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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Seabold, Donald J16 Apr 193026 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Seabold, Edna12 Mar 1893Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Seabold, George26 Feb 1893Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Seabold, Glenn D5 Jul 19171 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Seabold, Joe28 May 19029 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Seabold, Martha29 May 1901May 1977Fort Wayne
Seabold, Meta22 May 1895Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Seabold, Norman20 May 1898May 1968Fort Wayne
Seabold, Virginia7 Dec 1934Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Seabold, Willis C1 Apr 194915 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Seabolt, Annie L27 Jun 191820 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Seabolt, George S14 Nov 19148 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Seabury, Billie R4 Jun 191921 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Seale, Leota19 Jul 1923Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Seale, Wendy K25 Aug 195525 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Seale, William H8 Dec 191917 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Sealover, Fred9 Dec 1889Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Sealover, Richard F17 Sep 194614 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sealover, Russell19 Sep 1912May 1978Fort Wayne
Sealover, Virginia2 Feb 191925 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Seals, Dora31 Mar 1894Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Seals, Grover1 Sep 1890Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Seals, Jack21 Jan 1915Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Seals, Toby E28 Nov 193012 Dec 2007New Haven
Sealscott, Dennis D14 Mar 194718 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Sealts, Hildegarde14 Jul 1904Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Seaman, Cynthia L5 Oct 194713 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Seaman, Harold E9 Jul 191315 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Seaman, Norman D15 Dec 191711 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Seaman, Wanda L14 Jun 19215 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Seamon, Betty22 Jun 1903Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Seamon, Gilbert Clayton27 Nov 192021 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Seaney, Patricia A27 Feb 192911 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Seaney, Phillip D8 Jan 192815 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Seaney, Wilma22 Feb 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Searer, Wordie M13 Apr 193422 Dec 2006Churubusco
Sears, George18 Oct 1925May 1984Fort Wayne
Sears, Mary18 Mar 1906Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Sears, Walter8 Apr 1903Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Seat, Steven A25 Mar 195112 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Seaton, Mary B2 Apr 188015 Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Seay, Bennie30 Aug 1923Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Seay, Bessie26 Aug 1909Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Sebastian, Arthur2 Aug 1915Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Sebastian, Lawrence1 Sep 1902Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Sebastian, Richard W6 Jul 196421 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sebeika, Robert A15 Aug 193926 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sebek, Gladys10 Sep 1898Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Sebenoler, James V6 Jun 19128 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Sebert, Ann K6 Nov 191418 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sebjanits, Geza5 Sep 19266 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Sebold, Harry22 Jul 1886Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Sebold, Margaret C14 Jun 192410 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sebring, Dennis K11 Sep 194024 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Secheverell, Charlene18 Apr 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Sechiel, Joseph A17 Oct 191515 May 2006Fort Wayne
Sechler, Charles19 Apr 1918Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Sechler, Margaret8 Aug 1922Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Sechler, Phyllis1 Jan 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Sechman, James E14 Apr 192920 May 1998Fort Wayne
Sechrist, Arvilla19 Dec 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sechrist, Fred C14 Dec 189120 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Sechrist, Lauralee26 Mar 193818 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Secrest, Betty E14 Jan 19223 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Secrest, Briant3 Jan 1911Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Secrist, Ann L17 Apr 1897Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Secrist, Demaris18 May 1915May 1984Churubusco
Secrist, Grace H1 Feb 19067 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Secrist, Lucille R11 Dec 19203 Mar 1996Grabill
Secrist, Orson5 Feb 1897Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Secrist, Wilbur30 Jul 1913Oct 1980Grabill
Seculoff, John16 May 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Seculoff, Julia18 May 1904Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Sedam, Ralph C1 Jul 194017 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Sedam, William E8 Aug 192916 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Carl3 Oct 19102 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Esther C10 Mar 192324 Aug 1999New Haven
