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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Shackelford, Bernice18 May 1901Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Shackelford, Jill3 Aug 193615 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Shackels, Clarence19 May 193725 Jul 1993Churubusco
Shackels, Clarence7 Sep 1913Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Shackels, Elizabeth23 Aug 191813 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Shackels, Franklin D11 Mar 194329 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Shackelton, Doug11 Oct 1943Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Shacklett, Dorothy18 Mar 19253 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Shadday, Dessie25 Dec 1887Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Shade, Cleo10 May 1899Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Shade, Hilda M8 Aug 1899Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Shade, Sam25 Dec 1889Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Shadle, Frieda D31 Jul 192522 Sep 2009Leo
Shadle, Harry J15 Aug 19236 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Shadle, Hugh24 Jan 1900Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Shadle, Raymond H8 Feb 193222 Nov 2007New Haven
Shadle, William H31 May 19226 Sep 2006Leo
Shady, Arthur1 Sep 1921Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Shady, Dewey25 Jul 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Shady, Doyle C20 Mar 191724 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Shady, Frances M8 Feb 193120 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Shady, Gaynell22 Aug 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Shady, Jack L7 Sep 19262 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Shady, Leona L16 Nov 190211 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Shady, Mae14 Sep 1921Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Shady, Patsy L23 Jul 194620 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Shady, Richard D18 Jul 192916 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Shady, Walter1 Sep 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Shaefer, Jack A10 Nov 194911 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Shaefer, Rose12 Mar 1894Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Shaeffer, Carl16 Oct 1909Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Shafer, Bertha6 Feb 1896Mar 1982Roanoke
Shafer, Casper6 Feb 1879Feb 1971Roanoke
Shafer, Elva M30 Jan 192928 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Shafer, Gace31 Mar 1896Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Shafer, Herbert E31 Jul 19289 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shafer, Irma17 Feb 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Shafer, Richard17 Aug 1924Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Shafer, Roger W8 Oct 191719 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Shafer, Ronald22 Jan 1934Apr 1985Grabill
Shafer, Russell W1 Jan 191115 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Allan J21 Jul 192413 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Barbara Y14 Jun 193530 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Bernice25 Jun 1905Sep 1977New Haven
Shaffer, Bessie28 Jun 1891Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Bessie24 Nov 1884Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Betty L2 Oct 192611 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Clarence8 Jun 1889Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Claude17 Jul 1881Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Dean1 Feb 1910Sep 1980Grabill
Shaffer, Douglas13 Jun 1958May 1981Harlan
Shaffer, Edgar3 Sep 1883Aug 1966Monroeville
Shaffer, Edward13 Sep 1899Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Edwin Carson19 Dec 19232 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Elpha1 Nov 1906Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Esther L3 Nov 190722 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Ethel11 Jan 192921 May 2009Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Eugene C3 May 192610 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Eva C21 Apr 1913Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Floyd3 Sep 1913Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Ford E7 Sep 191319 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Francile A11 Apr 191321 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Shaffer, George13 Jun 1907Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Gilbert15 Jul 1888May 1965New Haven
Shaffer, Gloria J5 Nov 192720 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Harriett30 Oct 1880Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Harry R13 Nov 19246 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Homer O25 Dec 192331 Jan 2008Churubusco
Shaffer, Ira10 May 1900Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Ira W1 Dec 19081 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Irene9 Dec 1891Mar 1974Monroeville
Shaffer, Iza15 May 1906Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Shaffer, John27 Mar 1908Dec 1982New Haven
Shaffer, John R8 Jun 193225 May 1998Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Josephine22 Sep 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Juanita M1 Mar 192618 May 2008Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Julia27 Jan 1898Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Kathron17 Jul 190730 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Kathryn13 Dec 1924Jul 1977Monroeville
Shaffer, Lillian L28 Aug 191718 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Lucille M5 May 190926 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Lulu15 Mar 1891Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Mary24 Jan 1905Feb 1986Churubusco
Shaffer, Mary M26 Oct 192511 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Mildred G12 Aug 192129 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Olen19 Mar 1902Sep 1966Churubusco
Shaffer, Oscar10 Sep 1891Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Ralph27 Dec 192118 May 2002New Haven
Shaffer, Ralph B30 Jun 190223 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Ray W28 Sep 1908May 1993Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Scott A20 Aug 197115 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Velma E26 Mar 1901May 1992New Haven
Shaffer, Vera M31 Dec 190710 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Virginia R5 Feb 192213 Mar 2001New Haven
Shaffer, Wayne K5 Mar 192712 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Wayne L5 Mar 191122 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Shaffer, Wilma I14 Oct 19256 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Shafter, Donald17 Jun 190218 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Shafter, Eugene13 Mar 1928Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Shafter, Mary E14 Feb 190126 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Shaheen, Alice L15 Oct 19178 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Shaheen, Azizeh13 Aug 1913Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Shaheen, Louis K25 May 19153 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Shaheen, Milhem A18 Jun 19301 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Shaheen, Nazeera17 Dec 193410 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Shaleen, Dolores5 Apr 1929Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Shaleen, Joyce A29 Dec 192427 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Shallenberge, Betty I29 Mar 192719 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Shallenberge, Jane O28 Apr 191115 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Shallenberge, Orvil L16 Aug 19293 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Shalley, Rosetta26 Jan 1887Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Shamanoff, Christine E25 Jun 19228 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Shamanoff, George22 May 1911Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Shambarger, Alfred28 Jan 1895Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Shambaugh, Harold26 Apr 191720 May 1997Churubusco
Shambaugh, Irene10 Dec 19144 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Shambaugh, Roscoe9 Sep 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Shambaugh, Vivian L26 Jun 191831 Oct 2008Churubusco
Shambaugh, Wayne C26 May 191316 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shambaugh, Willard28 Apr 1897May 1976Fort Wayne
Shamo, Floss11 May 1889Aug 1980Spencerville
Shan, Mary22 Sep 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Shanabarger, Effie8 Apr 1900May 1981Churubusco
Shanabarger, Glenn10 Apr 1923Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Shanabarger, Jack G16 Aug 192631 Dec 1999Churubusco
Shanabarger, Leverr6 Sep 190115 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Shanabarger, Lucille I5 Sep 1913Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Shanabarger, Ralph22 Jun 1897Aug 1970Churubusco
Shanabarger, Robert4 Jun 193515 Feb 1993Churubusco
Shanabrook, Carroll R17 Aug 190815 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Shanahan, James23 May 1909Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Shanahan, Joe14 May 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Shanahan, John J9 Aug 190419 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Shanahan, Ruth22 Aug 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Shanahan, Ruth E29 Aug 191319 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Shane, Dessa8 Apr 1906Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Shane, Gladys3 Oct 1916Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Shane, Lucille E26 Aug 19075 May 2004Fort Wayne
Shane, N Virgil22 Sep 192930 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Shanebeck, Clarence21 Nov 190222 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Shanebeck, Donald E27 Apr 192412 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Shanebeck, Elsie9 Mar 1901Dec 1985Woodburn
Shanebeck, Ezra9 Jul 1899Mar 1983Woodburn
Shanebeck, Magdalene L7 Jan 19063 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Shanebrook, Dora M17 Jun 19134 Aug 1996Woodburn
Shanebrook, Elson1 Oct 1897Dec 1975Woodburn
Shanebrook, Serena6 May 1882Mar 1976Woodburn
Shaner, Elizabeth L23 Mar 190918 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Shaner, Ethel C10 May 191025 Dec 1994New Haven
Shaner, Ralph5 Mar 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Shaneyfelt, Golda V2 Mar 1904Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Shaneyfelt, Mary L16 May 194331 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Shaneyfelt, Shirley10 Jun 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Shank, Edward J19 Nov 192030 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shank, Florence29 Jun 192829 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Shank, Freda F17 Oct 189812 May 1997Fort Wayne
