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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Osborn, Ada2 Mar 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Osborn, Alonzo W14 Mar 191927 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Osborn, Catherine17 Jul 190626 May 2005Fort Wayne
Osborn, Cecil30 Jul 1895Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Osborn, Charles15 Aug 1904Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Osborn, Charles D13 Dec 192625 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Osborn, Dale A18 Jan 191725 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Osborn, Dessie10 Apr 190721 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Osborn, Dorothy K17 Dec 190713 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Osborn, Edith22 Feb 1897Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Osborn, Elizabeth M20 Oct 19349 Jan 2009New Haven
Osborn, Estel E2 Nov 193515 May 1994Fort Wayne
Osborn, Ethie13 Nov 191020 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Osborn, Freda M13 Dec 192724 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Osborn, H Marian13 Sep 192819 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Osborn, Harry N18 Apr 192430 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Osborn, Howard17 Aug 1925Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Osborn, J E26 Aug 191912 Apr 1997Spencerville
Osborn, Joan E6 Sep 193026 Sep 2002New Haven
Osborn, Joy Ann5 Jul 193027 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Osborn, Kathryn16 Jun 1906Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Osborn, Margaret26 Nov 1921Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Osborn, Marian9 Jun 1910Apr 1982New Haven
Osborn, Marjorie5 Dec 1901Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Osborn, Mary1 Oct 1928Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Osborn, Milton L7 Apr 192829 Oct 2003New Haven
Osborn, Owen12 Aug 1899Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Osborn, Robert18 Nov 1924Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Osborn, Rosadell M23 Jun 1916Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Osborn, Rosemary E1 Mar 19359 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Osborn, Russell16 Dec 1903Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Osborn, Troy6 Aug 1900Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Osborn, Valerie Sue4 Jun 195413 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Osborn, Violet J31 Jul 191728 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Osborne, Arlene R1 Aug 19521 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Osborne, Arville E28 Oct 193117 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Osborne, Bessie3 Apr 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Osborne, Blayne W21 May 191430 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Osborne, Catherine6 Nov 1910May 1989Churubusco
Osborne, Eileen B10 Apr 1914Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Osborne, Emma10 Jun 1913May 1985Fort Wayne
Osborne, Euel9 Sep 194326 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Osborne, Fred6 Mar 1913Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Osborne, Harry30 Mar 1917Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Osborne, Hazel K28 Oct 19567 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Osborne, Jane Elizabeth24 Dec 194119 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Osborne, Joyce A29 Aug 192820 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Osborne, Lavon21 Jun 1913Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Osborne, Lenna24 Mar 186715 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Osborne, Lloyd6 Mar 193530 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Osborne, Lorna E10 Oct 192825 May 1999Fort Wayne
Osborne, Mary E11 May 191123 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Osborne, Nancy Lea1 Dec 194227 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Osborne, Nola E16 Mar 192128 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Osborne, Raymond30 Apr 1921Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Osborne, Soctt R3 Dec 196512 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Osborne, Thomas31 May 1905May 1981Fort Wayne
Osbun, Alice A27 Jun 191922 May 1993Fort Wayne
Osbun, Milo J13 Mar 192027 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Osbun, Paul L31 May 192410 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Osburn, Iris M17 Mar 192322 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Osburn, Jacqueline J15 Dec 193617 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Oschatz, Cecil13 Jan 1895Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Oschatz, Jack26 Jul 1911Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Oser, Alice29 Mar 1889Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Oser, Bernice E7 Mar 191531 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Oser, Clara6 Feb 1904Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Oser, Clarence25 Oct 1899Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Oser, Donald A28 Jan 19263 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Oser, Edward24 Apr 1904Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Oser, Esther14 Dec 1900Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Oser, Eugene19 Sep 1960Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Oser, Eugene15 May 1892Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Oser, Garnet30 Nov 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Oser, Laura15 Dec 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Oser, Lewis10 Aug 1907Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Oser, Mabelle20 Oct 1903Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Oser, Marilyn F11 Jun 1919Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Oser, Mary15 Apr 1901Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Oser, Paul2 Sep 1903Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Oser, Paul G8 Oct 192630 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Oser, Ross E15 Jul 192217 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Oser, Theresa5 May 1903Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Oser, Walter R28 Feb 189715 May 1967Fort Wayne
Osha, Esther1 Jul 1906Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Oshaughnesse, Argie16 Aug 1904Apr 1979Monroeville
Oshaughnesse, Donald W20 Dec 192914 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Oshaughnesse, Edward J21 Feb 190525 Sep 1996Woodburn
Oshaughnesse, Gladys K14 Jul 190812 Aug 2004Woodburn
