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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Reabe, Esther2 May 1902Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Read, C11 Feb 1982Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Read, Clarence16 Aug 1911Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Read, Liela R9 Mar 192230 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Read, Mary13 Jul 1957Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Reade, James3 Jan 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Reader, Catherine E9 Jun 190325 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Reader, Cloie3 Feb 1900Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Reader, Donald W24 Jul 19244 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Reader, Ellis E4 Feb 192419 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Reader, Ephraim F28 May 193315 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Reader, Jack L9 Mar 19315 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Reader, Lavon J13 Jul 1928Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Reader, Lorraine24 Jul 1935Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Reader, Nina19 May 192616 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Reader, Ralph7 Oct 1903Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Reader, Ruth P22 May 191921 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Reading, Rebecca L18 Mar 194720 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Reagin, Charles T23 Sep 192012 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Ream, Atlee2 Aug 1891Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Ream, Cleo J26 Nov 191112 Mar 2006Grabill
Ream, Edward6 Sep 1890Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Ream, Evelyn12 Mar 1923Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Ream, Gladys V2 Aug 189815 May 1992Fort Wayne
Ream, Grace17 Sep 1886Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Ream, Margaret J14 Aug 193220 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Ream, Mary F20 Jul 192012 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Ream, Morris J26 Mar 19093 Mar 1994Grabill
Ream, Olga19 Oct 1889Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Ream, Terry L21 Aug 19421 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Ream, Theodore A3 Nov 192428 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Ream, Virgil F3 Jun 19116 Mar 2001Leo
Ream, William A11 Sep 192118 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Reamer, Ruth3 Dec 191212 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Reames, Edward11 Aug 1914Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Reams, Mary E6 Sep 192130 May 2007Fort Wayne
Reardon, Clara M24 Sep 190616 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Reardon, George3 Mar 1910May 1985Fort Wayne
Reardon, Robert T29 Jan 192217 Mar 1993New Haven
Reardon, Vera C13 Jun 192521 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Reardon, William T13 Dec 19403 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Rearick, Byron27 Feb 1892Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Reas, Jean E21 Dec 191925 Nov 2002Monroeville
Reas, John20 Jun 1917Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Reas, Marceyle V19 Nov 191219 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Reaser, Charles T20 Sep 19207 May 1995Fort Wayne
Reaser, Ferdinand13 Nov 1914Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Reaser, Marie17 Jul 1883Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Reaser, Myrtle23 Oct 1881Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Reaser, Raymond C10 Aug 195128 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Reasoner, Ronald I18 Aug 193317 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Reaves, Ralph23 Oct 1922Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Reavis, George13 Jul 1922Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Reavlee, Louise14 Apr 1898Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Rebber, Anna6 Jan 1898Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Rebber, Dorothy17 Feb 1910Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Rebber, Edwin5 May 1902Oct 1979New Haven
Rebber, Erwin31 May 1903Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Rebber, Fred11 Oct 1891Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Rebber, Fred27 Mar 1892Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Rebber, Frieda M22 Jul 1904May 1993Fort Wayne
Rebber, Gerhard29 Apr 1901Apr 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Rebber, Herman23 Feb 1890Mar 1978Fort Wayne, New Haven
Rebber, Hilda C4 Jan 191920 Feb 2004New Haven
Rebber, Monta31 May 1910Apr 1973New Haven
Rebber, Richard A5 Nov 193914 Jan 2004New Haven
Rebber, Vernon E31 Dec 19256 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Reber, Beatrice9 Jun 191520 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Reber, Betty R16 Oct 192719 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Reber, Frank2 Jun 1892Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Reber, Marcella M22 Jan 191312 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Reber, Sterling E10 Aug 19224 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Reberg, Charles11 Jul 1884Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Rebman, Amelia5 May 1886Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Rebman, J Jane22 Jul 1923Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Rebman, Loretta12 Aug 1901Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Rebman, Michael7 Dec 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Rebman, Ralph29 Mar 1904Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Rebscher, Viola A17 Jul 18953 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Rech, Edna J29 Sep 189912 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Reche, Kurt8 Jun 1883Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Recht, Brenda6 Apr 1944Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Recht, Douglas28 Apr 1945Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Recht, Ervin J30 Jul 191915 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Recht, James C10 Dec 191517 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Recht, Nadyne M9 Sep 19216 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Recht, Rosemarie28 Jul 1946Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Recht, Shawn M24 Feb 197715 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Recht, Virginia L10 Jul 191622 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Recht, Walter13 Mar 1889Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Recht, Walter C22 Nov 191719 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Reck, Marjorie18 Jul 1923Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Reck, Rodney R21 Nov 19193 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Reckeweg, Arnold1 Oct 1902Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Reckeweg, Olga28 Sep 19194 Jul 2004Huntertown
Reckeweg, William25 Jan 1917Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Reckeweg, William M29 Jul 19419 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Rectanus, Eleanor J17 Mar 19271 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Rectanus, William10 Nov 1914Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Rectenwall, Mary E1 Feb 191715 Apr 2002Spencerville
Rectenwall, Warren B28 Jan 19183 Dec 2001Spencerville
Rector, Marilyn R23 Jun 192322 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Rector, Robert11 May 1919Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Redden, Ernest7 Dec 1913Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Redden, Florence24 Dec 1926Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Redden, John A30 Jun 19507 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Redden, Marion E31 Aug 191416 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Reddersen, Betty F27 Feb 190928 Sep 1993Woodburn
Reddin, Charles H30 Jan 193925 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Reddin, Geraldine Esther30 Jan 191831 Mar 2009Roanoke
Reddin, Katrina9 May 1904Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Reddin, Neola31 Jul 1908Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Redding, Ada I22 Jul 191119 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Redding, Carl8 Feb 1913Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Redding, Celesta8 Jul 1883Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Redding, Charles6 Feb 1897Mar 1978Roanoke
