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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Pochopien, Maria10 May 19232 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Pocock, Philip James29 Nov 19567 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Podrasky, Glenys M5 Feb 192030 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Podskalan, Frances6 Apr 1890Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Poe, Della22 Jun 1883Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Poe, Glenn26 Dec 1906Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Poe, James13 Mar 1913Mar 1982New Haven
Poe, Katie14 Jun 1881Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Poe, Lela J11 May 190919 Feb 1998Churubusco
Poe, Sarah22 Feb 1882Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Poe, Winifred A16 Mar 190415 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Poeckel, Irene10 Jul 1901Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Poeckel, William26 Mar 1898Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Poehler, Adeline14 Nov 1894Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Poehler, Arthur5 Oct 1896Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Poehler, Donald14 Feb 190924 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Poehler, Elda14 Dec 1903Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Poehler, Emilie19 Jun 1889Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Poehler, Emiliie31 Jan 1885Apr 1983Grabill
Poehler, Fred17 Nov 1882Dec 1977Monroeville
Poehler, Frieda3 Jun 1897Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Poehler, Herbert21 Nov 1900Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Poehler, Louise29 Oct 1893Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Poehler, Richard J7 Jul 19089 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Poehler, Wallace18 Oct 1908May 1987Fort Wayne
Poelhuis, Bernard22 Aug 1885Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Alma17 Mar 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Ervin1 Oct 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Evelyn M10 Oct 192410 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Frances24 Feb 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Frederick J5 Feb 192310 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Harold J6 Mar 192815 Oct 2007New Haven
Poeppel, Jeanette M6 Jan 192816 Jun 2007New Haven
Poeppel, Nina F14 Jul 193911 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Poeppel, Werner21 Oct 1900Jul 1976New Haven
Poesl, Mary8 Sep 1883Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Poet, Llew5 Nov 1876Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Poet, Minnie31 Mar 1874Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Poff, Cora M8 Dec 191524 Mar 2008Roanoke
Poff, Jean26 Feb 1931Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Poff, William19 Nov 1900Apr 1978Roanoke
Poffenberger, Bette M19 Feb 191930 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Poffenberger, Donald E19 May 19282 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Poffenberger, John P28 Jun 19381 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Poffenberger, Robert F18 Feb 191918 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Poffenberger, William13 Dec 1892Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pogorzelska, Sophia M1 Jan 191423 Mar 1999New Haven
Pogozulski, Joe9 Mar 1885Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Pogozulski, Mary31 Mar 1889Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Pogue, Betty J20 Jan 192512 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Pogue, Doris M22 Apr 19162 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Pogue, James C13 Oct 191327 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Pogue, James N14 Apr 191922 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Pogue, Michael J20 May 194110 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Pogue, Mildred4 Apr 1916Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Pohl, George20 Dec 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Pohl, Mary18 Feb 1886Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pohlmann, Emilie30 Jul 1878Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Pohlmann, Esther19 May 189922 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Pohlmeyer, Helen5 Mar 1900Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Pohlmeyer, Martin9 Oct 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Pohlmeyer, Otto9 Dec 1888Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Pohlmeyer, Pauline20 Dec 1890Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Pohlmeyer, Ruth R5 Apr 190116 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Pohnert, Paul Owen6 Dec 19557 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Pohr, Esther18 Apr 1909Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Poindexter, Hugh25 Mar 191623 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Poindexter, Leroy26 Jun 1926Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Poindexter, Timothy D21 May 19812 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Poinsatte, Albert10 May 1897Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Poinsatte, Hilda M25 Feb 19021 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Poinsatte, Irene10 Jun 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Poinsatte, Mary E7 Apr 191123 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Poinsatte, Ruth5 Sep 1894Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Edward1 May 190715 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Frank C6 Nov 192221 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Helen E16 Jun 19123 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Kenneth F17 Nov 19105 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Mary E17 Jul 191516 May 1992Fort Wayne
Poinsett, Treva M17 Sep 191510 May 2006Fort Wayne
Poiry, Cyril P31 May 19209 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Poiry, Donald30 Dec 1909Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Poiry, Georgianna C26 Feb 19252 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Poiry, John18 Jun 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Poiry, Paul E25 Mar 19273 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Poiry, Ruth E24 Feb 191715 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Poisel, Irma8 Apr 1923Jun 1983Grabill
Poisel, Perry E1 Sep 19239 Jan 1994Grabill
