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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Ruben, Corinne5 Sep 1886Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Rubey, Ada4 Apr 1888Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Rubey, David20 Jun 1885Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Rubino, Betty I21 Apr 193323 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Ruble, Dolores J21 Apr 19301 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Ruble, Marcus W26 Jan 192628 Sep 2003Hoagland
Ruble, Pauline C8 Nov 19076 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Ruble, Roxy R19 May 193514 Apr 2009Monroeville
Ruble, Therman R25 Jan 194312 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Rubrake, Pearl B20 Apr 1910Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Rubush, William Carter5 May 192326 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Rubush, William L17 Mar 192615 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Ruby, Cleopatra14 Nov 1891Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Ruby, Franklin2 Feb 1904May 1970Huntertown
Ruby, Harry L11 Jun 19133 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Ruby, Hearold F7 Jun 193626 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ruby, John E25 Jul 193519 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Ruby, Margaret K1 May 191523 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Ruby, Merle E8 Oct 19221 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Ruby, Russell12 Nov 1901Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Ruch, Agnes19 Mar 1905Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Ruch, Albert C13 Feb 19191 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ruch, Benjamin F6 Mar 192622 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Ruch, Bruce21 Aug 1891Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Ruch, Dorothy J8 May 19122 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Ruch, E15 Aug 193215 Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Ruch, Elbert F10 Mar 191828 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Ruch, Evelyn24 Dec 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Ruch, Laura23 Sep 1884Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Ruch, Mary R14 Feb 190410 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ruch, Otto21 Oct 1904Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Ruch, Patricia A28 Apr 195015 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Ruch, Ralph20 Jan 1902Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Ruch, Robert G18 Apr 19209 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Ruch, Russell M2 Apr 190722 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Ruch, Wanda L7 Nov 192320 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Ruchel, Charles22 Mar 1919Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ruchman, Minette20 Aug 190713 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Ruchmann, Meyer15 Sep 18994 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Rucinski, Helen R23 Oct 19144 May 2005Fort Wayne
Ruckel, Edith20 Dec 1889Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Ruckel, Robert3 Mar 1926Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Rucker Jr, John B27 Oct 19527 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Rucker, Geneva24 Nov 1918Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Rucker, Thelma24 Apr 1928Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Rucklos, Walter18 Oct 1887Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Ruckman, Florence7 Jul 1888Jul 1984Grabill
Ruckman, Floyd10 Sep 1891Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Ruckman, Inez E15 Mar 1896Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Ruckman, Joanne R6 Dec 192921 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Ruckman, Phil6 Sep 1919Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Ruckman, Walter21 Sep 1884Jul 1977Grabill
Rucoi, Frank A24 Sep 191126 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Rucoi, Kenneth F7 May 19699 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Rucoi, Millard9 May 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Rudasky, Alfred9 Aug 1909Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Rudasky, Mildred I5 Aug 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Rudd, Bertha19 Mar 1922Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Rudd, Nancy I30 Dec 19073 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Rude, Randy21 Sep 194327 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Rudek, Leroy Thaddeus9 Mar 193016 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Ruderman, Ruth E8 Oct 191530 Mar 1997Huntertown
Rudig, Leora B29 Aug 190427 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Rudig, Lucille16 Apr 1896Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Rudig, Paul A22 Jul 19017 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Rudig, Victor11 Sep 1891Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Rudny, Christine27 Mar 19587 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Rudny, Eugene26 Jul 1934Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Rudny, Juanita J29 Mar 19153 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Rudny, Walter J24 Jun 191415 Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Betty J5 May 192919 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Carl2 Feb 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Ernest E17 Jul 193829 Mar 2007New Haven
Rudolph, Jasmine B18 Feb 198019 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Mae25 Jul 1904Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Mary Kathryn21 Sep 191330 Nov 2009Huntertown
