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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Meacham, Rebecca A5 Aug 19205 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Meacham, Walter M9 Dec 191829 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mead, Chloie3 Dec 19228 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mead, Floyd12 Jul 1898May 1982Fort Wayne
Mead, Helen23 Sep 1916Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mead, Marie17 Feb 1895Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Mead, O Dale1 May 19251 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mead, W24 Dec 192626 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Mead, Wilfred E12 Apr 192731 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Meade, Arwin25 Jan 1928Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Meade, Harris20 Apr 1920Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Meade, Mary17 Dec 1890Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Meador, Cherie L8 Oct 194416 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Meadows, Agnes18 Dec 1897Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Meadows, Alice17 Nov 192129 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Meadows, Arnold13 Dec 1918Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Meadows, Douglas7 Sep 1933Jan 1986Grabill
Meadows, Edward28 May 1916Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Meadows, Edward3 Jan 1893Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Meadows, Lundy17 May 1925Dec 1976Woodburn
Meadows, Madeline11 Jan 1915May 1981Fort Wayne
Meadows, Martha7 May 1902Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Meadows, Naomi6 May 1920Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Meadows, Rose A20 May 19373 Oct 2003Grabill
Meadows, William A27 Apr 191918 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Meads, Helen D17 Jun 19074 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Meads, Leta14 Jun 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Meagher, Alta M4 Jul 191120 Aug 1998New Haven
Meagher, Bertha15 Feb 1891Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Meagher, Earl16 Aug 19149 May 2001Fort Wayne
Meagher, Earnest G23 Nov 191211 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Meagher, James E11 Apr 192320 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Means, Howard23 Apr 1916Nov 1984Leo
Means, Mabel5 Dec 1907Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Means, Ray20 Sep 1893Feb 1974Leo
Means, Victoria5 Apr 1897Feb 1987Leo
Means, Walter2 Apr 1896Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Mear, Colletta6 Mar 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Mears, Earl E2 Feb 19209 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Mechling, Bertha28 Apr 1893Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mechling, Max6 Jan 1919Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mecikalski, Stella6 Jul 19035 Jan 2003Roanoke
Meckley, Harriett Esther20 Aug 192314 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Meckstroth, Beatrice F19 Aug 1902Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Meckstroth, Wesley25 Mar 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Medell, P20 Nov 1945Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Medert, Jerry M12 Jul 193623 May 2007Fort Wayne
Medford, Dorothy E4 Feb 19191 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Medina, Daniel30 May 19563 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Medina, Deborah A23 Dec 195016 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Medina, Doris E21 Feb 192228 May 1998Fort Wayne
Medina, Josefina15 Feb 19446 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Medina, Leona7 Nov 192623 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Medina, Rena22 Feb 19358 May 2009Fort Wayne
Medina, Wallace O24 Dec 192115 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Medinaugarte, Gerardo23 Mar 193124 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Medlen, Doris J28 Aug 192129 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Medley, John29 Mar 1923May 1987Fort Wayne
Medlock, Farl J5 Oct 19284 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Medrano, Maria3 Mar 1892Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Medsker, Arthur17 Jan 1906Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Medsker, Lillian13 Mar 1874May 1968Fort Wayne
Medsker, Lyndell L23 May 190718 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Medsker, Richard F29 Dec 19386 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Mee, Alex15 Jul 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mee, Cordia21 May 1897Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mee, Eldon N10 Apr 190414 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mee, Hollis31 Jan 1922Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Mee, M L8 Nov 190830 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Mee, Robert E16 Feb 193226 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Meehan, Daniel2 Nov 1913Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Meehan, Gloria Ann27 Aug 192527 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Meehan, Helen D18 Mar 191724 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Meehan, Josephine3 Sep 1896Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Meehan, Margaret11 Oct 1877Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Meehan, Patricia A11 Jan 193625 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Meehan, Richard W9 Jan 191926 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Meehan, Rose24 Nov 1903Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Meehan, Wilferd5 May 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Meek, Agnes E11 Oct 1898Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Meek, Amanda6 Feb 1895Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Meek, Ben15 Apr 1917Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Meek, Carl24 Jan 1891Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Meek, Clara29 Oct 1880Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Meek, Clarence27 Jan 1920Jun 1978Spencerville
Meek, Clifford28 Oct 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Meek, Dorothy6 Nov 191518 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Meek, Frank30 Oct 1912Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Meek, John22 Jun 1894May 1975Fort Wayne
Meek, Kenneth E24 Jun 19302 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Meek, Kerry2 May 1955Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Meek, Lydia A17 Jun 189723 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Meek, Mary26 Mar 1898Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Meek, Sharon M17 May 193816 Aug 2005Roanoke
Meek, Wealtha L24 Feb 191025 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Meeker, Chloral21 Mar 1886Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Meeker, Frieda5 Aug 1887Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Meeker, Homer12 Jan 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Meeker, Ottilie8 May 1891Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Meekin, Anna M17 Nov 192129 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Meekin, Sharon J15 Feb 194817 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Meeks, Charles B31 Jan 193722 Mar 2004Leo
Meeks, Clarence23 Feb 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Meeks, Ellen8 Jan 1920Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Meeks, Emma5 May 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Meeks, Ethel G21 Jun 19219 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Meeks, Gale W8 Sep 19174 Jan 1999Hoagland
Meeks, Gene A24 Apr 193318 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Meeks, Harlan8 Mar 1902May 1984Churubusco