Poitras, Betty Ileen15 Oct 192417 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Poitras, James A14 Feb 192317 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Poitras, Robert27 Jun 1924Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Pojak, Celia10 Nov 1900Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Pojak, John9 Nov 1895Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Pojak, Robert J13 Feb 19248 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Pokora, Alexander20 Feb 1926Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Pokora, Stanley26 Jul 1896Jun 1964Fort Wayne
Pokora, Theodosia22 Jul 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Pokorney, John5 May 1908Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Pokorney, Kathleen M23 Jan 19293 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Polack, R Jean2 May 192829 May 1999Fort Wayne
Polek, Edward J20 Mar 190513 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Polek, Pauline26 May 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Poles, Edith28 Oct 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Polezoes, George4 Jan 1893Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Polhamus, Carolyn15 Dec 1897Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Polhamus, Harry27 Sep 1895Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Polhamus, William1 Aug 1899Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Polhemus, Esther18 Sep 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Polick, John10 Nov 1928Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Polick, Marguerite29 Apr 19273 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Poling, Betty L25 May 193127 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Poling, Carl B5 Mar 19332 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Poling, Charles17 Sep 1904Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Poling, Conwell26 Sep 1903Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Poling, Dale20 Jun 1936Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Poling, Elma L18 Mar 1903Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Poling, Ervin4 Nov 1893Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Poling, Esther24 Apr 1910Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Poling, Frances22 Jul 1898Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Poling, Harold L17 Dec 193512 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Poling, Icie C17 Mar 192813 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Poling, Janet1 May 1942Jan 1985Grabill
Poling, Jean13 Apr 19228 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Poling, Jon21 Jan 1957Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Poling, Josephine L21 Nov 192716 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Poling, Kenneth A30 Sep 193017 Jan 2006New Haven
Poling, Louis A15 Mar 192629 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Poling, Maurice D1 Jan 191613 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Poling, Max L4 Jan 193229 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Poling, Ora S17 Feb 190021 May 1988Fort Wayne
Poling, Paula10 Feb 190624 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Poling, Ruth B13 Nov 190424 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Poling, Vera M11 Mar 190828 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Polivchak, R P17 Feb 193315 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Polivick, Naomi26 Feb 19019 May 1991Fort Wayne
Polivick, Robert20 Dec 1922Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Polk, Helen C18 Apr 19055 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Polk, John19 Jan 1910Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Polk, Mable18 May 191422 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Polk, RichardJan 1904Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Polk, Sarah M3 Nov 192815 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Polk, Victor B21 Jul 193716 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Polk-waters, Rosamond L13 Sep 192815 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Poll, Frieda26 May 1890Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Pollak, Adelaide22 Nov 1906Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Pollak, Nelson9 Aug 1896Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Pollander, Emily Ann1 Sep 19612 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Pollard, Ethel9 Sep 1921Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Pollard, George F18 Dec 192615 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Pollard, Herbert21 Dec 1913May 1987Churubusco
Pollard, James17 May 1918Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Pollard, Lee A29 Jun 1950Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Pollard, Lucille19 Jan 19331 Mar 2010Fort Wayne
Pollard, Myrtle16 Aug 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Pollard, Oliver24 Mar 193422 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Polley, Catherine E18 Apr 19168 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Polley, Chester L18 Feb 190720 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Polley, Elizabeth R6 Jun 19091 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Polley, Lillian P30 Aug 191227 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Polley, Terry L4 Mar 195425 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Polley, Velma M7 Jul 191411 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Polley, Wayne5 Jul 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Polley, Wilbur5 Jul 1908May 1975Fort Wayne
Pollick, Carlisle R27 Mar 193726 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Pollitt, George A11 Dec 19167 Feb 2002Churubusco
Pollitt, Kathleen M10 Jun 192210 Apr 2001Churubusco
Pollitt, Naomi O7 Sep 191920 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Pollitz, Loretta10 Apr 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Pollock, Bernice6 Jan 1904Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Pollock, Carole A30 Dec 193126 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Pollock, Charles14 Jul 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Pollock, Donald27 Oct 1906Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Pollock, Gladys M9 Oct 19077 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Pollock, Jack E6 Sep 19113 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Pollock, James E15 Aug 19271 Aug 1994Churubusco
