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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Raabe, Alida H7 Sep 189918 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Raabe, Arnold G13 Feb 191920 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Raabe, Howard J30 Nov 191420 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Raake, Rose21 May 1880Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Raasch, Elmer13 Jun 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Raasch, Velma28 Sep 1902Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Raatz, Amanda L1 May 1903May 1992Fort Wayne
Raatz, Kathleen28 Mar 19291 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Raatz, Oscar22 Feb 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Raatz, Paul T31 Jul 193410 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Raatz, Robert E11 Jun 192725 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Raatz, Ruth12 Jun 1901Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Rabaduex, Jean E3 Nov 193125 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Rabbitt, Lola17 Jun 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Rabbitt, Robert E26 Aug 192829 Oct 1993Huntertown
Rabel, Earl26 Jan 1904Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Raber, Doris27 Jun 1927May 1983Fort Wayne
Raber, Dorothy J24 Jun 1906May 1992Fort Wayne
Raber, Helen L25 May 191124 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Raber, Herman L11 Jul 190519 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Raber, Larry J14 Nov 194913 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Raber, Phyllis A30 Dec 19315 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Raber, R23 Jun 190729 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Raber, Richard3 Dec 1907Nov 1981Monroeville
Raber, Ricky A8 Jul 19511 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Raber, Robert E23 Oct 193218 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Raber, Roy15 Jan 1901Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Raber, Vivian23 Feb 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Rabouin, Stella4 Mar 1915Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Rabus, Olive18 Sep 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Rabus, Patience1 Feb 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Rabus, Phyllis6 Apr 1918Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Rabus, Walter8 Jun 1916Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Rachal, Louis C19 Jul 193220 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Racheter, Charles J17 Jul 192116 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Racheter, Marie B23 Apr 189912 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Racheter, Mary Lou23 Apr 192628 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Racht, Gladys19 Aug 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Racine, Ella12 Feb 1880Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Racine, Esther28 Mar 1909Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Racine, Eva30 Jul 1886Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Racine, Irene C11 Mar 1907Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Racine, Mabel I2 Aug 190815 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Racine, Myron27 Nov 192222 May 1992Fort Wayne
Racine, Raymond E28 Dec 192026 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Racine, Teresa J21 Mar 19242 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Racine, Wilmer2 May 1894May 1983Fort Wayne
Radabaugh, Elwanda B13 Feb 192226 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Radabaugh, Esther6 Dec 189922 Jul 1988Monroeville
Radabaugh, Francis10 Jun 1899May 1972Monroeville
Radabaugh, Kenneth11 Apr 1920Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Radabaugh, Norma5 Jun 1900Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Radatz, Mildred L5 Dec 191618 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Rademacher, Alice24 Jan 190522 Mar 2002Monroeville
Rademacher, Clarence23 May 1910Sep 1983Monroeville
Rademaker, Dorothy Claire9 Aug 19276 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Rademaker, Leon11 May 1895Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Rader, Howard2 Apr 1899Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Radesk, Alma E8 Sep 191319 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Radke, Dona J31 Mar 192330 Sep 2006New Haven
Radke, Henry4 Mar 1893Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Radke, Leonard23 Jul 1913May 1971Fort Wayne
Radke, Velma8 Mar 1902Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Radkey, Wilbur28 Aug 1904Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Radkoski, Martha14 Feb 1927Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Radtke, Evelyn R29 Apr 191719 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Radu, Frieda M14 May 19255 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Radu, Joseph8 Dec 1914Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Radu, Rudy20 Jan 192313 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Radu, Virginia C2 Aug 19251 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Rae, Mary E7 Mar 192011 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Rafe, Lillian E31 Dec 193119 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Rafe, Norman Eugene8 Aug 192717 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Rafferty, Bayard24 Oct 1919Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Rafter, William M14 Jan 193617 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Raftery, W9 Sep 1893Apr 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Ragan, Grace D27 Jul 192319 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Ragan, Joyce A18 Jan 195824 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Ragan, Laroy26 Mar 1919Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Ragan, Paul J14 May 194320 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Ragatz, Frieda L9 Feb 189915 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Ragatz, Linda K3 Apr 19454 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Rager, Catherine12 Jan 1886Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Rager, Clara6 Aug 1918Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Rager, Jerry S31 Jan 19363 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Rager, Julian K11 Mar 194329 Oct 2002New Haven, Fort Wayne
