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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Pabst, Doris R21 May 1904Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Pabst, Geraldine M21 May 192516 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Pabst, Lawrence13 Jun 1918Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Pabst, Levi6 Dec 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Pabst, Rose M27 Mar 19171 Dec 2005New Haven
Pabst, Sevilla22 Aug 1906Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Pabst, Willard D8 Jun 191829 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Pac, Frank S29 Oct 191010 May 2007Fort Wayne
Pace, Allie L13 Apr 191120 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Pace, Chester16 Oct 192616 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Pace, Dorothy M23 May 19203 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Pace, Dorothy M23 Sep 192624 Sep 2008New Haven
Pace, Jonathan E20 Apr 193023 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Pace, Mary H11 Nov 19201 May 2002Huntertown
Pace, Porter21 Nov 1895Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Pace, Ronald25 Jun 1902Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Pack, Bertha M3 Feb 192328 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Packard, Arthur L24 Apr 192730 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Packard, Florence19 Mar 1882Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Packard, Richard A14 Jul 19342 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Packer, Jerome30 Oct 1917Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Packer, Mary24 Sep 1883May 1969Fort Wayne
Packer, Mary20 Jul 1882Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Packer, Raymond14 Dec 1918Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Packer, Virginia M5 Jun 192316 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Paddock, Ruth22 Apr 1911Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Paddon, Dorothy M28 Nov 19112 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Padgett, Donald17 Sep 193615 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Padgett, Norma24 Oct 1911Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Padgett, Robert22 Jun 192912 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Paetz, Ralph G12 Feb 192315 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Paff, Christena15 Oct 189124 Mar 1990Leo
Paff, Edella P16 Jan 192115 Jan 2001New Haven
Paff, Edwin13 Feb 1888Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Paff, Lyell10 May 1890Jan 1971Leo
Paflas, Daniel L29 Sep 194325 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Pagan, Julio6 May 196829 May 2006Fort Wayne
Page, Alice20 Apr 1899Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Page, Andrew25 Dec 193310 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Page, Beatrice2 Dec 192624 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Page, Eliza25 Mar 191424 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Page, Ernest22 Nov 1910Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Page, Fredrick L22 Aug 19442 Aug 2004New Haven, Fort Wayne
Page, Gail29 Dec 1939Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Page, Leta20 Apr 1887May 1972Fort Wayne
Page, Loretta K29 Jul 194522 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Page, Mary5 Mar 1899May 1985Fort Wayne
Page, Maurice W15 Jun 19125 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Page, Ola Mae29 Jun 192314 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Page, Phillip16 Jul 1960Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Page, Prince26 May 194325 May 1997Fort Wayne
Page, Rosalind9 May 1947Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Page, Rosette19 Oct 190515 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Page, Willie6 Nov 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Pagos, Edna M1 Jun 19075 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Paige, Clarence18 Nov 1892Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Paige, Corine4 Apr 189815 Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Paige, Lula D21 Aug 192130 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Paige, Walter J4 Apr 192031 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Paillie, Ethel M17 Jan 1908Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Paillie, Thomas D7 Jul 194616 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Paillie, William23 Jan 1909Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Paine, Mary16 Oct 1896Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Paino, Paul E16 Apr 19233 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Painter, Adda13 Mar 1884Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Painter, Charles T17 Jan 190513 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Painter, Chester6 May 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Painter, Donald31 May 1920Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Painter, Harold O31 Mar 191614 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Painter, Helen D3 Sep 190115 Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Painter, Paul17 Oct 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Painter, Ruth M1 Aug 189513 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Painter, Sherman D10 Feb 19322 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Painter, Ton26 Jul 1928Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Painter, Velda B15 Jan 19286 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Painter, Virginia R7 Mar 192227 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Painter, Wilbur L5 Feb 191118 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Pairan, Robert4 Jan 1921Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Palacio, Bessie J16 May 19349 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Palacios, Merced19 Sep 1921Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Palermo, Alexandro5 Jan 190225 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Palermo, Joseph V30 Jan 191311 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Palermo, Venera4 Jul 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Palevich, Frank J12 Nov 191011 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Palevich, Lucille R20 Sep 191513 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Pali, Cara M11 Feb 19191 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Pali, Christophe R9 Jan 192220 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Paliganoff, Alice13 May 1913Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Paliganoff, Patrick Thomas24 Mar 196229 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Palisieski, Frank9 Nov 1887Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Palisieski, Lillian4 Dec 1898Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Paller, James A7 Jan 194420 May 2000Fort Wayne
Pallick, Berneice6 Jan 1905Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Pallone, Frank7 Oct 19224 May 1992Fort Wayne
Pallone, June E23 Jan 192811 May 1998Fort Wayne
Pallone, Madeline C16 Aug 1916May 1994Fort Wayne
Pallone, Sam8 Sep 191324 May 1989Fort Wayne
Palm, Russell A26 Jul 19088 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Palm, Vivian21 Nov 1913Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Palmer, Albert8 Jun 1897May 1979Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ben9 Jul 1882May 1966Fort Wayne
Palmer, Bruce E15 Oct 193914 Mar 2009Monroeville
Palmer, Chauncey17 Mar 1900Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Palmer, Dean20 Sep 1914Jul 1987Harlan
Palmer, Delbert J9 Aug 19245 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Palmer, Dolores16 Mar 1913Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Palmer, Doloris G31 Jul 191620 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Palmer, Dorothy A16 Jul 192111 May 2005Fort Wayne
Palmer, Edward30 Aug 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ellen9 Jun 192823 May 1997Fort Wayne
