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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Pea, Robert J29 Apr 193215 Jun 1999New Haven
Peabody, Ruby21 Sep 1914May 1978Monroeville
Peacock, Anna1 Dec 1888Oct 1979Roanoke
Peacock, George1 Oct 1896Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Peacock, Mary E2 Jul 191517 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Peak, Carl T25 Sep 193914 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Peake, Alexander6 Jan 1917Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Peake, Donald E9 Aug 194713 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Peake, Esther28 May 1915Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Peake, Richard L3 Oct 19438 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Pearce, Norma8 Nov 1887Jul 1977Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Pearcy, James6 Feb 1934Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Pearl, Mary F4 Nov 19089 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Pearman, David18 Apr 1958Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Pearson, Barbara E18 Sep 193520 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Pearson, Basil4 Aug 1905Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Pearson, Charles2 Apr 19328 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Pearson, Charles1 May 1920Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Pearson, Charles E12 Nov 192222 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Pearson, Elmer2 Aug 1889Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Pearson, James31 Oct 1918Oct 1977New Haven
Pearson, Jeanne28 Dec 192113 Apr 1992Roanoke
Pearson, Katherine27 May 1914Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Pearson, Lillian7 Jun 1911Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Pearson, Margaret A2 Apr 193114 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Pearson, Michael A6 Mar 19422 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Pearson, Raymond2 Apr 1904Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Pearson, Raymond20 May 193427 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Pearson, Sadie C30 Sep 19265 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Pearson, Sandra23 Oct 196227 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Pearson, Tom L Sr25 May 193928 May 2002Fort Wayne
Pearson, Willie17 Mar 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Pearson, Willie17 Feb 1898May 1976Fort Wayne
Pease, Clarence Edward9 Jul 19122 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Pease, Clement17 Feb 192331 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Pease, Dallas1 May 1932Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Pease, Edith T14 Jun 193710 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Pease, Ella L31 May 19285 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Pease, Evelyn5 Jul 1921Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Pease, Harold E20 Aug 192723 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Pease, Homer29 Jul 1905Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Pease, Lola31 Jan 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Pease, Margaret30 Jul 1905Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Pease, Margaret U18 Nov 191210 Aug 1997Monroeville
Pease, Mark A6 Jan 195726 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Pease, Rena P4 Jan 19229 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Pease, Rita May2 May 193226 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Pease, Violet A30 Jan 191711 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Peaster, Jerry L1 Feb 193511 May 2007Fort Wayne
Pebley, Edwin A20 Nov 192826 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Pechukas, Alphonse11 Jul 191530 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Pechukas, Evelyn Z3 Dec 191714 May 1999Fort Wayne
Peck, Anna31 Dec 1906May 1975Fort Wayne
Peck, David22 Jun 1941Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Peck, Doris18 Feb 1904Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Peck, Edna7 Aug 1898Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Peck, Esther29 Jan 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Peck, Glen1 Apr 1926May 1982Hoagland
Peck, Harold30 Aug 1899Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Peck, James B28 Oct 190429 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Peck, Mabel4 Dec 1892Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Peck, Nevada5 Dec 1910Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Peck, Newton13 Sep 1890Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Peck, Opal20 Oct 1908Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Peck, Robley E23 Aug 190315 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Peck, Roy10 Feb 1902Mar 1975New Haven
Peck, Susen23 Dec 1893Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Peck, Velma1 Apr 1903Apr 1984Hoagland
Peck, Wayne R3 Jun 193624 May 2000Woodburn
Peck, William21 Dec 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Peckham, Carl18 May 1886Dec 1967Monroeville
Peckham, Ella9 Sep 1901Jan 1983Monroeville
Peckham, Harriet7 Oct 1884Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Peckham, Maude4 Jun 1879Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Peckham, Raymond27 Feb 1905Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Peckham, Ruth J27 Mar 19061 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Peconge, Albert6 May 1900Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Peconge, Margaret10 Oct 191417 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Pedano, Verna25 Jun 1910Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Pedden, Allan W3 Jan 192323 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Peddicord, Elizabeth13 Jul 1904Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Peddicord, James17 Oct 1883Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Peden, Cloyce21 Jun 1905Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Peden, Dale17 Aug 1907Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Peden, Harvey J31 Jul 192415 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Peden, Lonnie B30 Sep 191927 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Peden, Mattie L3 Oct 193030 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Peden, Ruth O20 Jul 190826 Jun 2001New Haven
Pedenko, John22 Jun 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Pedersen, Caroline28 Aug 1887Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Pedersen, Ferris E5 Oct 191929 Apr 1998Roanoke
