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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Saaf, Carl27 Feb 1904Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Saaf, Carl V3 Oct 191311 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Saaf, Marie L21 Oct 19043 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Saagh, Marie21 Feb 189711 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Alvin3 Apr 19232 Mar 1993Hoagland
Saalfrank, Arthur11 Dec 1894Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Bertha1 Dec 1896Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Betty23 Aug 192410 May 2003Hoagland
Saalfrank, Carl2 Nov 1898Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Carl25 Feb 1897Mar 1976Hoagland
Saalfrank, Christine H18 Jul 190017 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Clara3 Oct 1903Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Clara M19 Oct 190225 Apr 1992Monroeville
Saalfrank, Elizabeth13 Jun 1896May 1982Hoagland
Saalfrank, George H11 Feb 192412 May 2007Hoagland
Saalfrank, Gwendolyn J10 Feb 19202 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Howard H14 Feb 192623 May 1997Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Ida19 Jun 1911Sep 1975Hoagland
Saalfrank, Jerry L9 Jun 194925 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Kenneth W12 May 192329 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Marilyn3 Nov 192821 Sep 2005Hoagland
Saalfrank, Melvin J20 Feb 194015 May 1995Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Norman12 Oct 192520 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Pearl L28 Apr 192723 Feb 2001Hoagland
Saalfrank, Walter15 Oct 1901Aug 1975Hoagland
Saalfrank, William20 Feb 1887Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, William4 Aug 1895May 1969Fort Wayne
Saalfrank, Wilmer J25 Sep 191822 Mar 1994Hoagland
Saari, Helen M15 Dec 192428 May 2004Fort Wayne
Saari, Ralph B6 Jan 19272 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Saathoff, Benjamin1 Jan 1893Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Saathoff, Wilma1 Feb 19118 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Sabins, Wesley A22 Dec 194431 May 2002Fort Wayne
Sablic, Lawrence F28 Jul 192422 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sablic, Lawrence J15 Aug 19475 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Sabo, Frank W10 Nov 191823 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Sabo, John G10 Feb 19319 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Saccal, Alex14 May 193629 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sachs, Richard H11 Feb 19326 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Sacilow, Vida A17 Jul 192023 May 2007Fort Wayne
Sack, Herman9 Sep 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Sackash, Dan16 Jul 191726 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Sackash, Sophia M11 Jan 191818 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Sackett, Charles M12 Dec 19192 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Sackrider, Lelah20 Nov 1898Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Sacks, Jacob9 Feb 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Sacks, Mildred C28 Nov 19055 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Saddoris, Walter1 Aug 1889Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Sade, Boyce R11 May 19289 Jan 1999Churubusco
Sade, Marcus12 Oct 1957Jul 1978Churubusco
Sadler, Alfred29 Aug 192530 Dec 1995New Haven
Sadler, Charley L8 Oct 193923 Jan 1999Harlan
Sadler, Dorothy3 May 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Sadler, Harley28 Feb 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Sadler, Hilary A13 Mar 192121 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Sadler, Hilary A12 Oct 189419 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Sadler, Irene M11 Sep 191921 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sadler, Lester22 Aug 193011 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Sadler, Othnel7 Aug 1912Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Sadler, Robert B19 Oct 192429 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Sadler, Robert E16 Oct 19284 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Sadler, William26 Nov 1893Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Sadlowski, Sophie G5 Jun 19102 May 1995Fort Wayne
Sadowski, John22 Nov 1888Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Safer, Robert I23 Feb 19232 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Saffen, Emma28 Nov 1889Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Saffen, Richard D3 Jun 191422 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Saffen, Vera29 Oct 1907Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Saffen, Victor14 Dec 1906Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Saffen, Virginia I10 Jan 192016 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Safford, Charles W2 Nov 19281 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Safford, Donald L4 Sep 192010 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Safford, Janet R17 Oct 1919Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Safford, Richard25 Feb 1926Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Safford, Thomas10 Oct 1916Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Safran, Julia27 Jun 19098 Feb 2006Grabill
Safran, Reba2 May 1905Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Sage, Chloe16 Apr 1893Mar 1977Huntertown, Churubusco
Sage, J Lee17 Jan 191721 Mar 2001Churubusco
