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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Miceli, Lucille M17 Feb 18996 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Michael, Agnes26 Aug 1904Jun 1979Grabill
Michael, Beulah M7 Mar 192914 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Michael, Beverly J14 Jan 192513 May 2005Fort Wayne
Michael, Clarence5 Mar 1907Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Michael, Floyd17 Jun 1904May 1971Fort Wayne
Michael, Floyd W21 Feb 193010 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Michael, G Robert26 May 192118 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Michael, Gerald C27 Jul 190413 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Michael, Jay19 Oct 1903Jul 1972Grabill
Michael, Judy15 Dec 1960Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Michael, Lawrence30 Jan 1900Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Michael, Lawrence19 Oct 1901Feb 1979Grabill
Michael, Lulu29 Sep 1886Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Michael, Lydia19 Aug 1901Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Michael, Mary21 Jul 1914Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Michael, Mary A19 Nov 18956 Jan 1997Roanoke
Michael, Phyllis10 May 192314 May 1993Fort Wayne
Michael, Ruth13 Feb 19087 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Michael, Verma23 Dec 1908Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Michael, Violet M18 Dec 1906May 1995Fort Wayne
Michaelis, Frank7 Feb 1888Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Michaelis, Loretta8 Aug 1886Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Michaelis, Loretta Jean24 Jan 192228 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Michaels, Betty M29 Jul 19326 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Michaels, Olga A25 Dec 191823 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Michaels, Patricia A25 Jan 193711 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Michaels, Ralph12 May 1897Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Michalik, Stanley7 Jan 19187 May 1992Fort Wayne
Michaud, Lores28 Aug 1906Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Michaud, Margaret I22 Feb 19115 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Micheaux, Ellis13 Jun 19432 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Micheaux, Josie L23 Jun 191112 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Michel, Alma W3 Mar 192012 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Michel, John19 Dec 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Michel, Raymond E18 Dec 191631 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Michel, Richard A21 Aug 193212 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Michelfelder, Lilly15 Feb 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Michelfelder, Ruth31 Oct 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Michelini, Oliva6 Jan 1896Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Michell, Donald J12 Feb 192021 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Michell, Gertrude C23 Nov 192624 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Michell, James9 Jul 1887Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Michell, James S14 Jan 190915 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Michell, Kenneth31 Jan 1918Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Michell, Rosemary T13 Aug 192212 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Michell, William K11 Aug 192517 Sep 2006Roanoke
Michelle, Cardinal21 Apr 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Michels, Allen D23 Apr 19337 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Michels, Dolores31 Oct 192718 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Michels, Edith15 Sep 1886Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Michels, George17 Oct 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Michels, Kathi11 Apr 1907Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Michels, Louis E27 Jul 191726 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Michels, Marceil31 Jul 1905Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Michels, Virginia6 May 1923Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Michelson, Alvin15 Jul 1879Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Michelson, Harold26 Apr 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Michelson, Yetta19 Jul 1902Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Michon, Stanley J17 Jan 191920 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Mickey, John A5 Jul 195319 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mickley, Daniel L8 May 195225 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Micu, John16 Oct 190623 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Micu, Martha16 Feb 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Micu, Mary7 Sep 1916Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Micu, Zack29 Aug 1888Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Middaugh, Albert4 Oct 1910Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Middaugh, Clifford15 Apr 1905Jun 1973Huntertown
Middaugh, Dessie L15 Apr 1886Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Middaugh, Elvie3 May 1884Jan 1974Yoder
Middaugh, Jennie6 May 1900Jul 1974Roanoke
Middaugh, Leroy E29 Jun 192228 Nov 1994Roanoke
Middaugh, Melvin R26 Jul 189529 Dec 1993Roanoke
Middaugh, Mildred17 Oct 1912May 1986Fort Wayne
Middaugh, Ruth2 Aug 19176 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Middendorf, Elizabeth18 Aug 1884Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Middendorf, Joseph5 Jul 1889Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Middleton, Albert V7 Dec 19201 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Middleton, Bessie15 Jun 1893May 1982Fort Wayne
Middleton, Charles6 Mar 1900Feb 1982Roanoke
Middleton, Chauncey A4 Sep 191127 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Middleton, Curtis R27 Feb 193514 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Middleton, Earl12 Aug 1910Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Middleton, Ethel C23 Aug 191113 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Middleton, Frances P4 Jul 19162 Nov 1997Roanoke
Middleton, Helen15 Apr 1926Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Middleton, Hilbert28 Nov 1918Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Middleton, Josephine M4 Nov 191115 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Middleton, Juanita15 Jun 19135 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Middleton, Karen31 Dec 194221 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Middleton, Lois J3 Feb 193023 May 2007Fort Wayne
Middleton, Louise18 Jun 1894Apr 1981Roanoke
Middleton, Mark28 Oct 1950Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Middleton, Mary21 Apr 1879Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Middleton, Ruben27 May 1912Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Middleton, Sarah7 Oct 1916Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Middleton, Shirley M31 Oct 193114 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Middleton, Sylvia7 Feb 1883Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Middleton, Thomas21 Feb 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Middleton, Thomas G18 Aug 193621 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Middling, Claude19 May 1887Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Middling, Ida19 Jun 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Mielke, Drucilla R4 May 19179 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Mielke, H2 Feb 1902Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Mielke, Helen K9 Mar 192010 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mielke, Paul M22 Oct 191420 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Mielke, William M1 May 191031 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mierau, Bruno S17 Oct 192929 Aug 2004New Haven
Mierzwinski, Eugene P22 Mar 193927 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Miesen, Catherine24 Apr 192517 May 1993Fort Wayne
Miesen, Harry26 Aug 1929Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Miesen, Margaret13 Oct 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Miesen, Peter7 Nov 1889Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Mieth, Dorothy M8 Dec 191922 May 2002Churubusco
Mifford, Ellen9 Mar 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Mifford, Jacob L18 Dec 193619 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Migacz, George22 Feb 1916Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Might, William H10 Dec 191916 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mignerey, Carey2 Jan 1880Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Mignerey, John1 May 1913May 1982Fort Wayne
Mignerey, Lorraine E10 Feb 192521 May 1993Fort Wayne
Miguel, Alfred F3 May 19098 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Miguel, Eric18 Jul 1978Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Miguel, Irene8 Sep 192128 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Migues, Drew D9 Feb 19617 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Mihm, Vauneda I6 Oct 193329 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Mikle, Leo31 Mar 1922Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Miklos, Marie15 Mar 193110 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Miklosko, Novia A23 Aug 194310 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mikolagak, Connie L20 Jan 19418 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mikula, Dorothy L17 Sep 19338 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mikula, Elizabeth L10 Oct 192927 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mikula, Joseph George9 Oct 193228 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mildred, Doris M3 May 189715 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Milentis, George19 Apr 191415 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Milentis, Jana10 Apr 1916Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Milentis, Pandora10 Oct 191613 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Miles, Ardella17 Mar 1901Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Miles, Betty Jean12 Oct 193130 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Miles, Donald M5 May 191019 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Miles, Georgia D6 Apr 191221 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Miles, Harriet15 Apr 1892Aug 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Miles, James A29 Nov 191830 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Miles, John14 Jun 1905Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Miles, Lelia24 Jan 1914Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Miles, Lulu W20 Nov 188915 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Miles, Maude6 Oct 1883Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Miles, Robert24 Jun 1905Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Miles, Robert L13 Nov 19429 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Miles, Velma27 May 190823 May 2000Fort Wayne
Milewski, Alexander J17 Feb 191219 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Milewski, Helen M4 Feb 192728 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Miley, Eugene M30 Jul 191324 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Milham, Fred20 Apr 1894Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Milholland, Dorothy11 May 1904Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Milholland, Emma R4 Dec 191217 May 1998Fort Wayne