Shank, Frederick23 Nov 1898May 1967Churubusco
Shank, Glenda J5 Oct 193714 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Shank, Glenn A2 Jan 191219 Mar 2003Huntertown
Shank, Helen A10 Aug 1910Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Shank, Howard28 Mar 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Shank, Julia20 Mar 1889Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Shank, Lelah3 Sep 1886Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Shank, Oliver6 Jun 1917Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Shank, Orthelle R23 Mar 192415 Nov 1991Churubusco
Shank, Robert4 May 1908Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Shank, Rolland13 Sep 1917Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Shank, Ruth8 May 1898Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Shank, Solomon15 Nov 1886Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Shank, Thomas C28 Aug 192322 May 2005Fort Wayne
Shank, Velma L7 Apr 19133 Jul 2002Huntertown
Shank, Vera16 Mar 1899Jul 1976Churubusco
Shankland, Ben4 Jan 1893May 1987Fort Wayne
Shankland, Dean11 Aug 192114 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Shankland, Erma12 Nov 1897Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Shankland, Janice D20 Nov 193623 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Shankland, Loretta M4 Apr 19229 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Shanklin, John S2 Jun 193426 May 2009Fort Wayne
Shanks, Betty J2 Nov 192126 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Shanks, Dallas O8 Dec 195322 May 2004Fort Wayne
Shanks, Harley26 Apr 1888Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Shanks, Harley29 Mar 1920Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Shankster, Harold W9 Apr 192229 Jul 1993Roanoke
Shannon, Alton20 Feb 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Shannon, Barbara21 Jun 193011 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Shannon, Bethel20 Feb 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Shannon, Beverly Je31 Aug 1920Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Shannon, Boyd J7 Jan 192114 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Shannon, Doris M24 Mar 192222 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Shannon, Ethel12 Jun 1900Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Shannon, Flora D21 May 194212 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Shannon, Grover8 Mar 1892Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Shannon, Harold22 Jun 1917Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Shannon, Harry2 Sep 1901Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Shannon, Hazel R30 Nov 1909Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Shannon, John24 Oct 1930Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Shannon, Mabel14 Apr 1885Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Shannon, Marvin18 Aug 1932Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Shannon, Minnie12 Jun 1882May 1976Fort Wayne
Shannon, Minnie22 May 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Shannon, Nina3 Apr 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Shannon, Preston6 Oct 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Shannon, R M31 Dec 190718 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Shannon, Richard H24 May 19221 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Shannon, Samuel F24 Apr 19139 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Shannon, Thomas25 Aug 1927Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Alan D3 Sep 196212 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Catherine29 May 1904Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Franklin6 Nov 1933Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Heather23 Dec 1983Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Homer11 Jun 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Shanyfelt, Luella5 Jan 1903Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Shapiro, Cy15 Apr 190410 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Shapiro, Helen18 Oct 1909Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Shapiro, William22 Aug 1902May 1975Fort Wayne
Shappell, Fred28 Jun 1906Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Shappell, Jo E7 Jan 195812 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Shappell, Vivian E13 Sep 191327 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sharbono, Stella26 Jun 1902Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Sharer, Andrew15 Jan 1905Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Sharin, Ellen S26 Sep 191614 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Sharin, Stoyan20 Jun 1891Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Sharin, Thomas S19 Aug 19296 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Sharon, Glen21 Aug 1902Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Sharon, John D13 Sep 19172 Sep 2006Fort Wayne, Huntertown
Sharon, Lamoine R17 Sep 19222 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Sharon, Martha E24 Feb 191318 Nov 1997Huntertown
Sharp, Betty J28 Jun 1921May 1994Fort Wayne
Sharp, Charles16 Jul 1895Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Sharp, David L13 Jan 195023 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Sharp, Edith M6 Oct 191823 May 1999Fort Wayne
Sharp, Harold S22 Dec 19095 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Sharp, Helen A21 Aug 191220 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Sharp, Jerry13 Mar 194426 May 2009Fort Wayne
Sharp, Joan J31 Jan 19291 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Sharp, John18 Mar 1924Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sharp, Kimberly J3 Jul 195615 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Sharp, Marian22 Nov 1940Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Sharp, Marjorie13 Jun 1914Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Sharp, Missouri1 Apr 1886Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Sharp, Phyllis J8 Aug 193814 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Sharp, Robert W12 Jun 19233 Feb 1992Grabill
Sharp, Roy22 May 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Sharp, Roy L11 Aug 19408 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sharp, Ruth M5 Dec 191619 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Sharp, Waldo1 Mar 1902Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Agnes5 Jun 19121 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sharpe, David W6 Aug 19457 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Dean3 Apr 1922May 1981Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Dolores E11 Jan 19229 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Elizabeth28 Sep 1910Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Florence1 Dec 1898Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Sharpe, M Maxine27 Dec 1914Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Martha J18 Jun 192522 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Nancy R30 Mar 193726 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Sally J6 Nov 19309 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Wayne E19 Nov 191613 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Sharpe, Wilbur E26 Nov 192617 Aug 2008New Haven
Sharples, Thomas5 Sep 1907Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sharrits, Wilbur20 Apr 1892Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Shassere, Louise M26 Feb 191420 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Alice27 Jul 1906Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Anna6 Mar 1904Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Frank21 Oct 191322 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Gerald6 May 1905Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Jane2 Jul 1913Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Janice J16 Mar 19366 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Lillian M23 Jan 191511 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Shattuck, Paul15 Sep 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Shatura, Antonia13 Mar 1910Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Shatura, Josef22 Apr 18998 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Shatzer, Clark12 Sep 1903Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Shatzer, Edward D10 Jun 194329 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Shatzer, Mary J16 Dec 190916 Nov 1987Roanoke
Shatzer, Ralph1 Mar 1911Sep 1987Roanoke
Shatzer, Thomas W10 Jan 19418 Nov 2007Roanoke
Shaughnessey, Mildred20 Jan 190521 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Shaughnessy, Naomi25 Aug 1905Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Shauver, Alpha28 Apr 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shauver, Everett8 May 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Shaver, Albert27 Nov 1876Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Shaw Ii, Joseph E18 Jun 197315 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Shaw, Albert20 May 1931Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Shaw, Alfred17 Jun 1903Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Shaw, Barry E4 Sep 196029 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Shaw, Beatrice E1 Jan 192418 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Shaw, Bertha I17 Aug 192122 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Shaw, Betty9 Jan 19251 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Shaw, Beverly22 Oct 193214 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Shaw, Bryan S7 Aug 196223 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shaw, Carrie10 Jan 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Shaw, Catherine29 Jun 19115 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Shaw, Charles C16 Aug 19607 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Shaw, Charles L7 Nov 192225 May 2007Fort Wayne
Shaw, Clayton10 Dec 1895Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Shaw, Cloyd27 Nov 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Shaw, Cynthia A21 Dec 19528 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Shaw, Daniel C18 Sep 193811 Dec 2004New Haven
Shaw, Delbert L21 Feb 19346 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Shaw, Dora8 Mar 1899Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Shaw, Elizabeth18 Jun 1884Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Shaw, Ellen M20 May 193217 Apr 2006Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Shaw, Elvira L10 Feb 19049 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Shaw, Evehelen11 Aug 19103 Feb 2000New Haven
