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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Niblick, Charles20 Jul 1899Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Niblick, Charles9 Sep 1884Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Niblick, Frances3 Jul 1885Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Niblick, Madonna S1 Jan 19287 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Niblick, Mary6 Dec 1901Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Niblick, Milo7 Apr 1901Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Niblick, Thomas Kenning20 Nov 192422 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Niblick, Vergie M17 May 190320 Jan 2005Monroeville
Niblick, Zadie5 Dec 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Niccum, Earl E16 Jun 192221 Mar 2003Leo
Niccum, Jessie8 Mar 1891Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Niccum, Lucille18 Oct 1904Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Niccum, Marlene J2 Feb 193010 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Niccum, Minnie M22 Jun 190021 Jan 1991New Haven
Niccum, Ruth E24 Oct 192020 Oct 2001Leo
Niccum, Victoria3 Aug 19332 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Nice, Genevieve25 Jan 191513 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Nice, Olive B9 Mar 191310 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Nicely, Mary5 Dec 1944Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Nicewarner, Paul W26 May 192615 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Nichelson, Agoma6 Jan 1887Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Nichelson, William23 Jul 1885Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Nichol, G20 Aug 1933Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Nicholas, Carl W13 Jun 19251 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Nicholas, Harry5 Jul 1917Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Nicholas, Lula N2 Jan 191713 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Nicholes, Leroy9 Oct 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Nicholls, Richard P17 Jul 191614 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Nicholls, Violet M3 Mar 19182 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Nichols, Audrey F26 Oct 191231 May 2003Fort Wayne
Nichols, Bethany19 Oct 1976Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Nichols, Billie21 Oct 19314 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Nichols, Bryan R3 Oct 196911 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Nichols, Chester27 Aug 1885Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Nichols, Daniel L22 Sep 1960Sep 1994Churubusco
Nichols, David C6 Oct 192416 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Nichols, David D17 Nov 194218 May 2005Fort Wayne
Nichols, David F21 May 19481 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Nichols, Dick25 Jul 1929Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Nichols, Donn J29 Aug 192625 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Nichols, Edith5 Oct 1906Jul 1975Churubusco
Nichols, Edna18 Jul 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Nichols, Edson1 May 1907Mar 1986Woodburn
Nichols, Edward30 Apr 1898Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Nichols, Elsie24 Apr 1892Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Nichols, Ernest26 Aug 1918Oct 1978Churubusco
Nichols, George2 Mar 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Nichols, George R5 Nov 192515 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Nichols, George S11 Jun 196813 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Nichols, Gladys4 Jul 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Nichols, Harold23 Feb 1926Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Nichols, Henry L31 Jul 19402 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Nichols, Horatio16 Feb 1882Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Nichols, Horatio2 Aug 1905Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Nichols, Joan B7 Dec 192525 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Nichols, Joan R1 Apr 193015 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Nichols, John25 Sep 1892Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Nichols, Leona1 Apr 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Nichols, Lois C1 Jul 191123 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Nichols, Loura L13 Jan 192521 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Nichols, Maribelle17 Aug 192921 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Nichols, Marie16 Nov 1906Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Nichols, Mary23 Jun 1901Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Nichols, Maylon1 May 1908Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Nichols, Mazie15 Sep 1902Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Nichols, Michael D24 Sep 19479 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Nichols, Mildred26 Apr 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Nichols, Norann P21 Jul 194715 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Nichols, Philip U11 Oct 192920 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Nichols, Richard L12 Mar 19261 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Nichols, Robert N13 Mar 193417 Aug 2005Woodburn
Nichols, Ruth1 Sep 18935 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Nichols, Ruth16 Jan 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Nichols, Sam11 Dec 1898May 1987Fort Wayne
Nichols, Steven R28 Sep 194918 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Nichols, Tom L18 Nov 195720 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Nichols, Vilmer L6 Jul 1943Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Nichols, Wanda R17 Aug 193220 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Nichols, Wayne L8 May 19275 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Nichols, Zena5 Nov 191920 Jun 1997Churubusco