Sage, John9 Aug 1892Apr 1971Roanoke
Sage, Lavern20 Feb 1896Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Sage, Verlie F25 Nov 1895Nov 1994Roanoke
Sager, Paula J4 May 195117 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Sager, Virginia10 Nov 194816 Dec 2008Huntertown
Sagers, Charles J22 Feb 190927 Jun 1993Roanoke
Sagers, Ruby M29 Oct 19141 Jan 1997Roanoke
Sagstetter, Lester W27 Aug 193112 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Sagstetter, Mary L17 Dec 193622 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Sahlmann, Hans27 Feb 1895May 1987Fort Wayne
Sahlmann, Lotte2 Nov 190714 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sailors, Martha4 Sep 1901Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Sain, Joseph25 Dec 1903Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Sainburg, Olive K12 Oct 19144 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Saint, Jean L25 Jan 191626 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Saint, Louise1 Jul 1890Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Sakakini, Morgan J11 Aug 192817 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Sakowicz, Alex31 Oct 191920 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Sakowicz, John17 Dec 1892Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Sala, Winifred8 Dec 1893Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Salaka, Louis23 Nov 1911Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Salaka, Mary13 Apr 1913Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Salamon, Alexander14 Jan 1903Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Salamon, Louis24 Feb 1905Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Salas, Lucille S16 Jul 190930 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Salas, Luis17 Jun 1946Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Salas, Stephen J4 Aug 191317 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Salazar Guer, Amalia22 Apr 194714 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Salazar, Herlinda C14 Feb 193822 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Saldana, Carmen24 Oct 194319 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Saleem, Abdullah Muhammad4 Nov 195427 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Salek, R2 May 192323 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Saleman, Elnora6 Jun 1888May 1974Fort Wayne
Sales, Dorothy C14 Jun 192116 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Sales, Garvin F15 May 194822 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Salesman, Henry30 Sep 1889Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Salesman, Lillie29 Jan 1895Mar 1974Churubusco
Salesman, Richard L10 Mar 19295 Mar 2002Churubusco
Salge, Doris L10 Feb 19238 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Salge, Jean M25 Apr 193110 May 2009Fort Wayne
Salinas, Aaron4 Jul 198411 Aug 2002Monroeville
Salinas, Angelina17 Aug 1900May 1984Fort Wayne
Salinger, Hans1 Apr 1891Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Evelyn15 Feb 19218 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Evelyn21 May 1913Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Evelyn A25 Feb 191712 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Harold S2 Aug 19229 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Salisbury, James E9 Jul 19371 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Max R13 Oct 192118 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Richard A2 Sep 19154 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Sylvester21 Nov 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Salisbury, Wanetah L12 Sep 19194 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Sallach, Rudolph21 Oct 1901Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Sallay, Stephen1 Jul 1920Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Sallot, Erma J22 Nov 192114 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sallot, Sarah18 May 1885Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Salmon, Anthony15 Aug 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Salmon, Eileen R19 Feb 19224 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Salmon, Hazel C14 Apr 191417 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Salmon, Margaret L27 Oct 19259 Feb 2000New Haven
Salmon, Olive13 Jul 1913Mar 1984Churubusco
Salmon, Thomas S21 Apr 19197 May 2004Fort Wayne
Salmonsen, Glenn8 Mar 1925Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Salomon, Carl F18 Nov 190024 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Salomon, Christian V10 May 192219 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Salomon, Edward8 Oct 1887Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Salomon, Esther10 Nov 1904Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Salomon, Louise C30 Mar 189629 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Salomon, Maxine B26 Nov 19173 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Salomon, Neva28 Apr 1896Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Salomon, Thelma23 Jan 1946Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Salon, Dorothy23 Feb 1903Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Salon, Eva2 Apr 1896Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Salon, Harry W8 Feb 19011 May 1989Fort Wayne