Shaw, Evelyn B18 May 191620 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Shaw, Frank31 Jul 1900May 1980Fort Wayne
Shaw, Geanice10 May 196715 May 1997Fort Wayne
Shaw, George A7 Feb 19228 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Shaw, Golda E18 Jul 191220 Oct 2007Grabill
Shaw, Grace14 Mar 1885Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Shaw, Hallie V24 Aug 191710 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Shaw, Helen A23 Jul 192128 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Shaw, Helen H15 Apr 19437 Aug 2007Churubusco
Shaw, Ida B4 Jul 192325 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Shaw, Irene L27 Sep 192824 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Shaw, J P5 Dec 194320 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Shaw, James6 May 1942Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Shaw, James W6 May 19277 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Shaw, James W4 Aug 193725 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Shaw, John E4 Dec 192211 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Shaw, Juanita E30 Aug 193015 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Shaw, Judith A4 Dec 194012 Sep 2004Huntertown
Shaw, K20 May 1968Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Shaw, Kathryn16 Oct 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Shaw, Leland W16 Aug 192523 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Shaw, Leo24 Feb 1915Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Shaw, Licciosa V22 Apr 190418 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Shaw, Lillie16 May 1898Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Shaw, M16 Aug 1963Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Shaw, Mabel1 Oct 1894Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Shaw, Marcia5 Oct 1932Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Shaw, Marvin Z12 Nov 193712 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Shaw, Mary9 Jun 1896Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Shaw, Maurice29 Apr 1901Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Shaw, Mckinley29 Jul 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Shaw, Norman E17 Jun 19078 Apr 1999New Haven
Shaw, Oma M22 Oct 190422 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Shaw, Orlena10 Sep 1901Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Shaw, Orrice26 Sep 1898Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Shaw, Paul18 May 1917Feb 1986Roanoke
Shaw, Raymond29 Mar 1922May 1985Fort Wayne
Shaw, Richard C24 Apr 193217 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Shaw, Robert D20 Dec 191717 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Shaw, Robert E29 Jul 19113 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Shaw, Robert O6 Dec 19211 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Shaw, Robert P17 Mar 19339 May 1995Fort Wayne
Shaw, Ronald W13 Dec 193427 Nov 2008Leo
Shaw, Rosella M22 Jan 19051 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Shaw, Russell6 Aug 1889Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Shaw, S Samuel21 Nov 192420 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Shaw, Sarah H12 May 192111 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Shaw, Theodore J24 Dec 192221 Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Shaw, Tom C21 Jul 192127 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Shaw, Viola I18 May 191811 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Shaw, Wilma J8 Jul 192316 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Shawl, William11 Jan 1919Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Shay, Charles6 Nov 1896Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Shay, Malinda E1 Jun 191026 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Shea, D11 Jan 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Shea, Dale L24 Feb 19235 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Shea, John24 Feb 1900Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Shea, Lawrence4 Jan 1897Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Shea, Mary10 Oct 1916Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Shea, Mary2 Sep 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Shea, Meta11 Oct 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Shea, Randolph23 Dec 1897Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Shea, Robert12 May 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Shea, Ruby B4 Sep 1906Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Shea, William28 May 1899Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Shearer, Aubrey D25 Sep 19181 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Shearer, Bessie21 Aug 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Shearer, Bessie23 Oct 1894Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Shearer, Carol A22 Apr 19624 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shearer, Charles Donald24 Oct 193926 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Shearer, Delbert22 Sep 1907Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Shearer, Edith29 May 1881Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Shearer, Elizabeth8 Aug 192629 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Shearer, Emma30 Apr 1885Jan 1971Grabill
Shearer, Esther12 Oct 192722 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Shearer, Eunice20 Sep 1883Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Shearer, Helen R4 Oct 19224 Dec 2008Woodburn
Shearer, Jack E31 Oct 19298 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Shearer, Jenevieve E29 Jan 19237 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shearer, John17 Sep 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Shearer, June5 Dec 1906Aug 1981Churubusco
Shearer, Lena May17 May 190711 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Shearer, Lois M10 Sep 19114 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Shearer, Mary V25 Sep 191522 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Shearer, Melba M15 Jul 192114 May 2007Fort Wayne
Shearer, Minnie10 Aug 1909Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Shearer, Myrtle19 Nov 1887Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Shearer, Ralph29 Nov 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Shearer, Ruth8 Feb 191722 Jun 2004Churubusco
Shearer, Wilbur R8 May 192111 May 2005New Haven
Shearer, William H3 Aug 191822 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Shearer, Wilma16 Sep 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Shears, Betty J8 Jul 192211 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Shears, James24 Aug 194518 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Shears, Jesse24 Aug 194512 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Shears, Mary4 Aug 1906Aug 1971Grabill
Shears, Patricia Ann6 Oct 194421 Aug 2009Leo
Shears, Robert21 Aug 1975Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Shears, Steph7 Jun 1885Jun 1973Grabill
Shears, Wilbur W7 Nov 19265 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Sheckels, Bertha L10 Jun 193118 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sheckels, Jasper12 May 1903Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Sheckles, Richard22 Jul 192726 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sheckles, Willard26 Mar 1905Jan 1985Huntertown
Sheddick, Lorene14 Jan 1905Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Sheddick, W20 Nov 1900Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Shedron, Lucy7 Feb 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Sheean, Billie E28 Aug 19166 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sheean, Thomas27 May 1911Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Anna10 Feb 190426 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Basil15 Jun 1904Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Betty L11 Jan 192915 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Gerald O11 Jun 190929 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Harry20 Jul 192922 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Helen L6 Apr 190723 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Peggy K13 Oct 188715 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Sheefel, Ruby3 Jul 1904Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Cornelius16 Dec 1905Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Donald20 Sep 1912Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Harold29 May 1913Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Jeanette23 Oct 191419 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Lavon13 May 191414 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Olive6 Nov 1899Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Patrick9 Apr 1886May 1978Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Richard7 Feb 1904Nov 1976Monroeville
Sheehan, Robert21 Dec 1915Dec 1976Monroeville
Sheehan, Russell10 Jul 190821 Jul 1990Monroeville
Sheehan, Ruth23 Feb 1896Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Sylvia J19 Oct 1913Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Sheehan, Willo C17 Aug 191526 Jan 2001Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Sheeks, Frances3 Feb 1900Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sheele, Arthur10 Jan 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Sheeler, John W19 Jan 192121 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Sheerin, Cleo1 Aug 1905Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sheerin, Helen M9 Jul 191114 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Sheets, Albert14 Feb 1887Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Sheets, Alice R19 Sep 191316 Nov 2003Roanoke
Sheets, Alma L7 Dec 191515 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Sheets, Alton2 Sep 1905May 1976Roanoke
Sheets, Annan O16 Nov 193013 Aug 1996Roanoke
Sheets, Arthur1 Aug 1888Dec 1969New Haven
Sheets, Arthur31 Aug 1904Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sheets, Bonita14 May 1931Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Sheets, Bruce K22 Aug 193212 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Sheets, Carole Ann3 Nov 193223 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sheets, Cecile10 May 1910Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Sheets, David L9 Nov 193231 May 1999New Haven
