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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Neal, Arveda31 Oct 1914Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Neal, Daniel L26 Sep 194518 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Neal, David L27 Dec 193515 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Neal, Donald26 Aug 1937Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Neal, Ed4 May 192015 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Neal, Edna G28 May 190621 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Neal, Eileen25 Nov 1917Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Neal, Gren R23 Nov 196228 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Neal, James E15 Sep 191327 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Neal, Jeanette G29 Mar 193418 Dec 1991New Haven
Neal, John D13 Aug 193420 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Neal, Lon E25 Sep 19264 Nov 2008New Haven
Neal, Ruth21 Nov 1901Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Neale, Lucie29 Apr 1912Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Neale, Maurine17 Feb 190115 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Neale, Robert16 Jul 1878Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Neale, Robert J21 Jul 191228 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Nealy, George25 Sep 1916Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Nealy, Minnie22 Mar 1919Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Nealy, William25 Nov 1894Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Near, Lulu4 Apr 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Neasel, Marie7 Jan 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Neat, Blanche M1 Jun 189027 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Neat, Cletus W15 Mar 191026 May 1998Fort Wayne
Neat, Laverne E31 Oct 191413 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Neat, Leeuna25 Dec 192421 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Neat, Lynn E7 Aug 191213 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Neat, Owen L28 Jun 192029 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Neat, Valeska C16 Sep 192111 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Neat, William11 Nov 192414 May 2002Fort Wayne
Neate, Ruth Ella22 Sep 192418 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Neaville, Gertrude E2 Feb 193524 May 1996Fort Wayne
Neaville, Ricky E7 Jan 19727 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Nebehy, Mary19 Feb 1901Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Nebergall, Robin22 Aug 1959Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Nebur, Albert27 Jul 1904Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Nebur, Mary J5 Sep 194013 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Nebur, Romona5 Jul 1933Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Nebur, Thelma12 Mar 1902Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Nebur, Theodore30 Jan 1889Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Necket, Moses21 Jan 1908Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Neddeff, Julia B24 Jul 19256 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Neddeff, Nazhara19 Feb 1895Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Neddeff, Shibble C2 Feb 192710 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Nedelkoff, Dimiter1 Dec 1950Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Neeb, Emma29 Oct 1895Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Neeb, Jane E15 Jul 19098 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Need, Charles20 Jul 1903Jan 1969Monroeville
Need, Forest6 Sep 1907Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Need, Grace1 Apr 1898Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Needham, Basil22 Sep 1893May 1984Fort Wayne
Needham, Dean B16 Jan 192223 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Needham, Helen18 Dec 1902Sep 1987Grabill
Needham, Inez10 Jul 1892Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Needham, Mathilda22 Jan 1887Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Needham, Stanley O6 Aug 191928 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Needham, William M20 Mar 1892Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Needleman, Altha14 Nov 1911Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Needler, Elmer1 Oct 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Needler, Virginia B3 Mar 19101 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Neel, Frederick4 Jul 1915Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Neel, Virginia L21 Jun 192123 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Neeley, Betty M18 Nov 193921 Oct 2001New Haven
Neely, Ella19 Jun 1889Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Neely, Ezekiel30 Dec 1904Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Neely, Grace5 Jun 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Neely, Harold E20 Jun 1923Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Neely, Pamela I20 Aug 194917 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Neely, Rose12 Oct 1889Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Neely, Ruth3 Mar 1902Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Neely, Thomas H9 Jul 19574 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Neer, Cloyce23 May 1908Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Neer, Elizabeth E30 May 189811 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Neff, Alma29 Apr 190416 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Neff, Anna6 Dec 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Neff, Elizabeth R30 Aug 192520 May 1997Fort Wayne
Neff, Emily14 Sep 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Neff, Flossie18 Feb 1894Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Neff, Floyd16 Nov 1897Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Neff, Floyd27 Feb 1886Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Neff, Gertrude7 Sep 1886Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Neff, Gilbert30 Aug 1926Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Neff, Harry6 Jul 1895Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Neff, James30 Jun 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Neff, Jane C13 May 19209 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Neff, Jannie V10 May 19291 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Neff, John16 Dec 1892Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Neff, John G27 Nov 192417 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Neff, Juliet M3 Jul 190618 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Neff, Lena7 Sep 1907May 1986Hoagland