Salon, Joel W6 Aug 192325 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Salon, Nathan26 Aug 1897Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Salt, Alfred8 Sep 1899Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Salt, Dorothy M22 May 1911Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Salter, Betty J11 Jan 192922 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Salter, Donald H19 Apr 192824 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Salter, Ida9 Nov 1933Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Salter, Janice A1 May 193930 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Salter, Jeanette S21 Aug 192415 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Salter, Steven G13 Jul 195611 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Saltzgaber, Catherine30 Aug 1903Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Saltzgaber, Cora B22 Jan 187615 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Saltzman, Leroy14 Apr 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Salud, John C13 Jun 190627 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Saluke, Robert Z12 Jun 19298 May 2001Fort Wayne
Salway, Doris M31 Mar 192822 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Salway, Elizabeth L6 Oct 19015 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Salway, George H18 Feb 191227 Oct 2000New Haven
Salway, Howard D13 Jul 191913 Dec 1998Monroeville
Salway, John20 Nov 1909Dec 1982Monroeville
Salway, Lola M25 Jul 192211 Jul 2001Monroeville
Salway, Rose J9 May 19269 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Salway, Virginia R17 Sep 19328 Jun 2002New Haven
Salyer, Flora V1 Sep 191021 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Salyer, Lillian E1 Sep 187515 Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Salyer, Medreth J21 Sep 193222 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Salyer, Melvin J9 Nov 19304 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Salyer, Steve1 Jun 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Salyers, Helen6 Mar 191612 Dec 1999Yoder
Salzbrenner, Alma23 Jun 19082 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Salzbrenner, Esther16 Apr 1905Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Salzbrenner, Florence E11 Sep 19218 Nov 2009Monroeville
Salzbrenner, Louise4 Nov 1881Oct 1975New Haven
Salzbrenner, Oscar G29 Oct 190329 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Salzer, Rodger W5 Aug 19111 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Salzer, Thomas Rodger4 Apr 195711 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Salzwedel, Robert23 Apr 1946Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Salzwedel, Robert A29 Nov 19688 May 2004Fort Wayne
Samaras, James P6 Jan 192330 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Samczyk, Carlene L4 Dec 193319 May 2009Fort Wayne
Samczyk, John A9 Jun 192921 May 1997Fort Wayne
Same, Thomas F29 Jan 192128 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Sammetinger, Audrey J14 Sep 19233 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Sammetinger, Frederick C25 Jun 19213 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Sammetinger, Frieda2 Jun 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Sammetinger, Henry17 Mar 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Sammons, Alice L6 Apr 19335 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sample, Arline22 Nov 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sample, Edward C17 Apr 195216 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Sample, Erma M21 Jan 192212 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sample, Glen23 Mar 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Sample, Kaitlin M14 Mar 199113 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Sample, Leeta17 Oct 193025 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Sample, Thomas W27 Dec 192414 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Sampson, Beulah26 Dec 1896Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Sampson, Carl E15 Sep 191517 May 2000Fort Wayne
Sampson, Clarence R3 Jul 191323 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sampson, Doris L18 Nov 193415 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Sampson, Dorothy E20 Apr 191417 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sampson, Gerturde21 Jan 1901Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sampson, Lawrence E25 Aug 195916 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Sampson, Olive21 May 1898Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Sampson, Olive A6 Oct 191019 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Sampson, Susan K27 Mar 194619 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Samra, Alfred F31 Mar 19146 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Sams, Frank J7 Nov 193030 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Sams, Russell B24 Jul 193422 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Samsen, John27 Oct 1904Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Samson, Betty30 Aug 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Samson, Fern2 Sep 1944Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Samson, Pepito P21 Sep 193416 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Samuel, Robert22 Jun 19362 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Samuels, Conda L9 Jun 191617 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Samuels, Edna G24 Aug 191712 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
San Pietro, Benjamin5 Dec 191723 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Sanborn, Edmund13 Feb 1893Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Sanborn, Edwin17 Mar 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sanchez, Carmen R16 Jul 19324 Mar 2000New Haven
