129 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Mccune, Mary E17 Apr 192514 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mccune, Michael J24 Oct 196524 Jan 2008Yoder
Mccune, Robert10 Oct 1911Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Bertha M13 Nov 191625 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Delores A5 Aug 191329 May 1998Harlan
Mccurdy, Hazel30 Oct 1886Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Hazen19 May 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Jacquelyn S24 Mar 195122 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, James G29 Aug 193622 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Juanita D11 Apr 192023 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Mary18 Sep 1880Oct 1972Roanoke
Mccurdy, Mary Ellen10 Oct 192624 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mccurdy, Ruth E26 Dec 193520 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Mccutchan, Alice M13 Aug 192517 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Mccutcheon, Adeline20 Jul 1890Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Mccutcheon, Forrest E11 Feb 194017 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mccutcheon, Gladys L10 Apr 19068 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Mccutcheon, Sarah L3 Apr 192713 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mccutcheon, Webster G30 Mar 19041 May 1998Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Benjamin F14 May 19151 Jul 1998Churubusco
Mcdaniel, Charles E30 Oct 191817 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Elizabeth14 May 1920Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, James G24 Mar 191630 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Lindsay C24 Feb 1926Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Lowell23 Nov 1902Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Marion E18 Feb 192612 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Mary26 Jul 1880Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Rachel E6 Mar 19185 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Rozena7 Apr 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Ruth27 Jan 1917Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Virginia26 Jun 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, Walter I11 Apr 193121 Nov 2004Grabill
Mcdaniel, William1 Aug 1913Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Mcdaniel, William15 Dec 1900Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Mcdaniels, Delores5 Apr 1926Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mcdaniels, Loyal23 Apr 1906May 1971Fort Wayne
Mcdannold, Mae J5 Jun 194213 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mcdarby, Clare13 Jan 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Mcdarby, Hilda3 Dec 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mcdermott, Ian Vincent26 Dec 197319 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mcdermott, Ila28 Mar 1881Jun 1974Churubusco
Mcdermott, Vincent H5 Nov 192222 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mcdevitt, Lee6 Jun 1901Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdevitt, Ross20 Jan 1893Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Mcdiffitt, Virgil F21 May 192210 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, A B13 Aug 192113 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Alan Taylor11 Oct 193815 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Alex8 Jun 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Anna24 Oct 1879Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Anna M11 Dec 19202 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Archibald4 Feb 1892Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Bertha M30 May 191513 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Blanche E13 Sep 1904Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Carolyn4 Aug 193227 May 2000Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Catherine25 Jul 191918 Sep 2000New Haven
Mcdonald, Charles11 Jun 1910Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Colletta T23 Aug 191031 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Daniel J11 Feb 19223 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Donald L2 Apr 194719 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Donnelly P4 Aug 192226 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Dorothy20 May 1921Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Edna M7 Oct 192313 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Elijah21 Jun 1913Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Elizabeth5 Aug 191518 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Ephrain7 Jun 1914Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Ervin8 Dec 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Fernnie B28 Mar 190315 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Francis T6 May 19317 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Glen25 May 1897Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Harry G12 Mar 192516 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Harry J20 Sep 19084 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Inez28 Apr 1902May 1983Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, J R11 Apr 190915 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Jack L11 Nov 1944Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, James25 Jun 1917May 1985Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, James G11 Jun 19166 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, James L20 Nov 192626 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Jessie16 Oct 1894Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Joe14 Apr 191817 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, John4 Mar 1892Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Joseph10 Oct 1908Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, M Anne28 Aug 19282 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Madeline M14 Mar 191630 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Mary23 May 1893Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Otto2 Apr 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Robert R14 Aug 19316 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Roger2 Jun 1934Aug 1987Monroeville
Mcdonald, Ruth21 Jan 1907Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Ruth E26 Sep 191913 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, Ruth E23 Jan 192925 Apr 2000Woodburn
Mcdonald, Thelma5 Nov 1899Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mcdonald, William28 Oct 1907Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Mcdonnell, Alfred30 Jan 1912May 1976Fort Wayne
Mcdonnell, M L1 Aug 19208 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Mcdonnell, Wilbert10 Aug 1903Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Mcdonough, Dorothy4 May 1925Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mcdonough, Florence V23 May 19171 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Mcdonough, James A17 Jul 19173 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mcdonough, Thomas18 Oct 1923Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mcdorman, Ivalean13 Feb 1883Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Mcdorman, Viola1 Sep 1887Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Mcdougal, Bert20 Dec 1886Sep 1980Leo
Mcdougal, Naomi J25 Sep 190125 Jul 1996Leo
Mcdougall, Almira L3 Sep 191913 May 2005New Haven