Redding, Dale M17 Oct 191529 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Redding, Della4 Jun 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Redding, Della25 Sep 1884Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Redding, Dwight L20 Feb 192121 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Redding, Edith24 Aug 1887May 1972Roanoke
Redding, Edith13 Jun 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Redding, Elzie21 Sep 1891Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Redding, Erma20 Jun 1891Jul 1979Roanoke
Redding, Everett9 Nov 1915Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Redding, Forest W9 Dec 191729 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Redding, Foster10 Feb 1903Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Redding, Grover9 Sep 1885Nov 1969Roanoke
Redding, Helen A27 Feb 191516 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Redding, Jack30 Oct 1917Sep 1985Roanoke
Redding, Joe L6 Oct 19275 Dec 2005Roanoke
Redding, Kathryn19 May 19066 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Redding, Kathryn25 Jul 1895Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Redding, Kenneth9 Apr 1906Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Redding, Lawrence29 Jul 1890Jan 1979Roanoke
Redding, Lena23 Mar 1897Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Redding, Lowell4 Jul 1915Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Redding, Mary Margaret11 Jan 191731 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Redding, Melba D17 Dec 19286 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Redding, Philip M12 Dec 191612 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Redding, R R4 Jul 192425 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Redding, Rosalie L21 May 19198 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Redding, Roscoe24 Feb 1894Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Redding, Rose5 Jun 1884Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Redding, Wilma14 Aug 1910Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Redenius, Arlene G19 Apr 192513 May 2004Fort Wayne
Redfern, George12 Jan 1894Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Rediger, Arthur3 Oct 1893Oct 1971Woodburn
Rediger, Bernice30 Mar 1900Nov 1978Grabill, Harlan
Rediger, Chester11 Feb 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Rediger, Doris Mae16 May 192624 Jul 2009Leo
Rediger, Elmer22 May 1897Jul 1972Grabill
Rediger, Emanuel9 Dec 1890Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Rediger, Gaylord16 Apr 1923Apr 1979Spencerville
Rediger, Jacob20 Nov 1889Nov 1970Grabill
Rediger, Joseph13 Feb 1892Jul 1974Woodburn
Rediger, Lillie A17 Mar 18903 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Rediger, Marion J15 Feb 191724 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Rediger, Minnie18 Feb 1893Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Rediger, Olive13 Jun 1915Oct 1974Grabill
Redinger, Ruby I24 Mar 192224 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Redman, Dana31 Jul 1926Apr 1984Yoder
Redman, Franklin15 Jan 1915Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Redman, Harold T25 Apr 19051 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Redman, Ralph10 Sep 1902Sep 1977Roanoke
Redman, Shirley15 Apr 1897Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Redman, Virginia L13 Jan 1927Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Redman, Walter A10 Jul 192311 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Redmaster, William Walter15 Mar 192926 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Redmerski, Elsie E6 Jan 190221 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Redmerski, Marie10 Mar 1899Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Redmon, Ivan13 May 191010 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Redmon, Margaret C22 Apr 191326 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Redmond, Anne E21 Aug 191217 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Redmond, Bilbo15 Jan 1913Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Redmond, Collins J16 Jul 19245 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Redmond, Cullen5 Aug 190715 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Redmond, Julia2 Nov 1913Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Redmond, Lucinda26 Feb 1898Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Redmond, Marcella L15 Nov 192419 Nov 2003Woodburn
Redmond, Willard A5 Jul 191111 May 2001Fort Wayne
Redpath, Ann20 Jul 1891Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Redwanski, Joseph20 Feb 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Redwanski, Josephine J24 Jun 19185 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Redwanski, Louis24 Aug 1911Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Redwanski, Olga11 Jul 19113 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Redwanski, Wayne16 Apr 192626 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Redyk, Helen4 May 1917Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Reeb, John J10 Jul 193330 May 1994Fort Wayne
Reeb, Tommie Lee22 Jan 19455 Mar 2009Harlan
Reece, Alice22 Jan 1912Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Reece, Andrew28 Sep 19463 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Reece, David W22 Oct 192823 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Reece, George7 Feb 1893Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Reece, Imogene L8 Apr 19393 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Reece, Richard T3 Jan 193715 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Reece, Rollin C14 Mar 191314 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Reece, S A28 Apr 193715 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Reece, Valrie14 Mar 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Reece, Violet22 Apr 1909Aug 1975New Haven
Reed Ii, John P15 Jan 19649 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Reed, Agnes1 Jun 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Reed, Alma19 Jan 1892Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Reed, Alta28 Feb 1886Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Reed, Ann E13 Oct 193820 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Reed, Anna30 Sep 1898Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Reed, Anniva G4 Apr 191213 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Reed, Augusta9 Feb 1885Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Reed, Bertha28 Feb 1906Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Reed, Blanche25 Mar 1896Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Reed, Carl M19 Nov 188015 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Reed, Charles K30 Jun 19191 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Reed, Clair H30 Mar 191821 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Reed, David A22 Apr 194421 Dec 1999New Haven
Reed, Dennis E28 Aug 19434 Oct 2009Spencerville
Reed, Dewey25 Jun 19037 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Reed, Dick L15 Feb 192120 Dec 1991Churubusco
Reed, Donald J13 Aug 19279 Sep 2006Yoder
Reed, Doris E14 Jul 192915 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Reed, Dorothy15 Apr 1899Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Reed, Earl15 Oct 1897Dec 1978Monroeville
Reed, Edna7 Apr 1894Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Reed, Edna M17 Sep 1907Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Reed, Elba L14 May 191711 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Reed, Elizabeth27 May 1891Oct 1965Fort Wayne
Reed, Elizabeth5 Apr 1910Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Reed, Elmer27 May 1920Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Reed, Ernest G9 May 190919 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Reed, Estelle31 Jan 1891Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Reed, Eugene T9 Jun 192124 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Reed, Eva28 Oct 19173 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Reed, F E26 Mar 19136 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Reed, Florence23 Sep 1912Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Reed, Forrest2 Feb 1908Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Reed, Frank20 Jul 1909Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Reed, Franklin26 Mar 1899Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Reed, Frederick20 Jun 1925Aug 1977Spencerville