Seddelmeyer, Henry C14 Jan 192022 Jan 2008New Haven
Seddelmeyer, Herman20 Aug 1885Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Julia28 Jan 1886Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Louella L9 Oct 191615 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Paul1 May 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Rosella A17 Jun 19143 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Seddelmeyer, Rudolph26 Sep 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Sedery, Mildred L12 Jan 192713 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Sedgwick, Lloyd C10 Oct 192215 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sedgwick, Martha M16 Jan 19253 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sedlacek, David26 Feb 1961May 1980Fort Wayne
See, Lillian D27 Dec 190315 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Seeby, Rick27 Aug 1968Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Seedorf, Charles Douglas4 Dec 195024 May 2008Spencerville
Seefeld, Daniel C30 Sep 195727 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Seeger, Dortha A5 Feb 193314 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Seeger, Edith1 Jul 1888Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Seeger, Ervin16 Oct 1893Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Seeger, Frank8 Feb 1886Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Seeger, Myrtle22 Jan 1896Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Seeger, Richard A26 Oct 19278 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Seeger, Selma J5 Oct 190212 May 1995Fort Wayne
Seele, Clara18 Sep 1894Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Seele, Fred22 Feb 1900Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Seele, Henry21 Apr 1908Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Seele, Rowena15 Aug 19118 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Seele, Wayne9 Sep 1945Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Seeley, Beverly N2 May 192819 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Seelig, Elmer R12 Sep 192431 Jul 1998New Haven
Seelig, Marie2 Dec 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Seelig, Rose10 Feb 1877Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Seely, Arthur20 Nov 1879Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Seely, Delta L11 Feb 19234 Apr 2005Huntertown
Seely, Douglas25 Sep 1902Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Seely, Eleanor13 Sep 1902Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Seely, Janet15 Dec 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Seemann, David R20 Nov 19475 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Seemann, Dorothy26 Mar 1921Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Seemann, Gary23 Mar 1919Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Seemann, Herbert29 Dec 1911Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Seemann, Marion27 Feb 1922Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Seemeyer, Virginia24 Oct 1909Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Seewald, Phyllis A31 Dec 192618 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Seewald, Victor22 Aug 1918Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Seffernick, Ella A15 Jan 19267 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Seffernick, Violet Dorothy22 Jul 192321 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Sefton, Blaine17 Sep 1888May 1970Fort Wayne
Sefton, Charlotte10 Mar 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Sefton, Fay15 Jul 1907Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Sefton, George21 Feb 1918Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sefton, Hazel I18 Dec 1892Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sefton, Jay8 Jul 1894Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Sefton, Kathleen23 Nov 1896Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Sefton, Kenneth W1 May 19034 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Sefton, Marie E6 Sep 190331 May 1995Fort Wayne
Sefton, Virginia V18 Jun 19168 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Seger, Marcella25 Oct 1916Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Seger, Raymond10 Dec 1909May 1984Fort Wayne
Segyde, Augustine10 Oct 191011 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Seibel, Carl8 Feb 1914Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Seibert, Charles19 May 1894Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Seibert, Glenn12 Jun 1889Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Seibert, Harriet15 Dec 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Seibert, Hilda12 Jul 1900Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Seibert, Jessie21 Dec 1891May 1981Fort Wayne
Seibert, Loretta K8 Jul 191712 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Seibert, Welland2 Jan 1886Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Seibold, Bertha22 Dec 1895Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Seibold, Ethel B7 Nov 19009 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Seibold, Herbert13 Feb 1897Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Seibold, Walter G9 Aug 1901Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Seibold, William30 Dec 1924Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Seibt, Luella26 Dec 1893Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Seibt, Mary15 Apr 1867Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Seibt, Velma4 Dec 1914Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Seidel, Adah K15 Nov 18981 Nov 1998New Haven