Mcdougall, Beulah E1 Dec 191613 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Harvey17 Jul 1883Aug 1973Huntertown
Mcdougall, Hazel B15 Jan 19047 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Henry17 Jul 1883Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Henry18 May 192129 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, James A12 Apr 195520 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Louis B17 Jul 191826 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Paul26 Mar 1915Jul 1980Huntertown
Mcdougall, Robert G4 Sep 191315 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Ruby I30 Sep 191526 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mcdougall, Sharon8 Jan 19479 Jun 1994Harlan
Mcdougle, Mary E4 Sep 189115 Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Cleveland20 Jun 1885Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Columbus28 Nov 1920Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Dee28 Apr 1888Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Dewey26 Jul 1898May 1979Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Dewey21 Dec 1911Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Dorothy L5 Sep 191723 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Earl4 Jan 1936Dec 1979New Haven
Mcdowell, Ferne B9 Jan 19089 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Geneva12 Nov 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, George24 Mar 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Hancy18 Sep 1886Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Joseph19 Feb 1912Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, June J12 Jul 192820 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Lum28 Jul 1893Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Mary20 Feb 1896Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Mary L6 Jul 1910Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Morton11 Mar 1882Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Paul C5 Mar 190830 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Robert N8 May 194323 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Rosa24 Jun 1885Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Tracey L21 Oct 196128 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, Virginia I8 Feb 191424 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Mcdowell, William T5 Feb 19247 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mcduffee, Martha27 Nov 189815 Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Mcduffee, Milton18 Oct 1895Feb 1974Huntertown
Mcduffee, Roy5 Jul 1906Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Mceachern, Bernice M12 Apr 191616 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mcelhenie, Ellen M19 May 19056 Jan 2005New Haven
Mcelhiney, Delbert20 Nov 1919Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Mcelhoe, Chris L17 Nov 194617 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Mcelroy, Betty J3 May 192128 May 2005Fort Wayne
Mcelvene, Marion4 Sep 1903May 1981Fort Wayne
Mcelvene, Pauline1 Oct 1909Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Mcentaffer, Mary17 Sep 1907Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Mcentarfer, Robert11 Nov 1923Jun 1978Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Mcentee, Anthony20 Feb 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Mcentee, Anthony J10 Feb 19279 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mcentee, Valora21 Sep 1900Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Mceowen, Gladys9 Dec 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mceowen, Vergil31 Jul 1894Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mcevoy, Bernard L10 Jan 195624 Feb 2003New Haven
Mcevoy, Donald V6 Apr 19302 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Mcevoy, Monica A2 Oct 1921Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Mcevoy, Suzanne C19 Jul 193610 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mcewen, Lorne23 Mar 19097 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Cleo L4 Oct 191825 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Edna2 Mar 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, James5 Jan 1909Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, James S21 Apr 19112 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Lulu2 Aug 1916May 1983Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Martha E17 Jul 188615 Apr 1966Roanoke
Mcfadden, Mary G11 Mar 1912May 1994Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Nellie16 Dec 1885Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Otis26 Jul 1894Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Mcfadden, Virgil L14 Jul 191124 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mcfalls, Herbert T30 Jan 192715 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Mcfann, Charles B22 Sep 190128 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mcfann, Mary V17 Dec 19051 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Alice M15 Sep 192015 Feb 1998Leo
Mcfarland, Alice P15 Nov 190930 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Antoine R9 Nov 197517 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Carolyn S16 Dec 193621 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, David25 Dec 1961Jul 1981Roanoke
Mcfarland, David E26 Sep 190715 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Dawn21 Jan 19599 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Donald W22 Nov 192321 Aug 2004Leo
Mcfarland, Dorothy E16 Sep 190823 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Dorsey16 Jun 19165 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Faye13 Nov 1900Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Fred L22 May 190726 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Freda21 May 1901Oct 1985Roanoke
Mcfarland, Homer21 Mar 1929Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Lalla L11 Nov 192023 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Linda M30 Apr 195614 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Luella18 Oct 191810 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Phillip D14 Feb 19378 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mcfarland, Sarah A6 Jan 194718 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mcfarren, Charles Marion25 Sep 192919 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mcfarren, Helen M28 Nov 192017 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mcfarren, James L20 May 19215 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Mcfarren, John P16 Mar 19488 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mcfarren, Lynn L1 Jul 19126 Apr 1999Roanoke
Mcfarren, Mary25 Mar 1909Oct 1986Roanoke
Mcfatridge, Alfred29 Nov 1898Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Mcfatridge, May2 Mar 1890Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Mcfeeters, Irvin27 Feb 1918Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mcfeeters, Margaret R3 Jun 193819 Oct 2005Monroeville
Mcferran, Park4 Apr 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mcfeters, Bernard C9 Mar 19208 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mcfeters, James L16 Jan 193427 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mcgaharan, Anna26 Jul 1888Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Mcgaharan, John3 Apr 1922Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Mcgahey, Lucille12 Apr 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Mcgann, Jean21 Jul 1923May 1987Fort Wayne
