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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Pi, Ralph6 Dec 1896Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Piano, Angie L8 May 19143 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Piatt, Clara23 Dec 191713 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Piatt, John T30 Dec 19313 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Piatt, Mary C29 Nov 1899May 1992Fort Wayne
Piatt, Mary J30 Apr 193213 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Piatt, Thomas11 Jul 1929Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Pichardo, Mercedes M21 Feb 19099 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Pichon, Beatrice13 Aug 190422 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Pichon, Clara8 Jun 1893Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Pichon, Esther14 Apr 1912Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Pichon, Genevieve2 Mar 1898Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Pichon, Mary13 Jan 1906Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Picht, Horst E20 Sep 192830 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Picillo, Margaret S19 May 193230 Aug 2003Spencerville
Pick, Albert J13 Feb 193328 Feb 2002Leo
Pickard, Clem22 Jun 1903Jul 1975Roanoke
Pickard, Esther21 Sep 1906Jul 1978Roanoke
Pickard, Florence2 Oct 1896Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Pickard, Lavon21 Jul 1908Mar 1977Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Picke, Susana8 Mar 1890Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Pickell, Charles K31 Aug 190424 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Pickell, Douglas15 Oct 1946Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Pickell, Rose24 Aug 1918Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Pickens, Forna26 Apr 1904May 1978Fort Wayne
Pickens, Frank J18 Feb 19261 Apr 1999New Haven
Pickens, Lillian P23 Nov 190827 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Pickens, Lula1 Jul 191024 May 2001Fort Wayne
Picker, Mary C16 Nov 193219 Dec 1998Huntertown
Pickerill, Aimee R27 Jun 191223 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Pickerill, Robert D28 Sep 191515 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Pickering, David22 Aug 1930Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Pickering, Gerald L11 Feb 193414 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Pickering, James E18 Jul 192815 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Pickering, John28 Jul 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Pickering, Larry L26 Nov 193219 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Pickering, Lula M19 Nov 191426 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Pickering, Marian25 Jul 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Pickett, Dale E19 Aug 193711 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Pickett, David9 Sep 1959Jan 1980New Haven
Pickett, Elmer24 Apr 1888Jun 1968New Haven
Pickett, Emma15 Aug 1906Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Pickett, Emma1 Aug 1888Aug 1966New Haven
Pickett, Glenn E25 Feb 190926 Jul 1992New Haven
Pickett, Harry25 Jul 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Pickett, Herschel N27 Dec 191530 Jan 2005New Haven
Pickett, James A16 Apr 19192 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Pickett, Keith28 Sep 1954Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pickett, Paul T25 Apr 19349 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Pickett, Ralph4 May 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Pickett, Thelma M16 Nov 190323 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Pickett, Walter10 May 191511 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Pickle, K1 Jul 1971Dec 1990New Haven
Pickler, Julius31 Jan 1896Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Pickler, Lydia15 Oct 1891Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Picklesimer, Lena B21 Mar 1915Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Pickren, Mary M7 Jul 19109 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Pictor, Charlotte J19 Oct 19144 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Piddock, Clarence22 May 1895Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Pidlisna, Maria15 Mar 1919Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Piebenga, Mary Louise8 Nov 192927 May 2009Fort Wayne
Piehl, Harry Theobald1 Nov 19211 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Piekarski, Albin M30 Jan 19269 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Piekarski, Helen C21 Jun 190930 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Piekarski, Shirley M26 Nov 192828 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Piel, Alma1 Dec 1891Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Emma2 Jan 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Fred8 Jun 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, George4 Nov 1909Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Harold25 Apr 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Marguerite17 Aug 1888Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Pauline M27 Jun 190623 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Thomas O28 Nov 191923 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Piepenbrink, Wilfred17 Jul 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Pieper, Lilah11 Sep 1905Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Pieper, Lois A8 Feb 192315 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Pieper, Louis W15 Feb 192220 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Pieper, Melvin J7 Aug 193824 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Pieper, Nellie23 Feb 19128 Mar 2008New Haven
Pieper, Walter12 Oct 1890Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Pieratt, Calvin10 Oct 1902Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Pierce, A13 Nov 1920Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Pierce, Anna15 Nov 191926 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Pierce, Bernice14 Jun 1900Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Pierce, Charles4 Aug 1908Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Pierce, Dora24 Mar 1886Mar 1983Monroeville