Sanchez, Ephonia22 Dec 192515 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sanclemente, Frank Anton15 Apr 19444 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Sandberg, Patricia Ann Trued16 May 195213 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sandefur, Lela Agatha8 Jul 193230 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Sandel, Howard R4 Oct 193619 May 2008Fort Wayne
Sandels, Edward24 May 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Sandels, Gladys M4 Feb 191712 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Sanders, Alan L22 May 194822 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Sanders, Allen1 Jun 1906Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Sanders, Angela20 Jan 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Sanders, Annie24 Sep 1898Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Sanders, Annie Bell1 Dec 195229 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Sanders, Clara24 Jun 192021 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Sanders, David18 Mar 195331 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Sanders, Douglas17 Aug 1905Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Sanders, Douglas6 Jan 1921Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Sanders, Elizabeth29 Feb 1884Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ellen L24 Oct 191910 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ellen V23 Oct 1926May 1993Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ernest J12 Mar 19189 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ernstine24 Oct 1937Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Sanders, Essie R23 May 1924Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sanders, Fannie B13 Aug 187515 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Sanders, Freeman7 Sep 1904Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Sanders, George2 Jul 1916Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sanders, George23 Nov 194617 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Sanders, George31 Mar 192312 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Sanders, Gerald T4 Dec 193429 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Sanders, Gertrude18 Jan 1884Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Sanders, Grant E12 Jun 19493 May 2008Fort Wayne
Sanders, H R12 Feb 193015 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Sanders, Henrietta27 Jan 1894Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Sanders, Jacquline Elizabeth4 Apr 196710 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Sanders, James23 Dec 1921Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Sanders, Joey S2 May 190914 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Sanders, John8 Oct 1931May 1977Fort Wayne
Sanders, Joseph12 Jan 1901Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sanders, Lizzie Renee18 Aug 191920 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Sanders, Louise5 Jan 192429 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Sanders, Lucille22 Feb 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Sanders, Madonna M25 Apr 19275 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Sanders, Mae12 Aug 1930Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sanders, Maggie15 Apr 1916Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Sanders, Major L10 Oct 19575 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sanders, Mark12 Sep 1912Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Sanders, Mark24 Dec 19406 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Sanders, Mary15 Sep 1890Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Sanders, Nathan R30 Dec 19806 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Sanders, Novella29 Mar 1889Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Sanders, Olva M28 Jan 1921Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Sanders, Oval D28 Aug 19033 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sanders, Pauline17 Apr 19576 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Sanders, Pearlie10 Jan 1897Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Sanders, Richard22 Jan 192426 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sanders, Robert8 Aug 19615 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ronald22 Mar 1910Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Sanders, Rosalind14 Jul 1915May 1981Fort Wayne
Sanders, Rosella J17 Jan 190723 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sanders, Ruth H28 Nov 19054 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Sanders, Susie5 Dec 1902Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Sanders, Vera F6 Jan 191815 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Sanders, Virginia25 Aug 19227 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sanders, Walter25 Aug 1890Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Sanders, Walter1 Oct 1932Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sanders, William E31 Mar 192423 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Sanders, Willie12 Mar 1919Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Sanders, Willie11 Nov 195314 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Sanders, Willie J18 Mar 194315 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sanders, Wilma4 Aug 1929Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Charles H8 Dec 193519 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Dale E22 Jun 192421 