Ragon, Pearlie27 Apr 1912Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Ragsdale, Forrest29 Jul 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Rahe, Frederick14 Aug 1905Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Rahe, Jack12 Nov 1910Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Rahe, Janis21 Jul 1946Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Rahe, Lauretta S27 Jun 1907Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Raher, Grace M10 Apr 190830 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Rahman, Henry30 Dec 1884Aug 1975New Haven
Rahman, Lissetta19 Sep 1887Jul 1976New Haven
Rahmer, Irene Y8 Jun 190522 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Rahn, Clara8 Mar 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Rahn, William26 Oct 1901Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Rahrer, Bertha29 Apr 1890Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Rahrer, Charlene23 Jan 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Rahrer, J J9 Apr 191125 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Rahrer, Rheuben21 Sep 1887Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Rahrig, Emil N23 Jan 189921 Sep 1988New Haven
Raichart, Altha12 Jun 1903Dec 1979Roanoke
Raichart, John2 Nov 1887Jul 1970Roanoke
Raichart, Royal1 Jan 1883Dec 1971Roanoke
Raidla, Selma5 Jan 19141 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Raidy, Edward15 Sep 1905Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Raidy, Elsie1 Jun 1905May 1977Fort Wayne
Raidy, Julia26 Aug 1886Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Raidy, Lillian26 Feb 187915 Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Raidy, Ralph22 Jul 1914Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Raidy, Ruth M11 May 191113 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Railing, Dorothy L24 Sep 191120 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Railing, Jessie7 Jan 1904Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Railing, Mary18 Jun 1895May 1987Fort Wayne
Railsback, Catherine A22 Jun 192923 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Raimondi, Ilda12 Jan 1908Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Rainbolt, Alice L14 Oct 19256 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Rainbolt, Ralph10 Feb 1938Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Raindrop, F23 Sep 19091 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Rainer, Mary9 Jun 1914Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Raines, Danzle E28 Jul 192325 Sep 1991Roanoke
Raines, Donna K11 Oct 194411 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Raines, Elizabeth J24 Sep 192615 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Raines, Esther26 Sep 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Raines, Jeannean D3 Feb 193926 Dec 1995Huntertown
Raines, Rachel P18 Jan 192322 Sep 2002Roanoke
Raines, Wade17 Jul 192127 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Raines, Walter C15 Dec 19421 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Rainey, Albert20 Aug 1889Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Rainey, Cletus L4 Jun 1925Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Rainey, Rita J16 Jun 194627 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Rainey, Sharon A6 Nov 19458 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Rainier, Arthur G22 Jul 190530 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Rainier, Lillian20 Oct 1901Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Rainous, Albert A19 Feb 192111 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Rainous, Vera Emogene14 Sep 192213 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Rains, Eula S28 Jul 191523 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Rains, Pauline20 Jun 191227 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Rains, Perry W26 Oct 190912 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Rains, Russell M21 May 191325 May 2004Fort Wayne
Rains, Silas D3 Jan 19367 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Rainwaters, Sarah F10 May 192024 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Raiola, Anthony F1 Mar 195925 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Rairden, M13 Jan 1926May 1978Fort Wayne
Rairden, Walter16 Nov 1896Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Raker, Lavonne26 Jan 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Raker, Myron30 Jul 1909Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Raleigh, Doshea3 Mar 19075 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Raleigh, James H18 Jul 190630 Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Raleigh, Lillian17 Aug 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Raleigh, Martha27 Apr 1889Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Raleigh, Nathan L18 Feb 192228 Mar 1997Spencerville
Raleigh, Oakley T16 Aug 19182 Aug 1998Spencerville
Raleigh, Patricia L11 Feb 193426 May 1999Woodburn
