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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Rian, Archie R2 Jul 19011 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Rian, Richard J29 Dec 193113 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Riano, Maria H31 May 192128 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Ribel, Viola1 Jun 1901Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Ribel, Wilbur18 Sep 1952Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Ribel, Wilbur R14 Jul 193323 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ricci, Armando17 Nov 191118 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Ricci, Dina16 Jan 1915Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Ricci, Palma17 Nov 1884Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Rice, Agnes A15 Sep 191422 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rice, Alice E21 Oct 192615 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Rice, Almeda J3 Sep 19197 May 2009Fort Wayne
Rice, Barbara A25 Dec 194828 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Rice, Bennoie21 Jan 1883Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Rice, Bert25 Dec 1889Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Rice, Carl27 Jan 1887Sep 1970Spencerville
Rice, Carolyn M23 Jul 1927Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Rice, Charles3 Aug 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Rice, Charles L19 Jan 191511 May 1999Fort Wayne
Rice, Cora3 Nov 1900Dec 1975Yoder
Rice, Daisy M7 Nov 19004 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Rice, Donald2 Jun 1923Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Rice, Donald4 Mar 1938Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Rice, Dorothy10 Feb 1921Nov 1976Roanoke
Rice, Doyle G10 May 191823 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Rice, Duard21 Mar 1911Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Rice, Earl30 Aug 1896Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Rice, Effie10 Jul 1885Oct 1968Roanoke
Rice, Elaine J19 Feb 194222 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Rice, Elizabeth8 Nov 1896May 1985Fort Wayne
Rice, Elsie3 Feb 1921Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Rice, Emma28 Jan 1892Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Rice, Ernest28 Oct 1910Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Rice, Ethel21 Feb 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Rice, Eugene1 Apr 1892Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Rice, Frances M19 Sep 19373 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Rice, George13 Jul 1925Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Rice, George27 Nov 1893Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Rice, Georgiana21 Jan 1899Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Rice, Grace13 Mar 1896Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Rice, Gula L3 Jul 191218 Aug 2009Leo
Rice, Helen27 Sep 1903May 1978Fort Wayne
Rice, Hugh7 Dec 1909Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Rice, Irene B19 Sep 19136 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Rice, Iva M2 Jun 192010 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Rice, James E5 Apr 19214 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Rice, Janet L13 Aug 193811 May 2002Fort Wayne
Rice, Jessie8 Jun 1905May 1974Fort Wayne
Rice, John1 Dec 1915Dec 1985Leo
Rice, John S28 Aug 19148 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Rice, John W1 Jul 192411 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Rice, Joseph22 Jan 1885Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Rice, Joyce E11 Mar 192619 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Rice, Katherine19 Mar 1898May 1973Fort Wayne
Rice, Kenneth S10 Mar 191616 Jan 1997Roanoke
Rice, Leland6 Jul 1914Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Rice, Lillian30 Mar 1888Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Rice, Linda K23 May 195115 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Rice, Linda L19 Aug 19417 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Rice, Lula31 Oct 1888Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Rice, Marceline A8 Oct 191111 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Rice, Margaret29 Aug 190215 Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Rice, Margaret E16 May 191926 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Rice, Margaret E3 Sep 192111 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Rice, Marilyn L28 Oct 193225 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Rice, Marion5 Apr 1924Nov 1978Roanoke
Rice, Marston E16 Sep 19335 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Rice, Mary Helen17 Feb 19244 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Rice, Milo8 Aug 1889Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Rice, Myrtle16 Sep 1894Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Rice, Nellie28 Nov 1898Sep 1981Roanoke
Rice, Nova22 Sep 188912 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Rice, Ola6 Nov 1900Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Rice, Otto H13 Dec 191820 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Rice, Pearl16 Mar 1897Apr 1979Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Rice, Ralph R1 Dec 191816 May 2007Roanoke
Rice, Ray D17 Sep 190829 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Rice, Raymond L29 Aug 191813 Mar 1998New Haven
Rice, Rosemary25 Aug 191827 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Rice, Samuel22 May 1909Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Rice, Samuel H23 Jun 19372 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Rice, Virgil6 Feb 1898Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Rice, Willodene M23 Aug 192510 Feb 2003Roanoke
Rice, Winifred A9 Apr 193822 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Rich, Alberta3 Aug 1886Feb 1966Woodburn
Rich, Alice J4 Apr 191511 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Rich, Clarice11 Aug 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Rich, Homer23 Jul 1903Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Rich, Leroy E29 Mar 19194 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Rich, Myra J11 Feb 192821 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Rich, Robert J10 Dec 195316 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Rich, Ruben11 Aug 1890Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Rich, Virgilene A2 Oct 19353 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Rich, Walter S14 Feb 192713 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Rich, Zelda P18 Apr 1911May 1992Fort Wayne
Richard, Anna4 Sep 1893Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Richard, Arthur C31 Jan 191329 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Richard, Darwin30 May 1905Jun 1983New Haven