Pedersen, Harold V3 Mar 191123 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Pedersen, Richard R23 Nov 192329 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Pedroza, Wilson13 Feb 195429 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Peebles, Carter D9 Jul 19343 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Peebles, Vera27 Sep 1901Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Peed, Maude30 Oct 1887May 1966Fort Wayne
Peek, Edwin28 May 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Peek, Sidney26 Aug 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Peek, Verena28 Nov 1912Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Peeler, Laurel L28 Apr 190115 Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Peelle, Lois13 Sep 1890Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Peetz, Lillie3 Sep 1892Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Peffley, Anna28 Nov 1893Oct 1980Churubusco
Peffley, Arthur R13 Aug 191915 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Peffley, Helen S18 Jan 191719 May 1997Fort Wayne
Pegan, Bessie1 Jul 1887Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Pegan, Delores B19 Oct 19112 May 2004Fort Wayne
Pegan, Paul26 Jun 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Pegan, Raymond22 Sep 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Pegg, Roger Leon10 Mar 193616 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Pegg, Wendell K20 Apr 193428 Jul 2001New Haven
Peggins, Mondie1 Feb 1911Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Pegler, Anne17 Dec 19092 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Peglow, Loretta L25 Aug 193728 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Peglow, Richard O3 Jul 19216 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Pehlke, Myrtle C12 May 191418 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Pehrson, William L21 Jul 192424 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Peiefer, Dorothy L26 Apr 19111 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Peifer, Anthony J29 Dec 191126 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Peiffer, Lillian24 Dec 1897Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Peilstocker, Rose A3 Oct 190323 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Peirce, Clyde16 Sep 1900Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Peirson, Margaret G16 Sep 191217 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Peisert, Phylis Jean24 Oct 192228 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Pelak, Leona Jane28 Jun 19448 Oct 2008New Haven
Pelis, Louis23 Sep 191524 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Pelkey, Margaret H15 May 191523 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Pelkey, Mary19 Jun 1903Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Pelkie, Mayme17 Aug 1914Aug 1983New Haven
Pelkington, Elsie A5 Nov 191314 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Pelkington, Johanna29 Aug 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Pelkington, John3 Jan 1916May 1982Fort Wayne
Pelkington, Patrick J30 Aug 195531 May 2003Fort Wayne
Pelkington, Robert17 Oct 1925Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Pelletier, Joseph4 Sep 1904Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Pelletier, Loretta S26 Feb 19091 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Pellicci, Jack J3 Mar 190925 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Pellicci, Madeline A24 Feb 191412 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Pelmear, Donald D Sr9 Jan 192815 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Pelter, Frances2 Sep 1903Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Peltier, Dorothy M27 Jun 1920Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Peltier, Gordon15 Aug 1917Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Peltier, Joanne Augusta19 May 191310 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Pelz, Albert29 May 1911May 1985New Haven
Pelz, August9 Aug 1878Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Pelz, Bobby19 Jun 1928Oct 1983Leo
Pelz, Edward29 Aug 1896Feb 1972Leo
Pelz, Eunice23 Jul 1911Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Pelz, J K11 May 194315 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Pelz, Karolyn W4 Jan 1914Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Pelz, Lauretta M16 Dec 193529 Mar 2007Leo
Pelz, Leona F12 May 193916 May 2009Roanoke
Pelz, Mary16 Feb 1883Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Pelz, Miriam A8 May 192028 Sep 2004Roanoke
Pelz, RosaJun 1878Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Pelz, Sylvia M26 Oct 190726 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Pelz, Theodore E25 Jan 190314 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Pelz, Truman N29 Jul 190428 May 1996Fort Wayne
Pelz, Virginia4 Sep 1898Sep 1983Grabill
Pelz, Virginia R23 Sep 191926 May 1993Fort Wayne
Pelz, Wayne E4 Aug 191426 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Pember, Marguerite17 Jun 1902Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Pemberton, Delores M1 May 192624 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Pemberton, Richard T11 May 192426 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Pembleton, Fred W24 Sep 189423 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Pembleton, Ruby O4 Sep 190511 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Pena, Epitacio14 Jan 1913Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Pena, Felix10 Jul 1899Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Pena, Grace17 Mar 1894Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Pena, Josephine19 Mar 191321 May 1992Fort Wayne
Pena, Paula25 Jan 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Pena, Robert21 Jun 1956May 1977Fort Wayne
Pena, Thomasa7 Mar 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Penbrook, Michael1 Jun 191029 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Pence, Anna30 Aug 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Pence, Arley5 Sep 1881Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Pence, Beatrice A22 Apr 1904Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Pence, Billy6 Apr 1924May 1977Churubusco
Pence, Bonnie A15 Jul 195220 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Pence, Charles9 Sep 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Pence, Constance M26 May 1919Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Pence, Dessie29 Feb 1892Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Pence, Edith5 Aug 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Pence, Edith H21 Sep 1904Feb 1988Churubusco