Reed, Frederick A27 Sep 192916 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Reed, Gladys21 Feb 1900Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Reed, Goldie18 Apr 1899Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Reed, Guy4 May 1899Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Reed, Harry24 Jun 1918Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Reed, Harvey E8 Apr 19221 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Reed, Helen27 Jul 1912Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Reed, Helen T11 Dec 19154 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Reed, Henry9 Feb 1885Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Reed, Hettie F13 Jan 191928 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Reed, Horace23 Aug 1929Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Reed, Howard E15 May 192720 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Reed, Ida28 Aug 1892Mar 1987Spencerville
Reed, Isaac20 Mar 19318 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Reed, Jack L30 Jul 193817 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Reed, Jared10 Jan 1885Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Reed, Jean15 Jun 1929Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Reed, Jesse L2 Jul 191617 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Reed, John5 Jun 1924Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Reed, John H10 Nov 193220 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Reed, Joseph W2 May 19165 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Reed, Kathleen J31 Jan 194317 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Reed, Kenneth26 Aug 1909Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Reed, Larry E22 Mar 194128 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Reed, Laura28 Dec 1902Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Reed, Lavina6 Aug 1884Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Reed, Lilly4 Feb 1916Nov 1980Roanoke
Reed, Lohman17 Oct 1910Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Reed, Lona20 Nov 1908Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Reed, M Louise30 Apr 19177 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Reed, Margaret E28 Feb 194618 May 1998Fort Wayne
Reed, Margaret R26 Mar 19208 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Reed, Marjorie L12 Jun 19233 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Reed, Mark A21 Jan 196324 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Reed, Marlene C28 Nov 19312 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Reed, Marvin L11 Oct 192617 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Reed, Mary21 Aug 1903Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Reed, Mary C7 Mar 191122 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Reed, Maurice19 Feb 1909Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Reed, Maurice W18 Apr 190928 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Reed, Max J25 Feb 192921 Dec 2007Roanoke
Reed, Michael Lee1 Sep 194822 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Reed, Mildred8 May 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Reed, Mona J26 Dec 193221 Oct 2006Roanoke
Reed, Noel6 Mar 1911Dec 1984Roanoke
Reed, Oliver E7 Apr 191922 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Reed, Opal2 Sep 1896Dec 1979Monroeville
Reed, Orville7 Feb 1898Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Reed, Parstella13 Oct 1902Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Reed, Paul28 Oct 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Reed, Richard23 Apr 1918Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Reed, Richard2 Jun 1928Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Reed, Richard D9 Jul 195117 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Reed, Robert30 Nov 1917Mar 1987Churubusco
Reed, Robert3 Dec 1896Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Reed, Rosalind Marcella7 Oct 19204 Jan 2009New Haven
Reed, Ruhl23 Mar 1908Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Reed, Stanley13 Jun 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Reed, Stephen28 May 1883Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Reed, Teresa A15 Feb 1897Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Reed, Vernon E23 Apr 192212 May 1998Fort Wayne
Reed, Virginia M22 Sep 19126 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Reed, Wade20 Aug 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Reed, Waldo E24 Sep 19112 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Reed, Wallace30 May 1892Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Reed, Wayne9 Feb 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Reed, Wilbur15 Jul 1908Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Reed, William18 May 1895Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Reed, William9 Apr 1901May 1973Fort Wayne
Reed, William H25 May 193513 Aug 2004New Haven
Reed, William Jule17 May 193715 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Reeder, Dorothy5 Feb 1911Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Reeder, Hazel28 Sep 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Reeder, Jack1 Nov 1894Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Reeder, Mildreth13 Oct 1894Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Reeder, Tilman R25 Mar 19066 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Reeder, Virgie L12 Jan 191227 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Reedy, Elva13 Nov 1890Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Reef, George L13 Jun 19195 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Reek, Viola2 May 1900Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Reemer, Mildred N3 Jan 19089 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Rees, Dora30 Mar 1887Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Rees, Eva29 Aug 1876Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Rees, Paul14 Feb 1908Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Rees, Rosslyn M6 Dec 20001 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Reese, Albert29 Aug 1919Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Reese, Alta2 Oct 1900Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Reese, Betty20 Dec 1925Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Reese, Claxton M7 Dec 19295 Nov 2003Huntertown
Reese, Claxton M5 Dec 194924 Oct 2006New Haven
Reese, Edwin19 Jun 1893Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Reese, Frances7 Jul 1886Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Reese, Herbert18 Nov 1911Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Reese, Herman1 Jun 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Reese, Herschel21 Sep 1906Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Reese, Hilda L11 Jan 192529 May 1995Fort Wayne
Reese, James17 Aug 1914Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Reese, John T22 Jun 19259 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Reese, Joseph1 Feb 19397 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Reese, Madylene I18 Feb 192215 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Reese, Margaret A2 Feb 192210 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Reese, Nancy J8 May 19523 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Reese, Naomi L11 Jul 19224 Sep 2003Churubusco
Reese, Nellie9 Oct 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Reese, Rachel6 Aug 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
Reese, Rachel B25 Feb 19168 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Reese, Revere F13 Jun 190226 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Reese, Rollin14 Jan 1898Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Reese, Ronald D8 Aug 193412 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Reetz, Alma14 Apr 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Reetz, Richard M19 Jul 191221 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Reeve, Agnes20 Dec 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Reeve, Bill H13 Jul 191323 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Reeves, Arthur M31 Aug 194614 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Reeves, Catherine M3 Apr 19151 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Reeves, Earle7 Apr 1882Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Reeves, Edmond21 Jul 1898Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Reeves, Edward H11 Feb 19184 May 2002Roanoke
Reeves, Helen13 Apr 1894Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Reeves, Jack H8 May 191524 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Reeves, Margaret H8 Feb 19342 Jan 2007New Haven