Seidel, Arthur1 Mar 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Seidel, Carl7 May 1896Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Seidel, Edward6 Aug 1905Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Seidel, George12 Oct 1904Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Seidel, Hazel15 Jul 1900Feb 1974Grabill
Seidel, Helen L2 Dec 190620 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Seidel, Howard A1 Feb 192524 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Seidel, John29 Dec 1903Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Seidel, Martha4 Mar 1907Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Seidel, Richard20 Oct 1910May 1987Fort Wayne
Seidel, Stephan R24 Sep 195417 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Seidel, Susan M11 Apr 191729 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Seidel, Walter G16 Dec 19124 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Seiders, Franklin21 Jun 1896Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Seidner, Bernice29 May 1893May 1977Fort Wayne
Seidner, Donald R15 Mar 193011 May 2007Fort Wayne
Seidner, Gordon27 Jul 1933Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Seidner, Harold11 Mar 1897Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Seifert, Alfred11 Sep 1914May 1986Fort Wayne
Seifert, Edith24 Jan 192823 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Seifert, Karl R2 May 191610 Jun 1994Huntertown
Seifert, Margaret A6 Nov 1925Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Seifert, Nellie1 Jun 1918Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Seifert, Paul E7 Aug 191523 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Seifert, Ralph2 Nov 1895Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Seifert, Renee5 Sep 1920Feb 1985Huntertown
Seifert, Richard P10 Sep 19229 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Seifert, Thomas12 May 19171 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Seifert, Vernon P17 Nov 19379 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Seigle, W R26 Aug 192715 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Seiler, Clara27 Apr 1887Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Seiler, Elvira22 Feb 1892Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Seiler, Fredrich2 Jul 1899Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Seiler, Harry3 Oct 1924Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Seiler, Ray P24 Apr 19119 Aug 1993New Haven
Seiler, Rose23 Jul 1898Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Seiler, Rose4 Jan 1899Jul 1982New Haven
Seiler, Ruth P18 Jan 1918Mar 1993New Haven
Seiler, Virginia V26 Jun 191411 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Seiman, Fred20 Dec 1908Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Seip, Leroy30 Apr 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Seitner, C D31 Oct 195215 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Seitz, Alvina6 Apr 1896May 1985Fort Wayne
Seitz, Charles20 May 1915Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Seitz, Emma15 Jan 1888Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Seitz, Frances G28 Aug 19093 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Seitz, Geraldine Leona28 Feb 19255 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Seitz, Gwendolyn M27 Oct 19312 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Seitz, Harry L2 Dec 191917 Feb 2002New Haven
Seitz, Helen E11 Apr 19277 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Seitz, Mabel M12 Feb 192111 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Seitz, Marian19 Dec 1909Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Seitz, Mayme16 Jul 1879Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Seitz, Milton Ber T3 Nov 192331 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Seitz, Robert C27 Jul 192311 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Seivers, Ida24 Oct 1884May 1972Fort Wayne
Seixas, Irene F15 Feb 19144 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Seiy, Mildred17 Jun 1903Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Selby, Bessie17 Mar 1909Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Selby, Donald V6 Feb 192930 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Selby, Edith2 Nov 188315 Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Selby, Raymond24 Mar 1925Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Selby, Ruby16 Aug 192519 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Selecter, Irving26 Mar 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Self, Wayne25 May 1895Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Seligman, Lorna1 Jul 190611 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Selihoff, Alexander14 Feb 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Selihoff, Anna7 Dec 19053 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Selking, August24 May 1898Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Selking, Bonnie J10 Nov 193229 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Selking, Charles17 Mar 1893May 1967Monroeville
Selking, Erma J25 Mar 192922 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Selking, Fred4 Jan 1898Apr 1967Monroeville
Selking, Gustave13 Aug 1898May 1973Fort Wayne
Selking, Herman16 Apr 1890Feb 1985Monroeville
Selking, Linda L8 Nov 190817 Mar 2007Monroeville
Selking, Louis30 Sep 1896Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Selking, Mabel17 Jun 1903Jun 1977Monroeville