Sheets, Della11 Jul 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Sheets, Dorothy Ruth3 Oct 19211 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Sheets, Edwin31 Dec 1905Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Sheets, Elsie3 Apr 1886Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Sheets, Emeline1 Aug 1888Jun 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Sheets, Genevieve15 Jun 1910May 1984Fort Wayne
Sheets, George18 Jun 1935Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Sheets, Glenn E2 Dec 192610 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Sheets, Harold29 May 1905Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Sheets, Helen10 May 1882Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Sheets, Helen2 Jun 1916Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Sheets, Ione E10 Jul 1908Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Sheets, Junior13 Oct 1919Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Sheets, Kathleen A17 Jun 195112 May 2004Fort Wayne
Sheets, Kathleen E10 May 192216 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Sheets, Mabel31 Jul 1888May 1979Fort Wayne
Sheets, Mabel14 May 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sheets, Madelyn V24 Nov 191116 Apr 1997Churubusco
Sheets, Margaretha E26 Oct 190814 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Sheets, Mattie30 Apr 1919Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Sheets, Minnie15 Jan 1884Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Sheets, Nelle A24 Feb 190624 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Sheets, Ocie M23 May 190228 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Sheets, Phyllis S26 Dec 19342 May 2003Fort Wayne
Sheets, Rachel5 Mar 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sheets, Ralph H6 Aug 191315 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Sheets, Reland12 Apr 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Sheets, Robert22 Mar 1915Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Sheets, Roy12 Sep 1906Jul 1977Churubusco
Sheets, Sarah M11 Oct 195217 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Sheets, Thomas E3 Nov 192425 Feb 1996New Haven
Sheets, True6 Oct 1910Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Sheets, Vance E8 Mar 193721 Mar 2002New Haven
Sheets, Vaughn A3 Mar 191012 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Sheets, Walter1 Jan 1899Feb 1966Roanoke
Sheets, Wayne E30 Oct 193026 Jan 2004Roanoke
Sheets, Wayne W4 Nov 192415 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Sheets, Wesley B16 Oct 191712 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Sheets, Wilbur22 Mar 1920Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Sheets, William S29 Sep 194115 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Sheetz, Dennis L13 Jul 194115 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sheetz, Dorothy M30 Jun 192114 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sheetz, Herbert6 May 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Sheetz, Julie M17 May 196512 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sheffer, Josephine5 Dec 1888Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Sheffer, Kathryn20 Sep 1914Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sheffer, Myrtle25 Dec 1890Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Sheffield, Eugene4 Mar 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Sheibley, Joseph F1 Oct 194227 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Sheibley, Kathryn12 Jun 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Shelby, John24 Sep 1917Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Shelby, Marjorie C29 Jan 191612 May 1997Fort Wayne
Shelby, Thomas15 Oct 1935Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Sheldon, Bertha4 Mar 1895Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Sheldon, Carl5 Apr 1916Nov 1987Churubusco
Sheldon, James9 Oct 1893Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Sheldon, Mary E27 Aug 19322 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Sheldon, Vern E5 Dec 193029 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Sheldon, Vernon22 May 1895Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Sheley, Alice Y24 Nov 193021 Jul 2004Roanoke
Sheley, Charles D22 May 19296 Jun 2005Roanoke
Sheley, Mark T12 Feb 19492 Feb 2004Yoder
Sheline, Leaman7 Jan 1901Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Shell, Elizabeth19 Nov 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Shell, Emma L16 Aug 19153 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Shell, James W12 Dec 191610 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Shell, Joyce P15 Sep 191819 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Shell, Nancy J27 Nov 193418 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Shell, Raymond Lestley16 Jul 192813 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Shellenbarge, Floyd L22 Jul 19111 Jun 1993Roanoke
Shellenbarge, Levon8 May 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Shellenbarge, Mary M11 Sep 192213 Sep 2004Monroeville
Shellenbarge, Pearl A16 Dec 191121 May 2000Fort Wayne
Shellenbarge, Ray1 Feb 1917Jul 1986Monroeville
Shellenbarge, Rex8 Mar 1946Dec 1986Monroeville
Sheller, Beatrice19 Feb 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Shelley, Arlie4 Dec 1907Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Shelley, Carl W10 Feb 19255 May 2000Fort Wayne
Shelley, Grace15 Oct 1894Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Shelmadine, Max R23 Oct 193510 Feb 2005Churubusco
Shelper, George1 Nov 192626 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Shelpman, Frances5 Jan 1922Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Shelpman, George9 Oct 1916Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Shelpman, Mary J30 Mar 197519 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Shelton, Carrie L18 Apr 193119 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Shelton, David L4 Dec 198721 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Shelton, Douglas17 Feb 1935Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Shelton, Frank J31 Aug 193015 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Shelton, Gerald R5 Sep 193112 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Shelton, James W27 Nov 192117 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Shelton, Janice M28 Sep 194514 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Shelton, Jerelina5 Oct 193725 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Shelton, John H2 Oct 19192 Mar 2002New Haven
Shelton, Joseph D10 Mar 193411 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Shelton, Julian25 Dec 1882Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Shelton, Julian1 Mar 19308 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Shelton, Kenneth18 Apr 191610 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Shelton, Leola26 Aug 192625 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Shelton, Lonnie Edward12 Dec 195421 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Shelton, Lowell2 Sep 1920Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Shelton, Mary S15 Oct 193715 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Shelton, Osborne17 Sep 1904Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Shelton, Pauline R27 May 190521 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Shelton, Robert B22 Sep 193523 Nov 2006Churubusco
Shelton, Segue John14 Jun 19274 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Shelton, Thomas A8 Jun 196523 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Shelton, Yolande11 Apr 1920Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Shenfeld, Chester22 Mar 1902Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Shenfeld, Grace28 Nov 1903Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Shenfeld, Larry L15 May 193523 Aug 2008Woodburn
Shenfeld, Richard W8 Jul 192724 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Shenk, Russell O22 Nov 191514 Mar 1992Churubusco
Shepard, Irene E10 May 191310 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Shepard, Jackie W14 Jun 193717 May 2009Fort Wayne
Shepard, James20 Apr 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Shepard, Ruth15 Oct 1931Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Shepard, Sherley A10 Dec 194519 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Shepard, Shirley I10 Mar 194027 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Shepeard, Jessie5 May 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Shepelak, Andrew27 Jan 1917Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Shepelak, Mary25 Oct 18945 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Shepelak, Mary J1 Mar 192211 May 1999Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Albert15 Apr 193112 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Alvin E28 Mar 194027 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Bessie10 Sep 1891Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Donald D23 Oct 19312 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Donald R2 Mar 192029 Jan 2009New Haven
Shepherd, Edna L15 May 19448 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Eliza17 Nov 1921Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Eliza Jane7 Sep 19258 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Fanny3 Sep 1898Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Frank2 Jun 1917Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Frank8 Oct 19289 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Shepherd, George R12 Jun 192515 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Shepherd, George R21 Dec 19267 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Harry22 Mar 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Henry13 Jan 1890Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Jackson8 Jan 193020 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Joseph S18 Jun 191825 Oct 2003New Haven
Shepherd, Ray3 Nov 1930Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Revella L10 Jan 191428 May 1995Churubusco
Shepherd, Richard E17 Jun 192431 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Russell20 Jan 1900Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Shepherd, Sam17 Dec 193615 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Shepler, D L4 May 195515 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shepler, Delmas12 Mar 19076 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Shepler, Elvena J20 Jul 192029 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Shepler, Emma R20 Feb 191728 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Shepler, Grant F21 Jan 192412 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Shepler, James6 Mar 1920Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Shepler, John F18 Dec 194926 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Shepler, Laurel A19 Nov 191315 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Shepler, Mark E18 Mar 195314 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Shepler, Maxine E20 Nov 192314 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shepler, Pauline13 Oct 1921Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Shepler, Ralph27 Sep 1886Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Shepler, Ralph R10 May 191924 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Shepler, Rosella10 Nov 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Sheppard, Curtis L9 Sep 194423 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Sheppard, James30 Nov 192411 May 1995Fort Wayne