Rudolph, Phillip A5 Dec 19424 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Rudolph, Robert J Sr23 Jun 191223 Aug 1993Huntertown
Rudolph, Thomas9 Nov 1889Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Rudolphson, Blanche L17 Oct 191518 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Rudolphson, Ronald T7 Aug 190428 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Rudrow, Maxine R10 Mar 192117 May 2008Fort Wayne
Rudrow, Ralph28 Sep 1915Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Rudy, Sally Ann25 Jan 193222 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Rue Jr, Lawrence F10 Feb 192520 Jul 2002Leo
Rue, Laurence18 Jun 1890Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Rue, Lucille N25 Oct 19166 Apr 2005New Haven
Rue, Mary2 Mar 1932Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Rue, Richard L26 Sep 192617 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Ruegamer, Clarence16 Dec 1895Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Ruegamer, Edna10 Jul 1890May 1979Fort Wayne
Ruesch, Mary K8 Jun 191226 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Ruesewald, Frank14 Nov 1907Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Ruesewald, Mary4 Jul 1916Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Ruess, George24 Apr 1886Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Ruf, Effie4 Jan 1896Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Ruf, Ermin20 May 1893Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Ruff, Barbara16 Apr 1948Aug 1980New Haven
Ruff, Frank2 Feb 1922May 1978Fort Wayne
Ruff, Lillie B17 Jul 19229 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Ruffin, Annie M17 Mar 192211 May 2003Fort Wayne
Ruffin, William H4 Aug 19226 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Ruffing, Deloris M19 Jun 19187 Apr 1999Churubusco
Ruffing, Earl15 Nov 1902Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Ruffing, Perry7 Mar 1890Jul 1976Churubusco
Ruffing, Robert3 Jun 1915Nov 1977Churubusco
Ruge, Edna M14 Jun 189821 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Ruger, Nellie10 Feb 1907Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Ruger, Rosalie M15 Jul 192628 Mar 2000New Haven
Ruger, Wilbur10 Dec 1908Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Ruggles, Gloria R30 Jun 19306 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Rugh, Mary Cathe R23 Jan 191628 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Ruhl, Benjamin11 Jul 1888Dec 1974Hoagland
Ruhl, Chester A19 Dec 188924 Dec 1988New Haven
Ruhl, Cora12 Mar 1890Apr 1981New Haven
Ruhl, Docia12 Jan 1908Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Ruhl, Enos E8 Dec 191121 Apr 1992Hoagland
Ruhl, Herbert19 Jul 1907Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Ruhl, Irma21 Jul 1887Jan 1976Huntertown
Ruhl, Jack R23 Aug 19267 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Ruhl, Jackie G30 Oct 193321 Sep 2007New Haven
Ruhl, James15 Apr 1893May 1981Fort Wayne
Ruhl, James M21 May 19427 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Ruhl, John1 Dec 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Ruhl, Paul E29 May 19293 Feb 1994New Haven
Ruhl, Phyllis D19 Jan 193519 Jan 2009New Haven
Ruick, Berta18 Mar 1879Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Ruiz, Carmen15 Apr 192123 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Ruiz, Daniel23 Sep 194020 May 1992Fort Wayne
Ruiz, Teresa18 Jan 19347 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Ruiz, Vivian M9 Oct 193219 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Rule, Gilbert A10 Apr 19245 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Rules, Howard W16 May 193030 May 1998Fort Wayne
Rulka, Charles E2 Oct 19203 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Rulka, Tillie3 May 1913Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Rumage, Charles J8 Mar 192431 May 2005Fort Wayne
Rumage, Ruth L10 Dec 192227 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Rumas, Chester1 Jan 193913 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Rumbaugh, Drew A4 Nov 195619 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Rumbaugh, Irma Bertha28 Jun 192231 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Rumbaugh, Kevin L13 Mar 195915 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Rumbaugh, Leo W9 Jun 192219 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Rumbaugh, Linnie12 Oct 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Rumfelt, Allie25 Apr 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Rumfelt, Oscar10 Sep 1882Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Rummel, Cora5 Mar 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Rummel, Eugene F8 Jan 19148 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Rummel, Martha C5 Apr 190919 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Rummel, Paul J21 May 190117 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Rummel, William2 Dec 1884Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Rump, Anita23 Oct 1905Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Rump, Clarence L10 Apr 190319 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Rump, Dorothy19 Feb 1905Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Rump, Edna M9 Sep 1908Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Rump, Lawrence3 Apr 1903Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Rump, Richard W9 Oct 190825 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Rump, Victor16 Jul 1899Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Rumpff, Janice23 Jun 1940Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Rumps Jr, P25 Dec 193015 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Rumps, Rita A23 Nov 19238 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Rumschlag, Kathleen A23 Mar 193011 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Rumsey, Laurena A8 Jun 191123 Feb 1999Churubusco
