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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Scaer, Carl27 Oct 1896Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Scaer, Rose B8 May 191220 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Scales, Gladys26 Apr 1914Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Scales, Martha B13 Apr 19189 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Scallan, Anna M10 May 190918 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Scallan, Mary14 Aug 1906Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Scally, Frederick13 Aug 1910Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Scantlin, Leona C23 Jul 1907Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Scantlin, Loring27 May 1906Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Scarberry, Alva14 Sep 19168 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Scarberry, Mary E7 Dec 192614 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Scarberry, Michelle A29 May 19722 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Scare, Adolph M19 Jan 193226 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Scare, Elizabeth3 Nov 1894Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Scare, Geraldine M13 Mar 192530 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Scare, Herman12 May 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Scare, Russel D21 Oct 19183 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Scarlett, Clair O7 Feb 19137 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Scarrow, Brenda S22 Aug 19581 Nov 2006Spencerville
Schaab, Frieda2 Aug 1914Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Schaab, Gertrude M9 May 19276 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Schaab, James M23 Jun 192715 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Schaadt, Doyt E7 Mar 193324 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Schaaf, Albert W12 Jun 191918 Feb 2005New Haven
Schaaf, Blanche J10 May 191521 May 2005New Haven
Schaaf, Frieda15 Oct 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Schaaf, Glen3 Dec 19146 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Schaaf, Lorenz W7 Dec 19128 Jul 1994New Haven
Schaaf, Orin24 Feb 19049 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Schaaf, Portia R2 Sep 192713 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Schaaf, Richard F22 Feb 192714 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schaasberg, William1 Feb 193215 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schabas, Anton21 Feb 1889Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schabas, Winifred9 Feb 1885Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Schaberg, Esther4 Sep 1900Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schaberg, Spencer S11 Jan 190115 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Schacher, Celestie9 Jan 1892Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schack, Clara6 Sep 1891May 1976Fort Wayne
Schack, Doris E8 Nov 19231 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Schack, Elizabeth18 Mar 1877Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Schack, F8 Jan 1890May 1970Fort Wayne
Schack, Richard G11 Oct 191725 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Schackow, Morton M10 Jun 19222 Jul 2005New Haven
Schade, Edward W21 Mar 191229 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Schade, Velma E21 Feb 191012 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Schadow, Francis3 Jul 1904Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Schadt, Anton12 Jan 1884Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Agnes M13 Apr 191324 May 2005New Haven
Schaefer, Alice27 May 1907Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Anna28 Jan 1882Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Anna20 Feb 1900Dec 1978Monroeville, New Haven
Schaefer, Beatrice15 Nov 190627 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Bertha E17 Sep 190816 Dec 2006Harlan
Schaefer, Bertha W20 Mar 19065 May 1992Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Carl31 Mar 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Catherine15 Sep 1903Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Ch17 Jan 191619 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Clara L17 Aug 191328 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Donald L13 Oct 194115 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Edwin F30 Jan 190629 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Ella16 Sep 1900Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Ernest F30 Sep 18993 Jul 1992Huntertown
Schaefer, Ernest J6 Feb 19142 Mar 2005Grabill
Schaefer, Flossie26 Jan 19188 Jul 1999Grabill
Schaefer, Frank E17 Dec 19136 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Fred19 Oct 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Fred7 Jun 1892Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Frederick24 Mar 1914Apr 1986Huntertown
Schaefer, Gerald A2 Jul 191213 Jun 1996New Haven
Schaefer, Gertrude M9 Feb 192617 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Harold20 Jun 1935Jan 1986Spencerville
Schaefer, Harry10 May 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Henry5 Dec 1895Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Jacob14 Nov 1907May 1981Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Joana Lin17 May 19564 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Kathryn L13 Mar 19183 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Kenneth23 Jan 1915Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Lawrence W13 Jun 191113 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Leoba22 Mar 1911Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Lona16 Apr 1907May 1983Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Louis27 Feb 1924Dec 1976Harlan
Schaefer, Louis25 Feb 1900Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Louise K18 Aug 189817 May 1988Huntertown
Schaefer, Lydia P30 Oct 19098 May 1998Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Marcella M2 Nov 192726 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Margaret S1 Dec 1918May 1994Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Margery B15 Mar 192320 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Marvin F27 Mar 19247 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Mildred12 Apr 192614 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Morris O10 Jun 19201 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Norma D12 Oct 193428 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Norman E21 Apr 192325 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Patricia L3 Aug 194011 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Rick23 May 1956Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Ruth Anna9 Oct 191821 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Shirley J5 Jan 193828 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Viola M16 Dec 191314 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Schaefer, Wayne W24 Dec 19194 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Schaefer, William1 Jan 1891Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Schaefer, William30 Jan 1888May 1977Grabill
Schaefer, William F19 Nov 191912 Jun 2002Harlan
Schaefer, Winifred8 Sep 19188 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schaeffer, Herman16 Jan 1897Jan 1973Spencerville
Schaeffer, Larry J4 Apr 194219 Sep 1986Spencerville
Schaeffer, Loretta18 Jun 1896Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Schaeffer, Patricia L26 Dec 19277 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Schaen, Daniel E12 Nov 19459 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Edward4 Dec 1893Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Edwin12 Jan 1902Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Fredrick12 Jan 1890Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Louise11 Aug 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Nellie1 Sep 1906Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Robert C8 Aug 19251 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Ruth A21 Jun 192422 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, Ruth H4 Sep 19132 May 1997Fort Wayne
Schafenacker, William19 Oct 1909Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Schafer, Adeline11 Oct 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Schafer, Carl F15 Jan 192626 Mar 2005Woodburn
Schafer, Clara18 Feb 1897Aug 1982New Haven
Schafer, Clifford E12 Mar 19002 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Schafer, Dennis M31 Oct 193929 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Schafer, Donald2 Feb 1936Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Schafer, Edward10 May 1914Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Schafer, Elmer20 Mar 191813 Sep 1995New Haven
Schafer, Essie3 Jul 1897Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Schafer, Florence H26 Sep 1909May 1995New Haven
Schafer, Florence N18 Aug 192120 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Schafer, Helene5 Jul 1909Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Schafer, Kathleen M4 Apr 190523 May 1993Fort Wayne
Schafer, Kathryn13 Jun 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Schafer, Kenneth19 Feb 1907Nov 1981New Haven
Schafer, Marie24 Sep 1898May 1983Fort Wayne
Schafer, Mary12 Sep 1898Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Schafer, Mary G14 Mar 191217 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Schafer, Neoma23 Dec 1892Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Schafer, Nora E14 Apr 188015 Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Schafer, Ruth30 Jan 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Schafer, Willard L30 Sep 194622 Sep 2007Woodburn
Schaff, Arthur3 Mar 1884Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Schaffer, George G28 Jan 192921 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Schaffer, Robert E29 Jan 195128 Sep 2007New Haven
Schaffner, Doyt22 Jan 192424 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Schafianski, Carl15 Mar 1912May 1975Fort Wayne
Schafianski, Oscar21 Jun 1888Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Schall, Charles1 Jan 1889Jul 1973Monroeville
Schall, Irene F21 Jul 193827 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Schall, Janice Louise23 Feb 193418 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Schall, Joseph C31 Dec 192116 May 1997Fort Wayne
Schall, Lawrence5 Jun 1892Dec 1980Monroeville
Schallenberg, Della20 Nov 1904Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schallenberg, Lawrence26 Sep 1895Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Schallenberg, Leo26 Sep 1895Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Schaller, Louis29 Oct 1917Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schaller, Mildred L23 Nov 191725 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Schaltenbrand, Janice L1 Apr 194725 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Schamberg, Cecil24 Oct 1899Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Schamberg, Jacqueline S30 May 195010 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Schamberg, Madeline19 Dec 1904Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schamberg, Susan C18 Jul 194710 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schambers, Barbara24 Nov 1928May 1982Spencerville
Schambers, Kenneth20 Nov 191020 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Schamerloh, Agnes26 Jul 1886Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Schamerloh, Arthur28 Mar 1912Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schamerloh, Paul20 Nov 1903Sep 1978Monroeville
Schammert, Louise R30 Aug 194229 May 2009Fort Wayne
Schane, Blanche E7 Dec 19094 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Schane, Constance L15 Feb 19233 May 2009Fort Wayne
Schane, H E5 Sep 194615 Feb 1990New Haven
Schane, John20 Jun 1890Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Schane, Leota25 Feb 1885Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Schane, Myrtle24 Dec 1886Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Schane, Robert E11 Apr 192312 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Schane, Velma I5 Aug 190526 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schane, William R25 Dec 192817 Sep 1999Churubusco
Schanhals, Elizabeth C26 May 192216 May 2005Fort Wayne
Schanlaub, Robert22 Jul 192116 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Schannen, Carol26 Oct 1902May 1983Fort Wayne
Schannen, Muriel15 Nov 1890Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schannen, Theodore21 Sep 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Schantz, Eva28 Jul 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Schanz, Paul13 Nov 1891Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Schaper, Adolph3 Sep 1902Feb 1987Woodburn
Schaper, Alvina19 Nov 1899Nov 1987Woodburn
Schaper, Carl17 Feb 1924Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Schaper, Carolyn7 Aug 1895Aug 1980Fort Wayne, Harlan
Schaper, Cecelia19 Oct 1905May 1984Harlan
Schaper, Clara11 Mar 1887May 1973Fort Wayne
Schaper, Erhardt22 May 1914Jan 1981Woodburn
Schaper, Erwin15 Jul 1894Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Schaper, Ethel L28 Jun 191821 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Schaper, Gerhardt9 Oct 1897Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Schaper, Helma M8 Dec 190820 Nov 1999Woodburn
Schaper, John R22 Jan 19429 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Schaper, Lena16 Nov 1893Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Schaper, Louise25 Jun 1870Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Schaper, Martin3 Apr 1897Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Schaper, Minnie17 Feb 1885May 1977Woodburn
Schaper, Robert E19 Mar 19225 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Schaper, Walter1 Jul 1905Oct 1982Woodburn
Schaper, Wilma L13 Nov 19094 Oct 1996Woodburn
Schaphorst, Carl H19 Jul 190416 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schaphorst, Elda30 Jul 1903Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Scharf, Eleanor22 May 190731 May 1996Fort Wayne
Scharfe, Grace E11 Jan 19336 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Scharlach, Juanita6 Aug 19257 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Scharnitzke, Lois E21 Dec 193414 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Scharnitzke, Richard E23 May 193115 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Arthur6 Sep 192628 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Edward14 Jan 1896May 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Scharpenberg, Edwin7 Feb 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Henry28 Sep 1885Nov 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Scharpenberg, Henry19 Sep 1906Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Louis31 Jul 1890Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Lulu16 Feb 1883Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Margaret A23 Aug 193310 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Scharpenberg, Meta M10 Aug 189815 Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Scharringhau, Ruth B19 Sep 19183 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Schauer, Anna20 Apr 1895Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Schauer, Ellen E16 Jun 190721 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Schauer, Francis M Sr19 Jan 19154 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Schauer, Genevieve B1 Jan 19191 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Schawl, Mattie1 Mar 1872Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Schea, Merlin B12 Apr 192217 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Schearer, Robert7 Oct 1888Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Schearer, Rose5 Apr 1876Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Schebig, John5 Nov 1923Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Scheckel, Martha M16 Feb 191828 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Schecter, Ethel20 Apr 1895Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Schecter, Sidney L25 Dec 191512 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Scheele, Albert H26 May 19205 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Scheele, Arnold R16 Sep 19231 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Scheele, Charles R25 Oct 19299 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Scheele, Doris P26 Jul 19187 May 2000Fort Wayne
Scheele, Edwin F21 Aug 196126 Nov 2006New Haven