Pence, Flora M3 Apr 187215 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Pence, Gail23 Nov 1899Jun 1973Roanoke
Pence, Ira19 Jan 1910Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Pence, Iva3 Feb 1885May 1972Fort Wayne
Pence, Janice E4 Jul 194512 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Pence, Juanita T28 May 190919 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Pence, Karl K27 Feb 191719 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Pence, Lee D23 Nov 19343 Nov 2004Churubusco
Pence, Paul E25 Jan 19268 Aug 2009Churubusco
Pence, Roger L19 Jan 19242 Jun 2002Churubusco
Pence, Ruth27 Jun 1898Apr 1979Churubusco
Pence, Velma1 Aug 1906Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Pence, Vera5 Jul 1896Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Pence, Walburn18 Sep 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Pence, Wilma3 Mar 1903Sep 1986Roanoke
Pendel, Ronald A10 Sep 19404 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Pender, Anna19 Jun 1899May 1973Fort Wayne
Pender, Arthur20 Nov 1913Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Pender, Beatrice29 Jul 1907Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Pender, Donna F22 Feb 19469 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Pender, Joseph23 Jul 193014 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Pender, Mary2 Sep 1896Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Pender, Samuel2 May 193912 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Pendergrass, Grace18 Nov 191220 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Pendill, Lerhonald17 Sep 1910Sep 1981Churubusco
Pendill, Lillian J18 Jun 19151 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Pendleton, Mary M20 Apr 192327 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Pengelly, G K4 Jan 1910Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Penicaro, Frank15 Feb 19198 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Penick, Ralston E10 Jun 191020 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Penick, Wayva21 Oct 191520 Sep 2007Spencerville
Penisten, Brian H30 Mar 19752 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Penisten, John19 Jan 1886Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Penkul, Alezandrea22 Jun 1894Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Penkul, Bernard J13 Mar 192029 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Penkul, Chester F21 Aug 1914Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Penkul, Margaret C23 Mar 191428 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Penland, Jack2 Jan 1925Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Penland, Patrick5 Apr 195827 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Penn, Earl L17 May 193118 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Penn, Florence16 Nov 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Penn, John A14 Nov 19496 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Penn, Laura20 Mar 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Penn, Walter R25 Jul 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Pennell, Evelyn23 Jul 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Pennell, James R8 Feb 190227 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Pennell, Marguerett M9 Mar 19079 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Pennell, Norma Grace19 Feb 192412 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Pennell, William4 Jan 1922Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Penner, Grace20 Aug 1909Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Penner, Ronald29 Apr 1902Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Penner, Wilbur26 Apr 1898Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Pennick, Luella24 Nov 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Penningroth, Carl11 Nov 1897Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Penningroth, Corinne5 Dec 1891Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Penningroth, Helen17 Apr 1892Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Pennington, Dema20 Sep 1905Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Pennington, Dwight18 Sep 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Pennington, Emma30 Dec 190928 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Pennington, Grace B16 Mar 190815 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Pennington, Lee25 Dec 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Pennington, Oneida3 Mar 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Pennington, Will A22 Apr 194416 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Pennock, Mary I17 Feb 1908Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Penny, Gladys24 Apr 1894May 1969Fort Wayne
Penny, Lillian11 Mar 191510 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Penny, Nora18 Mar 1902Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Penny, Wilbur4 Apr 1915Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Pennycoff, William P Sr11 Jun 194118 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Penrod, Chaddie15 Sep 1937Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Penrod, Elva19 Oct 1891Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Penrod, Joe O16 Dec 1927Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Penrod, Kenneth18 Oct 1921Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Penrod, Lucia25 Nov 1894Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Penrod, Mariana28 Sep 193324 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Pens, Donald8 Nov 1897Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Pens, Evelyn E4 Jun 1898Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Pense, Georgia3 Jan 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Pense, Oscar L18 Feb 189925 Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Pensinger, Donn H20 Nov 192113 Sep 2005New Haven
Pensinger, Nell21 Jan 1896Oct 1972New Haven
Pentsios, Fani10 Oct 1924Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Pentsios, Petros10 Apr 192318 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Pentz, Adolph29 Jun 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Pentz, Edith17 Apr 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Pentz, George E1 Aug 192716 Dec 2009Leo