Meeks, Harold S14 Feb 191827 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Meeks, J13 Jan 191124 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Meeks, Jeanette O15 Mar 192118 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Meeks, Kenneth Eugene22 Feb 192821 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Meeks, Lloyd11 Sep 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Meeks, Mabel F24 Dec 192221 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Meeks, Mary J26 Jan 19266 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Meeks, Mary R30 Jul 189624 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Meeks, Nelva J20 Sep 192012 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Meeks, Paul M17 Sep 19067 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Meeks, Raymond E11 Sep 192019 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Meeks, Ruth12 Oct 19057 Jun 1998Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Meeks, Ruth E1 Jan 192018 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Meeks, Sandra J13 Jul 195031 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Meeks, Sharon L3 Oct 19331 May 2002Fort Wayne
Meeks, Verna M20 Jan 19114 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Meens, Virginia7 Oct 1906Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mees, Clifford15 Apr 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Mees, Dorothy20 May 191211 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Mees, Robert20 Aug 1911Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Meese, Adelma7 Aug 1920Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Meese, Harry21 Oct 1884Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Meese, Henrietta2 Oct 1912Sep 1984New Haven
Meese, Martha21 Feb 1892May 1978Fort Wayne
Meese, Maureen T30 Oct 194719 Oct 2009New Haven
Meese, Maxine A16 Jan 192921 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Meese, Mildred Y10 May 191119 Dec 2008Monroeville
Meese, Richard M27 Nov 19213 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Meese, Urban4 Feb 1897Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Meese, Urban J9 Apr 192018 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mefferd, Floyd L10 Mar 191420 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Mefferd, Ruth22 Mar 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Megerdichian, A15 Jun 189528 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Megles, Elmer19 Feb 1928Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Megles, John23 Dec 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mehall, Henry8 Jun 1919Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Meharry, Bernadean18 Feb 1908Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Mehelic, Helen26 Oct 1896Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mehlhop, Georgia A22 Feb 192228 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Mehre, Florence1 Oct 1894Aug 1985Leo
Mehring, Fred10 Jan 1893Sep 1972New Haven
Meiboom, Mona27 Jul 1896Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Meid, Enid W15 Oct 190321 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Meier, Catherine12 Feb 1899Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Meier, Clara15 Apr 1900May 1981Fort Wayne
Meier, Edward14 May 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Meier, Ellison7 Mar 1887Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Meier, Eugene J17 Apr 192230 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Meier, Fern E16 Apr 1916Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Meier, Harold23 Aug 1902Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Meier, Helen26 Aug 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Meier, Lydia J28 Mar 191812 May 2004Fort Wayne
Meier, Myrtle Omiena9 Jul 191616 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Meier, Paul24 Apr 1893Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Meier, R William29 Jan 191617 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Meier, Richard13 Sep 1918Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Meier, Ruth J25 Nov 191811 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Meier, Virgil18 Apr 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Meier, Vivian M24 Feb 192011 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Meierding, Estella23 Dec 1892Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Meierding, Florence I23 Mar 191922 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Meierding, James C11 Nov 19171 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Meighen, Foster L4 Apr 190931 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Meikle, Carole Susan9 Jun 193522 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Meinerding, Leroy29 Dec 1914Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Meinerding, Mary23 Sep 1911Dec 1985Grabill
Meinerding, Ray10 Sep 190719 Mar 1992Grabill
Meiners, Emma23 Feb 1894Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Meiners, John23 Apr 1902Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Meiners, Ruth19 May 1898Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Meinert, Elizabeth23 Aug 19094 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Meinken, Marie E9 Jan 190618 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Meintel, Gloria R26 Jun 192726 May 2004Fort Wayne
Meintel, Joseph E16 May 19249 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Meints, Amelia J2 Jun 190615 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Meints, Arno William4 Jul 193614 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Meints, Joyce A16 Mar 193616 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Edward E11 Jun 192019 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Elsie K23 Dec 190213 Oct 1997New Haven
Meinzen, Herbert C10 Oct 189012 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Leonard W21 Sep 192228 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Lydia E28 Oct 1894Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Marie A8 Oct 191214 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Marjory3 Apr 191022 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Milton A9 Feb 190814 May 2002Fort Wayne
Meinzen, Walter2 Nov 1901Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Meinzer, John F23 Dec 192719 Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Meister, Edna V3 Aug 1913May 1996Fort Wayne
Meitz, Dora D19 Jan 191321 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Meitz, Paul J7 Feb 193824 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Meitz, Raon18 Sep 1923Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Meitz, Walter9 Jul 1893Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Mejer, Emery V31 Aug 19304 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Mekus, Betty J31 May 194321 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Melcher, Carl E6 Sep 191619 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Melcher, Della15 Mar 1896Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Melcher, Edward2 Dec 1891Mar 1970New Haven
Melcher, Emma6 Oct 1887Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Melcher, Erwin F3 Jan 19107 Jun 1999New Haven
Melcher, George W14 Aug 19178 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Melcher, Gerold11 Sep 19133 Apr 1995Woodburn
Melcher, Harold22 Feb 1909Feb 1983New Haven
Melcher, Herbert F31 Aug 190716 Nov 1994New Haven
Melcher, Mildred S24 Mar 19166 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Melcher, Orma J17 Jan 191428 Sep 1996New Haven
Melcher, Paul15 Dec 1902May 1983Hoagland
Melcher, Selma M3 Sep 1911Sep 1995New Haven
Melchi, Barbara16 Aug 1936Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Melchi, Earl8 Oct 1894Nov 1969Grabill
Melchi, Mary Jane10 Feb 19264 Jun 2009Spencerville
Melching, Albert19 Nov 1883Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Melching, Carrie13 Jun 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Melching, Gertrude26 Jul 1884Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Melching, Max E15 Jun 19212 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Melchior, Alvin23 Jun 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Melchior, Gertrude7 Oct 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Melin, L A11 Sep 193015 Feb 1987New Haven