Milholland, Joseph29 Dec 1902Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Milholland, K24 Jul 1905Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Milholland, L5 Nov 1904May 1983Fort Wayne
Milholland, Mildred R28 Jan 190720 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Miliczky, George A27 Sep 191621 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Milker, Marion L19 Feb 19262 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Millard, Josephine15 Mar 1917Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Millard, Patricia S8 Mar 19482 Mar 2004Churubusco
Millberg, Charles31 Mar 1930Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Millbern, Mabel5 Oct 1889Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Milledge, Charles A19 Oct 192527 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Milledge, Harvey E13 Jun 191730 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Milledge, James Eugene29 Apr 197920 Jul 2009Woodburn
Milledge, John W19 Nov 192830 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Milledge, Marion8 Feb 193210 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Milledge, Marion M29 Feb 191225 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Milledge, Velma R3 Aug 192819 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Milledge, William14 Dec 1901Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Milledge, Zella I19 Sep 19063 May 1999Churubusco
Miller Sr, John6 Apr 1889Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, A E24 Apr 192313 May 2002Roanoke
Miller, Ada M3 Jul 19274 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Adah13 Oct 1876Dec 1966Churubusco
Miller, Adele6 Oct 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Agnes M2 Sep 192824 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Albert4 Sep 1904Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Albert19 Jul 1898Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Albert G9 Dec 192119 Feb 2009New Haven
Miller, Alfred18 Feb 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Alfred E21 Dec 191421 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Alice C11 Feb 192923 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Alice G30 Jan 19061 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Aliene V11 Feb 191321 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Alma8 Sep 1904Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Alma M12 Dec 191416 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Alpha6 Jun 189622 Nov 1994Huntertown
Miller, Altha8 May 1899Nov 1975New Haven
Miller, Alva10 Mar 1902Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Alva20 Jan 1903Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Alva6 May 1927May 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Alyce E15 Jun 190810 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Amelia16 Oct 1890Feb 1982New Haven
Miller, Amelia C26 Oct 19141 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Amos E24 Jul 19142 Jul 1994Leo
Miller, Anita A22 Feb 191712 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Ann17 Sep 1905Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Anna26 Jul 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Anna2 Feb 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Anna M30 Jun 190321 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Anna M18 Oct 19462 May 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Annabelle H29 Oct 190322 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Anne M10 May 191423 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur7 Jul 1910Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur25 Jan 1907Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur22 Aug 1877Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur31 Jul 1908Apr 1983Huntertown
Miller, Arthur17 Nov 1893Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur23 Feb 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur B10 Dec 190126 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Arthur C26 Dec 191522 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, August E13 Feb 19161 May 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Barbara E31 Jul 192923 May 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Barbara J28 Feb 19391 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Barbara M2 Dec 192924 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Battle P4 Feb 191211 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Beatrice26 Oct 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Beatrice28 Dec 1905Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Beatrice6 Mar 1901Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Beatrice L22 Jul 192015 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Beaulah E15 Feb 192016 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Belva27 Jan 1896Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Ben8 Jul 192519 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Berda12 Nov 1889Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Bernace M5 Apr 192118 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Bernard21 Nov 1896Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Bernard J21 Jan 192214 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Berneace E17 Jun 191027 Nov 2001Roanoke
Miller, Bertha30 Jan 1894Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Bertha5 Feb 1886Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Bertha A10 Jul 1924Oct 1995Leo
Miller, Betty A2 Jan 19335 May 1999Spencerville
Miller, Betty J5 Mar 19225 Sep 2003New Haven
Miller, Betty Jane9 Jul 19204 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Betty M23 Apr 192612 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Beulah25 Jul 1909Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Blanch19 Dec 1895Sep 1977Roanoke
Miller, Blanche16 Aug 189029 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Blanche4 Apr 1884May 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Bonita20 Jun 1901Feb 1979Roanoke
Miller, Bonnie V11 Oct 191615 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Bruce Allen12 Oct 195210 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Bryan19 Oct 1897Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Burl2 Apr 1900Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Calvin4 Feb 1928Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Carl25 Mar 1916Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Carl6 Apr 1898Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Carl1 Nov 1899Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Carl16 Jun 1889Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Carl A22 May 192115 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Carol24 Dec 1912May 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Carol A5 Jun 193513 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Carol T10 Jan 192525 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Caryle13 Dec 1903Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Catherine22 Jul 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Catherine10 May 1899Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Catherine C28 Dec 19059 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Catherine Z31 Oct 188515 Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Cecil27 Apr 1902Oct 1982Churubusco
Miller, Chalmer12 Sep 1905Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles18 Aug 1890Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles30 Nov 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles14 May 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles12 Sep 1874Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles2 Jul 1885Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles Alexander27 Apr 192719 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles C23 Jul 19332 Apr 2001Roanoke
Miller, Charles E13 Aug 192229 Sep 1996Roanoke
Miller, Charles R29 Dec 194226 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Charles W14 May 195214 May 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Charlotte19 Sep 1919Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Charlotte E24 Dec 1914Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Charlotte M8 Mar 19231 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Chloe14 May 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Christena14 Jun 1893Jun 1968New Haven
Miller, Christian14 May 1881Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Clair15 Dec 1899Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Clara7 Aug 1895Oct 1979Yoder
Miller, Clarence21 Jan 1904Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Clarence23 Jun 1893Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Clarence S29 Jan 191628 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Clayton4 Oct 1905Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Clemence25 Jul 1900Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Clement28 Sep 1895Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Clement27 Dec 1884Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Cletus3 Aug 1901Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Miller, Cletus L24 Nov 190220 Jan 1993New Haven
Miller, Clifford22 Oct 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Clyde14 Aug 1884Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Colleen M16 Sep 192828 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Cordelia12 Nov 1905Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Corinne16 Mar 192611 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Cornelia9 Jun 1884May 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Crystal9 Sep 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Cynthiann7 Nov 19423 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, D15 Mar 1887May 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Daisy8 Jun 1879Oct 1971Monroeville
Miller, Daniel J9 Jul 19339 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Daniel M16 Jul 192314 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Darrell L30 Aug 193927 Jul 2006Leo
Miller, David30 Aug 192719 May 2006Grabill
Miller, David8 Oct 1909Jul 1979Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Miller, David C19 Oct 19163 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Dean T23 Dec 192820 Dec 2002Yoder
Miller, Della31 May 1887Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Deloss22 Jan 1917Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Deloss23 Feb 1907Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Dessie2 Jul 1891Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Dick5 Mar 1940Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Dollie L27 Nov 19028 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald17 Nov 1931Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald24 Dec 1902Apr 1981Grabill, New Haven
Miller, Donald25 Apr 1927Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald21 Nov 1913Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald C7 Jan 193030 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald C11 Jan 19079 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald David11 Nov 194823 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald E20 May 192328 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Donald R13 Nov 192131 Oct 1995Roanoke
Miller, Donna17 Jul 1924Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorathy L6 Apr 192128 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Doris14 Jun 1928Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Doris I20 May 192314 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorothy24 Jan 1902Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorothy17 Aug 1905Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorothy A8 Jul 19201 May 1995Roanoke