Pentz, Margaret15 Apr 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Penzone, Lena M16 Nov 191122 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Peoples, Cheever19 Feb 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Peoples, Early4 Apr 1917Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Peoples, Eugene8 Jun 1912Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Peoples, Eva29 Jan 1892Dec 1973Yoder
Peoples, Frank20 Jun 1912Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Peoples, Kenneth E25 Dec 194822 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Peoples, Rose B19 Mar 192125 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Peoples, Wayne H5 Aug 192216 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Pepe, Clarence21 Mar 1895Mar 1973New Haven
Pepe, Eileen M27 Dec 1917Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Pepe, Eleanor G22 Apr 192022 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Pepe, Etta M8 Dec 190720 Jun 1995New Haven
Pepe, Freda11 Jun 1908Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Pepe, Henry27 Jul 1903Jan 1970New Haven
Pepe, Lawrence J18 Aug 190614 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Pepe, Mary A10 Oct 189910 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Pepe, Mina1 Sep 1891Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Pepe, Thelma21 Jul 1902Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Pepe, Wilbur29 Jan 19106 May 2002Woodburn
Pepe, William22 Jul 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Pepler, Mae14 Jun 1899Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Pepler, Walter28 Jul 1892Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Peppers, Dick2 Sep 19357 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Pepple, Albert E26 Jun 19295 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Pepple, Carolyn S9 Jan 191021 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Pepple, James W12 Apr 192231 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Pepple, Kimberly Dawn26 Jun 19638 May 2009Fort Wayne
Pepple, Luella Mae31 Oct 192720 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Pepple, Ora M8 Jan 190923 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Pepple, Paula M2 Sep 192030 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Pepple, Sarah A19 Jun 19124 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Pepple, Sarah A20 Mar 190730 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Pepple, Vera May27 Aug 19211 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Pepple, Wilbur5 Nov 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Peppler, Arthur25 Feb 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Peppler, Arthur O13 Sep 192917 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Peppler, Caroline26 May 1888Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Peppler, Dorothy M26 Mar 192116 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Peppler, Helen3 Feb 1910Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Peppler, John6 May 192725 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Peppler, Mary9 Mar 1924Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Peppler, Mary C10 Dec 194013 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Peppler, Melvin4 Feb 1921Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Peppler, Oscar9 Dec 1898Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Adelia5 Apr 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Albert4 Jul 1888Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Alice H17 Feb 192527 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Ansel3 Dec 19166 Feb 1996Roanoke
Pequignot, Arthur29 Apr 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Pequignot, August4 Sep 1879Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Birnelle A27 Mar 1919May 1992Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Cecilia27 Oct 1897Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Charles7 Nov 1906Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Dorothy A10 May 1928Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Earl11 Feb 1894Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Erwin18 May 1913Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Eugene20 Oct 1906Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Gordon4 Oct 1926May 1986Leo
Pequignot, Harry3 Feb 1892Aug 1966Monroeville
Pequignot, James R20 Feb 192424 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Lawrence18 Jul 1904Jan 1977Grabill
Pequignot, Lenord H29 Dec 19112 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Louise7 Feb 1884Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Mildred13 Oct 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Nellie M16 Jul 19129 Jun 2003New Haven
Pequignot, Patricia L23 Aug 192826 Nov 1997Fort Wayne, Leo
Pequignot, Robert W9 Mar 19196 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Ruth20 Aug 191216 Oct 1997Leo
Pequignot, Ruth12 Mar 189810 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Thomas G17 Nov 192731 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Virginia13 Jan 1916Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Pequignot, Wanda M17 Jun 192517 Mar 1999Roanoke
Pequignot, Zoa M22 Oct 191319 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Peralta, Ben C7 Dec 192711 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Percy, Arthur15 Jul 1921Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Perdelwitz, Lucy N26 Jun 19111 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Peregina, Mary13 Sep 1881May 1970Fort Wayne
Perego, James28 Mar 1904Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Perego, Violet19 Apr 1904Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Perez Jr, Luz28 Jan 195615 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Perez, Albert19 Jun 198115 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Perez, Andres2 Feb 1922Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Perez, Antonio7 Feb 194220 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Perez, Benito C5 Sep 19965 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Perez, Catherine D29 Dec 192816 May 2002Fort Wayne
Perez, Clotilda1 Apr 1898Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Perez, Enrique B18 Aug 19343 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Perez, Ernest M2 Feb 1937Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Perez, Eva8 Feb 195522 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Perez, Felix C25 Jul 193322 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Perez, Frances4 Jun 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Perez, Francisca C9 Mar 194213 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Perez, Jessie15 Oct 1896Nov 1977Yoder