Selking, Mathilda29 Jul 1905Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Selking, Patricia A25 Aug 194019 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Selking, Paul8 Feb 1902Apr 1974Hoagland
Sell, Catherine E17 Oct 191110 May 1996Leo
Sell, Clarence E22 Nov 192721 Apr 2000Woodburn
Sell, Edward11 Mar 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Sell, Edward K15 Apr 193229 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Sell, John8 Dec 1946Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Sell, Margaret H2 Apr 191027 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Sell, Meredith30 Mar 1911Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Sell, Milan18 Jun 1911Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Sell, Phyllis M4 Jan 193120 Dec 1997Woodburn
Sellers, Geraldine7 Jul 1948Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Sellers, Hilda R1 May 190419 Jul 2002Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Sellers, Janie L13 Oct 19258 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Sellers, Mary E6 May 19096 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Sellers, Nellie M6 Feb 188015 Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Sellers, Ralph E25 Dec 19005 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Sellet, Evelyn M21 May 191621 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Sellet, Sylvester C12 Feb 191010 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sells, Alfred1 Dec 1901Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Sells, Clifford25 Aug 1922Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Sells, Ella M22 Sep 192517 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Sells, George24 Mar 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Sells, Phillip2 Mar 19609 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Selner, Robert G13 Dec 19246 Oct 2008Churubusco
Selner, Shirley A13 Sep 192816 Dec 2006Churubusco
Seloover, Elva V20 Sep 190019 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Seltenright, Helen M17 Sep 19146 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Seltzer, Laney13 Jun 1890Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Seltzer, William21 Jul 1898Feb 1985Leo
Selvage, Fred C27 Mar 1939May 1990Fort Wayne
Selzer, Dorothy27 Dec 1897Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Selzer, James13 Nov 1948Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Selzer, Joan M7 Jan 1921Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Selzer, John15 Apr 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Selzer, Lawrence M13 Dec 191823 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Semans, Bernice H3 May 190622 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Sembroski, Catherine2 May 1927Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Sembroski, Edmund S14 Jan 192113 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Semple, James6 Aug 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Sender, Henry21 Oct 191922 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sendo, James A31 Jan 192110 Apr 2000New Haven
Seneff, Betty2 Apr 1918May 1984Fort Wayne
Seneff, Charles30 Jan 1922Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Senesac, Robert R1 Jun 192918 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Seney, Joyce8 Aug 1943Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Senger, Jacqueline L5 Jul 19299 Feb 2006New Haven
Senger, Nettie M10 May 188515 Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Sengthongsav, Phou23 Sep 193027 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Seniff, Gertrude15 Oct 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Senior, Frances18 Feb 191122 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sennebogen, Douglas E2 Oct 19561 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Sensenich, Mary M11 Mar 194326 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Senseny, Berniece A4 Aug 192230 Mar 1995Roanoke
Senseny, Eugene F8 Mar 192215 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Senseny, Olive18 Jul 1889May 1980Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Sensibaugh, Goldie13 Nov 1923Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Sensibaugh, Josiah16 Jul 1921Oct 1984Grabill
Sensing, Ruby1 Mar 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Senter, Margaret K18 Feb 1918Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Sentman, Dorothy L7 Jan 19146 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sephel, Alfred27 Nov 1894Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Septer, Dorothy E11 Dec 19095 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Septer, Norma20 Sep 1910Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Serlich, Violet7 Aug 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Serna, Aurora5 May 194827 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Serovey, Amelia20 Nov 19098 May 1994Fort Wayne
Serovey, Edward23 Jun 1897Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Serovey, Frank J8 Dec 190319 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Serrani, Frank M29 Jan 191122 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Serrano, Frank19 Jul 191019 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Serrano, Joseph6 Jan 1905Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Serrano, Marie22 Mar 19069 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Serrano, Viola B30 May 19164 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Sertell, Nellie18 Oct 1890Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Servais, Bernard C21 Feb 191527 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Servoss, May17 Jan 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Sery, Ralph26 Oct 1897Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Sery, Ruth21 Jul 1899Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Seslar, Clarence10 Jul 1900May 1975Fort Wayne
