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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Moake, Dora J26 Sep 19232 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moats, Audrey20 Feb 1905Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Moats, Carl F26 Sep 190520 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Moats, George17 Jul 1882Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Moats, Zelva8 Oct 189023 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Mobberly, Edna M22 Jan 190516 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Mobberly, Lewis1 Aug 1898Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Moberg, Phyllys C4 Jun 191117 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Moberg, Willard F10 Oct 190711 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Moberly, Helen M14 Jun 1912Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Moberly, Marian23 Nov 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mochamer, Joan M7 May 193122 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mock, Almeda C7 Nov 190713 Oct 1995Monroeville
Mock, Donald D23 Apr 192513 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Mock, Earl11 Sep 1926Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Mock, George12 Mar 1899Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mock, H Mae Lee9 Dec 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Mock, Matilda27 Apr 190317 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Mockabee, George18 Aug 1910Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Moden, Jesse20 Sep 194212 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Modezjewski, Stephen A18 Jan 19254 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Modglin, Joseph8 Aug 1909Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Modic, John L4 May 19209 May 2000Fort Wayne
Modica, Grace N26 Feb 19241 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Modica, Vincent B27 Sep 19229 May 1995Fort Wayne
Modricker, Grace15 Jul 1915Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Modricker, Martha L25 Feb 19262 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Modricker, Pearl7 Mar 1883Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Modsching, Margaret E19 Feb 190717 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Moe, Dale H26 Dec 193115 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Moeckel, Robert C21 Sep 19264 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Moeder, Edward3 Sep 1895Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Moeder, Mary12 Jan 1901Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Moeder, Mary R3 Dec 19275 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Moeder, Paul E15 Jan 19291 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Moehle, Hans29 Nov 1917Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Moehlenbruck, Herman7 Feb 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Moehlenbruck, Naomi F18 Dec 189815 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Moehlenkamp, Donald E13 May 193219 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Moehring, Carl2 Feb 191521 Jul 1998Leo
Moehring, Hilda26 Feb 1893Apr 1982New Haven
Moehring, Nancy D22 Jul 193330 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Moehring, Roderick W22 Nov 19163 May 1994Fort Wayne
Moeller, Edward J27 Sep 191520 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Moeller, Georgia9 Aug 1927Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Moeller, Gustav8 Mar 1875Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Moeller, Harry13 Jul 192116 Mar 2007Spencerville
Moeller, Hilda11 Mar 190312 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Moeller, Iola30 Jul 1882May 1975New Haven
Moeller, James J10 Jul 192026 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Moeller, Lena15 Jul 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Moeller, Peter10 May 1913Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Moeller, Robert28 Aug 1930May 1973Fort Wayne
Moeller, William21 Jan 1886Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Moellering, Alma B27 Jun 190714 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Moellering, Amelia18 Nov 1873Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Moellering, Clara26 Mar 1896Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Moellering, Edwin30 Dec 1893Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Moellering, Flora A20 Aug 19005 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Moellering, Frank7 Feb 1903Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Moellering, Helen M13 Oct 192724 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Moellering, Hilda29 May 1898Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Moellering, Irene31 Dec 1894Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Moellering, Irene N27 Jun 191028 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Moellering, Marie H24 Jul 190816 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Moellering, Nellie4 Mar 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Moellering, Robert C29 Oct 190930 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Moellering, Ronald W12 Aug 19582 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Moellering, Ruth30 Aug 1896Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Moellering, Walter29 Mar 192419 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Moellering, William25 Mar 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Moen, Eileen Ruth6 Jan 192210 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Moennig, Edward H27 Sep 190025 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Moennig, Goldie E2 May 190615 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Moennig, Lowell E18 Oct 193830 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Moffett, Cleatus J18 Feb 193416 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Moffett, Gracie15 Jan 1898Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Moffett, John W30 Nov 191914 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Moffett, Mary A31 May 19352 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Moffett, Samuel T7 Aug 192912 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Moffett, Wallace8 Apr 1930Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Moffitt, Marjorie D14 Feb 19238 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Moffitt, Richard R28 Aug 196516 Jun 1997Churubusco
Mogros, Francis16 Jan 1903Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Mohamad, Nhuoc17 May 1960Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mohamedali, Anverali M27 Nov 193610 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mohamedali, Fatima A5 Aug 193531 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mohan, James P13 Oct 194221 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mohas, Jean26 Oct 194221 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Mohas, Margaret26 Dec 1912Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mohas, William25 May 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Moher, Betty12 May 1931Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Mohl, Catherine H8 Mar 189713 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Mohl, Doris M1 May 192129 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mohler, Clifford18 May 1903Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Mohler, Elmer E7 Jul 191731 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Mohler, Lillian27 Jan 1967Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mohler, Steven A7 Jul 19459 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Mohney, Lola7 Jun 1902Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Mohns, Fred18 Oct 1910Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Mohr Jr, Charles F15 Apr 19493 Jul 1997New Haven
Mohr, Charles F14 May 192820 Apr 2005New Haven
Mohr, Josephine A29 Jul 19124 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mohr, Marjorie A11 Sep 192810 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Mohr, Martha24 Jul 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Mohr, Norman L21 Dec 193731 Oct 1999Woodburn
Mohr, Otto W14 May 19142 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mohr, Robert6 Jan 1907Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mohr, Ruth I31 Oct 19028 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mohr, Viola C19 Nov 188915 Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Mohrhardt, Gertrude27 Sep 1908Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Mohrman, John27 Sep 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Mohrman, Maria8 Oct 1900Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Moilanen, Robert17 Mar 1917Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Moinette, Nancy13 Oct 1935Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Moisica, John18 Nov 193020 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Moisica, Joseph V12 Feb 19281 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Moisica, Lawrence P12 Nov 192618 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Moisica, Margaret A8 Aug 193514 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Moisica, Mary27 Jul 1908Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Moisica, Vasile18 Feb 1889Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Moisica, Virginia D28 Dec 193416 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Mojet, Hazel J22 Oct 19339 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Mol, Evert A29 Jul 191518 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Mol, J Christi3 Apr 191817 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Moland, Herman B5 Jun 193228 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Moland, Ruth M3 Aug 193014 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Molargik, Clemens16 Oct 1913Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Molargik, Donald27 Feb 19384 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Molargik, Dorothy J7 Dec 19306 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Molargik, Irene M30 May 19212 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Molargik, John20 Jul 1887Feb 1981Churubusco
Molargik, Joseph31 Dec 190221 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Molargik, Lois M12 Apr 192013 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Molargik, Marie2 Jan 1916Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Molargik, Penelope E1 Jun 194124 Dec 2006Harlan
Molargik, Raymond L24 May 19652 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Moldthan, Clara K25 Jul 1901Sep 1992Yoder
Moldthan, Edward W2 Oct 19011 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Moldthan, Henry29 Jun 1890Mar 1983Yoder