Perez, Joseph L4 Mar 192818 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Perez, Julia30 Apr 189727 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Perez, Linda L8 May 195110 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Perez, Luisa19 Aug 191015 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Perez, Luz27 May 191621 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Perez, Maria15 May 1898Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Perez, Mary18 Jan 1926Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Perez, Michael G10 May 196826 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Perez, Pauline E13 Jul 19232 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Perez, Rogelio11 Jul 193228 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Perez, Roland27 Nov 19275 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Perez, Simon2 Jan 193016 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Perfect, Margaret2 Apr 1904May 1978Fort Wayne
Perfect, Stephen26 Feb 1959May 1977Huntertown
Perisho, Beatrice9 Dec 1887Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Perkins, Arley29 Apr 1886May 1966Fort Wayne
Perkins, Billy M28 Sep 192024 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Perkins, Billy Ray24 Nov 194418 Mar 2009Spencerville
Perkins, Bobbydean G25 Oct 193321 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Perkins, Carolyn C1 Aug 19197 Nov 2008New Haven
Perkins, Charles23 Feb 1904Feb 1982New Haven
Perkins, Charles20 Apr 1912Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Perkins, Charlie25 Feb 194221 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Perkins, Clarence25 Feb 1921Jan 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Perkins, Columbus29 Aug 192023 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Perkins, Corda2 Dec 1880Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Perkins, Della26 Feb 1904Jan 1982New Haven
Perkins, Edna M1 Aug 190425 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Perkins, Edward30 Mar 19302 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Perkins, Goldia24 May 1890Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Perkins, Isabel L3 Mar 190616 May 1994Fort Wayne
Perkins, James O28 Feb 191710 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Perkins, James T18 Dec 19151 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Perkins, Janice Lynn14 Apr 195029 May 2009Fort Wayne
Perkins, John A13 Jun 194430 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Perkins, John R2 May 192212 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Perkins, Joseph28 Mar 1925Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Perkins, Joy25 Dec 1916Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Perkins, Kathryn5 Sep 1888Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Perkins, Kenneth2 Apr 1925Sep 1976New Haven
Perkins, Leroy2 Oct 189715 Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Perkins, Lloyd L12 Apr 191412 Sep 1995Harlan
Perkins, Luella23 Jul 191725 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Perkins, Marjorie11 Aug 1917Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Perkins, Marvin4 Feb 1925Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Perkins, Mary15 Sep 1931Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Perkins, Mary J20 Jun 192019 May 1993Fort Wayne
Perkins, Mina M12 Sep 191112 Sep 1993New Haven
Perkins, Nancy13 Dec 1883Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Perkins, Ned B25 Jul 19095 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Perkins, Olive16 Jan 1897Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Perkins, Ray G16 Jan 191726 Nov 1992Harlan
Perkins, Robert15 Dec 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Perkins, Robert M6 May 191920 Feb 2000New Haven
Perkins, Rose Mary2 Oct 19161 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Perkins, Suzanne G4 Mar 19201 Apr 2008Woodburn
Perkins, Violet E19 May 191830 Apr 1998Harlan
Perkins, Willard5 Nov 1913Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Perkins, William31 Oct 1888Sep 1966Woodburn
Perkins, William24 Mar 1919Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Perl, Donald4 Apr 1898Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Perl, Harry9 Aug 1898Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Perl, Jennie30 Oct 1903Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Perl, Mildred5 May 1898May 1974Fort Wayne
Perl, Mildred C21 Oct 192510 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Perl, Oscar14 Feb 1894Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Perleberg, Margaret L9 Apr 19452 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Perlich, Betty A11 Jan 193118 Nov 2005Churubusco
Perlich, Hildegard16 Nov 1925Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Perlich, Lloyd30 May 1901May 1975Churubusco
Perlman, Anna21 Mar 192113 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Perlman, Frances L20 Jul 192020 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Perlman, Minnie21 Sep 1890Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Perlman, Philip14 May 1916Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Permann, Phyllis R6 Oct 193625 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Pernia, Celerina M3 Feb 193917 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Perpich, Michael23 Feb 190115 Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Perrella, Anthony J20 Sep 192413 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Perrella, J J5 Dec 193215 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Perrella, Mary D29 May 192925 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Perretta, Jane J15 Dec 191420 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Perrey, Ada3 Nov 1883Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Perrey, Agnes K23 Jun 190529 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Perrey, Bernard29 Aug 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Perrey, Edward2 Jun 1890May 1967Fort Wayne
