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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Noack, Mildred17 Mar 1912Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Noack, Norman25 Apr 1913May 1982Fort Wayne
Nobis, Katherine E27 Jun 190415 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Nobis, Mark P11 Feb 193619 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Noble, Alfred21 Feb 1917Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Noble, Antoinette9 May 192314 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Noble, Carrie A30 Sep 188515 Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Noble, Clarence25 Jun 1904Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Noble, David15 Jul 1949Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Noble, Frank8 Jan 1905Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Noble, Hazel M14 Dec 192718 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Noble, Helen F26 Jan 1920Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Noble, Helen M7 Aug 19198 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Noble, Katherine E17 May 19112 Feb 2007Fort Wayne, Huntertown
Noble, Kenneth15 Jun 1898Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Noble, Margaret25 Sep 1880Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Noble, Marguerite2 Mar 1884Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Noble, Mark14 Nov 1913Jun 1984Roanoke
Noble, Milton A11 Oct 19173 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Noble, Pauline29 Aug 1902Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Noble, Ralph19 Apr 1905Aug 1983Huntertown
Noble, Russell K25 Dec 19254 May 1989Fort Wayne
Noble, Thomas17 Mar 1913Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Noble, Violet23 Jun 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Noble, Wendy S7 Aug 19541 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Nobles, Edna P23 Jan 190623 May 2000Fort Wayne
Nobles, Franklin22 Apr 1906Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Nobles, Lois30 May 1917Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Nobles, Lucy A18 Jun 191325 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Nobles, Roland H18 Oct 193028 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Noe, Henry C23 Aug 194710 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Noe, Judy11 Feb 192623 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Noe, Marcella29 Mar 19434 Jul 2006Churubusco
Noe, Marcus4 Aug 192713 Jun 1999Churubusco
Noe, Wava7 Aug 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Noecker, Carson L18 May 191417 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Noel, Bennie18 Mar 1926Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Noel, Clinton24 Apr 19191 May 1990Fort Wayne
Noel, Edmond3 Aug 192531 May 1994Fort Wayne
Noel, Emma O12 Jul 19269 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Noel, Fred L16 Jan 191514 May 1997Fort Wayne
Noel, Helen11 Jun 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Noel, Isaiah1 Dec 1915Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Noel, Lenzv18 Apr 1931Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Noel, Lloyd L18 Aug 19287 Apr 2005Spencerville
Noel, Lloyd L23 Oct 190714 Dec 1993Spencerville
Noel, Okie29 Jun 19093 Feb 2003Spencerville
Noel, Richard W31 Aug 192930 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Noeth, Irene G27 Sep 192017 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Noeth, Louis5 Jan 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Noffsinger, John20 Jun 1893Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Noftsinger, William1 Apr 1925Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Nofziger, Everett D29 Aug 19056 Dec 1993New Haven
Nofziger, Ruth10 Feb 19096 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Nofzinger, Aaron30 Mar 1885Mar 1967Huntertown
Nofzinger, Pearl30 Apr 1889Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Nofzinger, Ray29 Jul 192324 May 1996Fort Wayne
Noga, Helen8 Sep 190020 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Noirot, Forest P14 Nov 191024 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Noirot, Verna3 Apr 191618 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Nolan, Barbara J11 Jun 19367 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Nolan, Clarence8 Sep 1917Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Nolan, Donald J24 Aug 193619 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Nolan, Evelyn J7 Nov 191915 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Nolan, Gerald R22 Jan 192822 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Nolan, James20 Mar 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Nolan, Joanne F12 Jan 193322 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Nolan, John6 Feb 1900Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Nolan, John D2 Apr 19129 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Nolan, Leo F19 Aug 19162 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Nolan, Luke F1 Jan 19101 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Nolan, Marguerite E5 May 191912 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Nolan, Marie C3 Apr 192414 May 1992Fort Wayne
Nolan, Stanley T26 Oct 192420 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Nolan, Thomas M31 Dec 192324 May 2006Fort Wayne