Molino, Luis19 Aug 192828 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Molique, Wilhelm12 Nov 1900Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Molitor, Charles16 Oct 1900Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Molitor, Elmer24 May 1899Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Molitor, Marian31 Dec 1903Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Molitor, Rosella12 Sep 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Molitor, Wilfred29 Oct 1902Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Moll, Edward L23 Aug 191622 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Mollenberg, Leroy17 Nov 191721 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Mollenhour, Helen A2 Feb 1909Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Mollenkopf, Bertha13 Jun 1908Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Mollenkopf, Harold25 Nov 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Mollenkopf, Russel J17 Jul 190318 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Mollet, Mert27 Jul 1890Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Mollet, Ralph21 Dec 1894Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mollet, Thelma M12 Jan 19212 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mollica, Joanne M24 Jun 193231 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mollica, Richard17 Jun 193011 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mollison, Clinton C21 Jan 19242 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mollison, Elnora12 May 192223 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Mollison, Joseph21 Sep 1926Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Molner, Sally W23 May 192431 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Moloney, Francis W9 Sep 19409 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Molthan, Helen L17 Nov 1927May 1992Hoagland
Molthan, Martin19 Jan 1898Jan 1974Hoagland
Molthan, William19 Jan 1892May 1972Hoagland
Momenee, Margaret J21 Nov 19194 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mommer, Bertha3 Mar 1890Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Mommer, Gerald23 Oct 195414 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Mommer, Nina M21 Aug 190410 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Mommer, Rolland E21 May 191813 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Mommer, Sumner8 Oct 1920Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mommsen, Raymond V24 Feb 191821 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Momper, Albert15 Dec 1892Jan 1969New Haven
Momper, Charles17 Aug 1895Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Momper, Hilda12 Jun 1901Mar 1985New Haven
Momper, John13 Feb 1894Apr 1978New Haven
Momper, Kim M23 Mar 195711 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Momper, Lewis M1 Feb 193212 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Momper, May19 Jul 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Momper, Rosella M15 Aug 190520 Jul 2001New Haven
Momper, Ruth22 Mar 1902Dec 1980New Haven
Monahan, Bernadette28 Sep 1884Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Monahan, Celeste17 Sep 1895Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Monahan, Helen S27 Nov 191415 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Monahan, Julia6 Apr 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Monce, Mary11 Oct 1889Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Monce, Phyllis J12 Jun 193314 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Moncree, Marcille29 Oct 1900Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Monday, Beverly J25 Jan 193124 May 1999Fort Wayne
Monday, Leslie17 Oct 197422 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mondhank, Richard William24 Apr 192827 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Mondrik, John15 Jun 1914Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Money, Alice13 Sep 1884Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Money, D J20 May 194415 May 1994Fort Wayne
Money, D Lucille23 Mar 192127 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Money, Fred L8 Mar 19387 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Money, George A1 Aug 195916 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Money, Jack1 Sep 19301 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Money, Jeanne E31 Aug 19366 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mongosa, Goldie22 Oct 191529 Mar 1995Roanoke
Mongosa, Homer21 Apr 19051 May 1995Roanoke
Monhollen, David28 Feb 19551 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Monhollen, Margie17 Apr 192729 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Monighan, John12 Oct 1888Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Monk, George T28 Jul 191615 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Monk, Jackie W2 Nov 194420 Mar 1996Churubusco
Monk, Kathleen20 Jan 192111 Feb 2000Roanoke
Monn, Alma E7 Jan 191021 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Monn, Claudia E12 Jan 19334 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Monn, Dorothy23 Oct 1901Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Monn, Harry27 Jan 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Monnett, Gauchran17 Apr 1886Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Monnett, Onnolee J11 Feb 191818 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Monnier, Ambrose10 Oct 1923Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Monnier, Amelia2 Oct 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Monnier, Bernard H15 Dec 19147 Oct 1999New Haven
Monnier, Delphina27 Sep 1931Jan 1980Monroeville
Monnier, Edward15 Jul 1899Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Monnier, Esther M7 Jan 19012 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Monnier, Frank31 Mar 1891Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Monnier, Geraldine M20 Sep 19164 Dec 2000New Haven
Monnier, Kevin A23 Jul 196019 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Monnier, Louis20 Feb 1887Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Monnier, Mariette J2 Oct 191014 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Monnier, Martha M21 Jul 19133 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Monnier, Maurice6 Mar 1918Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Monnier, Mildred C25 Aug 191128 May 2004Fort Wayne
Monnier, Ralph B13 Apr 190618 Nov 1992New Haven
Monnier, Roger D25 Feb 19266 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Monning, Josephine7 Oct 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Monnot, Charles A21 Feb 192111 Dec 1999Yoder
Monnot, Dorothy L25 Dec 19157 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Monnot, Ida18 May 1897Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Monnot, Lester J1 Aug 19158 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Monnot, Meredith M5 Apr 191218 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Monnot, Perry16 Sep 1911Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Monroe, Allen D23 Aug 192717 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Monroe, Arthur R18 Aug 191726 May 1995Grabill
Monroe, Barbara J8 Mar 192514 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Monroe, Carl7 Apr 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Monroe, Charlotte N28 Aug 192811 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Monroe, Clara4 Mar 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Monroe, Dorothy N18 Nov 19202 Feb 2008New Haven
Monroe, Elbert L7 Oct 193217 Nov 2006Harlan
Monroe, Estelle E17 Sep 190911 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Monroe, Eurie7 Nov 1885Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Monroe, Gerald7 Apr 1910Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Monroe, Goldie9 Dec 1896Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Monroe, Howard I13 Dec 19195 Aug 1993New Haven
Monroe, Hubert10 Oct 1900Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Monroe, Ida11 Nov 1889Mar 1969Huntertown
Monroe, James R21 Jun 192225 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Monroe, King10 May 1902Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Monroe, Laura18 Apr 1895Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Monroe, Loraine2 Aug 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Monroe, Marie L6 Mar 19261 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Monroe, Paul4 Mar 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Monroe, Rita B18 Aug 192614 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Monroe, Robert15 Apr 1910Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Monroe, Roy26 Nov 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Monroe, Ulla9 Jan 1886Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Monroe, Verlie30 Mar 189022 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Monroe, Willis17 Jun 1918Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Monsson, Margaret A15 Nov 192028 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Montague, Deloris J28 May 193016 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Montague, Donald M12 Oct 192614 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Montalvo, Antonia4 Jul 1906Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Montalvo, Macario G2 Jan 191217 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Monteith, H R7 Oct 192430 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Montel, Mary16 Jan 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Montes, Grace25 Feb 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Montes, Gregorio12 Mar 192931 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Montes, Robert13 Aug 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Bernice I18 Jun 190513 May 2000Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Charles L3 Jun 192216 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Dorothy E14 Dec 191822 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Ethel7 Sep 1896Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Georgie22 Feb 1894Jul 1984Yoder
Montgomery, Goldie1 Feb 1897Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Grace E18 Oct 1918Mar 1994Yoder
Montgomery, Helen12 Jul 1900Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Montgomery, John26 Mar 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Katherine W13 Sep 191622 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Kathryn13 Jan 1923Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Lula19 Apr 1904Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Lure2 Jul 1931Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Margaret L14 Jan 195515 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Michael4 Jun 1951Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Mildred B11 Feb 19081 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Millicent23 Aug 191125 Aug 2003New Haven