Perrey, Helen L28 Jul 192020 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Perrey, Louise17 Oct 1884Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Perrey, Magdalen11 Dec 1895Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Perrey, Marcel31 Oct 1910Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Perrey, Mary M16 Jun 191015 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Perriguey, Annette3 Jan 1892Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Perriguey, Frances19 Apr 1882Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Perriguey, Martha J17 Sep 191926 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Perrin, Biance Lavina19 Mar 19353 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Perrin, George H10 Feb 193515 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Perrin, Kermit F31 Jul 190521 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Perrin, Marie27 Jan 1913Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Perrin, Stacy9 Nov 1960Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Perrine, Audrey4 Oct 190419 Nov 2004New Haven
Perrine, Dorris15 Feb 1899Sep 1972New Haven
Perrine, Jackie L5 Jan 193226 Feb 2004New Haven
Perrine, Paul F1 Apr 193119 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Perrine, Ruth25 Oct 1891Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Perrine, Tim Dean10 Aug 196016 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Perrone, Mary3 Jan 1888May 1971Fort Wayne
Perry, Albert2 Jan 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Perry, Albert L4 Aug 192821 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Perry, Alberta J13 Dec 19239 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Perry, Annie15 Apr 1914Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Perry, B J20 Jun 19381 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Perry, Barbara E20 Jul 194221 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Perry, Bowdie23 May 192914 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Perry, Calvin25 May 192526 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Perry, Calvin28 Jul 194515 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Perry, Crystal J2 Aug 195615 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Perry, Daniel G12 Aug 194429 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Perry, David4 Oct 1930Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Perry, Delphia L27 Aug 19336 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Perry, Edward17 Oct 1936Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Perry, Elizabeth M6 Apr 191219 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Perry, Emma E22 Jul 1899Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Perry, Emma G27 May 193619 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Perry, Enoch6 Jul 194225 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Perry, Evelyn23 Sep 1908Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Perry, Florence B15 Feb 191215 May 1995Fort Wayne
Perry, General Wilson9 Jan 19224 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Perry, George19 Mar 194529 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Perry, Grady4 Jan 19525 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Perry, Grady21 Feb 1924Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Perry, Henrietta30 Jun 189214 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Perry, Howard31 Jul 1888Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Perry, James R25 Jan 19333 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Perry, Jean E5 Jun 192917 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Perry, Jesse10 Sep 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Perry, John A6 Sep 193524 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Perry, Johnnie25 Mar 191826 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Perry, June M4 Jun 192015 Oct 1999New Haven
Perry, Lela E7 Feb 192615 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Perry, Leona V23 Feb 192423 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Perry, Lester F11 Aug 192115 Jun 1992Leo
Perry, Lewis9 Dec 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Perry, Louise5 Sep 19445 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Perry, Maggie L5 Apr 195621 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Perry, Mary17 Apr 1909Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Perry, Mary J18 Jul 191319 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Perry, Monroe L11 Jul 191510 Dec 1994Monroeville
Perry, Noel J31 Aug 19025 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Perry, R Wesley4 Mar 1915Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Perry, Ralph27 Aug 1907Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Perry, Ralph N7 Jan 19225 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Perry, Ramon4 Aug 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Perry, Raymond20 Apr 1917May 1982Fort Wayne
Perry, Robert5 Oct 1916Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Perry, Robert E12 Oct 192828 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Perry, Roland24 Sep 1900Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Perry, Rose M20 Jun 194321 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Perry, Ruth T17 Oct 19278 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Perry, Sarah11 Feb 1911May 1979Fort Wayne
Perry, Thelma20 Nov 1915Jun 1980Spencerville
Perry, Timothy A15 Jul 195723 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Perry, Valetta30 Jun 1915Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Perry, Victoria17 Dec 19031 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Perry, Virginia O21 Sep 191116 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Perry, Wayne M8 Nov 19282 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Perry, Wilbur18 Mar 1905May 1976Fort Wayne
Perryman, Betty J14 Aug 191814 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Perry-miller, C16 Nov 1933Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Perse, Brian5 Dec 1961Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Persing, Cedric P14 Nov 190420 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Persing, Marguerite26 Aug 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Person, Edward W8 Mar 191312 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Person, Louise S13 May 191812 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Person, Marjorie14 Sep 19179 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Persoon, John C16 Sep 192220 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Persoon, Lidia7 Dec 1923Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Perugini, Joseph21 Mar 1904Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Pesetski, Frank4 Oct 1914Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Peshek, Elizabeth20 Feb 190923 Apr 2006New Haven