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Jean K12 May 191420 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Sanderson, John R14 Sep 192922 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Pauline2 May 1899Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Raleigh9 Dec 1897May 1981Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Ramon L25 Sep 193314 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Ray E19 Sep 191421 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Sanderson, Theodore J27 Jul 190227 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Sandeson, Ione25 May 1905Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Sandeson, Ruth23 Jun 192524 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Sandeson, William S16 Dec 191330 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sandkuhler, Henry25 Aug 1890Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Sandlin, Eva18 May 1902Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Sandlin, John22 Jul 1899Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Sandmayer, Dolores12 Mar 1917Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Sandner, Sophia11 May 1888Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Sands, Charles29 Aug 1880Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Sands, Charles16 Nov 1905Nov 1979New Haven
Sands, Harold D23 Aug 193318 Nov 2004New Haven
Sands, Harvey31 Jul 1909May 1981Huntertown
Sands, Sophia F16 Apr 1915Mar 1996Huntertown
Sandstrom, Carl E30 Sep 190913 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Sandstrom, Helen M29 Jan 19123 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Sandvik, Otto24 Nov 1885Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Sandys, James F9 Jun 192622 Oct 2006New Haven
Saner, Susanne S19 Jul 193114 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sanford, Annis E27 Aug 191417 Jun 2005New Haven
Sanford, Marshall W15 May 192718 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Sanford, Phillip4 Apr 1921Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Sanford, Windsor14 Dec 1905Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Sannan, Charles31 Dec 1923Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Sannan, Loretta24 Mar 1934Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Sanner, Esther12 Nov 1899Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Sanner, Howard16 Mar 1904Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Sanner, William1 Jul 1915May 1980Fort Wayne
Sanpietro, Lillian M5 Nov 192118 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sanroch, D L15 Mar 191015 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Sansom, George6 Jul 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Santa, William11 Jan 1935Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Santana, Wanda9 Nov 196414 May 2000Fort Wayne
Santiago, Francisco30 Jan 193111 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Santon, Edgar10 Dec 1895Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Santon, Olive J23 Sep 192425 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Santoro, Adelaide10 Sep 1888Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Santoro, Caroline F29 May 19455 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Santoro, Robert C26 Aug 194413 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Sanxter, Audra28 Nov 1899May 1986Fort Wayne
Sanxter, Eula7 Jul 1893Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Sanxter, Helen9 Feb 1907Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Sapirie, Minnie M28 Feb 191513 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Sapp, Anita M15 Nov 19215 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Sapp, Claribell27 Feb 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Sapp, Elda18 Jun 1886Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Sapp, Eleanora5 Jan 1908Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sapp, Hazel4 Feb 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Sapp, Hilda M6 Oct 192014 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Sapp, Irene16 May 1910Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Sapp, James David11 Apr 195014 May 2009Grabill
Sapp, Lee N23 Jan 19062 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Sapp, Leroy2 Nov 1893Dec 1969Grabill
Sapp, Raymond B5 Dec 193620 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Sapp, Ross15 Sep 1907Nov 1972Harlan
Sapp, Violet V10 Apr 192017 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sapp, Virginia30 Oct 1924Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Sapp, Virginia20 Jul 1919Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Sappington, Luella E10 Jul 190731 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Sappington, Margaret E3 Aug 190315 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Saraceno, Ellen M11 Aug 19127 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Saraceno, Pietro20 Jan 1895Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Saraceno, Sylvester P30 Mar 193315 Aug 2004New Haven
Sarafian, Maria28 Jun 193224 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Sarasien, Charlene12 Dec 1965May 1982Fort Wayne
Sarasien, Gloria B12 Mar 192725 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Sarasien, Harry20 Oct 1903May 1980Fort Wayne
Sarasien, James16 Aug 1899Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Sarasien, James F8 May 192512 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sarasien, Ruth N15 Nov 190127 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Sarasizen, Sally A18 Nov 194112 Jul 2005Woodburn