Melin, Philemon R18 Jan 193630 Sep 2008New Haven
Mellinger, Bernis3 Jul 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mellinger, Harold21 Oct 1902Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mellinger, Herman K2 Nov 19479 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mellinger, James A14 Aug 192421 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mellinger, Joy M3 May 192119 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mellinger, William25 Dec 1878Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Mellott, Randall J5 Jan 195428 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Mellott, Richard E27 Aug 19254 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Melnyk, Mycnailo10 Oct 1899May 1976Fort Wayne
Melser, Harry12 Oct 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Melser, Martha E7 Apr 191616 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Melson, Edith7 Sep 1885Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Melson, Leal19 Sep 1888Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Melton, Alice M15 Nov 192327 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Melton, Charles B16 Feb 193310 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Melton, Charles T23 Jul 1926Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Melton, Eddie O9 Oct 19408 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Melton, Genevieve18 May 191420 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Melton, Helma28 Mar 194219 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Melton, Jesse H17 Jul 192414 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Melton, Johnnie L29 Mar 193813 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Melton, Velma E8 Jun 192519 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Melvin, Dora Jean M10 May 19368 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Melvin, Gladys7 Feb 1923Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Melvin, Mildred L11 Jan 191918 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Melvin, Ruth E25 Jun 192620 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Memmer, Iole7 Sep 192418 Nov 2009New Haven
Memmer, William M23 Dec 19222 Sep 2003New Haven
Mencer, Betty J2 Jun 192718 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mencer, Ellsworth29 Feb 1904Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Mencer, Harley7 May 1905Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Mencer, Harriet9 Dec 1886Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Mencer, Irene4 Dec 1901Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mencer, Joseph D3 Mar 19276 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mencer, Lloyd12 Oct 1906Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Mencer, Mary Elizabeth28 Nov 193014 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mencer, Michael E10 Aug 19771 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mencer, Michael P18 Aug 195614 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mencer, Norene4 Jun 19159 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Mencer, Phillip L13 Mar 193613 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Mencer, Virginia11 Mar 1912Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Mendel, Maxine16 Sep 1908Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mendelsohn, Rosella21 Dec 1882Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Alice11 Nov 190411 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Betty Jane12 Dec 1928Aug 1987Roanoke
Mendenhall, C24 Apr 1888May 1967Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, David L12 May 194022 Dec 2009Woodburn
Mendenhall, Edgar24 Jul 1891Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Irene11 Oct 1900Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, James C6 Jan 19174 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Joeanna24 Aug 1886May 1968Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, John3 May 192415 Jan 2000Roanoke
Mendenhall, Larry E10 Apr 194026 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Margaret R3 Mar 19227 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mendenhall, Marian L23 Aug 191411 Feb 2005New Haven
Mendenhall, Rose M2 Jul 19096 Feb 1993Spencerville
Mendez, Jimmie P17 Mar 195812 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mendoza, Maria I21 Feb 196529 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mendoza, Paul28 Oct 19222 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mendoza, Rose M9 Sep 19226 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Menefee, Adolphus14 Aug 1897Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Menefee, Charles14 Apr 1901May 1972Fort Wayne
Menefee, Charles18 Mar 1895Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Menefee, Charlotte R15 Dec 193515 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Menefee, Madeline15 Jul 1899Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Menefee, Marcella I30 Jan 193816 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Menefee, Oscar7 Jul 191030 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Menefee, Robert20 Nov 1921Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Menge, Walter O11 Sep 190412 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Mengel, Mary E6 Feb 19249 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mengerson, Carl6 Jul 1903Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mengerson, Ursula15 Jul 1904Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Menges, William H20 Jun 190410 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Menke, Allie11 Jul 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Menke, James3 Feb 191815 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Menke, La Vera20 Feb 19243 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Menke, Martha24 Jun 1924Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Menking, Earl F13 May 192231 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Menking, Esther M11 Dec 1899Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Menking, Hildegarde M9 Apr 192524 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Angeline22 Dec 1900Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Edith12 Dec 1911Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Ellen E8 Nov 19213 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Grace17 Mar 1904Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Herbert E25 Mar 190330 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Margaret M26 Jul 191421 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Minnie12 May 19062 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Patricia L26 Sep 194515 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Mennewisch, Russell6 May 1900Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Menon, Leela7 Mar 191918 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Mensch, James R25 May 19233 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Mensch, Oscar6 May 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Menshy, Beth E14 Oct 19218 Apr 2008Leo
Menshy, Dennis O21 Apr 192113 Dec 2001Leo
Menshy, Elizabeth A20 Nov 192511 Feb 2009Leo
Menshy, Irvin Max6 Mar 191917 Jul 2009Leo
Mensing, Agnes E14 Jul 190319 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mensing, Clarence20 Jul 1896Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Mensing, Clarence J14 Sep 19242 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mensing, David J22 May 19348 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Mensing, Edna5 Nov 1894May 1967Fort Wayne
Mensing, Edward P14 Jan 19185 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mensing, Julia H28 Jul 193130 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mensing, Mildred M17 May 191715 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Mensing, Ruth29 Apr 1903Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Menson, Rosetta17 Jul 1921Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Menson, Thomas23 Feb 190919 May 1992Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Bess P16 Mar 191010 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Frank29 May 1900May 1986Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Gloria A2 Nov 192829 Apr 1997Huntertown