Scheele, Eleanor4 Jun 1906Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Scheele, Lillian M13 Aug 190720 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Scheele, Lois M18 Mar 192711 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Scheele, Marjorie W1 Oct 19205 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Scheele, Mary A16 Nov 193019 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Scheele, Rosemary R7 Mar 192719 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Scheele, Willard E21 May 192820 May 2009Fort Wayne
Scheeler, Betty Ann25 Jun 191619 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Scheeler, Dolly1 Sep 1896Mar 1983New Haven
Scheeler, Erhart1 Feb 1898Feb 1982New Haven
Scheeler, Erhart F22 Aug 192729 Jan 2005New Haven
Scheeler, Fred10 Jun 1891Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Scheeler, George10 Feb 1884Mar 1966New Haven
Scheeler, Nina J29 Dec 192624 Apr 1997New Haven
Scheer, Edna S21 Mar 191214 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Scheer, Elmer7 Sep 1909Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Scheer, Helen E20 Sep 191024 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Scheerer, Shirley A27 Aug 19353 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Scheerer, Walter14 May 1930Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Scheerer, Walter K23 May 195620 Nov 2007Roanoke
Scheetz, Joseph A7 Sep 188814 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Scheetz, Nellie20 Aug 1890Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Schefchik, Florence J9 Nov 190925 Jan 1996New Haven
Scheffel, Dorothy J25 Apr 192210 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Scheffer, Carl4 Nov 1878Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Scheffer, Catherine6 Jul 1912Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Scheffer, Louise20 Dec 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Scheffler, Mary24 Oct 1881Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Scheiber, Dorothy I5 Jun 191220 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Scheiber, Edward17 Nov 1915Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Scheiber, Richard M10 Jul 191720 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Scheid, Agnes21 Mar 1916Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Scheid, Clark17 Apr 1906Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Scheidemantl, Devona L19 Nov 192716 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Scheidemantl, Howard E5 Sep 19256 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Scheiderer, Lawrence5 May 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Scheiderer, Viola D31 May 189530 Dec 1991New Haven
Scheiman, Arthur10 Mar 1905May 1977New Haven
Scheiman, Arvilla2 Aug 191110 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Carrie29 Nov 1878Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Donald F27 Apr 194016 Jul 2002New Haven
Scheiman, Elmer30 Jul 1913Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Frieda1 Jun 1891Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Gertrude11 Aug 19138 Dec 2000New Haven
Scheiman, Goldie14 Mar 1890Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Mabel8 Jun 191410 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Paul W5 Jun 19094 May 1995Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Robert D28 Nov 192725 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Thomas E29 Sep 193825 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Scheiman, Walter14 Jan 1890Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Scheiman, William T26 Jun 191011 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Carl21 Feb 1899Nov 1975New Haven
Scheimann, Edgar24 May 1904Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Scheimann, George7 Oct 1924Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Iva A13 Aug 18992 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Lillian E30 Apr 190831 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Marie31 Jan 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Martha26 Mar 1903Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Otto5 Oct 1895Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Scheimann, Paul C3 Aug 19065 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Scheinberg, Louis25 Dec 1884Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Scheiner, Albert15 Apr 1896Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Scheiner, George E20 Mar 192924 May 1996Fort Wayne
Scheiwe, Chris6 Dec 1896Jun 1972New Haven
Scheiwe, Flora17 Jul 1901Feb 1985New Haven
Scheiwe, Jeanette L29 Sep 193413 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schele, Earl3 Jun 1919May 1984Fort Wayne
Schele, Essie10 May 1890Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Schele, Gerald B16 Jan 192520 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Schele, Jack25 Sep 191923 Dec 2004New Haven
Schele, Jane I16 Apr 191729 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schele, Ralph4 Jul 1906Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Schele, Ruth J22 Aug 191519 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Schelhouse, Clara19 Oct 1927Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Schell, Alfred2 Sep 1901Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Schell, Betty A4 Mar 19315 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Schell, Dale H27 Jul 193016 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Schell, Dorothy V11 Jun 190626 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Schell, Emma2 Sep 1901Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Schell, John5 Oct 1902Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Schell, Lucille F10 Jan 190626 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Schell, Samuel5 Dec 1903Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Schellenbach, Evelyn14 Oct 191511 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Schellhouse, Blanche L26 Feb 191025 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Schelling, Mabel15 Nov 1891Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schelm, Bonnie V24 Feb 19146 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Schelper, Theodore10 Mar 1903Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Schemehorn, Geneva23 Mar 1913Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Schemehorn, Jack M21 Jul 191128 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Schemkoetter, Ewald4 Sep 1903Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Schemkoetter, Florence10 May 1899Jul 1981Churubusco
Schenck, Edith W3 Mar 191611 Dec 2002New Haven
Schenck, Leonard21 Jun 1910May 1985New Haven
Schenher, Alvina22 Jul 1904Dec 1980Churubusco
Schenher, Catherine T14 Sep 191930 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Schenher, Charles3 Aug 1899Aug 1971Churubusco
Schenher, Clara M7 Dec 190615 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Schenher, Erin7 May 192612 Aug 1995Churubusco
Schenher, Lucille M4 Jun 19168 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Schenher, Robert B14 May 191931 Aug 2001Churubusco
Schenk, Bonnie E8 Oct 19361 Aug 2002Woodburn
Schenk, Kenneth M18 Sep 19355 Feb 1999Woodburn
Schenk, Ruth M27 Jan 19211 Mar 2004Huntertown
Schenk, Stephen M17 Mar 194423 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Arthur14 Apr 1931Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Bernard W3 Jun 19243 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Bernice M3 Jun 19117 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Carl P13 Sep 191021 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Catherine C24 Feb 191626 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Cletus P9 Sep 191821 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Edward A9 Oct 19126 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Georgia R21 Mar 19103 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schenkel, James C28 May 194030 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Schenkel, James J21 Mar 193314 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Marguerite L3 May 19199 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Marjorie B12 Apr 191520 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Mary E7 Aug 19187 Aug 1992Roanoke
Schenkel, Norbert31 Jul 1911Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Paul24 Apr 1913Nov 1978Roanoke
Schenkel, Phillip5 Oct 1929Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Robert1 Oct 1914May 1985Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Rose3 Aug 1888Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Thomas15 Oct 1916Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Schenkel, Velma E3 Oct 1917Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Schenkel, William19 Sep 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Schenkel, William P Ii13 Sep 194128 May 2002Fort Wayne
Schepelmann, Christian5 Mar 1889May 1970New Haven
Schepelmann, Edna19 Sep 1896Jan 1969Harlan
Schepelmann, Norvelle13 Nov 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Schepelmann, Otto16 May 1884Dec 1968Woodburn
Schepelmann, Velma M2 Sep 1913Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Schepp, Bertha18 Sep 1888Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Schepp, Fred16 Aug 1884Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Scheppele, Rachael16 Jul 1915Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Schepper, Florence M10 Mar 192723 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Schepper, Richard L14 Mar 19271 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Scher, Joseph22 Mar 1885Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Scher, Velma A27 Jul 191428 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Scherer, Albert3 Jul 1904Jan 1980Monroeville
Scherer, Alice M11 Dec 19188 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Scherer, Arnold8 Feb 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Scherer, Bertie A31 Aug 192117 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Scherer, Betty L6 Oct 192623 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Scherer, Betty L24 May 19275 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Scherer, Blanche27 May 1884Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Scherer, Bruce7 Jun 1920Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Scherer, Charlotte K22 Feb 19112 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Scherer, Dale H26 Aug 19262 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Scherer, Darlene A14 Apr 194211 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Scherer, Desford10 Mar 1896Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Scherer, Donald M17 May 19192 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Scherer, Edward25 Jul 1959Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Scherer, Edwin22 Jul 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Scherer, Eleanor23 Jan 1895Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Scherer, Elizabeth31 Mar 1880Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Scherer, Emil W6 Dec 189721 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Scherer, Erma21 Sep 1922May 1979Fort Wayne
Scherer, Esther K15 Feb 193017 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Scherer, Eugene A29 May 191617 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Scherer, Gertrude14 Jun 1909Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Scherer, Gertrude E16 Apr 1905May 1996Fort Wayne
Scherer, Gertrude H22 Jun 1909May 1993Fort Wayne
Scherer, Harold18 Mar 1906Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Scherer, Harold30 Jan 1907Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Scherer, Herbert6 Aug 1898Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Scherer, Herman13 Jun 1903Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Scherer, Howard J25 Jun 193519 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Scherer, Ida25 Oct 1916Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Scherer, Ida7 May 1908Feb 1981Hoagland
Scherer, June G9 Jun 18982 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Scherer, Lillian S3 May 192131 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Scherer, Loretta16 Mar 1908Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Scherer, Louis C10 May 19084 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Scherer, Marilyn E17 Dec 1946Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Scherer, Melvin21 Mar 1914Jul 1982Hoagland
Scherer, Nina J22 Apr 192225 Aug 1999Churubusco
Scherer, Olga28 Jun 191426 Jun 2002Hoagland
Scherer, Richard D28 Aug 19309 May 2005Fort Wayne
Scherer, Robert18 May 192329 Mar 1996Monroeville
Scherer, Robert23 Jan 1920Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Scherer, Robert C21 Aug 19117 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Scherer, Willard2 Nov 1908Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Scherin, Elizabeth D2 Jul 190420 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Scherler, Marguerite E3 Jan 191618 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Scherman, Henry20 Oct 1899Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Eugenia27 Mar 1914Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Merethea10 Aug 190115 Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Millie25 Aug 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Okla4 Jan 1897Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Robert28 Mar 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Scherrer, Thomas12 Oct 1926Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Scherschel, Elmer18 Aug 1907Apr 1981New Haven
Scherschel, Loretta L20 Apr 191923 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Scherschel, Martin25 Aug 1914Feb 1984New Haven
Scherschel, Mildred29 Sep 1909Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Scherschel, Velma C22 Dec 191424 Dec 2004New Haven
Scherschel, Walter H4 Apr 191621 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Schertz, Arminda13 Oct 1883May 1972Grabill
Schertz, Arthur J24 May 192217 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Schertz, Ferris I25 Apr 192515 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Schertz, Joseph13 Aug 1879Mar 1967Grabill
Scherzinger, Harry J8 Jul 192028 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Scherzinger, Marie31 Mar 1890Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Scherzinger, Martha20 Apr 1893Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Scherzinger, T14 Mar 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Schetzle, Burton G9 Jul 192716 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Scheuer, Bertha24 Feb 1901Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Scheuer, Ludwig26 Sep 1900Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Scheuerer, George19 Nov 1902Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Scheuman, Clara12 Dec 1899Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Scheuman, Marie25 Dec 1890Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Adele26 Jul 1904May 1981Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Albert3 Jan 1886Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Anna16 Jun 1877Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Arthur8 Sep 191315 May 1992Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Clara18 Mar 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Clara5 Jan 1911Oct 1976Hoagland
Scheumann, Della20 Dec 1918Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Edgar L31 Dec 19285 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Eleanora20 Aug 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Elizabeth7 Jul 1907Mar 1981Monroeville
Scheumann, Emil22 Mar 190815 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Esther6 Oct 1915Jul 1989Hoagland
Scheumann, Harold T3 Nov 191131 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Helen E1 Apr 192112 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Herbert22 Sep 1916Apr 1976Hoagland
Scheumann, Herman9 Nov 1890Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Ida10 Dec 1898Dec 1987Hoagland
Scheumann, Julia23 Aug 19069 Feb 1998Hoagland
Scheumann, Julius3 Sep 1887Oct 1969Hoagland
Scheumann, Leonora A27 Feb 1925Jun 1993Hoagland
Scheumann, Louise C12 Aug 191610 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Malinda1 Apr 191012 Dec 2003Hoagland
Scheumann, Malinde16 Feb 19219 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Marcile M17 Jun 19305 Nov 2007Monroeville
Scheumann, Marvin5 Dec 19275 Nov 2007Monroeville
Scheumann, Mary E19 May 19234 Jun 2009Hoagland