Neff, Mable5 Nov 1905Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Neff, Marvin J5 Apr 192711 May 2009Fort Wayne
Neff, Max R23 Oct 192322 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Neff, Norma M1 Oct 191027 Nov 2005New Haven
Neff, Richard D14 Jul 193912 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Neff, Roger E1 Feb 19218 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Neff, Sara30 Dec 1942Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Neff, Schuyler R6 Jan 189515 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Neff, Victor8 Jul 1903Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Neff, Virginia22 Dec 1901Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Neff, Walter6 Feb 1896Dec 1972New Haven
Neher, Audrey E5 Nov 192112 Jul 1994Churubusco
Neher, Clem30 Aug 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Neher, Genevieve24 Sep 1899Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Neher, Gladys28 May 1897Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Neher, John R10 Dec 193326 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Neher, Joseph17 Nov 1898Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Neher, Lawrence30 Apr 1892Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Neher, Samuel18 Oct 1873Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Neher, Wilber H12 Jun 190828 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Nehls, Patricia A25 Oct 19298 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Neideffer, Agnes5 Aug 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Neidert, Conrad Jr12 Apr 192129 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Neidhardt, Albert22 Dec 1902Mar 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Neidhardt, Hazil11 Oct 1904Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Neidhart, Mary20 Nov 1924Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Neidig, Dola7 Sep 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Neidigh, Pearl A26 Oct 19142 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Neidrauer, Marian T25 May 191117 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Neill, Doris28 Feb 190630 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Neilson, Florence24 Mar 1902Feb 1982New Haven
Neilson, J5 May 1933Jun 1991New Haven
Neilson, Larry L28 Mar 193513 Oct 1997New Haven
Neilson, Mcclellan29 Dec 1928Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Neiman, Jane15 Dec 1916Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Neiman, Nelson26 Feb 1915Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Carl R30 Sep 19204 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Floyd W29 Jan 191713 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Neireiter, George W16 Dec 191830 Oct 2002Woodburn
Neireiter, Hazel A11 May 1908May 1995Monroeville
Neireiter, Hillis A16 Jan 1918May 1996Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Hutoka E1 Sep 19179 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Luella24 Jul 1913Jun 1976Hoagland
Neireiter, Margaret30 Nov 191014 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Raymond2 Aug 1883Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Neireiter, Russell14 Mar 190927 Jul 2000New Haven
Neireiter, William6 Jun 1908Apr 1976Monroeville
Neiter, Lizette19 Sep 1873Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Neith, Charles De9 Apr 1925Feb 1984Churubusco
Nelaborige, Dorothy K23 Sep 19269 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Nelaborige, Peter P8 Sep 191816 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Nelms, Patricia L6 Jul 195521 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Nelsen, Julia N9 Feb 18896 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Nelsen, Mary A14 Nov 19336 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Nelson Iv, Sim M9 Jun 19631 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Nelson, Agnes5 Jun 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Nelson, August28 Aug 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Nelson, Beatrice1 May 1912Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Nelson, Bertha23 Jan 1890Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Nelson, Carl S25 Mar 19201 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Nelson, Catherine M23 Feb 190211 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Nelson, Charles15 Feb 1900Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Nelson, David B15 Apr 19079 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Nelson, Eddie Lee31 Oct 193213 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Nelson, Edgar19 Jul 1910Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Nelson, Edith26 Mar 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Nelson, Elizabeth I9 Aug 190817 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Nelson, Esther24 Oct 191326 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Nelson, Esther27 May 1917Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Nelson, Esther M13 Jul 191319 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Nelson, Eunice A23 Aug 19046 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Nelson, Florence H6 Feb 189925 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Nelson, Francis M23 Dec 19206 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Nelson, Frank13 Aug 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Nelson, Glen26 Jun 1910Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Nelson, Gordon D19 Jul 192312 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Nelson, Grace18 Jan 190414 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Nelson, Harold E26 Jan 19086 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Nelson, Harry E1 Jun 192311 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Nelson, Isabelle10 Feb 188015 Nov 1966Churubusco
Nelson, J11 Apr 1951Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Nelson, Joan I10 Aug 193429 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Nelson, Julia S26 Oct 190916 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Nelson, Kathleen M11 Oct 193129 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Nelson, Kenneth23 Jan 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Nelson, Kenneth E28 Nov 191413 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Nelson, Lael11 Apr 1909Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Nelson, Leona26 Mar 1911Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Nelson, Lewis N27 Jun 190924 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Nelson, Linda21 Jun 1959May 1985Churubusco
Nelson, Lorraine7 May 1937May 1979Fort Wayne