Nolde, Adelaide C9 Feb 190923 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Nolder, Edgar H18 Oct 19227 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Noleff, Nume15 May 1884Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Noll, Bertha V20 Mar 190520 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Noll, Betty13 Jun 193120 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Noll, Charles9 Jan 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Noll, Charlotte B17 Jul 191018 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Noll, Claude6 Apr 1896Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Noll, Dave W27 Mar 194428 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Noll, Eugene8 Nov 1908Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Noll, Eula E3 Sep 19249 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Noll, Florence G2 Mar 190914 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Noll, Frank20 Feb 1891Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Noll, Harold1 Sep 1909Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Noll, Harold20 Dec 1904Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Noll, Harvey20 Feb 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Noll, Helen16 Nov 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Noll, James R18 Feb 19874 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Noll, Kraft H19 Aug 19106 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Noll, Lillian1 Sep 1884Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Noll, Lucille16 Apr 1913Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Noll, Margaret A12 Apr 19068 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Noll, Marie7 Oct 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Noll, Marjorie H28 Mar 19182 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Noll, Martha22 Jun 1907Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Noll, Martha J17 Apr 192819 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Noll, Mildred10 Sep 19104 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Noll, Philomena9 Feb 1910Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Noll, Samuel6 Feb 1946Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Noll, Thelma13 Aug 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Noll, Vernon19 Apr 1907Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Noll, Virgil11 Jul 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Noll, Virginia G17 Jul 191615 Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Noll, Virginia M15 Aug 19138 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Noll, Walter29 Aug 1913Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Noll, Walter21 Jan 1884Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Noll, Willis23 Aug 1903Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Noller, Ronald A31 Mar 192730 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Nolt, Barbara L27 Feb 193315 May 1999Fort Wayne
Nolt, Dorothy26 Jun 1911Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Nolt, Frances T15 Oct 19699 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Nolt, George R1 Jun 193516 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Nolting, Gilbert24 Apr 1924Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Nomina, Clara16 Nov 189716 Jan 1996Leo
Nomina, Martin27 Nov 1914Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Nomina, Richard15 Sep 1925Mar 1981New Haven
Nommay, Dorothy H22 Apr 191710 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Nommay, Elsie3 Aug 1910Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Nonemaker, Jack D15 Feb 193112 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Nonneman, Ernest4 Oct 1923Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Nonneman, Margie5 Nov 1922Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Nonneman, Marvin1 Sep 1920Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Nonnenmacher, Clara E17 Jun 196128 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Nonnenmacher, Warren W4 Jul 19293 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Noonan, Hilda19 Mar 1906Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Noonan, James23 Sep 1902May 1974Fort Wayne
Noone, Robert K26 Jul 19426 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Nopper, William15 Oct 1888Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Nord, Arthur H27 Oct 190822 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Nord, Charles27 Jun 1896Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Nord, Elsie M13 Mar 19119 May 1993Fort Wayne
Nord, Ervin F15 Feb 19144 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Nord, Lydia21 Jul 1902Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Nord, Marian L15 Sep 192123 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Nord, Mary A13 Jul 1902Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Nord, Mathilda28 Aug 1904Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Nord, Oscar30 Mar 1901May 1972Fort Wayne
Nord, Otto1 Jun 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Nordblom, Edna L15 Sep 19248 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Nordblom, Harold F26 May 19215 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Norden, Adela M11 Aug 191822 Nov 2005New Haven
Norden, Bertha4 Jan 1885Aug 1967New Haven
Norden, Emma E18 Nov 190731 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Nordlin, Ella J4 Oct 191921 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Nordlund, Harold8 Sep 191023 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Nordlund, Helga28 Dec 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Nordstrom, Carl20 Apr 1879Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Nordyke, Lewis B21 Oct 18941 May 1966Fort Wayne
Nordyke, Maudie R21 Oct 18981 May 1997Fort Wayne
Nordyke, Neva3 Jun 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Nordyke, Sadie22 Jun 1891Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Nordyke, William6 Sep 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Norem, Diane20 Mar 19477 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Norman, Alma16 May 1898Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Norman, Alva2 Apr 1906Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Norman, Blanche18 Feb 1912Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Norman, Doris15 Aug 19093 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Norman, Phillip25 Dec 1940Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Norman, Phyllis E13 May 192421 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Norman, William F2 Jun 191910 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Normand, Carl L23 Oct 19419 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Norment, Albert8 Mar 19341 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Norment, Emma10 Jul 191014 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Norment, Nathaniel24 Jul 1911Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Norr, Dorothy6 Jun 191626 Jul 1996Fort Wayne, Leo