Richard, Doris29 Jan 1907Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Richard, Dorothy9 Apr 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Richard, Ernest18 Aug 1913Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Richard, Jerry28 Sep 1900Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Richard, Kenneth R7 Aug 196915 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Richard, Neal F23 May 192810 May 1994Monroeville
Richard, Ralph J29 Sep 190618 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Richard, Verna Mae13 Mar 193113 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Richard, Willa M11 Aug 191423 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Richards, A23 May 1900Mar 1985Roanoke
Richards, Albert A4 Jan 191822 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Richards, Alta16 Dec 1905Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Richards, Anna29 Aug 1878Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Richards, Ansel22 Aug 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Richards, Brandy D6 Jan 19677 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Richards, Carrie2 Dec 1889Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Richards, Catherine M15 Nov 192421 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Richards, Charles24 Jul 1903May 1984Fort Wayne
Richards, Charles20 Jul 1895Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Richards, Charles25 Mar 1918Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Richards, Chase C9 Jun 19881 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Richards, Chester E6 Dec 19293 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Richards, Cindy Sue1 Apr 196323 Sep 2009New Haven
Richards, Daisy2 Jun 1891Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Richards, Donald E17 May 194911 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Richards, Edward E5 Mar 190929 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Richards, Ellen13 Sep 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
Richards, Emma26 Dec 1889May 1974Fort Wayne
Richards, Errett A28 Sep 192123 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Richards, Eunice24 Nov 1906Jun 1971Roanoke
Richards, Franklin E10 Dec 19358 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Richards, Fred A11 Mar 19143 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Richards, Gene A19 Mar 19207 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Richards, Gene L13 Aug 192125 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Richards, Georgia28 May 1899Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Richards, Gladys M23 Mar 193311 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Richards, Hilda F19 Jun 191025 May 1991Fort Wayne
Richards, Homer2 Jan 1923Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Richards, James11 May 1924Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Richards, James D18 Nov 192822 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Richards, Jasta12 Jul 1890Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Richards, Jaunita22 Jul 1915Sep 1976Churubusco
Richards, John A31 Oct 193924 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Richards, Lloyd22 Jan 1909Aug 1973Churubusco
Richards, Lois11 Aug 1903Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Richards, Luella C29 Aug 191317 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Richards, M I12 Feb 190225 Apr 2000Roanoke
Richards, Margaret E10 Oct 19253 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Richards, Myrtle15 Jan 1894Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Richards, Ned29 Nov 1900Jan 1971Roanoke
Richards, Noel E18 Dec 1900Aug 1990Roanoke
Richards, Nola14 Mar 1895Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Richards, Norma E11 Aug 194117 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Richards, Orville11 Aug 1915Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Richards, Phyllis7 May 192022 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Richards, Reba24 Aug 1903Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Richards, Robert12 Sep 1924Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Richards, Ronald18 Sep 1940Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Richards, Sheldon E12 Mar 192012 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Richards, Thomas E23 Jan 192830 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Richards, Thomas M12 Oct 19343 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Richards, Virginia G21 Aug 191618 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Richards, W E17 Sep 19101 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Richardson, Alta9 Jul 1916Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Richardson, Alvin8 Jan 1918Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Richardson, Andrew13 Oct 1915Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Richardson, Anna Mae28 Apr 191817 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Richardson, Arthur E30 Apr 193629 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Richardson, Barbara E4 Feb 195117 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Richardson, Betty31 Oct 1929Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Richardson, Billie5 Jun 19251 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Richardson, Blanche A16 Oct 191115 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Richardson, Carol5 Sep 1934Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Richardson, Carol R2 Sep 194625 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Richardson, Cecil E16 May 190610 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Richardson, Charles14 Jun 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, Charlie L24 Nov 1924Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Richardson, Christophe23 Jan 19613 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Richardson, Clara3 Mar 1897Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Richardson, Cleon21 Jun 1911Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, Cleveland R18 Feb 193612 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Richardson, Dale L23 Jun 192816 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Richardson, Dan19 Apr 19425 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Richardson, Darwin L5 Nov 195724 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Richardson, Delois Ann28 Jul 195730 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Richardson, Donald29 Nov 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Richardson, Dorothy30 Jan 1908Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Richardson, Elfeda7 Aug 1904Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Richardson, Ellen D11 Feb 1910Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Richardson, Estelle13 Nov 1890Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Richardson, Estrella M10 Mar 193411 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Richardson, Evelyn P25 Jun 192024 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Richardson, Florence28 Mar 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Richardson, Frances L3 Oct 191127 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Richardson, Garnet H3 Feb 191125 May 2007Fort Wayne
