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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Obarr, Hilda H3 Nov 190822 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Obecny, Theodora3 Jul 191626 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Obecny, Val26 Jan 1909Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Obenchain, Garland8 Sep 1881Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Ober, Arden22 Jun 1924Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Ober, Bertha30 Apr 1901Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Ober, Claude23 Mar 1897Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Ober, Grace L25 Sep 191212 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Ober, Matt14 Aug 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Obergfell, Althea3 Oct 1920Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Obergfell, Mary Jane24 May 191728 Jan 2001New Haven
Obergfell, Richard21 Jul 1912Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Bruce J30 Mar 193420 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Donald29 Sep 1911Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Gladys28 Jul 1902Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Gladys G12 Jun 189611 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, James M19 Nov 19201 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Lloyd27 Jul 1901Oct 1978Harlan
Oberholtzer, Merritt26 Oct 1899Oct 1978Harlan
Oberholtzer, Ralph24 May 1920Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Oberholtzer, Wilma4 Oct 189922 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Oberkiser, Hazel13 Jan 1891Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Oberkiser, Lola14 Mar 1891Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Oberkiser, Max9 Sep 1927Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Oberkiser, Phillip Marcus24 Nov 192215 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Oberkiser, Vivian J19 Jul 19294 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Oberle, Madge25 Nov 1909Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Oberley, Amelia7 Jan 1895Aug 1977Monroeville
Oberley, Arnold P19 Jun 19274 Jul 2000Monroeville
Oberley, Cecilia R17 Jun 189826 Dec 1991Monroeville
Oberley, Delores11 Jan 1930Apr 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Oberley, Edward15 May 1891Jun 1972Monroeville
Oberley, Elmer3 Jan 1895Jan 1969Monroeville
Oberley, Elmer J18 Apr 192930 Sep 2002Monroeville
Oberley, Gerald P24 Jun 192030 May 1992Fort Wayne
Oberley, Harold A20 Jun 192015 Nov 2008Monroeville
Oberley, Joel L18 Jun 197930 Mar 2003New Haven
Oberley, Lucy13 Jan 1894May 1972Monroeville
Oberley, Mary26 Jan 1914Feb 1987Monroeville
Oberley, Mary E5 Jul 192217 May 2008Monroeville
Oberley, Michael J2 Dec 19534 May 2002Fort Wayne
Oberley, Richard F19 Jul 19257 Sep 2001Monroeville
Oberley, Ricky L12 Mar 195424 Jan 2004New Haven
Oberley, Russell19 Apr 1909Nov 1982Monroeville
Oberley, Wilbur J15 Oct 192913 Mar 2007Monroeville
Oberlin, Betty L30 Nov 192824 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Dora8 Feb 1915Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Dorothy E23 Jun 189818 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Goldie9 May 1885Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Ilo A22 Sep 19346 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Jane E19 Mar 19338 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Oberlin, John V8 Jan 195119 Feb 2010New Haven
Oberlin, Nellie13 Apr 1893Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Prue A10 Dec 19179 Nov 1997New Haven
Oberlin, Rex A22 May 190617 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Richard L12 Apr 191314 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Oberlin, Ruth L4 Aug 191517 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Oberlin, William16 Sep 1898May 1978Fort Wayne
Oberly, Dora10 Jul 1910Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Obernesser, Olive21 May 1896Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Obert, Lisette26 May 187615 Oct 1971Woodburn
Oberwitte, Carl22 Jan 1895Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Oberwitte, Florence9 Dec 1885Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Oblinger, Susannah1 Oct 1888Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Oboyle, John3 Nov 1901Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Oboyle, Kathleen10 Mar 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Obregon, Eulalia13 Feb 194114 May 2006Fort Wayne
Obrian, Daisy20 Oct 1903Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Obrien, Allien O3 Oct 19138 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Obrien, Ann17 Jul 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Obrien, Barbara C11 Jan 188015 Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Obrien, Barbara N5 Feb 19278 May 2002Fort Wayne
Obrien, Benjamin10 Jul 1888Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Obrien, Byron13 Feb 1894Jan 1971New Haven
Obrien, Charles10 Dec 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Obrien, Clifford W26 Dec 192021 Mar 1998New Haven
Obrien, Daphne J28 Feb 1899Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Obrien, Dolores L31 Jul 19259 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Obrien, Donald G20 Sep 191922 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Obrien, Dorothy22 Apr 1896Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Obrien, Emma20 Oct 1879May 1972Fort Wayne
Obrien, Eve F4 Apr 192525 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Obrien, Flora10 Sep 1888Feb 1974New Haven
Obrien, Hazel22 Dec 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Obrien, Howard T27 Nov 189829 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Obrien, J25 Jun 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Obrien, Jesse F12 May 19149 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Obrien, John3 Apr 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Obrien, Kathryn J11 Mar 192315 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Obrien, Marie23 Dec 1892Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Obrien, Marie E9 Jul 189915 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Obrien, Mary5 Jun 1900Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Obrien, Myron16 Jul 1910Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Obrien, Nancy R11 Jul 194422 Jun 2007New Haven, Fort Wayne
Obrien, Patrick16 Feb 1911Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Obrien, Patrick M3 Feb 19272 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Obrien, Ray25 Jul 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Obrien, Robert24 Apr 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Obrien, Thomas23 Apr 1899Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Obrien, Virginia C8 Apr 19121 May 1999Fort Wayne
Obrien, William19 Jul 1894Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Obrien, William20 Jan 1913Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Obrien, William R29 Apr 195029 Apr 2006New Haven
Obrien, Winifred11 Oct 1917Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Obringer, Charlotte17 Jan 192521 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Obringer, Frank29 Jan 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Obringer, George F4 Jan 191911 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Obringer, John13 May 1914Sep 1982New Haven
Obringer, Mary E23 Feb 192618 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Obringer, Rita J25 Aug 191726 May 2004Fort Wayne
Obryan, James E5 Nov 194712 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Obryant, Dwight1 Mar 1903Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Obryant, Sophie11 Jul 190825 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Obryant, William3 Jun 1911Sep 1982Fort Wayne

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