Mentzer, Jane R4 Mar 192816 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Janet M21 Jun 19393 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Karma J5 Sep 192117 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Leonard26 Jul 1922Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Mentzer, Paul L23 Oct 1911Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Menze, Carolyn A11 Sep 195411 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Menze, Catherine E14 May 192530 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Menze, Hilbert21 Apr 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Menze, Ida2 Jun 1892Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Menze, Lester4 Dec 1914Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Menze, Mildred M14 Aug 191530 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Menze, Olive5 Feb 1892Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Menze, Raymond14 Nov 1916Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Menzel, Pauline4 Dec 1883Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Menzie, Pauline28 Sep 191726 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Menzie, Thelma16 Jul 1894Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Meo, Mary E19 Jan 19041 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Meo, Nicola27 Aug 1893Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Mercer, Charles24 Aug 1902Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mercer, Emma20 Apr 1892May 1984Fort Wayne
Mercer, Fred D30 Nov 196126 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mercer, Gladys16 Jul 1894Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Mercer, Helen24 May 1924Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mercer, Helen1 Jan 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mercer, Ida26 Aug 1894Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mercer, Judith26 Jan 194212 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mercer, Robert D8 Dec 194515 Sep 1996Churubusco
Mercer, Sadie H2 Sep 19231 Dec 2002Leo
Mercer, Samuel19 Feb 1902Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Mercer, Wealthie14 Jan 1880Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Merchant, Betty1 Nov 1920Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Merchant, Daisy18 Oct 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Merchant, Deloris M17 Jul 19231 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Merchant, Donald J20 Oct 19251 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Merchant, James B18 Jun 19217 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Merchant, John E9 Jan 192017 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Merchant, William24 Sep 1884Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Merchant, William16 Feb 1888Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Merchich, Anna L21 Jan 19081 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Merckx, Evo J2 Sep 19105 Nov 2004Roanoke
Mercurio, Michael20 May 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Meredith, Alex A8 Feb 19433 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Meredith, Charlie13 Apr 1907Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Meredith, Dawn5 Oct 1948Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Meredith, Donald E31 Mar 193529 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Meredith, Donald J18 Mar 192718 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Meredith, Florence E25 Jun 192721 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Meredith, Joyce D5 May 194618 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Meredith, Loren1 Jul 1923Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Meredith, Thelma Lucile21 Dec 191122 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Merica, Catherine3 Jan 1882Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Merica, Ethel24 Dec 1905Jul 1983New Haven
Merica, Glenn C30 May 191520 Sep 1991Monroeville
Mericle, Inez M22 Oct 190329 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mericle, Mahlon R8 Nov 192110 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Mericle, Maxine16 Dec 1921Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Merillat, K E11 Apr 19025 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Merillat, Pearl19 Jun 1898Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Merin, Mark B23 Sep 191222 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Meriwether, Lawrence29 Jul 1907Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Meriwether, M J23 Sep 18955 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Meriwether, Phyllis M4 Aug 19427 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Meriwether, Reba H2 Dec 1915Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Merkel, Anna15 Mar 1886Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Merkel, Anna19 Jan 1897Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Merkel, Barbara E3 Jan 193217 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Merkel, George29 Apr 1898May 1976Fort Wayne
Merkert, Marie21 Feb 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Merkey, Bessie21 Sep 1889Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Merkey, Ethela H29 Aug 191110 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Merkey, Paul E30 Sep 190925 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Merkle, Christian11 May 1903Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Merkle, Hilda W14 Jul 191310 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Merkle, Marie31 Oct 1904May 1981New Haven
Merkle, Walter13 Sep 1905Jun 1984New Haven
Merkler, Cheryl A29 Mar 196219 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Merkler, Geraldine A17 Jul 191412 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Merkler, Joan Justina8 Jun 192923 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Merkler, Ruth L5 Jun 19136 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Mero, Charles E22 Jan 190418 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Mero, Kathleen J17 Jun 190319 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Merren, Dorotha W13 Nov 19153 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Merren, Rosalie E13 Jun 19439 Aug 2002New Haven
Merriam, Orpha27 Aug 1877Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Merriett, Charles3 Dec 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Merriett, Lena22 Aug 1882Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Merriett, Velma3 Oct 1914Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Merrill, Charles M28 Apr 192231 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Merrill, Essie18 Jul 1914Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Merrill, Estella S28 Aug 192215 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Merrill, Gladys25 Nov 1898Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Merrill, Irma26 Apr 1890Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Merrill, Jennie M12 Aug 193015 Feb 2000Churubusco
Merrill, Lucile H24 Nov 191328 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Merrill, Mary L17 Apr 190815 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Merrill, Mildred A23 Nov 191017 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Merrill, Paul26 Aug 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Merrill, Paul25 May 1921Jun 1978Churubusco
Merrill, Pauletta6 Sep 191519 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Merrill, Ray23 Oct 1899Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Merrill, Robert30 Jan 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Merrill, Stephen10 Mar 1905Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Merrill, Theresa F18 Oct 189128 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Merrill, William9 Jan 1904Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Merriman, Arthur27 Dec 1919Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Merriman, Arthur13 May 1897Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Merriman, Charles25 May 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Merriman, Daisy L2 Mar 192120 May 1999Fort Wayne