Scheumann, Mary M9 Mar 19123 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Norvin L22 Jun 191523 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Rudolph C12 Jun 190814 May 2000Fort Wayne
Scheumann, Vernon T12 Feb 19289 Oct 2004Woodburn
Scheumann, Walter M20 Mar 19133 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Scheurer, Suzanne M25 Jan 194123 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Scheurich, Rhoda1 Jun 1886May 1967Fort Wayne
Schevtchuk, Hilda G4 Nov 191417 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schey, Clyde21 Jan 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Schey, Esther K19 Jun 190819 Dec 2002Roanoke
Schiavo, Remo J6 May 19284 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schible, Donald E12 Sep 193015 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Schible, Gertrude E15 Jun 19111 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Schible, Gregory25 Dec 1956Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schible, Joseph31 Aug 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Schible, Wanda11 Dec 1931Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Schible, William P21 Jan 191229 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schibley, James22 May 1904Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Schibley, James J22 Nov 192328 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Schibley, Jimmetta L10 Apr 19286 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Schibley, Olen L4 Aug 19266 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Schibley, Omar L13 Apr 195829 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Schick, Anna21 Aug 1878Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Schick, Frank9 Feb 1893Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Schick, Joyce R14 Jan 19227 May 1999Fort Wayne
Schick, Loretta A6 May 18985 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Schick, Mary L26 Dec 192920 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Schie, Mary16 Sep 1881Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Schie, Norman J1 Jun 19482 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Schiebel, Danley K14 May 191929 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Schieber, John7 Jul 1895Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Schieber, John20 Mar 1894Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Schiefer, Dorothy M6 Apr 191918 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Schiefer, Mildred12 Nov 1907Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Anna26 Aug 1873Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Carl G31 Jul 18999 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Donald A29 Aug 193215 May 2005Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Edward13 Sep 1899Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Margaret H10 Sep 190518 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Martha3 Dec 190322 Oct 1995Hoagland
Schieferstei, Mary11 Jan 1895Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Richard30 Jun 1924Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schieferstei, Rosella20 Jul 191216 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Schieferstein, Arnold24 Aug 19117 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Schiegel, Roger Charles21 Jul 194028 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Schies, Nelle12 Aug 1895Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Schiffbauer, Eythle8 Dec 1885Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Schifferly, Caroline3 Nov 1905Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Schiffli, Carl21 Nov 1902Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Schiffli, John P2 Nov 190919 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Schiffli, Lucille M16 Oct 19132 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Schiffli, Mildred11 Sep 1906Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schilb, Robert Ray11 Aug 19306 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schild, Elizabeth15 Jan 1919Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Schild, Robert R18 Sep 19288 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Schille, F C23 Dec 19134 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schilling, Adolph13 Sep 1912Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Schilling, Alphonse7 Apr 1898Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Schilling, Cecilia8 Jan 1883Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Schilling, Hugh7 Apr 1918Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Schilling, James8 Oct 192925 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Schilling, Judith K27 Jul 194423 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Schilling, Kathryn2 Feb 19053 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Schilling, Lola11 Nov 1892May 1978Fort Wayne
Schilling, Lucile M9 Sep 191031 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Schilling, Marguerite31 Mar 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Schilling, Richard F25 Nov 19374 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Schilling, Shiela J23 Mar 19487 Sep 2003Monroeville
Schillinger, Henry14 Oct 1914Jan 1977New Haven
Schillinger, Margaret A14 Aug 19162 Sep 1997New Haven
Schillinger, Wilhelmina16 Jun 1877Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Schilt, Ancel C6 Jun 191724 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Schilt, Nellie7 May 192319 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Schimes, John J5 Nov 19166 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Schimmel, Fred W12 Oct 19273 Apr 2007New Haven
Schimmel, Theresa30 Mar 19037 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Schimmele, Glenn E22 Jul 19174 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schimmele, Joanne H11 Feb 192627 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Schimmele, Naomi W30 Oct 189820 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Schimmele, Ralph G30 Jul 192411 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Schimmele, William J17 Jan 19296 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Schimmoller, Anna11 Mar 1896Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Schimmoller, Joseph26 Apr 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Schimmoller, Joy E23 Apr 196118 Sep 2008New Haven
Schimmoller, Ralph J18 Dec 19217 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Alfred7 Mar 1879Jan 1974Churubusco
Schinbeckler, Betty J2 Jul 192330 Mar 1995Churubusco
Schinbeckler, Charles10 Oct 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Charles M20 Jul 19358 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, D M15 Oct 193115 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Dorothy M23 Dec 19187 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Fern16 Jan 1915Feb 1980Roanoke
Schinbeckler, Grover F27 Jan 192013 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Harmon20 Oct 1913Apr 1980Roanoke
Schinbeckler, James W25 Dec 191725 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Joseph17 Feb 1879Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, M Catherin E9 Feb 192230 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Maurice L5 Mar 193010 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Ralph15 Jan 1901Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Schinbeckler, Roxana4 May 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Schindler, Adolf31 Aug 1916Sep 1985New Haven
Schindler, Frances E30 Aug 19307 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schindler, Louis E21 Jan 19537 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Schindler, Rose17 Mar 1898Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Schinnerer, Alma17 Nov 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Schinnerer, Edward M5 Jun 192330 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Schinnerer, Ella27 Sep 189712 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Schinnerer, Lillian M8 Jun 190211 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Schinnerer, Pauline F21 Jul 192330 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Schipper, Margaret J17 Jan 192416 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schirmeyer, Mona A6 Nov 193126 May 1995Fort Wayne
Schirmeyer, Paul O15 Jan 192215 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schlabach, Pearl24 Jul 1888Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Schlademan, Karl11 Feb 1890Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Schlademan, Nell13 Feb 1893Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Schlademan, Roleen S19 Nov 191910 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Schladenhauf, Minnie M18 Mar 190612 Sep 1995New Haven
Schladenhauf, Roger E6 Aug 193428 Jan 1999New Haven
Schladenhauffen, Shirley Kaye12 Feb 193511 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Schlagenhauf, Donald E6 Oct 192629 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Schlagenhauf, Helen L23 Aug 191018 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Schlagenhauf, Vaughn D13 Mar 190729 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Schlamb, Emma14 Mar 1880Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Schlamersdor, Anita8 Feb 191326 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Schlamersdor, August30 Jul 1905Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Schlamersdor, George A31 May 19377 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Schlamersdor, Jeanne N2 Aug 19266 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Schlamersdor, Oscar E7 Sep 191721 May 1994Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Benjamin A13 May 191513 Aug 2001Spencerville
Schlatter, Bill E4 Feb 192317 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Carl7 Oct 1908Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Cleveland23 May 1884Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Clifford V22 Mar 191222 May 2001Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Doris L22 Oct 192331 Jul 2005Huntertown
Schlatter, Edward21 Aug 1892Mar 1967Leo
Schlatter, Elmer W21 May 191223 May 1997Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Elmore22 Sep 1888Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Eva18 Dec 1890May 1972Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Frank19 Jan 1883Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Schlatter, George22 Feb 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Hazel4 Dec 1890Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Jerry2 Jun 1951Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Joseph21 Oct 1891Feb 1981Woodburn, Harlan
Schlatter, Joseph L15 Nov 192313 Mar 1999Huntertown
Schlatter, Juanita F5 Jul 19148 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Lester29 Mar 1895Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Lester J25 Apr 19236 Dec 1999Woodburn
Schlatter, Lola24 Apr 1891Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Louisa20 Feb 1890Nov 1970Grabill
Schlatter, Margaret A20 Oct 191211 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Mary12 Aug 1899Apr 1985Leo
Schlatter, Mildred V8 Jan 18963 Jul 1994Leo
Schlatter, Morris G7 Oct 19237 Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Muriel J7 Aug 192310 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Noble19 Dec 19433 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Odie27 Oct 1889Aug 1981Leo, Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Philip10 Jul 190325 Mar 1994Grabill
Schlatter, Ramas15 Feb 1902Jun 1978Spencerville
Schlatter, Rhoda6 Mar 190219 Feb 2001Spencerville
Schlatter, Roger J29 Oct 194319 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Rosa6 Sep 19224 Jun 1996Woodburn
Schlatter, Ruth22 Nov 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Ruth I12 Mar 192817 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Sarah15 Oct 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Schlatter, Thelma M19 Sep 190826 Jan 2005Grabill
Schlau, Helen23 Nov 1890Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Schlaudraff, Beulah11 Mar 1890Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Schlaudraff, Frieda14 Aug 1897Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Schlaudraff, Mary Alice4 Nov 192017 Nov 2004Yoder, Fort Wayne
Schlaudraff, William M14 Jul 191528 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, August H4 Oct 191315 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Betty J30 Aug 192610 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Doris E22 Mar 192520 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Elmer19 Sep 1909Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Emil6 Aug 1897Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, George28 Dec 1901Jun 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Schlaudroff, Grace16 Feb 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Howard30 Apr 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Laura21 Feb 1909Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Leo M30 Aug 19225 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Marie11 Nov 1889Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Nora8 Nov 190512 Jan 2002New Haven
Schlaudroff, Paul G28 Aug 192023 May 2001Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Robert W7 Aug 19314 May 1999Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Susan18 Mar 1885Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Schlaudroff, Walter23 Jan 1907Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Schlavdroff, Velma L30 Jun 1909Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Schlebecker, Erwin28 May 1893Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Schlebecker, Lillian10 May 1881Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Schlecht, Ada16 Apr 1890Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Schlecht, Lenore K15 Dec 191817 May 2002Fort Wayne
Schlecht, Marvoline4 Feb 1905Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Schlecht, Ollie Mae13 Oct 191730 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Schleeter, Felix1 Nov 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Schlegel, Albert P9 Jun 19039 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Schlegel, Albert P30 Aug 192931 Jan 2010New Haven
Schlegel, Glenn W8 Apr 191029 Jun 2001Monroeville
Schlegel, Luella A26 Jun 19036 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Schlegelmilc, Donna25 Nov 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Schleiger, James25 Nov 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schleinkofer, Ronald E22 Oct 19422 Nov 2008New Haven
Schlemmer, Arthur C30 Jun 191222 Dec 1996Monroeville
Schlemmer, Earnest20 Jul 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schlemmer, Elva22 Feb 1914Jan 1985Monroeville
Schlemmer, Gertrude C25 Jul 19134 Dec 2000Monroeville
Schlemmer, Hilda29 Dec 1896Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Schlemmer, Irene F30 Sep 190218 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Schlemmer, Marlyn1 Mar 1908Jan 1985Monroeville
Schlemmer, Philip C28 Feb 191023 Jan 2002Monroeville
Schlemmer, Walter23 Jun 1898Feb 1966Monroeville
Schlender, Edna F6 Aug 19241 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Schlenker, Carl22 Dec 1896Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Schlenker, James P8 Aug 193126 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schlensker, Marcella21 Jan 1905Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schleuder, Hugo13 Jun 1904Apr 1973Roanoke
Schley, Martha C7 May 192526 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Schlichtenmy, Gerald W15 Dec 191816 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schlichter, Harry19 Jan 1905Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Schlicte, George9 Apr 1887Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Schlie, Alfred15 Jan 1916Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Schlie, Ann E16 Aug 191121 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Schlie, Arthur E26 Apr 19178 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Schlie, Leona I13 Dec 19197 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Schlie, Paul H31 May 191720 Dec 2009New Haven
Schlifke, Florence17 Apr 1892Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Schlink, Antoinette19 Jun 190530 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Schlink, Bertha8 Aug 1897May 1967Fort Wayne
Schlink, Clarence4 Aug 1902Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Schlink, Eugene E10 Mar 191419 Jun 1999New Haven
Schlink, Lauretta21 May 1888Apr 1972New Haven
Schlink, Louis19 Sep 18957 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Schlink, Marceline M18 Sep 191527 May 1994New Haven