Miller, Dorothy L20 Jan 191711 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorothy M7 Aug 192321 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Dorothy S29 Oct 190124 Jan 2002Leo
Miller, Dorothy W8 Feb 190813 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Doyle29 Apr 1903Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Dwight9 Oct 19187 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, E Blanche9 Dec 191910 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, E M26 Mar 19081 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, E Patricia17 Mar 191711 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Earl6 Dec 19045 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Earl16 Jan 1898Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Earl6 Nov 1904Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Earl R6 Apr 19296 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Edgar18 Apr 1887Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Edgar A1 Aug 190825 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Edith16 Jan 1890Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Edith26 Apr 1887Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Edith14 Apr 1897Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Edith L23 Jun 192517 Aug 1999New Haven
Miller, Edna10 Jan 1905Dec 1980Monroeville
Miller, Edna10 Nov 1912Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Edna Loraine26 May 191028 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Miller, Edna M24 Oct 190631 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward22 Jun 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward18 Sep 1905Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward25 Jul 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward29 Nov 1917Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward21 Jan 1922Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward18 Nov 1922Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward2 Jul 1880Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward K27 Feb 191210 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Edward N13 Feb 190829 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Elaine5 Aug 1926Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Elaine D27 Oct 192026 May 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Elden5 Sep 1898May 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Eleanor20 Aug 1926Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Eleanor J3 Nov 192916 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth23 Aug 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth4 Jan 1888Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth18 Sep 1914Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth A2 Jun 193120 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth M16 Oct 192420 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Elizabeth M28 Apr 19143 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Ella25 Sep 1891Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Elliott5 Sep 1879Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Ellis L27 May 19239 May 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Elmer1 Feb 1906Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Elroy29 Aug 1912Jul 1983New Haven
Miller, Elroy H3 Feb 192218 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Emily L31 Jan 19138 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Emma5 Sep 1880Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Emma16 Jun 1907Dec 1986New Haven
Miller, Emma29 Jul 1890Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Ernest20 Apr 1906May 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Essie J12 Aug 189215 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Esta E25 Apr 192716 Jul 2008Woodburn
Miller, Estelle A9 Apr 192112 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Esther12 Jan 1910Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Esther27 Jan 1907Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Esther4 Apr 1886Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Esther M20 May 191317 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Ethel25 Mar 1900Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Ethel F4 May 191922 Nov 1996New Haven
Miller, Ethel H8 Jul 189114 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Ethel P19 Aug 189727 May 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Ethelyn25 Sep 1915Jul 1983Spencerville
Miller, Eudora I20 Sep 19055 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Eugene4 Oct 1909Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Eugene12 Mar 1914Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Eugene F20 Aug 192417 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Eula I21 Mar 19228 Dec 2000Roanoke
Miller, Eunice9 Jun 190919 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Miller, Evelyn E1 Nov 19449 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Ezra17 Mar 1920Aug 1981Grabill
Miller, Fanchon13 Jan 191910 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Faye12 Apr 1890Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Fern M28 Apr 19222 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Flora R27 Mar 19402 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence7 Mar 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence14 Jul 1916Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence22 Feb 1909Nov 1987Roanoke
Miller, Florence23 Jan 1908May 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence C31 Aug 192024 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence M28 Jul 190617 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence M30 May 192817 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Florence W10 Aug 19054 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Floyd23 Sep 1898Jan 1979Huntertown
Miller, Forrest J7 Nov 193324 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Frances10 Feb 1901Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Frances27 Jun 1880Apr 1967Grabill
Miller, Frances24 Jun 1895Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Francette R2 Jun 19272 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Francis A9 Feb 193211 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Frank26 Dec 1889Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Frank18 Nov 1888Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Frank H28 Apr 19034 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Frank J18 Feb 19105 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Franklin6 Jan 1939May 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Fred25 Mar 1882Mar 1979Monroeville
Miller, Fred11 Nov 1885Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Fredrick14 Apr 1923Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Freeman22 Jan 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Frieda22 Apr 191128 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Frieda B8 Apr 19009 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Miller, Frieda M17 Sep 19021 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, G17 Jul 1908Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Gail E6 Jan 19297 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Garnette18 Feb 1915Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Garth B2 Oct 192224 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Genevieve2 May 1908Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Genevieve15 Dec 1887Oct 1967New Haven
Miller, Geo15 Sep 1916Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, George23 Aug 1892Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, George31 Dec 1906Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, George9 Oct 1918Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, George8 Sep 19183 Oct 1998New Haven
Miller, George6 Feb 1901Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, George C25 Jan 192223 May 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, George M27 May 191913 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, George W11 Sep 192317 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Gerald H24 May 191020 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Geraldine A8 Mar 190922 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Geraldine B24 Feb 19219 Apr 2005Hoagland
Miller, Germain N10 Sep 192315 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Germaine S11 Nov 19226 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Gertrude23 Oct 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Gladys7 Mar 1899May 1975Roanoke
Miller, Gladys29 Mar 1893Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Gladys18 Sep 1902Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Gladys27 Nov 1888Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Gladys E31 Jul 191915 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Glen9 May 1906Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Glen J10 Jun 19107 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Glenn5 Aug 1895Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Glenn1 Nov 1918Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Glenn D27 Jul 192316 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Glenn R1 Aug 190615 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Glenn W4 Mar 19259 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Golda21 Apr 1916Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Goldie A26 Feb 190424 May 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Gordon D15 Feb 191725 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Grace M11 Mar 191615 May 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Grover28 Jun 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Grover21 Dec 1886Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Guenna H12 Apr 19071 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Gurnee14 Jan 19263 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Guy5 May 1897May 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Hallie M18 Jun 1921Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Hannah26 Oct 1890May 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Harold27 Mar 1910Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Harold16 Aug 1909Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Harold7 Feb 194311 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Harold21 Dec 1916Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Harold22 Sep 1902May 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry5 Jan 1898Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry4 Oct 1902Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry20 Dec 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry H18 Jul 189015 Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry L23 Jul 191422 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Harry R22 Oct 19179 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Harvey5 May 1883Jan 1972New Haven