Montgomery, Nell P7 Feb 190121 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Nellie25 Mar 1890Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Robert Bruce1 Jan 195710 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Roy4 Oct 1926Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Montgomery, Virgil18 Aug 1908Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Montgomery, William21 Aug 1922Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Montooth, Louis22 Oct 1904Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Mooberry, Myron D9 Jun 196515 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mooberry, Stanley A11 Oct 193615 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Moodie, Sadie5 Mar 1898Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Moody, Allie O1 Aug 190615 May 1995Fort Wayne
Moody, Emory T10 Sep 192710 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Moody, Evelyn E3 Sep 191927 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Moody, James B23 Oct 192710 May 2002Fort Wayne
Moody, Josephine25 Sep 1921Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Moody, Marsha M12 Nov 19521 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Moody, Mary E6 Oct 190811 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Moody, Pearl25 Nov 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Moody, William J16 Sep 193018 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Mook, Ethel M24 Aug 191722 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Moon, Brett A26 Dec 19675 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Moon, Ethel8 Dec 1933Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Moon, George A6 May 193428 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Moon, Marilyn M19 Oct 194112 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Moon, Mary4 Oct 1902Aug 1986New Haven
Moon, Rolland P21 Nov 19182 Oct 1991Roanoke
Moon, Velma L4 Jun 1920Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Moon, Wanita17 Mar 1931Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Mooney, Elizabeth A5 Sep 192118 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mooney, Ellen L7 Jul 192018 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Mooney, George30 Apr 1896Oct 1973Monroeville
Mooney, George19 Jan 1910Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Mooney, Lorraine17 Feb 1912Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mooney, Philbert A10 Sep 191322 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Mooney, Richard2 Feb 1890Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Mooney, Wayne B18 Apr 192811 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Mooney, William21 Aug 1890Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Mooradian, Alice A28 May 191128 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Moord, Elliott John6 Oct 19288 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Moore Jr, Henry13 Oct 193717 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Adeline S16 Aug 190324 May 1992Fort Wayne
Moore, Akin E19 Oct 19112 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Albert J7 Sep 192929 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Alda M19 May 190825 Aug 1996Harlan
Moore, Alfred Arthur1 Feb 193026 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Alice11 Mar 1890Jul 1973Harlan
Moore, Alice22 Jun 191211 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Alice M9 Sep 19179 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Allen C24 Aug 19176 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Moore, Alonzo5 Apr 19343 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Moore, Alonzo9 Jan 1887Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Amy16 Oct 1899Jun 1984Roanoke
Moore, Andrew9 May 19269 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Angelea J25 Nov 199021 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Moore, Ann L29 Apr 19358 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Anna M15 May 19109 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Annie31 Aug 1897Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Archie21 Nov 1913Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Moore, Arlene E8 Jul 19332 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Moore, Arnelia M24 Nov 192925 May 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Arthur16 May 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Moore, Arthur12 Oct 191411 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, B17 Oct 1906Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Moore, Barbara20 Jan 1898Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Bee S8 Dec 191120 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Moore, Betty15 Oct 1902Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Moore, Betty J11 Nov 1921Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Moore, Betty Jean23 Dec 192324 Mar 2000Spencerville
Moore, Betty M15 Apr 1903Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Moore, Beulah10 Jan 1911Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Beverly H31 Jan 192712 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Blen19 Aug 1899Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Moore, Charles22 Mar 1888Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Moore, Charles25 Aug 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Moore, Charles A15 Jul 191517 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Moore, Charles B28 Oct 192215 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Charlotte M22 Oct 192222 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Clarence10 Mar 1941Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Moore, Clarence6 Oct 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Moore, Cleo9 Jul 190816 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Colette M27 Feb 1909Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Delbert21 Sep 1908Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Moore, Della20 Jul 1878Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Moore, Deotis6 Nov 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Donald L23 Feb 195719 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Moore, Dora L5 Dec 190724 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Dora L10 Mar 191112 Jun 1997Leo
Moore, Doris25 Jan 1911Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Moore, Dorothy A29 Sep 194916 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Dorthy16 Feb 1908May 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Earl16 Mar 1923Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Moore, Edward30 Sep 1930Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Moore, Edward R19 Jul 191124 May 1988Fort Wayne
Moore, Elmer E12 Aug 19241 Nov 1997Huntertown
Moore, Elza22 Jul 1897Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Moore, Emma5 Jan 1897Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Moore, Ernest3 Nov 1910Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Moore, Ethel28 Nov 19064 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Moore, Evelyn M19 Oct 191819 Dec 2001Woodburn
Moore, Flora4 Dec 1898Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Moore, Flossie11 Mar 1903Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Floyd18 Apr 1893Jun 1976Harlan
Moore, Floyd Davis5 Mar 19381 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Moore, Foster10 Sep 1895Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Moore, Frances25 Jan 1905Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Frank29 Apr 1902Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Moore, Franklin E11 Apr 193728 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Moore, Fred2 Dec 1893Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Moore, Frederick S21 Nov 192117 May 2003Fort Wayne
Moore, George29 Nov 1894Jan 1967Grabill
Moore, George22 Jan 1913Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Moore, George23 Nov 1923Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, George5 Nov 1876May 1979Fort Wayne
Moore, Gerald13 Feb 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Moore, Geraldine M29 Mar 1909Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Moore, Gladys29 Sep 1894Nov 1972Grabill
Moore, Gladys17 Jun 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, Harriett14 May 1885May 1973Fort Wayne
Moore, Hazel9 Jan 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Helen F28 Jun 19138 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Helen Z31 Dec 189820 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Herald5 Aug 1900Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Moore, Hillard3 Jul 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Howard W16 Jul 19072 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Moore, Hubert T15 Nov 194829 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Moore, Inez I14 Oct 190925 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Moore, Ioma21 Jun 1901Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Moore, Isabelle20 Jun 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Moore, James19 Sep 1884Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Jeff D25 Mar 193812 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Jennie15 May 1895Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Moore, Jesse28 Nov 1902Nov 1981Yoder
Moore, Jesse15 Sep 1901Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Jesse L13 Oct 19376 May 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Jimmie19 Aug 1912Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Joann1 Jul 1941Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Moore, Joann1 Aug 19681 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Moore, Joe3 Sep 1912Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Moore, Joe15 May 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Joe Randall24 May 194720 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, John16 Jun 1892Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, John10 Jun 1905Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, John W20 Jul 193314 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Joseph5 Nov 1900Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Josephine1 Jan 1915Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Moore, Kenneth L28 Oct 191210 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Moore, Larry W22 Aug 193120 Jun 1993Leo
Moore, Lee M28 Apr 190911 Jul 1997Harlan
Moore, Lenore16 Mar 1904Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Leona P12 Oct 19065 May 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Lester G4 Mar 193517 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Lewis N19 Jul 192128 Aug 2003New Haven
Moore, Lillian19 Aug 1891May 1987Fort Wayne