Reeves, Mark E13 May 194725 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Reeves, Marvin25 Nov 1908Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Reeves, Marvin E26 Jan 19262 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Reeves, Mary Jane9 Apr 192310 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Reeves, Pearl14 Dec 1895Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Reeves, Rita L30 May 191928 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Reeves, T28 Sep 1927Jul 1985New Haven
Reeves, Thomas8 Oct 1898Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Reeves, William27 Dec 1915Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Refakis, Evelyn14 Jan 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Refakis, Peter18 Sep 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Refeld, Jacqueline29 Jan 1968Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Refeld, Joseph18 Jan 19012 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Refeld, Leona C19 Jun 191927 Jul 2005Roanoke
Refeld, Marilyn A28 Sep 194211 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Refeld, Ralph23 Dec 1902Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Reffe, Fred8 Sep 1895May 1980Fort Wayne
Reffe, Lucille4 Aug 190430 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Reffelt, Norma15 Mar 1911Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Reffett, Betty J15 Feb 19333 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Reffner, Russel1 Jan 1905Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Refner, Gertrude4 May 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
Refner, Wayne28 Sep 1897Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Regan, Mary E16 Jan 19181 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Regedanz, Richard M19 Mar 19196 May 1999Fort Wayne
Regelsperger, Paul H30 Jan 193920 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Regenauer, Cleora24 Jun 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Regenold, Bruce21 Dec 1931Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Regenold, Dorothy S30 Jun 19081 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Regenold, Philip A20 Dec 192212 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Regenold, Reville10 Aug 1899Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Regisser, Dema27 Sep 1884Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Register, Lee11 Oct 1928Dec 1976New Haven
Rehil, Irene15 Jan 191419 May 2000Fort Wayne
Rehil, Russell E19 Oct 191623 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Rehklau, E3 Jan 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Rehling, Beryl26 Oct 1904Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Rehling, Donald L4 Aug 193217 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Rehling, Walter15 May 1899Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Rehm, Ada1 Oct 1892Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Rehm, Betty G14 Dec 192019 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Rehm, Delbert19 Mar 1907Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Rehm, Henry16 Apr 1885Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Rehm, Lola M28 Oct 191431 Oct 2005Woodburn
Rehm, Robert31 Jan 1920Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Rehm, Robert19 Aug 1920Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Rehm, Ruth E2 Apr 191430 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Rehm, Ruth W15 May 190824 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Rehm, William13 Jul 1928Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Rehorst, Pearl28 Jun 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Rehrer, Alma16 Dec 1903Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Rehrer, Ferne4 Mar 1895Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Rehrer, John S6 Aug 191728 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Rehrer, Thomas M12 Apr 192625 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Rehrer, Velma28 Jun 1918Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Reiber, Geraldine C19 Mar 191416 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Reiber, Jacob22 Oct 1882Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Reiber, John G31 Aug 191525 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Reiber, Marie19 Sep 1882Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Reiber, Marna M25 Dec 19069 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Reiber, Mary M3 Apr 191820 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Reibs, Carl F30 May 192711 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Reibs, Emma5 Feb 1890Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Reich, Harriette21 Jul 1887Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Reich, Marie20 Aug 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Reich, Orlando L8 May 190718 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Reichard, Adeline5 Sep 1897Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Reichard, Delores Mary19 Jul 19179 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Reichard, Dorothy Irene25 Mar 19287 Apr 2008Roanoke
Reichard, Edward24 Mar 1911Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Reichard, Emma20 Jan 1929Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Reichard, Gertrude F21 Jul 19143 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Reichard, Margaret11 Dec 1894Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Reichard, Ralph E20 Sep 191628 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Reichard, William7 Mar 1891Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Reichelderfe, Virginia31 Oct 1886Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Reichenbach, Clarence E20 Sep 192417 Dec 2009New Haven
Reichert, Brent E16 Apr 195511 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Reichert, Donald C29 Apr 19192 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Reichert, Donald C20 May 192012 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Reichert, Eugene R21 Dec 192419 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Reichert, Kenneth C4 Mar 191930 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Reichert, Matilda27 May 1892Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Reichert, Maybelle6 May 192122 May 2006Fort Wayne
Reichert, Wanda R20 Oct 191917 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Reichhart, Gerald W18 Feb 192429 Nov 1994Hoagland
Reichhart, Joseph27 Apr 1898Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Reichhart, Luellyn F19 Jul 192511 Jan 2000New Haven
Reichhart, Madelyn L23 Aug 192430 Aug 2007Hoagland
Reichle, Frederick E28 Nov 192828 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Reichwage, Clara22 Sep 1887Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Reichwage, Otto7 May 1881Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Reichwage, Otto H18 Jan 19202 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Reid, Arthur12 May 1902May 1985Fort Wayne
Reid, Arthur13 Feb 1911Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Reid, Audrey1 Oct 1921Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Reid, Charles A3 Aug 19432 May 2000Huntertown
Reid, Dortha N29 Dec 191017 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Reid, Edna J15 Feb 191915 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Reid, Jennie Juanita6 Jun 19158 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Reid, John H1 Jan 194725 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Reid, Mary13 Jan 1915Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Reid, Mildred24 Sep 191116 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Reid, Paul17 Feb 1898Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Arnold29 Apr 1904Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Carl9 Feb 1919Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Henry13 Mar 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Madelin C16 Apr 191431 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Marcella24 Jul 1917Jun 1986Monroeville
Reidenbach, Marcus M27 Mar 19172 Nov 1995Monroeville
Reidenbach, Roy3 Dec 1895Sep 1978Spencerville
Reidenbach, Stanley G19 Nov 19333 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Reidenbach, Valera6 May 1907Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Reider, Alfred H1 Oct 191210 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Reider, Delores V12 Oct 191911 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Reider, Gloria J27 Jun 19259 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Reider, Robert24 Jan 1911Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Reidlinger, Lillian15 Sep 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Reidt, Irene1 Dec 19217 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Reidy, Francis W13 Jun 191627 Sep 2008Hoagland