Pollock, John30 Aug 1920Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Pollock, Lunettie16 Mar 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Pollock, Mary24 Jul 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Pollock, Patricia E9 Nov 193310 Jun 2000Churubusco
Pollock, Paul8 Dec 1893Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Pollock, Rita M21 Jun 19171 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Pollock, Samuel L23 Jan 194724 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Pollock, Walter22 Feb 1904Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Pollock, William17 Apr 1883Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Pollock, William J30 Oct 192710 Oct 2002New Haven
Pollom, Matthew14 Sep 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Polloni, Mark C7 Mar 1916May 1998Fort Wayne
Polloni, Norma V4 Oct 191112 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Pollos, James22 Jul 1892Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Pollos, Marie26 Dec 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Pollos, Phillip9 Dec 191922 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Polston, Floyd18 Sep 1896Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Polston, Kim D2 May 19551 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Polston, Kirby D5 Nov 19321 Apr 1995Churubusco
Polston, Lillie4 Apr 1891Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Polston, Margaret M23 Sep 191817 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Polston, Richard1 Feb 1916Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Polsz, Mildred21 Jul 1912May 1979Fort Wayne
Pomeroy, Sarah21 Dec 1902Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pomeroy, Zelma R5 Aug 190411 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Pompa, George23 Apr 1894Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Ponader, Edgar22 Nov 1902Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Ponader, Edward18 Sep 1874Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Ponch, Nick15 Mar 1891Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Poncin, Colleen L30 Nov 194612 Mar 2006New Haven
Pond Sr, Howard18 Jan 1886Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Pond, Carl E31 Aug 190816 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Pond, Charles1 Nov 1953May 1981Fort Wayne
Pond, Charles30 Jan 1913Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Pond, Dorothy M27 Oct 192718 Mar 1994Churubusco
Pond, Frank1 Nov 19258 Jun 2005New Haven, Churubusco
Pond, Lura5 Jun 1910Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Pond, Mary A23 Jun 192326 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Pond, Ruby L17 Jan 19166 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Pond, Sumner M24 Apr 191326 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Pond, Yvonne9 Jun 191421 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Ponder, Charles G24 Nov 195226 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Ponder, Charles H19 Apr 193212 May 1995Fort Wayne
Ponder, Elbert17 Sep 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Ponder, Irene M27 Sep 1909Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Ponessa, Marjorie22 Nov 19172 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Ponsot, Harold A2 Aug 192112 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Ponsot, M G6 Nov 190919 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Ponsot, Robert L21 Aug 19097 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Ponsot, Russell C20 Aug 191912 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Ponsot, Wayne Earl21 Nov 191131 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Pontello, John L4 Jan 1927Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Pontello, June M8 Mar 192117 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Pontius, Arthur C3 Jan 19212 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Pontius, Elizabeth19 Feb 1894Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Pontius, Emma2 May 1904May 1982Fort Wayne
Pontius, Ersie3 Mar 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Pontius, Fred27 Nov 188915 Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Pontius, Lester7 Jul 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Pontius, Norman A19 May 193017 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Pontius, Pearl26 Sep 1881Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Pontius, Ruth E27 Nov 192219 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Pontius, Vearl12 Oct 1898Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Pontius, Vernon18 Sep 1880Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Pontzius, Rebecca S27 Apr 196319 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Pool, Cora M28 Jan 194225 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Pool, Elmer3 Jul 1895Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Pool, Mary20 Jan 1890Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Pool, Mary M24 Sep 192128 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Poole, Bertha5 Sep 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Poole, Charles9 Jan 1911Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Poole, Edwin M14 Aug 19331 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Poole, Margaret E28 Aug 191216 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Pooler, Alice J11 Feb 191310 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Pooler, Louis E22 Aug 192229 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Pooler, Otho2 May 1890Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Pooler, Ross8 Apr 1898Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Pooley, Huldah6 Jul 1905Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Pooley, John12 Feb 1905Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Pooley, Lawrence P19 Jun 195830 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Pooley, Margaret1 Jun 19119 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Poor, Marilyn E20 Oct 19262 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Poor, Roger16 Sep 1912Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Poore, Betty L28 Sep 193130 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Poore, Gertrude13 Apr 1888Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Poore, John26 Nov 1909Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Poore, Richard L2 Jun 194925 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Poore, Sally M19 Sep 19138 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Poorman, Agatha M31 Mar 190815 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Poorman, Forest28 Sep 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Poorman, Gola M2 May 189517 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Poorman, Helen W27 Aug 190218 May 1993Fort Wayne