Moore, Lillie20 Jan 1910Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Linda C23 Oct 194322 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Moore, Lorine E2 Sep 192415 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Moore, Lucy29 Jan 1916Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Moore, Luiser5 Jan 19168 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Lulu24 Jan 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Moore, M16 Oct 1909Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Moore, Mabel1 Apr 1889Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Moore, Mabel C14 Jul 190812 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Mabel I6 Oct 19138 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Mabel L12 Aug 191923 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Moore, Magda S8 Oct 192810 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Maggie8 Oct 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Magnolia Virginia29 Sep 19202 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Mandy5 Nov 19269 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Margaret J14 Mar 192728 Jan 2002Huntertown
Moore, Margaret R4 Jan 193511 May 2003Fort Wayne
Moore, Marilyn K15 Jan 195314 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Moore, Marilyn R11 May 19346 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Marvin30 Jul 192822 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Mary15 Oct 1895Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Moore, Mary24 Aug 1896Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, Mary30 May 1908May 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Mary3 Mar 1906Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Mary B8 Aug 1908Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Moore, Mattie4 Sep 1909Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Moore, Merlyn13 May 1908Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Moore, Michael L8 Apr 19649 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Mildred12 Dec 1897Apr 1986Woodburn
Moore, Monica L12 Apr 195114 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Moore, Monte11 Oct 196130 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moore, Moses21 Sep 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Nannie26 Sep 1891Nov 1978Fort Wayne, Harlan
Moore, Nathaniel B24 Dec 192219 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Ned20 Feb 1890Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Moore, Nellie B28 Jan 19123 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Noella M13 Mar 194018 Oct 2003Monroeville
Moore, Ofelia M8 Jul 192920 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Moore, Oliver9 May 1903Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Ona24 Dec 190120 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Moore, Opal10 Oct 1900Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Moore, Pamela A2 Oct 195914 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Patrick4 Jan 1960Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Moore, Paul24 Dec 1896Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Paul18 Apr 1914Oct 1972Grabill
Moore, Paul7 Feb 1901Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Percival2 Mar 19171 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Phyllis M11 Aug 19253 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Moore, Quenton21 May 194722 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Ray4 Apr 1908Apr 1982Leo
Moore, Raymond29 Aug 193214 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Moore, Raymond H15 May 19029 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Moore, Rebecca R25 Mar 19188 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Moore, Richard15 Sep 1907Feb 1971Roanoke
Moore, Richard T24 Mar 191125 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Moore, Robert12 Mar 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Moore, Robert15 Apr 1916Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Robert15 Apr 1921Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Moore, Robert A17 Feb 194213 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Ronald L6 Sep 193528 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Moore, Ronald W22 Jul 19267 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Roosevelt3 Jul 192415 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Rosa2 Dec 1899Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Rose20 Jan 1896Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Moore, Rosetta3 Aug 1933Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, Roy A26 Oct 192630 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Moore, Roy A16 Feb 191811 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Moore, Roy J4 Feb 19351 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Moore, Ruth27 Dec 1908Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Moore, Ruth2 Feb 1895Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Moore, Sam8 Feb 190524 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Moore, Sammy Lee6 Apr 19604 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Moore, Sarah22 Feb 1907Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Moore, Sellie25 Jul 1925Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, Shirley14 Feb 1936Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Moore, Sim7 Jun 1900Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Moore, Stanley H18 Nov 19458 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Moore, Stella M11 Apr 190511 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Moore, Thomas O13 Jan 19349 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Moore, Tyvise D11 Jun 197815 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Moore, Ulysses15 Jul 194028 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Moore, Valerie R27 Sep 197026 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Moore, Vaughn D24 Dec 193111 Dec 2006New Haven
Moore, Viola19 Jul 193526 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Moore, Viola M1 Oct 193614 May 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Virgil5 Apr 1896Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Moore, Virginia H25 Aug 19345 Sep 2005Roanoke
Moore, Will9 May 1895Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, William27 Jul 1920Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Moore, William24 Dec 1911Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Moore, William16 Jun 1911Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Moore, Willie B17 Sep 194427 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Moore, Willie S24 Apr 19401 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Moore, Winifred13 May 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Moore, Yvonne14 Dec 192616 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Moorehead, Roxie Kay6 May 19427 Jan 2010Leo
Moorehouse, Josephine C28 Jul 19233 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Moorhead, Thomas20 Oct 1880Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Moorhead, Thomas M31 Jul 192117 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Moorman, Christine E17 Dec 192022 Jan 2009Monroeville
Moorman, Crystal M7 Feb 19053 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Moorman, Katherine I12 Feb 192524 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Moorman, Merle10 Sep 1898Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Moorman, Patricia L3 Jan 193330 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moots, Mary A25 Aug 189215 Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Moppert, D F28 Jan 193017 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Mora, Louise E30 Sep 192414 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Morale, B5 May 1944Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Morales, Lucia31 Aug 1884May 1971Fort Wayne
Moran, Ann12 Jun 1890Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Moran, Catherine13 Sep 1888Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Moran, Frances6 Oct 1900Apr 1980Grabill
Moran, Francis James12 May 19242 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Moran, John C26 Nov 191723 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Moran, Margaret E14 Nov 19143 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Moran, Margaret R21 Apr 192710 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Moran, Marie A19 Mar 190819 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Moran, Mildred E17 Mar 192518 May 1997Fort Wayne
Moran, Phyllis A8 Feb 19315 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Moran, Sarah18 Jul 1883Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Moran, William26 Jun 1918Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Moravec, Mildred C1 Apr 191118 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
More, Ervin24 Nov 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
More, George E13 Oct 192213 Sep 1993Churubusco
More, Homer1 Jun 1890Jul 1979Fort Wayne
More, Howard21 Jul 1911Feb 1983Fort Wayne
More, Laverne M24 Jan 190911 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
More, Louise E31 Dec 191920 Apr 2002Churubusco
More, Martha E17 Sep 191312 May 2003Fort Wayne
More, Ruth E17 Nov 19236 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
More, Stella4 Dec 1894Jun 1979Fort Wayne
More, William22 Jun 1901May 1980Fort Wayne
Morehead, Wayne16 Jun 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Morehous, Elizabeth M1 Mar 190717 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Morehous, Wilbur3 Nov 1898Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Morehouse, Basil2 Jun 192310 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Morehouse, George M7 Feb 19426 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Morehouse, Ida18 Jun 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Morel, Francis Edward12 Jul 194217 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Morel, Frank17 Jun 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Morel, Jerome E5 Nov 19327 Oct 2003Grabill
Morel, Rhuea E25 Mar 19145 May 2005Fort Wayne
Morel, Violet R13 Dec 1916Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Moreland, Belva30 Jan 1900Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Moreland, Elsie15 Jul 1900Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Moreland, Harry P22 Apr 192316 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Moreland, Ira13 Apr 1893Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Moreland, Ira22 Feb 1925Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Morell, John J1 Oct 19002 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Morell, Lucile7 Nov 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Morell, Mary26 Jan 1906Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Morelli, Marco18 Nov 1890May 1967Fort Wayne