Richardson, Geraldine J5 Jun 1920Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Richardson, Gilbert4 Aug 19269 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Richardson, Harold3 Feb 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Richardson, Harry16 Dec 1909Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Richardson, Helen18 Aug 1896Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Richardson, Hilda18 Sep 19245 May 1993Fort Wayne
Richardson, Horace1 Oct 1902Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Richardson, Ivadene17 Sep 1914Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Richardson, Jack M5 Jun 19257 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Richardson, James1 Aug 1953May 1977Fort Wayne
Richardson, James A10 Jan 193925 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Richardson, James J18 Oct 19169 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Richardson, Jamie21 Aug 1978Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Richardson, Janice J4 Aug 193514 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Richardson, John21 Mar 194628 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Richardson, Kelley29 Mar 1962Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Richardson, Larry L6 May 19392 May 2004Fort Wayne
Richardson, Laura19 Aug 1929May 1973Fort Wayne
Richardson, Levi29 Dec 1935Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, Lewis21 Aug 1918Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Richardson, Lorena30 Apr 1901Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Richardson, Lorraine A12 Oct 19453 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Richardson, Lucille9 Sep 1907May 1980Fort Wayne
Richardson, Mark E3 Apr 194218 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Richardson, Martha2 Mar 1908Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Richardson, Mary17 Sep 187915 May 1966Fort Wayne
Richardson, Mary14 Jul 1894Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Richardson, Matthew17 Jun 192019 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Richardson, Max23 Aug 1928Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Richardson, Oliver18 Feb 1890Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Richardson, Paul30 Aug 1907Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, R M16 Aug 194415 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Richardson, Riley22 Nov 1891Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Richardson, Robert7 Feb 1895Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Richardson, Robert13 Jan 1918Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Richardson, Robert23 Nov 1891Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Richardson, Rollie11 Dec 1895Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Richardson, Rosaline Renee16 Jan 19564 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Richardson, Rosella V7 May 191816 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Richardson, Russell22 Feb 1892Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Richardson, Russell31 Aug 1904Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Richardson, Sadie T10 Jun 192322 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Richardson, Sarah15 Nov 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Richardson, Sarah J15 Jun 192823 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Richardson, Shelby W25 Nov 191826 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Richardson, Shinny J16 Jan 1925Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Richardson, Shirley23 Mar 1942Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, T H30 Jul 192330 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Richardson, T J9 Mar 193715 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Richardson, Thelma29 Aug 1904Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Richardson, Tinnie16 Jun 1894Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Richardson, Tommy C19 May 193730 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Richardson, Una M24 Jun 18955 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Richardson, Vyra24 Sep 1910May 1986Fort Wayne
Richardson, Will8 Aug 193628 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Richardson, Woodrow18 Oct 1912Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Richardson, Zether14 Jul 1896Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Richardville, Jean G21 Aug 19237 Mar 1997Fort Wayne, Leo
Richardville, Thomas E20 Aug 193923 May 1996Fort Wayne
Richeal, Ellis C10 Oct 191812 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Richendollar, Laura M28 Sep 191418 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Richendollar, Melvin21 Oct 1908Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Richerson, Jeral K8 Mar 194617 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Richerson, Leslie C21 Apr 19407 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Richert, Abraham9 Feb 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Richey, Barbara J15 Sep 195429 May 2008Fort Wayne
Richey, Charles H21 Nov 191722 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Richey, Frederick16 Feb 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Richey, Joanna M1 May 193022 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Richey, Kathryn27 Nov 190812 May 1996Fort Wayne
Richey, Ken23 Sep 19284 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Richey, Louella28 Aug 19109 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Richey, Max11 May 1928Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Richey, Ottice21 Oct 1892Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Richey, Ralph19 Jan 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Richey, Tippy4 Nov 1921Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Richey, Velma28 Jun 1898Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Richey, Walter E15 Jan 194027 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Richhart, Brittia10 May 1901Jun 1973New Haven
Richhart, Ella2 May 1911Jun 1983New Haven
Richhart, Esther G14 Nov 19107 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Richhart, Ethel J6 Dec 191022 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Richhart, Florence12 Nov 1897Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Richhart, Gerald G16 Aug 192610 Jan 1992New Haven
Richhart, Gordon D14 Mar 193610 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Richhart, Harold17 Sep 1904Mar 1970New Haven
Richhart, Hazel B22 Sep 190129 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Richhart, Homer16 Dec 1897May 1967Fort Wayne
Richhart, Ivan3 Feb 1913Nov 1976New Haven
Richhart, Joseph21 Nov 1893Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Richhart, Lavern27 Feb 1904Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Richhart, Lloyd12 Sep 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Richhart, M11 May 1909Oct 1976New Haven