Schlink, Otto26 Oct 1907Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Schlink, Vera12 Apr 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Schlose, Carl28 Mar 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Schlose, Maude D5 Oct 19055 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Schloss, Minnie F16 Nov 187715 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Schloss, Robert P27 Jul 192915 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Schlosser, Frank19 Jul 1888Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Schlosser, Hazel T20 Jan 1899Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Schlotter, Agnes26 Feb 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Schlotter, Caroline24 Feb 1913Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Schlotter, Clarence A13 Jun 1904Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Schlotter, Frank7 Jan 1900Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Schlotter, Leonard28 Jun 191320 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schlotterbac, Harry S15 Sep 191728 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Schlotterbac, Irvin L21 Oct 19051 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Schlotterbac, Leo9 Jul 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Schlotterbac, Lillian B9 Jul 190820 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Schlotterbac, Orvaleen A28 Apr 191926 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Schlotterback, Jack Loren11 Jul 193025 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Schlotterer, Charles25 Mar 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Schlotterer, Donald L24 Apr 19332 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Schlotterer, Viola11 Oct 1899Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Schlueter, Joann20 Sep 193912 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Schlumbohm, Iletha24 Mar 1902Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Schlund, Augusta20 Nov 1881Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Schlund, Gerald F5 Mar 190723 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Schlund, Iris E12 Oct 194423 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Schlund, Sharon M8 Jan 194028 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Schlundt, Karl D23 May 192913 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Schlundt, Mildre12 Mar 1902May 1985Fort Wayne
Schlup, Alvina6 Sep 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schlup, Donald27 Jul 1910Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Schlup, Edith M20 Jan 192618 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schlup, Fred J16 Sep 189715 Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schlup, Frederick L12 Jun 19541 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Schlup, Louise5 Dec 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Schlup, Ralph L19 Mar 19329 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Schlup, Richard D8 Feb 192513 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Schlutz, Carl B11 Sep 191316 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Schlutz, Dorothy M6 May 192017 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Schmalzried, Lydia13 Jan 1886Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Schmeding, Mabel E24 Mar 190323 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Schmeding, Richard T16 Nov 192416 Nov 2006Hoagland
Schmeling, Elmer9 Jul 190831 May 2000Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Elvalyn30 Jul 1906Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Esther4 Jan 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Evelyn6 Dec 1900Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Schmeling, George M22 Jan 191023 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Leonard F19 Oct 189912 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Lucille19 Jul 1911Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Mary22 Jul 1878Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Schmeling, Robert F18 Mar 19168 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Schmeling, William H30 Mar 190815 Nov 1993Leo
Schmelz, Martha D8 Mar 192224 May 2008Fort Wayne
Schmenk, Bertram J15 Mar 19145 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Schmenk, Catherine E11 Mar 19114 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Schmenk, Mary K8 Aug 192422 May 2009Fort Wayne
Schmenk, Norbert F22 Dec 191619 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Schmid, Angelina J30 Nov 19248 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Schmidlin, Jennie M15 Dec 190717 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Adele27 Dec 1895Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Adele20 Mar 1902Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Agnes E21 Jul 190811 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Albert15 Aug 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Albert26 Aug 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Albert C17 Dec 19191 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Alice E22 Apr 19188 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Alice J13 Mar 192716 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Anna26 Jul 1892Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Anna E6 Feb 189125 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Anne K8 Feb 19164 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Arthur27 May 1899Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Arthur H20 Sep 19235 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Schmidt, August23 May 1909Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Schmidt, August1 Apr 1900Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Barbara C24 Oct 193613 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Bertha V17 Sep 191324 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Blanda18 Jun 1894May 1986Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Carroll C29 Jan 191829 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Christian9 Mar 1904May 1986New Haven
Schmidt, Christina22 Oct 1892Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Clementine6 Dec 1894Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Clifford J30 Oct 19184 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Daryl M27 Oct 19142 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Debora C25 Jan 196227 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Deborah S18 Dec 195321 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Delilah15 Oct 1901Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Donald9 Sep 192519 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Donald F27 Jan 192630 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Dorothy E25 Jan 190514 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Dorothy M13 Dec 191531 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Edith C11 Sep 190717 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Edith E13 Oct 19285 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Edward18 Jan 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Edwin17 Oct 1892Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Eloise C2 Nov 19121 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Elsie M6 May 191122 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Emma3 Sep 1903Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Emma2 May 1900Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Erwin F27 Apr 191124 May 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Esther12 Nov 189515 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Esther E27 Jun 191917 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Eugene E14 Feb 19214 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Eugene M23 Dec 19239 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Eunice8 Feb 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Eva8 May 1921Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Evelyne R15 Oct 19188 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Fred17 Mar 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Frederick6 Nov 1878Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Garland4 Jul 1917Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Gay H22 Nov 19314 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schmidt, George23 Jun 1902Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Schmidt, George H11 Sep 19359 Apr 2002Monroeville
Schmidt, Geraldine E3 Oct 191612 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Gertrude5 Aug 1913Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Gilbert15 Jun 1909Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Gottlieb2 Jun 1895Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Gwendoyln T24 Oct 191030 Aug 1996New Haven
Schmidt, Harold15 Mar 190515 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Harold9 Mar 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Harry1 Oct 1895Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Helen19 Oct 1896Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Herbert M8 Jul 191618 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Howard10 May 1926Jan 1981New Haven
Schmidt, Howard G23 Oct 192325 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Howard W9 May 192317 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, J14 Jun 1883Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Jessie R6 Oct 1924Jun 1992New Haven
Schmidt, Joan M15 May 19301 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Jodi B11 Jan 196818 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Schmidt, John F28 Jun 19315 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Schmidt, John William1 Feb 192319 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Jon A24 Jun 195131 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Joy A7 Jan 193529 Sep 2001Churubusco
Schmidt, Lena11 Nov 1892Jul 1979New Haven
Schmidt, Margaret M30 Dec 19248 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Martha9 Oct 1900Jan 1985Monroeville
Schmidt, Mary19 May 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Mary E3 Jun 192419 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Mary E14 Aug 19208 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Mary L9 May 1924May 1993Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Mary L28 Apr 192730 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Mildred L1 Sep 19061 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Minnie17 Apr 1882Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Norman1 Dec 1901Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Patricia I21 Mar 193223 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Paul A15 Jan 193426 Sep 2008Churubusco
Schmidt, Raymond17 Mar 1915Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Raymond W18 Oct 19309 Nov 2004Monroeville
Schmidt, Robert10 Feb 1924Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Robert G23 Sep 192715 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Robert W21 Dec 19266 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Ruth19 Dec 1895Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Ruth12 Oct 191010 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Shirley17 Apr 1915Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Sue A11 Dec 19392 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Sylvester14 Jan 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Thelka E31 Jul 189030 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Theresa8 Nov 1885Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Schmidt, W7 Sep 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Waldemar K10 Jul 190219 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Walter5 Dec 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Walter26 Dec 1904Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Walter Alan7 Jun 193730 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Schmidt, Wayne1 Jul 1920Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Schmidt, William12 Sep 1889Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Schmidt, William14 Dec 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Schmidt, William H15 Jul 19206 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Schmidt, William H18 Nov 19178 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Schmidtchen, Martha W29 Dec 19256 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Schmidtke, Gerhard H17 Jan 192915 Jun 1998New Haven
Schmieman, Oscar26 Sep 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Schmieman, Richard C27 Nov 192921 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Schmieman, Robert J10 Sep 192425 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Schmiemanlehl, Nancy P7 Jan 192920 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schminke, Frederick6 Apr 1910Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schminke, Lucille13 Aug 1907Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Amelia B23 Jun 191629 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Betty J31 Mar 192421 May 2007Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Diana J13 Mar 193927 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Donald30 May 1935Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Dorothy Grace8 Jun 192320 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Earl F29 Jan 191115 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Edmund27 Apr 1906Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Esther15 Jul 1898Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Schmitt, George22 Mar 1909Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Gertrude9 Mar 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Helen26 Jul 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Helen A15 Feb 191116 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Henrietta A25 Sep 190630 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Henry J2 Nov 191319 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Lawrence A30 Mar 191630 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Linus4 Oct 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Louise29 Dec 1909Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Marlyn J9 Aug 19398 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Vern18 Jun 1912Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Schmitt, Viola E1 Feb 191018 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schmitt, William P27 Oct 19232 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Schmitz, Bessie13 Mar 1887Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Schmitz, George W30 Jun 195711 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Schmitz, Gerda1 Jan 191615 May 2009Fort Wayne
Schmitz, Loretta19 Sep 1903Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Schmitz, Regina28 Nov 1887Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Schmitz, Ronald L20 Apr 19288 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Schmock, Berniece27 Dec 1898Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Schmoe, A Jane23 Apr 192013 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Schmoe, Delta8 Jun 1896Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Schmoe, Herbert3 Aug 1921Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Schmoe, Ottilia19 Nov 1890Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Schmoekel, Ellen R22 May 191810 May 2003Fort Wayne
Schmoll, Clara20 Aug 1877Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Schmuc, M25 Jul 1924Feb 1995Spencerville
Schmucker, Betty Anne5 Jan 193920 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Schmucker, David4 Feb 19166 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Schmucker, Martha1 Mar 192631 Jan 2009Spencerville
Schmucker, Salome22 Mar 19084 Feb 1991New Haven
Schmucker, Sam16 Jan 1902Nov 1982New Haven
Schmuller, Margaret Francis30 Dec 19199 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Schmutte, E V28 Mar 190728 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Schmutte, Everett1 Feb 190625 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Schmutte, Lola A16 May 190416 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Schmutz, Alvin W23 May 191829 May 2003New Haven
Schmutz, Mary22 Jan 1921May 1986New Haven
Schnabel, Denzil Darwin4 Dec 192115 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Schnabel, Louise19 Aug 1890Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Schneck, Doris J17 Jan 192815 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Schnedler, Clara28 Sep 1895May 1976Fort Wayne