Merriman, Doris E18 Nov 191922 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Merriman, Ernest L4 Oct 191626 May 1992Fort Wayne
Merriman, Florence E25 Nov 191825 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Merriman, Gladys4 May 190631 Jan 2000Grabill
Merriman, Joseph William4 Aug 19277 Oct 2009Roanoke
Merriman, Lester8 Oct 1912Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Merriman, Mildred11 May 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Merriman, Minnie18 Jun 1889Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Merriman, Paul E11 Aug 193013 May 2000Fort Wayne
Merriman, Ralph7 Jan 1893Jul 1973New Haven
Merriman, Robert L18 Apr 19293 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Merriman, Ruth8 Aug 1885Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Merriman, Solon23 Jan 1893Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Merris, Rolla3 Aug 1884May 1977Fort Wayne
Merritt, Delores A30 Mar 193413 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Merritt, F B24 Jan 193815 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Merritt, Florence19 Sep 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Merritt, Francis W21 Jul 192921 Jan 2003New Haven
Merritt, Henry11 Jun 1901Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Merritt, Naomi9 Oct 1902Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Merritt, Patrick25 Sep 1925Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Merritt, Robert L5 Mar 19434 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Merritts, Ralph2 Oct 1899Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Merriweather, Ben28 Jan 192226 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Merriweather, Emily L11 Mar 192429 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Merriweather, Ruby23 Jun 1928Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Merry, Edward E27 Mar 192617 Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Merry, Mary Rose2 Dec 192516 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Merryman, Carolyn S13 Aug 193216 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Merryman, George T28 Sep 193030 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Merryman, Nellie17 Nov 1880Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Merryman, William28 Mar 1910Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mersman, Mary8 Feb 1898Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mersman, Walter1 Dec 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Merson, Dorothy29 Dec 1909Feb 1978Yoder, Fort Wayne
Mertens, Allen L27 May 193622 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mertens, Donald C11 May 191424 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mertens, Edward24 Apr 1913Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mertens, Ernest2 Dec 1898Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mertens, Margaret2 Dec 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mertens, Millie14 May 1885Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Mertens, Robert7 Dec 1915Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Mertens, Ruth7 Jul 1919Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Mertens, William26 Sep 1895Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Mertes, John12 Nov 1896May 1980Fort Wayne
Mertes, John R27 Mar 193320 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Mertes, Stanley A31 Mar 193414 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mertz, Agnes3 Jul 1882Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Mertz, Barbara3 Oct 1925Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mertz, Benjamin W22 Feb 19359 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Mertz, Bertha19 Dec 1880Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mertz, Clare27 Mar 1887Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Mertz, Daniel10 Dec 1886Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Mertz, Dianne M23 Jan 194018 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Mertz, Edna M29 Jul 19077 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Mertz, Emma8 Aug 1879Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Mertz, Helene M6 Nov 19106 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Mertz, Henry20 Jun 1887Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Mertz, Homer31 Mar 1892Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mertz, Minnie3 Jun 1892May 1974Fort Wayne
Mertz, Norma J26 Mar 19338 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mertz, Paul18 Aug 1907Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Mertz, Robert30 Jan 1927Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Mertz, Robert A30 Oct 193016 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Mertz, Walter D28 Jul 19193 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Merva, Filomena C17 Mar 191411 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Mervine, Edna29 Jan 190911 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mervine, Fred6 Jul 1916Feb 1985New Haven
Merz, Charles15 Jun 1889Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Merz, Chrystal A8 Oct 19323 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Merz, Harold2 Jul 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Merz, Herbert P21 Nov 192910 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Merz, Joseph M12 Feb 195520 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Merz, Loretta9 Jan 1892Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Merz, Louise23 Mar 192930 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Merz, Mary C17 Oct 191424 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Merz, Osie15 May 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Merz, Robert23 Sep 1915Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Merz, Thomas H10 Oct 193620 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Meschberger, Clarence27 Mar 1915Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Meschberger, Emma15 Oct 1885May 1967Fort Wayne
Meshberger, Ezra20 Aug 1898Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Meshberger, Homer22 Mar 1906Mar 1968Roanoke
Meshberger, Robert4 Mar 1908Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Meshberger, Virginia6 Jun 1909Oct 1987Churubusco
Meshek, Joseph8 May 191512 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Meshek, Louise21 Feb 191524 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mesing, Carl H27 Jan 191821 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Mesing, Christina13 Oct 1897May 1977Fort Wayne
Mesing, Clara M27 Feb 19014 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Mesing, Elmer25 Apr 1897Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Mesing, Helen P13 Feb 19191 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Meslo, Edward4 Sep 194130 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Mespell, Howard E20 Aug 19247 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mespell, Wilbur C2 Apr 19227 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Messenger, Ada7 Feb 1894Jun 1980New Haven
Messenger, Leonard4 Jun 1882Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Messenger, Leonard F4 Mar 191824 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Messer, Cecil9 Aug 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Messer, Charles30 Oct 1915Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Messer, Effie12 Aug 1902Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Messer, Gladys15 Dec 1904Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Messerschmid, Albert30 Dec 1905Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Messerschmid, Carl3 Jan 1903Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Messerschmid, Edna M5 Mar 1906May 1998Fort Wayne