Richhart, Naomi20 Jan 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Richhart, Owen11 Mar 1908Jul 1979New Haven
Richhart, Robert2 Mar 1917May 1980Fort Wayne
Richhart, Ross27 Jun 1912Apr 1983Woodburn
Richhart, Virginia E29 Oct 1913Dec 1994New Haven
Richhart, Virginia I16 May 19188 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Richhart, Wendell13 Oct 1921Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Richison, James O5 Jul 19308 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Richison, Rita6 Oct 19276 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Richman, Beverly R30 Jun 195013 Sep 2007New Haven
Richman, Earl W11 Feb 19343 May 1998Hoagland
Richman, Eldon L3 Jul 19313 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Richman, Esther23 Dec 1900Dec 1968Hoagland
Richman, Joseph19 Nov 1905Oct 1976Hoagland, New Haven
Richman, Linda L10 Nov 19497 Dec 2005Hoagland
Richmond, Darrell L4 May 191621 Mar 1995Harlan
Richmond, Doris G24 Oct 193523 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Richmond, Doris M15 Dec 19211 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Richmond, Elijah B5 Apr 191623 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Richmond, Frank30 May 1917Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Richmond, Raymond A1 Aug 193122 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Richmond, Rufus R28 Jan 19531 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Richter, Alvin C27 Feb 192918 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Richter, Arthur7 Sep 1895Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Richter, Carl14 Feb 19016 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Richter, Dora28 Aug 1904Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Richter, Dorene H15 Nov 192830 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Richter, Dorothea2 Nov 1899Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Richter, Dorothy P21 Mar 1915Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Richter, Edmund15 Mar 1898Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Richter, Edna26 Sep 1897Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Richter, Edna I14 Oct 19079 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Richter, Edward3 Jan 1913Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Richter, Edward J28 Mar 193823 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Richter, Eleanor A12 Jan 190915 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Richter, Elizabeth8 Sep 1896Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Richter, Enno10 May 1905Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Richter, Erwin W10 Aug 190818 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Richter, Frieda24 Dec 1894Jul 1974Yoder
Richter, Herbert17 Jun 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Richter, Iva27 Oct 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Richter, Larry11 Dec 1938Jan 1978Churubusco
Richter, Madeline10 Feb 1921Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Richter, Margaret D14 Jan 192416 May 2002Fort Wayne
Richter, Mildred6 Oct 1906Dec 1985Yoder
Richter, Otto10 Nov 1901Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Richter, Paul17 Nov 1890May 1973Fort Wayne
Richter, Robert H27 Sep 19259 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Richter, Robert J26 Jul 192016 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Richter, Rose24 Jan 1886Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Richter, Wallace R11 Oct 192116 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Richwine, Ethel M25 Oct 190829 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Richwine, James21 Jun 1937Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Rickenberg, Floyd L17 Dec 19386 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Ricker, Gerald J4 Sep 192424 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Rickers, Christina M29 Nov 19204 Oct 1997Roanoke
Rickert, Lawrence22 Nov 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Rickert, Paul4 Nov 1919Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Rickett, Pearl17 Aug 1893Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Rickett, William26 Oct 1890Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Betty9 Jan 1917Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Chester E22 Mar 191814 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Irvan3 Nov 190115 Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Luther W1 Jul 19236 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Mary3 Sep 1883Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Paul16 Oct 1906Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Rosemary H14 Mar 191221 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Ricketts, Tezera N20 Feb 197217 May 2001Fort Wayne
Rickey, Alma28 Sep 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Rickey, Earl23 Apr 1915Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Rickey, Fayma19 Feb 1909Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Rickman, Bessie L17 Apr 191122 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Rickner, Gale7 Jul 19235 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Rickord, Daisy1 Nov 1892Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Ricks, Frank28 Feb 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ricks, James E29 Mar 19327 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Ricks, Julia26 Dec 1877Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Ricks, Marie29 Apr 1896Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Ricks, Melrose6 Feb 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ricks, Rosella M24 Sep 192219 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Ricks, Russell31 Jan 1922Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Ricks, Wilhelmina L9 Mar 1933Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Riddell, Frances V14 May 191228 May 1994Fort Wayne
Riddell, Roy J6 Jan 190428 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Ridderheim, David25 Nov 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Riddle, Elnora9 Jun 193123 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Riddle, J2 Oct 195815 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Riddle, Josie2 Feb 1888Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Riddle, Marvin H4 Oct 193310 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Riddle, Mary31 Jan 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Riddle, Maybelle I15 Oct 189913 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Riddle, Violet C25 Nov 19157 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Ridenour, Bonnie19 Feb 1921May 1980Hoagland