Morence, Mary M22 Jan 193721 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Moreno, Claudio H19 Nov 192022 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Moreno, Fernando R2 Dec 192917 Apr 1997Spencerville
Moreno, James18 Jul 195225 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Moreno, Judith A13 Oct 19382 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Moreno, Monico11 Jan 193831 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Moreno, Myrtle26 Jun 1926Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Moreno, Richard15 Oct 1957May 1981Fort Wayne
Moreno, Samuel29 Apr 19428 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Moreo, Dolores18 Oct 1898May 1975Fort Wayne
Moreo, Gilbert8 Dec 1907Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Morey, Avon19 Jul 1894Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Morey, Donald7 Aug 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Morey, Edwin E27 Mar 19276 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Morey, Patricia J11 Mar 192810 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Morford, Lila1 Mar 1892Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Morford, Pearl13 Apr 1890Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Morford, Wilbur24 Aug 1908Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Morgan, Amos28 Mar 1891Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Morgan, Arnetta1 Mar 1897Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Morgan, Barbara17 Nov 1927Jul 1980Churubusco
Morgan, Bill10 Jul 193723 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Morgan, Cecil L14 Feb 191911 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Morgan, Charles E23 Mar 194312 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Morgan, Charlie1 Oct 19216 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Morgan, Clara20 Feb 1901Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Morgan, Claude8 Oct 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Morgan, Dan V9 Jun 192817 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Morgan, Donald G5 Jan 19177 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Morgan, Dorothie M8 Apr 192529 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Morgan, Eddie31 Jul 1928Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Morgan, Ernest2 Jun 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Morgan, Estelle P5 Nov 191029 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Morgan, Eulalia29 Mar 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Morgan, Frank11 Jun 1891May 1967Fort Wayne
Morgan, Frankie4 Jun 1901Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Morgan, Gale D5 Mar 193015 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Morgan, Gay26 Mar 1888Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Morgan, George28 Apr 195313 May 2006Fort Wayne
Morgan, George6 Jul 1898Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Morgan, George24 Aug 19278 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Morgan, George D16 Aug 19266 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Morgan, Gloria J16 Mar 192613 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Morgan, Grace A3 Mar 192618 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Morgan, Harold1 Dec 1925Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Morgan, Harriett D31 Dec 19199 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Morgan, James12 Jan 1916Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Morgan, John23 Mar 1926Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Morgan, John Sheridan2 Feb 193827 Jun 2008Roanoke
Morgan, Johnnie L20 Jan 19195 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Morgan, Judith K23 Nov 19427 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Morgan, Julius Caesar25 Oct 195113 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Morgan, Larry G24 Sep 197817 May 2007Huntertown
Morgan, Larry L13 Feb 195018 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Morgan, Lauthia R8 Dec 19311 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Morgan, Lelia22 Feb 1897Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Morgan, Margaret R16 Oct 191727 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Morgan, Marie F10 Nov 19122 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Morgan, Mary8 Dec 1887Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Morgan, Mary K23 Dec 192214 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Morgan, Maycel7 Oct 1895Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Morgan, Michael13 Jul 194526 Jul 2009Monroeville
Morgan, Michael R5 Apr 195630 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Morgan, Nancee17 Jan 1918Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Morgan, Niles C1 Aug 191618 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Morgan, Norman26 Oct 1934Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Morgan, Pauelina15 May 1907Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Morgan, Ramona T5 Sep 189414 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Morgan, Rena26 Aug 1894Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Morgan, Rose10 Sep 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Morgan, Ruth3 Jun 192519 May 1989Fort Wayne
Morgan, Savannah2 Sep 1900Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Morgan, Vera22 Jun 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Morgan, Verena10 Mar 191219 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Morgan, Walker30 Sep 193424 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Morgan, Warren E16 Aug 192117 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Morgan, William M23 Nov 192129 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Morgan, Willie15 Jan 1937Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Morhart, R M1 Jun 194515 Sep 1988Harlan
Moriariety, Paul10 Sep 1897Nov 1980Monroeville
Moriarity, Anna B13 Apr 190124 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Moriarity, Donna Lee21 Dec 193713 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Moriarity, Thomas P18 Feb 192811 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Moriarty, Ellen S15 Mar 19235 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Moriarty, Frances15 Sep 1935Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Moriarty, Helen27 Jun 1918Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Moriarty, John E16 Jan 19206 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Moriarty, Lyndol C14 Oct 192717 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Moricca, Cyrilla L5 Dec 1911Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Moricca, Esther I16 Jan 19221 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Moricca, Samuel A30 Jan 191313 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Morimanno, Rocco19 Oct 1899Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Morin, Freida4 Mar 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Moring, Edgar W12 Dec 191522 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Moring, Helen27 Apr 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Moring, Henry25 Dec 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Moring, Joan M26 Feb 192623 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moring, Joseph4 Oct 1897Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Moring, Laura17 Nov 1875Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Moring, Margaret11 Feb 1891Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Moring, Sara M30 Mar 19212 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Moring, Walter T10 Mar 192314 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Moris, Russell9 Jul 1902Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Moritz, Madeline11 Apr 1889Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Moritz, Marie9 Jul 1897Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Morken, Edward F17 Sep 18886 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Morken, John19 Nov 1955Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Morken, John11 Jan 1926Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Morkoetter, Merle25 Mar 1924Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Morlen, Marilyn K31 May 194924 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Morley, Bayne24 Apr 1903Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Morlin, Eva6 Oct 1934Jan 1984Yoder
Morlin, Thelma L19 Jan 191523 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Morningstar, Elizabeth A16 Jun 19138 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Morningstar, Mary E22 May 193131 May 2007Fort Wayne
Morningstar, Thomas E10 Feb 19269 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Morningstar, Willard8 Mar 1892Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Morones, Sandra J17 Aug 19615 May 2000Fort Wayne
Moroz, Maria15 May 191722 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Moroz, Yuan15 Jun 191226 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Morphew, Harley30 Apr 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Morr, Doris E2 Jan 191823 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Morr, Floyd22 Feb 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Morr, Leona E23 Apr 18847 May 1989Fort Wayne
Morr, Nellie R24 Jan 189515 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Morrell, Marie22 Apr 190916 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Morrell, Pauline M7 Aug 192211 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Morrical, Floyd E30 Nov 191029 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Morrical, Jennie E14 Jan 191428 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Morrical, Stanley1 May 1936Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Morrical, Wayne E8 May 193412 Feb 1998Grabill
Morrice, John15 Sep 1897Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Morrice, Violet R1 Jan 190423 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Morrill, Amy B11 Aug 19208 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Morrill, Ernest26 May 1897Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Morrill, Evelyn M20 Aug 192326 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Morrill, Lyall13 Nov 1907May 1974Fort Wayne
Morrill, Olga3 Dec 1902Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Morris, Addie29 Aug 1876Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Morris, Alice30 May 191329 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Morris, Alma A16 May 19169 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Morris, Alta22 Jan 1899Nov 1976Churubusco