Poorman, Princess D25 Nov 191012 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Poorman, Russell12 May 1907May 1977Fort Wayne
Popa, Justin23 Jun 19221 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Popa, Lana20 Apr 1951Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Pope, Cedric28 Sep 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Pope, Leona D2 Dec 19162 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Pope, Leslie4 Jul 1896Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Pope, William T29 May 194116 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Popejoy, Clinton8 Dec 1886Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Poplett, Doris J21 May 191430 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Poplett, Thomas W29 May 19124 Jan 2000Leo
Popoff, Carl7 Jul 192516 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Popoff, Dina5 May 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Popovits, Andrew19 Feb 1937Jun 1986Churubusco
Popp, Alberta L2 Feb 191012 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Popp, Arthur22 Aug 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Popp, Helen28 May 1891Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Popp, Herbert29 Jun 1956Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Popp, Katherine24 Apr 1876Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Popp, Leslie27 Dec 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Popp, Lucile F16 Dec 190031 May 1992Fort Wayne
Popp, Milton22 Aug 1907Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Popp, Phyllis2 Mar 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Popp, William25 Sep 1893Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Poppele, Magdalen8 Mar 1885Jan 1978Churubusco
Poppele, Mary M16 Sep 192622 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Poppele, Roberta V18 Jul 191714 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Popplewell, Beecham19 Sep 1895Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Popplewell, Ronnie R13 Aug 19363 May 1994Fort Wayne
Popplewell, Wayne T3 Oct 19276 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Popps, Marie6 Sep 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Poppy, Dorothy12 Jul 1896Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Poppy, Victor28 Jul 1896Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Popw, Herman J1 Jul 197123 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Port, Helen H25 Mar 191815 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Port, Josephine8 Jun 1903Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Porter Sr, Nathan13 Sep 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Porter, Alberta27 Jul 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Porter, Alfred L21 Jan 19215 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Porter, Allen J24 May 19207 Mar 2005Monroeville
Porter, Alyce26 Jul 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Porter, Blain23 Mar 1914May 1987Fort Wayne
Porter, Cecilia M7 Jul 191029 Oct 1996Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Porter, Clarence9 Sep 1915Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Porter, Daniel W28 Oct 191910 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Porter, Dorothea S13 Feb 1906Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Porter, Eileen L29 Jun 191824 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Porter, Estella6 Jan 1885Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, Fay8 Nov 1914Jun 1987Monroeville
Porter, Florence30 Jun 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, Franklin19 Jan 193217 May 1995Fort Wayne
Porter, Giles16 Apr 1892Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, Harvey16 Sep 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Porter, Hazel26 Apr 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Porter, Jack J10 Apr 19267 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Porter, John27 Nov 1892Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, John R18 Dec 194616 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Porter, Katherine7 Sep 1909Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Porter, Kenneth19 Jan 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Porter, Kevin R30 Jul 19598 Feb 1996Churubusco
Porter, Lana26 Jan 1908Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Porter, Leatha19 Nov 1894May 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, Leo10 Oct 1912Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Porter, Marguerite4 Nov 1896Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Porter, Mark A6 Sep 196224 Jun 1999New Haven
Porter, Mark A10 May 196013 May 2006Fort Wayne
Porter, Michael D5 Feb 195720 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Porter, Mildred L16 Mar 193815 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Porter, Nyla P11 Mar 193217 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Porter, Orville3 Feb 1900May 1968Fort Wayne
Porter, Oscar26 Apr 194425 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Porter, Palmer A14 Nov 191831 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Porter, Patricia13 Jan 1953Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Porter, Paul8 Jan 1891Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Porter, Ralph11 Jan 1902Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Porter, Raymond A18 Nov 19319 Apr 1999Roanoke
Porter, Robert3 Jun 19215 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Porter, Robert P8 Dec 189723 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Porter, Robert S4 Jan 192624 Jul 2004New Haven
Porter, Ruth26 Feb 1911Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Porter, Tim1 Sep 1902Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Porter, Tom22 Dec 1932Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Porter, Velma13 Apr 1894Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Porter, Willie M2 May 192127 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Porter, Wilma R15 May 19175 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Porter, X4 Oct 1987Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Porter, Zula31 Jan 1902Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Portman, Ralph28 Apr 1905Oct 1976Woodburn