Pierce, Doris8 Jun 1911Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Pierce, Dorothy M25 May 192220 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Pierce, Earl L7 Apr 19235 Jun 1999Hoagland
Pierce, Edwin H2 Mar 191427 Mar 1994Monroeville
Pierce, Elaine24 Jun 1925May 1979Fort Wayne
Pierce, Evelyn23 Dec 1915Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Pierce, Frederick5 Jul 1931Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Pierce, Gretchen2 Mar 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Pierce, Harry3 Oct 1886Mar 1973Monroeville
Pierce, Harry30 Dec 1894Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Pierce, Howard18 Apr 1907Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Pierce, Ilene16 Jan 19256 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Pierce, James D20 Nov 196312 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Pierce, Jane E13 Jan 190516 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Pierce, John M13 Sep 190321 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Pierce, Johnie21 Aug 1934Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Pierce, Kenneth4 Sep 1923Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Pierce, Latrevia A21 Mar 191415 Dec 2003Monroeville
Pierce, Louisa9 Oct 1900Jul 1977Spencerville
Pierce, Lovic F24 Aug 192420 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Pierce, Mae8 Mar 1910Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Pierce, Margaret E6 Aug 191020 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Pierce, Marlene J13 Jan 194328 Dec 2009Monroeville
Pierce, Marlin J10 Aug 191925 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Pierce, Martha A15 Oct 192030 Sep 2001Hoagland
Pierce, Mary15 Aug 1919Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Pierce, Mary1 Mar 1907Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Pierce, Mary E29 Sep 192715 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Pierce, Nora B21 May 192115 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Pierce, Norma Jean27 Jan 19392 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Pierce, Richard15 May 1917Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Pierce, Robert C15 Feb 19153 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Pierce, Sam O4 May 191429 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Pierce, Thomas31 Mar 1891Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Pierce, Thurman Bruce10 Jun 19384 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Pierce, Viola A26 Apr 191018 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Piercy, Matilda14 Mar 1921Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Piercy, Richard2 Apr 1921Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Piercy, Ruth D1 Jan 194727 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Pieri, Nazareth D7 Aug 192630 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Pierpoint, Mary24 May 1892Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Pierr, Sylvester5 Oct 1921Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Pierr, V Maxine28 Feb 192023 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Pierre, Giles J5 Feb 19084 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Pierre, Hilda17 Jul 1896Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Pierre, Raymond14 Aug 1892Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Pierson, Carl6 Oct 1888Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Pierson, Carl Sr13 May 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Pierson, Celia M29 Nov 190417 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Pierson, Faye8 Mar 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Pierson, Julia1 Sep 1888Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Pierson, Katherine E31 May 190127 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Pierson, Marjorie7 Apr 1909Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Pierson, Naomi V4 Jan 1898May 1994Fort Wayne
Pierson, Norman F4 Dec 193515 May 2004Fort Wayne
Pierstorff, Joy14 Aug 192521 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Pietras, Genevieve P14 Mar 191719 May 1997Fort Wayne
Pietraszewsk, Apolonia8 Feb 191426 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Pietraszewsk, Henry22 Jan 1914Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Pietro, Myrna13 Mar 1942Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Piety, Vesta22 Jan 1890Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Pifer, Ethel C26 Dec 1889Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Pifer, Lloyd8 Oct 1902Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Pifer, Marie1 Sep 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Pifer, Mary12 Feb 1887May 1967Fort Wayne
Pifer, Starley J1 May 19316 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Pifer, Vern30 Sep 1887Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Pifer, William18 Feb 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Pigman, Charles5 Oct 1918May 1982Fort Wayne
Pigman, Irene18 Nov 19211 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Pigott, Eunice N16 Oct 191222 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Pigott, John R30 Apr 19125 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Pike, Bessie24 Feb 1903Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Pike, Elvira L9 Jul 191230 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Pikel, John21 Jan 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Pilkington, William10 Jan 1888Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Pilkinton, Earnie22 Aug 1897Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Pilkinton, R W24 Nov 193515 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Pilkinton, Roda4 Sep 1904Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Pillars, Pearl11 Mar 1882Jan 1984Monroeville
Piller, Nelson6 Sep 1919Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Pillers, Anna31 Oct 1905Oct 1977Monroeville
Pillers, Thomas17 Dec 1879Jun 1970Monroeville
Pillers, Thomas B24 Oct 19055 Oct 1991Monroeville