Nichols, Zetta E14 Sep 190719 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Nichols, Zola B8 Jul 189918 May 1995Roanoke
Nicholson, Alice A21 Jan 192131 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Anna29 Jul 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Clara16 May 190830 Apr 1998Harlan
Nicholson, Clifford6 Jan 1905Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Doris M22 Aug 192311 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Edwin W16 Mar 191715 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Elvie25 Nov 191529 Sep 2000Roanoke
Nicholson, Evelyn M10 May 193215 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Grace25 Feb 1902May 1979Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Henry5 Jul 1900Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Lavera E29 Oct 191731 Oct 2005Roanoke
Nicholson, Lawrence C17 Jun 192019 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Louis R17 Jul 192515 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Marjorie A21 Mar 193630 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Neal E1 Mar 191118 Jun 1995New Haven
Nicholson, Norma Alleen15 Feb 192112 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Robert12 Dec 1927Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Nicholson, Thelma B21 Mar 1908Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Nichter, Anna23 Feb 1900Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Nichter, Barbara26 Jul 193215 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Nichter, Bethel M28 Aug 192522 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Nichter, Brian27 May 1959Oct 1978Churubusco
Nichter, Carol D21 Aug 192926 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Nichter, Ethel19 Jun 1892Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Nichter, Hubert J8 Dec 191818 Jan 1992Churubusco
Nichter, Irene C23 May 19044 May 1991Fort Wayne
Nichter, Lawrence E9 Dec 192422 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Nichter, Mary17 Sep 1901Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Nichter, Raymond F29 Nov 191910 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Nichter, Richard J6 Mar 19232 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Nichter, Robert A20 Jan 193020 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Nichter, Sharon S30 Jun 19412 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Nichter, Victor21 Feb 1904Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Nichter, William11 Jul 1896Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Nick, Debra J18 Apr 195515 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Nick, Ira3 Sep 192611 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Nickell, Bertal J28 Mar 1924Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Nickell, Buel24 Sep 1921Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Nickell, Clara4 Oct 1924Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Nickell, Marie L4 Jul 192425 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Nickels, Celesta R18 Jul 191219 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Bernice R17 Feb 191931 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Emma28 Jun 192113 May 2008Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Hannah L2 Apr 18982 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Mabel18 Jan 189815 May 1968Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Minnie21 Oct 1878Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Nickelson, Richard W11 Jul 19337 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Nickerson, Alma4 Apr 19061 May 1992Fort Wayne
Nickerson, Louis19 Feb 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Nickerson, Louise21 Sep 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Nickerson, William C22 Jun 19182 May 2005Fort Wayne
Nicklaus, Mary7 Apr 1914Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Nicklin, Mildred26 Jun 1900Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Nickols, Shirley M12 Jun 192911 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Nickolson, Barbara A24 Oct 19345 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Nickolson, Karen D25 Nov 194531 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Nickolson, Kenneth26 Oct 1931Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Nickolson, Robert E21 Dec 196512 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Nickolson, Waudene16 Sep 1904Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Nickolson, William H2 Oct 193321 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Nickrash, Angeline30 Nov 1892Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Alonzo11 Jan 1883Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Amelia6 Aug 1909Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Anola B9 Sep 19255 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Dorothy M8 Oct 191821 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Ferdinand22 Apr 1889Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Naomi23 Sep 1883Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Robert E22 Aug 192818 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Nicodemus, Wendell K30 Jul 191317 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Nicol, Dorothy31 May 1903Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Nicol, Edwin28 Jun 1901Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Nicola, M2 Jul 1884Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Nicola, Paul E19 Jan 192812 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Nicola, Ray16 Jan 1932Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Nicole, Calvin20 May 1949Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Nicole, Gottlieb6 Jun 1906Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Nicole, John30 May 1891Nov 1980Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Nicole, Laura13 May 1897Jun 1980Woodburn