Messerschmid, Helen27 Aug 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Messersmith, Gilbert W20 Sep 19063 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Messick, Beulah2 Aug 190514 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Messick, Morris M9 Feb 191922 May 2004Fort Wayne
Messing, Mary24 May 1902May 1985Fort Wayne
Messler, Loyal E30 Aug 192218 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Messman, Arthur8 Aug 1909Jan 1985Woodburn
Messman, Edwin C24 Jan 191717 Nov 1991New Haven
Messman, Francis W12 Nov 191312 Mar 2002Woodburn
Messman, George22 Nov 1891Mar 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Messman, Geraldine R12 Dec 191624 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Messman, Glenn10 Apr 1922Sep 1979Woodburn
Messman, Goldie24 Jan 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Messman, Lorenz F23 Jun 19149 Oct 1997Woodburn
Messman, Mary20 Aug 1891Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Messman, Norvelle9 Nov 1928Dec 1980Woodburn
Messman, Odeal L15 Feb 192011 Jun 2001Woodburn
Messman, Paul23 Dec 1915Jun 1969Woodburn
Messman, Willis L8 May 192618 May 2007Woodburn
Messmann, Alfred H12 Jan 191012 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Messmann, Alice27 Jun 192424 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Messmann, Artie22 Mar 1894Aug 1978Woodburn
Messmann, Brian14 Oct 196029 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Messmann, Edward30 Jun 1887Oct 1969Woodburn
Messmann, Elwood W3 Sep 191213 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Messmann, Emil9 Aug 1885Oct 1983Woodburn
Messmann, Howard H4 Aug 191526 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Messmann, James W17 Jan 19285 Oct 2007Huntertown
Messmann, Louise14 Aug 1884May 1970New Haven
Messmann, Luetta A18 Oct 19146 May 2005New Haven
Messmann, Margaret W31 Jan 191116 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Messmann, Martin25 Jun 1925Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Messmann, Max J19 May 19213 May 2008Hoagland
Messmann, Richard G6 May 19458 Oct 2008Woodburn
Messmann, Ruth A27 Nov 192313 Apr 2008Hoagland
Messmann, Wilfried23 Sep 1900Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Messner, Virgil24 Nov 1893Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Meswarp, Fred29 May 1905Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Meszaros, Valrae L2 Dec 197530 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Metcalf, Clara15 Apr 1892Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Metcalf, Everett2 Oct 1896Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Metcalf, Fred4 Mar 1873Aug 1966Harlan
Metcalf, Rose5 Feb 1882Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Metcalfe, Marguerite M3 Aug 18974 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Metcalfe, Walter A1 Sep 189715 Sep 1967Harlan
Metel, Gregory12 Jun 1913Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Metel, Lidia5 Jun 1914Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Metheny, Marna27 Jun 1916Jan 1984Hoagland
Metker, Carl J3 Nov 191430 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Metker, Elizabeth9 Nov 1895Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Metker, Marcella Ann22 Oct 191519 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Metsch, Dorothy M24 Sep 19214 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mettert, Betty J10 Jul 191810 Aug 2000Harlan
Mettert, Donald H28 Jan 192612 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mettert, Edna4 Jul 1879Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Mettert, George1 Sep 1880May 1966Fort Wayne
Mettert, Helen L10 Apr 19264 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mettert, Herman17 Feb 1902Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Mettert, Jack H20 Oct 193228 Jul 2006New Haven
Mettert, Jeanne R11 Nov 193021 Nov 2008New Haven
Mettert, Kenneth L29 Oct 191820 Jan 2002Harlan
Mettert, Mildred4 May 1911May 1968Fort Wayne
Mettert, Raymond Gene21 Nov 193412 Mar 2008Churubusco
Mettert, Ruth11 Oct 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mettert, Thomas21 Apr 1896Jan 1976Woodburn
Metting, Clara31 Jul 1897Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Metting, Henry15 Dec 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Metting, Marie23 Feb 1887Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Mettler, Clement11 Mar 1888Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mettler, Dorothy C29 Feb 191631 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Mettler, Dorothy E31 Dec 19182 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mettler, Edna13 Jul 1901Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Mettler, Ferd13 Nov 1880Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Mettler, Floyd8 Mar 1900May 1985Fort Wayne
Mettler, Frank21 Sep 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Mettler, Harold16 Jan 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mettler, Helen13 Feb 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Mettler, James P3 Nov 19251 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Mettler, Josephine C27 Aug 189811 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Mettler, Joyce P29 Dec 19275 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mettler, Kathryn8 May 1889Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Mettler, Loretta1 Feb 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Mettler, Martha5 Apr 1894Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Mettler, Mary L3 Jul 1923Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Mettler, Matilda9 Jan 1890Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Mettler, Olga B26 May 190619 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mettler, Virgil27 Nov 1894Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Mettler, Virginia E26 May 191724 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Metz, Eileen23 May 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Metz, Lloyd10 Aug 1883Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Metz, Lois M21 May 19174 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Metzger, Florine10 Dec 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Metzger, Gaylord4 Jul 1896Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Metzger, Joan30 Jun 19286 Oct 2001Grabill
Metzger, Ken L14 Jan 194629 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Metzger, Mildred15 Aug 1907Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Metzger, Phil O29 May 191630 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Metzger, Raymond C30 Mar 19042 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Metzger, Robert P21 Aug 192613 Jun 1996Grabill
Metzger, Victor C31 Jan 191127 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Metzger, Wilodean E6 Jan 192815 Dec 1998Roanoke
Metzinger, Florence L1 Oct 19207 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Metzler, Bobbie23 Jun 1928Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Metzler, Charles J24 Apr 192210 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Metzler, John Joseph6 Sep 192814 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Metzler, Marjorie R22 May 192515 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Metzler, Mildred C27 Sep 193227 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Metzler, Patricia A26 Aug 193328 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Metzler, Ronald L10 Jan 19345 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Metzner, Lydia28 Jan 1883Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Metzner, Mabel14 Jun 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Metzner, Ralph20 Oct 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Meurer, Hal Albert3 May 192524 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Adela12 May 191127 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Meyer, Albert11 Jul 1886Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Meyer, Albrecht7 May 1903Apr 1984Spencerville
Meyer, Alfred21 Apr 1923Nov 1979New Haven