Mcgary, Alice S6 Sep 189624 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Mcgary, Elmer5 Apr 1915Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mcgary, Harold J6 Mar 190015 May 1990Fort Wayne
Mcgary, William22 Jan 1927Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mcgaw, Farrie B10 Mar 192615 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mcgaw, King15 Feb 191924 May 1991Fort Wayne
Mcgeath, Doris8 May 1907Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Mcgeath, Lillian31 Jul 1915Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Mcgeath, Linn L4 Jun 1902Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Anne Marie16 Jan 196516 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Bernice R4 Aug 19118 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Dewitt B28 Nov 191920 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Doris B15 Jun 195616 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Edna5 Feb 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Edna M5 Jul 19247 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgee, John30 May 1893Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Mcgee, John M19 Oct 190711 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Leslie19 Mar 1933Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Lucille7 Sep 191215 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Mary L18 Oct 192423 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Patricia A12 Dec 193223 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Rena R23 Nov 191727 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Rose25 Nov 19192 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Mcgee, Willis29 Jan 1902Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Mcgehee, Charles A30 Apr 192815 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Mcgehee, Florence23 Jun 1899Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mcgehee, Mary B12 Mar 190631 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Cora J10 Feb 189111 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Eddie17 Oct 192527 May 1995Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Fred9 Nov 1897Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Julius6 Nov 19279 Feb 1994Roanoke
Mcghee, Mary C19 Sep 19396 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Patsy7 Dec 1934Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mcghee, Rosie8 Sep 1912Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcgibbeny, Richard H2 Apr 191825 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mcgilbery, Henry23 Jun 19304 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mcgill, Catherine23 Mar 1903May 1976Fort Wayne
Mcgill, Corinne M5 Oct 1901May 1992Fort Wayne
Mcgill, James23 Sep 1911Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mcgill, Jane A8 Mar 191915 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Mcgill, Susan A21 Apr 19332 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Mcgill, Thomas21 Mar 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Mcgillicuddy, Ellen R31 Aug 18898 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Mcginley, Audie12 Feb 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mcginley, Audie J2 Sep 192421 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Mcginley, Mada29 Aug 1899Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mcginley, Rita A8 Aug 19224 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Arthur G13 Apr 19211 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Cloyd E24 May 191814 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Evelyn22 Apr 19225 Apr 2005Harlan
Mcginnis, Floyd R12 Aug 192914 Aug 2007Roanoke
Mcginnis, Harry15 Apr 1923Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Josephine C12 Dec 190928 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Marcile M1 Sep 19078 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Mary1 Nov 1877May 1973Fort Wayne
Mcginnis, Noreen A21 Mar 191422 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mcglaughn, Alberta H2 Jun 192811 Mar 2003New Haven
Mcglennen, Michael F7 Apr 193826 May 2003Fort Wayne
Mcglothin, Grace M29 Oct 190716 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mcglothin, Herbert5 May 1913Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Mcgoldrick, Mary A3 Sep 191121 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Mcgonagle, Charles10 Aug 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Mcgovern, Anna J25 Oct 187715 Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Mcgovern, Eunice K1 Jun 19018 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Mcgowan, Irene4 May 1877Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Mcgowen, Kevin P29 Dec 195713 May 2006Fort Wayne
Mcgown, Ruby6 Jun 193629 Jun 2006New Haven
Mcgrady, Mary3 Jun 1876Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Mcgrail, Dorothy13 Aug 1925Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Colette29 Dec 190429 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Daniel28 Dec 1902Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Edward6 Jul 1891Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, George22 Jan 190728 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Joseph27 Oct 1879Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Mary15 Mar 1892May 1974Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Patrick S11 Apr 197021 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Thomas16 Sep 1889Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Virginia C21 Apr 191814 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mcgrath, Zelma27 Feb 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Hilda R14 Oct 192025 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Kenneth11 Nov 1898Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Larry H10 Jan 193522 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Marblelean Lynn23 Nov 194814 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Sallie5 Jun 1916Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Sallie M7 Nov 192130 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Sammie13 Jun 19471 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, William3 Jun 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mcgraw, Willie25 Sep 1933Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mcgreevy, Kathrine1 Jan 1917Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Allan12 Mar 1913Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Betty22 Oct 1922Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Charles10 Jun 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Dorothy F25 Sep 191329 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Gerald L8 Nov 19214 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Lillian2 Nov 1891Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Mcgregor, Walter4 Sep 1899Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Mcgrew, Jean M5 Oct 19262 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mcgriff, Alberta3 Nov 1920Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Mcgriff, Verlie15 Aug 1884Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Mcguigan, Matthew D22 Jun 191326 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mcguire, A28 Jan 1902Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Albert8 Dec 1932Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Alice E23 Apr 190424 Jun 1999Churubusco