Palmer, Elmer19 Aug 1913Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ernest12 May 1897Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Palmer, Esther13 Aug 1906Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Palmer, Florence22 Dec 1903Mar 1979Woodburn, New Haven
Palmer, Florence M12 Mar 1900Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Palmer, Floyd19 Jul 1905Feb 1986Grabill
Palmer, Frank15 Aug 1886Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Palmer, Harry6 Feb 1885Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Palmer, Henrietta2 Jun 1907Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Palmer, Herman J5 May 191716 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ida25 Aug 1886Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Palmer, James F22 May 19206 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Palmer, John3 Jan 1889Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Palmer, John29 Nov 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Palmer, Lester E13 Jan 194413 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Palmer, Marcella L31 Jan 193226 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Palmer, Margaret L7 May 191823 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Palmer, Marie9 Dec 1895Sep 1983Monroeville
Palmer, Marie28 Apr 19197 Dec 2008Harlan
Palmer, Mario J28 Jun 192018 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Palmer, Mary2 Oct 1932May 1985Fort Wayne
Palmer, Pearl15 Sep 1897Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Palmer, Robert E10 Jan 192225 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ronald Gary31 Mar 19601 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Palmer, Ruth E6 Aug 192328 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Palmer, Sondra10 Mar 193911 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Palmer, Thomas C20 Jul 19313 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Palmer, Valeria L28 Dec 190824 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Palmer, Wesley W30 Jun 193122 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Palmer, Willeta J29 Oct 192120 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Palmer, William E27 Sep 192224 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Palmeter, Robert Jay10 Apr 195224 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Palmgren, Ethel H2 May 190410 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Palomo, Glendean22 Aug 1936Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Palumbo, Jean M2 Oct 192513 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Panagiotou, Bill D2 Aug 19631 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Panagiotou, Demetrios G20 Sep 192824 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Panagiotou, Polixeny23 Mar 19244 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Pancake, Carl R3 Aug 192511 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Pancake, Viola L29 Sep 191231 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Pancake, Virgil I27 May 19113 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Pancake, Wilbur15 Jan 190916 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Pandoff, Robert K8 Jun 19215 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Pandorff, Catherine F3 Apr 190915 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Pane, Martin16 Dec 1927Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Pangborn, Carrie28 Feb 1890Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Pangborn, Martha14 Jul 1881Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Pankey, Kendra K27 Oct 194019 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Pankop, Ada Louise25 Sep 19288 Apr 2009Churubusco
Pankop, Dale R5 Jul 19317 Aug 2008Churubusco
Pankop, Henrietta H9 Feb 19042 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Pankowski, Nena M3 Nov 19237 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Panning, Laverne17 Jun 1916Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Panning, Ruben F5 Dec 191713 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Pant, Inza22 Jan 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Pantello, Charles P16 Jun 192023 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Pantello, Eva28 Dec 190122 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Panyard, Alfred27 Jan 1908Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Panyard, Florence15 Jul 1925Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Panyard, Gerald J18 Sep 193429 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Panyard, Lavel5 Aug 1910Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Panyard, Rosalie A10 Jul 19388 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Panyard, Virginia E24 Oct 193420 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Paonessa, Mary A15 Jan 191922 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Paonessa, Peter J2 May 191914 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Papai, Anna17 Aug 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Papai, Evelyn H14 Jun 1921Mar 1992Churubusco
Papaik, Susan E3 Mar 196125 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Papania, Mary4 Dec 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Papazian, Mary A11 Jul 192419 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Papazian, Max G16 Jul 192423 May 2009Fort Wayne
Pape, Albert7 Nov 1880Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pape, Alta A12 Oct 191121 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Pape, Anna L5 Nov 19245 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Pape, Catherine26 Feb 1904Feb 1968Monroeville
Pape, Charlotte J4 Sep 192524 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Pape, Delmore V26 Nov 192415 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Pape, Donald W29 Jul 19255 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Pape, Franklin8 Jul 1898Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Pape, George T17 Nov 191618 Mar 1989Leo
Pape, John29 Oct 1914Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Pape, Kathleen S2 Jun 192720 Oct 1998Leo
Pape, Lindsay Rene19 Oct 198329 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Pape, Lowell26 Jan 1938Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Pape, Margaret M24 Jun 19203 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Pape, Maurice23 Mar 1912Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Pape, Merlin12 Apr 1899Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Pape, Ned J26 May 19282 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Pape, Nellie17 Jun 1908Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Pape, Novela M22 Apr 1906Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Pape, Phyllis I3 Sep 192515 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Pape, Richard W1 Oct 19287 Mar 2003Roanoke
Pape, Virginia A16 Aug 192530 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Pape, Virginia F15 Apr 19233 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Pape, William T28 Sep 192211 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Pape, Winifred J22 Oct 192822 Feb 2005Fort Wayne, Huntertown
Papen, Elisabeth G31 Jul 192819 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Papen, Thekla4 Feb 19211 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Papenbrock, Bernard6 Jan 1871Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Papenbrock, Elenore1 Nov 1911Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Papenbrock, Ervin H3 Apr 191729 Apr 1996Churubusco
Papenbrock, Georgia3 Sep 1889Aug 1969Churubusco
Papenbrock, Mary E11 Apr 191614 Jul 1995Churubusco
Papes, Helen14 Sep 1899Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Papier, Barbara A2 Aug 19308 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Papier, Harry6 Jun 1882Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Papier, Harry8 Mar 1904Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Papin, Freta12 Aug 1895Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Papin, Joseph10 Apr 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Papp, Bertha18 Jan 1919Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Pappas, Aspasia15 Aug 190915 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Pappas, Harry19 Jan 1895Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Pappas, Jennie20 May 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Pappert, Cecilia16 Aug 1900Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Pappert, Lida9 Dec 1893Apr 1972New Haven