Sarazen, Joseph3 Dec 1914Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Sarazen, Louis G6 Jun 191220 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Sarazen, Ruby26 Aug 190915 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Sarber, Martin D27 Aug 19211 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Sarber, Thomas9 Feb 1908Feb 1978Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Sarchet, Myrtle6 Sep 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Saret, Joseph21 May 19482 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Sarge, Louise T14 Jun 191213 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sargent, Arnold D21 Sep 194320 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Sargent, John S18 Aug 191021 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Sark, Connie J1 Nov 19392 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sarles, Colonel N11 Dec 191020 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sarles, Nellie M22 Feb 19169 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Sarno, Margaret24 Nov 19125 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sarpa, Nicholas J18 Jan 192416 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Sarrazen, Joseph5 Jan 1879Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Eugene J4 Jan 191115 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Geraldine M30 Oct 191327 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Marion P25 Apr 193210 May 2000Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Mildred C1 Sep 19094 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Mildred E30 Mar 19162 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Raymond C2 Sep 190930 May 1998Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Thelma18 May 1914Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, Thelma A4 Oct 190311 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sarrazin, William J14 Jan 194111 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Sarrazine, Alvin22 Oct 1910Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sarrazine, Charles31 Dec 1883May 1974Monroeville
Sarrazine, Edward17 Jun 1912Jul 1977New Haven
Sarrazine, Elizabeth A10 Jun 1913Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sarrazine, Florence A9 Sep 190929 Dec 1997New Haven
Sarrazine, Joseph C30 Aug 191226 May 2003Fort Wayne
Sarrazine, Julian P26 Feb 19186 Mar 2002New Haven
Sarsfield, Grace M15 May 193629 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Sartor, Aileen M26 Oct 191128 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Sarver, Judith D17 Apr 194517 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Sarver, Verona M31 Oct 191817 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Sasser, Lucile M6 Dec 19144 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sassmannshau, Walter B11 Feb 19208 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Satala, Bernice I6 Feb 191228 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Sater, Dorothy H8 Aug 190510 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Satterfield, Roy L14 Jul 193527 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Satterthwait, Gail M2 Aug 19117 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Satterthwait, Mary M14 Jul 1913Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Satterthwait, Samuel S27 Feb 19101 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Satterwaite, Lawrence F16 May 191127 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Satthoff, Clara23 Nov 190410 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Sattison, Lula M13 Dec 19076 Feb 1995Churubusco
Sattler, Marie26 Jul 1896Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Sauceda, Jose6 Nov 192524 May 1991Fort Wayne
Sauder, Alice16 Sep 1922Jun 1987Leo
Sauder, Archie7 Jul 1895May 1979Leo, Fort Wayne
Sauder, Ethel M29 Jun 190211 Mar 1989Spencerville
Sauder, Geraldine22 Jun 19196 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Sauder, Harriet E1 Jan 190018 May 1992Grabill
Sauder, Hilda25 May 191311 Mar 2002Huntertown
Sauder, Jerry H8 Apr 189822 Oct 1992Grabill
Sauder, Jospeh18 Jun 1926Jun 1985Leo
Sauder, Kenneth P27 Feb 19192 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Sauder, Lavera M19 Jan 191224 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Sauder, Mary19 Sep 1895Apr 1978Harlan
Sauder, Merritt W30 Nov 19129 May 1998Huntertown
Sauder, Robert14 Jun 1926Apr 1987Leo
Sauders, Albert25 Jun 1886Dec 1969Churubusco
Sauders, Billy J17 Jan 19258 May 1997Fort Wayne
Sauders, Dora12 Jan 1891Feb 1979New Haven
Sauders, Ernest26 Jun 191719 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Sauders, Mary A24 Jan 19049 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Sauer, Adolph29 Oct 1891Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Sauer, Alma26 Jul 1895Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Sauer, Erna12 Nov 1890Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Sauer, John9 Jan 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sauer, Louis7 Jul 1894Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Sauer, Luella28 Aug 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Sauer, Mary17 Mar 1885Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Sauer, May A11 Jul 191816 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Sauer, Mervin J4 Jan 191720 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Sauer, Robert H26 Aug 19233 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Sauers, Clarence29 Jul 1889Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Sauers, Edward J15 Sep 192912 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Sauers, Elva22 Jun 1897Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Sauers, Marvin10 Dec 1904Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Sauers, R G15 Sep 192915 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Sauers, Shirley C20 Aug 190918 May 1999Fort Wayne