Mcguire, Elizabeth8 Nov 1905Jun 1977Churubusco
Mcguire, Florence2 Apr 1915Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Helen L8 Jul 191217 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Mcguire, James29 Jun 1870Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Mcguire, James14 Aug 1891Jul 1969Churubusco
Mcguire, Jermain A11 Jul 191526 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Kathryn P14 Aug 19048 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Kenneth8 Apr 1924Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Lucile17 Feb 1917Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Luella19 Feb 188914 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Mary13 Aug 1895Sep 1972Churubusco
Mcguire, Minnie19 Nov 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Robert E28 Sep 19136 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Mcguire, Virgil6 May 1901Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mcgunegill, Mondeline6 Sep 1930May 1986Churubusco
Mchaney, Robert26 Aug 1914Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Mchenry, Evan10 Sep 1899Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mchenry, Florence L1 Apr 191021 Jan 1999Spencerville
Mchenry, Gordon M16 Mar 192814 Oct 2004New Haven
Mchenry, Irene L30 Jan 19309 Jun 2009New Haven
Mchenry, Joan S22 Sep 193330 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mchenry, Raymond20 Jul 1901Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Mchenry, William W16 Sep 19357 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mchenry, Wilma C3 Mar 190820 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Mchugh, Bernard4 May 1908Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mchugh, Charlotte15 Apr 1910May 1980Fort Wayne
Mchugh, Edith19 Jun 1885Jul 1966Hoagland
Mcilfresh, Winifred M13 Apr 1904Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Mcilveen, Charles A14 Sep 192330 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mcilveen, Robert10 Jan 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mcinnis, Beatrice R30 Oct 190822 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mcinteer, Carl H4 Apr 190130 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Mcinteer, Elizabeth28 Dec 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Herbert17 Jun 1911Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Iva C14 May 191018 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Julienne18 Jun 19167 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Mary J14 Aug 19214 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Reatha15 Nov 1887Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Mcintire, Ruth A23 Jul 193115 Jun 2002New Haven
Mcintosh, Charles H4 Dec 191319 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Dorothy Mae8 Mar 191828 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Frank18 Nov 1886Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Galen E16 Feb 194712 Sep 2009Monroeville
Mcintosh, George J30 Nov 193319 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, George M29 Oct 190922 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Geraldine R16 May 193028 Feb 2006New Haven
Mcintosh, Glen A12 Apr 191923 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Hazel13 Jun 191830 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Helen29 Jul 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Henry3 Jun 1912Feb 1985New Haven
Mcintosh, Jacob M3 Jul 190615 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, James A8 Dec 192526 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Joan K23 Aug 192826 Feb 2006New Haven
Mcintosh, Kizzie5 Apr 1908Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Louis24 Mar 1906Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Mary2 Aug 19089 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Opal B2 May 190910 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mcintosh, Robert E17 Nov 194317 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Mcinturf, Ada E15 Apr 190527 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Mcinturf, John M22 Dec 19413 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mcinturf, Otis10 Sep 191525 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, Anne1 Feb 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, Fred M6 Sep 191122 Mar 2002New Haven
Mcintyre, Geneva20 Sep 1912Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, George21 Apr 1915May 1978Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, J H16 Sep 192219 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, Laurence D1 May 189822 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Mcintyre, Odelia5 Aug 1884Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mckale, Josephine M1 Jun 192621 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mckale, Phyllis J21 Apr 196327 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mckale, Terry L12 Sep 194914 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mckale, William23 May 192427 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Mckathnie, Ivan16 Mar 1915Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Mckathnie, Jane8 Jan 192731 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mckay, Bertha2 Aug 1887Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Mckay, Bina17 Jun 1904Sep 1974Spencerville
Mckay, Clarence D18 Nov 190820 May 1995Fort Wayne
Mckay, David A10 Nov 191822 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mckay, Donald J23 Jul 192828 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Mckay, Emily24 Mar 1919Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mckay, Jane9 Feb 1892Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Mckay, Jane L14 Aug 191026 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mckay, Juanita M16 Jul 191212 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mckay, Kathleen E20 Dec 191720 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Mckay, Margie24 Jul 1922May 1987Fort Wayne
Mckay, Nancy K19 Mar 191622 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mckay, Neil28 Aug 1886Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Mckay, Neil6 Apr 1916Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mckay, Philip D10 Jun 192124 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Mckay, Robert6 Feb 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mckay, William12 Oct 1888Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Mckean, Cheryl J5 Sep 194717 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mckean, Clarence1 Dec 1903Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Mckean, Gary L17 May 194423 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mckean, Sandall A14 Jan 19629 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mckean, Susan C26 Mar 194224 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mckeavey, Ruby19 Jan 190612 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mckee, Anna M25 May 19152 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mckee, Carl11 Dec 1884Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mckee, Edward19 Nov 1888Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Mckee, Edward1 Jun 1920Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mckee, Florence8 Mar 1896Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mckee, Gail8 Jul 19371 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mckee, Genevieve31 Jan 1907Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Mckee, Gerald L15 Feb 193818 Aug 2004Spencerville