Schnedler, Erwin24 Apr 1892Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schnedler, Mary17 Jun 1903Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Schnedler, Wilfred23 May 1904May 1978Fort Wayne
Schnee, Leo16 Nov 1886May 1971Fort Wayne
Schneider, A B4 Feb 19174 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Schneider, Almeda18 Jan 1906Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Schneider, Anna L9 Dec 190910 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Schneider, Anne B19 Apr 191315 May 2001Fort Wayne
Schneider, Carl14 May 1917Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Schneider, Carl J20 Oct 19281 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Schneider, Clara10 Jan 1891Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schneider, Clara25 Nov 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Schneider, Daniel12 Aug 1881May 1966Fort Wayne
Schneider, Dolores23 Jun 1923Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Schneider, Donna J11 Oct 192828 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Schneider, Edward H14 Sep 19133 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Schneider, Edward J5 Dec 1939Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Schneider, Edward J4 Jul 190425 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Schneider, Elizabeth17 Dec 1883Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Schneider, Elmer W11 Jun 19152 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Schneider, Emmi14 Oct 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Schneider, Ernest7 Dec 1892Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Schneider, Ferd25 Apr 1894May 1972Fort Wayne
Schneider, Fern9 Jul 191328 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Schneider, Frances E25 Nov 1917Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Schneider, Fred16 Dec 1883Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Schneider, Fred G22 Feb 190724 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Schneider, Fred J1 Dec 19147 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Schneider, Gertrude7 Sep 1902Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Schneider, Herbert19 Jul 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Schneider, Herman1 Jun 1909Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Schneider, Hilda15 Mar 1900Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Schneider, Hilda L3 Sep 19203 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schneider, Howard H23 Jan 192511 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Schneider, Jacqueline J2 Mar 19369 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Schneider, James M9 Jul 192419 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Schneider, Joan18 Dec 194518 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Schneider, Johanna18 Aug 1891Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Schneider, John23 May 1898Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Schneider, John8 Oct 1896Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Schneider, Joseph15 Jul 1906Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Schneider, Joseph8 Aug 1904Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Schneider, Katharina18 Mar 1884Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schneider, Kathleen13 Dec 19152 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Schneider, Leo27 Jun 1895Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Schneider, Lilly6 Jun 1896Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Schneider, Marie H20 Apr 192921 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Schneider, Oscar16 Nov 1890Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Schneider, Paula23 Oct 1915Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Schneider, Richard11 Apr 1920Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Schneider, Robert R2 May 19175 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Schneider, S Nadine29 Mar 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Schneider, Steven L4 Jul 194930 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Schneider, Sylvester G14 Nov 190710 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Schneider, Theodore W26 Oct 1902Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Schneider, Thomas6 Nov 1934Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schneider, Verda13 Apr 1892Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Schneider, William1 Nov 1940Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Alban9 Oct 1886Apr 1977New Haven
Schnelker, Albert7 Feb 1910Feb 1980New Haven
Schnelker, Arthur20 Jun 1905Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Benedict23 Mar 1910Mar 1978New Haven
Schnelker, Cecelia17 Aug 1887Dec 1973New Haven
Schnelker, Celeste M25 Jan 191512 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Schnelker, George S25 Dec 191822 Jan 1993New Haven
Schnelker, Henry H8 Feb 191513 Aug 2001Monroeville
Schnelker, Herman16 Jul 1884Jun 1968New Haven
Schnelker, Herman W11 Jul 19122 May 2000New Haven
Schnelker, Hilda L9 Jul 19194 Jan 2007New Haven
Schnelker, James A3 Mar 192510 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Schnelker, John1 Apr 1917Jul 1987New Haven
Schnelker, Kent A4 Jan 19563 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Lucille26 Nov 1912Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Marcella M6 Apr 1907Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Mary17 Oct 1886Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Matthew C26 Jun 195929 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Nona A8 Apr 191323 Oct 2001New Haven
Schnelker, Norma J25 Mar 192818 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Oliver G29 Sep 192013 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Schnelker, R R22 May 190830 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Schnelker, Sharon J8 Mar 19296 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schnell, Robert W12 Apr 191721 May 2005Fort Wayne
Schnepel, E4 Jul 1909Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Schnepel, Thelma B4 Feb 190412 May 1997Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Deborah K18 Apr 195315 Jul 1997New Haven, Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Evelyn L2 Sep 192127 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Henry26 Jun 1889Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Kenneth6 Jun 1923Dec 1985Roanoke
Schnepp, Kenneth12 Mar 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Opal L12 Feb 190916 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Richard E31 Dec 194210 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Schnepp, Robert H7 Nov 19149 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Schnieder, Loretta R15 Jun 190516 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Schnieders, Clement8 Dec 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Schnieders, Irma20 Apr 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Schnietz, Dorothy E8 Dec 191420 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Schnirel, George4 Sep 1906Sep 1979Harlan
Schnitker, Jesse18 Mar 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Schnitt, Lydia17 Apr 1889Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Schnitzler, Georgie8 Sep 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Schnkel, Catherine14 Jan 197014 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Schnobel, Leona20 Oct 1883Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Schnorr, Elfrieda29 May 1891Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Schnorr, Henry14 Aug 1885Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Harry7 Jul 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Helen23 Mar 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Jerome A18 Nov 190816 May 1994Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Jerome S26 Feb 192811 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Schnurr, John R24 Feb 192227 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Mary E29 Oct 191029 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schnurr, Wave16 Oct 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Schober, Barbara J3 Aug 193120 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Schober, Merle5 Feb 1928Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schobert, Della7 Jul 1892Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Schoch, Carl A5 Apr 191819 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Schoch, Darwin D3 Jun 192214 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Schoch, Lilly16 Dec 1890Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Schoch, Martha14 Sep 1873Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Schock, Georgia I4 Sep 191014 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Schock, Russell A16 Nov 191124 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schoedel, Iris A26 Oct 19144 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Schoedel, John1 Apr 1885Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schoedel, John M3 Sep 191410 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Schoeff, Albert L30 Dec 192821 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Schoeff, Helen L16 Dec 19326 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Schoeff, June C11 Jun 19426 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Schoeff, Mark A22 Mar 193227 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Schoeff, Martha N6 Aug 192311 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Schoeff, Verna M25 Apr 1904Jun 1994Roanoke
Schoeff, Wilfred26 Jun 1905Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Schoenbein, Merle9 Dec 1883Jun 1969Huntertown
Schoenefeld, Aaron11 Aug 1918Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Schoenefeld, Dorothy F24 Feb 191310 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Schoenefeld, Eleanor L29 Nov 192029 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Schoeneman, Fred29 Nov 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Schoeneman, Marie M22 Mar 192328 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Schoeneman, William29 Oct 1905Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Schoenemann, Elizabeth29 Apr 1891Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schoenemann, Hildegard E8 Jul 191512 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schoenemann, Ruth21 Sep 1904Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Schoenemann, Ruth24 Feb 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Schoenemann, Suzanne L8 Dec 19576 Oct 2002Roanoke
Schoenemann, William26 May 1902Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Schoenfeld, Glen K23 Jul 191716 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Schoenfeld, Karl12 Sep 1902Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Schoenfeld, Marilyn10 Jul 1923Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Alice M26 Aug 19027 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Betty L9 Oct 192612 May 2005Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Carl31 Aug 1902Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Donald C20 Feb 19246 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Henry11 Mar 1890Jun 1966New Haven
Schoenherr, Jack F3 Nov 19227 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Louise19 Sep 1880Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Lucille6 Oct 1905Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Mildred G16 Feb 191414 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Patsy1 Oct 1925Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Paul17 Mar 1900Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Schoenherr, Ruth4 Oct 1919Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Schoenike, Ella7 Apr 190726 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Schoenike, Louis29 Jul 190617 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Carl2 Nov 1908Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Hilda14 Sep 191411 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Jerome David19 Aug 19502 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Marie B14 Jul 192119 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Mildred M21 Mar 191719 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Richard J5 Jul 19307 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Schoenle, Ruth13 Jul 1918Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Schoenlein, Edith21 Apr 1889Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Schoenlein, Elmer18 Apr 1893Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Schoeph, Beatrice22 Jul 1911Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Schoeph, George24 Jan 1900Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Schoeph, Hubert25 Jul 1904Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Schoeph, Lucille17 Feb 191318 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Schoepke, Margaret17 Dec 188715 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Schoepke, Russell23 Feb 1910Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Schof, Elizabeth1 Apr 1883Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Schof, Evelyn6 Feb 1909Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schof, Martin6 Aug 1883Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Schoff, Elsie5 Jan 1909Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Schoff, Ray5 Jan 1895Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Schofield, J B24 Feb 190516 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Schofield, Priscilla8 Jul 1925Oct 1976New Haven
Schofield, Ruth1 Feb 190911 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Schofield, Samuel1 Jul 1902May 1974Fort Wayne
Schohl, David E24 Sep 194227 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Schohl, Matt23 Mar 1901Apr 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Scholer, Dorothy M17 Aug 190328 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Scholer, Leland10 May 1931Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Scholer, Shirley L13 Jan 19011 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Scholes, Clark28 Aug 1894Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Scholes, Kathleen L19 Aug 1907Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Scholle, Otto6 Apr 1886Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Scholz, Arno19 Aug 1897Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Schomberg, Carl8 May 1893Mar 1968Churubusco
Schomberg, Cyrille16 Jul 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Schomburg, Roy J17 Jul 191717 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Schomburg, Ruth15 Nov 1917Dec 1986Churubusco
Schomburg, Sarah E1 Apr 192613 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Schomburg, Ursula M14 May 190524 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Schommer, Richard9 Jul 1929Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Schon, Arnold22 Jul 1900Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Schon, Florence14 Apr 1902Feb 1973Grabill
Schon, H19 Sep 1906May 1971Fort Wayne
Schon, Katherine5 Jan 1874Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Schondelmaye, Harvey R20 Jun 191611 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Schondelmayer, Helen Irene25 Sep 191828 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schone, Clara10 Feb 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Schone, Rose27 Aug 1894May 1980Fort Wayne
Schoolcraft, Arthur14 Jan 1906Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Schoolcraft, Myrtle1 Jun 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Schooler, Edgar17 Sep 1908Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Schooler, Hattie M31 Mar 19153 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Schooley, Alma13 Sep 1908Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schooley, Betty B6 Sep 191613 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Schooley, Cecil27 Dec 1889Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Schooley, Clarence22 Jan 1888Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Schooley, Gary R10 Mar 194418 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Schooley, Gerald14 Jun 1904Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Schooley, Lawrence E18 Aug 191317 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Schooley, Rosamond M29 May 191627 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Schoonover, Anne L25 Aug 196217 May 1996Fort Wayne
Schopf, Florence L15 Jan 1912Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Schopf, John27 Apr 1902Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schopf, Katharine21 Jul 1902Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schopf, Robert31 Mar 1908May 1980Fort Wayne