Rumsey, Sidney25 Oct 1907Aug 1977Churubusco
Rundel, George J15 Apr 19257 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Rundel, Ida10 May 1929Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Runden, Mary14 Jun 1920Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Rundle, Dora B28 Jan 192330 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Runge, Esther M17 Sep 193027 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Runge, Lola L26 Aug 191629 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Runion, Helen L14 Feb 190714 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Runion, Irena A22 Mar 192126 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Runion, Nellie7 Dec 1904Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Runion, Roy6 May 1908May 1982Fort Wayne
Runion, William28 Aug 1926Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Runke, Regina20 Aug 1907Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Runkel, Adam D17 Dec 191913 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Runkel, Betty I1 Jun 1924Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Runkel, Elizabeth C25 Mar 1919Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Runkle, Betty I24 Jan 19251 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Runkle, Floyd D21 Sep 192023 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Runkle, Franklin21 Jul 1904Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Runkle, Mildred L11 Sep 19213 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Runkle, Nelson D30 Nov 191815 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Runkle, Regina Ann13 Oct 195922 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Runkle, Russell13 Aug 1909Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Running Path, Princess16 Apr 193020 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Runowicz, Mikolas6 Dec 1881Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Runser, Eugene26 Jan 1912Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Runser, Eugene R11 Oct 193531 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Runser, Goldie18 Oct 1891Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Runser, Hannah11 Oct 1891Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Runser, Margaret A19 Oct 19121 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Runser, Uleta S30 Mar 18971 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Runyan, Aileen18 Dec 1888Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Runyan, C D1 Mar 191030 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Runyan, Ferne L13 Nov 1911May 1994Fort Wayne
Runyan, George23 Sep 1898Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Runyan, Grace13 Mar 1915Jul 1987Roanoke
Runyan, Ida6 Aug 1906Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Runyan, Imogene16 Apr 192310 May 2005Fort Wayne
Runyan, Ira25 Aug 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Runyan, Mabel22 Aug 1903Feb 1986Churubusco
Runyan, Ralph20 Jan 1889Oct 1972Roanoke
Runyan, Robert29 Nov 1919Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Runyon, Anthony1 Feb 1897Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Runyon, Blanche4 Jul 1911Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Runyon, Burnice29 Jul 19293 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Runyon, Leonard W8 Aug 19121 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Ruoff, Frederic L16 Mar 192515 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Ruoff, Gladys6 Jun 1899Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Ruoff, Louis22 May 1895Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Rupe, Everett D13 Mar 191718 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Rupe, Laura S27 Apr 189330 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Rupel, Charles30 Jun 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Rupel, William7 Feb 1899Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Rupert, Arlene15 Apr 1910Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Rupert, Donald1 Oct 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Rupert, Earl24 May 1893Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Rupert, Everett E18 Mar 19133 Aug 1992Roanoke
Rupert, Frank9 Oct 1899Apr 1972New Haven
Rupert, James E23 Sep 19309 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Rupert, Juanita3 Jan 192529 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Rupert, Lawrence14 Jul 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Rupert, Linda14 May 192416 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Rupert, Lyle15 Jun 1908Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Rupert, Millie5 Nov 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Rupert, Nancy L8 Jan 192629 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Rupert, Neal19 Jan 1917May 1987Fort Wayne
Rupert, Phyllis E19 May 191820 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Rupert, Robert E29 Nov 192215 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Rupley, Harold D27 May 19161 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Rupley, James17 May 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Rupnow, Anna10 Jun 1885Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Rupnow, Frank16 May 1884Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Rupnow, Frank Holden27 Nov 191919 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Rupnow, Juanita L29 Jun 19212 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Rupp, Betty L17 Feb 192724 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Rupp, Clara30 Aug 1890Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Rupp, Donald21 Apr 1919Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Rupp, Esther N24 May 192328 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Rupp, Helen12 May 1911Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Rupp, Irvin10 Nov 1886Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Rupp, Joseph13 May 1880Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Rupp, Kenneth F2 Apr 19162 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rupp, Kenneth J2 Aug 19068 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Rupp, Mary22 Mar 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Rupp, Mary F13 Sep 192520 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Rupp, Matilda18 Sep 1891Jul 1986Leo