Portman, Stanley J11 Dec 193622 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Poscharscky, Glen W24 Apr 193414 May 2003Fort Wayne
Pose, Margaret E31 Jan 19185 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Pose, Stefan16 Aug 19175 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Posey, Elizabeth P16 Feb 192822 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Posey, James E21 Jul 192521 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Posey, Lizzie5 Jul 1905Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Poss, Marjorie3 Nov 1920Sep 1984Grabill
Possell, Leona15 Aug 1891Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Possell, Margaret M21 Dec 192212 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Post, Fred28 Mar 1900Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Post, Harriet M20 Apr 190815 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Post, John3 Apr 1896Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Post, Lina7 Jan 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Post, Paul5 Nov 1903Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Post, Ruth I9 Nov 192224 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Post, Stanley30 Sep 1906Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Postma, Larry K28 Jun 19466 Jul 2006New Haven
Potee, Lottie20 Jan 1895Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Potee, Marjorie B9 Feb 19179 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Potnek, Elizabeth29 Sep 1907Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Potnek, Michael17 Apr 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Potnek, Michael25 Dec 1877Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Potnek, Theresia10 Oct 188215 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Poto, Evelyn S30 Jun 191617 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Potosky, Frank J17 Sep 191014 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Potter, Alpheus12 Jun 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Potter, Delores C11 Oct 192322 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Potter, Donald E30 Jul 192710 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Potter, H9 Jul 1903Aug 1972New Haven
Potter, Hzael25 Dec 191531 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Potter, Kathy J4 Oct 19558 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Potter, Leona25 Feb 1897Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Potter, Mable11 Oct 1919Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Potter, Margaret A1 Apr 190918 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Potter, Marguerite R28 Jun 1920Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Potter, Mary21 Dec 1921Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Potter, Melvin B8 Mar 192516 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Potter, Olive A12 Jan 1911Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Potter, Patricia Marie27 May 194029 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Potter, Patsy A4 Jul 194527 May 2001Woodburn
Potter, Porcius15 Apr 1894Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Potter, Raymond L25 Jul 192116 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Potter, Robert26 Jan 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Potter, Ruth27 Jan 1891Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Potter, Shirley20 Sep 193010 May 2009Monroeville
Potter, Walter G15 Apr 19253 Jul 1993Huntertown
Potterf, Rex20 Mar 1894Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Potthoff, Albert19 Nov 192410 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Pottkotter, Leo19 Oct 1882May 1979Fort Wayne
Potts Jr, Almond29 Apr 1901Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Potts, Bessie12 Jan 1903Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Potts, Clarence15 Sep 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Potts, Earl2 Sep 1905Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Potts, Floyd8 Dec 1921Oct 1976New Haven
Potts, Floyd19 Feb 1894Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Potts, Kenneth W11 Oct 193021 Aug 2007Harlan
Potts, Lawrence6 Oct 1909Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Potts, Leland3 Apr 1897Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Potts, Lester17 Feb 1927Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Potts, Lillian25 Jan 1901Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Potts, Lloyd21 May 1907Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Potts, Maola27 Apr 1918Oct 1977New Haven
Potts, Marguerite18 Nov 1895Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Potts, Mary E5 Jun 1919Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Potts, Merle5 Feb 1900Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Potts, Norman4 Oct 1919Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Potts, Norris18 Oct 1895Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Potts, Ralph20 Feb 1894Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Potts, Richard F4 Apr 191311 Nov 1995New Haven
Potts, Robert G8 Jul 19206 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Potts, Ruth E21 May 19475 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Potts, Willard23 Mar 1927Jan 1984Harlan
Potts, Willard J17 Mar 19019 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Potts, Willard J1 Mar 19283 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Potts, William L12 Aug 193230 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Poulet, Edna S29 Jul 191019 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Poulet, Emil11 Nov 1892Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Pouletsos, Bessie7 Jul 1913Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Pouletsos, Mary10 Dec 1884Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Poulson, Debrah L27 Feb 195319 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Poumade, Earl22 May 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Pounds, A25 Feb 1914Jan 1975Churubusco
Pounds, Helen26 Dec 1909Jul 1985Churubusco
Powe, Waymon S2 Sep 193227 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Powell Sr, Aubrey D15 Jul 193219 Aug 1993Spencerville