Raley, Agnes I9 Nov 191020 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Ralston, David L24 Jan 194721 Jul 2009New Haven
Ralston, Edith12 Jan 1914Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Ralston, Edna17 Jun 1891Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Ralston, Edna M3 Apr 191630 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Ralston, Roger J13 Sep 19099 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Ralston, Virginia7 May 190630 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Ramage, James R20 Sep 19206 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Ramage, Mollie6 Sep 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Ramage, Pauline L10 Oct 19194 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Ramage, Robert30 Mar 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Ramage, Sophe E12 Jan 191620 Jan 2005New Haven, Fort Wayne
Rambacher, Cora29 Dec 1907Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Rambacher, Raymond19 May 1902Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Rambo, Marie K2 Aug 19223 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Ramel, Carrie19 Aug 1895Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Ramel, Clarence14 Mar 1896Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Ramer, Clifford G8 Apr 192622 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Ramer, Delores4 Mar 1903Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Ramer, Fern7 Jun 1927Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Ramer, Herman25 Oct 1892Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Ramer, Katy L4 Mar 193215 May 2000Fort Wayne
Ramer, Laura15 Nov 1891Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Ramer, Leona6 Jul 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Ramer, Mary3 Jan 1890May 1981Fort Wayne
Ramer, Wesley16 Apr 1905Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Ramer, William2 Nov 1884Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Ramey, Alice M18 Jun 194712 May 2008Fort Wayne
Ramey, Betty30 Jul 192318 May 1997Fort Wayne
Ramey, Charles E11 Feb 191827 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Ramey, Dove7 Nov 1898Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Ramey, Eva M13 Apr 1909Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Ramey, Jerry H8 Mar 194317 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Ramey, Lois N16 Jan 194118 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Ramey, Margaret9 Jun 1901Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Ramey, Margaret5 Aug 192315 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Ramey, Minnie C4 Nov 190023 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Ramey, Ralph4 Jan 193718 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Ramey, Rosemary J8 Oct 192710 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Ramey, Teddy20 Sep 19411 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Ramey, Wayne S23 Mar 192113 May 2004Fort Wayne
Ramlow, Irene G27 Jul 191519 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Ramm, Anthony C26 Jan 191717 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Ramm, Frieda18 Nov 1885Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Ramm, Harold H12 Dec 193130 May 1997Fort Wayne
Ramm, Norma2 Mar 1910Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Rammel, Adaline B25 May 190721 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Rammel, Elizabeth5 Jan 1924Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Rammel, William27 Mar 1898Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Ramming, Hattie8 Nov 1886Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Ramming, Leonard C9 Mar 19148 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Ramming, Marjorie J12 Oct 191513 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Ramming, Ruth5 Sep 1915Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Ramos, Barbara L7 Jul 193611 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Ramos, Dionicio25 Mar 194910 May 2002Fort Wayne
Ramos, Mollie19 Feb 1921Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Ramos, Paul29 Jun 1909Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Ramos, Ramon9 Mar 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ramos, Raymond R10 Aug 194125 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Ramp, Edna6 Mar 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Ramp, George22 Feb 1920Apr 1979New Haven
Ramp, Helen A29 Dec 191528 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Ramp, John R20 Apr 190620 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Ramsay, Oscar22 Aug 1910Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Ramsden, Hildreth A28 Feb 191429 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Ramsden, Mildred25 Jul 1901Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Ramsden, Sam M18 Jan 190324 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ramseier, Fay24 Apr 190030 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Ramseier, Fritz29 Nov 1904Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Aaron H7 Feb 191626 Oct 1993New Haven
Ramsey, Alice A7 Aug 193924 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Blanche H8 Apr 19124 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Charles7 Sep 1894Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Clarence10 May 1909Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Dallas R3 Oct 193614 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Della14 Sep 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Dolly17 Jul 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Dorothy F1 Aug 191119 Feb 1990New Haven
Ramsey, Dorothy M6 Mar 195421 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Dortha E3 Jan 192220 Mar 2006Churubusco