Miller, Hattie25 Jul 1899Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Hazel25 Jan 1925May 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Hazel6 Jun 1890Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen21 Jun 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen3 Aug 1907Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen31 Mar 191225 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen25 Aug 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen6 Dec 1917Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen26 Nov 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen G21 Feb 189816 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen H19 Jan 1905Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen J5 Jan 191622 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Helen L31 Oct 191115 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Henry25 Jun 1890Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Henry1 May 1904Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Henry D6 Feb 19253 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Henry L20 Sep 191915 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Herbert27 Oct 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Herbert15 Mar 1890Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Herbert G8 Mar 192017 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Herbert S9 Jan 191825 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Herbert W17 Jun 190327 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Herman16 May 1894Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Hester7 Jun 192115 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Miller, Homer16 Jun 1906Dec 1981Grabill
Miller, Homer A23 Mar 192218 Mar 1995Roanoke
Miller, Homer E26 Jan 192130 Jan 2003Woodburn
Miller, Hope H18 Oct 192221 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Miller, Hortense S18 Apr 190617 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Howard21 Feb 1911Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Howard M30 Nov 190220 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Howard R23 Aug 190714 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Hugh20 May 1904Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Ida9 Aug 1909Jan 1982Grabill
Miller, Ilene10 Mar 19174 May 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Ina E18 Dec 190813 Jan 2004Huntertown
Miller, Iola R29 Aug 1907Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Ira18 Nov 1879Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Irene9 Aug 1898Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Irene23 Feb 1901Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Irene4 Aug 1893Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Irene19 May 192028 Feb 1989Leo
Miller, Irma15 Nov 1900Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Irvin9 Aug 1920Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Iva N16 Feb 19126 May 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Ivan18 Jun 1911Mar 1974Grabill
Miller, Ivan31 Aug 1906Dec 1983Grabill
Miller, Jack E21 Aug 19247 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Jack W1 Feb 19334 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Jacob19 Aug 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, James20 Mar 192730 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, James H21 Jul 193111 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, James R4 Jul 19217 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, James R24 Jul 19274 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Jane7 Nov 1915May 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Jane M6 Nov 193611 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Janet B14 Jul 192322 Aug 2004Churubusco
Miller, Janice L7 Feb 194026 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Jasper5 Dec 192114 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Jay15 Feb 1900Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Jeanette L19 Feb 189927 May 1989Fort Wayne
Miller, Jeannie C30 Aug 193313 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Jefferson22 Jun 1882Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Jerome R17 Feb 191914 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Jerry A21 Feb 193521 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Jessie2 May 1897May 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Jil L24 Mar 197021 Nov 2005New Haven
Miller, Joan L15 Apr 193320 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Joan M24 Jun 19265 Apr 2009New Haven
Miller, Joanne27 Oct 193631 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Joe12 Nov 191223 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Joe Z8 Aug 19247 Oct 2004New Haven
Miller, John13 Nov 1889Jan 1974Monroeville
Miller, John18 Oct 1903Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, John9 Jun 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, John27 Dec 1954Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, John19 Jan 1927Nov 1978New Haven
Miller, John15 May 1887Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, John10 Apr 1902Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, John14 Jan 1886Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, John14 Mar 1899Mar 1966Yoder
Miller, John A7 Jan 191031 Dec 1987New Haven
Miller, John Caldwell10 Oct 192722 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, John E1 May 193024 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, John F11 Aug 192724 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, John H15 Jan 191723 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, John H3 Nov 193926 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, John H30 Apr 192213 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, John M25 Aug 19173 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, John W22 Nov 190529 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, John W22 Dec 192216 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Joseph13 Jul 1901Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Joseph15 Sep 1890Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Joseph17 Dec 1901Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Joseph30 Jul 1918Apr 1968Harlan
Miller, Josie12 Oct 193017 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Joyce W10 Feb 192623 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, June25 Apr 19265 Feb 2005Grabill
Miller, Karl3 Jul 1946Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Katherine16 Dec 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Katherine B29 Jul 1908Oct 1998Monroeville, New Haven
Miller, Katherine L21 May 19087 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathleen M15 Jul 19212 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathrine6 Jan 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathryn18 Nov 19047 Jul 1994Huntertown
Miller, Kathryn18 May 1898Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathryn A3 Sep 19574 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathryn L6 Feb 19099 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Kathy D28 Oct 19507 Aug 2009Grabill
Miller, Kelly D9 Feb 197024 Sep 2009Leo
Miller, Kenneth23 Jul 1897Jul 1975Spencerville
Miller, Kenneth22 Oct 1907Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Kenneth27 Oct 1903Mar 1981Churubusco
Miller, Kenneth C6 Jan 191116 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Kenneth Reed18 May 19197 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, L L16 May 192511 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Larry W21 Aug 196713 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Larry W9 Apr 195116 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Laura2 Apr 1882Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Laura19 Dec 1887Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Laurabelle7 May 192224 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Lawrence18 Nov 1900Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Lawrence23 Jun 1908Jul 1982Churubusco
Miller, Leatha5 Feb 1900Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Lela24 Dec 1900Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Leland9 Sep 1902Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Leland E29 Mar 192123 Feb 1989Spencerville
Miller, Lena B28 Dec 19112 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Leo16 May 1884Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Leo D25 May 190610 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Leona M26 Mar 1927Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Leonard28 Apr 1904Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Leota23 Mar 189123 May 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Lester25 Nov 1881May 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Lewis21 May 1912Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Lewis E4 Nov 192413 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Lewis L21 Jun 191821 Mar 1992Harlan
Miller, Lieu15 Sep 1886Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Miller, Lilan4 Oct 1898Sep 1965Churubusco
Miller, Lillian6 Jun 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Lillian5 Aug 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Lillian A6 Aug 19051 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Lillian M21 Jul 187715 May 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Lillie29 Jun 1894Feb 1976Woodburn
Miller, Lilly8 Aug 192216 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Lindsey17 Feb 1919May 1982New Haven
Miller, Lloyd10 Dec 1897Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Lloyd29 Sep 1904Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Lloyd10 Jun 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Lois L31 Jul 19278 May 1997Churubusco
Miller, Lola23 Aug 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Lola8 Jul 190822 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Loma L5 Dec 191021 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Lona1 Aug 1892May 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Lora J26 Mar 193113 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Loren15 Mar 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Louis17 Mar 1890Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Louis R9 Apr 192012 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Louise H26 Jun 191020 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Louise I7 Dec 19116 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Loyde17 Oct 1901Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Lucille29 Jan 191930 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Lucille A14 Oct 1914Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Lula20 Sep 190215 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Lydia6 Feb 1888Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, M Irene6 Sep 192026 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Mabel5 Jul 1884Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Madge L27 Oct 190912 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Madie M9 Jul 190924 May 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Madonna H12 Nov 192610 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Mae25 Apr 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Mamie24 Jun 1901Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Marcella M25 May 190431 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Marcelline2 Nov 1908May 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret29 Nov 1922Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret29 Dec 1904Apr 1980Grabill
Miller, Margaret5 Dec 1884Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret C7 May 191629 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret J12 Dec 192620 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret J23 Oct 19092 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Margaret J10 Jul 192221 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Margie2 Jun 1928Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Marguerite C12 Oct 190620 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Miller, Marie8 Jan 1896Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Marie6 Jun 1888Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Marie14 Jun 1904Nov 1981Woodburn