Pilling, Queen E11 Nov 193715 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Pilling, Vernon5 Feb 1904Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Pillmore, Elizabeth Y27 Sep 191328 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Pilot, Grace D14 Mar 19122 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Pilson, Beverly J19 Jul 193322 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Pilson, John Junior9 Sep 193520 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Pilson, Jon A24 Apr 196925 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Pilz, Rena J15 Aug 194213 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Pimanis, Ivars V29 Jun 193415 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Pinault, Nancy J18 May 193813 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Pine, Chester25 Jan 1908May 1984Fort Wayne
Pine, Donald L16 Jul 19329 Jan 2001Harlan
Pine, Florence8 Aug 1909Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Pine, Jeanette6 Apr 190722 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ping, Robert1 Feb 192211 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Charles L17 Apr 192924 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Irene E8 Oct 190919 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Lloyd I13 Aug 19086 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Lloyd M26 Aug 19213 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Opal A23 Oct 189812 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Pinkerton, Rosa M15 Jan 190911 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Alma M5 Jun 19066 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Delphine4 Jul 19057 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Harvey16 Aug 1904Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Mary12 Feb 1879Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Mary8 Mar 1906Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Richard E24 Jun 19114 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Robert T5 Dec 19077 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Pinkham, Thomas E14 Apr 193522 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Pinkley, Daniel9 Nov 1907Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Darryl E21 Apr 196511 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Eddie30 Nov 19158 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Jerry W1 Aug 19333 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Leonard A9 Oct 196112 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Maldotha8 Apr 19198 May 1997Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Mark A24 Jun 196629 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Patricia K11 Aug 19515 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Pinkston, Viola12 May 1890Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Pinney, Ethel13 Dec 1887May 1978Fort Wayne
Pinnick, Ralph E21 Jun 190521 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Pinnick-bend, Martha22 Oct 192124 May 2007Fort Wayne
Pinter, Julia1 Feb 1898Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Pinter, Paul J7 Oct 191822 May 2009Fort Wayne
Pio, Myrtle25 Feb 1886Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Pio, William30 Jun 1894Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Pion, Argel22 Apr 1909Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Pion, Charles19 Nov 1877May 1966Fort Wayne
Pion, Clarence14 Apr 1892Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Pion, Delphis H23 Jan 189315 Aug 1968Roanoke
Pion, Elmer18 Apr 1901Aug 1976Huntertown
Pion, Florence1 Aug 1902Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Pion, Frank29 Mar 1914Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Pion, Lillie30 Oct 1916Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Pion, Mary L1 Apr 192124 May 1996Fort Wayne
Pion, Richard A2 Jun 192329 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Pion, Robert W11 Jun 191623 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Pion, Virginia19 Apr 1910Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Piper, Chester L5 Sep 191111 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Piper, Jacquelyn S13 Nov 194631 May 2005Fort Wayne
Piper, Mary5 Apr 191213 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Piper, Scott B24 Feb 191415 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Piper, William17 Mar 1877Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Pipkin, John2 Jun 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Pippenger, David L15 May 194024 Aug 2008Churubusco
Pippenger, Edyth28 Dec 1927Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Pippens, Lepolian8 Mar 19598 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Pippert, Leona R24 Dec 190211 Nov 2004Huntertown
Pirani, Gulbano11 Jun 19281 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Pirkel, Richard W25 Jun 19443 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Pirrung, Catherine23 Jan 19241 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Pitcher, John6 Jun 1897Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Pitcher, Norma2 Mar 1940Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Pitman Jr, Robert H30 Jul 19461 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Pitser, Earl A14 Nov 191417 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Pitser, Eloise S2 Jul 191511 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Pitser, Glen17 May 1907Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Pitser, Olive L2 Mar 190612 May 2000Fort Wayne
Pittenger, Lillian26 Jul 1914Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Pitts, Augustus14 Feb 19072 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Pitts, Ethel J16 Oct 191222 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Pitts, John H13 Jun 1914Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Pitzen, Fred5 Mar 1890Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Pitzen, John23 Jan 196315 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Pitzen, Marie A11 May 1902Jan 1992Monroeville
Pitzen, Thomas M3 Mar 193120 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Pitzer, Ida27 Jan 1895Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Pitzer, Jeanette H27 Feb 193226 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Pitzer, Joseph H17 Oct 190031 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Pitzer, Mildred26 Nov 1909Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Pitzer, Wilma L15 Jul 19351 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Piunti, Celestia16 Feb 1896Feb 1974Fort Wayne

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