Mckee, Jake C26 Jul 18981 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mckee, Kate15 Jun 1888May 1972Fort Wayne
Mckee, Lillian M29 Apr 194728 Aug 2007Spencerville
Mckee, Lydia M19 Nov 191528 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Mckee, Marjorie E18 Jan 19254 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mckee, Mary27 May 1930Dec 1979New Haven
Mckee, Mary C5 Dec 190328 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mckee, Max E16 Oct 192613 Jan 2001New Haven
Mckee, Mildred E19 Dec 19105 Jan 2001Harlan
Mckee, Robert D27 Oct 193211 Sep 2007Harlan
Mckee, Roy15 Dec 1919Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Mckee, Ruth20 Jan 1907Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mckee, Stella23 Feb 1889Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mckee, Virginia C18 Feb 19409 Apr 2005Harlan
Mckeefer, Ralph7 Mar 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Mckeefer, Viola1 Feb 190413 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Alvin12 Jul 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Donald12 Jan 1904Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Emily M21 Feb 187415 Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Eula26 May 1904May 1985Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Goldie I6 Jul 191012 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, John7 Sep 1898Oct 1971Woodburn
Mckeeman, John V18 Feb 192517 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Malinda25 May 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Susan26 Oct 1940Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mckeeman, Velma13 Dec 1899Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mckeever, Gloria18 Jun 1931Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mckeever, Harry L21 Oct 19224 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mckeever, Park31 Aug 1907Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mckeever, Richard F21 Sep 192114 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Mckellar, Ludelia6 Jun 19568 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Mckelvey, Gloria S16 Jun 192525 Feb 1997Yoder
Mckenna, John V Jr18 Sep 19349 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mckenney, Wonda8 Jul 1902Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Charlotte14 May 1906Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Doris22 Mar 1890Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, George E23 Jul 192011 May 1992Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Geroline D9 Aug 192914 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Linus23 Sep 1893Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Martha31 Mar 1893Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Oleva9 Apr 1892Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mckenzie, Paul L19 Oct 192524 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mckeon, Edith13 Sep 1891Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Mckeon, John2 Sep 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Mckering, Dennis14 Mar 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Mckering, Edward16 Nov 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Mckering, Robert30 May 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Bonnie D28 Jun 193016 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Delores A19 Feb 193618 May 2004Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Raymond G26 Aug 191718 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Veryl G16 Sep 19199 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Virgil15 Dec 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mckibben, Wayne15 Oct 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mckibbenmeyer, Connie19 Feb 195511 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Mckibbin, George D14 Oct 192823 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Mckim, Anna D28 Apr 19213 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mckim, Edna L15 Jul 190619 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mckim, John H28 Dec 19207 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mckimmy, Mildred I3 Jun 190528 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mckimpson, Pauline M28 Jul 19071 Dec 1994New Haven
Mckinley, Alvina14 Mar 1898Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Annette7 Oct 194725 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Arthur19 Oct 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Barbara J12 Dec 193211 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Charles30 Mar 1909Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Daisy F1 Nov 191318 Mar 1999Churubusco
Mckinley, Donald L6 Nov 192827 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Earl9 Nov 1900Jan 1984Churubusco
Mckinley, Florence M9 Mar 19111 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Frances J11 Jun 191319 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Grace13 Jun 1896Jul 1983New Haven
Mckinley, James24 Dec 1906Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Mckinley, James L11 Dec 19151 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Mckinley, James Willis6 Nov 19459 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Lola W13 May 18988 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Marion S21 Jun 191721 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Mary M5 Aug 1910May 1989Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Mildred Amy5 Mar 190724 Jan 2007Spencerville
Mckinley, Sandra K27 Aug 195125 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Mckinley, Sharon K9 May 19459 Feb 1997Churubusco
Mckinley, Velva6 Jul 1915Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Mckinley, William24 Mar 1891Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Mckinley, William B4 May 193224 Feb 2000Leo
Mckinley, William R21 Apr 192916 Mar 1999Spencerville
Mckinley, Zella27 Aug 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Albert19 May 1914Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Alfonzie N5 Feb 19378 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mckinney, C Wayne17 Mar 192921 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Cora M23 Jul 19063 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Desmerree15 May 191312 May 2003Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Elbert8 Apr 1908Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Eleanor27 May 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Ester L16 Jun 192516 May 1989Fort Wayne
Mckinney, James A17 Sep 194611 Oct 2003New Haven
Mckinney, Janice L24 Aug 194818 May 2007Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Jerry7 Mar 1911Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Jesse E28 Jan 193920 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mckinney, John17 Feb 1911Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Kenneth9 Dec 1912Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Lucille10 Jul 194023 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Margaret20 Mar 1905Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Maybelle L3 Mar 193425 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Minnie16 Aug 1887May 1979Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Ralph23 Mar 1882Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Roy9 Jan 1888Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Thomas16 May 1902Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Mckinney, Thomas14 Oct 1906Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mckinnie, Carlotta25 Jan 1893Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Mckinnie, Eva12 Feb 1885Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Mckinnis, Robert G26 Apr 192617 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mckinnon, Bobby F24 Nov 19436 Jun 2007Monroeville
