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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Much, Sam24 Mar 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Muchmore, John23 Mar 1879May 1974Fort Wayne
Mudd, Barbara J15 Aug 19261 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Mudd, James2 Jan 1881Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Mudd, John14 Feb 1928May 1983Fort Wayne
Mudd, Mary10 Jan 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Mudge, Steve T14 Jan 19431 May 2000Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Andrew9 Jun 1904Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Deborah A10 Aug 195114 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mudrack, J L29 Jan 193615 Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Joseph E9 Mar 192730 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Louise18 Oct 1901May 1982Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Marie16 Jan 1898Sep 1979New Haven
Mudrack, Mary13 Sep 1907Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Mudrack, Pearl10 Jul 19108 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Mueck, Adolf23 Dec 1904Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Mueck, Hildegard25 Apr 1904Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Muehlenbruch, Henry1 Oct 1901Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Muehlenbruch, Sophia5 Mar 1899Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Muehlenbruch, Viola E25 Jan 1908Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Muehlmeyer, Adolph J11 Nov 191725 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Muelle, Cele M8 Nov 19172 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Mueller, A5 Aug 1898Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Mueller, Albert H10 Oct 191510 Feb 2004Leo
Mueller, Alphonsus27 Jun 1936Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Mueller, Andrew F4 Feb 191523 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Mueller, Audrey R16 Feb 19221 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Mueller, Bernhard G22 Aug 190718 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Mueller, Carolyn U29 Apr 191610 Jan 2003Leo
Mueller, Charles E17 Apr 19177 May 2001Fort Wayne
Mueller, Clarence3 Feb 1909Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Mueller, Connie V28 May 193326 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Mueller, Della1 May 1898Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Mueller, Doris P30 Aug 19102 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Mueller, Edith M8 Feb 192819 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Mueller, Edwin L19 Feb 18995 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mueller, Esther K20 Dec 191817 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Mueller, Esther L13 Jul 189916 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Mueller, Flora28 Aug 1900Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Mueller, Frank H16 Jul 19238 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Mueller, Franz30 Oct 193025 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Mueller, Genevieve M1 Jan 192914 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Mueller, Georgia15 Mar 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Mueller, Gerald18 Feb 1937Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mueller, Gertrude28 May 1901Aug 1984Hoagland
Mueller, Gertrude M21 Apr 19045 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Mueller, Hans3 Oct 1899Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Mueller, Harriett S12 Feb 19106 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Mueller, Helen D17 Apr 190623 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mueller, Herbert C6 Feb 19142 Mar 1996Hoagland
Mueller, Herbert R4 Feb 189810 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Mueller, Hilca18 Sep 1910Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Mueller, Janet5 May 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Mueller, John19 Sep 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Mueller, John C9 Nov 191124 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Mueller, June G1 Dec 19352 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Mueller, Karl20 Jan 1917May 1987Fort Wayne
Mueller, Lela18 Dec 1901Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Mueller, Lester H15 Mar 192013 Dec 2004Roanoke
Mueller, Lois E13 Nov 19228 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Mueller, Loretta K25 Jan 19093 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Mueller, Louisa M27 May 191420 Sep 1999Hoagland
Mueller, Lucile25 Sep 1911Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Mueller, Margaret13 Jul 1909Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Mueller, Marjorie L23 Jan 19153 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mueller, Martin21 Dec 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Mueller, Minnie5 Oct 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Mueller, Norman E14 Mar 19266 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Mueller, Olga20 Mar 1898Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Mueller, Otto H16 Oct 192122 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Mueller, Paul19 Aug 1905Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Mueller, Philiph20 Sep 19149 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Mueller, Robert M24 Jun 19183 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Mueller, Rosalia P6 May 19046 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Mueller, Rudolph8 May 1901May 1972Hoagland
Mueller, Rudolph23 Nov 1900Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Mueller, Stephen P26 Feb 194411 May 2006Fort Wayne
Mueller, Suzanne10 Aug 193422 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mueller, W David13 Sep 1935Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Mueller, Walter M10 Jan 190914 Jun 2002Hoagland