Nelson, Lucy14 Jun 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Nelson, Lulu9 Mar 1902Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Nelson, Mae C6 Jun 192528 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Nelson, Mae F30 Mar 190029 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Nelson, Marjorie28 Dec 19214 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Nelson, Mary9 Jan 1910Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Nelson, Mary Pat30 Jul 19341 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Nelson, Morton19 Feb 1921Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Nelson, Nancy J16 Nov 19514 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Nelson, Nicy11 Aug 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Nelson, Norman6 Jan 1903Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Nelson, Oliver9 Oct 1896May 1985Fort Wayne
Nelson, Oscar20 Aug 1874Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Nelson, Pauline H5 Feb 191722 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Nelson, Phyllis5 May 192611 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Nelson, Raymond29 Jun 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Nelson, Raymond E10 May 192222 May 1997Fort Wayne
Nelson, Richard L15 Aug 192219 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Nelson, Richard L15 Jan 19193 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Nelson, Robert2 Feb 1909Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Nelson, Robert L8 Mar 192522 Jan 2006New Haven
Nelson, Rodger R31 Oct 192117 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Nelson, Ruth M30 Sep 190822 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Nelson, Sheldon15 Jan 1909Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Nelson, Sim29 Feb 191220 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Nelson, Stanley C24 Oct 194612 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Nelson, Tracy6 Feb 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Nelson, Trulia4 Oct 189325 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Nelson, William Edgar18 Sep 193713 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Nemeth, Emery A12 May 193018 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Nemeth, R J28 Sep 193215 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Nemo Jr, James26 Mar 196413 May 2002Fort Wayne
Nerger, Edwin A12 Jan 19161 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Nern, Arthur12 Oct 1901Jul 1982Woodburn
Nern, Clarence25 Jan 1909Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Nern, Harry4 Aug 1893Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Nern, John9 Feb 1907Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Nern, Laura E25 Oct 190922 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Nern, Luetta S2 May 19221 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Nern, Oneida F28 Nov 19073 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Nern, William C30 Oct 191013 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Nerzig, Sandra11 Dec 1940Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Nes, Trygve A14 Apr 191715 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Nesbit, James2 Mar 19115 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Nesbit, Ruth M22 May 191617 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Nesbitt, Alfred Windsor23 May 195315 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Nesius, John9 Mar 1885Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Ness, Christine19 Feb 1889May 1978Fort Wayne
Ness, Martha23 Nov 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Ness, Robert S18 Sep 192621 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Nesswald, Anthony18 Nov 1895Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Nestel, Abraham9 Apr 190923 Feb 1994Churubusco
Nestel, Bessie2 Mar 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Nestel, James24 Jan 1912Jan 1987Churubusco
Nestel, Roger27 Jun 1935May 1984Churubusco
Nestel, Sarah R20 Oct 191119 Feb 2007Churubusco
Nestor, Joan13 Sep 1928Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Neth, Lillian J8 Oct 192024 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Netherland, Oscar S7 Jul 191529 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Netherland, Ruth R20 Sep 19193 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Netterfield, Earl4 Jan 1919Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Netterfield, Hillard19 Jul 1898Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Netterfield, Mary26 Jul 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Netterfield, Mildred12 Jan 1900Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Nettleman, Melbourne27 Nov 1927Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Nettrour, Jack H29 Jun 191828 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Nettrour, Oscar2 Sep 1897Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Neu, Anna12 Jan 1888Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Neu, Gerald P16 Oct 193124 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Neu, Rudolph20 May 1894Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Amos31 Jul 192024 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Charles12 Sep 1895Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, David26 May 1884Apr 1979Grabill, Harlan
Neuenschwand, Edwin30 Aug 1885Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Emma22 Mar 1884May 1979Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Emma15 Oct 1886Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Flora E12 Nov 19207 Oct 2004Grabill
Neuenschwand, Hattie23 Mar 190228 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Homer29 May 189727 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Hubert L10 Jan 19236 Nov 1991Grabill
Neuenschwand, Jean H3 Dec 19072 Apr 1999Leo
Neuenschwand, Kenneth26 Sep 191312 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Leon16 Jul 1887Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Loris E7 Dec 191924 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Marjorie12 Dec 1923May 1980Grabill
Neuenschwand, Modjeska A15 Mar 191819 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Nettie1 Dec 1886Feb 1978Grabill
Neuenschwand, Ralph11 Jul 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Neuenschwand, Ruth5 Jun 190913 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Neuenschwander, Herman J6 Nov 190831 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Neuer, Baltzer18 Mar 1903Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Neufer, Lulu M12 May 189512 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Connie14 Mar 194722 Jul 2002New Haven
Neuhaus, Doris M24 Dec 1925Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Elmer12 Nov 1916Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Ernest F10 Aug 194624 Dec 2005New Haven