Mckinnon, Velma B23 Oct 191125 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Dale30 Oct 1917Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Delbert20 Apr 1901Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Dorothy22 Apr 19187 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Dorothy M11 May 192523 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Marguerite A15 Jun 192222 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Myrtle J22 Feb 19155 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Paul3 Sep 1925Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Mckinzie, Richard2 Jul 1923Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mckissack, Delorise7 Nov 191115 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Mckissick, Carl L19 Nov 193618 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mckissick, Dennis14 Mar 192922 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Mckissick, Diana7 Aug 1946Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mckittrick, Rex R26 Mar 192624 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mckivergin, Freda1 Jan 1895Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Mckivergin, James18 Oct 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Mcknight, Beulah24 Jun 1889Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Mcknight, James27 Jul 1902Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Mckowen, Leota23 Apr 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mckown, Hayse10 Jan 1891Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Mckown, Hildegard16 Nov 1895Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mckown, Marguerite H15 May 19197 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Mclachlan, Lloyd R26 Nov 192216 Jan 1998New Haven
Mclachlan, Lois R24 Apr 192523 Oct 2005New Haven
Mclain, Cecil V27 Sep 190315 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mclain, Robert J9 Jun 190221 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Mclain, William13 Aug 1896Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mclarkin, James24 Dec 1896Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mclauchlan, Gwendolyn2 Dec 191615 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Beatrice L25 Jan 191030 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Carol A17 May 194324 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Catherine30 Apr 1897Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Christine6 Feb 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Eugene W13 Jul 19208 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Everett26 Jan 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, George O26 Jul 190315 Dec 1992New Haven
Mclaughlin, James25 Sep 1891Mar 1983Roanoke
Mclaughlin, James T19 Feb 193330 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, John2 Mar 1917Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, John3 Feb 1900Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Josephine2 Mar 190821 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Juanita E14 May 192915 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Leona M13 Dec 19024 Jul 1993New Haven
Mclaughlin, Lucile E25 Feb 189913 May 1992Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Maurice16 Oct 1909Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Patrick J13 Dec 193128 Feb 2004New Haven
Mclaughlin, Paul8 Dec 194127 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Richard17 Feb 1935Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Richard E22 Feb 194328 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Robert16 Aug 1904Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Robert4 Oct 193615 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Robert C1 Aug 18954 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Vera25 Jun 192819 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Walter28 Dec 1905May 1977Fort Wayne
Mclaughlin, Wanda Maxine8 Mar 19217 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mclay, Michael21 Jun 1951Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Mclean, Elliott18 Dec 1917Jan 1984New Haven
Mclean, Lewis16 Dec 193816 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mclean, Mae30 Sep 1909Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Mclean, Marguerite18 May 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Mcleaster, Donald27 Oct 1926Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mcleaster, Irene25 Mar 1930Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mclee, Carolyn5 Nov 191621 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mcleester, Dorothy I24 Jan 19228 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Mcleish, Louise B1 Jul 191910 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mcleish, Margaret12 May 1890Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Mcleish, William23 Aug 1919Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Mclemore, Bonnie J6 Dec 194821 Sep 2006New Haven
Mclemore, Doyal29 Aug 1921Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Mclemore, Lenora1 Apr 1914Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Mclemore, Ruth E23 Oct 193618 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Mcleod, Fae16 Nov 1885Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Mcleod, Harry13 Dec 1872May 1969Fort Wayne
Mcleod, Hartley Alexander4 Oct 192614 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mclinden, William F14 Nov 191523 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mclish, Lavonne15 Sep 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mclucas, Golda12 Aug 1886Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Allan23 Oct 1896Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Courtland15 Jun 1913Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Daniel W4 Oct 194119 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Judson8 Apr 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Lottie13 Sep 1885Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Margaret L15 Jan 192129 Oct 1999Roanoke
Mcmahan, Reginald10 Mar 1905Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Richard Z8 Oct 192820 Oct 1996Woodburn
Mcmahan, Ruth A3 Aug 193212 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Viola K23 Jul 190322 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mcmahan, Virgil K19 Jul 191815 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Catherine E4 Jun 191122 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Dorothy1 Dec 19254 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Edgar D21 May 192725 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Frank R4 May 192831 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, James J6 Feb 193419 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, John26 Aug 1883Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Karen A23 Sep 195912 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Karl15 Jan 1908Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Katherine1 Feb 1914Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Kevin T26 Mar 19563 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Lawrence W12 Feb 19199 May 1996New Haven