Norr, Herman4 Oct 1905Mar 1972Leo
Norr, Katherine B15 Apr 191611 Feb 2004Leo
Norr, Robert C20 Oct 190821 Apr 1996Leo
Norrick, Clarence28 Jul 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Norrick, Luella31 Oct 1896Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Norrick, Ray18 Jun 1885Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Norris, A L14 Feb 191712 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Norris, Alvin10 Feb 1903May 1976Roanoke
Norris, Carla25 Sep 19611 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Norris, Clarence8 Apr 1903Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Norris, Dale V4 Jul 192611 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Norris, David M11 Sep 19186 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Norris, Dorotha D2 Nov 190726 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Norris, E M11 Sep 19037 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Norris, Earl E7 Mar 191621 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Norris, Edna18 Jun 1888Feb 1975Roanoke
Norris, Ella B20 Jul 19219 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Norris, Emma19 Feb 1913Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Norris, Ernestine L4 Oct 192521 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Norris, Ersil21 Aug 1904May 1981Hoagland
Norris, Ethel19 Oct 1908Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Norris, Evelyn13 May 1924Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Norris, Florence28 Nov 1912Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Norris, Frances L23 Jun 1909Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Norris, Fred8 Nov 1914Jan 1986Churubusco
Norris, Genelda L17 Jan 193021 Oct 2001Monroeville
Norris, George D30 Jun 192119 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Norris, Harry K9 Mar 190528 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Norris, Jack R8 Oct 191810 Jun 2005Roanoke
Norris, James25 Dec 1901Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Norris, Jean M16 Mar 19319 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Norris, Joseph M19 Jan 194018 May 2008Fort Wayne
Norris, June V8 Jul 192025 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Norris, Kenneth25 Aug 1904Feb 1973Spencerville
Norris, Mary A2 Jul 19139 Dec 1999Churubusco
Norris, Mary E21 Jul 19348 Oct 1992New Haven
Norris, Orphine11 Nov 1929Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Norris, Richard28 Dec 1906Aug 1980Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Norris, Rosalee25 Feb 194514 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Norris, Ruby K30 Nov 19254 Oct 1993Roanoke
Norris, Simpson25 Sep 192010 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Norris, Stasia13 May 1921Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Norris, Tillie B20 Nov 191010 Aug 2003Hoagland
Norris, Vicki A9 Nov 196015 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Norris, Walter Oli N24 Jun 192022 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Norrish, Stephen G11 Feb 19132 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Norstrom, Henning31 Jul 1911Aug 1986Fort Wayne
North, Alan B14 Oct 19489 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
North, Bessie7 Jan 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
North, Earl7 Dec 1896Nov 1975New Haven
North, Elige5 Oct 1915May 1973Fort Wayne
North, Gertrude13 May 1903Mar 1976Fort Wayne
North, John A3 Oct 192810 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
North, John G5 Aug 192625 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
North, Lisa A10 Mar 196624 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
North, Malen24 Mar 1893Feb 1978Woodburn
North, Mary A19 Jul 189718 Dec 1993New Haven
North, Maude19 Oct 191729 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
North, Melville10 Oct 1884Jun 1974Fort Wayne
North, Oscar31 Jan 192311 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
North, Ralph10 May 1877Jan 1974Fort Wayne
North, Richard M4 Mar 191725 May 2007Fort Wayne
North, Robert25 Feb 1907Sep 1980Fort Wayne
North, Ruth S9 Apr 19183 Dec 2001Leo
North, Sarah4 Feb 1900Oct 1983Woodburn
North, Sarah30 Apr 1894Jun 1972Fort Wayne
North, Walter16 Jul 1903Mar 1969Fort Wayne
North, William T5 Oct 192627 Dec 2009Hoagland
Northcutt, Charles R8 Jun 193321 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Northern, Lonnie18 Jan 1897May 1968Fort Wayne
Northey, Richard E18 Oct 193228 Apr 2007New Haven
Northrup, Lela2 Mar 1876Dec 1979Spencerville
Northup, Harold A8 Oct 19183 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Northup, John24 Aug 1886Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Northup, Kathryn A24 Oct 192114 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Norton, A28 Jul 1943Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Norton, Alma M4 Mar 190128 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Norton, Anna O27 Feb 1904Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Norton, Chester31 Oct 1888Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Norton, Daisy M19 Jun 193724 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Norton, Edward23 Jul 1933Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Norton, Esther5 Jan 1909Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Norton, Forrest5 Dec 1904Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Norton, Harold8 May 192318 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Norton, Harry23 May 1908Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Norton, James27 Dec 1892Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Norton, James A12 Feb 19256 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Norton, Jessie23 Feb 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Norton, John Edwin23 Aug 191921 Mar 2008Monroeville
Norton, Laveta8 Jun 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Norton, Lorene2 Feb 19039 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Norton, Mary E14 Oct 19416 Feb 2006Grabill