Neuhaus, Florence10 Oct 1887Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Hazel K6 Oct 19145 Apr 1998New Haven
Neuhaus, Henry G20 Jun 191027 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Howard24 Jun 1915May 1981Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Jean6 Sep 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Lucille E22 Apr 190528 May 1992Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Mary11 Feb 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Ralph M15 Jan 19261 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Richard P20 Dec 193430 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Terrence J31 Jan 193931 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Neuhaus, Wayne W17 Jul 19221 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Bonnie I29 Mar 191616 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Calvin T28 Sep 192828 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Donald E13 Apr 19253 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Hattie30 Apr 1895Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Joseph10 May 1897Nov 1966Grabill
Neuhouser, K Lorraine7 Jun 19183 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Marie M28 Apr 190928 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Mary18 Sep 192216 Feb 2006Leo
Neuhouser, Merle W28 Feb 191627 Nov 2005Leo
Neuhouser, Mildred L30 Nov 191320 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Monroe28 Feb 1904May 1982Grabill
Neuhouser, Phyllis17 Aug 1924Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Robert C22 Nov 192118 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Neuhouser, Vera2 Jun 1906Mar 1986Grabill
Neuhouser, W Wayne3 Jun 191629 Oct 2003Leo
Neukam, Chalon M16 Nov 192816 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Neukam, John20 Apr 1894Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Neukam, Mabel N23 Jan 19031 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Neukom, Patti L17 Sep 194116 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Neuls, Grace A14 Jan 191417 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Neuman, Alta C21 Jan 189815 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Neuman, Byron L3 Dec 191519 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Neuman, Esther21 May 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Neuman, Lloyd10 Nov 1897Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Neuman, M1 May 1931Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Neuman, Patricia8 Jun 1923Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Neuman, Raymond16 Sep 1924May 1984Fort Wayne
Neuman, Walter25 May 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Neumann, Barbara E10 Jan 193610 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Neumann, Buella L28 Mar 19186 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Neumann, Carl J27 Feb 191916 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Neumann, Charlotte24 Jul 190917 Jan 1998New Haven
Neumann, David V4 Apr 19457 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Neumann, Eugene H19 Mar 192214 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Neumann, Eugene J5 Mar 19232 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Neumann, J T15 Sep 19084 May 1998Fort Wayne
Neumann, Jean A28 Aug 1927Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Neumann, Leo1 Apr 1896May 1985Fort Wayne
Neumann, Mary E13 Oct 192413 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Neumann, Mildred M11 Jul 191725 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Neusbaum, David9 Dec 1899Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Neusiis, Frederick C14 Mar 190614 Apr 1988New Haven
Neusiis, Rita21 Jan 1906Aug 1976New Haven
Nevares, Gilbert O10 Jun 19567 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Nevels, Cornelius19 Mar 19165 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Nevels, William A8 Feb 193512 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Nevers, Ann V29 Sep 191112 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Nevil, Paul18 Apr 1925Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Nevius, Gary W19 Nov 19375 May 2005Fort Wayne
Nevland, Alpha10 Aug 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Nevland, Harry21 Aug 1912Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Nevling, James16 Oct 1897Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Nevogt, Juergen7 Jul 1926Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Nevogt, Richard28 Jun 1884Nov 1968Fort Wayne
New, James S27 Oct 190711 May 1992Fort Wayne
New, Pamela J4 May 195922 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Newbauer, Bernard J1 Jun 191317 Jan 1992New Haven
Newberry, Charles H14 Jun 192310 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Newberry, Senora18 Sep 1925Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Newberry, William20 Sep 191621 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Newburn, Emily L12 Apr 1917Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Newburn, John12 Jun 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Newburn, Joseph18 Jul 1893Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Newby, Carol J16 May 193326 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Newby, Fred7 May 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Newby, James30 Jan 1894Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Newby, Jan R12 Jun 193628 May 1994Fort Wayne
Newby, Martha E31 Mar 191416 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Newby, Millie P18 May 191315 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Newby, Oney30 Jul 1883May 1972Fort Wayne
Newcomb, Lura E11 Feb 191612 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Newcomb, Marion R19 Jun 1930Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Newcombe, Carver28 Feb 1911Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Newcomer, Arlene12 Mar 191922 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Newcomer, Elsie1 May 1910Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Newell, Anna20 Nov 1883Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Newell, Donna25 Jun 1917Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Newell, Eva A7 Sep 1904Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Newell, Frank8 Apr 1911Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Newell, James18 Oct 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Newell, John W4 Sep 192610 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Newell, Julia19 Oct 1911Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Newell, Mary A7 Oct 192026 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Newell, Robert H13 Feb 191222 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Newell, Samuel13 Nov 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Newer, Berneice E15 May 19159 May 2000Fort Wayne