Mcmahon, Lee Michael1 Dec 19423 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Marie N20 Dec 193430 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Mary E17 Nov 19294 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Mildred2 Jul 1896Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, Oscar31 Aug 1895Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mcmahon, William C28 Sep 19088 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Mcmaken, Dale W10 Feb 191628 Mar 1996Grabill
Mcmaken, Donald29 Nov 1946Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mcmaken, Effie8 Sep 1884Feb 1979Grabill
Mcmaken, Fontanna8 Oct 1914Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Mcmaken, Homer10 Oct 192312 May 2004Harlan
Mcmaken, Jessie5 Jan 1881Oct 1977Roanoke
Mcmaken, John16 Oct 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Mcmaken, Russell K10 Oct 19092 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mcmanama, Fred11 Apr 1887Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Mcmanama, Kenneth24 Dec 1914Nov 1981Roanoke
Mcmanama, Mabel27 Aug 1887Oct 1973Roanoke
Mcmanaman, Nettie26 Feb 1899Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mcmanus, Arthur20 Jun 1916Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mcmaster, Carlos29 Jun 1882Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Mcmaster, Estella15 Oct 1885Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Mcmaster, Frank C27 Apr 192430 Jun 1999New Haven
Mcmaster, Timothy O28 Jun 197326 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Mcmaster, William1 May 1900Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Mcmasters, Patricia J27 Sep 194531 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mcmeans, Edward E12 Dec 19269 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Mcmeans, Margaret L8 Apr 19502 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Mcmeekin, Helen M31 Mar 190917 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mcmeekin, James R Sr30 Dec 194221 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mcmeekin, Karen L1 Jul 195129 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Mcmeekin, Lelia24 May 1890Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Mcmeekin, Priscilla E16 May 19541 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mcmeeking, Jean M20 Aug 191413 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Alice19 Mar 1914Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Beatrice A20 Feb 1909May 1994Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Elizabeth15 Jan 191114 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Irene6 Oct 1922Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Joseph25 Dec 1905Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Pauline A1 Aug 192918 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, Stella3 Jan 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mcmillan, William19 Jun 1913Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Charles E6 Jun 191127 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Dale27 Jan 1880Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Dale6 Jan 1914Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Goldie M23 Jan 1906Jul 1992Monroeville
Mcmillen, Gwendolyn I16 Oct 19394 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Harold29 Sep 1906Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Izola M10 May 191731 May 2009Churubusco
Mcmillen, John2 Jul 1883Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Mable M4 Apr 193028 May 2007Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Rachel B1 Jan 190626 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Robert D4 Apr 194730 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Robert G24 Sep 19194 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mcmillen, Walter14 Jun 1906Jan 1973Monroeville
Mcmillin, Maude10 Jul 1889Oct 1972New Haven
Mcminn, Georgia C25 Dec 192126 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mcminn, Thressa7 Aug 1902Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Mcmonigal, Mary11 Jul 1907Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mcmullen, Agnes B19 Oct 191514 May 1998Fort Wayne
Mcmullen, Arthur24 Aug 1901Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Mcmullen, Virginia E21 May 19177 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mcmurtry, Elaine I24 Jun 193527 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mcmurtry, Gerald T11 Feb 193216 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Mcmurtry, Robert G17 Feb 190629 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Mcmurtry, William14 Nov 1962Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Carolyn16 Aug 1902Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Clarence9 May 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, David30 Apr 1889Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Esther C21 May 19179 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Jack22 Nov 1903Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, John R23 Oct 192221 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Kenneth W13 Dec 191425 Oct 1997Leo
Mcnabb, Marie25 Jul 1891Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, Mary A10 Jan 1905May 1994Fort Wayne
Mcnabb, William T12 Mar 19318 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mcnabney, John E7 Jul 19349 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Mcnagny, Phil27 Feb 1886Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mcnair, Ann Oakley7 Nov 19409 May 2008Grabill
Mcnair, James D25 Dec 19123 Nov 1995Grabill
Mcnair, Rosie25 Dec 193115 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mcnall, Opal J23 Mar 190815 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Mcnall, Ralph D18 Mar 19341 Nov 1995Churubusco
Mcnally, Bessie24 Aug 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Mcnally, Deloss23 Feb 1916Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Mcnally, John3 Aug 1915Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Arthur13 Jun 1888Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Clay9 Nov 1894Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Dale14 Sep 1908Jan 1984Roanoke
Mcnamara, Elda22 Aug 1885Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Emma5 Feb 1887Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Ervin F8 Mar 19179 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Gladys12 Sep 190215 Sep 1993Roanoke
Mcnamara, Gladys22 Sep 1893Jan 1975Roanoke
Mcnamara, Gussie31 Jul 1889Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Lloyd B31 Dec 190325 Aug 1994Roanoke
Mcnamara, Mary R5 Sep 191025 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Neal16 May 1891Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Pauline9 May 1892Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Roderick G27 Aug 19185 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Mcnamara, Sally W23 Feb 191713 Sep 2004New Haven