Muesing, Herman W10 May 1907Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Muesing, Ruth14 Nov 1902Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Muesing, William G28 Jun 19309 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Muff, Allen L30 May 19586 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Muff, Bonita A15 Aug 195030 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Muff, Carolyn18 Apr 195320 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Muff, Frances16 Feb 193021 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Muff, Henry9 Jul 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Muff, Phillip Edward16 Jun 195929 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Muff, William14 Jan 192315 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Mugg, Dorothy L23 Nov 192727 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Mugg, John G2 Apr 192422 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Mugg, Julia9 Aug 1900Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Muhler, George25 Mar 1919Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Muhlke, Bertie20 Jun 1887Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Muhn, Dorothy I25 Aug 191013 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Muhn, Erma29 Jan 190725 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Muhn, Marjorie C28 Dec 192228 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Muhn, Vesta A29 Dec 191722 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mulcahey, Catherine A27 Nov 191021 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Mulcahy, Joseph M31 Dec 19665 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Buelah11 Mar 1916Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Muldoon, David J3 Jun 193329 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Dennis J12 Dec 195310 Nov 2007Monroeville
Muldoon, Donald J16 Sep 191520 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Dorothy7 Nov 1896Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Jerome P3 Apr 193524 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Michael William10 Oct 194528 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Robert13 May 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Muldoon, Wayne C15 Sep 190915 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Mulford, Georgena16 May 1915Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Mulheim, Donna J26 Apr 19309 May 1999Fort Wayne
Mulheim, Jessie3 Oct 1902Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Mulheim, William J18 Sep 19281 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Mulholland, Catherine2 Mar 1906Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Mulhollen, William26 Sep 1900Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Mulkey, Carl L1 Sep 194314 Apr 2009Spencerville
Mull, Abraham16 Feb 1886Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Mull, Burl20 Mar 192122 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Mull, Charles A30 Jun 192710 May 2002Spencerville
Mull, Lucretia31 Jan 1887Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Mull, Mary A19 Dec 192813 Feb 2004Spencerville
Mull, Mizie11 Dec 1925Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mull, Paul J19 Jun 193025 Dec 2002Monroeville
Mull, William15 Dec 1874Aug 1970Woodburn
Mullans, G18 Jun 1906May 1974Fort Wayne
Mullans, Pearl M17 Apr 190914 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mullen, Carol14 Aug 1921Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mullen, Catherine16 Oct 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Mullen, Eugene D4 Sep 192027 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Mullen, Frank17 Nov 1889Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Mullen, John27 Mar 1893Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Mullen, Joseph E5 Jun 19283 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mullen, Lawrence20 Jul 1891Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Mullen, Louise26 Dec 1890Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Mullen, Mild M25 Apr 19045 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Mullen, Nelle27 Sep 1893Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Mullen, Richard B17 Jul 193616 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mullenax, Letha13 Dec 1905Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Mullenix, Sarah L12 Jul 190111 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Muller, Elsa8 Sep 189818 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Muller, Hans24 Apr 1902Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Muller, Kathryn S4 Apr 18998 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Muller, Margaret F20 Sep 1910Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Muller, Paul23 Jan 192524 Dec 2003Churubusco
Muller, R16 Apr 1961Jul 1989Grabill
Muller, Walter H10 Apr 192715 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Muller, William9 Feb 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Mulles, Clarence L8 Sep 19066 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Mulles, Galedene C14 Jan 192724 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Mullett, Alice R16 Feb 19231 Jan 2002Huntertown
Mullett, Clement28 Jun 1916Oct 1973New Haven
Mullett, Jonas L25 Sep 191914 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Mullett, Larry G30 Nov 19435 Jul 1998Woodburn
Mullett, Neta H30 Oct 191811 Jun 2000Fort Wayne, New Haven
Mullholand, Catherine18 Dec 192726 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Mullican, Leone30 Mar 1892Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Mullican, Lunetta27 Oct 1883Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Mulligan, C L4 Sep 191221 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Mulligan, David E18 Feb 194714 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Mulligan, Hazel10 Mar 1906Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Mulligan, Marie M15 Oct 190415 May 1995Fort Wayne