Sheppard, Raymond L9 Oct 192723 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sheppard, Wilda I13 Sep 192930 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Shepperd, Vernon E13 Mar 193631 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Sher, Muhammad1 Jan 19205 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sherbondy, Emma11 Dec 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Sherbondy, Helen M12 Feb 1905Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sherbondy, William H16 Jul 19042 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Sherbun, Dolores L8 Feb 193128 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Sherck, Robert E9 May 193130 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sherer, Edith7 Sep 1882Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Sherer, Laura28 Aug 1893Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Sherland, Charles17 Mar 1894Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Sherland, Irene16 Sep 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Sherland, Leo18 Jun 1920Aug 1985Monroeville
Sherlock, Hubert E22 Apr 19102 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Sherman, Charlotte R17 Feb 191615 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sherman, Clyde L15 Apr 193330 May 1997Fort Wayne
Sherman, Edward H11 Oct 19238 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Sherman, Elizabeth6 Mar 1894Oct 1986Churubusco
Sherman, Helen13 Mar 19231 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Sherman, Hubert26 Aug 1902Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Sherman, James G12 Sep 19584 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Sherman, Merle7 Jul 1915May 1978Huntertown
Sherman, Paul L6 Feb 195123 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Sherman, Philip S24 Sep 191626 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Sherman, Rosemary L7 Jun 192324 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sherman, Timothy G26 May 19601 Jun 2008Leo
Sherman, Vernon F10 May 192421 May 1991Fort Wayne
Sherman, William12 Jun 1909Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Sheron, William19 Jan 1930Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Sherouse, Margaret V26 Feb 192513 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sherrard, Cora12 Jun 1896Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Sherrard, David13 Aug 1888Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Sherrard, Kathryn M8 Aug 191321 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Sherrick, Marjorie B13 Feb 19141 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Sherrick, Mina8 Jun 1875Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Sherrick, Ruth5 Jan 1910Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Sherrick, Ruth22 Apr 1894Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sherrick, William8 Dec 1915Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Forrest E21 Mar 19282 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Lewis R20 Jul 193827 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Lucy B12 Mar 191415 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Mary V4 Sep 19286 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Ronald Lewis9 Aug 19484 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Sherrill, Thurman2 Oct 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Sherrod, Barbara A22 Apr 194527 May 2004Fort Wayne
Sherrod, Eddie L28 Jul 193617 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Sherrod, Wiley1 Jan 19308 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sherron, Joseph27 Sep 1909Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Sherry, Doris J3 Jul 192912 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Sherry, Francis D10 Nov 192412 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Sherwood, Ada8 Jul 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Sherwood, Claude V10 Dec 191120 Sep 1997Churubusco
Sherwood, Dortha A18 Jan 191620 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Sherwood, James25 May 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Sherwood, James4 Apr 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sherwood, James C1 May 193124 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Sherwood, Lila K11 Mar 191714 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Sherwood, Mary F17 Oct 191217 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sherwood, Velda M1 May 19134 Mar 1999Churubusco
Sheteron, Arthur21 Apr 1895Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Sheteron, Margaret10 Nov 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Shetterly, Goldie4 Dec 190629 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Shevchenko, Maria6 Nov 19238 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Shevchenko, Wasyl1 Jan 192317 May 1997Fort Wayne
Shew, Beatrice6 Feb 19261 Apr 1995Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Shew, Dollie2 Jul 1889Jun 1970Churubusco
Shew, George20 Jun 1921Oct 1983Churubusco
Shew, Herbert15 Nov 1892Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Shew, William16 Feb 1887Jan 1977Churubusco
Shewell, Emily29 Jan 1899Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Shidaker, Lois E21 Jul 19141 Apr 2009Huntertown
Shideler, Daniel27 Mar 1901Sep 1968Roanoke
Shideler, Howard H3 Jan 193228 May 2002Fort Wayne
Shideler, Jackson4 Mar 1914Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Shideler, Joseph F3 Jan 192818 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Shideler, Maro8 Jun 1899Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Shideler, Opal M19 May 19015 Nov 1998Leo
Shideler, Roqua W19 Nov 1916Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Shidler, Dorothy M17 Mar 192225 Jul 1997Grabill
Shidler, Edwin L29 Jan 192921 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Shidler, Eldon L31 May 19293 Jan 2004Grabill
Shidler, Geraldine M23 Sep 192420 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Shidler, Marshall W25 Aug 193224 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Shidler, Norman B4 Oct 192517 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Shidler, Pauline17 Apr 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Shie, Donna J14 Jun 191729 Nov 2003Leo
Shie, Judy14 Jul 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Shie, Mary Gene30 May 19295 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Shie, Ray A4 Jul 192220 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shie, Robert Dal10 May 1923Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Shiekh, Joseph L4 Oct 194922 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Shiel, Hazel25 Jun 1908Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Shield, S26 Sep 19863 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shields, Barbara Louise20 Aug 19421 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Shields, Bessie L1 Feb 193212 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Shields, Cornelius8 May 192711 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Shields, George11 Feb 1928Nov 1978Churubusco
Shields, Geraldine5 Feb 1943Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Shields, Humber13 Mar 1905Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Shields, James E31 Mar 194427 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Shields, John10 May 1918Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Shields, Mary O23 Feb 191423 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Shields, Rachel J10 Aug 19192 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Shields, Ricky9 Oct 19552 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Shields, Sheila A7 Nov 19351 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Shierling, Paul29 Jul 1900Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Shifferly, Elsie M20 Oct 190417 Jun 1998Monroeville
Shifflett, Ethel M23 Aug 19232 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Shifflett, Rebecca J11 May 193022 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Shiflet, Charles12 Apr 1893Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Shiflet, Nellie N29 Jan 1908Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Shigley, Olive28 Mar 191312 May 2008Fort Wayne
Shiley, Christine L6 Mar 196829 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Shiley, Clark28 Feb 1932Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Shilling, Betty C25 Dec 192423 May 2000Fort Wayne
Shilling, Camilla D13 Jul 193919 Nov 2008Spencerville
Shilling, Christophe A14 Apr 196626 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Shilling, Helen16 May 1923Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Shilling, Robert E9 Sep 19168 May 1994Fort Wayne
Shilts, Arthur R8 Dec 19449 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Shilts, Gertrude A24 Feb 192118 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Shilts, Owen D30 Jul 192423 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Shim, Bodeoknyo N21 Sep 19204 May 1997Fort Wayne
Shimel, Robert H17 Mar 195124 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Shimel, Robert K18 Feb 192126 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Shimer, Bernadette T29 Aug 19187 May 1990Fort Wayne
Shimer, Calvin29 Jun 1879Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Shimer, Dale26 Sep 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Shimer, Gertrude14 Aug 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Shimer, John C1 Nov 190815 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Shimer, Lawrence B12 Nov 19141 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Shimer, Rhea V7 Jun 191227 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Shimer, Ruth E30 Jan 191615 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Shimkus, Vincent J8 Nov 194029 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Shimniok, Paula28 Feb 1900Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Shimp, Paul22 Nov 1894Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Shinabery, Emma17 Aug 1909Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Shinabery, Katherine A18 Feb 191212 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Shinabery, Samuel19 May 1904May 1971Fort Wayne