Meyer, Alma20 Mar 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Anna11 Oct 1901Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Anna5 May 1886Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Anna20 Sep 1886Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Anna25 Oct 1893Jan 1984New Haven
Meyer, Arthur13 Jun 191711 Jun 2003Monroeville
Meyer, Arthur12 Mar 1903Feb 1974New Haven
Meyer, Arthur4 Mar 1885Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Meyer, Arthur18 Jun 1890Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Meyer, Arthur E26 May 192229 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Arthur J4 Feb 19314 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Meyer, August W10 Nov 190516 Sep 1999Roanoke
Meyer, B23 Jun 1915Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Meyer, Barbara J17 Jan 194123 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Meyer, Barry23 Jan 1961Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, Bette13 May 1920Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Carl20 Aug 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Meyer, Christ9 Sep 1891Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Christian9 Jun 1872Sep 1966New Haven
Meyer, Christina10 Mar 1890May 1974New Haven
Meyer, Clara8 Oct 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Meyer, Dale R5 Aug 193216 Mar 1999Churubusco
Meyer, Darlene R30 Jul 19255 Nov 2003Woodburn
Meyer, Donald F4 Feb 193229 Jul 2006New Haven
Meyer, Donna M12 May 191811 Dec 1992Monroeville
Meyer, Dorothy13 Jul 1900Jul 1986New Haven
Meyer, Dorothy L20 Jul 191424 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Meyer, Edith1 Jan 1911Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Edmund3 Oct 190530 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Meyer, Edmund F29 May 19242 Oct 1993New Haven
Meyer, Edna M9 Jan 190928 Dec 1997New Haven
Meyer, Edward H17 Apr 191429 Jul 1991New Haven
Meyer, Edwin4 Dec 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, Edwin F18 Jul 190515 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ella20 May 1894Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ella31 Jan 1918Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Meyer, Elma L1 Apr 191322 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Meyer, Emil8 Feb 1887Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Meyer, Emma30 Dec 190613 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Erna24 Mar 1905Feb 1983New Haven
Meyer, Ernest15 Jul 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ervin W7 Oct 190316 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Meyer, Erwin1 Feb 1899May 1972Fort Wayne
Meyer, Esther30 Dec 192030 Sep 2005Monroeville
Meyer, Esther M20 Nov 191115 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Eugene R29 Sep 193012 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Evelyn M12 May 192011 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Meyer, Evelyn R3 Feb 192021 Nov 2005Monroeville
Meyer, Ferdinand4 Sep 1891Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Meyer, Florence17 Feb 1912Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Frances E18 May 19261 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Meyer, Frank26 Oct 1889Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Meyer, Fred23 Aug 1892Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Fred22 May 1895Oct 1971Woodburn
Meyer, Fred3 Nov 1875Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Meyer, Fred25 May 1888Dec 1967New Haven
Meyer, Fred L11 Oct 192529 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Meyer, Frederick J11 Sep 192631 Jan 2006Woodburn
Meyer, Frieda12 Jul 1907Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Frieda11 May 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, Frieda E22 Nov 19117 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Meyer, G E25 Oct 190529 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Meyer, Gail F7 Sep 192220 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Meyer, George22 Aug 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Meyer, Geraldine G26 Nov 190610 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Meyer, Gertrude V23 Apr 190926 Jan 1995Spencerville
Meyer, Gladys24 Nov 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Meyer, Gladys20 Apr 1898Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Meyer, Gladys E2 Mar 19033 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Meyer, Gottlieb22 Feb 1885Mar 1974New Haven
Meyer, H Louise17 Sep 1920Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Meyer, Harold F21 Oct 190929 May 1992Fort Wayne
Meyer, Harry14 Dec 1897Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Hazel6 Jul 1893Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Meyer, Helen19 Apr 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Meyer, Helen G24 May 190923 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Meyer, Helen L1 Oct 191823 Sep 2008New Haven
Meyer, Henry22 Aug 1903Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Meyer, Henry17 Mar 1894Feb 1969New Haven
Meyer, Henry28 Sep 1911Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Meyer, Henry L7 Nov 19127 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Meyer, Herbert5 Oct 1888Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Meyer, Herbert C2 Dec 192114 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Herman28 Nov 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Meyer, Herman10 Apr 1883Jul 1972New Haven
Meyer, Herman A23 Apr 190724 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Meyer, Hilbert F28 Sep 191424 Jun 1994New Haven
Meyer, Hilda M23 Apr 190120 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Howard21 Jun 1909Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, Iris4 Oct 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Meyer, J E23 Feb 193415 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Meyer, James A23 Jul 19515 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Meyer, Jeanette28 Mar 1912Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Meyer, Jeffrey Scott11 Aug 196515 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Meyer, Jewel12 Jun 1890Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Joan L16 Jul 1927Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, John29 Nov 1890Sep 1976New Haven
Meyer, John9 Apr 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, John7 Aug 1884Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Meyer, John6 Jul 1884Dec 1969Woodburn
Meyer, John H2 Jun 192611 Sep 1996New Haven
Meyer, Justeen M2 May 1904Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Karl11 Dec 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Meyer, Kathleen B9 Jun 191826 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Laverne M23 Dec 191927 May 1997Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lawrence22 Feb 1957Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lawrence30 Oct 1898Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lawrence14 Apr 1898Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Leona25 Oct 1893Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Meyer, Leona E17 Sep 1904Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Meyer, Leona L15 Apr 19076 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lester C10 Sep 19236 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lola M27 Apr 191625 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Louise23 Sep 1894Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lucille G24 Nov 190927 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Meyer, Luther F26 May 189929 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Lynn F23 May 193923 May 2009Monroeville
Meyer, Mabel5 Sep 190428 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Meyer, Marceline A2 May 190615 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Meyer, Marcella H24 Dec 19227 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Margaret1 Dec 1906Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Meyer, Marguerite13 Nov 191219 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Meyer, Marilyn R17 Feb 19255 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Meyer, Martha J15 Jun 19297 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Martin26 Dec 1906Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Meyer, Mary Louise31 Jul 191822 Jan 2009New Haven
