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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Pham, Van V20 Nov 193517 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Phares, Cheryl R2 Dec 194431 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Pharr, Karen S23 Sep 19521 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Phebus, Bernard2 Nov 1891Nov 1973Roanoke
Phebus, Marjorie E30 Sep 191728 Jan 1992Roanoke
Phelps, Charles O14 May 191116 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Phelps, Claude14 Sep 1919May 1989Fort Wayne
Phelps, Esther27 Mar 1882Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Phelps, Foy12 Aug 1909Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Phelps, George A24 Jun 191529 Jun 1992Churubusco
Phelps, Hattie25 Sep 1898Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Phelps, Joan M15 Jul 192712 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Phelps, Mary E5 Jul 1923Mar 1993Churubusco
Phelps, Mildred29 Apr 1890Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Phelps, Pauline10 Apr 1905May 1985Fort Wayne
Phelps, Robert B24 Jan 192516 May 1999Fort Wayne
Pheneger, Bertha R12 Apr 19102 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Phenicie, Mildred11 Dec 1897Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Pherson, Nell Jean5 Oct 192031 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Pherson, Robin E28 Nov 194624 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Phifer, Kenneth Paul20 Nov 196211 May 2009New Haven
Phifer, Otha L27 Oct 193320 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Phifer, Varhonda18 Feb 196717 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Philabaum, Mary24 Aug 1892Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Philbee, Dora E12 Jul 191622 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Philbee, James26 May 1908Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Philbrook, Shirley J10 Aug 195123 Jun 2008New Haven
Philipps, Dorothy Lena8 Dec 19262 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Philips, Harold9 Jan 1934Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Philley, Clara E26 Jun 189224 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Philley, Grace18 Jul 1886Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Philley, James15 May 1885Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Philley, John16 Apr 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Philley, Mary20 Oct 1884Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Phillimore, Daisy5 May 1912Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Phillip, Caroline8 Jan 1902May 1979Fort Wayne
Phillipp, Richard G16 Jan 192518 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, Alfred23 Jan 1891Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Phillips, Alonzo25 Aug 1921Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Phillips, Anderson11 Sep 193223 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Phillips, Arthur L30 Sep 192629 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Phillips, Beatrice20 Jun 190723 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Phillips, Bernice30 Jan 1909Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Phillips, Boyd13 Nov 190627 Jan 1994New Haven
Phillips, Carolyn B3 Mar 192513 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Phillips, Carroll R30 Aug 192018 May 1993Fort Wayne
Phillips, Cecil18 Nov 192418 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Phillips, Charles5 Feb 1935Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Phillips, Charles3 Oct 192817 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Phillips, Charles G16 Oct 195526 May 2001Fort Wayne
Phillips, Clarice V24 Apr 19346 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Phillips, Claude1 Aug 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Phillips, Dale M20 Feb 191827 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Phillips, David7 Dec 19432 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Phillips, Delbert E5 Jan 191724 May 2003New Haven
Phillips, Delos15 Aug 1924May 1981Fort Wayne
Phillips, Delos Sr3 Feb 1899Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Phillips, Donald27 Mar 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Phillips, Dorothea A24 Jul 1922Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Phillips, Dorothy14 Jan 1903Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Phillips, Dorothy J20 Jun 192912 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Phillips, Dorval14 Jun 1910May 1982Fort Wayne
Phillips, Edna13 Mar 193529 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, Edward27 Oct 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Phillips, Edward15 Dec 1910Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Phillips, Eleanor5 Jan 192618 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Phillips, Elijah M4 Jul 19086 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Phillips, Emilie10 Jan 1890Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Phillips, Esaw26 Jun 190422 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Phillips, Eugene C12 Feb 191824 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Phillips, Eugene M19 May 191730 May 1994Fort Wayne
Phillips, Fae16 Sep 1892Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Phillips, Frank16 Nov 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Phillips, Frank12 Dec 1869Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Phillips, George J12 Dec 191718 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Phillips, Geraldine10 Apr 1937Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Phillips, Gladys N9 Nov 19077 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Phillips, H24 Aug 1911Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Phillips, Herbert L Jr23 Aug 1940Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Phillips, Homer14 Sep 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Phillips, Irene Mae3 Nov 192312 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Phillips, Jack G5 Nov 19157 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Phillips, James23 Feb 1908Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Phillips, James F9 Sep 193915 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Phillips, James G5 Feb 19323 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Phillips, Jeane5 Aug 1910Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Phillips, Jesse19 Jul 1895Apr 1970Churubusco
Phillips, Jesse D6 May 191518 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Phillips, Jim10 Apr 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Phillips, Joan9 Sep 193124 May 1999Fort Wayne
Phillips, Joan26 Apr 1923Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Phillips, John F26 Oct 19204 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, Joseph J19 Mar 19168 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Phillips, Juanita10 Apr 1901Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Phillips, Julia11 May 1940Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lillian16 Aug 1916Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lillian H21 May 190412 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lillian J31 Oct 19434 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lloyd30 Oct 1892Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lorene E19 Apr 18983 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Phillips, Lorris W2 Dec 192217 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Phillips, Margaret M12 Sep 191611 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Phillips, Marie2 Apr 1896Mar 1984Yoder
Phillips, Mary6 Oct 1881Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mary C12 Jun 19247 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mary J5 Dec 19325 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mary L8 Oct 191330 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mattie15 Dec 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Phillips, Melvin R10 Jul 19212 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mildred4 Nov 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Phillips, Mildred20 Nov 1911Feb 1986Woodburn
Phillips, Mildred L28 Dec 191827 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Phillips, Nancy6 Oct 1890Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Phillips, Naomi L20 Jan 1901May 1992Fort Wayne
Phillips, Norman M21 Sep 190225 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Phillips, Ora J29 Nov 191912 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Phillips, Paul1 Mar 1898Jan 1973Roanoke
Phillips, Phil6 May 190317 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Phillips, Phil Clinton12 Oct 19477 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Phillips, Robert A9 Feb 191712 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Phillips, Roosevelt12 Sep 193517 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Phillips, Rosemary W11 Jan 192424 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Phillips, Ross22 Sep 1897Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Phillips, Sallie M20 Feb 19186 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Phillips, Theodore12 May 190321 Jun 1992Churubusco
Phillips, Travis B19 Jun 197311 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, Velma L10 Apr 19183 Mar 2009Leo
Phillips, Vera J3 Oct 192324 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Phillips, Vergie15 Aug 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Phillips, Victoria M1 May 196018 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Phillips, Virginia D25 Jan 19254 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Phillips, W Ronald19 Aug 193118 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Phillips, William27 Apr 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Phillips, William C21 Feb 191610 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Phillips, Wilson30 Sep 1912Oct 1986Woodburn
Philo, Harriet1 Aug 1880Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Philo, Marcella10 Feb 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Philpot, Mary E28 Sep 193931 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Philpot, William7 Aug 1901Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Phinezy, Arie30 Jun 1881Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Phinezy, Eva J17 Feb 192229 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Phinezy, Florence B19 Apr 19152 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Phinney, Marjorie W11 May 191521 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Phinney, Myron R2 Oct 191415 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Phipps, Esther15 Dec 1894Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Phipps, Gloria J7 Oct 192730 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Phipps, Laura9 Jul 1900Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Phoenix John, Rhonda19 Nov 195617 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Phommachanh, Aly5 Dec 194915 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Phoutthavien, Oudomphone2 Feb 195710 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Phovemire, Ralph B19 Dec 192018 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Phovemire, Vesta24 Aug 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne

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