Mullinax, Sarah G1 Nov 191325 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Mullins, Cassie4 Nov 1894Apr 1986Churubusco
Mullins, Catherine L3 Feb 193512 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mullins, Elmer R10 Mar 193325 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Mullins, Gaynell13 Feb 1934Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Mullins, Gerald E1 Dec 19295 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Mullins, Grace20 Sep 1891Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Mullins, Jodi L29 Apr 196617 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Mullins, Patricia L12 Aug 193324 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Mullins, Stanley27 Jun 1938Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Mullins, Thomas E Jr26 May 195310 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Mullins, Walter Clifton9 Feb 19555 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Mullins, William2 May 191019 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Mulqueeney, Sophia C6 Apr 18927 May 1994Fort Wayne
Mulroy, Richard C4 Feb 192310 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Mulvane, John11 Mar 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Mulvihill, Katherine13 Dec 1893May 1972Fort Wayne
Mumau, Roy7 Jul 1908Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Mumaugh, Charles F19 May 192015 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Mumaugh, Elizabeth9 Jan 19206 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Mumm, Daniel Francis8 Nov 194422 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Mumma, Gertrude E29 Jul 190311 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Mumy, Clarence E17 Mar 191818 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Mumy, Dorothy M6 Jun 190616 Apr 1988Huntertown
Mumy, Ervillia10 Dec 1903Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Mumy, Esther M19 Jun 19175 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Mumy, Harley10 Jan 1902Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Mumy, Ruth M1 Oct 1918May 1996Leo
Muncey, Jesse E6 Oct 194723 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Muncey, Margaret E18 Jan 1931Jun 1996New Haven
Munch, Bonnie4 Feb 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Munch, George30 Sep 1902Aug 1974Monroeville
Munch, Syvester16 Sep 1900Jun 1968Monroeville
Muncie, Arlie13 Mar 1931Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Muncie, Arlie2 Mar 1890Feb 1970Grabill
Muncie, Carrie M5 May 19223 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Muncie, Ina M2 May 19259 Apr 1998Huntertown
Muncie, Tina Renee21 Jan 196516 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Muncy, Roy L8 Feb 19551 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Muncy, Sedona A7 Apr 191514 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Muncy, Sharon S18 Feb 193817 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Munday, Hazel M3 Dec 19252 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Munden, Howard W13 Nov 192222 May 2003Fort Wayne
Munder, Paul30 Jun 19171 May 2004Roanoke
Mundt, Alvin E30 Sep 191510 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Mundt, Harold A18 Dec 191029 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Mundt, Henry31 Aug 1924Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Mundt, J Elmer13 Jan 19155 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mundt, Nelda L5 Jul 192117 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Mundt, Nellie J10 Aug 191123 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Mundt, Walter H14 Jan 190914 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Mundy, Gertrude20 Apr 1900Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Mundy, Nihl15 Feb 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Mundy, Verland23 Dec 19052 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Munger, Harold A18 Sep 191528 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Munger, Helen C4 Sep 191325 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Munger, Waldo23 Apr 191116 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Agnes30 Aug 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Anne15 Jan 1917Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Donald15 Jan 1893Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Mildred6 Jun 1911Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Robert4 Jul 1889Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Mungovan, Thomas10 May 1903Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Munich, Edith23 Jun 1893Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Munk, Kenneth R6 Feb 191224 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Munn, Viola V29 Jan 190928 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Munro, Donald E6 May 192815 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Munro, Edith10 Aug 1885Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Munsey, Halder8 May 1900Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Munson, Agnes I11 Jun 19181 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Munson, Albert20 Dec 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Munson, Cleo E9 Jan 19102 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Munson, Donald4 Jul 1917Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Munson, Eleanoir28 Jan 19156 May 2008Fort Wayne
Munson, Hugh17 Jun 1886Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Munson, Lola7 Sep 1886Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Munson, Theadore H22 Oct 194820 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Muntzinger, Emma1 May 1901Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Muntzinger, Jerald L12 Jan 19262 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Munyon, Etta M26 Dec 191324 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Munyon, Raymond L22 Mar 19118 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Munzenberger, Lucille G6 Nov 19024 May 1996Fort Wayne