Reif, Elizabeth14 Sep 1882Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Reifenberg, Joseph H3 Sep 19045 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Reifenrath, Phyllis L27 May 192316 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Reifert, Marcus10 Sep 1914Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Reiff, Anne S13 Aug 191514 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Reiff, Eleanor25 Sep 1896Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Reiff, John T6 Dec 194921 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Reifinger, Lizzie P29 Sep 19083 Jan 1998Leo
Reifsnider, John M25 Apr 192618 Mar 1993New Haven
Reifsteck, Olga C2 Nov 191711 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Reigel, Lenora26 Jan 1883Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Reighter, Floyd20 Mar 1907Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Reighter, Gaythia13 Apr 1907Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Reighter, Nina2 Jun 1902Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Reighter, Ralph5 Jan 189626 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Reighter, Thelma R18 May 192119 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Reiken, Doris M8 Oct 193427 May 1995Fort Wayne
Reiken, Lee18 Jun 1930Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Reiken, Norma I11 May 193422 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Reiling, August20 Dec 1909Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Reiling, Belle I23 Jan 191317 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Reiling, Ernestine26 May 1921Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Reiling, John T19 Nov 192022 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Reiling, Madeline C17 Aug 1914Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Reiling, Paul F19 May 191717 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Reilley, Cleo7 May 1906Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Reilley, Helen M25 Nov 192222 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Reilley, Jack F30 Dec 192921 Oct 2009Yoder
Reilley, James P17 Feb 192425 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Reilly, John J2 Jul 193020 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Reim, Anna10 May 1883Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Reiman, Betty L29 Jul 191519 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Reimer, Harry F4 Aug 192316 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Reimund, Austin8 Apr 1905May 1987Fort Wayne
Reimund, Pearl20 May 1907Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Reinbold, Mary8 May 1904Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Reinbolt, Robert A1 Sep 192917 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Reinchield, Lester4 Aug 1903Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Reincke, Lester17 Oct 1903Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Reincke, Luellen19 Sep 1907Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Reincke, Richard15 Jan 1917Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Reincke, Stella14 Nov 1900Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Reincke, Thelma20 Mar 1900Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Reincke, William15 Nov 1894Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Reinders, Frances A6 Nov 193314 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Reinewald, Bertha8 Dec 1896Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Reinewald, Edwin31 Mar 1891Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Reinewald, Eva27 Feb 1893Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Reinewald, John12 Nov 191120 May 1996Fort Wayne
Reinhard, Arthur16 Mar 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Reinhard, Ennis11 Jul 191422 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Reinhard, Louis26 Dec 1891Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Reinhard, Lucille A9 Nov 19075 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Reinhardt, Dorothy B12 Oct 192914 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Reinhardt, Edwin G13 Jun 191724 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Devona E10 Oct 191113 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Edward6 Oct 1896Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Edward A14 May 19214 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Isabel B4 Jan 19154 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Laurence13 Dec 1902Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Mary15 Mar 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Mary K11 Dec 19284 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Richard11 May 1928Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Richard E7 Jan 193420 Jul 2008New Haven
Reinhart, Rosella8 Feb 1897Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Reinhart, Wayne L7 May 193617 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Reinholt, Belinda K7 May 195023 May 2008Fort Wayne
Reinig, Elva26 Feb 190329 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Reinke, Gary F31 Mar 19404 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Reinkensmeie, Paul17 Oct 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Reinkensmeie, Paul T13 Sep 19179 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Reinking, Agnes20 Jul 1897Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Reinking, Alton G21 Sep 191114 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Reinking, Alvin W18 Jun 19123 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Reinking, Betty I20 Jun 19231 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Reinking, Charles11 Mar 1890Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Reinking, Clara J30 Nov 191215 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Reinking, Donald W26 Aug 191831 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Reinking, Edwin6 Sep 1896Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Reinking, Edwin H9 May 191212 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Reinking, Eleanor8 Feb 1886Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Reinking, Freda Marie17 Mar 19165 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Reinking, Frieda3 Feb 1907Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Reinking, Frieda M2 Oct 189815 Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Reinking, George27 Sep 1887Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Reinking, Gertrude10 Apr 1896Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Reinking, Harold E29 Jan 191928 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Reinking, Harry H30 May 191014 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Reinking, Helen M23 Feb 191219 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Reinking, Herman29 Apr 1889Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Reinking, Julia16 Feb 1894Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Reinking, Julie H12 Jan 194913 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Reinking, Katharine L15 Apr 192119 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Reinking, Laverne M2 Dec 19302 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Reinking, Lester24 Apr 1915Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Reinking, Lillie11 Nov 1883Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Reinking, Lucille Louise14 Nov 192025 May 2009New Haven
Reinking, Malinda K24 Jul 191319 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Reinking, Marie E16 Mar 192211 Jun 2006New Haven, Fort Wayne
Reinking, Martha2 Jul 1931Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Reinking, Martin16 Apr 1900Mar 1984Roanoke
Reinking, Michael A9 May 196225 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Reinking, Nyra E9 Feb 192619 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Reinking, Otto26 Apr 1909Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Reinking, Paul18 Feb 1906Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Reinking, Paula18 May 1902Sep 1983Roanoke
Reinking, Ralph W4 Mar 19166 May 1992Fort Wayne