Ridenour, Harley17 Oct 1912Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Ridenour, Opal L20 Aug 191218 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Ridenour, Pauline12 Feb 191028 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Ridenour, Philip29 Jun 192331 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Rider, Barbara J21 Jun 192529 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Rider, Betty J22 Aug 19261 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Rider, Dale17 Dec 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Rider, Devon L16 Jun 193513 Sep 1993New Haven
Rider, Dorotha M15 Aug 19217 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Rider, Dwight R31 Jul 191916 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Rider, Ellen27 Jul 1896Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Rider, Ethel L9 Oct 19049 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Rider, Harold J9 Dec 192412 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Rider, Lucille29 Jul 1902Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Rider, Margaret P23 Jun 192111 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Rider, Milo E4 Nov 19229 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Rider, Nettie12 Nov 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Rider, Ronald15 May 1905May 1978Fort Wayne
Rider, Sharon A12 Jun 19361 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Rider, Suzanne13 Jun 1949Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Rider, Thomas E30 Jul 192215 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Ridgley, John E3 Apr 192512 Jun 1993Churubusco
Ridgley, L Wayne22 Nov 192321 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Ridgway, Dorothy24 Dec 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Ridgway, Neenah29 May 1909Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ridgway, Sarah27 Dec 1879Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Ridlen, Robert J9 Apr 191922 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Ridley, Bertha15 Jun 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Ridley, Carmen De Laine3 Jul 196213 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Ridley, Joseph5 Dec 1920Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Ridley, Richard15 Oct 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Ridleyjohnson, Lillian A21 Apr 195222 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Riebersal, Carl27 Dec 19046 Oct 1988New Haven
Riebersal, Fred19 Feb 1898Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Riebersal, Helen4 Jan 192919 May 1995Fort Wayne
Riebersal, Henry28 Nov 1899Nov 1981Woodburn
Riebersal, Hilda25 Dec 1903Nov 1987Woodburn
Riebersal, Marlin R19 Mar 19325 Jun 1999Woodburn
Riebersal, Richard F22 Dec 1926Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Riebersal, Ruth30 Aug 1912May 1981New Haven
Rieck, Harold A30 May 19315 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Riecke, Agnes V10 Jan 190730 Dec 2000Churubusco
Riecke, Clem10 Apr 1901Jul 1979Churubusco
Riecke, Edwin J17 Jan 19314 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Riecke, Gladys24 Sep 19039 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Riecke, Joseph31 Jul 1893Feb 1977Churubusco
Riecke, Robert L23 Oct 192923 Jan 1999Churubusco
Riecken, Walter15 Apr 192827 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Riedel, Bertha M8 Feb 19031 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Riedel, Carl17 Mar 1905Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Riedel, Charles D26 Oct 193016 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Riedel, Constance28 Jan 19305 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Riedel, Ella5 Nov 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Riedel, Eveline10 Oct 19085 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Riedel, Fred3 Jan 1889Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Riedel, Kenneth M13 Aug 190816 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Riedel, Mary29 Oct 191327 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Riedel, Nelson C7 May 191330 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Riedel, Phyllis L7 Dec 191613 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Riedinger, Carrie22 Nov 1898Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Riedinger, Walter Sr13 Nov 1894Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Riedy, Cla19 Jun 1905Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Riedy, Earl29 Mar 1896Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Rieg, Flora7 Mar 1893Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Rieg, Helen15 Mar 1904Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Rieger, Eva L4 Apr 191229 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Rieger, Mary M9 Oct 18891 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Rieger, Walter J12 May 192022 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Riegling, Anna Marie26 Jul 191114 May 2000Fort Wayne
Riegling, Nicholas11 Jan 1912Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Riehle, Laura G1 Oct 190119 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Rieman, Clarence5 Jun 1898Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Rieman, Ellen10 Jan 1907Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Riemen, Clara V16 Jun 190522 Jul 1992New Haven
Riemen, Marie A4 Jan 191222 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Riemenschnei, Albert5 Dec 1894Dec 1971New Haven
Riemenschnei, Emma2 May 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Riemke, James H3 May 19397 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Ries, Evelyn M12 Jan 191225 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Ries, Oscar F2 Aug 19097 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Riesen, Elda M23 Oct 190827 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Riesen, Francis7 Aug 1906Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Riesen, Gideon15 Dec 1903Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Riess, Jack Anthiny20 Mar 19188 May 2009Fort Wayne
Riester, Bertha E28 Oct 192410 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Riester, Dorothy23 Apr 1908Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Riester, Jerome Carl21 May 19185 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Barbara22 Jan 1877Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Catherine13 Oct 1896Jan 1984Hoagland
Rietdorf, Doris1 Feb 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Dorothy E1 Sep 191523 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Eva2 Dec 1895Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Herbert20 Aug 1893Apr 1966Hoagland
Rietdorf, Kenneth Carl12 Nov 192519 Oct 2008Huntertown
Rietdorf, Mae D10 Sep 19127 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Otto18 Sep 1903Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Paul E Jr7 Feb 1951Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Ralph27 Dec 1900Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Stephanie20 Aug 1919Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Velma L9 Jan 190019 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Vivian I15 May 19288 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Rietdorf, Wayne L13 May 19283 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Riethmiller, Harry12 Jul 1887Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Riethmiller, Hazel18 May 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Rife, Anna24 Aug 1921Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Rife, Claude3 Nov 1921May 1979Fort Wayne