Seslar, Donald W11 Mar 192812 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Seslar, Emma9 Sep 1897Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Seslar, Luther M7 Feb 191925 May 1998Fort Wayne
Seslar, Velma18 Nov 1898Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Sesney, Leone30 Nov 19162 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Sesney, Sarah R4 Aug 19167 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Sessler, John D16 Jan 191328 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Sessler, Vera L2 Oct 192111 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Seth, Ladli21 Jul 1895Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Settimi, Agatha20 Sep 1912Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Settimi, Antonio9 Jan 1895Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Settle, Dorothy B30 May 19173 Nov 2004New Haven
Settle, John M8 Dec 193015 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Settle, Laura22 Nov 1888Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Settle, Mae Louise9 Jul 194629 Jun 2008New Haven
Settlemyer, Helen D29 Dec 19293 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Settlemyre, Bernice12 Jun 1910Sep 1980New Haven
Settlemyre, Charlotte E30 Jan 191820 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Settlemyre, Clyde3 Apr 1911Feb 1977Roanoke
Settlemyre, Everett31 Oct 1906Jan 1978Roanoke
Settlemyre, Frances15 Aug 1913Jul 1982Roanoke
Settlemyre, Luseal13 Apr 190529 Nov 1994Roanoke
Settles, Charles D4 Jun 19621 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Settles, Emmit7 Apr 1896Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Setzer, Doris J7 May 193014 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Severance, Edith E22 Jan 190725 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Severance, Ralph9 Jun 1908Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Severin, Rosina C22 Jul 19073 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Severit, Helen7 Nov 191422 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Sevits, Joseph15 Jun 1883Jul 1975New Haven
Sevits, Myrtle11 Aug 1897Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Sevrence, Lavon15 May 19299 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Sevrence, Thelma G9 Jan 190912 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Sewall, William9 Jan 1900Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Seward, Christine27 Dec 195215 May 2008Fort Wayne
Seward, Gertrude19 Apr 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Sewell, Daniel28 Aug 1962Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Sewell, David L9 Dec 19634 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Sewell, Donald W25 Apr 19371 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Sewell, Frank16 Mar 192813 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Sewell, Kinley14 Jan 1916Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Sewell, Maxine28 Jun 194719 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Sewell, Octavia19 Mar 19299 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Sewell, Theodore15 Mar 193418 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Sexton, Delbert10 Dec 1917Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Sexton, Delmas26 Mar 19229 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Sexton, Dorothy13 Oct 1919Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Sexton, Effie1 May 1883Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Sexton, Estelle23 Mar 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Sexton, Frank20 Apr 1915Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Sexton, Gregory D3 May 195716 Feb 2004New Haven
Sexton, Jack11 Jul 1924May 1971New Haven
Sexton, Lena K13 Mar 193326 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Sexton, Nellie22 May 191514 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sexton, Ortha E4 May 1909Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Sexton, Paul D11 May 19497 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Sexton, Steven25 Sep 1958Feb 1978New Haven
Sexton, Warren4 Apr 1904Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Sexton, Wilbur11 May 1924May 1985Fort Wayne
Seybert, Vaun S31 Oct 189819 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Seybold, Ruth23 Dec 190110 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Seyfert, Agnes23 Jul 1915Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Seyfert, Charles3 Nov 1911Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Seyfert, Mae H27 Sep 19154 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Seyler, Augusta19 Nov 1892Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Seyler, Elizabeth29 May 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Seymour, Effie25 Sep 1892Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Seymour, Englebert F11 Dec 192021 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Seymour, Julia9 Aug 1894Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Seymour, Mary30 Nov 1894Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Seymour, Nina8 Jul 1898Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Seymour, Pearlie M1 Mar 192924 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Seymour, Theodore4 Jan 1895Apr 1973Fort Wayne

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