Reinking, Regina7 Mar 1902Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Reinking, Richard P5 Oct 19318 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Reinking, Russell15 Feb 1902Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Reinking, Ruth24 Aug 1894May 1986Fort Wayne
Reinking, Theodore26 Aug 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Reinking, Tracy D6 Sep 196231 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Reinking, Vera D22 Sep 19172 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Reinking, Vernon26 Feb 1927Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Reinking, Walter22 Jan 1901Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Reinoehl, Ada2 Apr 1877Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Reinsch, John F13 Aug 194528 Nov 2005New Haven
Reis, John N9 May 192416 May 2002Fort Wayne
Reising, Alice L8 May 19122 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Reising, Grace18 Dec 1885Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Reising, Irene3 Apr 1889Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Reising, Lawrence H29 Aug 19145 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Reisinger, Leonard E10 Nov 19291 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Reisner, Charles22 Mar 1891Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Reisner, Elsa24 Apr 1894Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Reissig, Bernard28 May 1900Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Reissig, Edna R2 Dec 189912 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Reister, Virginia C9 Aug 192012 May 2001Fort Wayne
Reiter, Carl20 Mar 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Reiter, Clarenc3 Feb 1906Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Reiter, Clarence29 Apr 1901Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Reiter, Edna2 Feb 1912Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Reiter, Emil K23 Mar 19157 Aug 2002Spencerville
Reiter, Esther E16 Jun 190812 Sep 2003Hoagland
Reiter, Esther M11 Sep 191027 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Reiter, Faye I9 Jul 192119 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Reiter, Gertrude B8 Nov 190230 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Reiter, Harold6 Aug 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Reiter, Helen13 Jan 19136 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Reiter, James L28 Jul 193223 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Reiter, Jeannette22 May 1883Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Reiter, Lillian31 May 1896Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Reiter, Marguriete22 Aug 1890Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Reiter, Marie15 Sep 1913Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Reiter, Paul12 May 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Reiter, Sam16 Mar 191212 May 1989Fort Wayne
Reiter, Theodore24 Nov 1918Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Reiter, Velma M13 Dec 191031 Aug 1998Hoagland
Reith, Charlotte A1 Apr 191312 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Reith, Josephine29 Dec 1899Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Reith, Karl F3 Jun 18981 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Reith, Karl J4 Oct 193211 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Reith, Marie E18 Feb 190417 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Reith, Mary C8 Jul 19126 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Reith, Sandra G27 Jul 19479 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Reith, William7 Jun 1910May 1985Fort Wayne
Reitz, Dorothy19 Aug 1910Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Reitz, Herbert J26 Sep 191119 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Reitz, Jewel15 Mar 191131 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Reitz, Mildred M22 Jan 191216 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Reitz, Ralph M26 Mar 190328 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Reitze, Fred30 Mar 1887Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Reitzug, Nikolaus H20 Jul 19233 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Rejmaniak, Louis23 May 1937Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Rekart, Arthur F28 Feb 190523 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Rekart, Helen28 Aug 1911Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Reker, Evelyn6 Jun 1903Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Alfred21 Jul 1915Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Arthur2 Jul 1897Nov 1966Woodburn
Rekeweg, Elenora E28 Mar 1919Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Elsie L22 Jul 191217 May 2009Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Fred11 Aug 1888Jun 1966Woodburn
Rekeweg, Herman D25 Oct 19089 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Katherine15 Jul 1895Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Mary F3 Aug 191316 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Raymond24 Dec 1926Feb 1987Woodburn
Rekeweg, Selma A2 Feb 190924 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Rekeweg, Tena26 Dec 1899May 1983Woodburn
Rekeweg, Tina R4 Aug 196518 Dec 2007Woodburn
Rekeweg, Velma15 Jul 19167 Mar 2007Woodburn
Rekeweg, Wilfred D7 Mar 191624 Mar 2006Woodburn
Relinski, Leonard4 Apr 192910 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Rella, Dorothy14 Dec 1891Sep 1970Monroeville
Relue, Bernice A2 Sep 19114 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Relue, Freda25 Feb 1908Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Relue, Louis2 Jun 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Relue, Mary1 Jun 1883Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Relue, Norbert A21 Aug 193215 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Relue, Rita R22 Mar 193824 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Relue, Thelma22 May 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Relue, Vivian23 Jul 1914Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Relue, Wallace3 Mar 1900Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Remaklus, Louis P28 Mar 191325 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Remaklus, Melba J16 Sep 193020 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Remaks, Diane D12 Feb 19176 Jan 2000New Haven
Rembert, Robert4 May 19243 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Remenicky, Albert13 Nov 1951Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Remenschneid, Agnes E17 Mar 19214 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Remenschneid, Louis A16 Jan 191531 Jul 2001New Haven
Remenschneid, Ralph C17 Mar 191319 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Remenschneid, Ruth C27 Jul 191622 Dec 2002New Haven
Remenschneid, William30 Oct 1889Jan 1975New Haven
Rementer, Ella24 Dec 1881Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Remington, Odin L12 Dec 19181 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Remke, Marlene8 Jan 1932Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Remley, James F15 Oct 192629 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Remm, Delores B15 Mar 189430 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Remmers, John H10 Jan 190210 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Remmers, Marguerite1 Mar 19085 May 1992Fort Wayne
Remmert, Dorothy19 Nov 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Remmert, George22 Oct 1881Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Remmert, Lillian A16 Sep 19258 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Remmert, Lloyd24 Aug 1899Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Remmert, William H1 Mar 190230 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Rempis, Arthur29 Oct 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Remus, Paul M27 Jul 194328 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Remy, Alfred17 Sep 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Remy, Bertha20 Jun 1898Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Renaud, Clayton26 Apr 1916Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Renbarger, Mary B25 Feb 191413 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Renbarger, Mary L2 Mar 19142 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Renbarger, Moin E1 Nov 190917 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Rench, Mark8 Feb 1888Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Rencher, Freemon Ozel2 Apr 194423 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Rencher, Lincoln23 Dec 191614 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Rencher, Marjorie M4 Jan 192626 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Rencher, Moses26 Jul 194329 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Renfro, Bobb15 Jul 19331 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Renfro, Edgar H17 Feb 192216 Apr 2007New Haven