Murach, Caramalind A25 Apr 1927Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Murach, Philip E7 Jan 192014 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Murch, Alma G18 Oct 189415 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Murch, Earl25 Jul 1893Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Murchland, Adelaide W20 Sep 189821 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Murchland, Amelia M11 May 188415 Dec 1970Monroeville
Murchland, Clyde26 Sep 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Murchland, Donald18 Apr 1921Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Murchland, Eleanor17 Dec 1887Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Murchland, Gale E10 Aug 19507 Feb 2007New Haven
Murchland, Larry10 Nov 1941Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Murchland, Maurice24 May 1895Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Murchland, Olen A11 Mar 19121 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Murchland, Sophia19 Oct 1885Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Murdoch, Renee L4 Apr 190329 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Murdock, Archie E2 Dec 189813 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Murdock, Eleanor M6 Mar 192411 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Murdock, Harvey15 Sep 1891Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Murdock, Julia28 Jan 1925Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Murdock, Lonnie30 Sep 195630 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Murdock, Rosemary Elizabeth6 Aug 19435 May 2009Fort Wayne
Murdock, Taft17 Sep 192212 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Murdock, Vance21 Dec 192320 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Murfield, Clifford E3 Apr 192024 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Murfield, Marvene P28 Jun 191415 Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Murfield, Orville28 Jan 1888Dec 1967Monroeville
Muri, Arthur H6 Mar 193627 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Muri, Thelma M10 Mar 191319 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Murnan, Mary13 Jul 1924Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Murphey, Homer25 Mar 1901Jul 1980Harlan
Murphey, Janet I18 Nov 192530 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Murphy, Agnes24 Feb 1901May 1983Fort Wayne
Murphy, Alice I23 Nov 191315 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Murphy, Ann18 Feb 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Murphy, Belle27 May 1898Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Murphy, Benjamin J22 Dec 191821 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Murphy, Bertha15 Aug 1896Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Murphy, Bessie M13 Jan 19165 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Murphy, Betty7 Nov 1929Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Murphy, Bettye J20 Jul 193122 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Murphy, Blanche6 Jul 1898Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Murphy, Bruce G8 Jul 192315 Oct 1996Churubusco
Murphy, Carrie17 Mar 1894Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Murphy, Catherine5 Jan 1897Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Murphy, Charles18 Jun 1886Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Murphy, Christine5 Jan 193513 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Murphy, Cladys E14 Apr 188615 Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Murphy, Claudia Ma E9 Oct 192419 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Murphy, D P1 Jun 193015 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Murphy, Dale R4 Oct 19118 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Murphy, Delbert14 Aug 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Murphy, Dollie10 Sep 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Murphy, Donald11 Aug 1924Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Murphy, Donald16 Jun 1900Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Murphy, Donald F12 Jul 19183 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Murphy, Dorothy D23 Feb 191323 Jul 1994New Haven
Murphy, E Ily28 Apr 1892Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Murphy, Edna M12 Jan 192712 Oct 2001Churubusco
Murphy, Edward8 Sep 1916Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Murphy, Edward D6 Sep 191429 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Murphy, Edward L7 Nov 190310 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Murphy, Elaine F16 Dec 19242 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Murphy, Eleanora M16 Aug 191419 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Murphy, Ellen28 Sep 1902Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Murphy, Ellen G29 Dec 19001 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Murphy, Everett B11 Apr 19291 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Murphy, Florence C6 Oct 193712 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Murphy, Frank28 Feb 1892Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Murphy, Frank A8 Feb 190625 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Murphy, Frank P21 Jul 192828 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Murphy, Gay7 Sep 1897Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Murphy, George R14 Apr 19067 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Murphy, H L17 Apr 1927Sep 1992Spencerville
Murphy, Harold15 Dec 190922 Jul 2000New Haven