Nicole, Richard L3 Feb 192615 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Nicole, Rita M15 Nov 192028 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Nicole, Rosemary H2 Apr 192821 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Nicole, Vaughn5 Apr 1923Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Nicolet, Alice11 Jan 1906Apr 1970Churubusco
Nicolet, Betty A6 Aug 19469 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Nicolet, Eugene L2 Dec 1933Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Nicolet, Howard12 Mar 1910Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Nicora, Mary11 Oct 1898Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Niday, Edward R3 Nov 192919 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Nidlinger, Goldie25 Jan 1896Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Nidlinger, William5 Dec 1885Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Nieb, Doris L7 Dec 193016 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Nieb, Joseph A27 Jun 193017 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Niebel, Alice N22 Oct 191220 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Niebel, B21 Jul 1925Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Niebel, Don O7 Oct 192725 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Niebel, Hazel6 May 1894Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Niebel, Helen26 Nov 1901Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Niebel, Howard J2 Jul 191525 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Niebel, Martha8 Jul 1908Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Niebel, Mary C17 Aug 191825 May 2006Fort Wayne
Niebel, Maxine29 Nov 1916Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Niebel, Raymond D4 Apr 192926 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Niebel, Roman18 Apr 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Nieber, Arthur10 Feb 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Nieber, Helen M22 Jul 19071 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Nieber, Violet16 Dec 1911Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Niederholtme, Guenther18 Nov 193931 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Niedermeyer, Betty22 Nov 19292 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Niedermeyer, Betty J8 Feb 192513 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Niedermeyer, Charles2 Sep 1904Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Niedermeyer, Donald E4 Jan 192512 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Niedermeyer, Joseph30 Jul 1897Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Niedhammer, Gretchen23 Oct 1890Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Nielsen, Bertha D25 Aug 18987 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Nielsen, Blanche10 Feb 1903Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Nielsen, David L27 Mar 194223 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Nielsen, Marvin C11 Jan 193110 May 2002Fort Wayne
Nieman, Agnes26 Feb 1912Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Nieman, Harold26 Jul 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Nieman, Hazel19 Jun 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Niemann, Scott T16 Jul 195130 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Arthur E9 Mar 190717 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Bertha23 Nov 1882Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Clara18 Jul 1892Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Dorothy6 Nov 1924Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Edith P27 Nov 191720 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Eileen16 Feb 1917Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Frederick14 Dec 1907Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Helen8 Mar 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Kenneth22 Jan 19262 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Lawrence11 May 1903Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Lillian A29 Jan 1912May 1996Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Robert E14 May 19265 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Velma M2 Aug 190822 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Niemeyer, Wilbert4 May 1921Apr 1985New Haven
Niemeyer, William3 Nov 1889Oct 1982New Haven
Niemi, Carl7 Oct 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Niemi, Iris I28 Mar 191412 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Nieno, Fred L7 Oct 192418 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Nierengarten, Dorothy9 Jan 193027 May 1999Fort Wayne
Nierman, Blanche3 Feb 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Nierman, Iva J9 Apr 19247 May 2003Fort Wayne
Nierman, Ruth8 Mar 1899Oct 1971Yoder
Nieter, Edwin1 May 1903Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Nieter, Elsie18 Jul 1902May 1974Fort Wayne
Nieter, Ethel9 Jan 1904Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Nieter, Herman27 Oct 1896Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Nieter, Katherine5 Apr 1889May 1971Fort Wayne
Nieter, Paul13 Mar 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Nietert, Alfred H2 Feb 191426 Feb 2004New Haven
Nietert, Ruth K25 Sep 191329 Jan 1994New Haven
Nietert, Ruth M25 Dec 192122 Jun 2002New Haven
Nieto, George E15 Feb 192916 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Nieuwlandt, Firman30 May 1913Jan 1981Harlan
Nieuwlandt, Louise M16 Oct 19184 Feb 1998New Haven, Harlan
Nieves, Carmela5 Dec 191023 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Nieves, Carmen A12 Apr 192930 May 1999Fort Wayne