Rupp, Ralph2 Apr 1885Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Rupp, Raymond11 Mar 190814 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Ruppert, Alta31 Jan 1905Oct 1983Grabill
Ruppert, Delbee17 Mar 1900Jul 1985Grabill
Ruppert, Garrett A20 Apr 19421 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Ruppert, Hallie27 Jul 1902Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Ruppert, Hazel17 May 1888Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Ruppert, June19 Jul 1919May 1978Fort Wayne
Ruppert, Nina7 Jul 1914Feb 1987Harlan
Ruppert, Vernon L13 Jun 190813 Sep 1994Harlan
Ruppert, Wilma M7 Sep 191220 May 2003Harlan
Rupple, Glen30 Jun 1900Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Ruprecht, Dennis J23 Aug 192019 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Rupright, Carol E5 Jan 19373 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Rupright, Cora M1 Nov 191027 Jan 1999Roanoke
Rupright, Forrest A29 Aug 191915 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Rupright, Harriett L6 Jul 19193 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Rusching, Ruth A5 Jul 19175 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Rush, Alta I2 Aug 19119 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Rush, Carl11 Jun 1886Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Rush, Dewalt E14 Oct 190513 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Rush, Graham C31 Dec 192018 Nov 2000Monroeville
Rush, Harry2 Nov 1888Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Rush, Helene28 Mar 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Rush, Kenneth E20 Dec 19209 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Rush, Malinda21 Oct 1903Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Rush, Martha24 Jun 1920Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Rush, Mary2 Aug 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Rushart, Charles Sr23 Nov 1884May 1970Fort Wayne
Rushart, Charles A11 Oct 191726 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Rushart, Vera Belle11 Dec 192028 Feb 2009New Haven
Rusher, Allethia9 Jan 1916Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Rusher, Ernest Earl8 Mar 19288 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Rusher, Merrill W9 Dec 19186 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Rusher, Naomi2 Mar 188930 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Rusher, Ralph22 Mar 1907Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Rushing, Hazel L26 Nov 192923 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Rushman, Violet A28 Nov 19053 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Rusnak, John7 Apr 1918Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Rusner, Earl18 Jul 1898Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Russ, Daniel G20 Feb 191811 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Russ, Ella J24 Jul 19224 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Russ, Elsie M12 Feb 19198 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Russ, Norbert J10 Feb 192128 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Russ, Patrick26 Jul 1920May 1977Fort Wayne
Russ, Stephen A13 Jul 194629 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Russel, Mildred L5 Nov 1900Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Russell, Albert17 Mar 1926Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Russell, Albert4 Mar 1907Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Russell, Albert E4 Jun 191820 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Russell, Alice E10 Oct 192328 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Russell, Arthur22 Mar 1879Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Russell, Brian O21 Sep 19598 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Russell, Charles25 Apr 1917Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Russell, Clarence7 Aug 19305 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Russell, Dorothy A17 Feb 19539 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Russell, Dorothy L11 Dec 193523 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Russell, Edward H15 Sep 191924 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Russell, Ellen M4 Dec 192622 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Russell, Esther11 May 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Russell, Esther11 Nov 1895Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Russell, Frederick8 Nov 1900Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Russell, Gauntlett L30 Sep 193531 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Russell, Gladys4 Mar 1905Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Russell, Harry13 Feb 19349 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Russell, Helen19 Dec 1908May 1983Fort Wayne
Russell, Helene L7 Nov 191016 May 2004Fort Wayne