Powell, Albert J23 Jul 191515 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Powell, Anna15 Oct 1880Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Powell, Bertha M29 Jun 192729 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Powell, Betty J2 Dec 192717 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Powell, Boyd11 Dec 1903Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Powell, Brian R18 May 19799 Feb 2004Churubusco
Powell, Carl1 Dec 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Powell, Clarence B8 Dec 192613 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Powell, Donald5 Feb 1903Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Powell, Donald M3 Sep 19265 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Powell, Dorothy M3 Oct 191421 Jan 1998Grabill, Woodburn
Powell, Dorothy R11 Oct 192115 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Powell, E20 Jan 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Powell, Edward24 Sep 1883Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Powell, Elizabeth L4 Feb 19618 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Powell, Emma1 Jul 1888May 1977Huntertown
Powell, Evelyn M16 May 19163 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Powell, Everett Vaughn12 Sep 192227 May 2008Churubusco
Powell, Floyd23 Sep 1906Jul 1981Spencerville
Powell, George30 Mar 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Powell, Grace13 Jul 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Powell, H Joe26 Aug 190723 Sep 1995Woodburn
Powell, Helen L11 Feb 191519 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Powell, Howard18 Nov 1898Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Powell, Irene I27 Feb 191529 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Powell, John10 Apr 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Powell, John P5 Jul 193220 Jun 2004Churubusco
Powell, Judith A10 Aug 19401 Oct 2006Spencerville
Powell, Louise M25 May 193428 May 2007Spencerville
Powell, Lucie B11 Aug 191919 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Powell, Mallie L21 Jun 193311 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Powell, Marjorie7 Feb 1923Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Powell, Mary C3 Nov 19129 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Powell, Mattie24 Dec 1940Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Powell, Mildred2 Jul 1906Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Powell, Olaf5 Apr 1911Apr 1985Harlan
Powell, Patricia A23 Jan 192324 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Powell, Ralph26 Nov 1899Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Powell, Rastes R8 Oct 190614 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Powell, Raymond27 Jul 1914Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Powell, Robert G24 Jan 19301 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Powell, Robert W27 Jun 191513 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Powell, Rollin7 Sep 1910Feb 1967New Haven
Powell, Rubye B28 May 1912Dec 1993Spencerville
Powell, Ruth A18 Mar 190712 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Powell, Shirley A5 Jun 19347 Jul 1993Churubusco
Powell, Sina15 Jul 1907Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Powell, Theoda19 Dec 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Powell, Wanda L30 Sep 19369 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Powell, William8 Sep 1889Aug 1981Roanoke
Powellson, Howard N8 Apr 191111 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Powelson, Lila G17 Jan 192130 Jun 1997Monroeville
Powelson, Louis10 Nov 1920Apr 1983Monroeville
Powelson, Paul5 Nov 1915May 1987Monroeville
Powelson, Pauletta M23 Mar 191821 Nov 1996Monroeville
Powelson, Phyllis19 Oct 1918Apr 1980Monroeville
Powers, Annette L19 Nov 191616 Mar 2008Roanoke
Powers, Arthur T5 Apr 191230 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Powers, Clyde E22 Dec 192111 May 2008Fort Wayne
Powers, Dana19 Nov 1928Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Powers, Daniel11 Apr 1898Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Powers, Dorsey26 Jan 1898Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Powers, Eddie16 Apr 195726 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Powers, Edward3 Apr 1899Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Powers, Eileen M31 Aug 192626 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Powers, Eleanor11 May 1925Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Powers, George Jr21 Sep 191826 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Powers, Helen2 Aug 1909Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Powers, Julia3 Apr 1874Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Powers, Kattie C21 Jun 19145 May 2003Fort Wayne
Powers, Marjorie22 Sep 1921Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Powers, Mary A2 Jun 19139 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Powers, Norman C17 Jul 1909Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Powers, Ora11 Nov 1889Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Powers, Oved M17 Nov 191611 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Powers, Richard L28 Oct 19324 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Powers, Robert N27 Dec 19236 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Powers, Ronald E20 Jan 193815 Jul 2001Roanoke
Powers, Verna27 Feb 1897Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Powers, Virginia R15 Jan 191712 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Powers, W22 May 1903Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Powers, Wesley1 Nov 1915May 1977Fort Wayne
Powlen, Hettie20 Oct 1885Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Powlen, Klen2 Jan 1884May 1970Fort Wayne
Powlen, Robert30 Sep 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Pownall, Jean J19 Aug 191411 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Powner, Helen E2 Dec 19092 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Powner, John J9 Dec 19105 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Poynor, Marjorie H14 Sep 192619 Dec 2007Leo
Poynter, Helen R10 Apr 192013 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Poynter, William12 Oct 1916Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Poyser, Clara B8 Mar 191111 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Poyser, Forrest18 Jun 1925Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Poyser, Lowell M17 Jun 192221 Apr 2004Churubusco
Poyser, Olive D5 Nov 190712 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Poyser, Owen3 Dec 1902Jan 1983Fort Wayne

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