Ramsey, Earl2 Aug 1895Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Enid23 Nov 1912Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Eva L15 Sep 190714 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Freearthe7 Oct 19348 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Glen W14 May 19058 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Grover C30 Sep 192113 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Harold22 Nov 1905Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Jimmy L4 Jan 194415 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Joseph A23 Dec 189615 Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Judith9 May 1950Jan 1987Fort Wayne, Huntertown
Ramsey, Louise W16 Aug 19081 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Margarette23 Feb 1891Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Marie19 Jan 1925Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Marilyn M18 Nov 193724 Apr 2007Churubusco
Ramsey, Marjorie25 Nov 1903Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Mary A28 Oct 194119 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Max E6 Jan 192519 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Nellie23 May 1897Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Norine M18 Jul 192815 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Oliver M6 Mar 192521 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Orval8 Apr 1894Jan 1971Churubusco
Ramsey, Orval A19 Sep 191729 Jun 1994Churubusco
Ramsey, Richard26 Dec 1926Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Rilla25 Mar 1886Apr 1976Churubusco
Ramsey, Robert6 Apr 1902Feb 1971New Haven
Ramsey, Robert15 Feb 1909Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Ronald D12 Apr 192431 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Ruth O13 Sep 190815 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Ramsey, S L28 Sep 193717 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Sarah20 Aug 1888Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Sharon3 Apr 1936Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Shirley A21 Mar 193310 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Ramsey, Virginia C20 Jan 192217 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Ramsey, William14 Jul 1898Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Ramseyswenson, Ramona B5 Feb 192920 May 2008Fort Wayne
Ramy, Ronald F15 Oct 194117 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Rancefer, George31 Jul 191429 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Rancefer, Paralee10 Dec 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Ranck, Anna M17 Apr 19185 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Ranck, Gladys9 Feb 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Ranck, Joseph F29 Jan 191516 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Randall, Earle14 Sep 1904Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Randall, Harold M15 Oct 193523 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Randall, Loren D11 Jun 192627 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Randall, Marjorie A23 May 19297 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Randall, Oma17 Jul 1891Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Randerson, John M1 Mar 19146 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Randerson, Johnie P6 Feb 1926Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Randle, Eddie22 Jan 1938Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Randle, Ethel15 Aug 1891Nov 1970Leo
Randle, G M10 Feb 1943Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Randle, Nancy12 Apr 1937Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Randle, Payton12 Jul 192526 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Randol, Edessie J1 Jun 188815 Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Randol, Lura31 May 1891Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Randolph, Adlena14 Sep 191420 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Randolph, Darlene Elizabeth19 Aug 193629 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Randolph, Francis M20 Feb 19114 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Randolph, Helen M12 Feb 191626 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Randolph, Larry L1 Feb 193523 May 2006Fort Wayne
Randolph, Marion18 Jun 1912Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Randolph, Rosalee22 Jun 1920Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Randolph, Stanley24 Feb 19449 May 2003Fort Wayne
Ranes, Patricia M30 Oct 193021 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Ranes, Paul Timothy22 Dec 194218 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Ranes, Silvia15 Mar 1889Jan 1976Monroeville
Raney, Edgar G29 Jun 19138 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Raney, Elsie28 Feb 1889Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Raney, Elva27 Feb 1891Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Raney, Garnet E26 Jan 192210 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Raney, K S31 Oct 194125 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Raney, Norval D22 Mar 192224 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Raney, Theodore15 Apr 1883Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Rang, Bessie M26 Oct 1907Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Rang, Catherine H9 Mar 19384 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Rank, M J17 Jun 19108 Jan 1995New Haven