Miller, Marie A23 Nov 191711 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Marie A24 Dec 190721 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Marie E7 Jan 190925 May 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Marilyn L30 Apr 192012 May 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Marilyn L9 Oct 193510 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Marita5 Dec 1928May 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Marjorie6 Jun 1919Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Marjorie C9 Jul 192326 May 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Martha18 Nov 1895Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Martine15 Aug 1892Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Marvel3 Feb 1905Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Miller, Marvin W13 Nov 19241 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary15 Apr 1876Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary15 Mar 1888Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary16 Nov 1882Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary12 Feb 1910Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary9 Mar 1889May 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary11 Jun 1901Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary2 Jul 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary6 Jul 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary7 Apr 1897Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary A14 Jun 191511 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary A13 May 1919Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary Ann29 Jul 191626 May 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary Claire11 Sep 191121 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary E14 May 19059 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary E13 Feb 193324 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary H9 Apr 192923 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary H16 Feb 191311 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary Jane18 Apr 191616 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Mary L24 Oct 190921 May 2003Churubusco
Miller, Mary L31 Aug 193922 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Matthew Wayne27 May 19672 May 2009Huntertown
Miller, Maud19 Feb 1909Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Maude Q18 Jan 190925 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Max11 Jun 1900Aug 1985Churubusco
Miller, Max R30 Sep 19196 Jan 2006Roanoke
Miller, Maxine M23 Jan 192622 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Maxwell L12 Oct 190721 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Melissie1 Sep 187815 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Melvin25 Jul 1921Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Melvin E22 Jul 19042 May 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Melvin J27 Nov 191918 Sep 2001Monroeville
Miller, Meritt L23 Jan 191610 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Merrill A3 Nov 192117 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Meta23 Feb 1896Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Michael25 Apr 1950Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Michael Eugene2 Aug 196124 Sep 2008Grabill
Miller, Michelle Lee28 Oct 19681 Mar 2009Huntertown
Miller, Mickey19 May 192012 Dec 2006New Haven
Miller, Mildred B6 Nov 190014 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Mildred E29 Jun 19213 Sep 2000Leo
Miller, Milo26 Sep 1894Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Minnie15 Mar 1884Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Minnie6 Nov 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Mitchell11 Jun 1884Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Mollie8 Jul 1883Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Myrtle29 Jul 1909Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Myrtle9 Oct 1894Jan 1972New Haven
Miller, Nancy A25 Jan 19302 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Nancy S17 Apr 194329 Dec 2009New Haven
Miller, Nathan27 Jan 193216 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Neil23 Oct 192727 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Nelle30 Dec 1897Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Noah19 Mar 191129 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Nola K15 May 194320 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Nondes A29 Jan 19154 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Nora13 Jul 1887Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Nora6 Feb 1891Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Norma C31 Dec 192614 Jun 1998New Haven
Miller, Norman21 Jun 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Norman H17 Jan 191722 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Ocie M31 May 19108 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Oliver23 Jun 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Ollie7 May 1875Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Olo9 Jul 1897Apr 1987New Haven
Miller, Opal7 Jan 1908Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Ora21 Mar 1894Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Ora J10 Aug 19366 Jun 2004New Haven
Miller, Orren20 Aug 1897Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Orval J28 Apr 190713 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Orville30 Jan 1898Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Oscar11 Jan 1919Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Oscar2 Nov 1891May 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Othmer J27 Feb 190523 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Otto14 May 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Otto30 Jul 1886Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Patricia Ann3 Jul 194617 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Patti S6 Sep 193013 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Patty R28 Aug 192510 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul28 Dec 1918Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul24 Aug 1932Sep 1982Grabill
Miller, Paul15 Dec 1892Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul26 Jan 1904Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul17 Apr 1893Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul E25 May 19289 May 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul J23 Mar 19147 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Paul S26 Jun 19113 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Pauline26 Jan 1910Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Pauline14 Jul 1913Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Pauline V13 Sep 191624 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Pearl14 Feb 1891Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, Peggy25 Jul 1955Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Perry E26 Jun 19219 Aug 1998Leo
Miller, Peter21 Mar 1889Aug 1986Leo
Miller, Philip G1 Nov 194325 Feb 2004Huntertown
Miller, Pluma11 Mar 1913Mar 1985Leo
Miller, Praxedes2 Feb 1914Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, R18 Jan 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Ralph2 Nov 1893Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Ralph C2 Nov 19141 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Ralph G12 Apr 19235 May 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Ray13 Jul 1895Jul 1979Grabill
Miller, Raymond2 Dec 1912Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Raymond E17 Jan 193110 Feb 2007Grabill
Miller, Raymond G7 Apr 192112 Oct 2001Churubusco
Miller, Raymond M2 May 192216 Feb 1998Grabill
Miller, Raymond S30 Jul 192427 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Reed19 Mar 1896Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard21 Jan 1922May 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard26 Apr 19153 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard16 Jan 1936Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard D26 Oct 19151 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard D6 Oct 192920 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard E29 Nov 192920 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard H8 Aug 190426 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard J13 Oct 193816 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Richard W21 Jul 191122 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Rita Ann28 Dec 19259 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert17 Jan 1906Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert16 Jun 1923Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert5 Oct 1913Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert20 Mar 1923Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert11 Dec 1908Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert6 Nov 1916Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert18 Apr 1905May 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert14 Mar 1909Jul 1965Monroeville
Miller, Robert3 Sep 1884May 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert1 Feb 1893Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert25 Mar 1920Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert4 Jul 1893Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert A8 Jan 192216 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert A12 Dec 19079 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert E13 Dec 192522 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert E5 Aug 191023 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert E20 Apr 192322 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert H21 Apr 19247 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert H13 Jun 19293 May 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert J7 Jan 19387 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert J14 Jun 19295 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert J23 Aug 191222 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Robert L22 Oct 192511 Jan 2002New Haven
Miller, Robert W17 Sep 19272 Mar 2007New Haven
Miller, Roberta E27 Nov 194111 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Roberta W13 Feb 19138 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Roger A13 Apr 192614 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Roger K25 Apr 19362 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Roland19 Jun 190723 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Miller, Roland9 Aug 1901Oct 1986New Haven
Miller, Rolland27 May 1910Feb 1976Roanoke
Miller, Ronald L23 Mar 19292 Feb 2004Spencerville
Miller, Rosa A10 May 19225 Sep 2005Spencerville
Miller, Rosanna7 Aug 191013 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Rosina14 Dec 1898Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Miller, Roxanna9 Jan 1879May 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Roy3 Feb 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Roy12 Oct 1896Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Roy20 Mar 1897Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruby5 Jan 1902Sep 1986Spencerville
Miller, Ruby L3 Aug 19132 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Russell28 Aug 1892Apr 1979Yoder