Pappert, Maude13 Jun 1890Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Pappert, Ralph2 Feb 1898Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Pappert, William C15 Oct 192231 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Paquette, Sharyl L10 Jul 19516 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Paradise, Nancy12 Aug 19074 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Parcell, Margaret K5 Nov 19118 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Pardlow, Beulah M31 Dec 193626 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Parent, Edna3 Aug 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Parent, Elora6 Mar 1885Jul 1978Woodburn, New Haven
Parent, Harry30 Apr 1910Apr 1976New Haven
Parent, Isabelle27 Jan 1916Mar 1978New Haven
Parent, John F26 Mar 19201 Apr 2004New Haven
Parfitt, Edwin15 Jun 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Parfitt, Louise V14 Mar 190726 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Parham, Dorothy1 Jan 1954Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Parham, Johnnie11 Apr 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Parhm, Minnie L3 Jul 194112 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Paris, Clara8 Sep 1893Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Paris, George3 Jun 1918Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Parisek, Edward22 Aug 1904Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Parisek, Marie25 Jan 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Parish, Anna22 May 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Parish, Bertha18 Aug 1901Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Parish, Charlie24 Jun 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Parish, Edna E23 Nov 1921Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Parish, Ernestine G13 Feb 192018 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Parish, Estella2 Jul 189918 Oct 1996Churubusco
Parish, Helen1 Jun 1902Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Parish, Ira13 Dec 1898Jul 1970Churubusco
Parish, John23 Nov 1897Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Parish, Ned31 May 1921Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Parish, Susie1 Dec 192413 May 2007Fort Wayne
Parisot, Anna21 Mar 1927Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Parisot, Anna20 Oct 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Parisot, Barbara J15 Aug 19324 Feb 1995Churubusco
Parisot, Clarence30 May 1903Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Parisot, Edward12 Jul 1899Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Parisot, Jack V5 Apr 192924 Oct 2003Churubusco
Parisot, Kenneth E11 Mar 19298 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Parisot, Royal18 Oct 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Park, Ann24 Jan 1917Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Park, Barbara A9 Oct 194618 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Park, Barbara L10 Apr 19455 Nov 2001Fort Wayne, Grabill
Park, D4 Jan 1954Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Park, Don L30 May 19485 Apr 1997Grabill
Park, Frances3 Dec 191625 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Park, Gloria R15 Dec 193023 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Park, Jacob M7 Sep 19167 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Park, James E11 Jan 193023 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Park, Nora2 Feb 1890Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Park, Orpha4 Aug 1896Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Park, Shirley M26 Sep 193210 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Parke, Alfred2 Feb 1905Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Parke, Clauda16 Jun 1911Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Parke, Darlene29 Oct 1918Sep 1983Churubusco
Parke, Gregory23 Dec 1957Aug 1981Churubusco
Parke, James E1 Jul 192814 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Parke, Michael A28 Jan 195826 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Parke, Patricia N12 Nov 194724 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Parke, Ralph G25 Nov 191711 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Parke, Virginia31 Jul 1928Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Parker Jr, Richard L20 Apr 194724 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Parker, Alice H13 Mar 18995 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Parker, Alice L7 Mar 192128 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Parker, Angie1 Aug 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Parker, Anna L3 Apr 191428 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Parker, Betty L13 Feb 193314 May 2006Fort Wayne
Parker, Betty L14 Nov 193627 May 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Betty R18 May 19206 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Parker, Blanche20 Sep 1893Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Parker, Burt25 Aug 1869Dec 1967Huntertown
Parker, Byron P30 Apr 191726 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Carey18 Mar 1895Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Parker, Carol J29 Nov 193530 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Charles11 Jan 1923Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Parker, Charles18 Sep 1903Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, Charles7 Sep 1894Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Parker, Charles A4 Feb 192716 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Parker, Christian17 Jun 1895Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Parker, Clarence20 Jan 1884Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Parker, Cora M18 Dec 19252 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Parker, Cressa8 May 1898Nov 1982Huntertown
Parker, Dianne M24 Feb 193920 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Dollie12 Aug 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Parker, Donald L20 Mar 19204 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Parker, Dorothy D12 Oct 192128 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Parker, Edgar14 Mar 1898Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Parker, Edith M8 Apr 190431 May 1993Fort Wayne
Parker, Edna E28 Aug 19064 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Parker, Edward Lee15 Nov 19349 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Parker, Edwin7 Oct 1895Nov 1972Churubusco
Parker, Elma Z25 Jan 191024 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Parker, Elmer13 Jun 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Parker, Elmer9 Dec 1909Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Parker, Elsie24 Jun 1889Jul 1971Huntertown
Parker, Elvera R28 Jun 191529 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Parker, Emma21 Sep 1885Aug 1982Monroeville
Parker, Emma M23 Nov 190415 Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Parker, Erna1 Jul 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Parker, Estelle30 Sep 1894May 1970Fort Wayne
Parker, Ethel22 Aug 1899May 1974Fort Wayne
Parker, Eunice M7 Jul 1915Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Frances8 Mar 189418 May 1997Fort Wayne