Schopf, William10 Feb 1899May 1970Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Alice Lavon27 Oct 192129 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Cecelia M19 Jun 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Clem29 Aug 1900Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Dorothy M22 Feb 190325 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Emma27 Sep 1897Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Fred D11 Jun 190720 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Henry5 Oct 1888Oct 1970New Haven
Schoppman, Irene16 Jan 1911Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Iva17 Jul 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Martin19 Aug 1893Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Schoppman, Walter26 Jul 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Schorey, Jesse H23 Oct 190721 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Schorey, Lorraine J4 Jul 19424 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schorey, May Jean19 Jun 19414 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Schorey, Richard D12 Aug 19296 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Schork, George L25 Jul 190623 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Schork, Ruth I5 Dec 191321 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Schorr, Andrew24 Mar 1910Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Schorr, Goldie M27 Aug 191713 May 2009Roanoke
Schortgen, Helen20 Oct 19177 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Schory, Gloria A1 Dec 193123 May 2004Fort Wayne
Schory, James L28 Nov 193110 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Schory, Loretta22 Nov 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Schory, Roland E30 Nov 19256 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Schott, Almeda29 Aug 1880Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Schott, Anna23 Apr 1889Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Schott, Clara W11 Dec 190630 Jun 2002Leo
Schott, Darrell M28 Nov 191531 May 1992Fort Wayne
Schott, Lydia26 Oct 1896Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Schott, Mary20 Mar 1890May 1985Fort Wayne
Schott, Mary D30 Mar 19172 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Schott, Nettie22 Aug 19127 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schott, Ray A3 Apr 191915 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Schott, Robert A11 Jun 19246 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Schott, William J14 Jul 192218 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Schotte, Clara11 May 1904Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Schoultz, Emma24 Nov 1898Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Schoultz, Robert24 Nov 1894Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Schourup, Grace23 Oct 192625 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Schouweiler, Frank7 Jan 1901Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Schowe, Eva R24 Jul 191826 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Schoyen, Dorothy30 Nov 1909Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Schrader, Addie L23 May 187315 Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Schrader, Bertha M17 Jan 190015 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Schrader, Charles D18 Feb 195028 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Schrader, Donald B9 Aug 1909Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Schrader, Edward17 Feb 1878Dec 1969New Haven
Schrader, Esther27 Mar 1896Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Schrader, Everett6 Sep 1890Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Schrader, Florence19 Apr 19046 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Schrader, Helen29 Sep 1905Oct 1984New Haven
Schrader, Homer6 Jul 1891Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Schrader, Hovy2 Feb 1889Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Schrader, Ica8 Jan 1894Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Schrader, Lucille Y14 Nov 191914 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Schrader, Matilda30 Nov 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Schrader, Maurice20 Aug 1910Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Schrader, Patty C11 Apr 192826 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Schrader, Richard H23 Mar 19293 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Schrader, Robert H25 Jun 19518 Sep 2002Monroeville
Schrader, Samuel12 Apr 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schrader, Susan27 May 1894Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Schrader, Walter26 Mar 1901Mar 1969New Haven
Schrader, Walter15 Nov 1900Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Schrader, Wilber E12 Nov 192321 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Schrage, Ludwina3 Mar 1890Mar 1967New Haven
Schrage, Pauline E25 Sep 19196 Jul 2001New Haven
Schrage, Richard E26 May 19165 May 1993Fort Wayne
Schrage, Walter E30 Oct 19187 Mar 1996New Haven
Schram, Donald L30 Nov 192911 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Schram, Earl E5 Jul 192225 Jul 1995Spencerville
Schram, Edna F24 Apr 191420 May 2008Fort Wayne
Schram, Elizabeth J23 Jan 192522 May 1995Fort Wayne
Schram, Gus28 Nov 1907Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Schram, Richard M13 Oct 192216 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Schram, Ruth R2 Sep 191112 May 1990Fort Wayne
Schramm, Barbara30 Jan 1902May 1969Fort Wayne
Schramm, Edsyl27 Jan 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Schramm, Francis26 Dec 1903Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Schramm, Irvin C15 Jul 192023 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schramm, Joseph24 Jul 1902Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Schramm, Leoma4 Aug 1909Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Schramm, Martin10 Aug 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Schramm, Minnie18 Sep 1884Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Schrantz, Edward F2 Sep 19041 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Schrantz, Virginia M12 Jul 190623 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Schreck, Arthur J16 Mar 19157 May 2002Fort Wayne
Schreck, Jack B3 Dec 19177 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Schreck, Mary M18 Jul 191924 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Schreen, Herbert L15 Jan 191017 May 2003Fort Wayne
Schreen, Mary E6 Apr 19163 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Schreffler, Nancy3 Sep 191319 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Schreffler, Robert L28 Feb 191015 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Schreiber, Mary1 Aug 1916Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Schreiber, Paul F29 Sep 191611 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Schreiber, Richard E12 Jul 193917 Dec 2003New Haven
Schreiber, Ruth S1 Jun 192712 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Schreifer, Donna27 Mar 1949May 1981Fort Wayne
Schreiner, Arthur P16 Jan 191117 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Schreiner, Edith4 Jun 1903Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Schreiner, Fredrick Louis3 May 19288 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Schreiner, Marie J7 Aug 19083 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Schreiner, Suzanne6 Feb 1935Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schremser, Linda19 May 1896Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Schrey, Theda J25 Jan 191915 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schricker, David R30 Mar 19268 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Schricker, Janis6 Feb 1925Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Schriefer, George3 May 1892Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Schrimp, Joseph6 Nov 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Schrimp, Martha19 Aug 1893Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schrimp, Thresia M17 Apr 18985 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Schrimper, Robert3 Sep 1920Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schrimshaw, J K16 Jan 194715 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Schrock, Barbara D23 Feb 190310 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Schrock, Jacob A1 Sep 191510 May 1996Fort Wayne
Schrock, Lura P25 Nov 19118 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Schrock, Marjorie M7 Jan 191828 Jun 2007Leo
Schrock, Mary R18 Mar 192013 Nov 1996Spencerville
Schrock, Paul R11 May 192918 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Schrock, Virginia L10 Nov 19258 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Adolph27 Mar 1898Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Agnes5 Jun 1886Jan 1981Roanoke
Schroeder, Agnes F21 Feb 19168 Oct 2004New Haven
Schroeder, Alvin12 Nov 1907Mar 1982New Haven
Schroeder, Arnold19 Nov 1900Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Schroeder, August16 Mar 190613 May 1998Monroeville
Schroeder, Barbara J5 May 193120 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Carl21 Oct 1908Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Carol Jeanne23 Dec 19311 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Clarence24 Feb 1902Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Dorothy A23 Mar 19184 Jan 1998New Haven
Schroeder, Edna L20 Feb 191820 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Ella10 Aug 190027 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Esther A8 May 189912 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Esther E9 Nov 189921 May 1996Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Etta12 Feb 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Ewald21 May 1899Aug 1987New Haven
Schroeder, Feodor1 Oct 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Francis A5 Oct 193913 Apr 1998Spencerville
Schroeder, Herman9 Sep 1894Jun 1979Hoagland
Schroeder, Herman21 Nov 1896Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Herman P29 Jun 191617 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Ida D29 Jul 1899Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Jerry A19 Aug 194216 Oct 2007New Haven
Schroeder, Judith M11 Nov 194024 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Lawrence21 Apr 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Lois E24 Sep 1917Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Lula M10 May 19006 Jul 1999New Haven
Schroeder, Martha16 Apr 1895Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Martin14 Feb 1896Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Mary13 Aug 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Mildred E17 Feb 19126 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Mildred G13 Feb 191328 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Mildred L13 Oct 19133 May 1992Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Mildred W16 Dec 191628 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Minnie7 Aug 1875Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Minnie7 Oct 1884Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Norman C12 Sep 191812 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Oliver16 Feb 1893Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Paul2 Sep 1907Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Paula28 May 1905Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Paula B23 Jun 19141 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Retha15 Sep 1899Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Richard12 Aug 192519 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Richard A27 Sep 195517 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Sadie9 Mar 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Schroeder, Walter H27 Jul 19162 Jun 1996New Haven
Schroeder, Wayne25 Feb 1910Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Schroeder, William27 Sep 1881May 1970Fort Wayne
Schroeder, William27 Oct 1896Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Schroeter, Emil1 Jan 1891Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Schroeter, Hazel10 Jan 1900Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Schroff, David Gene15 Aug 194125 Feb 2009Churubusco
Schroff, James16 Sep 1917Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Schroff, Josie W3 Aug 192010 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Schroff, Mary M22 Jun 192326 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Schroff, Richard28 Apr 1921Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Schroll, Doris27 Dec 1932May 1986Fort Wayne
Schroll, Todd16 Sep 192911 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Schroth, Donald G1 Jan 19349 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Schrutt, Mabel9 Jul 1889Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Schryver, Clara30 Jul 1924Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Schryver, Henry21 Mar 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Schubert, David M24 Mar 193214 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Schubert, Dorothy13 Oct 1911Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Schubert, Edna16 Jan 190227 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Schubert, Francine D5 Apr 19468 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Schubert, Herman1 Jul 190310 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Schubert, Lawrence25 Feb 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Schubert, Maine13 Feb 1898Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schubert, Phyllis A19 Sep 19365 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Schubert, Tillie A26 Feb 1907Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Schuchardt, John20 Jan 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Schuchman, Marie A21 Feb 198031 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Schuckel, Edna W5 Jun 1909Oct 1992New Haven
Schuckel, Jeanette31 May 190315 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Schuckel, Raymond B20 May 19084 Apr 1993New Haven
Schuckman, Virgil18 Nov 1898Jan 1983New Haven
Schueler, Albert A8 Jun 190422 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Schueler, Anna M25 Feb 190318 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Schueler, Ella6 Aug 1899Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Schueler, Ethelyn26 Dec 1894May 1973Fort Wayne
Schueler, George19 Dec 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Chester E13 May 19121 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Henry10 Mar 1896May 1982Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Mahala G17 Sep 191223 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Martha G6 Mar 1899Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Melva K11 Jun 192420 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Myrtle14 Dec 1891Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Schuelke, Robert L23 Jun 192129 May 2001Fort Wayne
Schuelzky, Katherine27 Dec 1896Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schuelzky, Marilyn F1 Mar 192415 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Schuerman, William6 Aug 1932Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Schuette, Dolores H14 May 19318 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Schug, Delee23 Aug 191530 May 2008Fort Wayne
Schug, Esther M11 Jul 191319 Jul 1996Churubusco
Schug, Oliver10 Oct 1891Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Schugg, Carl7 Feb 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Schuh, Bernard28 Feb 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Schuh, Margaret9 May 1904Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Alma26 Feb 1899Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Alphonse12 Apr 1906Aug 1984Yoder
Schuhler, Andrew H19 Jul 19131 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Arthur20 Sep 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Donald4 Apr 1924Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Edward Henry8 Mar 193521 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Frances27 Jul 1907Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Frank20 Aug 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Genevieve13 Oct 1918Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Harold22 Aug 1920Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Helen E1 Jan 190510 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Helen J29 May 192011 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Schuhler, John13 May 1894Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Marie11 Mar 1896Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Schuhler, Rosella20 Jun 1905Feb 1982Yoder