Nieves-jimen, Luis A20 Apr 19212 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Niezer, Bernard12 Nov 1915Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Niezer, Emily17 Jul 1878Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Niezer, George28 Mar 1911Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Niezer, Louis10 Sep 1907Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Niezer, Lucy15 Apr 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Niezer, Ralph17 Mar 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Niezer, Rosemary C6 Dec 191111 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Nikolaenko, Wasil7 May 191911 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Nikolai, Pearl17 Apr 1887Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Nikrodhanond, Darlene8 Sep 195028 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Nilca, Anna6 Jan 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Niles, Donald25 Sep 1902Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Niles, Dorothy W10 Jan 190430 May 1995Fort Wayne
Niles, Laura25 Apr 1926Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Niles, Leota19 Apr 19062 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Niles, Loretta16 May 1874Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Niles, Mildred M15 Jul 191623 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Niles, Penny Lynn14 Feb 195328 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Niles, Richard10 Sep 1911Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Nill, Donald2 Jun 1921Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Nill, John H15 Dec 191726 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Nill, Richard G16 May 191630 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Niman, Earl7 Oct 1898May 1975Fort Wayne
Niman, Elma M3 Mar 192622 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Niman, Nellie12 Jul 188415 Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Niman, Paul E1 Jun 192617 Nov 2004Churubusco
Nimtz, Billy3 Feb 1925Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Nimtz, M27 Oct 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Ninde, Luella25 Feb 1879Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Nine, Beverly A1 Jun 193624 Jan 1999Churubusco
Nine, C Barbara5 Nov 192220 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Nine, Donald G24 Feb 191028 Mar 1999Churubusco
Nine, George H31 Dec 191017 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Nine, Ida6 May 1895Jun 1982Roanoke
Nine, Jennie4 Feb 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Nine, Myron L3 May 192415 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Nine, Myrtle14 Nov 1915May 1992Churubusco
Nine, Phyllis A4 Oct 192721 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Nine, Richard K11 Jul 19322 Feb 2010Leo
Nine, Woodrow Franklin28 Jul 191623 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Ning, Frank H1 Apr 19011 Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Nipper, Edward Regis8 Aug 19457 Nov 2008Roanoke
Nipper, Vera12 Oct 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Nisonger, Jackson M23 Aug 19131 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Nissen, David M24 Jan 192512 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Niswander, Ruth11 Nov 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Niswonger, Edward E14 Jan 191116 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Niswonger, Elbert21 Jun 1895Jan 1969Roanoke
Niswonger, Elma21 Jul 191429 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Niswonger, Joseph W25 Oct 193318 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Nitecki, George J24 Aug 19136 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Nitecki, George N24 Dec 19487 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Nitschke, Alma3 Feb 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Nitschke, Walter25 Mar 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Nitterauer, Richard A12 Jun 19387 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Nitz, Erma30 Jun 190821 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Nitz, James H22 Oct 19371 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Nitzsche, Frank19 May 1888Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Nitzsche, Geraldine G23 May 19172 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Nitzsche, Herbert26 Oct 1915Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Nitzsche, Marie26 May 1908Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Nitzsche, Marie13 Jun 1890Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Nix, Adrian B25 Mar 192327 Apr 1995New Haven
Nix, Alfred J25 Jan 191122 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Nix, Anna14 Nov 1885Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Nix, Carl15 Aug 1901Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Nix, Charles3 Aug 1896Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Nix, Dorman E5 Sep 192428 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Nix, Elena G2 Apr 19682 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Nix, Ella V4 Mar 1923Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Nix, Eugene11 Jun 1919Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Nix, Leroy11 Feb 191718 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Nix, Margaret7 Oct 1870Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Nix, Maurice E19 Jan 193119 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Nix, Theresa24 Jan 1894Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Nix, Thomas R31 Oct 193310 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Nix, Vera I5 Jul 190015 Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Nix, Walter12 Jun 1904Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Nixon, Foster W25 Jul 191015 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Nixon, Marian E25 Aug 190821 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Nixon, Martha L30 Dec 189526 Apr 1995Fort Wayne

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