Meyer, Max4 Apr 1881May 1968Fort Wayne
Meyer, Mildred12 Dec 1907Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Meyer, Mildred9 Feb 1908Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Meyer, Minnie29 Nov 1881Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Meyer, Muriel12 Aug 1903Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Meyer, Myrtle12 Sep 1881Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Meyer, Noble8 Mar 1913Feb 1986Monroeville
Meyer, Norbert26 Oct 1901Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Meyer, Olga27 Feb 1893Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Meyer, Omer13 Jun 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Omer J24 May 191912 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Otto24 Jul 1892Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Meyer, Paul18 Dec 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Meyer, Paul16 Jun 1897Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Meyer, Paul3 Jan 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Meyer, Paul F13 Jun 19209 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Meyer, Paul H16 Feb 19104 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Meyer, Pearl1 May 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Meyer, Racile S8 May 193825 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ralph21 Mar 1911Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ralph29 Jul 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Meyer, Ralph E23 Oct 191218 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Meyer, Raymond1 Jun 1907Jan 1986New Haven
Meyer, Richard26 Feb 1905Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Meyer, Richard H22 Oct 190812 Jul 1996Spencerville
Meyer, Rita K27 Apr 19298 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Meyer, Robert28 Mar 1907Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Meyer, Robert E23 Oct 191314 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Meyer, Robert Wal T1 Feb 192013 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Meyer, Rose I11 Oct 18983 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Meyer, Rosella F16 Jan 191423 Apr 2009Monroeville
Meyer, Ross3 Mar 1922Jan 1979New Haven
Meyer, Ruby M12 Mar 190416 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Meyer, Samuel14 Apr 1882Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Meyer, Sheila S17 Oct 19486 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Meyer, Stephen R20 Aug 19466 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Meyer, Sylvia M18 Apr 192731 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Meyer, Theodore H16 Feb 18954 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Meyer, Theodore W12 Mar 193029 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Meyer, Tracy L17 May 19736 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Meyer, Victor F13 May 19171 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Meyer, Virgil G6 Feb 190912 May 2006Fort Wayne
Meyer, Virginia29 Aug 1897Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Meyer, Waldemar R4 Jul 19092 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Meyer, Walter6 Dec 1889Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Meyer, Welma B17 Apr 1907Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Meyer, William2 Aug 1904Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Meyer, William19 Mar 1898Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Meyer, William2 Apr 1896Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Meyer, William J30 Aug 19182 Jun 2002Monroeville
Meyer, Zelma L15 Jul 1908Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Meyers, Barbara J6 Mar 193813 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Meyers, Berniece A8 Feb 192320 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Meyers, Bertha22 Mar 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Meyers, Bertha10 Mar 1884Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Meyers, Blanche L13 Jan 19042 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Meyers, Bobby B13 Oct 192020 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Meyers, Carl F1 Nov 192010 Feb 2002New Haven
Meyers, Clara27 Jul 1882Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Meyers, Clara M23 Mar 190829 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Meyers, Clifford24 Apr 1901Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Meyers, Cordelia29 Feb 1892May 1974Fort Wayne
Meyers, David F8 Jun 19389 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Meyers, Don L31 Jan 19256 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Meyers, Doris J21 Jul 19304 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Meyers, Dorothy E17 Jun 191831 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Meyers, Duane I18 May 19619 May 2008Spencerville
Meyers, Edward12 Sep 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Meyers, Edward T16 Dec 19202 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Meyers, Elizabeth A29 Oct 191727 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Meyers, Ervin C26 Aug 190124 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Meyers, Eugene E15 Aug 192627 Apr 1996Hoagland
Meyers, Eva F13 Nov 19106 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Meyers, Frank William4 Mar 193318 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Meyers, Geary H20 Oct 19021 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Meyers, Gilbert28 Oct 1907Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Meyers, Harold18 Oct 1905Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Meyers, Hilda14 Jan 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Meyers, Hilda E3 Feb 191625 Jun 1999New Haven
Meyers, Irene12 Dec 1899May 1970Fort Wayne
Meyers, James H15 Nov 195326 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Meyers, Jean27 Nov 192826 Jun 1994Hoagland
Meyers, Jewel8 Jun 1902Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Meyers, John28 Aug 1905Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Meyers, Joseph S15 Feb 19271 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Meyers, Joyce A13 Apr 193311 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Meyers, Juanita8 Apr 190823 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Meyers, Louis J29 Jun 191224 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Meyers, Martin16 Jan 1908Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Meyers, Maude28 Aug 1886Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Meyers, Olive M17 Feb 191629 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Meyers, Oliver31 Oct 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Meyers, Oscar3 Jun 1893Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Meyers, Oscar A26 Dec 19311 May 1994Fort Wayne
Meyers, Paul Eugene2 May 192529 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Meyers, Rebecca2 Jan 1904Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Meyers, Rivah29 Sep 1922May 1976Fort Wayne
Meyers, Robert E19 Nov 191529 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Meyers, Robert F25 Feb 19132 Oct 1998New Haven
Meyers, Susan K15 Nov 195527 Apr 2006Roanoke
Meyers, Vera2 Aug 1895Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Meyers, Verneal E8 Mar 191822 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Meyers, Violet E28 Apr 190717 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Meyers, Wayne E13 Feb 19256 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Meyers, William29 May 1913Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Meyers, William5 Sep 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Meyers, Wilma L6 Feb 19207 Jun 2006Fort Wayne

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