Parker, Francis7 Mar 1893Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Parker, Frieda K22 Dec 190927 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Gene24 Aug 1924Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, George1 Sep 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Parker, George A13 Nov 193616 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Parker, George W9 Dec 191024 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Georgia19 Mar 1893Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Parker, Gladys26 Jul 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Parker, Gloria J27 May 192715 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Parker, Grace22 Jan 1893Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Parker, Harold1 May 1925Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Parker, Harold P5 Apr 190910 May 2000Fort Wayne
Parker, Harry R29 Oct 18911 Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Parker, Hattie10 Aug 1882Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Parker, Helen L26 May 191517 Jan 1992New Haven
Parker, Homer7 Jan 1901May 1987Fort Wayne
Parker, Ila E21 Sep 190424 Sep 1996Churubusco
Parker, Irene15 Feb 1901Jun 1973Churubusco
Parker, Irene E9 Aug 1916Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Parker, Isabel W6 Oct 19086 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Parker, J M8 Nov 193415 May 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, James12 Feb 1916Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Parker, James D23 Apr 192723 Oct 2005Harlan
Parker, James L23 Jan 192810 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Parker, James R12 Apr 192131 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Jennie14 Oct 191524 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Parker, Jesse12 Feb 1899Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Parker, Joseph22 Aug 1886Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Parker, Joseph W26 May 19147 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Judith19 Oct 193024 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Parker, Kenneth5 Jul 191217 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Parker, Kenneth21 Feb 1906Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Parker, Kenton A26 Aug 193430 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Parker, Lawrence3 Nov 1902Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Parker, Lena15 Aug 1900Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, Leroy21 Feb 1904Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Parker, Linda28 Oct 193921 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Parker, Linnie12 Aug 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, Lois19 Jul 1919Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Parker, Lona K12 Apr 195126 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Parker, Louise D2 Nov 19072 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Mabel10 Sep 191312 May 1992New Haven
Parker, Mae J9 Jul 188715 Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Parker, Mary12 Jul 1922Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Parker, Mary24 May 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Parker, Mary M17 Oct 19207 Nov 1993Harlan
Parker, Mayme17 Aug 1884Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, Mildred O27 Apr 191717 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Parker, Nancy L11 Feb 194312 Dec 2005New Haven
Parker, Nellie23 Jul 1892Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Parker, Olman29 Mar 1939Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Parker, Onie6 Jun 1883Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Parker, Opal B8 Jan 191110 Jun 1995New Haven
Parker, Patricia10 Mar 1948Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Parker, Paul4 Oct 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Parker, Paul2 Jul 1895May 1978Huntertown
Parker, Paul E24 Jun 19263 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Parker, Paula27 Dec 1932Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Parker, Ray12 Feb 1889Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Parker, Raymond27 Nov 1912Sep 1981Monroeville
Parker, Regina G14 Feb 192912 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Parker, Rhoda L28 Mar 191319 Jul 1997Monroeville
Parker, Rinetta K4 Sep 195913 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Parker, Robert28 Dec 1919Aug 1986Huntertown
Parker, Robert D8 Aug 19153 May 1998Fort Wayne
Parker, Robert D1 Jul 19285 Jul 1996Churubusco
Parker, Robert L19 Nov 19261 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Parker, Robert N22 Aug 193312 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Parker, Rosalie M21 Apr 193518 Aug 2004Roanoke
Parker, Rowland A23 Jun 191530 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Parker, Shirley21 Oct 1926Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Parker, Sim31 Jan 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Parker, Sue21 Aug 1878Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Parker, T9 Aug 1962Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Parker, Thomas H14 Nov 192918 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Parker, Una9 Jan 1895Aug 1982Harlan
Parker, Verdie L4 Feb 190521 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Parker, Virgil P29 Feb 19287 May 2000Churubusco
Parker, Virginia R26 Sep 192017 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Parker, Walter8 Sep 1902Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Parker, Walter M14 Jun 192514 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Parker, Wanda7 Jan 1957Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Parker, William18 Apr 1883Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Parker, William16 Dec 1891Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Parker, William O29 Jan 19311 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Parker, Wilma C4 Apr 192327 Nov 2007Monroeville
Parker, Worthingto23 Oct 1896Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Parkerson, Dale5 Feb 1904Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Parkes, Isabel Y15 Oct 191423 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Parkhurst, Adah R31 May 191710 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Parkhurst, Charles17 Mar 1901Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Parkhurst, Emily7 Aug 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Parkhurst, John C23 Dec 192725 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Parkhurst, Valoyce M11 Mar 192524 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Parkins, Charles24 Nov 1917Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Parkins, Stella10 Nov 1893May 1986Fort Wayne
Parkinson, Michael17 Apr 1881Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Parkison, Beatrice1 Nov 1903Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Parkison, Dewey31 Dec 1898Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Parkison, Edward29 Aug 1895Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Parkison, Myron S23 Mar 193013 May 2004Fort Wayne
Parkison, Otis25 Apr 1893Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Parkison, Robert16 Aug 1923Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Parks, Addie17 Aug 1921Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Parks, Albert5 Apr 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Parks, Arthur B7 Jun 19657 May 2009Fort Wayne
Parks, Arthur L22 Jan 193021 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Parks, Donna M9 May 19409 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Parks, Emma L5 Feb 1902Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Parks, Grace7 Aug 1889May 1971Fort Wayne
Parks, Helen12 Jan 1913May 1980New Haven
Parks, Luella28 Apr 1911Mar 1981Yoder
Parks, Morris4 Aug 1911Apr 1985New Haven
Parks, Nelda4 Jun 1916Aug 1986Roanoke
Parks, Ralph14 Oct 1893May 1967Fort Wayne
Parks, Rheua19 Mar 1893Jun 1973Churubusco
Parks, Robert25 Feb 1918Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Parks, Steven R24 Jun 194712 May 2002Fort Wayne
Parks, Terence3 Dec 1953Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Parks, Timothy9 Feb 190423 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Parks, Walter12 Jul 1908Apr 1979Yoder
Parks, Wayne L28 Oct 192016 May 1999Fort Wayne