Ranke, Adele1 Apr 1891Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Ranke, Helene10 Mar 1875Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Ranke, Lydia7 Apr 1887Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Rankin, Anna5 Feb 1901Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Rankin, Beulah M20 Jan 192017 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Rankin, Carl I12 Aug 192017 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Rankin, Frances30 Jan 1917Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Rankin, Gladys27 Feb 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Rankin, Nicole M19 Jun 197219 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Rankin, Otis8 Dec 1874Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Rankin, Wildermut H10 Aug 190426 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Rankin, Willard C1 Sep 18972 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Ranly Sr, Maurice7 Nov 1919Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Ranly, Bernadette29 Nov 19265 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Ranly, Beverly J22 Oct 192414 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Ranly, William S11 Sep 192229 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Rannells, Elwood6 Apr 1915Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Rannells, Susanna H14 Nov 19167 Dec 1996Huntertown
Ranney, Rose C11 Sep 190927 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Rans, Forrest8 Dec 1913Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Rans, Virginia21 Nov 1913Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Ransbottom, Edna11 Jun 190418 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Ransbottom, Fred10 Sep 1904Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Ransbottom, Fred C2 May 192731 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Ransburg, Iona20 Dec 1906Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Ransburg, Ramona16 Aug 191126 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Ransburg, Valera30 Jan 1908May 1987Fort Wayne
Ransom, Ervin17 Mar 192713 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Ransom, Estella A17 May 192626 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Ransom, Mary A2 Aug 192726 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Ransom, Rose L27 Apr 19151 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Ransom, Will D30 Jan 19209 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Rapalski, Clara9 Jul 192212 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Raper, Robert R11 Mar 191919 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Rapone, E Robert14 Jan 19329 Aug 2002Leo
Rapone, Marion T7 Mar 193528 Sep 1999Leo
Rapp, Clara2 Jan 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Rapp, Clarence K22 Sep 192214 May 1998Fort Wayne
Rapp, Don P1 Dec 193627 May 2007Fort Wayne
Rapp, Donald R1 Oct 19236 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Rapp, Hazel M20 Mar 1911Jul 1993Churubusco
Rapp, Helen4 Feb 1902Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Rapp, Henry29 Jan 1885Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Rapp, Herbert G31 Mar 191722 Oct 2000Churubusco
Rapp, Janice F18 Oct 192629 Mar 2009Churubusco
Rapp, Leonard6 Mar 1901Aug 1983Churubusco
Rapp, Martha14 Dec 1893Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Rapp, William29 Mar 1896Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Raptis, Aphrodite G15 Feb 192213 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Raptis, George S20 May 192012 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Raquet, Elma S29 Jul 190510 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Rarick, Eunora13 Jan 1889Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Rarick, Glenn L16 Feb 193114 May 1979Fort Wayne
Rarick, Lyman29 Jul 1891May 1968Fort Wayne
Rarick, Mary A3 Dec 193513 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Rarick, Mary Ellen20 May 191814 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Rarick, Nancy23 Nov 1895Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Rarick, Von6 Feb 1894Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Rarick, Von J25 Jul 193512 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Rariden, J A26 Sep 192715 Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Raridon, Elinor J22 Jul 193026 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Raschke, Eva29 Jul 1894May 1975Fort Wayne
Raschke, Marjorie E8 Feb 19244 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Raschke, Robert D15 May 19178 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Rash, Allie1 Feb 1910May 1987Fort Wayne
Rash, Estill11 Jul 1907Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Rash, Kathryn L8 Feb 190422 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Rashky, Jean A3 Jan 19182 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Rasler, Catherine V12 Sep 19231 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Rasmussen, Ruth L7 Mar 190830 May 2003Fort Wayne
Rasor, Cecil A26 Nov 190422 May 1994Fort Wayne
Rasor, David N30 Jan 19368 May 1998Fort Wayne
Rasor, Emmett A15 Dec 19263 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Rasor, Hazel V14 Sep 192128 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Raspiller, Audrey C9 Oct 193111 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Raspiller, William18 Mar 1929Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Rassi, Edith A24 Aug 191526 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Rastetter, Charles22 Oct 1883Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Rastetter, Louis C20 Sep 191010 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Rastetter, Mary12 Jul 1886Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Rastetter, Sarah2 Jan 1882Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Rastetter, William3 Aug 1909Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Raszkowski, Lois22 May 1918Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Ratcliff, Glenn F24 Jan 19515 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Ratcliff, Loda4 Oct 1899Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Ratcliff, Ruby20 Feb 1907Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Rath, Inez F20 Sep 190720 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Rath, Roy F3 Apr 193020 May 2007New Haven
