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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Prady, Mildred2 Apr 1904Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Prange, Algunde25 Jul 1901May 1985Fort Wayne
Prange, Alice L3 May 191825 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Prange, Alvin3 Nov 1903May 1984Fort Wayne
Prange, Carl29 Sep 1899Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Prange, Elma26 Jan 1907Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Prange, Esther J30 Jun 189517 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Prange, Frederick17 Aug 1920May 1984Fort Wayne
Prange, Louis26 Dec 1893Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Prange, M1 Jun 1972Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Prange, Malinda C27 Feb 190318 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Prange, Martin30 Oct 1891May 1966Fort Wayne
Prange, Nina B19 Jul 191111 May 2007Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Prange, Norman F3 Sep 19102 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Prange, Olga26 Nov 1898Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Pranger, Alfred23 Jul 1910Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Pranger, Barbara E18 Nov 192921 Jul 2004Churubusco
Pranger, Bernard14 Nov 1872Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Pranger, Berneda E3 Jan 191312 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Pranger, Catherine22 Jun 1875Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Pranger, Cecilia10 Feb 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Pranger, Celeste G18 Aug 19075 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Pranger, Donald Maurice11 May 192928 Jan 2008Churubusco
Pranger, E G15 Feb 191730 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Pranger, Edward H11 Sep 191519 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Pranger, Elizabeth11 Nov 1888Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Pranger, Francis J13 Feb 19218 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Pranger, George28 Oct 1902Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Pranger, Goldie29 Aug 1916Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Pranger, Harold M1 Aug 191423 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Pranger, Hilda20 Sep 1887Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Pranger, James E29 Oct 193827 Jul 2001New Haven
Pranger, Joseph11 May 1904Nov 1978Grabill
Pranger, Mabel9 Aug 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Pranger, Margaret27 Jul 1917Oct 1987Leo
Pranger, Walter C6 Jan 19166 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Pranger, Waltr31 Jul 1937Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Pranger, Zelotes5 Feb 1902Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Pranke, Carl F6 Jan 190620 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Prante, Nelson14 May 1917Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Prascsak, Janet20 Mar 1933Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Prasuhn, Mary N21 Mar 192716 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Prasuhn, Walter30 Dec 1908Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Pratcher, Dahl Y25 Oct 193513 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Prater, C24 Apr 1997Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Prater, Cindy L14 Dec 195310 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Prater, Jack2 Jun 1923Apr 1978Huntertown
Prater, James W29 Sep 192315 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Prater, Kent C25 Sep 192424 May 1999Fort Wayne
Prater, Myrtle19 Feb 1902Dec 1976Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Prather, Dale29 Apr 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Prather, Dean L21 Aug 19177 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Prather, Dora26 Jun 1896Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Prather, Edna11 Jan 1917Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Prather, Myrtle25 Feb 1890Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Pratico, Carmelo3 Feb 19198 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Pratico, Matilda27 Feb 1917Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Pratt, Alberta11 Apr 19243 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Pratt, Ardith T28 May 191211 Nov 2001Roanoke
Pratt, Betty D13 Jun 191215 Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Pratt, Carrie27 Sep 1882Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Pratt, Charles15 Feb 1907Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Pratt, Chrystal9 Mar 1908Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Pratt, Deloris J20 Jul 193026 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Pratt, Edith R21 Apr 19151 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Pratt, Eldon14 Aug 1916Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Pratt, Elizabeth6 Oct 1880Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Pratt, Emma3 Mar 1898Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Pratt, George6 May 1894Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pratt, Geraldine10 Jan 191026 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Pratt, Gordon M31 Aug 19326 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Pratt, Grace28 Apr 1891Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Pratt, Harley22 Aug 1910Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Pratt, Harold31 Jul 1920Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Pratt, John26 Jun 1900Feb 1972Churubusco
Pratt, Kenneth L7 Feb 19088 Apr 1999Roanoke
Pratt, Leola24 May 190928 Apr 1993Churubusco
Pratt, Lois18 Jun 1904Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Pratt, Louise5 Aug 1891Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Pratt, Lynn Russell15 Nov 195821 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Pratt, Mabelle L1 Mar 191415 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Pratt, Marion3 Jul 1912Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Pratt, Mildred L13 Jan 19155 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Pratt, Myrna1 Mar 1899Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Pratt, Phillip B14 May 191522 May 2001Fort Wayne
Pratt, Rebecca3 Mar 1942Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Pray, Blanche1 Sep 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Pray, Robert C4 Oct 192916 Apr 2001Hoagland
Prayther, Millard6 Jun 1904Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Preble, Charles F24 Jan 192621 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Preble, Gladys22 Feb 1886Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Preble, Phyllis A8 Jul 192926 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Prebola, Jack25 Dec 1898Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Precht, Henry28 Oct 1900Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Precht, Louise27 Jun 1901Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Predmore, William21 Jun 1904Dec 1973Churubusco