Shine, Leroy H18 May 191031 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Shine, Myrtle21 Aug 1889Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Shine, Robert1 Jul 1921Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Shingledecke, Fred3 Oct 1890Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Shingledecke, Leah12 Mar 1892Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Shingler, Ethel23 Apr 1898Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Shinkel, Helen12 Oct 1915Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Shinkel, Lewis1 Dec 1911Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Shinn, Gertrude10 Jan 1897Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Shinn, Mabel28 Jun 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Shinn, Merle27 Apr 1899Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Shinn, Omar L28 Aug 193725 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Shinn, Omar L18 Jun 19116 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Shinn, Richard K22 Aug 192210 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Shinn, Russell18 Sep 1900Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Shinnick, Edmund20 Jan 1891Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Shipe, Velva M17 Jul 190027 Jun 1997Churubusco
Shipley, J G18 Feb 192314 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Shipley, Nora19 Sep 1880Feb 1979Roanoke
Shipley, Paul R23 Feb 19124 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Shipley, Ralph17 Jul 1904Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Shipman, Ethel20 Sep 1885Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Shipman, Harry8 Dec 1886Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Shipman, Jacques O4 Jan 19305 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Shipman, Rosemary M18 Nov 19324 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Shippy, Emma8 Apr 1900Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Shirar, Bert O31 Dec 190318 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Shire, Jessie M17 Feb 189915 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Shirely, Bert27 Jul 1882Jul 1969Monroeville
Shirely, Catherine V24 Jul 188515 Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Shirely, Clyde21 Feb 19122 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Shirely, Dorothy12 May 19356 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Shirely, Georgia1 Oct 1887Jan 1983Monroeville
Shirely, Ivan14 Mar 1903Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Shirely, John3 Jun 1904Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Shirely, Mertha9 Jun 1906Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Shirely, Vera M7 Sep 190918 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Shireman, Bertha A15 Sep 190717 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Shireman, Ermiel Ferold29 Sep 191328 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Shirey, Amanda8 Oct 1894Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Shirey, Bonnie17 Apr 1907Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Shirey, Chancie24 Feb 1886Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Shirey, Donald R27 Jul 19245 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Shirey, Dwight29 May 1903Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Shirey, Elaine5 Apr 19268 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Shirey, Harry14 May 1906May 1986Fort Wayne
Shirey, James12 Jun 1915Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shirey, Jesse25 Feb 1891May 1966Fort Wayne
Shirey, Katherine5 Sep 191324 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Shirey, Marvel J30 Jul 19267 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Shirey, Mary E4 Mar 191629 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Shirey, Ralph7 Mar 1905Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shirey, Robert J12 Apr 191617 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Shirey, Shirley14 Jun 193510 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Shirey, Vera M8 Mar 19063 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Shiriaev, Stefan8 Jul 191125 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Shirk, Ada1 May 1891Jan 1987New Haven
Shirk, Cara1 Jul 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Shirk, Carl20 Nov 1894Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Shirk, Charles A30 Jul 18885 May 1989Churubusco
Shirk, Jack B12 Nov 192523 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Shirk, Lynn V24 Sep 19037 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Shirley, Gwendolyn26 Feb 1915Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Shirley, Henry27 Mar 1905Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Shirley, Orrin14 Jun 1879Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Shirley, Walter6 Apr 189515 Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Shive, Annabelle J19 May 192824 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Shive, Ethel J16 Jul 193017 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Shive, George9 Apr 1886Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Shive, Leonida11 Jun 1905Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Shive, Marion19 Feb 1883Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Shive, Maryetta E16 Oct 191715 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Shive, Richard D10 Apr 19593 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Shive, Russell2 Apr 1907Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Shive, Russell J4 Jan 19284 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Shive, Stewarts28 Apr 191715 May 1988New Haven
Shive, Thomas9 Sep 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Shiveley, Della10 Jan 1897May 1981Fort Wayne
Shively, Annabelle L18 Sep 192810 Jan 2010Churubusco
Shively, Beatrice27 Mar 1900Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Shively, Charles24 Dec 1881May 1966Churubusco
Shively, Cloise22 Nov 1924Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Shively, Crystal B30 May 191329 Aug 2002Churubusco
Shively, Dale8 Jan 1922Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Shively, Elsie11 Jan 1906Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Shively, Eva J20 Oct 190025 Oct 1993Churubusco
Shively, Forest1 Sep 1907Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Shively, Homer4 Mar 1896Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Shively, Margaret F25 Mar 192116 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Shively, Maurice18 Mar 1910Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Shively, Max21 Nov 1923Oct 1966Churubusco
Shively, Naomi6 Oct 1884Mar 1973Churubusco
Shively, Paul B6 Sep 191322 Mar 1997Churubusco
Shively, Ralph22 Apr 1904Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Shively, Samuel C4 Oct 190428 Mar 1994Churubusco
Shively, Vivian L5 Jul 192728 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Shively, Wanda10 Aug 1909Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Shiver, Acie H5 Feb 190914 Jan 1990Churubusco
Shivers, Lillie M24 Feb 19165 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Shivers, Macklin16 Jul 1914Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Shives, Frances9 Sep 1898Sep 1968Spencerville
Shives, Walter3 Sep 1895Jan 1967Spencerville
Shivley, Marjorie25 Aug 191730 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Shivley, Olga14 Jan 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Shlater, Betty18 Apr 1930May 1978Churubusco
Shlater, Mildred16 Feb 1909Aug 1985Churubusco
Shlater, Robert A3 Jun 192822 Aug 2008Churubusco
Shoaf, Elsie12 Jul 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Shoaf, Fred7 Mar 1896Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Shoaf, Frederick6 Jun 1922Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Shoaf, Opal E1 Nov 192530 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Shoaf, Verna18 Apr 1900Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Agnes H15 Sep 191226 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Donald14 Dec 1928Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Shoaff, John19 Jan 1908Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Joseph C3 Sep 192317 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Louise30 Jun 1895Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Patricia G8 Jan 192918 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Ralph3 Jun 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Shoaff, Robert E24 Aug 192321 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Shoaff, T Richard R9 Mar 190913 May 2005Fort Wayne
Shober, Jennie14 Jan 1886May 1969Fort Wayne
Shock, Argil H30 Nov 19298 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Shock, Dale20 Jun 1906Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Shock, Geraldine N8 Jan 191317 May 1999Fort Wayne
Shock, Gertrude6 Jan 1898Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Shock, Jack25 Nov 1918Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Shock, Norma5 Oct 1922Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Shock, Thelma5 Dec 1908Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Shockley, Earl M30 Dec 193019 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Shockley, Greg E24 Jul 195421 Dec 2009Spencerville
Shockley, Hearsel22 Sep 1897Oct 1967Spencerville
Shockney, Albert18 Apr 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Shockney, Clara26 Jun 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Shockney, Wiley B22 Feb 191425 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Shockome, Theodore E26 Aug 193214 May 2006Fort Wayne
Shoda, Izetta6 Jul 1894Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Shoda, John26 Jan 1918Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Shoda, Ralph Lamar27 Aug 19334 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Shoda, Ruth E3 Jun 19181 Jan 2000Churubusco
Shoda, Tonya12 Apr 19552 Feb 1995New Haven
Shodd, Dorothy L15 Jul 19122 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Shodlouski, Charles E3 May 191611 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Shoe, Edna M18 Mar 192118 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Shoe, Edward1 Sep 1917Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Beatrice1 Jan 1897Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Elizabeth17 Mar 1879Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Elsie17 Mar 190029 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Eva31 Mar 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Frances10 Aug 1934Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Hannah17 Aug 1879Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Jack24 May 1928Dec 1984Leo