Newer, Roy5 Jan 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Newhard, Clara18 Jul 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Newhard, Clyde4 Oct 1892Jan 1984Yoder
Newhard, Donaldson N26 Apr 19117 May 1995Fort Wayne
Newhard, Morris W9 Mar 191510 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Newhard, Paul12 Jul 1916Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Newhard, Richard A23 Feb 192618 May 2000Fort Wayne
Newhard, Tessie23 May 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Newhard, Virginia B26 Nov 19152 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Newhouse, Allen D31 May 191729 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Newhouse, Carol J19 Sep 193723 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Newhouse, Mila14 Nov 1890Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Newhouse, Robert15 Oct 1917Oct 1981Hoagland
Newhouse, Wilma21 Nov 1921Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Newkirk, Betty Eileen1 Jun 193119 Apr 2008New Haven
Newkirk, James15 Oct 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Newkirk, Luna3 Mar 1898Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Newkirk, Manetta M7 Aug 190511 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Newkirk, Mary Jane25 May 192814 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Newkirk, Ruby23 Jul 19074 Dec 2000New Haven
Newkirk, Selma G6 Jun 190811 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Newkirk, William30 Mar 1930Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Newkirk, William30 Jan 1962May 1981Fort Wayne
Newland, Nellie9 Jan 1880Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Newlin, Frieda9 Aug 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Newlin, John C15 Mar 190924 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Newlin, Samuel13 Feb 1893Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Newlin, Wilbur E19 Feb 191515 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Newman, Albert15 Feb 1916Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Newman, Ann G25 Jun 191113 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Newman, Barbara D3 Mar 19265 May 1998Fort Wayne
Newman, Berneice14 Jan 192314 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Newman, Charles Roder3 Dec 192720 May 2008Fort Wayne
Newman, Clinton E31 May 190725 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Newman, Donald24 Oct 1933Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Newman, Dortha31 Jan 1920Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Newman, E K15 Jul 192419 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Newman, Edwin20 Jul 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Newman, Elvira17 Dec 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Newman, Fern30 Jul 1890Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Newman, Florence1 Nov 190421 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Newman, Fredrick S17 Jan 191919 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Newman, Gloria L26 Dec 19337 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Newman, James9 Feb 1910Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Newman, Kenneth C7 Nov 192121 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Newman, Leonard19 Sep 1920Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Newman, Margaret A29 May 191223 May 1998Fort Wayne
Newman, Melody18 Jan 1956Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Newman, Melvin E16 Dec 192522 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Newman, Nettie23 Jul 1891Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Newman, Patricia13 May 19134 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Newman, Robert17 Sep 1922Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Newman, Victor L17 Jul 193726 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Newman, William17 Jan 1909Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Newman, William E31 Jan 193318 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Newman, Wilma J24 Mar 192811 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Newman, Zerline23 Apr 192126 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Newmon, Irene Linda29 Dec 19458 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Newmon, James H22 Feb 195224 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Newnum, Josephine J21 Jan 192930 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Newnum, Robert Eugene2 Aug 192328 May 2009Fort Wayne
Newport, Edna M21 Aug 191918 May 2008Fort Wayne
Newport, Frank26 Sep 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Newport, Geraldine G1 Nov 19116 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Newport, Keith R11 Jan 19178 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Newport, Kenneth11 Jan 1917May 1986Fort Wayne
Newport, Mary H6 Jan 191625 Feb 2000Spencerville
Newport, Mary J5 Jan 19274 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Newport, Perry14 Sep 1877Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Newport, Robert3 Mar 1911Jun 1986Spencerville
Newport, Robert F23 Mar 193714 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Newsom, Glessie25 Dec 1897Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Newsom, Lillian22 Oct 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Newsom, William8 Sep 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Newsome, Clifford10 Jun 1918Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Newsome, John T21 Jun 192426 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Newsome, Nathaniel7 May 1926Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Newsome, Ola11 Sep 1907Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Newson, Mack C13 Apr 19545 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Newson, Maxine7 Apr 193524 May 1989Fort Wayne
Newton, Betty L12 Dec 19286 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Newton, Cyrus7 Jul 1913Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Newton, Donald R22 Aug 19418 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Newton, Gerald14 Oct 1902Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Newton, Mary10 Apr 19135 May 1999Fort Wayne
Newton, Tom13 Jan 1917Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Newton, Vincent13 Jul 1914Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Newville, Capitola4 Oct 1905Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Newville, Perry12 Jan 1905Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Ney, Guy W4 Jan 191228 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Ney, Ruth A25 Jan 191810 Apr 1998Fort Wayne

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