Miller, Russell4 Nov 1898Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Russell26 Dec 1908May 1971Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth3 Mar 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth4 Jun 1895Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth E5 May 190731 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth I9 Dec 195525 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth M13 Sep 190418 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth M8 Sep 191720 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Ruth W18 Aug 190910 May 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, S J19 Feb 19205 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Sally A29 Jul 193326 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Sam26 Feb 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Sam29 Jun 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Samuel23 Jul 1885Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Sandra F7 Oct 19392 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Sandra M20 Sep 195223 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Miller, Sarah J11 Dec 196313 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Sarah L28 Jan 189223 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Miller, Scott28 Aug 1957Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Sharon F3 Jul 194028 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Miller, Shrielda21 Feb 191424 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Miller, Signe15 May 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Silas15 Jul 1904Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Stella1 Sep 1893Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Miller, Stella14 Aug 1898Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Stella M17 Jan 192514 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Steven M25 Jun 19558 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Susanna28 Feb 1885Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Miller, Sylvia19 Sep 1899Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, Ted M21 Aug 191511 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Thelma16 Aug 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Miller, Thelma16 Dec 1896Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Theo E22 Mar 190229 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Theodore19 Sep 1901Oct 1975Roanoke
Miller, Thomas A4 Feb 19312 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Thomas H10 May 19349 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Thomas L14 Jul 193527 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Thomas O18 Feb 193211 May 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Tracy K29 Jul 196421 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Miller, Trudy A5 Jun 194324 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Miller, Ura13 Jan 1912Oct 1971Churubusco
Miller, Urah23 Dec 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Ursula J8 Apr 191824 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Valaria21 Jun 1904Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Miller, Vanessa F21 Dec 190115 Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Miller, Vaughn E3 May 192824 Dec 2004Huntertown
Miller, Velma7 Mar 190924 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Velma9 May 1901Jul 1979Churubusco
Miller, Velma I19 Sep 192816 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Velva7 Jun 1903May 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Velva20 Jan 19055 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Miller, Vera17 May 1892Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Vern22 Oct 1888Mar 1974New Haven
Miller, Vernon2 Mar 1919Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Miller, Vernon22 Sep 1917Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, Victor14 Apr 1887Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, Victor2 Feb 191825 Mar 1998Spencerville
Miller, Victoria1 Feb 1895Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, Vilas A12 Jan 191616 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Miller, Vinton14 Sep 1886Sep 1974Spencerville
Miller, Viola9 May 1911Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Miller, Virginia13 May 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Miller, Virginia9 Apr 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Miller, Virginia27 Oct 192119 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, Virginia E6 Oct 192125 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Miller, W E18 Nov 191417 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Miller, Wallace4 May 1907Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Walter25 Feb 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Walter1 Dec 1893Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Walter2 Oct 191318 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Miller, Wanda6 Aug 1917Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Miller, Ward20 Sep 1894Dec 1984New Haven
Miller, Warren G26 Dec 19202 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Waunita M13 Aug 191011 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Miller, Wayne1 Oct 1923Mar 1984Woodburn
Miller, Wayne J25 Mar 193830 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, Wilbur30 Oct 1921Aug 1981Churubusco
Miller, Wilda12 Oct 1890Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Miller, Willa R17 Oct 191728 May 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, Willard I23 Feb 193329 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Miller, William22 Apr 1886Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Miller, William30 Oct 1920Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Miller, William14 Jan 1921Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Miller, William18 Aug 1904Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, William7 Oct 1899Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Miller, William24 Dec 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Miller, William23 Feb 1915Jun 1982Spencerville
Miller, William3 Aug 1895Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Miller, William D9 Feb 194324 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Miller, William E26 Jan 19075 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, William N15 Apr 193414 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Miller, Willie7 May 1923Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Miller, Willis A9 May 19248 Apr 2003Spencerville
Miller, Wilma10 Jan 1905Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Miller, Wilma G18 Aug 19186 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Miller, Winifred19 Sep 1892May 1969Fort Wayne
Miller, Winifred C2 Jul 19171 Mar 2002Monroeville
Millette, Berniece E16 Oct 192214 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Millette, Nettie18 Nov 1892Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Millette, William18 Dec 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Millhoff, Deborah A25 Dec 19508 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Anna13 Jan 1912Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Helen23 Oct 1906Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Millhouse, John27 Jun 1910Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Mary J26 Jul 192012 May 2004Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Nelson J17 Nov 192927 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Roy29 Jun 1905Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Millhouse, Winona M7 Jul 192722 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Milligan, Beatrice1 Jun 1909Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Milligan, Guy26 Apr 1887Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Milligan, Harvey R29 Mar 192415 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Milligan, Michael H15 Sep 19364 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Milligan, Russell24 Mar 1923Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Millikan, Cecil18 Aug 1880Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Millikan, Charlene W28 Jan 196026 Jul 2002Churubusco
Millikan, Dorothy E15 Apr 191815 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Millikan, Frances11 May 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Millikan, Vernita G2 Mar 190726 May 1992Fort Wayne
Milliken, Augusta18 Nov 194217 May 2007Fort Wayne
Milliken, Marvin27 Jan 19411 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Milliman, Elizabeth3 Oct 1883May 1977Fort Wayne
Milliman, Florence10 Apr 1899Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Milliman, Merrit21 Jun 1898Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Milliman, Paul E11 Jul 192523 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Milliner, John7 Jul 1916Jul 1984Roanoke
Milliner, Judith K19 Aug 19397 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Millington, Philemon W7 Feb 19028 Nov 1988Yoder
Milliorn, Dorothy A31 Jan 191515 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Millisor, Myrtle12 Mar 1885Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Millisor, Surges22 Feb 1891Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Millner, Florence7 Jun 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mills, Alma14 Sep 1900Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mills, Alvina28 Jul 191025 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Mills, Amanda L28 Sep 1910Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Mills, Arthur8 Oct 1885Dec 1980Roanoke
Mills, Bessie7 Jul 1892Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mills, Betty Coralee27 May 193127 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Mills, Betty J30 Jun 19259 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Mills, Betty J7 May 19232 Jan 2001New Haven
Mills, Brenton5 Sep 1883May 1972Fort Wayne
Mills, Carl13 Apr 1901Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Charles7 Sep 1891Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Mills, Charles A29 Mar 19144 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mills, Charles V13 Jan 19151 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mills, Clark12 Jul 193817 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Mills, Clyde26 Apr 1923Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Cora17 May 1883Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Mills, D D2 Apr 19114 May 1992Fort Wayne
Mills, Darlene C9 Dec 19532 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Mills, David4 Nov 1918Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Mills, Deloy D9 Jan 192413 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Mills, Donald23 Jun 1925Aug 1981Roanoke
Mills, Donna L17 May 192828 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Mills, Earl11 Apr 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Mills, Earl6 Apr 1916Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mills, Elizabeth C1 Mar 193221 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Mills, Ella10 Sep 1890Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Mills, Emma R7 Mar 19479 May 1997Fort Wayne
Mills, Forest D14 Oct 191524 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Mills, Fred R9 Apr 192830 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mills, Gaylord29 Jul 1908Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Mills, Geneva R26 Mar 19136 May 2000Fort Wayne
Mills, Glenn12 Feb 1907Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Mills, Goldie6 Feb 1894Jul 1980Roanoke
Mills, Grace29 Apr 1894Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Harold F1 Nov 1912Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mills, Harry23 Jul 1910Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Mills, Hazel26 May 1898Oct 1975Grabill
