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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Place, Alvy7 Aug 1892Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Place, Betty H19 Aug 192216 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Place, Donald J18 Nov 194024 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Place, Kevin C15 Dec 19559 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Place, Lanna25 Jul 1880Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Place, Lawrence8 Jan 192930 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Place, Lewis26 Nov 1894May 1967Fort Wayne
Place, Mary27 Oct 1918Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Place, Ruth12 Oct 1898Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Place, Terry E9 May 19468 Jul 2007Huntertown
Placek, Joseph28 Feb 1911Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Placek, Lois7 Jul 1915Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Plake, Jack W27 Aug 192512 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Plan, Katie10 Mar 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Plank, E Gene24 Sep 19244 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Plank, Jesse9 May 1899Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Plank, Josephine D16 Sep 190818 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Plank, Mary7 May 1902Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Plank, Philip19 Sep 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Plank, Rosetta L31 May 194815 Apr 1994Grabill, Fort Wayne
Plankey, Frank10 Jun 1917May 1977Fort Wayne
Plant, A O1 Jun 19304 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Plant, Doris Marie25 Jun 19207 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Plasket, Eleanore D1 Apr 1907Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Plasket, Joseph27 Aug 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Plassman, Raymond C13 Dec 193511 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Plaster, Clarence2 Nov 1895May 1978Fort Wayne
Plasterer, Myrtle O19 Aug 19042 Feb 1993New Haven, Fort Wayne
Plasterer, Richard6 Mar 1900Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Platisha, Anne27 Jul 19137 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Platisha, George6 Dec 19127 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Platner, C A24 Sep 1906Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Platner, Deane28 Jan 1914Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Platt, Ardola15 Jan 1904Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Platt, Arthur27 Dec 1894Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Platt, Bonita5 Aug 1893Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Platt, Chancy15 Apr 1900Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Platt, Clester H24 Dec 19131 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Platt, Dessie25 Feb 1886Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Platt, Donald21 Sep 1899Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Platt, Elmer11 Sep 1886Apr 1975Roanoke
Platt, Elmer J22 Oct 191524 Jan 1990Roanoke
Platt, Ethel H30 Mar 19085 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Platt, Gerald J4 Dec 191315 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Platt, Harry L14 Aug 19222 Mar 2006Huntertown
Platt, Hershel25 Oct 1897Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Platt, Joy M24 Aug 19283 Apr 2003Yoder
Platt, Laura11 Nov 1890Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Platt, Lois A19 Jul 19326 May 2006Fort Wayne
Platt, Marcelle G20 Aug 191910 Jul 2002Huntertown
Platt, Mark A7 Dec 195126 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Platt, Max E16 Jan 192027 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Platt, Olive26 Nov 1916Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Platt, Orville18 Apr 1897Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Platt, Pascaline30 Mar 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Platt, Phyliss I6 Jan 192318 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Platt, Ralph21 Feb 1915Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Platt, Robert V31 Mar 192928 Feb 2000Yoder
Platt, Roy D7 Jan 19195 Dec 1997Roanoke
Platt, Russell L27 May 191910 Mar 1992Yoder
Platt, Samuel4 Mar 19275 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Platt, Violet C15 Mar 191717 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Platt, Virginia L7 Apr 19191 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Platt, Vivian G24 Jul 19136 May 1992Fort Wayne
Platt, Waldo E6 Feb 19256 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Platter, Elizabeth J21 Feb 1917Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Platter, William F27 Jan 191522 May 2000New Haven
Plattner, Bertha23 Oct 1889Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Plattner, Betty M14 Dec 193518 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Plattner, Carl B22 Jun 19176 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Plattner, Merle1 Jun 1923Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Plattner, Patsy F18 May 192626 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Plattner, Raymond11 Aug 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Plattner, Ruth29 Jun 191527 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Plattor, Ida21 Feb 1885Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Platz, Carl5 Jul 1883Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Platz, Elnora14 Feb 1883Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Platz, Frances18 Apr 191321 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Platz, Mary M18 Oct 19181 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Pleak, Robert D13 Nov 192031 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Plescher, Irene9 Apr 1899Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Plesniak, Elvira H9 Jul 1911Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Plesniak, Genevieve C30 Jul 191431 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Plesniak, Walter J19 Sep 190714 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Pletcher, Dorothy M16 Feb 19131 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Pletcher, Frances18 Dec 1892Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Pletcher, John12 Apr 191916 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Pletcher, Lee16 Jan 1891Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Pletcher, Lloyd L30 May 191610 May 1993Fort Wayne
Pletcher, Melissa Sue21 Jul 198117 Oct 2008Churubusco
Pletcher, Opal5 Oct 1883Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Pleus, Eloise V19 Oct 191528 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Pliett, Edwin O17 Sep 190618 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Pliett, Mary21 Dec 1912Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Plock, Elenore12 Jun 1889Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Plogsterth, Margaret R23 Oct 190718 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Plogsterth, Willard7 Oct 1897Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Plothe, Arthur14 Mar 1908Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Plothe, Ruby9 Feb 1914Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Plotner, Helen30 Apr 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Plotner, Richard2 Oct 1899Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Plott, Clifton J2 Jul 194220 Jul 2008Woodburn
Ploughe, Emily7 Feb 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Ploughman, Leonard K29 Jun 192027 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Plumanns, Leona H10 Jan 191312 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Plumb, E A23 Mar 191419 Oct 2008Harlan
Plumb, Nova K12 Nov 191321 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Plumb, Ray H24 Feb 19118 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Plumb, Rosella10 Sep 1923Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Plumley, Clarence17 Sep 1908Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Plumley, Dorcas E25 Mar 19374 Oct 2006Monroeville
Plumley, Eva19 Jan 1868Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Plumley, Frank6 May 1906Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Plumley, Ilo28 Feb 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Plumley, James R31 Dec 190015 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Plumley, Lois31 Jul 1923Nov 1986Monroeville
Plumley, Robert15 Jun 1928May 1985Monroeville
Plummer, Cheryl A26 Sep 19438 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Plummer, Donald14 Aug 1929Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Plummer, Donald L18 Jun 193420 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Plummer, Earl A6 Oct 19088 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Plummer, Flora M23 Mar 1910Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Plummer, Guilford R8 Jun 1900Oct 1992Monroeville
Plummer, John1 Aug 1882Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Plummer, Margaret21 Jul 19012 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Plummer, Norma4 Mar 1904Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Plunkett, Alice C26 Aug 19138 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Plunkett, Barbara16 Apr 190819 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Plunkett, John8 Jul 1909Dec 1979Churubusco
Plunkett, Valerie J7 Aug 195020 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Plunkitt, Gladys P10 Jun 1900Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Plunkitt, James18 Feb 1902Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Plye, Donald14 Aug 1895Jun 1976Fort Wayne

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