Parlee, Carl21 Oct 1899Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Parlette, Valetta M15 Jun 19071 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Parmelee, Stella7 Apr 1889Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Parmenter, Floyd15 May 1918May 1985Fort Wayne
Parmenter, Mary E16 Dec 192216 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Parmer, Sylvia26 Oct 1890Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Parmeter, Kenneth25 Sep 1919Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Parmeter, Paula8 Jun 1954Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Parmeter, Robert27 May 1944May 1980Fort Wayne
Parnell, Bertha4 May 1871Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Parnell, Clyde30 Mar 1913Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Parnell, Flora E4 Oct 186815 Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Parnell, Hattie5 Jan 1893Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Parnell, Martha M18 Oct 1917May 1996Fort Wayne
Parnin, Alice A20 Jul 19104 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Parnin, Arthur A7 Sep 192013 Jan 2001New Haven
Parnin, B M7 Sep 191210 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Parnin, Blanche30 May 1905Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Parnin, Carl D30 Mar 19327 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Parnin, Edith F2 Nov 19224 Mar 1999New Haven
Parnin, Edward F30 Nov 191620 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Parnin, Fern24 May 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Parnin, Gene F21 Jan 193428 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Parnin, Geraldine5 Jul 1917Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Parnin, Harold23 Jan 1923Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Parnin, Joan T19 Jul 192829 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Parnin, John29 Sep 1897Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Parnin, Lucille17 Dec 1901Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Parnin, Mae D21 Jul 190020 Dec 2004Monroeville
Parnin, Maurice14 Mar 1900Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Parnin, Patricia Alma9 Feb 193521 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Parnin, Richard A19 Dec 191422 May 1998Fort Wayne
Parnin, Robert W19 Dec 191418 May 1996Fort Wayne
Parnin, Shirley15 Feb 1921Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Parnin, Verdayne F18 Apr 19172 May 2009Fort Wayne
Paroczy, Stephen24 May 19126 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Parpos, Efimia13 Nov 191520 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Parquet, Dennis W9 Feb 190920 Feb 1999Churubusco
Parquet, Elaine M3 Aug 19103 Feb 1999Churubusco
Parquette, Ashley23 Jan 1910Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Parquette, George A1 May 19347 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Parr, Barbara E1 Aug 194421 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Parr, Barbara J16 Nov 192313 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Parr, Clarence E17 Aug 191523 Dec 1994Grabill
Parr, Elsie16 Nov 1895Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Parr, Gloria J19 Sep 193426 Jul 1996Grabill
Parr, John G9 Mar 194528 May 2002Fort Wayne
Parr, Lawrence W28 Dec 192424 May 2000Fort Wayne
Parra, Fidel20 Dec 191421 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Parra, Juana24 Oct 195019 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Parrent, Donald G8 Aug 194920 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Parrent, Virgie28 Aug 1922Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Parrett, Dale L15 Apr 191619 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Parrett, Ronald E31 Dec 190129 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Parrett, William E19 Jan 193421 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Parrilla, Ramona A23 Feb 193426 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Parris, Gus14 Jun 192919 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Parris, Thomas T27 Jun 192614 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Parrish, Adela B5 Dec 191127 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Parrish, Arnola F20 Apr 191611 May 2000Fort Wayne
Parrish, Arthur T30 Jan 19217 May 2006Fort Wayne
Parrish, Bernice C11 Aug 19155 May 2002Fort Wayne
Parrish, Della9 Apr 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Parrish, Edna30 Nov 1894Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Parrish, Fern I16 Jul 19096 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Parrish, George25 Nov 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Parrish, Glenn F16 Sep 19353 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Parrish, Harriet A9 Aug 19148 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Parrish, Henry L9 Jan 192313 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Parrish, Ila O21 Jan 191429 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Parrish, Ivan26 Sep 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Parrish, Jesse15 May 1915Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Parrish, Jesse16 Feb 1915Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Parrish, John7 Mar 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Parrish, Keith13 Sep 1911May 1983Fort Wayne
Parrish, Keith A10 Aug 193715 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Parrish, Kenneth L21 Feb 192326 Jan 1993New Haven
Parrish, Lester R5 Dec 19079 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Parrish, Lloyd17 Jun 1933Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Parrish, Louise Mamie7 Aug 192221 May 2008Fort Wayne
Parrish, Lydia5 Mar 1911Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Parrish, Richard R18 Jul 19331 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Parrish, Robert E14 Mar 19277 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Parrish, Rosie L19 Apr 193012 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Parrish, Ruth8 Jan 1894Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Parrish, Sara A25 Feb 193613 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Parrish, Verness N7 Sep 191231 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Parrish, Viola F8 Nov 19014 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Parrish, Wallace28 Jan 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Parrish, Walter5 Apr 1904Jan 1972Churubusco
Parrish, Wesley T22 Oct 191922 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Parrot, Alfred26 Feb 19189 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Parrot, Frank17 Jan 1908Jan 1973Huntertown
Parrot, Genevieve C27 Feb 1897Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Parrot, Jeanette13 Dec 1916Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Parrot, Joan T8 Jan 192816 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Parrot, Joseph19 Feb 1884Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Parrot, Joseph W19 Jul 19204 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Parrot, Kathleen J5 Sep 192111 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Parrot, Lawrence18 Feb 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Parrot, Leland G16 Jun 189731 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Parrot, Lois C25 Apr 190623 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Parrot, Patricia M10 Sep 192219 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Parrot, Patsy3 Apr 1941Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Parrot, Richard C11 Feb 19169 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Parrot, Robert E28 May 192031 May 2004Fort Wayne
Parrot, William F14 Jan 19128 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Parrott, Helen N20 Jun 191428 Dec 1995Leo
Parrott, Paula V5 Mar 191312 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Parrott, Robert1 Feb 1913Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Parry, Arthur9 Sep 1883Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Parry, Jessie25 Sep 1885May 1971Fort Wayne