Mills, Henry K30 Oct 192515 Jun 1997Churubusco
Mills, Hilda11 Dec 1934Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Mills, James8 May 1906May 1974Fort Wayne
Mills, Jean K13 Nov 1918May 1995Fort Wayne
Mills, Jesse8 Nov 1879Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Mills, Joann31 Aug 19209 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Mills, Joseph30 Aug 1898Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mills, Kenneth23 Jun 1903Jun 1979Grabill
Mills, Larry G3 Jan 194912 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mills, Laura23 Jul 1896Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mills, Leola21 Aug 1921May 1981Fort Wayne
Mills, Lesta13 Jan 1924May 1984Fort Wayne
Mills, Lester10 Jul 1917Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Lois28 Jan 1893Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Mills, Louise H15 Oct 1908Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Mills, Lulu7 Nov 1897Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Mills, Marciel H21 Jan 191823 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Mills, Marietta A18 May 191915 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mills, Mary18 Dec 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Mills, Mary E28 May 19149 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Mills, Mary I16 Jul 193515 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Mills, Mary M25 Jun 191628 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Mills, Michael Eric30 May 194714 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mills, Mildred21 Nov 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Mildred25 Nov 1891May 1978Fort Wayne
Mills, Mildred L21 Jul 191128 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Mills, Minnie3 Jul 1879Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Mills, Oliver14 Nov 1877Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Mills, Paul20 Apr 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Mills, Ralph4 May 1898Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Mills, Ralph C13 Sep 192226 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Mills, Richard E3 Feb 194611 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Mills, Richard L12 Oct 192027 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mills, Richard L18 May 194713 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Mills, Richard N2 Aug 192713 Dec 2006Monroeville
Mills, Robert27 May 1909Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Mills, Roberta J25 May 194819 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Mills, Ronald E9 Aug 193720 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Mills, Ronald W5 Oct 19357 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Mills, Rose L17 Jan 192914 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mills, Roy18 Apr 1884Mar 1969Roanoke
Mills, Sara J1 May 19216 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Mills, Teresa26 Aug 1892Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mills, Virginia31 Mar 1917Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Mills, W A26 Oct 19013 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Mills, William14 Feb 1920Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Mills, William J10 Jun 193811 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mills, Yvonne4 Feb 1916Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Millspaugh, Dana12 Jun 1896Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Milnar, Anthony L13 Aug 19099 May 1994Fort Wayne
Milner, G3 Oct 1909Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Milner, Gertrude15 Nov 1910Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Milord, Leo7 Jan 1907Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Milton, Bob E4 Aug 19283 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Milton, Carlos22 Feb 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Milton, Charles21 Jul 1906Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Milton, Charles B6 Jan 19322 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Milton, Jeanette21 Feb 1913Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Milton, Joseph P24 Oct 19215 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Milton, Mary31 Mar 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Milton, Robert18 Sep 1925May 1987Fort Wayne
Milton, Roberta J21 Dec 194628 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Milton, Ward28 Dec 1920Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Mims, Charlene21 Jan 1927Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Mims, Charles9 Apr 1933Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Mims, Dorothy M8 Mar 192927 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Mims, Edward30 Mar 192014 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mims, Mozell27 Oct 192115 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Min, Ah25 Jan 197525 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Minard, George19 Jun 1888May 1965Fort Wayne
Minch, Bernard11 Nov 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Minch, Salome M30 Apr 188825 May 1988Fort Wayne
Mincoff, Eldora E20 Jul 19364 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mincoff, Kevin W20 May 195913 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mincoff, Margaret N19 Nov 19241 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Mincoff, Marion F23 May 19376 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Minden, Naomi R18 Mar 191618 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Minden, Raymond A28 Oct 191210 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Minder, Lewald H1 Mar 190713 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Minear, Margaret26 Aug 1883Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Minear, Max14 Jan 1907May 1974Fort Wayne
Minear, Vera E7 Dec 1920Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Minear, Wayne B24 Sep 191614 May 1994Churubusco
Minehart, Catherine J26 Sep 191317 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Miner, Freeda5 Jun 1888Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Miner, Joan9 Jan 19323 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Miner, Lela7 Dec 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Miner, Lillian6 Jun 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Minerd, Evelyn M22 Feb 192416 Oct 1992New Haven
Minervino, John21 Oct 1896Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Minervino, Ruth12 May 1891Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Mingle, Flora E2 Feb 187915 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Minich, Andrew H6 Oct 191320 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Minich, Barbara A30 Oct 193118 Nov 2007New Haven
Minich, Cecilia4 Apr 1914Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Minich, Clarence23 Dec 1898Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Minich, Clem1 Dec 1892Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Minich, Edward19 Sep 1896Dec 1981Monroeville
Minich, Forrest W7 Apr 190327 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Minich, Gladys E30 May 19034 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Minich, Ida16 Sep 1896Jul 1979Monroeville
Minich, Laverne30 Apr 1927Jan 1988New Haven
Minich, Mary Lou11 Apr 192930 Apr 2000New Haven
Minich, R E9 Mar 192815 Nov 1989Monroeville
Minich, Rainard27 Feb 1878Dec 1966New Haven
Minich, Robert C21 Feb 192411 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Minich, Virginia M26 Aug 19249 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Minick, Angela P6 Jun 197511 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Minick, Catherine16 Jul 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Minick, Catherine S5 Jan 190719 Mar 1994Woodburn
Minick, Donald L23 Dec 192829 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Minick, E Jeanne15 Apr 192228 May 2005Churubusco
Minick, Earl21 Oct 1897May 1968New Haven
Minick, Elizabeth8 Sep 19137 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Minick, Georgianna R28 Jun 192612 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Minick, James R23 Aug 193516 Jul 2008New Haven
Minick, Joan E11 Oct 193124 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Minick, Joseph15 Oct 1915Oct 1982Monroeville
Minick, Judy A26 Nov 19408 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Minick, Linus J3 Jul 19213 Nov 1995Churubusco
Minick, Louise A14 Jul 192125 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Minick, Ralph E22 Oct 192315 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Minick, Stephen L27 Sep 19545 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Minier, Doris18 Apr 1907Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Minier, Howard25 Sep 1909Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Minier, Vivien A24 Feb 191520 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mink, T20 May 194715 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Minneker, Anna8 Sep 1894Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Minnich, Benjamin13 Feb 1881Feb 1964Fort Wayne
Minnich, Caroline24 Sep 1896Sep 1987Hoagland
Minnich, Earl24 Mar 1899Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Minnich, Edith10 Dec 1896May 1973Huntertown
Minnich, Eva17 Nov 1885Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Minnich, Florence3 May 1905Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Minnich, Hilda27 Sep 1899Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Minnich, James23 Dec 1913Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Minnich, John16 Feb 1891Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Minnich, Joseph7 Mar 1907Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Minnich, Laura25 Dec 1886Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Minnich, Max J20 Aug 192226 Nov 2004Hoagland
Minnich, Maxine C11 Dec 19136 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Minnich, Orvil22 Feb 1906Feb 1978Hoagland
Minnich, Paul F20 Mar 19388 Feb 2001Hoagland
Minnich, Rosemary Alice25 Oct 192826 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Minnick, Albert16 Jan 1892Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Minnick, Alberta12 Feb 19196 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Minnick, Arnold6 Oct 1905Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Minnick, Bud V18 Dec 191812 Mar 2009Leo
Minnick, Charles E5 Nov 19163 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Minnick, Coletta6 Mar 1901Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Minnick, Delores17 Aug 1906Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Minnick, Edith M7 May 19043 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Minnick, Howard28 Mar 1920Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Minnick, Josephine H15 Nov 191713 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Minnick, Kenneth L18 Feb 192913 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Minnick, Larry L16 Dec 194222 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Minnick, Maxine E17 Aug 192324 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Minnick, Myrtle14 Jun 1909May 1990Fort Wayne
Minnick, Olivia10 Apr 1906Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Minnick, Raymond12 Nov 1915Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Minnick, Theodore16 Aug 1903Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Minnick, Velma M23 May 19212 Oct 2008Leo
Minnick, Willard H19 Nov 191512 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Minnick, William O28 Nov 194410 Aug 1998Huntertown