Shoemaker, John26 May 1902Nov 1967New Haven
Shoemaker, Letha5 Jun 1891Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Minnie L9 Mar 1904Mar 1993New Haven
Shoemaker, Richard18 Jun 1948Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Sadie29 Dec 1895Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Thelma E4 Apr 19188 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Verna19 Nov 1930Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, Virginia M6 Mar 193615 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Shoemaker, William F30 Jan 193424 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shoff, Arthur27 Oct 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Shoff, Martha J8 Jan 1909Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Shoff, Vera5 Mar 1904Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Sholeff, Christ14 Aug 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Sholl, Grace E18 Sep 191923 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Sholl, John8 Feb 1903Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Sholl, Louise31 Mar 193330 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Sholl, Richard E13 Dec 19154 May 1999Fort Wayne
Sholl, Ruth L25 Jun 1914Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Shollenberger, Catherine J5 Jun 192414 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Sholund, Kathleen28 Feb 1916May 1981Fort Wayne
Sholund, Leroy L9 Jul 19387 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Shomper, Geraldine L13 Feb 19154 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shondell, Clara16 Apr 1885Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Shoner, Donald15 Aug 1908May 1981Fort Wayne
Shook, Erma30 Jul 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Shook, Helen L9 May 193026 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Shook, Howard B27 Jun 192121 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Shook, Marjorie17 Jun 1921Feb 1987Spencerville
Shook, Marjorie G6 Jan 191923 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Shook, Martha M4 Sep 187915 May 1967Roanoke
Shook, Roger H13 May 19277 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Shook, Wayne L5 Sep 19202 Sep 2008Spencerville
Shookman, Arlo3 Jul 1905Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Shookman, Evelyn E14 Feb 1905Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Shookman, Frieda28 Oct 1909Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Shoop, Lillie14 Mar 1887Feb 1967Roanoke
Shoopman, Flossie L27 Aug 19051 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Shoot, Kenova R17 Mar 191014 May 1993Fort Wayne
Shoot, Vernon P6 Apr 190427 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Shoot, William E6 Dec 193730 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Shope, Hazel L5 Nov 190810 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Shopoff, Anna P14 Sep 191428 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Shopoff, Betty L4 Oct 192722 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Shopoff, Estella6 Jun 1888Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Shopoff, N Louise8 Nov 192631 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Shopoff, Nick15 Jan 1885Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Shopoff, Peter N15 Dec 191219 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Shoppell, Delores E23 Oct 191420 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Shoppell, Laura27 Apr 1909Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Shoppell, Leroy2 Mar 1893May 1972Fort Wayne
Shoppell, Zola M10 May 190119 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Shorb, Chloa18 Aug 1887Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Shore, Delores16 Jul 1908Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Short, Amy23 Sep 1887Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Short, Barbara31 Jan 1925Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Short, Donald L19 Jul 193115 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Short, John T21 May 189012 Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Short, Loretta B22 Oct 191020 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Short, Marguerite G12 Nov 192729 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Short, Marjorie M28 Nov 191022 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Short, Mary H2 Mar 194520 Aug 2005New Haven, Fort Wayne
Short, Meredith30 Jun 1920Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Short, Perry24 Aug 1894May 1976Fort Wayne
Short, Reuben28 Apr 191311 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Short, Roxy M5 Jul 191015 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Short, Sharon S6 Jun 194714 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Short, Timothy27 Jul 195415 May 1998Fort Wayne
Short, William T21 Aug 19215 Sep 1993Churubusco
Shorter, Nora B30 Dec 190019 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Shorter, Vonna24 Dec 19278 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Shortle, James20 Dec 1957Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Shortridge, Dorothy16 Jun 19111 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shortridge, Roy22 Jun 1911Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Shorts, G L22 Aug 19561 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Shorts, William22 Mar 1892Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Donald C30 Nov 191822 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Donald J23 Sep 193423 Nov 2006Churubusco
Shoudel, Eileen R2 Mar 192010 May 2007Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Helen L24 Feb 191528 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Ladonna C5 Jul 192515 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Leonard A13 Jul 192930 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Oleva21 Jun 1904Jun 1987Churubusco
Shoudel, Robert A5 Aug 192327 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Shoudel, Roy M18 Feb 191327 Jul 2008Leo
Shoulders, Cecilia E1 Dec 1920Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Shoulders, Irene14 Dec 1893Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Shoulders, John20 Aug 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Shoup, Bernadine A16 Jul 191628 May 2005Fort Wayne
Shoup, Carrie22 Nov 1883Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Shoup, Cloe3 Feb 1886Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Shoup, Don J13 Apr 191530 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Shoup, Emma18 Oct 1888Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Shoup, Gerald30 Apr 1909Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Shoup, Grace4 Apr 1890Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Shoup, Lola Meredith25 Aug 192116 Jun 2008Churubusco
Shoup, Michael30 Mar 195615 Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Shoup, Otto1 Jul 1912Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Shoup, Roberta J14 Sep 192410 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Shoup, Ruth14 Jan 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Shoup, Wilma J14 May 192028 May 2002Fort Wayne
Shoupkryder, Dolores J14 Sep 19495 May 2009Fort Wayne
Shouweiler, Velma14 Sep 1902Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Arthur D1 Jan 19253 Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Daniel F4 Mar 1919May 1991Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Emily5 Aug 1888Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Joseph16 Dec 1891Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Mary17 Feb 1894Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Mary24 Sep 1919Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Paul17 Oct 1904Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Shovlin, Richard E3 Aug 192325 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Showalter, Anna10 Nov 1877Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Showalter, Elsie J6 Apr 192116 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Showalter, Eugene15 Sep 1908Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Showalter, Helen14 May 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Showalter, Robert E25 Jun 192312 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Showen, Kathleen A16 Nov 195431 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Showers, Betty J7 Sep 192322 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Showers, Elzer E4 Feb 191726 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Showman, James F29 Jun 195911 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Shown, Wilbur D2 Jan 19199 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Shreve Ii, Clifford S13 Feb 19521 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Shreve, Clifford13 Nov 1909Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Shreve, Nancy11 Mar 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Shreve, Ollie10 Aug 1884Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Shreve, Robert14 Feb 1911May 1977Fort Wayne
Shrewsbury, Frances M18 Dec 19172 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Shrider, Ada22 Dec 1887Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Shriner, Erma30 Sep 1901Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Shriner, Richard29 Nov 1900Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Shriver, Clifford M27 Aug 193831 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Shriver, Edna14 Oct 1904Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Shriver, Florence15 Sep 1910Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Shriver, K Louise L6 Aug 191415 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Shriver, Lucille H23 Jun 190931 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Shriver, Walter22 Apr 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Shrock, Charles9 Apr 1896Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Shrock, Charles R22 Nov 191931 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Shrock, Maryann13 May 1931Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Shrock, Monroe O19 Aug 18908 Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Shrock, Victoria Kay24 Sep 195921 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Shropshire, Allene30 Jan 192610 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Shropshire, Charles M27 Jul 191731 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Shropshire, J D28 Dec 193020 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Shropshire, Margie B4 Jul 191722 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Bessie27 Oct 1897Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Daniel24 Jun 1898Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Donald M22 Apr 190518 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Esther12 May 1904Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Ethel24 Jan 1898Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Florence17 Sep 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Gwendolyn16 Jun 191318 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Harvey23 Jul 1916Aug 1983Roanoke