Rathbun, Leon30 Aug 1891Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Rathel, Ruth E1 Nov 19175 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Rathert, Arleen A28 Sep 192614 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Rathert, Christene6 Apr 1897Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Rathert, Frank28 Apr 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Rathert, Fred1 Feb 1894May 1976Fort Wayne
Rathert, George E22 Nov 192411 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Rathert, John20 Mar 1883Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Rathert, John D23 Jan 192213 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Rathert, Josephine21 Feb 1923Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Rathert, Leah24 Nov 1899Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Rathert, Mildred L25 Dec 192214 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rathert, Robert J23 Jul 1908Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Rathert, Williadean10 Apr 1909Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Rathert, William G26 Jun 192619 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Rathgaber, Carolyn A21 Dec 19426 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Rathgaber, Judith V2 Sep 1920Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Rathgaber, Kyna G22 Sep 19671 May 2005Fort Wayne
Rathgaber, Louis H16 Feb 19277 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Rathge, Harold H30 Jan 19151 Oct 1995New Haven
Rathje, Christian31 Dec 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Rathje, Helen22 Jul 1906Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Rathjen, Frieda M4 May 19075 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Rathsa, M24 Oct 1933Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Alberta E14 Jan 191410 Oct 2005New Haven
Ratliff, Daniel P3 Dec 190726 Apr 1994New Haven
Ratliff, Eva L8 Jun 193215 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Frances L1 Aug 192316 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Ratliff, George19 Oct 191615 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Gilbert L6 Oct 191910 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Homer Leroy28 Aug 194130 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Hustion29 Jun 193527 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Leroy6 Jan 192123 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Nellie E10 Mar 188215 Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Perry David2 Oct 194923 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Richard25 Jul 193019 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Ratliff, Samuel F23 Jul 192622 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Ratsch, Erma13 Sep 1899May 1973Fort Wayne
Ratts, Bruce27 Nov 1908May 1985Fort Wayne
Ratts, C Audrey4 Aug 190912 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Ratz, William19 Jun 1898Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Rau, Norma J20 Apr 192921 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Raub, Loretta D18 Jul 191525 Mar 2002Huntertown
Raub, Robert J15 Jan 191422 Jan 2007Huntertown
Rauba, Ronald13 Aug 193410 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Raucci, Carmella E16 Jul 19174 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Raucci, Pasquale J6 Feb 194425 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Rauch, Ermil14 Aug 1917Mar 1984Huntertown
Rauch, John6 Sep 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Rauch, Marguerite9 Jul 19277 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Rauch, Rose15 Apr 1914Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Rauch, William17 May 1930Sep 1987New Haven
Raudebush, John2 Sep 1905Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Raue, Siegfried F28 May 193512 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Raugh, Donald R29 Feb 19401 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Rauner, Albert2 Oct 1880Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Rauner, Bertha21 Nov 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Rauner, Charles22 Jul 1890Jul 1974Hoagland
Rauner, Georgene2 Sep 1922Jul 1985Hoagland
Rauner, Julia19 Jun 1896Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Rauner, Mary Jane15 Jan 1923Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Rauner, Myrtle A21 Jul 191430 May 1994Fort Wayne
Rauner, Orah30 Jan 1888Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Rauner, Oscar18 Aug 1899Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Rauner, Phil L16 Mar 191731 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Rauner, Walter26 May 1882Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Raupfer, Catherine12 Oct 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Raupfer, James E7 Aug 19286 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Rausch, Adelaide1 Oct 1918Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Rausch, Francis N25 May 19285 Jul 2006New Haven
Rausch, Geraldine19 Oct 190827 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Rausch, Herman19 Aug 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Rauschenbach, Frank19 Dec 1916Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Raval, Chandrika R1 Oct 19444 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Raver, Dorothy19 Jan 191214 May 1994Fort Wayne