Preisinger, Engelbert12 May 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Prell, Harold F27 Jan 192814 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Premer, Sondra J20 Jun 194519 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Prentice, Carl6 Apr 1907May 1981Fort Wayne
Prentice, Florence24 Sep 1896Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Prentice, Susan19 Jul 1942May 1976Fort Wayne
Prentice, Sylvester21 Oct 1895Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Prescott, Claribel M14 Sep 19062 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Prescott, Guy L8 May 190911 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Prescott, Leonard D16 Sep 193917 Jul 1994New Haven
Prescott, Lewis2 Jun 1923Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Presdorf, Cora R6 Aug 190924 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Presler, James28 May 1939Dec 1974Monroeville
Presley, Mary Alice15 Oct 19454 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Presnell, Elsie M23 Feb 19228 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Presnell, J L20 Oct 192313 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Presock, Julia25 Oct 1901Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Pressel, Mabel10 Dec 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Pressel, Mary7 Apr 1891May 1981Fort Wayne
Presser, J23 Oct 194528 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Pressler, Betty L6 Oct 192223 May 2007Fort Wayne
Pressler, Carey20 Jun 1884Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Pressler, Caroline2 Jul 1878Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Pressler, Charles K8 Jul 191528 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Pressler, Chloe21 Jan 1881Aug 1967Churubusco
Pressler, David29 Apr 1923Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pressler, Dewitt2 Oct 1903Jun 1965Churubusco
Pressler, Dorothy B3 Mar 190316 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Pressler, Douglas22 Jul 1955Apr 1977Churubusco
Pressler, Edna23 Aug 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Pressler, Elizabeth C6 Dec 191425 Feb 2002Yoder
Pressler, Elizabeth J2 Oct 190323 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Pressler, Florence H2 Feb 1904May 1995Churubusco
Pressler, Harland2 Apr 1895Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Pressler, Harry Sr30 May 1893Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Pressler, Harry K8 Feb 191614 May 1992Fort Wayne
Pressler, Hazel2 May 190322 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Pressler, Isabelle M28 Jun 1917Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Pressler, J D3 Aug 19184 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Pressler, John E19 Sep 19288 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Pressler, M18 Jul 1894Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Pressler, Max E26 Feb 192516 Aug 1992Churubusco
Pressler, Ned22 Dec 1918Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pressler, Ora M6 Jun 1905Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Pressler, Ray7 Nov 1908Aug 1985Churubusco
Pressler, Ruth8 Nov 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Pressler, Ruth27 Nov 1895Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Pressler, Ruth18 Sep 1914Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Pressley, J12 Feb 1925Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Pressley, Nancy L16 Aug 193023 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Presti, Agnes C30 Mar 191719 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Preston, Alonzo L11 Mar 197016 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Preston, Carol A20 Aug 194111 Jun 2009New Haven
Preston, Dorothy D7 Oct 192918 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Preston, Edna14 Dec 1923Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Preston, George6 Oct 1927Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Preston, Grace16 Jan 1909Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Preston, Harold F15 Oct 19055 May 2001Fort Wayne
Preston, Harry6 May 1897Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Preston, Harry J19 Oct 193227 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Preston, Howard13 Nov 19536 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Preston, Kirk2 Jul 1956Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Preston, Robert31 May 1925Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Preston, Robert17 Jul 1931Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Preston, Rozanne S13 Dec 193624 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Preston, Theresa M12 Oct 192330 May 2002Leo, Fort Wayne
Prestwood, Fred9 Dec 192023 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Pretorius, James R17 Apr 19248 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Pretorius, Jessie26 Aug 1884Jul 1971Roanoke
Preuss, Arnold2 Aug 1903Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Preuss, Ruth A17 Jul 19086 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Preuster, Constance M10 Apr 190915 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Prewitt, Arthur J4 Oct 195015 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Prewitt, Brenda L7 Jun 195215 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Prewitt, Caroline25 Aug 193121 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Prewitt, Curlie13 Aug 1916Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Prezbindowsk, Frank3 Dec 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Prezbindowsk, Louise C28 Jun 19151 Aug 1996Woodburn
Pribbernow, Delphine24 Sep 190329 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Pribbernow, George22 Feb 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Pribbernow, Mildred12 Dec 191914 Jan 2003Leo
Pribble, Bertha26 Jul 1890May 1986Fort Wayne
Pribble, Helen M26 Mar 1914Dec 1995New Haven
Pribble, Wayne I21 Nov 191512 Jan 2001Leo
Price, Anna M15 Sep 192929 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Price, Arvin R14 Sep 190215 Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Price, Asa A9 Dec 194023 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Price, Bernice8 Sep 1902Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Price, Bernice15 Apr 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Price, Berniece19 Aug 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Price, Burland L15 Feb 191526 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Price, Carrie17 Jan 19094 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Price, Charles3 Feb 1893May 1966Fort Wayne