Oshaughnesse, John J3 Jul 191731 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Oshaughnesse, John M17 Apr 190327 Mar 1991New Haven
Oshaughnesse, Kenneth W18 Sep 19264 Oct 1994Monroeville
Oshaughnesse, Mary11 Feb 192121 May 1996Fort Wayne
Oshaughnesse, Maurice E13 Aug 19339 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Oshaughnesse, Patrick13 Mar 1954May 1977Monroeville
Oshaughnessey, Lucille O27 Jul 192025 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Oshaughnessy, Ada13 Mar 1898Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Oshaughnessy, Herschel24 Mar 1898Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Oshaughnessy, Phillip E11 Aug 193416 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Oshaughnessy, Virginia G1 Apr 19081 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Osinchuk, Ada T14 Aug 192124 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Osinchuk, Anna22 Jan 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Osman, Frank23 Aug 1889Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Osman, Michael17 Dec 1909Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Osmanovic, Ajsa29 Jun 196015 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Osmun, Betty J7 May 193321 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Osmun, Betty R25 Mar 194615 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Osmun, Donna16 Oct 1915Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Osmun, Gaylord15 Mar 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Osmun, Harvey G18 Dec 19343 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Osmun, Leon A12 Oct 191420 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Osmun, Peggy J13 Jun 19405 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Osos, Nancy A7 Jan 19529 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Osteen, Mildred D14 Oct 19184 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Osteen, Robert C20 Oct 191628 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Osten, Patricia L20 Jun 19317 May 2009Fort Wayne
Osterhaus, Bertine2 Feb 192530 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Osterhaus, Robert26 Apr 192526 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Osterhaus, William30 Jul 1884Apr 1971Woodburn
Osterholt, A H7 May 191624 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Osterholt, Charles P15 Jul 191029 May 2001Fort Wayne
Osterholt, Herman E4 Dec 192727 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Osterholt, Linda M10 Nov 195214 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Osterholt, Luella C13 May 191927 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Osterholt, Walter5 Dec 1918Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Osterman, Alva F30 Jan 192216 Mar 1997Grabill
Osterman, Carl7 Feb 1891Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Osterman, Delbert27 Nov 1900Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Osterman, Dorothy19 Feb 1907Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Osterman, Effie16 Jul 1905Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Osterman, Georganna22 Dec 192530 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Osterman, Homer5 Aug 1888May 1970Fort Wayne
Osterman, John13 Jun 1886Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Osterman, Martin K29 Feb 192422 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Osterman, Sarah M1 Mar 192616 Oct 2008Spencerville
Osterman, Virginia R5 Sep 19113 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Ostermeier, Carl26 Jul 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Ostermeier, Cliff24 Jul 191611 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Ostermeier, Joann4 Aug 19534 Aug 2000Grabill
Ostermeier, June R10 Oct 194717 Jan 2005Huntertown
Ostermeier, Martha G4 May 191015 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Adelinda3 Jun 1897Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Edwin14 Jan 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Janetta K21 Nov 1898Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Martin5 Oct 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Marvin27 Aug 19234 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Maxine K6 Nov 19312 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Norman21 Jan 1928Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Ostermeyer, Thoedore13 Aug 1901Nov 1974New Haven
Ostheimer, Elda17 Apr 1888Dec 1972Woodburn
Ostheimer, James W3 Apr 192013 Sep 2001New Haven
Ostheimer, Winifred M7 Aug 192529 Mar 2005New Haven
Ostman, Kathrine V23 Oct 191414 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Ostman, Larue F19 Oct 192222 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Ostoich, Eli M19 Sep 194417 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Ostrander, Ada J26 Nov 1907Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Ostrander, Brent F16 Apr 195621 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Ostrander, Leon14 Sep 1897Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Ostrognai, Ide L1 Jul 192016 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Ostrowski, Lillie L20 Dec 192422 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Ostrowski, Robert A27 May 194310 Dec 1997Leo
Ostrowski, Stella5 Jan 1920Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Osullivan, Florence8 Apr 1888Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Oswald, Carl E30 Sep 191513 May 1995New Haven
Oswald, Cedelia C1 Sep 189811 Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Oswald, Charles30 Nov 1898Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Oswald, Edwin3 Oct 1897Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Oswald, Hazel M19 Jul 190612 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Oswald, James28 Jan 1901Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Oswald, James E29 Dec 194915 Sep 1994New Haven
Oswald, Mary8 Jun 1883Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Oswald, Norman H4 Sep 19299 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Oswald, Thelma30 Nov 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Betty L21 Apr 192024 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Carrie B6 Jul 19095 Dec 1999New Haven
Oswalt, Charles A11 Apr 19138 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Donald L17 Mar 193031 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Edward15 Oct 1908Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Jay2 Oct 1879Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Robert M21 Oct 191810 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Ruby E9 Oct 19187 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Oswalt, Warner2 Sep 1904Jul 1973Fort Wayne

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