Rife, Helen23 Dec 1920Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Rife, Leona1 Mar 1887Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Rife, William L14 Jun 1917Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Riffe, Millard30 Apr 19499 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Riffell, John2 Nov 1923May 1981Spencerville
Riffell, Miriam A8 Nov 19265 Sep 2003Spencerville
Rifkin, Irving18 Aug 1902Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Rifkin, Leonard I10 Apr 193128 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Rifkin, May18 Oct 19043 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Rifkin, Norma10 Jul 1931Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Rigby, Constance9 Dec 1940Mar 1987New Haven
Rigby, Kenneth D29 Nov 193124 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Rigby, Lester H23 Nov 19038 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Rigby, Lucille25 Jan 1902Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Rigby, Martha E22 Jan 19163 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Rigby, Michael R26 Dec 194511 Aug 2002New Haven
Rigby, Norma E6 Mar 192722 May 1997Monroeville
Rigby, Robert1 Mar 1927Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Rigby, Viola1 Jun 1896Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Rigdon, Barbara17 Jun 194027 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Rigdon, Elmer14 Oct 1888Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Rigdon, John5 Jul 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Rigel, Berniece E22 Apr 191725 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Rigel, Richard M11 Jul 191224 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Rigg, Alta22 Sep 1907Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Rigg, Harold30 Oct 1912Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Riggars, R A18 May 19442 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Riggenbach, Elmer31 Jan 1935Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Riggenbach, Robert W11 Feb 196327 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Riggio, James21 Mar 1895Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Riggle, John J18 Oct 195019 Nov 1996Leo
Riggs, Betty19 Aug 1923Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Riggs, Jean M24 Jun 19203 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Riggs, Merritt D3 Apr 19125 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Rigler, Elsie4 Jan 1894Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Clella A11 Dec 190512 Aug 1997Churubusco
Rigsby, James14 Apr 1922Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Jason L1 Feb 198111 May 2009Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Jeffery15 Aug 1955Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Lois A15 Jun 1915Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Marcia K1 Jul 194927 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Violet M28 Apr 19143 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Rigsby, Woodrow22 Dec 191619 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Rile, Theresa Ann16 Jun 195623 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Riley, Adam15 Oct 1899Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Riley, Alton7 Mar 1909Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Riley, Ann L11 Apr 192124 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Riley, Bertha28 Dec 1920Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Riley, Blanche5 Jul 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Riley, Carolyn8 Jun 1930Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Riley, Charlie6 Feb 1928Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Riley, Clifford K7 Jan 193826 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Riley, Darla J23 Jul 196410 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Riley, Darlene K3 Aug 194215 May 2008Fort Wayne
Riley, Earl16 Jul 1926Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Riley, Eileen M18 Oct 19413 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Riley, Eloise22 Aug 19348 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Riley, Ernie1 Apr 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Riley, Ethel6 Sep 1887May 1985Fort Wayne
Riley, Florence9 Nov 1905Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Riley, Frances18 Dec 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Riley, Gary M15 Jun 193827 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Riley, Isaac R15 May 19317 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Riley, James R2 Oct 193310 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Riley, Jean S21 Sep 191415 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Riley, John20 May 1910Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Riley, Lola M25 May 19402 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Riley, Lulu25 Jul 1905May 1985Fort Wayne
Riley, Margie7 Oct 19234 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Riley, Marjorie R7 Sep 19123 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Riley, Melvin E28 Nov 19227 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Riley, Olive L29 Jan 191925 Nov 1998Churubusco
Riley, Robert20 Nov 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Riley, Ronnie9 Apr 1962Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Riley, Verlin A26 Sep 190427 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Riley, Verna11 Jul 1897Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Riley, Verona12 Dec 19105 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Riley, Virginia15 May 1921Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Riley, Wendell24 Dec 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Riley, William25 Oct 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Riley, William B11 Jan 192318 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Riley, Wilson F1 Nov 191721 Dec 1991Monroeville
Rimmel, Amos G11 Aug 1908Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Rimmel, Neldamae28 Jan 1930Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Rinaker, Helen6 Apr 1893Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Rinaker, Justus11 Dec 1911Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Rinaker, Otto F5 Jul 19105 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Rinard, Arthur L14 Jun 19087 Aug 1995New Haven
Rinard, Helen1 Mar 191013 Aug 2002New Haven
Rinard, Jane K29 Jun 19159 May 2001Fort Wayne
Rinard, Ray28 Dec 190528 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Rinard, Sedric31 Aug 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Rincon, Remigia15 Oct 1921Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Rindchen, Linnie10 Jan 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Rindchen, Melvin13 Nov 1896Jun 1976Roanoke