Price, Charles G21 Feb 19247 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Price, Chester12 Oct 1900Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Price, Chester J10 Nov 194329 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Price, Clyde8 Apr 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Price, Cora24 May 1916Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Price, Donald25 Dec 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Price, E A11 Nov 194615 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Price, Earl28 Nov 1902Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Price, Edwin17 Feb 1913Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Price, Elizabeth9 Jul 1903Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Price, Elsie S11 Jul 193221 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Price, Erba29 Oct 1885Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Price, Eulalia26 Sep 1893Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Price, Florence23 Dec 1905Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Price, Glenn14 Sep 1895Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Price, Harold21 Dec 1941Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Price, Hazel25 Jan 1891Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Price, Helen11 Aug 1879Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Price, Henderson20 Mar 1880Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Price, Herman22 Feb 1899Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Price, I13 Jul 1897Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Price, James26 Aug 1888Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Price, James L9 Feb 19427 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Price, Jerry L31 Jul 195431 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Price, John26 May 1923Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Price, John12 Sep 1916Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Price, John W1 Apr 193211 May 1997Fort Wayne
Price, Laura20 Jun 1893Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Price, Leota5 May 1876Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Price, Lloyd22 Jul 1898Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Price, Lucille12 Mar 1899Sep 1983Monroeville
Price, Mabel L8 Jan 191627 May 2008Fort Wayne
Price, Marcele5 Jul 1902Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Price, Mary5 Nov 191826 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Price, Mary7 Mar 1896Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Price, Mary4 Apr 1898May 1981Huntertown
Price, Mary C13 Oct 192511 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Price, Nellie12 Aug 1906Sep 1995Churubusco
Price, Norma B12 Jun 192312 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Price, Ophelia19 Jan 19082 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Price, R M2 May 19225 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Price, Raymond Douglas21 Aug 192322 Sep 2009Huntertown
Price, Rita M11 Jan 19293 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Price, Ruth A31 May 191511 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Price, Sheila M24 Oct 19621 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Price, Vera E18 May 19151 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Price, Vera N10 Nov 189913 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Price, Virginia A18 Feb 192924 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Price, Walter21 Apr 1896Aug 1970Huntertown
Price, William7 Apr 1905Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Price, William H14 Jan 193818 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Price, William H28 Feb 193615 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Prichard, Carolyn17 Nov 1888Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Prichard, Frieda L1 Jan 18999 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Prichard, J R28 Aug 189526 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Prichard, Naomi A25 Sep 192221 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Prichard, Ruth10 Aug 1898Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Priddy, Dorothy M29 Sep 190929 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Priddy, Ruth V22 Jun 191619 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Prideaux, William20 Feb 1933Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Pridgeon, William26 Jul 1897Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Priest, Beulah15 Sep 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Priest, Darlene C14 Dec 193220 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Priest, Jeff30 Oct 1941Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Priest, Raymond L24 Mar 19274 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Priest, William C1 Apr 193016 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Priestley, Charles20 Jul 1906Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Priestley, Ramona19 Mar 1907Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Prifogle, Elmer21 Feb 1890May 1970Fort Wayne
Prifogle, Ricky A22 May 195620 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Prill, Elma20 Mar 1899Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Prill, John E8 Jun 192224 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Prince, Charles14 Feb 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Prince, Clara8 Sep 1895Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Prince, Cora1 Aug 1893Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Prince, Dale25 Jan 1928Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Prince, Dorothy M29 Apr 191222 Jul 1999New Haven
Prince, Elnora M8 Apr 192022 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Prince, George10 Nov 1907Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Prince, Hulda27 May 1902Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Prince, Lorna J20 Jul 19384 May 2001Roanoke
Prince, R G3 Apr 193615 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Prince, Robert B3 May 192417 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Prince, Roy4 Nov 1908Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Prince, Russell30 Oct 1890Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Prince, Russell W23 Dec 192221 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Prince, Walter22 May 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Principe, Charle5 Feb 1924Oct 1979New Haven
Principe, Michael12 Sep 1911Jul 1975New Haven
Prindible, Maud25 Oct 1884Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Prindle, Helen L12 Oct 19309 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Prindle, John B5 Jun 19251 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Prine, Charles W20 Jan 191824 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Prine, James N6 Feb 192122 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Prine, Willis4 Apr 1900Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Pring, George6 Nov 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Pring, Gladys12 Aug 1904May 1982Fort Wayne
Pringle, Marie P15 Feb 191120 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Pringle, R30 Dec 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Prior, Dorothy H1 May 191326 May 2001Fort Wayne
Prior, Ethel15 Oct 1890Aug 1968Yoder