Renfro, Gerline E22 Oct 19153 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Renfro, Leetta27 Jul 192520 Dec 2007New Haven
Renico, Harold H24 Jan 191518 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Renier, Anna20 Apr 1883Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Renier, Bernard O4 Sep 19137 Nov 1996New Haven
Renier, Charles E25 Sep 190318 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Renier, Floyd S2 Feb 190525 Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Renier, Guleia E14 Apr 19064 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Renier, Helen9 Aug 1897Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Renier, John25 Sep 1882Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Renier, Marcella26 Nov 1919Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Renken, Velma13 Jan 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Renkenberger, Susie25 Jul 1898Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Renkenberger, Wallace6 Mar 1897Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Renn, Arlene1 Oct 1923Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Renn, Janette G20 Mar 192619 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Renn, Nathan E18 Feb 192219 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Renn, Paula9 Aug 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Carry30 Apr 1897Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Chester J8 Sep 192221 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Edgar W11 Oct 190429 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Ethel29 Feb 1888Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Florence9 Jun 1898Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Mary22 Oct 1921Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Priestman2 Feb 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Richard2 Feb 1925Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Rennecker, Wayne L3 May 19263 Feb 1999Grabill
Renner, Annie10 Aug 1890Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Renner, Carol A5 Dec 19429 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Renner, Edna6 Nov 1893Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Renner, George22 Feb 1891Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Renner, George20 Jun 1915Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Renner, Judith Ann14 Aug 1946Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Renner, Margaret A27 Nov 192721 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Renner, Ralph H20 Aug 19123 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Renner, Sandra K7 Aug 19555 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Rennie, Kathryn L27 Oct 191612 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Rennie, Margaret14 Oct 1902Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Rennie, W25 Mar 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Rennie, William D24 Mar 193118 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Renninger, Cecilia E30 Jul 19057 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Renninger, Henry5 Jan 1897Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Renninger, Henry J29 Oct 193012 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Renollet, Vergil F18 Mar 190323 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Rensch, Cleo24 Apr 1904Dec 1978Churubusco
Renteria, Dionicio H8 Nov 192324 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Rentfrow, Betty J16 Jun 19255 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rentfrow, Paul F13 Jul 192715 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Rentovich, Tara Lynn5 Aug 19505 Jun 2009Roanoke
Rentschler, Ann M29 Nov 191610 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Rentschler, Clarence H5 Nov 191116 May 1999Fort Wayne
Rentschler, Harriet2 Mar 1883Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Renwick, Mabel15 Apr 1882May 1967Fort Wayne
Renz, Betty E3 Aug 19223 Aug 1997Grabill
Renz, Hugh26 Dec 1894Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Renz, Junior29 Oct 1920Jan 1979Grabill
Renz, Mary R7 Apr 192010 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Reome, Stella12 Jan 1888Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Repine, Edith F10 Dec 190627 May 1993Fort Wayne
Repine, Eva13 Apr 1915Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Repine, John T7 Oct 19115 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Repine, Larry W18 Jan 193410 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Repine, Ruth Ann7 Jul 19224 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Repka, George M14 Dec 192417 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Replogle, Bernita S2 Sep 191230 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Replogle, Marie30 Oct 1923Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Repp, Emma19 Mar 1917Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Repp, George9 Aug 1904Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Repp, Raymond20 Jul 1944Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Repp, Vera15 Jul 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Repp, Wayne27 Jan 1912Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Reppert, Elmer11 Sep 1899May 1977Fort Wayne
Reppert, Gwendolyn23 Oct 1901Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Reppert, Velma E20 Nov 19065 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Reprogle, Jesse8 Oct 1884Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Reprogle, John14 Mar 1924Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Reprogle, Renee23 May 1924May 1984Fort Wayne
Rerick, Rebecca S28 Feb 19152 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Resac, Carl26 Jan 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Resac, Mildred O25 Jan 19187 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Resac, Raymond J18 Apr 193820 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Resendez, Eddie4 Jan 1957Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Resendez, Eliza31 Oct 192924 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Resler, Fannie19 Dec 1907Dec 1985Churubusco
Resler, Floyd18 Jun 1899Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Resler, Hazel20 Feb 1900Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Resler, Kenneth7 May 1908Sep 1975Churubusco
Resler, Naomi14 Oct 1906May 1981Fort Wayne
Resner, Hilda4 Oct 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Resor, Forrest W4 Jun 192910 Mar 2006Spencerville
Resor, Harry E19 Mar 19255 Apr 2000New Haven
Resor, Jennie13 Feb 1893Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Resor, Norman A19 Oct 194727 May 1992Fort Wayne
Resor, Warren A27 Nov 192017 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Ress, Jerry16 Sep 191721 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Ressler, Larry M2 Dec 19344 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Retchless, Clara11 Jun 1905Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Retherford, Alice23 Aug 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Retherford, Marvel16 Jun 1912Aug 1979Churubusco
Retherford, Ralph10 Jun 1907Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Retherford, Virgialee2 Sep 1907Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Rethlake, Phyllis19 Jun 1922Dec 1983Roanoke
Retrum, Anna J28 Mar 192114 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rettig, David22 Feb 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Rettig, Roberta2 May 1920Apr 1987Fort Wayne, Leo
Rettig, Ruth31 May 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Retzer, Violet4 Jun 1899Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Reuille, Catherine21 Oct 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Reuille, Clarence23 Jul 1904Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Reuille, Cyril23 Mar 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Reuille, Daniel20 Aug 1924Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Reuille, Donald2 Nov 1921Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Reuille, Edna E13 Jun 1913Mar 1996Monroeville
Reuille, Elizabeth L22 Sep 192231 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Reuille, Gertrude3 Feb 1896Mar 1980New Haven
Reuille, John1 Dec 1886Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Reuille, John C25 Aug 19307 Oct 1992Monroeville