Morris, Alvin12 Jan 1907Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Morris, Alvin G18 Sep 190013 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Morris, Anna25 Feb 1881Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Morris, Arlene M16 Apr 191820 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Morris, Arnold1 Nov 1896Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Morris, Betty A27 Oct 19401 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Morris, Betty E21 Dec 192126 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Morris, Catherine18 Apr 1887Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Morris, Charlie14 Jul 1914Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Morris, Clara A30 May 19082 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Morris, Codell26 Mar 19777 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Morris, Daniel15 May 1902Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Morris, David M16 Dec 195231 May 1996Fort Wayne
Morris, Donald E21 Jan 194913 May 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Donald I13 Aug 193812 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Morris, Douglas R9 Aug 192915 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Morris, Durward3 Feb 1905Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Morris, Earl W16 Oct 191923 May 2007Fort Wayne
Morris, Edna5 May 1906Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Morris, Edward L18 Aug 191218 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Morris, Elizabeth10 Nov 190911 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Morris, Elizabeth15 Oct 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Morris, Elizabeth J23 Nov 198327 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Morris, Ernestine12 Feb 19219 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Morris, Evan3 Jul 1904Sep 1980Churubusco
Morris, Evelyn1 Oct 19238 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Morris, Fannie31 May 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Morris, Fay L18 Mar 19018 Jun 1999Churubusco
Morris, Frances L2 May 190826 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Fred D29 Mar 193910 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Morris, Garrot28 Sep 1897Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Morris, Gearold R18 Aug 19302 Apr 2005Huntertown
Morris, Geneva4 Jul 192222 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Morris, Georgetta R20 Dec 191813 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Morris, Georgia6 Nov 1897Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Morris, Glenn30 Oct 1919Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Morris, Gloria2 Feb 19514 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Hal4 Jan 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Morris, Harold8 May 196112 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Morris, Heath8 Jun 1903Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Morris, Helen A27 Feb 191322 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Morris, Izetta14 Sep 193310 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, James E8 Oct 192622 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Morris, James M25 Apr 19477 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Morris, James M22 Jul 191825 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Jimmie J8 Apr 193031 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Morris, John27 Sep 1891Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Morris, John H14 Apr 191520 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Morris, John P20 May 192119 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Morris, John W30 May 191927 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Morris, Joseph10 Jan 1912Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Morris, Julia1 Jul 1883Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Morris, Kenneth W23 Aug 19322 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Morris, Leroy13 Aug 19209 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Morris, Lois A29 Dec 19254 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Morris, Lois M30 Sep 192429 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Morris, Lolo7 Jan 1895Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Morris, Lucille27 May 1903May 1982Fort Wayne
Morris, Margaret11 Apr 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Morris, Martha Louise6 Feb 192411 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Morris, Martha M28 Apr 19183 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Morris, Mary18 Mar 1903Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Morris, Mary2 Feb 1897Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Morris, Mary29 May 19233 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Morris, Matilda E10 Mar 1889Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Morris, Nathaniel23 Dec 1925Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Morris, Neil H20 Jan 189221 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Morris, Nellie P28 Mar 190516 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Morris, Nola15 Jan 1911Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Morris, Opie T25 Apr 193213 May 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Paul J21 Aug 191928 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Morris, Rader6 Jan 1919Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Morris, Ralph J23 Apr 190916 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Morris, Raymond16 Apr 1908Oct 1984Woodburn
Morris, Regina R11 May 191912 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Morris, Robert E30 Jul 191729 May 1997Fort Wayne
Morris, Robert R26 May 191710 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Morris, Rosie L9 Jan 192212 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Morris, Ruben25 Aug 1904Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Morris, Ruth E6 Sep 1921Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Morris, Thelma25 Feb 1903Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Morris, Thelma M14 Apr 192029 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Morris, Theodie13 Nov 193628 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Morris, Thomas24 Dec 1910Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Morris, Thurman10 Nov 1902Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Morris, Thurman Paul13 Dec 19267 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Morris, Wesford29 Dec 1889Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Morris, William H6 Nov 191325 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Morrison, Ardenell F18 Aug 19242 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Morrison, Bob16 Mar 196827 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Morrison, Carl6 Sep 1893Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Morrison, Carol J7 Aug 19321 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Morrison, Edith29 Oct 1910Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Morrison, Esther21 Jan 1913Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Morrison, Francis E22 Aug 19178 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Morrison, George19 Apr 1923Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Morrison, James W12 Sep 192325 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Morrison, Jeanne E3 Sep 19174 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Morrison, Joe3 Jun 1902Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Morrison, Linda L25 Mar 194115 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Morrison, Lora30 Aug 1888Nov 1985Roanoke
Morrison, Louvina26 Aug 1902Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Morrison, Margaret10 Nov 1894Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Morrison, Marian L17 Mar 19071 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Morrison, Marjorie D24 Sep 1895Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Morrison, Otto A13 Mar 1900Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Morrison, Sharlene A22 Feb 193513 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Morrison, Terry L19 Jan 195023 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Morrison, Veronica12 Dec 1899Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Morrison, Willa7 Dec 19261 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Morrissey, Elmer G5 Jun 19251 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Morrolf, Carl W5 Dec 191121 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Morrolf, Laurel E16 May 193917 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Morrow, Enid8 Oct 1911Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Morrow, Ernest R23 Mar 192722 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Morrow, Eugene14 Dec 1879Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Morrow, Fred26 Oct 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Morrow, Homer27 Feb 1893Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Morrow, Iona24 Aug 1886Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Morrow, Joseph22 Jan 1877May 1967Fort Wayne
Morrow, Nannie27 Apr 1907Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Morrow, Orpha14 Aug 1887May 1977Fort Wayne
Morrow, Raymond A12 Jan 192316 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Morrow, Sharon Y27 Sep 194923 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Morrow, Stanley11 Oct 1899May 1970Fort Wayne
Morrow, Stella17 Aug 1902Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Morsches, Gerald20 Jan 1903Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Morsches, John3 Dec 1904Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Morsches, John F15 Jul 193126 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Morse, Adrian24 Jul 1913Jan 1987Churubusco
Morse, Fred6 Apr 1883Dec 1966Grabill
Morse, Frederick J23 Aug 190320 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Morse, Leola6 Jan 1894Feb 1974Grabill
Morse, Lucille R31 Mar 190818 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Morse, Ruth10 Apr 1901Sep 1976New Haven
Mortemore, Nellie I28 May 19138 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mortensen, Frances Lucille18 Nov 194630 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Mortenson, Leland7 Apr 1897Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Morter, Marshall S20 Aug 192230 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Morthorst, Gerald F10 Apr 19514 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Morthorst, Harold T20 Jan 192323 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Morthorst, Jessie30 Mar 1893Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Mortimer, Jim11 Apr 192914 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Morton, Bertha M12 Mar 190817 Feb 1999Hoagland