Prior, Evelyn J25 Mar 191112 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Prior, Herbert18 Jul 1916May 1980Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Alma N9 Mar 19247 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Ardola M31 Aug 191728 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Barbara A8 Jul 19253 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Herbert L12 Mar 189413 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Pritchard, James E19 Feb 192415 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Jean I27 Sep 191314 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Pritchard, John C7 Dec 19169 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Kathryn E10 Dec 191021 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Lloyd W17 Sep 193818 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Mary25 Sep 1907Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Maude11 Mar 1883Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Pritchard, Owen C4 Apr 191013 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Pritchard, William H5 Oct 192624 Mar 2003New Haven
Pritchett, Barre25 Jul 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Pritchett, Ruth31 Dec 1909May 1971Fort Wayne
Pritts, Carl W5 Dec 194616 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Pritz, Laura L3 May 189713 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Privett, Algie27 Feb 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Privett, Minnie12 Jan 1903Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Privett, Robert E8 Sep 19192 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Probst, Betty J18 Mar 192620 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Probst, Marlene M26 Sep 19312 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Probst, Theresa25 Mar 1893Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Prochnow, Adrian H17 Feb 191517 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Procise, Betty Jane10 Sep 191717 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Procise, Jack23 Jan 192319 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Procise, Norine E19 Jul 19231 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Procise, Phillip M15 Nov 192920 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Proctor, Delmar30 Jan 1911Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Proctor, Elizabeth R20 Sep 192920 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Proctor, Fred2 May 1923Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Proegler, Edwin7 Jan 1925Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Proegler, John R26 Jan 192620 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Proehl, Anna12 Aug 1891Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Proehl, Bonnie29 Jun 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Proehl, Doris E30 Sep 19202 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Proembke, Elizabeth7 Jun 1915Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Prokudin, Jakwin1 Jan 1899Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Pronay, Andrew C24 Feb 193423 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Pronesti, Joseph B23 Jul 192822 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Pronesti, Ruth J19 Jan 193114 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Proper, Mark6 Mar 1956Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Proper, Ruth E2 May 192015 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Pross, Lawrence J17 Oct 190615 Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Prosser, Donald13 Mar 1918Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Prosser, Marie A4 May 195723 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Protsman, Katherine M13 May 19506 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Protsman, Susan M31 Jan 195127 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Prott, Grace23 Sep 1924Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Prough, Beulah B20 Mar 190326 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Prough, Gloria E14 Oct 192231 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Prough, Grayston24 Mar 19048 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Prough, Harold A18 Jan 19173 Feb 2003Leo
Prough, Joye1 Jul 1902Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Prough, Nathanie6 Jul 1880Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Prough, Rodney S21 Jun 190924 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Prough, T K27 Oct 195315 May 1992Fort Wayne
Prout, Elsie M21 Dec 19253 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Prout, John K13 Jan 19248 May 2004Fort Wayne
Prouty, Ada30 Aug 1892Dec 1969Roanoke
Prouty, Cloyd27 Sep 1913Mar 1971Roanoke
Provines, Delphia22 May 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Provines, Verl R15 Jul 191913 Jun 2004Spencerville
Prowant, Arta15 May 1887Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Prowant, Charles6 Sep 1932Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Proxmire, Dorris21 Feb 1900Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Proxmire, Lavon I14 Mar 19148 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Pruden, Ray13 Dec 1902Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Prudhomme, Fred24 May 1893Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Prudlow, Joanne L5 May 193410 Dec 2004Spencerville
Prudlow, Robert P30 Jan 19316 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Prue, Pearl Ann31 Jan 193530 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Pruesse, Edwin E15 Oct 191913 Mar 2004New Haven
Prugh, Dean A3 Nov 193725 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Prugh, Matilda19 Jun 1888Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Pruitt Jr, Theodore25 Jul 1929Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Pruitt, Delores A11 Dec 195612 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Pruitt, Janice K22 Sep 194318 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Pruitt, Josephine M4 Jul 191121 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Pruitt, Patti23 Sep 1947Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Prumm, Gerald E5 Mar 19199 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Prus, Joseph E20 Jul 192714 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Pruse, Mary B10 May 191426 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Prusia, W Jean26 Sep 191516 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Prust, Duane19 Feb 1905Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Pryor, George12 Dec 1890Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Pryor, Mildred28 Jul 1908Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Pryshepa, Anton11 Jun 19083 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Przebindowsk, Mary27 Nov 1883Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Przeracki, Leon11 Aug 190713 Oct 1999Roanoke
Przeracki, Marjorie Roberta6 Oct 192323 Aug 2008Roanoke

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