Reuille, John N4 Jan 191825 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Reuille, Lawrence29 Aug 1914Dec 1978Monroeville
Reuille, Leo9 Jun 1895Aug 1982Spencerville
Reuille, Louis6 Jan 1920Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Reuille, Marie30 Jul 1901Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Reuille, Marie V22 Feb 191214 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Reuille, Philip L14 Jul 194319 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Reuille, Robert B10 Nov 19125 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Reuille, Violet9 May 1914Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Reuille, Wilma4 Jun 1899Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Reul, Bertha6 Apr 1890Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Reul, Rudolph16 Apr 1882Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Reuning, Walter A16 Jul 19026 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Reuning, Wanda W27 May 190011 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Reusch, Emil25 Jul 1889Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Reusch, Helene20 Jan 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Reuss, Charles2 Jul 1880May 1972Fort Wayne
Reuss, John27 Aug 1896Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Reusser, Josephine27 Nov 1892Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Reuter, Barbara Jean9 Jun 19221 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Reuter, Marie20 Apr 189716 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Reuter, Oswald20 Sep 1882Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Revel, Larkin31 Dec 1954May 1978Fort Wayne
Revert, Benjie24 Aug 1966Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Revert, Carl Alvin5 Sep 193110 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Revert, Carl H23 Mar 1911May 1996Fort Wayne
Revert, Edward20 Jan 1877Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Revert, Elizabeth R4 Nov 192311 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Revert, George5 Mar 1882Mar 1971Leo
Revert, James E27 Jul 19285 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Revert, Myron27 Mar 1907Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Revert, Rickie10 Aug 1950Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Revert, Sharon6 Sep 1931Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Revesz, Catherine8 Nov 1904Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Rex, Rose18 Jan 1886Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Rexroad, Helen L7 Oct 19288 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Rexroad, Robert A25 Aug 192428 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Rexroat, R24 Sep 1888Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Rexroth, Carl Emerson2 Apr 192713 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Rexstrew, Emma29 Sep 1897Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Rey, George E16 Jan 191515 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Rey, Jessie10 Apr 1889Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Rey, Rosemary A11 Jan 19163 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Reyburn, Theodore6 Mar 1919Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Reyer, Emma10 Dec 1874Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Reyer, Evelyn30 Jun 1904Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Reyes, Pedro A16 Mar 193529 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Reyh, William19 Oct 1919Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Reyna, Alfredo12 Jan 19495 May 1997Fort Wayne
Reyna, Jesus G10 Sep 19233 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Adelia14 May 1895Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Alice K16 Jan 189615 Mar 1988Monroeville
Reynolds, Alyce5 Apr 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Artemas22 Sep 1897Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Audrey8 Dec 1917Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Azzie3 Feb 1978Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Barbara L17 Aug 19313 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Bernice7 Nov 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Betty L8 Mar 19358 Nov 2009New Haven
Reynolds, Bryan K10 Jan 196313 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Charles31 Oct 1891Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Charles H3 Jun 191311 Mar 2006Monroeville
Reynolds, Clara L24 May 194221 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Claude10 Sep 1899Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Donna4 Jun 1944Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Dorothy M6 Oct 190926 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Dwight8 Jan 1891Oct 1979Hoagland
Reynolds, Earl6 Feb 1902Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Edison D7 Jun 192722 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Edna3 Apr 1893Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Floyd14 Jun 1916Jul 1980Roanoke
Reynolds, Frank8 Mar 1881Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Fred6 Jul 1917Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Frederick J7 Jan 191118 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Genevieve9 May 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Reynolds, George10 Oct 1897Jul 1980Monroeville
Reynolds, George16 Sep 1910Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Reynolds, George E27 Dec 194229 May 2005Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Gertrude26 Sep 1902Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Glenn F25 Oct 191828 Jun 2008Hoagland
Reynolds, Helen L8 Apr 19151 Mar 2006Monroeville
Reynolds, Howard26 Oct 1911Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Howard W1 Aug 192618 Sep 2008Monroeville
Reynolds, Hugh W31 Oct 189415 Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Jack16 Feb 1900Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Jack L11 May 192915 Feb 1994New Haven
Reynolds, James R12 Jun 19647 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Jane M21 Dec 19184 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Reynolds, John11 Jun 1929Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Reynolds, June P1 Jun 19223 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Laurie M1 Jul 195915 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Lillian E25 Aug 191120 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Linda C4 Nov 19497 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Lloyd27 Jan 1901Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Lloyd27 Jun 1940Aug 1986New Haven
Reynolds, Louise17 Jan 19021 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Luraine C23 May 192018 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Madge M16 Nov 1901Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Margaret A18 Jul 1920Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Marie C25 Jun 19168 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Martha J5 Aug 193028 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Mary A24 Nov 192325 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Mary L9 Jun 195218 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Michael D22 Jun 194329 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Mildred13 Jun 1919Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Nancy C1 Jul 193226 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Nellie M28 May 190916 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Nora J21 Nov 190119 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Patrick J18 Sep 192110 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Reynolds, R21 Jan 1944Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Raymond13 Mar 1887May 1971Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Retha A24 Apr 1903Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Robert E9 Jun 19421 Aug 2008Harlan
Reynolds, Tom H20 May 192026 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Viola1 May 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Virgil R9 Jun 19153 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Walter F29 Jun 192727 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Wanda14 Jul 192528 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Reynolds, William Iii30 Aug 1948Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Reynolds, William T27 Aug 191711 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Reynolds, Winifred I3 Nov 191117 Jan 1996Fort Wayne

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