Sauers, Steven P1 Dec 19463 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sauerteig, Herbert1 Dec 1894Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Sauerteig, Laura1 Dec 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sauerteig, Ruth14 Oct 1917Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sauerwein, Doris I29 Sep 192621 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Sauerwein, Elmer30 Sep 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Saul, Alyce K13 Oct 193227 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Saul, Margaret C4 Jun 1919May 1993Fort Wayne
Saul, Raymond15 Jan 1897Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Saulsbury, Evelyn8 Sep 1902Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Saum, Audrey F6 Mar 190723 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Saum, Charles12 Mar 1884Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Saum, Robert A20 Oct 19359 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Saum, Ronald N2 Oct 190614 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Saum, Vera14 Nov 1937Jun 1981Leo
Saunder, Ella Marie13 Jan 195821 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Saunders, Barbara E20 Mar 192416 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Saunders, Clarence4 Mar 1907Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Saunders, David3 Jul 1919Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Saunders, Elsie4 May 1897Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Saunders, Hollis S5 Jul 19186 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Saunders, Lottie2 Mar 1902Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Saunders, Rose22 Mar 1881May 1969Fort Wayne
Saunders, William2 May 1900Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Saurbaugh, Neoma E14 Oct 192429 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Saurer, Herman14 Mar 19073 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Saurer, Howard12 Apr 1898Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Saurer, Lora4 Apr 1912May 1994Fort Wayne
Saurer, Lula14 Oct 1889Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Saurer, Madelyn M19 Jun 191317 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Saurer, Myrtle29 Dec 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Saurer, Viola19 May 1913Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Saurer, Walter C19 May 19141 Aug 2003New Haven
Saurer, Wilbert J25 Mar 19174 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Saurer, William H3 Dec 19086 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Sautbine, Roy L9 Dec 188315 May 1968Fort Wayne
Sauter, Edith I2 Jun 19427 May 2005Fort Wayne
Sauter, Georgia E11 Oct 18997 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Sauter, Joseph20 May 1909Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Sauter, Marjorie1 Feb 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Sauter, Michael13 Aug 1946Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sauter, Norbert22 Sep 1907Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Sautter, Erma M12 Jul 19014 Mar 1995Monroeville
Savage, Ann19 Feb 193027 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Savage, Bette M11 Sep 192612 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Savage, Carl E11 Oct 193515 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Savage, Czerney L22 Oct 191411 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Savage, Elwood13 Aug 1913Jan 1981Spencerville
Savage, Ethel22 Jul 1921Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Savage, Harold N28 Feb 190116 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Savage, James14 Apr 1888Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Savage, Louise P9 Dec 19134 May 1997Huntertown
Savage, Mark H13 Sep 191630 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Savage, Maynard25 Sep 192224 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Savage, Nathan21 Oct 1918May 1977Fort Wayne
Savage, R J26 Sep 192715 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Savage, Richard G13 Oct 191822 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Savage, Thelma16 Nov 1902Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Savage, Thelma B27 Jan 19131 Sep 1999Huntertown
Savage, Vadia10 Feb 1924Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Savage, Virginia C11 Aug 190618 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Savard, Jean G20 Apr 192917 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Saver, Eugene W22 Nov 191925 Jul 2001Roanoke
Savieo, Ada27 Jul 1931Oct 1983New Haven
Savieo, Agnes28 Feb 1893May 1974Monroeville
Savieo, August26 Aug 1900May 1964Fort Wayne
Savieo, Carrie5 Dec 1897Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Savieo, Charles25 Dec 1905Dec 1984New Haven
Savieo, Charles16 Apr 1895Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Savieo, Charles11 Mar 1897Oct 1965Monroeville
Savieo, Edwin6 Feb 1916May 1979Fort Wayne
Savieo, Emma M5 Sep 19095 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Savieo, Fred J28 Aug 192629 Apr 2002New Haven