Rindfu, W29 Jan 1972Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Rindy, Florzelle21 Jun 189817 May 1993Fort Wayne
Rine, Lester L29 Aug 191016 May 1995Fort Wayne
Rine, Mildred1 May 1918May 1986Fort Wayne
Rinearson, Paul6 May 1928Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Audrey J16 Jun 192220 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Edna M6 Apr 191412 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Eleanor5 May 1887Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Elwood D8 Jun 19238 Aug 2000Yoder
Rinehart, Emma J19 Oct 19144 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Evelyn M10 Dec 19224 Dec 2007Yoder
Rinehart, Fern Marie8 Jan 19083 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Rinehart, H8 Aug 1885Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Rinehart, John A6 Oct 19119 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Rinehart, Nancy J2 Jun 194031 Dec 2002Grabill
Rinehart, Robert B19 Nov 191511 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Alvin W27 Sep 190816 Nov 1993Huntertown
Rinehold, Amos B13 Dec 19339 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Doris I23 Mar 191315 Sep 2002Leo
Rinehold, Elmer6 Jul 1902Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Ferlie L6 May 19085 Feb 1997Huntertown
Rinehold, Gladys V9 Jan 1898Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Lela M30 May 190920 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Verda29 Mar 1901May 1978Fort Wayne
Rinehold, Walter C8 Oct 19096 Aug 2005Leo
Rinella, Sophie18 Jan 191023 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Rines, Fred1 Sep 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Ring, Henry13 Oct 1924Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Ring, Mary J6 Feb 189715 Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Ring, Merle7 May 1930Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Ring, Richard8 Jul 1929Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Ringenberg, Elmer4 Jan 1911Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Ringenberg, Joseph24 Oct 1884Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Ringenberg, Loyal R3 Feb 190417 May 2001Grabill
Ringenberg, Margaret J17 Jun 192128 Jul 2008Leo
Ringenberg, Morris J10 Oct 19161 Oct 2003Grabill
Ringenberg, Nonna J2 Nov 192830 Nov 2006Woodburn
Ringenberg, Rhoda R12 Nov 190316 May 1995Leo
Ringenberg, Ruby9 Oct 1900Nov 1979Woodburn
Ringer, Leatrice J28 Dec 193019 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Ringgenberg, Eva17 Jun 1886Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Ringle, Bernard J18 Dec 190221 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Ringle, George4 Mar 1887May 1969Fort Wayne
Ringle, Myrtle E21 Nov 190226 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Ringle, Nancy J16 Jun 1920Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Ringle, Robert M16 Jul 191622 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Ringler, John E4 Feb 192214 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Ringler, Nellie A28 Dec 191017 May 2005Fort Wayne
Ringler, Ralph27 May 191921 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Ringler, Ryan C4 Sep 19215 Dec 2002Huntertown
Ringswald, Dorothy L9 Feb 192817 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Ringswald, Nettie E12 Feb 190027 May 1988Fort Wayne
Ringswald-sa, Geralyn4 Dec 19552 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Ringwald, Mary E20 Jun 19194 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Ringwalt, A1 Sep 1876Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Ringwalt, Mae L6 May 188415 Jul 1967Woodburn
Ringwalt, Ross19 Mar 1902Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Rini, Miriam E9 Mar 195912 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Rinier, Chester27 Jan 1905Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Rinier, Helen28 Mar 1910Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Rinker, Betty L2 Jul 191918 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Rinker, Donald H8 May 191712 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Rinker, Fred L1 Oct 192415 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Rinker, Harry W31 Oct 191921 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Rinker, Jean13 Aug 1915Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Rinker, Mary3 Oct 1881Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Rinne, Emma13 Nov 1893May 1974Fort Wayne
Rinne, J Julianna6 May 19701 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Rinne, Stephen M8 Dec 194121 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Riojas, Encarnagio18 May 1904Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Riordan, Helen26 May 1902Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Rios, Hilario3 Jul 1901Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Rios, Kiley D12 Dec 197015 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Ripberger, Anna4 Jul 1893Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Ripberger, Paul16 Jul 1929Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Ripke, Agnes B3 Jun 191016 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Ripke, Alice V31 Oct 192221 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Ripke, Edwin23 Feb 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Rippe Iii, Robert Lee13 Jan 1961Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Rippe, Ada C22 Mar 189213 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Rippe, Carl8 Jan 1894May 1987Fort Wayne
Rippe, Charles15 Jan 1885Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Rippe, Edythe26 Feb 1888Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Rippe, Gertrude19 Feb 1894Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Rippe, Hazel12 Jan 1894Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Rippe, Isabel L16 May 191512 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Rippe, Jay18 Aug 1916Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Rippe, John H13 Oct 190128 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Rippe, Judith23 Feb 1936Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Rippe, Loretta29 Sep 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Rippe, Louis18 Apr 1874Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Rippe, Louise15 Nov 1883Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Rippe, Luella6 Jan 1901Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Rippe, Richard10 Mar 1929Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Rippe, Roy18 Feb 1891Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Rippe, Velma E22 Dec 190326 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Rippe, Wanda27 Jan 1894Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Rippetoe, William F27 Aug 193216 May 2004Fort Wayne