Parsley, Fred28 Oct 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Parsley, Juanita3 Feb 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Parsley, Mary21 Jul 1914Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Parsley, Phyllis A17 Sep 193017 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Parsley, Velma L28 Sep 190220 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Parson, Frank J7 Oct 191818 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Parsons, Anita J22 Feb 191831 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Parsons, Beatrice2 Mar 191922 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Parsons, Brenda S31 Jan 196512 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Parsons, Elizabeth J14 Aug 191415 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Parsons, Elmer3 Aug 193429 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Parsons, Elmer12 Aug 1899Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Parsons, Gary L6 May 194712 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Parsons, Gilbert H26 Nov 191414 Jun 1992Woodburn
Parsons, Hazel P31 Jan 193625 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Parsons, James L24 May 191510 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Parsons, Joe3 Nov 1910Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Parsons, Leonard E21 Oct 191819 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Parsons, Mildred B25 Oct 19156 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Parsons, Norma B22 Aug 19164 May 2003Woodburn
Parsons, Paul H11 Jun 193119 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Parsons, Velma M7 Oct 192820 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Parsons, Viola27 Nov 1905Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Parsons, William E13 Nov 194525 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Partain, Mildred L8 May 193716 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Partee, Annabelle18 Feb 191511 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Partee, Carlton17 Sep 1910May 1976Fort Wayne
Partee, Cecelia8 May 1903Sep 1970Spencerville
Partee, Eugenia26 Jan 1911Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Partee, Linda C30 Apr 195122 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Partee, Paul10 Aug 1898Feb 1973Spencerville
Parteewoods, Jean M4 Jan 19264 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Partin, Bertha E19 Sep 1915Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Partin, Connie Faye9 Nov 194016 Aug 2008New Haven
Partin, Jake C9 Oct 19205 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Partin, John25 Sep 1914Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Partin, Leroy27 Jul 192616 May 2002Churubusco
Partin, Theresia R12 Apr 19258 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Partridge, Bill5 Feb 1935Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Partridge, Cecil28 Sep 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Partridge, Martha M19 Jan 19296 Nov 2001New Haven
Partridge, Paul R23 Mar 192513 Oct 2002New Haven
Partridge, Randy K18 Oct 195915 Apr 2006New Haven
Partridge, Steven9 Jul 1953Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Partridge, Tobe R10 Oct 193127 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Partsch, Harry J23 May 191619 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Paschal, Byron30 Aug 1893Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Paschal, Marguerite31 Oct 1898May 1983Fort Wayne
Paschall, Jessie23 Nov 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Pascoe, James2 Apr 1900Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Pascoe, Viola17 Dec 1904Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Pasel, Ernest22 Jul 1893May 1979Fort Wayne
Pasko, D Marceill E14 Oct 1917Mar 1995Roanoke
Pasko, Imogene E29 Jan 190514 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Pasko, Virgil E19 Sep 191324 Sep 2008Roanoke
Passaris, Frances E23 May 192119 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Passineau, Lee24 Mar 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Passino, John13 Jan 189815 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Passino, Nicholas4 Jul 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Passon, Anna6 Jan 1898Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Passon, May M2 May 19041 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Passwater, Blanche2 Jul 1901Sep 1977New Haven
Passwater, Ellen26 May 1912May 1981Fort Wayne
Passwater, John29 May 1910Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Passwater, Juanita18 Jan 1913Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Passwater, Mary Ann20 Aug 194028 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Passwater, Robert31 Oct 1910Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Pastor, Yolan3 Aug 190825 Jun 2001New Haven
Pastorfield, Lois F23 Dec 19099 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Pastorik, Louis10 Dec 19193 Dec 2002New Haven
Pastorik, Margaret11 Dec 192321 Dec 1996New Haven
Pastrick, Michael J20 Jul 192414 May 2004Fort Wayne
Patalita, Michael L11 Dec 19386 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Patane, Ruth K22 Jan 193915 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Patberg, Melvin16 Jan 1897Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Patch, Carl14 Oct 1885Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Patch, James24 Nov 1881Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Patch, Kenneth Edward7 Aug 193112 Sep 2009Roanoke
Patchen, Margaret V9 Aug 191811 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Pate, Carrie23 Sep 1902Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Pate, Elsie H24 Dec 19075 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Pate, John C30 Aug 192428 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Patel, Jashbhai30 Nov 1927Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Patel, Niranjan R4 Nov 193823 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Patel, Purshotam1 Jan 192115 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Paterson, Helen S31 May 192929 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Paterson, Hilda19 Jun 1906Oct 1981New Haven
Paterson, Thomas E27 Jul 19277 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Paterson, William29 Jul 1903Nov 1981New Haven
Patnoude, Diane10 Apr 1956Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Patnoude, Robert D25 Mar 195521 Oct 1992New Haven
Patrem, Elaine21 Feb 1912Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Patrick, Caroline7 Jan 1889Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Patrick, Glen R12 Nov 191929 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Patrick, James14 Aug 192026 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Patrick, Kerney21 Mar 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
Patrick, Lloyd H22 Aug 191816 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Patrick, Mae31 Mar 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Patrick, Melvin E12 Aug 192611 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Patrick, Pearl23 Apr 191026 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Patrick, Richard E5 Nov 19184 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Patrick, Ruth23 Jul 1917Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Pattee, Barbara I20 Apr 19271 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Pattee, Carol J31 Dec 193920 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Pattee, Donald R3 Jun 19377 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Pattee, Freada8 Oct 1893Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Pattee, Frieda M8 Oct 1910Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Pattee, Harry L16 Feb 19223 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Pattee, Jack D25 Sep 19224 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Pattee, Richard15 Nov 192622 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Pattee, Walter1 Oct 1884Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Patten, A D1 Oct 193415 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Patten, Agnes13 Jan 1911Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Patten, Ann M20 Dec 193819 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Patten, Beulah15 Dec 1911Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Patten, Curtis15 May 1920Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Patten, Dallas1 Sep 1906Sep 1980Roanoke