Schuhler, Sylvester24 Aug 1890Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Schul, Barbara8 Aug 192110 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Schul, Greg27 Sep 1914Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Schuler, Clara P8 Jul 189825 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Schuler, Earl19 Jun 1889Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Schuler, Harry1 Mar 1894Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Schuler, Mary13 Mar 1897Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Schuler, Walter31 Aug 1899Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Schulien, Alfons21 Feb 1898May 1970Fort Wayne
Schulien, Cosmas29 May 1913May 1982Fort Wayne
Schuller, Arthur5 Apr 1907Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Schuller, Bernice M7 Sep 191518 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Schuller, George A25 Apr 19136 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schuller, Henry19 Aug 19132 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Schuller, Margaret A17 May 191922 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Schuller, Margaret A22 Jun 192111 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Schuller, Norma29 Jan 191512 Mar 1997New Haven
Schuller, Oscar27 May 1912Mar 1987New Haven
Schuller, Velma M10 Sep 191213 Mar 2002New Haven
Schulte, Harold10 Jun 1911Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Schulte, Helen15 May 1894Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Schulte, Henry2 Apr 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Schulte, Marjorie C15 Jul 191421 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Schulte, Robert26 Jan 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Schulte, Thelma M11 Mar 193710 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Schulte, Wanetta H3 Mar 191210 Nov 1997Churubusco
Schultess, Julia K10 Oct 190619 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Schultheis, Catherine18 Aug 1888Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Schultheis, Catherine W23 Dec 19096 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Schulthies, Hattie L31 May 191427 Dec 2003New Haven
Schulthies, Nellie7 Feb 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schulthies, Sherman20 Mar 1917Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Schultz, Albert27 Jul 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Schultz, Alice22 Mar 1916Apr 1974New Haven
Schultz, Amelia24 Mar 1887May 1979Fort Wayne
Schultz, Apilph1 Nov 1896Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Schultz, Bertha19 Mar 1889Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Schultz, Clara22 Feb 1886Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Schultz, Clarence19 Jun 190128 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Schultz, Clayton Sr16 Sep 1895May 1968Fort Wayne
Schultz, Clayton C6 Mar 192221 Aug 2003Leo
Schultz, David N3 Jan 192913 May 2008Fort Wayne
Schultz, Doris E19 Apr 192113 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Schultz, Elmer11 Sep 1890Apr 1971New Haven
Schultz, Emma24 Sep 1891Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Schultz, Evelyn Mae1 Sep 191830 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Schultz, Frankie J26 Apr 19017 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Schultz, Fred2 Mar 1885Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Schultz, George13 Jul 1924Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Schultz, Harold26 Jan 1880Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Schultz, Haskell1 Jul 1908Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Schultz, Hazel P26 Sep 191229 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Schultz, Henrietta7 Aug 1878Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Schultz, Herman A11 Apr 191612 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Schultz, Hulda7 Sep 1891Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Schultz, Illa29 Mar 1924Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Schultz, Kenneth J27 Jan 192521 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Schultz, Lavern2 Jan 1922May 1982Fort Wayne
Schultz, Leroy W1 Jan 191820 Oct 1992Hoagland
Schultz, Lillian29 Mar 1894Apr 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Schultz, Lulu9 May 1892Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Schultz, Marcile24 May 1925Aug 1992Hoagland
Schultz, Martha W1 Mar 192510 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Schultz, Nelda J11 May 192815 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Schultz, Olga13 May 1894Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Schultz, Olivia A26 Feb 192131 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Schultz, Otha31 May 1892Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Schultz, Peggy L10 Apr 193331 Mar 2005Leo
Schultz, Raymond15 Jul 1913Mar 1984New Haven
Schultz, Richard15 Jan 1907Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Schultz, Robert E25 Nov 196013 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Schultz, Russel R6 Nov 194426 May 2002Leo
Schultz, Shirley G9 Dec 191612 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Schultz, Sophia19 Jul 1876Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Schultz, Walter6 Mar 1918Nov 1976Huntertown
Schultz, William28 Feb 1891May 1986Fort Wayne
Schultz, William C14 Oct 18953 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Schulz, Edna20 Feb 1901Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Schulz, Fred15 Sep 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Schulz, Harriette B11 Aug 191716 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Schulz, Hilda12 May 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Albert1 Oct 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Florence23 Aug 1903Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Florence9 Aug 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Joseph4 Sep 1913Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Lillie12 Mar 1888Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Marceta1 Oct 191018 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Schumacher, Vernon5 Jul 192721 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Schumacker, Luella M15 Oct 190310 May 1996Fort Wayne
Schumacker, Richard W8 Nov 19284 May 2003Fort Wayne
Schumaker, Laura6 Dec 1888Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Schuman, Bernice E9 Nov 19101 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Schuman, Ethel5 Jan 1894Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Schuman, Farold30 Jan 1912May 1982Fort Wayne
Schuman, Frances28 Jul 189718 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Schuman, George4 Jan 1894Feb 1974New Haven
Schuman, William20 Mar 1897May 1966Fort Wayne
Schumm, Alfred10 Mar 1900Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Schumm, Arthur5 Oct 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Schumm, Donald W8 Jun 192227 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Schumm, Elsie A1 Sep 191815 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Schumm, Erna W3 Oct 19125 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Schumm, Irma30 Jun 1890Aug 1974New Haven
Schumm, Mary5 Apr 1886Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Schumm, Mary M13 Sep 191522 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Schumm, Vera G20 Feb 19203 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Schurenberg, Rose4 Jun 1900Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Schurg, Erma R18 Jul 19101 Oct 1995Woodburn
Schurg, Eugenia F6 Jul 190828 Dec 1993Woodburn
Schurg, Everett18 Jul 1910Dec 1983Woodburn
Schurg, Gladys J23 Feb 190711 May 2000Fort Wayne
Schuricht, Clarence H24 Apr 19067 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Schuricht, Dorothy L15 Sep 190729 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Schuringa, Theda L14 Jul 191931 May 2003Fort Wayne
Schussler, Elizabeth J16 Sep 192128 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Schussler, Frank8 May 19203 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Schust, Clarence13 Aug 1895Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Schust, Fern L7 Sep 190530 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Schust, John22 Jul 1893May 1982Fort Wayne
Schust, Sophia18 Sep 1896May 1981Fort Wayne
Schuster, Duane O10 Sep 192510 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Schuster, Esther6 May 1895Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Schuster, Evelyn L30 Jan 192515 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Schuster, Gerald L26 Jul 19286 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Schuster, Jennie18 Jan 1912Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Schuster, Johanna10 Mar 1878Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Schuster, Juanita7 Apr 190615 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Schutes, Ruth8 Feb 1902Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Schutt, Marie23 Nov 1890Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Schutte, Constance E11 Mar 19502 Jul 2002New Haven
Schutte, George13 Nov 1928May 1981New Haven
Schutte, Laverna J30 Sep 19294 Dec 2002New Haven
Schutte, Richard W11 Jan 195412 Sep 2006New Haven
Schutz, Edith9 Mar 1886Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Schwab, Desta4 Aug 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Schwab, Earle11 Jun 1906Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Schwab, Ernest16 Apr 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Schwab, Grace A26 Jul 19156 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Schwab, Mary5 Apr 1908Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Schwab, Olin B27 Jun 18975 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Schwaiger, James H23 May 193818 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Carl29 Jul 1908Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Dale E1 Jan 195023 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Doris E12 Mar 19283 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Dorothy14 Jul 1922Jun 1986New Haven
Schwalm, Edward E22 Nov 192713 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Schwalm, F16 Oct 192715 Mar 1989Churubusco
Schwalm, Fred28 Jan 1906Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Schwalm, John3 Apr 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Medford J4 Mar 193411 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Nellie10 Sep 1892Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Schwalm, Paul6 Aug 1920Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Schwan, Georgia19 Dec 1892Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schwan, Louis18 Mar 1894Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Aaron18 Oct 1890Sep 1981Grabill
Schwartz, Amos27 Feb 194415 Aug 1995Grabill
Schwartz, Arthur W25 Feb 19231 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Caroline31 Oct 19188 Jun 1997New Haven
Schwartz, David6 Oct 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Elizabeth15 Feb 1913Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Emma26 Mar 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Estella A6 Mar 192330 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Esther25 Aug 1893May 1982Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Etta D9 Oct 18967 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Eunice L28 Dec 190313 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Frances10 Sep 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Frances R3 Oct 190730 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Gerry L25 Dec 19659 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Hattie23 Sep 1894Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Hazel11 Jun 1925Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Henry15 Jun 1893Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Irene7 Oct 1902Nov 1977Grabill
Schwartz, James29 Aug 1907Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Schwartz, James5 Mar 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Schwartz, James A16 Mar 193016 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Schwartz, James R21 Jul 19305 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Schwartz, James R14 Jun 192719 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Jeanann21 Jul 193424 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Jeanne D23 Jul 192123 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Schwartz, John4 Jun 1892Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schwartz, John28 Nov 19362 Aug 2000New Haven
Schwartz, John16 Aug 1891Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Schwartz, John A8 Jan 192830 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Schwartz, John C4 Aug 192815 May 1998Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Joseph25 Sep 1884Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Julie M12 Oct 195514 Jun 2005Monroeville
Schwartz, Karl29 Jun 1892Jan 1964Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Leah5 Jan 1889Oct 1974Grabill
Schwartz, Leah6 Oct 1905Sep 1972New Haven
Schwartz, Leah H28 Feb 19346 Jul 2004Grabill
Schwartz, Lester29 Apr 1897Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Loretta1 May 1891Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Louis16 Jun 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Louise E22 Oct 189921 Dec 1996New Haven
Schwartz, Maltine M2 Jul 19171 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Margaret A10 Jul 191122 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Mary1 May 1895Oct 1972Grabill
Schwartz, Mary14 Sep 1894Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Mary30 Jun 1915Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Menno25 Feb 191913 May 2008New Haven
Schwartz, Mildred20 Mar 1910Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Naomi21 Mar 1910May 1982Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Otilda10 Jan 1898Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Patricia L28 May 192711 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Paul4 Feb 1908Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Richard13 Apr 1895Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Richard E10 Sep 192415 Sep 2006Grabill
Schwartz, Rolland18 Oct 1911Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Ruby I9 Dec 19406 May 2007Yoder
Schwartz, Samuel21 Feb 1901Sep 1975New Haven
Schwartz, Samuel9 Jul 1897Oct 1984Grabill, Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Sarah21 Feb 1887Dec 1970Grabill
Schwartz, Stella M16 Feb 190712 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Theresa26 Mar 1894Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Schwartz, Virginia13 Mar 1908Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Clifford26 Aug 1898Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Ellen29 Aug 1900Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Harold10 Jun 1896Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Irene16 Jun 1892Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Julius3 Mar 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Laure15 Mar 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Schwarz, Viola W5 Apr 19246 May 2008Fort Wayne
Schwarz, William T13 Jul 19166 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Schwarze, Arno30 Jun 1908Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Schwarze, Christian2 Jan 1881Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Schwarze, Ida22 Mar 1883Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Schwarzkopf, William3 Feb 1892Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Schwegler, Rose M2 May 190715 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Schwehn, Alma L7 Mar 191510 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Schwehn, Elmer F24 Mar 192420 Sep 1996New Haven
Schwehn, Henry20 Jun 1876Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Schwehn, Louise25 May 1875Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Schwehn, Lydia11 Sep 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Schwehn, Marie E24 Jun 192411 Feb 1994New Haven
Schwehn, Thelma P22 Nov 190911 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Schweier, Josephine K3 Apr 191221 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Schweigel, Bessie26 Sep 1896May 1966New Haven
Schweigel, Dick E22 May 19215 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Schweigel, Evelyn D9 May 193230 Oct 1996Churubusco