Russell, Iva25 Aug 1907Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Russell, James7 Mar 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Russell, James5 Mar 1904Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Russell, James22 Jan 1909Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Russell, Katherine30 Apr 189924 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Russell, Kenneth12 Jun 1905Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Russell, Lee14 Sep 1949Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Russell, Leola I20 Dec 193318 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Russell, Leon9 May 1902Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Russell, Lila M15 May 191813 May 2007Fort Wayne
Russell, Lloyd19 Jun 1895Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Russell, Lucille10 Apr 1908Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Russell, Maggie Edna30 Jan 193327 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Russell, Margaret26 Dec 1922May 1985Fort Wayne
Russell, Margaret W5 Jul 19158 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Russell, Marie26 Jan 1899Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Russell, Marie C5 Oct 190917 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Russell, Martha E25 Feb 191915 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Russell, Mary E23 Apr 191715 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Russell, Mary Lavina20 Mar 190730 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Russell, Merlin31 May 1906Jul 1981Roanoke
Russell, Michael D2 Feb 19721 May 1994Fort Wayne
Russell, Nellie21 Apr 1875Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Russell, Nellie2 Dec 1892Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Russell, Norman17 Jan 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Russell, Otis23 Jun 1900Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Russell, Otto19 Jul 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Russell, Raymond25 Mar 1915Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Russell, Raymond E5 Apr 193119 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Russell, Robert18 Jun 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Russell, Robert21 Aug 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Russell, Robert23 Nov 192928 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Russell, Robert13 Jul 1919Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Russell, Ronald G28 May 19597 May 2009Fort Wayne
Russell, Rosella25 Mar 19206 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Russell, Rosia B12 Oct 191131 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Russell, Ruth C29 Aug 191215 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Russell, T J1 Apr 192311 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Russell, Thomas5 Sep 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Russell, Timothy Allen16 Jul 19826 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Russell, Vera2 Nov 19099 Apr 2001Roanoke
Russell, Violet8 Aug 1891Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Russell, Virginia S3 Jan 191821 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Russell, William A4 Apr 191710 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Russell, Zinnia M23 Jun 19159 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Russo, Jerry24 May 19098 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Rust, Alton E9 Mar 192411 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Rust, Cecil F20 Dec 191219 Aug 1988Leo
Rust, Edith8 Sep 1896Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Rust, Ernst Paul Johnannes7 Aug 192323 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Rust, Frances H13 Aug 19249 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Rust, John17 Jan 1897Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Rust, Maria22 Aug 1918Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Rustler, Kenneth13 Jan 19312 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Rutan, Donald21 Jun 1952Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Rutenberg, Arthur H22 Jun 191516 May 2008Roanoke
Rutenberg, Doris A14 Oct 191221 Jan 2000Yoder
Rutenberg, Hannah C25 Feb 192111 Feb 1994Roanoke
Rutenberg, Herbert F15 Apr 19068 Jun 1997Yoder
Ruth, Leah L12 Sep 190011 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Rutherford, Mary26 May 1901Jul 1985Spencerville
Rutherford, Rowena28 Jul 1920Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Rutkowski, Herman19 Mar 1881Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Rutkowski, Herman J5 Aug 191825 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Rutkowski, Virginia D23 Nov 191819 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Rutkowski, Virginia E20 Oct 191820 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Alan3 Nov 1955Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Barbara E9 May 192923 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Rutledge, James10 Nov 19292 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Katherine V13 May 19239 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Martha E18 Jun 19186 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Mozella H30 May 190921 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Myron24 Oct 192611 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Noah1 Oct 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Rebecca J28 Jul 192529 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Rosie2 Jan 192123 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Rutledge, Shirley E29 Oct 192915 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Rutz, Caroline26 Sep 1897Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Rutz, Edith25 Jan 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Rutz, Gustav17 Apr 1900Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Rutz, Marvin A21 Nov 192227 Nov 2002Fort Wayne

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