Patten, Donald21 Apr 1904May 1968Roanoke
Patten, Evelyn M18 Jul 192129 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Patten, Faye E4 May 19084 Feb 1999Roanoke
Patten, Lawrence G12 Sep 193028 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Patten, Marie17 Jul 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Patten, Mary13 Nov 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Patten, Vaughn15 Feb 1891Jun 1969Roanoke
Patten, Zelda N1 Mar 190617 May 2000Roanoke
Pattengale, William7 Oct 1882Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Pattengale, Zaola21 Oct 1882Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Patterson, Ann21 Apr 1896May 1975Fort Wayne
Patterson, Annie22 Aug 1889Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Patterson, Archie29 Jul 1896Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Patterson, Catherine2 Jun 191817 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Patterson, Cleveland11 Nov 191423 May 1987Fort Wayne
Patterson, Cliffton C31 Jan 191919 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Patterson, Collins29 Dec 1902May 1970Fort Wayne
Patterson, Constance12 Aug 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Patterson, Edwin E8 Sep 19165 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Patterson, Ella1 May 1872Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Patterson, Eloise15 Feb 1906Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Patterson, Elsie17 Apr 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Patterson, Emma6 May 1879Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Patterson, Fred D18 Jun 191815 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Patterson, Garland13 Mar 1929Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Patterson, Gerald R6 Jul 194130 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Patterson, Gertrude27 Oct 18995 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Patterson, Glenn20 Jan 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Patterson, Grace F22 Jun 191223 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Patterson, Gratnia M12 Feb 19085 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Patterson, Inez6 Oct 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Patterson, James A27 Aug 19071 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Patterson, Jeffrey L30 Nov 195729 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Patterson, Jerry L8 Jul 194020 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Patterson, Kenneth3 May 1900Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Patterson, Lavern E10 Aug 19159 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Patterson, Lena25 Jun 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Patterson, Lewis27 Dec 1917Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Patterson, Lillie15 Jan 1908May 1969Fort Wayne
Patterson, Lucille23 May 193710 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Patterson, Marilyn23 Aug 1939Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Patterson, Mary L13 Jan 1905Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Patterson, Maxine J19 Dec 19165 Feb 2010New Haven
Patterson, Melvin16 Jul 1901May 1970Fort Wayne
Patterson, Nellie7 Nov 1882Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Patterson, Olga20 Oct 191414 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Patterson, Oscoe2 Jan 1925Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Patterson, Otis L4 Apr 192516 Nov 2006Monroeville
Patterson, Pauline F16 Dec 190720 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Patterson, Pearl14 Jun 19167 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Patterson, Phyllis S2 Jun 192113 Sep 1998Grabill
Patterson, Priscilla5 Feb 1919Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Patterson, Rebecca S28 Nov 195816 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Patterson, Robert30 Sep 1902Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Patterson, Robin2 Feb 1956Feb 1979Grabill
Patterson, Rose31 Aug 1929Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Patterson, Roy10 Feb 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Patterson, Roy6 Nov 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Patterson, Roy13 May 1907Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Patterson, Sidney7 Jan 1907Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Patterson, Susan16 Mar 195924 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Patterson, Velma K7 Oct 19057 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Patterson, Venia30 May 190914 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Patterson, William N23 May 193520 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Pattin, Clarence J25 Nov 19056 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Pattison, Blanch27 Jun 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Pattison, John Rodney10 Sep 193127 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Pattison, Phyllis28 Aug 1933Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Patton Sr, Roy12 Jul 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Patton, Bennie N26 Aug 190326 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Patton, Bertie J16 Apr 191613 Jun 2004Churubusco
Patton, Bob22 Jul 1913Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Patton, Darlene K9 Dec 195215 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Patton, Darral J6 Dec 19317 May 2006Fort Wayne
Patton, Doris9 Feb 1958Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Patton, Lester13 Dec 1897Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Patton, Marcella23 Aug 1905Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Patton, Ollie16 Apr 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Patton, Richard G5 Jun 192810 Jun 1992New Haven
Patton, Terry24 Dec 1958Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Patton, William P8 Mar 190822 Sep 2001Churubusco
Patton, Winnie15 Jul 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Patty, Delore R4 Jul 193914 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Patty, Edna M3 Sep 192430 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Patty, Frances7 Aug 1888Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Patty, George A11 Dec 193316 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Patty, Naomi30 Aug 1900Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Patycola, Edward16 Jan 1931Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Paul, Amelia8 Nov 1872Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Paul, Anna8 May 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Paul, Anthony P18 Apr 192229 Jul 2001Churubusco
Paul, Beverlyann15 Dec 192926 Oct 2006Grabill
Paul, Donald Lee12 Jun 19438 May 2008Fort Wayne
Paul, Edith22 Feb 1893Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Paul, Edna9 Mar 1896Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Paul, Ellen30 Jan 1926Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Paul, Elsie M16 Apr 189811 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Paul, Eva H4 Dec 191713 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Paul, Eva M25 Nov 190626 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Paul, Fred26 Feb 1903Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Paul, Hannah14 May 1885Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Paul, Harry D24 May 1912Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Paul, Helen17 Jul 1902Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Paul, Herman18 Jun 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Paul, Leone A24 Sep 19018 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Paul, Louise27 May 1908May 1978Roanoke