Morton, Beverly J9 Nov 19317 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Morton, Clifford13 Sep 1900Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Morton, Craig E21 May 196921 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Morton, Don James20 May 191529 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Morton, Eileen M2 Apr 19078 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Morton, Elizabeth13 Mar 1900Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Morton, Esther S22 Jan 1908Feb 1995Hoagland
Morton, Evelyn31 Aug 1914May 1978Fort Wayne
Morton, George21 May 1907Dec 1980Monroeville
Morton, George P25 Feb 193020 Sep 1998New Haven
Morton, Howard W7 Mar 19115 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Morton, Jean L28 Jul 193015 May 1995Fort Wayne
Morton, Kelly M13 Oct 197416 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Morton, L G13 Jan 19355 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Morton, Leland22 May 1895Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Morton, M23 May 1905Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Morton, Mary K14 Dec 19116 May 2006Fort Wayne
Morton, Merritt29 Mar 1928Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Morton, Myrtle I16 Dec 191222 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Morton, Peggy11 Jul 1928Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Morton, S9 Jun 1946Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Morton, Virgil8 Jan 1909Oct 1977Monroeville
Morton, William26 Apr 1904Sep 1981Hoagland
Morton, William Larry26 Nov 19465 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Mortorff, Daisy25 Apr 1885Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Mortorff, Gertie28 Feb 193426 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Mortorff, Mary19 Jul 1928Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Mortorff, Ross E15 Oct 192921 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Morvilius, Eugene Earl12 Sep 19474 Jan 2009New Haven
Morvilius, Nicole R11 May 1985Jun 1993New Haven
Morykom, Eleonore20 Apr 192812 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Morykom, Michael10 Jun 192228 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Morykon, Heidi K18 Feb 196124 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Mosakowski, Joseph S2 Dec 19384 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Mosbaugh, Lenora20 Apr 190423 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Mosbaugh, Wayne22 May 1901Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Mosebaugh, Blanche10 Apr 1891May 1975Fort Wayne
Mosel, Arthur W29 Nov 19121 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Mosel, Bessie18 Aug 1890Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Mosel, Dora28 Sep 1889Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Mosel, Dorothy H5 Feb 192422 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Mosel, Harold22 Feb 1913Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Mosely, Kenneth12 Jul 1908Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Moser, Abraham1 Nov 1889Jul 1978New Haven, Fort Wayne
Moser, Alice9 Oct 1916Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Moser, Arthur J12 May 192216 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Moser, Bess15 Jul 1910Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Moser, Clara18 Apr 1905Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Moser, Clyde A28 Feb 194215 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Moser, Curtis14 Jun 1900May 1978Fort Wayne
Moser, Edward13 Jan 1909Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Moser, Edwin24 Mar 1906Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Moser, Elizabeth12 Aug 1891Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Moser, Elvin28 Jan 1889Mar 1985Grabill
Moser, Eva L2 Jun 190527 Jul 1994Woodburn
Moser, Evelyn1 Sep 1913Nov 1987Yoder
Moser, Flossie10 Mar 1894Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Moser, Gerald10 Jul 1908Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Moser, Helen L19 Sep 19147 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Moser, Hettie11 Mar 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Moser, James E1 Apr 192313 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Moser, Jesse20 Jan 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Moser, Joseph6 Mar 1908Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Moser, June1 Jul 19171 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Moser, Kathryn19 Feb 1909Jul 1970Woodburn
Moser, Kathryn4 Jan 1909Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Moser, Marie J9 Feb 192112 Aug 2001Woodburn
Moser, Mildred M23 Jun 190030 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Moser, Priscilla1 Jan 1908Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Moser, Raphael8 Nov 1909Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Moser, Roy11 Mar 192927 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Moser, Ruth3 Apr 1910Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Moser, Velma C27 Apr 191911 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Moser, Virginia Maxine10 Dec 192231 May 2009New Haven
Moser, William E16 Aug 18995 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Moses, Carroll28 Jun 1882Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Moses, Clare J8 May 191931 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Moses, Ervin14 Nov 1891Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Moses, Helen10 Sep 1914Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Moses, Jewel J15 May 19243 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Moses, Leon5 Sep 193716 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Moses, Louise P4 Feb 187815 Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Moses, M L28 Jul 19173 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Moses, Marguerite24 Oct 1890Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Moses, Martha R4 Mar 193618 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Moses, Myra20 Apr 1900Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Moses, Myrtle13 Apr 1888Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Moses, Roy D11 Dec 19131 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Moses, Willard20 Aug 1901Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Moses, William C18 Feb 191617 May 2002Fort Wayne
Moses, Winfield C A3 Sep 191523 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Mosey Jr, Gilbert10 Feb 1935Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Mosher, Cecelia16 Apr 1890Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Mosher, Donald D21 Aug 193111 Apr 2009Roanoke
Mosher, James5 Jul 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mosher, Lee Edward23 Jul 192030 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Moshier, Ruth B18 Oct 192130 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Mosier Jr, Richard C19 Jun 193916 Apr 2004Leo
Mosier, Dorothy E8 Jan 1915Mar 1995Leo
Mosier, Mary E23 Nov 190921 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Mosier, Richard23 Feb 1913Nov 1980Leo
Mosley, Donnie2 Apr 1947Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Mosley, Ed30 Sep 1891Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mosley, Joyce J2 Aug 195419 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Mosley, Linda20 Feb 1952Aug 1980Spencerville
Mosley, Lorenza6 Mar 193329 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mosley, Lucille B16 Apr 191729 May 2006Fort Wayne
Mosley, Lula M2 Aug 191715 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Mosley, Mary7 May 1921Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Mosley, Mary J22 Mar 193627 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Mosley, Michael J24 May 195917 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Mosley, Willie L5 Jan 19332 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Mosqueda, Angela1 May 1924Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Moss Jr, Daniel1 Jul 1889Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Moss, Dora L3 Feb 192316 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Moss, Earle29 Jun 1887Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Moss, Elmer20 May 1898Jun 1985Spencerville
Moss, Elmer J27 Sep 193810 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Moss, George F21 Nov 19014 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Moss, Gilbert J7 Feb 190623 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Moss, Harold L24 Aug 19053 Feb 1992Churubusco
Moss, Italia25 Jan 1891Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Moss, Jeanne H7 Dec 192312 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Moss, Louis31 Dec 1892Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Moss, Mabel6 Mar 1896Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Moss, Marjorie17 Dec 1908Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Moss, Merl W15 Jan 19186 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Moss, Nicole T17 May 195824 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Moss, Paul H24 Apr 190425 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Moss, Robert G1 Jun 192011 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Moss, Violet M24 Jul 1908Feb 1992Churubusco
Moss, Virginia R21 Apr 19144 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Moss, William18 May 1901Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Mossbarger, Marcia24 Feb 191113 Aug 1993New Haven
Mossburg, Aenone12 Oct 1899Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Carl18 Nov 1909Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Earl E8 Dec 190723 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Esther L9 Mar 191630 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Esther M19 Feb 1909Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Helen L26 Apr 1924Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Howard23 Oct 1904Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Jack11 Feb 1915May 1983Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Marjorie16 May 1921Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Noel15 Jun 1901Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Robert18 Aug 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Roy23 Apr 1897Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Mossburg, Steven E30 Mar 195217 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mosser, Carl7 Nov 1908Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Mosser, Virginia L24 Oct 191426 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Alice26 Apr 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Conrad5 Jan 1888Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Elmer10 Oct 1895Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Eva14 Sep 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, George24 Oct 190125 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Jessie23 Feb 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Mabel20 Jul 1885May 1976Fort Wayne