Ripple, Lottie2 Jan 1889Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Ripple, Robert L22 Jul 192328 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Ripple, Vivian L14 Jan 19191 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Rippner, Sarah E16 Oct 189016 Sep 1990Churubusco
Rish, Harry1 Jul 1924Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Rish, Hilbert8 Oct 1891Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Risinger, Robert20 Apr 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Risk, Eleen M25 Mar 192127 Jan 2000New Haven
Risk, Noel W12 Jun 191930 Jan 2006Roanoke
Risk, Virginia M4 Oct 18992 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Risner, Bonnie15 Jul 1922Feb 1976New Haven
Rison, Bonita13 Feb 1907Sep 1983New Haven
Rison, Lola22 Jan 1879Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Rison, Naomi R17 Feb 19253 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Rison, Sophia17 May 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Risser, Ethel23 Jul 1886May 1973Fort Wayne
Risser, Eugene9 May 1909Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Risser, George25 Jun 1887May 1975Roanoke
Risser, Harry21 Oct 1886Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Risser, Helen E7 Jun 19105 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Risser, Hubert13 Jan 1907May 1986Fort Wayne
Risser, Louise B27 Oct 191523 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Risser, Oscar23 Jul 1889May 1969Fort Wayne
Risser, Richard D27 Jan 192614 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Risser, Stella3 Jul 1894Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Risser, Vesta2 Aug 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Risser, William13 Aug 1883Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Rissing, Florence C13 Jul 190112 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Rissing, Helen28 Nov 1898Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Rissing, Walter J15 Feb 191124 May 1993Fort Wayne
Rist, Frank3 Jan 193624 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Risteter, Constance C2 Jul 192329 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Ritchard, Lorna21 Jul 1926Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Ritchards, Esther7 Nov 1902Apr 1973Grabill
Ritchards, George20 Feb 1903Sep 1973Grabill
Ritchart, Ellsworth6 Dec 1908Jan 1977Monroeville
Ritchart, Pauline I23 May 190529 May 2003Monroeville
Ritchie, Adam17 Jul 1886May 1975Fort Wayne
Ritchie, Austin9 Aug 191226 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Ritchie, Ernie L20 May 195013 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Ritchie, Martin3 Jun 1882Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Ritchie, Viola3 Jul 19097 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Ritchot, Edmond20 Jan 1918Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Ritenour, Cecil29 Jul 1927Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Ritenour, Gloria3 Apr 1903Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Ritenour, Hugh10 Dec 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Ritenour, Josephine A20 Jun 1915Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Ritenour, Vesta L10 Oct 190922 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Rittel, Louetta12 Jul 1907Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Rittenhouse, Carl E13 May 194219 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Rittenhouse, Francis4 May 19031 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Rittenhouse, Rhoda E10 May 190823 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Ritter, Aaron27 Sep 1878Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Ritter, Charles F8 Jan 18988 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Ritter, Delbert E11 Jun 193726 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Ritter, Delbert V25 Aug 19212 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Ritter, Gerald19 Nov 193322 Oct 2006Grabill
Ritter, Henry27 Apr 1915Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Ritter, Katherine31 Mar 1886Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Ritter, Leila J20 Aug 192615 May 2000Fort Wayne
Ritter, Lester E4 Oct 193225 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Ritter, Loretta A4 Jan 19326 May 2006Fort Wayne
Ritter, Mable5 Nov 189828 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Ritter, Mary R22 Aug 192211 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Ritter, Maude28 Sep 1895Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Ritter, Mildred24 Sep 1908Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Ritter, Orval B30 Aug 1907Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Ritter, Ralph R25 Apr 191721 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Ritter, Robert L27 Sep 193113 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Ritter, Rose9 Apr 1898Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Ritter, Russell24 Nov 1876Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Ritter, Russell5 Aug 1923Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Ritter, Wallace22 Oct 1910Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Ritter, Walter17 Jun 1891Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Rittman, Mildred29 Apr 1881Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Ritzert, Geraldene14 Feb 1923Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Ritzert, Ivan L10 May 19214 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Ritzert, Orpha20 Apr 1895Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Ritzius, Esther G8 Apr 19009 Apr 1990Grabill
Ritzius, Vernon4 Jul 1900Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Rivard, Julie A2 Aug 194015 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Rivas, Gus4 Mar 19308 May 1998Fort Wayne
Rivas, Paula4 Oct 1907Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Rivera, Andres20 Mar 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Rivera, Estanislao13 Nov 193917 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Rivera, Juanita R17 Feb 191616 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Rivera, Lino23 Sep 192429 Apr 2004Yoder
Rivera, Manuela16 May 194922 May 2006Fort Wayne
Rivers, Beverly L16 Jul 194120 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Riviezzo, Nancy F8 Nov 19192 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Riviezzo, Tony L22 Feb 191910 May 2002Fort Wayne
Rix, Lewis W26 Jun 192922 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Rizvic, Husein10 May 195412 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Rizzie, Carl W25 May 192925 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Rizzie, Dorothy B15 Jul 193330 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Rizzo, Angela15 May 190911 May 1997Fort Wayne
Rizzo, Anna C23 Jun 1906Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Rizzo, Carl George25 Jun 19532 May 2008Fort Wayne
Rizzo, Helen M24 Nov 192712 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Rizzo, Nick24 Jan 1896Nov 1971Fort Wayne

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