Norton, Mildred26 Nov 1903Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Norton, Norman6 Apr 1906Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Norton, Penny Sue16 Feb 19608 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Norton, Phillip B3 Oct 193431 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Norton, Phyllis J9 Nov 19285 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Norton, Richard19 Sep 1923Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Norton, Richard L21 May 193119 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Norton, Robert A28 Jul 190428 Jan 1997New Haven
Norton, Robert P23 Jul 193314 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Norton, Ruth V21 Sep 189812 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Norvell, Loretta A2 May 19332 Dec 2009Roanoke
Norvell, Thomas E Sr28 Dec 193822 Jan 2004Roanoke
Norwalt, Alfred22 Apr 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Norwalt, Elizabeth12 Sep 1882Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Norwalt, Gerald8 Apr 1901Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Norwalt, Luella7 Nov 190524 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Norwalt, Wallace A22 Sep 193525 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Norwold, Helen24 Jul 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Norwood, Charles30 Aug 1912Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Norwood, Charles J17 Aug 195613 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Norwood, Emil7 Apr 1888May 1978Fort Wayne
Norwood, Helen24 Aug 1893Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Norwood, Sarah G3 Sep 191111 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Norwood, Willie28 Nov 1901Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Norwood, Willie13 Apr 192822 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Nosek, Peter H11 Oct 195824 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Notestine, Dorothy5 Dec 1884Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Notestine, Evangolene11 Nov 191031 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Notestine, Frank22 Dec 1900Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Notestine, Jack R27 Jan 193411 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Notestine, John13 Sep 1897Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Notestine, John B26 Aug 192213 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Nottage, Vivian D16 Dec 196330 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Nottingham, Mandine B27 May 19178 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Novachcoff, Peter J5 Jun 193118 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Novachcos, Stogianis25 Jan 191025 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Novachoff, Luba10 Nov 190829 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Novack, Helen20 Nov 19042 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Novak, Iva B15 Oct 1916Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Novak, Robert L4 Sep 193313 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Novatskos, Katherine20 May 191822 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Novick, Louise16 Nov 1898May 1981Fort Wayne
Novick, Lucy J11 Jan 192217 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Novick, Norma J12 Nov 19329 May 2006Fort Wayne
Novick, Samuel25 Jul 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Novick, Samuel D5 May 19255 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Novinger, Carolyn E16 May 194912 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Novitski, Edward7 Sep 1957Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Novitski, Harriett V12 Feb 192218 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Novitski, Hildegard3 May 193031 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Novitski, Thomas1 May 1933Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Novitsky, Charlotte10 Jun 1913Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Novotny, Donald S11 Apr 194224 May 2009Huntertown
Nowak, Bernard C27 Jun 191418 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Nowak, Evelyn J7 Oct 191416 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Nowak, Mary L8 Nov 192614 May 2005Fort Wayne
Nowak, Mary N24 Mar 188722 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Nowak, Stella M15 Dec 19368 Mar 2002New Haven
Nowak, Ted J17 Apr 19275 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Nowell, Ruth J5 Nov 191312 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Nowels, Evelyn L12 Jan 19258 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Nowels, Jeffery P8 Oct 195718 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Nowicki, Janina1 Feb 190913 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Nowowiejski, Burnadine27 Aug 191225 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Nowowiejski, Edmund A11 Aug 191425 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Noyer, Donetta21 Feb 192428 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Noyer, Gertrude A28 Oct 190211 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Noyer, John19 Jan 1908Apr 1984Leo
Noyer, Justine S8 Dec 191715 Nov 1998Leo
Noyer, Ora30 Jan 1897Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Noyer, Sophia18 Mar 1902Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Noyes, Barbara A21 Nov 194327 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Noyes, Cleon9 Feb 1895Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Noyes, Ernest5 Mar 1877Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Noyes, Honora26 Sep 1911Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Noyes, James24 Jun 1923Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Noyes, Mary11 Aug 1896Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Noyes, Richard C26 Jul 19261 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Noyes, Ruth27 Jul 1894Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Nozykowski, James S17 Jan 19548 Nov 2008Fort Wayne

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