Schweitzer, Alice9 Sep 1909May 1976New Haven
Schweitzer, Lloyd G22 Apr 191321 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Schweitzer, Marcia L11 Jul 194613 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Fern8 Sep 1924Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Gertrude19 Feb 190728 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Grace C3 May 192115 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Karl8 Aug 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Marie8 May 1902Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Mary H20 Aug 192017 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Paul P28 Mar 190931 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Schweizer, Wilbert6 Sep 1918Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Schwendeman, Lambert W17 Sep 190011 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Schweppe, Clara21 Nov 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Schweppe, Patricia J7 Dec 193029 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Schweyer, Clarence6 Jun 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Schweyer, Ruth20 Jun 190620 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Schwick, Richard3 Jun 1904Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Schwieters, Carl6 Jun 1902Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Schwieters, Louise21 Oct 1880May 1967Fort Wayne
Schwink, Dorthy E28 Mar 19109 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Schwink, Louis C24 Sep 19079 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Schwise, Mary J31 Aug 191516 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Schwise, William6 Oct 19127 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Schworm, Herschel L28 Dec 192813 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Schworm, Lura26 Jun 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Schworm, Marilyn10 Nov 192311 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Schwyn, John A21 Apr 191829 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Sciscoe, Ella10 Sep 190124 Jul 1993New Haven
Scoby, Gloria I4 Jan 192519 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Scoby, Orville6 Aug 1894Feb 1970Roanoke
Scoby, William20 Jul 1956Jul 1977Yoder
Scofield, Anna22 Mar 191731 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Scofield, Owen7 Mar 193413 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Scoles, Effie25 Aug 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Scoles, Margie J1 Apr 192612 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Scoles, Mary A24 Sep 193823 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Scoles, Mary Jane5 Aug 19331 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Scoles, Naomi20 Dec 1901Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Scoles, Richard G29 Sep 194029 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Scoles, Robert Roy14 Jul 19304 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Scoles, Thelma M28 Oct 190729 May 1997Fort Wayne
Scott Jr, Sally21 Apr 1910Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Scott Sr, Walter9 Mar 1879Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Scott, Agnes14 Jun 1904Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Scott, Albert L11 Jul 1905Oct 1993Huntertown
Scott, Allen C4 Aug 19139 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Scott, Alma G17 Jun 191119 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Scott, Alvera W14 Sep 192424 May 2002Monroeville
Scott, Alvin6 Apr 1880Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Scott, Anna25 Nov 1915Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Scott, Anna A4 Oct 189918 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Scott, Archie8 Mar 1914Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Scott, Berneice O28 Jan 190814 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Berneta C9 Sep 191613 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Scott, Bessie7 Jul 1891Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Scott, Bessie G28 Feb 191915 Aug 1999Roanoke
Scott, Bessie M22 Apr 192622 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Scott, Betty22 May 1924Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Scott, Betty8 Oct 1903Jul 1985Grabill
Scott, Beulah4 Aug 1911Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Scott, Beulah12 Mar 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Scott, Carl14 Dec 1906Aug 1985Hoagland
Scott, Carroll3 Nov 1910Dec 1985Huntertown
Scott, Charles5 Feb 1907Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Scott, Charles C21 Jun 19258 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Charlotte15 Dec 1901Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Scott, Cleo17 Aug 1902Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Scott, Cynthia17 Oct 195215 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Scott, Dale W8 Dec 191624 Jul 2004Roanoke
Scott, David Eugene1 Mar 19537 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Delia26 Feb 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, Delmer27 Sep 19269 Jul 2003Monroeville
Scott, Difaner22 Feb 189225 May 1998Fort Wayne
Scott, Donald G25 Sep 191727 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Scott, Dorothy A6 Apr 192118 Dec 1995Roanoke
Scott, Earl29 Apr 1909Jan 1986Monroeville
Scott, Eddie E24 Jul 191110 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Scott, Edward W15 Oct 190828 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Scott, Elden L11 Feb 191613 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Elizabeth P16 Aug 19208 May 1998Fort Wayne
Scott, Ella M29 Nov 192011 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Scott, Elmer21 Jan 1896Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Scott, Elsie G2 Jan 191228 May 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Elsie L21 Jun 19089 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Elsie M25 Feb 192725 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Scott, Emmett6 Aug 19442 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Eric12 Apr 1899Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, Erma C13 Feb 193122 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Ernest R3 Feb 192118 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Scott, Ernestine V16 Apr 194618 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Scott, Ervin E3 Sep 192331 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Scott, Esther M10 Oct 191922 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Scott, Ethel25 Jan 1884Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Scott, Etta M22 Feb 191023 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Scott, Francis N19 Jan 191621 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Franklin2 Apr 1899Dec 1967Monroeville
Scott, Gerald2 Mar 1904Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Scott, Gerald L19 Mar 193224 Sep 2002New Haven
Scott, Gladys2 Sep 1894Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Scott, Gloria J12 Jun 19585 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Scott, Gordon K21 Apr 19134 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Grace E18 Jan 191720 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Scott, Grant12 Oct 1902Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Scott, Grover H25 Dec 191610 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Scott, H26 Jul 1907Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Scott, Harry E10 Apr 193616 May 2005Fort Wayne
Scott, Hazel27 Feb 1892Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Scott, Hazel Kathryn28 Dec 19137 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Scott, Helen9 Nov 1920Jan 1985Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Scott, Helen L21 May 192225 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Scott, Henry20 Oct 1899Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Scott, Homer19 Aug 1887Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Scott, Ida M20 May 19187 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Iris17 Jul 1903Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Scott, J D28 Jun 192430 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Scott, Jack A24 Dec 192917 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Scott, James9 Jan 1894Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, James A27 May 192821 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Scott, James L9 Jun 193615 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Scott, James T28 Sep 193710 May 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Jannette18 Sep 1944May 1979Fort Wayne
Scott, John12 Nov 195527 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Scott, Joyce A16 Feb 19279 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Scott, Keitha27 Feb 1903Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Scott, Kenneth14 May 1907Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Scott, Kim Allen21 Mar 195911 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Lena16 May 190630 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Leo12 Sep 1896Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, Leon26 Aug 193826 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Scott, Leona E30 Jun 191217 Feb 2008New Haven
Scott, Lewis17 Feb 1924Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, Lillian27 Mar 1890Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Scott, Linda G17 Aug 194111 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Mabel1 Feb 1907May 1969Fort Wayne
Scott, Mabel F1 Jul 190813 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Scott, Maida16 Jan 1900May 1984Fort Wayne
Scott, Margaret23 May 1875Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Scott, Marion8 Mar 1915May 1980Fort Wayne
Scott, Marjorie10 Jan 1918Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Scott, Martha4 Aug 191314 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Mary19 Dec 19232 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Scott, Mary A20 Jan 1907Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Scott, Mary E19 Nov 19273 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Scott, Mary Lucille15 Jun 19322 Jul 2009Grabill
Scott, Max G2 Mar 191822 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Mildred4 Dec 1911Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Scott, Mildred6 Oct 1912Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Scott, Myrtle20 Nov 1908Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Scott, Nancy J21 Jun 195723 Jun 1996Huntertown
Scott, Nellie19 Feb 1895Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Scott, Neva26 Apr 1897Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Scott, Nona D24 Apr 192521 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Scott, Norman24 Jul 1930Feb 1986New Haven
Scott, Paul6 Apr 1905Jul 1973Monroeville
Scott, Paul20 Aug 1897Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Scott, Philip H29 Jan 191518 May 1999Fort Wayne
Scott, Phyllis I8 Sep 19329 Nov 1996New Haven
Scott, Phyllis M28 Aug 192725 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Piera P7 Oct 189619 Apr 2000Roanoke
Scott, Ralph W21 Sep 19252 Mar 2007Woodburn
Scott, Richard C21 Aug 193325 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Scott, Richard J2 May 197210 May 2008Fort Wayne
Scott, Richard P24 Jan 19681 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Rl23 Jun 19364 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Scott, Robert29 Aug 1932Nov 1986Huntertown
Scott, Robert U24 Jul 192227 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Scott, Rollie D8 Feb 19063 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Rosetta6 Jan 1919Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Scott, Rosetta P30 May 19311 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Scott, S M25 Dec 193716 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Scott, Sam22 Jul 1892Aug 1974Roanoke
Scott, Semore10 Jan 19118 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Scott, Sharon Louise23 Aug 194321 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Shirley A1 Mar 19323 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Thomas S8 Jan 19391 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Scott, Virginia31 May 1910Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Scott, Walburga2 Aug 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Scott, Walter19 Jul 1926Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Scott, Walter15 May 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Scott, Walter G4 Jul 19246 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Scott, Wilbur Ward15 Sep 19164 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Scott, Will10 Mar 1890Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Scott, William27 Jun 1890Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Scott, William5 Sep 1908Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Scott, William26 Aug 1917May 1977Fort Wayne
Scott, William H24 Jul 1925Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Scott, William M17 Apr 192114 May 1993Fort Wayne
Scott, Willie30 Jun 192721 Dec 2005New Haven, Fort Wayne
Scott, Willma11 May 1919Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Scott, Wilma C4 May 195115 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Wilma L23 Jun 19126 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Scott, Yvonne L4 Aug 19598 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Scranton, Bahmilla1 Dec 191728 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Scranton, Isabella M20 Oct 192317 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Scranton, Lowell W16 Jul 192231 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Screeton, Doris L18 Jun 19278 Oct 2007Monroeville
Screeton, Howard L14 Oct 193415 Jul 2000New Haven
Screeton, Marvin L4 May 193115 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Screeton, Merle A10 Jul 19296 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Screeton, Wilbur W5 Feb 192316 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Scribn, Dori L12 Oct 19309 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Scribner, Ernest5 Jul 1916Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Scribner, Joe23 Mar 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Scribner, Loretta1 Aug 1919Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Scribner, Maxine A3 Jan 192322 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Scribner, Nellie28 Jul 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Scribner, Robert29 Sep 19161 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Scripture, C M16 Mar 192715 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Scroggins, Catherine B16 Oct 193620 May 2009Fort Wayne
Scroggs, Marjorie A28 Jun 193518 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Scrogham, Alice Caroline18 Jan 19189 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Scrogham, Janett S25 Jan 19401 May 1993Fort Wayne
Scrogham, Lawrence C10 Sep 192614 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Scrogham, Vilas6 Mar 191023 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Scrogham, Virginia A25 Feb 192614 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Scruggs, Addie19 Sep 1899Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Scruggs, Frances7 Mar 193323 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Scruggs, Jesse J18 Feb 19271 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Scruggs, Jessie5 Feb 1920May 1993Fort Wayne
Scudder, James P1 Aug 193315 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Scudder, John24 Oct 1898Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Scudder, John A7 Nov 192720 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Scudder, Mary A26 Jul 192526 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Scudder, Nellie11 Oct 1883Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Scudder, Russell H2 Jul 19243 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Scull, Jerry D10 Jun 1949Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Scully, Bombina9 Aug 191211 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Scully, Joseph A29 Dec 192925 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Scully, Olive21 Jul 1902Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Scully, Thomas2 Oct 1928Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Scutt, Doris28 Oct 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Scutt, George E21 May 192920 Nov 1995Fort Wayne

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