Paul, Mary C4 Jul 19233 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Paul, Ora17 May 1879Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Paul, Otto24 Feb 1902Oct 1968Roanoke
Paul, Pauline7 May 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Paul, Richmond W6 Dec 192627 Nov 2005Grabill
Paul, Robert28 Jul 1911Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Paul, Ruth2 Feb 1899May 1983Fort Wayne
Paul, Vera E5 Sep 192227 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Paul, William15 May 1880Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Paul, Wilma A29 Jul 191427 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Paulen, Dean A4 Nov 193113 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Pauley, Daisy3 Jan 1921Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Pauley, June26 Sep 1926May 1984Fort Wayne
Pauley, Thomas29 Oct 1911Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Paulison, A M25 Aug 190512 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Paulison, Peter T14 Aug 193826 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Paulison, Virginia6 Mar 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Paulsen, Berniece3 May 190316 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Paulsen, Biddy L26 Aug 19341 Jan 2003Fort Wayne, New Haven
Paulsen, Genevieve1 Jul 1907Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Paulsen, Keith17 Jun 1938Jan 1984New Haven
Paulsen, Lucille23 Jan 1906Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Paulson, Elizabeth E2 Jun 191825 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Paulson, William8 May 1905Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Paulus, Pamela30 Jan 1944Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Paurice, James M22 Oct 192220 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Pautsch, Kevin3 May 1957Oct 1980Woodburn
Pautsch, Rufus A17 Jul 192224 Dec 2004Grabill
Pavely, Philip Leigh28 May 194017 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Pavey, Barton13 Apr 1899Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Pavich, Gerald R1 Jan 194015 May 1996Fort Wayne
Pawlisch, Lucile A5 Dec 189719 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Pawlisch, Marilyn J27 Jun 192610 May 1998Fort Wayne
Pawlisch, Mildred24 Aug 1885Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Paxson, Dorothy29 Aug 1920Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Paxson, James L14 Dec 193418 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Paxson, Lloyd8 May 1909Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Paxson, Waldo M4 Oct 191712 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Paxson, William2 Jul 1901Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Paxton, Alpha1 Mar 1893Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Paxton, Florence B1 Jan 190319 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Paxton, Hannah3 Oct 1887Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Paxton, Hedwig16 Apr 1891Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Paxton, Orange3 Sep 194228 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Paxton, Robert J28 Aug 190921 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Payer, Hugo24 Mar 1901Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Payer, Letha26 Nov 1904Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Payer, Sue H27 Mar 19159 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Payleitner, Betty3 Aug 1920Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Payn, Miriam5 Sep 1899Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Payne, Albert8 May 1906Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Payne, Alma3 Feb 1904Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Payne, Averda L5 Aug 1909Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Payne, Catherine6 Jun 1923Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Payne, Cecil W6 May 19238 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Payne, Christina7 Jun 1897Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Payne, Daisy11 Aug 1901Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Payne, Effreda S17 Jan 191319 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Payne, Ernest B10 Jun 191814 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Payne, Esther22 Oct 1930Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Payne, Frances14 Feb 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Payne, Frances9 Sep 1894Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Payne, Frances F12 May 191110 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Payne, Gene16 May 1905May 1979Fort Wayne
Payne, Gladys M4 Jun 190421 Jun 1996New Haven
Payne, Hallie27 Nov 1893Dec 1969Roanoke
Payne, Helen E31 Oct 19192 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Payne, James17 Nov 1889Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Payne, James C22 Jan 191119 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Payne, Jesse3 Sep 1916Aug 1985Roanoke
Payne, Laura29 Jun 1907Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Payne, Lenzie15 Sep 1916Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Payne, Lola19 May 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Payne, Lucian22 Jul 1901Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Payne, Margaret11 Jul 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Payne, Mary C18 Feb 192413 Dec 1995Roanoke
Payne, Melvin3 May 1903Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Payne, Minnie E23 Mar 192714 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Payne, Pearl28 Mar 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Payne, Ray14 Mar 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Payne, Richard E18 Jun 19224 May 1988Fort Wayne
Payne, Richard V3 Nov 193110 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Payne, Robert31 Jan 1887Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Payne, Ruby L19 Mar 193613 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Payne, Ruth G17 May 1907Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Payne, Sadie26 Aug 192510 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Payne, Vance22 Apr 1896Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Payne, Vilos4 Apr 1900Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Payne, Volney22 Jun 19273 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Payne, Walter10 Jun 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Paynter, Bertha7 Feb 1916May 1981Churubusco
Paynter, Bueford W29 Oct 193718 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Payton, Adeline M14 Dec 192228 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Payton, Andrew10 Sep 192419 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Payton, Arthur R11 Dec 194730 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Payton, Barbara27 May 1950Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Payton, Bruce2 Dec 1955Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Payton, Chauncey C20 Sep 19284 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Payton, Clare W18 Dec 192320 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Payton, Clifford R29 Apr 191629 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Payton, Donna K5 Mar 195521 May 1998Fort Wayne
Payton, Jack2 Sep 1900Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Payton, Kenneth A15 Aug 194926 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Payton, Louise J4 Apr 19272 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Payton, Mildred22 Dec 1910Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Payton, Orval10 Mar 1898Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Payton, Roseann9 Jun 1950Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Payton, Ruby5 Jun 195413 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Payton, Ruth31 Dec 1919Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Payton, Virgil4 Aug 1922Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Payton, William30 Sep 1918May 1975Fort Wayne

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