Mosshammer, Rosanna S11 Oct 194920 Mar 1998Churubusco
Mosshammer, Wilmer E26 Nov 191215 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Mossman, Edith7 Jan 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mossman, Frederick20 Aug 1885Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Mossman, William5 Jan 1899Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Mossoney, Clifford F27 Feb 194126 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Most, Elise16 Dec 1877Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Mostyn, Dorothy M10 Apr 192230 May 2007Fort Wayne
Mosure, Donald22 Nov 1909Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Mosure, Edna3 Dec 1909Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mote, Donald29 Jul 1918Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Mote, L Charles1 Jun 191510 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mote, Mildred P1 Nov 191614 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Mote, Raymond20 Jul 193112 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Mote, Wilbur6 Sep 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Moten, Bulah29 Mar 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Motherwell, Anna9 Oct 1883Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Motherwell, Margaret22 Oct 1898Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Motherwell, Richard J5 Jun 192026 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Motley, Archie18 Sep 1910Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Motley, Leon6 Oct 1912Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Motley, William L26 Jan 19331 Jun 1998Woodburn
Motsinger, Elmer18 Oct 1897Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Motsinger, Miriam R21 Dec 192628 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Motter, Albert8 Aug 1892Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Motter, Etta F11 Dec 189216 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Motter, Evelyn E11 Jul 191525 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Motter, Larry D5 Sep 19408 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Motter, Parker W15 Aug 191217 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Motter, Paul J9 Aug 191628 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Motter, Ruth22 Jun 1918Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Motter, Ruth M26 Jun 192127 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Mottram, Dorothy12 May 19317 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Mottram, Sadie1 Nov 1891Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Mottram, William A14 Nov 19301 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Motts, Harold B1 Oct 191919 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Motts, Helen M19 Jul 191623 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Motz, Betty M25 Dec 192115 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Motz, Chester19 Dec 1884Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Motz, Clair15 May 1910May 1982Fort Wayne
Motz, Eileen8 Aug 1900May 1979Fort Wayne
Motz, Eva M16 Feb 1898May 1994Fort Wayne
Motz, Gustave16 Aug 19235 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Motz, Leslie P12 Apr 19365 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Motz, Luther25 Aug 1904Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Motz, Patricia27 Jul 1925Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Motz, Victor C23 Nov 19186 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Motz, William25 Apr 1921Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Moudy, Jeanette30 Sep 1909May 1981Fort Wayne
Moudy, Lloyd K4 Feb 191413 May 2001Fort Wayne
Moulin, Dorothy L14 Nov 192920 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Moulin, Edward Paul30 Jun 193012 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Moulin, Esther27 Sep 1902Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Moulin, Lawrence J25 May 193514 May 2006Fort Wayne
Moulin, Robert C15 Dec 192727 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Moulin-hartm, Betty C9 Jul 19153 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Moulton, James Buren15 Sep 19562 May 2009Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Anna7 May 1890Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Beulah26 Jan 1913Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Dorothy M3 May 191422 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Halcyon H17 Feb 191223 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Nettie M29 Jul 189415 May 1974Fort Wayne
Mounsey, Rex18 May 1910Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Mount, Anna M8 Feb 190121 May 1996Fort Wayne
Mount, Arthur29 Jun 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Mount, Jayne E16 Feb 191523 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Mounts, Leona6 May 1895Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Mounts, Marie C11 Aug 193312 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mountz, Aaron D13 Aug 192130 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Mountz, Bonnie L11 Sep 192811 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Mountz, Carrie L5 Mar 192227 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mountz, Dorothy12 Jul 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mountz, Fay L5 Apr 19059 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mountz, Maude11 Aug 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Mountz, Tony2 Feb 196617 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mourey, Betty J6 Oct 192530 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Mourey, Donald E6 Jun 193527 Dec 2005Monroeville
Mourey, Edwin L16 Jun 19222 Jul 2009New Haven
Mourey, Eva27 Apr 1893Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Mourey, Joseph R26 Jan 192412 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mourey, Lucile A15 Mar 192311 Aug 2004New Haven
Mourtada, Raghid17 Dec 195313 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mourtada, Zena A24 Aug 198927 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mousenest, Charles30 Dec 1915Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Moushey, Beatrice M4 Sep 19076 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Mowan, John E19 Oct 19059 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Mowan, Kenneth G22 Feb 192525 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Mowan, Lauretta I7 Dec 193324 Jun 2009Churubusco
Mowan, Leon14 Apr 1920Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Mowan, Margaret A23 Dec 19217 Sep 1993Yoder, Fort Wayne
Mowan, Robert W29 May 192122 Apr 1998Churubusco
Mowan, Vearl9 Apr 1913Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Mowery, Arthur21 Aug 1909Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Mowery, Arthur L12 May 193129 Jul 1999Roanoke
Mowery, Charles24 Jul 1889May 1966Fort Wayne
Mowery, Chasta6 Aug 1894Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Mowery, Cloyde R6 Mar 189715 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Mowery, Edna B8 Mar 19107 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Mowery, Elmarie9 Jan 19272 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Mowery, Elsie16 Sep 1907Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Mowery, Ira27 Oct 1895Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Mowery, Jesse13 May 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Mowery, Juanita J16 Sep 193125 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Mowery, Lillian24 Jun 195720 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Mowery, Louella V25 Feb 192325 May 2007Fort Wayne
Mowery, Mary A20 Nov 19084 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Mowery, Paul E14 Jan 193829 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Mowery, R D23 Aug 195215 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Mowery, Raymond L12 Dec 192010 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Mowery, Raymond L1 Oct 194121 Dec 2004New Haven
Mowery, Ronnie19 Apr 194626 May 2002Fort Wayne
Mowery, Ruby E20 Mar 19112 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mowery, Stevan R3 May 195116 Nov 2002New Haven
Mowery, Tammie J10 May 196625 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mowery, William F10 May 192518 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Mowrey, Anna Kate Eleanor10 Oct 191628 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Mowrey, Janice L24 Sep 194212 Jan 2002Yoder
Mowry, Billie J12 Apr 193317 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Mowry, Charles E2 May 1929Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Mowry, Mary E9 Nov 192213 Sep 2000New Haven
Moxley, Mary1 Jan 1916Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Moyano, Frank E26 Dec 19226 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Moyars, Robert K22 Apr 19268 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Moyer, Dale31 Oct 191621 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Moyer, Edna29 Jul 1898Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Moyer, Helen8 Jun 1906Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Moyer, Herman Paul8 Nov 192311 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Moyer, Hope14 Oct 190711 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Moyer, Joe T10 Nov 19458 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Moyer, John Henry19 Nov 195725 May 2009Fort Wayne
Moyer, John J2 Nov 19169 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Moyer, John W7 Feb 19082 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Moyer, Joyce F18 Jan 193424 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Moyer, Mary28 Apr 1875Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Moyer, Mary C4 Mar 191719 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Moyer, Mildred19 Oct 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Moyer, Milo3 Apr 1893Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Moyer, Nancy G1 Aug 19263 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Moyer, Neil P26 Jun 195712 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Moyer, Robert14 Jul 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Moyer, Ross22 Sep 1899Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Moyer, Sarah M11 Aug 19796 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Moyer, Willard K22 Oct 19184 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Moylan, Thomas2 Aug 1898Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Mozena, Donald C13 Sep 190814 Oct 1993Leo
Mozingo, Sara L27 Jan 196412 Jun 2002Fort Wayne

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