Shroyer, Howard1 Apr 1903Sep 1973Churubusco
Shroyer, John30 Aug 1958Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Katherine5 Jan 1920Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Marie24 Oct 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Orval H23 Jul 19105 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Ronald C22 Mar 193627 Dec 2004Churubusco
Shroyer, Russell24 May 1898Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Steven R10 Jul 194523 May 2005Fort Wayne
Shroyer, Virginia Eileen14 Jun 19213 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Shrubsall, Theresa B21 Jun 190919 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Shrum, Lydia7 Sep 1896Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Shryne, Lillian G2 Jun 192121 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shryock, Christine1 Dec 1891Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Shryock, William E25 Aug 19195 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Shteynberg, Nukhim D29 Dec 19238 May 1998Fort Wayne
Shubert, Jo Ann16 Mar 1934Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Shubert, Richard E21 Sep 195730 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Shubert, Robert E10 Mar 192612 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Shuey, Earl E13 Aug 192224 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Shuey, Flossie M16 Apr 191618 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Shuey, Joseph16 Dec 1913Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Shuey, Lola3 Nov 1906Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Shuey, Marlene A4 Jan 193128 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Shufeldt, Garrett H12 Sep 190919 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Shufeldt, Virginia29 Dec 191826 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Shuff, Leona G23 Dec 189815 Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Shugart, Dorothy M17 Feb 190830 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Shugart, Geraldine24 Feb 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Shugart, Robert R4 Oct 192930 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Shugert, Carolyn S12 Jun 194618 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Shugert, F28 Apr 1909Nov 1974Roanoke
Shugert, Mary E20 Sep 192329 Aug 1998Roanoke
Shuherk, Laverge2 Sep 190327 May 1997Leo
Shuherk, William31 Aug 190117 Dec 1995Leo
Shuler, Bertha5 Dec 1911May 1977Fort Wayne
Shuler, Betty A25 Nov 19228 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Shuler, Burvilles15 May 1910Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Shuler, Clifford1 Dec 1907Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Shuler, Elic15 Nov 1936Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Shuler, Gene C16 Nov 193322 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shuler, Harold26 Mar 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Shuler, John A17 Oct 193026 Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Shuler, Lavina22 May 1917Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Shuler, Lawrence L29 Nov 190620 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Shuler, Lloyd17 Jan 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Shuler, Lyman30 May 1910Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Shuler, Margaret G19 Jan 192615 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Shuler, Marilee29 Aug 193715 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Shuler, Mary R26 Jan 190624 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Shuler, Nellie M15 Nov 190818 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Shuler, Paul W17 Dec 19437 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Shuler, Susan15 Dec 194924 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shuler, Thelma L24 Dec 19202 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Shuler, William R2 Dec 191513 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Shulkin, Erna25 Dec 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Shulkin, Melvin M30 Aug 19263 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Shull, Alva15 Apr 1899Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Shull, Arthur8 Jun 1892Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Shull, Arthur15 Aug 1904Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Shull, Barry4 Feb 1951Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Shull, Clarence31 Mar 1892Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Shull, Donnabell J6 May 192820 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Shull, Everett D10 Aug 19535 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Shull, Fannie19 Aug 190022 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Shull, Fay L22 Aug 19218 Dec 2002New Haven
Shull, Frank H25 Mar 190723 Jan 2003New Haven
Shull, Fred11 Jun 1900Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Shull, Garnet M11 Oct 192026 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Shull, Gerden J14 Oct 19259 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Shull, Hettie22 Jan 1903Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Shull, Josephine1 Dec 1898Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Shull, Loretta L15 Dec 1898Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Shull, Martha H17 Oct 190328 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Shull, Millard12 Jul 1902Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Shull, Miriam Anna4 Sep 191622 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Shull, Morris19 Aug 1906Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Shull, Ned W13 Jul 19145 Aug 2009Monroeville
Shull, Reginald E14 May 191826 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Shull, Ruth27 Jun 1896Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Shull, Ruth10 Oct 191816 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Shull, Virginia L3 Aug 196425 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Shull, Virginia M9 May 19225 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shultz, Alma26 Feb 1890Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Shultz, Alma C22 Dec 190815 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Shultz, Archie20 Oct 1890Apr 1986Fort Wayne, New Haven
Shultz, Chester25 Sep 1907Jul 1973Grabill
Shultz, Dona23 Sep 1911Mar 1984Leo
Shultz, Donald8 Apr 1896May 1986Roanoke
Shultz, Elaine Clara2 Jul 19277 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Shultz, Elizabeth23 Jan 1908Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Shultz, Ethel19 Dec 1915Dec 1980New Haven
Shultz, Eva M20 May 191015 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Shultz, Gayle18 Oct 1892Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Shultz, Gennie5 Mar 1891Mar 1968Grabill
Shultz, Gertrude30 Jun 1886Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Shultz, Harry3 Mar 1903May 1972Fort Wayne
Shultz, Jerry T30 Aug 193210 May 2001Fort Wayne
Shultz, Jesse H14 May 19143 May 1998Fort Wayne
Shultz, John15 Jun 1914Apr 1985New Haven
Shultz, John6 Jun 1908Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Shultz, John3 Oct 1886Mar 1980Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Shultz, John15 Jan 1910May 1968Fort Wayne
Shultz, Kristoffer A2 Sep 197327 Jul 2006Churubusco
Shultz, Lee22 Jul 1944May 1986Fort Wayne
Shultz, M K5 Nov 190816 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Shultz, Orline A19 Oct 19103 May 1996New Haven
Shultz, Talitha10 Sep 1913Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Shultz, Virginia18 Feb 1900Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Shultz, William14 Mar 1911Sep 1977Grabill
Shumaker, Alma20 Feb 1898Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Clara17 Mar 1907Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Donald W14 Jun 19238 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Elizabeth H25 Aug 19144 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Isaac13 May 1900Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Shumaker, James5 Nov 1906Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Madaline L11 Feb 191711 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Shumaker, Robert William7 Feb 191617 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Shumaker, William29 Jul 1887Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Shuman, Charles1 Apr 1879Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Shuman, Louis E8 Nov 193524 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Shuman, Roger W14 Apr 191618 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Shumate, Georgia11 Feb 190814 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Shumway, Henry J12 Sep 19183 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Shupe, Hazel L25 Jul 18992 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Shupe, Maxine B16 Jun 1922Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Shupe, Patricia A14 Mar 193021 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Shupe, Roy27 Jan 1897Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Shura, Richard O22 Sep 19168 Dec 1994New Haven
Shurboff, Boris15 Jul 191617 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Shurboff, Mary15 Mar 1892Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Shurson, Halsten D4 Oct 193614 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Shurtz, Albert L27 Oct 191328 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Shurtz, Connie J22 Jul 194719 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Shurtz, Fred18 Feb 1880Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Shuster, C A9 Dec 192325 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Shuster, Jay Lester13 Mar 193713 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Shuster, Rebecca19 Jan 195924 May 2009Fort Wayne
Shuster, Sally A29 Jul 194114 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Shutt, Bill D23 Mar 192816 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Shutt, Esther14 Mar 1914Jun 1985Churubusco
Shutt, John19 Feb 1898Aug 1969Spencerville
Shutt, Nellie26 Mar 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Shutt, Patricia L4 Jul 193016 Sep 2007Fort Wayne

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