Savieo, Iva10 Jul 1894Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Savieo, Louise19 Aug 1890Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Savieo, Mary6 Oct 1916Jun 1983New Haven
Savio, Arlena10 Sep 1895Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Savio, Blanchard26 Aug 1925Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Savio, Steven L1 Jul 194812 May 2005Fort Wayne
Savoie, Helen26 Mar 1901Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Sawdon, Jessie I14 Mar 190327 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Sawicki, Beatrice P12 Dec 19172 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Sawood, Percy14 Jul 1895Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Sawvel, John D1 Nov 19562 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Sawvel, Mary A14 Mar 192824 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Sawyer Jr, Jerry L20 Jan 197126 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Agnes28 Aug 1895Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Beatrice M11 Sep 1903Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Bertha27 Sep 191016 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Claud18 Mar 1882Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Clyde5 Sep 1891Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Doris19 Jul 1925Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Elmer25 Oct 1899Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Gertrude28 Jul 1893Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Houston13 Aug 19262 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sawyer, Ruth26 Oct 1909Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Sax, Wilbert19 Dec 1913Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Saxer, Bertaline4 Oct 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Saxer, Lyman J15 Jan 191417 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Saxman, Helen10 Jul 1905Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Saxman, John W30 Nov 19349 Oct 2008New Haven
Saxon, Edna15 Jan 1878Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Saxon, Otto12 Jan 1899Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Saxton, James D12 Feb 191927 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Sayarath, Bang10 May 19368 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sayler, David7 Jun 1929Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Sayles, Betty R6 Mar 192028 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sayles, Blanche12 Aug 1898Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Sayles, Charles C31 Dec 19013 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sayles, Gaylord3 Oct 1901Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Sayles, Harriet E7 Nov 19108 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sayles, Howard23 May 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Sayles, Robert L25 Aug 193716 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Saylor, Alfred23 Jan 19382 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Saylor, Allie F16 Jan 193611 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Saylor, Arley20 Jul 1897Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Saylor, Arnold17 Mar 1953Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Saylor, Arnold24 Sep 19403 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Saylor, Carl6 Apr 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Saylor, Chester21 Mar 1910Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Saylor, Cleo8 May 1905Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Saylor, Clifford27 May 1894Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Saylor, Don D9 Jan 194811 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Saylor, Donald L26 Feb 192525 Mar 1997New Haven
Saylor, Dora Mae27 Dec 192913 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Saylor, Elijah22 Jan 1883Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Saylor, Ethel18 Sep 191530 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Saylor, Eugene Robert4 Jun 194031 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Saylor, Floyd24 Oct 1898Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Saylor, Grace18 Oct 1909Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Saylor, James18 Jan 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Saylor, Jeff L28 Oct 192530 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Saylor, John16 Jan 1910Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Saylor, Lenes17 Mar 1919Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Saylor, Lewis16 Apr 1932Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Saylor, Lloyd J6 Aug 19232 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Saylor, Lorraine L27 Feb 192420 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Saylor, Marcile29 Oct 19271 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Saylor, Mary E19 Sep 191814 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Saylor, Matthias W20 Oct 191729 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Saylor, May E18 May 1908May 1993Yoder
Saylor, Nellie R3 Aug 192824 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Saylor, Ralph3 Jul 1889May 1973Huntertown
Saylor, Richard1 Mar 1933Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Saylor, Robert V21 Nov 192521 Feb 2010Churubusco
Saylor, Sam5 Mar 1908Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Saylor, William28 Aug 1902Feb 1987Yoder
Saylors, Florine M19 Aug 190315 Jan 2003Fort Wayne

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