Murphy, Hazel26 May 189816 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Murphy, Hazel D30 Mar 191022 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Murphy, Helen E1 Jul 191422 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Murphy, Hobart S11 Jun 192629 May 2006Woodburn
Murphy, Howard4 Sep 1891May 1978Fort Wayne
Murphy, Iantha L3 Sep 191121 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Murphy, Irene25 Feb 1900Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Murphy, Isabella11 Oct 1895Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Murphy, J14 Jan 192815 Sep 1987Churubusco
Murphy, Jack E14 May 194417 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Murphy, James J19 Nov 191831 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Murphy, Jeanne A5 Aug 1928Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Murphy, Jerry M13 Sep 19321 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Murphy, John9 Aug 1906Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Murphy, John8 Oct 1890Jun 1976Yoder
Murphy, John17 Nov 1896Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Murphy, John E18 Sep 191715 May 1999Fort Wayne
Murphy, John L18 Sep 191323 Jun 1998New Haven
Murphy, Karen S16 Sep 194221 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Murphy, Katherine M22 Dec 19058 May 1988Fort Wayne
Murphy, Laura L8 Sep 194115 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Murphy, Laverne F6 Aug 19225 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Murphy, Louisa16 May 1876Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Murphy, Louise24 Sep 1890Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Murphy, Lutie9 Sep 1883Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Murphy, Marie22 Feb 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Murphy, Marie7 Jul 1920Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Murphy, Marilyn L25 Sep 192831 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Murphy, Marjorie E17 Dec 192715 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Murphy, Martha20 Mar 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Murphy, Mary E29 Oct 191625 Jan 2008New Haven
Murphy, Mary H15 Dec 192022 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Murphy, Mary O9 Nov 19199 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Murphy, Marzetta11 Oct 19143 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Murphy, Melvin13 May 1907Aug 1981Monroeville
Murphy, Mildred L28 Mar 191529 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Murphy, Nancy L14 Apr 193519 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Murphy, Noah14 Jul 1925Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Murphy, Ollie8 Oct 1905Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Murphy, Paul J18 Jan 194530 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Murphy, Philip V22 Aug 19247 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Murphy, Ralph27 Jan 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Murphy, Richard26 Mar 1934Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Murphy, Richard H17 Jan 191529 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Murphy, Robert30 Jun 1899Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Murphy, Robert8 Feb 1886Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Murphy, Robert C6 Jan 192812 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Murphy, Rose8 Sep 188015 Feb 1969Woodburn
Murphy, Rose16 Feb 1899Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Murphy, Roy R26 Oct 190711 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Murphy, Sam28 Feb 1919Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Murphy, Stephen3 Feb 1949Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Murphy, Thelma M2 Feb 19094 Feb 1997Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Murphy, Virginia R6 Sep 191511 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Murphy, Walter J14 Feb 191628 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Murphy, William27 Oct 1883Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Murphy, William23 Jun 1904May 1966Fort Wayne
Murphy, William T4 Jun 193431 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Murphy, Zella4 Mar 190930 Apr 2003Churubusco
Murray, Alberta M28 Apr 19206 Oct 1993Monroeville
Murray, Alice H4 Oct 190524 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Murray, Arthur D13 Mar 192215 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Murray, Bettianne26 Aug 193129 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Murray, Betty28 Feb 1923Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Murray, Betty21 Nov 1888Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Murray, Carolyn L9 Oct 19082 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Murray, Charles E31 Jul 191919 May 1999Fort Wayne
Murray, Clarence C22 Nov 191811 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Murray, Clayton26 May 1900Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Murray, Dan C4 Jan 191028 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Murray, Daniel19 Oct 1914Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Murray, David17 Dec 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Murray, Donald E13 Jul 191515 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Murray, Donna M16 Feb 19178 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Murray, Edison23 Dec 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Murray, Edna M5 Dec 192118 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Murray, Ella21 Nov 1879Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Murray, Erna H18 Dec 19139 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Murray, Fred29 May 1923Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Murray, George M24 Jan 19129 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Murray, Helen L4 May 19068 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Murray, Helen M15 Mar 191517 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Murray, Irene28 Sep 1913Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Murray, Jack16 Jan 1925Sep 1980Spencerville