Raver, Patrick K2 Sep 19387 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Ravovskis, Bruno I12 Aug 191215 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Rawles, Earl16 Nov 1882May 1968Fort Wayne
Rawles, Jack E9 Nov 19099 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Rawley, Roy24 Mar 1891Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Rawlins, Jeff A31 Dec 194720 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Rawlins, Ted10 Apr 191628 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Rawls, Floyd10 Feb 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Rawls, Mary Ann16 May 19227 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Rawls, Valerie11 Nov 1956Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Ray, Albert19 Aug 1882Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Ray, Barbara Ann5 Jan 193425 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Ray, Bernice8 Feb 1898Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Ray, Chan13 Jan 1883Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Ray, Charles10 Jul 1886Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Ray, Charles E10 Apr 192628 Oct 1998Monroeville
Ray, Charles W16 Nov 191921 May 1999Fort Wayne
Ray, Chester S19 May 191112 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Ray, Clarence9 Feb 1912Mar 1982Harlan
Ray, Cora1 Jan 1902Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Ray, Cora31 Dec 1910Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Ray, Dennis D7 Sep 193322 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Ray, Dona H3 Dec 190324 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Ray, Donna12 Feb 1900Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Ray, Elizabeth B18 Oct 1885Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Ray, Estella7 Dec 1905May 1975Fort Wayne
Ray, Flossie M14 Feb 191728 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Ray, Francis R7 Mar 192920 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Ray, Frank3 Jul 1893Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Ray, Frederick19 Feb 1919May 1982Fort Wayne
Ray, Heber21 Nov 1899Nov 1971Churubusco
Ray, Helen4 May 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Ray, Homer2 Dec 192229 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Ray, Hubert3 Feb 1911Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Ray, James W23 Oct 192617 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Ray, Josephine18 Dec 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Ray, Lloyd J9 Aug 192214 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Ray, Lora D10 Jun 189515 Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Ray, Madolyn E27 Dec 192130 Apr 2003Roanoke
Ray, Margaret A10 Nov 19198 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Ray, Marilyn J17 Oct 193212 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Ray, Martha5 Aug 1904Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Ray, Mary12 Nov 1890Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Ray, Mary27 Aug 1927Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ray, Mary C17 Jun 19312 May 2005Fort Wayne
Ray, Mary E5 Aug 187615 Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Ray, Michael A31 Jul 194311 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Ray, Milton27 Nov 1906Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Ray, Rita24 May 1924Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Ray, Robert28 Dec 1924Dec 1981Roanoke
Ray, Rosena11 Jan 1912Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Ray, Russell20 Dec 1898Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Ray, Sarah7 Sep 1893Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Ray, Velma L22 Apr 191316 Apr 2001Harlan
Ray, Vera A28 Dec 19212 Aug 2006Grabill
Ray, Wilford13 May 1900Sep 1977Monroeville
Rayhill, Homer29 Aug 1878Dec 1968Huntertown
Rayhouser, Pearl31 May 1909Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Rayhouser, Robert19 Dec 1903Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Rayl, Avis E24 Mar 191320 Dec 2004New Haven
Rayl, Betty J23 Oct 19174 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Rayl, Kenneth13 Aug 1912Jun 1974New Haven
Rayl, Robert18 Sep 1927May 1982Fort Wayne
Rayls, Marie9 Oct 18996 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Raymer, Doris Lael30 Apr 192710 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Raymer, Josephine11 May 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Raymer, Marie15 Dec 1911Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Raymer, Stella A14 Jan 189418 Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Raymer, Timothy31 Dec 1950Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Raymond, Eugene C6 Feb 19129 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Raymond, John4 Feb 1908Sep 1985Hoagland
Raymond, Mary Ann24 Feb 19213 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Raymond, Mildred A10 Feb 191114 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Raymond, Waine20 Jan 1899Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Raymus, LouisJan 1896Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Raynor, John J30 Jan 19089 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Raypole, Carrie29 Apr 1888Jan 1972Churubusco
Raypole, Ernest M5 Sep 19237 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Raypole, Paul25 Aug 1915Jun 1978Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Raypole, Steven K11 Dec 19644 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Raysin, Angelia R11 Jul 193930 Jun 2001Fort Wayne

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