Pesko, Magda1 Jun 193719 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Petcher, Zelma14 Nov 1885Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Pete, James25 Dec 1890Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Pete, Virginia14 Apr 19001 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Peterink, John4 Jul 1889Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Peterink, Paul J15 Feb 19221 May 1999Fort Wayne
Peterman, Albert B5 Sep 190828 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Peterman, Geneva16 Apr 190810 Sep 1992New Haven
Peterman, Reinhardt30 Apr 1918Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Peters, Arnold21 Apr 1906Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Peters, Betty J26 Nov 193019 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Peters, Bonnie L24 Dec 192231 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Peters, Carlton W5 Jul 191516 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Peters, Carrie3 Jan 1884Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Peters, Cathaline C13 Apr 19228 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Peters, Charles9 May 193331 May 2009Fort Wayne
Peters, Charles K6 Feb 189615 Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Peters, Clarence31 Mar 1910Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Peters, Claudia M3 Aug 190921 Feb 1999Grabill
Peters, D5 Aug 1970Aug 1991Churubusco
Peters, Douglas K3 Jan 195729 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Peters, E T1 Feb 1922Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Peters, Elberta E7 Oct 191821 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Peters, Elizabeth M23 Nov 191712 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Peters, Emily11 Aug 192014 May 2002Fort Wayne
Peters, Evelyn8 Sep 1914Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Peters, Frank17 Oct 1889Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Peters, Fridian27 May 1895Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Peters, Gilbert S6 Apr 191422 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Peters, Harvey W21 May 19392 Mar 2005Huntertown
Peters, Helen J28 Feb 192028 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Peters, Henry T14 May 190211 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Peters, Hester27 Nov 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Peters, Hilda E27 Dec 190918 Dec 2001New Haven
Peters, Homer A22 Dec 191513 Apr 1996New Haven
Peters, Ida12 Jan 1916Sep 1986New Haven
Peters, Jeffrey Dupree1 Oct 196110 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Peters, Jessie E5 Sep 188922 May 1988Fort Wayne
Peters, Joanne20 Nov 192217 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Peters, Johanna1 Jul 1887Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Peters, Julian29 Mar 1902Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Peters, Kenneth4 Nov 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Peters, Louise22 Jul 1933Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Peters, Marlene L27 Jun 193714 Jul 2004Leo
Peters, Mary26 Jun 1889Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Peters, Mildred20 Jun 1906Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Peters, Milford H20 Apr 19153 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Peters, Murray24 Aug 1912Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Peters, Ola21 Jan 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Peters, Pearl14 Aug 1893Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Peters, Ralph8 Aug 1902Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Peters, Raymond24 Oct 1891Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Peters, Raymond I31 Jan 194115 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Peters, Raymond J14 Feb 192512 Jun 1995Spencerville
Peters, Robert C8 Mar 194018 Feb 2010Hoagland
Peters, Robert W22 Jun 19129 Nov 1994New Haven
Peters, Roy16 Sep 1893Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Peters, Selma14 Nov 1907Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Peters, Sylvia14 Feb 19104 Oct 1999Huntertown
Peters, Thelma30 Dec 1906Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Peters, Virgil26 Nov 1908Nov 1986Grabill
Peters, Walter10 Oct 1907Feb 1972New Haven
Peters, Wilbert5 Apr 193510 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Peters, William12 Apr 1919Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Petersen, Delphina M24 Jun 19039 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Petersen, Dorothy A14 May 191127 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Petersen, Gordon11 Apr 1916Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Petersen, Marjorie E9 Dec 192516 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Petersen, Maxine R5 Mar 191418 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Petersen, Robert A1 Jun 19184 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Petersen, Ronald E8 Apr 193613 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Petersen, Vernon John23 Apr 192310 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Peterson, Agnes5 Nov 1918Jun 1984New Haven
Peterson, Albertus V1 Aug 192024 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Peterson, Anna11 Dec 1890Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Peterson, Arthur29 Nov 1901Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Peterson, Arthur3 Jan 1896Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Peterson, Arvid7 Apr 1896Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Peterson, Barbara J8 Mar 193324 May 2001Fort Wayne
Peterson, Bradley16 May 1928Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Peterson, Constance13 Jun 1894May 1975Fort Wayne
Peterson, Doris M11 Nov 191526 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Peterson, F P22 Nov 19062 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Peterson, Frank W3 Dec 193718 Feb 2001New Haven
Peterson, George22 Mar 1908Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Peterson, Helen L10 Jul 192023 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Peterson, Helen L28 Oct 192512 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Peterson, Herman A19 Apr 192519 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Peterson, Howard5 May 192531 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Peterson, Howard26 Oct 1904Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Peterson, Howard22 Jun 1911Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Peterson, Judith21 Jun 1922Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Peterson, Kevin Allen30 May 19633 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Peterson, Lucile E28 Nov 191116 Aug 2004New Haven