Mcnaughton, John W25 Apr 192327 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Ardella20 Feb 1914Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Ben A2 Oct 19282 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mcneal, George1 Sep 1917Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Herbert25 Dec 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Mcneal, John29 Apr 1935Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Julia28 Jan 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Mabel11 Sep 1889Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Matthew3 Mar 1914Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Mattie3 Jul 188715 May 1967Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Michael A9 Sep 195030 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Miriam C31 Dec 192121 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Nellie M6 Jan 18891 May 1991Monroeville
Mcneal, Oliver31 Jul 1885Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Patsy R4 Apr 192523 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Mcneal, Thomas2 Dec 1887Jan 1970Monroeville
Mcneal, Thomas L3 Jan 19188 Nov 1995Monroeville
Mcnearlin, Anna F27 Jun 1902May 1989Fort Wayne
Mcnearlin, John4 Jun 1901Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Mcneary, Mary H21 Feb 19221 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mcneely, Alice30 Dec 1879Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Mcneely, Alves20 Nov 1898Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Mcneely, Hattie11 Nov 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Mcneely, Nancy A25 Jan 19409 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Mcneely, Ruth L23 May 1924Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mcneely, William8 Jul 1902Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mcnees, Robert L14 Jun 19212 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mcnees, Wanda P6 Jul 1908Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mcneff, Don R16 May 195124 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Mcneil, Aaron17 Aug 195815 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mcneil, David E4 Nov 195310 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mcneil, Richard R30 Oct 192228 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Mcneil, Violet7 Feb 192915 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mcnelley, Norma25 Apr 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Mcnellis, Rosemary E24 Dec 19016 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mcnerney, James4 Jul 1919Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mcnerney, Wanda B14 Oct 19261 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Mcnett, John W20 Nov 191222 Oct 1999Spencerville
Mcnett, Lois F20 Feb 19162 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Mcnicholas, Ida5 Jun 1909May 1986Fort Wayne
Mcniece, Floyd R20 Jan 19183 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Mcnulty, Faye M22 May 190618 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mcnulty, Wilbur Sr12 Jan 1899Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mcnulty, William5 Dec 1899Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Mcnutt, Eliza A5 Feb 19173 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mcnutt, Ethel E27 Oct 190728 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mcnutt, James22 Aug 1916Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mcnutt, Jola J28 Jan 193018 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mcomber, Gloria Belle24 Sep 192315 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mcomber, Jonathon23 Dec 1982May 1983Fort Wayne
Mcomber, Myrtle11 Dec 1900Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mcpeek, John14 Apr 1934Dec 1979Churubusco
Mcpheeters, Francis C9 Feb 192014 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mcpheeters, Hazel7 Nov 1901Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Mcpheeters, James25 Oct 1882May 1966Fort Wayne
Mcpheeters, Raymond25 Mar 1901Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Mcpher, Robe25 Apr 193015 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mcpherren, Helen17 May 1908Feb 1983Roanoke
Mcpherren, Mary N12 Dec 191721 May 2003Roanoke
Mcpherren, William W10 Feb 19182 Jun 2007Roanoke
Mcpherson, Christine H1 Feb 19155 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Evelyn24 Aug 1893Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Guy F27 Jul 19252 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Helen15 Apr 1898Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, John16 Mar 1904Feb 1981Yoder, Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, John E13 Jun 192426 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Lawrence3 Aug 1948Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Lena29 Mar 1934Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Mary F6 Oct 191929 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Oscar22 Jun 193729 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Realma27 Jun 193523 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Rollie4 Aug 1894Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Ronald A27 Sep 191711 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Mcpherson, Verlin K27 Jan 196022 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Mcqueen, Luella18 Nov 1902Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Mcqueen, M V22 Jul 191011 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Mcrae, Thomas G10 Nov 192420 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Mcreynolds, Anna M26 Aug 190719 Jul 2001New Haven
Mcroden, Llewellyn L29 Jun 193315 Oct 2001New Haven
Mcshan, Rosie6 Sep 1893Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Mcsorley, Mary Lou28 Jan 19362 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mcsorley, William15 Jan 1892Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Mcsorley, William R10 Jun 19351 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Mcswane, Harold W9 Jan 1904Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mcswane, Laverne8 Jan 1904Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Mcsweeney, Carrie15 Jul 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Mcsweeney, Gerald20 Mar 1890May 1969Fort Wayne
Mcvaugh, Ruth7 Dec 190920 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mcvaugh, William27 Sep 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Mcvay, Ralph26 Aug 1899Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Mcvay, Valeska O9 Dec 18974 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mcvea, Willie L8 Aug 19297 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mcvey, Anna14 Feb 1901Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mcvey, John5 May 1907Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Mcvey, Nual2 Apr 1894Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mcvicker, Alice19 Oct 1884Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mcvicker, Paul7 Dec 1894Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mcvicker, Richard P20 Mar 192122 Aug 1997Grabill
Mcvicker, Vicki L2 Oct 196023 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mcvoy, William5 Aug 1924Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Mcwhirter, Ralph13 Jul 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mcwhorter, Glee M28 Dec 191214 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Mcwhorter, Jacob27 Feb 1909Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mcwilliams, Ina17 Jun 1891Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Mcwilliams, Lois18 Mar 192410 Feb 2006Fort Wayne

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