Minniear, May L26 Aug 1917Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Minniear, Zelma3 Aug 1895May 1976Fort Wayne
Minniefield, S A4 Mar 195415 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Minnifield, Bessie Blanche15 Apr 192125 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Minning, Clara A7 Apr 19382 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Minor, Alexandra V10 May 200430 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Minor, Clyde E12 Feb 194224 May 2006Fort Wayne
Minor, Encil22 Jun 1904Dec 1969Churubusco
Minor, Ike1 Jan 192931 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Minor, James25 Dec 1883Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Minor, Laura7 Nov 1902Jul 1967Churubusco
Minor, Nancy5 Sep 193815 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Minor, Winston6 May 191823 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Minsel, Ruth L8 May 191411 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Minser, John M2 Jul 190316 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Minser, Marie A13 Mar 190217 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Minser, Roy4 Jun 1891May 1977Fort Wayne
Minster, Daniel26 May 19186 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Mintch, J Harry11 Aug 191815 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mintch, Rosemary16 Apr 1923May 1985Fort Wayne
Minter, Sadie16 May 1881Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Minton, Christophe A5 Dec 197426 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Minton, Donald J17 Aug 19448 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Minton, Phillip R16 Feb 19412 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Minton, Ruby F23 Mar 1905Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Minton, Sandra I31 Aug 194321 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Minton, Vyrle E3 Mar 192321 Dec 2007New Haven
Mintzer, Iva E30 Aug 190219 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Minyard, Ester17 May 1904Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Miracle, Minnie1 Jan 1886Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Miracle, Pauline U17 May 192025 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Mirza, Iqbal H24 Jul 192431 May 2006Fort Wayne
Mischo, Paul V30 Nov 192916 May 2003Fort Wayne
Misegades, Harold A14 Mar 19096 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Misegades, Rachel O7 Sep 19063 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Misener, Frances E31 Dec 193329 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Misener, George R16 Nov 192421 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Miser, Clarence27 Nov 1897Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Miser, Glenna27 Oct 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Miser, Irene M28 Jun 192424 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Miser, Marjorie E19 Nov 191120 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Miser, Shirleen M8 Dec 192810 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Miser, Vernon D22 Nov 19253 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Miserendino, Rose21 Jun 190411 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mishler, G H23 Jan 192222 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mishler, James D14 Sep 19466 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mishler, John24 Sep 1922Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mishler, John J3 Feb 19044 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mishler, Lloyd21 Jul 1895May 1973Monroeville
Mishler, Manford C22 Jan 194527 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mishler, Pearl8 Apr 1893May 1973Monroeville
Mishler, Timothy B2 Mar 19629 Dec 2006New Haven
Miskel, John12 Sep 1908Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Miskel, Mary5 Mar 1907Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Miskell, Joe19 Jan 1912Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Misselhorn, Doris17 Jul 1896Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Mitch, Faye14 Aug 1897Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Mitchel, Kenneth D1 Jun 192628 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Mitchel, Maxine19 Jan 19193 Feb 2009Roanoke
Mitchell, Agnes M8 Jul 191215 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Alberta15 Dec 1898Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Arthur C31 Aug 192930 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Betty20 Aug 1941Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Carl W28 Sep 19151 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Carroll16 Nov 1907Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Clara8 Aug 1898Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Clara A3 Mar 195913 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Clyde28 Mar 19286 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Cora14 Jan 1911Apr 1986Spencerville
Mitchell, Curtis G19 May 192227 May 1992Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Dean5 Sep 1959May 1981New Haven
Mitchell, Dorothy8 Nov 1904Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Earl7 Jun 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Easter16 Apr 1903Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Edith6 Jan 1897Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Edna19 Aug 19017 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Elsie June9 Jul 192422 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Eric24 Jun 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Estella21 Oct 1903Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Evelyn E7 Oct 191021 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Everett28 Jun 1896May 1968Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Florence18 May 1877Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Florence M4 Mar 191027 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Floyd18 Jun 1896Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Frank19 Dec 1907Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Frederick Arthur24 Sep 19194 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Gaylord11 Sep 1921Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Glenna M23 Mar 1926Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Mitchell, H B4 Mar 19226 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Helen M27 May 191221 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Irma15 Apr 1895Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Jack19 Feb 1895Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mitchell, James3 Oct 1907Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mitchell, James S13 Apr 191624 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Jennifer S6 Dec 19638 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Mitchell, John11 Nov 1926Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mitchell, June E18 Jun 192212 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Katherine L15 Jul 193118 May 2008Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Kenneth M18 Sep 19237 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Lillie M6 Jun 193221 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Lorena J29 Nov 192422 Jul 1999Woodburn
Mitchell, Lucile10 May 1898May 1982Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Malcolm13 Aug 1912Sep 1983Churubusco
Mitchell, Margaret E23 Jun 19174 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Margie M13 Aug 192622 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Mary E30 Apr 191715 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Mary E20 Apr 190027 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Max24 Jun 1926Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Muriel L18 Feb 192018 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Norma L13 Jul 19487 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Osie20 Jan 1888Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Patricia B2 Jul 19195 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Paul6 Feb 1911Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Pearl L25 Jan 19148 Nov 1996Churubusco
Mitchell, Perry29 Oct 19282 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Printis6 Jun 1912Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Rena10 Jul 1908Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Robert H15 Jul 191221 Apr 2001Churubusco
Mitchell, Roland A1 May 193321 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Scott12 Jun 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Sylvia6 Jun 1897Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Tommy J3 Sep 19531 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Verne21 Sep 1926Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Verne25 Dec 1883Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Wayne T22 Jun 191213 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mitchell, Wilma14 Sep 1904May 1980Fort Wayne
Mitchener, Charles G5 Apr 19254 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mitchener, Jacqueline22 Feb 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mitsch, George L28 Apr 191912 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mitsch, Veda C17 May 19153 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Mitson, Oscar C15 May 19287 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mitsopoulos, Evdoxia25 May 19129 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Mittank, Nancy7 Feb 1886Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Mittel, George10 Nov 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Mittel, Marcella E6 Dec 1908Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Mitten, Steven C30 Nov 195925 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Mittermaier, Armin E2 Apr 193214 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Mittermaier, Armin F19 Oct 190519 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Mittermaier, Loretta25 Jul 1910Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Mittermaier, Marilyn S5 Feb 193320 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Mittlefehldt, Winifred W10 Oct 191115 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Mitzsche, Robert E28 Jun 191420 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Mix, Ada21 Oct 1906Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mix, Calvin A12 Oct 191811 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Mix, Dorothy P6 Apr 192031 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Mix, Jerold L10 Jan 192217 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mix, Nellie27 Mar 1897Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Mix, Robert F5 Nov 192120 Apr 2004New Haven
Mix, Terry L20 Mar 194110 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Mix, V9 Aug 1903Nov 1973Leo
Mix, William13 Mar 1896Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mixon, Edna5 Jul 1914Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mixon, Janice S10 Nov 19539 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mixon, Johnnie16 Sep 191717 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Mixon, Lowell28 Jan 191813 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mixtacki, Casmier4 Feb 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Mizer, Nora M12 Nov 19108 Apr 1993New Haven
Mizer, Ruth E14 Jun 19136 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mizer, William7 Aug 1910Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Mizerski, Eileen20 Mar 1920Dec 1986Fort Wayne

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