Murray, James30 Jul 1906Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Murray, Jean18 May 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Murray, Jennifer24 Jul 1951May 1977Fort Wayne
Murray, John30 Sep 1912Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Murray, John H24 Nov 192520 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Murray, John I3 Jul 190628 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Murray, Keith D11 Aug 19397 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Murray, Lowell C15 Aug 192624 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Murray, Mary N15 Mar 19113 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Murray, Maud7 Apr 1878Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Murray, Maude22 Dec 1892Jun 1974Roanoke
Murray, Minnie1 Apr 1894Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Murray, Patricia19 Jul 192915 May 2005Fort Wayne
Murray, Patrick W22 Aug 191912 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Murray, Raymond9 Oct 19209 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Murray, Rose B21 Jan 192610 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Murray, Rosemary R22 Jun 191620 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Murray, Thomas24 Aug 1906Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Murray, Vernice11 Apr 1915Aug 1982Woodburn
Murray, Virginia30 Aug 1919May 1983Fort Wayne
Murrell, Estelle12 Apr 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Murrell, Joan20 Jan 1877Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Murrell, Odie O9 Feb 19031 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Murrell, Ruth M3 Jun 191117 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Murrey, Ray8 Jan 1919Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Murtaugh, Joseph T22 Sep 19365 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Murua, Frank29 Jan 1895Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Murua, Jesse L21 Sep 192526 Jul 2006New Haven
Murzyn, Anna A21 Jul 19155 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Murzyn, Edward W11 Jul 191617 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Murzyn, Harold P23 Jul 194916 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Muscello, Mary V19 Oct 19081 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Muscello, Vincent15 Jan 1894May 1968Fort Wayne
Muse, James I20 Aug 19223 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Musi, Jose20 May 1890Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Musi, Maria15 Aug 1915Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Musice, Stacy A24 Nov 19639 Feb 2007Churubusco
Mussallem, George A9 May 190710 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Mussehl, John F13 Aug 191130 May 1994New Haven
Mussehl, Lucille4 Jun 1908Jun 1995New Haven
Musselman, Anne21 Dec 1905Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Musselman, Florence E29 Dec 187315 Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Musselman, Helen M21 Feb 1918Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Musselman, Howard14 Feb 1905Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Musselman, James26 Feb 195110 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Musselman, Martha A12 Jan 19245 Aug 2007New Haven
Musselman, Naomi11 Aug 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Musselman, Ralph31 Dec 1915Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Musser, Amanda12 Jul 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Musser, Beth E14 Jun 195424 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Musser, Clyde4 Sep 1912Jun 1985Harlan
Musser, Donald28 May 1916May 1971Fort Wayne
Musser, Edward31 Dec 191028 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Musser, Harry25 Jan 1918Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Musser, Lovell6 Nov 1888Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Musser, Marie23 Jun 1919Feb 1987Harlan
Musser, Mary5 Jan 1900Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Musser, Mary14 Mar 1900Jun 1975New Haven
Musser, Olive6 Jul 1914Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Musser, Robert27 Apr 1910Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Musser, Sherman8 Sep 1931Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Mustaine, Richard E28 Dec 195919 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Mustin, Merlin K7 Feb 19298 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Mutch, Robert C8 Sep 19081 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Muter, Burl16 Jan 191220 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Muter, Jud10 Jan 1917Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Muter, Norma16 Apr 1912Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Muter, Violet W14 May 191714 Jan 2002Leo, Fort Wayne
Muth, Walter J10 Oct 19198 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Mutschlecner, Aurelia11 Mar 1895Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Mutschlecner, Cora S18 Dec 188415 Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Mutschlecner, Henry29 Nov 1891Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Mutschlecner, Josephine21 Sep 1887Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Mutschler, Mary A23 Jun 190328 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Mutton, Gertrude10 Dec 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Mutton, Ray7 Mar 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Mutton, Ray J10 Jun 192421 May 1999Fort Wayne
Muzzillo, Adeline10 Aug 1910Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Muzzillo, Esther P30 Dec 191421 Jan 2005Fort Wayne

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