Peterson, Margaret P28 Jun 192131 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Peterson, Marshall R21 Apr 192011 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Peterson, Martha A1 May 19089 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Peterson, Mary20 Jul 1896Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Peterson, Mary8 Nov 192618 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Peterson, Maxine L21 Oct 19083 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Peterson, Mona2 Feb 1911May 1977Fort Wayne
Peterson, Orville28 Sep 1891Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Peterson, Otha D30 Aug 192414 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Peterson, Paul17 Oct 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Peterson, Regina24 Aug 1902Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Peterson, Richard H5 Dec 192516 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Peterson, Vandilia18 Sep 1924Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Peterson, Vanessa E25 Jan 191121 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Peterson, Violette E29 Dec 190525 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Petgen, Kenneth1 Dec 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Petgen, Ola6 Apr 1882Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Petgen, Robert8 Feb 1906Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Peting, Adolph H15 Sep 189914 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Petit, Dorothy M23 May 192223 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Petrarca, Evelyn15 Feb 1925Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Petras, Michael1 May 192410 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Petras, Mike22 May 1893Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Petrey, Rickie J17 Feb 194830 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Petri, Peter15 Jul 1882Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Petrick, John21 Jun 191915 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Petrie, Alice E13 Aug 191712 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Petrie, Catherine A1 Nov 192414 Oct 2000Churubusco
Petrie, Clarence14 Mar 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Petrie, Gladys20 Apr 1901Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Petrie, Helen M19 Feb 19199 May 2004Fort Wayne
Petrie, James R28 Jan 19429 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Petrie, Joseph A10 Dec 191219 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Petrie, Marietta1 Jan 1937Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Petrie, R A14 Oct 19113 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Petrie, Robert G23 Mar 191115 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Petrillo, Frank10 Mar 1900Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Petro, Esther11 Apr 1897Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Petro, Rose5 Nov 1893Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Petro, Rose14 Jul 1916Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Petroff, Stoian7 Jan 1894Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Petrucelle, Mary N15 Oct 191611 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Petrucelle, Norma E12 Apr 191116 Mar 1997Roanoke
Petry, Florence3 Jan 1892Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Petry, John6 Nov 1906May 1967New Haven
Petry, Oliver18 Aug 1891Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Petry, Selma18 Mar 1918Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Pett, Otto10 Dec 1887Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Pettey, Carol L24 Jun 191615 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Pettibone, Carl7 May 1927Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Pettibone, Liness2 Jul 1900Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pettie, Kenneth21 Oct 1956May 1987Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Carl T19 Nov 191517 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Eleanor21 Aug 19223 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Ernest20 Oct 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Ernestine27 Feb 1914Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Marian M15 Sep 19155 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Patricia S18 Dec 19462 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Pettigrew, Robert L8 Aug 192428 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Pettit, Betty J14 Jun 192210 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Pettit, Beverly J26 Aug 194125 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Pettit, Edith19 Jun 1889Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Pettit, Elizabeth E22 Jun 1916Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Pettit, Franklynn W14 Aug 192120 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Pettit, Geraldine27 Jun 1910Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Pettit, H C6 Jun 193815 May 1989Fort Wayne
Pettit, Harley D13 Jul 19379 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Pettit, Isabelle L29 Dec 191020 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Pettit, John7 Jan 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Pettit, Joseph1 May 1907Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Pettit, Kenneth A23 Sep 192516 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Pettit, Leona28 Apr 1903Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Pettit, Lucinda27 Mar 19102 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Pettit, Margaret7 Nov 1897Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Pettit, Ralph16 Feb 1896Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Pettit, Robert31 Jul 1915May 1985Fort Wayne
Petty, Harvey M22 Jan 190721 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Petty, Joe A19 Jun 192018 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Petty, Ruth E9 Mar 190731 May 1998Fort Wayne
Pettyjohn, Lee9 Jan 1897Mar 1974New Haven
Petznik, Ervin19 Nov 1917Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Petzold, Adeline27 Sep 1919Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Petzold, Elmer W12 May 19174 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Peverly, Edwin S Jr4 Feb 19352 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Pevert, Frank20 Mar 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne

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